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      Yevgeniy Kutanov

Abstract: A new explanation of the nature of gravity is presented in this article. It interprets gravity as a property of mass to deform and absorb space cells around it, creating space flows towards any massive body. The notion of space flows can change perception not only of gravity but also of the many other phenomena of physics such as repulsion of particles or movement of peripheral parts of galaxies, strong or weak forcers, and so on. In the first part of this paper, proposed model of gravity is confirmed by a derivation of inverse square Newton’s law for gravitational force using the basic principles of this theory. In the second part, this model of gravitation is developed further and complemented with the main equation of space cells movement, which links a speed of space cells with their linear size.

      Dashgin Ganbarov

Abstract: In the article the systematic analysis of Astracantha species spread in the flora of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic has been investigated. Our aim is to make known the works of investigators who has less or more roles in investigation of Astracantha species till now, to base on them, to define the direction of our further investigations correctly.

      Aynur Bayramova

Abstract: In the eastern highlands of the Lower Caucasus screes and rocks are the landscape of vegetation. They take about one third part of the total highland territory. We have determined the type composition of petrophits and objective laws of their geographical spreading. Studying of the highlands primary-naked substrata is usually carried out beginning with investigation of the highland vegetation. On the screes and rocks 2500-3200 m. higher sea level, floral composition consists of 183 flourishing species. Special edaphic and microclimatic conditions of the screes and rocks made it possible to save there lots of species of the past climatic time.

      H. D. W. T. Damayanthi

Abstract: Nursing education is one of the main disciplines in Sri Lankan university system. The major purpose of nursing education is to prepare nurses to meet the health care needs of the community. It has increasingly been restructured to respond the rapidly changing demands. The nursing education has long been perceived that nursing students experience higher levels of stress than other students. Its effects could be reflected in student’s social, mental health and academic performance. This cross sectional descriptive study aimed to identify symptoms of stress and stressors in academic work of nursing students in University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka during July to November, 2013. A pretested questionnaire was used to collect information from randomly selected 100 nursing students. Out of these, 78.6% were female. Among the participants, 28.6%, 33.9%, 23.2% and 14.3% were in first year, second year, third year and fourth year respectively.

      R. Shanmugapriya and S. Poornima

Abstract: Analytical HPTLC analysis of ethanolic extracts of leaf and fruits of Momordica tuberosa and Momordica dioica (Cucurbitaceae) showed the presence of charantin with Rf value 0.31at 536nm. Maximum amount of Charantin was found in the leaves of M. dioica than the fruits. Comparatively less amount of charantin was detected in the leaves and fruits of M. tuberosa Apart from charantin other saponins and unknown compounds were also detected in the leaf and fruit.

      H. B. Kekre, Tanuja Sarode, Prachi Natu

Abstract: This paper proposes color image compression method using hybrid wavelet transform and compares it with results obtained using hybrid transform and multi-resolution analysis. Haar wavelet is widely used in image compression. So here Haar transform is selected as base transform and combined with non-sinusoidal transforms like Slant, Walsh and Kekre transform. Hybrid Haar wavelet transforms is generated using Kekre’s hybrid wavelet generation algorithm. Different sizes of component transforms are used to generate hybrid wavelet transform. Haar (32x32)-Slant (8x8) gives less error as compared to Haar-Walsh and Haar-Kekre Hybrid wavelet. Performance of hybrid wavelet is compared with hybrid transform and multi-resolution by varying the size of component transforms. Mean Absolute Error (MAE) and Average Fractional Change in Pixel Value (AFCPV) are used to compare visual quality of an image. Structural Similarity Index (SSIM) of Haar-Slant hybrid wavelet is computed on 16x16 blocked images and compared with its hybrid transform and multi-resolution analysis. Least RMSE value obtained at compression ratio 32 by Haar-Slant hybrid wavelet with size 32-8 is 10.53. Mean absolute error is 7.32 in Haar-Slant hybrid wavelet with component size 16-16. Least AFCPV is 0.344 with component size 32-8 for the same.

      AungMyint Win, Chaw MyatNwe, KyawZinLatt

Abstract: This research paper describes the automated toll collection system for toll gate based on RFID technology. Most of the toll collection systems commonly used in Myanmar is manual transaction. Nowadays, streams of traffic are increased and toll gate on highways are congested. It will cause the traffic jam and waste time. The objective of this journal paper is to transform manual transaction to automated toll collection with the help of RFID technology. There are three portions in toll collection system. They are RFID system, balance deduction system in host computer and toll gate control system.

      Ei Thae Aye, Chaw Myat Nwe

Abstract: In this paper ,a microwave frequency band 2x2 microstrip phased antenna array is designed for an RFID reader system. The main focus will be on optimizing of dimensions of patch antenna for RFID application with resonance frequency of 2.45 GHz. In this paper we discuss the microstrip patch antenna, feeding techniques and phased array antenna with their advantage and disadvantages over conventional microwave antennas.

      Mya Sandar Oo, Chaw Myat Nwe

Abstract: Mobile ad hoc Network is a self- configuring infrastructure-less network of nodes connected through wireless link. Each node in the network can act as router as well as host to find paths to exchange information. For finding paths, location based routing protocols have been developed for mobile ad hoc networks. This paper presents performance analysis of location based routing protocols, Greedy Perimeter Stateless Routing (GPSR) and Zone Routing Protocol (ZRP), based on metrics such as throughput, end-to-end delay, packet delivery fraction, and routing overhead.

      Nang Hom Kham, Chaw Myat Nwe

Abstract: There are many problems of congestion with traffic light in many cities. This problem of congestion can be caused by long time delays of traffic light’s Red light. When there are emergency case at traffic light intersection which are always busy with many vehicles, this problem can also be caused. The possibilities of traffic jams caused by traffic light can reduce by using the Programmable Integrated Circuit (PIC) 16F877A microcontroller. The intended system is to change the sequence back to the normal sequence after triggering for the emergency modes by using the controller. Many accidents which often happen at the traffic light intersections will be reduced because of using this system.

      Soe Soe Hnaung

Abstract: An All-optical 2R regenerator (Reamplification and Reshaping) is a crucial element in optical communication systems in order to increase transmission performance. In this paper, an all-optical 2R regenerator is implemented by self-phase modulation (SPM) based spectral broadening and offset filtering. Design calculations of the required parameters for the proposed 2R regenerator are carried out. Simulation results in terms of power transfer and bit error rate (BER) measurements are shown to prove the effectiveness of the proposed system.

      Bishakha Jain, Mrinaljit Borah

Abstract: Skew detection has been an important part of the document recognition system. A lot of techniques already exists and has currently been developing for detection of skew of scanned document images. This paper describes the skew detection and correction of scanned document images written in Assamese language using the horizontal and vertical projection profile analysis and brings out the differences after implementation of both the techniques.

      Dr. V.P. Sakthivel, S.V.Vijayasundaram

Abstract: Congestion management is one of the major tasks performed by system operators (SOs) to ensure the operation of transmission system within operating limits. To permit smooth and quality flow of power the problem of congestion has to be solved. The congestion in the transmission line will be removed by generation rescheduling with the cost involved in the rescheduling process should be minimized. T he literature, classical optimization techniques were applied to solve this problem. The main drawbacks of the classical optimization techniques are higher computation time requirement, non-differentiable characteristics of objective function and inferior quality of solutions.

      Ms. Pallavi S. Shendekar, Prof. Vijay S. Gulhane

Abstract: In today’s world internet is being used by almost everyone. Numerous file exchanges take place online including many official documents. These files require some sort of security mechanisms while being transmitted over the internet. Technology has done a great deal for changing the way we live and do business today. We can see the use of computers from the vegetable shop to large scale businesses. In this fast moving world we need something essential for fast computation. Along with the popular use of computer, information security has also become one of the problems which need to be solved. Many security issues like the malware authors, information leakage, endangerment and unauthorized exploitation need to be taken into account.

      Ramanan.M , Lourdu Michael Antony.K, Boopathy.M

Abstract: Deep web comprises the online database, which generates web pages dynamically in response to a user query. The extracted data is used for many applications like meta querying and comparison shopping. For these applications the data is embedded in HTML pages. The automatic data extraction is necessary for utilizing these data. Only when the data are extracted and organized in a structured manner, such as tables, they can be compared and aggregated. An effective data extraction and alignment approach is used which utilizes both tag and value similarity in a web page. This method automatically extracts data from query result pages by identifying and segmenting the query result records (QRRs) in a query result page. The segmented QRRs are arranged in a table accordingly with data values from the same attribute.

      Abidi Aymen, Faleh Ali & Kumar Serge Rogert

Abstract: This study aimed to assess the process of sportization of physical education program (PEP) in young in school with the phenomenon of anxiety and temperament of students. The students studying three educational sessions and it possible to show the sport characteristics of the physical education, however the concept of anxiety is associated with the temperament as studied with the questionnaires of identifying the state anxiety score (STAI) and to identify the scores of positive or negative relation in sport (PANAS). The strong results of our study give an important correlation between anxiety and negative effects. Perhaps, we founded no correlation between the anxiety and positive effects. But, the comparison of the nature gender was no significant difference. The Sportization of (PEP) is great parameters of anxiety and negative temperament of the young students.

