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      Kundan R Avchare, Amit Tarwani, Divyanshu Jain, Umesh Saini, Rajesh Purohit

Abstract: Space Manufacturing is the production of materials in the outer space, away from the atmospheric and gravitational disturbances of earth. The space consists of complete vacuum and zero gravity that can be employed for carrying out various manufacturing processes with much ease and greater efficiency, which cannot be performed on earth. In past few decades, space researchers and astronauts have explored number of ways in which space environment can be utilized by the manufacturing industries to greater economic feasibility. This concept is still in its initial stages and currently many research and experiments are being carried out at the International Space Station (ISS). Current paper describes the process of extraction of minerals and manufacturing of products from available resources in space. Different potential products that can be obtained through space manufacturing are also elaborated. It has been concluded that feasibility of space manufacturing on large scale depends on the fact that how effectively challenges of cost capitalization will be reduced.

      V. Shanthoshini Deviha, P. Rengarajan, Dr. R. Jahir Hussain

Abstract: The branching pattern of the retinal blood vessel system resembles fractal, a geometrical pattern whose parts resemble the whole. A new algorithm explains flow analysis of the retina in a recursive manner. The Box Counting method and the Sausage method are used to find out the dimensions of the normal and affected retina in an accurate manner. This fractal approach led to very promising results which improved the analysis of retinal diseases.

      K.Devi Gomathi Narayani

Abstract: The learning style is the manner in which a learner perceives, interacts with, and responds to the learning environment. Components of learning style are the cognitive, affective and physiological elements, all of which may be strongly influenced by a person's cultural background. A preference for learning in certain ways, eg through listening and conversation, or through formal explanation and written exercises. The way a person takes in, understands, expresses and remembers information; the way a person learns best. The channels- such as vision, hearing, movement, touching, or any combination of these-through which a person best understands and retains learning; also, temperament, as in an active or passive learning style or a reflective or impulsive. A preferential mode, through which a subject likes to master learning, solve problems, thinks or simply react in a pedagogical situation.

      Dr. Jafar Abdulla Mohamed Usman BDS, MDS, FISOI , Dr. Nilofer Nisha BDS, MDS

Abstract: Many conventional types of luting cement are available for the dental clinicians to choose and restore luting of ceramic crowns. But not all the available luting cements are ideal for all situations. All ceramic restorations do benefit from resin cements bonding to the tooth. Hence it necessitates comparing the bonding ability of different luting cements to ceramic and dentin. The main objective of this study was to compare and evaluate the shear bond strength of three different luting cements to both ceramic and dentin and then to evaluate the mode of bond failure by scanning electron microscopy

      Pramod Kumar Sahu, Ajeet Singh Tomar, Samson Waghmare and Sanjeev Raut

Abstract: Title molecule has been synthesized by chlorination of 1-Methyl-3-ethyl-4-chloro-Pyrazole-5-Carboxylic acid [a] to it’s acid chloride[b] and followed by condensation with 5-Amino-1,2,3-thiadiazole[c]. The above product[d] has pesticidal activity.

      Christopher Ndlovu, Leonard Manjeru

Abstract: Matobo district is renowned for a lot of rituals and taboos due to its association with the Njelele “sacred” shrine, which for a long time housed u Ngwali, the Ndebele spirit medium. Although the district lies within agro-ecological four which is characterised by erratic rainfall, the presence of well-managed wetlands has saved the local communities from the debilitating effects of droughts. The study sought to find out the role played by the rituals and taboos on wetland management in Matobo District. The study made use of a qualitative research method. Forty participants selected through random and snowball sampling methods were interviewed on the influence of the rituals and taboos on wetlands management. The majority of the participants 80% felt that rituals and taboos that are embedded in the indigenous knowledge systems of the Ndebele society, have contributed much in sustainable management of wetlands. Few of the participants (20)% felt that scientific methods should be used in the sustainable wetlands management. The study recommends that both the indigenous knowledge systems and the scientific methods be integrated for sustainable wetlands management systems that are able to sustain the livelihoods projects of the local communities.

      Saifuddin Sirajuddin, Veny Hadju1 and Musni

Abstract: This study aimed to assess the effect of eggs consumption and nutrition counseling to pregnant women to increased body weight and hemoglobin levels. A quasi-experiment with non-randomized pretest-posttest with control group design was applied within this study. The population is pregnant women who had antenatal care at health centers Kassi-Kassi. Samples were selected by purposive sampling, which are divided into treatment group who received nutritional counseling and eggs and a control group that did not get any treatment. The results of this study showed that weight gain at treatment group was significantly different with the control group. Hemoglobin levels of pregnant women in both groups before and after treatment were significantly decrease in which the control group decreased higher but not significantly different.

      T.Muthukumari, T.A.Raghavendiran

Abstract: This paper represents a investigation on variable speed wind energy generating systems using Permanent magnet synchronous generators (PMSG) and the investigation of reasons of poor power quality issues related with grid connected wind farm. Such issues can be Steady state voltage rise, voltage flicker, harmonics, frequency deviations, impact of low power factor. Also gives brief idea about power electronics converter topologies and its control techniques.

      Seeta Singh, Keerthi Rao, Chandra Iyer, Subhash Khatri

Abstract: Proximal humeral fracture is the second most common fracture of upper limb. The problem like swelling, pain, stiffness, functional disabilities were the major problem, even after the physical therapy of proximal humeral fracture.

      Carasi, R.C., I.F. Telan and B.V. Pera

Abstract: Bioecology of common cutworms (S. litura) was diligently documented at the crop protection section of the Don Mariano Marcos Memorial State University-Sericulture Research and Development Institute, primarily aimed to generate substantial data for the formulation of control measures. Specifically, focused on the developmental stages, behavior and factors associated to their resurgence and geographical distribution.

      Dr. Pravin Suryawanshi, Dr. A. Q. Khan, Dr. Saiyyad Altaf G, Dr. Amey Patil

Abstract: Post-operative surgical site infection (SSI) is a major source of morbidity and mortality increasing the suffering of the ill. It adds enormous burden to the already strained medical services system more so in a developing country like India. Various protocols are in place to minimize the detrimental effects of SSI. Fomites are recognized source of SSI. We in our study have found out culture and sensitivity profile of the organism found at the incision site intraoperatively. Stap. Aureus, P. Aeurignosa, E.Coli , Klebseilla, were found to be most common.

      Ravikanth Reddy Kosana and DurgaBhavani Konga

Abstract: Enfuvirtide is a first of its class as a fusion inhibitor drug which inhibits the fusion of HIV-1 virus with CD4+ cells on the target organism with a human therapeutic dose of 90mg/twice daily. It is a linear 36 amino acid peptide with the empirical formula C204H30N51O64, and the molecular weight of 4.4Kd.

      Pranav Anil Shinde

Abstract: This research paper aims to optimize a venturi type restrictor which is to be fitted in the intake manifold of a Formula SAE car engine. The main purpose of 20mm restrictor in intake manifold is to restrict mass flow passing to the engine thus reducing its maximum power. Objectives of this research is to optimize a venturi type design to allow maximum possible mass flow rate to the engine from 20 mm restrictor buy reducing the difference in pressure across venturi at all speeds. Analytical calculations are done based on standard results to get maximum mass flow rate and CFD tool is used to calculate minimum pressure drop across the restrictor buy varying converging and diverging angles of venturi. It can be observed from CFD results that for converging and diverging angle of 12 degrees and 6 degrees respectively minimum pressure drop can be achieved.

      Jamali Firmat Banzi

Abstract: In recent years poaching incidents has been massively increased encompass slaughtering of endangered species in Tanzania and Africa in totality. Different initiatives has been taken world widely including establishment of International Anti-Poaching foundation (IAPF). Tanzania in particular has taken several initiatives on the matter at different time including sending her own military army across the borders of National parks as an attempt to eradicate poaching activities. However poachers are still continue to put a bullet on the heads of these species of monumental importance. The main idea presented in this paper involve employing a modern and a sophisticated technology in which poachers will be left behind and being netted easily there by eliminating Poaching activities.

      Prof. Pratibha J. Mishra, Ajeesh Sebastian

Abstract: Indian health scenario is known for the out of pocket expenditure and resultant poverty trap. Considering these situation, Government of India has launched Rashriya Swasthya Bima Yojana (RSBY) for addressing the health expenditure related with health seeking behaviour of the population especially the vulnerable sections. As the Indians health seeking behaviour is more prone to the private players, the RSBY scheme has included empanelled private players for rendering the health care service under the scheme. The researcher here examines the health seeking behaviour and preferences of the sample population before and after their enrollment to the RSBY scheme.

