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      H.M. Nishanthi

Abstract: The main focus of this article is to explore and critically evaluate the concept protean career orientation (PCO) along with other modern career concepts in focus. Through the literature survey it is found that there are diverse novel career management concepts such as protean, boundaryless, post-corporate, kaleidoscope career and the academic career model which are based on the behaviours of the modern career oriented professionals

      Ioana Cristina Bratescu Muscalu

Abstract: Time spent in front of a computer may constitute a risk for the smoothness of the emotional contact and for the mental flow, especially for the senior-age category of population. In this study, we hypothesized that increases in age, respectively a multitude of worries related to the health condition, in association to a time spent in front of a computer higher than two hours per day, will determine a decrease in the feeling of success. We collected data via Internet and on paper-based format, through a back-translated measure. The examination of the hypotheses of study was in a multi-cultural sample of N = 261 participants, almost equally-sized by gender, having calculated cumulative frequency equal to 5.9 for the age of 35, 60, 63, 64 years old. The results obtained from conducting TWO-WAY ANOVA proved entire support of the hypotheses of this study. We discuss the limitations and the implications of these results for the development and maintenance of a healthy life-expectancy within various populations.

      A. A. Bobbo, M.S. Pukuma, M.A.Qadeer

Abstract: The Continuous use of synthetic insecticides and its toxicity problem together with the growing incidence of insect resistance has called the need for novel insecticide. Plant extracts may be alternative sources that constitute a rich source of bioactive compounds that are biodegradable and environmental friendly. Therefore, the present research is aimed at assessing the larvicidal activity of Hyptis suaveolens and Balanites aegyptiaca acetone leaf and root extracts against mosquitoes larvae. World Health Organisation protocol was adopted for the larvicidal bioassay.

      Ampili, M and Shiny Sreedhar, K

Abstract: An estuary is a unique area exhibiting environmental and biological gradients. The estuarine species prefer an optimum niche along this gradient. The environmental parameters have relative influence on species diversity, biomass and population density of macrobenthos. We analysed the density and distribution of the edible clam, Paphia malabarica in the two tropical estuaries (Ashtamudi estuary, a deep lake and Kayamkulam estuary, a shallow lake in the south-west coast of India) in relation to the varying environmental factors for two years. The observations clearly indicated the existence of significant relationship between the biological and environmental variables. The density and distribution of the clam illustrated spatio-temporal variations in relation to the changing hydrologic and sediment parameters. Peak clam density values were obtained in the premonsoon followed by postmonsoon and least in the monsoon. The lower reaches were denser than the upper reaches of the estuary. The results of the study revealed that the density and distribution of the clam Paphia malabarica in the two estuaries were predominantly influenced by the environmental parameters such as salinity, organic carbon, sediment pH and sand fraction of sediment. The density and distribution of the clam was found decreasing in a decreasing gradient of these factors.

      Masitha Dewi Sari, Soraya Fasya, Aslim D Sihotang

Abstract: Background : Glaucoma is the second leading caused of blindness in the world. Diabetes Mellitus is an independent risk factor in open angle glaucoma.. Among those who have suffered DM will have impact on vascular autoregulation disturbance that small vessel involvement may cause the retina and optic nerve become more susceptible to pressure related damage

      Iman Malmir

Abstract: In this research we use the numerical solution method that is based on Chebyshev polynomials and Legendre polynomials, to solve non-singular integral equation, it is known as Fredholm integral equation of the second kind. We use these expansions because of their convergence and recurrence properties. Also both of them can be represented as trigonometric function on [1, -1]. First, we expand the unknown function in the integral equation based on the related formulas, then develop kernel of integral equation. To find these, we should try to find a function which can be represented as the solution of linear differential equations. Then substitution into the integral equation, we find the coefficients of the function. At the end of research the method will be illustrated by the mean of an example.

      M. S. El-Bages, M. A. Abd-Allah, T. Elyan and Amira .G .Nawar

Abstract: High voltage metal oxide surge arresters (MOSA) are stressed by overvoltages generated in a power system. The selection of standard methods for the energy absorption capability of high voltage MOSA is based on the discharge energy estimation. This paper discusses the energy stresses of metal oxide surge arrester due to shielding failure. The energy stresses are calculated for arresters located inside 220/66/11 kV Wadi-Hoff gas insulated substation in the Egyptian network. A lightning stroke with different magnitudes is applied at different points along the line connected between Wadi-Hoff substation and Tebbin-power stations and the energy stress in each case is discussed. The effects of incoming and outgoing feeders types on FTO magnitudes and energy stresses are presented and discussed.

      Rizwan M. Farooqui, Dr. R.B. Shahu

Abstract: School furniture is an essential element in the education process. Children remain seated at school for a considerable amount of time. Student’s sitting posture is influenced by the activities performed in the classroom. Most of the furniture in school does not follow ideal sitting posture. Improper classroom furniture’s affect performance at school and contribute to the appearance of musculoskeletal problems among students. Due to this proper ergonomic design of school furniture is very important. In this paper, the existing compatibility of school furniture’s is being studied to the anthropometric requirements of students.

      Ogunkunle Tajudeen, Ipadeola Adebayo, Olaotan Olalekan. O, Sorinolu Babajide. A, Sanni Rotimi. I, Amusat Waliu. A, Atoku Danjuma. I, Adenika Olanrewaju. F and Oshagbemi Henry. O

Abstract: A ten (10) weeks polyethene sack experiment was conducted at National Biotechnology Development Agency, South West BIODEC Zonal Centre Owode Yewa South, Ogun state, Nigeria between November 2014 and January 2015 to evaluate the effect of chicken (layer) manure (CLM), cow dungs (CD) and saw dust (SD) mixture on the growth and yield of okra (Ablelmoscus esculentus) in a Completely Randomized Design (CRD) replicated three times. The experiment consisted of three treatments including the control, viz; T1 (50g CLM + 30g (CD) +20g (SD), T2 (30g (CLM) + 50g (CD) +20g (SD) and T3 (no application) as control. Parameters measured included plant height, number of leaves, number of fruits, weight of pod, number of branches, stem girt per plant. Data collected were subjected to a one –way analysis of variance. F-protected Fisher’s Least Significant Difference was used to separate the significant mean at 5percent level of confidence. From the results obtained, there was a significant (P<0.05) difference in the treatment effect on the number of leaves but no significant (P>0.05) difference was computed in all other parameters measured. Application of 30g (CLM) + 50g (CD) +20g (SD) mixture resulted in the highest okra growth and yield parameters among the treatment mixtures and could be demonstrated and disseminated by change agents for adoption by farmers in the study area to improve their okra yields.

      Maneno Chidege, Anna Baltazari, Secilia Mrosso and Rangaswamy Muniappan

Abstract: Proper identification of a pest (being it an invasive or native in an area) is a cornerstone to sustainable pest management. Of recent (July to December 2015) we identified a phytophagus species of coccinellidae feeding on lower epidermis and the mesophyll cells in maize leaves, leaving the upper epidermis and the veins intact. In the survey, three maize fields of approximately an acre were selected based on the presence of the insect pest; in a cross-section pattern 100 plants were examined for the presence of the pest and signs of plant damages by the insect pest. Data on insects counts (larva, pupa and adult) were recorded right in the field, plant damages were scored as a percent of damaged against undamaged plants. 50Adult were collected to TPRI- Insect collection reference centre for identification. Data on insect counts and damage scores were analyzed using Genstat software. The identification results showed that, the pest was Tef Epilachna or Tef Ladybird Beetle, Chnootriba similis,Thunberg; (Coleopteran:Coccinellidae), formally Epilachna similis, Thunberg; (Coleopteran:Coccinellidae). The mean percent plant damages in all the three fields were scored to field I = 37%, field II = 41% and field III = 34%. The highest mean insect counts obtained in every 100 plants were larva=512, pupa= 308 and adult= 702. This information therefore serves as a first record of the presence of the pest in the area against maize (Zea mays. L).

