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      Hsan Sandar Win, May Mon Thet Khine

Abstract: This paper presents a theoretical model with a system providing an assistive guided robot for a visually impaired person. The overall operation of this system works together with OBJECT DETECTION and LOCATION DETECTION. The robot consists of two parts - the HOUSING: is composed of five units: Main Unit (Arduino) , the Obstacle Detection And Avoidance Unit (Ultrasonic Sensors) and the Location Detection Unit (GPS , GSM , and micro SD card adapter ); and the HANDLE: is equipped with a Thumb-Controlled Joystick to control the robot and also provides significant force feedback to the hand of the user to help guide their path.

      Kavita Singh, Seema Puri, Geeta Chopra

Abstract: Reducing maternal mortality has been a constant struggle globally. Although developed regions have shown a steep decline in maternal deaths, developing world still continues to contribute inordinately to the total maternal deaths. The Millennium Development Goal (MDG) ‘five’ focused on reducing maternal mortality and achieving universal access to reproductive health care. In lieu of that, India has made extensive efforts to achieve the same, which are visible through the sharp increase in the rate of institutional births (NFHS 4), but the concurrent high incidences of maternal mortality present a contradictory picture of the nation’s progress in improving maternal health.

      Miressa Amenu Terfa

Abstract: This study explored the practices of Jaarsumma as indigenous conflict resolution mechanism at Dambi Dollo town in Western Oromiya. The study was aimed at examining the intensity of practicing indigenous conflict resolution of Oromo - Jaarsummaa. The study particularly, tried to find out communities’ applicability on the practical use of jaarsumma, examine to what extent communities practically practice jaarsummaa. To this end, the study employed descriptive survey method, which involves both quantitative and qualitative methods. Accordingly, Dambi Dollo town was selected through availability sampling.

      Le Van Binh and Ngo Thi Thu Thao

Abstract: The present study was conducted to evaluate the effects of different protein levels in diet on the growth and survival rate of black apple snail (Pila polita) in grow-out period. There were 3 replicates in each treatment and snails were fed with protein levels at 15% (P15); 20 (P20); 25 (P25); 30 (P30); 35 (P35). Two month old juveniles with initial body weight, shell height and shell width of (2.52g, 23.26 mm and 16.42 mm) were reared in the tarpaulin tanks (1 × 1 × 1 m; 40 cm water depth) at the density of 100 ind./tank. After 4 months of rearing period, the average body weight, shell height and shell width of the snail reached highest value in P20 (28.36 g; 54.59 mm; 39.74 mm, respectively) and that was significant difference (p<0.05) compared to the remaining protein contents (P15, P25, P30, P35).

      Baraa. Mohammed Ibrahim AL-hilali, Muath Jabbar Tarfa Al-Abbasee, Mustafa Hatem Khalaf, Jamal Hameed Khalaf

Abstract: The lead in non-workers blood was determined due to the lead toxicity. Adjacent to the factory exposed in the accumulator production. Method of direct determination of lead Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometry (AAS) . This provide a sensitive and specific method to determine the lead concentration in blood. The procedure precipitated the proteins with trichloroacetic acid (TCA) then the lead extracted with ammonium pyrrolidine dithiocarbonate (APDC) into isobutylmethylketone.

      Ekemini Obok, Andy Wetten and Joël Allainguillaume

Abstract: Cacao swollen shoot virus (CSSV) remains a significant viral pathogen endemic in West African cacao-growing countries. Eradication of affected trees (complete removal) and resistance breeding in existing cacao (Theobroma cacao L.) germplasm have not yielded the expected results in terms of controlling the spread of CSSV. CSSV is reported to be vectored by at least 16 species of mealybugs (Hemiptera: Pseudococcidae), but there have been no molecular evidences to validate these reports. Inconsistent reports exit on CSSV transmission which were based on visual assessments of CSSV infection which are highly subjective, especially on asymptomatic cacao.

