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      Ashwatha K. N, Tejaswini J. S, Dr. A. S. Rayamane

Abstract: Bandipur Tiger Reserve is one of the first wildlife reserves in India to adopt Project Tiger in 1974. It is known worldwide for its magnificent faunal species. This Park is located in the Indian state of Karnataka, The Park spans an area of 913.04 square kilometers. The Park is part of the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve and is famous for its significant tiger and elephant population along with sandalwood trees.

      Wilson Kipkemboi Kemei, Charles Walekhwa, Stanslaus Musyoki

Abstract: Ending unsafe abortion is a pressing public-health and human-rights imperative. In Kenya, unsafe abortion is among the five main reasons associated with maternal ill health and deaths and will remain so until safe abortion is more accessible across the country. In responding to unsafe abortion as a major but preventable reason for maternal deaths in Kenya, the Medical Services Ministry developed a Post-Abortion Care (PAC) policy to guide in forcing down unsafe abortion related ill-health and deaths in accordance with the 2010 constitution. It remains unclear how widely the PAC model is being implemented by health care providers who may be facing several challenges, consequently undermining prevention of maternal deaths.

      Achuenu, Ache Stella

Abstract: Governance is a key factor in guiding successful sustainable programmes because it is normative by nature and requires collective action. Partipatory e-Backcasting (pBC) becomes necessary, because it is appropriate for long-term problems which need major changes and long-term solutions such as sustainable city challenges. For pBC participation and extent of inputs constitutes the main plan. Nigerian cities’ development measures have consistently failed which has been linked to lack of adequate citizen’s active engagement. The aim of the study is to integrate and encourage stakeholders in an enhanced participatory ebackcasting approach with respect to e-Gov services which is limited towards the practical outcome of participatory e-backcasting.

      Balaji Vijayam, Madhuri S Balaji, Meghna Seshiah, Anitha Rani.A

Abstract: In the present scenario the prevalence of Gestation diabetes is rapidly increasing worldwide. Women with diabetes during pregnancy are not different from other women in their concern for their foetuses, perhaps they need to put more effort, as the slight variation from the normal value might have a major impact on fetal well-being. In India alone, GDM affects five million women each year, which is a huge burden for the health care providers to deal with. Henceforth, screening and diagnostic criteria for testing GDM should be convenient, practically possible and cost effective. DIPSI test is introduced in India should be made as a central point of discussion and consideration. The current review focused on the screening and diagnostic criteria of GDM in low resource setting using DIPSI criteria.

      Sant Pal Singh, Asita Kulshreshtha, Anoop Kumar Srivastava & Sumit Kumar Srivastava

Abstract: Radiation therapy being most general treatment modality to cure patients with different malignancies covers more than fifty percent of cancer burden. Since its inception for treatment of cancer and other malignancies in 1896, development of new devices from time to time has brought several changes in techniques of radiation therapy. The present study aims to present an outlook towards the basic concepts involved related to radiation therapy and to highlight the development of the various techniques of radiation therapy involving wide range of energies from x-ray, γ-ray and charged particles.

      Fairoozah Basward, Dr. Mary Mugo, and Dr. Gichuhi Kimani

Abstract: The study was aimed at assessing the extent of correlation between the budgetary process elements of budgetary control and budgetary participation with quality service delivery in public universities in Kenya, focusing on a case study of Multimedia University of Kenya (MMU). A sample of 117 staff members of the institution provided the primary data utilized in the research. The first independent variable targeting of budgetary control was measured by performance indicators, budget analysis, and budget performance reports, while the second independent variable focusing on budgetary participation was measured using staff opinions, suggestions, request, follow ups, and proposals.

      Mulugeta Tafereoldegebriel, Dr. Kifle Dagne Woldegebriel

Abstract: Bats were captured by using nets and hand picking and then chromosome preparations were made from bone marrow cells according to Lee and Elder’s (1980) method cited in Hillis et al. (1996) with some modifications. Somatic metaphase chromosomes of bat specimens collected from Arbaminch, Koka, Merehabete and Ziway regions in Ethiopia were studied. The specimens were identified belong to the following families and species. Pipistrellus pipistrellus and Scotophilus dinganii or S. viridis (family Vespertilionidae), Micropteropus pusillus (family Pteropidae), Chaerephone pumila (family Molossidae) and a taxonomically yet unidentified specimen collected from Merehabete region.

