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      Betty, Lidya Imelda Laksmi, Jessy Chrestella, Azwarto Lubis, Marlina Sinaga

Abstract: "Background: Neuroendocrine tumours (NETs) are well-differentiated epithelial neoplasms with morphological and immunohistochemical features of neuroendocrine differentiation. Case Description: We report a 22-year-old woman with lower right abdominal pain. Patient underwent appendectomy and the specimen was sent for histopathological examination. On macroscopic examination, we received tissue originating from mass in the appendix, showed mass was brownish gray and irregular. The size was approximately 4 cm. On cut section, tumor mass appeared at apical of the appendix, 0.5 cm from the end of resection margin. "

      Dr. Asha Menon

Abstract: Occupational wellness is all about a healthy work-life balance which augments a sense of well-being, contentment and is also financially satisfying. Organisations around the world have realised that a healthy work culture is people-centric and is defined by synergy, empathy, concern and respect. The pandemic has forever changed the workforce landscape. The aim of the research was to study the Occupational wellness during COVID 19 in employed men and women. The objectives were to determine social wellness score, emotional wellness score and work environment score during COVID 19 in employed men and women, and to suggest ways organizations can help employees reduce stress and be happier at work.140 employed people participated in this survey out of which there were 70 employed men and 70 employed women. Snow ball technique was used to collect data.

      Dr. Innocent MURAMUZI

Abstract: The development of any country largely depends on the peace, tranquillity and security pertaining in that country and the neighbouring countries. It is therefore incumbent on national governments to ensure that there is stable peace to ensure stable and equitable development. Therefore, in the event that a conflict has occurred, every effort must be put in place to ensure that peaceful means of resolving conflicts including amnesty are employed to end conflicts and ensure sustainable peace and development.

      Mr. Deshani Gaurav, Mr. Goda Ronak, Prof.Dr.C.K. Kumbharana

Abstract: Cybercrimes with the likes of cyber extortion, cyber espionage, stealing and selling corporate data, cyber bullying, phishing, impersonation, and unauthorized systems access have been on the rise over the past decades due to increasing computing technology hence hacking tips as well.

      Tarkeshwar, Anubha Das, Sunil Thakur, Kumari Ruchika, Kanika Choudhary, Kapinder

Abstract: Nanotechnology, is a rapidly evolving field with immense potential in diverse sectors catering to mankind. Nanomaterials, generated and engineered with the help of nanotechnology offer a multitude of applications in biomedicine as well as in agriculture, owing to the unique, size-based physical and chemical attributes they exhibit. Theranostics, a branch of nanomedicine, employs these small- sized nanoparticles, endowed with large surface area, for diagnosis as well as for treatment of diseases. Agriculture is another sector where nanomaterials have range of applications from acting as fertilizers, enhancing nutrient uptake by the plants from soil, to nanopesticides managing wide spectrum of agricultural pests including- phytophagous insects, fungi and several weeds, resulting into increment in food production.

      T.S. Kitchilan, M.D.B.C.K. Abeyratne, Prof. E.P.S.K Ediriweera

Abstract: Air pollution today is on the rise in urban areas mainly due to vehicular emissions, manufacturing plants and industries accumulating harmful pollutants such as particulate matter, carbon monoxide and ozone posing a serious health risk to the people. The nature of air is also influenced by multi-dimensional elements including area, time, period during the year and many other factors. Implementing a cost effective, efficient air quality monitoring and forecasting system which gather information and provide evaluations on air pollution is hence required, with numerous experts utilizing the big data analytics approach for contemplating, assessing, and predicting air quality recently. In this study an air quality monitoring device using arduino based sensors was developed to capture air quality parameters followed by the calibration of sensors to improve accuracy.

