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Correction of the Secondary Immunodeficiency at Radiation Sickness with the Help of Herbal Remedies
      Khabibullaev Behzod Bakhodirovich, Batyrbekov Akram Anvarovich

Abstract: The influence of herbal remedies on immunological and hematological parameters in mice with radiation sickness was studied. It has been revealed that the supromed, pro-vision, biomyrin and biophthysetham correct the inhibited immune response to erythrocytes of the sheep under radiation exposure, and also the studied means promote the increase in the number of erythrocytes and leukocytes in the blood in mice with radiation sickness. Under the influence of biomyrin, the number of blood leukocytes increases by 1.25 times, providas by 1.33 times, supercedes by 1.42 times and biofetizoetham by 1.47 times.

DOI: 10.29322/IJSRP.8.5.2018.p7702

Increasing The Health - Saving Literacy Of Students - As The Important Factor Of Strengthening Of Their Reproductive Health
      Shakhmurova Gulnara

Abstract: increasing the health-saving literacy of young people in strengthening of the reproductive health of growing generation is the main process, so explanatory works on the problems of forming a healthy generation and a health lifestyle were conducted by seminar-trainings; these will ensure the improvement of their medical culture and preparation to family life.

      P.L.L.C.P. Alwis

Abstract: This study investigates the employees’ perception of fairness in the performance appraisal system for academic staff of the General Sir Jhon Kotelawala Defence University.

      Dr. Shashi Prabha

Abstract: The present is paper an attempt to analyse the awareness level about MSP among the farming community. The various initiatives taken by the government would result into a more fruitful way if the programmes are widely spread over both the horizontal and vertical strata of a region. The objective of extending support to the farming community through such programmes is to strengthen the agriculture sector by giving security to the farmers to face the price fall. This would certainly ensure the fair remunerations to the farmers resulting in the development of the rural areas. The data used in the analyses are collected from the field survey well spread over the different agro-ecological zones and the response of the farming respondents are recorded on the well designed questionnaire. The study shows that the vulnerable sections of the society are still neither aware of such programmes nor getting reasonable benefits.

      Mohammad Liton Hossain, Dr.-Ing. Holger Meyer

Abstract: The main focus of this study is to find appropriate and stable solutions for representing the statistical data into map with some special features. This research also includes the comparison between different solutions for specific features. In this research I have found three solutions using three different technologies namely Oracle MapViewer, QGIS and AnyMap which are different solutions with different specialties. Each solution has its own specialty so we can choose any solution for representing the statistical data into maps depending on our criteria’s.

      Miressa Amenu Terfa

Abstract: This study assessed the use of motivational strategies in language instruction at Lafto Secondary School. The study was aimed at assessing the use of motivational strategies in language instruction. The study particularly, tried to find out teachers’ use of motivational strategies in language instruction. To this end, the study employed descriptive survey method, which involves both quantitative and qualitative methods. Accordingly, Lafto secondary school was selected through availability sampling. Then, all English Language teachers were selected from grade nine purposefully for the interview. In addition, data were collected from 60 randomly selected students from grade nine for questionnaire.

      Charles Ganaprakasam, Fonny Dameaty Hutagalung

Abstract: In recent years, psychological well-being has been critical element in a students’ life. This study has investigated the effect of religious faith on psychological well-being and self-efficacy among secondary school students in Kulim district of Kedah. Quantitative approaches of survey design were used for this study. A number of ninety four secondary school students comprised from form four, and form five were selected using purposive sampling methods as studied subjects. The modified version of Santa Clara Strength of Religious Faith Questionnaire (SCSRFQ), Psychological Well Being Inventory (The Ryff Scale) and Self-efficacy for Self-regulated Learning Scale were administered in this study. The finding of linear regression indicated that religious faith is a significant predictor of psychological well-being and self-efficacy among secondary school students in Kulim district of Kedah. The finding also revealed that psychological well-being is a significant predictor of self-efficacy among secondary school students in Kulim district of Kedah. As a conclusion, study disclosed that psychological well-being intensely related to an individual religious faith and proven to lead positive attitude among students in realize their own capability.

      Awojide, Simon, Omogbhemhe, I.M, Awe, O.S and Babatope T.S

Abstract: The use of information and Communication Technology (ICT) has improved a lot of businesses by Digitalizing their business processes. Traditional (manual) Ordering of food in a Restaurant in the University Environment has been in practice for long, which brought about piles of Challenges. Digitalizing the Restaurant business processes in Restaurant was the focus of this paper. In view of this, the system developed in this paper was able to solve the challenges of the existing ordering of Food in the restaurant. This paper has provided an overview Food Ordering system (FOS) and has provided a digital design for such system. It also discusses the advantages associated with integrating the system across the Restaurant Business. The FOS developed in this work, when fully implemented, will go a long way to addressing the problem faced by the restaurant management in the area of managing their customer’s food ordering, management of customer’s information and having quick access to information.

      Dr. Ahmad Khalid Khan, Dr. Syed Mohammad Faisal, Dr. Syed Mohammad Akmal

Abstract: In these research paper researchers examines emerging economic as well as implications on overall economic development and growth of Indian economic globalization. The paper focuses on the main motives of the Influx Foreign Direct Investment (IFDI) by the MNEs and its economic implications on the Indian economy. The originality of the study lies in its analysis of the overall investment pattern of MNEs companies and the nature of their global operations in a view to invest in India. Furthermore researchers explore the contribution of Service Sector that is one of highly demanded sectors towards economic development and growth of India through FDI in the current economic scenario in India.

      Pankaj Kumar

Abstract: Data Analytics refers to a comprehensive approach that makes use of both Qualitative and Quantitative Information in order to draw valuable insights and arriving at conclusions based on the extensive usage of statistical tools accompanied by explanatory and predictive models running over the data. It tries to understand the behavior and dynamics of businesses thereby leading to improved productivity and enhancing business gains by helping with appropriate decision making. Considering the intensified disruption caused by recent revolution in the field of Data Analytics, this articles aims to cover the potential impacts that Data Analytics could have over the already existing businesses and how new entrants, especially across the emerging economies, could make the best use of Data Analytics in gaining an edge over their competitors. It also aims to deep dive into the challenges faced by businesses while adopting or moving to Data Analytics and how they can overcome those challenging barriers for a successful future.

