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      RizkianMagistasari, Muhammad Syamsun, Abdul KoharIrwanto

Abstract: This study aimed to find empirical evidence about the effect of risk on stock return in cement industry which listed in Indonesia Stock Exchange. In this study risk was divided into two categories, systemic risk and unsystemic risk. Samples used in this study are public firms in cement subsector listed in Indonesia Stock Exchange during 2011-2016, which selected by purposive sampling. The model was evaluated by Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) and linearregression. The result of this study from both analysis has shown that systemic risk has significant effect on stock return. On the other side, unsystemic risk didn’t have significant effect on stock return. This was because the unsystemic risk can be diversified, neither did systemic risk.

      EkaAfdiSeptiyono, MohammadAmin, LailyHidayati

Abstract: Tuberculosis clients are experiencing various problems in terms of adaptation models such as physical problems, psychological problems, social problems and problems of dependence.This study is a correlational study. The method used is a cross-sectional. Respondents in this study were taken was 83 clients at the Lung Hospital in Jember. This research measurement is using a questionnaire. This study uses path analysis technique. Analysis of the data on the effect of the stimulus to coping witht-statistic = 2.370. Analysis the effect of the stimulus to adaptation with t-statistic = 2.115. Analysis the effect of the coping mechanisms to adaptation with t-statistic = 2.348. Stimulus contributes significantly to the coping mechanisms, stimulus significantly contributes to the adaptation, and coping mechanisms significantly contribute to the adaptation of Tuberculosis clients during treatment at the Lung Hospital in Jember.Education and socialization about tuberculosis and peer group of tuberculosis clients in community are significantly needed to increased tuberculosis client adaptation. Suggestions for further research, collecting data by using prospective observation is better than retrospective observation.

      Shafaq Javed

Abstract: In the last few decades the rapid technological change has been observed in the banking industry of both developing and developed countries. The utilization of internet banking increased the level of competition in banking sector. The objective of the study is to determine the factors that impact on the attitude of customers towards the usage of mobile banking.The study collected the data by 150 respondents of five selected banks. The study used perceived usefulness and risk as independent variables and attitude of customers as the dependent variable.Findings of the study revealed that both perceived usefulness and risk are significantly contributed in shaping the behavior of customers towards the usage of mobile banking in Pakistan.The study concluded that the management of the banks should mitigate the fraud issues by providing more privacy and security to their customers.

      Lamek Onyango, Dr. AmoloAsito

Abstract: Endemic Burkitt's lymphoma is the most common childhood cancer in equatorial Africa, where it is about ten times more common than in Europe. It also is the most prevalent pediatric malignancy among children in Western Kenya. Although it is highly responsive to chemotherapy, the number of its mortality cases associated with it is still high and the underlying reasons for this high mortality rates is still unknown.

      Berhanu Tesema Guta

Abstract: The purpose of this study was to compare the significant difference of physical fitness components between physical education and non- physical education department male students in Nekemte College of teacher education. Amongst the total 42 participants of the study, 21 of physical education department students were selected using comprehensive sampling techniques whereas, the rest of 21 students were randomly selected form non-physical education department students in performing five components of physical finesses at age ranging from 20 to23 years.

      Nita Arisanti Yulanda, Muhammad Amin, Makhfudli

Abstract: Self care management is an aid to control and reduce most of the symptoms and complications of respiratory damage and teach COPD patient to achieve an ability of daily activities. The purpose of this study is to analyze the influence of self-efficacy supportive educative models on self-care independence.

      Ato.Daniel Mehari, Dr. Shaik Abdul Majeeb Pasha

Abstract: This study aimed to“assesstax payers’ attitude on factors that affect voluntary complianceof category ‘C’ taxpayers’ in Arba Minch City, SNNPR, Ethiopia. The factors like equity and fairness of the tax system, level of awareness of taxpayers, effectiveness and efficiency of tax authority, socio-cultural factors and political factors. To achieve this objective of the study primary source of data was employed via self-administered questionnaires which include both open and close ended questions from the sampled category ‘C’ tax payers.The study found lack of awareness as major and leading reason for non-existence of voluntary compliance among category ‘C’ tax payers. Further,efficiency and effectiveness of the authority in improving the tax assessment and collection procedures, creating awareness, enforcing the tax law positively affect voluntary tax compliance of tax payers. Socio-cultural factors also affect attitude of taxpayers towards taxation positively as well as negatively. However, political related factors were found insignificant in this survey.

      Fidaa O D Safi

Abstract: The marketplace is highly competitive and dynamic in nature. The customers are more intelligent, and have an access to different channels and choices to get their benefits. Therefore, companies are in serious need to differentiate their brands as they resist for permanent business.Unfortunately, one of the problems that consumers are exposed to when purchasing goods is to choose the product of one brand name among various brand names. Customers select the products according to their experience and knowledge of different brand names which especially applies to telecom sector. Customer loyalty is one of the effective factors to maintain and strengthen the relationship between customers and brand. In this era, where intensityof rivalry, customers are the center of organizations' cognizance, their loyalty reduce marketing costs, attract new customers, and gain a competitive advantage over organizations.

      Rani S. Dharan, Dr. Sherly Williams .E

Abstract: Pallathuruthy is a meeting point between Pamba River and Vembanad Lake of Kerala, South India. So it is an estuarine habitat. The present study analyses the seasonal variation in fish faunal diversity and its relation with existing water quality parameters through cluster analysis. The study showed that there was significant variation in diversity and fish catch strength between three seasons like pre monsoon, monsoon and post monsoon. High species diversity was observed during monsoon season, while good catch strength was obtained during post monsoon. Results of water quality analysis have showed that TDS, Copper, chromium, cadmium and lead content in water were beyond the limit set by IS (2012). Also regarding the sediment quality the cadmium content was above the threshold effect level prescribed by Canadian Sediment Quality Guidelines for the Protection of Aquatic Life (2001). So, urgent measures were inevitable to sustain the existing fish wealth of this estuarine area.

      Syed Anayet Karim, Mamun-or-Rashid and SM Osman Gani

Abstract: Two German Mathematician H.A.Schwarz (1843-1921) and E.B.Christoffel (1829-1900) established Schwarz-Christoffel transformation independently. The Schwarz-Christoffel transformation referred by many researchers due to have a vast applications in solving 2nd order partial differential equations like as Laplace’s and Poisson’s equations[3,4] and to study the different phenomena’s of fluid flow. In this paper we would like to show the applications of Schwarz-Christoffel transformation directly to the solutions of problems in fluid flow and electrostatic potential theory.

      ThanapanangRachokarn andNuanpan Lawson

Abstract: This paper proposes a class of exponential type estimator to estimate the population mean in the presence of non-response adapting the estimators suggested by Singh et.al [1], Kumar and Bhougal [2], and Rachokarn and Lawson [3]. The general expressions for bias and MSE of the proposed class of estimator have been obtained. In addition, theoretical and numerical studies were used in order to access the performance of proposed class of estimator. The results of this study showed that the proposed class of estimator is always efficient under the percent relative efficiencies (PREs) criterion as compared to other relevant estimators.

      Lamessa Abebe, Gebeyehu Dirbeba

Abstract: This research investigated students’ transfer of learning from calculus courses knowledge to an introductory physics course. In this study we used interviews and questionnaires methods to assess the extent to which students transfer their calculus knowledge when solving problems in a physics course. Difficulty problems present interviewees with an intermediate step in the form of a mathematical integration and ask students to come up with a physical scenario relevant to the integral provided. Results indicate that students often had difficulty taking apart the given problem and they needed prompting to connect the calculus knowledge with the physics problem. We also observe the result from pre-test to interviews of the students’ background and knowledge of calculus, which is very poor. Generally, from all tests, quiz and final exam of students result almost 45% of them transfer calculus knowledge to introductory physics courses whereas 55% of them are still with confusion of identifying the derivatives and integrands. This is proven by questioning their calculus instructors and introductory physics instructors. Both department instructors are satisfied very deeply 28.6% to students calculus background, 42.9% medium,14.3% deep and shallow satisfaction calculus respectively.

