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      Munya F. Al-Zuhairi, Kais J. AL-Jumaily, Ali M. AL-Salihi

Abstract: ‘Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission’ (TRMM) satellite was launched in 1997 as a joint mission between the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) to gather rain statistics across the tropics. To date, TRMM has produced a nearly continuous tropical rainfall dataset utilizing several onboard instruments including the TRMM Precipitation Radar (PR), a first-of-its-kind space borne Ku-band (13.8 GHz) meteorological radar based on phased array technology. The aim of this research is to analyze PR measurements over Iraq. Data were downloaded from the University of Utah site of TRMM measurements. Analysis of monthly means of precipitation measurements over Iraq for the period 1998-2011. The results showed that most precipitation falls over Iraq during winter season and it is characterized by very light to light rain and mostly falls over north part of the country. The highest area of precipitation happens during the months of April. The results also indicted that the variations and activities precipitation occur mostly during afternoon and evening times. The vertical structure for diurnal variation showed that the highest contribution of the 20 dBz reflectivity occurred in altitudes between 0.5 and 5 km while for seasonal variation the maximum contribution occurred in altitude from 1.5 to 5 km during rainy season over the zone. The vertical structure for 40 dBz reflectivity showed the maximum contribution for diurnal variation occurred in altitude between 1.5 and 2.5 km for most times of the day, and for the seasonal variation, the month of April showed the highest contribution of 40 dBz reflectivity and occurred in altitude between 1.5 and 3.5 km over the zone.

      Rakesh Singh Chauhan

Abstract: This article discusses the in vitro tools and methods used to conserve the genetic diversity of rare and threatened plant species from around the world. Species that are on the brink of extinction because of the rapid loss of genetic diversity and habitat come mainly from resource-poor areas of the world and from global biodiversity hotspots and island countries. These species are unique because they are endemic, and only a few small populations or sometimes only a few individuals remain in the wild. This compilation of articles describes the efforts in the diverse regions toward saving plants from extinction, and details the direct application of in vitro and cryopreservation methods. In addition, these contributions provide guidance on propagation of rare plants, including techniques for large-scale propagation, storage, and reintroduction. The in vitro techniques for conserving plant biodiversity include shoot apical or axillary-meristem based micropropagation, somatic embryogenesis, cell culture technologies and embryo rescue techniques, as well as a range of in vitro cold storage and cryopreservation protocols, and they are discussed in depth in this article.

      AUB Pethiyagoda, K Pethiyagoda

Abstract: Acute ureteric colic caused by ureteric calculus disease is a commonly encountered clinical problem. Ultrasonography is one of the treatment modality available in the evaluation of patients with acute urologic disorders. Color Doppler Ultrasonography is an advancement of the conventional ultrasonography in which the Doppler Effect is employed. It can be used to visualize "ureteric jets". The purpose of this study is to describe the usefulness of color Doppler ultrasound and serum creatinine in evaluation of patients with ureteric calculi.This descriptive study was conducted using 83 patients with calculus disease, aged 20-60 years. All the patients underwent X-ray KUB and color Doppler sonography with ureteral jet assessments and their serum creatinine levels were obtained. The frequency of jets, peak ureteric jet velocity and the duration of the ureteric jet in seconds was measured.According to the results, there were no significant differences in mean serum creatinine values among various degrees of hydronephrosis (p=0.510). There was a significant association between the ureteric jet status with the degree of hydronephrosis (p=0.001). Hence the assessment of ureteric jet on ultrasound, along with serum creatinine, is useful in the assessment of the degree of hydronephrosis in evaluation of patients with ureteric calculi.

      Mansour Abdullah Falah

Abstract: Domestic violence and its impact on human behavior of the most important problems facing the people at this time because of the pressures of life and the health problems and the many wars, news and frequent scenes of violence a day is considered.

      Abeer Miri Abdullah, Shukriyia Shadhan Chyad Al- Ogaili

Abstract: Objective:this study aimedto identify risk factors of infertility among young womenand to find out relationship between demographic and reproductive data with infertility.Methodology: A descriptive case-control study was adopted in order to achieve the stated objectives. The study began from November 2nd , 2015 until August, 18th, 2016.A Non-Probability (Purposive Sample) of (100) infertile women as case group who were selected from fertility center, and (100) healthy women as control group those who visit primary health care center, both infertile and healthy women are involved in the sample of study.

      Noora Farhan Hassan AL-Abedi, Dr. Kafi Mohammed Nasir Al-Asadi

Abstract: Background: Breastfeeding is an important source of infant's nutrition in the first six months of their life.Breast milk is considered the first vaccine to infants, contains antibodies providing immunologic protection against death from infectious diseases.

      Anas Ghassan Kanaan, Shahizan Bin Hassan, Arfan Shahzad

Abstract: This paper presents a study which examines several e-government success factors in developing countries. Developing countries in the Middle East have a history of commitment to good governance and ICT-related initiatives. But still there is very little research that examines what businesses use in terms of e-government and issues and constraints that they face, plus that e-government projects failure cases mostly happen in developing countries, hence there is a need to give a great deal of attention to these countries to make e-government projects successful. For a better understanding of e-government and its influence on the society as all and on the business society in particular the researchers carried out a study to propose a conceptual model for e-government success and to identify the success factors which affect e-government success from a business perspective in developing countries, and to investigate the factors that determine business organization satisfaction towards e-government in developing countries. In this paper the researchers will discuss four factors that affect the success of e-government services from businesses perspective in developing countries as followed: information quality, perceived ease of use, personalization and trust.

      Souriar Sebastian and Ann Mary Philip

Abstract: In this paper, we define the total degree (TD) of a vertex in the join of two interval valued fuzzy graphs (IVFGs) and investigate their totally regular property (TRP). In general, the join of two totally regular IVFGs need not be a totally regular interval valued fuzzy graph (TRIVFG). We obtain some necessary and sufficient conditions for the join of two TRIVFGs to be totally regular.

      Miftahul Masyhuri, Muhammad Firdaus, Tubagus Nur Ahmad Maulana

Abstract: This study aims to know price movement of government bond compared to some other investment instruments, and analyze the influence of macro-economic indicators (BI Rate, stock index, exchange rate and international indicators in this case is the US Treasury to government bond in the secondary market.Through panel regression and also ordinary least square method obtained several points in order to keep government bond prices remained stable on secondary market as follows : maintaining the stability of the rupiah exchange rate, keeping the spread of inflation rate with the bank rate, formulating the government policies that impact on people's purchasing power, BI Rate negatively affectsthe price of government bonds.

      Juliet Gratia D’Cunha, K. Aruna Rao

Abstract: Lognormal Distribution is widely used in scientific investigation. Rao and D’Cunha (2016) reported that the Bayes credible intervals are also confidence intervals when the sample size is moderate to large. In this paper we have investigated whether the same conclusion holds for the censored data under random censoring. Extensive Monte Carlo simulation indicates that the result does not hold under random censoring. Leukemia free survival time for Allogeneic transplant patients reported in Klein and Moeschberger (2003) is reanalyzed and the results indicate that Bayes estimate of the median survival time is close to the Kaplan Meier estimator.

      Kariyawasam H.K.P.P., Amaratunga K.S.P., Bandara D.M.S.P.,DissanayakeT.M.R.

