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      LiLin, Wang shiqian

Abstract: Organizational culture as the core of an organization, it is crucial to build a foundational and productive working environment. The objective of this paper is to investigate the impact of organizational culture on leadership and affective commitment in the higher education institutions in China. This research was carried out the five point Likert scale to measure the data. The quantitative survey method was applied and a sample of 400 employees from the higher education institutions of China. Convenience sampling technique is used to be instrument of the study. SPSS software was used to analyze the data collected based on descriptive statistics. The findings indicate that the organizational culture has significant influence on leadership and affective commitment in higher education institutions. The result indicates that organizational culture has moderating effect on the relationship between leadership style and affective commitment.

      Dr.K.Murali, K.Sambath and S.Mohammed Hashir

Abstract: The clay are among the world’s most important soil and always a challenge for civil and geotechnical engineers. The clay minerals are important in construction where they are major constituents in brick and tiles. However, any structure constructed on clayey soil is a troublesome. It is essential to known the clay soil and its significance related to engineering applications. This paper gives a clear idea about clay minerals and their significance.

      Charles Gibson

Abstract: The rise in popularity of organizations integrating technology into their marketing strategy, directs attention to the need for an in-depth review of digital marketing strategies. Making a strategic shift to client-centered marketing strategies, provide businesses the opportunity to engage in a new era of innovative marketing practices, that use digital marketing to meet their primary marketing requirements. A literature review of the most effective digital marketing approaches, provide companies with valuable tools to target a larger audience, using a combination of emerging technologies and some aspects of traditional marketing. The present study provided individuals, companies, organizations, businesses and researchers, with digital marketing strategies to increase visibility to their target market.

      Nguyen Thi Hong Van, Huynh Thanh Toi

Abstract: This study was conducted with aim to determine the best C/N ratio for optimum growth performance of Artemia under laboratory conditions. The experiment consisted of four C/N ratios corresponding to 5, 10, 15 and 20 (C-treatments) and a blank treatment used as control; three replicates were involved for each. The C/N ratios were regulated by daily adding molasses into the Artemia culture medium based on TAN concentration, whereas none of molasses was added into the blank treatment. Artemia nauplii (Instar I) were reared in 1.5 L plastic bottle containing 1 L seawater at salinity of 30‰, stocking density was 300 ind./L and maintaining in a room temperature condition with continuously aeration supporting. In the first two days of culturing, Artemia were fed with microalgae Chaetoceros sp., and from the 3rd day onwards to the end of experimental period, Artemia feed (30% of protein and 9% of lipid) was offered as food for the culture. Molasses were added to C-treatments from 3rd day of the culture and since then was daily regulated basing on TAN measurement in the culture medium. After 42 days of culturing, the result showed that the best survival (48 %) and biomass production (4.9 g/L) were obtained in C/N=5 medium, lowest was at control (29.1 %; 3.1 g/L, respectively) and Artemia cultured in C-treatments tend to have better survival as well as biomass production compared to the control. The best growth in length at DAH7 (4.42 mm) and at DAH14 (8.36 mm) was recorded in C/N=10 but there was no significant difference comparing to others.

      Paulo Roberto Blanco Moreira Norberg, Maria Laura Meister Villalba, Larissa Duarte Ortellado, Marcelo Coronel, Paulo César Ribeiro,Antonio Neres Norberg

Abstract: Cryptosporidium is a genus of protozoa of the Apicomplexa phylum with worldwide distribution that parasites the edges of intestinal microvilli causing a clinical presentation characterized by abdominal pains, vomiting and diarrhea, mainly affecting children and immunodeficient people. The objective of this research is to investigate oocysts of Cryptosporidium spp. in the feces of the Toba Qom indigenous people of San Francisco de Asis community, in the rural area of Benjamín Aceval city, Paraguay. 90 fecal samples were examined from people of both genders from 1 to 70 years old. The samples were processed by the Ritcher technique. Slides of the obtained sediment were stained by the Kynioun method and examined under light microscopy at 1000x magnification. Cryptosporidium spp. oocysts were found in 8 of the 90 fecal examined samples, which correspond to a prevalence coefficient (PC) of 8.9%. The research revealed the need to improve health care programs in order to provide better living conditions to people of San Francisco de Asis community.

      Srividya R, Ramesh B

Abstract: In recent year’s person identification using his physical or behavioral trait has become one of the ground breaking formulas for authentication. Authentication is the primary step in access control of any system. In accessing ones elementary mobile device to ingressing huge industrial server authentication plays a significant role. Authentication can be based on something one knows, something one has or something one is. Biometrics is a genre of something one is, it can either be a physical or a behavioral trait of a person. This work presents a survey on secure biometric genres used in authentication techniques with major outlook on comparison of passwords with gesture biometric.

      Jaanvi Kaushik and Namrata Kundu

Abstract: Ananas comosus, called Pineapple in common, has several beneficial medicinal properties counting antioxidant activity as well. The objective of the present study was to phytochemically screen the various pulp extracts for the presence of various secondary metabolites including Flavonoids as well as Phenols and to evaluate the antibacterial and antioxidant proceedings of the same. The fruit of pineapple was extracted with Ethanol, Methanol, Ethyl acetate, Acetone, n-Hexane, Chloroform and Distilled water by Maceration method. Primary phytochemical screening for the presence of various secondary metabolites was done in order, especially to check the presence of flavonoid glycosides.