      Paikhomba Loktongbam, Romesh Laishram

Abstract: An implantable patch antenna is designed to work in ISM band (2.4-2.5 GHz) for biomedical applications. The effect of human body on the different performance parameters of antenna is studied. To examine the effect of human body on antenna output characteristics, the patch antenna is tested by implanting in three layered body phantoms consisting of skin, fat and muscle and their performance is analysed by using different substrates for the same phantoms.

      Asma Akter, Md.Ashadujjaman

Abstract: At this present time, there is a great opportunity to take higher level of education in private sector universities in Bangladesh. At present, there are 38 public and 85 private universities are functioning their academic activities in Bangladesh. Private sector university has offered both bachelors and masters level programs in the fields of business, arts, social sciences and science and engineering in that order. Now a day's, around 4,63,767 both home and international students are getting the education from private universities in different programs but a huge number of students did not attend in the class regularly. In spite of class irregularities they are getting the chance to take part in final examinations.

      Fazluz Zaman

Abstract: Professional development (PD) is a tool used to learn new skills or update existing ones and help professionals to achieve their career goals. Unfortunately,some people consider PD to be worthlessbecause it may notalways align with career goals. PD is never a substitute for mainstream tertiary studies and it is not a magic solution to all career aspirations. This is why it is important to make educated decisions about what PD to undertake and to be informed about the value that PD may or may not add. We must always consider the learning outcome of any chosen PD and balance this against our professional goals, budget and/or overall compliance requirements of the industry that we are working in.

      N.Mallika Mahesh, Anu Sharma

Abstract: Soil pollution is an important environmental problemassoil is the major sink for a variety of toxicants being released into the environment.Heavy metals released into the environment tend to persistfor a long time, as they do not undergo microbial or chemical degradation.They accumulate throughout the food chain, thus posing a serious threat to the environment, animals and humans.Thus, heavy metal resistance is a general demand of every living cell.

      Shimaa M. Hwaider

Abstract: The listening skill seems to be the most difficult among all language skills. This difficulty stems from linguistic and non-linguistic problems i.e. difficulties that accompany the process of teaching and learning listening. This paper aims to investigate the most problematic areas in teaching the listening skill. Two data collection procedures were employed to collect the data for this study; a classroom observation, and a questionnaire for teachers. Fifty teachers of English language responded to the questionnaire and 11 secondary schools in five districts of Aden Governorate were observed for the purpose of collecting data on the teaching of the listening skill. The data were analysed quantitatively and qualitatively.

      Kio-Lawson,Datonjo, Dekor, J.B., Tobi Stanisslous,D., KpunpamoOwanate,B

Abstract: A clinical study of the challenges confronting Rivers State, an oil producing state south of the deltaic region of Nigeria was carried out by this paper. These challenges were looked at from two perspectives; a state that has only succeeded in developing one city, the state capital after over 40years of existence and secondly, the implication for that city, Port Harcourt in a state characterized by mass of underdeveloped rural communities. This work is a product of months of intensive field work. Both primary and secondary information contributed greatly to give us a true picture of “the way things are” in our study area. From this picture we were able to draw a conclusion that there exist socio-economic and environmental ‘crises’ in the city of Port Harcourt. This paper was also able to prove that the failure of successive governments in the state to pursue their visions of developing secondary cities was responsible for such ‘crises’. The paper at the end has been able to provide answer to the question of ‘what is to be done’ in the face of the existing ‘crises’.

      Lemma Gulilat and Endalew Walelign

Abstract: The study was conducted for Nine Fogera cows with average age, parity, initial body weight and stage of lactation was 9.3 year, 4.4, 262.7kg and 53.1 days, respectively used for the feeding trial were randomly assigned to three treatments. The treatments were 67% wheat bran and 33% NSC from 2kg concentrate + untreated rice straw (T1), 67% wheat bran and 33% NSC from 2kg concentrate +urea treated rice straw (T2) and 67% wheat bran and 33% NSC from 2kg concentrate + rice straw treated by effective micro-organism (T3). Animals were blocked based on their initial body weight in randomized complete block design. Feeding of Fogera cows with EMO treated rice straw resulted in significantly (p<0.05) higher daily dry matter intake (8.52 kg/cow, higher daily weight gain (27.7 g/day), higher daily milk yield (2.82l/day) and highest net income and marginal return rate (MRR) (82.6 and 194%, respectively) when compared with those cows fed on untreated rice straw. Hence, according to the results of this study feeding of lactating Fogera cows with EMO treated rice straw is efficient for both biologically and economically compared to urea treated rice straw.

      Ammara khan, Aisha Choudhary

Abstract: Cohesion as an important linguistic feature has provoked many researchers’ interest. To explore the uniformity and regularity in conjunction devices, this study is designed. Based on cohesion theory proposed by Halliday and Hassan (1976), the study is aimed to analyze the occurences and frequencies of conjunction devices in the three most famous novels of Pakistani writer MohsinHamid . For this purpose a parallel corpus consisting of three books of Mohsin Hamid was established. The results exposed that all of three books share more similarities in the usage of these devices of conjunctions. It also shows that additive conjunction “and” is vigorously utilized in all of three books. The bulk of conjunction devices are used for clarity and logicality. The study not only concentrates on the occurrence of conjunction devices but also focuses on the use and importance of conjunction devices for comprehensive writings moreover clarify how conjunctions link the components in a unified, actual and compound writing.

      Trishala Zende, D.K. Shinde

Abstract: The project is considered successful if it is done within estimated cost and time but delay and cost overruns are commonly observed in ant construction projects thus the underground natural gas supplying projects are not an exception.


Abstract: Children are supposed to grow in a family setting where both mother and father take their respective roles in the upbringing of the child. In recent years there has been a sudden rise in the phenomenon of single parent families. Single parent families face challenges in properly raising their children. This research sought to find out the challenges encountered by single parents in the learning the learning and development of their infant children. The research employed mixed methodologies. It used questionnaires, observation checklist and document analysis as research instruments. The sample of research participants consisted of 30 school teachers, 18 school heads and 20 parents and 20 children in grade 1 and 2. The data is presented in the form of tables and excerpts. The study found out that single parents faced challenges in paying fees for their children, supplying their children with adequate stationery, monitoring the school attendance of their children and providing their children with emotional support. The exercise books of the children were in a bad state. The academic performance of the children was poor. The single parents faced challenges in supervising their children’s home assignments and their behaviour. The study recommends that the schools organise support groups for single parents so that they share information on how to improve their situation. The study also recommends that the government legislation and policies should assist low income single parents in their parenting problems. There is need for schools to set up guidance and counselling programmes to assist children from single parents and their children so that they are able to cope with challenges they face and are able to compete with children from intact families.

      Mugove Kudenga

Abstract: This is part of a broad study that sought to find out views of parents in Zimbabwe on the use of corporal punishment in schools. This paper looks at perceptions of parents on the policy that bars the use of corporal punishment in schools. The study used case study as a research design. The study used interview schedules and questionnaires in the collection of data. The research participants consisted of two hundred and fifty parents who were randomly selected when they were attending consultation at selected schools in Goromonzi district.

      Mamadou Bhoye Barry, Salwa Hayikader, Yamam Al Ghourani

Abstract: This project is made as a platform that gives the students and staff the opportunity to start their businesses and make their ideas real. This project will give an opportunity for student and staff to be recognized by donors from industries, government and public.