      Simon Tongbram, Thounaojam Ibemcha Devi, Yumnam Naoba Singh

Abstract: Image compression is required to reduce the number of bits needed to store or transmit images without any appreciable loss of information or quality. Image compression is of great importance in digital image processing because of its wide applications. In particular, the discrete cosine transform (DCT) is the basis for most image-coding standard. It represents an image as a sum of sinusoids of varying magnitudes and frequencies. DCT is often used in image compression applications since most of the visually significant information about the image is concentrated in just a few coefficients of the DCT. However, at low bit rates, there constructed images at the receiver end generally suffer from visually annoying block artifacts which is the boundaries between adjacent image blocks visible at low bit rates resulting from a coarse quantization. In this paper, a block effect reduction algorithm in DCT domain is proposed to reduce block artifacts as many as possible, while preserving edge information.

      Prof. Pravati Tripathy

Abstract: As per WHO, about 25 millions of low weight babies are born annually and they are predisposed to a numbers of problems like hypoglycaemia, infection, hypothermia, respiratory problems etc. They need special nursing care. The present study described the various clinical characteristics and the morbidity pattern among these babies. The study was conducted over a period of two months at a medical college hospital with 50 samples including preterm and small for gestational age neonates, through observation and record survey. The major features were wide suture, soft skull bones, absence of buccal fats, poor reflexes. Among complicating features respiratory distress, jaundice, metabolic complications were significant.

      Hina Kousar, Kavitha Kumar

Abstract: The objective of this paper is to outline the implementation of the Walking Skeleton Strategy in the environment of the test driven development. It is often observed that the project build is time consuming which, delays the project accomplishment, this paper will help us understand how the implementation of Walking Skeleton Strategy is time and cost effective by automating the project build, deploy and test end-to-end.

      Jins Joy. P, Dr. R. Radhakrishnan

Abstract: Stress is a pressure people feel in life. It cumulates to strain and affect one’s physique, psychology and behaviour. Stress harms the workers job performance and health. The aim of this paper is to identify the coping strategies adopted to tackle work stress, by both male and female tile factory workers. The research design undertaken for the study was descriptive research and convenience sampling method was used. The sample size consists of 229 workers, 211 male workers and 18 female workers selected from 3 tile factories in Calicut District in Kerala. Henry Garrett ranking technique and Mann – Whitney U test was used to analyze the data collected and the results of the study.

      Shivalingaswamy B.P and Narahari G A

Abstract: Computational heat transfer flow modeling is one of the great challenges in the classical sciences. As with most problems in engineering, the interest in the heat transfer augmentation is increasing due to its extreme importance in various industrial applications. CFD modeling for the heat transfer augmentation in a circular tube fitted with and without rod circular inserts in turbulent flow conditions has been explained in this paper using ANSYS Fluent version 14.0. This paper presents the effect of the circular-ring turbulator (CRT) on the heat transfer and fluid friction characteristics in a heat exchanger tube.

      Owolabi FAT*; Arniza Ghazali; Latiffah Zakaria;WD Wan Rosli

Abstract: This research finding was aimed at determining the pulp and paper potential of sap stained oil palm fronds rachis vascular bundles (OPFB) using an ecofriendly alkaline peroxide pulping. Alkaline peroxide pulping (APP), which combines both pulping and brightening actions into a single process, was attempted on sap stained oil palm frond rachis vascular bundles (OPFB). After the maceration of the raw samples, a total of two hundred fibres were randomly examined under light microscope and the mean values of their morphological dimensions were recorded. The obtained data was utilized to calculate the felting rate, flexibility coefficient, Rigidity coefficient, Runkel index and rigidity index. The effects of these properties on paper strength were equally evaluated.

      Doctor, T.R. and Manuel, J.F.

Abstract: Various indigenous medicinal plants of Tublay, Benguet Province, Cordillera Administrative Region in the Philippines were subjected to phytochemical screening to determine the presence of natural products (secondary metabolites) i.e., alkaloids, steroids, anthraquinones, flavonoids, saponins, tannins and polyphenols, and cyanogenic glycosides which may be responsible for their therapeutic effects as claimed by the indigenous people. Extracts of fourteen (14) medicinal plants were utilized emp[loying the standard screening method (Guevarra, et al, 2005) for the detection of secondary metabolites. This study was conceived in order to help in the advocacy of medical practitioners and the DOH Tublay in their health enhancement program. The preliminary phytochemical analysis of the 14 ethnomedicinal plants from Tublay, Benguet was done.

      Ndondo Shepherd

Abstract: There is a wide spread assumption that most people know their rights in Zimbabwean communities. This is evident when people are confronted with situations they perceive to be oppressive, it is not uncommon to hear them saying ‘You cannot do this to us, we know our rights very well’. Despite this clamoring about human rights, many violations occur with a lot of people failing to claim their rights. The purpose of this study was to investigate the perceptions of the Gokwe central community towards the causes of human rights violations in the area. The main focus was on how people react when their rights are violated.

      Rakesh Gupta and Arti Tyagi

Abstract: The paper deals with cost benefit analysis of a single unit (main unit) system model supported by a helping unit. Main unit has three possible modes – normal (N), partial failure (P) and total failure (F). Whereas the helping unit (protective unit) has two possible modes- normal (N) and total failure (F). The main unit can also work without the protective (helping) unit but with increased failure rate. The system is declared as failed when at least main unit is out of functioning. A single repairman is always available with the system to repair the failed main and protective (helping) unit. The failure and repair times of main unit and protective (helping) unit are taken as independent random variables of discrete nature having geometric distributions with different parameters.

      Vishal Bharte, Kaustubh Patil, Lalit Jadhav, Dhaval Joshi

Abstract: Due to rapid growth of population, every country needs an efficient public transportation system. As the density of population is increases, it keep higher burden on public transportation like city-bus etc. Therefore there is need of smart system which provides real time information to passenger of bus. The system will manage the data about current location of bus, and by using this data the real time tracking of bus will be found out and provided to passenger for bus current status. The system is developed using technologies like GPS (Global Positioning System), Google maps and GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) [3]. The system includes mobile application, which services user by tracking the real time location of bus on Google Maps, time table for specified bus and locating the nearest bus stop. The system consist GPS enabled device like mobile phone embedded in bus, which find out its current coordinates periodically after some interval and send it to database for being processed and analyzed.

      Vijay Kumar, Pardeep Kumar

Abstract: The safety factor of a pressure vessel is related to both the tensile stress and yield strength for material allowance. ASME code section VIII has fully covered these two on the construction code for pressure vessel. This code section addressed mandatory and non-mandatory appendixes requirement, specific prohibition, vessel materials, design, fabrication, examination, inspection, testing, certification, and pressure relief. Mechanical design of a horizontal pressure vessel based on this standard had been done incorporating PV ELITE software. Analyses were carried out on head, shell, nozzle and saddle. The input parameters are type of material, pressure, temperature, diameter, and corrosion allowance. Analysis performed the calculations of internal and external pressure, weight of the element, allowable stresses, vessel longitudinal stress check, nozzle check and saddle check.

      Thiruvarutchelvan S, Dr. Stephen Heath

Abstract: Leishmaniasis is a widely spread disease caused by protozoan parasites belonging to the genus Leishmania. The unique life cycle of this parasite has two main stages of existence, amastigote and promastigote. The non-infective amastigotes, found in the primary host (example: human) when taken up by certain species of sand fly (Phlebotomine) whilst ingesting the blood of the infected person, were transformed into promastigotes which is the infective form of the parasite and this process takes place in the mid-gut of the sandfly. One of specific proteins in the parasite’s genome in the transformation process, the adhesion protein gene was selected for this homology study.

      Harvinder Chauhan, Anu Chauhan

Abstract: Among decision tree classifiers, Bayesian classifiers, k-nearest-neighbor classifiers, case-based reasoning, genetic algorithms, rough sets, and fuzzy logic which are some common classification methods in data mining, decision tree classifier is the most commonly used because it is easier to understand and implement compared to other classification methods. In this study, performance evaluation of two decision tree algorithm named ID3 and C4.5is done in order to discover which one is superior on the basis of accuracy with the help of a software tool using publicly available datasets.

      Anupama Mahato

Abstract: Global climate change is a change in the long-term weather patterns that characterize the regions of the world. The term "weather" refers to the short-term (daily) changes in temperature, wind, and/or precipitation of a region (Merritts et al. 1998). In the long run, the climatic change could affect agriculture in several ways such as quantity and quality of crops in terms of productivity, growth rates, photosynthesis and transpiration rates, moisture availability etc. Climate change is likely to directly impact food production across the globe. Increase in the mean seasonal temperature can reduce the duration of many crops and hence reduce the yield. In areas where temperatures are already close to the physiological maxima for crops, warming will impact yields more immediately (IPCC, 2007).

      Shuza Binzaid, Imran Chowdhury

Abstract: Soil and land degradation is considered for slope land such as riverbank or streambank and lands of high forced water runoff and rainfall causes severe soil erosion is the concern of this work. The major cause of runaway unprotected soil particles due to the natural reasons, thus making uneven soil plain surfaces can be remedied by tree plantation or vegetation. A precision mirror-amplifier is designed for primarily sensing soil moisture and pH level to provide eventual environmental conditions needed for irrigation and fertilization for plants to grow healthy, which in turn reduces the soil erosion. Another special sensor designed and employed here that can monitor the degradation due to erosion and the system can determine the soil’s critical limits.