      Isa Yuguda Kotirde, Jailani Md Yunos

Abstract: The Nigerian educational system need to have an impact of quality education due to the facts that the whole system need to improvement, development and standard to its objectives. To this study, the aim is to look at the impact of quality control for improving quality secondary school education and the effectiveness of teaching and learning. The main purpose of this study is to highlight how teachers improved intern of teaching quality and the effectiveness of supervisions in secondary schools. Thus, to encourage development and improved the relationship between supervisors and teachers for proper teaching and learning. However, all the challenges of quality control should be readdressed so that we can adjust for the proper action and adjustment.

      Win Tun Oo, Dr. Hla Myo Tun

Abstract: This paper describes a condition reporting system of Power plant components using GSM technology. Most of the reporting systems commonly used in Myanmar are manual. The objective of this paper is to transform manual system to automated reporting system with the help of GSM technology. There are three portions in automated reporting system. They are GSM modem system, microcontroller system and sensing system. A dedicated microcontroller based hardware unit (DHU) has been developed to continuously measure the parameters of the viz. voltage, current and temperature of generation of the alternator to monitor the running condition of it also. Other than the generator there are subsystems which also need continuous monitoring. In this monitoring system equipment is connected with one such DHU which is also connected to a Global System for Mobile Communication (GSM) modem. The preliminary level of fault or abnormality in operation of component is diagnosed by the DHU and the fault or abnormalities details are reported to the pre-assigned operator through an SMS service. In extreme case, the provision of equipment shut down by a return SMS is also provided. The circuit model has been set up and is working satisfactorily.

      Mahendra G. Rathi, Nilesh A. Jakhade

Abstract: The objective of this paper is to identify and understand the various forging processes and to investigate the various forging defects. Initially, some important forging terms that are widely used in this field are discussed. A brief description about classification of forging process on the basis of temperature of work piece (hot, cold, and warm forging) and on the basis of arrangement of dies (open, impression and closed-die forging) is given. Die design parameters, die material requirements and selection of proper die materials are briefly discussed.

      Mahendra G. Rathi, Nilesh A. Jakhade

Abstract: The objective of this paper is to obtain the optimal setting of forging process parameters in order to reduce the rejection rate due to unfilling defect. Initially, the various forging defects that occur in the components during closed-die hot forging process are investigated. The investigation is done with the help of Quality Assurance department in a forging industry. During investigation, the various defects that causes high rejection rates are identified and unfilling defect which has major contribution in high rejection rate is selected for study purpose. The process parameters considered for study purpose are- billet weight, heating temperature, heating time each at three levels and required output is final job weight. To obtain the optimal process parameter combination, optimization is carried out by the Signal-to-Noise (S/N) ratio analysis of Taguchi method using L9 Orthogonal Array.

      H.K.N. Mahrouqi, M.A. Nawi, W.I. Nawawi

Abstract: The photocatalytic degradation of 4-Chlorophenol (4CP) using carbon C coated TiO2 (C-TiO2) and pristine TiO2 under solar irradiation has been studied. The experiments were carried out in a suspension mode under custom made glass cell reactor with continuous aeration supply. Both photocatalysts worked efficiency at pH 6. It was found that 0.6 and 0.3 g were the optimum loading for C-TiO2 and pristine TiO2 respectively in the degradation of 20 mg L-1 4CP under solar irradiation. The optimum C-TiO2 was found six times faster than pristine TiO2 based on pseudo first order rate constant of 4CP photodegradation. No adsorption was observed in the photocatalysts. The intermediates observed during this photocatalytic degradation process were maleic acid, hydroquinone (HQ), benzoquinone (BQ), 4-chlorochetol (4CC) and resorcinol.

      Alla Chandra Sekhar, B Murali Kishore ,T Jogi Raju

Abstract: We are generating electrical power as non-conventional method by simply walking or running on the foot step. Non-conventional energy system is very essential at this time to our nation. Non-conventional energy using foot step is converting mechanical energy into the electrical energy.


Abstract: Since the opening of the Trans Borneo and toll bridge that connects the Ambawang River District, Kubu Raya district with the city of Pontianak, this area had been isolated into the open area which makes access to the city to be smooth. These conditions of productive land in the District of Ambawang River be one of the strategic areas that became the target of investors, giving rise to unhealthy competitive claims between citizens and immigrants, feared misunderstanding. As its known to people's social life is flural Ambawang River District consists of some dominant ethnic Malays and Dayaks such as indigenous people and ethnic immigrants such as Javanese, Buginese, Madurese and Chinese (China). These periods, they live together in a familial bond that still adhere to the values of cultural wisdom. This study used a qualitative approach comes with a descriptive method.

      Jogesh Laishram and Mithra Dey

Abstract: The present study was carried out to assess the physico-chemical properties of Loktak lake at five selected villages– three lakeshore villages i.e. Phoubakchao, Laphupat Tera, Nongmaikhong and two island villages-Ithing and Karang. A total of eleven parameters were monitored for a period of one year to assess the standard of water quality of Loktak lake with reference to its status of pollution. It was observed that air temperature ranged between 11-33°C, water temperature between16-32°C, pH ranged between 6.05-9.10, Dissolved oxygen between 4.05-14.18 mg/l, Biochemical oxygen demand between 1.51-10.65 mg/l, Free CO2 between 0-35 mg/l, Total dissolved solids between 50-150 ppm, Phenolphthalein Alkalinity between 0-20 mg/l, Total Alkalinity between 35-90 mg/l, Conductivity between 90-220 μS/cm and Transparency between 29-162 cm.

      Sushil Kumar Sharma and Prof. D.D Agarwal

Abstract: A facile, efficient, simple, environmentally safe, regioselective, controllable and economical method for the oxybromination of aromatic compounds using sodium molybdate in presence of mineral acids and H2O2. The use of sodium molybdate as catalyst accelerates the rate of reaction in presence of mineral acids and hydrogen peroxide.

      Sitti Patimah, Suryani Asad, Veni Hadju, Abdul Razak Thaha

Abstract: The prevalence of anemic adolescent is still public health problem in Indonesia. The objective of this study was to compare the effect of multiple micronutrient and iron folic acid supplementation on hemoglobin and ferritin serum levels in adolescent school girls who suffer from anemia. The study was a randomized controlled trial conducted in five schools in Maros Regency, South Sulawesi Indonesia from January to October 2013. The subjects were 148 adolescent girl with anemia were randomly allocated into two groups. The first group (n=75) received a multiple micronutrient (MMN) and second group (n=73) received an iron folic acid (IFA) supplement. Suplement was consumed twice a week for 26 weeks.

      G. Sai Priya, Abhimanyu Kanneganti, K. Anil Kumar, K. Venkateswara Rao, Satish Bykkam

Abstract: The synthesis of metal oxide nanoparticles with certain morphologies and sizes has become the matter of great interest in present experimental protocols. Bio synthesis production of metal oxide nanoparticles using plants is more desirable than physical and chemical methods due to its eco-friendliness. The objectives of this study were to report the potential of green chemistry to synthesize metal oxide nanoparticles. Furthermore, characterizations such as X-ray diffractometry, Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy, Transmission electron microscopy and Particle Size Analysis of the nanoparticles were discussed.

      Mithilesh Kumari Gupta, Homeshwari Yadav, S. A. Bhoite

Abstract: Phosphate ester hydrolysis plays a very important role in many biological processes. The present investigation belongs to study of kinetic behavior of acid catalyzed hydrolysis of mono-6-chloro-2, 4-dinitroaniline phosphate in 0.1-7.0 mol dm-3 HCl at 50oC in aqueous medium. The log rate profile shows that the rate of reaction increases up to 4.0 mol dm-3 HCl. The results show that mono-6-chloro-2, 4-dinitroaniline phosphate is reactive mainly via conjugated acid species. Positive salt effect has been exhibited through ionic strength data. Behavior of molecularity and order of reaction have been estimated by the use of different concepts and hypothesis, such as Hammett acidity function, Zucker-Hammett hypothesis, Bunnett, Bunett-Olsen and Arrhenius parameters. Isokinetic relationship has been applied to propose probable reaction mechanism for the hydrolysis. Experimental rate coefficients have been found to agree well with theoretical rates in the entire acid range.

      Jaimy Rachel Skaria, D. Godwin Immanuel

Abstract: A Closed loop Boost dc-dc converter with novel capabilities of fuzzy logic controller is proposed, which mainly meant for constant power loads. The fuzzy logic controller controls the system to achieve constant output as per the requirement of the load. Due to the variation of input voltage and load current, a two stage ZVT boost converter with series resonant convertor is used to give supply to the load. The selected converter has the advantage of No duty cycle loss, wide zero voltage switching (ZVS) range, No ringing problem of the rectifier. The closed loop system is developed in such a way that, it provides necessary corrections for any slight variation in system output. The advantage of fuzzy logic improved the system efficiency in terms of accuracy compared to other conventional controllers. The system suits for electrolyzer.

      Ningaraju, G. K. and Joseph, P. A.

Abstract: A field experiment was conducted at the Kerala Agricultural University during December 2012 to March 2013 to standardize drip fertigation under high density planting in summer grown oriental pickling melon. The experiment was laid out in Randomised Block Design (RBD) with three replications. The treatments consisted of combinations of four irrigation levels (50, 75 and 100 % Ep through drip irrigation and farmers practice of pot irrigation) and three fertilizer levels (100, 150 and 200 % Recommended dose of fertilizer). Irrigation levels significantly influenced the growth characters viz., length of vine, number of leaves per vine, number of branches per vine, LAI and shoot dry matter production.

