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      Allan Zade

Abstract: This paper is dedicated to a deeper analysis of Transposition in a gravitational fields and uses the most recent available data from the most prominent case happened in Australia in 2010. That case includes a rare event that was thought to be an atmospheric one for many decades, but this paper shows its direct correlation to the gravitational field of the Earth and the other celestial bodies. Gravitational interrelation between them was put into the examination as a cause and reason for appearance of the phenomenon.

      K.B.R.G.T. Samarasinghe, M.M.N.N. Jayasekara , D. Elkaduwe , R. G. Ragel

Abstract: The ability to reduce power consumption of a device is attractive for several reasons. On one hand, reducing power in high end computers will reduce the cost of cooling and the performance loss due to overheating cores. On the other hand, ubiquitous battery powered devices will enjoy a longer battery life due to the reduction in power consumption. In this paper, we present a set of mechanisms that uses instruction scheduling to reduce the power consumption of RISC like microcontrollers that are common in battery powered devices. Initially, we devised a method to measure the approximate power consumption of each basic assembly instruction of the microcontroller. By a statistical analysis of the power measurement, we categorized the basic instructions into groups. Our measurements demonstrate that some instruction combinations consume more power than others which will perform the same functional operations. We leveraged this observation to rearrange the scheduling of basic machine instructions of a high level programming language, such that the final program is optimized for power. Some of our test cases demonstrate significant reduction in power consumption without any performance degradation. The resultant ideas can therefore be used by both system programmers and compiler designers.

      Y.S. Mohammed, A.S. Mokhtar, N. Bashir, U.U. Abdullahi, S.J. Kaku, U. Umar

Abstract: Despite the looming difficult energy context in the majority of countries in the world, global change in environmental dignity resulting from power generation and energy consumption scenario is rapidly becoming a globally disturbing phenomenon. Stakeholders and environmental activists alike have been clamouring for adoption of reduction procedures using sustainable means because ignominious environmental practices have associated disastrous consequences. Increasing essential strategies are needed to fortify the pursuit for the reduction in the emissions from power generation and energy consumption. Therefore, this article presents an overview of the effects of anthropogenic energy generation and consumption practices capable of ejecting emissions of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. It also endeavors to identify some greenhouse gas emission reduction and control measures.

      Allan Zade

Abstract: Time intrigued humankind for thousands of years. From the beginning of its consciousness, mankind has some “idea”, “feeling” or “vision” of Time. Something ever happens around a man. The Sun rises and falls to/from the horizon. The Moon moves through the stars. The rivers run to the oceans, and a falling leafs followed a river streams to disappear forever; and even human lives follow the flow of Time to be vanished from the memories of the next generations. Gradually for thousands of years humankind comes back again and again to the concept of Time in a desperate attempt to find the answer on the most fundamental question: what is time? Many other questions related to the concept of time have a strong connection to that question. This work is dedicated to finding the right answer on that question and digs deeper in some aspects of Z-Theory published recently. Hence the investigation begins in the mist of first steps of Earth’s civilizations their believe systems and theology.

      Apurba Ratan Ghosh , Ruma Banerjee

Abstract: The water quality parameters of the river Damodar flowing across the coal mines and industrial area was carried out in order to evaluate its suitability of irrigation application. Damodar River basin is the repository of 46% coal reserves in India and is one of the richest mineralized zones of the country with a high growth of mining and industrial development, demographic and urban growth extending over a large area of Jharkhand and West Bengal. The present study deals with the in depth investigation on spatio-temporal variations in chemical constituents, the distribution pattern of lead, manganese and iron and qualitative evaluation of the river water flowing across the coal mines and industrial areas. The results showed the pronounced temporal and spatial variations of river-water chemistry contaminated with mines and industrial effluents, viz., the mean concentration (mg/l) of heavy metals was in the order of Fe (0.536)> Mn (0.036) >Pb (0.019). The significant levels of electrical conductivity, sulphate and chloride in the river water were observed in the study area. The phenomenal combination of coal mining and allied activities can be related with the acceptability as well as suitability of its agricultural uses.

      Dr. Dinesh Das, Minakshee Pathak

Abstract: The paper makes an attempt to explain the aim of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs): to eliminate gender disparity in primary and secondary education to be achieved by 2015, with special emphasis on girls’ position. The Challenge of the Millennium Development Goals was to provide children with access to primary education either through formal or informal systems, and to reduce differences in enrolment, drop out rates and mainstream a gender perspective in the development process. Special measures needed to be adopted to eradicate discrimination at the primary and secondary stages, universalization of education and creation of a gender sensitive education system.

      Siva Prasad Kodukula

Abstract: ‘Heart of the God model of cosmology’ says that the four dimensional ‘space -time’ is like a fluid of density 4.776335 x 1060 Kg/m3 . The paper entitled ‘New cosmological constants’ introduced the “Siva’s constant-K” with a value 2.0275102 sqmt/sec. Combined analysis of both the concepts concluded that space and time are interchangeable and quantitatively ’t’ seconds of time can be converted in to a space with a radius of √(4п t3) meters. This physical concept is use full for physicists, cosmologists and researchers working on Grand Unification Theories and Consciousness research.

      Mala Aggarwal, Simmi Aggarwal, R.S.Uppal

Abstract: Recently, with the rapid development of micro electronics technology, wireless communication technology and embedded system, the technology of wireless sensor network (WSN) has been advanced a lot. At the meanwhile, more and more producers and international organizers want to make the mote more intelligent and standard. Sensor Networks being considered as an emerging area of research in recent years has evolved in itself a large potential to counteract the ongoing system. By networking large numbers of tiny sensor motes, it is possible to obtain data about physical phenomena that was difficult or even sometimes impossible to obtain in conventional ways. Automatic multi-stored car parking system is very good substitute for car parking area.

      Bolbhat Sadashiv N., Dhumal Kondiram N.

Abstract: The seeds of horsegram (Macrotyloma uniflorum (Lam.) Verdc) cv. Dapoli Kulthi- 1 were subjected to gamma radiation (100, 200, 300 and 400Gy), EMS (0.2, 0.3, 0.4 and 0.5 %) and combination treatments. The mutations affecting gross morphological changes in growth and yield characters such as plant habit, flowering, pod morphology, maturity and seed yield were scored as quantitative characters. The micromutations at the population level can be easily detected in the form of increased variations for quantitative traits in the segregation of mutagen treated populations. Micromutations can alter morphophysiological characters hence they are of a particular interest to the plant breeders. Both the mutagens, gamma radiations and EMS proved to be very effective to induce variability in quantitative traits like plant height, primary branches per plant, days required for first flowering and first pod maturity, number of pods per plant, pod length, number of seeds per pod, 1000 seed weight and yield per plant in M2 and M3 generations. In present investigation positive as well as negative impact on quantitative traits was recorded.

      Pooja Singh, Prof. (Dr.) Harish Singh

Abstract: In this paper, we specialized parameters and argument, Hypergeometric function FE (1, 1, 1, 1, 2, 2; γ1, γ2, γ3; cosh x, cosh y, cosh z) FG, Fk and FN can be reduced to the hypergeometric function of Bailey’s F4(1, 2, γ2, γ3; -coshy, - cosh z) and also discussed their reducible cases into Horn’s function. In the journal we consider hypergeometric function of three variables and obtain its interesting reducible case into Bailey’s F4 & Horn’s function. In the section 2, hypergeometric function of four variables can be reduced to the hypergeometric function of one, two & three variables with some new and interesting particular cases.

      Mohammed Zuber Shaikh, Lalchand Ramlochand Tiwari

Abstract: The sediment is the ultimate sink of contaminants in the aquatic systems. The study was conducted to assess the sediment physico-chemical parameters of Sewri mudflats. Sediment samples were collected for a periods of 13 months from November 2008 to November 2009 at low, mid and high tides area from 9 different stations near Sewri jetty. Samples were analysed for temperature, pH, moisture content, sediment texture (sand, silt and clay), total phosphorus and organic carbon of sediment. Pearson correlation coefficient was used to analyse the data. Sediment average values of temperature, pH, moisture content, sand, silt, clay, total phosphorus and organic carbon were respectively 26.3 0C, 7.4, 76.6 %, 5.6 %, 48.5 %, 45.9 %, 3288 µg g-1 and 3.1 %.The Moisture content was slightly higher attributed to silty clay to clayey silt nature of sediment. Total phosphorus and organic carbon showed marginally higher values which can be attributed to organic load. Throughout the study benthic phytoplankton and 3 groups of macrobenthose were observed.

      R. Ramya, P.N. Sudha, Dr.J.Mahalakshmi

Abstract: Chitosan biopolymer represents an attractive alternative to other bio materials because of its significant physico–chemical behaviours. In order to improve chitosan’s performance, chemical modification has been carried out. Chemical modification that lead to the formation of chitosan derivatives, grafted chitosan and chitosan composites have gained much attention, extensively studied and widely reported in the literature. In this work, the properties of chitosan are modified by blending with silk fibroin which is another natural polymer which is produced by the silk worm larvae of Bombyx mori. Chitosan/silk fibroin binary blend is synthesized and characterized by FTIR, TGA and XRD. The results showed that the proper blending has been taken place between the polymers.

      Dr. Renu Dewan (Ph.D)

Abstract: The research reported in the paper examines the effects of stress, marital status and ethnicity upon mental health of female school teachers. A 2x2x2 factorial design with three factors, each having two levels was used and ANOVA was applied for the analysis of data obtained from a stratified random sample of 304 female school teachers. General Health Questionnaire (GHQ) – 12 was used to measure mental health and stress was developed by Hassan (1982). Results reveal that out of three factors, namely stress, marital status and ethnicity, only ethnicity was found to produce main effect on mental health. Neither second order interaction nor third order interaction was found significant.