      W. J. Samaraweera, S. Vasanthapriyan, Kavita S. Oza

Abstract: Finding of hidden and previously unknown information in large collection of data is the process of data mining. Mining association rules is a very important model in data mining. Using association rules different type of regularities and patterns can be identified. In most of the previous approaches a single minimum support threshold value is used for all the items or itemsets. But all the items in an itemset do not behave in the same way. Some appear very frequently and some very rarely. Therefore the support requirements should vary with different items. In this paper, a simple algorithm based on the Apriori approach is proposed to find the large-itemsets and association rules under arithmetic mean constraint and with multiple minimum supports to overcome the above mentioned problem. The proposed algorithm is easy and efficient and it saves time by focusing only on necessary associations.

      Mulugeta Mekonene, Negussie Bussa, Sangeeta Rani

Abstract: This study was designed to investigate the effect of moderate intensity exercise on lipoprotein- lipid profile of Haramaya University community. Both male and female individuals were involved in the study and the study lasted twelve consecutive weeks. Individuals used for the study were Haramaya University community aged eighteen up to thirty years old and free from any impairment or chronic diseases. Purposive sampling technique was used to select the study participants. Twenty individuals, men (n = 10) and women (n = 10) were recruited for the study. All completed the study period properly. Laboratory measurements were conducted at Haramaya University higher health centre.

      Manisha Joshi Deshpande, Dilip Maske, BrijMohan Arora, Dattatray Gadkari

Abstract: Addition of highly electronegative Nitrogen to Indium Antimonide substantially reduces its band gap. Theoretically, it is expected that one percent of nitrogen should reduce the band gap by about 100meV. Thus by reduction in the bandgap, the resulting material will be suitable for ‘far infrared’ detection. Three bulk crystals of InSb:N were grown by vertical directional solidification technique. The grown ingots were found detached from the ampoule wall. The physical properties and microstructures are studied. The smooth appearance of the crystal, uniform diameter across the length and other studies confirm the excellent quality of the crystal. Wavelength dispersive spectroscopy (WDS) was carried out for compositional analysis. The analysis confirmed the successful incorporation of nitrogen in the compound. The graph of absorption vs. energy was plotted to study shift in energy band gap. The deviation in the shift to the smaller wavelength is attributed to high (~1018/cm3) carrier concentration. The corresponding Moss-Burstein shift in the energy gap is calculated. The calculated values of the energy band shift due to all effects are summed up and compared with the observed value.

      Taddesse Lakew, Sewagegne Tariku, Teferi Alem and Mulugeta Bitew

Abstract: A field experiment was conducted at Woreta, Metema and Pawe of North West Ethiopia during the 2008/9 and 2009/10 cropping seasons. Sixteen upland rice genotypes including the standard check were evaluated with the objective of selecting stable and high-yielding, disease-resistant and early maturing varieties. The experiment was laid out in a randomized complete block design of three replications. Combined analysis of variance revealed significant variations in genotypes for most parameters except fertile tillers per plant. Mean squares due to the genotype × location × year interaction was significant for days to aturity, 1000-seed weight and grain yield (P<0.01). The highest grain yield of 3.5t ha-1 was recorded by G15, followed by G7 (3.34t ha-1). In AMMI analysis, variations due to environments accounted for 52.48% of the treatment sum of square (SS) while genotypes and genotype × environment interaction explained 12.06 % and 35.45% of SS, respectively. In GGE biplot, G15 and G7 respectively were the best genotypes in E1, E2, and E6. The Genotype G15 was relatively stable in grain yield across environments and it also showed relatively better resistance to major rice diseases. Hence, G15 could be recommended for cultivation by the farmers and this variety should be popularized in larger scale to make use of its merits.

      Reema Duggal

Abstract: Peace and harmony have been sought by humanity ever since the dawn of civilization. And yet the whole of human history, from the very earliest times, is replete with wars and violent conflicts from the tribal right up to the international level. Communism, socialism, democracy, capitalism- all claimed the desire to establish peace, but all invariably waged war. Over last few years many incidents have occurred in which world is seen through a singular lens of ‘good’ and ‘evil’ and ‘us’ vs. ‘them’ beliefs. Violations of the universal right to practice religion are systematic and widespread all over the world. The politics in the name of religion has been seen as a major phenomenon and which has led to sectarian violence.

      Godishala Sridevi & Saroj Arya

Abstract: Autism is a group of developmental disorders known as Pervasive Developmental Disorders (PDD). Pervasive developmental disorder is defined by the presence of abnormal and impaired development characterized as abnormal functioning in all three areas of social interaction, communication, restricted and repetitive behaviour, that manifests before the age of 3years. Autistic disorder is believed to occur at the rate of about 8 cases per 10000 children, with 4:1 ratio of males to females. An intensive early intervention is critical in maximizing outcomes for children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), and evidence suggests that the earlier the intervention, the better the outcome.

      D.V. Ahire, P.R. Chaudhari, S. Maity and M. Chakraborty

Abstract: This study presents experimental measurements of dielectric constant of dry and moist soils at C-band microwave frequency by using waveguide cell method. Soil samples were collected from four locations each from four different Indian states. An automated microwave set-up operating at 5.3 GHz frequency is used for this purpose. Measured values of dielectric constant are then used to estimate emissivity and scattering coefficient by using emissivity model and perturbation model respectively. Emission and scattering properties for soils are then studied as function of gravimetric Moisture Content (MC, %), polarization and incidence angle. At constant value of MC, emissivity of soil is found to increase with increase in the incident angle for vertical polarization, and this increase continues up to Brewster’s angle and beyond this, emissivity decreases sharply.

      Pravin R. Chaudhari, Dodha V. Ahire, Manab Chkravarty and Saroj Maity

Abstract: In the present research work, studies on correlation factors of electrical conductivity of soils in India with their physical properties like texture, bulk density and porosity were reported. We collected 29 soil samples from different locations of Karnatakta, Tamilnadu, Uttarakhand and Madhya Pradesh states of India. Soil samples were analyzed for physical parameters. Statistical correlations were obtained between electrical conductivity and different parameters of soil samples. Our results show significant correlations between electrical conductivity and physical parameters of soils. Besides agricultural applications, such studies may find importance in better understanding of soil physics and also for analyzing the satellite data in remote sensing.

      Ritu Nayar, Indu Shukla, Asfia Sultan

Abstract: Citrobacter, a member of the family Enterobacteriaceae, is usually present as intestinal commensal of man and animals. It is well known now that it has been associated with various nosocomial and community acquired infections in humans. This study was conducted in Department of Microbiology, J. N. Medical College and Hospital, Aligarh for a period of one and half years. Isolates were identified as Citrobacter and then till species level using O’Hara scheme. They were isolated in an overall prevalence rate of 2.1% with Citrobacter koseri and Citrobacter freundii as the most commonly isolated species in laboratory samples. Citrobacter was most commonly isolated from pus & urine in both the sexes with significant predominance in male population. It usually affects people of all age groups including extremes of age predominantly in adolescent and middle age.

      Dr. Shantanu K. Dixit, Mr. S. B. Dhayagonde

Abstract: Presently the surveillance of International border areas is very daunting task. The security forces are patrolling the border in hostile conditions. They are getting help from surveillance cameras already mounted but they cover very limited areas. The cameras already mounted at a fixed position, is not of much use as we cannot change the camera view in real time. Also it is not possible to mount the cameras in the forest areas as the trees obstruct the view of the camera. This paper explains how to design and implement wireless robot which will enable us to control the robot with the help of internet and it will be able to detect the living bodies with the help of PIR sensor. It will help in rescue operation and user can access the video transmitted from the remote area such as the sensitive areas or areas which are beyond our reach. The total system contains mobile robot, controlled with the Internet, which has camera mounted on it and also it has a PIR sensor for detection of living bodies. User will be able to control the robot through internet, thus, providing user with wireless control of robot. Also information regarding the detection of living bodies will also be given to user on the webpage from the PIR sensor and simultaneously user is able access the video transmission from the robot. The camera mounted on the robot is able to move horizontally around its vertical axis and vertically along its vertical axis. Camera movement is controlled through webpage at the user interface, thus, providing user with enhanced view of the surroundings.

      Bushra Begum A, Noor Fatima Khanum, Naveen P 1 , Gurupadaswamy H D Prashanth T and Shaukath Ara Khanum

Abstract: Microbial infections are now a day’s more common than during the first half of the century. Although, a number of different classes of antibacterial and antifungal agents have been discovered during last two decades the use is limited due to development of microbial resistance. This situation highlights the need for development of novel, potent, and safe antimicrobial agents. Hence the synthesized aza-macrocyclic metal complexes by in situ one pot template condensation reactions were further confirmed by thermal analysis, UV–vis spectroscopy and molar conductivity measurements. The antimicrobial activity of the complexes has been screened in vitro against bacteria and fungi to access their inhibiting potential. The bioassays indicated that most of the synthesized metal complexes showed potential antibacterial and anti-fungal activity.