      Chethan Babu V

Abstract: Cloud is a complex distributed environment which has occupied the center stage in the modern-day service computing; allowing permissive resource provisioning with minimalistic conflict and enabling on-demand, pay-per-use benefits. Provisioning of resources in a dynamic environment, such that none are under-provisioned or over-provisioned is a primal challenge. The problem is analysed, and an optimal resource allocation strategy is formulated by the quantitative analysis of a biologically inspired model called Lotka-Volterra.

      Alhadi Mustafa Hmieda Aljero

Abstract: The sustainable development aims at raising the societies standard of living by means of fulfilling the basic needs from the product the economic resources generated, particularly; the natural resources.

      Hanaa El Bayed Sakalli

Abstract: The aim of this article is to highlight the role of online purchase orientations and expected benefits of online purchasing in explaining the online purchase intention by taking into account a pivotal factor of the consumers behavior, which is the perceived risk.

      Wendyned Centeno Soto, Toni DiDona, Ana Laura Gonzalez Aguililla, Reinier Ramirez, Paul Marrero

Abstract: To maximize work outcomes and increase the opportunity for organizations to achieve their goals in todays society, organizations must prioritize their employees well-being.

      Martha Njiiri, Prof. Hellen Mberia, Dr. Idah Muchunku

Abstract: The research study sought to establish the influence of foreign television cartoon programs on children’s social behavior in Kenya. It sought to achieve this by; 1) Investigating the influence of foreign cartoon programs content on children social behavior in Kenya, 2) Determining the influence of foreign television cartoon characters on children social behavior in Kenya, and 3) Analyzing the influence of foreign television cartoon viewership patterns on children social behavior in Kenya. The study found out that Kenyan children are spending a lot of time viewing foreign television cartoons programs with minimal/no parental guidance and that based on their gender, they identified with their favorite cartoon characters.

      Shiferaw Deneke

Abstract: Of all pulse crops grown in Ethiopia, faba beans stand 2nd after common beans and before chickpeas which are all considered to be the top export crops accounting 90% by volume and 85% total earnings. However, diseases such as chocolate spot, root rot and rust are the major biotic constraints affecting yield wherever the crop grows. Yield losses of up to 61% on susceptible cultivars and 30-50% under favorable conditions for chocolate spot were reported. Root rot was also recognized to cause complete crop loss during severe infections and yield loss may reach 100% in susceptible cultivars.

      Sarita Chauhan,Vinod Kameriya, Anshu Jagetiya, Apoorva Sharma, Pooja Lohar

Abstract: Low Power Consumption is the main target in today’s Technological aura and as Very large scale integrated circuit (VLSI) designing is very complex and it require much conceding nature to realise application precise objective. With increasing the efforts to reduce Power Consumption and to reduce W/L ratio, Low pass and high pass filter structure have widespread application and using CMOS Operational Trans-conductance amplifier gives capability to perform well in Nano-meter range as it has better control over short channel effect and other scaling problem like gate leakage, sub-threshold conduction. Low pass and high pass filter based on OTA for VHF and UHF frequency applications. At high frequencies, the OP AMP based active filters has limited performance. We cannot change the values of resistors and inductors but OTA-C filter provides ability to change their values by changing trans-conductance of OTA. The proposed filter consists of OTA and capacitors. This filter shows low sensitivity to passive components, low component count and ease in design. The simulations are done using Tanner EDA version 16.2 at 0.25nm technology.

      Mohammad Liton Hossain, Abdur Rahim

Abstract: Modems, in the beginning, were used mainly to communicate between data terminals and a host computer. Later, the use of modems was extended to communicate between end computers. This required more speed and the data rates increased from 300 bps in early days to 28.8bps today. Today, transmission involves data compression techniques which increase the rates, error detection and error correction for more reliability.

      Afrifa James, Bulama H. James, Veino Leslie Bongi, Aliyu A. Abubakar

Abstract: The impact of social media among students behavior in tertiary institution has become worrisome. Social media is a means of connections among people in which they create, share, and exchange information and ideas in virtual communities and network. This craze for social media has led to a host of question regarding its impact among students behavior particularly in tertiary institution. This paper is set to study the impact of social media among students in tertiary institution in Adamawa State, Nigeria. A 5 likert scale questionnaire comprises of 19 questions was used as an instrument for data collection. 300 respondents sampled from 6 selected tertiary institutions in Adamawa State formed the population of the study. Descriptive statistics was used to analyze the data.

      Hegazy Zaher, H. A. Khalifa, Soha Mohamed

Abstract: Multi-Criteria Decision Making is the most well-known branch of decision making. In some cases, determining precisely the exact value of attributes is difficult and their values can be considered as Uncertain data. This paper presents two different Multi Criteria Decision Making methods based on grey numbers. The two methods are used to obtain the final ranking of the alternatives and select the best one under grey numbers. Finally, an illustrative example is presented and the results are analyzed.

      Dr. VISHNU DAS. Pharm D

Abstract: Wergners Granulomatosis(WG) is a condition of systemic vasculitis in which the presence of circulating Anti-Neutrophil Cytoplasmic Antibody which attacks small and medium sized blood vessels. A female of age 39 was admitted with ear itching and drainage was diagnosed as WG with the help of laboratory and radiologic findings.

      Dr. Asutosh Pramanik, Dr. Arnab Bhattacharya

Abstract: Dermatoglyphic study to correlate a particular dermatoglyphic pattern with occurrence of cervical carcinoma in the Northern Bengal population was done for a period of one year (July2015 to June 2016). Finger tip patterns of 72 cases of cervical carcinoma were tested against 72 controls. The results showed a statistically significant decrease in the frequency of ulnar loop pattern in cervical cancer patients(52.78%) compared to control group(60.83%) in both the hands. There is decrease in the percentage of Radial loops in cervical cancer patients (3.19%) compared to control group (7.36%) in both hands and the difference is statistically significant. The percentage of whorls decreased in control group (27.50%) compared to cervical cancer patients (38.89%) and the difference is statistically significant in both hands.

      Arshi Iram

Abstract: Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is an important management tool for ensuring optimal use of natural resources for sustainable development. A beginning in this direction was made in our country with the impact assessment of river valley projects in 1978-79 and the scope has subsequently been enhanced to cover other developmental sectors such as industries, thermal power projects, mining schemes etc. To facilitate collection of environmental data and preparation of management plans, guidelines have been evolved and circulated to the concerned Central and State Government Departments.