Abstract: Applicability of fluidization methods in rewetting low moisture polished rice was investigated using a recirculating fluidized bed. The sphericity of polished rice was calculated using Ergun's equation to determine the effective diameter. The calculated frictional pressure drop agreed well with the observed data. The sorption characteristics were investigated under fluidizing conditions at different air temperatures and relative humidities. Sorption data were fitted to the first falling rate period drying equation with a standard error of estimate of the moisture content of polished rice ranging from 0.06 to 0.14% d.b. and the sorption coefficient followed the Arrhenius type temperature dependency. The results showed that the fluidization techniques could be effectively used for rewetting low moisture polished rice.

      Prof C.COkezie , Prof H.C Inyama, Engr. LotannaOnuchukwu

Abstract: Many state of the art and cutting edge universities in the world rely on wooden notice board hanging on the wall to display announcements. The overreliance of this practice in a university is still not enough to pass relevant information around as many problems are encountered. We consider the case study of professional Colleges, where information is a vital key for knowing the updates of the campus.

      M.D.Dhiware, S. B. Nahire, Sushant Deshmukh

Abstract: Electrical properties such as dielectric constant, dielectric loss of soils has been measured at an automated x band microwave set-up in TE10 mode operating at 10 GHz. It is measured for different moisture content. Soil samples are collected from agricultural land of Nasik region. Soil samples were analyzed for physical and chemical properties for the status of available micro nutrients. Correlations between electrical and physical properties of soil samples were reported. It is observed that dielectric constant increases with increase in moisture content slowly up to transition moisture then it increases rapidly with increase in moisture content. Also dielectric loss is directly proportional to the ac microwave conductivity and transition temperature. It has been found that emissivity decreases with increase in moisture content. In the field of remote sensing and agriculture, results obtained are useful.


Abstract: This study aims to answer multicultural education into a life of harmonization in order to avoid social conflicts diverse communities Makassar city we know as Indonesia, which is composed from various ethnic, racial, religious, groups and classes and the problem of integrating these groups is a problem this complex shows that the potential conflicts that exist in the community in various fields, therefore it is necessary to encourage the simultaneous done so that these conflicts can be resolved. This study was a qualitative research, in addition to the types of research that are relevant include: case studies and ethnography. A qualitative approach aims to describe the risk of conflict in society, the need for an understanding of education towards harmony in order to avoid conflicts Qualitative methods easier when dealing with multiple facts, to explain the nature of the relationship phenomenon. therefore, to avoid conflict, the need for implanted education in order to understand and to know that social conflict is one that occurs in the community, to the local government of Makassar and the police as law enforcement and community leaders and communities involved in the conflict in order to avoid such conflicts because can be against themselves as well as with groups involved in the conflict.

      Yan Hendrik Bonsafia, Sangkala, Asang Sulaiman, Baharuddin

Abstract: This study was intended to obtain information and clarity on the application of the effectiveness of activities of members of Aceh recruitment civil governance in office. As the target to be achieved in this research is a merit system employee placement Explaining the Civil Echelon II and III in the Papua provincial government. The approach in this study using a qualitative approach to the type of explanatory research. This study was conducted to explain the merit system in the recruitment of structural officials in the era of special autonomy.

      Dynastin Since Pakita,Zulkarnain Umar

Abstract: This study aims to determine the quality of health services by health centers-Kassi Kassi to patients, especially for poor people. PHC is expected to provide a guarantee for the citizens of surrounding communities to get necessary health care. Goals to be achieved in this research is to describe the quality of health center services-Kassi Kassi in Makassar. The results showed quality-Kassi Kassi health center services ranging from reliability dimension (reliability of the service), responsivness (quick response) assurance (hospitality), empathy (attention) and tangible (physical infrastructure) is very good. Existence of PHC-Kassi Kassi Makassar city communities need. The results of this study are expected to provide input to the local government of Makassar in this case the manager of health care (PHC) in formulating policy decisions about health services to be provided to the public.

      Hiskia C.M. Sapioper, Sulaiman Asang, Baharuddin, Muhammad Yunus

Abstract: The purpose of this study was to clarify the application of the dimensions of quality of public services based on the concept Parasuraman, Zeithamal, Berry in the ministry of land certificates in accordance with the standard of care required in the District Land Office Jayapura and Keerom. This study used a qualitative approach that is comparative by using the procedure of collecting data through observation, documentation studies and in-depth interviews (depth interview). The technical analysis of the data used is through the procedure of data reduction, data presentation, and conclusions. The results showed that the dimension Tangibles (physical evidence) Jayapura District Land Office in providing services to the public land certificates based on the dimensions of the physical evidence supporting facilities as required in the standard of service and administration of land in accordance with the Regulation of the National Land Agency Number 1 Year 2010, has been implemented but not yet fully implemented well, as expected.

      Mashadi, Yamin Sani, Supriadi Hamdat, Basir Said

Abstract: Various ways a Muslim in appreciating and actualize the Islamic values which he believed. Similarly, different ways to approach a Muslim, in the context of the process of the worship of his Lord. Context has become necessary in view of Islam as a belief system was believed variously by his people, even since the beginning of the Islamic presence in this world. It can be understood that in Islam there is some way to / approach God, namely by shari'ah, congregations, and gnosis. In Gorontalo, Islam appreciated by the society in the context and paradigms that upholds the values of the local culture, in which the religious context is a value that has been inherited from Gorontalo still an empire in the past. Gorontalo Islam is a religion that spread out from the land of Ternate, which has historically had a common thread in rites and rituals, including those relating to the mystical elements that are present in each of rites and rituals of Islamic governance.

      A. Nirmal Singh Heera ., M.A., M.L., N. Prabhavathi ., M.L.

Abstract: Under the Patent Act, 1970 a patent is granted for any invention for a period of 20 years from the date of grant of patent – Whether all invention are patentable? Or is there any restriction on granting patent to an invention – In this article, the authors are going to analysis the invention that are not patentable under the Patent Act, 1970.

      Sukawi, Agung Dwiyanto, Suzanna Ratih Sari, Gagoek Hardiman

Abstract: Keongan is a kind of roof ventilation usually used in indonesian local houses. In a humid tropical climate, in general, the building is designed with natural ventilation system that maximizes the speed of wind in order to cooling the building structure or reach the achievement of physiological comfort. Some of the building design features in a tropical climate, such as the existence of wide openings, roofs with a slope angle, have a plafond, and maximizing the shades around the building. The density of buildings is one of the factors which affect the principle of micro-climatic conditions and determine the conditions of ventilation and air temperature. Heat symptoms in main cities affected by urban density rather than the size of the city itself, the more dense, the worse the condition of the building ventilation. Architecture of buildings, tried to adapt to the nature and tried to blend with nature. Norms, customs, climate, culture, beliefs and local materials will be given its own color in the development of vernacular architecture. The long journey through trial and error with the local genius, is capable to displaying it’s identity. Several features of houses in Semarang Village include : symmetrical floorplans extends to the rear, circulation straight from front to rear, limasan roof or saddle roof, three openings (doors) on the facade, door consists of two doors, Ornaments eaves (lisplank) on the front facade, the Consul made of iron or wood with the formation of ornamentation, Ornaments on bouven above the door. The results of this study, the shape of gable roofs are part keongan utilized for the air stream that is useful to cool the hot air under the roof at once will lower the temperature in the house. Roof ventilation in Semarang houses mainly applied keongan and openings in the ceiling to circulate the hot air out of the building. Roof ventilation in the form of air cushion roof due to the formation of a high roof space. High roof shape with a roof ve

      Mr.B.Hari Babu, Prof.B.K.Surya Prakasha Rao, Dr.B.Srinivasa Rao

Abstract: A Depository is an organization where the securities of share holders are held in the electronic format the request of the share holder through the medium of a depository participant. A depository interfaces with its investors through its agents called Depository Participants (DPs). The main objective of a depository is to reduce settlement risk by minimizing the paperwork involved in trading, settlement and transfer of securities. At present the two Depository Organisations are working in India - National Securities Depository Limited (NSDL) and Central Depository Services (India) Limited (CDSL). The present study is an attempt to know the role and growth of NSDL and CDSL in Indian Capital Market for 16 years i.e. period ending 31st March 2001 to March 2016. On the basis of results, it is concluded that number of beneficiary accounts, number of companies available for DEMAT, number of depository participants, number of depository participants service centers, Quantity of DEMAT Shares/Securities (No. of Dematerialized Securities) and DEMAT Custody in NSDL & CDSL (Value of Dematerialized Securities).