      Sk. Sabir Ali, Samirranjan Adhikari, Somnath Nandy

Abstract: Kabaddi is an indigenous folk game of India. Now in India it is considered as “National Game”. To make it international, impetus is provided only very recently. To make a game popular and to rise it up to the international standard different rules should be framed, effective coaching should be provided, skills should be well developed and performance should be measured as well as increased. For this purpose research should be done. But till now very limited research has already been done. To bridge up the gap we are putting our best endeavour to launch a research project. The present study was carried out through descriptive survey method within ex-post-facto research design.

      Hari Shanker Singh, Panchalee Tamulee

Abstract: Government of India introduced Janani Suraksha Yojana (JSY) in 2006 under the umbrella of National Rural Health Mission by modifying National Maternity Benefit Scheme. Primarily, created for integrating cash assistance with antenatal care during the pregnancy period, institutional care and immediate post-partum period, this program has been successful in bringing down Infant mortality rate (IMR) and Maternal mortality rate (MMR) in India. While abundant literature is available on the facilitating and increased number of institutional delivery because of JSY, little is available on the beneficence of the cash assistance. This paper is based on a quantitative research to find out the socio-economic role of the program in terms of awareness, implementation and changes in the beneficiary families.

      Vazeem Iqbal

Abstract: The purpose of the study was to develop an integrated coastal zone management plan for South Andaman Island and for this study, three dimensional elevations models; coastal biodiversity and landuse/ landcover pattern changes were analyzed. Spot 1993 and IRS-P6 Jan 2007 Satellite imagery was used for estimating the landuse changes. Three dimensional elevations models, drainage pattern and landuse change map were overlaid for developing an integrated coastal zone management for South Andaman Island which will enable for the sustainable development and management of this island.

      P. Chinglen Singh

Abstract: The North-Eastern tip of India consisting of contiguous seven sister states- Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, Tripura and the state of Sikkim – constitutes a unique narrow passageway connecting the Indian subcontinent to East and South-East Asia and acts as a crucial corridor for human migration between these areas.Globalisation via Look East Policy has been identified with a number of trends, most of which have developed since World War II. These include greater international movement of commodities, money, information, and people, development of technology, organisations, legal systems, and infrastructures to allow this movement. Globalisation is aimed at placing the world under a unitary economic framework of free market capitalism. The globalised system is based on certain principles which require certain constants.

      CH. Vidyasagar, R. Swapna , B. Raju

Abstract: This project analyzes the security status of computer network, generating of network attack graph is a hot topic in this domain. After analyzing network security attributes including the host, user privilege, connection relation, etc., the model of computer network security status space is built.

      Prof. Kadambri Gupta, Prof. Seema Langer, Jyoti Sharma , Sheetal Sharma

Abstract: The objective of this study was to evaluate the possible effects of manganese (Mn) exposure on variations of cortisol levels in Garra gotyla gotyla. LC50 value of manganese after 96 hours was found to be 3.2mg/l for Garra gotyla gotyla. Three replicates of 10 fishes were subjected to three sub-lethal concentrations of manganese i.e. 0.64mg/l, 1.28mg/l and 1.92mg/l (20%, 40% and 60% respectively of LC50value of manganese) for 1, 5 & 9 weeks. Blood samples were isolated from the fish following the exposure to measure the levels of cortisol and compared to the control group. We observed significant increase(p<0.01) in the levels of cortisol of three groups of fish after 1st week of exposure to three doses of manganese as well as significant decrease in the cortisol of three groups exposed for 5th & 9thweek. The rate of decrease in group III (exposed to1.92 mg/l of Mn) was higher than that of group I & II (exposed to 0.64 mg/l of Mn and 1.28 mg/l of Mn).

      Ragini Mishra, Shabnam Ansari, Sudha Mishra

Abstract: The present study was conducted in Kanpur district of Uttar Pradesh. The aim of research study was to assess the changing Family Composition, Structure and Practices in urban area of Kanpur City. Purposively 80 families of middle socio-economic strata were selected for the study. A survey was conducted using a self- structured questionnaire with close ended questions, to collect the data regarding changing Family Composition, Structure (Changing role, power and status, Changes relationships and Practices (Changing marriage patterns and other family practices). Data was analyzed in terms of mean, frequency and percentage.

      Dr Vidya C. S, Dr Saraswathi G

Abstract: In the present study 50 skulls (dry specimens) of known sex were studied in detail. In one of the male specimen a very well defined tubercle measuring 3 mm by 5mm was observed on the clivus at the junction of upper 1/3 and lower 2/3. Clivusmeningiomas and clivuschordomas are the common conditions in this region. Lateral and frontal tomography help in diagnosis.1The symptoms produced are because of the compression on the brain stem or arteries and nerves related.

      Jyothi .R, Kavitha D.H

Abstract: In the present communication scenario of 802.11 wireless local access network there is virtually no way to control frames and due to this a range of network allocation vector based denial of service attacks are possible. The convenience of 802.11-based wireless access networks has led to widespread deployment in the consumer, industrial and military sectors. However, this use is predicated on an implicit assumption of confidentiality and availability. While the security flaws in 802.11’s basic confidentially mechanisms have been widely publicized, the threats to network availability are far less widely appreciated. In fact, it has been suggested that 802.11 is highly susceptible to malicious denial-of-service (DoS) attacks targeting its management.A novel approach for protecting control frames by generating a unique message authentication code using inter access point protocol for key distribution and key management is proposed.

      Dr. Saikat Banerjee, Dr. AmaleshSirkar

Abstract: Biodegradation offers an eco-friendly option for disposal of waste coming from different breweries and wineries. A model-based analysis through rigorous experimentation has been accomplished to study different aspects of the biodegradation of distillery wastes. Using distillery waste as resource material, energy is derived in the form of biogas containing high percentage of methane which is produced by concerted action of various groups of anaerobic bacteria. The effect of process parameters such as B.O.D. loading, digestion temperature, stirrer speed and cell mass concentration are very much important for biomethanation process. On the other hand kinetic parameters such as maximum specific growth rate, kinetic constant and ultimate methane yield take the leading role in the production of biogas adopting biomethanation process.

      Satish Gajawada

Abstract: I would like to thank everything in this universe which is trying to make this place a better place to live. This paper is all about “Smile Theory of Everything (SToE)”. In this theory or religion, the same thing is given in different formats. Format 1: Truth. Format 2: Some methods for smile creation. Format 3: Wow! SuMmEr 2011. Format 4: Festival based method for Smile Creation. Format 5: Birthday based method for optimal Smile Creation. Format 6: Trishul or OM.

      Chandrashekara J, Dr. Adithya Kumari H, Mohan B.S

Abstract: Analyses the articles published during 2006-2010 in the journal ‘OCLC Systems & Services’, to find the most frequently cited periodicals by the library and information scientists. A list of 515 most common cited periodicals has been prepared. In addition to this, the study identifies the types of publication cited. Authorship pattern of contributions, country-wise, language-wise and subject-wise distribution of frequently cited periodicals are also included.

      Chandrashekara J, Dr. Adithya Kumari H, Mohan B.S

Abstract: A Study on use of information resources and services of City Central Library and its branch libraries, Mysore , Karnataka State, India shows that majority of users were men between the age group of 16 – 25 years and they included unemployed graduates and students who visit the library daily. Most of the users are also member of the library. They got acquainted with the libraries through their friends and through mobile library services. They opine that the location of library and working hours are convenient to them. They visit the library for educational purpose. Most of the users spend 2 hours per day in the library. Short stories, adventure story books, biographies, sports literature and general books were the most frequently read information sources of interest to the users. Concludes that since majority of the users are students and unemployed youth, public libraries need to enrich their information resource collection, provide access to Internet and offer community-based services, including literary programs. Public libraries need to take proactive approach in motivating users to use these resources and services to enhance their competence level.

      S.P. Khade

Abstract: The power consumed in delta connected load is considered as √3/ VL. IL with power factor as unity. The power measured by the watt meter also confirms this value. But analysis indicate that the power consumed by a load in delta connection is 18.75% more than what is normally believed. This unaccounted power may be getting unknowingly booked to reduce efficiencies of loads and systems.

      Vijaya Bhaskar M. Reddy, A. Karthik, P. Sasikala

Abstract: Forty-five Jersey Sahiwal cows selected from nearby villages from tirupati. Jersey Sahiwal were divided into three equal groups i.e. cyclic, non cyclic and endometritic. Blood samples were collected from all the experimental animals, serum was separated and stored at -20°C until assayed for glucose (g/dl), total protein (g/dl), urea (mg/dl) and cholesterol (mg/dl). The results revealed significantly (P<0.05) higher values of glucose (58.08 ± 2.59) and cholesterol (290.72 ± 15.95) in endometritic cows as compared to cyclic (50.72 ± 1.12, 199.12 ± 9.38) and non-cyclic cows (50.56 ± 1.12, 202.96 ± 14.84). Total protein level differed significantly (P<0.05) among cows of all the three groups, being highest in endometritic (19.16 ± 1.00), followed by non cyclic (15.23 ± 0.89) and lowest in cyclic (9.19 ± 0.45) cows. However, serum level of urea did not differ in cyclic (30.88 ± 2.42), non cyclic (33.80 ± 3.43) and endometritic (37.12 ± 3.45) animals, although highest value was recorded in endometritic animals.