      Samat Uralbayev

Abstract: In the proposed research work, it is argued the need to strengthen the Shanghai Cooperation Organization’s capacity to ensure security and stability which is involved in the implementation of the project of the “Economic Belt of the New Silk Road”.

      CornelliusMuendo, Isaac Mwanzo& Mohammed Karama

Abstract: Background: Diarrhoea is among the leading causes of morbidity and mortality in children under five years in Kenya. Poor sanitation practices considerably contribute to the disease burden. In Tharaka Nithi County, the reported cases of diarrhoea remain significantly high despite the roll out of Community Health Strategy interventions in 2006. The Kenya’s Community Health strategy is an approach of Healthcare service provision where individual households and communities are empowered to take a leading role in disease prevention and control initiatives.

      Aneesh CA, Jayakrishnan ,M.V, Jincy Joseph

Abstract: This study analyse the satisfaction level of users and problem faced by the users in using OPAC and the suggestions made by the users to improve the facility of information retrieval through OPAC . A good number of students are satisfied about the use of OPAC. But there is small group of students are not well satisfied with the use of OPAC. Some searches users are not able to find relevant documents on account of various factors such that errors in personal names, non-updating of catalogue details, page scrolling problem, small font size etc.. A big number, consisting of more than half of the respondents (112, i.e., 51.85%) suggested indicating the location (such as shelf number, floor number, etc.) of the documents in the OPAC and 77 (37.65%) respondents suggested that the number of terminals for accessing OPAC must be increased.

      Akila Sundara Amila Perera

Abstract: Today, banking sector plays a vital role when providing financial services and managing financial assets. With the development of the information systems and information technology, all banks adopt some new technological advancement for their entity. In a banking sector, customers are the most important part. Conventionally, all the transactions are done by manually. Customers had to go bank branch every time. Therefore, it concerns huge time and cost as well.But nowadays internet banking is becoming popular and it reduces the time and cost. This study based on within the Sri Lankan context and the researcher selected the Sampath bank in Colombo district to do this study.

      Divianto, Paisal, Afrizawati, Yahya

Abstract: The purpose of this study was to determine the influence of demographic, environment, consumer confidence, and customer commitment on sharia marketing for sharia products and investment in Palembang City. The research design is a causal research/causal relationship. The type of data used in the form of primary data that is questionnaire. Sampling technique in this research was accidental sampling technique. In determining the number of research samples, the researchers used the Slovin formula with the limit of tolerance error was 10%, the number of samples in this study were 376 customer respondents. Testing was performed by multiple regression analysis. The results of research stated that the variables contained in this research are demographic and environmental factors have a significant and positive influence on Sharia marketing. While the factor of trust and customer commitment have a significant effect on sharia marketing but with a negative direction. Similarly, simultaneous testing shows that demographic, environment, consumer confidence, and customer commitment factors significantly influence Sharia marketing for sharia products and investments in Palembang City.

      Sree Latha E and Jesu Rajan S

Abstract: National Institute of Plant Health Management maintains Organic Ecological Engineering field since 5 years for the purpose of research, training and popularization of the concept. It is key content in NIPHM curriculum for students, officials and farmers. Ecological engineering concept is beneficial to the farmers and environment in many directions and some of the findings like increase in natural enemy population and beneficial insects like pollinators in EE field over the years are presented.

      Nicola Malizia

Abstract: In recent years, the migration phenomenon that has as directrix the southern Europe, and especially Italy, was characterized by peculiar elements both with reference to the dimensional aspect and to that of the subjects that undertake this path. Although among the attractive elements, as economic-productive structure of the host country plays a primary role, in the last decade, the profound transformations that have affected the phenomenon have substantially changed conditions and migratory motivations.

      Le Quoc Viet, Tran Minh Phu, Nguyen Quoc Thinh, Tran Ngoc Hai

Abstract: The aim of the study is to determine the possibility of sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas) addition as feed for white leg shrimp (Litopenaeus vannamei) under biofloc rearing condition. The experiment was randomly set up with four feeding treatments including (i) 100% commercial pellet without sweet potato addition (control), (ii) commercial pellet in combination with 10% sweet potato addition, (iii) 20% sweet potato addition, and (iv) 30% sweet potato addition. Shrimps (0.76±0.15 g; 4.4±0.6 cm) were cultured in biofloc system (C: N = 15: 1) at stocking density of 150 shrimp/m3 and water salinity of 15‰. After 90 days of culture, the increase sweet potato addition increased shrimp weight.


Abstract: This study aims to determine the level of health of BPR through empirical study in PT. BPR Intan Jabar by using CAMEL method during the period of 2013 - 2016 whether classified in the predicate healthy, healthy enough, less healthy or unhealthy and see which ratio is less supportive of health BPR

      Dumani Markjackson, Theophilus Kogiesi Omie

Abstract: The capital market is an integral part of the development of a nation. Thus, several studies have been carried out to determine the pricing mechanism and efficient market test of capital markets in both advanced and developing countries (Nigeria inclusive). This paper sets to determine the type of efficiency in the Nigerian Capital Market. The study adopted a desk research approach and reviewed several empirical works on the subject to provide theoretical evidence in the Nigerian Capital Market. The findings revealed that the Nigerian Capital Market is efficient in the weak form due to the ability of investors to decode a whole lot of information concerning the entire operations of the organizations listed in the exchange. It also emerged that the share prices in the NSE are not random and thus not efficient in the weak form. The findings are obviously antagonizing. Reason being that, the studies reviewed lacks clear cut demarcation between information, operation, and allocation efficiency in the capital market as one cannot assume the place of the other. We therefore suggest the creation of a real time channel for speedy dissemination of information concerning corporations in the exchange. For the researchers, we strongly suggest that more probing studies should be carried out to ascertain the operational, allocation and informational efficiency of the Nigerian Stock Exchange.

