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      Akhil Samnotra, Dr. Mahesh Kolte

Abstract: Today, one of the largest areas of research and development in the automobile industry is road safety. Many deaths and injuries occur every year on public roads from accidents that technology could have been used to prevent. The latest vehicles sold boast many safety features that have helped to lower the number of accidents on the roads. Even today, a person has to manually monitor the vehicles coming from behind through their rear view mirrors and any sort of mistake while monitoring can lead to fatal accidents. Several systems for Obstacle Detection and assist are present namely Lane Departure Warning, Reverse Assist, Drift assist, Blind Spot Monitoring etc.

      Pornpan Khemakunasai

Abstract: Muslims had been living in Thai and Malaysian borderland and interacting across the borders even before the two states were officially established. After WWII (1946 A.D. or 2489 B.E.), the Thai government monopolised rice export and set the rice price two or three times lower than the price in Malaysia and Singapore. A significant price difference was a starting point of unofficial rice trade which turned into a multitude of trading activities in the past 67 years. Cross border rice trade faced difficulties with strict border controls from Thai and Malaysian authorities. As a result, the traders needed to adjust and negotiate with the law by using various trading strategies including a network of relatives, friends, people from a similar racial group, Ant Army smugglers, the patron-client system, trust, a change of role from a trader to a network coordinator to reduce investment cost and risks, and partnerships between networks to share job roles and trading points.

      Naveen Kumar Sharma; Aashish Parihar; Himanshu Vyas, K. Lakshmi Prasanna; Vandna Pandey

Abstract: Ageing is a natural process. In the words of seneca old age is an incurable disease. Anon says that science makes them live longer yet our civilization finds less use for them. Persons of 65 years of age older are typically referred to as elderly. It is said that nobody grows old merely by living a certain number of years. Years wrinkle the skin, but worry, doubt, fear, anxiety and self distrust wrinkle the soul. While ageing merely stands for growing old, senescence is an expression used for the deterioration of the biologic efficiency that accompanies ageing. These changes are for the most part deleterious and eventually lead to the death of the organism.

      Laxmi CC, Udaya IB, Vinutha Shankar S

Abstract: Low cardiorespiratory fitness in young adults has emerged as an important factor for developing cardiovascular comorbidities later in middle age. Increased body fatness as predicted by body mass index is an additional factor for developing cardiovascular diseases.

      Dr.Umesh Chaudhari, Dr.Vinay Singh Raghuvanshi, Dr.Sarvesh Singh, Dr.Anuradha Nischal, Dr.Sarita Singh

Abstract: Needle prick injury poses a significant healthcare hazard amongst the health care workers. There is an increased risk of occupational transmission of blood borne pathogens subsequent to accidental needle prick injuries. Various studies indicate that the incidence of needle prick injury is on rise in the community of healthcare providers. The study was conducted for 120 hours in the department of anaesthesia, general surgery, gynaecology, orthopaedics and trauma centre of a tertiary care hospital to determine the incidence of needle prick injury, awareness amongst various health care workers about transmission of hepatitis B & HIV the two most dreaded diseases subsequent to needle prick injuries and awareness for post exposure prophylaxis and availing the same.

      Lasantha Kurukularachchi, Rajeeve Prince, S.R. Munasinghe

Abstract: Flying and handling qualities are substantially dependent on, and this paper is described it, in terms of the stability and control characteristics of UAV. It is essential to be able to describe and quantify the stability and control parameters completely. It is absolutely essential to understand the relationship between the aerodynamics of the airframe and its stability characteristics to prolong the flight endurance and effective deployment. And this paper is described the stability analysis based on the dynamic model of the twin boom double vertical stabilizer UAV

      Ms. Shweta S. Patil, Prof. Mrs. A. V. Malviya

Abstract: The paper ARM Based Agricultural Field Monitoring System using GSM is mainly focused on modernizing the irrigation technology in agriculture and also to provide adequate irrigation in particular area. The set up consists of mainly ARM7TDMI core and GSM. GSM serves as an important part as it is responsible for controlling the irrigation on field and sends them to the receiver through coded signals. GSM operates through SMS and is a link between ARM processor and centralized unit. ARM7TDMI is an advanced microprocessor and forms the heart of the system. Our project aims at modernizing the agricultural technology by programming the components and building the necessary hardware to automate farming. This project is mainly used to detect the exact field condition as well as weather conditions in real time .The information is given on user request in the form of SMS. GSM modem is controlled with the help of standard set of AT (Attention) commands. These commands are used to control majority of the functions of GSM modem.

      Mr. M. B. Kachare, Dr. P. H. Zope

Abstract: The international technology roadmap of semiconductors suggests that quantum-dot cellular automata (QCA) technology might be possible CMOS substitute [4]. MQCA are attractive due to their compactness and extremely small power dissipation. This led to focus on nanomagnetic logic (NML). The nature of these circuits is much different from that of CMOS circuits [1].

      Nagoori Julfathna, Dr.G.Anjan Babu, M.Jayakameswaraiah

Abstract: The presence of cloud computing as a tool in business is getting a reaction almost as though it is something new. There is a lot of attention being paid to advances mostly as a result of affordable, scalable SaaS solutions. These solutions allow for a mobility and ease of access for which older systems didn’t allow. Given that they’re a symptom of the newer cloud computing push, they’re of course serving to earn accolades for the cloud that it did not have previously. Cloud computing offers your business many benefits. It allows you to set up what is essentially a virtual office to give you the flexibility of connecting to your business anywhere, any time.

      V.S.Chandrika, A.Ebenezer Jeyakumar

Abstract: This paper presents a novel method of detection of inter turn shorts based on k means clustering technique. The percentage of inter turn shorts are classified using SVM (Support vector machines). Switched reluctance motors are very popular in these days, because of ease in manufacturing and operation. Though an electronic circuit can detect the faults like open and short, interturn short classification cannot be done effectively with electronics circuitry. More over an intelligent method can easily identify the fault and classify and hence the root cause of the fault may be guessed and rectified using this method of classification. The information used to include this intelligence in the system are just flux waveforms. Inter turn shorts are very critical for a long run operation of the motor. More over, the early detection minimizes the faulty operation time and ensures the plant stability and saves the life of motor too. Hence a system to detect the inter turn faults under a simulation model has been proposed in this paper.

      Gori Mohamed .J, M. Mohammed Mohideen, Mrs.Shahira Banu. N

Abstract: We cannot imagine a day without a computer especially without Internet. E-Mail is one of the primary ways through which we communicate. We not only use it every day for official communication but also to be in touch with our friends and relatives. As E-Mail plays a vital role in communication globally for communication and sharing of data as well. The security issues also have increased. The major problem or the attack on E-Mail by the hackers nowadays is known as E-Mail Phishing. It is the right time to secure the data communicated over mail even on trusted network. Cyber criminals craft these emails to look convincing, sending them out to literally millions of people around the world. The criminals do not have a specific target in mind, nor do they know exactly who will fall victim. They simply know the more emails they send out, the more people they may be able to fool. In this paper we are analyzing the various ways in which the Phishing is achieved, the possible solutions and the awareness along with some tips to be away from a victim of Phishing attacks are discussed.

      Pamu. Sandhya, Hameeda Zareen Durani, Zaara Majeed, Y. Ganesh Kumar

Abstract: The present study involves the development of porous osmotic tablets of Venlafaxine Hydrochloride in order to release the drug in sustained and predictable manner. Venlafaxine Hydrochloride is a unique antidepressant that differs structurally from other currently available antidepressants. Short biological half life, low bioavailability and frequent administration of drug led for rational development of 300mg sustained release osmotic tablets of Venlafaxine Hydrochloride that releases the drug and maintain the plasma drug concentration for more than 8hrs. The method of preparation of these SR osmotic tablets follows osmotic bursting pump model. Polymers like hydroxy propyl methyl cellulose (HPMC) K15M with lactose as diluents, magnesium stearate as glidant and talc as lubricant were selected for sustaining the drug release.

      Humera Anjum, P. Sandhya, Shama Sultana, K. Someshwar

Abstract: The objective of the present study is to improve dissolution rate of poorly soluble drug from tablet by drug-solution-dropping-technique. Carvedilol was used as a model drug. Carvedilol is a nonselective beta-adrenergic blocking agent with alpha1-blocking activity and is indicated for the treatment of hypertension and mild or moderate heart failure of ischemic or cardiomyopathic origin. Dichloromethane was use to prepare carvedilol drug solution. The drug solution was dropped on tablet by using microsyringe. Blank tablets were prepared by direct compression (DC) method by using dicalciumphosphatedihydrate as diluents.

      B.Sai Kruthi, K.Srikari, K.Aparna, K.Sowmya Sri, Dr.V.Venugopal Rao

Abstract: Obesity is a nutritional disorder spanning all ages and is one of the most severe problems of the 21st century. The current study was conducted to understand and analyze obesity, factors influenced by obesity [like body mass index (BMI), body fat percent (B.F %), blood pressure (B.P), fasting glucose, fasting insulin & lipid profile] and the role of environment & genetics in causing obesity using pedigree analysis and bio statistical methods on a study population.