      A.P.M.M.D.B Dayananda

Abstract: User malpractices of Library materials by highlighting, underlining, removing papers/parts of the page, binding barcode labels, call numbers labels and damaging or defacing library materials is a threat to the library collection. Such practices can be describe as abusing of the library materials. According to the stock count carried out in 2017, 78 books (out of 4320) were highly abused and removed from the lending collection in the library. There for this survey was conducted with following objectives; to identify the various forms of abuse, to identify reasons for the abuse and to identify the possible solutions to protect the library collection. The survey was conducted by using questionnaires with close and open ended questions. Students (75) were selected for the study and 69 responded and the rate was 92% from years of first year, second year and final year.

      Amarasiri H.A.D.B , Dorabawila S.S.K.B.M

Abstract: Background: Sri Lanka provides a free public health care service to its permanent residents. Currently Sri Lankan health care system is in the process of using EMR systems both public and private sector healthcare institutions. There are few published data available regarding cost-benefits of EMR in profit seeking institutes in some countries and no published data on non-profit seeking institutes. Therefore, main objective of the study is to perform a cost benefit analysis (CBA) of EMRs in the public health care system in Sri Lanka and secondary objectives are to evaluate the perception of EMRs among patients, health care professionals and supporting staff.

      Christos V. Gogos, Eleni Papadopoulou, Ioannis D. Doukas, Magda Tsolaki

Abstract: Access to health care is considered to be of great importance for a person’s right to health. This paper attempts to highlight the spatial disparities in access to and use of rehabilitation services across Imathia’s area in Northern Greece. Our study is being focused on one defined geographical area, Imathia, in Macedonia in northern Greece. We defined a public general hospital as a local National Health System institution providing health services for the purpose of rehabilitation concerning patients with musculoskeletal disorders. The implementation of data included descriptive and concluding statistical processing. The spatial data was visualized in points and polygons. Most patients (60.5%) are from areas near to the hospital which means that there, is more concentration. The research focuses on spatial disparities and does not deal with their causes. As a consequence these findings raise important research questions for future investigation.

      Rana Neha, Mathur Shabla, Dr. Babbar Sandeep

Abstract: Widespread concerns regarding the rise in prevalence of skin cancer and the adverse effects of both acute and chronic photo-damage due to exposure to UV rays, has led to various modes of treatment. The latest development in this regard is the findings about Glutathione and Polypodium dry extract as potential treatment components for skin conditions. Glutathione plays pivotal role in protecting cells against oxidative stress-induced cellular damage and in detoxifying Xenobiotics and drug metabolism. The added photo-protective effects of oral Polypodium with its antioxidant, immunoregulatory and anti-inflammatory properties aid also in prevention of chronic skin damage, photoaging, and skin cancer led by UV exposure. Its decreased levels are associated with the common features of aging as well as of a wide range of pathological conditions, including neurodegenerative disorders.

      Tafiq Ahmed , Mohammad Liton Hossain

Abstract: The use of photovoltaic (PV) systems is increasingly growing in importance since they involve an exploitation of solar radiation constituting an energy source which is renewable, available in most places, and pollution-free. Despite their numerous advantages, PV systems have two major drawbacks: low energy conversion efficiency and loss of energy due to variations in meteorological conditions; for this reason, Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) control techniques play a key role in exploiting the maximum energy caught by PV modules. The output characteristic of a photovoltaic array is non-linear and changes with solar irradiation and the cell’s temperature. Therefore, a Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) technique is needed to draw peak power from the solar array to maximize the produced energy. In this study we have analyzed the Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) method and finding out a new and easier way to track maximum power point (MPP) and also our study is focused to overcome the drawbacks of MPPT. This research paper presents a novel MPP tracking method for tracking exact Maximum Power Point (MPP) if the irradiation or load changes.

      Hellen C. Sang

Abstract: Attitudes vary at different times of ones life and are usually determined by several factors such as work environment, job satisfaction and status of the profession. Both student-teachers and teacher-educators attitudes may affect the quality of teacher preparation program and finally quality of the teacher either positively or negatively. This paper is a focus on the attitude of teacher educators and student teachers towards teacher education programmes in universities.

      Eng. Mohammed Al-eghwairyeen

Abstract: The development of areas interested in Artificial Intelligence is just a small percentage of the computer revolution. So Artificial Intelligence is still a young science, but this doesnt prevent researchers to be confident that they are in the right direction. In this survey well introduce the Artificial Intelligence from different angles. First we provide the definitions for the term Artificial Intelligence, and then we provide a brief historical description for the interactive form of the Artificial Intelligence. Beside that well conclude an over view of some modern applications and related visions.

      Jaiyeola O. Paul and Abdullahi Ayegba

Abstract: The monthly average radio refractivity of Sokoto, Ikeja, Lokoja, have been determined using the data of temperature, pressure and relative humidity between 1971 and 1980 of Nigeria Meteorological Agency (NIMET).

      Mohammad Liton Hossain, Md. Hasanuzzaman Rubel

Abstract: This Study demonstrates the design, development and the implementation of a low power, portable Indoor Transmission (campus radio) system using Raspberry Pi which facilitates larger scale implementation at moderate cost. It can be locally or remotely controlled and configured for both education and research purposes. This concept may be extended to implement in large college campuses or in any university by some parameter modifications where the latest happenings in an institute can be informed to the students by tuning to the pre-assigned frequency of an FM receiver system. For smart handling, a dedicated Android app is also developed here.

      Anggi Putri Kurniadi, Hasdi Aimon, Sri Ulfa Sentosa

Abstract: This study investigates the sustainability of the current account deficits in Indonesia. We employed ECM (Error Correction Mechanism) approach to find out relationship in the long run and short run during 2000 quarter 1 up to 2015 quarter 4. The condition of the current account deficit is inseparable from the macroeconomic indicators. The results of the long run estimation of current account deficits is negatively influenced by real gross domestic product. In the short run estimation of current account deficits is positively influenced by real gross domestic products, real effective exchange rate, and the open economic. While negatively influenced by inflation. The research recommended to the financial policy authority relates to the fluctuation of macroeconomic variables for a policy-making basis on the sustainability the current account deficits in Indonesia, because this is one of the parameters that determine the economic performance of a country.