      Swe Mar Myint Lwin, Khaing Lay Mon, Aung Soe Htet

Abstract: In many countries around worldwide, mobile health technology is increasingly being used and it may be a convenient and cost-effective way to support healthy behaviors for preventive health care. The present study aims at exploring the community perception on the health messaging intervention with the Viber application conducted in the rural population of Yangon, Myanmar. In-depth interviews were conducted among ten participants of those who improved any behavior or metabolic risk factors of non-communicable disease (NCDs) and who did not change after the intervention.

      Aliyu Aminu Ahmed, Ruqayya Aminu Muhammad

Abstract: The COVID-19 pandemic destabilized governments and impacted negatively on national, regional, and local economies. Decision makers were faced with sudden challenges that required radical decisions that impacts directly on people lives. This article presents concepts of decision making and several behavioral decision theories to attempt to explain the decision-making environment and the macroeconomic choices by the Nigerian Government. Normative and descriptive behavioral decision theories (Takemura, 2014) were briefly explained. The paper observed that Nigeria’s response to COVID-19 is very slow and the decision to relaxing the lockdown might have been influenced by asymmetric learning from the prior and current economic and social challenges faced by the country and might not be due to empirical evidence and actual medical standard’s needs.

      N. Wendri, W.G. Suharta

Abstract: In this study, the wet-mixing method was used for synthesis (Ba0.95Ca0.05)TiO3 ceramic material, with Gd variations of 0.05, 0.10, 0.15, 0.20, 0.25. The study’s goal is to develop a piezoelectric material that has a high crystalline concentration and density. As source materials, BaCO3, TiO2, CaCO3, and Gd2O3 compounds were used. By weighing the raw material and dissolving it, the synthesis process can be completed.

      Kitampui, Nkiti Jonathan., & Rev. Dr. Odhiambo, Elijah Onyango Standslause

Abstract: The Wildlife human conflicts, which is seen as a result of the problem of resource utilization in conservation areas has affected the economic development of the Maa community living around the wildlife inhabited areas. It’s on this basis that the study sought to investigate on forms of human-wildlife conflict that exists in Transmara West and their effects on economic development of the Maa community. The target population of the study comprised of 450 respondents which was stratified into; members of the Maa community, the wild life wardens, chiefs and sub chiefs and officials of Transmara West Sub County. Data was collected using questionnaires and interviewed guides.

      Rezky Darmawan Hatta, Kristo A. Nababan

Abstract: Corticosteroids are commonly used in the medical specialty of dermatology because of their anti-inflammatory and immunosuppressive effects. Skin hypersensitivity reactions have also been reported with systemically administered corticosteroids. Most of these skin reactions are widespread at presentation, including generalized dermatitis and urticarial reactions. We presented a case of a 25-year-old woman with shortness of breath accompanied by complaints of red bumps on the neck, trunk, back, stomach, hands and feet since 1 day ago. On examination of the dermatological status, it was found in the anterior thoracic region, posterior thoracic region, abdominal region, superior extremity region, and inferior extremity region.

      Dr W D K Wijesinghe, Dr Sathasivam Sridharan

Abstract: Introduction : In modern medicine, there’s an important recognition on patient safety culture and patient’s participation in treatment procedure. However, very little known about health care professionals’ attitude on patient participation in such patient safety related procedures and also hardly any research is done on our country up to now.

      Rubby Missilia Dwiaryanti, Dwi Dinariana, Fitri Suryani

Abstract: Designing and building in developed and developing countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and other neighboring countries apply the integrated method (Design and Build) as an alternative development method. In Indonesia, the integrated method (Design and Build) is mostly used for infrastructure construction work, but in recent years the integrated method (Design and Build) is also used in building construction works.

      Sharon Cherotich, Dr. Williter Rop, Dr. Alfred Bett

Abstract: The health sector in Kenya is one of the key segments that provide the most essential services to the public. Unmatched skills set to job requirement has been found to have a significant impact on performance of employees and the sector in general. Effectiveness of employee training and development programs such as job rotation can bridge the gap between job requirements and employees’ ability to perform. However, it is not yet clear to what extent job rotation techniques can influence employee performance. The study therefore sought to assess the relationship between job rotation and employee performance in Level Four Hospitals operating within the South-Rift Region in Kenya. It was anchored on human capital theory, knowledge-based theory of the firm and social learning theory. Correlational and survey research designs were employed with a target population of 663 medical personnel drawn from 13 Level Four Hospitals.