      Jeini Ester Nelwan, Edi Widjajanto, Sri Andarini, Sasmito Djati, Oksfriani Jufri Sumampouw

Abstract: Mapalus is a form of traditional mutual assistance inherited within ancestors in the land of Minahasa. Mapalus has become such a coding for Minahasa ethnic. The implementation of Mapalus has taken place in various aspects ranging from agriculture, social, community, politics, security and health. In the field of health, there has never been a study of the effect of the implementation of Mapalus tradition on the incidence of a disease, especially coronary heart disease (CHD). This study was conducted through qualitative approach. The results obtained that the implementation of Mapalus values is still done by the ethnic communities of Minahasa, and these values affect the incidence of CHD in Minahasa.

      Kpatinde Talagbe Aime, A. H. Abdul Wahab, Fadina K. S. J, Oting W. K. A, Sinatoko D. B. O.

Abstract: Water is an essential element for humankind, animals, and plants. It is also an important element of the aquatic environment (the natural habitat of multiple species), where its quality plays a determining role in their protection and conservation. Unfortunately, the water quality of natural environments has worsened in the last decades. In Africa and particularly Benin, monitoring the quality of surface water is a very rare activity.

      Harhini M, Mithun P, Suhasini R

Abstract: Knowledge management is a fairly modern concept. It refers to and enterprise that consciously and comprehensively gathers, organizes shares and analyze its knowledge to achieve its goal. It has gained in importance because companies have discovered that people, their skills and knowledge are essential to gain competitive advantage. It has become a major competitive tool for the present day organization. It is acquisition and use of resources to create an environment in which information is accessable to individuals and in which individuals acquire, share and use that information to develop their own knowledge. It is a conscious effort to get the right knowledge to the right person at the right time so that it can be shared and put into action.


Abstract: Shoulder joint influences on daily activities along with degenerative changes of structures around it, Painful arm following Supraspinatus tendinitis restricts self care and increases dependency. Aims & Objectives of this research was to evaluate the efficacy of exercises therapy post arthroscopic repair of Supraspinatus Materials & Methodology: 63 year old female was treated in Chennai with exercise therapy following arthroscopic repair of supraspinatus (Left) from 20.07.2017 to 01.10.2017 with thrice a week frequency Results: Pre and post shoulder functional index were recorded and analyzed statistically P<.001 Conclusion: Exercises play a vital role in post arthroscopic repair of shoulder muscles and follow up is more important

      Arsalan Radman

Abstract: Discussions rotating around the controversial topics of displacement and the subsequent identity crisis as inevitable outcomes of deracination under the pressure of colonial power have recently enjoyed much spotlight.

      Nurul’Ain Othman, Ramlah Mohd Tajuddin, Noor Sa’adah Abdul Hamid

Abstract: Vegetable waste is one of the types of food waste that can contribute to leachate production. Different characteristics of leachate produce from a different type of waste. Leafy vegetables waste (LVW) has a high tendency to accumulate heavy metal, for example, Cadmium (Cd). Leachate produced from leafy vegetable waste should be treated specifically alone instead of mix with another type of food waste. Treatment of leachate by using conventional method is no longer suitable to comply with the more stringent discharge standards.

      Rajie Malini, Ramlah Mohd Tajuddin, Noor Sa’adah Abdul Hamid

Abstract: The increasing of the population has enhanced the generation of waste in Malaysia, a country of which depends on landfill as a method to dispose of solid waste in which the leachate generation will play a major impact to the environment. Leachate can potentially contaminate the nearby surface water, groundwater and soil. In Malaysia, food waste is a major waste composition which can lead to the generation of leachate due to their high moisture content. Citrus fruit wastes classified as one of food waste which become a concern because of its potential to create environmental pollution. Leachate from citrus fruit is acidic, high BOD and COD, high turbidity, total suspended solids and high nutrient such as nitrogen and phosphorus. This characteristic may interfere the effectiveness of wastewater treatment. The method that can be implemented as citrus leachate treatment is membrane process. Membrane process had been proven their effectiveness and had been used in many applications. The previous membrane composition is used, but the suitability of citrus waste is needed to investigate. The MWCO of newly developed flat sheet membrane is determined to study the performance of the membrane in citrus fruit waste leachate treatment.