      D Dutta, D Lama, I M Umlong, A Saikia, R Dubey and S K Dwivedi Author

Abstract: Water quality plays a very important role in deciding its suitability for Human consumption and other uses. The physico-chemical parameters of water are the main criteria in determining its quality. This paper deals with study of physico-chemical parameters of different water sources as snow, ground and river water of Leh district. The study was carried out in the month of March 2017. The analysis of collected water samples was carried out using known standard methods. Results were compared for water collected from different sources and it was found that contamination level with respect to physico-chemical and mineral parameters for snow water was less when compared to Leh groundwater, Thiksey monastery and Karu river water. Iron concentration was above the desirable level in all the collected samples. Hence it is recommended that the water should be properly treated for Iron removal before consumption.

      Aleena Maria Sunny, Julia Grace Jacob, Neha Jimmy, Drishya Theres Shaji, Cilvania Dominic

Abstract: The study intends to measure the emotional maturity variation between day scholars and hostellers who are affected by the feeling of perceived loneliness, within 18-20 age group. The sample includes 60 hostellers and 60-day scholars consisting of 30 boys and 30 girls respectively under each group. To get the sample of students with perceived loneliness, Perceived Loneliness Scale (L-SCALE) developed by Dr. Praveen Kumar was used. The tool used for measuring emotional maturity was Emotional Maturity Scale (EMS) by Dr. Yashvir Singh. To compare the mean scores on emotional maturity of hostellers and day scholars, Independent Sample t test was used. Results revealed that there is no significant difference in emotional maturity between hostellers and day scholars. However, significant difference was found between emotional maturity of girls and boys. The study revealed yet other interesting observations and findings that endeavour scope for further research in this topic.

      Laure Stella GHOMA LINGUISSI

Abstract: Background : Advances in HIV care have reduced mortality and the number of new infections. HIV knowledge among general practitioners and HIV prevention are important elements in the fight against HIV. In the Republic of Congo, reluctance to address this issue persist among general practitioners.

      B. Abraham ponsingh, B. Sivabharathi, M. Snegha, M. Subangi Madhu

Abstract: Textile industry is one of the important industries in the world that provide large employment with less required special skills and play a major role in the economy of many countries. The textile industry uses various chemicals and large amount of water during the production process.

      Mr. Narendra Balkishan Soni, Avnee Gaur

Abstract: Voltage Stability is an extreme issue in control frameworks, which consistently achieve working points of confinement forced by monetary and ecological conditions. At whatever point there is an adjustment in stack the framework voltage level changes. With the drop in voltage level, the responsive power request increments. In the event that the receptive power request isnt met, at that point it prompts additionally decrease in transport voltage bringing about the falling impact on neighboring districts

      Uzma Ramzan, Anjum Jabeen, Muhammad Rauf Tahir

Abstract: Stored grain pests have developed resistance against almost all kinds of pesticides and fumigants due to frequent and non-proper use of pesticides and fumigants. In postharvest ecosystems, the development of insecticide resistance among stored grain pests has threatened the global food security. Comprehensive detail of common mechanisms behind pesticide resistance in stored grain pests has been described in this review. The different resistance mechanisms stored grain pests usually developed to cope with pesticidal stress, include physiological mechanism, behavioral mechanism and biochemical mechanism. All the aspects of resistance mechanisms should be known in order to design effective strategy for the proper control of target pest.

      Rina J. Arcigal, Ed. D

Abstract: A research involving the Assessment of the Implementation of Disaster Risk Reduction Management (DRRM) functions and services provided by the council of Santa Cruz, Laguna is described in this paper.

      Lovely Joseph Pullokaran

Abstract: The purpose of the study is to know the attitude of consumers towards online shopping of Smartphone in recent period. This study aimed at highlighting the behavior of consumers in Kochi city, Kerala. Consumers are very much interested and aware about the online stores as they can visit web stores from the comfort of their homes. Online stores allow the customer to go through various reviews about the product before actually heading for purchases. These online websites also have daily deals for the customers looking for discounts and store offerings.

      Bhavana Arya, Sandhya Verma, Rakesh Kumar, Ruchir Mishra

Abstract: Fear of public speaking is a highly prevalent condition that can adversely affect the social and occupational life of an individual. Cognitive Drill Therapy (CDT) is a new approach to the treatment of stimulus bound anxiety. CDT utilizes the basic tenets of classical conditioning, operant conditioning, cognitive appraisal and linguistics. This case demonstrates the role of cognitive drill therapy in the treatment of fear of public speaking. The planned application of CDT resulted in significant reduction in the fear of public speaking. Pre and post intervention scores showed a marked difference in the anxiety experienced by the subject. Based on the theories of Emotional Processing and Inhibitory learning, CDT is a highly potential candidate to be added to Exposure therapies

      Aime Muyombano I., Prof. Maurice M. SAKWA, Dr. Jared DEYA, Prof. Eugene Ndabaga

Abstract: The aim of the study was to analyses contribution of Rwanda Partnership Strategy to its Economic Development, from 2000 up to 2015; The study was guided by the following specific objectives: to demonstrate the contribution of Technical partnership on economic development in Rwanda; to assess the contribution of Financial partnership on economic development and lastly to determine the contribution of common market partnership on economic development in Rwanda. Both qualitative and quantitative research approaches were used. Data were collected by means of interviews, observational schedules, and documentary analysis procedures.

      Aime Muyombano I., Prof. Maurice M. SAKWA, Dr. Jared DEYA, Prof. Eugene Ndabaga

Abstract: To analyse the contribution of Rwandan Foreign Policy Strategies and its Economic Development is pertinent to understand how Rwandas diplomacy has contributed to socioeconomic development of the nation. This study is important to various stakeholders in particular the Government of Rwanda, academicians, professionals and researchers. In this paper, researcher aimed at developing the notion conceptually. Specifically he built on the work of Nath, (2013), Kim. (2012), whom their works were based on the contribution of Strategic Partnership, regional, global to economic development.

      Ezeh Aruah Diane Chidimma, Cookey Ibiere Tom

Abstract: Despite the existence of herbal medicine campaigns against sexually transmitted diseases in Nigeria, cases of people suffering from STDs still rise by the day, especially in South Eastern rural areas, where discussing sex related issues are considered taboo in many households. Thus, many people are forced to swallow their illnesses and pretend they are fine. However, the introduction of herbal medicine campaigns in various forms of media such as outdoor, radio, television, newspaper and internet have helped to expose people to issues relating to STDs in Nigeria.

