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IJSRP Published Monograph or Thesis:

Authors: Dr. Emilda Judith Ezhil Rajan

Submitted on: 7th February 2018
Published on: 10th March 2018

Physiological Indicators in Hemodialysis

Authors: Dr. Therese Mary William

Submitted on: 26th November 2017
Published on: 21st January 2018

Doctor Experience Manatement of Critically Ill Children

Authors: Isaac Kwasi Yankey

Submitted on: 23rd May 2017
Published on: 17th June 2017

Development of an in-line production quality assessment system for thin film devices

Authors: Soumendu Banerjee, Dr. Sunil Karforma

Submitted on: 17th January 2017
Published on: 17th March 2017

Object Oriented Modeling of secured E-learning system

Authors: Marc Cowan

Submitted on: 27th November 2016
Published on: 17th February 2017

IJSRP Monogrpah - Analysis of the UK Tropical Freshwater Fish Market & Developments for Innovative Transportation Models

Authors: Dr. Vaishali
Dr. Naresh Pratap Singh
Mr. Prabal Kumar

Submitted on: 13th June 2016
Published on: 30th July 2016

IJSRP Monogrpah - Study the Effect of Salt Stress on Morpho-Molecular Characters of Wheat

Authors: Basavarajaiah D.M.

Submitted on: 19th March 2016
Published on: 25th April 2016

IJSRP Monogrpah - Nutritional Assessment of Tribals in Western Ghat Region

Authors: Dr Assem Abdel Hamied Moussa

Submitted on: 28th January 2016
Published on: 05th March 2016


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Cost Effectiveness in Cloud Computing Quest

Authors: Suk-Hee Kim, Ph.D., COI, MSW

Submitted on: 21st October 2015
Published on: 12th December 2015

Real Time Research of Executive Cognitive Functions of HIV/AIDS Clients: The Challenge for Social Workers

Authors: Kehinde Gbolahan Somoye

Submitted on: 18th July 2015
Published on: 10th October 2015

Critical Review of the Management of Healthcare system in Nigeria: Emphasis on Health Workforce

Authors: Dr. Vikas Acharya

Submitted on: 9th September 2015
Published on: 3rd October 2015

Overcoming barriers to learning for junior doctors in the delivery suite: A case study

Authors: Dr Lalitbhushan S Waghmare
Dr Tripti K Srivastava
Dr Jayant Vagha
Dr Vedprakash Mishra

Submitted on: 1st July 2015
Published on: 25th September 2015

Medical Regulatory Systems of BRICS Countries: A Comparative Analysis

Authors: Dr. N. Lokeswari, Lenin Kumar Bompalli

Submitted on: 28th July 2015
Published on: 10th September 2015

Natural Polyphenolics

In disguise, yet to be recognized, least considered Global Contraception, Abortion, one child policy, small family norms and essential fatty acids deprived diet, noxious triglyceride rich diet, negligence of abstinence, tight pelvic attires. Baby boom resolution-the answer to Global threats.

Authors: Elizabeth JeyaVardhini Samuel

Submitted on: 3rd June 2015
Published on: 29th June 2015

The Destroyer of Life on Earth, Ecology, Economy

Scope and Nature

Authors: Aditya Singhal

Submitted on: 28th April 2015
Published on: 17th May 2015

Veracity of Laws Relating To Medical Malpractice in India

A simplified Guide for Medical Students and Residents in Obstetrics and Gynecology in Developing Countries

Authors: Ipyana Hudson Mwampagatwa, M.D

Submitted on: 7th January 2015
Published on: 24th February 2015

Sexual and Reproductive Performance in Patients with Mullerian Duct Anomalies

Authors: Dr. K. N. Prasanna Kumar, Prof. B. S. Kiranagi, Prof. C. S. Bagewadi

Submitted on: 24th October 2012
Published on: 12th December 2012 (12/12/12)


Authors: Dr. K. N. Prasanna Kumar, Prof. B. S. Kiranagi, Prof. C. S. Bagewadi

Submitted on: 24th September 2012
Published on: 10th November 2012




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