Abstract: Pell number together with Half companion Pell number have been analysed. Some identities among these numbers are presented.

      Mrinal Gupta, Krishnananda Prabhu, Pragna Rao

Abstract: Glycosylated haemoglobin (HbA1c) is routinely used test to monitor long term glycaemic control in diabetic patients. It is well known that genetic variants and chemically modified derivatives of haemoglobin can profoundly affect the accuracy of HbA1c measurements. The degree of interference depends on the HbA1c assay method, type & quantum of haemoglobin variant present in a given sample. Here, we report a rare case showing disproportionately high HbA1c value in a 69 years old female patient with carcinoma breast (adenocarcinoma) with hypertension.

      Noer Bahry Noor, Irwandy

Abstract: Based on the report of Indonesian millennium development goals (MDGs) in 2010, the maternal mortality rate still has to become special concern. Maternal mortality rate per 100,000 live births in 1991 is 390 in 2007 to 228, while the target achievement in 2015 is 102. Wahidin Sudiro Husodo Hospital (RSWS) is one of the top referral hospital Comprehensive Emergency Obstetric Neonatal Care (CEONC) services in South Sulawesi. In order to improve the achievement of the MDG, especially a decrease in maternal and child mortality rates, the Ministry of Health issued Comprehensive Emergency Obstetric Neonatal Care (CEONC) guidelines on hospital. Based on the research result of South Sulawesi Provincial Health Office is only 17.8 % of hospitals met the criteria of CEONC.

      Dr.Rajshekhar.D.Kerure, Dr.Sudha.Biradar, Dr.V.B.Biradar

Abstract: Chronic kidney disease(CKD) is an international health problem affecting 5-10% of the world population. There occur changes in serum and tissue concentrations of phosphorus, calcium and parathormone (PTH) in CKD, leading to pathological changes in bones.

      Mr. P. J. Sonawane, Prof. A. B.Sapkal

Abstract: This paper shows far-field wireless powering for low-power wireless sensors. Sometimes in many applications where the sensors are used, is difficult or impossible to change the batteries of sensor unit because we don’t know the exact position of the sensors or sensors are mobile. Here expected radio-frequency (RF) power densities is in the range of 20–200-µW/cm2, overall size of sensor is small which transmit data at low duty cycles. For these type of applications low-power nondirective wireless powering is appropriate for sensors. The power is provided to the sensor platform through an antenna which receives incident electromagnetic waves in the gigahertz frequency range. This antenna gives the energy to a rectifier circuit which charges a storage device (e.g., thin-film battery) through an efficient power management circuit. The entire platform, including sensors and a low-power wireless transmitters are controlled through a low-power microcontroller.

      Sarita Singh, SulekhaSaxena, Rituverma, Zia Arshad, Brijbhushan kushwaha, JaishriBogra

Abstract: Cystic hygroma is benign tumor usually present in the neonate or in early infancy. Swelling usually occurs in neck and may involve the parotid, submandibular area, tongue and floor of mouth. It is a common condition in pediatric age group. But very rare in adult patients [1]. Cystic hygroma is a real challenge to the anesthetic in regard to airway management when presents in cervical region because tumor can extent from mouth to thoracic region[2]. Huge neck swelling revealed a dilemma of difficult intubation, but all neck swelling are not always difficult to intubate. In our both the cases the swelling was huge but we have intubated under general anesthesia with the help of mackintosh laryngoscope.

      Monday Eze

Abstract: The need to acquire domain knowledge at a fast pace cannot be overemphasized. Domain knowledge acquisition is not limited to any particular field, but rather, is a requisite path to giant strides in the sciences, technology and academics. Apart from being a major goal at all levels of academics, knowledge acquisition is inevitable in some fields of computing such as Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems, where system construction is hinged on the ability of the system developers to elicit knowledge from the domain experts. Collaborative e-learning is a positive deviation from the traditional learning paradigm, in that knowledge is shared between the participants, through information technology.

      MuhammedLawal MusaAlongbija , Muhammad Bakhir Hajj Yaaqub

Abstract: Curriculum in an academic setting plays a vital and triadic role based on the interrelationships of the content, students and instructors. There are fundamental components of curriculum which are objective, content, method and evaluation which constitute basis for the overall development of the students. Putting all the components of curriculum together, it should be tailored towards achieving all-important objectives of education. The Arabic language curriculum of the International Islamic University (IIUM) is designed for fostering various aspects of language skills. Undoubtedly, Arabic language is unique as it shapes the behaviours of the students in an academic setting.

      Dr. V.Bhaskar Desai, Mr. A. Sathyam

Abstract: Cinder is a waste material obtained from steel manufacturing units. Cinder is the material partly fused or sintered arising from the combustion of coal and used in certain places where natural aggregate is not available or costly or recycling of the industrial wastes is aimed at or where the dead weight of the structure is to be reduced. The unit weight of the cinder concrete varies from 1980-2000 kg/m³ and it is less than that of conventional aggregate concrete. Light weight aggregate concrete is widely used in the construction industry.

      Dr. H. B. Kekre, Dr. Tanuja Sarode, Shachi Natu

Abstract: This paper presents a novel image watermarking technique using Kekre’s algorithm to generate hybrid wavelet transform DKT_DCT from Kekre transform and Discrete Cosine Transform. In the proposed technique, 256x256 hybrid transform is generated using 16x16 Kekre transform and 16x16 DCT whereas, 128x128 hybrid wavelet transform is generated using 32x32 Kekre transform and 4x4 DCT matrix. Generated DKT_DCT transform is applied to host and watermark in three different ways: column wise, row wise and full transform. Performances of these three ways of applying transform are compared against various image processing attacks namely image cropping, image compression, adding noise and image resizing attacks.

      P.Karthikeyan, P.Paramanandam, Mahesh Inbasekaran, P.Manoj Kumar Reddy, A.Prema

Abstract: A case of 35 day old infant is presented who had late onset seizure associated with hypocalcemia, hyperphosphatemia, and raised parathyroid hormone. The infant did not have any stigmata of pseudohypoparathyroidism. The hypocalcemia was initially resistant to calcium therapy, but responded to vitamin D analog therapy. The diagnosis of pseudohypoparathyroidism was entertained.

      Megha Soni, Asst. Prof. Anand Khare, Asst. Prof. Saurabh Jain

Abstract: This paper describes the basic technological aspects of Digital Image Processing with special reference to satellite image processing. Basically, all satellite image-processing operations can be grouped into three categories: Image Rectification and Restoration, Enhancement and Information Extraction. The former deals with initial processing of raw image data to correct for geometric distortion, to calibrate the data radio metrically and to eliminate noise present in the data.

      Abhey Singh Godara, Usha Poonia, Usha Jyani

Abstract: Decision-making is a fundamental process that incorporates all the functions of family resource management. Rural women perform all the duties of household, attending to farm labour, caring of domestic animals but in spite of discharging all the duties of household, no recognition is given to her immense contribution. But her involvement in decision-making process of household remained in a very low position as all important decisions are made by head of the family or the male members because majority of the females have not provided opportunities to get education due to have the policy of discrimination against the females of the family.

      Dr.Somiya Gutbi Salim Mohammed

Abstract: A Approximately, thirty million children worldwide are born with low birth weight every year, representing 23.8% of all births (WHO, 2009).

      T.Jenefa, Mr.E.Sivanantham

Abstract: Cognitive radio is an opportunistic communication technology designed to help unlicensed users utilize the maximum available licensed bandwidth. Selfish cognitive radio attacks are a serious security problem because they significantly degrade the performance of a cognitive radio network. The proposed work provides selfish cognitive radio attack detection technique, called COOPON, which will detect the attacks of selfish Secondary Users by the cooperation of other legitimate neighboring SUs. The COOPON algorithm make use of the autonomous decision capability of an ad-hoc communication network based on exchanged channel allocation information among neighboring SUs.

      R.T.Thivya lakshmi, R.Srinivasan, G.S.Raj

Abstract: A Mobile Adhoc Network is a collection of independent mobile nodes that can communicate to each other via radio waves. The mobile nodes that are in radio range of each other can directly communicate, whereas others needs the aid of intermediate nodes to route their packets. Each of the node has a wireless interface to communicate with each other. These networks are fully distributed, and can work at any place without the help of any fixed infrastructure as access points or base stations, All networking functions such as routing and packet forwarding, are performed by nodes themselves in a self-organizing manner. For these reasons, securing a mobile ad -hoc network is very challenging.

      Salomi puaparaj, C.Jagadeeswar reddy, Dr.D.Mary

Abstract: This paper investigates the power quality improvement on green energy source at generating side and grid side of power system. Now a day’s increasing the utility of power due to industrials and cultivations, such that problems also increases the sag, swell, real power, reactive power, transients and harmonics it will causes the disturbances in power system, to overcome this problems in this paper use the matrix and boost converter at one of the renewable energy generating side and unified power quality conditioner (UPQC) in grid system. The modeling and simulation with renewable energy sources connected one of the 50 bus system using unified power quality conditioner (UPQC).digital simulation using MATLAB/SIMULINK is done and the results are presented .The effect of UPQC on real power, reactive power, sag, swell, transients and harmonics is also presented.