      Masykur Hakim

Abstract: This article guides a stepwise walkthrough by Experts for writing a successful journal or a research paper starting from inception of ideas till their publications. Research papers are highly recognized in scholar fraternity and form a core part of PhD curriculum. Research scholars publish their research work in leading journals to complete their grades. In addition, the published research work also provides a big weight-age to get admissions in reputed varsity. Now, here we enlist the proven steps to publish the research paper in a journal.

      Vera Avliwani, Aryani Atiyatul Amra

Abstract: "Objective: To find out the comparison degree of myopia in senior high school students in urban and rural area Method: This research is prospective observational with cross-sectional study, we observed 220 senior high school divided into 168 senior high students in urban and 52 senior high school students in rural area. Degree myopia of the all samples are observed. "

      Abdissa Abe Neme

Abstract: The study was conducted in Agarfa district, Oromia regional state Ethiopia. A total of 120 farmers were selected in the study area. The x^2and t-test were used to analyse the independent dummy and continuous variables respectively. Generally, farmers have showed favorable response in participating in the community managed irrigation scheme utilization and management system. Binary logit model was applied to analyse the factors affecting farmers participation in communal irrigation management system. . The findings of this study indicate that any effort in promoting communal irrigation scheme management system should recognize the socio-economic, household, institutional, and others factors for better use of community managed irrigation scheme. Taking the specific characteristics of farmers into account in introducing and promoting community managed irrigation scheme projects may help policy makers to come up with projects that can win the hearts and minds of the farmers.

      Yani Quarta Mondiana1), Henny Pramoedyo, Eni Sumarminingsih

Abstract: Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) is a multivariate data analysis, and one of the requirements in using SEM is that the data has interval scale. Some researchers argue that Likert scale is an interval, yet many others assume that this type of data is ordinal, and therefore transformation is important to apply to uplift the measurement scale. This paper tries to identify whether there is a difference in the result of analysis between SEM analysis using Likert scale with no transformation and with transformation, by employing secondary data. The results revealed that RMSEA (Root Mean Square Error of Approximation) values without and with transformation were 0.000 and 0.000, respectively. Therefore, both are close fit. It can be stated that the results of both treatments, without and with transformation, come to the same conclusion.

      Titin Vegirawati, Didik Susetyo, Inten Meutia, Lukluk Fuadah

Abstract: The main purpose of this paper is to investigate the effect of wadiah and mudharabah third party as well as management commitment on profit and loss sharing financing. Data have been obtained from annual reports of full-fledge shariah banks and shariah business unit in conventional banks which reported their annual report from 2011 until 2016. Generalized linear model is used to analyzed the effect of the variables on profit and loss sharing financing. This model is usually used for non normal data. The research findings affirmed that three variables effected profit and loss sharing financing. Mudharabah third party and management commitment have positive effect on profit and loss sharing financing, while wadiah third party has negative effect.

      Eng. Waseem Bakheet Al-hawari; Eng. Ghassan Khater Alighzawi; Eng. Thair Akram Haddad; RN. Maher Khaled Bani-Yaseen; Eng. Mohammad Jamil Alhusban

Abstract: A trial fibrillation is the most common sustained heart abnormality and play a crucial role in the prevalenceof morbidity and mortality. AF is related proportionally with aging and structural heart diseases such as hypertension, valvular heart disease or coronary artery disease. According to the World Health Organization (W.H.O), around 2% of people with age less than 65 have experienced the AF before, while the ratio increases sharply to reach 9% of people older than 65 years. For example,in United States of America the estimation shows that between (2.7 to 6) million people have atrial fibrillation. A study published in 2014 by Chugh and his team focused on the global distribution ratio of atrial fibrillation, showed that about 0.5 % of population around the world producing more than 33.5 million people around the world suffering from atrial fibrillation, the study predicted that in 2050 the number of person in USA who are suffering from atrial fibrillation will increase rapidly to reach 8 million[1].

      Amos Simwela, Mercy Hanna Kintu, Sam Morie, Shilongo Sem Mekondjo

Abstract: Urbanisation and climate change are directly linked to each other. This is because urbanisation accelerates human activities that result in emission of greenhouse gases which are a major cause of climate change. Both climate change and urbanisation have catastrophic impacts on natural resources, especially water resources; whereby affecting the management of the same. The impacts of climate change and urbanisation on water availability and water quality affect many sectors, including energy production, infrastructure, human health, agriculture, and ecosystems. The impacts of these two phenomena on water resources management are also similar; and or linked to each other.

      Tracey Shennez Alleyne, Njoroge L.W, Laurence T. Louis

Abstract: Water scarcity severely impairs food security and economic prosperity in many countries today. The scarcity of water is directly linked to climate change, and its impact is clearly visible given the temperature and rainfall variability, and occurrences of drought that have increased and intensified over the last two decades. Rainwater harvesting (RWH) is listed among the specific adaptation measures that the water sector can use to cope with water scarcity due to climate change.

      Narendra Balkishan Soni , Debanjan Mukherjee

Abstract: The blackouts occurring in a power system is one of the most significant problems which is dealt by the supply utilities in today’s power system networks. A lot of factors lead to the occurrence of blackouts; overloading of transmission lines, ice coating on them, protection and control system failures being the most prominent ones. Adoption of certain control strategies like N-1 contingency, maintaining load generation balance and cascade to more fault contingencies can be very effective to reduce power system blackouts. The following paper puts forward a review study about blackouts from different countries, their causes and their solutions. The following paper can provide important references to grid protection strategies.