      Shivani Fotedar, Lt.(Gen) Sujan Singh, Col R.K.Tripathi

Abstract: The Baska Mask(Logical health products pty ltd.) is a second generation supraglottic airway device. The debate still exists whether a third generation should be introduced or not. It may be suggested that the Baska classifies itself as a 3rd generation airway device. Our study aims to see the ease of insertion of the device along with other heamodynamic pattern variability and the overall success of the device.(1,2)

      Al-Hassan Abdul Wahab, P. N. Valentine, Njoroge L. W., A. T. Kpatende, Oting W. K. A

Abstract: Earth as a planet is known as the ‘blue planet’ because of the large capacity of stocks of water but only a small amount is easily available in accessible reserves of groundwater, lakes, rivers and the soil-water store. Water scarcity is becoming a widespread concern in many parts of the world because human usage is putting pressure on these limited water resources. The Agricultural sector is reported to be a major freshwater consumer globally and around 70% of the world’s freshwater withdrawal is for irrigation. This justifies the need to develop standard indicators to evaluate human demand on natural resources. This paper aims to summarize the approaches of water footprinting with focus on the approaches suitable to assess water consumption of agricultural activities.

      Kelvin Kiema Kiilu, George Okeyo, Richard Rimiru, Kennedy Ogada

Abstract: Social Media has become a very powerful tool for information exchange as it allows users to not only consume information but also share and discuss various aspects of their interest. Nevertheless, online social platforms are beset with hateful speech - content that expresses hatred for a person or group of people. Such content can frighten, intimidate, or silence platform users, and some of it can incite other users to commit violence. Furthermore, social media gives users the freedom to express their thoughts in text without following traditional language grammars, thereby making it difficult to mine social media for insights. Despite widespread recognition of the problems posed by social media content, reliable solutions even for detecting hateful speech are lacking. The main goal of this study is to develop a reliable tool for detection of hate tweets. This paper develops an approach for detecting and classifying hateful speech that uses content produced by self-identifying hateful communities from Twitter. Results from experiments showed Naive Bayes classifier achieved significantly better performance than existing methods in hate speech detection algorithms with precision, recall, and accuracy values of 58% ,62%,and67.47%,respectively.

      Dr.Anisha Puri,Dr.Gurchand Singh,Dr.Manisha Bhatt Dwivedi

Abstract: Post operative nausea and vomiting (PONV) is a troublesome complication after surgery and anaesthesia.The incidence of PONV is around 62-80% after tympanoplasty surgeries when no antiemetic prophylaxis is given. The purpose of this study was to compare ondansetron and palonosetron to prevent of PONV in patients undergoing tympanoplasty.

      Muhammad Hammad Ali, Imran Bashir

Abstract: This research study was conducted to find out the relationship between job satisfaction and organizational commitment of teachers working at private sector universities operating in Punjab, Pakistan, the findings of the study revealed that there exists a significant positive relationship between job satisfaction and organizational commitment of private sector university teachers.

      AUB Pethiyagoda, K Pethiyagoda

Abstract: Urinary calculi disease is one of the most common urological disorders. The descriptive cross sectional study was conducted to examine the influence of family history and to find the stone recurrence rate on urinary stone disease in Sri Lanka. The sample size of the study population was 142 with the mean age of 44.65± 13.45 years. They were evaluated with respect to their past history and family history of the disease. According to the results 58% of subjects were without past history, 42% of them were with past history and 85% of subjects without family history, 15% of them were with family history. Although pathophysiology of urolithiasis, is multifactorial a positive family history may also affect the occurrence and the cause of urinary stone disease. In our study familial urolithiasis was observed in 15% of patients which is lower than world literature. This is a significant finding Sri Lanka being an island nation.

      Palak, Aditi Bhushan

Abstract: Burmese Python scientifically called Python Bivittatus is a growing reptilian species of Everglades, South Florida. These snakes are rapidly increasing in number, huge and even capable of eating birds, mammals and reptiles. They have come out as a grave danger for Floridian Wildlife and Human Being. The Government is trying to stop them by employing various legal policies.