      Pushp Lata, V. Anitha

Abstract: This paper presents a multi-layered architecture for the security of network and data using a layered structure of cryptographic algorithms. This architecture gives benefit of low area and high speed requirement. This paper mainly concern for security so architecture is designed in layers to avoid the possibilities of invasion from outsiders. This paper implements a combination of Private-Public-Private key algorithm for encryption-decryption in two layers and a Public key for key generation. Simulation of codes is carried out on ModelSim 6.3f and design optimization is shown using Xilinx-Project Navigator ISE 13 suite. This paper proposes multi-layered architecture of integrated cryptographic processor which can be used for any byte length. This architecture decreases the use of any one cryptographic algorithm designed for any one specific purposes.

      Tausif Ali, Muhammad Omar Faruk, Sabuj Das Gupata

Abstract: In an energy-hungry world people is seeking for energy to meet up for the future crisis. But oil, gas, coal and other recourses will be finished within 40 years. So, renewable energy is the only solution in order to meet up the future crisis. Solar, wind, wave, tidal, fuel cell, geothermal etc are the renewable energy sources. Among them tidal energy is an old but efficient method. If there is one thing we can safely predict and be sure of on this planet, it is the coming and going of the tide. This gives this form of renewable energy a distinct advantage over other sources that are not as predictable and reliable, such as wind or solar. Rise and fall of tides is more cyclic than random weather patterns. Using this free source we can produce a large amount of power which is very reliable and continuous. The main objective of this paper is show that tidal power may be an alternative solution to meet up recent power crisis.


Abstract: The agent based architecture proposed in this paper, is a multi-hop broad cast scheme which is called as Link-Based Distributed Multi-hop Broadcast (LDMB). The existing scheme is a backtracking scheme while the proposed scheme is a forwarding approach which broadcasts emergency messages efficiently in vehicular ad hoc network. The forwarding scheme in LDMB is completely distributed, where each vehicle who receives the emergency message estimates its link status firstly and then computes the waiting time before forwarding this message. LDMB does not need any handshakes and there may be several candidates to forward the message which provides the reliability of the multi-hop broadcast. This paper uses the advantages of LDMB in an agent based environment thereby improving performance of message passing and overcoming the problem of fixed packet size as proposed in the earlier systems.

      Satish Kumar

Abstract: Protein containing WD-repeats participate in a wide range of cellular functions, they are generally involved in regulatory mechanisms concerning chromatin assembly, cell cycle control, signal transduction, RNA processing, apoptosis and vesicular trafficking. lethal(2)denticleless is a recently identified novel class of Protein containing WD-repeats. Bioinformatic analysis has shown conservation of critical functional motifs among the human L2DTL, mouse L2dtl and Drosophila l(2)dtl proteins. The function of l(2)dtl is still under speculation but the studies suggest that L2DTL and PCNA are involved in CDT1 degradation after DNA damage and cell cycle regulation. The gene expression studies have shown that l(2)dtl levels are altered in different condition and even found up-regulated in under galactose challenge conditions in human. l(2)dtl was chosen for its potential regulation by InsP3R mediated intracellular Ca2+ signaling. This study indicates a possible role of l(2)dtl in InsP3R mediated intracellular Ca2+ signaling.

      Ajay Singh Tomar, U. C .Singh

Abstract: Land resource monitor use is necessary to prepare the land use plans because of rapidly land use changes/expension around the Shivpuri city, India. For this purpose exploratory, semi-detail and detailed surveys are undertaken using remote sensing techniques and satellite imageries in order to acquire useful and variety of information at same scale and assist in monitoring valuable information. In this paper, study on land resource mapping through supervised classification has presented for better understand the land uses characteristics and expansion monitoring.

      Kiran D. Ladwani, Krishna D. Ladwani, Vivek S. Manik, D. S. Ramteke

Abstract: The population increase has not only increased the fresh water demand but also increased the volume of wastewater generated. Treated or recycled wastewater (RWW) appears to be the only water resource that is increasing as other sources are dwindling. Increasing need for water has resulted in the emergence of domestic wastewater application for agriculture and its relative use. In the present study, crops were irrigated with groundwater and domestic wastewater. Each crop was applied at recommended NPK dose of fertilizers for treatment. The use of the domestic wastewater has shown improvement in the physicochemical properties of the soil, yield along with the nutrient status as compared to the application of groundwater. The results showed better crop growth with increased fertility status of the soil. The findings give applicable advice to commercial farmers and agricultural researchers for proper management and use of domestic wastewater for agricultural purpose.

      Jyoti Gupta, Suman Jain

Abstract: Banking business has done wonders for the world economy. The simple looking method of accepting money deposits from savers and then lending the same money to borrowers, banking activity encourages the flow of money to productive use and investments. This in turn allows the economy to grow. In the absence of banking business, savings would sit idle in our homes, the entrepreneurs would not be in a position to raise the money, ordinary people dreaming for a new car or house would not be able to purchase cars or houses. The government of India started the cooperative movement of India in 1904. Then the government therefore decided to develop the cooperatives as the institutional agency to tackle the problem of usury and rural indebtedness, which has become a curse for population. In such a situation cooperative banks operate as a balancing centre. At present there are several cooperative banks which are performing multipurpose functions of financial, administrative, supervisory and development in nature of expansion and development of cooperative credit system. In brief, the cooperative banks have to act as a friend, philosopher and guide to entire cooperative structure. The study is based on some successful co-op banks in Delhi (India). The study of the bank’s performance along with the lending practices provided to the customers is herewith undertaken. The customer has taken more than one type of loan from the banks. Moreover they suggested that the bank should adopt the latest technology of the banking like ATMs, internet / online banking, credit cards etc. so as to bring the bank at par with the private sector banks.

      Valarmathi Ramya Rathan, Latha K C, Ayesha Sulthana

Abstract: Cancer is second largest non-communicable disease and it has a large contribution in the total number of deaths. It is important for the public health professionals to understand the dynamics of cancer incidence for future strategies. Epidemiological Maps describe the Geographical distribution of the disease and the identification of the high risk areas. These maps are useful in resource allocation of policies and health decision making (Assuncao et al., 2001) .Therefore, this paper is attempted with the objective of understanding the distribution of breast cancer in Western Region of Tamil Nadu, using Thematic Maps. The data for the present study was collected from the records of NCRP, as well as the concerned private hospitals. The population density was calculated for each taluk and the incidences based on population density were calculated and attributed. Based on this, Using thematic maps the taluks were categorized into high incidences, moderate incidences and low incidences. All the analyses were performed using ArcGIS 9.1 (ESRI). From the observations, it is clear that the breast cancer incidence in the Western region of Tamil Nadu was found to be varying from one area to another, with high incidences in Coimbatore North and South taluks.

      Mansi Jain

Abstract: The excessive wastage of materials, improper management on site and low awareness of the need for waste reduction are common in the local construction sites in India. Today, in most European countries, it is economically feasible to recycle up to 80–90% of the total amount of construction waste and most demolition and recycling technologies are generally easy to implement and control (Lauritzen, 1998). Considering enormous increase in amount of waste generation owing to the growth in construction industry can lead to wastage of materials which has its economic value.Currently, existence of regional and national policies, laws and regulations governing reuse and recycle principles for C & D waste is minimal in India. Thus the paper aims to focus on the economic feasibility of waste minimisation of construction waste materials in terms of cost savings in India.

      Sudhakar Kumar Singh, Hariom Kumar , Rajkumar R

Abstract: Mobile Auction Bidding is a developing mechanism that may widely used by GPRS enabled mobile around the world. Many dependable models existing in internet enabled platform. The proposed Auction Bidding Mobile application is basically based on Japanese auction, Double auction and English auction. Making the business model trustworthy, security is being provided by RAC (Randomized Alphanumeric Cipher) Algorithm. The developed Mobile application has a strong process direction, in contrast to traditional cryptographic approaches, composed of functional module and the best security analysis, in terms of computational time and effective environment over the network. The infrastructure collects location evidences about the buyer authenticity and the behavior can be used in the future to profile bidders in order to detect frauds.

      PATIL V.P.

Abstract: Vehicle Ad Hoc Networks (VANETs) have been received particular attention both in industrial and academic levels. Searching for a vacant parking space in a congested area or a large parking lot and preventing auto theft are major concerns to our daily lives. In this paper, an efficient parking scheme for large parking lots through vehicular communication is described. The proposed scheme can provide the drivers with real-time parking navigation service, and friendly parking information dissemination. Performance analysis via extensive simulations demonstrates its efficiency and practicality. The system is designed, developed and tested using network simulator NS-2. AODV protocol is used for implementation and found that the system works satisfactory.

      Patil Pallavi M, Kulkarni Avanti A, Kininge Pallavi T

Abstract: Microbial rennet-like milk-clotting enzymes are aspartic proteinases that catalyze milk coagulation, substituting calf rennet. Crude enzymatic extract produced by the Aspergillus oryzae NCIM 1032, on solid state fermentation (SSF) using mixture of wheat bran and rice bran (7:3), exhibited high milk-clotting activity (MCA) and low proteolytic activity (PA) after 120 h of fermentation. Highest milk-clotting activity was at pH 7.5, at 30 ºC. Glycerol (5%) was found to be best solvent for leaching out milk clotting enzyme. The yield of enzyme was improved with the supplementation of glucose and beef extract as a carbon and nitrogen source respectively. Metabolic heat generated due to fermentation was equally distributed throughout the substrate bed by agitation in rotating drum bioreactor and enzyme production increased at speed of 25 rpm and at intermittent agitation (1 min/day). High ratio of milk clotting to proteolytic activity strengthens the potential usefulness of milk-clotting enzyme of Aspergillus oryzae NCIM 1032 as a substitute for calf rennet in cheese manufacturing.