      MustafijurRahman, Md. GolamNur

Abstract: A significant amount of studies have already been devoted to the advancement of spun yarn production technology. This article has critically evaluated some recent innovations in spun yarn production such as twisting mechanism based on superconducting technology in ring-spinning system, concept of manufacturing cluster spun composite yarn and development of bobbin tracing system based on RFID technology. All the above mentioned technologies consist of huge potentiality and have not been commercialized yet in the industrial sector. This paper depicts the above aspects and their feasible interactions.

      Kirti M.Shinde, Prof. R V. Shahabade

Abstract: The Kerberos Authentication Service, developed at MIT, has been widely adopted by other organizations to identify clients of network services across an insecure network and to protect the privacy and integrity of communication with those services. This paper gives an overview of kerberos in WLAN. It describes the framework used and operation’s performed by kerberos in WLAN.

      A.Vijaya Madhavan

Abstract: Economic analysis is an effective tool in the decision-making process. The Economic Analysis process is an iterative procedure for evaluating and ranking alternatives that meet an objective. In present case study of problem faced by a small scale industrialist in choosing best alternative manufacturing method is discussed.

      Preetinder Kaur

Abstract: Contract farming involves a pre-agreed price between the company and the farmer. The agreement is defined by the commitment of the farmer to provide an agricultural commodity of a certain type at a time and a price and the quantity required by a committed buyer, mostly a large company. The present paper is intended to conduct a case study of PEPSICO Plant, located in village Channo, district Sangrur, Punjab. Present study provides a detailed look on concept of contract farming and relationship between processing firm and farmers in the villages around the plant. The methodology used in the study is the interview schedule by random collection of primary data where the study subjects are the farmers practicing contract farming in the villages. Study concludes that majority of the large farm size farmers are involved in contract farming as compare to small farmers.

      Sourav Das

Abstract: This paper deals with the design of aluminum alloy wheel for automobile application which is carried out paying special reference to optimization of the mass of the wheel. The Finite Element analysis t shows that the optimized mass of the wheel rim could be reduced to around 50% as compared to the existing solid disc type Al alloy wheel. The FE analysis shows that the stress generated in the optimized component is well below the actual yield stress of the Al alloy. The Fatigue life estimation by finite element analysis, under radial fatigue load condition, is carried out to analyze the stress distribution and resulted displacement in the alloy wheels. S-N curve of the component depicts that the endurance limit is 90 MPa which is well below the yield stress of the material and safe for the application. The FE analysis indicated that even after a fatigue cycle of 1020, the damage on the wheel is found only 0.2%.

      V.N. Rama Devi, Dr. K. Chandan

Abstract: This paper deals with the optimal control policy of two-phase service MX/ Ek /1 queues with vacation, N-policy, server break downs and balking. Generating functions method is used to derive the system characteristics. The total expected cost function is developed to determine the optimal threshold of N at a minimum cost. Numerical experiment is performed to validate the analytical results. The sensitivity analysis has been carried out to examine the effect of different parameters in the system.

      Philip Kamei

Abstract: The North Eastern Region has tremendous scope for expansion of horticulture industries that are environment and eco-friendly. The dietary intakes of food around the world are shifting toward diets from secondary goods to primary goods which are free from chemicals and popular diets are green leafy vegetables usually serve in many dining table teeming with fruits and vegetables in many households, rather than readymade and substitute diets that are usually obtained from secondary sectors. The modern people are aware and concern of their health status and wellbeing. Besides, sustainable development issues are becoming common agenda around the globe.

      Mohammadmorad Rahimi, Gholamhosein Barkat, Yousefali Atari

Abstract: The purpose of the present research is to study cultural intelligence and decision making styles of high school principals in Izeh county.its method is of descriptive type and sample size equals to statistic community.tools include a questionnaire of 25 questions of cultural intelligence of cultural intelligence measurement in America and a questionnaire of 21 questions of decision making of French,et al(1993).to analyze data deductively correlative coefficient statistics method used.Results indicated that observed r has positive and significant correlation at p≤/05 among strategy,knowledge,motivation and cultural intelligence behavior with perfectibility ,no social opposition,optimistic and principle decision making styles.

      Dr. Sheel Ghule, Ms. Rupali Chikhale, Mr. Kalpesh Parmar

Abstract: The banking industry is facing several changes. Control is now in the hands of the customer, rather than the bank. Customers are driving new business models. Technology changes the traditional business transformation. Banks need to react to this new customer-driven environment with innovation in business models, operations and IT. For banks, the value proposition for cloud computing affects the entire business. Cloud technology offers a new model for delivering innovative client experiences, effective collaboration, improved speed to market and increased IT efficiency.

      Ms. Rupali Chikhale

Abstract: Distribution of data and computation allows for solving larger problems and execute applications that are distributed in nature. Data mining technology has emerged as a means for identifying patterns and trends from large quantities of data. The Data Mining technology normally adopts data integration method to generate Data warehouse, on which to gather all data into a central site, and then run an algorithm against that data to extract the useful Module Prediction and knowledge evaluation. Applications from various domains have adopted this technique to perform data analysis efficiently. Several issues need to be addressed when such techniques apply on data these are bulk at size and geographically distributed at various sites.

      Manyi, M. M, Obi, O. A. and Iortyom, M. M.

Abstract: Onchocerciasis has remained a public health problem, despite several efforts over the years to eliminate it both by the World Health Organization (WHO) and NGO’s. Prevalence of human onchocerciasis was conducted amongst 274 patients comprising 154 males and 120 females within the age range of 15 to 40 years and above, who were attending NKST Eye Care Programme at Mkar-Gboko, Benue State, Nigeria from January, 2012 through June, 2013. Onchocerciasis infection was diagnosed by parasitological observations for the presence of microfilariae of Onchocerca volvulus in skin biopsies using standard microscopy. A total of 37(13.50%) patients were found to be infected with Onchocerca volvulus, comprising 26(9.49%) males and 11(4.01%) females.

      Neha Mangla, Vinod Jain

Abstract: Searching of data relevant to our query is done by information retrieval system. Keyword searching is the basic idea of this system which tries to solve the large search space problem as the documents to be searched could be of any length. This means time to search will increase with length of document.

      R. Lodh, R. Paul, B. Karmakar and M.K. Das

Abstract: Present work was designed to study the physicochemical parameters of four lakes of Udaipur known as the “City of Lakes” of Tripura state. The studied lakes are Amar Sagar (AS), Dhani Sagar (DS), Jagannath Dighi (JD) and Mahadeb Dighi (MD). To evaluate the water quality of the lakes and to identify the pollution sources random sampling was done during the month of April, 2014. Collected samples were analyzed according to APHA (2005) for different physicochemical parameters and the results were compared with standard values prescribed by WHO (1997) and BIS (1991). Obtained results of physicochemical water quality parameters of studied lakes revealed the fact of pollution load in the lakes. Average Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) as well as the value of ammoniacal nitrogen (NH3-N) is found high during analysis which conveys high bacteriological load, organic matter disposal and animal waste contamination into the lakes.

      A. Debala Devi, O. Ibeton Devi, T. Chand Singh and E.J.Singh

Abstract: The present paper deals with an extensive study of aromatic plants in twelve sites of Thoubal district of Manipur. Aromatic plants of the district were available in varying forms ranging from thickest bush to food plants with medicinal value. Altogether 80 aromatic plant species under 35 families were collected. Allium ascalonicum, A. hookeri, A. sativum Linn, A. tuberosum, Coriandrum sativum, Curcuma aromatic, Elshotiza blanda, Eryngium foetidum, Foeniculum vulgare, Hedychium flavum, Houttuynia cordata, Mentha arvensis, Meriandra benghalensis, Ocimum canum, Polygonum posumba, Sesbania sesban and Zingiber officinale were mainly used as vegetables as well as medicine.

      Bandyopadhyay Bijetri, Sen D

Abstract: Manual brick manufacturing is an age-old profession practiced all over the world and brick is a very important building material for a developing country, especially like India to improve infrastructure. Women have become an integral part of manpower resources in these unorganized sectors, but unfortunately the female workers here suffer a silent agony. The present study examines the occupational profile, impact of work factor in terms of physiological, biomechanical, musculoskeletal and psychosocial discomforts prevalence among workers in brick kilns. A study was conducted on female moulders engaged in different brick-kiln of West Bengal.

      Sankar P, Zachariah Bobby, Sajini Elizabeth Jacob

Abstract: Oxidative stress and red cell damage underline most pathological consequences. Isoflavones are group of compounds derived from soya beans. There is confusion in the literature regarding the antioxidant property of isoflavones. Hence, the present study was conducted to evaluate the antioxidant property of soy isoflavones and its protective role on red cells against free radicals and plasma protein degradation. Isoflavones were extracted from soya bean and free radical scavenging capacity was assessed by DPPH assay. It was found that the free radical scavenging capacity of isoflavones was 6.23 ± 1.04 µM/L equivalents of Gallic acid.

      Shanimon.S., Rateesh .K. Nair

Abstract: Over the years, perceptions towards disability have varied significantly from one community to another in time to time. Limited literature is available in disability history, concepts and varied models. This situation continues to pose a great challenge to governments, policy makers, other agencies and students of disability studies. In their endeavour to trace the development and formation of policies and perceptions towards persons with disabilities. It is towards this end, this article seeks to present a coherent literature review of disability studies based on existing literature. That influence perceptions and policy matters towards children, women and adults with disabilities.

