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      Valentina Ilieva

Abstract: The teachers of German should have their work close at heart, day and night, and should be as busy as bees, because, contrarily, they will start mincing words and their students will pretend innocence. Idiomatic expressions are a very important segment in each and every language. They unable the users of a particular language to read between lines and they also highlight the profound cultural features of that language. This paper makes an attempt to put to the foreground that specific small segment of linguistics, culture and national feature of a foreign language, or more precisely, it tackles the case of the Macedonian learners of the German language.

      Nuzul Qur'aniati, S.Kep., Ns., M.Ng, Iqlima Dwi K, S.Kep., Ns., M.Kep, Aria Aulia N, S.Kep., Ns., M.Kep

Abstract: Infectious diseases are the second highest cause of infant mortality in the world. In Indonesia acute respiratory infection (ARI) is one of infectious diseases which causes many deaths, especially in infants and toddlers. Efforts to overcome these, nurses are expected to have a role to perform five tasks assessment families with adopted culture. Understanding of the culture can be carried through nursing transcultural approach that explains awareness and appreciation of cultural differences. This study aims to describe the family experience in the implementation of tasks in the family health and disease prevention of infectious diseases due to lifestyle based on Leininger's theory.

      Leif Marvin R. Gonzales, Ramonita A. Caralde and Maita L. Aban

Abstract: Organic fertilizer is a good source of nutrients for the soil. It improves the soil’s physical, chemical and biological characteristics. This study was conducted to evaluate the growth and yield performance of pechay applied with different levels of compost as organic fertilizer and determines the effect of organic fertilizer in terms of plant height, number of leaves per plant, fresh weight per plant and leaf area. The pot experiment was laid out in randomized complete block design (RCBD) with five treatments and replicated three times. Significant differences between treatments means were determined using the Duncan Multiple Range Test (DMRT). The analysis of variance (ANOVA) showed, that there were no significant differences in the plant height and number of leaves. However, leaf area of pechay was significantly affected by application of T3 = 50% pure garden soil: 50% pure compost (OF) in combination and in terms of yield, the fresh weight of pechay was significantly increased with the application of T4 = 75% pure garden soil: 25% pure compost (OF). Application of 50% pure garden soil: 50% pure compost (OF) and 75% pure garden soil: 25% pure compost (OF) significantly affected the leaf area and fresh weight of pechay. This implies that compost application greatly increased or influenced the growth and development of the pechay plant.

      Aldy S. Rambe, Hasan Sjahrir, Moh. Hasan Machfoed

Abstract: Chronic tension-type headache (CTTH) differs from the episodic form not only in frequency but also with respect to pathophysiology, lack of effect to most treatment strategies, frequent medication overuse, more disability, and higher socioeconomic costs. The purpose of this study is to see the effect of amitriptyline on TNF-α, IL-1, and IL-6 serum levels in CTTH patients and its correlation with pain severity. Method : This research was done at the Adam Malik Hospital and Bukit Barisan Army Hospital Medan, Indonesia from January 2013 - June 2014 and approved by the Ethics Committee for Health Research School of Medicine in University of Sumatera Utara. The subjects were recruited consecutively from study population. Diagnosis of CTTH was based on the diagnostic criteria as stated in the ICH X. We assessed pain severity by using the Numeric Rating Scale ( NRS ) for pain. Venous blood was taken to measure serum levels of TNF-α , IL-1, and IL-6. After subjetcs were given amitriptyline 25 mg once daily in the evening for ten days, NRS scores were reassessed and the second measurements of these cytokines serum level were done.

      Ogunkunle Tajudeen

Abstract: A twelve (12) weeks experiment was conducted to investigate the nutritional values of dried bread fruit peel meal as a dietary replacement for maize on the growth of seventy five (75) grower giant African land snail (Archachatina marginata) of weight rang 38-42g in a completely randomized design (CRD) feeding trial. Fresh breadfruit peels were collected from roadside breadfruit fryers in Owode- Yewa town washed and sundried for one (1) week after which it was milled to form dried breadfruit peel meal (DBPM) then used as a replacement for maize at the level of 0, 25, 50, 75 and 100% in a formulated diet for giant African land snail as an alternative source of carbohydrate to form the dietary treatments viz; TA (control), TB, TC, TD, TE respectively. Each treatment was replicated three times with 5 snails per replicate. The formulated diets were supplied ad-libitum. Bi-weekly body weight gain (BWG), shell length (SL), aperture radius (AR) and shell width (SW) was measured. The results show that statistical significant different (P < 0.05) occurred among the treatments in term of body weight gain (BWG), shell length (SL) aperture radius (AR) and shell width (SW). Dietary treatment TC (50%) dried breadfruit peel meal replacement was recorded to have influence more growth in all the parameters measured and recommended for use by animal feed industries and snail farmers mostly in the rural and peri-rural areas where fresh breadfruit is in abundant.

      Erwin Arief, Muh. Nasrum Massi, Irawaty Djaharuddin, Budu Mannulusi, Eliana Muis, Suwarti Rantono

Abstract: These days, Mycobacterium tuberculosis (Mtb) bacil is estimated to have infected one third of the world's population. World Health Organization (WHO) data shows that in 2011 there were 8.7 million case of tuberculosis (TB) or equivalent to 125 cases per 100.000 of the world’s population. Some studies have been done to understand the role of certain genes toward the susceptibility of TB patients, most of those studies focused on genes that are involved in signal pathway of interferon gamma (IFN-γ). Interferon gamma is one of the cytokine that has a role in pathogenesis of pulmonary tuberculosis. Single nucleotide polymorphism of IFN-γ at +874 T/A position in the first intron is reported to have association with pulmonary TB in different population. The aim of this study is to investigate the genetic variation of IFN-γ in +874 T/A and its relation with IFN-γ plasma level in pulmonary tuberculosis patients. The study’s method is cross sectional. Blood sample was taken from the veins of new AFB (Acid-Fast Bacillus) positive tuberculosis patients. Purification examination of Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA) and Polymerase Chain Reaction-Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphism (PCR-RFLP) for determining the genotype of IFN-γ genes and the level of IFN-γ is measured using Enzyme Linked Analysis Techniques Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA). The data is presented using tables and pictures. There is a significant association between IFN-γ +874T/A genetic variations with the plasma level of IFN-γ. There is a domination of IFN-γ +874T/A heterozygote genotype found in pulmonary TB population with positive +1of AFB and far advanced lesion on chest x-ray.

      L.M.Kashid, S.V.Patil

Abstract: The development of differential pulse Polarographic (DPP) method for determination of riboflavin in pharmaceutical formulation was investigated. As first, we studied the electrochemical behaviour of riboflavin by DPP using a dropping mercury electrode (DME) as working and Hg/Hg2Cl2, Cl-(sat) as a reference electrode in Britton-Robinson (BR) buffer (pH 3.0−10). The results that were obtained showed that, the BR buffer solution with pH 7.0 was the best medium for reduction of riboflavin on the mercury electrode at peak potential (Ep) -1.48 V. The range of linearity was found to be from 1.0 to 16.0 ppm with limit of detection of (LOD) 0.915 ppm and limit of quantification (LOQ) was 3.050 ppm with R2 value was 0.997. Statistical analysis proved that the method was precise, reproducible, selective, specific, and accurate for analysis of riboflavin in pharmaceutical formulation.

      Shaveta Jain, Nitin Jain, Pushpa Dahiya, Seema Rohilla, Roopa Malik

Abstract: Antepartum hemorrhage (APH) is a grave obstetrical emergency. It is leading cause of perinatal death . Aims of the present study were to study perinatal outcome in patients with antepartum hemorrhage. It is a prospective study carried out over a period of one year (2011-12) on 100 women admitted with the diagnosis of APH at Pt. B.D Sharma medical college, Rohtak, Haryana, India, a tertiary care center. Perinatal outcome recorded according to gestational age, Apgar score, mode of delivery, weight of baby, neonatal mortality and morbidity. Perinatal mortality was higher in vaginally delivered patients (71.4%) in comparison to patients who had caesarean section (53.8%) in abruptio placentae cases. Perinatal mortality decreases with increasing baby weight in placenta previa cases, while perinatal mortality is even high in babies more than 2500 gm in abruptio placentae cases. 79% babies had low apgar score and perinatal mortality in this group was 50.6% while 21% babies with higher Apgar >7 had mortality of 4.7% only.


Abstract: - A novel active biocatalytic reaction system is proposed by covalently immobilizing porcine pancreas trypsin within the thermore-sponsive polymer shell of superparamagnetic Fe3O4 nanoparticles. Active ester-functional nanocarriers suitable for the immobilization of amino functional targets are obtained in a single polymeriza-tion step by grafting-from copolymerization of an active ester monomer from superparamagnetic cores. The comonomer, oligo(ethylene glycol) methyl ether methacrylate, has excellent water solubility at room temperature, biocompatibility, and a tunable lower critical solution temperature (LCST) in water. The phase separation can alternatively be initiated by magnetic heating caused by magnetic losses in ac magnetic fields.

      Ms. Suparna Naresh and Dr.Jagadeesh Prakash

Abstract: The success of a film in recent years has been largely dependent on the marketing of the film. Since cinema has always had a profound influence on the lives of people, being a larger than life media, film makers go the extra mile to woo the audience. Be it sci-fi, love stories, action dramas or family sagas, the marketing of the package is very important. Keeping this in mind, over the years the ways of presenting themes in films have been varied and innovative. Social realities have been presented by film makers often in a serious tone creating a niche audience for the same, distancing such films from a mass audience. In recent times film makers have tried to portray social realities differently. In a first of its kind, Shyam Benegal has attempted to portray social realities through the tool of humour and satire. The present paper will attempt to study this practice of using social realities as a marketing tool by film makers, with special emphasis to Shyam Benegal’s ‘Welcome to Sajjanpur’.

      Vivek Yerubandi, Y.Mukunda Reddy, M.Vinod Kumar

Abstract: Navigation system for an autonomous robot is an area that is undergoing constant development. This paper describes anautonomous robot that is capable of navigating in a real time environment. This can be achieved by obtaining the information about robot’s environment by using sensors and process it. For implementation of obstacle avoidance, Fuzzy Logic approach is used and is implemented using Arduino-Uno board on mobile robot platform with three sets of ultrasonic sensors mounted on it. The Fuzzy Logic approach allows us to use the ultrasonic or infrared sensors that allow fast and cost effective distance measurements with varying uncertainty.

      Pradeep Nath Mathur, Prof.(Dr.) A. K. Sinha

Abstract: The pre-stressing concrete technology is quite different from Rcc. Concrete Technology. The pre- stressing system devices are of two types, pre- tensioning & post-tensioning . By using prestressing for pre &post tensioning device mechanism development of Anchoring system in concrete structural element. In modern type of Pre stressing electricity with Low voltage and high current is used in anchoring device for a concrete member & sulpher Coating as a duct material before the casting of concrete member. While supplying electricity in the structure sulpher get melted up because heat generated in the structure. The structure could be anchored by nutting at both the ends.

