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IJSRP Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What is IJSRP ISSN number?
    IJSRP publish research paper under ISSN 2250-3153.

  2. How many authors I can have in research paper?
    IJSRP does not restrict in the number of authors in research paper. All authors who have worked in research paper can be included in paper.

  3. How many maximum numbers of pages can be in research paper?
    There can be up to 45 pages in research paper including tables, figures and Appendix.

  4. Is IJSRP Indexed Journal?
    IJSRP is indexed Journal and we index our published papers in Google Scholar, BASE and OARD. You can find full indexing partners at below link:

  5. How many days it will take to index paper after publication?
    Usually it takes 2-3 weeks of time to index paper after publication. It depends on the indexing partner and we submit papers in 2-3 weeks of time.

  6. What is IJSRP Impact Factor?
    You can find IJSRP Impact Factor details at below link:

  7. Do IJSRP provide hard copy of journal?
    IJSRP publishes monthly edition in form of online version and online print version. Online Print edition is in book format including all published papers in that month. Author can take print out of print edition and IJSRP will not send hard copy of journal.

  8. Do IJSRP provide publication certificate?
    IJSRP provide publication certificate after publication of paper. You can request for .PDF publication certificate from below link:



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Call for Research Paper
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