      Goyal Navendu, Kaur Randeep, Bhatty Shiraz, Gupta Manu, Paul Rajesh

Abstract: Perilunate dislocations are some of the most severe injuries around the wrist .They can result in significant morbidity to the patient1 .We report a rare case of neglected trans-scaphoid perilunate dislocation which was managed by open reduction and internal fixation with good post-operative functional result of the patient.

      K Ankith Kumar

Abstract: A Content Management System (CMS) is computer program or a system administrator tool that allows publishing, editing and modifying content as well as maintenance from a central interface. Such systems of content management provide procedures to manage work flow in a collaborative environment. The core function and use of content management systems is to store and organize files, and provide control to access their data.


Abstract: At present situation, telecommunication department plays vital role in our day today human life. At the same time telecommunication area attains a rapid growth in very short period of years. Due to this fact, Telecom department is one of the senses deciding factor in world market. Because of this reason, this field turned out to be a most profitable area for investment. At the mean time competition between telecom industries is also there in the market. So churn prediction is very essential in telecom industries to retain their customers. This study focuses on data mining techniques for reducing customer churn and also likely to reduce error ratio.

      Richa Chitranshi, Dr. Rakesh Kumar Mehrotra, Praksh Pancoli

Abstract: The effect of electromagnetic radiation on human health is the subject of recent interest and study. ICNIRP (International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection) study has concluded that the exposure levels due to cell phone base stations are generally around one-ten-thousandth of the guideline levels. Moreover, the WHO has classified mobile phone radiation on the IARC (International Agency for Research on Cancer) scale into Group 2B–possibly carcinogenic to humans. It means that there could be some risk. On the other hand, telecom service providers are worried about QoS (quality of service) of mobile services about implementation of stricter norms regarding cell tower radiations. Therefore an exercise was done to measure cell tower radiations at various places of dense urban regions, in the context of QoS measurement at these places.

      Supriya Prajapati, Neha Gulhane, Pranav Betkekar, Prof. B.W.Balkhande

Abstract: A data distributor has given sensitive data to a set of supposedly trusted agents (third parties). Some of the data are leaked and found in an unauthorized place (e.g., on the web or somebody’s laptop). We propose data allocation strategies that improve the probability of identifying leakages. In Image and Video we can apply watermarking for detecting guilty agent. All the data will be stored on the cloud so Reliable Re-encryption in unreliable clouds technique is used. In this data owner store encrypted data in the cloud, and issue decryption keys to authorized users. When a user is revoked, the data owner will issue re-encryption commands to the cloud to re-encrypt the data, to prevent the revoked user from decrypting the data, and to generate new decryption keys to valid users, so that they can continue to access the data. In this project a time based re-encryption scheme is used for cloud servers to automatically re-encrypt data based on their internal clocks.

      P.Karthikeyan, P.Sekar, M.Sathyamoorthy, M.Chandan Kumar

Abstract: Scrofuloderma is a common type of cutaneous tuberculosis characterized by a bluish-red nodule overlying an infected lymph gland, bone or joint that breaks down to form an undermined ulcer with a granulating tissue at the base. Progression of the disease leads to irregular adherent masses, densely fibrous at some places while fluctuant and discharging at others. It heals with a characteristic puckered scarring at the site of infection. The disease is caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Very few pediatric patients with scrofuloderma have been reported. Here we describe a case of scrofuloderma with spine and pulmonary involvement in a 11 year old child which has been rarely described in literature.

      Abhishek Pandey ,Anirudh Kaushik, Amit Kumar Jha,Girish Kapse

Abstract: In this present era, people live a very busy life. People in cities have irregular and long working times. In such a situation a person will always find ways of saving time. household chores are the ones that are most dreaded upon. And cleaning a home tops the list.

      Rimai Joy, Garima Rana, Tarun Joshi

Abstract: The research article is an outcome of a survey undertaken among the students after joining anthropological course. The core objective of the research is to understand the views of students towards the importance of anthropology and its application in the human welfare and planning the societal development. The various important findings were analyzed and highlighted in this article. It discussed in detail the various branches of Anthropology along with its importance. The findings include the various inputs of the students on why should be study Anthropology. The survey also took into account on the realization of the students on the importance of the discipline after studying anthropology.

      Neelam Kumar

Abstract: Most population of India has been using the herbal medicine since time immemorial and medicinal plants are not only the source of herbal medicines but also plays major role in pharmaceutical industry. Keeping in view the importance medicinal plants and increasing demand of herbal medicines, the present study has been carried out in different areas of tehsil Joginder Nagar during April 2012 to December 2013, because tehsil Joginder Nagar is repository of medicinal important floral diversity due to suitable environmental conditions. India has six recognized systems of medicine (Ayurveda, Siddha, Unani, Yoga, Naturopathy and Homoeopathy).

      W.A.D.V. Weerathilake, D.M.D. Rasika, J.K.U. Ruwanmali and M.A.D.D. Munasinghe

Abstract: Yogurt or yoghurt is one of the most popular fermented dairy products worldwide which has great consumer acceptability due to its health benefits other than its basic nutrition. In general, yogurt is considered as a nutrition-dense food due to its nutrient profile and is a rich source of calcium that provides significant amounts of calcium in bio-available form. In addition, it provides milk proteins with a higher biological value and provides almost all the essential amino acids necessary to maintain good health.

      Imad Naseem, Abdus Salam Khan and Muhammad Akhter

Abstract: Rice being the second most important staple food in Pakistan plays an important role in economic stability of Pakistan. An insight of genetic diversity and correlation among the various traits related to yield is helpful in this regard. Twenty genotypes of rice (Oryza sativa L.) were evaluated for genetic variability and correlation. The experiment was conducted in the research area of department of Plant Breeding and Genetics, University of Agriculture Faisalabad, following randomized complete block design with three replications. The data was recorded on yield and different yield components. The results pertaining to analysis of variance showed highly significant differences among all genotypes for all the yield trails.


Abstract: Mining of gold from sand and rocks is referred to as gold mining rather than sand or rock mining. Thus data mining is nothing but the ‘knowledge mining’ from the data. Data mining techniques extract knowledge from large amount of data about a system. This knowledge can be used for taking various strategic decisions as well as finding the solutions towards the betterment of the system. The education system of a nation influences progressive nation building. It plays a vital role in the personal growth of a student and the social development among all. In this paper we have discussed various data mining techniques which can be used to improve the academic performance of the students. The main objective of higher education institutions is to provide quality education to their students. With the help of some data mining techniques like Association Rules, Classification, and KDD (Knowledge Discovery in Database), the institutes can evaluate the student performance and overcome the problems of low grades. The data required for this evaluation is hidden in huge educational databases. Data mining techniques not only abstract this data but also make predictions about student’s performance and suggest remedies depending upon the performance.

      Giridhar Kumar R, Iman Sadhu, Sangeetha N

Abstract: The aim of this paper is to analyze the performance of Erbium Doped Fiber Amplifier (EDFA) system by comparing the gains and noise figures of different commonly available EDFAs. The four stage enhancement circuit has been designed and simulation studies for different types of EDFAs are compared by replacing different EDFAs in the four-stage enhancement circuitry of EDFA in WDM configuration. Further, for the EDFA with comparatively better gain and noise figure spectrum, the pump powers are varied and a comparison of gain and noise figure with respect to wavelength is carried out. Finally, the Eye Diagram and Min BER has been generated for the best Pump Power performance.

      Pavan Godiawala, Noopur Anand, Jayantilal Mathurbhai Patel

Abstract: Abundant, eco-friendly, continuous and free, source of day lighting has a potential to reduce the consumption of 20% of lighting load of a garment factory. Various models of daylight harvesting have been experimented with in various production floors with great success. Apart from obvious advantage of energy conservation, harvesting of sunlight has many industrial advantages as well as positive impact on psychological and physiological health of workers in apparel sector. Implementing daylight harvesting solution has many challenges starting from consistency of the sunlight throughout the day& round the year, penetration of light in vertical structure &deep regions, apart from commonly known issues of glare and radiation. This review paper discusses all aspects of day light harvesting.

      Aniket Burande, Ankita Pise, Sameer Desai, Yohan Martin, Sejal D’mello

Abstract: The wireless communication, like Wi-Fi, is insecure and is vulnerable to attacks like packet sniffing. The login credentials in HTTP packets can be extracted from the IEEE 802.11 packets using tools like Wire-shark and can be misused by the attackers. This puts the whole data and the system into risks. The main goal of this paper is to show that packet sniffing can be avoided by ‘SSH tunneling’. The concept of SSH tunneling can actually be a good defensive mechanism against the packet sniffing attacks and can also make the communication over wireless networks secured. Also, why SSH tunneling is beneficial has been justified.