      Dr. Rajesh Nair, MS, Senior Resident*, Dr. Bhavna Nayal, MD, Assistant Professor**, B H Anand Rao, Professor, Department of Surgery ***

Abstract: Colorectal carcinoma is the most common malignancy of the gastrointestinal tract and the second leading cause of cancer deaths. Five-year survival rate in patients with localized disease is 94%. Early detection and subsequent prompt treatment of colorectal carcinomas provide a better five years survival rate. Higher detection rate can be achieved if patients over 40 years of age with symptoms are submitted to a series of investigations including sigmoidoscopy, barium enema and colonoscopy. Colon cancer screening not only detects the disease at an early, more favorable stage, but also prevents disease by removing premalignant polyps.

      Raghvendra Singh, Dharmendra Singh

Abstract: This paper presents a study of a D-STATCOM (Distribution Static Compensator) used for load balancing and harmonic reduction. The basic idea of the voltage sag mitigation, using a D-STATCOM is to dynamically inject a current of desired amplitude, frequency and phase into the grid line. The proposed method uses the instantaneous reactive power theory for generating reference values of current that need to be injected into the point of connection D-STATCOM in order to compensate the voltage errors. The proposed method offers structural simplicity and less calculation complexity. Simulation results indicate that this method is effective and D-STATCOM has good performance to balance the load and mitigate harmonic components of current.

      Sushma Belurkar, Pankaj Bahadur Nepali, Bhawani Manandhar, Chetan Manohar

Abstract: The incidence of Acute leukaemia both AML and ALL has been increasing over the years. Chemotherapeutic agents used in the treatment of acute leukemia cause damage to the hematopoietic environment of the bone marrow initially, followed by stages of hematopoietic recovery. The study of post chemotherapy bone marrow in acute leukemia is essential to analyse the response to chemotherapy and also to study the effects of chemotherapeutic drugs on the bone marrow micro environment.

      Mridu Jain, Ritu Dubey, Vishal Pasi

Abstract: In this paper present review study on optical communication with OFDM system by MIMO technique. At reviewing background knowledge that includes fundamentals of modulation and communication, signal propagation and channel modeling. In this paper ideas behind formulas, rather than mathematical derivations, are emphasized and several examples are provided to allow easy comprehension of the concepts. in-depth treatment of two essential signal processing tasks synchronization and channel estimation–is discussed. Then, MIMO (multiple-input multiple output) techniques with their application to optical OFDM systems are also delineated. This part also aims to present the readers with modern signal-processing algorithms in optical OFDM baseband receivers talks about hardware design, from design methodology to design of essential blocks with a couple of examples that cover the latest OFDM receiver and its developments.

      Dr. Savio P. Falleiro

Abstract: Tourism is an important activity that has been present across the world for ages. Notwithstanding its numerous merits and benefits, tourism has its weaknesses and shortcomings too. This paper attempts to provide a balance sheet of the economic and socio-cultural impacts of tourism on Goa, a state in India known for its relatively tourism-centric economy. Based on the same and on experiences drawn from other tourism dependent regions across the country and the world, the paper draws a list of options for Goa for the future – options that would minimize the problems created by unplanned tourism while at the same time extracting the maximum that planned and responsible tourism can offer.

      Dr. B. Suryanarayana, Dr. R. Siddeswari, Dr. B. Sudarsi, Dr. S. Manohar, Dr. Pramod

Abstract: Gullian Barre Syndrome is an acute diffuse post infectious demyelinating disorder of spinal roots and peripheral nerves and occasionally cranial nerves. Bilateral facial nerve palsy is the most common pattern of cranial nerve involvement in GBS. However, unilateral facial palsy, although uncommon, can be seen in GBS. We report a rare case of unilateral facial palsy in a patient with Gullian Barre Syndrome.

      Ashabari Sahoo and A.K.Patra

Abstract: Primary production refers to estimation of the ability of an ecosystem to fabricate, at the expense of external energy both radiant and chemical, primary organic compounds of high chemical potentials for further transformation and flow to higher system levels. In the present investigation the light dark oxygen method was followed in order to assess the of primary productivity of Bay of Bengal at Chandravaga, Konark, Odisha, Seasonally, the maximum Gross Primary Production and Net Primary Production were recorded in summer due to clear weather and high atmospheric temperature and minimum during Monsoon season due to cloudy weather . On the other hand, Community respiration was found to be higher during summer season and lower during winter season.

      Kamalika Banerjee, Pramod Kumar Singh, Sangeeta Singla

Abstract: Coordination complexes of Chromium(III), Manganese(II), Iron(III) and Zinc(II) with two new novel ligands N-2-hydroxybenzaldehyde- -isonicotinoylhydrazones (hbihH2=H2L1) and N-2-hydroxy-4-methylbenzaldehyde- -isonicotinoylhydrazone (hmihH2= H2L2) have been prepared and characterized by elemental analysis, electrical conductance, IR spectra, 1H NMR spectra, EPR spectra, Magnetic susceptibility, and TGA analysis. Aroylhydrazones act as dibasic tridentate ligand in the chelates, coordinating through the deprotonated naphtholic oxygen atom, azomethine nitrogen atom and enolic oxygen atom, based on the nature of metal salts used and the reactions conditions. The magnetic and spectral data indicates the chelates to be in octahedral environment and analytical data indicate 1:1 stoichiometries for all the complexes.

      Dr.P.Hima Bindu

Abstract: The three important objectives of any project are time, cost and quality. In today scenario delivering projects in least possible time at least cost within maximum available budget has got a critical issue to the manager. Firstly, two different approaches crashing critical activities (CCA) and stretching non critical activities (SNA) are compared to illustrate the gauge of which approach to be used to complete the project within the maximum available budget and within least number of steps. Depending on five construction projects it is observed that the SNA approach is better than CCA approach. Secondly, evaluation of projects with respect to the criteria is generated. Next these evaluations are compared with respect to the criteria. Finally, the interactive technique is used for the selection of most desirable project. A numerical example is presented to illustrate the approaches and selection of desirable project out of the given projects.

      Neeraj Dubey, Geeta Agnihotri

Abstract: In the present scenario world is facing a serious problem of the polymer wastes due to its non-biodegradable nature. Production of the natural fiber composite is one of the noble approaches to minimize this problem and modify the polymer based materials as partially biodegradable. In last two decades many researchers have been investigating and exploring new natural fibers and their composites with polymers as matrix material. Due to various advantages and eco-friendly nature, natural fiber composites are replacing conventional materials and glass fibers in moderate strength applications. Strength of natural fiber/polymer composites highly depend upon interfacial strength between hydrophilic fiber and hydrophobic polymers. In this paper potential of a new natural fiber as midrib of coconut palm leaf is investigated for the purpose of synthesis of a new natural fiber composite. Tensile properties of midribs and interfacial strength between midrib and polyester resin and critical embedded length are determined by tensile test and fiber pull-out test. Results show that midrib of coconut palm leaves have potential for development of natural fiber composite.

      Dr. R. Siddeswari, Dr. B. Sudarsi, Dr. Sanjeev, Dr. B. Suryanarayana, Dr. S. Manohar, Dr. Abhilash

Abstract: The present study aims to find a correlation between sputum positivity and CD4 cell count in patients with HIV/AIDS-Tuberculosis co infection. It was as a retrospective hospital based observational study. Data was collected over a period of one year in the ART CENTRE, Department of Medicine, Osmania General Hospital. We included 350 HIV/AIDS infected patients on ART with Tuberculosis co infection.

      EswarReddy Kandukuri, D.V.H.S.Sarma, P.Sushma, D.Moulali, Asiya naaz

Abstract: Tuberculosis, one of the oldest infectious diseases known to affect humans, as well as cattle is a major cause of death worldwide. This disease, which is caused by bacteria Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex, usually affects the lungs, although other organs are involved in up to one-third of cases. Transmission usually takes place through the airborne spread of droplet nuclei produced by patients with infectious pulmonary tuberculosis.More than 5 million new cases of tuberculosis (all forms, both pulmonary and extra pulmonary) were reported to the World Health Organization (WHO) in 2005; >90% of cases were reported from developing countries of Asia (4.9 million), Africa (2.6 million), the Middle East (0.6 million), and Latin America (0.4 million).

      S. DEOLE GUPTA, A. K., D. DASH

Abstract: This investigation was conducted at Deptt. Of Entomology, IGKV, Raipur during rabi season 2009-2010. The efficacy of neem- based formulations to evaluate against linseed bud fly, Dasyneura lini Barnes in linseed crops. It was done under Randomized block design (RBD) with three replications. Among different formulations the NSKE 5% was found best with percent damage of 10.80 followed by Neem Seed Coat Extract (NSCE) 5% whereas, commercial Neem product (Nimbolin) gave only 13.30% bud infestation and untreated plot performed higher bud infestation of 29.07 per cent.

      Nilanthi Dahanayake

Abstract: In Sri Lanka there is a high potential for cultivating fruit-crops for the domestic and export markets. Sri Lanka’s per capita consumption of fruits remains far below the required average daily intake of 40g (edible portion) for a balanced diet (Research Institute MRI). The present economic growth in Sri Lanka will create a higher demand for fruits in the local market that could to be matched with higher production. Hence the Fruit Sector also has a greater potential to contribute to increase the national income, employment opportunities, and the nutrition and health status of the people. Demand for underutilized fruits and fruit-products, could be increased through awareness programs on the benefits of these products and market promotion. Although the Sri Lankan fruits have high demand in local and foreign markets. The major challenge faced by exporters is finding exportable quality fruits in sufficient qualities.

      Dr. D. Sridhar, Dr. G. Balaraju, Dr. R. Siddeswari, Dr. B. Sudarsi

Abstract: Central pontinemyelinolysis is a noninflammatory demyelinating disorder characterized by the loss of myelin in the center of the basis pontis usually seen in those with chronic alcoholism and in malnourished persons and by rapid correction of chronic hyponatremia. The clinical features vary depending on the extent of involvement. Demyelination can occur outside the pons as well and diagnosis can be challenging if both pontine and extrapontine areas are involved. We herein report a case of myelinolysis involving pons.

      Dr Sanjay Kumar, Prof K. C. Premarajan, Prof S. Nagesh, Prof Nilamber Jha

Abstract: Maternal health care services is one of the prime field for any government to improve if proper utilization of the services availed by the community. A semi structured questionnaire was used to collect information among women in reproductive age group. A total of 224 mothers responded to the questionnaire. More than half were in the age group of 18-25 years. Around two third of the mothers got TT vaccine and delivered at home as well. Sterile bled was used to cut umbilical cord in majority of cases. A number of deliveries are being conducted by untrained personnel and relatives at the cost of maternal health in many developing countries. Trained manpower facilities require improving maternal health and reducing maternal death.