      Waseemuddin MD

Abstract: Symbiogenesis, or endosymbiotic theory, is an evolutionary theory that explains the origin of eukaryotic cells from prokaryotes. It states that several key organelles of eukaryotes originated as a symbiosis between separate single-celled organisms. According to this theory, mitochondria, plastids (for example chloroplasts), and possibly other organelles representing formerly free-living bacteria (prokaryotes) were taken inside another cell as an endosymbiont around 1.5 billion years ago. According to Endo-symbiotic theory, mitochondrion and chloroplast has originated from bacteria. But if we compare the genomes of bacteria, chloroplast and mitochondrion there is a difference in the protein synthesizing machineries of all the three structures indicating that they have origination is some thing different from endo-symbiotic theory.

      Ardi Viryawan, Made Astawan, Kirbrandoko

Abstract: The objectives of this research are to identify influencing factors of PGN business, to formulate alternative strategies in developing business, and to recommend the priority strategies that could be applied on PGN business development in facing competition in natural gas business in Indonesia. This research used descriptive method with case study and descriptive analysis, internal-external analysis, IE matrix analysis, and SWOT and QSPM analysis. Data collecting technique used purposive sampling. From the result, strategy priority that could be done was to develop regulation management and to increase cooperation with stakeholder; to increase competitive and reliable supply through independent gas domination; to run competent, synergic business with international perspective; to improve human resources capability, technology, innovation, and information technology focusing on the future; to improve the business domination based solution of energy in all chain of natural gas values; and to build reliable and sustainable infrastructure.

      Satheesan, T, Sivanathawerl, T, Sivachandran, S and Phuspakumara, D.K.N.G

Abstract: Teak plantation was established in Northern Province of Sri Lanka since 1960’s and it is widely used for the purpose as timber in Sri Lanka. Among the districts of the Northern region, Mullaitivu is a potential district for teak plantation. However, no scientific studies were done regarding teak plantation and its distribution pattern in Northern region. Therefore, a study was carried out to assess the distribution patterns, growth conditions and aboveground biomass in Mullaitivu district during the period of February to May, 2015. Plant height, diameter (dbh), crown height and canopy diameter were measured from selected teak plants in four locations such as Mulliyawalai, Mankulam, Karripatammuripu and Theravil. The measurements were taken with square plot of the size 15m × 15m and findings from the Mulliyawalai and Theravil sites had same aged plantation of 22 years, highest average height and dbh value had observed in Theravil site as 19.80±0.28 m and 20.10±0.24 cm, respectively. The highest aboveground biomass of 410.37t/ha and tree volume of 579.58m3/ha was found in Mulliyawalai. Among the four locations, the highest average aboveground biomass (1,301.49t/ha) and tree volume (2,043.77m3/ha) were observed in Karripatammuripu plantation. From this study Theravil site was selected as the best site for the plantation of teak.


Abstract: Polycystic ovarian syndrome is most common endocrine disease and metabolic disorder in adolescence and reproductive women. In PCOS women insulin resistance thought to be the uniting pathogenic factor in the development of glucose intolerance, obesity, lipid abnormalities, HTN and coronary artery disease .This study is under taken to measure insulin resistance in PCOS and to see the relationship of insulin resistance with serum lipoprotein ratio. Case control study was done taking 60 women PCOS and 60 age matched healthy women as controls.In all the subjects, concentrations of fasting plasma glucose, serum TG, serum TC and HDL were estimated using enzymatic methods in semiautoanalyser. Fasting serum insulin and was measured by CLIA using Lumax-CLIA microplate reader. HOMA IR, serum LDL concentration, serum TC:HDL ratio, serum TG:HDL ratio and serum LDL:HDL ratio were calculated from estimated parameters.The mean concentrations of all the parameters were significantly increased in women with polycystic ovarian syndrome when compared with healthy women except serum HDL concentration, which was significantly decreased.Insulin resistance was significantly positively correlated with serum lipid profile and serum lipoprotein ratio except with serum HDL, which was significantly negatively correlated.

      Prof. DR K.B. Parikh, M.A.Shaikh, Adil A.Haji

Abstract: This review paper includes literature reviews related to pervious concrete and effects of mineral admixtures (Fly ash and silica fume) on properties of concrete. Various research papers, articles and thesis have been referred to understand various aspects of the pervious concrete, viz., basic behaviour, advantages, limitations, effects & mechanical properties. Various research papers published till date on different aspects of pervious concrete.

      Ammar Al Mhdawi, MS. Eng.

Abstract: Qos has became one of the most important factors that governs the quality of network traffic. In this study, routers are deployed with data controllers to tackle the traffic congestion. The core router queue will be tested and monitored to decide if any action need to be taken to regulate the source data sending rate. This study does not depend on measuring the main parameters such as bandwidth, delay and packet loss, but it is focused on the max-min fairness and low queuing delay and the comparison between them.

      K.Sree Varshini, Dr.R.Arul Mozhiyal

Abstract: This paper deals with the implementation of wind turbine driven by Doubly Fed Induction Generator (DFIG) using Matlab/Simulink and Labview. Here, Matlab/simulink readily deals with the Second Order Sliding Mode (SOSM) controller with DFIG wind turbine. SOSM control is used in order to obtain finite reaching time. Maximum power can be obtained by directly tracking the torque obtained. By SOSM controller, Maximum power extraction can be done with reduced mechanical stresses. In conventional methods due to failure in accuracies optimal power extraction is not done. This can be overcome by using SOSM control which will allow tracking DFIG torque directly for extracting maximum power. Turbine tip speed ratio is considered in doing so. The stator of the machine is directly connected to the power grid while the rotor is controlled by an inverter. Labview here is used for graphical representation of the desired output. Labview programs are integrated with DFIG wind turbine in order to acquire, analyze and displaying the data. In this paper, implementation of a DFIG based wind turbine is done and it is integrated with Labview. The results obtained here readily implies where the maximum power is extracted.

      E.S.V. Narayana Rao, P. Tirupathi Rao

Abstract: Assessing the intensity of diseases with the spread of bacteria among plants through a trivariate stochastic model is proposed in this study. The parameters of disease spread are varying with the type and stage of the plant. This study has considered three stages of plants namely Nursery stage, Transplantation stage and completely grown/Yielding stage as three variates for getting the joint probability functions. Stochastic differential equations were formulated through trivariate point processes for deriving several statistical measures based on the proposed parameters of bacteria growth, spread and loss. Model behavior was observed through the sensitivity analysis. The statistical measures based on moments are obtained for varying values of single parameters when all the remaining parameters are unchanged.

