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IJSRP, Volume 2, Issue 6, June 2012 Edition - FINAL RELEASE [ISSN 2250-3153]

All listed papers are published after full consent of respective author or co-author(s).
For any discussion on research subject or research matter, the reader should directly contact to undersigned authors.

All the papers will be listed in OARD, latest by 18th June 2012.
Online print version will be released latest by 18th June 2012.

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      Dr. N.Shanmuganathan, Dr.T.V.Padamanabhan, Dr.R.Subramaniam, Dr.S.Madhankumar

Abstract: Objective: The purpose of this study was to evaluate the change in clinical compliance of the three selected soft lining materials during use (in vivo) and also to analyze the leached out component during use. (In vitro)
Methods and materials: Three soft-liner materials (Visco-gel, Coe-soft, GC Soft liner) were studied. Three circular depressions were made on the intaglio surface of the posterior palatal seal region, and they were filled with the three selected soft lining material and marked as A, B, C. Modified penetrometer was used to test the clinical compliance of the material over a period of 2 hrs, 24 hrs, 1 week and 4 weeks after the denture was inserted. An in vitro study was conducted to find out the leachable components, both qualitatively and quantitatively with the use of high performance liquid chromatography and the clinical findings were correlated.
Results: Paired t-test was applied to analyze the data. It was found that compliance of Visco-gel reduced the most in the 1st week which was followed by GC Soft liner over a period of 4 weeks followed by Coe Soft. In vitro study revealed that initial loss of ethanol was shown by HPLC test which caused the reduction in compliance.
Conclusion: The results of this study indicated that physical property of the materials mainly depend on the type of plasticizer used and not ethanol that is present in most of the tissue conditioners. It could also be inferred that the use of plasticizer with large molecular size like benzyl salicylate, would preserve the physical property of the material over a longer period of time.

      Abdulghader.A.Ahmed, Hadya.S.Hawedi

Abstract: E-commerce is a successful business-based innovation via internet. This form of business transaction strategy offers many opportunities for growth in business and marketing services in various aspects. Online shopping is an intermediary mode between marketers or sellers to the end user or the consumers. Nature of online transaction in Libya is constrained by instability resulting from insecurity, unprotected transaction as well as trust. Online shopping could become predominant source of shopping method, if the barriers associated with insecurity, trust and customer's protection are tackled. Owing to the significance of e-commerce towards Libyan economic growth, this paper highlights the limitations associated with e-commerce transaction in Libya and proposes relevant steps towards overcoming these constrains. Relevance of integrating e-commerce in Libyan economic system is discussed with.


Abstract: A system of space-time continuum and parallel system of space that contribute to the dissipation of the velocity of production of space is investigated. It is shown that the time independence of the contributions portrays another system by itself and constitutes the equilibrium solution of the original time independent system. With the methodology revitalized and rejuvenated with the explanations, we write the governing equations with the nomenclature for the systems in the foregoing, including those of energy- mass system. An alternate explanation is provided for the mass energy equivalence which shall be dealt copiously in another paper. On one hand models act as a determinate a priori, they also act as a bastion and pillar and post for a differential a posteori in coming papers which would incorporate more number of equations attributable and ascribable for the process of concatenation. A Grand Unified Theory of these four important variables in quantum mechanics and classical mechanics is proposed and the equations are given in the annexure. These can be solved based on the same methodology of the present paper. Various permutational and combinational possibilities are also discussed.

      Dr K N Prasanna Kumar, Prof B S Kiranagi, Prof C S Bagewadi

Abstract: A system of uncertainty of the position of the particle (photon, electron etc.,) is investigated. Very observation affects the quantum mechanical reality, and the nature like a coy bride hides herself. Measurement always disturbs the true nature of 'nature' We discuss stability,solutional behaviour, and asymptotic behaviors of the system

      Tanasorn Tunsaringkarn, Wattasit Siriwong, Tassanee Prueksasit, Saowanee Sematong, Kalaya Zapuang, Anusorn Rungsiyothin

Abstract: Assessment of exposures of formaldehyde and acetaldehyde that related to urinary biomarkers among office and gasoline station workers was conducted. Our results revealed that the evaluation of ambient air formaldehyde and acetaldehyde in official were significantly higher than in gasoline stations; 28.72 to 11.31 μg m-3 and 7.85 to 3.34 μg m-3 respectively (independence t-test, p<0.01). The sum average lifetime cancer risk of official and gasoline stations workers exposure to formaldehyde and acetaldehyde were determined as the values of 2.51E-05 and 1.30E-05, which were higher than an acceptable criteria defined as 1.00 x 10-6. For non-cancer health effects, sum of the hazard quotients (hazard index, HI) of exposures to these two substances in office and gasoline station workers were found at the ratio of 0.40 and 0.21. Both HIs were lower than minimal level which indicated that there is no risk of other health effects. Ambient air formaldehyde was strongly and significantly correlated to ambient air acetaldehyde (r=0.907, p<0.01) as well as urinary formaldehyde was significantly correlated to urinary acetaldehyde (r=0.498, p<0.01). Urinary formaldehyde did not show correlation to ambient air formaldehyde but urinary acetaldehyde was significantly correlated to ambient air acetaldehyde (r=0.429, p<0.01). In addition, urinary formic acid was not related to any exposures. Results of this study supported that urinary acetaldehyde may be used as biomarkers for bio-monitoring in human exposures.

      Hanitha Gnanathesigar

Abstract: In this paper novel approach for implementing Tamil Language Semi continuous speech recognition based on Hidden Markov Models is discussed. Tamil and other Indian languages share phonological features which are rich in vowel and consonant realizations. The same phone in different words has different realizations. This can be overcome by employing phone-in-context. Therefore triphone models were chosen as suitable sub-word units for acoustic training. The system is trained with speech corpus of 37 Tamil phones. Speech corpus consisted of 0.35 hours of speech. Training was done using Carnegie Mellon University (CMU)'s SphinxTrain acoustic model Trainer. Accuracy of the training is measured by decoding using PocketSphinx.

      Dr. Rohit Sabharwal, Ms. Kinjal Dalal

Abstract: Every sound generated in this universe has great impact on human body and its surroundings. Ancient sages; through power of meditation had found the benefits of various chants and its impact on the surroundings. Vedic Chantings (Homas, Yagyas, Meditation) leads to healthy body, mind and soul which is more in sync with law of nature. Today there are meditation, chantings been performed for holistic growth of human and nature. This was studied by analyzing crime registrations in four zones of Mumbai. The study has shown that Vedic chants reduce crime rate.


Abstract: The present paper deal with approximation of a function belonging to the W(Lp, (t)) class by product summability method. Here product of Euler (E,q) summability method and Norlund (N, pn) method has been taken. A new estimate on degree of approximation of a function belonging to W(Lp, (t)) class has been determined by (E, q) (N, pn) summability of a Fourier series.

      Sudhakar Kumar Singh

Abstract: Cryptography is the technique that is used to ensure the safety of communication over the network in most of the computer communication systems. The strength of a cryptographic algorithm is based on the difficulty of cryptanalysis imposed over system. Our proposed Algorithm provides the best security analysis, in terms of computational time and effective environment over the network. As we are aware of the security of communication has attracted the attention towards the design of new Algorithm. It is a combination of some of the best known encryption algorithms in existence. Here, we apply the concept of RAC (Randomized Alphanumeric Characters) proceeding with some computation to reach the goal of cipher text. The algorithm that we are proposing in our work is the resultant of some existing algorithms that uses the strengths of one algorithm to compensate the weakness of other by applying RAC as well as applying a technique which is similar to Bit-Stuffing.

      Yasmeen Khan and Nelofar Khan

Abstract: This paper discusses the results of an analysis on community based cross sectional study of infant growth faltering and feeding practices in three regions of Jammu Kashmir and ladakh for which data has been collected during 2004-2006 and compiled in March 2007.results indicate a statistically significant positive association between malnutrition and feeding practices. Feeding practices in all the three regions studied were not as per internationally accepted recommendations. Around 66% of mothers gave pre-lacteal feeds, most common being sugar water, honey, plain water, artificial milk and Jaggery. Pre-lacteal feeding was common in Jammu and Kashmir regions but was not very common in Ladakh. In all the three regions, as the age of the studied children advanced from 0 to 2 years, the prevalence rate of malnutrition exhibited a parallel increase. This pattern was observed in higher frequency among infants from middle and lower income groups. Chronic malnutrition evidenced by stunting with insignificant inter-regional differences (P>0.01) was observed in 14.1%, 17.2% and 16.8% of the children in Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh. Current malnutrition was more prominent in Kashmir as 29.3% children were underweight as against 16.2% in Jammu and 15.8% in Ladakh (p< 0.01). Acute malnutrition also showed significant inter-regional difference (P<0.05). Highest frequency of wasted children was recorded in Kashmir as 14.4%, followed by 12.1% from Jammu while in Ladakh only 6.9% of children were found to be wasted.

      Purvi K. Changela, Sarla Bhatt

Abstract: Basketball is a prime example of a sport that predominantly utilizes anaerobic metabolism. The Wingate cycle and vertical jump tests have been used to assess anaerobic power in athletes for the purpose of providing information of anaerobic performance in a given sports. The lack of research in the field of more sport specific tests to assess anaerobic performance has lead to the development of the present proposed investigation.

      Navita Kumari

Abstract: SQL statements are used to retrieve data from the database. We can get same results by writing different SQL queries. But the use of best, faster and efficient query is important when performance is considered. So we need SQL query tuning based on the business and user requirements. This paper covers how these SQL queries can be optimized for better performance. Query optimization subject is very deep but we will try to cover the most important points. In this paper I am not focusing on, in-depth analysis of database but simple query tuning tips & tricks which can be applied to gain immediate performance gain.