      Meenakshi Choudhary, Dr. (Prof.) O. P. Jangir

Abstract: The noble metal gold and silver nanoparticles have been successfully prepared using a bio-derived product-Active Manuka honey 20+ UMFR. Manuka honey is well recognized for its beneficial properties over and above mixed flora honey for use in wound treatment. Having been found to offer effective antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and debridement properties as a dressing, it is only the medical grade Active Manuka honey that should be used in open wounds. A high UMFR grading above 10+ is recommended for wounds. The formation of silver and gold nanoparticles has been confirmed using UV–vis, SEM and FTIR analysis and its antibacterial activity was evaluated against Enterococcus faecalis, Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli. Silver and gold nanoparticles showed a clear well defined inhibition zone compared to control. The results suggest the stabilized and reduced molecules of silver and gold nanoparticles may act as an effective antibacterial agent for wound healing.

      M.V.S. Mendis

Abstract: Work place design is one of the major determinants of employee job performance in all organization. Matching work place design with employee necessities is very essential for obtain maximum contribution of employees towards organization objectives. There for it is need to identify the relationship and the impact of workplace design towards job performance. Hence the main focus of this study was to identify the relationship between workplace design and job performance. Operational level employees in a leading garment manufacturing organization of Sri Lanka were investigated by using a sample of 90 employees. Simple random sampling method is used to select the representative sample. A self-administrated structured questionnaire was used to collect data. Correlation analysis and multiple regression analysis were used to test the research hypotheses. Study confirmed that workplace design is significantly correlated with employee job performance. Findings of the study indicate that there is a strong positive relationship between workplace design and job performance of operational level employees.

      Shailendra Nath Paul, Anjana Kumari, Saket Kumar.

Abstract: The goal of this study was to evaluate the diagnostic value of FNAC in the diagnosis of the thyroid swellings. Fine needle aspiration cytology is the unique tool for the pre-operative decision-making of the thyroid swellings. This research work was performed at the department of pathology, MGM Medical College and Hospital, Jamshedpur, Jharkhand. This was cross-sectional comparative study. The period of the study was two years from March, 2014 to February, 2016. The study group constituted of 112 patients presenting with thyroid swelling attending a tertiary care centre in MGM Medical College and Hospital, Jamshedpur, Jharkhand. FN aspiration were carried out in all cases and compared with surgical biopsies taking as goal standard. FNAC was done on total of 112 cases of the thyroid swellings. Females outnumbered males with a ratio of 3:1(85females and 27 males). In the FNAC, maximum cases (75.90%) were of colloid goitre, follicular carcinoma was found in 7.14% and anaplastic carcinoma in 3.57% of cases. Microscopical examination of stained tissue sections showed predominantly colloid goitre (72.32%) and then follicular carcinoma (8.04%). The overall incidence of malignancy was 11.61% diagnose by HPE and 9.82% by FNAC. FNAC is a primary diagnostic device for the pre-operative screening of thyroid swellings. It is simple, safe, reliable, minimally invasive, and cost effective.

      Chetna Pradhan; Dr. Surendra Singh Chauhan

Abstract: In the present Study , Waste Water from AmanishahNallah, Sanganer Town, Jaipur is used for the irrigation of Abelmoschusesculentus var. Ankur 41, in Experimental Pot analysis. Water is used in many Diluted Levels to assess the Impact of Water Quality on the Morphology of selected Plant Species in their three Developmental Stages viz. Pre Flowering , Peak Flowering and Post Flowering Stage. Results show that the Water Quality affected the Morphology of Plant Species and retardation in Growth Parameters and Developmental Structures at various Developing stages had been observed by increase in the Dilution Levels(increase in Waste Water Concentration) and after comparing them with the Control Level. Results reveal that the Waste Water is not utilized directly for the irrigation purpose without prior treatment and not beyond certain level.

      Aimé Muyombano and MbabaziMbabazize

Abstract: This study seeks to assess the contribution of UmwalimuSaving and Credit Cooperative (Umwalimu Sacco) on socio-economic development of teachers in Rwanda. Specifically the study was guided by the following objectives: to assess the contribution of saving on Umwalimu Saccothat increase the socio-economic development of teachersin Rwanda; to examine the impact of loan/credit provided by Umwalimusocio-economic development of teachers in Rwanda and the last determine the importance of teachers’ cooperatives supported by Umwalimu Sacco on socio-welfare -economic development of teachersin Rwanda.

      Professor. RohiniChandricaWidyalankara

Abstract: This study recognizes that the provision of Vygotsky’sMore Knowledgeable Others (MKOs) within theZone of Proximal Development of online courses as a unique challenge toall stakeholders. Extending the data-driven decision making culture at the Centre for Distance and Continuing Education of University of Kelaniya to the newly introduced online course English for Communication,the aim of this study is to develop a learning analytics mindset to predict at-risk students enabling timely intervention. Further, future cohorts of the course are providedanalytics on student performance thus enabling them to take decisions to improve the course especially to address the necessity for increased MKO availability. Capturing attendance data benefits the need to identify reasons for absenteeism.

      Mohammed Shaboot Hawal, Dr. Suad Jassim Mohammed

Abstract: A descriptive design of study was carried out to measure the impact of uncontrolled asthmatic disease upon functional performance of patients. The present study started from March 28th 2016 to 20th September 2016.

      M. Ravi Kumar, Ermias Girma Aklilu

Abstract: Due to limited availability of natural fuels like Gasoline, diesel, LPG etc, scientists are going to research on agricultural based fuels. Many countries like Brazil, USA, New Zealand, India, etc, are using alcohols blended gasoline and biodiesel blended diesel. The increase in capacity of the distilleries to produce fuel-grade and chemical grade ethanol will immensely increase the water pollution problem ,due to generation of large volume of distillery waste water (DWW) having high biological oxygen demand(BOD), chemical oxygen demand (COD) with high color intensity.


Abstract: Handloom industry plays a vital role in the socio-cultural and economic life of the people. It is dependent on manual labor and here the major contribution comes from women. The present study was conducted on women workers, who perform the activities in handloom industry of Lakhimpur district of Assam to find out the musculo-skeletal problems and perceived joint discomfort of their body due to uncomfortable working postures. Various parameters observed were weight, height, angle of deviation, time and body mass index (BMI).A five point scale given by Vergese et al (1995) was used to record the musculo- skeletal problems and perceived joint discomfort. A sample of 40 women workers of Lakhimpur districtAssam was selected for the study through multistage random sampling. Statisticalanalysis of the data are employed through frequency, percentage, mean, standard deviation, critical difference and co-efficient of correlation.Maximum joint discomfort was found in the waist(4.02)followed by finger (3.85),wrist (3.55),elbow (3.47), shoulder (3.45), and in knee(2.72) respectively while performing different activities in handloom. About 47.5% respondents perceived very severe pain in back. Less than 45% respondents made complaint of severe pain in low back. The 57.6% respondents made complain of moderate pain in leg followed by mild pain in fingers (32.5%) and knee (12.5%).