      M. M. Rahman, M. J. Adan, M. S. N. Chowdhury, M. S. Ali and S. T. Mahabub

Abstract: A field experiment was conducted at the Sher-e-Bangla Agricultural University Farm, Dhaka 1207, during the kharif season of 2014 to study the effects of Phosphorus and Zinc on the growth and yield of Mungbean (BARI Mug 6). Four levels of phosphorus (P) (0, 15, 20 and 25 kg P ha-1) and three levels of zinc (Zn) (0, 1.5 and 3 kg Zn ha-1) were used in the study. The results revealed that seed and stover yield of mungbean increased with increasing levels of phosphorus and zinc up to certain level. Incase of P the maximum significant seed yield (1.5 t ha-1) and stover yield (2.47 t ha-1) were obtained with the treatment P3 (25 kg P ha-1) and the minimum significant seed yield (1.11 t ha-1) and stover yield (2.06 t ha-1) were obtained with the treatment P0 (0 kg P ha-1). Incase of Zn the maximum significant seed yield (1.45 t ha-1) and stover yield (2.42 t ha-1) were obtained with the treatment Zn2 (3 kg Zn ha-1) and the minimum significant seed yield (1.27 t ha-1) and stover yield (2.21 t ha-1) were obtained with the treatment Zn0 (0 kg Zn ha-1). The maximum significant plant height (52.05 cm), number of branch plant-1 (2.87), seed yield (1.68 t ha-1), yield contributing factors like number of pods plant-1 (20.86), number of seeds pod-1 (12.65) and weight of 1000-seeds (45.11 g) were obtained with the treatment combination P2Zn 2 (20 kg P ha-1 + 3 kg Zn ha-1).

      A. Barman, M. J. Chowdhury, S. T. Mahabub, M. Quamruzzaman and A. Mondul

Abstract: A field experiment was conducted at the Sher-e-Bangla Agricultural University Farm, Dhaka 1207, during the kharif season of 2014 to study the effects of Phosphorus and Zinc on the concentrations of N, P, K, S and Zn in Mungbean stover and seed (BARI mug 6). Four levels of phosphorus (P) (0, 15, 20 and 25 kg P ha-1) and three levels of zinc (Zn) (0, 1.5 and 3 kg Zn ha-1) were used in the study. The results revealed that The N, P, K and S concentration of mungbean plant increased significantly from control to P2Zn2 (20 kg P ha-1 + 3 kg Zn ha-1) treatment combination and again decreased with increasing phosphorus more than 20 kg P ha-1. Application of phosphorus and zinc increase organic carbon, N, P, K and S status of postharvest soil significantly.

      A. H. M. Monzurul Mamun, Bikash Chandra Ghosh, S.M. Rayhanul Islam

Abstract: The study examines the trend of three main climatic variables (eg. Temperature, Rainfall and Relative humidity) for Rajshahi, Bangladesh by using the time series data for the 1972-2010 period and assesses the relationship between the variables and the yield of three major rice crops (eg. Aus, Aman and Boro). The results of Ordinary Least Squares (OLS) reveal the significant effects of climatic variables on rice yields and these effects vary among the three rice crops. Increase in Temperature and Relative humidity and decrease in Rainfall have both positive and negative effects on the yield. The three climatic variables can explain 23, 91 and 89% of the variance in Aus, Aman and Boro production. The study also evaluates the local knowledge and resource based adaptation techniques adopted by the farmers. Different coping mechanisms like change in transplantation time, cropping pattern change, digging of ponds, selection of short duration species etc are being adopted to minimize the impacts of climatic variations on rice production. Necessity and development of temperature tolerant Aman and Boro rice varieties and farmer’s adaptive strategies are prominent.

      Patricia Iturriaga, B.S., Toni DiDona, Ph.D

Abstract: Most individuals in the US spend a significant amount of time at work. Happiness at work becomes an important element of an individual’s overall happiness. Some findings suggest that job satisfaction can be determined by each person’s internal characteristics and not necessarily due to the employer. These internal characteristics may be related to culture. Miami is a city with a large Latino immigrant community. It was hypothesized that there is a significant difference between Latino immigrants and born-in-America individuals in their perception of happiness at work. In addition, it was also hypothesized that there is a significant correlation between the perception of happiness at work and the individual’s acculturation level. This research study utilized 100 respondents, who were selected via convenient quota sampling. The sample was divided into two groups according to their immigration status: Latino immigrants, and individuals who were born in America. Participants were given a questionnaire with 25 items intended to measure perception of happiness at work, acculturation level, and demographic information. A t-test and a correlation were used to test the hypotheses. However neither of these hypotheses were confirmed by the research results. These results suggest that Latino immigrants and American born individuals are more similar than different in terms of happiness at work.

      Dr. Abdul Wahid Bhat, Dr. Bader Alhomayeed, Dr. Adil Manzoor, Dr. Khalid Al-Wadei, Dr. Ahmed Imtiyaz

Abstract: Mycoplasma pneumoniae (MP) is a common pathogen in cases of atypical pneumonia. Most individuals with Mycoplasma pneumonia run a benign course, with non-specific symptoms of malaise, fever and non-productive cough that usually resolve with no long-term sequelae. Multi organ dysfunction is not commonly seen in Mycoplasma pneumonia infection. We, report a case of Mycoplasma pneumonia complicated with multiple organ failure in a previously healthy woman. She had severe hemolysis, acute respiratory distress syndrome and acute renal failure. She had complete recovery with intensive management in an intensive care unit.

      Withanaarachchi, A.S, Nanayakkara, L.D.J.F, Pushpakumara, C.

Abstract: As per the International Energy Agency, the unprecedented levels of economic growth emerging in the developing nations will make them responsible for future growth in energy demand and greenhouse gas emissions. Based on the International Energy Agency 2009 report, rapidly growing energy demand in developing countries is projected to double by 2030. The development, transfer and use of renewable energy technologies are promising ways towards low-carbon development in these countries. Recognizing the importance of sustainable energy for sustainable development, the origin of transferring sustainable energy technologies in the context of the international climate cooperation and in particular from developed countries to developing countries, lies in the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).

      Miss. Amreen M. Khan, Prof. Ranjana S. Shende

Abstract: In this paper, the video streaming is proposed for multiple clients network. The scalable video is delivered from server to multiple clients over different access networks, aimed to reduce the distortion of received videos. The video present in database of server. The video characteristic is captured in this paper. Integer programming is proposed for the deterministic packet scheduling. It is very computationally complex for solving. So, the heuristic algorithm is used for deterministic packet scheduling and convex approximation problem is used for randomized packet scheduling. The proposed convex programming algorithm is used for the better performance and comparative studies for : 1) the rate control algorithm about higher video quality; 2) reduces average delivery delay by 70% of existing system; 3) results in higher average video quality more than the two developed heuristics types; 4) runs efficiently, up to three times faster than the best-performing heuristic; and 5) does indeed provide service differentiation among users.

      Sajidmohammad A Saiyad, Dr. Yogeshvari K Jhala, Dr. R. V. Vyas

Abstract: Series of experiments were carried out to investigate K mobilization and their abilities of native KMB & P solubilization and their abilities of native PMB. Total five isolates showed their prominent efficiency of K mobilization & P mobilization. Among five isolates two best cultures were PBA16 Bacillus coagulans & M29 Bacillus megaterium for PSB and almost all five in same range for KMB. P solubilizing index was carried out in Sperber & Aleksandrov agar media supplemented with ROCK phosphate and Tri- calcium phosphate (TCP). ,PBA16 gave 4.60 solubilizing index and maximum P release 36.69 at µg/ml in 6 DAI supplemented with TCP and 68.80 µg/ml in 6 DAI supplemented with Rock phosphate. All KMB isolates exhibited acid production in media with tolerate wide range of pH concentration In mass production, all five cultures showed well growth in Sperber, Aleksandrov & Phytate media after 5 to 6 day after incubation. Their colonies were round or irregular, white and their shape was rod and motile. They were capable of dissolving both phosphate and potassium and PBA16 & M29 strains had high phosphate and potassium dissolution capacity effectively. All five cultures for KMB & PSB strains were characterized through morphological, physiological characteristics and their enzymatic activity.

      Rajat Aghi, Sumeet Mehta, Rahul Chauhan, Siddhant Chaudhary and Navdeep Bohra

Abstract: Since time immemorial, one of the most heavily needed and relied upon functionality of computers has been the memory. Although the technical aspects and the implementation methods may vary, most computers these days have the necessary hardware to process information and safe-keep it to be used in future as and when required. Database Management Systems (DBMS) are higher-level software programs that work with lower-level application programming interfaces (APIs) that take care of these operations. To help solving different kinds of problems, new kinds of DBMSs have been developed (e.g. Relational, NoSQL, etc.) along with applications programs implementing them (e.g. MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis, etc). In this paper we aim at comparing both the database options for various CRUD operations namely Create, Read, Update and Delete for small and large datasets and then use this analysis to decide which database to use for any given set of data.

      Debasmita Dutta, Ankita Sarkar, Biswajit Chakraborty, Chinmay Chowdhury, Padma Das

Abstract: Traditional medicines or herbal formulations can serve as the source of potential new chemotherapeutic drugs. Nowadays novel plant derived natural products have been designed to determine biological structure-activity relationships. A new family of betulinic acid derivatives were synthesized and the structure-activity relationship of the compounds was initially evaluated by comparing their in vitro cytotoxicity against 4 human cancer cell lines U937, HepG2, HT29, MCF-7 and non cancerous human PBMC. Betulinic Acid derivative, BC-SM-05 was the most potent inducer of apoptosis and the most effective inhibitor of cell growth and proliferation with IC50 value 19.6 µM for colon carcinoma cell line HT-29. In addition, BC-SM-05 at IC50 concentration was also found to generate increased ROS production and caspases activation. Moreover, HT-29 cells treated with BC-SM-05 and stained with Hoechst 33258 showed formation of apoptotic bodies and DNA degradation whereas untreated cells had intact nuclei. All together our data indicates that BC-SM-05 induces apoptosis in HT-29 cells via mitochondrial dependent pathway may prove itself to be a potential therapeutic agent for colon cancer, providing a basis for the development of the compound as a novel anticancer agent.

      Dr. Nasreldeen Gidam Elnagy

Abstract: This research aimed to highlight what is the importance of environmental accounting and the recognition of environmental quality costs of industrial facilities ?, and where operations and production produces waste need to take measures including disposal of this waste operations ?, and how to discharge , either dumped or incineration or landfill or drown in the surrounding environment without incurring any material reward for this: leading to causing damage can accumulate and become great in the end, so there was a need to reconsider how to get rid of them by recycling the waste so as to diminish the claim by communities to download contaminated facilities more environmentally responsible by the costs to the environment spontaneously.