      Rehab Lafta Mohammed, Dr. Kafi Mohammed Nasir

Abstract: Objective: this study aimed to complications of pregnancy among teenage pregnancies at Al-Najaf city. Find out the relationship between Sociodemographic data and complications of pregnancy.

      Nur Kusuma Dewi, Rosi Prabowo

Abstract: Heavy metal contamination in water is very dangerous because of its toxicity. Exposure of heavy metal can accumulate in the body tissues of living things lived there. Cadmium (Cd), Lead (Pb) and Mercury (Hg) are heavy metals which highly toxic compared to other heavy metals. Carcinogenic properties of these metals potentially cause cancer in various organs. Kaligarang river is one of the rivers in Semarang which include to the target of Program Kali Bersih (Clean River Program). Its flow is met with the flow of Kreo river which is contamined by heavy metals.

      Sagar Tirkhunde, Pratik Bhavsar, Satish Jadhav, Kailash Nath, Dr kailash Shaw

Abstract: The road detection technique and navigation of vehicle is challenging in different road scenarios in the real urban environment, particularly only when perceptions sensors and lasers were used without position information. Several methods have been used to derive this concept in real time application where illumination of light is invariant. These methods present a novel real-time optimal drivable region and this methods are robust to shadows and lighting variations. Their system uses a multisensory scheme to cover the most drivable area in front of the vehicle. A colour based tracking system is used to get the optimal region on an unmarked road. This methods hold true in different environments and weather conditions. Using a stereophonic vision system of 3D parameters they propose a fast road detections from colour images. It is simple and can be applied on real time scenario. They propose system successfully which handles both structured and unstructured roads. They get better understanding of this concept to produce a result of better understanding following numeroustests.

      Firdous Hameed Parey

Abstract: The study of Kashmiri Language and its culture has remained the topic of research and interest for a very long time. It has been extensively studied by the foreign writers, authors, scholars, and has equally remained an interest of national and local intelligentsia. Although a lot of research has been carried out on different aspects of Kashmiri culture, from linguistic points of view but how to save this language, has been neglected so far. It was in this back drop, that the idea to carry out the present study was conceived. The objective of the present study is to analyze the impact of other languages like Sanskrit, Persian, Urdu and English on Kashmiri language. An attempt is made to throw light on different dimensions of cultural lexicon of Kashmiri Language and study the changes which it has undergone in the past. These influences came through the contact and borrowing. This paper also highlights the role of media, both electronic and print media in saving this native language. In this study some constructive remedial measures are provided to save Kashmiri language.

      Pooja V N, Pooja P H, Savitri G C, Megha M S, Prof.Nirosha H

Abstract: From olden days we are using non renewable sources of energy in excess amount for our needs. As minerals like coal etc are exhausting, we have to depend on the renewable sources of energy like solar, wind, etc. Agricultural sector is backbone of Indian economy as population increases demand of water and food also increases. For smaller applications it is better to use renewable energy. Hence forth solar energy is choosed in order to develop agricultural system. It has been found that PV system is the best solution for remote agricultural system and for needs such as water pumping for crops. It presents the details of a solar-powered automated irrigation system that dispenses the exact amount of water required depending on the soil moisture, hence minimizing the waste of water. A network of sensor nodes is used to collect the humidity and temperature of the soil which is transmitted to a remote station.

      Rajani M, Deepa K, Shweta S, Shruti B, Nirosha H

Abstract: Many a times the warning sign on the road sides becomes difficult to watch for the drivers and the driver may sometimes miss the warning notes. These warning notes may be speed breakers ahead or narrow bridges or even accident zones etc. This becomes tedious during rainy seasons and at nights. Sometimes the boards may be so dirty and the driver may not read anything and even if he tries to read it with a wide eye there is a chance for the drive to lose concentration on the road.

      Vijay Victor, Meenu Bhaskar

Abstract: This article is an attempt to study the impact of dynamic pricing on the behaviour of consumers. Today, dynamic pricing is a common pricing strategy used in several industries such as hospitality, travel, entertainment, e-commerce, retail, electricity etc. Each industry adopts a slightly different approach in pricing the commodities considering their own needs and the demand for the products. This study specifically focuses on the impact of dynamic pricing used in the e-commerce sector on the consumer satisfaction levels and their prospective purchase decisions .t tests and descriptive statistical tools are used in the analysis part. The inferences from the study reveal that the consumers are dissatisfied with the proximity and magnitude of fluctuation in prices. The study also proves that there is no difference in the gender wise reaction towards dynamic pricing

      Dr. Narendra Kumar Singh

Abstract: Researcher has tried to analyse the approaches of science teaching inlight the microteaching and different teaching methods. Thus researcgher has been ongoing through content analysis in empirical and historical persepectives. This work had theories behind teaching is an art as well as science. As an art, it portraits the Imaginative and artistic abilities of the teacher in creative a worthwile situation in the classroom in which the learners learn and receive the immediate and ultimate goal of education. As a science, it points to the logical , mechanical and procedural steps to be followed to attain an effective accomalishment of goals. This study has stated the certain fundamental principles of teaching technology.

      Yu-Ting Huang, Ming-Cheng Shih

Abstract: A comparison between six different types of linear expression of the widely usedpseudo-second-order kinetic model, for the adsorptionofmethylene blueon hydrochloric acid-treated rice huskwas made. The results showed that it was inappropriate to use the type 1 expression of pseudo-second-order equation to calculate the pseudo-second-order rate constantsand to predict qt for the studied system, even the type 1 expression had high R2 value. The modeling of kinetic results showed that the studied system (methylene blue/hydrochloric acid-treated rice husk) was best described by the type 6 expressionof the pseudo-second-order equation

      Naqueeb Ashraf Siddiqui

Abstract: Light is electromagnetic radiation within a certain portion of the electromagnetic spectrum. The word usually refers to visible light, which is visible to the human eye and is responsible for the sense of sight.[1] Visible light is usually defined as having wavelengthsin the range of 400–700 nanometres (nm), or 4.00 × 10−7 to 7.00 × 10−7 m, between the infrared (with longer wavelengths) and theultraviolet (with shorter wavelengths).[2][3]This wavelength means a frequency range of roughly 430–750 terahertz (THz).

      Nor Masharah Husain, Muhammad Modi Lakulu, SulaimanSarkawi

Abstract: Programming teachers should have appropriate skills or competency to help them impart the knowledge of programming to their students. Further compounding the problem, the subject matter, being a computing course, is subject to continual changes that pose serious challenges to teachers in keeping abreast with new elements of learning contents. Put simply, teachers have to continually enhance their knowledge of the subject to ensure students will receive up-to-date information or knowledge pertaining to programming. Such a case puts a heavy strain on programming teachers, especially the less experienced ones. Against this backdrop, a needs analysis study was carried out to ascertain the requirements needed for the development of a competency model of teachers that can help provide the guidelines and knowledge pertaining to programming teachers. The study was based on a quantitative approach using a semi-structured survey, in which 45 programming teachers were randomly selected from various schools throughout Malaysia. A field survey was performed to yield the frequencies and percentages of the competency items of the research instrument. Overall, a reasonable number of elements of competency construct was determined that can help improve the development of such competency model.

      Saranya Somasundaram, V. Satheeja Santhi and Robinson David Jebakumar Solomon

Abstract: Exploitation and overuse of antibiotics in the health sectors leads to the development of resistance mechanism in microbes against antibiotics. As a consequence, there is a vital need to develop effective lead compound from natural sources. Compounds derived from marine habitat have a remarkable nature of unique chemical structures and exhibit bioactivity, so it can be used in the treatment against antibiotic resistant clinical pathogens.

