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IJSRP, Volume 9, Issue 1, January 2019 Edition [ISSN 2250-3153]

All listed papers are published after full consent of respective author or co-author(s).
For any discussion on research subject or research matter, the reader should directly contact to undersigned authors.

January 2019 publication has started and publication will continue till 26th December 2019
Authors who paid publication fee after 2nd January, their paper will publish in January edition latest by 26th January or before.
Online print version will release latest by 30th January. Download cover page for this edition.

Indexing and Correction:
Indexing will start after 26th January and minor corrections are accepted till 26th January 2019.
If minor correction required, send email to and ask for formatted (.doc/docx) paper.

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      Ruwini Maduwanthi Dissanayake and Nimalathasan, B

Abstract: The main purpose of this study is to investigate the impact of corporate board and audit committee characteristics on voluntary disclosures of listed manufacturing companies in Sri Lanka. In order to achieve the objective of the study, data were collected from annual reports of listed manufacturing companies, which were published by Colombo stock exchange in Sri Lanka for the period of 2012 to 2017. Descriptive and inferential statistics were used for this purpose for the study. Based on content analysis of disclosure, the empirical results of multiple regressions revealed that significant positive impact of board size on voluntary disclosures. Further CEO duality has significant negative impact on voluntary disclosures. Conversely board independence and audit committee size do not have any impact on voluntary disclosure of manufacturing companies in Sri Lanka. The outcome of the study offer evidence to policy makers, investors and accounting professionals on corporate reporting processes of listed manufacturing companies in Sri Lanka.

      Atanu, E. Y.

Abstract: This paper analyses Nigerias crime data consisting of eight major crimes reported to the police in 2017. The crimes consist of robbery, theft, house breakings, grievous harm and wounding, murder, rape, and assault. Principal component analysis (PCA) was employed to explain the correlation between the crimes. The result shows a significant correlation between armed robbery, theft and grievous harm and wounding. While Kebbi state has the lowest crime rate, Lagos state has the highest overall crime rate in the state. Theft, house breakings, grievous hurt and wounding, murder, rape is more prevalent in Lagos state, armed robbery in Rivers state, while kidnapping and assault are prevalent in Abia state. The PCA has suggested retaining two components that explain about 85.166 percent of the total variability of the data set and giving the correlation between them the study concludes that some of the crime data can be used to predict each other and an interesting fact that kidnapping is only positively correlated with murder.


Abstract: This research was conducted to analyze the effect of promotion and brand equity on consumer buying decision process on Suzuki motorcycle.The number of respondents in this research was 40 respondents. Data collection method was using questionnaires and data analysis method was using qualitative analysis and structural equation model (SEM) with Partial Least Squares software (PLS). The result of the research shows that there is significant influence of promotion and brand equity on the process of purchasing decisions Suzuki motorcycle. Besides, it found that Brand Awareness is the most powerful indicator in shaping the Brand Equity and consumer buying decisions is the most powerful indicator in explaining the buying decision process.

      Dr. Jane Wambui Waweru Muigai

Abstract: The rise in fake news or the deliberate dissemination of false information mainly through social and traditional media raises serious concerns as to the kind of information the public is receiving. There exists confusion as to what fake news is all about, sources, and how to identify fake news. This paper attempts to demystify fake news , looks at the common media platforms used to share fake news, and highlights the reasons why people disseminate fake news. In addition, the paper analysis the structural and environmental dynamics that have led traditional mainstream media contribute to the rise of fake news. Research indicates that this phenomena has solicited global initiatives and resources for verification of news to address fake news highlighted herein. In conclusion, fake news pose a challenge to news as defined under journalism and mass media studies and practices and it is important that research continues

      Ms. Varsha Tondale

Abstract: Routine immunization injections are the most common painful procedure of childhood. Most of these injections are administered early in a childs life. With the continued introduction of new vaccines, children may now receive up to 20 injections by their second birthday Thus investigator would like to take up the present study to evaluate the effectiveness of facilitated tucking on pain among infants undergoing DPT vaccination. Facilitated Tucking improves the emotional security and reduces the pain perception. The research approach adopted for study was evaluative survey approach, research design was Quasi experimental post test only control group design. By using non –probability purposive sampling technique 100 infants were selected for the study. Modified Neonatal Infant Pain Scale was used to assess the pain scores of the infants during and after receiving DPT vaccination The calculated unpaired ‘t value (tcal = 9.52) was greater than tabulated ‘t value (ttab= 1.27) after vaccination. Therefore it can be inferred that facilitated tucking is effective in reducing pain during and after 2 minutes of DPT vaccination among infants. The calculated chi square values were higher than tabulated values at 0.05 level of significance. The results of the study revealed that there was significant association between posttest pain scores and selected socio-demographic variables. i.e age in months, [χ2cal= 20.81, χ2tab=12.59].

      Erick Yudistira, Bobby R.E. Sitepu, Aslim D. Sihotang

Abstract: Diabetes mellitus is a series of chronic metabolic disorders due to the pancreas does not produce enough insulin resulting from defects in insulin secretion, insulin action, or both leading to the increase of glucose concentration in blood. Diabetic retinopathy is a retinal disorder found in diabetic patients. It is a cause of blindness found throughout the world. As diabetes increases and glycemic control worsens, these diabetic patients have a decrease in contrast sensitivity. Clinically, it can be used as a tool in assessing retinal function in diabetic patients. Contrast sensitivity test has a strong indication and is a prediction of a real picture of vision that affects the quality of life of someone.