      Tanushree Sanwal, Sandhya Avasthi, Shikha Saxena

Abstract: The article explores the impact of E-commerce on young generation. Indian E-Commerce market is growing faster and expected to see tremendous growth over next few years. The E-commerce industry has experienced unprecedented growth with its total revenue increasing over 60 times between 2010 and 2015. Even though there are only under-10 million internet users who actually buy online in India, there are about 150 million internet users or around 75 million households that are 'ready' for E-commerce. For a developing country such as India, one of the most important benefits of E-Commerce is its potential to help our young generation in earning a living. As the base of Indian e-commerce grows, high margin businesses will generate the steadiest returns for investors. E-Commerce, consisting of marketing and other business processes conducted over the computer-mediated networks is changing the way organizations in many industries function. It leads to the mechanization of some job functions and replaces others with self service operations, raising output per worker and inhibiting employment requirements in some occupations. The introduction and Implementation of new technologies has posed important challenges for the commercial workers worldwide. E-commerce has also spurred employment in industries producing software, and systems used by E-commerce and other occupations associated with websites and networks. The youth especially in the area of engineering and technology are benefiting from this. Young graduates today prefer e-commerce sector and even aspire to become first-generation successful entrepreneurs by investing in the sector.

      Mugove Kudenga

Abstract: This is part of a broad study that sought to investigate the appropriateness of counselling being given to street children by non-governmental organisations in Harare, Zimbabwe. This paper looks at copping strategies employed by street children on the difficulties of street life in Harare, Zimbabwe. A qualitative descriptive survey was used was used to guide the methodology. A purposive sample of organizations that work with street children based on their visibility in dealing with street children participated in the study. Officials of non-governmental organisations who have direct contact with street children and street children who received some assistance from the non-governmental organisations were randomly selected to participate in the research.

      Arwa Y. Aleryani

Abstract: Most of information systems use nowadays were modeled and documented using structured approach. Expansion of these systems in terms of functionality and maintainability requires shift towards object-oriented documentation and design, which has been widely accepted by the business. In this paper, we compared between Data flow diagram and Use case diagram to find out the strengths and weakness over each of them. As a result, the author concluded that DFD still powerful tool through system analysis and design process, and can be included in object- oriented approach.

      Khan Muneer Aslam

Abstract: The purpose of the study was to determine the effects of warming-up of different duration on selected Physical Fitness Components of volleyball players. Twenty male volleyball players of degree college Budgam were selected for the purpose of the study. The ages of the selected subjects were raging from18 to 25 years and their status was intercollegiate level. The data were collected on the selected subjects by administrating vertical jump in cm, sit and reach test in cms,4x10yards shuttle run in sec, eye hand and eye leg co-ordination in seconds. The selected test items were administered for four days preceded after no warm-up on the first day, 5 mins warm up on the second day, 10mins warm up on the third day and 15 mins warm up on the fourth day . One way analysis of variance as well as Scheff`s post hoc test were employed to assess the significant difference among the means. The result of the study showed that the significant difference were found in the cases of explosive leg strength and flexibility , whereas no significant differences were found in the cases of agility ,eye hand coordination due to the different duration of warming-up programme

      Amol Manwatkar, Prof. A. A. Kher, Sunil Chavan

Abstract: This paper focused on the overview of failure analysis of high tensile fasteners. An industrial fastener comprises a very wide range of items like nuts and bolts, washers, studs, nails etc. Nuts and bolts are used for fastening purpose in industries where the replacement of pieces and the parts is necessary. Although, fastener is a low cost class C item but fastener failure is undesirable as is the first item that gets the blame when there is a failure, aftereffects of fastener failure are cumbersome which cause financial loss to machine & process. Hence, the cause of failure is understood & eliminated.

      Prosper Gameli Agbanu, Israel Kofi Nayrko, Edinam Agbemava, Edward Sedzro, Emmanuel Selase

Abstract: Performance measurement provides the inspiration to achieve superior levels of effectiveness and competitiveness. It focuses on means and results or processes and outcomes of, and can be described in terms of practices and metrics. This paper is a review of related studies and literature on the measurement of strategic performance in state-owned organizations with a detailed evaluation of some proposed contemporary metrics. Materials for the study were collated from secondary sources including proceedings from conferences, book references, periodicals, journals, newspapers, and the internet. An interpretive literature approach was adopted for the study. Thoughts and personal interpretations on the issues addressed in the paper were the bases upon which the authors drew their conclusions on the topic. The study revealed that given the dynamic and rapidly changing environment in which most organizations operate, it is important that state-owned organizations design, implement and effectively manage their performance measurement metrics. This would ensure that such metrics remain appropriate and provides information that is relevant to the strategic performance of the specific enterprise.

      Mr. Pathmasiri, E.H.G.C. and Dr. Bandara, T.W.M.T.W

Abstract: Kandyan Home Gardens (KHG) of Sri Lanka are economically efficient, socio-culturally and politically embedded, ecologically sustainable unique places, which managed by dwellers based on the knowledge that transmits over generations, and experience gained by living in the society. The main objective of the study was to identify the mechanism behind it, especially biodiversity. To achieve the objective seven traditional villages of Kandy district of Sri Lanka were studied for 5 years. The main finding of the study is that biodiversity of KHGs is a part of place process of the study area. Hence, to identify the biodiversity and biodiversity conservation role of KHGs place process of the place has to be understood. Location determines the basic biophysical characteristics of the home gardens (HG). Social structures define the ethno-botanical values of plant species and create the demand for that resource. Then, based on ethno-botanical values of plant species, people change the place and its biodiversity as a place that produces essential resources for reproduction of social structures. In this sense, biodiversity of KHGs is a result of place process. On the other hand, HGs ensure the reproduction social structures by continues supply of resources to perform the institutional projects. It leads to the societal security and the stability (both in family and community). Such a feeling of structures motivates dwellers to maintain vast numbers of plant species in their HG.

      M. S. El-Bages, M. A. Abd-Allah

Abstract: In high voltage power cable, partial discharge (PD) phenomenon may occur within defects that can exist in its insulation system. Repetition of PD activity inside the defect may cause insulation breakdown when the defect grows until it bridges the electrodes between the insulation. Micro-cracks can be formed during cable installation or during passing heavy mechanical load above the underground power cable. This crack defect is one of the most common PD sources when cable insulation is stressed under high electric field. In this paper, electric field distribution within 132kV cross linked polyethylene cable was calculated and discussed using Finite Element Method. The effect of micro-crack size and location on the electric field distribution was presented.

      Anware Mohammed Ali, Muhdin Muhammedhussen Batu, Krishan Kanta Kaushik

Abstract: This study aimed to assess the nutritional status and associated factors of children age five years and below in Ethiopia. The study was based on the secondary data obtained from Ethiopian demographic and health survey database collected in 2011. A total of 9622 of children aged five years and below which contain the necessary information were considered in this study, analysed within a theoretical framework based on a health production function. A multilevel binary logistic regression model with random-intercepts was used for estimating the determinants of child nutritional status.The empirical results revealed that children from households in Tigray, Affar and Amhara regions were less-nourished. Level of education of parents, possession of media infrastructure (TV and radio), assets of household, contraceptive adoption and the condition of sanitation and water were considered to be important determinants of nutritional status of children. The pattern of growth-faltering in children by age was identified. Children aged 13-59 months were less-nourished than those aged 0-12 months. In addition to analyzing nutritional status for the whole sample, we have also separately analyzed for urban and rural households, and found that the determinants differed. Finally, based on the results of the study, the paper proposes several policies aimed at improving the delivery of nutrition to more effectively address the problem of under-nutrition.