      Rimai Joy

Abstract: Religion as a system of beliefs usually involving the worship of supernatural forces or beings continues to have major influence upon the human society. The paper is an outcome of intensive ethnographic fieldwork to explain the traditional religion of a tribe in North-East India called Tangkhul Naga who had traditional religion with relative isolation which according to the definition given by E.B. Tylor (1929) would have been polytheism but during the reign of British in India, Christianity swept over the entire region and this tribal community has since then embraced Christianity.

      Neeta Bansal, Anjali Choudhary, Vineeta Gupta

Abstract: Vaginal candidiasis is one of the commonest gynaecological disorder encountered in prepubertal, pubertal, reproductive and perimenopausal life of women. This particular entity contributes to the maximum burden in gynaecological out patient department. Roughly 72% women have vaginal candidiasis once in their life and recurrence is common ( Bero 2005). This particular disease is known to cause intense pruritis disabling women in her day to day life.

      Panckaj Garg, Pramod K Raghav, Rakesh K Sharma, Nakuleshwar D Jasuja, Richa Sharma and Nidhi Agarwal

Abstract: This study deals with the development of Spongy Dessert by incorporating the “mucilage” powder extracted from the seeds of psyllium (Plantago ovata). The mucilage powder was incorporated at 3.0, 3.5 4.0 & 4.5 % level in the Chhena (milk solid) prepared from the low fat cow milk. On the basis of results obtained through organoleptic evaluation, the Spongy Dessert prepared by incorporating 4% mucilage was selected and analyzed for nutrients. The developed product namely herbal rassogolla prepared by incorporating 4.0 % mucilage powder was a good source of protein (13.8 g/100g) and dietary fibre (1.5), low in carbohydrates (18.8 g/100g), saturated fat (0.8 g/100g) & energy (141.2 Kcal) and free from trans fat. This mucilaginous spongy dessert has the properties to provide relief from constipation and acidity.

      H.B.Kekre, Tanuja Sarode, Pallavi N.Halarnkar

Abstract: In recent years, Digital data transmission has increased, providing security to this digital data is of high importance. As a result, people pay much more attention to image encryption. Many approaches for image encryption that have high security as well as simple encryption process have been proposed. In this paper, Perfect shuffle for image scrambling is introduced. Effects of perfect shuffles with different factors of the image size are discussed. The number of iterations required to get back the original image are related to the power of 2. Finally all these results are displayed by using 1024 X1024 Lena image.

      G. Geethavani, M. Rameswarudu, R. Rameshwari Reddy

Abstract: Caffeine increases systolic blood pressure to extent of 17%and mean arterial blood pressure by about 11%. Heart rate was also increased. The increase in systolic blood pressure was attributed more to the increased stiffness of the aorta and larger blood vessels rather than increased stroke volume. The increase of aortic stiffness is attributed to the increased production of angiotensin II and catecholamines potentially nor adrenaline. These changes are attributable to the inhibition of adenosine A2a receptors activity in the smooth muscles of blood vessels. The concomitant increase in the release of rennin from the kidneys because of the direct stimulation by caffeine and similar activity on sympathetic ganglions releasing noradrenaline contributes to the increased activity of vascular smooth muscles. In the present study, attempt has been made to know the changes occurring in heart rate and blood pressure after the intake of caffeine.

      H. B. Kekre, Tanuja K. Sarode, Jagruti K. Save

Abstract: Gender classification is a binary classification system where system has to assign a given test image to one of the two classes (male or female). The gender classification system with large set of training data normally gives good accuracy. But to achieve good accuracy with small training data is a difficult task. This paper proposes an algorithm for gender classification with small training data and it gives good accuracy even with one image per person for training. The system contains mainly two parts: feature vector generation and classification. Feature vector generation is done with PCA (Principal Component Analysis ).

      Rajat Bhattacharjee , Aruna Deb Roy

Abstract: The Jeypore rainforest is home to a number of wildlife species, including many endangered ones. So far, 46 species of mammals, 283 species of birds, 276 varieties of butterflies, 102 species of orchids, 71 species of reptiles and amphibians, 70 species of fishes and nearly 40 species of dragonflies and damselflies have been recorded here. The present study is focused on identifying the efforts which are being made for the better and larger conservation of biodiversity in this area along with their results. The paper will also try to analyze the socio-economic influence of the forest in the nearby areas with special reference to the eco-tourism in the rain forest and to know about the future prospects of the rain forest and the initiatives of the government in this regard.

      Arka Das, Asmit Das, Dibyendu Ghosh

Abstract: This technical report describes a Bluetooth based autonomous hospital management system which provides adequate features to the doctors, nurses and patients’ parties as well to share information among them without meeting each other in person. We have designed the proposed system named BLUEMEDO in order to reduce human effort for the hospital management by introducing automation through this wireless system. As the system is wireless so it is quite easy to install and maintain within the hospital. We can even use this system with moving objects such as ambulance, medical stretcher etc. due to the high mobility of wireless technology.

      Siva Rabindarang, Khuan Wai Bing, Khoo Yin Yin

Abstract: The education system is facing changes. Technical and vocational education is also facing changes called vocational education transformation. Implementation of changes can cause a variety of implications among educators in technical and vocational education. Organizational commitment is one of the work situations that play an important role in the organization. Therefore, this study aims to identify the perceptions of educators on organizational commitment in technical and vocational education. This research is a combination of quantitative and qualitative methods known explanatory mixed method design. A total of 359 samples involved for the quantitative method.

      Anwar Mallongi

Abstract: Coastal area of Makassar City spread out of ± 35km. This area is susciptible on various polutants resulting from some activities both naturally and mostly antropogenic. The existing of industrial, agricultural, hospital wastes and gold processing enteprise were the main potential source of Mercury (Hg) in form of metal and vapor through waste disposals. This study aimed to investigate the concentration of mercury (Hg) on sea water, mollusk Marcia Hiantina and urine of molusk seekers and the potential environmental risk posed in coastal area of Makassar.

      S. K. Dwivedi and Sangeeta

Abstract: Antibiotics actively generated as staling growth product by the earlier established fungal colonies that inhibit the growth of soil inhabiting microfungi. In the present study, the composite soil mycoflora was assessed for its capability to get established on virgin and staled agar discs after 24, 48, 72, 96 and 120hrs under in vitro condition. It was experimentally monitored that the intricate pattern of fungal growth varied widely in each staled agar disc plate. The interim result from the experiment showed that the sum of fungi colonizing the staled agar disc reduces gradually with time from 24 to 120 hrs. Based on their racial low to high endurance capacity against the staled growth products or antibiotics actively generated by pre-colonized fungal colonies, they were sorted in VI groups.

      Ganesh Chandra Dhal, Prabhat Kumar Singh

Abstract: Infiltration is gaining acceptance, and is even being encouraged, as a practical way to manage storm water on site. To prevent potential groundwater contamination, though, tools are required to predict the potential for contamination due to this infiltration for many site conditions. Infiltration should be encouraged in areas having the least potential for causing groundwater contamination. Factors that influence contamination potential include the pollutant concentration in the runoff directed to the infiltration device (after any necessary pre-treatment) and the ability of the underlying soil to remove the pollutant. This paper presents two levels of modeling for predicting whether groundwater contamination is a concern and whether pre-treatment should be considered.

      B.Sai Kruthi, K.Srikari, P.Sai Priya, Ch.Jyothi, Dr.Sneha Gogte

Abstract: Herbal medicine represents one of the most important fields of traditional medicine all over the world. Plants produce certain bioactive compounds which are naturally toxic to microorganisms and so have been investigated as therapeutic agents. The present study was carried out so as to evaluate in vitro the antimicrobial effect of essential oils of two aromatic medicinal plants namely, Lemongrass and Eucalyptus. The in vitro evaluation was done for individual oils and combination of the two oils in 1:1 ratio against four bacterial pathogens of nosocomial infections namely Staphylococcus aureus, Bacillus subtilis, Escherishia coli and Klebsiella pneumoniae. The combination formula was used with two assumptions one that individual oil may show ineffectiveness if used repeatedly as seen in antibiotics and second the combined formulation may show wider range of antimicrobial activity. The antimicrobial activity of the plant essential oils was screened using Agar well diffusion method and the minimal inhibitory concentration (MIC) of the essential oils was determined by Broth assay method. The study showed promising results for the use of Lemongrass and Eucalyptus as antimicrobial agents.

      Dr Nitin Bansal, Dr Priyanka V Kashyap, Dr Nidhi Uniyal, Dr Amit Varma

Abstract: Status Epilepticus is a medical emergency with significant morbidity and mortality. Refractory status epilepticus is a prolonged status epilepticus with a grave prognosis until treated timely and wisely. Various agents are used for Status Epilepticus but fewer studies are there for control of refractory status epilepticus. This review highlights the use of levetiracetam in refractory status epilepticus.