      PA Manjusha, Mendonca TL

Abstract: Electronic devices are an integral part of adolescents lives in the twenty-first century. Adolescents, in particular, spend a significant amount of time viewing and interacting with electronic devices in the form of TV, mobile phones and computer. It can have a positive and negative influence on the adolescent health, behaviour; social development and educational outcomes. In addition, symptoms associated with using mobile phones most commonly include headaches, earache, and warmth sensations and sometimes perceived concentration difficulties as well as fatigue. Aim: To determine the impact of electronic media on health of the adolescents.

      Edward. N. Wafula, Anne. S. Kisilu, Chris. W. Mukwa

Abstract: Implementation of the curriculum is a critical stage in the curriculum development cycle. Yet over the years 2011 to 2015 students achievement in Physics at Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) has been low coupled with low students enrollment. This study sought to determine the influence of teaching methods and learners motivation on implementation of Physics curriculum.

      Melesse Etifu Meranga, Mustefa Abu Kufa

Abstract: Evaluation of milk value chain and quality of milk were assessed in selected districts of surrounding Addis Ababa from September 2016 to April 2017. A total of 180 randomly selected market-oriented smallholder dairy farmers were involved in a cross-sectional study that was carried out by way of questionnaire survey, rapid market appraisal, farm inspection and group discussion. The overall mean family size of respondents in this study was 5.63  1.926 persons with average livestock holding per household of 23.93 ± 11.755 animals. Cattle were the predominant species representing 84.3% of the total TLU.

      Mary Jane Coy

Abstract: Though there are similarities concerning qualitative and quantitative research methodologies, both have distinguishing fundamental ontological and epistemological perspectives that are unique to their respective research design. When contemplating a methodological approach in order to answer a research question, qualitative and quantitative methodologies are not mutually exclusive. Though the characteristics of each methodology are distinct, their corresponding qualities add to their rigor, and both methodologies have the capacity to inform one another in order to generate, test, and confirm theory. To illustrate this, a qualitative collective case study and a quantitative survey research method are examined. The application of each design is considered to the extent of their usefulness in attaining a comprehensive understanding of complex phenomena. Finally, implications for future research are also offered.

      Naing Naing Kyaw

Abstract: The Internet and computer networks make extensive use of protocols. This paper is mainly focused on HTTP which is one of the most important piece of application layer protocol. Application layer is the topmost layer in OSI and TCP/IP model. The general format of HTTP request and response messages in real world are analyzed and captured by Wireshark. The actions taken by the Web client and server as these messages are sent and received are simulated and monitored using Packet Tracer.

      Julio Augusto Mussane, Yang Jie

Abstract: Abstract: Solid fuel cells combined heat and power is one of the most promising technologies for reducing energy consumption in stationary area (commercial building and residential environmental). This paper is aim to studies the model, applications and economic feasibility of an model of Solid Oxide Fuel Cell micro combined Heat and Power (SOFC mCHP) for single-family apartment in Wuhan area. A model of Solid Oxide Fuel Cell micro combined Heat and Power (SOFC mCHP) system is presented to estimate the energy required to meet the average of electricity and heating demand of a 120 m2 of single-family apartment in Wuhan area.


Abstract: Bullying is a habitual act wherein a certain bully hurts the victim physically or emotionally. Bullying is a serious topic that needs awareness for it is having a long-lasting consequences. This study focuses on the bullying, interests and skills of senior high school students among bullying. This study aims to examine the degree of understanding of students towards bullying based on the level of interests and skills. For the purpose of this study, all grade 11 and 12 students are required to answer the questionnaires in rating scale form. Results indicate that bullying is correlated with the level of interests and skills of the students. It can be inferred that verbal bullying is one of the students interest and skills. On the contrary, there is a similarity between physical and cyber bullying. It has been found out that both are one of the students interest and skills.

      Dr. Sunanda Gaddalay, Dr. Sonali Gite, Dr.Anita Kale, Dr.Yogesh Ahirrao, Dr.Sana Mohani, Dr. Amol Badgire

Abstract: Aim –To compare and also evaluate the fracture resistance of immature teeth using different obturating materials like MTA Angelus and Biodentine

      JUBEK Dora Sallvatore Kose, Bin Xu, Loro Emmanuel Ladu. L

Abstract: The Republic of South Sudan became a member to the United Nations framework convention on climate change on 17th January, 2014 after attaining its independency from Sudan in 2011 after a 98.8% vote in a referendum for self-determination. As one of the least developed countries, which is vulnerable to climate change impacts, having emerged from a long civil war, the country is being faced with a lot of challenges ranging from effects of war to institutional development and economic prosperity.

      A. Varadharajan, R. Gnanasekar and R. Vijayalakshmi

Abstract: Anthelmintic resistance against commonly used anthelmintics (ivermectin, levamisole, and fenbendazole) was studied in naturally occurring gastrointestinal (GI) nematodes in adult sheep flocks of Cuddalore district, Tamil Nadu by using Faecal egg count reduction tests (FECRT) and also to determine the efficiency of anthelminitics (fenbendazole, levamisole and ivermectin) used for treatment against nematode parasites. The results of the present study revealed high levels of anthelminitic resistance to Fenbendazole treated sheep flocks in Cuddalore district with the reduction of 50 - 89 per cent, whereas, a low resistant to Levamisole with the faecal egg reduction of 93 - 95 per cent. Ivermectin was found to be effective in controlling nematodes in all the sheep farms. The post-treatment (fenbendazole and levamisole) larval culture revealed the presence of Haemonchus contortus larvae.