      Mohd Harridon, Lina Itzmira Heman

Abstract: Airlines all over the world have their own identity and this identity is considered a brand in itself. Most flight attendant uniforms are made distinct in order to show case the airline’s brand and be shown as exceptional to the public. While providing identity, the uniform of flight attendant is also functionable and is related to several criteria. This paper assessed the uniform of female flight attendants of Air Asia and assessment showed the uniform is functionable and has its own home grown signature.

      Dr. Elzein Abd Alla Yousif Ahmed, Dr. Lena Bedawi Elfadli Almonshid, Duaa3 Salah Saeed Al Tom

Abstract: The objective of the paper is to analyze the relationship between private saving and some variables affecting the macroeconomy in Sudan. For this purpose, the Vector Auto Regression (VAR) model was applied to estimate the interrelationship. The results of the estimated (VAR) model revealed that the coefficient of consumption at first lag is statistically significant to influence the current consumption positively. Also, consumption and investment at first lag are statistically positively associated with current investment. Accordingly, the results showed that consumption and private saving at first lag are statistically positive connected with current private saving and consumption.

      Malpathika Danansooriya

Abstract: The purpose of every foreign language & second learners is to communicate successfully in everyday life situations in which the four skills of language learning reading, writing, listening, speaking are enhanced to train the language learners to use the target language from the very beginning. For this process “authentic texts” are being used. Learners of a foreign language encounter many linguistic and cultural differences which they are not familiar with as they are not familiar with the native speakers or their culture and lifestyle.

      Brig (Rtd) Dr Robert Kabage, Ochieng’ Mark Oduor

Abstract: The global community is tormented by terrorism and violent extremism. Africa, in particular, has become a de facto inter-continental convergence zone for terrorist, violent extremist, and transnational organized criminal groups that incubate in, enter, traverse, and/or exit Africa depending on geo-political and strategic operational developments. Such movements and operational dynamism have been enabled by vibrant and ever evolving terrorist financing (TF) methods and techniques coupled with challenges and critical capacity gaps by the respective governments or stakeholders.

      Lailatul Badriyah, Suyono

Abstract: This research has been carried out to produce a Structured Assignment Sheet with Example Applications in Daily (SAS-EAD) on the sub-material factors that affect the reaction rate suitable for use as chemistry learning media for class XI in high school. This research applies the Research and Development (R&D) way to deliver SAS-EAD that complete criteria of validity, practicability, and effectiveness. From January to February 2021, a limited trial was carried out in SMAN 1 Kandangan, who had obtained the factors that affect reaction rate material with a total of 15 people. The instrument used in this study consisted of a validation sheet, a student response questionnaire, and a test sheet.

      P. Karthikeyan, A.D.N. Jayathilake, S.M Arnold

Abstract: Background: National Hospital of Sri Lanka (NHSL) is the apex center for tertiary care and caters patients from all regions of Sri Lanka. It is imperative that notification system at NHSL be rigorous to capture all suspected cases of Notifiable Diseases (NDs), in order to strengthen early detection and implement timely preventive actions.

      Kurnia Anasthasia Kaluti, Honorata Ratnawati DP, Tri Widayanti

Abstract: Nurses in health services during the Covid-19 outbreak played important roles. Nurses are require to provide the best performance for the increasing Covid-19 patients. However, in reality the implementation of the performance assessment of nursing care seems to have not been optimal, because of the uncertain conditions during Covid-19. This condition is also felt by the nurses from 2 hospitals type B in West Java.

      Philip Suh

Abstract: A review of the past and current literature on physics education have revealed to the greater physics community that instructors around the world have struggled to impart a conceptual understanding of physics onto their introductory college students. Several efforts to create a more interactive physics curriculum are evaluated in this paper in an attempt to understand trends in physics education research. A concerted effort to streamline the physics curriculum across physics departments is minimal.

      Garciano Nirahua., Ronny Soplantila. Salmon, E.M. Nirahua

Abstract: The realization of State Administration Acts can be classified into three things, namely: issuing decisions (beschkking), issuing regulations (regelling) and carrying out material actions (materiale daad). This means that every action that causes a dispute in the field of administrative law in general as a result of the implementation of the duties and authorities of a State Administration Officer consists of the three things above, thus without an administrative act, of course there will be no administrative dispute.