      Seyed Ali Siadat, Mahnaz Teimouri Nejad, Elham Azadian

Abstract: The present study was taken from a study titled investigating the relationship between citizenship behavior and social discipline and its objective is to study and investigate the relationship between citizenship behavior and the citizens tendency toward social discipline. Its research design is descriptive and it was conducted through correlation method and with an applied objective. In order to measure the variables two questionnaires (citizenship behavior and tendency to social discipline) have been used. The statistical population included all citizens of Shahrekord from whom 105 were selected via multi-stage random sampling.

      Zain ul Abidin Jaffri, Sundas Rauf

Abstract: Wireless Sensor Networks have an extensive range of applications but they are conquered with many challenging problems and complications that need to be addressed. The energy consumption of the nodes and the extension of the network lifetime are the core challenges and the most significant features of the routing protocol in order to make it suitable, effective and efficient for WSNs. As the sensor nodes are basically battery powered devices, so the top concern is always to how to reduce the energy utilization to extend its lifetime.

      Dr Neeraj K. Dewanda, Dr Manojit Midya, Dr Naresh N. Rai

Abstract: Gastrointestinal tuberculosis, an endemic disease in India and Africa continues to surprise us with its myriad ways of presentation. In a resource poor country like ours high index of suspicion based on meticulous clinical and vigilant intraoperative examination of the pathological tissues can often unravel coexisting diagnosis. We describe here an interesting case of hernia sac tuberculosis suspected on an unreported physical finding of presence of palpable nodule at the hernial site. Clinical suspicion prompted cautious intraoperative search for any abnormality of the hernia sac and its contents. Firm, nodular swellings were found on the hernial sac wall which were confirmed on histopathological examination as tuberculous granulomas.

      Sneha Dhage, Purnima Soni

Abstract: Research problems are to enhance an Intrusion Detection System (IDS) of a clustered HWSN to prolong its lifetime operation in the presence of unreliable and malicious nodes. Also, to address the energy consumption and QoS gain in reliability, delay and security with the goal to maximize the lifetime of a clustered HWSN while satisfying application QoS requirements in the context of multipath routing. The proposed research is a highly scalable cluster-based hierarchical trust management protocol for wireless sensor networks (WSNs) to effectively deal with selfish or malicious nodes.

      Himanshu Kumar, Anurag Singh

Abstract: DM water is life line of a power plant. Presently DM make up for all NTPC running plants is around 0.84% of BMCR, however percentage figure seems misnomer if we observe the absolute values. Overall in NTPC for the year 2010-11,11-12 & 12-13 DM make up has been 55 Lacs MT, 57 Lacs MT & 63 Lacs MT respectively and this DM Make up has financial implication on cost in terms of crores of Rupees. However significance of every additional DM Make up in present cost competitive scenario is such that it needs special focus. Stringent norms of CERC recently has given a red wake up call to run our plants at maximum efficiency level and keep our performance at better heat rate possible.

      Zohra Aziz Ali Manjiyani, Renju Thomas Jacob, Keerthan Kumar R, Babu Varghese

Abstract: This project develops a hand movement monitoring system, which feeds the data into the computer and gives the 3D image rotation according to the direction of the tilt and hence monitoring the movement of the hand in context to its tilt. Advancement of MEMS Technology has enabled us to get very small and low cost accelerometer ICs which is based on capacitive principle. Accelerometer based Tilt sensor ADXL335 is used in this paper, based on MEMS technology and the project emphasis on the development of the MEMS based accelerometer to measure the tilt, interfacing the hardware with the LabVIEW and showing the 3D rotation to the user, which is in his understandable form and tilt data can be saved in the computer. It provides an experience of working on emerging technologies like MEMS and design software like LabVIEW.

      Anusha R, Dr.N.Rama

Abstract: The increase of advancement of information technology in the present world has been found that the educators and students make use of the technologies and applications for teaching and learning purposes. There are often no formal guidelines to assist with evaluating apps. The development of various mobile applications (apps), tablet computing, game-based learning, personal learning environments, and natural user interfaces helps in learning and teaching the concepts. Implementing these apps makes the process of education more innovative and interesting and even results in increase in the interest of the students.

      Abubaker Haroun Mohamed Adam, Elhag A.M.H and Salih, Abdelrahim . M, Suzan adam

Abstract: The objective of this study is to quantify the lad deterioration in Al Rawasha area in Gedaref State - Sudan. Owing to the availability of vast potential cultivable arable land, good amount of seasonal rainfall, and favourable climatic conditions, Sudan, was qualified to be one of the leading countries in food production worldwide (World Breadbasket). Therefore, rain-fed mechanized farming which was introduced in the 1945 in Al Gedaref area, had rapidly expanded horizontal in the clay plain across the country.

      Shasi Bhusan Singh, Rajendra Murmu, Dr Upendra Prasad

Abstract: In an industry, number of electrical equipments are connected at different locations of the plant. It is difficult to monitor all the parameters of every equipment continuously, also collection of such numerous information and analysis is time consuming. The Wireless Industrial Surveillance System using real time operating system (RTOS) is an application designed to monitor the individual device or parameter at the time of requirement. This is a kind of wireless sensor networking used in supervisory control system. It can be designed with a single cluster sensor polled by the central monitoring station for its status and also the control operation of stand by device can be made from the control room.

      Pathirathna ML

Abstract: Breastfeeding is an unequalled way of providing optimal and complete nutrition for the healthy growth and development of infants. Even though the Sri Lankan mothers increasingly choosing to breastfeed their babies, the rates of exclusive breast feeding for first six months still remain low. The purpose of this study was to determine the prevalence of exclusive breastfeeding practice in Gangawatakoralaya MOH area in Sri Lanka. The study variables were the mother occupation, level of education, parity and the sex of the baby.


Abstract: Today managing conflicts and stresses in organizations became a prudent factor for gearing the journey of organizational success. Due to the fact of inevitability of conflicts and stresses (Gultekin et al.2011) it is vitalto study the factors which affect the level of conflicts and stresses since root cause of the conflicts and stresses are incompatible goals of the individuals (Galtun, 1973).Numerous studies examined the role of personality and its interaction with situational demands to the perceived stress and ways of coping with stress (Costa, Somerfield, & McCrae, 1996). Meanwhile, the studies on work- family conflicts (Greenhaus & Beutell ,1985) elaborated three dimensions; time-based, strain-based, and behavior-based conflicts.

      Vincent Lal , C. Anand Deva Durai

Abstract: The purpose of this paper is to show the survey study done on the optimization algorithms for the Flexible Job Shop Scheduling Problem. There are many algorithms that have been used for finding the optimal solution of Flexible Job Shop Scheduling Problem. Here the Multi Objective aspects have been also taken into consideration. The FJS problem has already been proved an NP hard problem. Pareto optimality principal enriches the solution with the ease of finding the optimal solution.

      Aishwary Agrawal, Damodar Tiwari, Dr. Shailendra Singh

Abstract: A mobile ad-hoc network (MANET) is autonomous, self organizing and self-configuring network with the capability of rapid deployment in response to application needs. In our simulation we use DSR (dynamic source routing) that provide MANET route request flood and maintenance of routing but one is the measure challenge is energy issue in mobile ad-hoc network, because mobile node are energy constraint devices, In this paper we proposed LEACH and DSR routing and find-out reliable path (higher energy base route selection), in our proposal LEACH generate cluster and gives information about energy of each cluster belongs zone and if energy of an of the node is higher so LEACH select that particular node for data transmission that work increases the reliability to the communication, in this paper we also analyze the result in the form of network parameter like throughput, packet delivery ratio, energy consumption via node and routing overhead.

      Anupsingh Thakur, Omkar Gogate, Gaurav N. Chaudhari, D. N Jagtap

Abstract: 5-enolpyruvylshikimate 3-phosphate (EPSP) synthase, an enzyme used in biosynthesis of aromatic amino acids in plants, many bacteria, and microbes, is a prime target for drugs and herbicides. The herbicide glyphosate (N-phosphonomethyl glycine) is a potent reversible inhibitor of the 5-enolpyruvylshikimate-3-phosphate (EPSP) synthase activity as it is competitive with respect to phosphoenolpyruvate and uncompetitive with respect to shikimate-3-phosphate. It is important to study this enzyme for elucidation of the active site of EPSP synthase and especially of the binding pattern of glyphosate provides a valuable roadmap for engineering new herbicides and herbicide-resistant crops, as well as new antibiotic and antiparasitic drugs.

      Vinod Kumar Chauhan

Abstract: Smoke testing is an end-to-end testing which determine the stability of new build by checking the crucial functionality of the application under test and used as criteria of accepting the new build for detailed testing.