      Dr.W.A.Nishshanka, Dr.K.Akilendran, Dr. R.Muraleeswaran

Abstract: Nursing is a stressful profession that deals with human aspects of health and illness. High level of work related stress may be a threat to patient safety. To assess the level of work – related stress among nursing officers at District General Hospital Vavuniya in Sri Lanka.A cross –sectional descriptive study was carried out at District General Hospital Vavuniya from Dec.2nd, 2014 to march 15th, 2015 to assess the level of work – Related Stress among Nursing Officers at District General hospital Vavuniya in Sri Lanka. A total 220 Nursing Officers participated and a self – administered questionnaire was used to obtain data. The Nursing Stress Scale was used to assess the level of stress among nursing officers. This study found that high stress levels were significantly associated with 40-49 year age group (p<0.001 ), residing in own home (p=0.015), spouses home (p=0.031), loneliness (p=0.023) having children of less than six years of age (p=0.024, three to five years of service (p=0.021) grade financial status was associated with significantly low stress level (p=0.011). The Hospital nurse workforce is experiencing high workload and are associated with burnout and job dissatisfaction, precursors to voluntary turnover that contribute to the understaffing of nurses in hospitals and poorer patient outcomes.


Abstract: A radical thinker of her day whose central notions were framed by the discourses and issues that arouse directly out of the French Revolution of 1789, being as foremost acknowledge feminist writer of modern world, propounded her reason against hereditary privilege and the entire inequitable apparatus of male feudalism. As her troubled life reflects her ideological dispositions, agony, pain and despair and an un-norm suppression which she confronted at the hands of a somewhat despotic father, being a sixth children experienced firsthand the economic disadvantage to which women were subject attempting to earn a living in the conventional female occupation of governess and lady’s maid. She has been a victim of unfortunate romantic encounters, at first with Painter Fuseli and then with an American Gilbert Imlay, with whom she conceived a child and whose infidelity led her to two suicide attempts, eventually married the political philosopher William Godwin, after few days giving birth to a daughter.

      Shreeya N.Singhania, Ritu Bhati, Vandana Agrawal, Megharani Patil

Abstract: Simulation is a technique used for developing health awareness among common people.It is a online game through which Do’s and Dont’s are explained in a paly way which help them to get aware of how to keep their health good and also how to cure themselves in time of emergency it acts like a first aid,so that one can reach Doctors without much harm.It works on principle,”Prevention is Better than Cure.”

      Muhammad Raghib Zafar, Farrukh Zeeshan, Rais Ahmed

Abstract: This paper scrutinizes the consequence of capital structure on execution of Pakistani banks. Sample of study include 25 banks, which are listed at (KSE) or schedule banks in (SBP) state bank of Pakistan. Multiple regression models are pragmatic to guesstimate the liaison between capital structure and banking performance. Performance is measured by Earnings Per Share (EPS), Return on Asset (ROA), Return on Equity (ROE), Total Liability to total Asset (TDTA), Total Liability to total Equity (TDTQ), Short Term Liability to Asset (SDTA), Long Term Liability to Asset (LDTA). Findings of the study authenticated a positive relationship between determinants of capital structure and performance of banking industry.

      Muhdin Muhammedhussen Batu

Abstract: The main focus of this review is to identify the major drivers of Ethiopian Economic Growth. A deep literature review was done on 12 papers conducted in Ethiopia between year 2011 and 2015. The review result shows that Economic growth, as measured by GDP, is highly and positively influenced by human capital investment and export in both short and long run. In the same token, public expenditure (for productive sector), private investment, real exchange rate and household consumption are also important in determining economic growth, especially in the long run. The study finally recommends that Ethiopia should seriously work in sustaining the current progress in growth hemisphere. For this purpose the country need to promote private and public sector investment, human capital development and institutional capacity building.

      Suraiya Nazeer and Yasmeen Ara

Abstract: I explore discrimination faced by women in the world because of their Gender. Gender includes a range of physical, biological and behavioral characteristics pertaining to and differentiating between masculinity and feminity. Gender inequality still exists globally despite of substantial national and international measures that have taken towards Gender equality. At least one in three women around the world is estimated to have been coerced in Sex, physically beaten or otherwise abused in her life time. Far reaching commitments to gender equality and women’s human rights are capsulated in core international human rights instrument, including the CEDAW, Beijing Declaration etc. The greatest step taken by the United Nations is in form of Millennium Development Goal.

      Rida M. Lefta, Prof. Dr.Mohammed F. Khalifa

Abstract: Objective: To evaluate the communicable disease control surveillance system to target disease of expanded program on immunization at primary Health Care Center, Health Care Sectors, and Health Directorate throughout indicate the level of usefulness of surveillance system characteristics of simplicity, flexibility, acceptability, representativeness, timeliness, stability.

      Emta Hariati Surbakti, Noer Azam Achsani, Tubagus Nur Ahmad Maulana

Abstract: The purpose of this paper is to investigate the impact of macroeconomic factors on the JCI’s stock return volatility in pre and post the 2008’s global economic crisis (2002-2014). International macroeconomic variables used in this study are Dow Jones Industrial index and gold price, while the domestic macroeconomic variables used are the exchange rate, interest rate and inflation rate. This study uses the ARCH-GARCH method to see the effect of macroeconomic variables on JCI’s return volatility. Based on the results of this study, it is found that two variables, namely DJI and the exchange rate have significant positive effect on JCI’s return volatility, while three variables which are gold price, interest rate and inflation have no significant effect on JCI’s return volatility.

      Shahid Raza, Muhammad Waseem Shoaib and Hira Mubeen

Abstract: Genetic markers are useful in identification of various genetic variations. The development of DNA-based genetic markers has had a revolutionary impact on genetic studies. With DNA markers, it is theoretically possible to observe and exploit genetic variation in the entire genome. These markers can be used to study the evolutionary relationships among individuals. Popular genetic markers include allozymes, mitochondrial DNA, RFLP, RAPD, AFLP, microsatellite, SNP, and EST markers. The application of DNA markers has allowed rapid progress in investigations of genetic variability and inbreeding, parentage assignments, species and strain identification, and the construction of high-resolution genetic linkage maps for aquaculture species. The advent of next-generation sequencing (NGS) has revolutionized genomic and transcriptomic approaches to biology. The new sequencing tools are also valuable for the discovery, validation and assessment of genetic markers in populations. This review focuses on importance and uses of genetic markers with advent of modern technologies.

      Prof. P. T. Kadave, A. D. Kale, Shubham Narwade

Abstract: Our weather is changing rapidly & it is resulting in more and more mega natural disasters like GIANT STORMS, TSUNAMIS, DROUGHTS, FLOODS, etc. the list goes on…

      A.S. Mahaliyana, M.F.A. Fasmina, A.M.T.B. Alahakoon and G.M.G.M.M. Wickrama

Abstract: Zebrafish (Danio rerio) is a widely used biological model to investigate different chemicals since it has certain similarities with human biology. Present study investigated the impact of monosodium glutamate (MSG); an excessively used food additive in all over the world, on the embryonic development of zebrafish. Acute toxicity experiments were performed for a 4-day period using zebrafish eggs. Ten different test concentrations of Monosodium glutamate (MSG) of 10, 30, 50, 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 400, 500 mgL⁻1 were used as treatment concentrations. The results clearly indicated that with the increase of the MSG concentrations, different observable deformities are formed in zebrafish embryo. At the low concentrations of MSG such as 10, 30, 50 mgL⁻1 there were no observable malformations in zebrafish embryonic development. However, at high concentrations such as 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 400, 500 mgL⁻1 there were distinguishable negative alterations such as growth retardation, shrinkage of chorion, yolk sac edema, lack of pigmentation, tail deformities and scoliosis in developing embryos. Zebrafish embryo can be successfully used to investigate excititoxins such as MSG. However, the impacts of these concentrations on internal anatomical and physiological changes in zebrafish embryo should be comprehensively investigated.