      A. Rahman HI

Abstract: This study is entitled the supervision strategy for the process of submitting political messages in winning campaign of the election 2019 by PDIP Tangerang Indonesia. This study aims to understand and analyze the process of delivering political messages in the campaign to win the 2019 Election by Indonesia Democratic Party of Struggle (PDIP) Tangerang Indonesia. This study method is qualitative with a single case study design. The results showed that PDIP Tangerang in implementing the supervision carried out by the DPC of PDIP Tangerang in building and strengthening trust and interest to vote i.e. firstly, controlling the message conveyed to outdoor media to avoid sabotage by parties irresponsible. Secondly, controlling the public opinion that develops on social media related to issues or negative hoaxes that afflict the party.


Abstract: Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has become a vital concept in business environment due to the idea that the CSR benefits an organization to improve their performance in terms of the goodwill, social image and the customer base. Therefore most of the organizations attempt to practice CSR strategies for the success of the business. With the growing acceptance of the concept of CSR there is increasing trend that the organizations are spending huge cost on CSR practices.

      Sheeja V U and Basil Rose M R

Abstract: Hemagglutination assay of the extract from the hepatopancreas of the freshwater crab Travancoriana charu, using diverse mammalian erythrocytes revealed the presence of an agglutinin with specific affinity for rat > mice erythrocytes. Hemagglutinability was dependent on divalent cations and highly sensitive to the changes in the pH and temperature of the medium. Maximum agglutination was observed at pH 9.5 and temperature of 30ºC with the inclusion of 1-5 mM calcium or 1-10 mM manganese. HAI assay indicated the unique specificity of the agglutinin from the hepatopancreas to lactoferrin, a single subunit N-glycoprotein with Gal(α1-3)Gal(β1-4)GlcNAc(αGal),GalNAc(β1-4)GlcNAc(LacdiNAc) epitopes and N-glycolyl neuraminic acid (Neu5Gc).

      Alcia Junia Mona Sari, Idris

Abstract: The emergence of online transportation in the city of Padang is caused by poor services provided by public transport and frequent congestion, because online transportation is more interesting to use, because it helps people to reach their destination quickly. Another reason that makes people interested in using it is the online transportation fleet more than public transportation. This study aims to determine the effect of acceptance and use of Go-jek applications in Padang city using the UTAUT model. The factors in the UTAUT model affect consumers in using transportation technology online in Padang City. The results showed that the factors that influence the Behavior of Intentions in the application of online transportation technology in the City of Padang were Hope Performance and Business Expectations. Meanwhile, the factors that influence behavior use online transportation services Facilitation Conditions, and Behavioral Intentions. The value of influence on Behavior Behavior is 62, 8%, and the effect on Use of Behavior is 80%.

      Pakiza. M, Aftab. A, Naeem. M, Azmi. UR, Irfan.M, Nadeem. Z

Abstract: About half of the diabetic population in Pakistan is unidentified and almost half of the initially characterized diabetic patients are seen to have diabetic complications. The purpose of the current study was to evaluate the frequency of chronic complications of Diabetes Mellitus Type 2 in patients attending a primary care center at Jampur, Pakistan. Patientshavingtheir initial appointment at outpatient Department of Iqbal Diabetes Clinic from February 2017 to March 2018. A total of 100 diabetic patients were taken from February to June 2018.

      Lucy Nyokabi Kimani, Prof Eliud N. M. Njagi And Dr. Stanley Kinge Waithaka

Abstract: A reference value for glycosylated haemoglobin in the Kenyan population in Kiambu County was developed. 600 normal adult individuals were recruited in the study, 7 (1.2%) of their sample were not analysed as they were positive for HIV (5) and HbsAg (2). The remaining 593 study participants had representation of male 325 (54.8%) and female 268 (45.2%).Six millitres of blood was obtained from the participants three millitres put in EDTA vacuitainer for analysis of glycosylated haemoglobin and three millilitres put in a plain vacuitainer for screening of HIV, HbsAg and VDRL.Statistical package for the social sciences (SPSS) programme (version 21) was used for data analysis.

      Nguyen Thi Hong Van, Huynh Thanh Toi

Abstract: In this study, Artemia were cultured at three substitution rates of seawater by sea-salt water involving 0% (control; seawater); 50 and 100% incorporated with two ways of culture method known as normal and biofloc application. The two- factorial experiment produced 8 treatments and there were 3 replicates for each. Artemia were reared in 5L plastic bottles, contained 3L culture medium with a density of 500 nauplii/L, salinity 30‰ and lasted for 4 weeks. In the first two days after stock, Artemia was fed with fresh Chaetoceros algae and after that till the end of experiment, Artemia formulated feed was used as daily food. In biofloc treatments, the C/N ratios were regulated by adding molasses into the Artemia culture medium based on TAN concentration from days 5th. Results from experiment showed that most of followed parameters such as survival, growth, reproduction as well as biomass production were more or less similarity between treatments (p>0,05) except reproduction rate.

      Rajapaksha Pathirannehelage Erandi Kumari Rajapaksha

Abstract: Purpose - Researcher is exploring the female entrepreneurs and impact of networking in the Sri Lankan context. Few studies have been especially focus on the female entrepreneurship in terms of the impact of networking. This paper aims to investigating the relationship of entrepreneurial external resource networks and venture growth of female small businesses.