      Kishore K. Das, Bhanita Das and Bhupen K. Baruah

Abstract: A study on bivariate and trivariate weighted inverse Gaussian distribution (WIGD) using a specific concept of pseudo distribution has been attempted in this paper. Product moment of bivariate pseudo WIGD has been obtained. Distribution of r-th concomitant of order statistics for the resulting distribution has been obtained with some ordering properties. An extension to bivariate concomitant for trivariate pseudo WIGD also has been discussed. Concomitant of second order upper record statistics and joint distribution of second and fourth order concomitant of upper record statistics for bivariate pseudo WIGD have been studied along with their properties. Numerical values of survival functions have been computed for comparison of concomitant of order statistics and record statistics. This study reveals that for both concomitant of order statistics and concomitant of second order upper record statistics for WIGD survival probability decreases as time increases for fixed values of the parameters and it increases for increasing value of shape parameter holding time and scale parameter as fixed.

      Ravindra Singh Rana, Rajesh Purohit, Alok Singh

Abstract: The function of the governor is to maintain the speed of an engine within specified limits whenever there is a variation of load. It is a dynamic device done in the field of manufacturing technology. It's rather inexpensive and can be used in almost all vehicles. The objective our investigation to identify the stress concentration areas, areas which are most susceptible to failure when governor is rotating about its axis, also the value of these stresses is measured. Analysis is carried out with the help of PRO E. The displacement of the various elements of the SPINDLE from the base is also calculated using PRO E and the graphs are plotted. Different materials for different parts are used that are theoretically justified. Effect of the "WEIGHT OF THE ARMS is the major area of concern for our study and all the calculations are done by keeping in mind the weight of the arms. When the weight of the arms are considered then this weight acts on the centroid of the arms and when the governor assembly rotates, centrifugal force starts acting on the centroid of the arms and tends to deflect the arms, this deflection or bending is to be minimized. In our work, we have done the analysis on a particular configuration of governor assembly and then various materials are suggested on a theoretical basis.

      R. S. Rana, Rajesh Purohit, and S Das

Abstract: In recent year's aluminum and aluminum alloys are widely used in automotive industries. These are light weight (density of about 2.7g/cc),having good malleability and formability, high corrosion resistance and high electrical and thermal conductivity. High machinability and workability of aluminum alloys are prone to porosity due to gases dissolved during melting processes. However, in the engineering application pure aluminum and its alloys still have some problems such as relatively low strength, unstable mechanical properties. The microstructure can be modified and mechanical properties can be improved by alloying, cold working and heat treatment in this regards, this paper reports the influences of some alloying elements on the microstructures and mechanical properties of Aluminum alloys and aluminum alloy composites.

      M. Saleem and Tanuja Agrawal

Abstract: In this paper, a simple prey-predator type model for the growth of tumor with discrete time delay in the immune system is considered. It is assumed that the resting and hunting cells make the immune system. The present model allows delay effects in the growth process of the hunting cells. Qualitative and numerical analyses for the stability of equilibriums of the model are presented. Length of the time delay that preserves stability is given. It is found that small delays guarantee stability at the equilibrium level (stable focus) but the delays greater than a critical value may produce periodic solutions through Hopf bifurcation and larger delays may even lead to chaotic attractors. Implications of these results are discussed.

      Dr. G.Nirmala, K.Uma

Abstract: By introducing, the new concept fuzzy edge cut-set, multiple sources and sinks of fuzzy graphs and with arc and vertex capacities of fuzzy graphs , simple variations of the maximal flow problem is introduced. A maximum flow matrix is constructed by a spanning tree using vertex condensation process. Also, in this paper a fuzzy spanning tree with maximum flow is constructed, which is equivalent to an undirected graph by algorithmic representation. In general, the flow equivalent fuzzy tree is not unique.

      Binod Kumar Prasad, Goutam Sanyal

Abstract: Recognition rate of handwritten character is still limited due to presence of large variation of shape, scale and format in hand written characters. A sophisticated hand written character recognition system demands a better feature extraction technique that would take care of such variation of hand writing. In this paper, we propose a recognition model based on Hidden Markov Models (HMMs) supported by novel feature extraction technique. Ultimately post-processing is done to enhance the recognition rate further. A data-base of 13000 samples is collected from 100 writers written five times for each character. 2600 samples have been used to train HMM and the rest are used to test recognition model. Using our proposed recognition system we have achieved a good average recognition rate of about 93.24 percent.

      Er.Nilesh Agrwal, Er.Navendu Nitin, Manjay Yadav

Abstract: Frequency hopping spread spectrum is an efficient technique to combat jamming. . In this paper we analysis the effect of partial band noise jamming in Fast Frequency hopping spread spectrum system. We consider a communication system that transmits MFSK over a channel. The partial band noise interference is model as AWGN Channel using the phase analysis method. We consider (ϱ) as a worst case partial band noise fraction and Pb is bit error rate probability for given m and signal to noise ratio.

      G.Nirmala, S.Suganthi

Abstract: In this paper, some characteristic description and a kind of representation of the fuzzy sub-trigroup with respect to operation addition are Introduced.Fuzzy sub-trigroup,union of fuzzy trigroups trilevel subset of a fuzzy sub-trigroup are defined. Properties of fuzzy sub-trigroup are proved with examples. some results of trilevel subset of fuzzy sub-trigroups are also proved.

      Dr. Bharati ROY

Abstract: The study examined the adjustment problems of educable mentally retarded students of Ranchi (India). The total sample in the study consisted of 200 subjects-out of which 100 served as experimental group (mentally retarded) and 100 as normal control. The subjects in the experimental group were selected from the schools of mentally retarded and normal control subjects were selected from different high schools of Ranchi. They were matched with the experimental group with respect to various socio-demographic variables, like age, economic status, religion and domicile. The Purposive sampling technique was adopted. For assessing the intelligence and adjustment problems of the subjects, Sandford Binet intelligence scale and Bell adjustment inventory were administer. Result showed that: (i) Mentally retarded subjects had greater adjustment problems than the normal control group. (ii) Mentally retarded group showed highest score in social area and lowest score in health area in comparison to other areas of adjustment.

      Shweta Gaba, Iti Aggarwal, Dr. Sujata Pandey

Abstract: In this age of viruses and hackers of electronic eavesdropping and electronic fraud, security is paramount. A cryptographic system ( or a cipher system) is a method of hiding data so that only certain people can view it. A cryptographic system typically consists of algorithms, keys, and key management facilities. There are several algorithms to choose from that vary in the security they provide, their size, the time it takes to encrypt or decrypt a block of data. In this paper, we analyze and evaluate the development of a cheap and relatively fast hardware implementation of the extended tiny encryption algorithm (XTEA). Originally the research was split into separate encipher/decipher units, but these have now been combined into a single unit. The design will start by using finite state machine (FSMs) and will use Verilog hardware description language to describe the design. Minimizing the chip area and security transmission of data will be our main goal. The targeted hardware systems are the reconfigurable Spartan III and Xilinx Virtex IV modern field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs).

      Tripuresh Joshi, Arvind Kumar Jaiswal, Mukesh Kumar

Abstract: In this paper, we introduce Bidirectional WDM-EPON for metropolitan area network for simultaneous transfer of Data and Video for replacing copper pair cable, with high data rate communication between CO (Central Office) and Subscriber End/ ONU (Optical Network Unit). We analyses the network with different data rate to minimize the problem of high attenuation, power loss, and improve the efficiency.

      Miss. Soni Samprati

Abstract: The Internet has instantly evolved into a vast global network in the growing techonology.TCP/IP protocol is the basic requirement for the recent time Internet .In TCP/IP proposed a security enhancement. This enhancement adds three modules. These are Security Policy, security control and data link layer. Security policy belongs to application layer, Security control is management located in the transport layer and Data security layer located between transport layer and IP layer. Security policy interacts with the system administrator for defining policies and roles of security to be applied in the data communications. Security control module provides the means to apply security policy module and established security channels. It usage four way handshaking and public key cryptography (PKC) to create virtual secure connection and secret key cryptography (SKC). Data security layer proposed Thin security over IP protocol. Thin security protocol encrypt and encapsulated the coming transport layer packet into TSP packets. Internet usage continues to increase exponentially. So network security becomes a growing problem. Even though IPv6 comes with build mechanism IPSec for security, it lacks security in application layer of TCP/IP protocol suite.IPv6 solves most of the security breaches for IPv4 with the use of IPSec but IPSec does not have any security provision in application layer and for security purpose there is a need for security mechanism. Here in TCP/IP architecture includes a layer called Security Layer, which guarantees security to provide Application layer using a protocol Application Layer Security Protocol.

      R.C.Agrawal, Rajani

Abstract: The results of the present investigation showed that topical single application of DMBA. followed by 1 % croton oil produced skin papillomas. The incidence of tumours reached 100% and the value of cumulative number of papillomas in these animals were recorded 40 and the average number of papillomas per mouse (tumour yield) was found 6.6. The mice which received Triphala extract additionally showed a significant decrease in the number and incidence of tumour as compared with DMBA + croton oil group. When triphala extract was topically applied at the dose of 40 mg /kg body weight for 16 weeks to the skin of animals the tumor incidence was found 60% and the value of cumulative number of papillomas in these animals were recorded 6 and the average number of papillomas per mouse in this group was found 1.5. The differences in the values of results of the experiment was statistically analyzed and found significant in comparison to the control group at (p< 0.05). In another study the effect of triphala extract on B16F10 melanoma tumour bearing mice was also evaluated. The inhibition rate was 69 % in triphala extract groups group as compared to control group. The life span was also increased by 52 % as compared to control group. The tumour volume of triphala treated mice was significantly reduced as compared to control. The result was found significant in comparison to the control group (p< 0.05).