      Mrs. Rekha Sharma, Dr Rakesh Rai

Abstract: This paper has emphases on various types Children specially juvenile delinquent Children often test the limits and boundaries set by their parents and other authority figures. Among adolescents some rebelliousness and experimentation is common. However a few children consistently participate in problematic behaviors that negatively affect their family academic social and personal functioning. This concept is in harmony with the modern democratic ideas which seek optimum development by providing suitable educational facilities to all children - the gifted; the emotionally, socially, educationally, maladjusted and physically & intellectually handicapped. I have taken special issues which are related to Juvenile delinquent children in society .In this study aims to find out difference among Juvenile delinquent children in relation to creativity. I have selected 80 sample of Juvenile delinquent children for Merrut and out of 80 (40 Boys and 40 Girls ) were sample for the study The result showed that both Boys and Girls of Juvenile delinquent children having difference in the respect of Creativity, Fluency and Flexibly but author respect of Originality dimension, they don’t have difference within groups. It means we can say that Girls Juvenile delinquent children have more Creative level than Boys Juvenile delinquent children of my study .So that we must be improve creative level of Boys Juvenile delinquent children with the help of various activities game and curriculum.

      Dilip C. Nath , Dimacha Dwibrang Mwchahary

Abstract: Deforestation has emerged as one of the major concerns of the world community as significant environmental impacts are attributed to it. The plainly observed association between population increase and deforestation in most of the developing countries has deepened the concern on deforestation. An analysis on forest cover and population of Kokrajhar district of Assam in India over the period 1977-2007 revealed a strong inverse relationship between the two (correlation co-efficient = -0.99). Population growth rate was steadily decreasing in the district, while deforestation rate was found to fluctuate. During the period, the district lost 38% of its forest cover that existed in the beginning of the period. Despite of declining growth rate of population of the forest area, deforestation was taking place at an alarming rate. Estimation of forest cover of the district by the Forest Area Change Model of Food and Agricultural Organization indicated that if deforestation continues with the recent rate, and population growth rate remains more or less same, the district, in the next three decades, would loss 43.5% of its forest cover that was available in 2007. By the beginning of nineties of the current century, when the population density is expected to be about 492 per sq km, the vegetation of possible deforestable area of the district would be almost completely cleared. The results of the analysis were found to conform to FAO theories of deforestation. However, the association between population and deforestation was found to be weakened towards the last decade.

      Samya Sen, Sunanda Mandal, Anirban Mullick, Sounak Kundu, Debanjan Goswamy, Swati Mukerjee, Mithun Das, Arup Kumar Mitra

Abstract: Rice (Oryza sativa) is an important food crop of India and the world, is frequently attacked by pathogens like bacteria, fungi, viruses, pests and weeds. These diseases reduce both quantity and quality of plant products. In this present investigation unique Gram positive pathogenic bacteria, Bacillus cereus (as identified by NCBI BLAST)along with fungal spores of Bipolaris sp pathogens shared the same leaves of Lal Swarna variety of rice and showed dark brown spots with yellow halo on leaves. Here, Bacillus cereus which maximum sensitive to Sulbactam and least to Ceftadime was not a pathogen of rice before and it is first time observed as a pathogen of rice and at the same time it shows antagonism with Bipolaris sp. growth. This investigation also shown this mixed infection resulted in less vigorous infection of Bipolaris to this rice plant and which can be utilized in biological control in place of pesticides.

      Suman Singh, Gunjan Bhatia

Abstract: The development of the child is considered only from the point of view that development depends on what goes on in a school. That is why perhaps most parents seek and want their children to be sent for better schooling, particularly to schools with the best available infrastructure and teachers. Thus the present study was conducted to explore the relationship between self esteem and family environment. . A sample of 175 students was selected through random sampling and taken up for the study that the relationship between self esteem of school children and their family environment is positive and significant. Again there exists significant difference between the self esteem of students belonging to high and low family interaction group. The impact of socio economic status on the self esteem is found to be insignificant. It can be concluded that family interactions or environment influenced the self esteem of secondary school students.

      Sangeeta Mishra, Sudhir Savarkar

Abstract: In this paper video compression is done using EZW as intra compression and seven different algorithms of the block matching algorithms used for motion estimation in video compression. It implements and compares 7 different types of block matching algorithms that range from the very basic Exhaustive Search to fast adaptive algorithms like Adaptive Rood Pattern Search. The algorithms that are evaluated in this paper are widely accepted by the video compressing community and have been used in implementing various standards, ranging from MPEG1 / H.261 to MPEG4 / H.263. The paper also presents a very brief introduction to the entire flow of video compression.

      Pinaki Pratim Acharjya, Dibyendu Ghoshal

Abstract: A new method for image segmentation using watershed transform algorithm is presented in this paper. It takes advantage of the fact that the proposed algorithm produced good results even if the same parameters are used for the standard segmentation algorithm. The proposed segmentation algorithm will be very effective for grid computing as it seems to possess specific tasks of image information and detection in order to obtain a detailed and accurate image analysis.

      Biplab Das, Aditya Bandyopadhyay

Abstract: The study investigates the economic impact of the proposed Riverside County Detention Center (RDC) on the tourism industry of the Palm Springs Area. The geographic, economic, and industry scopes of the study has been defined as consisting area in India. Tourism is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. The dynamic growth Of this industry is evident from the fact that globally tourism accounts for more than 11%of the global GDP and 8% of the world trade employment . Nature has best of Agradweep at Katwa in West Bengal with unique beauty , splendor with its lush green and undisturbed valleys , five climatic zones , peaceful , total sanitation , environment friendly, hospitable & smiling people and a rich cultural heritage –which is unparallel and would be hard put to create and find anywhere else. The most peaceful and crime free in the river bank of Bhagirathi, “The land of Peace & Tranquility” Agradweep at Katwa itself become its natural and unique USP with global appeal.

      Sarala C, Ravi Babu P

Abstract: The water and environment has become an emotive issue with the people and policy makers. The chief causes for the pollution of water and environment are anthropogenic activities of human beings. The primary objective of this paper is to study the groundwater quality parameters in the surrounding wells of Jawaharnagar, in upper Musi catchment area of Ranga Reddy district in Andhra Pradesh. The bore wells data is collected from the study area for two seasons i.e., post monsoon and pre monsoon in December 2007 and June 2008. The groundwater contour analysis is done by using Arc GIS software. The study reveals that the concentration of major constituents are well within the permissible limits of IS (10500-1994), except in few cases where total hardness and fluoride concentrations are high. From the analysis it has been observed that the groundwater is polluted in the entire study area. Due to this reason during the monsoon seasons the rainwater drains into the solid waste polluting the land leachate existing in the surrounding areas and in the low lying areas. During last few years, the utilization of surface and groundwater for drinking, industrial and agricultural purposes has increased manifolds but consequently it is observed that the water is polluted and affecting the human health, soil nutrients, livestock, biomass and environment in certain areas. Hence a study has been carried out for the quality of the available groundwater.

      N.V.Saraf, R.D.Raut, M.D.Choudhary

Abstract: A new ketone Isonitroso phenyl 2 propanone (HINP2P) has been synthesized by the reaction of Benzyl magnesium chloride with cadmium chloride and acetyl chloride. On subsequent treatment of Phenyl 2 propanone with n- amyl nitrite gives Isonitroso Phenyl 2 Propanone. The structure of these compounds has been confirmed by physiochemical and spectral data. A preliminary screening of these compounds for biological activity against microorganisms has indicated that they are selective growth inhibitors.

      S.Vishnuvarthani, Dr.A.Selvaraj

Abstract: In India, among the various infrastructure sectors, transport is the prime sector performing dual role as a commercial organisation and vehicle for fulfillment of social obligations. It has a crucial role in the movement of people and goods from one place to another. Now-a-days, there is a steep increase in the mobility of the people with an ultimate aim to earn for their livelihood. In order to facilitate easy movement of people to different corners of the world, there are various modes of transport like road, rail, air and water ways. The better means of transport is the need of the hour. There is a stiff competition prevailing among various modes of transport. Long distance road transport network is non-existent, underdeveloped or poorly maintained in most parts of India. The burden of carrying long distance traffic, whether people or goods falls mostly on railways. It is due to largest network, number of trains, convenience, speed, safety and affordability. Even though the Indian Railways offer many services, the preference and need of the passengers are dynamic. It differs among the passengers based on their level of income, purpose of travel, distance of travel, age and other factors. As the needs of the passengers vary, the reason for them to select railways as convenient mode of travel also varies. There are various factors which influence the passengers to select train as their mode of travel among the various ways of transportation. In this aspect, this paper highlights the factors influencing the passengers to prefer train as their mode of travel.

      Devender Kumar, Sachin Kumar, Gagandeep Singh, Naman Khanna

Abstract: Driver Safety is one of major research area in race car engineering. Researchers are designing advance active and passive safety system to assure the safety of the driver. Development time and cost of any product is reduced by great extend with the use of computer simulated software’s. But the simulated results can’t be used directly into real life without any validation with experimental results. Aim of this paper is to compare the computer simulated results of energy absorbing capabilities of low cost aluminium alloy impact attenuator using LS-DYNA with that of actual drop test performed in the laboratory. The analysis results are found in good agreement with experimental results obtained from crash testing in real time, performed at ARAI, Pune. Average deceleration of impact is less than 20 g as per the requirement of FSAE design rules.

      Nikita Pandey, Sayani Nandy, Shelly Sinha Choudhury

Abstract: Various techniques have been employed till date to ensure the achievement of three basic needs of security: authenticity, integrity and confidentiality. With sharing of documents becoming a mundane phenomenon and the risk of copyright infringement becoming even more predominant with the easy availability of digital media, the need of better ways to ensure integrity and authentication was never more palpable. These growing issues led to the evolution of digital watermarking. In this paper the proposed algorithm generates a watermark which modifies the inter-word space based on the content of the document. The value being too small remains unnoticeable to the human eyes which increases the robustness. The watermark can be extracted to ensure the authenticity and the integrity of the document. The content of the document remains unchanged which ensures one of the advantages of this algorithm.