      Sema, Syamsuddin Hasan, Syamsuddin Nompo, Muh. Rusdy, Jasmal A. Syamsu, Marhamah Nadir

Abstract: This study aims to determine the effect of defoliation intervals on the growth and quality of Brachiaria brizantha, Brachiaria decumbens, and Brachiaria decumbens cv.Mulato planted into polybags containing soil originating from critical dry land. This research was conducted by factorial completely randomized design (3x3) with 3 replications for each treatment combination. Factor A was defoliation interval i.e 30-, 45-, and 90-day age and Factor B was a grass species. The total unit of the experiment is 27. The results showed that the defoliation interval in grass species had significantly affected (P <0.01) plant height, number of tillers, leaf area, specific leaf area, dry weight, cumulative production, leaf chlorophyll content and crude protein content and so do both factors. Based on this study, defoliation interval of 90-day age has better response to plant growth and defoliation interval of 45-day age has better response to nutritional quality. Brachiaria brizantha grass has better growth and nutritional quality compared to other species grass.

      Adeela Hassan, Haris Manan, Firdous Idrees, Hareem Ghazanfar, Sidra Nazeer, Muhammad Rauf Tahir, Aisha Akhtar, Sara Ashraf

Abstract: OBJECTIVE: Aims of this study include the awareness and information about management of diarrhea among mothers visiting Sharif Medical City Hospital, Lahore and to assess knowledge about basic prophylactic measures that can be taken including ORS and Rotavirus vaccination.

      Anushka R, Diksha Chaudary, Ravi Ranjan Singh, Satish Wadel S, PA Aswatha Narayana, Ashish Kumar Gupta

Abstract: This paper presents the numerical simulations of low-Reynolds-number flow past an Eppler 387 airfoil at Re=20,000, 30,000, 60,000, 100,000 and 300,000 where transition takes place through a laminar separation bubble. The analysis is carried out using ANSYS FUENT. Two turbulence models, trans-SST and k-kl-Ѡ models were used for investigation. The lift coefficient, drag coefficient, point of separation and the point of reattachment were established. The numerical results of the aerodynamic coefficients are validated against wind tunnel results available in the literature.

      Tamilarasu Rajendran, Nor Azam Bin Naaim, Melor Md Yunus

Abstract: In accordance to 21st century learning conventional learning methods are not engaging and motivating resulting in poor pupils participation in the classroom. Quizvaganza is used as a tool to increase pupils motivation and engagement in the classroom in an ESL classroom. Using Quizizz web application as a platform this study is aimed to investigate secondary level pupils motivation and perception in learning English using Quizvaganza game.

      Mohammad Liton Hossain, Tafiq Ahmed, S.Sarkar, Md. Al-Amin

Abstract: Character recognition technique, associates a symbolic identity with the image of the character, is an important area in pattern recognition and image processing. The principal idea here is to convert raw images (scanned from document, typed, pictured etcetera) into editable text like html, doc, txt or other formats. There is a very limited number of Bangla Character recognition system, if available they cant recognize the whole alphabet set. Motivated by this, this paper demonstrates a MATLAB based Character Recognition system from printed Bangla writings. It can also compare the characters of one image file to another one. Processing steps here involved binarization, noise removal and segmentation in various levels, features extraction and recognition.

      Martha Armengol, Toni M DiDona, Denisse Diaz

Abstract: This study intends to find a relationship between organizational culture and organizational commitment. Organizational culture is a broad and complex concept. It determines the underlining principles and behaviors in an organization. Organizational Commitment refers to the level of attachment one feels for their job. For the purpose of this study, Meyer and Allens (1993) instrument will be used to measure organizational commitment as a criterion, or dependent, variable. Culture will be measured using Wouters and Maesschalcks (2014) Grid- group culture scale as a predictor, or independent, variable. A questionnaire containing both measures was distributed through convenient sampling and analyzed using correlational analysis.

      Ibrahim Hassan Bakari, Manu Donga, Adamu Idi, Jediel Ezra Hedima, Kasima Wilson, Hajara Babayo, Yusrah Ibrahim

Abstract: Sub-Saharan Africa has been regarded the home of poverty, housing a large number of poorly, malnourish leading to varied social vises. This study examine the impact of financial inclusion on poverty reduction in forty nine Sub-Saharan African countries using data spanning the period of 1980 -2017, the study employ a static panel data model to analyze the data. It was found that savings, credits to the private sector as percentage of GDP, access to ATM, access to information Technology, Inflation, and Government expenditure play a vital role in poverty reduction, explaining 32.5, 11.7, 27.4, 49.1, 96.1, and 25.2 percent poverty reduction in the sub-region respectively.

      Dr. Zar Bakht Bano, Dr. Tehmina Ramzan, Dr. Mohsin Majeed, Dr. Hamza Sardar, Dr. Riffat Ammar, Dr. Ayesha Basharat, Dr. Muhammad Abubakar

Abstract: Background: Facial palsy refers to the weakness of facial muscles mainly resulting from the temporary damage to the facial nerve. The recommended treatments for facial palsy include facial muscle exercises, biofeedback, electrical stimulation, massage and sensory stimulation.