      Ramkumar Thiyagarajan, Pravati Pala, Gopal Krushna Pala, Senthil Kumar Subramanian, Madanmohan Trakroo, Zachariah Bobby and Ashok Kumar Das

Abstract: Background: Hypertension, an important risk factor for cardiovascular disease (CVD), accounts for 57% and 24% of deaths due to stroke and coronary artery disease, respectively. Even blood pressure (BP) in prehypertension category (systolic BP 120-139 mm Hg and/or diastolic BP 80-89 mm Hg) hold 3 times more risk for CVD than normal BP (systolic BP <120 mm Hg and diastolic BP <80 mm Hg). We sought to compare the markers of inflammation and insulin resistance in age and body mass index (BMI) matched prehypertensive and normotensive subjects, and to evaluate the association of prehypertension BP status with markers of inflammation and insulin resistance.

      Shiva Chauhan, P.K. Singhal

Abstract: In this paper three types of Electromagnetic Band Gap (EBG) structure is presented. This paper analyze the parametric performance of different factors that influence band gap properties of EBG structures. Planer Electromagnetic Band Gap (EBG) structures are considered very promising in microwave engineering. It is found that EBG structures used to reduce interference, surface wave and mutual coupling. This paper includes three designs of EBG structures including Fractal shaped, Fork shaped and Spiral shaped. The array of theses EBG structures has been also analyzed to investigate the Band Gap Properties of these structures. Finally the comparison of band gap properties of all three EBG structures has been compared, discussed and concluded.

      Hamdi Zenginbal, Ayhan Haznedar, Elif Zenginbal

Abstract: This study was carried out to determine the suitable time for preparation of cuttings, type of cuttings, and various IBA concentrations to root semi-hardwood cuttings of Turkish tea clone cultivars in Rize (Turkey), during 2010 and 2011. The cuttings were collected on 15 July and 1 August. After pre-treating with 0, 2000, 4000 and 6000 ppm IBA, the cuttings with full leaf and half leaf cuttings were rooted in perlite medium at the unheated but mist propagated glasshouse. Semi- hardwood cuttings were exposed to the rooting media for 60 days, and then, they all were removed from media to determine the survival rate, rooting rate, root number, root length, root diameter and root quality.

      Mohamed Ali Baccouche, Ichraf Arous, Hanen Sellami, Ali Elloumi

Abstract: Poor cardiovascular fitness has been implicated as a possible mechanism for obesity- related cognitive decline, though no study has examined whether BMI is associated with poorer cognitive function in persons with excellent fitness levels. The aim of this study is to investigate the relationship between body mass index and cognitive performance in rugby players. Thus, fifteen rugby players male aged 24.7 ± 0.9 voluntarily participated in this study, whose body mass index (BMI) was greater than 30.

      Shruthi P C, Indumathi T S

Abstract: Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM), transmitting signals on different wavelength channels simultaneously through an optical fiber, is rapidly becoming a technology-of-choice to meet the tremendous bandwidth demand of the next generation wide-area networks. Wavelength Converters are still very expensive. Hence, it is desirable that just a limited amount of Wavelength Converters are used in the whole network. In this case, a vital question arises: how many converters are enough and where to place these converters. This motivated to do the research in the wavelength converter placement problem. Hence to define the research solution rather than applying conventional methods, intelligence based approach is taken. Fundamentally the concepts inspired by nature like Evolutionary Computation.

      Hariharan V, Kumar KB

Abstract: Depression literally means the state of being pushed down. It is commonly used to refer to emotional states of sadness, despair, numbness, emptiness, hopelessness and feelings of blue. Mood is a pervasive and sustained feeling that is experienced internally which influences the person’s behavior and his/her perception of the world. In such condition it is proven that the impact of illness on the personality variables. Very few studies were presented based on Clinical Analysis Questionnaire (CAQ). Current study seeks to establish the profile of depressive individuals on personality questionnaire. We assessed (n=43) depressive patients and (n=45) control group using CAQ. It was found that the patients with depressing are tend to score high in clinical scales like schizophrenia index (Sc) and show negative correlation on personality variable like Dominance (E), and Impulsivity (F).

      Emmanuel G. Ankudey, and Martin Y. Woode

Abstract: The presence of peroxidase enzyme in four locally grown bean varieties, red beans, Bambara beans, black-eyed beans and soybeans was demonstrated. The enzyme showed a much higher activity at elevated temperatures than at room temperature with peak activity at about 50°C. The activity of the enzyme appears to be highly dependent on the pH of the medium. The optimum pH for the enzyme from all bean extracts is about 6 but the extract from bambara beans was shown to maintain its activity over a wider range of pHs than the rest. Such stability will make peroxidase from Bambara beans a useful enzyme for applications at higher pH as may be found in certain wastewaters.

      Dr.Shashidhar. S, Dr. Vishwanath .B. N, Dr. Rajeev

Abstract: To describe the patterns of macular edema in uveitis using Stratus optical coherence tomography and know the correlation between tomographic features and visual acuity.

      Nitin Anand, Poornima Sharma

Abstract: A key challenge for data warehouse security is how to manage the entire system coherently – from sources and their export tables, to warehouse stored tables (conventional and cubes) and views defined over the warehouse. Permissions on the warehouse must satisfy the restrictions of the data owners, and be updated quickly as those local concerns evolve. Yet the system cannot demand extensive administrator time, since there are too few people with both technical skills to understand derivation logic, and business skills to balance security versus accessibility. Security aspects should be considered in the design phase of the data warehouse to better match the security requirements and to avoid later fundamental,cost-intensive adaptations. For the identification of security requirements legal, audit, network and other issues have to be considered.

      Khushboo Gupta, Neha Goyal, Puneet Rani

Abstract: Among the various technologies of web Cloud Computing is one of the recent internet based computing technology. It provide us a virtual server and a huge size of database to store our data over the internet. Since it is easy to store and manage the data many organizations moving their confidential data into the cloud. But as it is an internet based technology we are concerning about the security related issues like hacking, stealing, misusing etc. These security related issues are the greatest obstacle in the popularity of cloud. Therefore we are going to use the combinations of three different algorithms- DSA, DES and Steganograohy. These algorithms help to reduce the problems of security on cloud.

      Snehlata Pandey, Dr.Rajshree Pandey, Rita Singh

Abstract: Medicinal plant of Cinnamon zeylanicum pertaining Region in the Uttarakhand were subjected to phytochemical screening to determine the presence of natural products (secondary metabolites) i.e., alkaloids, steroids, flavonoids, saponins, protein, tannins and polyphenols, and glycosides which may be responsible for their therapeutic effects. Extracts of this medicinal plant was utilized the standard screening method (Guevarra, et al, 2005) for the detection of secondary metabolites. The phytochemicals are important in human health this is because they display different biological activities such as antifungal, antibacterial activities.

      Y. K. Meena, V. S. Kale and O.P. Meena

Abstract: The field experiment was carried out during Rabi season of the year 2011-2012 on the experimental field of Department of Horticulture, Dr. PDKV, Akola, Maharashtra (India). The study was undertaken on twenty four genotypes of coriander using Randomized Block Design with three replications. This study revealed that number of umbels per plant (0.25) and test weight (0.31) was associated significantly and positively with seed yield per plant. The perusal of path coefficient analysis shown days to 50% flowering (2.08) had highest direct effect on seed yield followed by number of seed per umbel (1.01), number of secondary branches (0.52), number of umbel per plant (0.49), test weight (0.28), plant height (0.23), leaf area (0.11) and chlorophyll content (0.11). Therefore, greater emphasis should be given on these characters while selecting for higher yield and related traits.

      Baldau Prasad Dadsena, Dr.M.L.Jaiswal

Abstract: The Primary productivity of a grassland commune located at Kota of Bilaspur district, Chhattisgarh lies between 21 47’ to 23 _8’ North latitude and 81 _14’ to 83 _15’ East longitude. A circular quadrate of 0.35 was used for sampling the above ground plant parts. The size of quadrate was determined by Species Area Curve Method. The grassland community comprised of 17 species (8 were grasses and 9 were non-grasses). Bothriochloa Pertusa,Cynodon dactylon, Digitaria longiflora, among the grasses and Desmodium Triflorum, Parthenium and Sida cordifolia among the non-grasses were found dominant during the study period.

      Gururaja N, Dr.Brahmanada S H

Abstract: A wireless sensor network (WSN) is a large collection sensor node with limited memory, battery and processing capacity. Due to this limited resources the energy conservation plays important role in wireless sensor networks. We formulate optimization problem for dynamically determining the best redundancy level to apply to multipath routing for intrusion tolerance so that query success probability maximized while prolonging system useful lifetime. In redundancy management “packet dropping” and “Bad mouthing” are the major problems in managing the redundancy. In order sort out these problems we plan to propose “weighted voting” based trust management method is used to achieve best energy efficiency. The main function of weighted voting method is to find the trust/reputation of neighbor nodes.