      Edwin Omol, Collins Ondiek

Abstract: Theories and models have been developed to explore the diffusion, adoption or acceptance and utilization of Technological Innovations. The literature traversed fortifies the successful utilization of technological innovations on a number of contexts which are identified in three broad zones as; technological, organizational and human context. It’s however disquieting that none of the theories and models traversed in the literature distinctively underpins these contexts conclusively. To appreciate the above contexts, this study settles on the underneath twin models and solitary framework as the combination is believed to exhaustively wrestle the phenomena.

      Temiloluwa Sokoya, Nwanne Onumah, Praise Ebimaye Tangbe, Border-ere Fiemotonghan

Abstract: Background: Dating violence is prevalent among high school teenagers in Mississippi and is currently a public health issue that needs intervention.

      Rajab Abdulsalam Alsagli, Khaled Jawan

Abstract: The industry thrived in the late 20th century as large accounting firms expanded their services beyond the traditional audit function to many forms of consulting. The scandals with Enron in 2001, however, had far-reaching consequences for the accounting industry. However, one of the paradoxes of the profession is that accounting scandals generate more work for accountants, and the demand for their services continued to grow during the early part of the 21st century. The accounting profession has importance and impact that cant be overlooked, so making the competent authorities keen on the importance of keeping up the International Accounting Standards, gives the good and effective basis on accounting and financial transactions. A commitment to these standards and in need to follow good accounting approach ensures success and continuity in light of significant economic challenges.

      Wycliffe Lamech Ogogo, Meshack Otunge Okong’o, Joseph Singori

Abstract: It is anticipated that communication between two or more computing devices (Inter-Device) would piece together an important part of any forthcoming wireless link by way of its assurances in providing extremely low latency on behalf of messaging amongst operators. Such innovative approach would possibly function in a spectrum that is either certified or prohibited. Inter Device linkage therefore emerges as a unique addition to the old-fashioned cell phone messaging architype, whose underlying merits are nonetheless, supplemented by many practical and commercial concerns that are essential to a prompt resolution, in advance of assimilating it into a cellular connection. The main aim of this paper is to ascertain some core features of inter device links together with its procedural set-ups, design, practical features and the extent of any other active study. Research papers, Journals, Internet Sites, and books were used to organise the subjects relevant content. The analysis conducted by this study indicates that momentary overview of (ID) communication has been offered above in relations to its functionalities, design and the key technical experiments to its execution.

      Yossi Andila, Reno Rudiman, Andriana Purnama

Abstract: Cancer is a disease that causes a lot of misery and death in humans. According to data from the WHO (World Health Organization) in 2015, there were 8.8 million deaths from cancer and colorectal cancer took third place with 774,000 deaths. One of the colorectal cancer preventions can be done through early detection in the population, especially in high-risk groups and in groups with non-specific symptoms.

      Ogadimma R.Iroka , Chiedozie P. Nwosu, Babatunde M. Idowu, Felix M. Nwankwo

Abstract: This paper examines the Goal 11 of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the city of Aba in Abia State, South East Nigeria – in terms of how the city has fared, the prospects as well as the challenges it faces in meeting up with this goal. Despite being one of the commercial nerve centres in Nigeria, the city has over the years, been characterised by poor urban development – as it has been existing spontaneously without proper urban management and planning. The paper adopted the new urban sociology perspective and globalization as theoretical frameworks and strongly recommends for strong political will – policy continuity and consistency on the part of the government, social mobilization of the people to change their poor urban development attitude, promotion and standardization of made in Aba products – to boost the local market within and beyond, among others.

      Kaunda Kenneth K. Odulwa, Dr. Peter Wafula, Dr. Charles Choti

Abstract: The Khayo is one of the seventeen subtribes of the luhya community. “Abaluyia” is the preferred name for the people once called “Bantu Kavirondo”. It is a subtribe of the Luhya people of Kenya who reside in Busia County. Little is known about socio-economic transformation of this subtribe. Most of the available literature does not give an account of the Khayo during the pre-colonial, colonial and post-colonial periods.

      Ogundipe S.A, Fasola I.O, Ajayi O.A.

Abstract: There is no doubt that the emergence of Cocid-19 has led to unprecedented level of fatalities and with catastrophic effects on human and economic entities on global scale. This invariably has shrunken the level of foreign direct investment into the Nigerian economy. Therefore, the study examined the effect of Covid-19 pandemic on FDI in the Nigerian economy using data of FDI flows into Nigeria from the third quarter of 2013 to the third quarter of 2020. The validated data used for the study was obtained from the Nigerian Bureau of Statistics (NBS). Findings from the trend analysis show that FDI flows into Nigeria have been on a decline over the years before the Covid-19 pandemic reared its ugly head in Q1 2020. In conclusion, the trend of FDI and Covid-19 has not really established a realistic pattern to determine the effect of Covid-19 on FDI in Nigeria. The study may induce more benefit if the analysis of the effect of Covid 19 could be linked to more constantly occurring microeconomic issues for extensive analysis of global pandemic.