      M. Abd Elgadir, Aljabeili, H. S, Abdulaziz A. ALsuhaim, A. Al Homidan

Abstract: Broiler chicken (a total of 30 birds) were fed on diets containing Fenugreek (Trigonella foenum-graecum), Garden Cress (Lepidium sativum) and Mung Bean (Vigna radiate) in concentrations of 0.5 – 2.5% for a period of 45 days. The birds then were slaughtered, defeathered eviscerated and cut. Breast muscle was chosen and cuts weighing about 20g were obtained, cleaned and water boiling cooked in a ratio of 1:2 w/v (meat: water) for 40 min. The cuts then were hot served for sensory evaluation. Twenty- five panelists form students and staff members of College of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine, Qassim University, Saudi Arabia were sensory evaluated the cuts for colour, taste, flavour, juiciness and overall acceptability on a 9-point hedonic scale (1 = dislike extremely, 5 = neither like nor dislike, 9 = like extremely). The results revealed that all chickens fed on supplemented had significantly (p < 0.05) taster and juicier breast meats than control chickens fed on standard diet (no supplementation). The chicken fed with garden cress in concentration of 2.5% had the best ooverall acceptability followed by chicken fed with mung bean in concentration of 1.5%. Supplementation of standard diets with garden cress in the concentration of 2.5% is highly recommended for better chicken meat sensory quality.

      Abhinav Parashar, Aditya Vineet

Abstract: This project includes the Design and Implementation Memory Module for Air Conditioners using embedded C language and it synthesis using Arduino software on a ATMEGA Microcontroller board. The implementation strategies have been designed in such a way so as to keep the functioning of the system simple yet an efficient one. The instruction set adopted here is extremely simple that complements the architecture in completing the defined task.

      Suja. S and Sherly Williams. E

Abstract: The liver exposed to 96-hour LC 50 concentration of cadmium chloride was studied in a freshwater murrel Channa striatus. The liver is very important organs in fish to achieve the process of detoxification and biotransformation, which is considered the most suitable indicators of water pollution levels. Changes of liver morphology and histology of Channa striatus due to sublethal concentration of cadmium chloride (6.9 ppm) heavy metals. After the exposure of cadmium chloride, the histopathological alterations observed in the liver tissue such hypertrophy of hepatocytes, nuclear hypertrophy, necrosis, blood congestion, vacuolation, cellular degeneration, damage of nuclei, bile stagnation and congestion in the blood sinusoids.

      Juvert N. Paler, Kenneth B. Batiller, Lyka Valiente, Jerald C. Moneva

Abstract: Parenting style refers to parental strategies on how they raise up their children. This study focuses on the effects of parenting styles to the task performance of students. This aims to examine the relationship between parenting styles and mode of learning of Senior High School Students in Jagobiao National High School for School year 2018-2019. For the purpose of this study, all grade 11 and 12 students in Jagobiao National High School are required to answer the questionnaires in rating scale form.Results indicate that parenting styles is correlated with the educational achievement of students.

      Aye Mon Thida Nyo , Arnt Win

Abstract: In this research work, the red-fleshed pitaya or red dragon fruit, Hylocereus polyrhizus was selected to qualify and quantify the phenols present in it. Firstly, some nutritional values of this sample were analyzed by AOAC method. Furthermore, the antimicrobial activities of this collected sample were tested by Agar-well diffusion method on six selected organisms. In addition, the fresh juices were prepared by crushing from red dragon fruits to determine the total phenolic content. Moreover, this expressed juice was checked for qualitative tests of phenols. Finally, the phenolic content of red dragon fruit could be evaluated by the spectrophotometric method using PD 303-UV visible spectrophotometer.

      Mohan Kumar. R, Dr.Smith Philip, Dr. H.Chandrashekar

Abstract: The World Health Organization estimates that as of 2010 there are 208 million people with alcoholism worldwide. (4.1% of the population over 15 years of age)The National Mental Health Survey of India (2016) noted that the prevalence of alcoholic use disorder is significantly high (4.6% for alcoholic use disorder). NMHS of India (2016) reported that there is a very high prevalence of disorders due to misuse of alcohol and treatment gap is 86.3%. Alcoholism is a complex problem having medical and social ramifications which impacts all social strata. Controlling addictive disorders requires programmes like provision of treatment services, care and facilities.

      R.Prabhu, K.Valarmathi, S.Vengaiarasi

Abstract: This study aimed to investigate the awareness of temporomandibular disorder among dental students in private college. Other studies show only the signs, symptoms, incidence, prevalence and severity of temporomandibular disorders. This study clearly demonstrated the awareness of temporomandibular joint pain and its preventive measures among young age group. The young individuals were more aware of their health and their wellness. Eventually, this study clearly depicted the TMJ pain awareness among young individuals.

      Vangie M. Moldes, Cherry Lyn L. Biton, Divine Jean Gonzaga, Jerald C. Moneva

Abstract: Adolescent have higher tendency to experience peer pressure in school. Peer pressure is clustered in four categories such as social belongingness, curiosity, cultural-parenting orientation of parents and education, this research design used is descriptive correlation. The researchers conducted the survey among the students in the Senior High School. With 96 respondents who completed the survey. Quantitative data were processed by using chi-square.

      Musa Sani Danazumi, Shehu Usman Ibrahim

Abstract: Background and aim: Lumbar disc herniation with radiculopathy has been one of the most difficult conditions to manage in orthopedic manual therapy. While there are many clinical studies concerning the standardization of surgical treatment, there is to date no standardized literatures for the most effective non-operative care for lumbar disc herniation with radiculopathy which suggest that extreme measures to ameliorate lumbar disc herniation with radiculopathy are urgently warranted. In this study, a 35 year old man who was diagnosed with lumbar disc herniation and was planned for lumbar surgery due to failure of medical interventions was successfully treated using non-operative management.

      Nuno Miguel Da Costa Ferreira, Li Wu

Abstract: Shale gas, which is extracted from wells, typically exhibits a high initial peak in production rates with a successive rapid decline followed by low production rates. However, liquid accumulation is common in shale wells and detrimental on the production rates.