      Dr C Biakhlupuii, Dr.Sangita Sen

Abstract: Aim: This study aims to examine the effect of radial maze size (number of locations) on learning and performance efficiency of rats, i.e., do rats economize their physical effort when exploring the bigger maze and to assess the effect of sequence of training , 8-arm after 24-arm maze versus 24-arm after 8-arm maze, on relative performance of each rat in the two mazes. Materials and method: 22 Albino rats of Wistar strain obtained from National Institute of Nutrition Hyderabad, India were divided into two groups and were trained in 8-arm maze following training in 24-arm and vice-versa. The performance of the two groups were compared after obtaining plateau phase from the 10 trial moving average of Reference memory error for locating the onset of plateau phase. Results : One group of rat which were trained in 24 arm maze followed by 8-arm maze shows decrease in percentage Reference memory error in 8-arm maze .i.e., 2nd maze(P-value=0.003). The other group which were trained in 8-arm maze followed by training in 24-arm maze shows decrease in percentage Reference memory error in 24-arm i.e.2nd maze (P value= 0.001). Conclusion: The present study shows that rats after being trained in one radial maze perform better in another radial maze as far as Reference memory error in fully trained stage is concerned. This shows that repeated training with allothetic cues improves the ability to perform a task irrespective of maze size .

      Yee Choong Wong, Kok-Yong Chin

Abstract: High indoor and outdoor temperatures are the major concerns across the globe. In fact, solar heat gain captured by buildings often creates discomforts and illnesses to its occupants. Many studies have proven that roofs are the primary component contributes to high heat gain of buildings due its maximum solar exposure.

      Biru Desta, Tariku Jebena

Abstract: This study investigates the Factors Affecting Entrepreneurial Career Intention of Prospective Graduates in Ethiopia the case of Jimma University. The population of this study was 362 prospective graduates of Jimma University. The researcher stratified the total population of the study based on their department and the samples were census was employed to the entire from each stratum. In this study, both primary and secondary data were used. The data were collected through respondent administered questionnaire. Quantitative design was employed to produce statistical figure for analysis. Data were entered in to SPSS v.20 and analyzed through cross tabulations and chi-square (p) values. It is found that there is statistically significant association between entrepreneurial intention with the value of (p= 0.030), when the respondents grouped by field of study, entrepreneurial motivation (p=0.001) and parents own a business which directly influence the entrepreneurial intention to become an entrepreneur. This implies that, entrepreneurial education must be introduced into the tertiary institutions which are not currently offering entrepreneurship courses. This may help reduce the rising unemployment situation in the country especially that of university graduates.

      Ferdinan, H. Mappanganro, Sabri Samin, Misykat Malik Ibrahim

Abstract: This study aims to describe how the recruitment system of educators at Muhammadiyah University of Makassar. This research type is qualitative research with descriptive qualitative approach. The primary data source is educators obtained through interviews of leaders at the Muhammadiyah University of Makassar. The results showed that the recruitment of new lecturers through the objective information showed that: from 10 components of the statement evaluated, there are 8 components of high categorization and 2 component statements showing moderate category that is the placement of lecturers tailored to the needs and formations available in each faculty or program study (2.81%) and lecturers graduated / accepted all follow the test stages determined by the committee (2.9%).

      Perspectives Of Collaboration In Planning Regional Development Merauke

Abstract: In the perspective of collaborative development planning, there are three pillars of development that must be considered viz. the Government, private and community.

      Jeeban Jyoti Mohanty and Manas Kumar Mohapatra

Abstract: Mangrove forests along the coastal belt of Orissa, especially mangrove ecosystems in the estuarine areas of Mahanadi delta of Orissa rich in varied resources, support livelihood of lakhs of people living adjacent to these forests. They act as refuge against cyclones, storms and tidal surges which is recurrent in this area. Apart from a major source of fuel, fodder and timber, mangrove wetlands harbor fishes, crabs and serve as an ideal habitat for prawn farms the soil being fertile mangrove forests are cleared for agriculture purpose.