      W.A.P.P Christopher, J.T. Cooray and A.N.B Attanayake

Abstract: Graphite as we all know is well renowned for its ability to conduct electricity as well as its lubricant nature. Graphite has a honey comb structured planes where carbon atoms are bound together by strong covalent bonds. And each of these layers of carbon is bound together by weak van der Waals bonds. Grease is a semi solid lubricant widely used in the industrial world to reduce ware and tare. Grease is made of three principal components known as a base oil, thickener and additives. Thus combining graphite with grease would preferably transfer the electro-conductive nature of graphite to grease forming an electro-conductive grease. Usage of such a product would be, Grounding static discharges, provides electrical continuity between irregular or pitted surfaces, ensures electrical contact between loose or vibrating parts and small gaps, apply to ball bearings in computer equipment where it allows static discharge to pass through the bearing instead of building up, arcing, extending the Life of Rotating Switches, preventing Corrosion on Knife Switches, grounding Ball and Socket Connections on Power Insulators.

      Arham R, Abdul Hakim Yassi, Burhanudin Arafah

Abstract: This study aims to describe : (1) the nursing students’ interest in learning English through Role Play for developing speaking skill; and (2) the significance of students’ achievement in speaking performance after learning English through role play. The research was conducted at STIKES Amanah Makassar. The method applied was quasy experimental study. The samples were selected by applying purposive sampling technique. The data of pre- test and post-test were analyzed using SPSS (Statistical Package for the Social Sciences) with t-test and ANOVA (Analysis of Variance). The data gained by questionaire were analyzed using Likert scale.The results reveal that the students have high interest in role play as indicated by 88,33 % of the students agree with the role as a learning method. They argue that role play makes them speak as if they were in real situation. The class is dynamic and life. They become active in learning because not only speaking skill developed but also nursing skill developed.The results also reveal that there is a significance difference of students’ achievement in speaking performance as indicated by their score in pre-test and post-test. Students who learn speaking through role play show a significant improvement in post test. So Role play is considered as an appropriate method for developing English speaking skill for nursing students at STIKES Amanah Makassar.

      Iin Nurul Huda, Rakhmat, Haselman, Muhammad Rusdi

Abstract: A variety of other specific phenomena in Makassar related to the implementation of Early Childhood Education (ECD) is that the reality of the organizers agencies coordinated in them have not shown optimal synergy to support the desired quality.

      Nirahua Salmon E.M and S. Kuahaty

Abstract: Regulation Legislation in force in Indonesia only recognizes and respects the rights of indigenous people over land law, but the issue of rights and management authority concerned has not become a sea customary rights/willingness together. This study was conducted to seek recognition and respect for the rights of indigenous communities, including the authority to manage the natural resources in the sea customary rights . This research is helpful to the political Establishment Indonesian laws related to the existence of the community in the Constitution NRI 1945

      Abdul Salam Rasak, H. Muh, Akmal, H. Suratman, Haselman

Abstract: The purpose of the study is to describe the performance of local government organizations in perspective Balance Score Card, consisting of a program of work organization, including program priorities in its strategic plan, labor relations organization with stakeholders and responsiveness of officials and the community, coordination procedures, variable organizational performance financial perspective, include revenue growth of regional income, the realization of the use of budget management and policy role in the utilization of the asset /facility organization, the customer perspective include; potential source of revenue, the acquisition of additional mandatory taxes and levies, the satisfaction of taxpayers, who provide value-added activities, variable internal business process perspective, include

      Muhammad Yusuf, Haselman, H. Muh. Akmal Ibrahim, Hj. Gita Susanti

Abstract: Objective research is analyzing input behavior individual in service public, which includes diversity demographics, values espoused, and ability intellectual as well as behavioral process individual in service public, includes emotion, motivation, perception, and taking decision Outcomes and Individual Behavior in service public covering Employee Performance and Citizenship discretionary behavior or behavior (OCB). The approach used is qualitative method with case study strategy. Retrieving data using interviews and observations and study of the document. Analysis of data using analysis model interactive. Result research show that Input behavior individual influence the process behavior bureaucracy in public service field land.

      Wijesinghe H.G.I.M, Gamage W.G.T.W, Ariyananda P, Jayasinghe H.A.S.L., Weerawansha A.N.R

Abstract: Glove manufacturing and exporting industry in Sri Lanka is placed as one of the top manufactures of the world which also contributes more than 5% of global demand. Natural rubber latex is one of the most important polymer materials which is widely used for manufacturing of gloves. Centrifuged latex contains 60% dry rubber content is used for glove manufacturing process. Addition of fillers may have a potential to improve the stiffness like inferior properties of Natural rubber and simultaneously reduces the cost of production by replacing part of rubber by the fillers.

      Pham Minh Duc, Hua Thai Nhan, Tran Thi Tuyet Hoa, Hong Mong Huyen, Chau Tai Tao, Cao My An, Dang Thuy Mai Thy, Tran Ngoc Hai, Hirose Yoshitaka and Onoda Satoru

Abstract: Cultivation of white leg shrimp Litopenaeus vannamei has been faced to unprecedented disease and environmental issues. This study was conducted to determine the effect of heat-killed Lactobacillus plantarum strain L-137 (HK L-137) on growth performance and immune responses of L. vannamei via dietary treatment. Different levels of 20% HK L-137 (LP20) were added into a commercial feed including 0.0g of LP20 kg-1 of feed (control), 0.1g of LP20 kg-1, 0.05g LP20 + 5g β-glucan kg-1 and 10g β-glucan kg-1. Shrimp (PL12) were fed with these feeds for 90 days in re-circulation 2 m3 tanks at stocking density of 300 ind./tank. The results showed that survival and growth rates of shrimp fed with feed supplemental LP20 were significantly (P<0.05) higher compared to other feeds. Immune parameters consist of total haemocyte count, differential haemocyte count, phenoloxidase activity, phagocytic activity and clearance efficiency, Vibrio parahemolyticus challenges were increased significantly (P<0.05) for those animals fed with HK L-137. This study demonstrated that HK L-137 would enhanced growth performance and improved immune defense system of L. vannamei.

      Hadi Wahyono, Mardwi Rahdriawan, Broto Sunaryo

Abstract: The development process of huge infrastructure projects often lead to far-reaching impact on the environment, economic and social system. One of them is the construction of Jatibarang Damin Semarang, the flood mitigation project. This projectconsists the construction of reservoirs andthe normalization Garang Riverto improved drainage system in SemarangCity. The upstream dam construction activities have been completed in early 2014, which will certainly have an impact on social, cultural and economic changes in society.

      Vikash Chauhan

Abstract: Calculation of bending and pitting strength of gear drive is one of the important concerns towards the efficiency improvement program in modern industries. Some preliminary experiments uses calculation methods based on uniform load distribution model on the gear teeth.The results obtained by such experiments are not parallel to recent estimations based on the non-uniform load distribution on gear teeth. Due to different mesh stiffness on different load points, non-uniform load distribution is the actual loading condition. American Gear Manufacturers Association(AGMA) and ISO standards assumes uniform model of load distribution which is not accurate. In order to create coherence among the results obtained by AGMA and ISO, a number of modifications factors have been applied in derived mathematical relations for gears. Latest methods such as minimum elastic potential energy method have been introduced to overcome drawbacks of these mathematical relations.This review article highlights a number of such methods in chronological order so that reader may obtain a overview of contribution of various scientists in development of gears having least bending and contact stress.