      Mohamed Abdinoor Omar

Abstract: AMISOM was founded by United Nations Security Council Resolution (UNSCR 8960) to maintain peace and Stability, as well as Resolve conflict by rebuilding the state of Somalia.

      Anubha Das

Abstract: The pneumonia like disease caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus-2 (SARS-CoV-2), named as coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19), continues to be a global public health issue even today. The disease first reported in Wuhan, China in December 2019, earned a pandemic status within couple of months as it spread to various parts of the globe, infecting a substantial world population and exhibiting high mortality rate. However, many studies indicated that despite being a global health issue the impact was not homogenous across the globe, few countries suffered more as compared to others. Further, a large number of reported deaths worldwide, were attributed to comorbid conditions.

      Mayuran N, Sasikumar S, Sasikumar T

Abstract: Healthcare Services are free of charge at the point of delivery to all citizens in Sri Lankan public health institution. It includes free meals for inward patients and Health service assistants. It is must to do costing studies to assess the efficiency of providing these services free of charge. This study assesses inward patients’ diet cost at Base Hospital Eravur which is one of the secondary care hospitals in Batticaloa region.

      Yosita Rahmawati, Suyono

Abstract: The research objectives was to produce a Structured Assignment Sheet based on Three Scientific Questions (SAS-3SQ) in sub material factors affecting reaction rate, which was feasible to use. The feasibility were validity, practicality, effectiveness. The method used in this research was R&D. To determine whether SAS-3SQ was feasible to use on validity, practicality, and effectiveness criteria, a limited trial was conducted. SAS-3SQ tested in 15 students of 11th grade respondents at SMAN 2 Lamongan. The validation data obtained from 3 validators were analyzed by using expert judgment.

      Mr. Harshal Tambat and Mr. Sandeep Kumar Datta

Abstract: The aim of the present study is to depict the benefits of N-Carb a fermented organic manure (FOM) commercially available in the market. The present study explores the benefit of the product N-Carb clinically proven by Adasca for its extensive benefits which is found acting best for reclamation of soil having low organic carbon, deficient in macro element nitrogen, phosphorous & potash and other essential nutrients.

      Korir Kipkirui Leonard, Dr. Isaac Naibei, Dr. Langat Lydia

Abstract: Internal control systems in every organization are paramount., both profit and not-for-profit organizations. The trend of many banks in Kenya collapsing puts into question the ability of the internal control systems to steer the commercial banks stability and performance. The recent failures have put pressure on the industry regulators and players to rethink how best the institutions can align their internal control systems and compliance as tools of ensuring stability and positive performance. This study assesses the effect of internal control systems on financial performance of selected commercial banks in selected counties in Kenya.

      Randi Pratama Murtikusuma, Hobri, Susanto, Ervin Oktavianingtyas, Inge Wiliandari Setya Putri, Nurhasanah, Khusnul Insani

Abstract: Google classroom and quizizz are ways to optimize learning in virtual classes in the online era. The process and results of developing LSLC-based mathematics learning device using google classroom and quizizz media and their effect on students creative thinking skills on the material for the system of linear equations with three-variables in class X of Mathematics and Natural Sciences. The method used in this research was a combination research method or a mixed method between development research (research and development) using 4-D models (four-D models) and experimental research. Results of LSLC-based learning device using google classroom and quizizz media In improving students creative thinking skills, they met the criteria for the quality and feasibility of developing learning device that have been determined, namely meeting the criteria for validity, effectiveness and practicality.