      SHYNY T. Y & Dr. A Velayudhan

Abstract: There is a need for preparing new rating scale which can measure 5 aspects of human beings like Mental health, Emotional intelligence, Self esteem, Personality and Achievement motivation. This rating scale has a great significance in the study of correlating parenting styles with all these 5 dimensions of adolescents and also important in clinical and research settings with children suffering from poor self esteem , mental health disorders and personality

      Ibrahim Tohar, Gagoek Hardiman, Suzanna Ratih Sari

Abstract: Yogyakarta is one of provinces in Indonesia with special district status. The city planning use concept catur gatra tunggal (four element in unity) that covers palace, square, mosque, and market. As one of the top artifacts of Javanese culture, Keraton Yogyakarta which was established by Prince Mangkubumi in 1756 has experienced a transformation of function and appearance. To comprehend the embodied messages, it is substantial to interpret the meaning of the symbols existing in Keraton Yogyakarta. This study reviews the transformation of meaning taking place at Keraton Yogyakarta. This study applies the method of observation, examination, assessment to the object of study, interview with informants, and study of Javanese manuscripts: Serat Salokapatra. The result of this study indicates that there are some significant transformations of meaning in the architecture of Keraton Yogyakarta between the reign of HB I-HB VIII (1755-1939) and the reign of HB IX - HB X (1940 - 2018).

      Nguyen Tan Duy, Ly Van Khanh

Abstract: Study was conducted to evaluate effect of C:N ratio on growth and survival rate of spotted scat fingerlings in biofloc system. Spotted scat with initial size of 0.149±0.03 g was reared in 100 L tank at salinity of 5 ppt. Experiment includes 4 treatments with C:N ratios: (i) no molasses addition (control), (ii) C:N=10, (iii) C:N=15, (iv) C:N=20. Each treatment was triplicated, and experiment lasted for 45 days. Spotted scat was reared at density of 500 ind/m3 and molasses was supplied every 3 days. Treatment with C:N=15 has the highest floc volume (7.33±2.08 ml/L) and total bacteria (650±122×104 CFU/mL), the lowest Vibrio rate (0.21±0.07%). Fish reared at C:N=15 has highest average weight (0.97 g/ind), growth rate in weight (0.020 g/day, 4.07 %/day), survival rate (86.0±2.00%), biomass (416±35.5 g/m3), it was also the lowest FCR (1.39±0.15) and they all differed significantly with the other treatments (p<0.05).

      T. Galaya, A. Atinga, P. Babylon and M. Malas

Abstract: Mosquitoes are vectors of parasites causing diseases and are distributed in various ecological niches. This research work was set to determine the distribution and relative abundance of mosquito larvae in Guyuk Local Government Area of Adamawa State within the months of August 2014 and January 2015. Banjiram, Guyuk, Bobini and Chikila districts were surveyed using standard entomological procedures. Dipping Method was used in collecting larval samples from the field and reared to adult in insectaria. Results revealed two hundred and one (201) potential mosquito breeding sites, which were grouped with respective densities: cans/containers/tyres (16.75); ditches/pools/swamps (10.44); domestic runoffs/gutters (14.04); tree holes/leaf axils (5.16); and vehicle tyre tracks/human and animal foot prints (1.62). A total of two thousand, six hundred and eighty nine (2689) mosquito larvae were collected and subsequently reared to adults. The types of breeding sites, species of mosquito, as well as their seasonal distribution varied when analyzed.

      Irni Yunita

Abstract: The objectives of this study are to determine the eligible stocks to be selected based on the CAPM and APT methods, to determine the accuracy level of expected return of the stock using Mean Absolut Deviation (MAD), and to compare the accuracy level of CAPM and APT methods. Based on the CAPM method, there are 18 eligible stocks to choose : AKRA, ADRO, BPRT, CTRA, ICBP, INCO, KLBF, LPPF, LSIP, MYRX, PTBA, PTPP, PWON, TPIA, UNTR, UNVR, WSKT, TLKM. Based on APT method, there are 16 selected stocks: AKRA, ADRO, BPRT, CTRA, ICBP, INCO, LPPF, MYRX, PTBA, PTPP, PWON, TPIA, UNTR, UNVR, WSKT TLKM. MAD APT method is more accurate than MAD CAPM in determining the expected return. The comparative result shows that there is no significant difference between the accuracy of CAPM and APT methods in estimating the stock return of the company in Jakarta Islamic Index.

      Paul Olendo Ombanda

Abstract: Performance in any business enterprise is the major concern of every entrepreneur whose objective is to make profits and grow. The differentiating factor is the type and nature of recruitment practices that is strategically put in place to create job fit for effective productivity and performance. Many studies have been conducted to explore the impact of recruitment and performance. However we find no known study conducted to identify Nepotism and how it impacts on performance of both public and private institutions.

      Kathy Khaing, Sai Maung Maung Zaw, Nyein Aye

Abstract: Although many researches are increased in Sketch Based Image Retrieval (SBIR) field, it is still difficult to bridge the gap between image and sketch matching problem. Feature extraction is the critical role for SBIR to get efficient matching. In this paper, the proposed feature descriptor called Edge Orientation Histogram (EOH) for sketch based image retrieval (SBIR) system is presented. The features of database images and query sketch are extracted by EOH descriptor. And then cosine similarity measure is applied for matching features. The retrieved images similar with query sketch are displayed by rank order. Mean Average Precision (MAP) is measured as evaluation criteria. The Flickr15K benchmark dataset is used to evaluate the performance of this system.

      Yulhendri, Efrizal Syofyan, Silsiya Afridona

Abstract: The ability of Students in the Master Economic Education - FE UNP in writing the qualified articles are still low. The thesis proposed still only based on previous research, not based on the data and relevant article. The research development aims to develop teaching materials and research-based learning model in the lecture of Economics and Macroeconomics Learning Strategy and as a comparison class were learning accounting. The aims of this research is improving students’ ability in conducting a research and writing scientific journals and. The method used was a research design, which consists of three stages, i.e. preliminary design, teaching experiment, and retrospective analysis to improve the students’ analytical capabilities. Research output is publications of national and international scientific journals.

      Adewuyi Gbola Kehinde*, Ogunjobi Gregory A., Fatunmibi O., Iyanda Gbemisola O.

Abstract: Assessment of public water supply quality and people’s perception of water supply services rendered by the Ogun State Water Corporation. The study aims at determining the concentration of physico–chemical and trace metal parameters present in the water been supplied. Thirty (30) water samples were collected with a sterilized bottle from borehole taps and were labelled according to sampling location. The chemical parameters analysed are Hydrogen ion Concentrate (pH), temperature, conductivity (EC), total dissolved solids (TDS), total alkalinity, total hardness and major cations which includes sodium (Na), calcium (Ca), magnesium (Mg) and potassium (K) as well as major anions comprising of bicarbonate (HCO3), chloride (Cl), sulphate (SO4) and nitrate (NO3) and were later taking to the Laboratory for chemical tests. The spatial locations of each sampled point were determined with the use of handheld GPS and further analysis was carried out to derived the location map.