      Inocian, Aleah Jane, Hoybia, Queen Ann, Mirasol, Mae Chell, Moneva, Jerald

Abstract: Senior High School students face different struggles pertaining on having lack of materials needed in school. In order for them to continue pursuing their studies, they must establish a strong motivation. The study was a quantitative design. This study aimed to know the different levels of motivation of Senior High School students. The researchers conducted the survey among the Senior High School with the total of one hundred respondents who are required to answer the questionnaire to complete the survey and gather the data needed. Quantitative data were processed using chi-square.

      Yogga Agus Wahyudi, Wahyu Sukartiningsih, Raden Roro Nanik Setyowati, Waspodo Tjipto Subroto

Abstract: The low level of school literacy culture and the lack of learning activities that hone critical thinking skills are problems that must be overcome. Therefore, relevant learning facilities are needed according to the challenges of the 21st century. This study aims to develop and test the feasibility, practicality, and effectiveness of multimedia learning based on a balanced literacy approach to improve the critical thinking skills of fifth-grade students of elementary school. This study adapted the Thiagarajan research and development (R & D) model known as 4D (define, design, develop, & disseminate). The feasibility of multimedia learning is based on the results of expert validation.

      C. K. Osore, J. N. Mwero

Abstract: This paper assesses the suitability of using sugarcane bagasse ash (SCBA) as partial replacement of cement in concrete as well as the effect of its grinding on the mechanical properties of concrete. The SCBA was ground in a ball mill for 60 minutes and 30 minutes and its physical and chemical properties determined to establish if it was pozzolanic. 0%, 10%, and 20% by weight of cement was then replaced by the ash in concrete and the physical properties of concrete determined.

      Paramita Ceffiriana, Yatim Riyanto, Nasution, Waspodo Tjipto Subroto

Abstract: This study aims to describe the implementation of students team achievement division learning model in improving social skills of students in elementary school.

      Siti Syamsiah, S. Pd, Prof. Dr. Rusijono, M. Pd, Dr. Agus Suprijono, M. Si, Dr. Waspodo Tjipto Subroto, M. Pd

Abstract: Based on the observation which is done by the researcher in the sixth grade of elementary school is the lack of student activity in learning process and the lack of teachers innovation in selecting and applying teaching learning model. It creates the learning process in less than optimal and the achievement of student learning outcomes have not been achieved with the Minimum Completion Criteria.

      Vinod Immanuel,Vinod.Pagidipalli, Sandhya Goud, Sindhu Nalluri, Pooja Vanganti

Abstract: Background - Maternal nutrition remain as one of the major public health problem in Hyderabad-Karnataka region even after the various developmental programs, nutritional missions, awareness camps and pilot projects by central government as well as state government.

      I Gusti Ayu Ari Agung, D M Wedagama, I G A A Hartini, Stevani H.

Abstract: Angular cheilitis the clinical diagnosis of majority lesions affecting at the corner of the mouth. Angular cheilitis was an issue of global that affect children population. Angular cheilitis becomes a serious problem due to its rapid development, therefore there should be no delay in treatment if symptoms of angular cheilitis have occurred.

      Hazel B. Destacamento, Rose Anne T. Nacorda, Jenelyn D. Molo

Abstract: Educational philosophies of parents can take many forms, such as being informed about their childrens performance in school, knowing strength and weaknesses and providing needs of the students. This study focuses on the level of educational philosophies of parents and level of diligence of the students. This aims to examine the relationship between educational philosophies of parents and students diligence in school.

      Dr. Smt. M. Esther Suneela, Mr. G. Yenoku

Abstract: "Development obviously has its economic side, and important it is. But, if the human resources of a country are viewed in the same manner as the mineral and animal reserves, a grossly distorted image will inevitably ensure. Real development must depend on balanced growth of the person both as an economic and social being" (Coles 1977: 4).

      Arnt Win, Aye Mon Thida Nyo, Thida Cho

Abstract: In this research work, one of Myanmar indigenous medicinal plants, Chamaecyparis pisifera (Siebold & Zucc.) Endl., Myanmar name Kyauk pan was selected for chemical analysis. It was collected from Forest Research Institute (FRI) campus, Yezin, Zaeyar Thiri Township, Naypyitaw Region, Myanmar. Moreover, a potent anti-inflammatory activity of the root of C. pisifera was determined by carrageenan induced inflammation method. This plant showed remarkable inhibitory activity in high dose and also the activity followed by the remaining medium and low dose. High dose was found to possess significant anti-inflammatory activity, which supported the traditional application of the test plant in acute inflammatory activity.

      Nabraj Lama

Abstract: The Mahakali treaty has created a deadlock situation on the sustainable harvest of not only the water of the Mahakali River but also other potentials in different rivers of Nepal for hydropower and other river-related projects between Nepal and India. Even after two decades of the enforcement of the treaty on 1997, there is no progress in the agreed terms of the agreement yet, rather many provisions of the treaty and the letter exchanged are highly criticized in Nepal. Thus, this paper attempt to deal with the most controversial provisions and present the view from Nepalese perspective. It also deals with the possibilities of re-negotiating the treaty in the context of changing geopolitical dynamics with the pro-active involvement of China in Nepal.

      JV Jane G. Ouano, John Fritz Dela L. Torre, Wenaly I. Japitan, Jerald C. Moneva

Abstract: Making a career choice is a defining phase in every students life. Students have to consider several factors before arriving at a decision. The purpose of this research was to see the factors which affect the choice of career among students. This study assessed the influence identified factors such as decision-making and interest, peer influence, considerations about the institutions and future job opportunities on the career decisions of 90 students in Jagobiao National High School. Data was collected through a survey questionnaire – researchers used a chi-square as a research tool to formulate the collected data. The results show that the considerations about the institutions as most significant, followed by decision-making and interest, peer influence and future job opportunities.