      Domina Hakuzimana

Abstract: To achieve Rwanda’s dream to become a middle-income country by 2020, small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) have e greater role to play. Rwanda is a land locked resource-limited and overpopulated country with around 10.500.000 people and a growth rate of 3.1% (NISR, 2012). As women constitute more than half of the population (52%), whatever country development plan should consider women involvement, otherwise it can be a kind of underutilization of resources. So, if women are not actively engaged in entrepreneurship, the job creation capacity of half the country’s population will be lost.

      Ar. Pooja Singh

Abstract: The Muslim empire has been recognised worldwide due to its genius representation of Art. The artists and craftsmen of Islamic empire put their religious beliefs to induce their creativity in a series of abstract forms and amazing works of art. These art forms were progressive towards establishing a new style substantially deviating from Roman and byzantine art of their time. For these artists, art was the way of transmitting the messages of Islam. This art touched everybody’s heart with its ornamentation, detailing and calligraphy.

      Dr. Anami Augustus Arul. A and Dr. Jespin Ida. C

Abstract: Macro and micro morphological studies of root and stem of five Sida species, S. acuta, S. cordata, S. cordifolia, S. rhombifolia and S. schimperiana were carried out and compared, in order to determine the taxonomic relationship between them. Druses, hydropoten cells and trichomes occurred in all the species. Stomata are anisocytic. The foliar trichomes of Sida however possessed a remarkable diversity. Epidermal peeling of leaf shows biaxial trichomes. The foliar trichomes of Sida however possess a remarkable diversity such as peltate, stellate forked stalked and capitate trichomes. Much variation is noticed in anatomical characters of stem and root also.The present study provides the basic information and the interrelationship between the different plant species of Sida which are currently found in Kanyakumari district. The knowledge of taxonomy is a great tool for identification of the different plant species.

      Syamsulaini Sidek r, Mashitoh Hashim

Abstract: Undisputedly, rapidly changing technologies have introduced many unprecedented challenges to almost every sphere of the people’s lives. For one, the educational realm has witnessed many changes made to the teaching and learning process to ensure students can learn with greater efficacy. Against this backdrop, this paper discusses the findings of a field study based on an online survey involving 91 students of Sultan Idris Education University, Tanjung Malim, Perak, Malaysia. The researchers used Google Form, which is a free survey development tool, for the development of online questionnaire of the survey.

      PyinSaOo, Dr.AyeMya Cho

Abstract: Recent earthquakes in Myanmar have underlined the need for wide monitoring and safety assessment of cultural heritage structures. The study presents the seismic vulnerability evaluation and seismic strengthening of a specific monumental masonry structure: the main stupa of Kuthodaw Pagoda in Mandalay. The required experimental tests were conducted to determine the material properties of the structure. The probabilistic seismic hazard analysis was done to get ground motion data consistent with local seismic conditions. These seismic waves were used for the input of time history analyses. Comparisons of the expected seismic demand and the capacity of the structure were done to determine the weak parts of the structure under earthquakes. The fragility curves of the structure under consideration with and without external steel rings were developed. The results have shown that the use of external steel rings can significantly reduce seismic vulnerability and effectively strengthen the structure against earthquake.

      Sylvester Donkoh

Abstract: The assumption associated with teaching experience is that, increased teaching experience leads to increased teacher knowledge. To find out it this assumption is true for Junior High School integrated science teachers, and also determine whether not the effect of teaching experience on teacher knowledge varies in deprived and non-deprived areas, 57 Junior High School integrated science teachers from deprived and non-deprived areas were sampled from 83 Junior High School integrated science teachers. In the survey, the sampled teachers were asked to complete a 30 item test meant to assess their knowledge of Junior High School integrated science. The study found that teaching experience influences Junior High School integrated science teachers’ knowledge. Junior High School integrated science teachers’ knowledge showed a graphical variation with the number of years they have spent teaching. The effect of experience on Junior High School integrated science teachers’ knowledge in deprived and non-deprived areas was as diverse as the location themselves.

      Dhanya P, Rama Bhat P, andMuddaiahSiddaraju

Abstract: The present study aimed to evaluating the antibacterial and antifungal activity of the extracts of Antidesmamenasu against four bacteria namely, Staphylococcus aureus, Salmonella typhi, Shigella flexneri and Escherichia coli as well as fungi Candida albicans and Cryptococcus neoformans. This study reveals the maximum zone of inhibition in ethanol extract of Antidesmamenasuagainst the bacteria Staphylococcus aureusand the results indicate that leaves have a potential against bacterial activity.

      Aregbesola, Moses Kehinde

Abstract: Software project management has been identified as a major determinant factor of software project’s success or failure. Software Project Planning (SPP) and Software Project Tracking and Oversight (SPTO) have equally been identified as two key process areas in software project management at maturity level 2 of the SEI CMMI. Following the need for consistent software process improvement in software industries world-over, especially as it concerns software project management, this study focused on evaluating the current level of performance of the two identified KPAs, SPP and SPTO in the software industry.

      Tamil Selvan.T and Latha Maheswari. M

Abstract: In this paper we prove the existence of solutions of nonlinear fractional delay integrodifferential equations with impulsive conditions.

      Parul Tomar

Abstract: Work Life Balance is a broad concept including proper prioritizing between "work" (career and ambition) on the one hand and "life" (Health, pleasure, leisure, family and spiritual development) on the other.

      Dr. Evita Isretno Israhadi, S.H, M.H

Abstract: The enactment of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) in 2015 no doubt becomes an opportunity as well as a major challenge for Indonesia, especially in increasing economic growth. However, such expectation seems to be difficult to be achieved as the socio-economic and political conditions in each ASEAN country are different. For this reason, this study aims at discussing three aspects. The first is to discuss the international trade laws that are relevant to be given attention toward the establishment of AEC. The second highlights policies that relate to the international trade. The third is to address the implication of AEC to economic growth in Indonesia.

      Syed Umair Hassan, Farrukh Saleem Sheikh

Abstract: In today’s e-business era, organizations are more focusing on Web Services for system integration. Transactions of Web Service are done mainly through plain-text XML formats like SOAP and WSDL, altering them is not a big task. XML Signature and XML Encryption is one way to secure XML documents up to certain level as well as retain the documents structure. Web Service message security cannot be taken as granted. When implementing a web service message security one should know the life cycle of web services and how it is implemented. Also, XML Encryption is described in detail followed by XML Signature. Web services provide us Integrity, privacy, confidentiality, authentication which makes up the building block for web service security. In this, Web services message attacks are discussed and how they can be minimized using different techniques. Web services message security is utmost important in any enterprise application integration and if they are not looked upon seriously then they can bring massive disappointment to the company and to their data as well. We have conducted a survey on Web Service Message Security and our target audience was those people who have some knowledge about Web Services and based on their results we presented our analysis.

      Ms. SabitriMukhia, Dr. Sanghamitra Choudhury

Abstract: Migration is a simple word with relatively extensive meaning. Migration is a process which had started since time immemorial and will continue till lives exist in this world. Migrations possess very real dilemmas for the regions, countries and states.Sikkim, a tiny Himalayan state in the north eastern region of India, is a place where no record of any violence has been recorded as such till date. But the indigenous people of Sikkim are likely to find some kind of human security threat in near future if not now. Sikkimese of/in Sikkim is recognizedby the Sikkim Subject Certificate/Certificate of Identification given by the King of Sikkim then in 1961, provided with special privileges by the Government of India when became a part. Today, the SSC/COI holder is being outnumbered by the migrants from other parts of the country, while leaving the Sikkimese, minority in their own land.