      Sreedhar Malleti, Dr.Bhujangarao A, Dr.Varaprasad PLH

Abstract: Accurate measurement of Creatinine is very essential in order to pre diagnosis the renal functioning of human body.In this paper we introduced the measurement of creatinine by means of studying its equivalent absorption with the interaction of wavelength of light using endpointmethod with the help of photometer.

      P. Pavan Kumar, Dr. R Ramana Reddy, M.Lakshmi Prasanna Rani

Abstract: Portable devices demand for low power dissipation. To reduce power dissipation, the subsystem in a device needs to be designed to operate at low power and also consume low power. Significant progress has been made in low power design of dynamic RAM’s. Static RAM’s are also critical in most VLSI based system on chip applications. Basic SRAM bit cell consists of 6T. Few designs using 4T are also available in open literature. In this paper a highly reliable, low power and high speed SRAM design is proposed and comparisons were made with 6T and basic 4T SRAM designs.

      Sirajuddin Elyas Khany, S.N.Mehdi, G.M.Sayeed Ahmed

Abstract: In this research paper the effect of friction welding parameters such as rotational speed, friction time, forging pressure and friction pressure on tensile strength of a joint between SS316 and EN8 is experimentally investigated. A partial factorial design of experiment based on Taguchi analysis is conducted to obtain the response measurements. Analysis of variance ANOVA and main effects plot is used to determine the significant parameters and set the optimal level for each parameter. Based on the experimentally determined optimal parameters a confirmation experiment is conducted. These results will be useful to the industry in selecting optimal process parameters while preparing a friction welded joint of SS316 with EN-8.

      Sundara sathiyan KS, Vikram singh I, Rajesh V

Abstract: This paper describes a new technique of gripper actuator using shape memory alloy spring has been fabricated .By applying electric power to the shape memory alloy spring i.e by being safely heating it has an ability to retain their original shape from fabricated shape i.e in austenite phase. When the power supply is off, Steel spring which compress the shape memory alloy spring to its fabricated shape. Thus Experimental results shows the rack and pinion to extract and retract in control motion would actuate the gripper to pick and place an object.

      Muhammad Abrar-ul-haq, Kashif Akram, Muhammad Imdad Ullah

Abstract: The purpose of this study is to test impact of dividend policy on stock price volatility in Pakistan. The study had been carried out a stratified sampling containing companies in their respective sectors with respect to market capitalization, listed in KSE. Time series data was selected from year 2001-2014. Descriptive statistics, correlation and regression models were used to perform the data analysis. According to the findings of the regression all results were not significant. This means that dividend policy had no impact on stock price volatility in Pakistan.

      Muhammad Abrar ul haq, Kashif Ayub, Muhammad Imdad Ullah

Abstract: The current study identifies the factors affecting rural household poverty by using first hand data, which was collected through rural household survey of southern Punjab. A Logit model used to check the relationship among dependent and independent variables. Dependency ratio, higher fe-male labor force, person per room, lowering household size, higher education, higher household participation rate and access to basic utilities provided by the government can be alleviate poverty in studied area. Poverty will be more alleviate in rural areas of Pakistan, if government improve basic infrastructure and empowerment of rural peoples and market access facilities.

      Asad-ur-Rehman, Muhammad Imdad Ullah, Muhammad Abrar-ul-haq

Abstract: Current study intended to describe the understanding of the contact among organization performance and dimension of individual characteristics (i.e. gender, education and age) and acquitting information of job satisfaction from middle and upper management of NBP, ABL and MCB especially from area Rawalpindi and Islamabad. The aim of current study was to analyze the impact of individual characteristics on job satisfaction and organizational performance. Correlation and regression are used to analyze the moderating role of relationship quality in influencing the relationship. The out comes to current study diagnose the direct relationship among job satisfaction and individual characteristics. Furthermore, relationship is directly and significantly affected by relationship quality. Current study will also be helpful to improve job satisfaction and performance of organization.

      Tazir Hussan

Abstract: The position of women in the 19th century was a critical one. The society was governed in the patriarchal mode. The public sphere was not accessible to women as it was to men. Various kinds of limitations were imposed on women’s conducts especially in the fields of law, education and even on lifestyle. Again, side by side, there were various positive changes taking place around that time. For example, the Married Women’s Property Act was passed in 1870 which protected the legal position of women within the family. The 19th century was also important as a time when feminist campaigns to improve the legal status of women were undertaken in areas such as vote, the family and reproduction. The family was traditionally viewed as a private zone that was largely beyond the reach of the concerns of law. The feminist campaigns, to secure equality within the family, was therefore, viewed as threat to the stability of family life. The grounds have been prepared by such writers as Mary Wollstonecraft, who argued about the position of women in her book A Vindication of the Rights of Woman as early as in 1792. All these brought a new perspective in the Victorian society. In terms of all these changes, it is really interesting to see how hardy represents the position of women through the major women characters in his novel “The Mayor of Casterbridge”.

      Rajib Bag, Gautam, Komal Das, P. Mohini Amma

Abstract: This paper deals with recognizing and classifying handwritten characters and classifies it with respect to other characters in the method for attendance calculation system. Existing system of calculation of attendance contains manual calculation for the number of students present or absent in a class. In this paper we proposed a digitized method for calculating number of classes present and absent for a student which in the previous case is time consuming and may sometimes produce incorrect result in some cases. It uses features of a character extracted using feature extraction techniques. There are methods been proposed for feature extraction that can be simulated using support vector machine for further calculation of the attendance using the attendance register. Support vector machine is one of the techniques that are used to classify a handwritten character based on handwriting recognition and identify the digitized output Support vector machine classifies a character by using a large number of training set that needs to be fed into the database for the accurate output.

      Reshmi Banerjee

Abstract: In our daily life traffic signal controller plays a vital role in channeling the vehicles from one corner of the city to the other. This system not only maintains a systematic approach in terms of “vehicle management” but also reduces accidents and rushes in peak hours. The disadvantage of open loop system is poor “time management”. So the poor time management of open loop system is rectified by closed loop system, keeping in mind both efficiency and cost of the system.

      Dr. RP Singare, Deshmukh S , Ughade SN, Thakre SB

Abstract: Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is a leading cause of irreversible blindness in elderly population. The purpose of the present study was to estimate the prevalence and identify risk factors and covariates of AMD in a hospital population of Central India.

      Arc. Abubakar Sarkile Kawuwa, Sani Jauro Adamu, Abdullahi Taofik Umar

Abstract: Disasters, both natural and man-made, are important factors that not only bring about widespread damages and socio-economic losses, but seriously retard human progress. At the same time, human societies, now more than ever before, are faced with delicate issues of achieving development and ensuring that development processes are sustained. Since the end of the last century, the issue of sustainability of developmental processes had become an issue of much dialogue and academic discourse, which has substantially dominated multilateral and international relations. This paper examines how disaster management strategies can be integrated with those of sustainable development. The paper discusses the disaster management cycle and shows how development considerations contribute to all its aspects. It concluded that for sustainable disaster management to be achieved and risk to disaster reduced, environmental considerations must be a central part of government and industry decision-making process.

      H. E. M. Khairul Mazed, Md. Ashraful Islam Pulok, Md. Shah Newaz Chowdhury, Jannatul Ferdous Moonmoon and Nur-unnahar

Abstract: An experiment was conducted at the Horticulture Farm of Sher-e-Bangla Agricultural University, Bangladesh during the period from November 2013 to March 2014 to study the effect of different types of organic manure (no organic manure, cowdung, compost and litter) and mulching on (non-mulch, water hyacinth, rice straw and black polythene) the growth and yield of carrot. The experiment was conducted in a Randomized Complete Block Design with three replications. Application of organic manure and mulching significantly influenced the growth and yield of carrot. Cowdung resulted in the highest gross yield (39.05 t/ha) whereas, the plants received no organic manure produced the lowest for the same (33.03 t/ha). The highest gross (39.12 t/ha) and marketable (35.79 t/ha) yield was obtained from the black polythene mulch while the lowest was obtained from non mulched plot. Cowdung with black polythene mulch produced the highest yield (42.75 t/ha) followed by that of application of litter with black polythene mulch (41.46 t/ha). The lowest (32.00 t/ha) was recorded from the control.

      MVG Pinto, KB Galketiya

Abstract: Lack of availability of medical instruments are frequent limitations in new-fangled surgeries in developing countries. Video-assisted thoracic surgery usually performed with Single lung ventilation (SLV) using a double lumen tube, at times lack of double lumen tubes necessitated the use of single lumen tubes with ‘double lung ventilation’ (DLV). The lack of evidence for the surgical and anaesthetic feasibility of the use of DLV dictated a review enabling a comparison with DLV for similar surgical procedures.

      Valentina Ilieva

Abstract: The German language and German speaking countries are the center of attention of all teachers of the German language worldwide. Teachers of the German language master the German language in the course of their studies and then they teach it to their students or adult learners. In the process of preparing and giving their lectures they come across a lot of issues and, consequently, they do their utmost to handle them. Understandably, the main reason why both students and adult learners try to master the German language is to be able to communicate effectively with native speakers of the German language in their own country or in the German speaking countries. Bearing in mind the fact that approximately 100 million people speak German, it is not difficult to assume that there are many diverse dialects of the German language. However, this fact is not too alarming as the same is the case with many other languages in the world.

      Dr. A. Senthil Kumar, I.Manju, S.Sumathi, C.Preethi

Abstract: In recent years the demand for low power devices has increased tremendously due to the migration of computer workstations to handheld devices that need real-time performance within the budget for physical size and energy dissipation. As a result of this there is a fast growth of battery operated portable applications such as PDAs, cell phones, laptops and other handheld devices. But also at the same time problems arising from continuous technology scaling have recently made power reduction an important design issue for the digital circuits and applications. Operating at low power causes SRAM read-stability and write- ability as major design constraints. The stability of read and write operations can be increased using Schmitt trigger based SRAM bit cells. In this paper the Schmitt trigger design is implemented in 8 transistor SRAM cell to increase read-stability and write-ability than the conventional 6T cell. The design is implemented in Tanner EDA tool and the results are observed.

      Arjun Kumar Verma and K. L. Jeengar

Abstract: A field experiment was conducted to study the effect of balanced fertilization and legume mixture on fodder oat productivity during rabi season at instructional farm, Rajasthan College of Agriculture, Udaipur (Rajasthan). Legume mixture oat + berseem (2:1 row ratio) and oat + lucerne (2:1 row ratio) significantly improved number of tillers/m2, green fodder, dry fodder yield and protein yield over sole oat. Similarly, application of 120 kg N+ 60 kg P2O5 + 30 kg K2O/ ha significantly improved the highest number of taillers/m2, green fodder, dry fodder yields and protein yield over nitrogen application to the magnitude of 11.93 and 11.36; 31.91, 30.83 and 31.39, 8.88, 11.57 and 10.19 and 10.94 and 13.05 percent at first and second cutting, respectively.