      Jawad Tahmeed Bin Taufik, Mohammad Liton Hossain, Tafiq Ahmed

Abstract: This study presents an approach to develop an indoor visible light communication system capable of transmitting audio signal over light beam within a short distance. Visible Light Communication (VLC) is a pretty new technology which used light sources to transmit data for communication. In any communication system, both analog and digital signal transmission are possible, though, due to having the capability of providing a faithful quality of signal regeneration after the transmission process, digital communication system is much more popular than the analog one. In the current project, digital communication process was adopted also.

      Le Quang Dung, PhD, Nguyen Thi Dieu Ha, PhD

Abstract: For long time, the use of standardized language test has dominated the language assessing practice. Assessment has focused on measuring how thoroughly students have mastered knowledge and skills. However, traditional standardized tests have been criticized for removing the human element and restricting communication between students and teachers; for eliminating the opportunity for students to draft and to revise their work; and for not allowing students to participate in choosing work that would better represent their abilities.


Abstract: Wildfire is the most dominant natural large scale disturbance factor in many of the world’s ecosysytems including forests. A 115-year old mixed forest in Manipur (North-East India) was disturbed by wildfire in January 2010. The ground vegetation and the litter layer were completely consumed during the fire. Soil microarthropods that depend on those resources for food are therefore expected to be sensitive to fire. The study investigated the post-fire soil microarthropod abundance in this disturbed forest ecosystem.

      Camille Gay A. Desamparado, Samantha June Mendoza, Trisha Kate Minguito, Jerald C. Moneva

Abstract: Stress is something that causes anxiety or depression, it comes from schooling, church, or even at home. It is the reaction of one’s body and mind to something that causes a change in the balance. Although senior high school students may encounter common stressors in secondary level, perceptions of what are considered as academic stressors may differ.

      Andrew Lako Kasmiro Gasim, Shun Mao

Abstract: There are excellent opportunities for Juba city (South Sudan) to provide a wide range of urban services including waste management in the informal settlement, which have a direct positive impact on resident’s health, creation of employment, and poverty reduction. This study shows how government involves the community in the solid waste management in order to solve the problem of uncollected waste after the failure of the municipal council to do so.


Abstract: The study was carried out to determine the impact of students’ background school type on students academic performance This study is a descriptive research of the survey It is also on expo factor research as the students’ scores in Mathematics, English Language, Integrated Science, Social Studies and Yoruba Language were collected for us. The population of this study consists of some selected secondary schools in Akure South Local Government Area, Ondo State. The Junior Secondary School of the selected schools formed the population of the study.

      Amos Fang Zeh, Nkwatoh Athanasius Fuashi, Melle Ekane Maurice

Abstract: Land use and land cover change is one of the major threats facing wildlife in the tropics today. This is mainly as a result of human search for earth materials for sustenance, due to increasing human population. This study set out to evaluate the effect of land use/land cover change on the population of wildlife in the Kimbi Fungom National Park with the main objective to assess the trend of wildlife population change in the face of growing anthropogenic activities in this newly created national park of Cameroon.

      Karen Reenai Hillson, Nurul Falahani Shamsulbahri, Sofena Imas anak Bangkam, Melor Md Yunus

Abstract: Major changes in technology have had an influence on education. In schools located on the outskirts of town in remote areas, technological advances are often ignored and the traditional way of teaching writing is considered the best option. Thus, pupils are hindered from maximizing their learning potential and creativity during writing activities. By incorporating Storybird, an engaging digital story writing website, it allows pupils to focus on the content of their writing aided by fun illustrations. This research aims to enhance pupils’ writing skill and engagement in building simple sentences by using Storybird. The research design is action research which employed semi-structured interviews, anecdotal records as well as pretest and posttest in the form of worksheets.

      Omondi Benard Owino

Abstract: The responsibility shouldered by the government of any nation, particularly the developing nation is enormous; the need to fulfill these responsibilities largely depends on the amount of revenue generated by government through various means. Kenya relies heavily on tax revenue to fund government expenditure. The role of tax revenue in promoting economic growth may not be felt if the correct choice between different taxes is not made, this calls for proper examination of the relationship between the revenue generated from different types of taxes and economic growth.

      Mussaib ibni Yousuf Anznoo, Dr. Ajay Kumar Ghosh

Abstract: Women are essence and prerequisite part of any society in the world, but from times immemorial they have been discriminated in all spheres of life-political social, educational etc. It is well-known fact that the Jammu and Kashmir was under the capricious and inhuman reign of the Dogra’s during the colonial period. Majority population of the state was subjected to oppression under the different Dogra rulers.

      Hesham Abdulhmed Atabeb

Abstract: "The tourism market, on the other hand, is extremely dynamic and shows a high degree of competitiveness (World Economic Forum, 2013). It is necessary to continuously monitor and evaluate the existing tourist offers, as well as constant efforts in reaching the standards of tourist offer and setting new ones development goals, such as the expansion of the tourist season, the creation of tourism products that enable them involvement of wider market segments, further development of infrastructure, etc. Such development is necessary to be harmonized at all levels, from local, regional to state level. In that view participants who make tourist offer of tourist destinations must have marketing activities to satisfy tourists and their expectations, and accordingly, it is necessary to constantly adjust the existing one tourist offer of a tourist destination in relation to the selected market

      Rudi Saprudi Darwis, Risna Resnawaty, Dessy Hassanah

Abstract: One of the keys to success in implementing CSR that is able to empower the community is the involvement of all stakeholders in the implementation of CSR programs. Such involvement is not only from the community as an object as well as the subject of the program, but also from the government, other companies, as well as regional organizations and at the grassroots level. This study will describe the capability of the company as the main stakeholder in collaboration between stakeholders on the implementation of corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs.