Abstract: Web service plays an important role in e-business and e-commerce applications. A web service applications are interoperable and can work on any platform, large scale distributed systems can be established easily. The selection of most suitable web service is very crucial for successful execution of applications due to the rapid growth of web service providers in the Internet. Researchers have proposed various techniques for service discovery like ranking and clustering the web services.

      Dr. K.N.P.Kumar, Prof. B.S .Kiranagi, Prof. J.S.Sadananda, Prof. S.K. Narasimha Murthy

Abstract: An outlook of Hierarchial problem is taken. Proposed circumventions are reviewed. Systems created and differentiated to study stability and Solutional behaviour.

      Ngerebara O. D., Youdeowei P.

Abstract: The mechanical properties of five different rock types from south-eastern Nigeria were determined through uniaxial compressive strength (UCS) test, point load strength test, impact strength index test and natural density test. The results were correlated by using correlation coefficient and regression analyses. The equation of the best-fit line, and the correlation coefficient were determined for each regression. Among the four rock properties correlated in terms of drillability (penetration rate) of percussive or rotary drilling rig, the uniaxial compressive strength, the impact strength index and natural density are found to be the dominant properties affecting penetration rate of rotary drills.

      Swapnil D. Badgujar, Gourab Talukdar, Omkar Gondhalekar, Mrs. S.Y. Kulkarni

Abstract: Gestures are a major form of human communication. Hence gestures can be found to be an appealing way to interact with computers, since they are already a natural part of how people communicate. A primary goal of gesture recognition is to create a system which can identify specific human gestures and use them to convey information for controlling device and by implementing real time gesture recognition a user can control a computer by doing a specific gesture in front of a video camera which is linked to the computer.

      Hashibul Alam

Abstract: A rectangular microstrip patch antenna was designed on three layer substrate for ultra wide band (UWB) wireless communications system. The proposed UWB antenna simply consists of a rectangular patch with microstrip line feeding and on three layer substrate. Where used substrate permittivity is 2.2, 2.33 and 4.4, that is placed on the ground plane. The proposed rectangular microstrip patch antenna was simulated which covers the range of 6.9 to 8.7 GHz. Here study the graph of return loss, input impedance, 2D radiation pattern and 3D radiation pattern.

      Suchita Singh, Sanchita Singh, R. M. Mishra, Mahesh Pal Shrivastava

Abstract: Herbals plants are effective source of traditional and modern medicines, useful for primary health care. Plants are richest source of bioactive organic chemicals on earth. The active metabolites like Phytochemicals from the medicinal plants were under exploration for the development of novel and biodegradable effective drugs as an alternative to the ineffective contemporary medicine. Calotropis gigantea has great medicinal importance to treat fever, indigestion, cold, cough, cardio tonic, asthma, scabies etc. Phytochemical properties of leaf of Calotropis gigantea obtained from methanol and petroleum ether extracts were investigated .The results suggest that the Phytochemical properties of the leaf for using various ailments.

      Vikram Shende

Abstract: The automobile industry today is the most lucrative industry. Due to increase in disposable income in both rural and urban sector and availability of easy finance are the main drivers of high volume car segments. Further competition is heating up with host of new players coming in and global brands like Porsche, Bentley, and Ferrari all set to venture in Indian market. This research will be helpful for the existing and new entrant car manufacturing companies in India to find out the customer expectations and their market offerings. Indian Automobile car business is influenced by the presence of many national and multinational manufacturers.

      B.Balanaga karthik, P.Selvakumar, C.Thangavelu

Abstract: With the objective of developing a new eco-friendly inhibitor formulation for the corrosion of carbon steel on neutral aqueous solution containing 60 ppm Cl-. The phosphonic acid {diethylenetriamine penta(methylene phosphonic acid)}(DTPMP) was chosen as the inhibitor, which gives the inhibition efficiency of 93%. Many phosphonic acids are used as good corrosion inhibitors like ATMP, HEDP and DTPMP etc. Among which we have used the DTPMP as a potent corrosion inhibitor for this study. Because it contains number hetero atoms like Oxygen and Nitrogen. The Sodium potassium Tartrate (SPT) which is an environment friendly and used as the first synergist, Zn2+ may be second synergist so it may used as a ternary inhibitor system. When DTPMP used alone shows some inhibition efficiency. If we combine with the formulation of 60 ppm Cl-, 50 ppm DTPMP, 25 ppm SPT, and 10 ppm Zn2+, it gives maximum inhibition efficiency. From FTIR spectra it was observed that the protective film is formed on the metal surface. EIS spectra also confirms the formation of protective film on the metal.

      Nobert Thomas Pallath, Tessamma Thomas, S. Suresh

Abstract: In this paper the effectiveness of a novel method of computer assisted pedicle screw insertion was studied using testing of hypothesis procedure with a sample size of 48. Pattern recognition based on geometric features of markers on the drill has been performed on real time optical video obtained from orthogonally placed CCD cameras. The study reveals the exactness of the calculated position of the drill using navigation based on CT image of the vertebra and real time optical video of the drill. The significance value is 0.424 at 95% confidence level which indicates good precision with a standard mean error of only 0.00724. The virtual vision method is less hazardous to both patient and the surgeon.

      Dr.Satish Chaturvedi

Abstract: With the inception of World War II British Empire in India and His Majesty Government in the House of Commons, London showed some conditional readiness to address the problems of constitutional crisis and political impasse in India. Britain was in a dire need to win India’s support in her War related efforts to combat the Axis forces. Taking ongoing World War II as blessing in disguise Indian National Congress started bargaining with the British government to further her interest of complete independence. Establishment of Interim government in the year 1946 was a natural outcome of the same.

      Mai.M.A.Hassan, Bakri. M. Ahmed, Sayda Mahgoub

Abstract: Fire in one of the factors that affect the vegetation cover in low rainfall savannah, so this study was carried out to examine the effect of fire on Acaica seyal forests soil and also to test its accumulative effects. The results showed that the Nitrogen, Organic carbon, Phosphorus and pH were not affected with fire .But Phosphorus and pH were decreased through seasons while Nitrogen, Organic carbon were not affected with seasons.

      Dr. Archana Maurya, Dr. Sonal Arya

Abstract: (I) To study factors association with Antepartum hemorrhage, (II) To study maternal morbidity and mortality due to A.P.H, (III) To study perinatal outcome in A.P.H

      M S Kale, N T Talele , D S Bhavsar

Abstract: The (CdS)0.8Se0.2 thin films were prepared through using thermal evaporation technique onto rotating microscopic glass substrate. The obtaind samples are studied by X-ray Diffraction (XRD), Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM), Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM), and UV-VIS Spectroscopy. The micro structural futures are obtained with help of XRD pattern, which confirms the films are polycrystalline in nature having hexagonal structure. The AFM images revealed that, sample consists of well defined nano sized grains with almost uniform size distribution. SEM observation depicts the uniform distribution of grains and all the grains are spherical in nature. The absorbance spectrum exhibits absorption to be dominating mainly in visible spectrum. The variation of optical band gap was represented as a function of thickness.

      Dr. Jamal Akhtar, Sarah Kazmi Rizvi

Abstract: Positivity refers to the degree to which something is positive or the quality or state of being positive. Positivity is that which accepts the world as it is, takes inspiration from it and sees the brighter side of it.

      Sakshi Bhatia, Sanjeev Rana , Rajneesh Kumar Gujral

Abstract: Wireless Ad hoc Networks TCP wrongly attributes packet losses due to the high Bit Error Rate (BER) location-dependent contention, unidirectional links, dynamic topology and the inherent fading properties of the wireless channel to as congestion. It causes an overall degradation of throughput; it especially affects connections with a large number of hops, where link failures are more likely. A number of cross layer solutions such as TCP-F, TCP-ELFN, ATCP, TCP-Bus and SPLIT-TCP has been proposed.

      Aruna Kalkur T., Aruna Rao K.

Abstract: Coefficient of variation (C.V) is widely used as a measure of dispersion in applied research. C.V is unit less and thus facilitates the comparison of variability in two or more groups. Several tests have been proposed in the past for testing equality of C.Vs of two independent normal distributions. In plant sciences, medical sciences several characteristics of the plant or the subjects are to be compared regarding the variability and the samples are correlated. In this paper six tests are proposed for testing equality of C.Vs of a Bivariate normal distribution. The asymptotic null distribution of the entire test statistic is Chi-square distribution with 1 degree of freedom. The adequacy of the Chi-square approximation for finite samples is examined using simulation.

      Shivani Hiwarekar, A. R. Tayal, Ravindra Kale

Abstract: Wireless data transmission consumes a significant part of the overall energy consumption of smartphones, due to the popularity of Internet applications. The proposed method investigate the energy consumption characteristics of data transmission over Wi-Fi, focusing on user characteristics. The focus is on current and previous data usage profile of the user to optimize data usage of Wi-Fi by modeling energy consumption. Previous data usage profile will be tracked based on parameters such as time, battery usage etc. The background service will create a usage profile of a user to collect the data used by the user. This tracked information can be used to toggle the Wi-Fi on or off in order to reduce the battery consumption in smartphones. The proposed method enables effective battery usage by reducing useless battery consumption and detects abnormal battery usage by comparing operating times between normal and abnormal states.