      Nagesh Babu V, Arudra

Abstract: Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) plays vital role in research field. Due to its rapidly increasing application in monitoring various kinds of environment by sensing physical phenomenon. Clustering is an efficient and effective method to enhance performance of the WSNs system. In this project work, we study a secure transmission of data for cluster-based WSNs (CWSNs), where the clusters are formed dynamically and randomly. We propose two Secure and Efficient data Transmission (SET) protocols for CWSNs, called SET-IBS and SET-IBOOS, by using the Identity-Based digital Signature(IBS)scheme and the Identity-Based Online/Offline digital Signature (IBOOS) scheme, respectively.

      Neenu Mary Thomas, Haisal Mathew, Sini Sebastian, 2B. Syamala Kumari, 3Vinoy Thomas, P. I. Paulose & Ancy Manuel

Abstract: The paper deals with the spectroscopic studies of sol-gel systems doped with rare-earth ions and co-doped with chromium. Doped samples of Nd3+: Cr3+ silica zero gels and silica glasses were prepared from hydrolysis and poly-condensation of precursor solution Tetra Ethyl Ortho Silicate (TEOS), which allows incorporation of specifications by sol-gel method. The xero gels were characterized by XRD, TGA, FTIR & UV/VIS absorption spectra. The intensity and the behavior of the radiation-induced bands are seen to depend on the type of the 3d- transition metal in presence of Neodymium. The host silicate glass shows the stabilizing effect due to increase of more color centers on Gamma Radiation. Reduction in spectroscopic parameters (Racaah and naphelauxetic ratio) confirmed the increase in covalent character of the transition metal ion in the silica matrix due to irradiation.

      A. Nyamful, E. Moses, E. G. Ankudey and M. Y. Woode

Abstract: Glucoamylases are important enzymes that allow the hydrolysis of starch and related polymers to glucose. They can be obtained from microbial as well as other sources. Studies were conducted with two fungal isolates, Aspergillus niger MENA1E and Rhizopus MENACO11A obtained locally from infected plant materials to assess their potential in producing glucoamylase. The organisms were grown on four substrates: wheat bran, rice bran, groundnut pod and maize bran. Glucoamylase was produced by both organisms on all four substrates. The highest glucoamylase activities of 2.0 U and 1.99 U respectively for Aspergillus niger MENA1E and Rhizopus MENACO11A were recorded after 48 hours on wheat bran. Significant activities of the enzyme were also produced on the other wastes studied in this report.

      Muh.Ikhtiar, Veni Hadju, Ridwan Thaha and Muh. Syafar

Abstract: The maternal mortality rate in Indonesia based on the demographic and health survey of Indonesia (IDHS) consecutively since 1994 was 390 per 100,000 KH, in 1997 was 334 per 100,000 KH, then in 2003 showed the number of live births 307/100.000 and later be 228/100.000 in 2007. In Gowa, the number of maternal deaths in 2010 was 12 or 93.4 per 100,000 and in 2011 KH, 12 or 92.7 per 100,000 KH and in 2012, there were 11 deaths. One of the important issues in maternal mortality is the presence or involvement of factors influence social determinants of health in cases of maternal death.

      Henny Sesanti, Arsunan, A.A and Hasanuddin Ishak

Abstract: Anopheles mosquitoes, sp is the main vector of malaria disease that is widespread in many parts of the world including in Papua Province. There are four speciesof Anopheles mosquitoes, sp, in Papua namely: An.farauti, An.koliensis, An. subpictus, and An.punctulatus. Larviciding synthetic cause resistance. This study aims to analyze the potential of papaya leaf and seeds extracts (Carica papaya) as larvicides against the mosquitoes Anopheles sp. The experiment was conducted at the Laboratory of Health Research and Development in Jayapura Papua province.

      Pooja C. Nahar, Dr. Mahesh T. Kolte

Abstract: Compressed sensing or compressive sensing or CS is a new data acquisition protocol that has been an active research area for nearly a decade. It samples the signal of interest at a rate much below the Shannon nyquist rate and has led to better results in many cases as compared to the traditional Shannon – nyquist sampling theory. This paper surveys the theory of Compressive sensing and its applications in various fields of interest.

      Garima Bansal

Abstract: Assessment has necessarily become the vehicle and engine that drives the delivery of education and other related educational processes. It is a truism that ‘what is assessed becomes what is valued, which becomes what is taught’ (Broadfoot, 2004). Governments across the globe have realized the potential of educational assessment in engendering the much coveted educational goal of enhanced pupil learning. Impact of alternative assessment forms on pupils learning can be discerned from the fact that this framework of assessment is popularly called as assessment for learning.

      M.Anitha, R.Vyshnavi and S.Raveena

Abstract: Red wine is a complex fluid. It contains water, sugars, acids, alcohols, and a wide range of phenolic compounds. Red wine contains a number of biologically active compounds with beneficial effects on human health. The resveratrol is commonly found in food and drinks, including Red wine and grapes. Many studies have been documented towards health benefits of red wine consumption, including anti-oxidative, anti-carcinogenic, anti-inflammatory and anti-cardiovascular and antibacterial properties. Therefore, we evaluated the antimicrobial activity of red wine against multi drug resistant bacteria. The aim of the present study was to determine the antimicrobial activity of Red wine against 30 Multi Drug Resistant pathogenic strains of Staphylococcus aureus, β haemolytic streptococci, Escherichia coli and Klebsiella pneumoniae was studied using the agar well diffusion method.

      Mr. Bhrijesh N. Patel, Mr. Mrugesh M. Prajapati

Abstract: As the time pass in this modern world many changes came into the field of display devices. First came the small LED (Light Emitting Diode) display which shows numeric contain then after jumbo CRT (cathode ray tubes) which is used today also but due bulkiness we do not carry from one place to another and also required large area. Then after came LCD (Liquid crystal display) which is lighter and easy to carry, but the main problem with LCD is that it cannot seen clear picture from different angles. This all problem will be overcome by revolutionary discovery of OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode).

      Jeremiah David Bala, Japareng Lalung and Norli Ismail

Abstract: Industrialization is vital to a nation’s socio – economic development. It provides ready employment opportunities for a good percentage of the population. Although industrialization is inevitable, various devastating ecological and human disasters which have continuously occurred, implicate industries such as palm oil industry as major contributors to pollution problems and environmental degradation of various magnitude. As a result environmental problems have increased in geometric proportion over the last three decades with improper practices being largely responsible for the gross pollution of the aquatic environment with concomitant increase in waterborne diseases.

      Sonashree Brahma

Abstract: Tourism refers to travel to a certain place for recreation and this act of such travel contributes immensely to the socio-economic and cultural progress of the society of destination regions. For a newly formed autonomous region like the Bodoland Territorial Area Districts (BTAD), created after having a turbulent past, development is now a big challenge. The Bodoland Territorial Area Districts (BTAD) is a decade old Autonomous Council, lying towards the north west of Assam along the Bhutan foothills. Nature has been benevolent towards the region and has endowed it with rich flora and fauna, and beautiful natural surroundings.

      Marbaniang D and Chaturvedi SS

Abstract: Laboratory experiments were performed to evaluate the Pb uptake capacity by three aquatic macrophytes (Scripus mucronatus, Rotala rotundifolia and Myriophyllum intermedium). The selected macrophytes were transferred to the laboratory containing nutrient solution and working Pb standard solutions of different concentrations (1.0, 2.0, 4.0, 8.0 and 16 mg L-1) and harvested at regular time interval of 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10 days. The Pb uptake by these macrophytes showed a linear relationship for S. mucronatus and for R. rotundifolia with the exposure time period (2–10 d). Pb accumulation in the plant parts was higher in the roots for S. mucronatus but reverse in the case of R. rotundifolia and M. intermedium.

      Dr. Harneet Singh, Dr Harmandeep Singh

Abstract: Probiotics are live microorganisms (e.g., bacteria) that are either the same as or similar to microorganisms found naturally in the human body and may be beneficial to health. Often referred to as “good bacteria” or “helpful bacteria,” probiotics are available in various forms of suppliments or other delivery systems. There is a constantdebate regarding the effectiveness of probiotics in todays lifestyle. As the question arises whether the living & dietary habits of an individual can be altered and hence improved upon by the use of Probiotics.

      T. Lakshmi Prasad and G. Sreenivasulu

Abstract: Land, a non-renewable resource, is central to all primary production systems. The geospatial technology of Remote Sensing and GIS holds the potential for timely and cost – effective assessment of natural resources. The techniques have been used extensively in the tropics for generating valuable information about various surface features of the earth. Therefore, we have used Remote Sensing and GIS to study land use land cover changes, and Drainage pattern of Pulivendula Taluk, Kadapa district, Andhra Pradesh, India. The study area situated between parallels of 77055’ to 78031’33” E longitude and 14015’ to 14045’N latitude with intended boundary falling in Survey of India toposheet no.57J02, 57J03, 57J06 and 57J07.

      Profulla Chandra Kalita

Abstract: Bulk thallium based superconductors with nominal starting composition of (Tl2-xMbxBa2Ca2Cu3Ox ) were prepared through a solid-solid reaction technique. A Ba-Ca-Cu-O precursor was made for this purpose by mixing and grinding the stoichiometric amounts of BaCO3, CaCO3 and CuO followed by sintering at 850oC. Finally, appropriate amounts of MoO2 and Tl2O3 were added to the precursor and the whole mixture was calcined at 950oC under oxygen flow. Different phases including the high- Tl-2223, Tl-2212, Tl-1223, Tl-1212 phases were formed in the resulting compound. Some other phases were also found when the Tl to Mo ratio was changed from 1.6 : 0.4 to 1 : 1 in Tl1.6Mo0.4Ba2Ca2Cu3Ox superconductor. From the resistivity measurements, the critical temperature Tc(0) for the compound was found to around 89 K. The doping of Molibdenum (Mo) in Tl-cuprates induces pairing mechanisms to occur outside the CuO2 layers and thus reducing high-Tc phase formation and hence the Tc(0) value.