      Dr Amandeep Kaur, Dr.Gagandeep Gupta, Dr HS Sandhu, DrSahil Saini

Abstract: Intertrochanteric fractures are one of the most common injuries sustained predominantly in patients over fifty years. They are two to three times more common in osteoporotic women; trivial fall being the most common mode of injury1. Earlier,for many, this fracture had high morbidity, resulting in death due to cardiac, pulmonary or renal complications. Approximately 20 to 30% of patients die within one year due to intertrochanteric fracture2

      Dr. M. R. Anjum; Bilal Ahmad wani

Abstract: Peace has been a long cherished dream of humanity since times immemorial; but its relevance and scope in the modern world has increased manifolds. The term "peace" has innumerable connotations. The oldest understanding of peace is that synonymous to equilibrium and stability. Peaces being the greatest concern of man, all religions attach much importance to it. But Islam’s concept of peace needs to be studied in more detail as, in the present times; violence is mostly spoken of with reference to Islam. The primary texts of Islam; the Holy Quran and the Hadith of Prophet (PBUH); are replete with instructions and exhortations for peace.

      Agrawal, R.C, Agrawal N.; Pandey P. ; Mishra D. and MaheshwariS.K.

Abstract: AnAndrographispanniculataleaf and stem extract was studied against 7, 12 - dimethylbenz (a) anthracene (DMBA) induced papillomagenesis in Swiss albino mice and Hela cells by In Vitro methods..Andrographispanniculatamethanolic leaves and stem extracts were analyzed for anticarcinogenic activity. It was evaluated using a two stage protocol consisting of initiation with a single topical application of a carcinogen (7, 12 - dimethylbenz (a) anthracene (DMBA) followed by a promoter (croton oil) twice a week.

      Raj Kumar Yadav and Upendra Kumar

Abstract: Migration, conventionally, being an important part of demography, is least studied as compared to fertility and mortality. Due to decreasing birth and death rate, migration (internal or international) has become a more important concern for demographers and other social scientists.Since probability models provide concise and clear representations of extensive data sets in a better way (Aryal, 2010),in recent years increased attention has been paid to the proposition and derivation of probability models for the movement of human population at micro level. The aim of the paper is to study the pattern of rural out migration with the help of a probability model. The data for the study have taken from two different places. The study shows that the logarithmic series distribution is a well approximation for the rural out migration in the given area.

      Vikash Gaur, Abhishek Mathur

Abstract: Phenolic compounds may be the part of oils, hydrocarbons and different types of insecticides, herbicides, pesticides and industrial effluents which are released in the fresh water bodies knowingly harming the aquatic life in terms of flora and fauna. Relatively little is known about the effects of low concentrations of phenolic compounds on the normal physiological functions of freshwater fishes.

      Joyce Ayuba Ramadan, Mamuda Isiaka, John Pam Chongs

Abstract: Dimension stone can also be defined as any rock that has been removed from its natural place of origin for ultimate use in construction or monuments where three dimensions of size together with shape and other elements of appearance, such as colour, grain texture and pattern and surface finish, are normal requirements; it is usually quarried for the purpose of obtaining blocks or slabs that meet specification of size and shape. The availability of Porphyritic Older Granites and Charnokite rocks within the study area in abundance stimulated the examination of the rock samples in various capacities to ascertain their suitability for the purpose of dimension stone quarry. The structural disposition of these rock types were observed, recorded and analysed which reveal a general orientation in the NE-SW directions concurring with the regional structural trend of the area as well as the mineral compositions. In addition, the structures were well spaced in such a way as to optimize block exploitation. Physical properties, such as strength, porosity estimation, aesthetic value test and oxidation tests were carried out on fresh samples. The results displayed satisfactory abilities to be quarried as dimension stones which could be cut, trimmed and polished for tiles and block production or even used without polish.

      Ranganatha Gowda L R

Abstract: Agriculture is very essential for human existence on this world. These days with growing population we need the productivity of the agriculture to be increased to meet the demands of larger population. In earlier days formers used natural methods of farming to increase the productivity, such as using the cow dung as a fertilizer. That resulted increase in the productivity enough to meet the requirements of the population. But later they started thinking of earning more profit by getting more production of crops. So, there came “Green Revolution”. After this period usage of deadly poisons as herbicides has increased to a drastic level.

      Omvir Singh, Harish Kumar Chopra, Paikhomba Loktongbam

Abstract: An improved green method for synthesis of the antihypertensive drug irbesartan, based on the Bromination by green method and Suzuki coupling reaction, has been described.


Abstract: This study seeks to establish the contribution of community based training projects on youth employment in Rwanda. The specific objectives of this study are; to establish the training competence acquired through CBT program/projects content; to find out the youth employability after graduating from CBT program and to assess the social welfare status of CBT graduates resulting from their employment.

      Susmita Majumder, Sandip Pal, Dalia Mukhopadhyay

Abstract: Pancreatic cancer remains one of the deadliest cancers, which is usually diagnosed in an advanced state for which there are little or no effective therapies. In this perspective, efforts have been made to identify specific subset of cells that has the capability of producing differentiated progeny of cells. There are three major types of cancer stem cells (CSCs), but the most important type of CSCs nowadays are chemoreristant and radioresistant CSCs that are resistant from both - chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Hence, these chemoresistant and radioresistant CSCs were identified, which may provide some novel therapeutic approach to treat pancreatic cancer. Increased numbers of CD44+CD24+ESA+ cells were needed to generate tumors when injected into the pancreas. Identified CD44+CD24+ESA+ pancreatic CSCs showed the stem cell properties i.e. self-renewal, the ability to produce differentiated progeny. Several signaling pathways are upregulated in the pancreatic CSCs. Sonic Hedgehog (SHh) signaling molecule expression was very high in CD44+CD24+ESA+ cells compared to other normal pancreatic epithelial cells. Cyclopamine, a steroidal alkaloid, which has both teratogenic and antitumor activities, inhibited Hh signaling thereby inhibited pancreatic cancer growth in vitro and in vivo, suggesting that this signaling pathway has an early and critical role in the development of pancreatic cancer. Inhibition of Hh signaling by cyclopamine indicates that in the near future cyclopamine can be used as a drug to show that it can show some promise in the treatment of pancreatic cancer.

      HimanshuKayal, Dr. PintuSil

Abstract: Instructional strategies explored in this review are class-wide peer tutoring, direct instruction and the behavioural strategy of self-monitoring. The teaching model is known as co-teaching, a model which is becoming the norm in schools in southeast Michigan. It is hypothesized that concrete knowledge of research based instructional methods that can be used in co-teaching situations may reduce rates of teacher frustration and attrition, and will improve academic and behavioural performance of students in a variety of setting.

      Hinna Hafeez, Najia Nasir

Abstract: This paper provides detailed comparisons between different studies based on the topic, “detection of malware and kernel level rootkit in cloud computing environment”, and on the basis of these comparisons, different findings are provided and in the end, this paper provides suggestions to improve different techniques of the detection.

      Prof.Asoc.Dr. Drita Konxheli

Abstract: This paper aims to show the impact of municipal own source revenues execution in municipal capital investments execution. Municipalities of Republic of Kosovo especially Municipality of Prishtina faces a low capital investments execution which is supposed to be consequence of low own source revenues execution. This paper intends to show the relationship between own source revenues execution and capital investments execution in Municipality of Prishtina. By trend analysis is shown that in period 2006-2012 municipal own source revenues have been increasing and after 2013 they have been decreasing. Also the trend line estimates a decrease of municipal own source revenues in forecasting period 2016-2018. The significance of own source revenues execution in capital investment execution in Municipality of Prishtina is analysed by regression analysis which showed that own source revenues execution has impact in capital investment execution but the increase of own source revenues, if circumstances would remain unchanged, would have a negative effect-would increase the surplus. This paper proves that Municipality of Prishtina faces with not well budgetary planning and mismanaging of funds.