      Maya Basant Lohani, Dr. Pooja Bhatia

Abstract: In the present scenario banking sector of India is running in a dynamic challenge concerning both customer base and performance. Service quality is an indispensable competitive strategy to retain customer base. Service quality plays a major role in getting customer satisfaction. Banks are trying hard to win customer satisfaction by providing better quality services. This study compares customers perceptions of service quality of both public and private banks of India. The service quality of both the banks has been measured using SERVQUAL (service quality) scale.

      K.Kavitha, Dr. Ebenezer Jeyakumar

Abstract: In this paper, a synchronous cuk converter proposed for analyzing the performance of photovoltaic system is presented. In the proposed cuk converter, the conduction losses and switching losses are reduced. The conduction losses are reduced by replacing the diode with MOSFET and the switching losses are reduced by providing an auxiliary circuit. The proposed converter system is operated based on the soft switching techniques. These switching techniques are to provide smooth transition of voltage and current. So, the conversion efficiency of the PV system is improved and the load meeting the dynamic energy requirement is in an efficient way. It has a significant advantage over other inverting topologies since they enable low voltage ripple on both the input and the output sides of the converter. Then, the different operation mode of proposed synchronous cuk converter is analyzed at different operating condition of auxiliary and main circuit. From the operating mode, the output current of each modes are determined. The proposed synchronous cuk converter implemented in MATLAB simulation platform and the output performance is analyzed.

      Naina Shrivastava, Dr N.P Sharma , Prakash Parmar, Dr Rupesh Patel

Abstract: The inherited Haemoglobinopathis are autosomal recessive disorder including beta Thalassemia. Out of 200 different mutations causing β Thalassemia, IVS 1-1, IVS 1-5, Codon 41-42, Codon 8-9,and Codon 619 Bp deletion are most common in Gujarat Thalassemic patients. Rapid technique of prenatal diagnosis of only IVS 1-1, IVS 1-5 and Codon 8-9 have been standardized in our lab and Prenatal Diagnosis of these mutations was implemented. The Roche Light Cycler 480 (LC 480) system was evaluated for qualitative diagnosis of common mutations in β Thalassemia in Hb beta gene. A total number of 60 whole blood samples from carrier couples , 11 CVS and 9 Amniotic fluid samples were obtained from antenatal mothers .For testing; LC480 system is more suitable and versatile .Real time PCR platform in a routine laboratory settings for the diagnosis of common mutations in β Thalassemia as noted above is the basis of the present study.DNA Samples used for amplification where obtained from CVS or Amniotic fluid and whole Blood samples .The Standardized mutations in our lab were detected using 2 sets of probes and one common set of universal primer ,usually distinguishing mutants from the normal alleles. In Prenatal diagnosis of βThalassemia mutations accuracy and the speed are of paramount importance taking only one and half hours by the entire procedures in our present study.

      Prof. Deepak R, Abhishek Kumar, Swati.K.Shukla

Abstract: Microfinance programmes are currently being promoted as a key strategy for simultaneously addressing both poverty alleviation and women empowerment. The objective of this study has been to understand the role played by microfinance in the development and empowerment of women in the areas of Rural Karnataka, and also analyze the steps being taken by the NGOs to empower the women in these areas.

      Abhishek Kumar

Abstract: Lessons learnt during recession have indeed put a lot of pressure in making key decisions among the rational investors. Rational investors now need more data and have to spend more time in making key investment decisions. Mutual funds have been a favourable investment opportunity and have been trusted as a safe investment.


Abstract: The project report is a study on “A STUDY ON MARKET POTENTIAL IN MANGALAM NEWSPAER WITH SPECIAL REFERENCE TO KOTTAYAM DISTRICT, KERALA” Mangalam publications are one of the leading publishing institutions in India. Various studies have been conducted to find out the factor, which determine current market situation Mangalam can be increased only by introducing more and more attractive features and improve the paper quality. The sample size used in this study is 100. The sampling technique used in this study is convenient sampling. In case of data collection, the primary and secondary data were used. Questionnaire is used for collecting primary data. Secondary data were collected from past records and other library reference available with the area of study. The simple percentage analysis is used for this study.

      Sanjai Kumar, Dr. Suman Singh

Abstract: The major six odes upon which Keats’s fame as an ode-writer rests were composed in 1810 and may be treated as almost forming a group. One meets images, emotions and ideas which occur and recur in them, echoing and enforcing one another. The three earlier odes stand separated from the 189 group of odes in time period and represent the phase of Keats’s experimentation which the odes form and style. The ‘Ode to Apollo’, composed in February 1815, belongs to the pre-Endymion Phase of Keats’s career and has an ostensible immaturity of style. Homer, Virgil, Milton, Shakespeare, Spenser and Tasso are introduced one by one in succession, each singing in his characteristic vein. The song of each poet exhibits the dominant trait of his poetry. Homer’s song is remarkable for vigour. Virgil’s for sweetness of melody, Milton’s for Grandeur, Shakespeare’s for passion, Spenser’s for its celebration of “Spotless Chastity”, i.e. ideal beauty and Tasso’s for ardour.

      Amar Raj Singh Suri, A.P.S. Sethi

Abstract: The design of a fixture depends a lot on the designer’s expertise and experience and hence no solution is optimal or near optimal for a given workpiece. For a Gear hobbing fixture also there are multiple designs possible. This paper is about redesigning of a hobbing fixture to make it common for the other gears’ manufacturing and reduce the no of settings of the fixture on the hobbing machine. There by, reducing company’s cost & time. The design was checked and validated for safety under the action of cutting forces.

      Prof.Asawari Dudwadkar, Aniruddha Bajaj, Rohit Singh Banga

Abstract: Adding automation to an existing fully functional (manual) system has always been a challenge for engineers. The most common problems may include installation of distribution boards, selection of different hardware for different load ratings, etc. Often, a potential user avoids going for such systems as installations want major modification, are quite expensive & cumbersome. There’s nothing simpler than connecting an automation system simply by bypassing the existing system and also using the same system irrespective of the voltage rating. To add basic level of automation i.e. detection of any switching of a device, we have come up with a device called ‘Universal Detector’ with added communication feature. This concept is presented by the use of an external GSM modem which acts as a communication interface between the user and the device. Universal Detector is a retrofit-able device with the key feature being its low cost and wide voltage range literally making it “Universal”.

      Dr. R. R. Shah , Dr. R. S. Patel

Abstract: The Present Paper Deals With A Preliminary Study On 1-31 Different Plant Species Associated With The Astrology. Its Reports The Various Person’s Characteristics And Contribution Of Particular Plant In Their Life. Punitvan Is Situated In Sector 18, Gandhinagar. It Was Established In The Year 2004.Thus Punitvan Gives Us Inspiration To Protect The Plants And To Know Its Uses. There Are Various Plants Planted According To Different Themes Like Planets, Constellations, A Sign Of Zodiac, And Panchavati. The Punitvan Inspires To Human Society To Plant The Trees And Care They Including All Matters. Indian Astrology Claims A Definite Correlation Between Plants And Navgrahas - The Eight Planets And The Sun At The Center. These Planets Are Supposed To Influence Different Organs In The Body Resulting In Diseases Due To Evil Effects And Different Plants Have Been Prescribed For Usage To Overcome The Ailments. So, Certain Plant Species Associated With The Planets And Are Believed To Have Medicinal Properties For Treating The Various Diseases. In This Paper We Survey No. Of Various Persons With Personal Meeting And Got And Studied Different Characteristics. We Displayed Local Name, Scientific Name, Family, The Nature Of The Persons Born On 1st To 31st Dates Of Any Month.

      Dr Vidya C. S, Dr. Prashantha B, Dr Gangadhar M.R

Abstract: Identification of an individual is important in any Medicolegal investigation. The primary factors that helpful in the identification include age, sex and stature.1 Skull is important in this regard as it resits adverse environmental conditions over time .2 The present study aims to determine sexual dimorphism in 80 skulls of south Indian origin. Parameters used are maximum cranial length, maximum cranial breadth, facial height, bizygomatic diameter, nasal height and nasal width. Cranial, upper facial and nasal indices were calculated. Craniometrical measurements were expressed in descriptive statistics i.e. mean and SD are calculated. The p value of nasal height, nasal width and mastoid process length of both sides showed significant difference.

      V.Spoorthy, C.Sreedhar

Abstract: Cloud computing is another form of internet. In cloud computing the online services are conducted to be pay-as-you-use. The Service Level Agreements (SLA) are agreements signed between user and service provider. In this paper, we mainly focus on Multi-level SLAs and Dynamic Negotiations. In the Multi-level SLAs each user is specified with an SLA by service provider and the Dynamic Negotiation is occurred when we need to specify the exact constraint for the user’s service request. Also, in this paper we designed a model for Data as a service for remote sensing data from that model. We used weighted sum model (WSM) to decide which provider finally provides best requirement made by the user.

      Pankaj Shrivastava, Veena Ben Trivedi, Anil K Singh, N.Mishra

Abstract: Every individual in the world can be, identified at the molecular level on the basis of an extremely high level of polymorphism in the sequence of his or her DNA, which he or she inherits from his or her biological parents and is Identical in every cell of the body. DNA fingerprinting, as this technique of identification is called, can confirm with certainty the parentage of an individual. The application of DNA profiling in the criminal justice system is an important issue in criminal investigators today. The technology is changing rapidly and several new techniques are becoming available. DNA profiling has been described as a powerful breakthrough in forensic science. The Forensic Use of DNA Profiling is a major contribution to a technology which can help not only in including the culprit but also to exclude the innocent. In this article an attempt is made to elaborate the changing scenario of the technology in the recent years as well as to present the some real cases where different variants of the DNA fingerprinting technology were successfully applied in solving the criminal cases in our laboratory.