      Ch. Raghumani Singh , Mithra Dey

Abstract: Unscientific disposal of municipal solid wastes from different sources pollutes the environment. The present paper tries to find out the pollution level of surface water of river Nambul and surface water quality at the very vicinity of the disposal site at Lamphelpat. River Nambul is one of the important rivers passing through the heart of the Imphal municipality. Three sampling sites have been taken along this river one at the entrance of the municipality (upstream), at the middle and the other at the outgoing of the municipality (downstream). The fourth site is near the solid waste disposal site. The parameters taken for the analysis using the standard methods are air temperature, water temperature, transparency, conductivity, pH, TDS, alkalinity, hardness, calcium, magnesium, chloride, dissolved oxygen and BOD. The study has been carried out on monthly basis during April, 2010 to March, 2012.

      Swarup Santra

Abstract: Economic Indicators alone cannot capture the totality of Quality of Life (QOL). The Most acceptable Measure of QOL is the Human Development Index (HDI) of UNDP . HDI is a composite Index of three Indicators of three essential dimensions of life. These three indicators are of per capita GDP adjusted to purchasing power, life expectancy at birth, and adult literacy rate (including the gross school enrolment ratios).

      A.Ragu, K.Senthilarasan, P.Sakthivel

Abstract: In this study, a new kind of nano hydroxyapatite (nHAp) / polyurethane (PU) nano composite were fabricated for potential use in teeth and bone tissue engineering. Nano hydroxyapatite was successfully synthesized by wet chemical precipitation method. In this work, hydroxyapatite/polyurethane nano composites were synthesized and characterization of the compound were done by using Fourier transform infrared (FTIR), X-ray diffraction (XRD), scanning electron microscopy (SEM), energy dispersive spectrum (EDS).

      Mohamed Sageer T. K., Dr. A.T. Francis

Abstract: Palm leaves occupy a significant place among the manuscripts available in the state of Kerala. As any part of the world, palm leaves were one of the main and important sources for writing before the advent of paper in the southern region of India. Due to the absence of a proper solution for the storage of data in bulk, over the past years, thousands of palm leaf manuscripts were perished even without retaining a copy or image for future use. Being a solution for the problem, a study was conducted to find out whether the digital archiving is a solution for preserving the contents of the palm leaf manuscripts and what are the prevailing issues in digitizing the manuscripts as a whole. The paper also discussing the major reasons for the deterioration of palm leaf manuscripts, how they can be preserved and what are the factors necessitating the digital archiving.

      Isita Bose, Debashis Mishra, Bishwojyoti Pradhan and Utpal Chandra De

Abstract: This paper mainly focuses on image enhancement technique using soft computing approach like fuzzy sets. Image enhancement primarily covers noise detection and reduction from digital color image. To overcome the color disorder on edge and texture pixel, here each color component of a pixel is correlated to the other two corresponding color components of the same pixel. Here filtering is applied to only the corrupted pixels found by the fuzzy approach to improve the complexity and to avoid the color disorder at edges. An experimental result shows that the proposed method in this paper provides significant improvement as compared to the other non-fuzzy and fuzzy filters.


Abstract: Anita Desai second novel, Voices in the City, which was published in 1965 and which won Sahitya Akedami Award in 1978 has received adequate critical response. The title of the novel made critics to debate on the point whether Nirode or the city of Calcutta may be called the hero of the novel. Voices in the City is the unforgettable story of a Bohemian brother and his two sisters caught in the cross currents of changing social values.

      Dr.H S Ramesh Babu,Urmila Dey

Abstract: 6LoWPAN consists of low power devices hat conform to IEEE 802.15.4 and uses the address scheme of IPV6. It is defined by IETF. It enables the integration of IPV6 and low power devices in a personal area network. We need this new technology in order to combine various low power heterogeneous networks and enable the embedded devices to communicate with the Internet based devices. The devices connected in the 6LoWPAN network need to route packets and transfer data and thus consider efficient routing as a major concern. Issues relating to the routing requirements and the various protocols in the area of routing in 6LoWPAN are presented in this survey.

      Nitin Anand

Abstract: Business Intelligence (BI) is considered to have a high impact on businesses. Research activity has risen in the last years. An important part of BI systems is a well performing implementation of the Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) process. In typical BI projects, implementing the ETL process can be the task with the greatest effort.

      Harshal Kolhe, Saurabh Upankar, Mukesh Atone, Sanjay kamade

Abstract: GPS Is increasingly being used for a wide range of applications. So we make an attempt to develop a Project that has the capability to store and review where a user and his Android device has been to. The application NAVIGATOR tracks the person’s co-ordinate location and traces the path where his android device has been to. Basically the press record at the start of his trip and the phone stores the route he takes. This route is drawn real-time on the Maps functionality of Android or in the background with an idle device. The route is stored on the phone for review and further use. The applications tracks location by GPS, hence the name is NAVIGATOR.

      Imran Zamin, Junaid Ali Shah, Ijaz Khan, Abdul majid, Malik Mujadd ur Rehman, Zirba Malik, Hina Hyder, Jaweria Bibi, Mahnoor, Beenish Naz

Abstract: The research was assessed to evaluate the efficacy of crude extract of Zizipus jujuba against selected bacterial strains. The extract of Zizipus jujuba leaves was obtained by three different methods and the inhibition zones obtained through disc diffusion method. A decent antibacterial activity of Zizipus jujuba leaves crude extract of cold water and ethanol was found against Salmonella typhimurium and Staphylococcus aereus. Maximum zone of inhibition through cold water extract was obtained by Enterococcus feacalis (32mm) followed by Staphylococcus aureus (28mm), Salmonella typhimurium (27.52), Klebsilla pneumonia (19mm) and Escherichia coli (19mm).

      Dr. Amar Jayanthi. A, Dr. Sajna MV, Dr. Arunkumar K G

Abstract: Variations in the morphology of biceps brachii muscle and its motor nerve , the musculocutaneous nerve have been studied extensively. The infero medial type of accessory third head of biceps and anastomoses between musculocutaneous and median nerve are the most common and frequent of all the reported variations. Studies describing existence of the said anomalies are few in literature. The aim of this study is to analyse the correlation between the most common reported anomaly of biceps and its motor nerve.

      Dr. Mandira Sikdar, Ms.Sohini Vaniya

Abstract: Environment Protection and its preservation is today the major concern all over the world. The changes in environment prove that all human activities are inter-connected. While the scientific and technological progress of man has invested him with immense power over nature, it has also resulted in the reckless use of the power, and endless encroachment of nature. Some of the environmental issues of concern a decade ago were acid rain, stratospheric ozone layer depletion and global warming.

      Shoji Lal Bairwa, Abhishek Kalia, L. K. Meena, Kerobim Lakra and Saket Kushwaha

Abstract: Agribusiness management education is a discipline of blend of economic, agriculture, business (commerce) and management principles. Agribusiness management field is of very recent origin and gaining rapid popularity among students as carrier choice. The agribusiness program is planned to develop management workforce to cater agricultural Industry which serves as a good option for the students willing to perform in corporate sector. Agribusiness management education has great opportunities of employment for agrigraduates in private, governmental and cooperative sector.

      Ezejindu D. N., Nwokoro Tochukwu, Akingboye A. J.

Abstract: Caroteniods, the colorful plant pigments some of which the body can turn into Vitamin A, are powerful antioxidants that help prevent some forms of cancer, heart diseases and act to enhance immune response to infections. The aim of this study is to investigate the effects of oral administration of carotenoid on the kidney of adult wistar rats. Twenty healthy wistar rats weighing between 150-210Kg were used. They were divided into four groups (A, B, C & D) of five animals each. Group A served as the control and received 0.35ml of distilled water; the experimental groups B, C & D were orally treated with 0.4ml, 0.5ml and 0.6ml of carotenoid respectively for twenty one days. Twenty four hours after the last administration, the animals were weighed, anaesthetized using chloroform inhalation method and dissected.

      Dr.M.Shahul Hameedu M.Com, MBA, PGDHRM, Ph.D

Abstract: Globalization and liberalisation brings lots of new innovative products to the world, Foreign Direct Investment is the one among this, also there are number of different forms of FDI is available currently. Recently, Government of India allowed FDI in different sectors of Indian economy. But several opposition parties are making it a political issue in parliament on these policy decisions and amendments. With a view to infuse globally acceptable best practices, modern management skills and latest technology, it has been decided to allow foreign investment in India. The objective of the present study is to provide a skeleton on foreign direct investment with the scene of different sectors. It also point out the sector-wise distribution of FDI inflow to know about which has concerned with the chief share. The present study is based on secondary data collected from different sources. This paper also tries to find out the scenario and role and Scope of Foreign Direct Investment in India.