      Abdul Rahman Ahmad Dahlan, Mohamad Noor Farhan Md Noor Elham, Muhamad Amirul Hafizey Mat Yusoff, Muhamad Muadz Mohammad Azmi

Abstract: Travel and tourism had become part of essentials among Malaysian. Each year, the number of tourists that consist of domestic and international visitors has growing. There are several comes from Europe, central Asia, Africa, south and North America, while others are from Malaysia.

      Fatin Najwa Binti Abdullah Sani, Hani Malini binti Majek, Umairah binti Ahmad Khairudin, Abdul Rahman bin Ahmad Dahlan

Abstract: Second-hand book shopping has been a current trend in today’s stream. The process of selling and buying thesecond-hand book is somehow lead to time and energy wastage. The purpose of this paper is to give solution through Online Second-hand Bookshop System. The customer segment includes buyer, seller, and donator. This project has proposed conceptual solutions through Business Model Canvas (BMC), Value Proposition Canvas (VPC), and Environment Map (EM).

      Lalit Krishna Nayak, Prof. P K Parhi

Abstract: This paper presents the results of a series of tests conducted to assess the influence of block shape, thickness, size, compressive strength of concrete block. The test setup discussed here is based on static plate loading. The effect of load on rubberier surface, the mechanism of load transfer and edge restraints are discussed here.

      Ruheni Chiira Peter

Abstract: This study entails investigation on the quality problems facing informal industry particularly the fabricated metallic products sales, a case of Jua Kali industry in Kenya Kariobangi light industries with aim of assisting in establishing possible sustainable solution. The area under investigation has a population of 300 artisans who are distributed along the streets of Kariobangi light industry located in Nairobi East lands, off outer ring road. The study builds on a success case in South Africa Steel industry which has benefited from application of Total quality management practices. Using purposive sampling method, a sample size of 100 artisans will be selected.

      FeridunYenisey, Can Çalıcı, NeylanZiyalar

Abstract: Academicians focused on “Access to justice” topic in Turkey during the 2000’s, as a result of European Union accession process, the judicial, legislative and administrative systems in Turkey underwent a series of reforms in the last decade. On the other hand, many citizens in Turkey today are still unable to claim their basic rights and access available services because of financial inadequacy and lack of knowledge. This review is aimed to manifest the current situation in access to criminal legal aid specifically in Istanbul that reflects Turkey as the most populated and developed city of the country. To achieve this, legal framework of legal aid in Turkey and the procedure of legal aid provided by the bar association have been summarized and additionally researches regarding the general overview of access to legal aid in criminal matters in Istanbul and the Istanbul Bar Association’s Annual Report have been discussed. Due to the lack of regional and annual data of legal aid statistics, conducting a specific questionnaire severally for each district is recommended for further researches.

      Shafaat Hussain, Truptimayee Parida

Abstract: Social networks continue to play a central role in the lives of Ethiopian youths. The safety of these online spaces and the risky behaviors in which youth engage is of utmost importance. There are youths who face risks and are harmed online. Indeed, some youths are more at risk than others. Those youths who have psychosocial issues; family and school problems, are far more likely to be under threat than the average youth using the internet. This study explores the risks and threats of youths on social networks through assessing their attitudes towards risks; prominent threats; and risk aversion strategies.

      Shareef Akanbi Ashade, Mikail Ibrahim, Harison Mohd Sidek

Abstract: The Integrating the strategic human resource management research with teachers views of their performance. In this study, it proposed that the human resource management practices of a high-performance work system enhance teacher performance in the school context. However, the introduction of Teacher Religion as a mediator between HPWS and Teacher performance which encourages teachers to engage in cooperative behaviors with the student which is essential in achieving its superior performance.

      Mary Karimi Muthaura, Dr. Jane Omwenga

Abstract: The study sought to assess the factors influencing implementation of projects in community based organizations in Kenya with a case study of Child Regional Education Support Services. To achieve this objective, the study was guided by the following specific research objectives: to assess how funding affects implementation of projects in community based organizations in Kenya, to establish the effect of training on implementation of projects in community based organizations in Kenya, to assess the effects of organization structure on implementation of projects in community based organizations in Kenya and to establish the effects of stakeholder relationships on the implementation of projects in community based organizations in Kenya.

      Mr. Abdullah, Mr. Aurang Zeb, Mr. Hidayat Ullah, Ms. Nasim Bano

Abstract: Active learning is the process of education where students become extensively engaged in learning directly rather than learning things passively.It encourages the students to take an active role in learning.It is not only concerned to class room theory, but it also facilitates nursing students to practice their skills in the real world

      John MuturiMwangi, Jane WanjikuGathenya, Willy MwangiMuturi

Abstract: Performance management is a growing field in the public and private sector globally. This study sought to ascertain the influence of staff performance review on performance of State Corporations in Kenya. The correlation results show that staff performance review is related to performance of State Corporations (r = -0.463, p < 0.05). The construct for the dependent variable also show a significant inverse association with the dependent variable.

      Debasmita Panda, Dr. (Prof.) P.K. Parhi

Abstract: This research paper includes the mix design of high strength concrete (HSC) concrete with specified characteristic compressive strength of 60N⁄mm^2 according to IS-10262:1982. The waste marble chips are partially replaced as coarse aggregate. High strength concrete is a construction material with improved properties like strength, durability etc. than ordinary concrete. High strength concrete can be achieved through proper mix design process. Therefore, mix design plays an important role in the concrete technology. HSC can be achieved through using good quality of ingredient materials, following proper methods of casting and testing & calculations of mix design, and using comparatively low water-cement ratio. In this research, super-plasticizer is used as a chemical admixture to the concrete. This research is carried out to study the mix design of high strength concrete with partial replacement by waste marble chips.

      Priyanka Yadav

Abstract: Since 1991, after economic reforms explicitly took place in India as a result of opening-up of the economy with a view to integrate itself with the global economy, the need to facilitate international trade both through policy and procedure reforms has become the foundation stone of India’s trade and fiscal policies. Electronic commerce (e-commerce) as part of the information technology revolution became widely used in the world trade in general and Indian economy in particular. With advancements in technology, there have been changes in the methodology for business transactions. India, being a rapid adaptor of technology is apace with the current scenario of electronic data exchanges and has taken to e-commerce.

      M. H. Gulzar , A.W.Manzoor , Ajaz Wani

Abstract: In this paper we find zero-free regions of a special class of polynomials when their coefficients are restricted to certain conditions. We also find bounds for the number of their zeros in some annular regions.

      Kiddinapillai Sanmuganathan

Abstract: The aim of this research article is to meet 2 objectives. One of the important aims of this research article is to provide information about the historical perspective of English in Sri Lanka. This article also aims to analyze some pedagogical issues and solutions in teaching English in Sri Lankan schools. Since the early 1950s, teaching ESL in Sri Lankan schools irrespective of socio-economic or regional facilities has been a major concern of successive governments of Sri Lanka. As the need of English speaking citizens is felt widely nowadays, the language policy of the Sri Lankan government which further emphasizes the adoption of the effective measures to enhance the quality of teaching still continues.English language teaching and learning styles and strategies are among the main factors that help determine how and how well our students learn a second language. Success of the learning/teaching process largely depends on a set of factors such as students’ motivation, appropriate selection of the teaching approaches, methods, tasks and materials that are mostly determined by students’ psychological characteristics such as learning style and type of intelligence.