      Prof. Borse Nitin Bajirao

Abstract: As we generally know that plants and vegetations are very useful for variety of way to human life. It is also useful for maintaining the environmental balance. But in modern times when the rate of urbanization is phenomenal mainly in developing countries the adverse effect of city life are clearly noticed. Very few cities are well planned; otherwise most of urban areas are crowded, polluted and compact. Many experts, planners recommend the green belts and green areas in cities. City life is full of tension. It affects mental health through the influence of the increase stressors and factors such as overcrowded and polluted environment, high levels of violence, and reduced social support. Plants, woodland, lawns are reported as the most desired environment for relaxing and recovering from stress and sustain mental efforts.

      Davis Mwamfupe

Abstract: The study was conducted to examine the factors that have contributed to the causes and persistence of farmer-herder conflicts in Tanzania. The work is anchored on the fact that there have been numerous efforts by the government to bring to an end the conflicts between farmers and herders but these conflicts have been escalating and are becoming economically and socially unbearable. Respondents for the study included farmers, herders, and district level officials in Kilombero, Kiteto, Rufiji and Kilosa districts. Focus Group Discussions were conducted to collect information on conflict resolution mechanisms and the persistence of the conflicts in their areas. Key informants interviews and discussions involving individual farmers, herders, village leaders and district government leaders were also conducted. Major factors for the persistence of conflicts between farmers and herders were found to include policy deficiencies and contradictions, insecurity of land tenure, inadequacy of capacity of the local institutions, corrupt practices, poor coordination in resettling the migrants, inadequate capacity in village land use planning, and the heavy handed approaches used to resolve the conflicts.

      Shubham Gupta and Ariful Rahaman

Abstract: Nanocomposites has emerged, penetrated and conquered the market over the past years due to its wide range of applications. The processing of nanocomposites is one of the fastest growing areas in materials research due to the potential of significantly changing material properties even at low nanomaterial concentrations. The thermo-mechanical behaviors were investigated experimentally for two systems of glass fiber reinforced epoxy composites: with carbon nanotubes (CNTs) and without CNTs. An experimental campaign which involves 4 layers laminates were conducted in this study. A manufacturing process using hand lay-up technique followed by hot pressing techniques was used to produce glass fiber-reinforced laminates with the epoxy matrix and with the CNT based epoxy matrix. The surface characterization and thermo-mechanical behavior of the glass fiber-epoxy system and glass fiber-CNT/epoxy system was characterized through Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) and Dynamic Mechanical Analysis (DMA).

      Chandra Pal Singh, Geeta Agnihotri

Abstract: Deep drawing process has been an important manufacturing process to produce automotive parts of good strength and light weight. There are many process parameters and other factors that affect product quality produced by deep drawing. This paper is highlighting recent research work and results in deep drawing. Deep-drawing operations are performed to produce a light weight, high strength, low density, and corrosion resistible product. These requirements will increase tendency of wrinkling and other failure defects in the product. Parameters like as blank-holder pressure, punch radius, die radius, material properties, and coefficient of friction affect deep drawing process. So a great knowledge of process is required to produce product with minimum defects. This review paper has given the attention to gather recent development and research work in the area of deep drawing.

      Nelson G. Laru-an, Dominador L. Lisao

Abstract: This action research was conducted here at WVSU-LC during the school year 2013-2014. The subjects of the study were the selected college freshmen who were taking courses leading to bachelor’s degree in Education, Criminology, Hotel and Restaurant Management, Information Technology, Industrial Technology, and Foods Technology. The data gathering instrument was a duly-validated researcher made questionnaire jointly prepared by the guidance counselor and the researcher. The data was collected by requesting college freshmen to fill up the questionnaire during enrollment period. After the data have completed, the questionnaire was forwarded to the researcher for tabulation. Frequencies, percentages, and means were the statistical tools. The findings revealed that there were two hundred eighty two (282) randomly selected college freshmen for school year 2013-2014.

      Nelson G. Laru-an, Harrah T. Beup

Abstract: The purpose of the study aimed to determine the level of effectiveness of community policing in the field of patrol operations, traffic investigations, and criminal investigations of police officers in the 5th District of Iloilo for the year 2014. The data gathering instrument was adopted from Basic Procedures of the PNP Manual(2010). The respondents of the study were the one hundred seventy seven local government units in the municipalities of the 5th District of the province. The findings revealed that the level of effectiveness of community policing in patrol operations was generally effective and when grouped as sex and old respondents. The young respondents on the other hand rated very effective. The level of effectiveness of community policing in traffic investigation was effective when grouped as to various categories. Finally the level of community policing in criminal investigation was effective when classified as to old, and male respondents, and the young and female respondents as very effective.

      Ishaq Iskandar, Veni Hadju, Suryani As'ad, Rosdiana Natsir

Abstract: The extracts of Moringa oleifera leaf have been proven to have potent anti oxidant activity, prevent oxidative damage, and afford significant protection against oxidative damage. This study aims to assess the effect of Moringa oleifera leaf extracts supplementation in preventing maternal anemia and low-birth-weight (LBW). This was a double blind, randomized control trial study, pretest-posttest controlled which conducted in Gowa District, South Sulawesi Province, Indonesia, from September 2012 to December 2013. Subjects in this study are 64 pregnant women. The result of the study discovered significant increase of hemoglobin level in the intervention group (p < 0.05). Moringa Oleifera extract consumption increased the hemoglobin level to 58%. In the control group, the conformity of pregnant women has no significant effect to pregnant women hemoglobin level increase. Moringa Oleifera extract is able to retain ferritin serum level dismount up to 50%. LBW was not found in pregnant women who received Moringa oleifera leaf extract. Further research is needed to confirm the exact dose of Moringa oleifera leaf extracts.

      A. Varadharajan and R. Vijayalakshmi

Abstract: The study was carried out from October 2013 to September 2014 in both organised and small sheep and goat farms of coastal areas viz. Cuddalore, Nagapattinam of Tamil Nadu, India. The objective of the present study is to determine the prevalence and seasonal variation of gastrointestinal parasites in small ruminants. A total of 1356 faecal samples (63 from goat and 50 from sheep per month) were collected and subjected for analysis. Among the analysed samples 61.50% were positive for endoparasites. The prevalence of gastrointestinal parasites was higher in sheep (66.33%) than in goats (57.67%). The endoparasites found in small ruminants were nematodes, cestodes and trematodes. The nematode Haemonchus sp was found to be predominant in both sheep and goat. The results of season wise analysis indicates that the overall infection percentage was higher in rainy season (68.36%) followed by winter (60.84%) than in summer (55.30%).

      R.Prasanna, S.Subash

Abstract: Bullous disorders of newborn are a rare entity. Genetically inherited bullous disorders, especially the dystrophic and junctional types have a fatal course (1). Breach of the epidermis in the newborn predisposes them to sepsis.

      Dr. P. K. Purushothaman, Dr. C.R.K. Balaji, Dr Sonia Sera Thomas

Abstract: We report a case of a girl who was assaulted by her brother with a large stainless steel spoon which was found penetrating the mastoid cortex. There were no signs of intracranial bleeding. CT brain revealed the metallic part of the spoon piecing the mastoid cortex and compressing the sigmoid sinus. Under general anaesthesia spoon was removed in the operation theatre. Post operatively recovery was uneventful.

      Mehnuma Tabassum Omar, Kamrun Naher, Monika Gope and Ummay Asma

Abstract: The Visibility Representations [1] of a graph has been promoted for research extensively because of their significance in algorithmic graph theory as well as in VLSI layout, algorithm animation, visual languages and CASE tools etc. [2][3]. Rectangle Visibility Graph (RVG) used in VLSI chip design represents the node of a graph as a rectangle in a plane. Unit Rectangle Visibility Graph (URVG) means a presentation where each node is represented as unit rectangle in the plane. So, Unit Rectangle Visibility graph is applied for fixed dimensions of gates and various circuit components in computer chip applications. In this research, binary tree and ternary tree have been characterized as URV representations which will not only enhance URVR (Unit Rectangle Visibility Representation) but also expected to reduce both cost and labor in the field of various graph applications. To achieve this, two novel algorithms for URVR of these trees have been proposed.

      Mr. H.Naresh Rao and Dr. B.K Ravi

Abstract: People get most of their news from television news channels. India has the unique feature of having news channels in English and in regional languages. Due to the cosmopolitan nature of the cities like Bangalore, there are news channels which are in English and Kannada broadcasting 24 hour news from the city. Common sense tells us that locally produced news and in the language of the people will have credibility as opposed to news coming from Delhi or Mumbai. Many studies have established this hypothesis that television news audience believes in local channels more than the so-called national networks. Credibility factor depends on a nine dimension credibility measuring scale. The researchers would like to find out if this hypothesis is right and the reasons for the same. For this a combination of audience perception study using a questionnaire would be conducted along with in-depth interviews with the programming heads of the local news channels.

      Mathilda Lasut

Abstract: This study aims to determine the effectiveness of Information Computer Technology (ICT)-based learning packages focusing on calculus courses among college students, and to find a tested learning package model in the ICT-based learning of calculus. This study was developmental research which includes requirements analysis, designing learning packages, and evaluation of the learning package. Design research uses literature study, survey, application of learning packages, evaluation and content analysis. Overall, 35 college students of Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Mathematics and Science, Manado State University who take calculus courses were participated. Data were analyzed using descriptive analysis argumentative. After applied of this model, the results showed that there was increased in learning outcomes and level of understanding of the concept of differential and integral. It was influenced by the type of learning media that applied to the ICT-based learning package, namely the application program camtasia on power point programs. ICT-based learning was a contextual and based on the philosophy of constructivism learning so this study suggests that this model would become very well implemented in calculus. Therefore, more research on the effectiveness of ICT-based learning model is also needed for other majors. (This finding has been presented in the 3rd International Seminar on Quality & Affordable Education, November 2014, in University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur)

      Ubani Charles Ahamefula

Abstract: Low dimensional semiconductor crystals structures otherwise known as quantum dots are in possession of unique optoelectronic properties that allow the flow of electrons to be harvested instantaneously. The advent of quantum dot for various technological applications is motivated by their flexibility of their bandgap supporting their capability to tap power from the visible spectrum as well as the invisible infrared through absorbable wavelength ranges from about 700 nanometre to 10 micron. Besides the wide energy harvesting range, quantum dot utilizes small to area for high energy production.