      Audu, Adedamola Fisayo , Akinlabi, Akintomide Joseph, Idris, Oloruntoba Bibilari

Abstract: The study examined tenants’ satisfaction with services provided in commercial properties in Ibadan, Nigeria. A structured questionnaire was used in collecting data from the tenants of seventeen (17) purposively selected commercial properties within Ibadan. Three hundred and twenty-six (326) tenants who were the occupants of the purposively selected buildings were sampled in the study. Data collected were analysed using descriptive and nonparametric statistical tools.

      Heni Oktavianti

Abstract: Skepticism is absolutely necessary from the point of view of accounting especially for the auditor profession. But when we look at it from another perspective, skepticism is a notion that sees things as always uncertain (doubts, suspicious) that ultimately leads to social upheaval. T

      Wijayanti, Sugiono Soetomo, Edward Endrianto Pandelaki

Abstract: Aging at home’ is an interesting topic to be studied when social and spiritual competences of elderly affect housing adaptation. This case happens in Perumnas Banyumanik Semarang as one of the largest public housing in Indonesia inhabited from 1979. This study is a part of a research in housing adaptation conducted in Perumnas Banyumanik and focused on space scale variation and various housing adaptation.

      Ena Yadav, Srishti Chanana

Abstract: Well-being entails a complex construct that concerns with optimal experiences, functioning, and existential challenges of life. Emotional Regulation is regarded as a crucial factor in well-being, in the popular literature, and scientific research alike.

      Nagen Kumar Sahoo

Abstract: A clay refrigerator is an evaporative cooling refrigeration device which does not use electricity . Its also good for environment. The cooling function is based on the principle of evaporative cooling and is working on hot and dry climate. In this project I have designed model which is use for long term by the combination of clay plates and aluminum plates. Clay plates can be easily replaceable . The refrigerator working based on evaporative cooling.

      K.J.T.Perera, Sutha.J

Abstract: Shopping is widely regarded as a major leisure time activity and entertainment aspect of retail industry is increasingly being recognized as a key competitive instrument in the present situation. Therefore retailers and shopping Centre developers are seeking ways to make shopping more of a leisure pursuit. While considering the literature in hedonic shopping there is a limited researches and no proper theorization. While retailers are focusing more on entertainment, academic research is lagging in investigating the hedonic reasons people go shopping. Absence of knowledge in this background makes marketers unclear and difficult to satisfy expectations of the customers who are reactive to leisure shopping. Hence through the structured literature review, this paper intent to identify the factors which influence on consumers’ leisure shopping behaviour in shopping malls through that identify the theoretical gaps and giving suggestions for future research.

      Istifanus Boyi Maikasuwa, Charles Chidozie Iheukwumere and Innocent Okonkwo Ogbonna

Abstract: An investigation was carried out on the growth of some fungi on laboratory formulated media using locally available grains that could be cheap and accessible. The growths of the fungi on Acha (Digitaria exilis), Maize (Zea mays), Rice (Oryza sativa), Guinea corn (Sorghum species) and Millet (Pennisetum glaucum) formulated media were compared with those on malt extract agar (MEA) and Potato dextrose agar (PDA).

      C S Ravindra Sagar, T. K Chandrashekar, Batluri Tilak Chandra

Abstract: Aluminum alloy materials observed to be the best option with its one of a kind limit of outlining the material to give required properties. Aluminum alloy composites are increasing far reaching acknowledgment for aviation application in view of their high strength and density. In the present work, an endeavor is made to get ready and concentrate the mechanical properties of Aluminum LM13 – MgO particulates Composite. The Aluminum LM13– MgO particulates having 2wt%, 4wt%, 6wt%, 8wt% and 10wt% were manufactured by stir casting technique. The ingots were subjected to T6 Heat treatment to upgrade the properties. The composite samples were machined according to ASTM test benchmarks. The microstructures of the composites were concentrated to know the scattering of the MgO particulates in Matrix. It has been watched that expansion of MgO particulates essentially enhances extreme rigidity alongside compressive and hardness strength as contrasted and that of unreinforced composite.

      Fizzah Riaz, Kashif Ishaq, Arshad Abbasi

Abstract: Now a day’s people have modern ways to interact with one another, they can communicate easily through social media with one another. With a lot of advantages social media has also disadvantages as social anxiety is one of them. Social anxiety is the reason of depression, it negatively effects physically, psychologically and increase complexity. These all causes are interlinked. To study about the social anxiety among students, Social media needs to aware the youth about the harmful aspects of it. Purposive sampling technique was used, students were selected who are engaged with social media. Total number of respondents are 50 and all are undergraduate regular students. Data collected through survey method. According to the research findings, there is no correlation between social media and social anxiety. Which means social media is not playing any role in developing social anxiety among students. Social anxiety may occur in situations, but in this research is social media don’t develop the social anxiety. The purpose of this study is to find the relationship between social media and social anxiety. This study revealed that there is no association between social media and social anxiety among the students of social work department Punjab University.