      Dr.G.Balaraju, Dr. P.V. Rajasekhar, Dr. P. Ramulu, Dr. Komal

Abstract: Objectives : The present study was designed to assess hepatic and renal dysfunction in Plasmodium falciparum malaria, and evaluate if such abnormalities had any bearing with the hemorrheological dysfunction.

      Divya V, Padmalal D and Mohanan C.N

Abstract: The climate system of the Earth undergoes dramatic changes over the past few millennia and information about these changes can best be obtained from the study of a spectrum of climate dependent natural processes that are measurable using geological archives. Such measurements of climate parameters using proxies in geological archives are now being used widely to refine climate predictive models deduced from limited instrumental measurements. Although several archives are used to measure climate parameters using proxy evidences, the potentials of soils are rarely being used in paleo-climate studies. Here, we examine records of climate changes in a few soil profiles in the forestlands of the Southern Western Ghats, SW India. The altitudinal height of the studied locations ranges from 150 m to 2000 m above msl. Clay, sandy clay and sandy clay loam are the dominant soil types of the area. Among the different forest categories of the study area, tropical montane forests sequester higher organic carbon and nitrogen in the soils. Radiocarbon dates of the organic rich samples of the soil profiles vary from 3150 ± 90 yrs BP to Modern age. The study reveals that the soil of the study area is developed in high rain fall events punctuated by a dry event at 1500-1000 yrs BP.

      Elegwa Mukulu, Romanus Odhiambo, Gichuhi Waititu, Anne Nyokabi Ndirangu

Abstract: Globally, 85 percent of the world's young people live in the developing countries, and an ever-increasing number of them are growing in the cities. By 2030, it is estimated that as many as 60 percent urban dwellers will be less than 18 years of age. The difficulties of penetrating the labor market for the youths is increasing day by day making the young people be 43.7 percent of the unemployed. The action is therefore required to achieve economic prosperity for and the inclusion of the youths. In Kenya, the rate of unemployment is at 40% and 70% of the unemployed are youths Despite the introduction of economic stimulant funds in Kenya the levels of unemployment have continued to increase.

      Burhanuddin.S.Bootwala, Akshay.S.Ghotekar, Amitkumar.M.Mandal

Abstract: A distributed transformer networks remote monitoring system(DTRMS) is developed and constructed, for monitor and record the parameters like temperature, oil level status, of a distribution transformer. The system consists of a microcontroller based circuit, with solid-state components for handling sensors, power back-up, real time clock and data communication module which based on ZigBee protocol. Sensors, including a Resistance Temperature Detector (RTD) and a Liquid level sensor performs according to manufacturers’ specifications are calibrated and tested using LabVIEW software. The system is installed at the distribution transformer site and by measuring above parameters it will help the utilities to optimally utilize transformers and identify problems before any catastrophic failure.

      Vaibhav Chowki, Sarvesh Mhatre, Yogesh Singh Shekhawat, Umashankar Yadav, Shrikant Jhadav

Abstract: Engineering in general, and Mechanical engineering in particular, deals with a wide spectrum of products, ranging from large and complex systems comprising of numerous elements down to a single component. Apart from being a physical object, a product can also be a service that requires the application of engineering knowledge, skills and devices to be useful to society. A service falls under the category of a system in that it is carried out with the help of personnel, facilities and procedures. The service offered by an automobile maintenance and repair garage would be a typical example from mechanical engineering. Even computer software could be treated as an engineering product. It is also created using engineering knowledge and skills.

      Vaibhav Nangare, Utkarsha Samant, Sonit Rabha, Prof. Pramod R. Rodge

Abstract: We describe a system that presents a hands-free interface between human and computer. Our system replace conventional mouse in a new way that makes use of human facial features. It uses various image processing methods such as face detection, eye extraction and voice recognition. It uses a typical webcam to capture an input image.

      Prudhvi Raj

Abstract: Khammam is located at17°.25'N80°.15'E.It has an average elevation of 107 meters (351 feet). The district is bounded by Chhattisgarh state to the north, Odessa state to the northeast, Eastland westGodavari districts to the east, Krishna District to thesouth, Nalgonda District to the southwest.

      Erick Terer, Wanja Mwaura-Tenambergen, Ben Osuga

Abstract: Community Based Health Insurance mechanism of Health financing targets the informal sector and the Rural who cannot access the national social health insurance. Tanykina Community Health Plan was established to help dairy farmers in Nandi North Sub county of Nandi to access quality health services using monthly milk deductions as the premiums. Despite this financial access, there is still low health care utilization by these residences. This study aimed to evaluate the effect of the perceptions of residents and clients on the utilization of health services.

      Prachi B. Deotale, Chetan G. Thote

Abstract: The most fundamental arithmetic operation is addition which is used in a digital data path logic system. Arithmetic and logic units , Microprocessors ,etc. are some examples where we need to use arithmetic operations for processing data, for calculating addresses respectively .There are different architectures for building adder circuit .For example: 1)carry look ahead adder(CLA), 2)carry propagate adder(CPA), 3)carry save adder(CSA), & 4)carry select adder(CSLA) . Among these different architectures CSLA is a particular way of implementing adder that performs addition rapidly and are used for faster addition in many data processing processors .From observation of the carry select adder architecture we can see that there is scope for modification in order to significantly minimize the area and power consumed by the circuit. In this work we are going to propose simple and efficient modification at gate-level structure in CSLA. Based on this 16-, 32-bit square root CSLA (SQRT CSLA) have been developed & compared with regular structure. The proposed architecture design has reduced area & power consumption compared to regular structure with slight increase in delay. The evaluation of the proposed design is done based on delay, area & power performance metrics. The results show that proposed CSLA design is better than regular SQRT CSLA.

      Dr. Anjali Patrikar, Dr. Archana Joshi, Dr. Vidula Govardhan, Dr. Trupti Dongre

Abstract: Background:The need for minimal turn around time for assessing the FNA smears has encouraged innovations in staining procedures that require lesser staining time with equivocal cell morphology.

      Abanti Cyrus Makori

Abstract: This paper presents the critical review of the literature starting from a Global Perspective of Health Informatics, the Health Informatics situations in Kenya, factors Influencing Health Informatics Adoption, Health Informatics Privacy and Security, Biometric Feature in Wireless Body Area Network. The paper also addresses Health Informatics Ethical Issues, ethical concern with Information Technology Performance, health Workers Personality Traits, theoretical models, comparison of Theories used in this Research. Ethical issues Associated with Adoption of Health Information System and then the Conceptual Model.

      Venugopal B, Sumitha V,Tamilarasan A and Kalaimani R

Abstract: Fiber Reinforced Concrete (FRC) is a composite material consisting of cement based matrix with an ordered or random distribution of fiber which can be steel, nylon, polythene etc. The addition of steel fibre increases the properties of concrete, viz., flexural strength, impact strength and shrinkage properties to name a few. A number of papers have already been published on the use of steel fibres in concrete and a considerable amount of research has been directed towards studying the various properties of concrete as well as reinforced concrete due to the addition of steel fibres. Hence, an attempt has been made in the present investigations to study the influence of addition of polythene fibers (domestic waste plastics) at a dosage of 0.5% by weight of cement. The properties studied include compressive strength and flexural strength. The studies were conducted on a M20 mix and tests have been carried out as per recommended procedures of relevant codes. The results are compared and conclusions are made.