      OSHO, Augustine Ejededawe (Ph. D.)

Abstract: The paper examined the role of stock market on Nigeria’s economic development from 1980 to 2010 which cover the market performance and economic growth in Nigeria. Data were sourced from statistical bulletin. This research study made use of annual time series data covering the period between 1980 – 2010. The study also made use of ordinary least square of multiple regression estimates. From the study, stock market development is positively correlated with the development of financial intermediaries and consequently economic growth. It was therefore recommended that the funds raised by government in form of government securities in the capital market should be put into productive sectors of the economy that will necessitate to growth in all facets of the economy.

      OSHO, Augustine Ejededawe

Abstract: The paper examined a critical assessment of accounting procedures in the oil and gas sector of Nigerian economy taking NNPC and some selected oil companies in Lagos metropolis of Nigeria. The paper also determined the effectiveness and efficiency of the accounting system of this industry which is assumed will reduce the incidence of tax avoidance by oil companies. The researcher employed ex-post facto design since the data collected were already available without any manipulation to text three hypotheses. Chi-square analysis was used to analyze the data collected for the study. Findings revealed that there is a significant relationship between the effectiveness of accounting procedure in enhancing performance, accuracy and reliability of accounting records in the industry.


Abstract: In recent years, most of the organizations in the world have increasingly realized the importance of cloud platforms. The cloud computing is one of the developing segmenting of IT industry as well as a promising concept to the end users. However Cloud Computing has more applications but there are many challenges that are facing by a Cloud environment. In recent years, the major attacks in cloud are a Distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks on the catalog of cloud attacks. DDoS can have serious penalty for the companies which are dependent on the internet service for their production. Thus, it is important to reduce a force of DDoS is one of the latest issues. This paper focus on the impact of DDoS attacks in cloud and the NEIF technique available to overcome with the issue.

      Shan Mary Cherian, Naveena S George, Sherin Mary Enosh,Sunitha S Pillai

Abstract: CRC is Cyclic Redundancy Check, it is used for generating check bits for detecting data transmission errors in the digital communication networks. The 9-bit CRC polynomial is used for the generation of CRC value . In this paper we have implemented, the generation of CRC value for a 16 bit serial data by using 9 bit polynomial. The CRC bit can be generated for any 16 bit data with any 9 bit polynomial at the time of transmission.

      Moukhlissi Saïd, Aboussabiq Fatima Ezzahra, Amine Jamal, Rihani Mohammed and Assobhei Omar

Abstract: Two bacteria were isolated from anoxic denitrifying reactor for treatment of domestic wastewater. The identification of isolates revealed that the isolates are Bacillus cereus and Bacillus tequilensis. The isolates were affiliated with Firmicutes. Denitrification was compared between Bacillus cereus and Bacillus tequilensis in this study. Two bacilli are able to denitrify and Bacillus cereus is more efficient than Bacillus tequilensis. Bacillus cereus reduces 80% of high amount of nitrate; however, Bacillus tequilensis could reduce 37.4% of nitrate. These heterotrophic bacteria are able to eliminate organic matter with the same trend reducing 74.5% for Bacillus tequilensis and 70.2% for Bacillus cereus.

      Dr. Hanamantharayya Baragali and Dr. Prakash M Badiger

Abstract: India attained freedom from British rule on 15th August 1947. India was declared a sovereign Democratic Republic on 26th January 1950. On that date the Constitution of India came into force.

      Gbolahan – Ayoade Elizabeth Eka-ete, Gbolahan Wahab Ayoade and Oluwaseun Adelaja

Abstract: Biodegradation of Bitumen by aerophilic organisms was carried out by inoculating the bitumen sample on nutrient agar plate. The sample was divided into six as five parts were cultured aerobically while a part was cultured anaerobically using anaerobic jar. The isolation, characterization and identification of the microbial isolate revealed that five bacterial general: such as Pseudomonas aeroginosa, Bacillus subtilis, Bacillus cereus, Aerobacter aerogenes and Aerobacter cecacac are grown in each plate after 24 hours and recorded as positive (+). Conversely, characteristic of isolate was also investigated such as colour, shape, cell shape, spore shape and gram reaction, biochemical test was also carried out on each bacterial isolate such as motility test, coagulase test, indole and catalase test. However, result shows that sample A has (brown), B (white), C (white to yellow), D (thick white) and E (white spreading) colour, other morphological characteristics like shape and gram staining reaction are indicated as positive(+) and negative (-) respectively.

      Dr. Malathi K M.D.S., Aruna Kaveri

Abstract: Chronic periodontitis although a common disorder in adults, is found associated with a number of systemic conditions like diabetes mellitus, atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease- CHD and certain chronic inflammatory disorders including rheumatoid arthritis. Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) and Chronic Periodontitis-CP share certain common features like both being chronic inflammatory disease associated with bone loss and destruction of the soft tissue surrounding the bone ultimately leading to loss of function. Etiopathologically both are initiated by some pathogens like bacteria and believe to be further mediated by host immune-inflammatory dysregulation. Elevated levels of pro-inflammatory cytokines leading to bone resorption is reported in both conditions. Resolving periodontal infection seems to have positive effect on the treatment of RA. Both respond to certain drugs like NSAIDS and tetracyclines.

      Johnny Adline. G, Ebby Darney. P

Abstract: The Distributed generated system originated due to the demand of electrical energy and keen scarcity of conventional energy sources. The main problem is the harmonization of the DG to the utility grid. Usually, for synchronizing the utility grid with DG source current regulated PWM voltage-source inverters (VSI) are used in order to meet the following objectives: 1) To improve grid stability 2) To control active and reactive power through voltage and frequency control 3) Improvement of power quality, etc. By using Fuzzy with hysteresis controller enhancement of power quality is made by diminishing current error at higher band width. This system is modeled and simulated in the MATLAB/Simulink model and the results obtained are compared with conventional hysteresis controller.

      Dr.P.Sekar, Dr.P.Karthikeyan, Dr.M.Sowjan, Dr.Mahesh Inbasekaran

Abstract: Growth hormone is an anabolic hormone released in pulsatile manner in the circulation. It is one of the uncommon causes of short stature in children and is largely idiopathic. The case report is about a 12 Year old boy who presented with short stature. He was diagnosed to have Isolated Growth hormone deficiency. Growth hormone was started after diagnosis was made.

      Ashwini Dangi, Utkarsha Nirbhavane

Abstract: Backward walking also known as ‘Retro’ walking has shown to have many health benefits. Backward walking is found to be beneficial in improving the body composition and cardiorespiratory fitness than forward walking on treadmill. Walking on a level surface requires no sophisticated equipments and can be done according to subject’s convenience. However no study till date was found comparing forward walking versus backward walking on level surface in pre obese individuals. Hence the objectives of the study were to assess and compare the effects of forward walking and backward walking on level surface on BMI, waist to hip ratio (WHR) & percent body fat in pre obese individuals

      Huvaida Manzoor, Yogeshwar SinghRandhawa

Abstract: Medicines have helped to make our lives easy. Drug industry is developing industry in terms of production as well as consumption. Medication has become very important in everyone’s life as we are affected by many diseases.[1] But these medicines might be defected, tablets may be broken, there may be cracks and consumption of these drugs might be dangerous. This paper shows different methods of digital image processing technique to find the defects in tablets. In this article we use Morphology Operations, Template matching to detect the defected tablet packet.

      Periyasamy.P, Nirmal sam.S

Abstract: The combination of link-quality variation with the broadcasting nature of wireless channels has revealed a direction in the research of wireless networking, namely, cooperative communication. Research on cooperative communication started to attract interests in the community at the physical layer but more recently its importance and usability have also been realized at upper layers of the network protocol stack. In this article, we tackle the problem of opportunistic data transfer in mobile ad hoc networks. Our solution is called Cooperative Opportunistic Routing in Mobile Ad hoc Networks (CORMAN). It is a pure network layer scheme that can be built atop off-the-shelf wireless networking equipment. Nodes in the network use a lightweight proactive source routing protocol to determine a list of intermediate nodes that the data packets should follow en route to the destination.

      Waseem Khan, Dr. Saleem Akhtar, Aslam Hussain

Abstract: This research paper describes the results of an extensive study on the seismic behavior of a structure with damper and without damper under different earthquake acceleration frequency like EQ Altadena , EQ Lucerne, EQ Pomona, EQ Smonica and EQ Yormo.

      Naveenkumar R Kulkarni

Abstract: In electric power distribution, an Autorecloser is a circuit breaker equipped with a mechanism that can automatically close the breaker after it has been opened due to a fault. Autoreclosers are used on overhead distribution systems to detect and interrupt momentary faults. Since many short-circuits on overhead lines clear themselves, an Autorecloser improves service continuity by automatically restoring power to the line after a momentary fault.