      John Mwitumwa Matakala, Mubiana Macwani, Philimon Ndubani, Annie Namakando-Phiri

Abstract: The aim of the thesis was to develop a Preventive Gendered Participatory Approach to Prevent Sexual Harassment among Soldiers through social action. The study was grounded on the philosophy of interpretivism and interpretivism phenomenology research design. Purposive and respondent driven sampling were used to come up with the desired sample size of 74 and the resultant data were collected through a dual research process.

      Dr.Niruba Sarath Jayasundara

Abstract: The present paper presents a detailed account of the theories associated with child language acquisition from a psycholinguistic perspective and the issues associated with acquisition process of language in language development of child in different language context; In characterizing language, the theories of language development differ in the weight that they ascribe to various dimensions It further explore the Connectionist theories thus model language acquisition at the neuronal level: its outcomes in language; describing how particular grammatical structures such as the inflectional system may be acquired in particular. Finally it discusses and evaluates the theories and models to be taken into account in research by the researchers in child language acquisition.

      Rif’an T. Arafat, Edy Mintarto, Nining W. Kusnanik

Abstract: Exercise is a systematic process of practicing or working repeatedly, the more days, the exercise gained step by step. The technique of agility and speed is an exercise technique used by athletes of all types of sports. Indeed, to develop agility and speed it is necessary practice the front cone hops and zig-zag hops.

      Dr. Habib Adjie, S.H., M.Hum, Dimas Wahyu Mahardika

Abstract: Notary, besides having authority make pukka act, in running his occupation have to obey obligations as arranged in section 16 Law No. 30 Year 2004 about of Notary occupation.Notary in the presence of duty exemption deed read as stipulated in article 16 paragraph (7) Notary Law background of this research, for setting liability in the reading of the deed by the Notary Law Notary in fact led to the perception as if redaing the deed was to be no longer mandatory in natuure which in practice changed from mandatory to facultative because of the rule.As an obligation during not exempted perhaps bring consequence to Notary and also act which making of. Fact in practice not rarely the act which is made by and before the Notary not read by Notary officer non by Notary making the act.What signalized under consideration this thesis streght fasten an act made before Notary which is not read off and legal consequences for act made before Notary which is not read off.Consequence punish not read off of act is pertinent act only have verification strength as act under hand.

      Dr. Habib Adjie, S.H., M.Hum , Bagas Pradipta, S.H

Abstract: This study which entitled "The Liability of a Notary for not-paid Money of Relinquishment of Rights to the State Treasury", aims to know the authority of a notary in making the deed of relinquishment of rights on land and request of right on land and also aims to know whether the notary is accountable for the non-payment of Fees on the Acquisition of Land and Building Rights (BPHTB) and money to the State Treasury which is harm to the client.

      SudhaNarang, Kriti Jain, MeghaSaxena, AashnaArora

Abstract: In this paper; we have proposed a real-time Face Recognition System for monitoring attendance of students in class rather than relying on methods that are time-consuming. The proposed implementation comprised of using the Viola-Jones algorithm for detecting the human faces from a web camera and then the detected face is resized to the required size; this resized face is further processed by using a simple Local Binary Patterns Histograms algorithm.Once recognition is done, automatically attendance will be updated in a SQLite database with the required attributes. The paper also shares the rationale for preferring OpenCVimplementation over MATLAB. The database is automatically updated by the developed system so that a remote authenticated user can access the attendance.The implementation also ensures that the attendance results are accessing to a remote authenticated user through the application GUI of attendance system.

      Dr.Rajib K.Mohapatra

Abstract: It is always preferred to use uniform high grade ore for production of metallic alloy. But in real life situation, it is not possible to get a homogeneous ore. Chrome ore is one of the precious natural resources having limited availability. The chemical composition of the ore varies horizontally and vertically across the ore body in mines. The ore quality is not uniform in all the faces of the mines. The production requirement being uniform grade of ore, blending of different grades of ore is required at the mines head before using it in the furnaces for smelting. The production requirement is to have a uniform grade metal production to meet the customer specification with minimum or zero deviation.

      C S Ravindra Sagar, T. K Chandrashekar

Abstract: Ceramic reinforced aluminum matrix composite materials are gaining wide acceptance in the engineering application because of their low density, high strength and good structural rigidity. Inclusion of MgO particulates as reinforcement in aluminum LM13 alloy material composite improves its hardness. In the present investigation aluminum LM13/MgO composites were developed by vortex method by varying the weight percentage of MgO particulates from 0wt% to 10wt% in the steps of 2wt%. The casted matrix alloy and its composites have been subjected to solutionizing treatment at a temperature of 530° C for 2 hours, followed by quenching in different media such as air, water and ice. The quenched hardness specimens were subjected to artificial aging at 164° C. Microstructural studies were carried out to understand nature of structure. The hardness test was conducted on both aluminum LM13 alloy and aluminum LM13/MgO particulate composite, before and after heat treatment. Aluminum LM13/MgO particulate composites exhibited significant improvement in hardness when compared with aluminum LM13 alloy.