      Doreen Kobani (Ph.D)

Abstract: For many centuries, literacy has been used to equip leaders with skills of governance. It has thus, served as means to retool them, impart knowledge to them and ensure that sustainable development is guaranteed. This process is vital so that the human species are treated as real human organisms capable of enjoying their environment in peace under good leaders. Unfortunately, over the years it seems that education which is expected to impart literacy skills has failed dismally in achieving the desired good of effective leadership. This paper takes a critical insight into how leadership literacy can serve as a means to enhance sustainable community development in Nigeria.

      Mahlof Hamad Masoud

Abstract: The way in which the state and social responsibility contribute to ensuring sustainable economic development is the concern of all actors in the economic and political spheres. Although there are some previous studies arguing for a cause between good public governance and economic development, this study intends to provide a new focus on the relationship between state-level governance and economic growth, on the one hand, and between state-level governance in the field of sustainable development. The main implication is the improvement of economic growth and sustainable development because it is a very challenging issue when we talk about the so-called. macro level ie on factors such as state-level governance. One of the generally known facts today is that modern society in the broadest sense of civilization is recognized as a civilization that has never had such a large population in the history of mankind.

      S.P. Wijethilake

Abstract: History has become a main component of the foreign language education, as it paints the society and the culture of the target language in detail. Since decades different strategies have been used to awaken the interest among the students in the face-to-face foreign language history classroom. But due to the increasing tendency towards online learning new strategies to teach foreign language history were required. The following study focuses on a new set of strategies to teach post war history to learners of German as a foreign language in a virtual foreign language classroom. It discusses the efficiency of these strategies to improve the performance of the students.

      Verma Rahul, Tripathi Shambhavi, Gaur Dushyant S, Kusum Anuradha, Harsh Meena

Abstract: Male fertility is affected by a variety of lifestyle habits that include tobacco use. Tobacco consumption, both by chewing and smoking, has been recognized as an important lifestyle factor that contributes to abnormalities in sperm morphology (teratozoospermia).

      Roseline Muthoni Gakuanyi, Catherine Syombua Mutunga, Josphat Njuguna

Abstract: The World health Organization has stipulated guidelines whose aim is to ensure that surgical site infections are prevented and diagnosed on time. This has helped in countering the burden that accrues from SSIs such as associated morbidity and mortality rates. However, it should be noted that the anticipated outcomes have not been fully achieved as SSIs incidences are still high. This study aimed at assessing the facility linked factors associated with adherence to the guidelines stipulated by the World Health Organization on prevention of surgical site infections in Kenya. A descriptive cross-section research design was adopted for the study.


Abstract: Lymphoma of burkitt can commonly present as chylothorax and rarely as chyloperitenium. Here we are presenting a case of a 14-years-old boy with bilateral chylothorax and chylous ascites all together finally diagnosed to have lymphoma of Burkitt as the etiology. To the best of our knowledge, it has been reported very infrequently.

      Jackson Oyaro Ongeta a

Abstract: Investment decisions are usually influenced by various market factors including public and private information factors. The major goal of this research was to look into the market characteristics that influence individual investors investment performance in the Nairobi Securities Exchange.

      Mr. Tshering Phuntsho

Abstract: This study wanted to investigate the working capital management and its impact on the profitability of Royal Insurance Corporation of Bhutan Limited. Royal insurance corporation is one of the oldest non-financial institutions incorporated in 1975. Researcher applied nine years’ data from 2010 to 2018. Secondary data was collected from the annual reports and official documents of RICBL.

      "Fadly Azhar, Hasnah Faizah, Erni Erni, Putri Yuanita "

Abstract: This paper aimed at describing the roles of teachers, students, and parents (as the factors influencing virtual learning) and the development of its assessment prototype system. The participants of this research were 50 teachers, 30 students, and 30 parents. This research used Research and Development model. The research findings revealed that teachers had much higher roles on the aspects of Cheerleader, Individual & group mirror, Tour guide, and Co-learner; the students on the aspects of interactivity and collaboration; and parents on the aspects school collaborators and students-learning reminders; and internet access on teachers’ skill in using digital application, and limited ability for parents to access.