      Vivek Dixit

Abstract: I would prefer to start with this wonderful quote said by Albert Einstein Imagination is more important than knowledge. Yes ofcourse; action is the byproduct of our thought or imagination comes first than action. Lets look back into history, from the very past mankind is getting benefitted from Science & technology,housands of great inventions by prominent heroes of the earth, and society has given them special honor and privilege. They have truly changed the face of life, but that was the era of few scientists who contributed individually.

      Kushagra Varma, Mayank Chaurasia, Prasenjit Shukla, Tariq Ahmed

Abstract: Buildings are found to be both, one of the biggest consumer of energy and producer of greenhouse gases. It has become a global issue. According to the National Institute of Building Sciences(USA), buildings generate 35 percent of the carbon dioxide (the primary greenhouse gas associated with climate change), 49 percent of the sulphur dioxide, and 25 percent of the nitrogen oxide found in the air. Since buildings are accountable for this scenario, it has imposed an immediate requirement to not only think of, but implement sustainability in every new construction instantly. This will render us a sustained environment and a healthy ecosystem. Green Buildings are buildings that subscribe to the principle of conscientious handling of natural resources, which means causing as little environmental interference as possible, using environment friendly materials, requires low operational energy, utilizes renewable sources of energy to fulfil its requirements, follows high-quality and longevity as a guideline for construction and last but not least, must be economically viable. Albeit the problem is common in developing nations. The paper focuses on green design as a vital transformation of contemporary architecture practiced in developing nations. It endeavours to present some environmental and physical design approaches for green buildings in promptly developing countries chiefly India. In this regard, the study presents hands on analysis of basics and principles of green architecture, theories and viewpoints outlined in the field and also the analysis of efficacious cases of environment friendly buildings in India.

      Kujur Preeti Nancy, Pal Arnab, Pooja

Abstract: In the present days of e-commerce and social engineering the use of recommendation system is one of the most relevant issue. Several IT giants like Amazon, Facebook use highly developed recommender system to serve the users in a better method. So, Recommendation Algorithms are one of the most important topics in Data Science and Social Engineering. Here we used a recommendation system in a Technological Discussion Forum where users can post any relevant question related to different genres like, Programming Languages, Operating System, Artificial Intelligence etc. and we are building a recommendation system based on the user activities. With the advancement in the process of learning via Internet lead learners to an Internet Forums. As they are getting interested in Group Discussions, it’s the best and huge platform to share our knowledge among different perspective to make it more lucid. In this paper, we have created a website, Technical Forum where our main objective is to make Recommendation System operative with our own algorithms.

      A.Pasupathy, S.Nirmala, P.Sakthivel, G.Abirami and M.Raja

Abstract: In this work, the extract of Allium Sativum was examined as a green corrosion inhibitor for zinc in 0.5N H2SO4 by using weight loss, gasometric and thermometric methods. Results indicated that the extract of Allium Sativum performed as a very good corrosion inhibitor for the corrosion of zinc. The inhibition efficiency increases with the increase in the extract concentration. The adsorption of the inhibitor molecules on the zinc metal surface obeyed Temkin adsorption isotherm.

      K.Sasireka, Dr.K.Raja

Abstract: Cloud Computing provides a good model for the providers to deploy the computing infrastructure and applications on-demand. It offers greater flexibility to users by connecting to various computing resources and allowing access to IT enabled services. But it has the risk of privacy of user data and security. Thus security among the users of cloud is the most important concern. One of the security issue in cloud computing is data mining based attacks, which involves that the data can be analyzed continuously by an unanonymous person to get the valuable information. Using the single cloud provider this is a major problem among the clients in the cloud, because the outside attacker can analyze their data for a long time to gain the sensitive information. In this paper, we have given the data mining based attacks on cloud data and a method to prevent the attacks.

      Shweta Chaudhary, Prof. A. L. Wanare

Abstract: Removing noise from original image is still a challenging problem for researchers. There have been several published algorithm and each approach has its assumptions, advantages and disadvantages. Markov Random Field is n-dimensional random process defined on a on a discrete lattice. Markov Random Field is a new branch of probability theory that promises to be important both in theory and application of probability. This paper is an attempt to present the basic idea of the subject and its application in image denoising to the wider audience. In this paper, a novel approach for image denoising is introduced using ICM (Iterated Conditional Modes) approach of Markov Random Fields model.

      Bheemavathi.A, K.Durga, Swarnalata Gowrishankar

Abstract: The purpose of this study is to evaluate whether glomerular C4d deposition can be a useful marker of disease activity in lupus nephritis. This is a 2 years study conducted from May 2010 to April 2012. Renal biopsies from 40 patients diagnosed as lupus nephritis are taken . Lupus nephritis incidence is more common in females (90%) and the mean patient age is 26±12.9 years. The most common clinical presentation of lupus nephritis is nephrotic syndrome (67.5%). Lupus nephritis cases are classified according to ISN/RPS 2003. Class I-2 cases, class II-4 cases, class III-3 cases, class IV-12, class V-11, class VI-1, class V+IV-5 and class V+III-2 cases. Full house pattern of immunoflourescence is seen in 50% of the cases. C4d - complement factor 4 breakdown product is detected by immunohistochemistry. It showed positivity in 70% of the cases. Analysis of C4d deposition with histological activity index is done, which is not significant statistically (p value 0.4).

      Jamale Supriya, Prajkta Jamdade, Kedar Mohini, Asawari Kulkarni

Abstract: Resource Management in wireless is concerned with a system in which the main aim is to make sure that a user/client can access the remote resources with as much ease as it can access the local resources. The basis of Resource Management is also resource sharing. The main goal of this project is to ease the sharing of resources among mobile users. We are going to implement a Peer to Peer system where files are our prime resources. Any two mobile nodes within a network can access their resources provided they are authenticated. A graphical user interface is made available at each peer for registering itself to the network, for searching required file and if found, displaying its contents. In our proposed system we are implementing resource sharing (file, image etc.) security by authentication, fast query solving in wireless environment.

      Paras Jain, Devendra Rao, Vikas Bansal

Abstract: Increasing strength of students’ day-by-day over worldwide is a big challenge for any education institution to manage them. From past few years individuals with disabilities also shown their interest to obtain meaningful education like others, but due to their limitations they are unable to get the complete benefits of these learning technologies or tools as a non-disabled individual does. A strong need was felt to produce a solution in form of some utility to enhance the capabilities of such individuals so that they can participate in activities of life, getting education opportunities or make their life simpler or easier. This paper proposes an E-learning utility which primarily targets people with hearing, vision or learning impairment as a possibility of alleviating the problem faced by persons with such disabilities and it will definitely be improvise the Distance learning concept.

      A.Pasupathy, S.Nirmala, P.Sakthivel, G.Abirami and M.Raja

Abstract: The efficiency of dibutyl sulphide as zinc corrosion inhibitor in 0.5N HCl and 0.5N H2SO4 was studied by the conventional weight loss and gasometry methods. Results obtained from this study revealed that dibutyl sulphide exhibited good inhibiting action. The inhibition efficiency of dibutyl sulphide increased with the increase in inhibitor concentration. The inhibitor obeyed Temkin adsorption isotherm.

      A.Pasupathy, S.Nirmala, P.Sakthivel, G.Abirami and M.Raja

Abstract: Weight loss and gasometry methods were employed to evaluate the inhibition efficiency of tartrazine dye as zinc corrosion inhibitor in 0.5 N H2SO4 . The results showed that the tartrazine dye is a very good inhibitor in 0.5N H2SO4. The dye exhibited more than 85% inhibition efficiency at a concentration of 30mM. The inhibition efficiency of the dye increased with the increase in the concentration of the dye. The adsorption of the dye obeyed Temkin adsorption isotherm.


Abstract: The floodplain Wetlands are considered as biologically sensitive areas and provide excellent nursery grounds for several fish species besides a host of other fauna and flora The Nahotia (open type) and Potiasola (closed type) Wetlands are located in the geographical ordinates of (26048/-26049/N and 94012/-94013/ E, open Beel) and (26048/-26049/N and 94008/-94010/ E, closed Beel). Investigation on the Wetlands was pursued from January 2005 to December 2007.TheWetlands are situated in the North east of Jorhat town, Assam.

      Rujab Muchahary

Abstract: The Bodos are known by different names in different places. In North Bengal they are known as Mech, in Nepal as Meche, in the Brahmaputra valley of Assam as Boro or Bodo. Racially they are the people of Mongoloid origin and linguistically to the Tibeto-Burman branch of Sino-Tibetan language family. Lexical variations can be observed among the Boro speakers of different geographical areas. As such there are variations in the lexicon among the Boro speakers of North Bengal and Assam. In this paper, a study will be made on the lexicon variation of the Mech dialect of North Bengal and standard dialect of Boro spoken in Assam.

      V.Abinayaa, Anagha Jayan

Abstract: This paper conveys more information about communication modules like RF, Bluetooth and Zigbee in industrial applications. In this paper, an overall comparison of these modules on the basis of their industrial applications and characteristics such as standard, bandwidth, battery life, data rate, and maximum transmission range etc.