      Vinay Prakash Sriwastava, Jalneesh Singh, Vinay Kumar Verma

Abstract: In Cellular networks, blocking occurs when a base station has no free channel to allocate to a mobile user. When a user moves from one cell to another then sometimes handover does not exist and call blocking occurs. Handover is the process when call transfers from one cell to another. In case of complete Handover blocking does not takes place. There are some techniques to remove call blocking such as Handover Prioritization Schemes, Auxiliary station, Guard Channel Prioritization Schemes, Call Admission Control Prioritization Schemes, Handover Queuing Prioritization Schemes. The main goal of this research paper is to investigate the handover research issues and developing schemes which can handle handovers traffic in order to support on-going calls when mobile users are switching between base stations.

      Amandeep Kaur, Praveen Kumar

Abstract: Evolutionary multiobjective optimization (EMO) optimizes multi-objectives, conflicting with each other, simultaneously. In this paper, EMO has been utilized to improve a window based protocol based on two parameters, Bandwidth Delay Product (BDP) and end-to-end delay. The problem has been simulated using gamultiobj tool in the MATLAB.

      Asinta Manyele and Alfred Mwambela

Abstract: The South Western Tanzania (SWTZ) is found within the Western branch of the East African Rift Valley (EAR) system, one of the most seismically active regions in African continent (Mavonga, 2010, 2007). The SWTZ area was strongly shaken by the magnitude 6.8 earthquakes that occurred on December 5, 2005, along Lake Tanganyika, living communities dwelling close to the earthquake epicenter in fears (USGS, 2005). No seismic sensors were close enough to provide instrumental recordings of the event, but few citizens who experienced the strong ground shaking provided eyewitness report via online questionnaire system (Did You feel it?) operated by the US Geological Survey (USGS) for global earthquake predictive shaking maps.

      Ibraheem M . Aliyas, Muhammed A . Ahmed, Muhammed Y. Ali

Abstract: Experimental research was conducted in the laboratory of plant protection, department of plant production in Technical Institute / Mosul City in Iraq. On 08.10.2013 to 20.10.2013 .The experiment was include by planting(50) seed with two replication from (20)crop by using(25) Dodder seeds with each Petri dishes by addition a control treatment. Found the germination percentage of Dodder seeds as following: With Sorghum 90% ,With Flax 50%,with Piper 52% , with Egg plant 53% , with Alfalfa 57 % ,with Squash 5% , With Barley 7% , with Melon 8% , with Lentil 9% , with Wheat 10% , with Lettuce 2% , with Tomato 4% , with Millet 1% , there isn’t Dodder seeds emergence with Corn ,Bean, Watermelon , Cucumber , Buckwheat , Okra , Safflower. The emergence Dodder seeds alone as control was 4% , clear from above data ,the presence of crop seeds were necessary to germinate Dodder seeds with some crops, also Dodder cant able complete their life cycle by absence the host, which clear the impact of Dodder in growing stage of crop plant and reflects on yield, that require more studies about physiological process to find suitable control in emergence stage by using wild botanical extractions as biological control which consider friendship of ecology to achievement sustainable agricultural development.

      A.A.H.S. Samarawickrama, R.K. Suraweera, C. Sivayoganathan, M.H.F.Sakeena

Abstract: Self prescribing practices has become a substantial area in health sector due to mal-practices. This study was undertaken to determine the knowledge and perceptions of undergraduate students at University of Peradeniya about the Paracetamol usage by self medication practices. A pre validated questionnaire was administered to 273 randomly selected students in all five courses of Faculty of Allied Health Sciences, University of Peradeniya. Descriptive statistics and multiple logistic regressions were used in data analysis. Associations were evaluated using chi square tests. From all the respondents, 67.4 % were female and 32.6 % were male students. And most of the students were in the age range of 22 – 24years. Most of the respondents were not engaged in exercises or sports. Although self prescription pattern was followed by highest proportion of the study population, the disadvantages of this practice were emphasized by 65 % of students. Main practical reason reported for self prescribing of Paracetamol is having a good knowledge to use it properly and potential source of acquiring Paracetamol was pharmacies and retail shops. “Paracetamol should be taken with a doctor’s prescription” was reported to be the main overall concept of majority of students enrolled in all five courses and majority of students reported that self practicing of Paracetamol was harmful. The study determined that self prescription pattern in the use of Paracetamol is more common than doctor’s prescription practice among Allied Health Sciences students.

      V.Maheswari and R.Haridas

Abstract: A great deal of research has explored the academic reasons that affecting the students are who do not pursue post-graduation programs. Lack of adequate academic guidance and advice which students need to help them understand the academic requirements and, develop their goals. Basically, students from poor background are put to greater disadvantage since they are not academically prepared to crack the highly competitive examinations. The random sampling technique was used to select the sample of the study. A sample of this study comprises both male and female students of the various departments in Arts and Science Colleges of Coimbatore district in Tamilnadu. The data collected from 625 students were drawn on the basis of survey methods. Likert five point scale was used to analyze the data. The present study is related to the academic attitude and the demographic variables like gender, habitat and income. It revealed that majority of the students who do not continue their higher education affected by the academic difficulties.

      Humma Habib, Sheikh G Mustafa, Yasmeen Gul

Abstract: To determine the effect of transdermal nitroglycerine for acute tocolysis in preterm labor with regard to its efficacy in delaying delivery for 48 hours to allow the maximum benefit of glucocorticoids to take effect on the foetal lungs, and analysis of side effects.


Abstract: The Distributed Data Mining (DDM) is a branch of the field of data mining that offers a framework to mine distributed data paying careful attention to the distributed data and computing resources. Usually, data-mining systems are designed to work on a single dataset. On the other hand with the growth of networks, data is increasingly dispersed over many machines in many different geographical locations. Also, even as most practical data-mining algorithms operate over propositional representations are known as first order learning. In existing system, the concept of knowledge is very important in data mining. In order to get the correct knowledge from the data mining system, the user must define the objective and specify the algorithms and its parameters exactly with minimum effort. If the data mining system produces large number of meaningful information by using a specialized data mining algorithm like association, clustering, decision trees etc., it will take more time for the end- users to choose the appropriate knowledge for the problem discussed. Even choosing the correct data mining algorithm involves more time for the system. Developing a data mining system that uses specialized agents with the ability to communicate with multiple information sources, as well as with other agents requires a great deal of flexibility. The main objective of this paper titled on “An Analysis on Multi-Agent Based Distributed Data Mining System“ describes the knowledge integration, Knowledge Integration in Distributed Data-Mining and Heterogeneous vs. Homogeneous Data-Mining, a literature survey of Multi-Agent Based Distributed Data Mining System, a Model Of Multi –Agent System Based Data Mining, the improving DDM performance by combining distributed data mining and multi-agent system and Data Mining using Multiple Agents.

      S. Vijiya Chandra, Dr. K. Alagarsamy

Abstract: Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) plays a vital role in different structured applications such as health scrutinizing, ecological observing in industries, farms, colonized areas and so on. Wireless sensor networks (WSN) engage numerous sensor nodes for data transmission with inadequate power. Due to lower cost property of wireless sensors, the degree of usability is also large in vast applications. Sensor networks are group of sensor nodes which forward sensed data to base station responsively. As sensor nodes are supported by battery, a proper utilization of energy is crucial to use networks for prolong lifetime. Hence, the challenge lies in reduce the sensor network traffic, collision found inside the network, and reduce degree of data that need to send to base station. The main objective of data aggregation algorithms is to collect and aggregate data in a proficient way so that network lifetime is enhanced. Most preferred manner to extend lifetime, reduce time and cost during data transmission enhances the WSN. One such technique is data aggregation, a more interesting approach for data collecting in shared environment and active access through wireless connectivity.

      Mahendra G. Rathi, Nilesh A. Jakhade

Abstract: Since the defects causes high rejection rates, it is important to move any production process in the direction of eliminating all imperfections as a part of an effective continuous improvement program. Forging process is no exception to this. In present study, the various forging defects that occur in the components during closed-die hot forging process are investigated initially. The investigation is done with the help of Quality Assurance department in a forging industry. During investigation, the various defects that causes high rejection rates are identified and unfilling defect which has major contribution in high rejection rate is selected for study purpose. The fish-bone diagram is used to explore the possible causes of unfilling defect, through a brainstorming session. It is observed that the three process parameters having major responsibility to fill the job weight. These parameters are- billet weight, heating temperature, and heating time. The best combination of these process parameters must be followed during the production process in order to reduce the rejection rate due to unfilling forging defect. To get the best parameter combination, DOE technique (like Taguchi method) is the most powerful approach. But before going to use Taguchi method, it is very much necessary to determine the effect of selected process parameters on output. Therefore, the objective of this paper is to present the effect/influence of selected process parameters on filling the job weight. For this purpose, OVAT analysis is used here. Engineers and Scientists often perform OVAT experiments, which consists of varying only one factor or variable at a time with keeping others constant.