      Tsegaye Birhanu

Abstract: Ethiopia is passing the horrendous time of ethnic war where millions are starving, and hundreds of thousands are either internally displaced or fled to the neighboring countries Putting Ethiopia on the edge of disintegration, the honeymoon of Abiy’s administration is over just 2 years after his ascendance to power. This article attempts to shed light on the contemporary humanitarian crisis in Ethiopia. It is based on data collected through interviews and literature reviews from April to July 2021. The rainy season is passing unnoticed in agrarian Ethiopian society where warmongering leaders massively mobilizing civilians to war fronts instead of farm fields. People are changing their plowshares into guns and receiving state-sponsored military training in most parts of the country. This manifestly shows the imminence of more war. In the name of unifying the country, the incumbent regime is in support of expansionist and assimilationist forces in the country. The reported atrocities, ethnic-based massacres, ethnic profiling and harassment, rape of girls and women and massive state-led humanitarian crisis amount to a war crime, making the Nobel prize-winning Prime Minster of Ethiopia a suspect of war crime swiftly in a span of two years. This short article briefly discusses this issue and elaborates what is happening in Ethiopia and how the country can get out of this conflict trap.

      Philip Samuel Kongoley – MIH

Abstract: This paper attempts to investigate the challenges in marketing a tourist destination, a case study of Sierra Leone. This paper offers a comprehensive understanding of the concept of tourist destination marketing and challenges. It is descriptive as it describes destination marketing concept and opinion of respondents on the challenges of marketing destination.200 respondents from the Ministry of Tourism and Cultural Affairs and National Tourist Board were selected using a simple random sampling technique. A structured questionnaire was administered among the respondents and only 200 was returned filled which form the bases for analysis. The collected data was analyzed by the used of Statistical Packages for the Social Sciences and Garrett ranking. It was found out that Sierra Leone cannot attract tourist due to inadequate fund for marketing plans as a major challenge. It is recommended that the government of Sierra Leone to ensure that adequate funding is provided for the marketing and promotion of the country if it to be a tourist destination.

      Philip Samuel Kongoley- MIH

Abstract: This attempts to examine the role of attributes in the promotion of a tourist destination, a case study of Sierra Leone. This paper concentrates on the subject of promotion of a tourist destination with a specific focus on the destination attributes. It is quantitative in design and seek to find out the relationship between attributes contributions to the promotion of a tourist destination. The targeted population for this study was 250 from major sectors within the tourism and hospitality industry. The sample of 200 was drawn by a simple random sampling method. A structured questionnaire was administered and only 200 was received filled and used for analysis.

      Khumukcham Anupama Devi, Athira B, Priyanka Elizabeth Thomas, Anjali Sancha , Nikita Kumari, Pallavi Jyoti, Pooja Karanwal,Pooja Kumari, Prachi Priya, Prachi Sah, Pratima Kumari, Preeti, Prerna, Princ

Abstract: The Research Project attempted to assess the stress level related to virtual teaching among Nursing faculties during Covid-19 Pandemic in selected Nursing Colleges of North-East India. The objectives of the study were to assess the stress level related to virtual teaching and to find the association between stress level and selected demographic variables. Qualitative approach and Non-Experimental Descriptive Survey Research Design were used. Nursing Colleges of North-East India was taken as target population from which 56 samples were collected. Data was collected by sending online questionnaire (MCQs) through email. Data Analysis was done by using descriptive and inferential statistics. Results showed that 14.3% Nursing Faculties suffered from low stress, 80.4% suffered from moderate stress and 5.4% suffered from high stress i.e., most of the Nursing faculties suffered moderate stress and it also revealed that there was no association between stress and the selected socio- demographic variables i.e., age, marital status, qualification, total year of employment, salary per month, how long they are using virtual teaching, previous experiences in virtual teaching and duration of classes taken in a week.