      Er. Tanvi Madaan, Er. Himanshu Sharma

Abstract: In this paper, we address the problem of pre-segmentation for object detection and statistics in remote sensing image processing. It plays an important role in reducing computational burden and increasing efficiency for further image processing and analysis. We follow the paradigm of object detection by Active Contour Method, then imposes structural constraints for the detection of the entire object. We have analyzed the performance of the proposed scheme comprehensively and specifically using some measured data, and carried out comparisons of the existing algorithms. The results show that the proposed scheme could improve the application ability in target detection.

      V. Ravindra Babu, K. Shreya, Kuldeep Singh Dangi, G. Usharani, P. Nagesh

Abstract: The present investigation is carried out to study the genetic parameters for yield, yield attributing, quality and nutritional characters in twenty one rice hybrids. Analysis of variance revealed significant differences for all the traits under study. The characters viz., number of filled grains per panicle, number of chaffy grains per panicle and iron content exhibited high Genotypic Coefficient of Variation (GCV) and Phenotypic Coefficient of Variation (PCV). Small differences between GCV and PCV were recorded for all the characters studied which indicated less influence of environment on these characters. The characters viz., number of filled grains per panicle and water uptake exhibited high heritability coupled with high genetic advance indicating that simple selection could be effective for improving these characters.

      Rohit Gupta, Ruchika Lamba, Subhransu Padhee

Abstract: The versatile control characteristics of DC motor have contributed in the extensive use of DC motor in the industry. With the increasing use of power semi conductor units, the speed control of DC motor is increasingly getting sophisticated and precise. Speed of the DC motor is controlled by controlling the armature voltage. Armature voltage is controlled using different single phase AC/DC converter. Half converter, semi converter, full converter and dual converter are some of the thyristor based circuits which are used for speed control of DC motor. This paper studies different speed control techniques of DC motor and makes a comparative study of different converter based speed controller techniques.

      Yogesh Tayal, Ruchika Lamba, Subhransu Padhee

Abstract: Because of the increasing instances of identity theft and terrorism incidences in past few years, biometrics based security system has been an area of quality research. Modern day biometrics is a cutting edge technology which enables the automated system to distinguish between a genuine person and an imposter. Automated face recognition is one of the areas of biometrics which is widely used because of the uniqueness of one human face to other human face. Automated face recognition has basically two parts one is face detection and other one is recognition of detected faces. To detect a face from an online surveillance system or an offline image, the main component that should be detected is the skin areas. This paper proposes a skin based segmentation algorithm for face detection in color images with detection of multiple faces and skin regions. Skin color has proven to be a useful and robust cue for face detection, localization and tracking.

      Vishal Vishnoi, Subhransu Padhee, Gagandeep Kaur

Abstract: This paper presents a comparative analysis of performance of PID controller and hybrid fuzzy controller for concentration control of isothermal continuous stirred tank reactor, which is used to carry out chemical reactions in an industry. Isothermal continuous stirred tank reactor is one of the types of reactor which operates at a constant temperature. The authors developed a mathematical model of the isothermal CSTR and implemented PID controller and PD-fuzzy controller to control the product concentration of the reactor irrespective of the disturbances and delays. Time domain analysis of the controller is performed to study the performance of different controllers and it is observed that PD-fuzzy controller performs better than the conventional PID controller to control the product concentration of isothermal CSTR.


Abstract: The main objective of present study was to design and evaluate the Muco adhesive buccal patch. The buccal region is an attractive route of administration for systemic drug delivery. To provide prolonged desire state concentration of Fluxotine Hydrochloride with minimal fluctuation and improved bioavailability, a mucoadhesive buccal patch is designed in the present study that Fluxotine hydrochloride is an antidepressant with selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor, its oral bioavailability is 80% because of first pass metabolism. In this study Mucoadhesive buccal patches were prepared with chitosan dissolved in glacial acetic acid and glycerol as plasticizer. Mucoadhessive patch containing 20mg of Fluxotine Hcl were evaluated with respect to their invitro drug permeation through goat buccal mucosa in 3 hr by using Franz diffusion cell, weight variation, uniformity of film, Area of the film, determination of % yield of buccal patch, percentage moisture loss, Mucoadhesive strength, folding endurance, drug content uniformity, swelling behaviour and surface pH were obtained. The physicochemical interaction between drug and polymer were investigated by FTIR spectroscopy revealed that there is no interaction. Then the formula could be promising for the fabrication of buccal patches.

      Dr. THRIVENI

Abstract: Princely state has adapted some scientific measures to provide female medical aid and for improving the health of babies most effectively serving individual children in order to raise the level of community health. The high rate of infant mortality exists in the state due to the shortage of child welfare activities and other medical facilities.

      Ashima Agarwal, Shangruff Raina

Abstract: Migration of a virtual machine is simply moving the VM running on a physical machine (source node) to another physical machine (target node). It is done as, while the VM is running on the source node, and without disrupting any active network connections, even after the VM is moved to the target node. It is considered "live, since the original VM is running, while the migration is in progress. Huge benefit of doing the live migration is the very small (almost zero) downtime in the order of milliseconds. There exists a model in which the load is balanced among the servers according to their processor usage or their IO usage and keeping virtual machines zero downtime. To increase the throughput of the system, it is necessary that the virtual machines are load balanced statically, i.e. the load is distributed to each part of the system in proportion to their computing IO capacity.

      Paulami Maiti and Samir Banerjee

Abstract: Use of raw sewage in aquaculture spelling prosperity to farmers is actually a veritable threat to the environment. Metal contaminated fish grown in the sewage-fed East Kolkata Wetlands, is potentially hazardous for the consumers. Alarmed by the increase of these persistent elements, an in-depth study was carried out to find out a possible way to reduce metal body burden in fish. The first part of the study deals with the quantitative analyses of metals in several species of fish reared in the sewage fed system. In the second part, sewage input in the ponds was temporarily stopped for six months that helped us to understand the depuration pattern of the accumulated metals from fish tissues. It was observed that, copper accumulates maximally with age in the fish liver especially in the benthic species such as Cirrhinus mrigala and Oreochromis nilitica. However, its depuration rate from the organ is low. After six months, the metal is completely excreted from muscle, skin, gills and kidney. Gills of Catla catla accumulate excess of zinc. Lead and zinc show size dependent increase in muscle, liver, kidney, skin and gills of fish but are steadily depurated in the relatively uncontaminated system. The rate of cadmium uptake and release is extremely low in fish.

      Matloob Ullah Khan, Dr. Ambrish Gupta and Dr. Sadaf Siraj

Abstract: The main objectives of this paper are to study the Regulation of India Derivative market along with the accounting for Future and Option. In first objective we discuss about the Regulation of Indian Derivative Market as per Dr. L.C. Gupta committee report and in second objective we describe accounting adjustment procedure of Future and Option at the time of payment or receipt of mark-to-market margin, initial margin, open interest as on balance sheet date, final settlement or square-up, daily settlement, at the time of default, discloser requirement and method for determination of profit or loss in multiple option situations.


Abstract: We give definition for fuzzy subalgebras for partially ordered algebra, Fuzzy subgroup and fuzzy coset. Then we study their connection of P-fuzzy subalgebras with fuzzy subgroup and fuzzy coset.

      R.B. Lokapure, J.D.Joshi

Abstract: Day by day the demand of energy is rising tremendously, but there is lack in supply. So there is no option for proper and efficient utilization and conservation of energy. In this paper the main stress is given on energy conservation by using technique of Roof surface evaporative cooling for Air-conditioning system. The target of saving and conserving energy up to 15 to 22% but in this case we achieved our goal of energy saving up to 13% by adopting RSEC technique.

      Neha Goel, Dr.Vandana Nath

Abstract: Double gate MOSFET is widely used for sub-50nm technology of transistor design .They have immunity to short channel effects, reduced leakage current and high scaling potential. The single gate Silicon-on-insulator (SOI) devices give improved circuit speed and power consumption .But as the transistor size is reduced the close proximity between source and drain reduces the ability of the gate electrode to control the flow of current and potential distribution in the channel. To reduce SCE we need increase gate to channel coupling with respect to source/drain to channel coupling. This paper deals with the compact modeling of long channel undoped and doped symmetric double-gate MOSFET. The formulation starts with the solution of Poisson's equation which is then coupled to the Pao-Sah current equation to obtain the analytical drain-current model in terms of carrier concentration. The performance analysis will be done by using the model.

      Shrikant J.Honade, Dr. P.V. Ingole

Abstract: Multiple access interference (MAI) is a factor which limits the capacity and performance of DS-CDMA systems. MAI refers to the interference between direct-sequence users. This interference is the result of the random time offsets between signals, which make it impossible to design the code waveforms to be completely orthogonal. While the MAI caused by any one user is generally small, as the number of interferers or their power increases, MAI becomes substantial. The conventional detector does not take into account the existence of MAI. It follows a single-user detection strategy in which each user is detected separately without regard for other users. Because of the interference among users, however, a better detection strategy is one of multi-user detection (also referred to as joint detection or Interference cancelation). Here, information about multiple users is used jointly to better detect each individual user.