      Bernardus Sandjaja, Nur Nasry Noor, A Arsunan Arsin and Armyn Nurdin

Abstract: Keerom regency is the most prevalent malaria in Papua (17.7%). Malaria prevention addressed to the people who lived in Keerom. Hence, it is necessary to start preventing people before entering Keerom. This study aimed to develop a kind of device called scoring system that could be used as a primordial prevention. Methods: A prospective cohort prognostic study followed 606 subjects for three months to find out the malaria dominant risk factors. Prior to constructing a scoring system, bivariate analysis using chi square and multivariate logistic regressions were applied in this study. Results: Among 15 identified risk factors (namely sex, age, ethnic group, education, duration of stay at Keerom, nutritional status, socio economic status, forest activity, drug prevention, using insecticide, using insecticide treated nets, night time activity, animals around the house, the distant of breeding places and health centers from house), respectively, only 6 risk factors considered as dominant risk factors. The dominant risk factors are socio economic status (RR 1,430 95% CI 1,025- 1,995), night time activity (RR 1,624 95% CI 1,030-2,561), sex (RR 1,543 95% CI 1,116-2,133), forest activity (RR 0,587 95% CI 0,369-0,943), nutritional status (RR 1,405 95% CI 1,017-1,941) and duration of stay at Keerom (RR 2,519 95% CI 1,462-4,340), respectively. The scoring system was constructed based on dominant risk factors and could be used to predict malaria occurrence according to someone’s characteristics and conditions. Calibration and discrimination test showed that scoring system was a reliable tool (Hosmer Lemeshow test p = 0,337 and AUC 0,633 (95% CI 0,580-0,687)). However there were only 57% risk factors could be included in the system. Therefore it is necessary to take into a consideration to enhance the system by including others risk factors such as genetic and climate risk factors. Conclusion: The scoring system usually used in clinical setting, but it could be used in public

      Hellena Mohamed Mushi

Abstract: This paper intends to explore the most important dynamics that impact individuals decision toward accepting and adopting a mobile service. The overall objective of this is to identify several mobile service characteristics which have were not previously discussed in traditional acceptance theories. It will then be easier to differentiate the importance of service characteristics over the concepts in traditional acceptance theories. Moreover, the discussion sheds some light to our understating regarding the individual IT acceptance.

      Garima Pandey, Diksha Dani

Abstract: Android is now the most used mobile operating system in the world. Android now has more users, more phones and more tablets worldwide than any other mobile operating system. The Google Play app store has been growing at breakneck speed and with almost as many apps as the Apple app store. This, for entrepreneurs and developers, is the chance of a lifetime to make even more money and reach an even broader audience base. This paper gives a complete knowledge of how to start working on eclipse and develop an application and get it run on emulator.

      Y Prabhavathi, N T Krishna Kishore, M. Ramesh Kumar

Abstract: Fast food industry is one of the world’s fastest growing sectors in food industry. However, over a period of time, with a growth in the number of nuclear families, economic growth and increasing per capita income as well as globalization, fast food culture gained prominence in India. The study reveals that absence of healthy menu, no new varieties of fast food and slow delivery time were major problems perceived by the consumers in fast food restaurants. it could be inferred that absence of healthy menu, no new varieties of fast food and slow delivery time were major problems perceived by the consumers in fast food restaurants.

      Y Prabhavathi, N T Krishna Kishore, M. Ramesh Kumar

Abstract: - Fast food industry is one of the world’s fastest growing sectors in food industry. However, over a period of time, with a growth in the number of nuclear families, economic growth and increasing per capita income as well as globalization, fast food culture gained prominence in India. The study reveals that. The average visits made by the sample respondents was three times in a month and that young consumer lifestyle trend consists of taste, convenience and seeking alternate food items which formed the major reasons for consuming fast food. Analysis on reasons behind eating fast food by the sample respondents revealed that taste (56 per cent) is major reason to consume fast food followed by convenience (15 per cent) and alternate to home food (11 per cent).They also expressed that relaxation and wider variety of menu were the other reasons to consume fast food.

      A.L. Rantetampang and Anwar Mallongi

Abstract: The use of biomass in Honai indoor (traditional house ) in Wamena has been done for decades and became a habit honai dwellers. Because of the cold temperatures community burns Kasuari wood to warm their body. As a result , they continue to inhale sulfur dioxide (SO2) and contaminated air in the room which can lead to various diseases. This study aims to analyze the level of indoor air contamination honai based on the SO2 parameters, measuring the level of contamination and inhalation lung vital capacity of honai dwellers. Samples were collected from 30 Honai house before and after modification by measuring the concentration of SO2 levels. Similarly, 30 respondents occupants of Honai house measured for their lung vital capacity and the level of their air inhalation. SO2 samples were collected using midget impinger technique and concentration were measured using Pararosaniline - spectrophotometry. In addition, lung vital capacity was measured using spirometry while personal inhalation measured by the Personal inhalation tool.

      Vitthalrao Khyade

Abstract: ALFRED P. WOLF WAS born in Manhattan on February 13, 1923. Al was the son of Margarete and Josef Wolf, who had emigrated from Germany before World War I. Josef Wolf had been a pastry chef on a German cruise ship, and when World War I broke out his ship could not go back to Germany.

      M. L. Harikumaran Nair, K. P. Lalitha

Abstract: Some novel manganese(III) complexes with the ligand 2,3-dimethyl-1-phenyl-4-(3-methoxy-2-phenyl azo)5-pyrazolone, GAAP, guaiacol azoantipyrine, L, having the formulae [Mn(L)2(X)3], [Mn(L)2(Y)2Cl], where X = Cl-/ NO3-/ClO4-; Y = NCS- were synthesized and characterized by elemental analysis, molar conductance and magnetic susceptibility measurements and spectral ( IR, UV- Visible, FAB- mass) studies. The ligand was characterized by elemental analysis and spectral (IR, UV- Visible, 1HNMR,) studies. The X-ray diffraction study of the complex [Mn(L)2(Cl)3] indicated that it is not perfectly crystalline. The electrochemical properties of the complex [Mn(L)2(Cl)3] was investigated by cyclic voltammetry. Based on elemental analyses, thermo gravimetric and FAB- mass studies of the complexes a seven coordinate structure is tentatively proposed for the complexes.

      Ndondo Shepherd , Daniel Mhlanga

Abstract: The African communitarian way of life, unhu/ubuntu, has suffered unprecedented decline in recent years. This is mainly attributed to cultural pluralism. Notwithstanding the decline in morality, unhu/ubuntu still exists. The essentials of unhu/ubuntu must continually get emphasis from societal institutions. It is for this cause that this paper seeks to justify the use of philosophy for children model in schools to foster unhu/ubuntu. A brief account of unhu/ubuntu will be given. The philosophy for children model will be discussed relative to ubuntu. Lastly the paper will suggest ways of employing philosophy for children to revive unhu/ubuntu.

      Samuel Ojode Oluoch

Abstract: Information technology users are increasingly dependent on mobile devices while computers are stationed in offices and cyber cafes. Most of these mobile devices like smartphones use location applications such as Google maps for reporting their locations. With computers in offices and cyber cafes, and people able to log in to other accounts in their mobile devices, it is likely that a trusted workmate who gets access to your authentication credentials i.e. user name and password to use them to access, interfere, or copy your work in your absence. With the mobile device able to report your location, security can be improved by integrating location based intelligence with password authentication. This technique works by comparing the location of a person’s mobile device and where the log in attempt is being made. If the two match then log in succeeds but if the two locations are different, log in does not succeed.

      Kofi Adu – Boahen, Mensah Abeashie Emmanuel, Kissah-Korsah Kwaku, Adams Osman

Abstract: People living along lake Bosomtwe basin in Ghana relies largely on fishing in the lake and farming on the marginal lands. The relationship between the land use practices in the catchments, people livelihood and the lake fishing environment is fascinating, because of the belief that the catchment forests and streams help make the lake basin a rich habitat. However, recent human activities and shoreline changes of the lake are believed to have subjected the catchment areas to undue deforestation from uncoordinated farming practices. The unparalleled degradation of the catchments has disrupted the fish ecology, hence dwindling livelihood opportunities. The local population has had to diversify livelihood strategies.

      Mr. Sandeep Kumar Gupta, Mrs.Veena.Gulhane

Abstract: The research on two-wheeled self-balancing robot has gained momentum over the last decade at research, industrial and hobby level around the world. This paper deals with the modeling of two-wheeled self-balancing robot. This paper proposes a new method by which the error of two self-balancing robot sensors can be reduced and avoids traditional Kalman filter which cannot meet real-time modulation. In this paper, Correction algorithm can come out real-time robot posture in the right way according to the characteristics of navigation sensor error from the iteration of nonlinear least-squares error model based on the method Dynamic Regulator. By computer simulation, an error through the gyro and accelerometer can be corrected. Kalman filter fused the data of gyroscope and accelerometer adaptation and errors of the sensors pose estimation can be corrected.

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