      Suchismita Mohapatra , A.K.Patra

Abstract: Primary production refers to evaluation of the capacity of an ecosystem to build up, at the expense of external energy both radiant and chemical ,primary organic compounds of high chemical potentials for further transformation and flow to higher system levels. The highest values of gross, net primary production and biotic respirations were obtained during winter due to low water temperature, higher transparency, high dissolved oxygen values, bright and clear weather where as in summer because of high water temperature leading towards higher photosynthetic rate as well as higher metabolic rate, the primary productivity also become high and lower values during rainy season due to cloudy weather.

      A.M. Kshirsagar, D.T. Tayade

Abstract: S-triazine and thiocarbamide group containing drug create their own identity in the drug, pharmaceutical and medicinal sciences. Refractrometric measurements of recently synthesized drugs viz. 1-(4-hydroxy-6-methyl)-S-triazino-3-phenylthiocarbamide (L1) is carried out at various percentage composition of solvent and at different temperatures to investigate effects of structure, groups on S-triazino thiocarbamides. The data and the results obtained during this investigation gave detail information regarding drug absorption, transmissions activity and effect of these drugs. This study explores the potency of newly synthesized drugs, stability of drug and also to renovate and modify the traditional drugs which are used by medicinal practioners. Taking all these things in to consideration this research work was carried out.

      Prof. S. A. Shinde, Mr. Kushal S. Patel

Abstract: Remote database systems are becoming increasingly popular due to their potential usage in information storage. However, digital tuple data (e.g. bank balance, account details) are themselves vulnerable to security attacks. There are various methods are available to secure critical tuples. In this scheme we propose a new method in which data tuples are embedded in a container image. In this technique, we are using wavelet transform for hiding data in digital images by combining the use of adaptive hiding capacity function that hides secret data in the integer wavelet coefficients of the cover image with the optimum pixel adjustment (OPA) algorithm. The OPA algorithm is applied after embedding secret relational tuples to minimize the embedding error. The proposed system showed high hiding rates with reasonable imperceptibility compared to other steganographic systems.

      Preet Kamal Dhillon, Gurleen Sidhu

Abstract: The design of software systems can exhibit several problems which can be either due to inefficient analysis and design during the initial construction of the software or more often, due to software ageing, where software quality degenerates over time. The design problems appear as "bad smells" at code or design level and the process of removing them is termed as Refactoring.. This paper presents the results from an empirical study that investigated the relationship between the bad smells and class error probability in three error-severity levels in an industrial-strength open source system. Our research, which was conducted in the context of the post-release system evolution process, showed that some Bad code smells were positively associated with the class error probability in the three error-severity levels. This finding supports the use of bad smells as a systematic method to identify and refactor problematic classes in this specific context.

      Suraj Haridas Chafle, Sumedh Satish Ranade

Abstract: It is found that Patch antennas are mostly built and used for frequencies greater than 1 GHz. At such high frequencies the dimensions of the patch would be smaller and hence it would be easy to fabricate it on pcb itself. In the present study patch antenna is analyzed for its performance below 1GHz. The finding of the study revealed that the patch antennas can be used at frequencies which are lower than 1 GHz but dimensions becomes too large. Also radiation pattern, reflection coefficient, HPBW and other parameters of the antenna were tested and results were found to be satisfactory.

      Ms. Shivani Sawhney, Dr. Shashi Koul

Abstract: The present study was an effort to know the AIDS knowledge and Information needs of the adolescent girls of Jammu. Sample was selected from the two Government and two Private institutions. The research was an attempt to study the knowledge level and information needs regarding HIV/AIDS among adolescent girls. The sample comprised of 100 respondents from the East Zone of Jammu City. Systematic random sampling technique was adopted. The tool used for obtaining information was close-ended questionnaire. The findings revealed that there was significant difference regarding knowledge level of HIV/AIDS between respondents of government and private school. Private school respondents had better knowledge as compare to their counter parts. Government School sample lack general knowledge regarding HIV/AIDS and related issues. Majority of the respondents from both the categories had knowledge about affected section and affected age group of society but were ignorant about the most vulnerable group and the level of risk for adolescents. A lot more still needs to be done for combating a campaign against this devastating disease. Political parties, religious leaders and NGOs should join hand for this purpose. The psychologists are also of the view that teaching alone will not solve the problem unless the programmes are framed according to the situation on correcting vicious behaviors like injecting drugs, indulging in heterosexual activity, homo sexuality etc. which would help in decreasing the number in the long run.

      Shivani Sawhney, Shashi Kaul

Abstract: The present study was an effort to know the preference of media for imparting AIDS education among the adolescent girls (16-18 years). Sample was selected from the Government and Private institutions, two schools from each. The research was an attempt to identify their sources of information and their preference for media and the strategies adopted for imparting HIV/AIDS education programme. The sample comprised of 100 respondents from East Zone of the Jammu City. Systematic and random sampling technique was adopted. The tool used for obtaining the information was close-ended questionnaire. The findings revealed that T. V. news, Newspaper articles and conversation with friends / peers were found to be the most preferred media for receiving the information. Majority of the respondents, from both government and private schools emphasized on imparting AIDS education. 50% of the sample from both these categories preferred Group Approach but in separate group for boys and girls. Majority of sample from both of the categories preferred safe sex for the prevention of AIDS, though not sure about their efficacy. A lot more still needs to be done for combating a campaign against this dreaded disease. Political parties, religious leaders and the NGOs should join hand for this humanitarian purpose. Besides, the psychologists are also of the view that mere classroom teaching alone will not solve the problem, unless the programmes are framed as per the situation for correcting viscious behaviors like injecting drugs, indulging in heterosexual activity, homo sexuality etc. which would help in reducing the infected number in the long run.

      S.karpagavalli, P.V.Sabitha

Abstract: Speech recognition has been an active research topic for more than 50 years. Interacting with the computer through speech is one of the active scientific research fields particularly for the disable community who face variety of difficulties to use the computer. Such research in Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) is investigated for different languages because each language has its specific features. Neural Networks are, in essence, biologically inspired networks since they are based on the current understanding of the biological nervous system. In essence they are comprised of a network of densely interconnected simple processing elements, which perform in a manner analogous to the most development of neural networks, and a basic introduction to their theory is outlined in this elementary functions of a biological neuron. Reduced connectivity neural networks are discussed and the scaly architecture neural network is described. Various algorithms are available to perform this time alignment of the input pattern to the neural network and the performance of the neural network is dependent upon the performance of the time alignment algorithm used. In this chapter, the various types of time alignment algorithms are described and their operation is outlined in detail.

      R.Venkatapathy, P.Pretheeba

Abstract: Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (SMEs) comprise essential elements in the lubrication and development of any economy. In Sri Lanka, the story makes no remarkable difference as SMEs outnumber the large business in the economy. Over the years the government of Sri Lanka has devised a number of policies aimed at developing SMEs. While most policies actually failed due to poor implementation, others however, succeeded. Few studies have been made in the past to identify the role of SMEs to the development of Sri Lanka’s economy, its problems and prospects which created a vacuum on the role of government and other financial institutions in the development of SMEs. This article evaluates the role of Micro Finance Institutions (MFIs) as a powerful tool for the poverty alleviation and entrepreneurial development in Sri Lanka. The paper reviews the existing literature. The findings of the literature reveal that Sri Lankan SMEs face many domestic challenges in achieving economies of scale. The challenges are question marks on the viability of the MFIs, absence of a cohesive regulatory and supervisory system for the micro finance, shortage human capital, inadequacy of IT knowledge, difficulty in up-to-date services access by the sub urban practitioners, and entrepreneurs’ personal shortcomings. Hence there is a need exist for a development of fully fledged micro finance industry. This paper attempts to identify the challenges as a positive step toward formulating a workable framework for the SMEs to overcome them.

      KavithaVenugopal, A.G.Shanthi

Abstract: Chronic dialysis imposes a considerable burden on patients and families. Psychosocial issues are an important concernin the overall health of haemodialysis patients. Over recent years, there has been increasingattention given to the individual characteristics of patientswith an emphasis placed on understanding the effects of the patient social situation, perceptions and responses to the illness,their physicians and healthcare providers, their spouses andfamilies, and their socio economic status have on outcomes. This study sought to assessthe influence of illness perception on depression and quality of life in haemodialysis patients. The sample included 31 males and 21 females with the age range of 20 -60 years and illness duration of 1year to 5 years. Patients were evaluated with comprehensive psychological testing. Result shows that there was significant relationship found between depression and quality of life in relation to illness perception. Understanding of illness was significantly different in male and female haemodialysis patients.

      O P Singh, Satish Kumar, G R Mishra, Charu Pandey, Vartika Singh

Abstract: The imaging technology is being improving day by day, there are a lot of chances of reproduction and manipulation of digital contents such as digital image, digital audio and digital video, hence a strong digital copyright mechanism must be developed in place. So the protection of data content from unauthorized users and the issue of copyright management play very important role. Digital watermarking is being used to secure the data of researchers and to hide the information inside a signal which cannot be easily detected by unauthorized users. A digital watermarking can be defined as a stream of bits embedded in a data file that offers features such as IPM (Intellectual Property Management) and proof of ownership. The digital watermarking has two basic concepts- first is content protection and second is copyright management. In this paper, an overview of some Digital Watermarking techniques is discussed such as Discrete Cosine transform (DCT) and Digital Wavelet Transform (DWT) and its purpose, methods, limitations and applications.