      S.L. Pandharipande, Aashish Nagdive, Yogesh Moharkar

Abstract: Liquid-liquid extraction is a process for separating the components of a liquid feed mixture by contacting with a liquid solvent phase. The operation is carried out in spray columns, packed beds, rotating disc contactors & plate columns. The effective rate of mass transfer is dependent upon several factors such as mass transfer coefficient, transfer area and magnitude of driving force applied. Multi Layer Perceptron (MLP) is a type of feed forward neural network applied to chemical engineering operations. Present work is aimed at developing ANN models with different topologies for liquid-liquid extraction carried in spray column for a system of acetic acid-water-benzene. The accuracy of the ANN model is dependent upon the number of hidden layers & number of neurons in each hidden layer. Artificial neural network models 1 & 2 are developed for modeling liquid-liquid extraction spray column, correlating mass transfer coefficient & mass transfer rate with flow-rate of extract phase , equilibrium concentration of acetic acid in aqueous phase & height of organic phase in column. The topology of the architecture was different for both the models. Based on results & discussions it can be concluded that both the models are successful in estimating the parameters but because of higher accuracy of estimation for both the training & test data sets ANN model 2 is more suitable. The work is demonstrative and the accuracy of estimation can be improved by altering the topology.

      Mr. Divyang J Joshi

Abstract: As long as financial markets are concerned, people tried to forecast the future movement of it. The purpose of forecast is to expect great fortunes. In reality it is an important question that "is it possible to forecast market with the historical data? If it is possible than excess returns can be made by picking up lottery stock. This situation is called "Inefficient Market. On the other hand if market is efficient, it is west of time to predict stock market. The main intention of this paper is to study the efficiency level in Indian Stock market and the random walk nature of the stock market by using RUN test for the period from 1st January 2001 to 31st December 2010. In this paper, 6 major indices [BSE 30, BSE 100,200,500, BSE SMALL CAP and BSE MIDCAP] are studied.


Abstract: Diel variations of physic- chemical factors and plankton population were investigated in the swamps of Purnia district, Bihar on a seasonal basis, Air and water temperature, pH, DO2 and bicarbonate alkalinity were found to increase during day time which decreased during night hours. The amount of free CO2 was also observed higher during the night period. Water temperature showed a positive correlation with air temperature, pH, DO2 bicarbonate alkalinity and a negative one with free CO2 in most cases. Phytoplankton also showed increased number during day time. Not a very clear-cut pattern of diel variation was observed and this fluctuation was mostly due to photosynthetic activity of producers, respiratory activity of biota and fluctuation in water temperature. A complex interaction of various environmental factors e g., seasons, climate, nutrients, pollution, light hours etc. also play an important role to decide the fate of diel variation of abiotic factors and biotic population.

      Shipra Mathur, Asfiya Zayeem, Srikanth Kanameni, Monica Tibrewal, Nitish Wadhwa, Priti Arora and Archna Kumar

Abstract: Semiochemicals especially their alkane constituents play vital role in governing the foraging behavior of egg parasitoids. Thus in the present study various concentrations of the three straight chain alkanes were prepared to determine the specific concentration(s) optimizing the foraging behavior of Trichogramma brasiliensis Ashmead and Trichogramma chilonis Ishii. Laboratory bioassays were carried out to assess the impact of various concentrations of octacosane, pentacosane and tricosane on the parasitic efficiency of targeted trichogrammatids. T. chilonis was found to exhibit enhanced parasitism for concentrations ranging from 7 000mg/L to 15 000mg/L with maximum at 11 000mg/L for Pentacosane (17.23±0.56) whereas T. brasiliensis exhibited favorable response towards almost all the concentrations of tricosane and pentacosane showing more efficiency at 11 000mg/l (19.44±2.00) and 14 000mg/l(18.89±0.70) respectively. These studies indicate that alkanes can act as semiochemical source and can be exploited to enhance foraging efficiency of egg parasitoids in integrated pest management programs.

      Jangati Yellaiah

Abstract: This paper identifies the determinants of awareness of health insurance in Andhra Pradesh. The present study was carried out in Hyderabad city of Andhra Pradesh. Since the main objective of the study was to analyze determinants of awareness of the health insurance, we concentrated on the variables like the Age, Education, Gender, Occupation, Income, type of the family, and Health expenditure etc. Using pretested structured questionnaire, the primary data have been collected purposively, by covering the wide range of demographic, economic and social factors, from the randomly chosen two hundred respondents from the study area. We have applied simple statistical tools such as descriptive statistics, and along with logistic regression to identify the factors determining the awareness of the health insurance. We found that 33.5 percent of the respondents had aware of health insurance and 66.5 percent of the respondents had unaware of health insurance. The present paper concludes that the determinants of awareness of health insurance were religion, type of the family, education, occupation, annual income, when considered except type of the family, the other determinants had a statistically significant. The higher education and higher income had positive relation to the awareness of health insurance.

      Ms. Rashmi D. Kyatanavar, Prof. P. R. Futane

Abstract: Sign Language (SL) is the communication method for deaf people. But these sign languages are not standard & universal. The grammar differs from country to country. As the sign language is the only method for deaf community to communicate with normal people, we need Sign Language Translators (SLT). The basic automatic SLT uses two approaches. First one is using the electronic data gloves. These gloves have inbuilt sensors & it is worn by the signer to detect hand posture. But these gloves are having high cost. So, visual approach is most suitable & widely used. Here a camera is used to capture images of signer & then image processing is carried out to perform recognition. For the vision based Sign Language Recognition (SLR), various methods are available. Three such methods are discussed & compared in this paper.

      Vinutha Shankar MS, Shivakumar Veeraiah

Abstract: Age related impairment in the parasympathetic control of the heart is a causal component for increased risk of cardiovascular diseases like arrhythmia and sudden cardiac death in the elderly. Abnormal heart rate responses as a result of parasympathetic dysfunction have demonstrated altered sympatho vagal modulation of the heart in the elderly. Simple, bedside, non invasive ECG based tests designed by Ewing & Clarke assess parasympathetic function. These are heart rate responses to Deep breathing, Valsalva maneuver and to standing. Parasympathetic function was assessed by the above mentioned cardiovascular autonomic function tests in 60 elderly subjects above 60 years who were further grouped as young old (60-74 yrs) and old old (75-90 yrs). The results thus obtained were compared with young healthy subjects (18-33 yrs) who served as controls to study the effect of aging on the parasympathetic control of heart rate. There was a significant reduction in heat rate responses to Deep breathing, Valsalva maneuver and to standing indicating reduction in parasympathetic function in the elderly above 60 years. There was no significant difference in all the tests of parasympathetic function between the young old and the old old suggesting no further decline in parasympathetic function after 75 years.

      Adani Lokho

Abstract: The present paper exclusively deals with the Mao Naga Folk medicinal plants which are used for treating various ailments and diseases in their day today life. They are settled agriculturist and have a very rich knowledge on plant based resources utilization for their survival since time immemorial. They practices folk medicines to take care of their health and related problems primarily from the plant resources available within and the vicinity of their environment. During the investigation it has recorded 61 species belonging to 39 families and 57 genera which are widely used as medicines by this ethnic community. The most common part of the plant utilized by the indigenous people as the source of medicine is the leaves with 32 species. Flower and inflorescence are the least part of the plant with only two species viz. Crassocephalum crepidiodes and Hibiscus subdariffa which used for treating cuts, wounds and appetizer during sickness. The most dominant family is Asteraceae with 10 species that are used for several diseases.

      Dr. Aaliya Ahmed

Abstract: In the multi-media world of today, television has emerged as an important instrument of transmission of knowledge and information. Working as a complimentary agent to other sources, television has enhanced the process of change by providing timely information about education, hygiene, health, customs and so on. The purpose of television is to inform, educate and entertain its viewers. Television, because of its predominance of visual movement has the capacity of bringing the world into the living room with great authenticity and efficacy. As a result of this, television has a more profound and persuasive impact on its viewers, particularly women. Women are treated as "special audience groups, so that appropriate measures can be taken to cater to their propensities and inclinations. In this context, problems and issues pertaining to women are shown regularly on television in different programmes. Soap operas are one of the most popular genres on television and as a cultural produce, this format is extremely popular among the masses. Soap-operas, inevitably, have attracted a large and loyal fan base. Soaps enjoy a momentous and immense popularity among the contemporary society and they have found a place for themselves and also allow a multiplicity of interpretations to suit the diverse tastes of the dominant Indian middle class.

      G.Nirmala, M.Sheela

Abstract: The purpose of this paper is to introduce the concept of Global Domination number in fuzzy graph .Then we introduce the concept of Factor Domination number in fuzzy graph and theorems based on Global and Factor domination in fuzzy graphs are proved.

      Sheikh Ajaz Bashir, N.A.Shah

Abstract: Usage of Inductors as passive components in filter design poses a number of problems in terms of non-linearity, losses, large physical size, weight and possibility of their integration at very high frequencies only. Bulky nature of Inductors put a question mark on the foot print of filters designed using them. Microminiaturization of circuits resulted in desire for replacement of Inductors by active elements like Operational Amplifiers which led to the introduction of new class of filters called as active filters. Active filter design has evolved over a period of time. Starting with OP AMPs, we have witnessed phenomenal growth of active component usage in filter design and development catering to varying requirements. This has contributed greatly in emergence of circuits with minimal limitations and advantages in terms of wide Bandwidth and High slew rates. The aim of this paper is to review and compare the functionality of certain novel active blocks. While doing so it will be amply clear that the development of newer active blocks follows a pattern and one combination of blocks leads to a new active element design and the process goes on.