Abstract: The general objectives of the study were to determine the influence of financial reporting instruments on the financial performance of environmental conservation NGOs at Nairobi City County, Kenya. The specific objectives were to establish the influence of financial reporting instruments disclosure, financial reporting instruments presentation and financial reporting instruments recognition and measurement on the financial performance of environmental conservation NGOs at Nairobi City County in Kenya.Questionnaires as primary data collection tools and secondary data sheet for secondary data collection were used in data collection process and the data collected was analyzed using Multiple regression analysis (standard), descriptive analysis (means and standard deviations) and inferential statistics.

      Thaung Myint Htun, Zaw Tun

Abstract: Machine Learning is the upcoming research area to solve various problems and classification is one of main problems in the field of machine learning. This paper describes various Supervised Machine Learning (ML) classification techniques, compares various supervised learning algorithms as well as determines the most efficient classification algorithm based on the dataset. Wine-quality-white dataset is taken from UCI machine learning repository. Six different machine learning algorithms are considered: Logistic Regression (LR), Linear Discriminant Analysis (LDA), K-Nearest Neighbors (KNN), Classification and Regression Trees (CART), Gaussian Naïve Bayes (NB) and Support Vector Machine (SVM). By tuning of neighbors for KNN, the best configuration is K= 1.

      Egbunu, D. Egbunu, Umar, M. Aisha

Abstract: Various researches have focused on the current crises situations and insecurity in Nigeria and beyond, articulating their respective concerns for this social predicament. Innocent Nigerians, young and old have been subjected to traumatic experiences; carnage, brutality and family disunity resulting from these conflicts. Literary writers are not left out of the attempt to compile and document the literatures of these conflicts, through their creative works. This paper examines the traumatic experience of individuals in the face of insecurity, such as Boko Haram insurgence in Northern Nigeria, as depicted by El-Nathan John in Born on a Tuesday. This he succinctly presents through the character. Dantala whose perseverance throughout the various challenges helps him to survive the crises that featured in his life from adolescence to adulthood. This survival is achievable, the author argues, through the positive significance of perseverance, as the protagonist suffers both family and socially induced trauma.

      Morie Sam, Amos Simwela, Shilongo Sem Mekondjo

Abstract: Sierra Leone has long being struggling to achieve zero energy poverty, but the main obstacle in this struggle is the technical and technological availability. However, the energy situation currently is far better than in the early 2000s. The economy of the country was estimated to have grown by approximately 7 percent in 2011 from 5 percent in 2010. Domestic revenue was believed to increase during the past years, mainly as a result of tax collection efforts and one-off payments of signature bonuses from the energy products (petroleum) exploration activities in the country. Our focus on this paper is to evaluate the range of accessibility of electricity in the country. A period of six years from 2006 to 2011 of energy revolution was carefully studied, which revealed that there is a significant improvement in the energy

      Nelson Cheng, Patrick Moe, Benjamin Valdez Salas, Michael Schorr Weiner

Abstract: The main purpose of this research was to establish the effectiveness of the V844* corrosion inhibitor for seawater on various metallic materials: carbon steel, aluminum and copper alloy at different concentrations via colloid formation. The changes in both physical and chemical properties of seawater, including pH, total hardness, alkalinity, total dissolved solids (TDS) and conductivity at different concentrations of V844 were assessed, too. The test procedure involves dissolving the V844 corrosion inhibitor (CI) powder provided by Magna International Private Limited in seawater to obtain a stock solution of 4% V844 in seawater, which was further diluted to obtain the remaining concentrations. The analysis of parameters begun when various metal species, polished beforehand, were placed into the solutions. The analysis was observed over a period of 26 days and a total of 9 sets of readings were obtained. From our observation and ear power stations burning fossil-fuels generating acidic rains, the pH can diminish to 6.

      Monica.J, Dr.VyjayanthiNeelakantan and, Dr.Seenappa.D

Abstract: Anthocyanins are phytochemicals belonging to class of flavonoids and polyphenolic molecules. In the current investigation, extraction of Anthocyanin pigments from beetroot peel and red cabbage leaves by cold maceration method was more effective expressing 4.2% yield when compared to Soxhlet method of 2% yield. Various methods of fractionation were implied namely column chromatography, analytical thin layered chromatography and preparative thin layered chromatography.

      Shiferaw Denekea, Diriba Shiferawa, Chemeda Fininsa, Mohammed Yesuf

Abstract: Chocolate spot causes substantial yield losses in various cropping seasons in Ethiopia and in many parts of the world wherever faba bean grows. Thus, integrated management of faba bean chocolate spot (Botrytis fabae Sard.) was studied using the moderately tolerant variety, ‘Degaga’ (R-878-3) and local cultivar during the 2012/13 main cropping season at Bekoji and Kulumsa Agricultural Research Centers in Arsi, Ethiopia. The experiment was laid out in a randomized complete block design in a factorial combination of two faba bean cultivars, two cropping systems (Degaga- and Local-barley intercropping in 1:1 ratio) and four spray intervals of fungicide (Chlorothalonil) applied at 7, 14 and 21 days after the onset of disease at a rate of 2.5kg a.i ha-1 and unsprayed control with three replications. Chocolate spot infection was more prevalent at Kulumsa with a significant (P<0.001) amount of disease observed as compared with Bekoji (P < 0.05).

      Imen Ben Hamouda

Abstract: Often castigated for their Eurocentric tendencies, trauma studies offer a rather universal paradigm that can be adapted to culture-specific contexts once their idiosyncratic characteristics are taken into consideration. With the most disturbing traumatic experiences relegated to the domain of the unsaid, traumatic events and their effects remain within the confining shackles of taboo and societal norms that inhibit victims from relating the incidents they have endured. Literature provides an alternative method to gain access to these testimonies. This paper aims at exploring the issue of child abuse and its traumatic effects upon the victims through a close reading of Khaled Hosseinis novel, The Kite Runner. Highly controversial and sensitive in nature, this phenomenon remains shrouded in silence. The fictional mode constitutes thus a substitute realm that allows the thorough examination of this question and paves the way towards the identification of the causes behind this deviant practice and the eradication thereof.