      Harsh Vardhan Verma, Nikul Kumar

Abstract: This paper presents the optimized method of machining process for improved surface finish of AISI 1080 steel which was turned under dry, wet and mist condition.In machining operation large amount of cutting fluids are used for cooling & lubrication purpose. There is necessity to use minimum amount of cutting fluid for machining operations. In this work, to achieve that aim, Minimum quantity lubrication (MQL) method was used to reduce the cutting fluid while machining. A mathematical model will also developed to determine the surface roughness in terms of machining time and cutting tool wear function in terms of the four independent variables: the cutting depth (d), the cutting feed (f), the cutting speed (Vc) and the cutting duration (t). The results application of MQL technique will significantly helps to obtain better performance in compare to dry condition. The purpose of cutting fluid in a machining operation is to cool the work piece, reduce friction, and wash away the chips. The cutting fluid contributes significantly toward machining cost and also possesses environmental threats.

      RahelehDehgahi and AlirezaJoniyas

Abstract: Dendrobium sonia-28 is a popular orchid hybrid for its flowering recurrence and dense inflorescences which currently facing serious production problems due fungal diseases. In the present study, Protocorm like bodies (PLBs) of Dendrobium sonia-28 were subjected to different doses of gamma irradiation (10-200 Gy) followed by inoculation with various concentrations of fusarium proliferatum culture filtrate (CF) (2.5-20%). The results from these measurements were used in establishing an artificial neural network model meant to predict the result of more samples while being treated as carrying out laboratory measurements would be time consuming. CF and gamma irradiation were model inputs, while output was result value. The prediction performances of various neural network modelswere evaluated using statistical performance indices such as root of the mean squared error (RMSE), the mean squared error(MSE), and the multiple coefficient of determination (R2). The results show that the multilayer perceptron (MLP) neural network model with different nodes in the hidden layer was desirable for predicting results. Artificial Neural Networks analysis indicated that survival and growth rates of treated PLBs were dependent to treatment doses. Biochemical results revealed that the chlorophyll and total soluble protein decreased notably as the irradiation and inoculation concentration increases.

      Zinashbizu Lemma Dagne

Abstract: The research was concerned with the challenges facing women micro and small scale enterprise owners when they run their business in Jimma town. The primary aim of this research was to identify the major challenges facing women micro and small enterprises owners in comparison. The researcher examined the owners’ access to finance, their management skills, their access to markets, access to necessary technology, their levels of education, access to business premise, access to necessary infrastructure and access market information.

      Isaac Boakye, Martin Gyambrah

Abstract: The aim of the study was to examine the effect of the big five personality traits on ethical leadership using selected public basic schools within the Ayawaso district in Ghana. A total of 180 respondents consisting of leaders and subordinates were conveniently selected for the study. The leaders responded to a questionnaire concerning their personality traits whiles subordinates rated the ethical behavior of their leaders. Data collected was analyzed mainly using hierarchical regression analysis and independent sample t-test. Results indicated that, personality traits such as conscientiousness and extraversion had a positive effect on ethical leadership behavior after controlling for all other variables. Furthermore, the analysis revealed that leader conscientiousness accounts for the most variance in ethical leadership behavior. Also, there was no significant difference in ethical leadership behavior due to gender of leaders. A summary of the overall findings of the study are discussed as well as future directions for further study.

      Mittal. A, Gupta. S

Abstract: Lifelong compliance to gluten free diet is a prerequisite for maintaining well-being of children with celiac disease. It becomes very difficult to restrict wheat based food items from the North Indian diets predisposing children to micronutrient and micronutrient deficiencies and may impair physical and cognitive growth of these children. A cross-sectional study was carried out among 40 children (5-12 years) already diagnosed with celiac disease and were following gluten free diet from last three months. The data was collected from a health facility at Gurugram, Haryana catering to children residing in nearby villages. Anthropometric measurements and 24-hour recall was used to assess nutritional status of the children. Feeding behavior was recorded on a pretested questionnaire. One-fifth of the children were underweight, one-fourth were stunted and all but one had normal BMI [1]. The intakes of all food groups were inadequate by the children as compared with balanced diet [2]. Comparison with the RDA [2] indicated that the intake of all nutrients expect protein, fat and calcium were inadequate. Regular diet counseling would help in alleviating symptoms, improvement in nutritional status and quality of life of children with celiac disease.

      Joiceswarnalatha.R, Dr.V.MuraliKrishna

Abstract: Every organization needs committed employees for attaining its objectives. The employees when satisfied will have high levels of commitment. The work culture is one of the factors which influence the job satisfaction levels of the employees. In this study the main purpose is to identify the impact of job satisfaction of employees on their organizational commitment levels and also to identify the mediation role of work culture in the relationship of job satisfaction and organizational commitment. Liner regression is the tool used for analysis and data is collected with structured and reliable questionnaire. The results showed that there was significant positive impact of job satisfaction on organizational commitment. The work culture of the organization had full mediation effect in the relation of job satisfaction and organizational commitment. The significant effect of job satisfaction on organizational commitment was disturbed and turned out to be insignificant at 5% level of significance.

      Javeed Ahmad Teeli

Abstract: Individual perception of high Work life balance (WLB) and sense of Organisational Commitment during Mid-life among executives has become imperative for any organization in order to ensure enhanced performance efficiency, particularly in this era of highly competitive business environment. It is no wonder that the mid-life has attracted numerous contributions from researchers and HR practitioners that attempt to investigate on various factors influencing mid-life, their interrelationship and possible outcomes of different stages of mid-life prevailing among executives. This paper is an attempt to find out the relationship between Mid-Life and Organisational Commitment among female executives of a public sector bank. Purposive and simple random sampling methods were employed to recruit one hundred working executives as participants for the study. Questionnaires were used to collect data, which was analyzed using descriptive and Pearson Correlation statistics. The findings indicated a statistically significant negative relationship between respondent’s Organisational Commitment and mid-life. The findings reinforce the need for healthcare and other professionals, such as social workers to deepen their understanding of the effects of multiple roles on the Organisational Commitment of women who combine employment with parenthood and marriage.

      Mohammed Malih Radhi, Qassim Jawel Odaa, Ameerah M. Zarzoor

Abstract: Descriptive study is conducted to assess the knowledge concerning personal hygiene among Kut Technical Institute female student's, and to determine the relationship between female student's their knowledge and demographic characteristics of age, parents education, parents occupation, and socio-economic status.

      Mridula Dube & Urvashi Mishra

Abstract: In this paper, quadratic trigonometric Bezier´ curve with two shape parameters, with a tension parameter, are presented. The new basis functions share the properties with Bernstein basis functions, so the generated curves inherit many properties of traditional Bezier´ curves. The presence of shape parameters provides a local control on the shape of the curve which enables the designer to control the curve more than the ordinary Bezier´ curve. These type of functions are useful for constructing trigonometric Bezier curves and surfaces, they can be applied to construct continuous shape preserving interpolation spline curves with shape parameters. To better visualize objects and graphics, a tension parameter is included. In this work we constructed the Trigonometric Bezier curves followed by a construction of the shape preserving interpolation spline curves with local shape parameters and a tension parameter.

      Tjondro Setiawan, Bachtiar Murtala, Andi Fachruddin Benyamin, Mochammad Hatta, Ali Suyono Purwita, Taufan Tenggara, Egi Edward Manuputty, Gatot Susilo Lawrence

Abstract: Background and Purpose: Prostate Cancer Antigen 3 (PCA3) and Multi parametric Magnetic Resonance Imaging (mp-MRI) are promising tools for prostate cancer detection. As the most specific marker for prostate cancer, PCA3 had been studied and proved its use fullness in detecting prostate cancer, it is over expressed in prostate cancer. The capability of multi parametric acquisition in MRI improves detection rate. Molecular alteration happens prior to morphological change, both modalities utilize molecular changes as an early sign of prostate cancer. This research will study the correlation between PCA3 as molecular marker in blood with non contrast mp-MRI score also Apparent Diffusion Coefficient (ADC) value asmolecular imaging.