      Vivi Fitriani, Annika Maizeli, and Ruth Rize Paas Megahati

Abstract: Bacterial resistance to penicillin antibiotics can be overcome by making semisynthetic penicillin derived from the 6-amino penicillanic acid (6-APA) raw material. 6-APA is the result of penicillin hydrolysis by the activity of penicillin acylase. Penicillin acylase is an enzyme that catalyzes the hydrolysis of penicillin into 6-amino penicillanic acid (6-APA). The use of penicillin acylase has reached 85% in the pharmaceutical industry in the world. The presence or absence of enzyme penicillin acylase produced by bacteria depends on the type and habitat of bacteria. This research was conducted with several stages, sample isolation, srceening of bacteria, and bacteria identification.

      Prof. Dr. Palmawati Tahir, MH., DR. Agus Prihartono PS, SH., MH

Abstract: Islamic economic and finance have shown progressive development in the world including in Indonesia. In Indonesia’s context, the need for Islamic economic and finance has gained legitimacy as it is shown in the legislation and in the agreement by the National Shariah Council. Consequently, the integration of Islamic law to economy cannot be neglected. Therefore, the Supreme Court establishes KHES as a one of the materiality in the settlement of shariah economic disputes.

      Ochirsuren Enkhbayar, Yingjun Chen, Aime T. Kpatinde

Abstract: Poor air quality has profound adverse effects on human health and ecosystems with further negative implications on future generations. Excessive urban air pollution in Ulaanbaatar city poses huge threats to a sustainable development in Mongolia. Worsening air quality problems in Ulaanbaatar city of Mongolia was concerned in this study. The state of air quality in Ulaanbaatar City was updated by reviewing lots of literature. Thereafter, implications for a sustainable development are drawn. Further, the state of the problem in terms of main pollution sources, effects and abatement approaches is compared and contrasted with air pollution cases in history (e.g. London fog of 1952 and Los Angeles photochemical smog) and even with cases in emerging economies of Africa and Asia.

      Akshay Vyas, Dashmeet Kaur Chawla, Dr. Urjita Thakar

Abstract: In this paper, a dynamic (i.e. self-adaptive according to the number of nodes) Simulated Annealing Algorithm is presented to solve the well-known Traveling Salesman Problem (TSP). In the presented algorithm, the temperature parameter is adjusted on the basis of the number of nodes. To achieve dynamicity, a new parameter named “Cooling Enhancer” is introduced to control the cooling rate, thereby, regulating the temperature. Additionally, an enhanced version of acceptance probability has been used. The efficacy of Dynamic Simulated Annealing with Cooling Enhancer & Modified Acceptance Probability (DSA-CE&MAP) is compared against the basic simulated annealing algorithm (SA) [2] for some benchmark TSPLIB instances [1]. Experimental results illustrate that the new dynamic simulated annealing algorithm performs better than the basic simulated annealing algorithm for solving TSP. It has been observed that the quality of solutions (i.e. minimum total cost or distance) is significantly increased as compared to earlier method.

      Tin Tin Yu, Zin Mar Win

Abstract: A feature extraction method is proposed for discriminative features on segmented moving objects and these compact set of color feature for object representation tend to handle the large amount of local features in feature correspondence and high accuracy in object classification in challenging sequences. Test sequences from the Caviar Test case scenario dataset and online benchmark tracking dataset are used in experiment to prove the robustness of proposed method.

      Lola Shehu

Abstract: This basic principle of civilization is the result of a guaranteed option to protect the immunity of the innocent, even if the price is the impunity of any culprit. "It is enough for the social body to punish offenders in their entirety," wrote Lauze Peret, "but his great interest was that all innocent people, without exception, be protected. " It is this option on which Montesquieu established the link between freedom and security of citizens: "Political freedom consists in security, or at least in the belief that everyone has for their own security," and "this security is not placed at greater risk than under public or private accusation ", consequently, when the innocence of the citizens is not guaranteed, nor is their freedom to be.

      Busari Jamiu Muhammad

Abstract: Islamic Studies (ISS) is one of the religious studies undertakings in Nigerian primary and post-primary schools up to the higher institutions for decades. However, there are myriads of problems facing its development in both teaching and learning for decades. In response to these and with adoption of descriptive and analytical methods, this study investigates the content of Islamic Studies as Prepared by Nigerian Educational Research and Development Council (NERDC), briefly chronicles the introduction of Islamic Studies into Nigerian schools, enumerates the factors (Problems) affecting the subject such as interest, parental and teachers factors, pedagogy and so on . Recommendations were made to ameliorate these problems and charter a new prospect for Islamic Studies in Nigerian primary and post-primary schools in order to nurture and produce vibrant, religious and productive Muslim children.