      Ubani Charles Ahamefula

Abstract: Reproducible synthetic approach for cadmium selenide quantum dot based on the pyrolysis of organometallic reagents injection into a hot non-coordinating solvent is reported. The synthesis of highly crystalline and monodisperse cadmium selenide quantum dots using inexpensive trioctylphosphine-coordinated selenium as precursor produce a discrete homogeneous nucleation under slow growth. The difference in the temperature of the precursor injection spurred the dissimilarity in the nanocrystal growth, crystallinity, shape and particle sizes. Oleic acid was used to protect the cadmium selenide quantum dots against oxidation and photon emission loss while an organic ligand layer trioctylphosphine was used to overcome predominant influences associated with agglomeration.

      Dr Laltanpuia Chhangte, Dr Shanti Pandey, Dr Umesh

Abstract: To determine the epidemiological pattern, clinical presentation and risk factors involved in infectious corneal ulceration in Tertiary Care Centre, Kumaon region, Uttarakhand and to identify the specific microbial agents responsible for corneal infections.

      Sneha Dixit

Abstract: The development of wireless technologies in recent years started an era of highly-effiencient information society. It is expected that the wireless technologies will become wider and deeper in the coming years. Understanding the greater importance of wireless communication in the future for both academies and industries around the world have initiated the study of the next generation, namely 5G, of wireless communication systems. The 5G technology ( fifth generation) also know as 2021 wireless network technology is the foremost phase of wireless communication standards ahead of current 4G/IMT standard. The coming 5G technology and Information & Communication technology (ICT) networks signify evolution of the globally connected digital society. The main contribution of this paper is definition of 5G i.e. Fifth Generation mobile network concept which is seen as user-centric concept instead of operator-centric as we have in 3G or service-centric concept as seen for 4G. In the proposed concept the mobile user is on the top of all.

      Sneha Dixit

Abstract: In recent years, there has been an exponential growth in wireless communication systems. This is basically due to the manufacture of small size and high performance devices. Many communication devices such as filter, duplexer and oscillator require resonator as a key component. Acoustic resonators have become a key technology of growing wireless field as the propagation velocity of acoustic wave is almost five times lower than the electromagnetic waves thus resulting in small size devices. BAW resonator can be used as narrow band filter in radio-frequency applications.

      Warda Mohamed Kaidama and Rajesh N. Gacche

Abstract: To evaluate the anti-inflammatory activity of flavonoid (Chrysin40 mg/kg)on acute inflammation (carrageenan-induced pawedema) and chronic inflammation (cotton pellet granuloma) in guinea pigs.Group I (control) received 1ml of 5% carboxymethyl cellulose suspension, group II pigs were treated with indomethacin (10 mg/kg) and Chrysin at a dose of 40 mg/kg was given orally to groupIII. 1.0 ml of carrageenan was injected s.c. to plantarregion of right hind paw of each pig. Thechange in paw volume was measured at 0, 1, 2, 3 and 4 hours intervals. For chronicmodel of inflammation, sterilized cotton pellets, weighing 50±1 mg each, were implanted into both sides of the groin region of each pig, under light anesthesia. Drug treatmentwas given for 7 days. On the eight day, cotton pellets along with granuloma wereremoved surgically, and wet pellets were weighed, after that dried at 60 0Covernight and then the dry pellets weight was taken. The results indicates that Chrysin at a dose of 40 mg/kg body weight exhibited significant inhibition)P<0.05) in acute and chronic inflammation models, which was comparable withstandard drug. Hence, we can conclude that, Chrysin have significant anti-inflammatory effects in both acute and chronic inflammatory conditions .


Abstract: The study involved 30 Bank which go public, which is listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange. This study used purposive sampling, using the data in the form of annual financial statements from 2011 to 2013. This study using the simple regression analysis method, namely by using the F test and t test, in order to determine the effect of the financial performance measurement results with the level of significance is (α) = 0:05. All data were analyzed using SPSS and Eviews 7.0.

      Munir A. Ghanem

Abstract: Hacking became one of the world's most famous information technology problem. It's the work of whom doesn't has a work, a work to gain more money, a work to harm others, and a work for many other purposes. Almost every week, if it is not every day, we hear about hacking attacks that hits many significant sites in the country, such as: Ministries, Banks, Uniform sites and many other important persons accounts on the social network sites. Fortunately, not all the hackers are professional in hacking, but they trained them self on one or more of such programs for one of the previous purposes. On the other side, the secret of success in such hacking attacks is that the intended attacked targets did not take the proper precautionary measures to protect themselves from such attacks.

      Valentina Ilieva

Abstract: Learners of the German language, irrespective of whether they learn the language in a German speaking country or in their native country, have one common goal – to be able to communicate in German in the German speaking countries as well as in the rest of the countries in the world. The German speaking countries do not include only Germany, but also some other European countries. What all these countries have in common is the usage of the German language, i.e. variants of the German language. Apart from the language which is the major precondition for successful communication, one should also consider the various civilization information of the German speaking countries, i.e. the D-A-CH-L countries (D for Germany (Deutschland), A for Austria, CH for Switzerland (Schweiz), and L for Liechtenstein). Hence, the inclusion of the D-A-CH-L concept in the process of teaching the German language as a foreign language presents itself as a necessity. This paper analyses the application of the D-A-CH-L concept in teaching German in primary and secondary education in the Republic of Macedonia. Firstly, a survey has been conducted in randomly selected schools. Then, an analysis of the results is presented which is accompanied by comments and conclusions based on the research.

      Ferdous Ahmed, Md. Sultan Mahmud

Abstract: The most popular application of holography is using the technique to make three-dimensional images. This paper describes an algorithm for computationally generating holograms along with methods to fabricate the hologram. The phrase, “digital holography", is common place in the optics community; it describes the methods used to reconstruct holographic images from physically recorded holograms as well as the methods used to construct holograms from virtual objects using a computer. In fact we have the ability to create digital holograms from imaginary objects and then recreate the image of those objects using the same digital holograms, the entire process performed on a single computer. A computer simulation technique for generating Fourier holograms using the Fraunhoffer diffraction formula is applied. These generated Fourier holograms were analyzed for experimental reconstruction. A detailed analysis was done on the computation and numerical reconstruction. Filtering technique was used to analyze its feasibility to be used in image processing. Corresponding reconstructions were verified by MATLAB for computer simulation. The algorithm of the MATLAB program is discussed. Using this technique, computer generated holograms can be of great use in image processing field.

      Dr. B. Sudarsi, M.D., Dr. K.V.L. Sudha Rani, M.D., Dr. R. Siddeswari, M.D., Dr. S. Manohar, M.D

Abstract: The potentially catastrophic presentation and lifelong complications that result from corrosive ingestion make it one of the most challenging clinical situations. In this study we review clinical features and Endoscopic results of 50 patients admitted in Acute Medical Care of Osmania General Hospital with Corrosive Acid Ingestion. In our study commonest corrosive acid ingested was hydrochloric acid (n = 33) followed by phenyl (n=9), sulphuric acid (n=7) and nitric acid (n=1). The mean interval time of admission after ingestion of corrosive acid was 5.5 hrs.

      Kedar Rayamajhi

Abstract: The study of work environment and other job related nexus work related stress is highly relevant for organizational health and performance. This study explores the level of stress among the government officers in Nepal working in different hierarchies using 16 factor framework. Study was conducted among the 284 technical and non-technical government officers. Simple random sampling technique was applied to select the respondents. The study documents several stylized facts about stress in public sector offices in Nepal. Data shows that non-technical officers are at higher stress level in comparison to their technical counterparts. Findings show different factors contribute differently to the job related stress across different hierarchies and nature of work. The study signals policy makers to design necessary organizational coping mechanisms to address the level of stress of working staffs.

      Robin, Ashwani Kumar Thukral and Varinder Kaur

Abstract: Eichhornia crassipes (Mart.) Solms is a free-floating aquatic macrophyte growing normally to a height of 0.5 m to 1 m. This weed causes, substantial economic and ecological harm, warranting its removal, lest the impacts of the weed should become permanent. From an ecological perspective, the most effective, management approach is to make use of the weed for various purposes. The present study offers the novel scheme for utilization of roots of this invasive weed plant. In this instance the 80% methanol extract and methanol fraction from the roots of this weed were tested for its colouring properties on different textile substrates viz. wool, nylon, silk, cotton and polyester. Open beaker and infra red colouring based methods were utilized for colouring of different textile fabric substrates. The colour fastness testing and colorimetric evaluation of the coloured samples has been carried out employing standard methods. The 80% methanol extract as well as the methanol fraction exhibited good colouring property on wool, nylon and silk. The presence of alkaloids, flavonoids, tannins, terpenoids, quinones, phenols and other phytochemicals enables good colour yield/depth of 80% methanol extract and methanol fraction on substrates. Thus, the colour extract from the roots may prove to be effective for conventional colouring and may provide commercial importance of this natural colourant for textile applications.

      Abd-Elmoniem A. Elzain

Abstract: Measurements of radon concentration, and effective dose rate were made for a number of 168 measurements of soil samples in some towns of the Gezira State in the central part of the Sudan. In this survey we used the can technique, containing CR-39, to estimate the radon concentration from the soils of: El-Hosh, Um-Turibat and Medani cities. The results of radon concentrations from soil samples in the selected areas were found to be 5.50 ± 0.75 kBq.m-3, 11.05 ± 4.95 kBq.m-3, 15.10 ± 1.47 kBq.m-3, while the effective dose was calculated to be from 24.51  3.32 mSv.y-1, 48.22  10.25 mSv.y-1 and 67.28  6.56 mSv.y-1, for El-Hosh, Um-Turibat and Medani towns, respectively. The results were compared with national and worldwide results.

      K.Rajagopal, J.Johnson

Abstract: The present experimental investigation has been carried out in order to explore the possible molecular interionic interactions of l-histidine in aqueous fructose solution at 298.15 K, 303.15K, 308.15K, and 313.15 K. Experimental values of density (ρ), ultrasonic speed (u) , and viscosity (η) have been measured on the liquid ternary mixtures of water +fructose + l-histidine and relevant molecular interaction parameters such as the apparent molal volume, Vφ , partial apparent molal volume, Vφ0 and the slope, Sv, Hepler’s constant, ∂2Vφ0/∂T2, apparent molal compressibiliity, Kφ , partial apparent molal compressibility, Kφ0 and the slope, Sk, transfer volume, Vφ0tr , transfer compressibility, Kφ0tr , Jones–Dole coefficient, B, Jones–Dole coefficient transfer, Btr , temperature derivative of B-coefficient, dB/dT, free energy of activation of viscous flow per mole of solvent, Δµ10* and per mole of solute, Δµ20* have been calculated. The results are interpreted in terms of solute–solvent and solute–solute interactions in these systems. It is observed that there exist strong solute–solvent interactions in these systems, which increase with increase in fructose concentration. The thermodynamics of viscous flow has also been discussed.