      S.Bakkialakshmi, M. Shakthi & K.B.Renuga Devi

Abstract: In the present work, coumarin has been subjected to photophysical analysis. Though the influence of the electron-donating groups such as amino, substituted amino, hydroxyl, alkoxy groups, etc. at position 7 of the coumarin ring system has been extensively studied, the luminescent properties of the coumarin moieties with an aliphatic amine substituent have not been explored. Here it is attempted to study the variation of fluorescent lifetime behaviour of coumarin with n-butyl anine (NBA).

      Nelson M. Ishengoma

Abstract: In consequence of what was explained as serious deterioration of fish stock and destruction of fish-breeding grounds, the government decided to enact and implement severe measures that would undoubtedly protect marine resources against destructive fishing methods. In practice, this attempt meant that, all fishers who used gears that were categorised as destructive should either stop from accessing fish from the lake or buy non-destructive gears, a condition that was seemingly impossible for many poor artisanal fishers in Tanzania. This attempt therefore compelled many who were employed in this sector to turn into other alternative means of livelihood for survival. This paper examines the strategies that have been employed by the fishing community in eking out their living as a response to restrictive measures from 2005 to date. The findings in this paper are fundamentally qualitative derived from a survey which was conducted in the Musira Island from September 2015 to June, 2016. In general terms, it was found that, a number of socio-cultural, economic, and illegitimate coping strategies were crafted out of desperation for survival as a result. Victims through their interpretation of the situation they faced and their power to manipulate it, they were somewhat able to endure the shocks initially presented by the government’s intervention. The paper recommends that, for marine resource protection policies to work, before disrupting the dominant fishing livelihood strategy for people in the coast for whichever reasons, attempts to create another culturally informed and consented strategy is vital in ensuring the sustainability of protected resources.

      Nelson M. Ishengoma

Abstract: A major concern often overshadowing universities during the past three decades has been dealing with issues surrounding sexual harassment. Generally, universities have developed policies that sanction “unwanted sexual attention” and that prohibit working and, increasingly, learning environments which are held to be “hostile” to women. During this same period, a literature has emerged which has called on universities to expand the definition of sexual harassment to include a ban on intimate relationships between students and academic staff. It is against this backdrop where the apprehension of this paper is anchored. This paper which capitalises on a methodical analysis and review of secondary proceedings critiques the intellectual underpinnings of the banning movement and explores the underlying psychosocial dynamics which have propelled the movement forward. It contends that, the ban undermines students’ self-determination and actualisation, and that; the right to form adult consensual intimate relationship is a fundamental personal freedom which must be honored and protected so long as each party does not fall a victim or compromise the responsibilities bestowed to each.

      Ritu Singh

Abstract: The Oxidation kinetics of o-Toluidine by Cr (VI) has been studied Iodometrically in aqueous sulphuric acid medium. The reaction follows complex kinetic behavior with respect to concentration. Mechanism with the associated reaction kinetics is assigned and discussed all kinetic and thermodynamic parameters are calculated.

      Abd. Asis, Muhadar, Slamet Sampurno S, Amir Ilyas, Kadarudin

Abstract: The Law Number 45 Year 2009 on Fisheries and the Law Number 32 Year 2014 on the Marine deemed not able to provide a significant impact on the welfare of fishermen, this is because the implementation is not maximized also necessary strategic policy of the Indonesian government in marine and fisheries. This strategic policy intended to develop the business potential of marine and fisheries so that fishermen's welfare can be realized, and Indonesia is very abundant fisheries is expected to be the leading sectors of the national economy.

      Madiha Arshad, Muhammad Aftab, Hifza Bukhari

Abstract: Internet technology has enabled the employees to work more efficiently and to prove themselves to be more productive. In this study, job characteristics are combined with role stressors in single modal. The purpose of this study was to explore whether all five core values of job characteristics and three types of role stressors serve as the predictors of cyberloafing behavior of employees at workplace or not. It is hypothesized separately that job characteristics and role stressors has impact on cyberloafing. Data was collected from PTCL employees who have access to internet at workplace. It is found that out of five core values of job characteristics (skill variety, task identity, task significance, job autonomy, and feedback) only skill variety and job autonomy have impact. Furthermore, out of three types of role stressors (role ambiguity, role overload, and role conflict), role ambiguity and role conflict were found to have impact on cyberloafing. Implication for employers and employees both are discussed as well.


Abstract: V.S.Naipaul's A Bend in the river talks of Africa in four parts:The Second Rebellion; The New Domain; The Big Man and Battle. In all the parts, he basically reflects the rebel and the conflict which goes on in the minds of the Protogonist, which can be generalised to the Africans and the outsiders. The fiction starts with the thought that “the world is what it is; men who are nothing who allow themselves to become nothing, have no place in it (p.3). The narrator—Salim, an ethnically Indian Muslim was a long resident on the coast of Central Africa. He talks about post-colonial time-- the time of independence when life was not easy, and Africa have had its own troubles. He talks about a 'Town' in the interior--at the bend in the great river, whose existence had come to a standstill. Naipaul talks of this town as a natural meeting place-- for people,and do the trade.

      Jacob Adipo Ogalo, Dr. Carrey Francis Onyango

Abstract: Banditry is one of the biggest security challenges currently facing Kenya and East African sub-region. The practice is creating great concerns and has resulted into loss of human lives, stealing livestock, destruction of property and dislocation of populations. The thrust of the paper is, rustling and banditry has contributed to a state of violence and lawlessness thus creating insecurity and threatening lives of the residents. The availability of weapons in the hands of bandits has not only contributed in fueling instability, lawlessness and conflict but also pose a threat to sustainable development. Geopolitical issues that wrap together poverty, political instability and lawlessness. The states are found caught up in the whole issue to provide effective control leaving the perpetrators to have a field day. The scenario is given impetus by the fact that bandits have transformed their operations becoming more sophisticated, militarized and destructive. The rapture of the vice is traceable through colonialism and post colonial period. In the concluding reflection measures are recommended for the governments to eradicate the problem.

      L. K. Dospatliev, M. T. Ivanova

Abstract: The aim of this study was to perform ICP analysis of the content of Pb, Mn, Cu, Zn, Fe, K, Na, P, MgandCa in wildediblemushrooms Boletus pinophilus. The samples were collected from the Batak mountain, Bulgaria. The preparation of samples was done by microwave mineralisation. Allmineral concentrations were determined on a dry weight basis (d.w.). The average content of studied elements: Pb, Mn, Cu, Zn, Fe, K, Na, P, MgandCain Boletus pinophilus samples was: 0.579 mg kg-1, 10.415 mg kg-1, 23.669 mg kg-1, 69.003 mg kg-1, 98.418 mg kg-1, 30555.6 mg kg-1, 94.749 mg kg-1, 7347.933 mg kg-1, 647.256 mg kg-1 and 256.960 mg kg-1.

      L. K. Dospatliev, M. T. Ivanova

Abstract: The aim of this study was to perform ICP analysis of the content of Pb, Mn, Cu, Zn, Fe, K, Na, P, MgandCa in wildediblemushrooms Boletus pinophilus. The samples were collected from the Batak mountain, Bulgaria. The preparation of samples was done by microwave mineralisation. Allmineral concentrations were determined on a dry weight basis (d.w.). The average content of studied elements: Pb, Mn, Cu, Zn, Fe, K, Na, P, MgandCain Boletus pinophilus samples was: 0.579 mg kg-1, 10.415 mg kg-1, 23.669 mg kg-1, 69.003 mg kg-1, 98.418 mg kg-1, 30555.6 mg kg-1, 94.749 mg kg-1, 7347.933 mg kg-1, 647.256 mg kg-1 and 256.960 mg kg-1.