      Agaba O, Wuana R.A and Itodo A.U

Abstract: The adsorptive capacity of ammonia-treated activated Prosopis Africana pod husks (APAPH) and carbonized activated Prosopis Africana pod husks (CPAPH) on atrazine was studied. All the adsorbents derived shows favorable physicochemical attributes (pH, bulk density, attrition, iodine adsorption number/surface area, titratable surface charge, SEM and FT-IR analysis). Batch adsorption studies were also carried out under the effect of operational parameters such as initial atrazine concentration (10-60 mgL-1), initial solution pH (2-12), adsorbent dosage (0.5-2.5 g), contact time (30-240 Min), and temperature (300-350 K). Depending on the adsorbents, optimal removal of atrazine was: CPAPH (66.0 %) and APAPH (56.5 %). Equilibrium adsorption data obeyed isotherm models in the order (Langmiur> Dubinin-Radushkevich>Temkin>Freundlich).

      Edgar F. Benaldo

Abstract: This paper aimed to investigate the English language proficiency of maritime students’ at Naval State University – main campus. Specifically, it sought to answer the following: level of English language proficiency in oral reading, speaking proficiency and significant difference between oral reading and speaking proficiency of maritime students at NSU. Descriptive research design is utilized to assess how proficient in oral reading and speaking to maritime students at NSU. The study is conducted in the college of maritime education of Naval State University, school year 2018 – 2019. There were one hundred (100) randomly selected respondents. The data retrieved, collected, and analyzed using the exact statistical treatment. Results, revealed that majority of the students in the college of maritime education were highly proficient in the English Language Proficiency.

      Paul Olendo Ombanda, Prof. Peter K’Obonyo

Abstract: Current corporate dynamics have led to the growing interest in business ethics, both in academia and in the professional practice. However, moral lapses continue to happen in human resource management activities, leading HR academics and professionals to rethink what to do to reinvent new strategies to successfully manage ethics in HRM functions. The broad objective of this critical literature review therefore is to establish the role ethics can play in human resource management to improve organizational performance.

      Vipul Kamboj

Abstract: This work is basically about the shape of our universe . It has always been questioned that what is the shape of our universe . There are different theories related to this question but none is satisfactory . Possibly our universe is ring shaped with non uniform thickness and this configuration explains various important phenomenon’s like big bang , expansion , big crunch etc. Using this configuration we can solve mysteries of our universe and we can get answers to some questions .

      Ellen Mae Caballero, Princess Joy Munoz, Jamayca Jadraque, Jerald Moneva

Abstract: The millennial generation experienced different issues pertaining to their attitude, characteristic and interest towards school and environment. In order for them to change the perspective of the people they should establish a strong belief for their selves. The study was a quantitative design that makes use of research made questionnaire. This study aimed to know and deeply understand the millennial generation and with their level of interest.

      Dr Anu Sharma, Dr Sonal Agarwal, Dr D.P. Danave, Dr K.V.Ingole.

Abstract: Background: Urinary tract infections (UTIs) account to one of the major reasons for hospital visits by patients, it remains to be one of the commonest infectious diseases diagnosed in developing countries, emergence of antibiotic resistance in uropathogens due to misuse or overuse of antibiotics and has led to limited therapeutic options for treatment which is serious concern for clinicians

      Dr. Suresh Naidu Boddu

Abstract: This study compares the Loans and Advances, NPAs of both public and private sector banks in India to explore the preventive measures to control the rising NPAs. Suitable preventive measures help banks to decrease the level of NPAs in India. A lower level of NPAs helps the banks in consolidating their position, increasing confidence to depositors and increasing market share of the

      Archana Moon, Pranjali Gajbhiye, Monali Jariya, Deeba Khan, Amit Taksande

Abstract: Urinary tract infections (UTI) are the infection caused by microbes and women are especially prone to it than men due to anatomical reasons. Uropathogenic S.aureus have developed resistant to presently prescribed antibiotics viz., Trimethoprim and cotrimoxazole. S.aureus clinical isolates were utilized in this study.Antibacterial activity for selected phytochemicals was studied.Plasmid DNA isolation and PCR amplification of dfrAgene of DHFR S.aureus was done. In silico studies were performed to analyze the binding efficiencyof various phytochemicals and antibiotics on the DHFR protein of S.aureus.

      Evan Christian, Murni Rachmawati, Bambang Soemardiono

Abstract: The purpose of this study is to explain the design process of Kawit carving into the identity of the North Kalimantan provincial library. The design process used is Divergence - Transformation - Convergence. Divergence is the process of collecting data relating to the design using the Literature searching method and Interview.

      Nguyen Thi Kim Quyen, Huynh Van Hien, Nguyen Hoang Huy

Abstract: Unbalance income distribution among actors of value chain has been concerned in a recent year. This study was carried out to map the distribution channels, and to clarify cost-benefit distribution among nodes of value chain of swamp eel in An Giang province. A total 302 stakeholders who are involved in value chain were interviewed in dominant areas of swamp eel culture in An Giang province.



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