      Lauren Rivas, Toni Didona, and Brandon Tello-Hernandez

Abstract: Gratitude and equity in the workplace can be a defining factor in how employees perform, as well as how they perceive their job in general. In addition, an individual’s locus of control may also influence these variables and as a result, impact the well-being of the organization as a whole. However, the question remains as to how locus of control is related to equity and gratitude.

      Ketki Shirbavikar

Abstract: Quality management approach is an important tool which holds the key to competitiveness in the global market irrespective of the size of the company. It is an integrated management approach that aim to improve continuously the performance of products, processes, and services to achieve and surpass customer’s expectations. To accomplish this objective, some key factors i.e. critical success factors (CSFs) that contribute to the success of Quality Management efforts are identified for the growth of Large and Medium Scale Organization. Through a Comprehensive review of literature it is observed that the survey at various manufacturing and service industries is carried out and it is found that the integration of CSF’s and Total Quality Management is useful for the quality improvement. The purpose of this study is to identify CSFs for the benefit of Large and Medium Scale Industries. The various CSFs identified for industries are Top management support, Training and Education, leadership, Employee Involvement, Organizational Culture, continuous Improvement, working Environment, Technical adequacy, customer focus and Quality assurance.

      Dr. Madhu Shrama, Prof. (Dr) Sudhir Kumar, Dr Sandhyarani Mohanty

Abstract: Background: Modified Electroconvulsive therapy (ECT under general anaesthesia) is an established form of treatment in major psychiatric disorders and is widely used throughout the world (Abraham1997).It is used to reduce the risk of relapse and recurrence of illness in patients who are resistance to standard medical treatment or who require urgent treatment.

      Mahmut Kayaaltı

Abstract: This study has been prepared with the aim of to find out the (a) relationship between online games and vocabulary learning and (b) whether gender effects vocabulary learning through the online games. As one of the outcomes of technology, computer assisted language learning (CALL) increased the popularity of using computers in the classroom environments as a tool for learning languages. Along with the development of internet, the games started to appear in the form of online games. Correlatively this paper investigated five international articles related to online games and vocabulary learning from Iran, Turkey and China in which different methods have been employed including quantitative and qualitative measurements. The evaluation of the articles showed that adopting online games in language teaching for vocabulary learning is more efficient than rote learning; however the success depends on the gender. Male students do better in gaining vocabulary through online games comparing to female learners.

      Muddasar Altaf, Muhammad Inam Ullah Khan, Umair Ahmad, Zunaira Yousaf

Abstract: Crimes and criminals are great challenges for all especially the under developed/ developing countries like Pakistan. To reintegrate and make the offenders law abiding citizens is also a major task for state and society. This research is a comparison of Prisons and Reclamation and Probation Department about their financial expenses and number of populations handling/supervising by both departments. The cost of prisons is going higher and higher with the passage of time.

      Subhabrota Majumdar, Souvik Roy, Raviranjan Gupta, Nobila Khatun

Abstract: The objective of the present study was to formulate nanoparticulate gel of Aloe vera for improved skin permeation and in-vivo investigation using Wistar rat as an experimental animal. The nanoparticles were prepared by internal gelation method and dispersed in carbopol 940 gel for improving the stability. Fifteen different formulations of Aloe vera with sodium alginate and chitosan in different concentrations were prepared.

      Sampson Ntiamoah

Abstract: This study describes the followership behavior and job performance of employees in some selected public universities in Ghana. Over the years, Ghana’s public universities have placed emphasis on building leaders as compared to followers whose contribution to organizational success form eighty percent. In order for the heads of these institutions to effectively achieve their set goals and objectives, there is the need for them to rethink followership. Specifically, the objectives were to determine the extent to which followership styles and followership styles dimensions predict employees job performance.

      Rana Neha & Mathur Shabla

Abstract: The safety of hair colours has always been the concern travelling across generations, in the cosmetic industry. Identifying the genuine hair color requires a lots of caution, research and patience. With innumerable brands already floating in the market claiming to be the best, it has become really difficult to determine which one is safe and best. Even the leading hair dye brands like Loreal, Schwarzkopf, Revlon, Herbatint and Godrej need to be questioned for their claims. Unfortunately, today people just go by brand, ignoring the probable detrimental outcomes.

      Herianto, Zaenal Kusuma, Ellis Nihayati, Cahyo Prayogo

Abstract: Logging activities will have an impact on crop structure, composition, and species diversity. The research results showed that the composition and crop structure at each location were heterogeneous, as indicated by a very stable species diversity index. The types crop structure at the level of seedlings, stakes, poles, and trees from each location were also heterogeneous. There were, however, some of the same types encountered which dominated the locations of 2005, 2010 and 2015 such as Shorea sp, Dipterocarpus borneensis, Calophyllum inophyllum, Dehaasia sp., Syzygium sp. The stand density at the site in 2005 was lower compared to the two locations in 2010 and 2015, while the location of 2010 had the highest species density of 10,800 species/ha. The highest INP (Important Value Index) value in five species of plants in three locations was dominated by Shorea sp by 48.2%.