      Dr. Lata Assudani, Dr. Prashant Uikey, Dr. Megha Tajne, Dr. Ashish Notwani

Abstract: Introduction: Recent studies show increased incidence of perinatal morbidity and mortality with increase in gestational age but there is uncertainty on the policy concerning the timing of induction for prolonged pregnancy or impending post term pregnancy, leading to practice variation between caregivers. Managing pregnancies continuing beyond their due dates remains to be tricky situation for obstetrician. Present study aims to analyze and compare various maternal and neonatal parameters in pregnancies beyond expected date of delivery.

      Dr. Lata Assudani, Dr. Prashant Uikey, Dr. Megha Tajne, Dr. Ashish Notwani

Abstract: Introduction: Recent studies show increased incidence of perinatal morbidity and mortality with increase in gestational age but there is uncertainty on the policy concerning the timing of induction for prolonged pregnancy or impending post term pregnancy, leading to practice variation between caregivers. Managing pregnancies continuing beyond their due dates remains to be tricky situation for obstetrician. Present study aims to analyze and compare various maternal and neonatal parameters in pregnancies beyond expected date of delivery.

      Dr. Gitumani Sarma

Abstract: Recent cosmological observations indicates that the present universe is undergoing an accelerated expansion. This acceleration of the universe a well established fact that is confirmed by various independent observational data including SNIa, CMB radiation etc. However this discovery can be maintained in general relativity by introducing a mysterious kind of energy source called the dark energy that can generate repulsive gravity [1, 2]. It is well known that perfect fluid with a constant equation of state (EOS) parameter lower than .

      Dr. Ashutosh Tiwari, Dr. Vaibhav Mudhale, Dr. Uday Ghate, Dr. Sheetal Murchite

Abstract: Hemorrhoids are the most common benign anorectal problems occuring worldwide. The preferred treatment for third- and fourth-degree hemorrhoids is surgical. Hemorrhoidectomy is one of the most commonly performed anorectal operations. Stapled hemorrhoidectomy, which was termed as stapled hemorrhoidopexy (PPH), was first described in 1995. It has been associated with improved short-term outcomes, including less postoperative pain, short operating time, early recovery and greater patient satisfaction.

      Mohammad Afifudin Armadani, Utiya Azizah

Abstract: The purpose of this research is to produce a guided inquiry student worksheets oriented to blended learning that is appropriate to train students Science Process Skills (SPS) on the sub-material of factors that affect the shift in the direction of chemical equilibrium. The appropriateness of student worksheets is reviewed from 4 aspects, namely validity, training, effectiveness, and practicality.

      Seza Asista, Milla S. Setyowati

Abstract: The implementation of the tax system through digitalization of tax administration for cost benefits in practice there is still an unpreparedness of the government in preparing internet-based tax service infrastructure which has an impact on benefits for users as well as inefficient spending on online tax revenue, especially in DKI Jakarta. This writing aims to describe the application of an online tax system in terms of costs and benefits in digitizing tax administration.

      Arshnoor Bhutani

Abstract: This paper analyses and breaks down the impact of FinTech, Cryptocurrency and AI on Financial services as a whole. It looks closely into the FinTech industry in India and the factors that influence it. The paper also offers insights into the future of the aforementioned factors and the recent developments in financial services.

      Owais Ashraf

Abstract: The following paper is an academic attempt to dissect upon the theory of Social Contract by virtue of analytical progression. It is heavily directed towards determining characteristics of authority, especially Sovereign authority. It does so by bridging the gap in human consciousness created by linguistic recognition of the Social Contract and advocates for the presence of an eternal power structure only progressively nuanced to accommodate variable human tendencies. As the presence of an eternal power structure goes against the inventive ethos of the generally accepted Social Contract theory, this paper indeed argues that the present socio-political structures are nothing but denouements of such a power structure and are therefore needed to be understood in anthropological light before ascribing meanings to such a structure. This paper also attempts to scrutinize the Moral Obligation of the Sovereign in order to contextualize an ever-present friction between the citizens and their sovereign and it does so by retrospectively unfolding the progress of authority to determine its consequence which in turn help us to determine the true function of a Sovereign.