      Truong Quang Hien, Ma Cai Xue, He Li Yuan

Abstract: Currently, the surveying and cadastral mapping which serve for the land management is important in Vietnam. Formerly, the measurement of cadastral maps in Vietnam is done mostly manually by measuring optical theodolite and afterwards the map is drawn on the paper. Right now with the development of new technologies, many technological applications are used to measure for the establishment the cadastral map in Vietnam; however, the measure of the cadastral map done by technology electronic total station is the most popular to fit topographical conditions of Vietnam. In this method, the cadastral surveying is primarily use by the total station to measure direct in the field, then we use the specialized softwares such as MicroStation, FAMIS and Pronet to handle the measurement data and edit the map. In this study, cadastral mapping and measurement method for a particular area has found its conclusion. It is Cat Trinh Commune, Phu Cat District, Binh Dinh Province, Vietnam. The final result was the survey network diagram with 425 points including 24 high level cadastral points and the completed cadastral map with the total area of 4865.20 ha. There are 63 sheets in the cadastral map of Cat Trinh Commune which consists of 45 map sheets in scale 1: 2000, 18 map sheets in scale 1: 1000. All of them were stored as the digital files on the computer and the printed papers. Beside the cadastral maps, there are the statistical tables of the land area of each object and the purpose of the land use. This is an important document to help the State agencies manage the land correctly, handy and consistently.


Abstract: Android is an open source mobile device operating system has rapidly recognized in electronics Industry. Android operating system runs in embedded products like smart phones, tablet, set-top box, Android TV, Auto-cars - Android Auto, and wrist watches - Android Wear. Android reaches consumer product beyond its envelop on Multimedia, Mobile Internet Devices, Digital video, Home Entertainment, Automotive, Medical, Networking, Instrumentation and Industrial control. Contemporary industrial product of Android Wearable device connected with human body, it monitors and sync with Mobile device. This technology squeezes cutting-edge features like voice activation, calendar, music, biometrics measurement, email and interacts with other handheld device. This paper presents the Technical Detail of Android wearable, Development and Debug techniques of Android Studio. Development system includes cross compilers, libraries, debuggers, pre-built file system images, and product-specific support libraries.

      Dr. Aswin.A.B., Dr. Suresh.Y.V.

Abstract: : The aim of our study was to evaluate the efficacy of Paravertebral block in unilateral inguinal hernia repair comparing with spinal anaesthesia with respect to post operative analgesia, ambulation, perioperative and postoperative complications. Paravertebral block can be used as an alternative to spinal anaesthesia in unilateral inguinal hernia repair. It offers better hemodynamic control, prolonged post operative analgesia and early ambulation compared to spinal anaesthesia.

      A.Pasupathy, T.Raja, M.Raja

Abstract: The effect of glycylglycine was evaluated as a corrosion inhibitor for zinc in 0.5N HCl by weight loss, gasometric and therometric methods. The inhibition efficiency was found to increase with increase in the inhibitor concentration. The adsorption of the inhibitor molecules on to the zinc metal surface obeyed Temkin adsorption isotherm.

      A.Pasupathy, T.Raja, M.Raja

Abstract: The inhibitive action of Triethylenetetramine on zinc metal was evaluated in 0.5N HCl as corrosion medium ,using weight loss, gasometric and thermometric techniques. Parameters such as inhibition efficiency and corrosion rates were evaluated to assess the performance of the inhibitor. The results showed that the inhibitor displayed good corrosion inhibiting properties. The inhibition efficiency was found to increase with increase in the inhibitor concentration. To study the adsorption of the inhibitor on the metal surface, adsorption isotherm was plotted.

      Faisal KP, Falah Ummer, Hareesh K C, Munavir Ayaniyat, Nijab K, Nikesh P, Jibi R

Abstract: Discrete event simulation is the process of designing a model of a real system and conducting experiments with that model, for purpose of either understanding the behavior of the system or evaluating strategies for the operation of a system, discrete event simulation is a tool suitable for the study of manufacturing systems and improves the overall efficiency. Arena is a discrete event simulation and automation software developed by Systems Modeling and acquired by Rockwell Automation in 2000.It uses the SIMAN processor and simulation language. In this work, the existing layouts were studied and utilization of each station is analyzed, the efficiency of production depends on how well the various machines, production facilities and employee’s amenities are located in a plant.

      Barla Harshini, Praveen kalla, Dr K Ramji

Abstract: The main objective of path planning is to acquire a collision free path for a mobile robot operating in various environments. Diverse approaches and techniques have been implemented to solve a path planning problem by considering certain factors like obstacle shape, its orientation, type of environment etc. Based on the surrounding environment the robot navigates globally or locally. This paper focuses on the navigation of mobile robot operating in a static environment consisting of elliptical and polygonal obstacles. A mathematical formulation has been developed to obtain these paths and also to find the shortest path among them using Centre of Gravity Approach (CGA) and Coordinate Reference Frame (CRF) technique. The simulation results prove the proposed approach to be effective as the robot navigates to the defined target point without colliding with the obstacles in the environment.

      Mokara Bharati, V. DeepikaPoornima, S.Jyothrimai

Abstract: The optimization of gear design is a challenging problem as the design variables are interrelated to each other. Various methods have been proposed for solving such problems. This paper aims in developing a methodology for acquiring the desired worm gear design configuration by altering the optimum set of worm gear design parameters which are suitable for the required performance by associating it with SVM (Support Vector Machine). An evolutionary technique like Genetic algorithm (GA) is also used along with it for optimizing the worm and worm wheel with multi objectives, the main object is to attain high wear capacity by considering module, power, velocity ratio, and speed as design parameters. Center distance and strength of worm gear are the constraints taken into consideration.

      Noopur Sharma

Abstract: This research talks about the concept of revenue management and its adoption by the hotel industry. The study made analysis of its pros and cons for the management as well as its employees and guest. Revenue Management moves parallel to strategic and competitive pricing and elasticity of demand in the competitive market. It Later highlights the reasons of revenue management being used in the hotel industry.

      GiriBabu Surarapu, Shashidar PeddiReddy, Nagamani Uotkuri

Abstract: The function of the governor is to maintain the mean speed of the engine with in specified limits whenever there is a variation of the load. The objective of our investigation is modifying the Watt Governor (pendulum type) to increase minimum speed limit. [2] Generally we seen that watt governor is best suitable for 60-80r.p.m minimum speeds only, in our study we extend lower arm and fly ball position of the watt governor to the downside from the intersection of link and arm, and then we derive the equation for governor speed. We fabricated the model of governor and observed effect of the extension of lower link and fly ball weight on minimum speed of the governor. This analysis carried out by extension of lower links of the governor and position of fly balls.

      Musa Alkali Abubakar, Rozilah Kasim, Matthew Mamman

Abstract: In competitive educational environment where international students have many choices available, attributes that enable higher learning institutions to attract and maintain more international students should be studied seriously. Understanding the experience of international students during service delivery is vital for achieving service excellent. The aim of the study is to assess international students’ experience on the facilities provided at UTHM students’ residential colleges. The study identified the existing level of physical attributes that influence international students’ experience in the study area. The study used faced to face survey. Questionnaires were distributed to 210 international students at UTHM students’ residential colleges. However, 189 responses were collected. The data was analyzed using SPSS from which descriptive statistics data was obtained. The existing levels of physical attributes identified include the availability, comfortability and quality of the physical attributes. The finding of this study helps to formulate guidelines in terms of improvement, maintenance, design and construction for future developments of students’ residential colleges in order to achieve service excellence.

      Yogeshwar Puri Goswami, Dr. JayalakshmiL.S., Dr. D.M. Mathur

Abstract: Adolescence is a stage of struggle for identity. It is evidenced by rebelliousness, adventure seeking behavior and oppositional defense. The future citizens are at great risk for early initiation to drugs and other psycho active substances. Therefore, a quasi experimental study to assess the effectiveness of structured teaching programme was used to assess knowledge of adolescents regarding substance use. One group pre-test post-test design was used for this study. Convenient sampling technique is used on the sample for the present study consists of 91 adolescents age of 17- 18 yrs. from selected B.Sc. Nursing colleges at Udaipur district of Rajasthan. Self administered Knowledge questionnaires (Pre test – Post test) were administered. The collected data were analyzed by using descriptive & inferential statistics based on predefined objectives of the study. Present study shows that pre test knowledge level of students was significantly (P<0.05) less towards substance abuse. Study reveals that proper education (STP) enhance post test knowledge among students regarding substance abuse.

      Onkar Singh Brraich, Sulochana Jangu

Abstract: The diverse functions of wetlands are being adversely affected by human activities. Harike wetland has high ecological significance as it provides home to diverse flora and fauna, habitat for feeding and breeding and social interactions. This paper discusses an integrated approach of pollution indices and statistical techniques to assess the intensity of heavy metal pollution discharged from various industries in Harike wetland. This wetland is highly polluted due to the rapid industrialization, urbanization and dumping of solid wastes. The water quality of the wetland has been studied with reference to various toxic metals. The metals analyzed include lead, chromium, iron, copper, nickel, zinc and cadmium. The quality of water has drastically deteriorated due to the mixing of the heavy metals. Most of the metal ions were in higher concentration compared to the international standards. It has been observed that the quality of water is not safe for various aquatic and even unfit for human drinking and irrigation purposes, therefore, necessary conservation and management measures should be taken to improve the deteriorating water quality of this globally recognized wetland.

      Shweta Nema, Dr. Suvidha, Prof. Indu Bansal

Abstract: The study consists from adjustment among M.Tech students of Banasthali University. The sample 67 girls were selected from Banasthali hostel. The measure of Bell's Adjustment Inventory developed by Dr. R.K. Ojha (1934) was used. Data analysis was done by using Karl Pearson correlation statistical test. Findings of the study revealed that the significant positive correlation between all variables at the level of (0.01).

      Shweta Nema, Prof. Indu Bansal

Abstract: The present study an attempt is made to assess the correlates of adjustment among adolescents student studying in 9th class in Banasthali University. A total sample of (N=167) adolescent students studying in Banasthali University were randomly selected in 2012-2013. They were administered Bell’s Adjustment Inventory (1934) which measured adjustment of an individual in 4 areas (Home, health, social and emotional). The data were analyzed using descriptive statistics, t-test analysis and One-way ANOVA to find out the significance of difference between students with different levels of adjustment in various areas. Results revealed that the highly significant influence on home, health, social and emotional adjustment of adolescence students.

      Shweta Nema, Prof. Indu Bansal

Abstract: Middle age is one of the most important and researched period of human life. This is time of transitions in terms of family responsibilities, physical health changes, social interests and hobbies, etc. During this time couples relationship and adjustment also sees ups and downs. Till now many researchers have conducted studies on mid life adjustments and life satisfaction of middle aged married couples. This literature review is an attempt to examine the correlates which play important role in mid aged married couples adjustment and life satisfaction.