      K. Manoz Kumar Reddy

Abstract: Unified Power Flow Controller (UPFC) is the most comprehensive multivariable device among the FACTS controllers. Capability of power flow control is the most important function of UPFC. According to high importance of power flow control in transmission lines, the proper controller should be robust against uncertainty and disturbance and also have suitable settling time. For this purpose, a new controller is designed based on the Lyapunov theory and its stability is also evaluated. The Main goal of this paper is to design a controller which enables a power system to track reference signals precisely and to be robust in the presence of uncertainty of system parameters and disturbances. The performance of the proposed controller is simulated on a two bus test system and compared with a conventional PI controller. Simulations were carried out using MATLAB software to check the performance of UPFC.

      Mr A. Chandra, Ms. T. Kavitha

Abstract: The growth of digitalization of data creates a need for protecting digital content against counterfeiting, piracy and malicious manipulations. Digital water marking is one of the methods of protecting multimedia data. A robust digital watermarking method is proposed in this paper, which has greatest robustness against various attacks and preserves the image quality after water marking. It embeds a watermark into an image in DCT domain. The image is divided into blocks and each block is processed using Multi Dimensional Knapsack Problem (MDKP) and in turn converts to spatial domain. The watermark is extracted from the image and compared with the original image. The measurement of quality of image is also concerned. The proposed scheme exhibits better performance in robust digital watermarking. The experiment is carried using MATLAB 7.x and results are verified.

      Tongbram Ranjana Devi and GKN Chhetry

Abstract: The antifungal effect of aqueous extracts of locally available plant species have been investigated in vitro conditions against Fusarum udum , the causal agent of Fusarium wilt of pigeonpea. The plant extracts were screened against mycelial growth and spore germination of F. udum at different concentrations of 5%, 10%, 15%, and 20% using poisoned food technique and cavity slide method. Among the tested plants higher inhibition was noticed in Allium sativum, Azadirachta indica,Spilanthes acmella and Adhatoda vasica.The remaining plants produced less inhibitory effect. Among them A. sativum at 20% alone recorded 100% inhibition of mycelial growth and spore germination. In field experiment, aqueous extract of A. sativum showed highest percentage of disease control.

      B.K. Deka, R. Mahanta and U.C. Goswami

Abstract: Fish lipid is regarded as quality lipid being rich in cholesterol, triglyceride and essential fatty acids. The changes in habitat and seasonal variation have a significant impact on the quality and quantity of different components of lipid profile. The present paper reports on the seasonal differences in the quantitative compositions of total lipid of Labeo gonius in lotic and lentic habitats. These nutrients were determined in muscle and liver tissues in four different seasons of the year (pre-monsoon, monsoon, retreating monsoon and winter). In lotic habitat the highest amount of total lipid (301.00 ± 2.73mg/g) was observed in retreating monsoon in the muscle tissue . Similarly in liver tissue the highest amount of total lipid was observed in winter (208.50 ± 1.84mg/g). Though apparently similar trend was observed in lentic habitat, but some amount of differences with higher values were observed in muscle tissue. The present study with comparative analysis of total lipid components reveals a significant impact of habitat and seasonal variation on the nutritional quality of lipid in Labeo gonius.

      Ramancha Sandhyarani, Shiramshetty Gouthami and Baggani Ratna

Abstract: This paper presents a graph transformation and matching approach to identify the stream of video frames using query processing. With query processing algorithm to retrieve similar frames, the mapping relationship between the query and database video is first represented by a bipartite graph. The densely matched parts along the long sequence are then extracted, followed by a filter-and-refine search strategy to prune some irrelevant subsequences. During the filtering stage, Maximum Size Matching is deployed for each sub graph constructed by the query and candidate subsequence to obtain a smaller set of candidates. During the refinement stage, Sub-Maximum Similarity Matching is applied to identify the subsequence with the highest aggregate score from all candidates, according to a robust video similarity model that includes visual content, temporal order, and frame alignment information. In the filter-and-refine phase, some non similar segments are first filtered; several relevant segments are then processed to quickly identify the most suitable segments.

      Balbir Kour, Gurmeet Kour, Sanjana Kaul, Manoj K. Dhar

Abstract: Phaseolus vulgaris is an economically important crop. The most important disease which hampers its production is anthracnose which is found in almost every bean growing region of the world. Anthracnose in beans is caused by a hemibiotrophic fungus, namely Colletotrichum lindemuthianum. Use of resistant genotypes will provide a long lasting solution to the economic losses caused by anthracnose as this method is biologically safe as well as cost effective. For the present investigation, nearly ten C. lindemuthianum isolates collected from Baramulla, Kashmir were used. Inoculum of each isolate was produced by inoculating bean extract medium with a monosporic culture of C. lindemuthianum, incubated at 25°C for seven days, the spore suspension culture filtered through double layered muslin cloth and inoculum load was adjusted to 1.2 X 106 spores per milliliter with the help of a haemocytometer. Seed dip method was used for the inoculation of the test plant. The inoculated seeds were sown in sand and were kept at 25°C for the period of one month. The disease reaction was scored after twelve days of inoculation following 0-5 scale where 0 = no disease; 1 = pin point lesion; 2 = small lesion; 4 = large deep lesion and 5 = sunken lesions with rotten apex. Two broad categories of the accessions emerged; infected (infection rate high or mild) or non-infected. Based on the presence or absence of infected plants accessions were labeled as susceptible or resistant.

      Abbas Saeedipour

Abstract: In the world of myths anything can happen illogically, or sometime logically. In the tragedy of Prometheus Bound written by Aeschylus, the Greek Prometheus there can steal fire from heavenly gods and give it to the earthly mortal creatures. Tiresias the blind soothsayer, descended from Oudaeus, in the Sophocles' tragedy of Oedipus the King, can predict the future fate of Thebes happening to the people there. Cerci the whore, in the Homer's, can bewitch the bravest and the most powerful Greek heroes. One set of potential human couple Mashya and Mashyana grows like a set of plants out of forty years of processing being under the air, the sun, and the soil. They are metamorphosed and clutched together. There is apparently no specific limit or any fixed and distinguished laws or regulations. Nonetheless, myths have their own logic, seeds, and cluster. The personification of things and forces, of phenomena, as well as abstractions are widely and repeatedly allowed and the composers have freedom and poetic license to manipulate and manufacture their imaginatively made- narratives. Myths have got their own logic, initiation, making process structural mythemes and those of subjectivists' features space- timelessness and settingless danglings.


Abstract: A system of dark energy-expanding universe is investigated. It is shown that the time independence of the contributions portrays another system by itself and constitutes the equilibrium solution of the original time independent system. With the methodology reinforced and revitalized with the explanations, we write the governing equations with the nomenclature for the systems in the foregoing. Further papers extensively draw inferences upon such concatenation process, ipso facto,fait accompli desideratum.


Abstract: A system of quark, gluon, Plasma Sea (QGP) dissipating axiomatic predications and postulates governing QCD (COLOR FILEDS MEDIATED BY EXCHAGED PARTICLES WHICH COULD BE STRATIFIABLE BY AGE) and parallel system of QGP-QCD systems that contribute to the dissipation of the velocity of production of QCD, NAMELY COLOR FIELDS AND CONCOMITANT EXCHANGE PARTICLES-, THEREBY BREAKING THE GOVERNING LAWS OF QCD ITSELF- is investigated. It is shown that the time independence of the contributions portrays another system by itself and constitutes the equilibrium solution of the original time independent system. A system of dominant asymptotic freedom (DAF) dissipating increased energy is annexed to the systems Annexure gives the governing equations of the QGP-QCD-DAF-IES system by the consummation and consolidation of the governing equations which could be solved by the same procedural regularities as has been expatiated herein below.


Abstract: A system of Hawking radiation that dissipates the energy and mass of black hole is investigated. With the methodology reinforced with the explanations, we write the governing equations with the nomenclature for the system of matter antimatter and concatenate those equations with that of energy and mass of Black hole and Hawking radiation, such concatenation process, ipso facto fait accompli, following the same processual formalities for solvability.


Abstract: Social systems, and ecosystems, its sustentative limits, singular pauses, logical attributes, real relations, expressional proposition, heterogeneous complications,-has been developed at the forefront of science. Key concepts of this new way of understanding complex systems are theories of chaos, attractors, fractals, dissipative structures, self-organization, and autopoietic networks. The intellectual tradition of systems thinking, and the models of living systems developed during the early decades of the century, forms the conceptual and historical roots of the new scientific framework, current models and theories may be seen as an outline of an emerging theory of living systems. What is now emerging at the forefront of science is a coherent scientific theory that offers, for the first time, a unified view of mind, matter, and life. In the following we give a general theory for three pairs: (a) Terrestrial Organism (b)Oxygen Consumption (c)Dead Organic Matter (d)Decomposer Organisms (e) Green Plants (f) Nutrients. Expediency and contingency of such studies are of imminent nature, in consideration to the fact that ozone layer depletions by aerosols have been at the centre stage and the incorporation of green house effects in the cycle is of utmost importance.

      Gurmukh Singh, Dr. Savita Gupta, Sukhvir Singh

Abstract: Mobile Adhoc Networks (MANETs) creates a temporary network of mobile nodes. Routing is a major issue in MANETs. Distributed Hash Tables (DHTs) has recently proven to be a novel and efficient way for developing scalable routing protocols in MANETs. With the increase in applications of MANETS, the networks have become very complex which leads to channel impairments. Moreover multipath protocols provide fault tolerance against node and link failures. In this paper, we have analyzed the performance of M-DART[4], which is DHT based Multipath protocol against Ad hoc On-Demand Multipath Distance Vector Routing Protocol(AOMDV)[7] ,which is a reactive Multipath protocol. We have conducted various simulation experiments to evaluate its performance in terms of throughput, packet delivery ratio, end to end delay and energy consumption. We have analyzed that M-DART protocol consumes less energy (8.2% than AOMDV. Simulation results also show M-DART has better throughput and Packet Delivery ratio than AOMDV by more than 1.6 times.