      Benjamin Kibara Wathituni, Dr. Caleb Odhiambo Onjure, Dr. Godfrey Mwamba

Abstract: Organizations worldwide have to position themselves strategically to face the dynamic, ambiguous, complex, uncertain, volatile, and unpredictable environment. Effective and efficient leadership is considered as a requirement to ensure motivation, efficient communication, and a favorable work environment cannot be over-emphasized. As an example of a dynamic organization, churches focuses on leadership development aspects as essential strategy to realizing their God-given mission.

      Rama Fauziah, Iphan F. Radam

Abstract: Residentials in Banjarmasin are dominated by middle-class families and are an area inhabited by residents with many activities, causing the emergence of trip production. The purpose of this study is to obtain the minimum sample size of the trip production model with the overall data using the multiple linear regression analysis methods.

      George D.A, Okolie K.C, Ezeokoli F.O and Okongwu M.I.

Abstract: The study assessed the influence of leadership and management practice on the performance of project stakeholders in south-south geopolitical zone of Nigeria. To achieve this, the study established and ranked the influence of leadership and management practice on the performance of project stakeholders in the study area. The study adopted the triangulation method otherwise or mixed method approach for the methodology.

      Johnson.Atwiine, Gershom. Atukunda and Justus. Asasira

Abstract: The purpose of this paper is to study the relationship between rewards, and performance of Health Centre IV workers in greater Mbarara District. The constructs of rewards include; salary, performance bonus, recognition and promotion. This study used cross-sectional, explanatory and correlational approaches. Health center IV workers data were collected by means of a questionnaire survey from a sample of 200 health workers from 11 health centres from greater Mbarara district. Structural equation modelling was used to test the hypotheses.

      Ahmadu Kiltho, Jidda Bashir and A. M. Brono

Abstract: We introduce the double sequence space p_q^2=P(l_q^2 ) as the domain of four dimensional Pascal matrix P in the space l_q^2 , for 1≤q<∞. Furthermore, we show that p_q^2 is a BK-space, Banach space, establish its Schauder basis, topological properties, isomorphism and some inclusions.

      Ravikiran Naalla, Rajan Arora, Kripa Shanker Mishra, Ajay Kumar Dewan, Mudit Agarwal, Saket Srivastava, Aditya Narayan Choudhary

Abstract: Background: Reconstruction of complex three-dimensional defects following composite mandibular resections is a challenge. Dual skin paddle fibula flap, double free flap, chimeric scapula flap, iliac flaps have been described for reconstruction of these defects. The combination of supramalleolar flap along with fibula flap in a chimeric fashion was less explored and its feasibility to use when harvested from an ipsilateral leg was never studied. We aimed to assess this feasibility.

      Rajan Sagar Chaudhary, Tej Pratap Dubey and Rajendra Regmi

Abstract: To evaluate the level of resistance of five wheat varieties: Achyut, N.L.971, Bijaya, N.L.297 and Gautam against Sitophilus oryzae (L.), research was carried out at the Entomology laboratory of Nepal Polytechnic Institute, Purbanchal University during June 2017 to October 2017. Completely Randomized Design (CRD) was used with four replications under a temperature of 30±5°C and relative humidity of 80±5 %.

      Abera Ayalew, Gojjam Adem

Abstract: This study investigates the effect of TQM and its dimension towards organizational performance in Bahir Dar Textile Share Company. The sample size of this study was 308 employees from 1385 total target population of Bahir Dar Textile Share Company. The researcher applied the explanatory research design and employed a quantitative data analysis method. The samples were selected randomly from the population after creating strata. Hence, stratified random sampling technique was employed. In this study, primary sources of data were used.

      Luthfiah Usman, Achmar Mallawa, Mardiana Ethrawaty Fachry

Abstract: One form of local wisdom in the management of natural resources in coastal and marine areas that is still running today in Alor Regency is Mulung in the customary area of the Baranusa Kingdom, West Pantar District, which had been lost for decades. Mulung is a local wisdom of the Baranusa community in the form of a system of regulating the use of marine resources on a regular basis with the aim of maintaining the sustainability and sustainability of marine resources within a certain period of time agreed by the Customary Council and the King. The research has been carried out from January to March 2021. The aim is to analyze the strategy to maintain the existence of Hading-Hoba Mulung in Alor Regency. The research method is a qualitative descriptive survey and SWOT analysis. The results showed. Strategies to maintain the Hading-Hoba Mulung regulations in Alor Regency include: (1) Strengthening the Hading-Hoba Mulung customary institutions, (2) Development of fishing technology, (3) Development of fishery support facilities (TPI, Ice Factory) and access to marketing, ( 4) Community empowerment through socialization/extension on fisheries related to customary and government regulations, (5) Strengthening supervision activities by traditional institutions and the government in the Mulung area.