      Latika Verma

Abstract: Corporate social responsibility has much broader implications for the nation as a whole. It reduces dependency on the government for social change. Most governmental programmers quickly become embroiled in political manipulation, corruption, communal overtones, and bitter infighting. There is a need for evaluation and proper strategy for public-private partnership with well-defined controls and processes for the best use of resources for social change. Social reforms driven by the community will bring people together, turn the attention of the masses to tasks that benefit society, and reinforce peace and harmony. Social responsibility should not be limited to large successful corporations; there should be greater participation from most small, medium, and large businesses.

      Tariq Rashid Wani

Abstract: This paper attempts to highlight the new beginning of indo -Nepal relationships which reached of its highest peaks during India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi’ Visit to Nepal. the paper also attempt to explain the political and economic prospective of indo - Nepal relation and Mr. Narendra Modi also lays stress upon 4Cs co-operation, connectivity, culture and constitution which may improve bi-lateral ties with Nepal.

      Alaa Ahmed Chyad Alkafagi, Ruslan Bin Romli, Ahmad Yusni Bin Bahaudin, 4Jamal Mohammed Alekam, Anas Abdelsattar Mohammad Salameh

Abstract: The main purpose of this research is to identify the factors that encourage adopters to take up the Internet banking services in Iraq. This paper is concerned with an empirical investigation of individual factors technology that could predict successful IBSA in Iraq through the applications of planned behavior theory (TPB). This study uses sampling units in a questionnaire survey data of 535 Iraqis public university employees as customers of internet banking services who were using it already. This study applied partial least squares structural equation modeling (PLS-SEM) as the major analysis technique as well as SPSS, since PLS-SEM is a relatively new analytical technique in construction.The findings of this study suggests that attitude and percived behavior control(PBC) have significant and positively influences IBSA, while Subjective norm (SN) is unsuported. Related to individual factors technology (IFT), in this study there are 5 constructs all of them (technology and Internet literacy, resistance to change, risk of technology,and anxiety of technology, and trust of technolology) supported with researcher expectation.


Abstract: Relapse happening to mental health illness patients showed that the healing process is not well emplemented and has an impact on productivity. Recovery based service systems have been implemented in developed countries but has not performed optimally in developing countries. Implementation of psychiatric nursing care is only focused on comprehensive medication treatment. The purpose of the literature review is to describe model applied in psychiatric nursing in over coming relapse.

      Dr P K Purushothaman, Dr R Ramakrishnan, Dr P Sindhu

Abstract: Adenoid cystic carcinoma (ACC) is one of the commonest malignant salivary gland tumors, affecting minor salivary glands and rare in the nose and paranasal sinuses. ACC in maxillary sinus usually mimic inflammatory disease and has a poor prognosis. A case report of 37 yr old male with ACC of left nasal cavity who presented with mass in left nasal cavity and swelling in left cheek is presented here. The CT scan showed mass in left nasal cavity and over frontal process of maxilla with bone resorption. Surgical excision was done by Lateral Rhinotomy approach and biopsy revealed ACC. Post op radiotherapy given and regular follow up done. The sinonasal ACC has an overall poor prognosis due to perineural invasion and post-operative radiotherapy is important to address the microscopic disease.

      Dr. Afrina Rizvi

Abstract: Global food production has seen a phenomenal growth of almost three times in the last five decades. Unfortunately, still a sizeable section of people in developing and poor countries remain hungry and malnourished. New strategies are therefore needed to not only feed the hungry in an healthy and nourishing way but also to protect the environment from overuse of chemical pesticides and insecticides, thus maintaining a balance with nature too. Advances in agricultural biotechnology have led to genetically modified varieties of many plants and crops like cotton, maize, soya, tomato, and brinjal etc. In India too, a genetically modified variety of cotton, Bt cotton has been cultivated since 2002, which is said to provide resistance against bollworm.

      KB Galketiya, MVG Pinto

Abstract: Laparoscopic assisted pancreatico-duodenectomy is expected to minimize patient discomfort, blood loss and enable early feeding, mobilization and discharge; thus reducing institutional costs. It has a steep learning curve. We are presenting the adequacy of resection with regards to resection margins and lymph node harvest of our series.

      Kashif Akram, Nasir Mehmood, Imran Khan

Abstract: Knowledge management has emerged important field that captured an attention of research scholar in the field of management as KM promulgated important source of competitive advantage. The basic purpose of the study is to explore conceptual linkage between knowledge management and organization’s strategy formulation and competitive advantage. Detailed literature is reviewed to find out conceptual linkage between knowledge management, strategy formulation and competitive advantage. We used resources based view approach to link strategy and competitive advantage as a lens. This research would be fruitful for managers to understand strategic importance of knowledge, knowledge management and knowledge strategy to attain sustainable competitive advantage.

      Dr. Naveed Shibli, Hina Majid, Amana Zafar Ahsan, Amana Khalil, Moon Abdul Rauf, Salma Liaqat, Saira Yousaf, Iqbal Mehmood

Abstract: Depression is a global common mental disorder, the present study was designed to check the prevalence of etic findings about depression in case of localities, income groups and gender from Faisalabad, findings supported etic findings, regarding localities percentages of prevalence were high in slums as compared with high class localities whereas the presence of depression was more among high class women as compared with women belonging to low income groups.

      Chalchissa Amentie, Abdissa Gurmessa, Emnet Negash

Abstract: Female entrepreneurship is considered an important tool in enabling female empowerment and emancipation. The main objective of this article is to investigate perceived factors affect female undergraduates’ attitudes toward entrepreneurship development (comparison public and private universities in Ethiopia)

      Dahanayake Nilanthi, Alawathugoda CJ and Ranawake AL

Abstract: Groundnut variety Tissa (Arachis hypogea L.), Sunflower variety Terkey (Helianthus annus L.) and Sesame variety MI3 (Sesamum indicum L.) are sensitive to both excessive and deficit water which leads to decrease yield. We studied the growth and reproduction of above oil crops due to 10 day water stress at different growth stages; vegetative (T2), flowering (T3) and at maturity (T4). The study consisted with a control (T1), with daily water supply throughout all growth stages. Experiments were arranged in Complete Randomized Design (CRD) with five replicates and the experiment was repeated two times.

      Mrs Ashu Katyal, Mrs Betsy Xaviour

Abstract: MSME (Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises) are the heart of Indian Industry. Their contribution especially to a developing country like India is very valuable. They not only contribute in generating employment but also encourage low skilled level workers to start as entrepreneur level in rural areas. As data given by Economic Times in June 2013, they employ close to 40% of India's workforce. Their main boost is given to Indian Manufacturing industry which is around 45% and export oriented units which are close to 40%. The MSME sector in India is highly heterogeneous in terms of the size of the enterprises, variety of products and services, and levels of technology.

      Njeru Mugambi Duncan, Dr. Agnes Njeru, Dr. Florence Member, Ondabu Ibrahim Tirimba

Abstract: This study sought to explore the effect of cash management on financial performance of deposit taking SACCOs in Mount Kenya Region. The target population was all the thirty licensed deposit taking SACCOs in Mount Kenya Region, the sampling technique employed was simple random sampling and the sample size was 92 respondents. This study adopted a descriptive survey in soliciting information on effects of liquidity management on financial performance of deposit taking SACCOs in Mount Kenya region. Primary quantitative data was collected by use of self-administered structured questionnaires. The researcher also used secondary data derived from the audited financial statement of the SACCOs and the regulator (SASRA). The data collected was analyzed, with respect to the study objectives, using both descriptive and inferential statistics. The researcher concluded that there is need to introduce cash management controls in the SACCOs, there is need to better strengthen the role of SASRA and increase its awareness, there is need to introduce credit management policy and finally increase the monitoring role of the government through its regulator in the sector since the sector plays a critical role on the achievement of vision 2030 and improved economic development of the members.

      Venkataramani.K, Dr.R.Mohan Kumar, Dr.G.Brinda

Abstract: This paper describes a study on the attitude of consumers and insurance agents towards the proposed increase in Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in Insurance sector in India. The study focus on the impact of FDI in insurance as perceived by the sample of the study based on four dimensions namely economical impact, impact on service, benefits and overall impact on market. A quantitative survey was conducted using a measurement tool developed for the study. The sample of the study consisted of consumers and insurance agents from selected insurance companies in Chennai. The results of the study indicates that the customers welcome the government decision to increase the FDI cap in insurance. The participants of the study perceived that the better service and more options in the product portfolios are the general expectations from the insurers.

      Thilageswary Kumutharanjan, Sivakanesan Ramaiyah and Vasanthy Arasaratnam

Abstract: Oxidative stress is inevitable. Preventive actions should be taken to minimize the oxidative damages to biomolecules which may lead to health problems. Murraya koenigii leaves are reported to possess potent antioxidant properties. This study was initiated to evaluate the Total Phenol Content (TPC) and Antioxidant Activity of aqueous extracts of M. koenigii. Leaves were dried to constant weight, powdered and sieved. TPC was estimated in the cold and hot aqueous extracts of the M. koenigii leaf powder stored at room temperature and at 4oC in monthly interval for six months. The initial TPC of cold and hot extracts of Murraya koenigii leaf powder was 22.6 and 25.08µg TAE/g dry weight respectively. When the Murraya koenigii leaf powder was stored at room temperature for 6 months, TPC of cold and hot water extracts was 11.02 & 11.71 µg TAE/g dry weight respectively while the TPC of cold and hot water extracts of the leaf powder stored at 4oC for six months respectively was 12.31 & 12.84 µg TAE/g dry weight. Extraction of antioxidant activity was better with hot water than with cold water. TPC of Murraya keonigii powder decreased when stored both at room temperature and at 4oC. Both cold as well as hot extracts exhibited antioxidant activity even after storing for 6 months. At 3 months the decline in the TPC of the powder stored at Room temperature is higher than that stored at 4oC. In the Siddha Medicine the lifespan of ‘Chooranam’ which is prepared from herbs is used for 3 months. Hence the leaf powder can be used for the ‘Chooranam’ preparation. However freshly prepared leaf powder is recommended for the preparation of the ‘Chooranam’.

      Gebeyehu Jalu Negassa

Abstract: Economic activities of people are causing major threats to environment and to survival of all life on the earth. Importance of ethics in the business world is superlative and global in its nature. The fact is that some businesses operate in unethical and socially irresponsible way. The unethical action of businesses in developing countries is highly linked with economic problem. Some customers are not enjoying quality goods and services at their cost. Though there is such serious problem, yet I could not find study conducted in the area to describe the situation or to identify root causes of the problem that enable decision makers to take appropriate action. So, the study going to evaluate business ethical practice of the town along with causes and effects of unethical business practice in the town.

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