      Harshitha K M, Dr. P. A. Vijaya

Abstract: In any communication, security is the most important issue in today's world. Lots of data security and data hiding algorithms have been developed in the last decade, which worked as motivation for the research. This project is a combination of steganography and cryptography, which provides a strong backbone for its security. The scenario of present day of information security system includes confidentiality, authenticity, integrity, non-repudiation. This present work focus is enlightening the technique to secure data or message with authenticity and integrity.In this project work, the secret message is encrypted before the actual embedding process starts. The entire work has done in MATLAB. The hidden message is encrypted using a simple encryption algorithm using secret key and hence it will be almost impossible for the intruder to unhide the actual secret message from the embedded cover file without knowing secret key.Only receiver and sender know the secret key.N-bit LSB substitution technique is used as embedding and extraction method . We propose that this method could be most appropriate for hiding any secret message (text,image ,audio,video) in any standard cover media such as image, audio, video files.

      Rajarshi Kar, Oindrila Gupta, Mukundu Kumar Das

Abstract: "In any case, they make it certain that motor-power can still be produced from the heat of the sun, which is always available for agricultural purposes, even when all our natural stores of solid and liquid fuels are exhausted..
Rudolf Diesel. In this project we have intended to prepare biodiesel from waste mustard oil. To make it economically feasible, a proper balance have to be struck between the raw material cost & the selling price of biodiesel as well as that of the byproduct glycerin. The variables affecting the yield and characteristics of the biodiesel produced from used frying oil were studied, the achieved results were analyzed and a set of recommendations were proposed.

      Pankaj Prabhakar Borkar, Dr. Ashutosh A. Paturkar

Abstract: Intellectual property (IP) has emerged as a key driver in knowledge economy & the firms view IP as a valuable corporate asset and a strategic business tool. The focus of research will be on mutual relationship with academic institutions/university & industry cooperation. Focus of research is how to bring together the disciplines of IP and management & to identify the communication gaps in academic & industries for technology sharing / mutual research etc which will avoid the duplication of research work & to introduce Basic IP education. In India, most companies and academic institutions under-utilize the IP system due to lack of awareness of IP system and its usefulness due to complexity of IP system & lack of easily accessible teaching, training and/or professional assistance. The proposed Protection and Utilization of Public funded IP Bill imposes obligations & creates rights to optimize the potential of public funded R&D & it provides incentive to create IP and mechanism for its protection and utilization. This bill will enhance awareness, greater interaction of IP in universities, academic and research institutions & their collaborations due to which avoid the duplication of research.

      Jamil Mikhail Y

Abstract: The future of science teaching is a function of the number of prequalified candidates willing to take science education at the tertiary level. This research was aimed at finding science practical activities as a motivating factor in simplifying science subjects, making the study of science harder as well as developing prequalified students' interest in becoming science teachers. Out of nearly 800 students in final year in Government Science Secondary Schools Bama, and Gombe, respectively in Borno and Gombe States, 400 hundred students were randomly selected as representative sample. Four research questions were answered using Prequalified Students Interest Questionnaire (PSIQ) as an instrument for data collection and simple percentage in analysis. The results showed that half of the responded agreed that they have been doing practical from junior secondary school and most of them agreed to doing it in the senior class. It was also found out that science practical activities makes understanding of the science subject simpler and candidates study harder the subject they prefer its practical most. Besides, it was discovered among others that practical activities have motivated one third of the respondents to take science education at higher institutions and become science teachers. Hence, it was concluded that the future of science teaching is bright.

      Jamil Mikhail Y

Abstract: The common woman of a typical Hausa-Fulani society in Northern Nigeria faces problems similar to what is obtainable in the dark ages of centuries ago. Many women were denied some of the legal and political rights accorded men. The paper review the challenges faced by the women in the said society namely: maturity, married life and education. A highlight was made on how these became a challenge to the common woman and conclusively singled out education which is a right as the way out.

      Rinku Singhal, Subhransu Padhee, Gagandeep Kaur

Abstract: Conventional PID controller is one of the most widely used controllers in industry, but the recent advancement in fractional calculus has introduced applications of fractional order calculus in control theory. One of the prime applications of fractional calculus is fractional order PID controller and it has received a considerable attention in academic studies and in industrial applications. Fractional order PID controller is an advancement of classical integer order PID controller. In many a cases fractional order PID controller has outperformed classical integer order PID controller. This research paper, studies the control aspect of fractional order controller in speed control of DC motor. A comparative study of classical PID controller and fractional order PID controller has been performed.

      B.Saidaiah, A.Sudhakar, K. Padma Raju

Abstract: This paper describes design of circular disk monopole antenna for operating frequency 3.0GHz-20.0GHz. This proposed antenna giving superior performance over conventional antennas with high gain 17 dB, high directivity and symmetrical E-plane and H-plane characteristics which makes this antenna suitable for ultra wideband (UWB) and broad band applications. This paper presents the return loss, input impedance, radiation patterns, VSWR, E-field, H-field and current distributions using CST software.

      Mr.Shibakali Gupta, Arindam Sarkar, Indrani Pramanik, Banani Mukherjee

Abstract: In this proposed methodology we are building agent based information services for internet users. In our work we are considering the use of agents that will provide Medical Care related services. In this paper we report the design and construction of a Multi-Agent System (MAS) that is composed of agents that provide medical services. The implemented system contains agents developed using JADE that allow the user to search for medical centres satisfying a given set of symptoms, to access his/her medical record or to make an appointment to be visited by a particular kind of doctor in his/her location. He/She can also chat or mail to a doctor. And can get various tips about health care and diseases.

      Ms. Deepa Harihar Kulkarni

Abstract: Quantum cryptography is an approach to securing communications by applying the phenomena of quantum physics. Quantum cryptography provides secure communication whose security depends only on the validity of quantum theory. Interesting characteristics of quantum mechanics includes the existence of indivisible quanta and of entangled systems, both of which lie at the root of the quantum cryptography (QC). QC is one of the few commercial applications of quantum physics at the single quantum level. Computers and Telecommunications system would become safe havens for criminal activity. Even may himself unknowns that crypto anarchy provides a means for tax evasion money laundering, espionage (with digital dead drops), contract killings, and implementation of data havens for Monitoring and marketing illegal or controversial material. Encryption also threatens national Security by interfering with foreign intelligence operations.

      Vijendra Rai, Jaishree Jain

Abstract: In wireless research area, efficient routing algorithms can provide remarkable benefits in Ad-hoc networks, including higher throughput, lower average end-to-end delay, less number of dropped data packets and generally an ameliorated network performance. Many routing protocols for such networks have been proposed so far. My research work, an attempt has been made to compare the performance of three prominent on-demand reactive routing protocols for mobile ad hoc networks: DSR and AODV, along with the traditional proactive DSDV protocol. A simulation analysis with MAC and physical layer models is used to study interlayer communication and their performance implications. Experimental results obtained, showed that the On-demand protocols, AODV and DSR perform much better than the table-driven DSDV protocol. Although DSR and AODV share similar On-demand behavior, the differences in the protocol mechanics can lead to significant performance differentials. For a variety of scenarios, as characterized by mobility, load and size of the ad-hoc network were simulated. The performance differentials are analyzed using varying network load, mobility pattern, and Network size.

      Dr. Sameer Sinha, Ajay Vikram Singh, Kedar Nath Singh

Abstract: We have used Plasmon theory to explain Energy Satellites and relative intensity of high energy X-ray satellites LΑ3 , LΑ4 & LΑ5 with respect to LΑ1 parent line in 4d Transition Metal (Zr, Nb, Mo, Ru, Rh, Pd, Ag and Cd) and estimated values are in agreement with the calculated values of Surendra Poornia and S.N.Soni.

      Dr. Rita A. Gharde, Divakar T. Chunarkar

Abstract: The formation of crystal in nature, like snowflakes and minerals, as well as the preparation of the crystal in laboratories and factories made for technical application is called crystal growth. The most frequently used and most important method of producing single crystals of a given material is by solidification of its own melt called 'crystal growth from the melt' or just 'melt growth'. Its technical and economic importance is due to the fact that large single crystals can be grown very effectively and with a high yield at a relatively high growth rate. This growth rate is not limited by the transport of crystal species but only by the removal of the heat of crystallization. In the last decade single crystalline subject of increasing interest, because of their remarkable characteristics. Due to the large length-to-diameter ratio composed with perfect single crystal structure and chemical homogeneity, the mechanical properties approach theoretical value. In this work we are interested in growing single crystal for nonlinear optical applications. Beside this, we are trying to develop new materials that have specific thermo-mechanical properties to be used as a suspension for the mirror in advance gravitational waves detector in order to decrease low thermal noise.

      Mada Amarnadh, M. Venkata Dasu

Abstract: In a Wireless Sensor network, whose node accesses the medium by using the unslotted MAC protocol and in our case we are not able to increase the packet delivery ratio when compared with others MAC protocols. In order to improve that we are going to compare the two different MAC protocols (like CSMA and advanced MAC scheduling) for the IEEE 802.15.4 and IEEE 802.16 and for the high data rate apply the WIMAX technology. Which focus on the average throughput and delay analysis.

      Dr. Thriveni

Abstract: The research article has made an attempt to focus on the challenges pertaining to the TB one of the prominent epidemic disease which bothered Princely mysore. There was a serious shortage of medical personal and facilities in the state, to provide more medical aid certain efforts were made for minimizing the spread of TB. The rulers of mysore had modern views in redressing public grievances and determined to protect their subjects.