      Tito Wawire, George Okeyo, Michael Kimwele

Abstract: E-learning has been practiced extensively across the globe, and thanks to Internet penetration and advancement it is progressively being adopted among students in the learning environment. E-learning systems are currently available from high schools to higher institutions of learning globally. However, the systems still lack in covering certain areas of the education sphere and conventional frameworks of e-learning are incapable of answering to those demands both for learners and tutors. This paper proposes a framework that integrates social networks into web-based learning environment to make the environments more interactive and personalized. This research paper shows increased social interactivity and personalization through user profiles in the e-learning environment.

      Issoufou Mamoudou, Kpatinde Talagbe Aime, James Njuguna

Abstract: Black carbon (BC), an outcome of incomplete combustion of fossil fuel and biomass burning, has a global and regional influence on radiative forcing and a large effect on the environment and human health. Several studies concerning black carbon emissions and its impacts on climate, environment and human health, have been carried out, but only a few have considered ship emissions. However, it was reported that black carbon from ship emissions affected the climate, environment, as well as human health, particularly in the Arctic region and coastal areas. Therefore, the aim of this paper is to do a review on BC emissions from the ship. In achieving the objective of this study, several papers including articles, reports, and scientific assessments on black carbon emissions from the ship were reviewed and synthesized.

      Emmanuel C. Oba, Pius C. Anyadiegwu, Abednego G. T. George, Ethelbert C. Nwadike

Abstract: Studies previously carried out on pure bending analysis of isotropic thin rectangular plate using total potential energy functional have mainly used second order (Ritz energy function) and fourth order (Galerkin and work error energy functional). The objective of this study is pure bending analysis of isotropic thin rectangular CCCC, CSCS, CSSS and SCCC plates. In this paper, third order energy functional is used for analysis. The Rayleigh Ritz energy method of direct variation approach for plate analysis is adopted. The third order energy functional method is derived from first principle by using equations and principles of theory of elasticity. Polynomial series is used to formulate the approximate shape functions for the plate with various boundary conditions. Direct variational calculus was applied on the third-order energy function to obtain the coefficient of deflection which was used to determine the stiffness component for the plates. The coefficients of deflection for CCCC, CSCS, CSSS and SCCC are obtained for various aspect ratios (ranging from 1.0 to 2.0 at the increment of 0.1). The various coefficient of deflection is used to obtain the deflection at the center of the plates. The central deflection of the various plate with aspect ratio (ranging from 1.0 to 2.0 at the increment of 0.1) from this studies were compared with the values of Szilard (2004) and Timoshenko and Krieger (1959). From the comparison, it was observed that the maximum percentage difference recorded for CCCC, CSCS and CSSS plates was 3.58, 4.91 and 1.79 respectively. While for SCCC there was no significant difference. These values of percentage differences are relatively small, which indicates that the method of this present study is considered adequate, satisfactory and reliable for analyzing pure bending isotropic thin rectangular plate.

      Nadia Amalina, Dr. Helni Mutiarsih Jumhur S.H., M.H

Abstract: In 2016, the number of Internet users in Indonesia was 132.7 million users or about 51.5% of the total Indonesian population, and around 63.1 million internet usage came from smartphone users. Cities in Indonesia are experiencing many positive changes and Indonesia is implementing Smart City. Bandung is one of the Smart City. One of innovative application of Bandung Smart City is made an application to help business actors in Bandung city to facilitate in doing business licensing by using an application called GAMPIL. GAMPIL Application user has user experience and user satisfaction with the average value of moderate category in the continuum line of research. User experience towards user satisfaction of GAMPIL Application users have a positive and significant relationship with a value of 99,2% and the remaining 0,8% are influenced by other variables.