      Sabah, G; Jatau, Ed; Whong, Cmz

Abstract: The environment is considered as man’s important asset that must be protected for his life support. Regrettably the situation is different where oil refinery and petrochemical plants operate. Environmental pollution in the form of emissions and effluent discharge in these area poses serious threat to the ecosystem particularly soil, often with undesirable effects.

      Asiri D Vitharana

Abstract: Over the past decade, generation of Municipal Wastes in Sri Lanka has increased due to rapid economic growth, industrialization and urbanization. Thus, management of MSW in Sri Lanka can be considered relatively poor and inadequate. Most of the municipal councils and Pradeshiya Sabhas have been trying to sustainably manage these waste which is seemingly challenging. The inability to provide adequate SWM process has caused significant impact on socio-economy and environment in the country. This paper reviews the problems and challenges of SWM in Hambantota Municipal Council (HMC), Sri Lanka with the result of the conducted research. the characteristics of SWM process in the study area are presented to get the background knowledge. The paper further provides prospects and potentials of MSW management system in HMC. A mixed methodology was used to gather information about the SWM process, its impact on the socio economic and environmental development in HMC.

      Olanrewaju A., Akanbi

Abstract: Due to non-availability of records of essential pre-drilling investigations and drilling data of Boreholes’ installations at Igboora Town and its environs, it is difficult to manage and develop the groundwater resource which is the main water supply for the entire inhabitants. The present investigation used the conventional electrical resistivity geophysical method to characterise the weathering and bedrock fracturing, and to reveal the water conductance potential of the Basement crust of Igboora areas of southwestern Nigeria.

      Aziza Yasmin, N. C. Ghorai and A. Islam

Abstract: Coleopteran insects constitute major stored grain pests whose control measures are mainly carried out by fumigants. Use of botanical insecticides has expanded impetus in recent insect pest management programme due to minimum health hazards and low toxicity. In present investigation, nimbecidine has been used for the control of Alphitobius diaperinus, a minor stored grain pest. So far its effects on the post embryonic development are concerned; substantial decline in survival rate, delayed development, declining levels of fecundity as well as substantial mortality were noticed.

      R. Bhuvaneshwari, A. Paneer Selvam, S. Srimurali, K. Padmanaban, R. Babu Rajendran

Abstract: The River Cauvery is considered to be the main source of drinking water supply. Deterioration of drinking water quality continues to be a major problem. Hence, the present study aimed at analyzing toxic metals such as Cadmium (Cd), Chromium (Cr), Copper (Cu), Nickel (Ni) and Lead (Pb) using Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer in the surface water and sediment collected from twenty different locations of river Cauvery. The mean concentrations of Pb, Cr and Cd in water exceeded the permissible limit and concentrations of Ni, Cr and Pd showed contamination of sediment samples of river Cauvery. The study on the Pollution Load Index (PLI) has also confirmed low to moderate level of contamination. The correlation between metals and hazard quotient revealed significant health risk to the local human population by Pb through intake of water. Acute risk to aquatic organisms due to Pb and Cd concentration in water from the study area is also predicted.

      Monika Satpathy

Abstract: The present observational, cross sectional study was carried out in urban women (n=100) from Jharsuguda with the natural body process menopause to evaluate age at menopause and menopausal symptoms in women above the age of 40 belonging to the middle socioeconomic strata from Jharsuguda Western Odisha as well as to evaluate the correlation of age on these symptoms by interviewing regarding their menopausal complaints in the following 40-45(n=39), 45-50(n=36),50-55(n=17),>55(n=8) years age groups. Mean age of menopause was 44.82 and median 45 years. Menopausal symptoms were assessed by a 36-items checklist. The study reveal, varying nature of symptoms with age and vasomotor symptoms being more prevalent with lesser psychological complaints in this region. Such regional studies will help to corroborate data so that health care providers can plan strategies for the middle aged women suffering from these menopausal symptoms.

      Umar, M., Mohammed, I. B., Abdulkarim, I. M., Yusuf, G., Yaya, A.A. and Leo, G.

Abstract: A survey of the comparative studies on the prevalence of Salmonella species in two home-made beverages sold at Samaru, Zaria was carried out. Ten (10) samples of freshly formulated Kunun-Zaki and Zobo were obtained from five (5) different sales locations in Samaru, Zaria, and analyzed using the standard plate counts, to determine their respective bacteriological quality.

      Palak Diwan

Abstract: With the increasing everyday demand of software the need of its maintenance has become pivotal. Maintainability, which is the system’s ability to retain its original form and to restore back in case of failure, helps the new operator in easy understanding of the system. The Object-Oriented System is a popular system, based on the object-oriented paradigm which deals with objects and is used to make modular system. In this paper, a Fuzzy model has been proposed to obtain the empirical value of maintainability of object-oriented system. The model deals with crisp values and performs various operations to provide output as a single value.

      Shweta Dour, Dr . M.M.Sharma

Abstract: Sign Language Recognition has evolved as an important area of research in the past few years. Sign language can be defined as the language of the deaf and dumb people by which they are able to express their thoughts. Such people are not able to use acoustic means for the purpose of communicating, instead they convey message by making use of the Sign Language. Thus Sign language is a means developed for the deaf and dumb society by which they can visually transmit different sign patterns to convey their message by combining simultaneously hand shapes, movement of hands and orientation of hands which are also sometimes associated with the facial expressions.

      Dr. Vimal P.Parmar, Dr. CK Kumbharana

Abstract: Today concept of Green Computing is widely used. The issues related to environment are the major problem faced by the world. To save Earth and making environment clean and pollution free, here some of the concepts are discussed in proposed research paper. Advanced in technology and proper implementation of it will result in fruitful environment friendly effects. Green University is an environment friendly university which will not only beneficial to environment but automation of most of the university tasks saves amount of human time, less error prone processes and uses latest technology. Number of process are involved in university like administration, affiliation, admission, enrollment, examination, evaluation, result preparation and declaration, reassessment, degree certificates and many more.

      Dr. Vimal P.Parmar, Dr. CK Kumbharana

Abstract: Today for conducting an examination and declaring the result in a limited time period is a challenging task for any educational school, college, institute, department and Universities. This paper is about different examination patterns employed today. The process of examination, assessment, result preparation and formulation of question paper to judge different level of knowledge is an integrated approach entirely. Use of advanced technology has been initiated by many organizations in the field of education from teaching, learning, evaluation and performance measures. The use of computers in this process has evolved the way of conducting examination.

      Munyaradzi Rushambwa, Tinashe Chamunorwa, Kumbirayi Nyachionjeka

Abstract: A low cost High Definition (HD) security surveillance system with motion detection and device control over the internet is explained in this paper. The system is reconfigurable and can be applied to many applications. However for the purposes of this project a system configured to monitor a home and home devices is explained. Further reconfigurability can make the system suitable for use in military surveillance, bank vaults and locker rooms, shopping malls and authenticated areas depending on the devices to be controlled. The real time surveillance is carried out by the D-Link DCS 930 IP wireless camera that works with both Wi-fi and Ethernet connection.