      Abdul-Majeed Issahaku, Sylvester Anaba, Donatus Nyaaba, Francis Atintono, Haruna Baako

Abstract: This study was carried out to investigate if a relationship exists between the length of time a subscriber uses a particular mobile network service and the network provider using students of Bolgatanga Polytechnic. The study employed survey research by collecting and processing data from 412 students. Using the chi square independent sample test, it was established that, there is no relationship between the duration of using a particular network service by a student and the network provider. The study also discovered that, subscribers are generally not willing to change their numbers and therefore mobile network providers will have a difficult task to win subscribers of rival network operators. On the basis of this research findings, we recommend that, network operators should endeavor to identify and target potential new mobile phone users and fashion strategies that can entice them to subscribe to their platforms whilst working to retain their existing customers.

      Dr. Md. Roshidul Islam, Mst. Sirajum Munira

Abstract: Economic growth of a country includes economic development, but does not reflect every citizen’s growth. Ensuring inclusive growth has turned out to be a major challenge for Bangladesh. Socio-demographic development is the relationship between economic activity and social life. In any society, the most important factor that influences patterns of household income and expenditure is the wealth status of the household. In general, research employs influential analysis solution and brings into focus those influential factors that must be given attention. The study isolates factors contributing to the changes in each attribute. It explains the correlation between Bangladesh’s changes and socio-economic indicators. And, 79.6% variation of the Monthly Total Expenditure is explained by the influential factors. All socio-economic variables display statistical significant correlation with measure of demographic changes. From the multiple regression analysis technique the independent variables education, wealth index, type of place of residence, husband or partner’s occupation, type of cooking fuel, husband or partner’s age, household has: mobile phone, electricity, motorcycle or scooter and monthly total income have significant effect on monthly total expenditure.

      Ameerah M. Zarzoor

Abstract: Background: States and societies are accelerating to achieve higher levels and levels of development, to improve the quality of life, and to promote human beings in society. Thus, development cannot be without dependence on man. He creates, directs and benefits from its income.

      I.K.H.H. Madhushani,B.A. Hirindu Kawshala

Abstract: The main objectives of this study is to find out the impact of the financial distress on the financial performance by using 05 years data from the year 2012 to 2016 with the sample of all the 31 listed non-bank financial institutions in Sri Lanka. Therefore, the sample was limited to the 29 of listed nonbanking financial institutions. The current study used two financial performance indicators such as return on asset (ROA), return on equity (ROE) as dependent variables. Whereas, Altman’s Z score and Leverage ratio have used as independent variable’s indicators. This research is mainly focused on the secondary data and those will be obtaining basically from published annual reports in Colombo Stock exchange. The findings suggest that the financial distressed situation has a significant impact on the financial performance of the listed non-bank financial institutions in Sri Lanka.


Abstract: This research develops a model to forecast portfolio risk such as VaR (Value-at-Risk) and ES (Expected Shortfall) using GARCH-EVT (extreme value theory)-Copula based approach. We first extract the filtered residuals from each return series through an asymmetric GJR-GARCH-ARMA (1,1) model, residuals show the presence of fat tail

      Elyani Rahman, Aryani Atiyatul Amra, Fithria Aldy, Masitha Dewi Sari, Bidasari Lubis

Abstract: Background : Thalassemia β major may reduce the quality of life of patients, one of them is a eyesight problem. Refractive errors are the most common problems. This disorder may occur due to changes in biometry arising from changes in craniofacial structures caused by chronic anemia. However, not all children with thalassemia β major experience refractive disorder.

      Tesfau Bekele, Brook Lemma, Seyoum Mengistou

Abstract: Now-a-days changes in land use system to meet the demands of a growing global population are inducing a shift in the socio-economic and ecological functions of wetlands. The objective of this study was therefore to assess the level of community’s perception on wetland conservation as well as to determine the trends/changes in status of wetlands in Lake Ziway shore area in the previous years and compare them to the present situation.

      Uzma Hasan

Abstract: The research paper has made an attempt to delve into the consumer protection rights being provided to the citizens in USA and UK. The paper lays down the rights available with the residents of these two nations with respect to consumer protection.

      Julio Alfa Romaroa Sopacua

Abstract: The application of Self Assessment System principles in taxes collection in Indonesia regulated in general explanation of article 12 Law number 28 Year 2007 about General Provision of Taxation. The conditions regulated in previous law is not loaded in technical regulation of implementation of Provincial Tax Collection in this case which are Motor Vehicle Tax Collection and Transfer of Motor Vehicle Title Fee in Regional regulation number 6 Year 2010 about Motor Vehicle Tax and Regional regulation number 4 year 2010 about Transfer of Motor Vehicle Title Fee. Because of the absence of enforcement base in region, and lack of awareness from the taxpayers to pay taxes, then Provincial Government of Maluku in this case through Board of Management of Regional revenue, finance and assets as the authorized institution to collect taxes is still incapable to apply self assessment system principles in the collection of regional taxes in this case Motor Vehicle Tax and Transfer of Motor Vehicle Title Fee.

      Ewuzie Henry E., Ekpo Rose E. And Okeacha Ezinne G.

Abstract: Sodium bentonite was treated with phosphoric acid and was further modified using hexadecyltrimethylammonium bromide (HDTAB). The acid treated - modified sodium bentonite and natural sodium bentonite were both used for the multi component adsorption of toluene, ethyl benzene and meta- xylene from their aqueous solution.