      Jinia Datta(Das), Soumyajit Datta, Sumana Chowdhuri and Jitendranath Bera

Abstract: This work describes a condition based reporting technique of a multi-machine System using GSM technology. In this present approach, a dedicated microcontroller based hardware unit (DHU) has been developed to continuously measure the parameters of the motors viz. voltage, current, speed etc. to monitor the running condition of each motor in a plant. In a multi-machine monitoring system each motor is connected with one such DHU, which are also connected to a Global System for Mobile Communication (GSM) modem. The preliminary level of fault or abnormality in operation of each machine is diagnosed by the respective DHU and the fault or abnormalities details are reported to the pre-assigned operator through an SMS service. In extreme case, the provision of machine shut down by a return SMS is also provided. A proto-type lab model is set up and is working satisfactorily.

      Samira Khan

Abstract: Kashmir University teachers belong to upper sedentary and rich class is not a fact as the consumption behavior shown by them is similar to middle class society. The sample under examination differ in size of the family, age, designation, property ownership and other characteristics; in general we expect the household with above given different characteristics to have different expenditure plans but the analysis shows same expenditure by every income bracket which confirms Duessenbary's relative income hypothesis. While analyzing the income pattern of Kashmir university teachers we find that all observations do not lie on the straight line because in addition to the income other variables also affect consumption pattern. Direct taxes have more immediate effect on Consumption and Kashmir university teachers being healthy payer of taxes thereby their consumption pattern also shows a different behavior.

      Nkem Okpa Obaji, Aslan Amat Senin, Cameron Keith Richards

Abstract: The Nigerian government's implementation of an SME incubation model has not been particularly successful. The challenges faced in Nigeria perhaps reflect how policies or models taken from elsewhere need to be adapted to local contexts for better chances of success. This is especially policies or models borrowed from developed countries and implemented in developing country contexts. Therefore this paper will focus on the case study implications for other developing countries of an inquiry into the requirements for enhancing a future version of the Nigerian SME incubation model.

      Ravangave L. S., Biradar U. V., Misal S. D.

Abstract: In this work we prepared cadmium zinc sulphide (CdxZn1-xS) thin films on glass substrate using spray pyrolysis chemical deposition technique. The effect of Cd composition on structural and optical was studied. The XRD pattern of CdxZn1-xS films shows hexagonal wartzite symmetry of CdZnS material. The XRD data confirmed that the crystallites were increased with composition of Cd2+ content. The intensity of (002) peak is increased for x= 0.6 and 0.8. The variation of grain size with composition was investigated from XRD data. The optical energy band gap obtained from data of the absorption spectra confirmed that the band gap is increased with Zn content in CdxZn1-xS thin films. The transmittance spectra reaveled the % transmittance was increased with increase of Zn content in CdxZn1-xS thin films.

      R.Sreemathy, Rekha S. Patil, Priyanka Shirude

Abstract: According to estimates from the American Heart Association, each year 17 million people die of cardiovascular disease (CVD). More than 30% of all deaths in world are due to cardiovascular disease. Hybrid algorithm using k-means clustering and level- set is proposed in this paper in order to improve the efficiency of segmentation. K-means algorithm is used to initially locate the position of left ventricle and the accurate segmentation has been achieved with the help of level set algorithm. Preprocessing has been carried out with the help of 5*5 kernel median filter and speckles inside the heart region are faded. The preprocessing has sufficiently reduced speckle noise and preserved the LV edges.

      A.K.L. Srivastava, S.R.Pandey

Abstract: Vibration and buckling characteristics of stiffened plates subjected to in-plane uniform and non-uniform edge loading at the plate boundaries are investigated using the finite element method. Rectangular stiffened plates possessing different boundary conditions, aspect ratios, varying mass and stiffness properties and varying number of stiffeners have been analyzed for buckling and vibration studies. The characteristic equations for the natural frequencies, buckling loads and their corresponding mode shapes are obtained from the equation of motion. The effects of the position of stiffeners and number of stiffeners, aspect ratios, boundary conditions, stiffeners parameters upon the buckling load parameter and fundamental frequency of the stiffened plates are investigated. The results are obtained considering the bending displacements of the plate and the stiffener. Eccentricity of the stiffeners gives rise to axial and bending displacement in the middle plane of the plate. Comparison with published results indicates good agreement. In the structure modelling, the plate and the stiffeners are treated as separate elements where the compatibility between these two types of elements is maintained.

      Ravindra Kumar, Abha Shukla, and D.S.Tyagi

Abstract: A series of Azetidinone; 3-chloro-1-{4-[8-(2-hydroxy-4-methylphenyl)-6,10-dimethyl-4,12-diphenyl-2,4,5,11,12-pentaazatricyclo[,7]dodeca-1(9), 3(7), 5,10-tetraen-2-yl]phenyl}-4-aryl azetidin-2-one (3a-e) and thiazolidinones; 3-{4-[8-(2-hydroxy-4-methylphenyl)-6,10-dimethyl-4,12-diphenyl-2,4,5,11,12-pentaazatricyclo[,7]dodeca-1(9), 3(7), 5,10-tetraen-2-yl]phenyl}-2-aryl-1,3-thiazolidin-4-one (4a-e) were synthesized using new schiff base; 2-(6,10-dimethyl-4,12-diphenyl-2-{4-[(E)-(arylmethylidene)amino]phenyl}-2,4,5,11,12-pentaazatricyclo [,7]dodeca-1(9), 3(7), 5,10-tetraen-8-yl)-5-methyl phenol (2a-e). The schiff base were synthesized by the reaction of aromatic aldehyde and 2-[2-(4-aminophenyl)-6,10-dimethyl-4,12-diphenyl-2,4,5,11,12-pentaazatricyclo[,7]dodeca-1(9), 3(7), 5,10-tetraen-8-yl]-5-methyl phenol (1) under microwave and conventional methods. Our results show that the synthesis of schiff bases under solvent free microwave conditions is the most efficient method of synthesis having highest yield than both conventional method and microwave with solvent. The newly synthesized compounds were characterized on the basis of different spectroscopic (IR, 1HNMR, Mass) and elemental (C, H, N) analysis techniques. Compounds (3a-e and 4a-e) were screened for their biological activities against the panel of nine bacterial strains.

      Dr.Abhishek Singh Nayyar, Dr.Gayitri H.C., Dr.Mubeen Khan, Dr.U.D.Bafna, Dr.Siddique Ahmed

Abstract: Introduction and objectives: The diagnosis of malignant and potentially malignant epithelial lesions of the oral mucosa cannot be based solely on clinical findings. Therefore, histologic evaluation of a representative biopsy specimen is necessary. However, the site for the biopsy is always a subjective choice that sometimes raises doubts about its representativeness. Colposcopy, a well-known gynaecological diagnostic procedure, is helpful in the selection of these sites of epithelial dysplasia depending upon the vascular pattern. Hence, this study was planned to assess the role of Colposcopic examination in the selection of biopsy site for carcinoma buccal mucosa.

      Dr. D.Saravanakumar, K.M.Sathishkumar

Abstract: In this paper, we introduced the concepts of Αg**-closed sets as well as Αg**-open sets and studied some of their basic properties. Further we defined Αg**-continuous mappings and investigated their basic properties. In addition we obtained Αg**-irresolute mappings and some of their properties are derived.

      Prof. Sakate Bharat Shamarao

Abstract: Indian English literature is full with the novelists who presented their protagonist character in relation with the humanism. Mulkraj Anand's Bakha, Tagore's Gora, Coolie of the Mulkraj Anand and Arvind Adiga's Balram Halwai alias Munna. Everybody craves for his identity, his existence, in this world. Balram halwai has done same act He attempted to get life of human being but his attempts with the moral are in vain. Who born on this earth, he asks the question to the creator "Who am I? Some becomes ascetic in search of this, life begins and ends, nothing remains in our hand because we are mere pawns in the hands of destiny. But things are not true with the Balram, he is not ascetic, but he pursued this question in the novel. Although he is the person who born among low class, but like hero of the postmodern fruit he challenged his destiny.

      Pallavi Saxena, Nitin Dubey, Sonali Pathak

Abstract: In Constructing of a successful distributed database we require to introduce the strong integrity checking mechanism as less adhering may possibly breach security aspects. The mechanism should represent the semantic properties of stored data. Verifying the integrity of data from various outsourced safety is a challenge for database researchers, this paper proposes a specific approach to bring pureness of data by employ checking method to substantiating send back query result in distributed database. To accomplish our goals, a unique property is dynamically inserted into each tuples called faux attribute as well as this method also detects the unauthorized alteration on data.

      Dr. Ravi N. Kadam

Abstract: The discriminated and exploited of women is seen all over the world. The empowerment is an aid to help women to achieve equality with men or, at least, to reduce gender gap considerably. Women play a very strategic role in the development of society in particular and development of economy in general. Woman is the leader planner of the family, the first trainer; supplier of labour power and by playing focal role in the development of agriculture, industry, service sector, socio-culture etc. creates a civilized society. Women contribute directly or indirectly for economic development. Though the nature has given the genetic power of reproduction especially to the women, the socio-economic status of women is so poor and the incidence of poverty is more on woman only. Empowering women is the only solution for all questions. Her potential hidden power is to be utilized for which, her status in the society must be improved and economically she should be strengthened. The poverty is the main cause for her low bargaining power hence poverty should be removed. Empowering women and removal of poverty go hand in hand. Woman if is educated and empowered, her potential power can be utilized for the economic development. Mahatma Gandhiji says, "You educate a man, you educate an individual. You educate a woman, you educate an entire family.