      Oswell Binha

Abstract: Although Zimbabwe mining sector ministry is optimistic of attaining a 12 billion mining economy by 2023, diversity and inclusion continue to hinder the set target. Factors causing lack of diversity and inclusion in the mining industry include but are not limited to negative perceptions and attitudes about women potential in mining, lack of women role models to look up to, lack of mining equipment and facilities designed specifically for women, financial and workplace pressures, bureaucracy in acquiring mining claims and limited access to credit for boosting or starting mining ventures. However, while acknowledging Zimbabwe population demographics, much still needs to be done for Zimbabwe to promote full inclusion and diversity in Zimbabwe mining value chain. Zimbabwe population demographics account for over half the population being women.

      Ahmed Abdualah Aburas, Abdussalam Alhadi Addeeb

Abstract: The idea of this paper is to link artificial neural networks (ANN) and image filters to restore corrupted images. The ANN predicts the density of the noise in the input image. Then, the appropriate variables for filter (window) determines the ratio of the expected density of the noise.

      Akintonde J.O., Akinola J.O., Akintaro O.S., Oladipo S.O., Oladosu I.O. and Ogunwale A.B.

Abstract: The relevance of ICT to agricultural production cannot be over emphasized. Its application has leads to drastic increase in the level of food production among crop farmers as a result of their constant exposure to extension training on improved production technologies through the extension agents via different ICTs. This study therefore evaluated the influence of socio-economic factors on utilization of selected ICTs for extension training among extension agents of Southwestern States, Nigeria. Those factors influencing ICTs utilization were identified. Multistage sampling technique was employed to select Two-hundred and Eighty-seven EAs for the study. Data was collected with structured questionnaire and was analyzed with both descriptive and inferential statistical tools.

      Pranali Kajale

Abstract: In the present work, the effect of orientation on tensile and flexural properties of symmetric angle-ply laminate is studied. Five types of carbon fiber and E-glass fiber hybrid laminates are considered viz. [0/±15]2s, [0/±30]2s, [0/±45]2s, [0/±60]2s, [0/±75]2s with constant overall fiber volume fraction and stacking sequence of all the composites.

      Dr. Stuti Sonthalia

Abstract: Health insurance is a growing segment in India. The Indian health system is one of the largest in the world, with the number of people it concerns: nearly 1.3 billion potential beneficiaries. Hence, health insurance is a rapidly emerging social security instrument that works on the basic principle of pooling of risks of unexpected costs of persons falling ill and needing hospitalization by charging premium from a wider population base of the same community. This study reports the awareness and utilization of health insurance by the urban people in Kolkata, India.

      Prianto Budi Saptono, Cyntia Ayudia, Muhammad Akbar Aditama

Abstract: This study aims to analyze policy issues regarding general provisions and tax procedures based on the tax omnibus law idea. In 2020, Law No. 28 of 2007 concerning General Tax Provisions and Procedures as ceremonial law has undergone substantial and fundamental amendments. The amendments are in Law No. 11 of 2020 concerning Job Creation. This research is a descriptive qualitative study using data techniques such as documentation and literature studies. The study concluded that the omnibus laws purpose was to encourage voluntary taxpayer compliance and increase legal certainty.

      Justina Kathambi and Professor Hellen Mberia

Abstract: This study sought to determine the influence of community radio stations messages and promotion of family planning methods in Kibra constituency, Nairobi county, Kenya. The study identified the community radio stations message components aired in form of discussions, campaign and debates and their promotion of family planning methods. Among the three message components, debates emerged as an underutilized component when compared to discussions and campaigns. The study found out that there is a substantial evidence that the in effectiveness and ineffectiveness of family planning methods use and utilization of available free governmental services was hampered by messages aired in radios.

      Dedy Isnanto, Dr. Teguh Setiawan

Abstract: Twitter social media is heavily colored by various wild post that are not clear and contain hate speech. During this Covid-19 pandemic, many of President Jokowi’s government policies have drawn contra. The freedom to make uplouds is used by Twitter netizens to criticize the government. The problem is that many people uploud criticism with hate speech. This paper aims to describe the language contained in uplouds that contain hate speech, then slow what uplouds include hate speech and what kind of uplouds have a criminal impact.