      Aguiyi Nduka Watson, Ayibapreye K. Benjamin, Bibi Ariemieye

Abstract: Three-phase four-wire distribution systems are very common and widely used in commercial and industrial installations and therefore power systems harmonics is an area that merits a great deal of attention. Advancement in semiconductor devices has prompted increase in the use of non-linear loads which are the main causes of harmonic distortion in three-phase, four-wire distribution systems. The harmonic distortion is the change in the waveform of the voltage from the ideal sinusoidal waveform. It is caused by the wide use of non-linear loads that draw current in abrupt pulses rather than in a smooth sinusoidal manner

      Nia Kurniati, Sondi Kuswaryan, Reginawanti Hindersah

Abstract: The tourism in the karst area has been initiated by the community of Parigi District, Pangandaran Regency in Wst Java, Indonesia. The purpose of this study was to verify the potency of tourism in geological and agricultural sites of Pangandaran karst area for initiating the community-based and regulatory-based sustainable ecotourism development. The research method was descriptive qualitative research method using field studies, focus group discussion and interview to get primary data.

      Sayeed Ahmad Qani and Sharbat Khan Sahak

Abstract: This study is conducted to explore different opinions of scholars and researchers about the nature of Roshàni movement and then these opinions are divided into three categories which consist of national, mystical and common. This article also discusses characteristics of Roshàni movement and its impact on Pashtu literature. In this article, mixed methods (library & descriptive) are used.

      Jennyla Puspitaning Ayu, Lailatul Kodriyah, Ida Herwati, Luthfiyatul Mustafidah, Endang Soelistyowati

Abstract: Malang Regencys category D hospital, Hospital X, may be found here. Approximately 70% of patients interviewed during the pilot research of 25 inpatients said they were happy with the hospitals services and had faith in such services. More than a third of those polled said they were not happy and would no longer trust the institution. The studys goal was to examine how patient satisfaction with the hospitals service quality impacts the hospitals reputation. Quantitative research methods and a cross-sectional research design are employed in this study.

      Paitoon Kongsereeparp

Abstract: It is widely accepted that the Homogeneous Charge Combustion Ignition (HCCI) can enhance engines’ efficiency. However, finding optimal operating conditions to yield optimal engines’ ignition timing is still an on-going issue and difficult to achieve. This is because combustion in HCCI engines is automatically occurred from chemical kinetics of the fuel-air mixtures and therefore altering one parameter (out of many parameters) could change the engines’ ignition timing, leading to highly nonlinear behavior of the HCCI engines.

      Is Arianto Pratama, Dewi Yanuarita, Budiman Yunus

Abstract: Silvofishery is a traditional technology aquaculture system that combines fishery business with mangrove planting. This study aims to: (1) analyze the feasibility of mangrove land for silvofishery activities in terms of biology, physics, and chemistry; (2) analyzing the applicable and appropriate silvofishery models/forms in the Lantebung Mangrove Area; (3) analyzing community interest in silvofishery development in the Lantebung Mangrove Area.

      Minocha Dr. Pramod Kumar, Kothwala Deveshkumar Mahendralal and Rana Niravkumar Maheshbhai

Abstract: The research is directed to an ultra high strength self-expandable cover stent with a thin elastic bioresorbable polymer cover over the self-expanding stent platform. The biocompatible and biodegradable polymer cover is formed by spray coating over the stent. The coating formulation consists of a solvent and polymer mixture which enhances the bioresorbable cover stents strength. The ultra-high-strength cover improves stent stability and strength, reducing the risk of stent breakage.