      Yogi Mahendra Wendy Wiratama, Brady Rikumahu

Abstract: This study aims to determine whether there is a significant impact of Tax Amnesty announcement on July 1st 2016 toward Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) period of February – July 2016. The research conducted event study method to examine the phenomenon. Event studies aim to examine abnormal rates of return by the significant economic information. Sample of the research was 78 companies that listed on KOMPAS-100 index which are not doing any corporate action during event window of 5-days before (t-5) until 5-days after event date. Average abnormal return was being variable of the research by calculate market model with 100-days of estimation date. The research concluded that there is no significant difference in event window of 5-days before and 5-days after Tax Amnesty announcement.

      Keyur Prakash Shah

Abstract: The contemporary social structure has plunged into a dark environment due to the growing number and types of crimes taking place. Advancements in technology have proven to be a boon for the criminal justice system globally, however, criminals are attempting to catch up with it though innovative methods. DNA fingerprinting is one such technological advancement made in criminal justice system. It has helped the system make remarkable progress in recent years, despite the presence of certain challenges. The present study intends to assess the advantages and disadvantages of DNA fingerprinting technology in resolving criminal cases. The innovation of DNA fingerprints and its prevalence in India are discussed along with the challenges faced during DNA fingerprint implementation. For this purpose, five lawyers were interviewed to share their insights on the advantages and challenges of the technology. The findings from the study indicate that DNA fingerprint and its applicability in the context of resolving criminal cases offer numerous advantages as compared to the shortcomings. Hence, DNA fingerprinting continues to assist judiciary in giving fair judgements, and presents broad scope for future developments.


Abstract: Dani Cultural shifts in society have an impact on the re-interpretation of cultural symbols in silimo space. The purpose of this study was to discover new cultural symbols in the silimo space and reproduce the symbols in cultural structures.

      Yuliana, Nurul Ilmi Idrus, Johzua R.Mansoben, AnsarArifin

Abstract: This study is based on the limited research on areca nut as a cultural object (material culture) used by Papuans in everyday life or life cycle based on their local understanding (ideational culture). The purpose of this study is to explain the practices of betel nut in the ceremony of Papuan life circle. This research method is a qualitative descriptive method. Data collection is done by triangulation method by combining data collection techniques as follows; interviews, Focus Group Discussion (FGD), and observation. Data were analyzed by three steps: data collection, data reduction, presentation in the form of description and explanation / interpretation and conclusion. The stages of this proposed study are also recommended by Miles and Huberman (in Emzir, 2010: 129). .

      Satyasavitri V. B, and Dr. P. M. Honakeri

Abstract: The present study is to analyse the growth of education and the literacy gap between Scheduled Tribes and other social categories from the year 1961 to2011. Along with this it tried to highlight the current issues and challenges of tribal communities in the segment of education. Tribal community in both rural and urban is facing various social and psychological problems to get education. Educating tribals is not common task like educating non-tribals. It needs a special efforts by the Government. So the Government has initiated many policy programmes to sought-out the educational problems of tribals. The present study has taken Ashram Schools as one of the remedial measures. The study is purely depends on secondary data of census of India, published and unpublished reports of Government and Non- Government organisations and the researcher’s observation in the field. To justify above objectives there are four questions have been framed to correlate the present thrust of the paper.

      Sasenarine Tomby, Jing ZHANG

Abstract: Climate change is occurring all over the world and various forms of climate change impacts are being experienced by countries, Guyana is no exception. As a coastal country and an agrarian society, Guyanas environment, economy, and society are highly sensitive to climate change.

      Isabelo V. Silao, Jr.

Abstract: Striving for excellence in Mathematics attracted the researcher to determine the factors affecting the mathematics performance of Kiamba SPED Center pupils. Descriptive-correlation study was conducted in order to determine the level of the pupils mastery in math basic skills, attitude towards mathematics and their parents involvement in learning, and which of these factors have significant relationship with problem solving skills.

      Mohammad Niaz Murshed

Abstract: This paper discusses the signi cance of the modal decomposition methods that can be applied to identify dynamics in time-invariant systems speci c to aerodynamic applications. Proper Orthogonal Decompo- sition can act on huge amount of data to detect patterns at low computational stress.

      Joneshia Bryan-Thomas, Delroy Bicknell, Delawna Brown, Shawna-Gaye Dennis, Mazie Francis, Janice Robinson

Abstract: Sexual health and functionality have been proven to be vital factors affecting the overall health and well-being of each individual. Erectile Dysfunction is a complex disorder with various biophysical implications leading the individual into a state of chronic stress that further worsens the symptoms. This literature review presents a systematic review of articles covering stress and its relation to erectile dysfunction in males with emphasis on the past ten years in order to highlight new aspects and their resultant implications.

      Mohammad Almarazig

Abstract: This research paper focuses on the semantic, syntactic and cultural losses that occur when translating the short story “A glance” by Yusuf Idris from Arabic into English. This paper discusses, the loss at different levels, starting with the meaning loss that happened because of the lack of some specific words in the Target Language (TL), the structural level that is caused by the different structures in both languages, and the cultural level that occur because of the unfamiliarly of the TL culture with the Source Language (SL) cultural terms and idiomatic expression. Therefore, this paper tries to investigate the reasons behind these losses.