      M. T. Ivanova

Abstract: List of five special criteria is constructed and based on this list are selected four financial assets. It is calculated the return and risk for each of them. It is built up a mean-variance portfolio with fixed return and minimum risk conditions. It is calculated the portfolio structure and it is noticed that the investor prefers to invest the less in the first two assets which shows the lowest return and risk and prefers to invest an appropriate proportion in the latter two assets of the highest risk but with a more attractive return.

      M. T. Ivanova

Abstract: The position of a point after some rotation about the origin can simply be obtained by multiplyingits coordinates with a matrix. One reason for introducing homogeneous coordinates is tobe able to describe translation with a matrix so that multiple transformations, whether each is arotation or a translation, can be concatenated into one described by the product of their respectivematrices. However, in some applications (such as spaceship tracking), we need only be concernedwith rotations of an object, or at least independently from other transformations. In such a situation,we often need to extract the rotation axis and angle from a matrix which represents theconcatenation of multiple rotations. The homogeneous transformation matrix, however, is not wellsuited for the purpose.

      Rahul Gupta

Abstract: In recent years, Agile Methodology for software development has been embraced by many organizations where traditional waterfall approach has failed. Agile method promises higher software quality, reduced risk and more cost savings as compared to waterfall. Many organizations using Agile have realized these benefits for online transactional processing (OLTP) applications and have recently tried to apply this method and gain benefits for online analytical processing (OLAP) or data warehouse applications. In this paper, we aim to explain the challenges faced during development in datwarehousing projects using waterfall approach and how best the agile methodology can be applied for these types of projects.

      Rahul Gupta

Abstract: Data warehouse forms an integrated environment where data from disparate systems is bought together and presented in a consistent matter. Based on the data present in the warehouse business users want to make key decisions. In order to support these decisions, quality of data in warehouse must be reliable. If there are issues in data loaded in warehouse, business users lose trust and the information from the warehouse becomes unreliable. One of the essential components of data warehouse is the (Extract, Transform and Load) ETL process. This process is used in most organizations to load data into the warehouse. An ETL is a complex process in itself and one which is most time consuming during the building of the data warehouse. It allows the data in the warehouse to be refreshed on the periodic basis (daily, ‘maintained and there is no data loss every time data is loaded into the warehouse using ETL.

      Muhammad Rusdy

Abstract: Calliandracalothyrsus is amultipurpose tree legume which haslong been used by farmers as forage for their animals in the tropics and subtropics. Calliandra is well known as the high proteins and tannins plant, however much of the protein is wastedbecause its tannins bind protein fibreand reducing its digestibility. Tannins at high concentrations affectvoluntary intake, nutritive value of the plant and rate of growth of animals consuming them . This review discussed the relationship betweentannin, digestibility and growth of animals. Animal production from supplementation of Calliandratolow qualitybasal diets in comparison with supplementation with low tannin forage legumes are presented and discussed.

      Prince Biswas, Arif Ahmad, Kamal Uddin Ahmed, Md. Abir Hossain, Md. Amir Hamja, Mominul Haque Rabin

Abstract: The experiment was carried out at the Biochemistry laboratory and Mushroom Culture House (MCH), Department of Biochemistry, Sher-e-Bangla Agricultural University, Dhaka, during the month of June to November’ 2015 to investigate the performance of different sawdust on the yield of Oyster mushroom (Pleurotus ostreatus). Five different sawdust viz. mango tree (Mangifera indica), rain tree (Albiia saman), teak tree (Tectona grandis), mahogony tree (Swietenia mahagoni) and mixture of all four sawdust supplemented with 30 % wheat bran and 1 % CaCO3 as basal substrate were selected for determine the yield of oyster mushroom (Pleurotus ostreatus). The highest weight of individual fruiting body (5.60 g), dry yield (35.15 g), biological yield (368.18 g) and economic yield (360.68 g) were also found in mango tree sawdust. Therefore, it can be concluded that mango tree sawdust supplemented with 30 % wheat bran can be further used as a better substrate for maximum yield of oyster mushroom (Pleurotus ostreatus) among following substrate.

      Saima Akhter, Kamran Khan, Syed Karamatullah Hussainy, Eesar Khan

Abstract: Words play a vital role in our everyday lives. They pursue, convince and change opinions. A good marketer is one who knows how best to get his products understood, sold and owned in future. This is where advertising steps in with its copywriting techniques and creative wordplay to access a wider market than otherwise. This study mainly focuses on print and electronic ad campaigns and the creative use of copywriting for brand identification. 515 respondents accurately filled questionnaires; P-Value for copywriting variable is less than the value for the level of significance which is 0.05 proving that the copywriting efforts of the brands have a powerful influence over consumer base in Pakistan. This study is thus useful for most brands that do not focus much on their copywriting, slogans, jingles and product descriptions and is a point of thinking for those who completely ignore the cultural influences of this market.

      Archana Nigrawal, Arun Kumar Sharma and Ekta Agarwal

Abstract: Nearly 70% of HAF carbon black is used as a pigment and reinforcing filler in automobile tire. HAF carbon black also removing heat away from the tread and belt area of the tire, reducing thermal damage and increasing tire life. Particles of HAF carbon black are also used in some radar absorbent materials. This is also used in printer toner.

      AisyahHusnaZulkarnaen, Muhammad Syamsun, Tb Nur Ahmad Maulana

Abstract: This paper aims identifying dominant factor of fundamental and technical factors to stock price of resedential property sector at Indonesia Stock Exchange. This study is explanatory research with a quantitative approach to determine the influence of indipendentvariabels to dependent variabel. Data used is panel data model which are 17 companies listed in resedential property sector at Indonesia Stock Exchange during 2010-2015. Data processing uses SEM PLS method. The results show that stock prices of resedential property sector at Indonesia Stock Exchange influenced by fundamental and technical factors. Indicators that reflects fundamental factors are ROA, NPM and total asset turnover, while indicator of technical factors is past stock prices. The dominant indicator of fundamental factors is ROA which has the biggest loading factor. Then the dominant indicator of technical factors is past stock prices as only this indicator reflects technical factor.

      Prof.N.Meenakumari, Dr.C.Susila RN.RM

Abstract: INTRODUCTION- An estimated 2.5 million Indians live with HIV/AIDS. Spread primarily through heterosexual contact, the epidemic is shifting toward women, 29% of whom are currently infected, with still more cases going unreported. OBJECTIVES: The study was intended to asses’ positive living among HIV infected woman and to associate positive living with their demographic variables. MATERIALS & METHODS: A cross sectional study among 200 women infected with HIV attended ART centre, Govt General Hospital, Chennai. TN, India. Their positive living was assessed by Standard Becks Self Reported hopelessness Inventory Scale.

      Aishatu Aliyu Kwaido, Aminu Nasiru, Third Author

Abstract: This study was conducted to determine the chemical composition and fibre fractions of Fore-Stomach-digesta (FSD) ensiled with Urea and rice milling waste (RMW) and also its effect on the performance of Uda sheep. Fore-Stomach Digesta (FSD) from camel were collected at the Sokoto abattoir. Samples were thoroughly mixed and representative samples were collected and ensiled for a period of three weeks. The ensiled materials are 100% FSD ensiled with urea designated as treatment A, 75% FSD and 25% Rice Milling Waste (RMW) ensiled with urea designated as treatment B, 50% FSD and 50% RMW ensiled with urea designated as treatment C while 50% FSD and 50% RMW treated with urea but not ensiled designated as treatment D.