      Indah Sari, Prof. Dr. Zamzani

Abstract: This study aims to describe sybercrime cases that have the potential to become criminal acts on social media that are closely related to the ITE Law. The aim is to find out what actions have the potential to violate the ITe Law carried out on social media which are included in cybercrime behavior. In addition, the author examines the effectiveness of this law in resolving criminal cases that occur on the internet, which is so complex and has various modes.

      UDOH, Francis Sylvanus, BUKOYE, Josiah Ayoola, YAHAYA, Kabiru Maigari

Abstract: Business management has traditionally been concerned with value of the organization, valuing processes and the performance of the organization. Hence, relational capital emerges as a result of well-thought actions. It depends on strategic decisions and organized actions. Creation and development of relational capital is considerably brought down to creation of conditions, which would enable to initiate, shape, develop and maintain relationships between members of a given organization, and between the organization and subjects from its surrounding. The study examines the effect of Relational Capital (RC) on the performance of SMEs in North central Nigeria. Despite the fact that the significance of RC is always expanding, numerous SMEs confront issues with its administration, for the most part because of estimation challenges on external and internal relation capital.

      Dr. Israel Chijiuka Oparaji, Dr. Anthony Chudi Ugwude, Gladys Chime, and Agogbua Victor Ugochukwu

Abstract: In this study, the researcher investigated teachers’ recruitment as determinant of the academic achievement of students in public secondary schools in Imo state. The descriptive survey research design was adopted for the study. Two research questions and two hypotheses guided the study. The population of the study consisted of 360 principals of public secondary schools in the study area. The sample size comprised the 360 principals that make up the population of the study because of the size of the population. A 10-item questionnaire titled, “Teachers’ Recruitment as Determinant of the Academic Performance of Students’ in Public Secondary Schools in Imo State Questionnaire (TRDAPSPSSIMQ)” was used to collect data from respondents.

      Esther Ifeanyichukwu Oladejo, Raphael Oshiobugie Sado, Judith Chika Uche

Abstract: The Aviation industry is a very critical sector of any developing economy. It’s important role in the movement of people, goods and services can never be over-emphasized. It provides a leveling ground for both local and international relationships. Like the health-care sector, it is a sector where sophisticated facilities and equipment are in use. This calls for expertise and professionalism on the part of the facilities manager. It is a sector where mistakes and negligence can never be accepted because lives are involved. The researchers evaluated the inherent challenges of facilities management in the Aviation sector of the Nigerian economy. The study findings include among others, poor safety and security, managerial bureaucratic bottle-necks, poor quality of staff and outdated equipment. The study findings present feasible recommendations based on the study findings. These include bench-marking, continuous professional development/training programmes, accurate inventory keeping and evaluations, provision of adequate incentives and awards, and continuous monitoring and checks and balances.

      Ba Le Huy, Hoan Nguyen Xuan, Nam Thai Van, Hiep Dang Tan, Thanh Le Minh

Abstract: Through series of experiments with 4 iterations, with statistical processing of reliability, we see: Toxicity in the environment in acid sulfate soil has very large and complex, this variation depends: 1-To dry out, the amount of toxins increases, which can cause rice death. To submerge the amount of toxins clearly decreased. The role is to flood rather than liming without washing alum. 2- Acid water with pH = 3.8 (A13 + <480ppm) can be used to irrigate rice. If it is contaminated with acid water with pH <2.9, the soil will become acidification after 5-6 days.

      S. C. Ortutu and M. O. Aremu

Abstract: Crude peroxidase (POD) was extracted from unripe (UR), about to ripe (AR) and ripe (RP) mango (Mangifera indica) fruit pulp using a spectrophotometer and pyrogallol as the substrate. Peroxidase activity, the effect of pH and temperature on peroxidase activity and the kinetics of the fruit pulps were studied. The result showed that peroxidase activity was present in all the mango samples investigated. Peroxidase activity increased as the fruit pulp ripened and was highest in the ripe (RP) sample. Peroxidase enzyme exhibited maximum activity at pH 5.5, 6.0 and 6.5 for UR, AR and RP samples respectively.

      Akintonde, J.O.; Akintaro, O.S, Oladipo, S.O.; Rahman, S.B.; Akintaro, O.S; and Oladosu, I.O. and Ogunwale, A.B.

Abstract: Effective communication implies that learning has taken place, and this may be determined by the communication skills of the teachers. The role of communication skills of trainer cannot be overemphasized in the provision of training for effective learning. This study therefore determined the perceived effects of village extension agents’ communication skills in training farmers on extension recommendations in Surulere Local Government Area of Oyo State, Nigeria, Specifically, the study described the socio-economic characteristics of farmers; identified the communication channels used by extension for extension training and determined the farmers’ perception towards the effects of village extension agents’ communication skills.