      Devendra Singh, Anju Panwar, and Sapana

Abstract: Groundwater is not only an important component of the hydrological cycle but also the most important source of water for drinking, domestic, industrial and agricultural uses. The present work is aimed at assessing the water quality index (WQI) for the groundwater of Doiwala block of Doon valley. This has been determined by collecting legacy data from concerned organization.For calculating the WQI, the following 11 parametershave been considered: pH, total hardness, calcium, magnesium, chloride, nitrate, sulphate, total dissolved solids, iron, manganese and fluorides.The WQI for these samples ranges from 30 to 330. The high value ofWQI has been found to be mainly from the higher values of iron, nitrate, totaldissolved solids, hardness, fluorides, bicarbonate and manganese in the groundwater. The results of analyses have been used to suggest models for predicting water quality.

      Muhammad Yunus

Abstract: This study investigated the implementation of regional organizational restructuring and the influence of the organizational restructuring to the commitment and performance of local public services in the city of Makassar. The research applied a quantitative approach with explanative type using regression. The results showed that the performance of structuring the organizational structure as outlined in the Regional Regulation of Makassar on the organization of the area quite well. Restructuring, simultaneous commitment significantly affect the performance of services with highly influential category. This suggests that the better the restructuring and the commitment the better of service performance. This is due to restructuring factors become the basis in public service improvement. By the present of clear rules, clear division of labor, not centralized decision-making, allocation of duties based on competence will improve service performance apparatus.

      DR. M. Shahul Hameed

Abstract: Social marketing seeks to develop and integrate marketing concepts with other approaches to influence behaviors that benefit individuals and communities for the greater social good. It seeks to integrate research, best practice, theory, audience and partnership insight, to inform the delivery of competition sensitive and segmented social change programs that are effective, efficient, and equitable and sustainability. Although "social marketing" is sometimes seen only as using standard commercial marketing practices to achieve non-commercial goals, this is an oversimplification.

      Prasad Bhukya, Dr. Debasish Basak

Abstract: Energy management includes planning and operation of energy-related production and consumption units. Objectives are resource conservation, climate protection and cost savings, while the users have permanent access to the energy they need. It is connected closely to environmental management, production management, logistics and other established business functions. Advancements in energy saving technologies can play an important role in further improving energy efficiency in the near, medium and long term.

      Chukwujekwu IE, Ezejindu DN, Nwosu N.M.

Abstract: The reports of longitudinal study of blood pressure in childhood suggest an important role for early detection and enhancing a better understanding of the natural history of elevated blood pressure. This is important in Africa where reports of childhood blood pressure studies are scarce. In this study, anthropometric parameters (weight and height) were measure to check their correlation with blood pressure. The study was carried out on 320 primary school children whose age ranged from 6-14 at a gender ratio of 1:1. Their heights, weights and blood pressures were measured using height meter, weighing scale, sphygmomanometer and stethoscope.

      Thiruselvakumar D, Sinuvasan K, Sibi Chakravarthy R, Venkatesh E

Abstract: The teenage is a period of acceptance for much negative health behaviour including choice of food, vegetable and fruit consumption, etc. Several dietary behaviour have been linked with childhood obesity, including increased number of meals eaten outside the home, larger portion sizes of meals at restaurants and fast-food takeaways, and increased consumption of snacks and soft drinks. The ideations formed during the mid-adolescence lead to adoption of either favorable or unfavorable dietary pattern.

      Kerenhappachu M.S. & Godishala Sridevi

Abstract: Parents of children with mental retardation experiences high level of emotional, financial and physical stress. There are multiple problems of having a mentally retarded child in the family. The problems are mainly related to the social ridicule and social stigma. Feelings of depression are common, particularly when realization of the child’s retardation is recent. Mothers of children with disability have the higher the perception of economic situation and income adequacy, parenting social support, and religious practices, and the lower the symptoms of depression and found that minority mothers showed the higher the religious coping, the lower the symptoms of depression.

      Olawale J. Okegbile, Abdulkadir B. Hassan, Abubakar Mohammed*, Alhaji A. Abdullahi, Dele S. Jimoh

Abstract: The post-harvest operation of cassava is still being done manually and therefore labour intensive. The need to mechanize this process makes it necessary to have a machine that will perform some of these processes. This paper presents the design of a pedal driven pulverizing and sieving machine for dewatered grated cassava. The components design includes the sieve bed mechanism, screening material, chain, shaft and pulverizing cylinder. This involves the mechanization of pulverizing and sieving of dewatered grated cassava. The Machine is designed to be driven like a bicycle, which sends rotary motion to the system for the desire work.

      R.Prasanna, Ram Kumar Reddy, A.Prema

Abstract: Kleebattschadel (clover leaf shaped skull) is a rare and severe form of craniosynostosis occurring due to various syndromic and non syndromic etiologies(1). One among them is Pfeiffer syndrome, a rare inherited disorder that associates craniosynostosis, broad and deviated thumbs and big toes, and partial syndactyly on hands and feet caused due to FGFR gene mutations.

      Praveen.S.Nair, P.P.Selvi

Abstract: The absorption of carbon dioxide into aqueous ammonia solution using packed column was investigated. The volumetric overall mass transfer coefficients (KGav) for CO2 absorption into aqueous ammonia solutions were evaluated over ranges of main operating variables , that is, upto 16kPa partial pressure of CO2, 61-214 m3/(m2.h) gas flow rate, 0.75- 3.06 m3/(m2.h) liquid flow rate, 2%- 16% ammonia mass fraction, and 20- 50oC temperature. Experimental results show that the mass transfer process in CO2 absorption into aqueous ammonia solution is mainly controlled by the resistance in the liquid phase and the ammonia concentration has a great effect on the overall mass transfer coefficient.

      R. Siva Shankar, S.A. Srinivasan, Dr.S.Shankar2, Dr.R.Rajasekar, R. Naveen Kumar, P. Sathish Kumar

Abstract: In recent years, extensive studies have been carried out on natural fiber reinforced thermoplastics due to their low cost, high specific properties, simple fabrication methods, biodegradable nature and diverse applications touching all commercial sectors. The challenge is to make composites with properties that are not overly compromised by the use of low technology. In this work, we review the performances of these resources, that is, wheat flour/wheat husk/wheat grain. By adding natural fibers, composites are also obtained by extrusion process. These composites exhibit performances which allow their use only for short duration. The mechanical, morphological, chemical, water absorption and thermal properties of biocomposites were studied.

      Mr. Yathish Kumar K.R, Prof. Nagaraja.R

Abstract: Due to heavy demand in plastic products, plastic industries are emergent in a fastest rate. Plastic injection molding begins with mould making and in manufacturing of complex shapes; the optimum gate location is one of the most important criterions in mould design. Mould Flow analysis is a powerful simulation tool to optimize the gate location and to predict the Production time required at the lowest possible cost.

      Dr. Shanjendu Nath

Abstract: Man is a rational animal. He can think for himself and also for others. He can distinguish good from bad with the help of his reason. All other animals except human beings lead their lives by instinct and that is why they fail to distinguish good and bad. With the help of reason men built up the civilization, scientific discoveries and so on. But in spite of all these human beings are more cruel than other animals. When his rationality is undermined and animality dominates he can go in any length and that is why there are different laws such as, legal laws, moral laws and some other laws which restrict man and help to refrain from doing cruel activities. Above all there are religious fears which also play a great role in the society to keep human beings in their right track.

      Vasanthavalli.C, Vellaisamy.S

Abstract: An implementation of a three phase distribution static compensator (DSTATCOM) using a control algorithm for its functions under nonlinear loads such as load balancing and reactive power compensation for power factor, and zero voltage regulation. A control algorithm is used for the extraction of the fundamental weighted value of active and reactive power components. Using digital signal processor the DSTATCOM is developed and its performance of DSTATCOM is found to be satisfactory for various types of loads.

      Hlwun Moe Aung, Win Zaw Hein, Hla Myo Tun

Abstract: This paper presents performance evaluation of the different Modulation Schemes (BPSK, QPSK, GMSK) in terms of Bit error rate (BER) in cellular mobile environment with GSM standard parameters. The main objective of this paper is to investigate the factors that go into selection of the particular modulation scheme in the wireless environment. To analyze the cellular mobile environment GSM standard is selected. There are a number of factors that enter into the choice of a modulation scheme for use in a wireless application. Performance of a cellular system is dependent on the efficiency of the modulation scheme in use. Gaussian channel model was used. The various modulation schemes like BPSK, QPSK, and GMSK will be simulated in SystemVue software.

      Arsha Viswambharan, Sheetal Kumar Patidar, Khyati Saxena

Abstract: Maintaining optimal temperature and air circulation are the basis of a comfortable indoor environment. This role is played by HVAC(Heating, Ventilation and Air conditioning) systems. All heating, ventilation and air conditioning system account for 60% of the World's total energy consumption this calls for a sustainable solutions for HVAC systems. We discuss many of such techniques used around the globe in this paper. The main objective is to minimise the energy consumption by shifting towards natural renewable sources while maintaining the required comfort level of a building.