      Sen, S.K, Jha, S, Mandal, P

Abstract: The purpose of present study was to evaluate the differential behaviour of mung bean genotypes under salt stress. In this experiment five mung bean genotypes (Samrat, Sonali B1, Panna, Sukumar, and Bireswar) were evaluated under five different salinity conditions including control (0, 6, 10, 16 and 20 dSm-1). Mungbean (Vigna radiata (L.) Wilczek) varieties showed significant and distinct varietal difference during screening for salt tolerance at early seedling growth stage regarding the parameters of germination efficiency and seedling characters. More adverse effect was noticed in shoot length than that of roots. Samrat and Bireswar were found to be the most tolerant and sensitive in response to salt stress condition respectively.

      C.Ramachandran, Dr.R.Ponnudurai

Abstract: Beam like structures have wide application in engineering field. Earliest detection of damage is to avoid catastrophic failure in the structures. To predict the failure, changes in the dynamic responses are required to be analysed by using vibration analysis. Beam like structures have different type of loadings that may cause cracks in the beam. To ensure durable, safety and flawless performance during the lifetime of the beam like structures, it is mandatory to take care of cracks, inherent flaw and air voids in the structure. In case, if there is a pre-existing crack in the structure, mass and stiffness of the structure gets altered there by mode shape and natural frequency of the structure gets changed. In this work, vibration analysis of both un-cracked and cracked cantilever beam were done by commercially available Finite Element Analysis (FEA) software ANSYS. Natural frequency of the beam was obtained from vibration analysis. Beam having single edged notch at various locations were analysed and the results were compared with un-cracked beam. From the results, it is inferred that the fundamental frequency of the cracked beam reduces when the crack location moves from free end to fixed end and it is due to the stiffness reduction of the beam.

      Priya Radhakrishnan Pillai

Abstract: Students Academic performance in College is based on various parameters such as level of understanding, the mental ability of a student to learn their respective subject for study of which chemistry is one of the subject to be learned . As the department of chemistry aims to develop students who are experimental thinkers and researchers which is a point reflected by their academic performance. This study aimed to determine the problems the students encounter while studying Chemistry in Diploma College. the research used a field research method to know the problems the students encountered while studying chemistry and experimental method to know the changes after creative models and presentation were used for students of diploma. Results of the field research showed that the problems encountered were vocabulary, level of understanding, retention of topics in mind. The results obtained from experimental method were growth in academic performance after using creative models and presentation for teaching Chemistry.

      Arif Ahmad, Abu Rayhan Siddique, Dr. Mohosin Ali, Mominul Haque Robin, Prof Dr. Md. Aslam Ali, Prof Dr. M. A. Sattar

Abstract: An experiment was conducted during January 2015 to assess the present status of arsenic contamination and find out the relationship with soil properties and arsenic at Alamdanga upazila of Chuadanga district and Trishal upazila of Mymensingh district. Arsenic contamination and it`s relationship with soil properties (e.g. soil pH, total organic matter, total N, available P, available S, Exch. Ca, Exch. K and Exch. Na) of Alamdanga upazila and Trishal upazila were studied in the Soil Science laboratory at Bangladesh Institute of Nuclear Agriculture (BINA), Mymensingh. Arsenic contents of Alamdanga upazila ranged from 8.81 – 16.26 mg/kg and at Trishal upazila ranged from 6.58 – 9.16 mg/kg. Neutral acidic condition was observed at Alamdanga upazila (6.45 to 7.62) range where at Trishal upazila soil samples were slightly acidic in nature (6.38 to 6.69) range. Organic matter content in the soils of Alamdanga upazila ranged from 0.83 to 1.10%;

      Cristian Dumitrescu

Abstract: In this paper I present a MAX2SAT algorithm based on the randomized algorithm of Papadimitriou from 1991. We also show that this algorithm finds a MAX2SAT solution (if it exists) with high probability in polynomial time.

      ZahraaAbdullAbbassTaher Al- Khafajy, Dergham M. Hameed

Abstract: Objective: this study aimed to assess quality of health care services provided for patients with burn at Al-Sadder Medical City/ Burn Unit. Methodology: A descriptive design (Quantitative) is carried out in Al-Sadder Medical City/ Burn Unit / at Al-Najaf AL-Ashraf City. The study started from November, 2ed, 2015 to September, 4th, 2016, in order to assess quality of health care services provided for patients with burn. A non-probability (purposive) of (30) Patient with burn who are admitted to Al-Sadder Medical City/ Burn Unit for treatment are included in the study sample.

      Bayu Triastoto, Syamsul Ma’arif, Sadikin Kuswanto

Abstract: This research is intended to analyze factors that influence internal auditors’ organizational and professional commitment and the relationship between both of them as well as to formulate the actions that need to be taken in order to enhance internal auditors’ commitment to their organizations and profession in the midst of talent war. The data analysis uses the Structural Equation Modelling (SEM) technique with the Partial Least Square (PLS) approach. The results of this research show that, through internal auditor’s job satisfaction factor, organization’s support for internal auditactivity factorsbrings positive impacts to internal auditors’ organizational commitment and professional commitment with the impact measure value(f2) that is as much as 0,13127. Internal auditors’ professional commitment brings positive and significant impacts to internal auditors’ organizational commitment. Based on the Stone-Geisser’s Q2, the structural (inner) model that is arranged is proven to have prediction relevance. The entire model fulfills the goodness-of-fit criteria.

      Salma Sultana, Md. Ruhul Amin, Md. Ismail Hossain and Md. Dulal Sarkar

Abstract: The present work was conducted at Horticultural Farm of Sher-e-Bangla Agricultural University, Bangladeshto study the morphological characteristics of tuberose as influenced by gibberellic acid incorporated with organic manures. The experiment consisted with three levels of organic manure; control, cowdung 30 tha-1 and poultry litter 20 t ha-1behind with 0 ppm, 100 ppm, 200 ppm and 300 ppm gibberellic acid were tested with three replications. Application of organic manures with GA3 showed significant variations among the parameters. Yield of spike (3,50,000 ha-1) and bulb (21.72 t ha-1) was recorded in poultry litter @ 20 t ha-1 with 200 ppm GA3 compared to other treatmentswhich was more potential for production of tuberose.

      Arun Kapur, Dr. Rekha Jain

Abstract: India has a history of about 7000 years belonging to Mesolithic period. Indian history boasts of highly developed civilizations throughout history. The paper tries to relate the tourism industry with the economic growth of all old cities of India. Throughout the world the tourism industry has been an economic generator even to conserve the heritage core areas of old cities. Today tourism has been considered to have socio economic values. Thus India, which has a rich cultural heritage has great potential to be tapped through tourism. Lucknow is known for its rich cultural heritage but lack of proper tourism guidelines the old core areas of the city has not been able to showcase its potential. Thus, the paper tries to bring the importance of heritage tourism in the core area of Chowk, Lucknow.The paper addresses the need of rehabilitation and conservation of old inner-city areas and historic monuments in the cities of the developing world through tourism guidelines.