      Priyanka Bhos, Aditi Mate, Rachana Sawant, Pooja Shedge

Abstract: In this project, we are creating a mechanism for efficient retrieval of the document using fingerprint & data mining over the cloud. Fingerprint is a technology that helps to find information similar to the reference data by some criteria (features). It is used for tracking the fact of illegal copying of multimedia or electronic documents. The basic algorithm of a “fingerprint” is the statistical evaluation of different features in document mapping, the presence of characteristic elements, and frequently encountered character combinations. Digital fingerprints are very sensitive even to the trivial replacement of symbols in text. In this project we propose the fuzzy search algorithm application in digital fingerprinting technology to fix some of the Fingerprint shortcomings for document mapping.

      Henny Hidayanti, Mardiyono

Abstract: Maternal and child health care center is developing form of Purnama or Mandiri maternal and child health care that adds Early Childhood Education and Family Planning Coordinating Board (BKB) service. About 33,5% of 191 maternal and child health care center in Sampang Regency has gone optimal. The research approach used is descriptive qualitative research with cross-sectional sample using Slovin formula. This research was conducted in Sampang. The result of this research shows that the management of Maternal and child health care center in Sampang is 77,89% effective including 59,52% in planning, 66,84% in Monev. The financial budget for Maternal and child health care center in Sampang has been 96,03% effective, overall.

      Amos Simwela, Bin Xu, Shilongo Sem Mekondjo, Sam Morie

Abstract: Air Quality; both indoor and ambient is a worldwide concern. It estimated by The World Health Organisation that Air pollution caused up to 7 million premature deaths every year owing to mainly heart disease, stroke, respiratory diseases and cancers.1 Many developed and developing countries such as USA and China are investing heavily in controlling and fighting Air Pollution. However, there seem to be little sign of concern in African countries on Air Quality issues. There is simply strong evidence in study papers that air pollution in Africa has reached worrisome levels and that this problem is being ignored by authorities in many corners of the continent. Results of Studies carried out all over Africa show unprecedented levels of Pollutants; PM2.5, PM10, NOx, SO2, CO2 and many others in the air. The studies also show catastrophic effects of such pollution on health and the socio-economic lives of people. As the countries in Africa are making effort to grow their Economies, the Air Pollution concerns are similarly increasing. This paper summarizes significant finding in literature on the air quality in Africa; including air pollutants, related sources, levels and concertation, mitigation measures and potential health effects. There are also recommendation that may help to change present picture of Air Quality management in Africa.

      Mostafa Emamer Albugar

Abstract: Almost all Arab countries have experienced big and rapid changes in their societies and economies in recent years. In the first half of 2008, oil and natural gas prices began to grow very rapidly, leading to huge profits in Arab oil-producing countries. However, at the same time, they had to cope with the rapidly rising prices of food and raw materials that threatened their economy and social stability. The effects of the financial crisis and the expectations of much lower global growth have been caused by the collapse of oil prices.


Abstract: The general objective of this study was to analyze the effect of financial planning practices on the financial performance of non-profit making health organizations in Kiambu County, Kenya. The specific objectives of the study were: to assess the effect of budgeting practices on financial performance of non-profit making health organizations in Kiambu county, to evaluate the effect of cash planning on financial performance of non-profit making health organizations in Kiambu county, to analyze the effect of inventory planning on financial performance of non-profit making health organizations in Kiambu county and to assess the effect of working capital management on financial performance of non-profit making health organizations in Kiambu county. This study adopted a descriptive survey design.


Abstract: This study sought to determine the effect of financial literacy programs, usage of agents and representatives, increased proliferation of ATMs and Mobile banking services on the financial performance of listed banks in Kenya and to determine the effect of bank branch spread on performance of listed banks in Kenya. The main theories reviewed in this study were the Grameen Model of Banking, Bank Led Theory, Financial intermediation theory and Contemporary Banking Theory.


Abstract: The purpose of the study was to establish the determinants of performance of procurement in Kenya’s public entities. The objectives of the study were: to find out how inventory management influence performance of procurement in the public entities in Kenya; to investigate how supply chain forecasting influence performance procurement in the public entities in Kenya; to establish how Information Communication Technology (ICT) integration influence performance procurement in the public entities in Kenya and to examine how resources influence performance procurement in the public entities in Kenya.

      Chukwunwike Nwonu, Olapade Ilesanmi, Joseph Agbedahunsi and Patience Nwonu

Abstract: The study investigated the median lethal dose and the effects of the aqueous and methanol extracts of Alchornea laxiflora in two neurobehavioural models of motor coordination, the traction (grip strength) and rotarod tests. This was with a view to providing information on the acute toxicity and the effects of the plant extracts on neuromuscular function. The LD50 for the aqueous and methanol extracts of A. laxiflora in the oral route was > 1600 mg/kg respectively, and found to be safe in animals.

      Rafiquel Islam and Md. Abdul Hye

Abstract: The aims of this study are to evaluate the fruitful process and industrial production of common metals (Fe and Steel, Al, Cu, Au) and possible environmental issues through their production which is detrimental for human beings. First of all, iron and steel are the most important materials for human, especially of making constructions, furniture, cooking materials, etc. even we cannot think a single day without it.

      Salah Omar Ali Idhbea

Abstract: Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to examine the difference between Risk in Islamic banks and commercial banks in general. The importance of this paper lies in assessing the performance of conventional and Islamic banks is important because of its importance in the banking structure.

      Ayrika Yuliani, T. Siti Harilza Z

Abstract: Background : Dry eye syndrome (DES) is an aggregate of symptoms that include disorders of the tear film caused by decreased tear film production or increased evaporation of tears, causing symptoms of discomfort in the eye and can lead to diseases of the eye surface. The prevalence increases with age which is about 5% of the population in the fourth decade. One of the risk factor that caused dry eye syndrome is involves corneal surgery (LASIK), intracapsular and extracapsular cataract extraction. The corneal incision may lead to instability of the tear film that can trigger dry eye syndrome.

      A. K. Arkoh, I. Edunyah, E. Acquah

Abstract: Motor vehicle tyres are costly and plays an important role in the motor vehicle handling, hence it is important they are handled by well- trained people. A survey of one hundred and eighty (180) drivers and twenty (20) vulcanizers at Sekondi -Takoradi metropolis, Ghana were conducted to assess their knowledge of tyre profile on vehicle performance.

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