      RajwinderKaur, Dr. Manisha Sharma

Abstract: The Indian agrarian economy on the eve of independence was critical in situation. It could be characterized totally primitive, deteriorative and turbulent. During the British imperial regime, no pervasive and conductive measures were taken to boost the agriculture. The partition of country worsened the food situation in the country. This reduced the agricultural production and created difficulties both for food grains and commercial crops. The cultivators were under heavy debt and most of the holdings were uneconomic. In view of this, after independence tremendous efforts were made to boost the economy through agriculture as one of the tools for development. On the recommendations of food grain price committee (Jha Committee), the Government of India started the scheme of subsidies on purchase of various agriculture inputs to facilitate the farmers (Singh, 1994). This paper tries to analyse the impact of free electricity to Punjab farmers on various aspects of economy like Punjab State Electricity Board, Punjab Government and farmers etc. The empirical results reveal that farmers are ready to pay bills for irrigation as uninterrupted supply of electricity is given to agriculture sector. As a result, government should impose flat rates on electricity supply given to agriculture sector. Government should keep aside its motive to please voters or strengthen the vote bank, it should frame rational policy in the favour and welfare of the state.

      Neeraj kumar, Imteyaz Ahmad , Pankaj Rai

Abstract: The ECG signal, even rest ECG, is often corrupted by artifacts produced by varies sources of either artificial or biological nature. Main artificial artifacts are power line interference, Impulse noise, Electrostatic potentials and noise of electronic devices. The main biological artifacts are motion artifacts and muscle artifacts (EMG signal) The present work introduces the digital filtering method to cope with the noise artifacts in the ECG signal. The ECG lead-II signal is taken. The butterworth IIR filter and FIR type1 filters are applied on the ECG signal. The basic bandwidth used for the ECG monitoring is from 0 .5 Hz to 100 Hz.

      Mr. Jalpesh Solanki, Prof. Ashish Agarwal

Abstract: The rapid increasing the industrialization, motorization, in the world has remarkably raised the demand of the petroleum products. The reservations of such a petroleum based fuels are limited in the world. Furthermore, they are exhaustible and cost is rapidly increasing day to day. For those countries having not ability of petroleum recourses, are importing the petroleum fuels. So, it is quit necessary to focus on an alternative fuels which can be derived from the material available in the country. This paper reviews the combustion parameter and exhaust emission characterizes of different bio-fuels such as plastic oil, cocking oil, rubber seed oil, palm bio-diesel, ethanol etc. the paper also reviews the experimental works carried out in various countries in this field and scope, challenges being faced in this area of research are clearly described.

      Dr. Manjula G. Kadapatti, Dr. A.H.M. Vijayalaxmi

Abstract: The objectives of the research study were to study the birth status of the new born , born in Government and Private hospitals, to examine the effect of antenatal care on birth outcome and to study the effect of birth weight on developmental outcomes of infants at Six months of its age. The sample consists for the research method was 904 births of both government and private hospitals of Dharwad city constituted the sample. All births were measured within 24 hours of delivery. From the birth register and baby’s information sheet required information was collected and mothers were interviewed with the help of interview schedule after delivery to elicit the necessary information. Correlation of co-efficient was applied. Results reveals that that antenatal care of mother was significantly and positively associated with weight of the newborn indicating that more number of visits and treatment taken during pregnancy was related to their outcomes in addition to their previous antenatal care of the mother was also statistically significant with present outcomes in terms of weight Better weight of babies was found among mothers who had received antenatal care, throughout their pregnancy period. Incidence of low birth weight babies was found much more among mothers who did not receive any antenatal care during their pregnancy period. The study concludes that the proper antenatal care during pregnancy decreases the complications for both mother and infants. The birth weight increased with increased total number of antenatal care.

      Ashish Kumar Parashar, Dr. Sohanlal Atmapoojya, Dr. S.S. Rathore

Abstract: Seismic Hazard analysis is a method of quantifying the area in terms of topographical and seismological data. In the present paper seismic hazard analysis has been presented using deterministic method. Method is good enough for measuring dynamic ground motion parameters which will help in design process. Dhamtari and Kanker are two District Headquarters of the state of Chhattisgarh. In the present study DSHA has been applied to these District Headquarters sites to asses the maximum Peak Ground Acceleration (PGA).. The observed values of peak ground acceleration for Dhamtari and Kanker sites are 0.05 g to 0.11 g. Beauro of Indian Standard has specified these sites in seismic Zone II. This fact has been verified in the present study.

      P. Shakira Begum, N. Neelima

Abstract: RING LASER GYRO (RLG) is a sensor to sense angular information very precisely. It uses the principle of sagnac effect. In order to get excellent performance from a ring laser gyro, Intensity of laser beams, path length of the cavity and also the dithering mechanism needs to be ultra stable and maintained consistently. Hence control algorithms and hardware is implemented in RLGs for these three controls. Most of the algorithms implemented are linear algorithms and simple in nature. It is felt to use non linear algorithms based on the dynamics of the RLG to improve the performance of an RLG. So in this project it is proposed to study the principles involved in an RLG control and simulate the dynamics for understanding the non-linearities and finally design new control algorithms for controlling RLG. MATLAB/ LABVIEW is proposed to be used for realizing these algorithms and finally implement them in DSP.

      M.Ashok Chakravarthy, M.L.S.Deva Kumar

Abstract: This paper is concerned with the future phase-out of Hydro Chloro Fluoro Carbons (HCFCs) used in the air conditioning systems. The air conditioning industry is currently evaluating alternative refrigerants for R-22. A window-type air conditioning system is selected for the tests conducted with three different types of refrigerants. These air conditioning units are spread widely in their applications and are circulating R-22 as a refrigerant. Finding an alternative refrigerant for replacing R-22 is becoming a practical problem because general use of hydro chlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs) including R-22 is promised to be banned by 2020 as per the Montreal Protocol. It is intended to replace R-22 refrigerant by other refrigerants which are considered to be environmental friendly. In this project, two zeotrope blend refrigerants were selected to be tested as alternative refrigerants for R-22 in the window type air conditioner system viz., R-407C (mixture of R-32/125/134a), R-407A (mixture of R-32/125/134a) to their better thermal properties and acceptable pressure and temperature ranges. The alternate refrigerants to be used in the project have very less ozone depletion potential (ODP) and global warming potential (GWP). The performance of each refrigerant has been found individually and the results were used to evaluate and compare the following performance criteria: cooling capacity, Energy Efficiency Ratio and the coefficient of performance (COP).

      Dr. Sunil Kumar Jangir

Abstract: The process of Indo-US nuclear deal could be said to have started on July 18, 2005 with the issue of joint statement by the India Prime Minister and the United States (US) President. Subsequently, much of debate took place both in India and the US on issues related to granting special nuclear status to India and India joining a pro US camp. This deal has been viewed as a beginning of special relationship between India and the US. However, it took five years for the official start of first Indo-US strategic dialogue which took place at Washington during June 2010. Unfortunately, for all these years the other dimensions of this strategic relationship which were clearly articulated during July 2005 did not get much of publicity. This paper attempts to analyze various non nuclear dimensions of Indo-US strategic cooperation which include Economic Growth and Trade Promotion, Energy and the Environment, Democracy and Development, Non-Proliferation and Security and High Technology and Space.

      Ashok Kr. Mishra, Rakesh sheokand, Dr. R K Srivastava

Abstract: Tribological behaviour of aluminium alloy Al-6061 reinforced with silicon carbide particles (10% & 15%weight percentage of SiCp) fabricated by stir casting process was investigated. The wear and frictional properties of the metal matrix composites was studied by performing dry sliding wear test using a pin-on-disc wear tester. Experiments were conducted based on the plan of experiments generated through Taguchi’s technique. A L9 Orthogonal array was selected for analysis of the data. Investigation to find the influence of applied load, sliding speed and sliding distance on wear rate, as well as the coefficient of friction during wearing process was carried out using ANOVA and regression equation for each response were developed for both 10% & 15% SiC reinforced Al-6061MMCs. Objective of the model was chosen as ‘smaller the better’ characteristics to analyse the dry sliding wear resistance. Results show that sliding distance has the highest influence followed by load and sliding speed. Finally, confirmation tests were carried out to verify the experimental results & Scanning Electron Microscope were done on wear surfaces.

      Anita Bajpai, Yogendra Singh, U.S.Singh

Abstract: India possesses an immense wealth of Basmati and non Basmati aromatic rice varieties and land races exhibiting a wide variability in their grain quality and cooking characteristics. Among non basmati aromatic rices, Kalanamak is an important and popular scented rice variety grown in Eastern Uttar Pradesh. This variety is famous for its taste and aroma. In eastern India it is cooked in honour of guest or given as gift. Although Kalanamak is fast going out of cultivation, it is one indigenous aromatic rice variety if it is promoted properly, offers a great promise not only in domestic market but also as an export commodity. It can be boon for farmers of Eastern Uttar Pradesh and Tarai area of Bihar. In present study 40 lines/varieties of Kalanamak, collected from different parts of Eastern Uttar Pradesh were evaluated on the basis of grain quality for pure line selections and further improvement to attract more and more farmers for its cultivation again.

      Dr.Mrs.G.Nirmala, Mr.D.Ramprasad

Abstract: This paper analyses process of Genetic algorithm and its operators. Several cross over operators like partially matched cross over, circular motion of cross over, order cross over are discussed. GA’s are powerful methods of optimization used successfully in travelling salesman problem. Various cross over operators in the context of the travelling salesman problem are discussed. The results of different GA cross over operators for the TSP are compared and presented.