      Sunitha kumari. K., S.N.Padma devi., S.Vasandha and S.Anitha

Abstract: Zinc is an essential micronutrient which plays a macro role in the growth and productivity of the plants. Zinc (Zn) deficiency hinders metabolic and physiological activity in plants due to its inevitable role as an enzyme cofactor. Many Indian soil exhibit Zn deficiency with the content much below the critical level of 1.5ppm. The conditions that make unavailability of zinc to plants are high pH, low organic matter content, high usage of P fertilizer, less textured soil and utilization of synthetic fertilizer to correct Zn deficiency which results in unavailability of zinc after seven days of application. An alternative eco-friendly approach to overcome Zn deficiency constraint in plants is by the application of microbial inoculants as a biofertilizer. Rhizospheric microorganisms play a vital role in the conversion of unavailable form of metal to available form through solubilization mechanism.

      Savitha S.V, Jisha K

Abstract: Seamless roaming over wireless network is highly desirable to mobile users, and security such as authentication of mobile users is challenging. Recently, due to tamper-resistance and convenience in managing a password file, some smart card based secure authentication schemes have been proposed. This paper shows some security weaknesses in those schemes. As the main contribution of this paper, a secure and light-weight authentication scheme with user anonymity is presented. It is simple to implement for mobile user since it only performs a symmetric encryption/decryption operation. Having this feature, it is more suitable for the low-power and resource-limited mobile devices. In addition, it requires four message exchanges between mobile user, foreign agent and home agent. Thus, this protocol enjoys both computation and communication efficiency as compared to the well-known authentication schemes. As a special case, we consider the authentication protocol when a user is located in his/her home network.

      Aleen Rose Kujur, Hasan Akhtar

Abstract: Water has a determining role in every aspect of our life. Groundwater problems unfold slowly and incrementally, as the cumulative effect of many individual impacts of abstractions and contamination sources corroborate themselves. Monitoring & Effective groundwater resource management requires an optimum balancing of the increasing demands of water and long-term maintenance of the complex natural resource This paper reviews use of groundwater models in planning and developing the water harvesting structures including quality aspects of the groundwater and thereby predicting the fate and movement of the chemical in natural, urban or hypothetical scenario. The results show that Analytical and numerical groundwater flow models can be used in development of sustainable water resource framework if the proper sets of input variable are defined. The results of these evaluations indicate groundwater models can provide an efficient and readily‐accessible tool to aid in designing systems for collection and storage of water.

      Ali Abusalah Elmabrok Mohammed, Ng Kim-Soon, Fathi Khalifa M. Agob

Abstract: Islamic finance industry witnessed a remarkable development and increasing growth until the Islamic financial institutions imposed in the global financial environment. Islamic finance has become a reality, an important approach, the added value to the reality of global economic and a bridge of the interdependence between the Islamic world and the Western world. In this context, this paper comes to reveal certain aspects of Islamic finance, that has the means of distinct, diverse renewable and which is not owned by other conventional systems. This study will address: The experiences of Islamic financial instruments in the oil and gas sector and develop a mechanism for development. In regard to how strong role Islamic banks and other financial institutions have had in financing the oil and gas sectors, this study found that, it is possible for Islamic methods of finance to make an effective contribution towards developing oil and gas – quite apart from developing investments in the banks and financial institutions themselves, and thereby helping to bring about the desired development in the Arab and Muslim countries.

      P Karthikeyan, P Sekar, I Mahesh, M Sathyamoorthy , LM Sharadha, M Mani

Abstract: The epidermal nevus syndrome (ENS) is an uncommon neurocutaneous disorder in which epidermal nevi are found in association with congenital abnormalities of the brain, eye, and/or skeleton. The association of epidermal nevi and neurologic abnormalities was comprehensively described by Schimmelpenning 4 in 1957. Pavone et al. 7 (1991) identified a homogeneous variant of ENS with hemimegalencephaly, gyral malformation, mental retardation, seizures and facial hemihypertrophy.

      Karthik.K.Murthy, Dhanalakshmi Y B, Pooja.S, Geetha M K, Prof.Hemanth Kumar C S

Abstract: Among the various technological devices and systems, GSM based tracking system will pass complete information about the student and there activities. The RFID system is utilized as a board module to attach the parts of the object say student (identity card, tag, etc.) and follow the object then and there. In this paper, a novel fingerprint reconstruction algorithm is used to automate the whole process of taking attendance for staff and lecturers, manually which is a laborious and troublesome work and waste a lot of time, with its managing and maintaining the records for a period of time is also a burdensome task. The designed model is studied under laboratory scale and the results are analysed.

      Neelima.V, R. Ramesh Babu

Abstract: In data processing processors, adder is a basic digital circuit. To perform any arithmetic operation, addition is the basic operation to perform. To compute fast arithmetic operations adder must be fastest. CSLA is the fastest adder when compare to RCA and CLA. From the structure of CSLA it is observed that there is a scope to reduce area further so that power can be lowered [3-4]. This paper proposes a new architecture of CSLA using reconfigurable adder structures (RAS) and is compared with regular SQRT CSLA, CSLA using BEC [7]. The experimental analysis shows that the proposed CSLA using RAS is having advantages regarding area and power.

      Shilpy Singhal and Rup Narayan

Abstract: Differing biomass allocation strategy could be a necessary plant-trait associated with invasive weeds in an alien environment. The present study focused on exploring differential biomass allocation pattern as an invasive plant-trait in the two pantropical invasive malvaceous weeds Sida acuta Burm f. and Sida cordifolia L. in an anthropic peri-urban vegetation in Indian dry tropics. Eighty plant individuals from each of these two congeners across their varying developmental stages were clipped off from their dominantly growing study site at the polluted bank of Kali river in Bulandshahr (28º04’ & 28º43’ N lat. and 77º08’ & 78º28’ E long.) in the national capital region of India.

      Avanish Mishra, Vinay Kumar Tripathi

Abstract: Supply of uninterrupted sinusoidal voltage of constant magnitude is the most important aim of the electrical distribution system, but this task is very tough and is becoming more difficult due to the increasing size and number of nonlinear and poor power factor loads. Some of the most important causes of poor power quality is harmonics and high neutral current. Harmonics and neutral current deteriorate power quality as well as affect the system at large and makes significant impact. In this paper a control scheme based on PI controller has been proposed for generation of reference current to mitigate the harmonics and neutral current for two different topologies. The proposed methodology not only reduces the complexity but also offers simplicity to implement and increases reliability of the system. Analysis and simulation of three phase four wire shunt active power filter under balanced and unbalanced load condition have been done using MATLAB/ SIMULINK and detailed simulation level results have been presented to validate the proposed methodology.

      Ali Mansour Khaki, Amir Esmael Forouhid

Abstract: The operation of airports results in environmental impacts associated with high levels of different noise. These may have severe and negative effects on surrounding residents. Aircraft noise is a significant and critical component of the aviation global economic infrastructure. If there is to be growth in aviation, the environmental impacts of aviation must be mitigated. In this paper, a model for the noise pollution of IKIA has been calibrated with the use of noise forecasting software. The calculated model is based on operations and flight data recorded by the airport. The flight data include the type and number of aircrafts, number of runways, etc. which depend on day-time and night- time operations. The results of this model explain the land use of airport and finally explain some methods for decreasing the effects of noise pollution of airport like enforcement of appropriate environmental regulations on the airliners.

      Sanjay Kumar K, Mr.Shivakumara Swamy.R, Dr. V. Venkatesh

Abstract: Transmission lines, among the other electrical power system components, suffer from unexpected failures due to various random causes. These failures interrupt the reliability of the operation of the power system. When unpredicted faults occur protective systems are required to prevent the propagation of these faults and safeguard the system against the abnormal operation resulting from them. The functions of these protective systems are to detect and classify faults as well as to determine the location of the faulty line as in the voltage and/or current line magnitudes Then after the protective relay sends a trip signal to a circuit breaker(s) in order to disconnect (isolate) the faulty line.

      Htoo Min Thein, Zaw Min Naing, Su Su Yi Mon

Abstract: This paper presents design and implementation of compact microstripline phase shifter at C band frequency range using RT Duroid 5870 substrate. Phase shifters are key elements of beam-steering antennas which are very useful for Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) and microwave communication system. Phase shifters are used to control the main-beam of the phased array antenna. Microstripline phase shifter is used since it is simple to design and easy to fabricate. The main objective of this paper is to design and implement a phase shifter for four elements linear sub array for SAR application. This phase shifter is provided using different lengths for scan angle 0º to 135º. RT Duroid 5870 substrate is used for its lower insertion loss. The important mathematical calculations for finding the dimensions of all the individual component is done using MATLAB and then individual components are designed and simulated using Ansoft Designer (SV) and Sonnet Lite v13.35. The presented phase shifter is designed to operate in C band frequency range between 4 and 8 GHz and center frequency is 5.3 GHz , with low insertion loss and reflection coefficients. This proposed phase shifter is suitable for a modified class of feeding networks for phased antenna arrays.

      Kaung Phyo Han, Zaw Min Min Htun

Abstract: This research paper describes the about of social network for various fields. Social networking is the grouping of individuals into specific groups. Social networking is possible in person, especially in the workplace, universities, and high schools, it is most popular online. When it comes to online social networking, websites are commonly used. Social networking websites function like an online community of internet users. In this social network; it was implemented with many aspects and features of what makes up the majority of today's social networks or online communities. The goal is to implement the creation of a community in a scalable fashion. The objectives of our social network is to build a Social Network for staffs and students with common features such as direct messaging, download link, posting, etc.