      Roopa Singh, Imran Akhtar Khan

Abstract: Customers are always been important for the business. With the high rate of competition in every market, it is critical to retain the customer/ loyal customers. The purpose of the paper is to highlight how short term actions with bit compromise with the profit will turn into long term customer loyalty and hence long term benefit. In this paper we will be focusing on understanding the customer retention and customer loyalty, their importance to the business. After analyzing the importance of benefits, we will understand the approach of how to increase customer retention and customer loyalty towards your business. Though there will be many strategies for each of them, we will also understand what considerations should be done while deciding the best strategy for the business as different business has different scope and also their limitations too.

      S.Rajanarayanan and A. Pushparaghavan

Abstract: In digitally modern world, the fundamental issue of multimedia data security (such as digital audio signals, images, and videos) is becoming a major concern due to the rapid development of digital communications and networking technologies. The methods and algorithms which are currently available for data protection uses cryptographic primitives for secure data transmission and reception by assuming that both sides must trust on each other. Nowadays, the range of cryptography applications have been expanded a lot in the modern area after the development of communication means; cryptography is essentially required to ensure that data are protected against penetrations and to prevent espionage. The major two conceptual blocks of cryptography is encryption and decryption. This is achieved by sending encrypted version of the data to the untrusted computers to process. Once when the computation process is completed on the encrypted data, the results will be sent back and the decryption is applied to extract the original data content. To ensure the decrypted result to be equal to the intended computed value, a structural method of encryption should be followed. Encryption is a technique which maintains confidentiality while sending and receiving data or storing the information. The principle of Kerckoffs' on the encryption states that the security must not rely on the obfuscation of code, but only on the secrecy of the decryption key. In this paper detailed description of symmetric and asymmetric encryption are given to provide a wider view of encryption techniques. The field of secure signal processing poses significant challenges for both signal processing and cryptography research; only few ready-to-go fully integrated solutions are available.

      Prashik Nagkirti, Sagar Kunjir, Ganesh Rajput, Swapnil Patil

Abstract: Automated Innovation Analysis & Human Resource Management System, is a formal mechanism, which encourages employees of an organisation to contribute constructive, innovative innovations for improving productivity, efficiency and effectiveness in an organization. This system will elicit various innovations from employees, classify them, and dispatch them to experts for evaluation. After this, the posted innovation might be adopted, in which case the Originator of that innovation (i.e. an employee from the organization) may well be rewarded. With this system all employees are completely aware of recently posted, awarded, screened, evaluated, rejected innovations & view statistics with statistic module. Advance search module helps to search any innovation post & their status with just putting keyword to module. Authenticate the user with username (Employee ID/Employee Email ID) and the password (encrypted password). This system being deployed on the web, the system automatically reduces the mechanical work involved, such as manual transmission of innovations and paperwork, which can impede performance, thus leading to improved efficiency. Through this system we aim to capture the entire innovation life cycle and ease the processing of requests. In IT enterprises, management occupies a central position in the multiple functional managements of the corporate management. The key to rise and fall of IT enterprises is how to find out talents, take in talents, cultivate talents and conserve talents and how to stimulate enthusiasm, innovation and cooperative spirit of employees. This article analyzes characteristics of IT enterprises, and brings the ways to implement the effective management in IT enterprises. In this system we use RFID facility to keep track of employees. We provide the leave management facility using mobile application.

      Dr. G.NIRMALA and M.VIJAYA

Abstract: Special fuzzy graph can be obtained from two given fuzzy graphs using the operations, Cartesian product, composition, tensor and normal products. In this paper, we find the degree of a vertex in fuzzy graphs formed by these operations in terms of the degree of vertices in the given fuzzy graphs in some particular cases.

      S Shyam.R.Nair, Prof. Manjula Pramod

Abstract: This paper focuses on the design of a 32 DOF andro humanoid robot using cascaded computational intelligence. The robot consists of hip, neck, Lip, shoulder, elbow, and wrist and finger joints. The robot secures itself from hacking and power problems. The intelligence of the robot is a combination of human intelligence, computational intelligence and sensor fusion unit data.

      Mrs. A. Padmapriya, S.Vigneshnarthi

Abstract: Image processing and pattern recognition has become a powerful technique in many areas. This includes Engineering, Computer Science, Statistics, Information Science, Physics, Chemistry and Medicine. Anyone who wants to extract data from image or visual project, image processing is required. Most of the image processing software's are able to process two dimensional images alone. This paper implements three basic image processing operations namely enhancement, blur and segmentation. Each of the operation can be implemented using a variety of algorithms. The algorithms are implemented using and their performance are compared in this paper. The proposed work produces better result of 3D images also.

      Garvita Jain, Dr (smt) S.K Bharadwaj, Dr (smt) Abhaya R. Joglekar

Abstract: Overweight and obesity are important determinants of health leading to adverse metabolic change and increase the risk of non communicable diseases. The objective of this study was to assess the prevalence of overweight and obesity as defined by the CDC growth chart among school going children in Bhilai Nagar, Chhattisgarh correlated with their socioeconomic status and eating habits. The study was carried out in 500 students of 13-17yrs of age having different SES. The obesity and overweight were considered using an updated BMI reference. SES and eating habits were determined using pre-tested questionnaire. The prevalence of overweight/obesity is a problem of affluent children going to various schools in Bhilai city. In the present study it is found that the magnitude of overweight (23.8%) and obesity (8.4%) is very high and alarming for both the sex. eating habits like junk food, chocolate, eating in front of TV etc remarkable effect on prevalence on overweight and obesity among low to high SES group. The study also suggested that under nutrition rates remain high (10.2%) in children. Therefore Special attention has to given for their overall nutrition.


Abstract: J&K is an important tourist destination of the country and has been a place of attraction for tourists since centuries. The lush green forests, sweet springs, perennial rivers, pictures que, alpines scenery and pleasant climate of Kashmir valley has remained an internationally acclaimed tourist destination, whereas Jammu region- the land of temples is attracting a large number of pilgrim, tourists and the important destination has been Shri Mata Vaishno Devi (SMVD). J&K is also well known for its horticulture produce both in India and abroad. The state offer good scope for cultivation of all types of horticulture crops covering a variety of temperate fruits like apple, chestnut, apricot, pear, peach, plum etc. This paper emphasized the growth of tourism and horticulture in different periods, peace and disturbances. Under this paper impact of peace and disturbances are shown by showing the growth of tourism and horticulture.

      M.Shankar, G.JegaJothi, S. Karthigaiveni, M.Ganesan, L Dinesh

Abstract: Bluetooth and wireless LAN communication models are used in mobile devices. Mobile devices are equipped with multi radio features for WLAN and Bluetooth communications. IEEE 802.11 standards are used for WLAN communication. Bluetooth supports bandwidth level of 2 Mbps with a range of 10 meters. Wireless LAN communication requires high energy resources. Wireless LAN communication model is integrated with Bluetooth communication mechanism. Bluetooth Personal Area Network (PAN) is formed with one cluster head and a set of nodes. Low power Bluetooth is used to access WLAN resources. Cooperative networking (CONET) protocol is used to dynamically cluster the nodes. Node's bandwidth requirement, energy use, and application type details are used in cluster construction process. Clustering is performed independently of WLAN access points. CONET protocol reduces the energy consumption in WLAN. CONET protocol supports single hop clustering model. Limited coverage and constraint based WLAN access are the main problems in CONET protocol. CONET protocol is enhanced with multi hop clustering model. Max-Min D-Clustering algorithm is integrated with CONET protocol. Cost functions are optimized to multi hop clustering. Coverage maximization is achieved with Bluetooth.

      Mr. Manish Giri, Sachin Waghmare, Balaji Bandhu, Akshay Sawwashere, Atul Khaire

Abstract: Mobicents Sip Servlets helps the users to create, deploy, and manage services and applications that integrate voice, video and data in real time over IP networks. These applications require high resources to run. Mobicents Sip Servlets has not offered a cloud support yet. Running Mobicents Sip Servlets in a cloud would allow the users to adapt the resources used by Mobicents Sip Servlets to the real time load of the applications. We have proposed a solution to migrate Mobicents Sip Servlets on a cloud platform. Our solution provides a set of cloud images that support the Mobicents Sip Servlets platform. Besides, our solution provides an auto-scaling algorithm that automatically scales the number of instances of Mobicents Sip Servlets. It is now possible to deploy SIP applications in a cloud and the platform will adapt its resource according to the need.

      Dr Hariom Meena, Dr Ramraj Meena, Dr Surendra Khosya

Abstract: MELAS (mitochondrial encephalomyopathy, lactic acidosis, and recurrent stroke-like episodes) syndrome is a rare neurodegenerative and fatal disease cause by mutation in mitochondrial DNA. Patients with mitochondrial myopathies typically have exercise- induced symptoms. Thus, patients are often advised to avoid exercise, which leads to deconditioning.Currently, the concept of aerobic exercise training as therapy for mitochondrial disease is not well established.

      Pinki Jain, Anu Aggarwal (Guide)

Abstract: Text fusion in medical images is an important technology for image processing. We have lots of important information related to the patient's reports and need lots of space to store and the proper position and name which relates that image with that data. In our work we are going to find out the AOI (area of interest) for the particular image and will fuse the related document in the NAOI (non area of interest) of the image, till yet we have many techniques to fuse text data in the medical images one of form them is to fuse data at the boarders of the images and build the particular and pre defined boarder space. We are going to propose an algorithm called fuzzy logic based matrix scanning algorithm in which we will first find out the area of interest and after that we find noisy pixels of the image to embed data in that noisy portions to save the boarder size. Our proposed technique is LSB to store text data in pixels. We use MATLAB for carrying out implementation on our proposed work.



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