      Mohd.Faseehuddin, Sadia Shireen

Abstract: Advancement in VLSI technology has led to larger number of components on a single chip making it a reality to realise portable systems. Analog circuits are important in every VLSI systems such as filters, current and voltage amplifiers, comparators, A/D and D/A converters, etc. Miniaturization in circuit design requires low-power low-voltage (LPLV) analog integrated circuits to be designed. Analog signal processing’s inherent advantage of low power and high speed has led to extensive research in analog domain. Current domain processing having advantages of higher bandwidth, large dynamic range, greater linearity, simple circuitry seems to be the solution. Among the number of current mode topologies current conveyor is the most versatile building block. The second generation Current controlled current conveyor (CCCII) has attained greater popularity in recent years due to electronic adjustability of X-terminal intrinsic resistance through bias current.

      Rita Singh, Dr. Anshurani Patel, Snehlata Pandey

Abstract: Pancreatitis is inflammation of pancreas, most characteristic symptoms is epigastric pain, radiating to back. The severity and occurrence of the pain tends to reduce with disease progression. The ACE (angiotensin converting enzyme) I/D a deletion polymorphism of 287bp fragment of intron 16 of the ACE gene allele, has been shown to result in higher levels of circulating enzyme in a dependent manner. The ACE may have a pathogenic role in the development of chronic pancreatitis. The RAS is a circulatory cascade system and the key enzyme in this system is ACE which converts Angiotensin-I to the potent vasoconstrictor Angitensin-II.

      D. Madi, B. Birouk

Abstract: In this work we have investigated the microwave plasma discharge assisted by electron cyclotron resonance for hydrogenation of thin film polycrystalline n+pp+ silicon solar cells in terms of defects passivation and surface etching. The polycrystalline silicon films were formed by high temperature chemical vapor deposition. Influence of various process parameters such as microwave plasma power (PMW), hydrogenation time (tH) and substrate temperature (TH) on the sheet resistance of the n+ emitter region and on the open-circuit voltage (Voc) of the n+pp+ structure were investigated. The n+ emitter region was obtained by phosphorus diffusion using a spin-on dopant P507 solution from filmtronics.

      Thusharika Dilrukshi Dissanayaka

Abstract: Low back pain (LBP) is a common musculoskeletal disorder which is mainly associated with the ergonomically incorrect working conditions. Therefore the purpose of this study was to assess the awareness about back care disciplines among high school children in Kandy zone, Sri Lanka. A cross-sectional study was conducted in Kandy zone, Sri Lanka to study the awareness about back care disciplines among high school level Sinhala medium science students. 815 High school level Sinhala medium science students age between 17-18 years were requested to complete a 13 item questionnaire consisted of images related to correct and incorrect back disciplines in various daily activities.

      Ngerebara Owajiokiche Dago, Abam T. K. S. and Nelson Kiri

Abstract: The Akanfa–Gbaran Road traverses sections of the geomorphic meander belt and crosses the Epie Creek, near Yenegoa, Bayelsa State capital. Road construction in this area is usually at exceptionally high cost because of the challenging geologic, geomorphic and environmental setting of the Niger delta. Using a combination of geotechnical borings and Cone penetration soundings, the subgrade underlying the road was characterized, providing litho-stratigraphic, shear strength, bearing capacity, settlement and axial pile capacity data for the area. Results show that competent bearing soil layers occur at shallow depths and only the top 1.5m of the subgrade need be improved for effective pavement performance. Predicted axial pile capacities for a range of closed ended, steel tubular pile diameters 300mm, 450mm and 600mm show that pile embedment need not exceed 15m except for considerations of scour.

      Prof D.D. Pukale, Miss. Laxmi P. Dabade, Miss. Varsha B. Patil, Miss. Chandani P.Lodha, Miss. Nikita S. Ghode

Abstract: At present, tags are extensively used to describe the images, so that utilizing these tags for image retrieval system is today’s need. So, our system incorporates image similarity graph with image-tag bipartite graph using visual features of image like color, shape & texture .For color feature extraction HSV model, for shape feature extraction Sobel with mean and median filter, for texture feature extraction Framelet methods are used. Initially we extract features by these three methods and all features are combined for matching between images in the database and query image. Combination of the features of the three methods along with CBIR and TBIR are used to balance the influence between image content tags. The system is able to retrieve the images related to the query as well as annotating the query image.

      Mohit Agarwal, Jafar Ali

Abstract: The importance of aviation industry in modern era is long familiar. The industrial sector has been suffering energy crises from almost a decade or two and consequently paves way for the need of energy regeneration and utility. Runways are heart of an airport and currently runways are just used as pathways for airplane take off from the ground. The proposed idea emphasizes use of residual mechanical vibration energy from aircraft during takeoff, landing and taxing on ground. The question that arises, how do we achieve this?? The answer -Air Wakes and Impulse. Air Wakes are huge source of vibration energy and this paper discusses how these vibrations are harnessed using energy regenerative engineering technology.

      T. Rajendran, K. Senthil Murugan, G. Balakrishnan, C. Karthikeyan, S. Thanaraj, G. Arunkumar, V. K. Sivasubramanian, M. Ganesan, K. Vijaya

Abstract: Six transition metal-salen complexes (metal = Fe, Mn and Cr) 1-6 have been synthesized and characterized using different spectroscopic and electrochemical techniques. The binding studies of natural antioxidant, curcumin with the complexes (1-6) have been carried out by electronic absorption spectroscopic technique. The substantial shift in the absorption maximum of complexes (1-6) when they bind to curcumin indicated that there was a strong binding between them. The binding constant calculated ranges from 20 to 2.46 X 104 M-1 s-1. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first report for studying binding nature of curcumin, the natural antioxidant with these biologicallly relevant metal-salen complexes.

      Durairaj Prema, Malaiyandi Kamaraj, Shanmugam Achiraman, Rajangam Udayakumar

Abstract: Curcuma amada Roxb, of Zingiberaceae is an important active spice used in traditional system of medicine. They also used in the manufacture of pickles, chutney, salad and jam. Phosphomolybdenam method was used to measure the total antioxidant capacity (TAC) of C. amada ethanolic rhizome extract (CAEREt). The free radical scavenging capacity of CAEREt was also carried out by ABTS and DPPH methods. The cytotoxicity effect of CAEREt was determined by Trypan blue dye exclusion method and MTT assay using two different cell lines such as Dalton Lyphoma Ascites (DLA) and Human Cervical Cancer Cell Line (HeLa). The results showed that the rhizome extract of C. amada rich in phytocompounds and have exhibited better antioxidant and cytotoxicity properties.

      Jayarama Reddy and Jeldi Hemachandran

Abstract: A comparative evaluation of the antidiabetic and hypoglycaemic potential of the extracts from different plant parts of Musa paradisiaca (MP) was carried out in vitro. MP extracts were prepared sequentially with methanol, chloroform and petroleum ether. A comparison was made between the action of extracts from different parts. Different concentrations of each extract were made by using phosphate buffer and subjected to α-amylase and α-glucosidase inhibitory assays using maltose and 2-Chloro-4-Nitrophenyl-α-Maltotrioside as substrates respectively. Using this method, the percentage of α-amylase inhibitory activities of each extract were calculated. The enzymes were extracted from the sheep intestines. The absorbencies ware read at 595 nm and 405nm respectively using spectrophotometer. Methanol extracts were found to show higher inhibition.

      U.Albert Anand MPT,MBA, CSSBB, S.Ramesh, MPT, Mr. Abdul Khadhar Jailabdeen, BPT

Abstract: Colle’s fracture is a very common extra-articular fracture that occurs as the result of a fall on out stretched hand (FOOSH). Although Colle’s fractures are commonly seen in all age groups and demographics, they are particularly common in osteoporotic individuals and as such are more frequently seen in elderly women. Some complications are associated with injury itself. The complications such as persistent neuropathy of median nerve, ulnar nerve or radial nerve, mal-united fracture and post traumatic stiffness have been reported in 1 out of 3 patients. Rehabilitation of fractures is a very important thing because of the limitations produced by improper management can lead to stiffness, deformity and limitation of functions.

      Manopriya.V, S.EstherShalinRooth, C.S.Celin,Prof.Venkata subramanian.D

Abstract: Mobile Ad-hoc Network is a volatile infrastructure network. It is dynamic in nature i.e. it consists of movable nodes. Due to its changing topology it tends to get attacked by unauthorized access. Among various attacks routing attack is the one which causes severe damage to the network infrastructure. There exist a number of techniques and methodologies to overcome this problem but almost all these techniques concentrates on isolating the node at the instant it is being attacked which further ruins the network. In this paper, a filtering technique is proposed to reduce the permanent isolation of nodes.