      Rina Shrestha, Dr. Narbada Thapa

Abstract: Menopause means permanent cessation of menstruation. Every body’s menopause is unique, just as every woman’s body is unique, individual menopause experience will be highly personal one. It’s a natural event that marks the end of fertility and childbearing years. The quality of life during the menopause is a complex interaction of several different kinds of variable, which is assessed not only by the frequency and severity effects of menopause but also on quality of life, like wise vasomotor effects, psycho-social effects, Physical effects and sexual effects among working women in Kathmandu valley. So far, few studies have been carried out on menopause-specific quality of life in Kathmandu valley. The present study aims to identify effects of menopause on quality of life among working women in Kathmandu valley, by Ms. Rina Shrestha as a partial fulfillment of the requirement for publish in International Journal of Scientific and research publication (IJSRP).

      Nirjana, M., Thayabaran, M , Sathinjani, W.L.Y, Wijerathna, A.W.I.G

Abstract: Diabetic foot ulcer (DFU) is one of the most significant complications of diabetes and is associated with multiple risk factors. The development of DFU increases risk of developing foot infections, prolonged healing time, poor quality of life, gangrene, and lower limb non traumatic amputations.

      Ali Kareem Durib

Abstract: Objective: The present study aimed at investigating socio-demographic issues of gender, living place, marital status, education and type of Tuberculosis, and medical issues, such as new smear positive cases, causes, treatment and new pulmonary positive cases in Baghdad City, Iraq for 2012-2016.

      Masitha Dewi Sari, Hera KW Siregar

Abstract: Glaucoma caused loss of visual function loss by damaging the optic nerve. Aqueous humor plays an important role in the pathophysiology of the eye. One of the function is to protect eyes from the ultraviolet rays and free radical. Oxidation and free radical and oxygen reactions can effect the activity cell of trabecular meshwork especially endothelial cell. Superoxide dismutases are enzymes involved in the protection against oxidative stress by detoxification of superoxide. The present study was design to determine level activity of SOD in aqueous humor of primary glaucoma patients.

      Atuahene, C. C., Akowuah D. and Adjei, M. B.

Abstract: A Thirty five (35) day feeding trial was conducted to assess the effect of garlic on the growth performance of broiler chicken. One hundred and fifty-six unsexed Cobb 500 commercial broiler chicken of three weeks old were randomly allocated to four dietary treatments in a completely randomized Design (CRD), with three replicates of 13 birds each. The birds received the treatment diets as follows; the control (0%) and the supplemented diets containing 2.5%, 5.0% and 7.5% garlic powder (Allium sativum) for treatment T2, T3 and T4 respectively. Feed and water were supplied ad libitum. The parameters measured were; average feed intake (AFI), body weight gain (BWG), feed conversion ratio (FCR), mortality and performance index (PI).

      Nimeshi G.K.S.

Abstract: The multidimensional view of opportunity recognition is addressed differently by number of scholars. However theoretical bases in this regard are still fragmented. We addressed the suggestion of Shepherd, (2015) and assess the relationship between cognitive ability and the level of opportunity recognition of entrepreneurs in Sri Lanka. In order to answer why and how some individuals identify opportunities, the purpose of this paper is to identify the role of prior knowledge and cognitive characteristics of entrepreneurial alertness and learning in the entrepreneurial opportunities recognition process. First, the authors identified key effective factors and developed research hypotheses and assess the relationship. The authors considered research methodology including sampling and data collection, measurement model and the study conducted using small and medium scale entrepreneurs in Sri Lanka, in Western province. The findings show that all the three factors had positive impact on opportunity recognition. By using this study, entrepreneurs will be able to identify and enhance the factors that influence opportunity recognition.

      Hassan I. Osman, Mazin. S. Abdalla

Abstract: The genetic scope of diseases is getting wider every day. With the advancement of knowledge and the ever growing entanglement between different branches of science, the diagnosis of prion-caused diseases is becoming easy. However, the devastating outcome of these diseases such as the eventual death in the case of FFI is not. Rare as it may be, FFI is just as dangerous as any other disease; this is mainly due to its fatal outcome. FFI is an autosomal dominant prion disease; the mutation is in the protein gene (PRNP) D178N/129.According to our knowledge, no cases have been reported in Sudan. This may be explained by the misdiagnosis as the symptoms are shared by many neurological diseases.

      Ali Kareem Durib

Abstract: Objective: The present study aimed at studying the prevalence of Tuberculosis in Baghdad City, Iraq for the period of 2012-2016.

      Mrs. Vidya Bhilawade, Dr. L. K. Ragha

Abstract: Now a day all over the world, there has been a rapid increase in vehicle numbers. There are approximately 1 million licensed vehicles in the last year. Due to that traffic problems has increased in the last few years and the present traffic light controllers have limitations because it uses the fixed hardware. They do not have the flexibility of modification on real time basis. The time intervals of green, orange and red signals are fixed therefore the waiting time is more. To make this traffic light controlling more efficient we emerge new technique called as Intelligent Traffic Control System. This uses sensors along with embedded technology .The timings of the red and green lights will be smartly decided based on the traffic on roads. As compared to previous fixed mode traffic light controller this new system is more efficient and flexible. It also has facility to pass the emergency vehicles such as ambulance, fire brigade etc. and also detect and track the stolen vehicles. The design also has scope for further expansion.

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