      Vanlalzami K, Munindra Goswami, Marami Das, Anirban Mahanta, Anil Kumar Patra

Abstract: Aim and objective: To study the clinical profile, evaluation for etiological diagnosis and outcome on follow up at 3 and 6 months among patients above 14 years of age who presented with first episode of unprovoked seizure.

      Eka Susia Justika, Mila S. Seyowati

Abstract: Tax policies can be formulated and implemented to prevent adverse health and social impacts on the community, especially on sweetened beverage products. It can be designed by designing a tax imposition model for products containing added sugar content. The writing of this article through a literature study can recommend to design a value added tax policy model for sugar-sweetened beverage products because it can have the eligibility to be applied by determining the definition of products containing sweetened beverages or referring to the classification of international standardization, determining the basis of taxation as an indirect tax on consumption, determine threshold levels of sweetened drinks in determining tariff levels in order to reduce consumption behaviour of sweetened drinks for consumers, and formulate levels of added sugar content for producers.

      Mohd Harridon, Mohd Khir Harun, Mohd Ismawee Abdul Malik, Mohamed Idrus Abd Moin, Baha Rudin Abdul Latif, Muhamed Roihan Yusoff, Azizihadi Yaakop, Mohd Jalal Amran

Abstract: The acquirement of the Simulator Boeing 737-800 by Universiti Kuala Lumpur Malaysian Institute of Aviation Technology (UniKL MIAT) posed a technical challenge to the Assessment Team which was required to evaluate the fidelity of the simulator. This paper outlined the assessment of the fidelity of the simulator via a series of manual flying where numerous touch and go flights were actuated to examine the integrity of the simulator. Results indicated that several tinkering ought to be actuated to increase the fidelity of the simulator.

      Mareng,Marko Mawien Mawien

Abstract: Hadoop Remote Procedure Call (RPC) is increasingly used in many data centers of known technology companies such as Facebook and Yahoo together with other data center middleware centers like MapReduce, HDFS and Hbase.Due to its simplicity, efficiency, high performance use of RPC systems, it is essential to achieve dense data storage and low latency and high throughput. This thesis describes how to improve data storage, throughput, and latency performance for big data. These systems are becoming increasingly data-intensive due to the explosion of data and the need to process it, so storage management is critical to application performance in such data-intensive computing systems. Scientific applications in critical areas are becoming increasingly data-intensive. As data volumes continue to grow, the movement of data from memory to storage systems has become a critical performance bottleneck for many data-intensive stores.

      Abdul Quadir

Abstract: India is a land of rivers and due to the rapid rate of urbanization, the Indian cities are creating pressure on their rivers to cater to the demands of not only water needs but also waste disposal. Increasing urbanization in the river basin has several negative consequences for the river basin systems health. The most harmful effects observed as a result of urbanization include changes in the hydrology and geomorphology of streams, as well as deterioration of their water quality. This study investigates the trends of urbanization in India and its impact on the Ganga River concerning anthropogenic activities in the form of Physical, Chemical, and Biological effects on the river. Ganga is one of the sacred rivers of India but today urban development factors such as land use transformation degrade not only water quality but also increase the flooding in the urban areas. Hence, this paper also reviews the various problems towards improving the health of the river and recommendations for effective management of river health and retaining its character. The recommendations of this study could be used as initiatives for mitigating the negative effects of urbanization in the Ganga Basin.

      Muh. Takdir , Prof. Dr. Syamsiah Badruddin

Abstract: The method used in this research is qualitative. Stated that descriptive qualitative research analysis is a research method that provides an overview of the object under study through the data that has been collected as it is which is then processed and analyzed to draw conclusions.