      Brian Ssemugenze, Joseph Esimu, Janet Nagasha, Clet Wandui Masiga

Abstract: Silkworm is an important primary productive insect species reared and exploited globally to boost the sericulture industry. Sericulture industry has uplifted the social and economic livelihoods of people across the world by boosting textile industry which is key in plummeting unemployment in developing countries. Livelihood and social improvement achieved through employment opportunities, income generation, economic development, ecological and environmental values, agriculture integration and environment protection. Sericulture directly employs people in mulberry production, leaf and root harvesting, egg production, silk worm rearing, post cocoon handling technologies such as cocoon harvesting and drying, silk reeling, winding, doubling, twisting, warping, weaving, printing and designing, finishing and silk waste processing but also indirectly as traders of silk products, construction of grainage, rearing, ware and post cocoon handling houses, mechanics/operators of silk processing machinery, marketeers of the final products. Sericulture requires minimum investment, simple technology, short gestation period, increased employment opportunities with a high remunerative return fitting the agrarian economy.


Abstract: In the 21st century, health issues are considered among significant social challenges around the world. Non-Governmental Organisations in Nyeri County, Kenya, and globally such as the Center for Health Solutions, among other stakeholders, have established a couple of health projects focused on addressing health-related issues. Nevertheless, regardless of these efforts, the general picture of health project performance in Nyeri County has remained inadequate as well as health issues have continued to persist. Yet, insufficient studies have been conducted concerning this phenomenon. Information regarding health project performance is scarce, and efforts to compare the data are limited. To improve the performance of health projects, which will reduce rising health issues, the use of monitoring and evaluation practices is inevitable.

      H.M Dewruwani Nimthara, T.S.K.B.Kelegama, S.V.S Gunasekara

Abstract: People who are completely blind or have limited vision typically struggle to navigate unfamiliar situations by themselves. It might be tough to travel or even stroll through a busy street. As a result, many persons with impaired vision seek the help of a sighted friend or relative. It is also harder for them to maintain track of their daily routines, and the typical blind walking stick has its own set of problems and restrictions.

      Shobha Laxmi Bajracharya

Abstract: Introduction: Psychotic illness constitutes the highest burden of disease in the world with relapse being one of the most pertinent barriers to recovery and rehabilitation. Relapse leads disability among the psychotic patients; thus, it is an issue of global concern. This study aimed to analyse the factors associated with relapse in patients with psychosis.

      Okari, Yussuf Motari, Dr. Tom Mboya

Abstract: This research investigated the effect of servicescapes on generational satisfaction outcomes among five-star hotels in Kenya. The study focused its attention on 23 five-star hotels where a sample of 289 delegates were identified for the study. Responses of Generation Y, X, baby boomers and the silent generations were taken into account. Three attributes associated with servicescapes including ambiance, layout and artefacts were considered. Primary data was collected by means of a structured questionnaire. Statistical Analysis of the research data used simple linear regression analysis with the significance in accordance with the output of SPSS 25.0.

      E.N.Aneke, I.I. Eneh, J.C.Iyidobi

Abstract: This research is targeted at mitigating voltage collapse in the Nigeria 330KV 44-bus Network during contingency of three phase fault using artificial neural network (ANN) controlled Static Synchronous Compensator (STATCOM). Power system disturbances caused by faults, loss of generation, etc. lead to various forms of voltage instabilities. The effect of voltage instabilities in our Power system networks can be disastrous.

      Zaid I, Muhammad A. H, Abubakar T. U, Shehu S, Bello U, Abdullahi A. W.

Abstract: In this paper, we considered the RSA prime power moduli N=p^r q for r≥2 with the key equation ed-kφ(N)=1. We presented a new attack which is an extension of Wiener’s attack where we used 〖 p〗^r+p^(r-1) q-p^(r-1)=(2^(r/(r+1))+2^(-1/(r+1)) ) N^(r/(r+1))-2^((r-1)/(r+1)) N^((r-1)/(r+1) ) and obtained d

      Steffi Ong Wei Mei, Yim Jing Yee

Abstract: This research aims to identify factors that attract consumers to visit Community Pharmacies in Malaysia. Good customer service, engagement and professionalism provided by staff, sales promotion, environment, and convenience of the pharmacy are the factors to attract and retain more customers. Alpro Pharmacy is selected for this research study due to its fast expansion of business/outlets.

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