      Adiljon Djurayev , Guzal Primova

Abstract: Tracking moving objects in video sequence is an important problem in computer vision, with applications in several fields, such as video surveillance and target tracking. As the shadows attached along with the moving object also have the same motion that of objects, the detection of shadows as foreground objects is very common and produce large errors in object localization and recognition. This paper introduces an effective method which uses the edge information to detect moving cast shadows for traffic sequences. The proposed method initially removes the boundary of the cast shadow, preserving object’s interior edges. The coarse object shapes are then reconstructed using the object interior edges. Finally, the cast shadow is detected by subtracting the reconstructed moving object from the change detection mask. The method is implemented and tested using three benchmark videos. The efficiency of the proposed method is compared with five other popular shadow detection methods and the results proved its superiority over others.

      Mohamed AbdulkadirYousuf, Dr: Hellen K. Mberia

Abstract: Poverty in common phenomenon in developing world. In Somalia, particularly in Puntland, poverty is proliferating in the most vulnerable part of the society particularity the internally displaced people. The study sought to investigate the determinants of poverty in IDPs in Puntland with evidence from Jowle IDP Camp, the selected variable of the study which is educational level, and how it affects poverty among IDPs in Puntland. Also in the literature review, secondary data of empirical literature was adapted, by reviewing the existing literature of educational level and how it affects poverty among Internally Displaced People.

      Mr.R.Karthikraja, Dr.R.Ponnudurai

Abstract: This research mainly describes the comparison of the strain energy rate of the two different materials (i.e., steel and aluminium). The aluminium can be replaced in spite of steel for in many applications. In the analytical study, pre-cracked three dimensional plate was loaded, The pre-crack was made in one edge of the plate in slant manner and outputs like strain energy release rate and stress intensity factors were taken for both the steel and aluminium.


Abstract: In this paper the performance of a vapour compression refrigeration system with ZrO2 nanoparticles in the working fluid was studied. Nano refrigerant was synthesized on the basis of the concept of the nanofluids, which was prepared by mixing ZrO2 nanoparticles with R152a refrigerant. The conventional refrigerant R134a has a global warming potential (GWP) of 1300 whereas R152a has a significant reduced value of GWP of 140 only. ZrO2nanoparticles with R152a refrigerant were used in R134a refrigeration system. The system performance with nanoparticles was then investigated. The results indicated that ZrO2 nano refrigerant works normally and safely in the system. The ZrO2 nanoparticle concentration is an important factor considered for heat transfer enhancement in the refrigeration system. The concentration of nano ZrO2 ranges between 0.01% and 0.06% volume concentration with particle size of 20 nm with R134a and R152a was studied. The coefficient of performance of the system was significantly improved with 33.45% when 0.06%volume concentration of ZrO2 with R152a refrigerant was used. The discharge temperature of the R152a/ZrO2 Nano refrigerant was nearly same as that of R134a. The usage of R152a with zero ozone depleting potential and very low Global Warming Potential provides a green and clean environment.

      Dr. Elmer L. Meneses

Abstract: Performance Status of schools reflects the kind of teachers and administrators that the schools have. This research used the mixed evaluation design: qualitative for statistical treatment and descriptive method as in the use of the “Performance Evaluation Instrument” and interviews to determine the relative performance of schools. The respondents of the study included 50 students from each of the thirteen elementary and five secondary schools in San Simon, Pampanga. This study used the SPSS (Statistical Package for the Social Sciences). The salient findings of the study were identified despite the fact that the survey showed satisfactory performance in the elementary and secondary level, the researcher found various gaps in all aspects: teacher’s behavior, facilities, and student’s services. The necessity to remediate and innovate as in the context of Continuous Improvement Program is emphasized. The researcher recommended various program enhancements in the spirit of continuous improvement anchored most especially on Systems Theory and Quality Management Theory in connection to the findings and conclusions to improve the performance status of public elementary and secondary schools in the District of San Simon, Pampanga.

      Arif Ahmad, Abu Rayhan Siddique, Prince Biswas, Mominul Haque Robin, Prof Dr. Md. Aslam Ali, Prof Dr. M. A. Sattar

Abstract: The total arsenic (As) contents of collected soil series were determined using FI-HG-AAS (Flow Injection Hybrid Generation Atomic Absorption Spectrometry) method to find out whether the soils are contaminated or not in soil of different series in Kushtia and Rangpur, Bangladesh. Besides arsenic, the other elements vizs. soil properties like soil pH, organic carbon, total nitrogen content and exchangeable cations like Ca, K and Na were also estimated in the Soil Science laboratory at Bangladesh Institute of Nuclear Agriculture (BINA), Mymensingh. Results showed that the As level of Kushtia district ranged from 11.03 mg/kg - 21.06 mg/kg. The lowest As contaminated soil series in Kushtia district was Gopalpur 1 (11.03 mg/kg) and the highest contaminated soil series in Kushtia district was Ishurdi (21.06 mg/kg). In Rangpur district, the As level ranged from 1.80 mg/kg - 6.57 mg/kg, where all the soil series were non-contaminated. Kaunia 2 (6.57 mg/kg) and Belabo 1 (5.10 mg/kg) soil series were slightly contaminated with refers a level of 6 mg/kg and Belabo 2 (4.72 mg/kg) soil series were also slightly contaminated with refers a level of 5 mg/kg. The total As contents in the different surface soils were varied mainly due to local differences in the soil types, biogeochemical activities and farm management practices.

      Mary Kashif, Samreen Munnawar

Abstract: This study estimated the impact of rural infrastructure investment on rice production in Pakistan by using Cobb Douglas production function for 1972-2014 in Pakistan. Different tests are used to check the stationarity of time series data. Autoregressive distributive lag (ARDL) technique is employed to estimate long run and short run relationship. It is observed that good infrastructure is encouraging the rice production in Pakistan. The study found that fertilizer usage, water availability for rice, area under rice production and health expenditure has positive whereas electricity consumption has negative effect on the rice production in the long run. However, impact of electricity on rice production is found positive in the short run but this impact is minute due to the unavailability of electricity, load shedding and some other reasons. All variables are affecting positively in the short run except fertilizer consumption.

      Rasha A. Siddig, Mohamed S. Osman, Arafat M. Goj and Elfatih A., M. Elsiddig

Abstract: Mango (Mangifera indica L) fruits are widely grown in Sudan for local and export utilization. Selected physical and chemical quality attributes of three mango cultivars Kitchener, Abusamaka and Tommy Atkins were evaluated at ripening stage during two seasons (2013-2014). The experiments were arranged in Complete Randomize Design (CRD) with three replications. Results showed that cultivars had significant differences in fruit weight, fruit length, fruit width, pulp weight, pulp thickness, seed weight, seed length, seed width, peel weight in the two seasons. Tommy Atkins obtained the maximum fruit weight, fruit width, pulp weight, pulp thickness, seed weight and seed width values in the two successive seasons and peel weight in the second season. Furthermore, Abusamaka recorded the highest values in fruit and seed length in 2013 and 2014 seasons and peel weight in first season. In the case of chemical characteristics, Tommy Atkins showed the highest Ascorbic Acid and moisture content in the two successive seasons while, Kitchener had the maximum total acidity, TSS, Ash and total sugar content.

      Sarah K. Eraby, Hala S. Abdul-Wahahid

Abstract: Objective(s): The present study ought to identify the impact of dietary habits upon some nutrition-related factors among secondary schools female students.

      Mohammed J. Swayeh AL Aqeeli, Haleema Yousif Kadhim

Abstract: Background: This study was conducted to determination the effect of gallstones disease on patients Quality of life. And association of QoL in GD patients was assessed with different factors as ( Socioeconomic status, age ,gender ,level of education) in (100 ) patients attending to surgical wards in teaching hospitals.