      Claudia Minacapelli Marotta, Prof. Nicola Malizia

Abstract: This study addresses the delicate issue of sexualized relationships in the family, with particular reference to the phenomenologies of sexual abuse and incest, as well as to the role and stages of scientific investigation of forensic medicine in their detection. If, from a legal point of view, incest refers to situations in which family morality is violated (which is the object protected by Article 564 of the Italian Criminal Code) through the performance of sexual acts that cause public scandal, in social perception the notion of incest is referred to all those cases in which sexual violence is performed between subjects belonging to the same family.

      Medawela Disanayaka, Samadhi, Widyalankara, Rohini, Sedrick, Prasanna, Perera, Harindra, Medagama, Peshala

Abstract: An increasing demand for seafarers is a corollary of the growth in the world merchant fleet. The Maritime industry has evolved from a traditional skill based, labor-intensive trade to one demanding sophisticated tertiary education. This study firstly investigates the academic needs and lacks of Sri Lankan Maritime professionals and then moves to ascertain Shipping Company qualification expectations focusing on tertiary level Maritime Education. The methodology for the first component had a population of 164 Sri Lankan merchant Seafarers with a Sri Lankan CDC/ COC. An online survey was conducted for a period of 3 months.

      Dr BillaRamji, Dr.kh. LokeshwarSingh, Dr RK. Manoj Kumar Singh, Dr.SuchithraChongtham

Abstract: Background: Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection leads to profound and irreversible immunosuppression. Liver function abnormalities are commonly seen in HIV-infected patients, and highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART) has led to complete modification of the pattern of hepatic events in HIV infection. The early recognition and diagnosis of these events will be helpful for the safe and effective use of HAART and enhance the survival rates among HIV-infected people.

      Leah Njoki Wanjiku, Dr. Abel Anyieni

Abstract: Evaluation report for the 2013-2017 strategic plan for Nyandarua county assembly released that a number of plans did not meet the set standards. The oversight role was low, there was need to enhance representation of the public and the legislation represents the interests of the general public. The evaluation reported painted a dim picture and hence need for research to understand reasons for low performance and how to change it. The study sought to assess the effect that resource allocation has on performance of the Nyandarua County Assembly. The study was anchored on resource-based view theory and applied the descriptive research design. Data was collected from management team and members of the Nyandarua county assembly and thereafter entered into SPSS v.25.0 for analysis. The descriptive and inferential analysis with regression and correlation analysis was conducted.

      Jamal Ali Jaballa, Abubaker Suliman Alsalhi

Abstract: This study aims to study the relationship between motivating employees of commercial banks and customers satisfaction in Libyan commercial banks. It adopts a quantitative approach, using questionnaires to collect the required data from two groups: Bank Employees and Customers. The findings of this study provide that there is a positive direct relationship between the component of motivation service providers in the Libyan commercial banks as one of the most important internal marketing component (the independent variable) and customer satisfaction in those banks. The study has shown that Libyan banks do not give much attention to motivation programs for banking service providers that are appropriate with work requirements and skills acquisition.

      Benedict Mutinda Kimwaki, Prof. Patrick Karanja Ngugi, Prof. Rommanus Odhiambo

Abstract: The main aim of this study was to assess the relationship between relational behaviour and the performance of manufacturing firms in Kenya. While the internal and external environmental factors are pushing businesses to undergo tremendous changes, the supply chain management is becoming one of the core areas that organizations need to align for continued performance. The manufacturing sector in Kenya, although it is one of the critical sectors in the country’s economy, has been undergoing through turbulent times in the recent past where over 40% of the industry’s leading companies have been posting declined revenues and the profit margin. The tussle of relational behaviour as an aspect of supply chain alignment has however not been adequately addressed in the sector

      Edwardo R. Villahermosa

Abstract: This research determined the effectiveness of using the Algebrator in improving students’ learning performance in Mathematics. This utilized the Non-Equivalent Pretest-Posttest Quasi-experimental design type of research. The pre-test and post-test scores were used to determine the effects of integrating Algebrator application software in the teaching and learning process. The subjects of the study were the Grade 11 students at the Senior High School Program of General Santos City National High School.

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