      Radhika Subramanian

Abstract: This paper focuses on the implementation of Soft-Computing Technique (Artificial Neural Network) on Flood Management System. This paper presents an alternate approach that uses artificial neural network to simulate the critical level dynamics in heavy rain. The algorithm was developed in a decision support system environment in order to enable users to process the data. The decision support system is found to be useful due to its interactive nature, flexibility in approach and evolving graphical feature and can be adopted for any similar situation to predict the critical level. The potential benefit of a flash flood forecast depends on three main factors. Firstly its accuracy, which in turn depends on the accuracy of the forecast data, the observational data and the numerical weather modeling and updating procedures. Secondly the magnitude of the lead time it provides before critical levels are reached which can be improved by using quantitative precipitation forecasts from meteorological satellite cloud image, weather radar and numerical weather prediction models. Thirdly, the benefits depend on the effective use of the forecast information, for flood monitoring, flood warning, the operation of flood protection structures and the evacuation of people and livestock. This requires appropriate decision information in a timely manner to those who need it, where they need it, in a manner that is easy to understand. Finally, use of Artificial neural network may serve as a tool for real-time flood monitoring and process control.

      T. John Peter, K.Somasundaram

Abstract: Heart disease prediction is designed to support clinicians in their diagnosis. We proposed a method for classifying the heart disease data. The patient’s record is predicted to find if they have symptoms of heart disease through Data mining. It is essential to find the best fit classification algorithm that has greater accuracy on classification in the case of heart disease prediction. Since the data is huge attribute selection method used for reducing the dataset. Then the reduced data is given to the classification .In the Investigation, the hybrid attribute selection method combining CFS and Filter Subset Evaluation gives better accuracy for classification. We also propose a new feature selection method algorithm which is the hybrid method combining CFS and Bayes Theorem. The proposed algorithm provides better accuracy compared to the traditional algorithm and the hybrid Algorithm CFS+FilterSubsetEval.

      Kavita Tewari, Manorama V. Tiwari

Abstract: Image Noise Suppression is a highly demanded approach in digital imaging systems. Impulsive noise is one such noise, which is frequently encountered problem in acquisition, transmission and processing of images. In the area of image restoration, many state-of-the art filters consist of two main processes, classification (detection) and reconstruction (filtering). Classification is used to separate uncorrupted pixels from corrupted pixels. Reconstruction involves replacing the corrupted pixels by certain approximation technique. In this paper such schemes of impulsive noise detection and filtering thereof are proposed. Here we presents a comparative study on six methods such as median filter, Progressive switching median filter, Fuzzy switching median filter, Adaptive median filter, Simple adaptive median filter and its modified version i.e. Modified Simple Adaptive median filter. Objective evaluation parameters i.e. mean square error; peak signal-to-noise ratio is calculated to quantify the performance of these filters.

      Ganapathi Malarvizhi, N.Senthil, C.Kamaraj

Abstract: Stone Matrix Asphalt (SMA) is hot mixture asphalt consisting of a coarse aggregate skeleton and a higher binder content mortar. To minimize the pollution from waste tires and to improve the properties of SMA, Recycled Crumb Rubber (CR) plus Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) flakes were used as additive using dry process as a research study. This research investigated the feasibility of using 15% and 30% CR+LDPE by weight of bitumen with 60/70 penetration grade bitumen for SMA. SMA mixture meeting the desired volumetric properties could be produced using the combination of 30% (Combined Combination with 30% CR and 70 % LDPE) by weight of the bitumen). No fiber was needed to prevent drain down when this rubber blend was used. Based on results of indirect tensile tests, unconfined compression test and variance analysis, it was observed that the addition of recycled CR+ LDPE using dry process could improve engineering properties of SMA mixtures, and the rubber content has a significant effect on long term performance.

      Akhilesh Sharma, Amar Johri, Ajay Chauhan

Abstract: Foreign direct investment (FDI) is defined as foreign investors stirring their assets into another country where they have control over the management of assets and profits (Graham & Spaulding, 2005). It is generally true that the more FDI a country acquires, the more local economic growth and transformation can develop, because foreign companies often bring to the country large sum of funds and new technologies, as well as advanced management skills which allow local industries and regions to gain a lot of experience (OECD, 2003). While talking about Indian scenario, the hotel and tourism industries have been growing rapidly in recent years, bringing in huge revenues through overseas as well as domestic tourists in many parts of India. There was a key rush to inbound tourism in India in 2006 and a double-digit increase in the coming of overseas tourists to India in the same year. Tourism is one of the third largest revenue generators of foreign exchange for India and also employs one of the highest numbers of manpower. Conde Nast Traveler, one of the most decorated travel magazines, rated India as one of the hottest destination in the world. According to the World Tourism Organization, India will be the leader in the tourism industry in South Asia with 8.9 million arrivals by 2020. India is gradually emerging as the second most rapidly increasing (8.8 percent) tourism economy in the world over 2005-14 according to the World Travel & Tourism.

      S G Bagul, Prof R.K.Shastri

Abstract: The idea of the AUDIO SIGNAL PROCESSING (Speaker Recognition [4] Project) is to implement a recognizer using Matlab which can identify a person by processing his/her voice. The Matlab functions and scripts were all well documented and parameterized in order to be able to use them in the future. The basic goal of our project is to recognize and classify the speeches of different persons. This classification is mainly based on extracting several key features like Mel Frequency Cepstral Coefficients (MFCC [2]) from the speech signals of those persons by using the process of feature extraction using MATLAB. The above features may consists of pitch, amplitude, frequency etc. It can be achieved by using tools like MATLAB. Using a statistical model like Gaussian mixture model (GMM [6]) and features extracted from those speech signals we build a unique identity for each person who enrolled for speaker recognition [4]. Estimation and Maximization algorithm is used, An elegant and powerful method for finding the maximum likelihood solution for a model with latent variables, to test the later speeches against the database of all speakers who enrolled in the database.

      Dr Sunita Rana

Abstract: Indian English poetry is remarkably great. The pre- Independence poets expressed Indian themes in the Romantic and Victorian modes and adhered to their form and prosody as well as the post- independence poets manifests extensive experimentation, divergence from the conventional modes of expression and exercise of liberty in form and content, and use of language. The conflict between tradition and modernity at various levels- social, cultural, familiar, national and cosmopolitan is well marked in the works of these new poets. They also show the influence of western poets like Yeats, Pound, Eliot, Whitman, Hughes, Cumming, Platch etc. One of the most significant events in the post independence Indian English poetry is the rise of women’s poetic voice. The new women poet depicts the changing position of women in the modern Indian society. Their poetry is a complex blend of aestheticism and activism, representing women’s struggle to break out of the patriarchal taboos and attain an unbiased position of their own.

      Akshata D. Deore, Prof. R. L. Paikrao

Abstract: As Internet is rapidly gaining popularity these days, web searching has become more important. A collection of pages where all pages are interlinked looks like a Spider’s Web, therefore called as “Web”. A search engine makes use of the combination of textual keywords to display the results. When internet user searches some information using search engine, the result contains all the relevant and irrelevant data. As this data is so vast indexing complete web is impractical, so some filtering should be applied to deliver the quality result. A filter mechanism called as “Ranking” is used now days in many popular search engines. This paper gives the idea of Web Search, how it works? And a comparative study of two Ranking based algorithms PageRank and UsersRank for web search.

      Avhad Kiran, Amit Patil, Suresh Limkar

Abstract: Opportunistic networks are one of the most interesting evolutions of MANETs. In opportunistic networks, route connecting to the mobile nodes never exits, mobile nodes communicate with each other when they got opportunity to communicate. Furthermore, nodes are not supposed to possess or acquire any knowledge about the network topology. Routes are built dynamically, while messages are route between the source and the destination, and any possible node can opportunistically be used as next hop, provided it is likely to bring the message closer to the final destination. These requirements make opportunistic networks a challenging and promising research field.

      Pratyush Poddar, Praveen Kumar

Abstract: At Manows, it is expected that as a result of the increasing complexity of the internet and the intensifying e-competition, web-servers availability and smooth functionality will become an even more important competitive advantage for its users. Manows will check target web-server(s) continuously in a pre-defined interval for availability and send notifications if it finds any exceptional scenario. A very flexible configuration strategy will be adopted in Manows so that the web-servers to be monitored, notification methodology and alert recipients can be configured very easily and efficiently in it. The project will be developed with open standards and J2EE, a platform independent technology; its users therefore need not bother about the operating system where it will be running.

      Shweta Tiwari, Prof. Sapna Choudhary

Abstract: In this paper , a model is proposed which integrates the database, customer queries, transactions, and all other specifications used in ERP systems, then use enhanced & latest data mining techniques to integrate decision making and forecast flows. The proposal of the paper is based on the data mining effects using ERP framework. By using the various properties of ERP’s and background we collect the data from central database in cluster format which is based on the action taken against the queries generated by the customers. Furthermore, the clustered data used by ARM Algorithm to extract new rules and patterns for the enhancement of an organization. This is a complete architecture of data mining applications on ERP framework to find out the answers of upcoming queries. This will make the best association between the customers and organization. It act as a base for a CRM system as it permits the company itself to recommend other products by e-mail. The model is basically consist of three layers 1) CRM 2) ERP 3) KNOWLEDGE DISCOVERY. Here the third layer is the proposed layer, since the Knowledge discovery can be defined as the extraction of contained, hidden and useful information from the large database. So in this presented model this layer also deal with the central database containing data collected from any department of ERP and CRM layers. Since customer’s queries contain unlimited attributes and characteristics of data. By utilizing the benefits of third layer in the proposed model we used enhanced variation of Apriori algorithm i.e distributed cba Algorithm for effective and high-quality results.

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