      P. Suresh Kumar and V. Umatejaswi

Abstract: Diabetes is a disease which is affecting many people now-a-days. Most of research is happening in this area. In this paper, we proposed a model to solve the problems in existing system in applying data mining techniques namely clustering and classifications which are applied to diagnose the type of diabetes and its severity level for every patient from the data collected. This paper tries to diagnose diabetes based on the 650 patient’s data with which we analyzed and identified severity of the diabetes. As part of procedure Simple k-means algorithm is used for clustering the entire dataset into 3 clusters i.e., cluster-0 - for gestational diabetes, cluster-1 for type-1 diabetes (juvenile diabetes), cluster-2 for type-2 diabetes. This clustered dataset was given as input to the classification model which further classifies each patient’s risk levels of diabetes as mild, moderate and severe. Further, performance analysis of different algorithms has been done on this data to diagnose diabetes. The achieved results show the performance of each classification algorithm.

      Swagatika Mohapatra, Prof. P K Parhi

Abstract: In this experimental study, the properties of recycled aggregate and coconut shell aggregate concrete are examined and the scope of recycled aggregate and coconut shell aggregate in construction is investigated. The basic properties of recycled and coconut shell aggregate concrete are examined wrtthe natural aggregate concrete. Basic changes in all aggregate properties were determined and their effects on concreting work were discussed. Basic concrete properties like compressive strength, split tensile strength, workability etc. are conducted here for different combinations of recycled and coconut shell aggregate.

      Michael Ephraim, Adimula G. Muyiwa, Eneida M. Abdulgafar, Ojo Olatunde Z, S.C. Ibeh

Abstract: This paper presents the design and implementation of a remote controlled vertically adjustable motorized white board for the purpose of teaching. The objective is to have a white marker board that can be adjusted to various height so as to aid maximum use of the board by different teachers of varying heights and to have maximum exposure of what is written on the board to a class with same level seat arrangement. Pro-engineering was used for the CAD drawing of the board and Proteus was used to simulate the circuit designed. Furthermore, this design employs the use of a solid white board, motorized jack, rollers and remote control to aid the vertical adjustment of the height of the Whiteboard. The wood used were seasoned and then cut into the various sizes, component by component. These components were assembled and integrated with the electric jack. Using Kiel vision (software for programming) the code for the remote and the receiver were written and tested. The circuit was then assembled on vero board, using Topwin programmer, the circuit was programmed. After the fabrication, unlike the mechanical solid white board which involves much human effort to push the board through a grooved frame and manually locking it with a bolt by the side for the comfort of the teacher, the Remote control Whiteboard has overcome the manual method of adjustment and aid maximum view in a classroom with same level seat arrangement.

      Komal Vaishnav

Abstract: Today, we are living in a time that is marked by debates and discussions regarding equal pay for both the genders, abolition of sexism and calling out of sexist incidents. Hence, one can say that the different spheres and environments seem to be improving for the female sex. But few archaic methodologies and concepts still surround the definition of feminity, masculinity and it’s expectations. Amongst these changing times, one aspect that is incessant for the ideal development of both the genders is a healthy school environment.

      Misbah Sabir

Abstract: The knowledge of Basic Cardiac Life Support (BCLS) is very important among nurses to give basic life support the patient with cardiac arrest in routine work at hospital and in community. Every nurse has to face emergency situation in her life and it is necessary for her to gain sound and effective knowledge of BCLS. Increase survival ratio and decrease death rate is basic concern of health care provider.

      Tayyaba Khalil

Abstract: In this report we are going to discuss how IoT can be made secure from the DDoS attacks. A Denial of Service attacks (DoS) happens to make the service unavailable to the legitimate users. The main reason of that system becomes unavailable because the victim device is overwhelmed with thousands of requests making the resources and capacity overload. The Distributed Denial of Services (DDoS) attack is carried out from a large number of systems which attack one target maliciously. For this purpose machines called botnets or zombies are used to request a service at exactly the same time.

      Joseph T. Lolemtum, John F.Obiri, and Edward M. Mugalavai c

Abstract: Drought and food security are of globalc oncern and require urgent interventions to ensure that they do notjeopardizethelivesofmanypeopleandtheecosystem.West Pokot County is among the most prone counties to droughts that threaten food securityinthearea;thisisexacerbatedbyclimate change .

      N.Yadav, P.S.Malviya and S.Ghosh

Abstract: A high power laser propagating through ion implanted semiconductor plasma undergoes stimulated Brillouin scattering (SBS) arises due to nonlinear current density and acousto-optical strain of the medium in third-order optical polarization. We have considered that the negatively charged colloidal grains (CGs) are embedded in semiconductor plasma by means of ion implantation. By considering net negative charge of the CGs, we present an analytical study of the effects of CGs on threshold intensity, effective susceptibility and Brillouin gain characteristics. It is found that as the charge on the CGs builds up, the Brillouin gain and threshold are significantly modifies the characteristics for the onset of SBS processes.

      Mingizem Birhan

Abstract: Every business organization faces a problem which hinders its objective for which it is established. So, like any business organization Nile Insurance Company faces many problems which affects its profitability and the main purpose of this study is to assess factors affecting profitability of Nile Insurance Dire Dawa branch. To do so, a discriptive research design together with primery and secoundray data were applied and data were collected form 319 active customers inaddtion to the interview made with branch manager. The result shows size, leverage, tangibility of asset, loss ratio/ risk, firm growth and managerial efficiency are identified as significant determinants of profitability hence Liquidity and age of the company have medium significant determinants of profitability in addition to brand preference and perceived quality which have high impact on insurance selection process by coustomers.

      Ms.Sripriya Arunachalam, Dr. M. Sundara rajan

Abstract: Cloud forensics involves acquisition, analysis, and reporting the information about the incidents and criminal activities. Cloud computing cause significant challenges for reliable digital-forensic investigations due to several major issues. The cloud forensics is the digital forensic reporting the collected and isolated data while protecting the privacy of information and confidentiality. In order to report the evidence and prove the crime activities inside the cloud, a Gene Optimized Multi-objective Proof Accumulator (GOMOPA) technique is introduced.

      Gupta S, Chadha R

Abstract: MUAC is used as an indicator for assessing acute undernutrition among children below five years of age. WHO child growth standards (2006) have given age related z-scores for both boys and girls for MUAC for identification of acute undernutrition among children below five years. A total of 4737 observations for MUAC had been made on 2305 children below 6 years of age living in an urban slum of Delhi in this cross-linked study. MUAC was measured using fibreglass tape sensitive to the nearest mm using standard technique. MUAC z-scores (MUACZ) were computed using WHO child growth standards and nutritional status was assessed. Median MUACZ for both boys and girls was much lower than median value of MUAC for boys and girls in WHO Child Growth Standards (2006). There was no significant difference in mean values of MUAC between the boys and girls upto 4 years of age. It was observed that 53.9% of the children (age-combined) were undernourished (below -2SD MUACZ), of which 11.2 % had severe acute malnutrition (below -3 SD MUACZ). The single cut-off point for MUAC <12.5 cm underestimated the prevalence of undernutrition was 32.6% among children in the study. This clearly indicated that MUAC-for-age using WHO Child Growth Standards would help in identifying the burden of acute undernutrition among underprivileged children.

      Abdul Majid, Sri Hartoyo, Kirbrandoko

Abstract: The research purposes to (a) evaluate the implementation of long-term orientation between PT XYZ and its distribution channels and (b) analyze the relationship among trust, relationship commitment and its effect on long-term orientation. This study is involving 33 non-authorized tire shops and have cooperated for more than 15 years. The data are obtained through a questionnaire designed with closed questions with 5-point Likert scale and to be analyzed by structural equation modeling with approach of partial least square (PLS-SEM).

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