      Wedad A.Hassan and Zeinab A.Rahman

Abstract: Paracetamol has a reasonable safety profile when consumed in therapeutic doses. However, it could induce hepatotoxicity, nephrotoxicity and brain damage in rats when taken in an overdose. Agomelatine, a melatonergic antidepressant with a rapid onset of action, is one of the most recent drugs in the antidepressant category. In this study ,40 Sprague Dawly rats were divided into four groups (10 rats /group) :(1) control (2) Agomelatine 40mg/kg for 2weeks orally (3) Paracetamol 1gm/kg for 1week orally (4) Agomelatine 40mg/kg for 2weeks and Paracetamol 1gm/kg for 1week. Liver and kidney functions were done in serum. Antioxidant levels (GSH,CAT, MDA and NO) were analyzed in liver ,kidney and brain tissues of rats also serum IL 6 .Histopathological and immuno-histochemical changes of liver ,kidney and brain tissue were examined .

      O. Gangarani Devi, T. Chand Singh, O. Ibeton Devi, E. J. Singh, L. Dinendra Sharma, L. Binod Singh, Kh. Ujala Devi and A. Shyam Singh

Abstract: The ethnic communities of Thoubal district in Manipur uses various plants for treating various diseases that are inherited from the forefathers through oral folklores. An attempt has been made to document the precious traditional knowledge about 69 plant species in treating diabetes and high blood pressure by different ethnic communities in the district.

      Ajileye, O. O, Ehijamuse, J. O, Alaga A. T, Mohammed, S. O and Halilu, A. S

Abstract: Earth science data consist of a strong seasonality component as indicated by the cycles of repeated patterns in climate variables such as relative humidity. Since the raw meteorological data are constantly being generated with the help of satellite observations, the climate scientists usually use a moving reference base interval of some years of raw data to calculate the mean in order to generate the anomaly time series and study the changes with respect to seasons.

      Kamran Khan, Syed Karamatullah Hussainy, Abdullah Khan, Habibullah Khan

Abstract: Billboard advertising plays an important role and it should be placed on right place at right moment. It is a best way for introducing or advertising your business products because it’s an easiest marketing tool to communicate with different people, you don’t need to find your customers, and customer will find your advertising. The objective of this study is to determine what features should be used to attract customer while making billboard ads. This study explain billboard advertising and their impact on consumer attention, whether the target audience gives importance to billboard or not, and to understand the element that are necessary to create an effective billboard to attract customers attention.

      Shweta Nema, Prof. Indu Bansal

Abstract: The present research was taken up with broad objective to study the life satisfaction among middle aged couples in Narsinghpur District of Madhya Pradesh. The total sample of this study is 1110. This sample includes working-nonworking, educated-non-educated and urban-rural population. The age range of this study is 50-60 years. The result of this study shows that there is significant correlation between couples adjustment and life satisfaction.

      Shweta Nema, Prof. Indu Bansal

Abstract: The purpose of this study to see the correlation between males and females adjustment in middle age. The sample consisted of 248 respondents, out of which 62 are males and 62 females, collected from two places Banasthali University Campus, Rajasthan and Narsinghpur district, Madhya Pradesh, i.e. 124 from Bansthali and 124 from Narsinghpur district (mean age 50 to 65). Measure used was Shamshad-Jasbir Old-age Adjustment Inventory (SJOAI) created by Dr. Shamshad Hussain and Dr. Jasbir Kaur. The data was analyzed using descriptive statistics, correlation analysis. Result shows that there are significant positive correlations in home, emotional and financial adjustment. It shows that the male and female from these two different geological locations have correlation in different areas of adjustment (health, home, social, marital, emotional and financial).

      Shweta Nema, Prof. Indu Bansal

Abstract: Present study is based on the adjustment of middle aged couples. Total sample of this study is 1110. This sample includes working-nonworking, educated-non-educated and urban-rural also from Narsinghpur district of Madhya Pradesh. The age range of this study is 50-60 years, selected on the basis of convenient sampling. Socio-economic variables taken in this study (age, education, occupation, monthly income, type of family, religion, and years of marriage, age of husband and wife at the time of marriage) affect mid-aged couple’s adjustment. Result shows that there is significant relation between couples adjustment.

      Shweta Nema, Prof. Indu Bansal

Abstract: The present research was taken up with broad objective to study the life satisfaction among middle aged couples in Narsinghpur District of Madhya Pradesh. The total sample of this study is 1110. This sample includes working-nonworking, educated-non-educated and urban-rural also from Narsinghpur district. The age range of this study is 50-60 years. Result shows that socio-economic variables taken in this study (age, education, occupation, monthly income, type of family, religion, and years of marriage, age of husband and wife at the time of marriage) affect mid-aged couple’s adjustment. There is significant relation between couples adjustment.

      Shweta Nema, Prof. Indu Bansal

Abstract: Present study based on the adjustment of middle aged couples. Old age adjustment inventory (developed by Shamshad Hussain and Jashbir Kaur) used as measure of middle-age couples’ adjustment parameters Sample size for this study was 555 mid-age couples who are in 50-60 years range, from Narsinghpur district of Madhya Pradesh. Results showed that no significant differences were found in health, home, social and marital adjustment pattern of husband and wife of middle aged. Significant differences have been found in emotional and financial adjustment only.

      Mustafa. R. Al-Shaheen, Awang Soh, Omar. H. Ismaaiel

Abstract: A field experiment was held in summer season 2011 in the fields of one of the farmers on the banks of the Euphrates River in Ramadi City on the Mungbean harvest, to study the effect of two Irrigation period (7-14) days, and three intensities of potassium (0, 50, 100) Kg/h on some of the characteristics of this harvest and the class of the used harvest is the local kind. Results showed superiority the plants were irrigated every 7 days in the highest rate of all the characteristics of study. The results also showed surpass the plants were fertilized by a higher concentration of potassium (100) kg \ ha of all the characteristics of study. The search results showed the superiority of irrigated every 7 days and fertilized by the high level of potassium (100) kg \ e in the highest rate for all characteristics of study in a significant difference from other interventions.

      Shakeel Ahmad Khan, Sammia Shahid, Zulfiqar Ali Khan, Ahsan Iqbal

Abstract: Peucedanum graveolens has been perceived as a wellspring of common cell reinforcement’s aginst oxidative mechanism. The purposes of that study were to assess the antioxidative potential of different extracts of P. graveolens roots in different solvent systems by computing yield, TPC, TFC, DPPH and linoleic acid per-oxidation. Extracts yield observed in this study are found in range 6.90-10.80%.Total phenolic contents (TPC) and total flavonoid contents (TFC) were observed in the scale of 0.90-2.49 mg and 3.20-5.70 mg respectively. The DPPH-IC50 and %age-inhibition per-oxidation examined by different extracts of P. graveolens roots were come in the extent of 23.9-80.9 µg/mL and 40-71.9% respectively. By balancing out the canola oil as oxidative substrate, oxidative parameters like peroxide value (PV), free fatty acid (FFA) along with para-anisidine (PAV) were additionally analyzed. Cytotoxic potential investigated against the personage red blood corpuscles (RBCs) in vitro by measuring the haemolysis effect in different extracts of P. graveolens roots and range of % lysis 1.3-4.5%was explored. The outcomes from the present research work exhibited that petroleum ether and methanol extracts of P. graveolens roots exhibited enhanced anti-oxidative characteristics and lesser cytotoxic effect.

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