      Jephias Chimunhu

Abstract: This study investigated first year first semester Psychology students’(2013) perceptions of the relevance of identity related domains at Great Zimbabwe University (Poly campus , Masvingo) (N=350). For this purpose a structured questionnaire consisting of 14 domain specific items was adapted from earlier studies by Alberts, Mbalo and Ackerman studies (2003). The study replicates Chimunhu (2011) study at University of Fort Hare. Most of the domains were regarded as overwhelmingly relevant by the respondents. My career was highly regarded at 93% “Very important” by the respondents whilst Friendship with members of the opposite sex was regarded of least importance by 47 % of the respondents. Gender and age variables are likely to affect Adolescents differently at different phases in this stage of identity development.

      Pragathi M , Swapna Addamani, Venkata Ravana Nayak

Abstract: Workload balancing in the cloud computing environment has an important impact on the performance. Good workload balancing makes cloud computing more efficient and improves user satisfaction. This paper introduces a better workload balance model for the public cloud based on the cloud partitioning concept with a switch mechanism to choose different strategies for different situations. When the nodes are at idle status dynamic round robin algorithm is used.when the nodes are in normal status the algorithm which applies the game theory to the workload balancing strategy is used to improve the efficiency in the public cloud environment. A game theoretic frame work for obtaining a user optimal workload balancing scheme as been presented for non-cooperative game the structure of Nash equilibrium is used to select appropriate nodes to balance the workload The goal of cloud based architecture is to provide elasticity and ability to expand capacity on-demand. The workload balancing feature efficiently reduces the waiting time at each process steps.

      Poonam Shugani, Dr. S. H. Abbas, Dr. Vijay Gupta

Abstract: This paper deals with the transportation problem that has fuzzy cost coefficient. In this paper the aim of work is to introduce dual simplex method to solve transportation problem with fuzzy objective functions. The fuzzy objective functions have fuzzy demand and supply coefficients, which are represented as fuzzy numbers. For this we are solving fuzzy transportation problem by dual simplex method.

      Shikha Gupta, Vinod Jain, Pawan Bhadana

Abstract: Available information is expanding day by day and this availability makes access and proper organization to the archives critical for efficient use of information. People generally rely on information retrieval (IR) system to get the desired result. In such a case, it is the duty of the service provider to provide relevant, proper and quality information to the user against the query submitted to the IR System. With time, many old techniques have been modified, and many new techniques are developing to do effective retrieval over large collections. This paper is concerned with the analysis and comparison of various available page ranking algorithms based on the various parameters to find out their advantages and limitations in ranking the pages. This paper proposed a new page ranking system that will combine the old tf/idf weight and a new document-context-weight to find the rank of the documents.

      Tahir Abdullah and Erni

Abstract: The difference of full breastfeeding length of normal confinement and cesarean section with IMD and non-IMD at RSDK Ibu dan Anak Siti Fatima and RSB (Maternity Hospital) of Restu Makassar. The research aims to indicate (1) the different of the length of full breastfeeding of normal confinement doing IMD and non-IMD, (2) the difference of the length of full breastfeeding of cesarean section doing IMD and non-IMD, (3) the difference of the length of full breastfeeding of normal confinement and cesarean section with IMD, and (4) the difference of length of full breast feeding of normal confinement which do not use IMD and cesarean section which use IMD. The research was conducted at the children’s and Maternity Hospitals in Makassar city.

      Seyed Mohammad Attaran, Rubiyah Yusof, Hazlina Selamat

Abstract: Control methodologies could achieve better comfort conditions of heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, however, the application of classical controllers is unsatisfactory as HVAC systems are non-linear and the control variables such as temperature and relative humidity (RH) inside the thermal zone are coupled. The objective of this study is to implement and simulate adaptive control for decoupled HVAC to control temperature and RH. A non-linear decoupling algorithm is used to decouple the HVAC system and an adaptive controller is applied to control the temperature and RH, and improve the transient response of system. The simulation results show that the adaptive controller performance is superior, as compared with classical PID controller. In addition, the steady state set points for temperature and RH are better reached in a shorter period of time.

      Sathish Kumar.S, Sudhakaran.M, M.E,(Ph.D), Dr.Seyezhai.R

Abstract: A method to monitoring the torque and efficiency in induction motor in real time by employing wireless sensor networks (WSNs). In Industries most of the mechanical works are done by motors among them 90% are induction motors. A controller unit (stellaries) is employed for acquiring electrical signals from the motor in a non invasive manner, and then performing local processing for torque and efficiency estimation. These values are calculated by the controller unit which are transmitted to a monitoring unit through a WiFi based WSN. At the base unit, various motors can be monitored in real time.

      Jayshree M. Kurandawad and H. C. Lakshman

Abstract: Altogether 700 segments from 15 plants of Acalypha indica Linn. were collected from Karnatak University Botanical Garden; Dharwad. And they were screened for the presence of endophytic fungi. A total of 12 fungal species viz, Aspergillus candidus Link ex. Fries., Aspergillus flavipes Bainer and Sartory. Aspergillus niger Tiegh., Aureobasidium pullulans (de Bary) Arnaud. Les., Bipolaris nodulosa (Bert and Curt. ex. Sacc.) Shoemaker., Cladosporium epiphyllum Person., Cunninghamella blacksleeana Lender., Fusarium heterosporum., Fusarium oxysporum Schlechtendahl., Penicillum purpurogenum stoll., Rhizopus nigricans Ehrenberg., Unidentified I isolated and identified based on the morphology of the fungal culture and spores with the help of manuals. The present investigation was the diversity of endophytes and colonization frequency was more dominated in host leaves had been determined. Importance of endophytes in medicinal plant has been discussed.

      Modang Reena, Anku Nani

Abstract: Ziro valley is a picturesque valley, lies at an altitude of 1573 metre. This valley is situated in the central part of Arunachal Pradesh which is bordered by the upper Subansiri district in the north east, East kameng in the west, Tibet and china in the north and Assam in the south east.

      Mrs. P.Shanmuga Priya M.E(Ph.d), Preethi.D, Priya.J, shanthini.B

Abstract: Cloud computing is the computing technology that involves a large number of computers connected through a communication network such as internet, similar to utility computing and distributed computing. It has ability to run a program or application on many connected computers at the same time. Searchable symmetric encryption (SSE) allows retrieval of encrypted data over cloud. Basically focus on addressing data privacy issues using searchable symmetric encryption (SSE). To eliminate the leakage, two-round searchable encryption (TRSE) scheme that supports top-k multi-keyword retrieval along with it propose a log file generation module. The efficiency of the system is enhanced by making retrieval of data in more secured and efficient manner. The vector space model helps to provide sufficient search accuracy, and the homomorphic encryption enables users to involve in the ranking while the majority of computing work is done on the server side by operations only on ciphertext. As a result, information leakage can be eliminated and data security is ensured. Thorough security and performance analysis show that the proposed scheme guarantees high security and practical efficiency.

      Dipak Punekar, Dinesh Waditake, Nitish Pawar

Abstract: With the study of computers and computer applications since the first phase of 20th century, Image Processing has upraised and withstand as a vast application field. The work in this field is incredible and of immense importance with respect to various applications like Medical, Computer Imaging Systems and Computer Aided Design, Digitization, Human Visual System (HVS), etc. The same enlighten interest and curiosity within us to work in the field of Image Processing. Thus, in the proposed system with the help of research and data available, we are framing out a way to detect counterfeit in the Indian Currency notes. This paper comprises of the related studies and work drafted by scholars who have already worked in this field. We have possibly framed out the comparative study of the work we referred so as to put forth the proposed system.

      Tijjani, A.; Adebitan, S.A.; Gurama, A.U.; Aliyu, M.; Haruna, S.G.; Mohammad, G.U. and Mus’ab, I.

Abstract: Laboratory experiment was conducted in Microbiology Laboratory of School of Science and Science Technology, Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University, Bauchi, Nigeria, to determine the antifugal effect of some plant extracts at different concentration to control tomato fruit rot via both invitro and invivo approaches. The aqueous moringa, Lantana, garlic and pawpaw each with two varying concentrations (40 and 60g/l) were evaluated along with carbendazin for comparison and untreated tomatoes serving as control against Aspergillus flavus. The treatments were laid in a Completely Randomized Design (CRD) with three replications. The results showed a promising antifungal activity of the crude extracts of these plants against A. flavous. Among the various plant extracts with varying concentrations, aqueous extracts of pawpaw (40 and 60g/l) was found to have more significance (P< 0.01) inhibitory effect on radial growth of A. flavus both invitro (0.30 and 0.24cm and invivo 0.77 and 0.71) better than other extracts and is comparable to carbendazim. On the other hand, lantana, garlic and moringa at 40 and 60g/l reduced radial growth of A. flavus better than the control. This finding proved the potentiality of plant extracts for the control of post harvest and transit fungal rot of tomato fruit and could be applied to control fungal fruit rot of tomato in both storage and on transit.

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