      Pankaj D Khambre, Aarti Deshpande, Renu Kumari, Madhuri Maniktahla

Abstract: Many applications require to send the information from the source node to the destination node through the communication network. In order to support these applications, it is necessary to determine a path of minimal cost to connect the source node to the destination node. The TM algorithm and BSMA algorithm has been used in order to find the path that minimizes the total cost. The experimental results show that the algorithm can find optimal solution quickly.

      S. B. Ghadge, Dr. S. D. Raut

Abstract: A proposed algorithm is using elliptic Fourier series approximation for separating touching grain kernels. Algorithm is based on boundary curvature values. The image acquisition inefficiency can be removed by using image pre-processing techniques and Fourier approximation smoothes the boundary contour which avoids the local pseudo-corners of kernel caused by the presence of rough boundaries. Nodal points separating the touching instances are determined after calculating curvature values along the boundary of kernels. Final nodal points are determined by evaluating the curvature along the boundary of image and selecting those which falls below threshold. With multiple nodal points, the segmentations lines are drawn using nearest-neighbor and critical radian distance difference [rad] of chain coded boundary point. The algorithm uses Breshenham algorithm for drawing segmentation lines. The algorithm appears to be robust enough to separate most of the multiple touching scenarios.

      Suman S. Giri and Mr.Nilav Mukhopadhyay

Abstract: Today, world has growing concern on preserving privacy of census information. There is need of preserving privacy while publishing the data to research center or government agencies. There are various technique have been designed for privacy preserving data publishing such as generalization, bucketization and slicing.

      Garima Verma, Amandeep Kaur

Abstract: Most of the security architecture uses public key cryptosystems for authentication and to secure the communication that takes place on distributes sites. Now a day’s identity based cryptography and certificateless public key cryptography are used for enhancing the security. Certificateless based cryptography has reduced the certificate necessity for key distribution and reducing the problem of key escrow that arise in identity based cryptography. A review based on identity based and certificate less based is carried out to show that how they are beneficial in future for enhancing distributed system security using Elliptic curve cryptography.

      Ajay Kumar Singh, Souvik Roy, Simrat Sodhi, Daksh Goel, Shaifali Madan Arora

Abstract: The paper presents a new approach to interact with real world objects from a distance. This approach is guided with a purpose to modify the attributes of the real world objects and establish communication between multiple such objects using gesture control. The user is required to point the camera of a smartphone at the physical object, the object gets recognised automatically and a graphical user interface (GUI) is mapped onto the smartphone screen. This GUI furbishes the user with multifarious choices to alter the properties of that object. The paper attempts to elucidate the implementation of the system, the functionalities it has to offer and the aspects that make it better than the previous systems.

      Meenakshi Shrawgi, Praveena Rajput

Abstract: This paper presents a secure watermarking scheme that inserts biometric data into images found in forms of identification. Putting biometric data deals privacy related issues. Here we present a software approach to implement such type of idea or giving a basic platform to implement it onto the further high level. Our process is the combination of two techniques: watermarking and biometric application. Watermarking is used for data security and biometric deals with unique identification. The paper is implementation of such type of approaches to fulfill the requirement of security and authentication. The basic concepts, implementation method, watermark insertion, watermark extraction process are given below. We take an image as an example to more understand the process . the summarized table with the performance parameters are also given.

      Manasi M. Jahagirdar, Prof. S. M. Kamalapur

Abstract: The classification of genes is quite important in the understanding of gene regulation. The genes are grouped into transcription units for the purpose of construction and regulation of gene expression and synthesis of proteins. This knowledge further contributes as essential information for the process of drug design and to determine the protein functions of newly sequenced genomes. It is possible to use the diverse biological information across multiple genomes as an input to the classification problem. The purpose of this work is to show that Particle Swarm Optimization may improve the results of classification as compared to other algorithms. To validate the approach E.Coli complete genome is taken as the benchmark genome.

      Rajesh Tirlangi,Ch.V.Krishna Mohan,P.S.Latha Kalyampudi,G.Rama Krishna

Abstract: Clustering is the unsupervised classification of patterns (data items) into groups (clusters).Clustering in data mining is very useful to discover distribution patterns in the underlying data. Today, the term "a large dataset" refers to hundreds of terabytes or even petabytes of data. This type of datasets are too difficult to for a clusters. It is typical of scientific investigations to have two phases: the data generation phase, and the data analysis phase. The data generation phase is usually the result of running a large simulation or the collection of data from experiments. It is desirable to design an ant colony optimization algorithm (ACO)[6][4][5] that is not required to solve any hard sub problem but can give nearly optimal solutions for data clustering. The proposed method can obtain optimal solutions quicker via differently favorable strategy. In this paper, we present a new data clustering method for data mining in large databases. Our simulation results show that the proposed Clustering huge datasets(CLHDS) method performs better than the Fast SOM combines K-means approach (FSOM+K-means) and Genetic K-Means Algorithm (GKA,K-Medoids algorithm.

      Gauri Nivrutti Tuplondhe, Prof. Dr. S. S. Sane

Abstract: Automated tools are used to detect subjective information like attitudes, opinions and feelings. Such process is called as sentiment analysis. The Joint Sentiment-Detection (JST) model is the probabilistic model which is extension of Latent Dirichlet Allocation (LDA) model that detects sentiment and topic simultaneously from text. Supervised approaches to sentiment classification often fail to produce satisfactory results when applied to other domains while the JST model is weakly supervised in nature where supervision only comes from domain independent sentiment lexicon. Thus, makes JST model portable to other domains. The proposed system incorporates a small amount of domain independent prior knowledge which is sentiment lexicon to further improve the sentiment classification accuracy. It also carry out experiments and evaluates the model performance on different datasets.

      Ms. A.Udhayabharadhi, Mr. R.Ramachandran

Abstract: Search re-ranking is considered as a best way to improve retrieval precision. This paper addresses two common problems in search. The top-ranked results for such queries may not contain relevant image to the user’s search result, and fresh and relevant pages may not get high ranks because when we retrieve and rank, images occur mostly based on the visit count of the link. We introduce a new ranking method named Meta rankers, which is based on Time, Download and also View. We invoked ranking based on time count of each visit of the image. Image redundancy is still a problem area concerned. We proposed Image check algorithm, which is used to eliminate the redundancy of an image. In this image check algorithm, it compares the color value of every single expected and actual pixel and avoids the repetition of the same image. Therefore, it provide better and most engaging and diverse search results.

      Omotunde Oluwatobi, Babalola Yemisi

Abstract: Nigerian Universities have adopted the use of e-portal to enhance and connect with students, potential students, staff, parents and the global community. However, personal factors such are information technology competencies and demographic characteristics etc of undergraduate students have brought about digital divide and mix feelings about the usefulness, ease of use and reliability of e-portal in their respective institution. This study therefore surveyed undergraduate students' assessment of university portals in selected private universities in South-West Nigeria.

      A.Thirulogachandar M.E, M.Rajeswari , S.Ramya

Abstract: Heavy metals are persistent in the environment and are subject to bioaccumulation in food chains. However exposure does not result only from the presence of a harmful agent in the environment. The present study was undertaken to investigate the concentrations of heavy metals in Broiler Chicken and to assess the extent of contamination due to intake of water, foodstuff, premixes by chicken and other sources like air, ground water, soil etc,. Samples of meat collected from poultry farms in Paladam were analyzed for seven heavy metals i.e. Chromium, Copper, Lead, Cadmium, Arsenic, Iron, and Zinc using Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer after wet digestion of samples with HNO3.From the results chromium is the maximum content of heavy metal accumulated in the body tissues of broilers and their feed. For all samples other heavy metals were under the limit of quantification. The levels of heavy metals were compared with standards of WHO/FAO. Precocious steps must be taken to avoid use of such health hazardous concentrations of heavy meals in poultry feed and chicken meat.

      H. Amrani H. J., N. Marchoudi, I. Sadaoui, W. Mahfoud, N. Elgnaoui, F. Haddad, T. Fechtali and H. Benomar

Abstract: The characteristics of the cellular kinetic reflect the aggressiveness of the tumors and even their prognosis, many studies proving the correlation between the increased proliferation activity and a poor prognosis in a variety of neoplasms. Aim: The analysis of immunohistochemical Ki-67 expression in 55 patients with gastric cancer, the correlation with clinico-pathological factors and patients prognosis.

      Ondabu Ibrahim Tirimba

Abstract: This paper reviews the State preference theory from a traditional perspective. It explains the model under which the state preference theory and gives rigorous explanations of the assumptions and their normative explanations. The paper goes further to reflect its focus on the state preference framework and also explains the aspects of state prices and their relation to aggregate wealth. The paper gives a technical view of risk neutral valuation in relation to state preference theorem, insights that allows for transforming of the state prices into a common discount factor known as risk neutral probabilities. The paper looks touches on a few criticisms and finally concludes that the model provides an elegant and general framework for the analysis of financial markets and yields a pricing rule for securities. The state preference theory is remarkably acknowledged for providing useful addition knowledge to a financial economist’s toolkit and with a basic understanding of financial markets and prices that forms the bread and butter of financial management candidature.

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