      Saptarshi Bhowmik, Sudipa Biswas, Karan Vishwakarma, Subhankar Chattoraj, Parami Roy

Abstract: In today’s world automation has played a key role in developing human’s life and enhancing safety and security protocol. Mobile phones nowadays are very common to all people. Everyday household work like switching ON /OFF the fan or lights, decrease or increase in air conditioner temperature can be easily done using smartphone. Today home automation system (HAS) has been a key area of research in recent times. Home automation using android platform eliminates the process of individual involvement and enhancing easier and faster daily household needs for everyone. The home automation system (HAS) designed on android platform has been interfaced with 8 bit microcontroller i.e. arduino to control the home appliances using relay. Bluetooth has been used as the most reliable and efficient technology for short range communication. Different sensor has been used which are illustrated in details below. This paper provided a novel approach enhancing automation in household works and eliminating the traditional method of switching.

      Suyash Malthankar

Abstract: In the emerging field of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, there are so much field specific researches are going on. This paper shows research over persons who love music and how the machine learning and artificial technology can come up with a boon for them. The cynosure of this paper is on the implementations of the artificial intelligence over the general life routine of people around the world. The paper is providing the ideas so that enhancements could be seen on ground zero.

      Md. Rejaun Nabi, Dr. Md. Shahedur Rashid, Mohammad Ismail Hossain

Abstract: Change detection is one of the most important research techniques in analyzing images that shows the interactions between human activities and the natural environment. According to time sequence of the concern area is active deltaic part of Bangladesh, particularly in the Meghna Estuary and its surroundings at Rennell’s Atlas Plate-19. This research highlights the GIS and Remote Sensing approaches for shifting bankline since1760s the Rennell’s survey of the Meghna River. For fulfillment of this purpose, Rennell’s map 1760s; Landsat Imagery 1988 and 2014 are identified and compared; bankline shifting is assessed. Maximum bankline shifting occurs at cross section 5 from 1760s-1988 where right bankline shifting Eastward 12.87 km. and left bankline shifting Westward 9.67 km. that shows depositional features more active than erosional features. Gradually, The Meghna River channel width is becoming narrow by 11.13 km. from 1760s-2014 due to sedimentation, water level fall etc. The methodology produces high quality map of change detection of bankline shifting map of the study area across space and time.

      Miroslav Spano, JaromirRiha, Ales Drab

Abstract: Small hydropower plants located at dams are frequently used for power generation in the Czech Republic, where, the advantage of the availability of both pressure head and environmental outflow are exploited for this purpose. The performance of hydropower plants is significantly influenced by the dependability and service life of installed technical equipment. This study presents the results of dependability analysis based on the analysis of defects and failures affecting two turbines (Francis, crossflowBanki) installed on the bypass of the bottom outlets of the Sance Dam in the Czech Republic. Firstly, the quantifiers of dependability are introduced and shutdowns are defined. Empirical probability distribution curves for time to shutdown and shutdown duration are plotted for both turbine generator units based on available records of incidents and reasons for individual shutdowns from 10 years of operation. The analysis was conducted separately for each turbine generator unit and shows the average periods between shutdowns, and their duration. Period length probabilities for both periods between shutdowns and the durations of shutdowns were also evaluated.

      Mohammed Baqer Hassan

Abstract: Across-sectional descriptive study is carried out at AL-Najaf AL-Ashraf City, from March 20th to June 6th 2016.to find out association between type of delivery and newborn Apgar score results. The objective of the study areto:Identify the newborn Apgar score results according to type of delivery at Al-Zahraa Teaching hospital, To find out association between type of delivery and newborn Apgar score results, and to find out association between newborn Apgar score results according to type of delivery and their general information.The number of samples about (101) infants, (54male and 47female), the hospital selected for the collection of this samples is AL-Zahraa Teaching Hospital in AL-Najaf AL-Ashraf City.

      Nadeem Salam, Ayaz Bashir, Mohd ShafiParrey

Abstract: Plants have traditionally been used for treatment of human and livestock ailments in Kashmir Himalaya bydifferent tribal groups. However, this valuable source of knowledge is not adequately documented, which impedes their widespread use, evaluation and validation. The present research work was designed to gather indigenous knowledge from tribal and nomadic people about traditional medicinal uses of plants. Indigenous knowledge was collected by interviewing people of different age groups. A total of 25 species belonging to 20 families were recorded as being used by local inhabitants for curing various ailments. The present study is of great significance as it provides a lead in documenting the knowledge of traditional herbal medicine. These ethno-medicinally important plants are un-paralled treasure of wealth and conservation of such plant species should be done by the concerned authorities. It should be realized that conservation and management of potential species are of utmost importance.


Abstract: This work deals with the study of the removal of methylene blue dye from aqueous solution using low cost adsorbent obtained from the leaves of centella asiatica . Batch adsorption studies were carried out by observing the effects of various experimental parameters, such as effect of pH, adsorbent dose, dye concentration, contact time and temperature The data were fitted into the Langmuir and Freundlich adsorption isotherm equations. Thermodynamic parameters like change in free energy, enthalpy and entropy were calculated. Results indicate that Centella asiatica is a promising adsorbent for the removal of methylene blue from aqueous solution.


Abstract: Adsorbent obtained from centella asiatica leaves is employed for the removal of the Rhodamine –B dye from aqueous solution. Batch adsorption studies were carried out by observing the effects of various experimental parameters such as the effect of pH, adsorbent dose, dye concentration, contact time and temperature. The equilibrium data fitted well to Langmuir isotherm model. The results indicate that the adsorbent obtained from centella asiatica leaves is a good adsorbent for the removal of Rhodamine-B from aqueous solution.

      Vipul Bali, Vishrut Bali, Riya Choudhary

Abstract: This article discusses how technology is affecting the employer – employee relations in the present day fast developing technology. Employee relations involve multiple layers of communication, from employer-employee relations to interactions among the workforce itself. Perrow has given how technology can affect relations which can be divided into 2 main divisions one being Routine Technology made up of Routine and Engineering classification that is standard/same technology and the other being Non-Routine technology which is Constantly updating/New technology -Routine technology leading to mechanization and Non Routine/New Technology promoting Creativity.

      Robert Onyango, Benedict Otieno, Joan Bii, Joseph Otieno

Abstract: The aim of this study was to expand the base of knowledge and to test the relationship between the component of organizational culture that is power culture effects on service delivery. The study adopted descriptive research approach to explore the impact of power culture on service delivery. In this study, primary data was collected through questionnaires from employees. Census inquiry method was adopted involving the 225 employees. The sample in this research included departmental heads field officers and other support staff. The power culture, as a predictor significantly affect service delivery of employees at ELDOWAS. There is a significant and positive relationship between power culture and service delivery.Where r=.845**and P<0.01 .Power culture is therefore an important ingredient in effective service delivery among employees. Culture influences performance in the sense that its content can be either an asset aspect or liability aspect.The study therefore concludes that employees cannot deliver their services well in an absence of strong leadership and management in the organization.Hence the study concludes that power culture should be given a lot of emphasis this is because the person in power should poses necessary qualities that can make employees perform better.

      R.Anusha, Dr.(Mrs) N.Rama

Abstract: The objective of this paper is to propose a new multi kernel hybrid support vector machine data classification algorithm to classify data. This paper also focuses on comparing various data classification algorithms such as Support vector machine algorithm with linear kernel, Radial basis Kernel, Neural network feedforward back propagation algorithm with the proposed algorithm to measure the accuracy in classification of data collected for evaluating the website quality and usability of various online shopping websites such as Flipkart, Amazon, Jabong and Snapdeal by taking into consideration various quality parameters such as functionality, reliability, security, navigation, information quality, presentation, visual interface etc.

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