      Farhandhika Giswara, Indrawati

Abstract: Bandung is a city that become one of the largest growth in Indonesia. Bandung is also one of the centers of economic, social, political, and national administrative activities. The population growth rate reaches 3.5% per year and the total population is predicted to reach 4.1 million by 2031. This becomes a more serious challenge for Bandung in growing urban development and maintaining the quality of life of its citizens. Some of the issues that become serious problems for Bandung City are to build a sustainable urban facilities such as transportation, city cleanliness (including free from garbages, flood, slums, clean water), satisfaction rate of facilities and services, and infrastructure developments. The existence of smart cities provides an appropriate solution to the urban quality of life for its citizens. This paper intents to propose measurement tool to test the model of urban quality of life in a city. The study found 4 variables and 22 items which are valid and reliable to be used for further

      Ahmed, Hassana Kudirat

Abstract: Information is an indispensable element which is crucial to the development of human societies. This study investigated the information needs of automobile technicians and road transport workers in Offa Local Government Area of Kwara State, Nigeria. The descriptive survey research design was adopted for the study. The population of study comprises 2976 automobile technicians and road transport workers in the communities of Offa Local Government Area.

      Hemanth Kumar, Pratik Pimparkar

Abstract: Internet of things has been increasing at a tremendous rate since last few years. Thus, it has been an active area of research. Data from a single node can provide enough information for various conditions on the field. However, the data from the IoT is used to get an inference on a high level which can be used to take corrective actions. To take the corrective actions, the data should be mined properly which in turn depends on correct data from the sensor. Data fusion techniques are used to provide correct data from the sensor to the data mining algorithm. Data fusion in IoT is not a well-researched topic. In this design, various data fusion techniques are examined, and a hierarchical approach for data fusion in IoT is proposed. The design uses Fuzzy Kalman Filter for state estimation, and Dempster- Shafer method for decision fusion to create a dynamic context-aware system. The proposed design is also scalable for a higher number of nodes in the network which is not found in all implementations. The research also offers a design metrics which can be used for comparison of different data fusion.

      Eny Sendra,Herawati Mansur, Anggraini Khodijahturrohmah

Abstract: Breastfeeding as often as possible during the first day of life, can release meconium in infants. Meconium have a bilirubin, when it discharges, it can increases reabsorption of bilirubin and cause jaundice in infants.

      E. C. Ogundu., G. D. Eyoh,, N.B. Idiong., M. D. Udo.

Abstract: Twelve (12) West African dwarf goats were fed for fifty six (56) days intensively with cassava peels meal (CPM ), Brewer’s spent grain (BSG) using pamicum maximum (PM) as basal diet and maize based diet as control. Diet A is 52% maize-based diet while diets B, C and D are diets which replaced the 52% maize with 25%BSG/75%CPM, 50%BSG/50%CPM, 75%BSG/25%CPM respective. Results show that packed cell volume of diet C was not significantly higher (p>0.05) than A but significantly higher (<,0.05) th n D and B. Erythrocyte count of diet C was significantly higher (p<0.05) than B but not significantly higher than others

      Datuk Dr Mahamad Zubir bin Seeht Saad

Abstract: Employee motivation is the key factor to boost up the function of an organization. In the globalization phase, every company needs to sustain in the fierce competitive market.

      Rana Neha, Mathur Shabla ,Dr. Taneja indu & Dr. Taneja Evita

Abstract: The market of nutritional supplements is proliferating. Hair loss and skin related concerns are faced by everyone these days. To be able to provide effective treatment for Hair loss, Hair fall, Alopecia, Nail and Skin health, Gray hair and many other related issues, these herbal compositions should not only have correct balance of vitamins, amino acids and minerals but also should be upgraded time to time, in accordance to latest clinical findings or developments. Over time, the supplements should be reformulated or upgraded owing to the research confirming the benefits of specific nutrients like Methyl Sulfonyl Methane (MSM)and Green Apple Skin Extract. MSM is responsible for Keratin & collagen production for structuring skin, hair and nails. The antioxidants in green tea extract prevent hair-loss and boosts up hair-growth. The supplement can be upgraded by adding Saw Palmetto extract to treat Alopecia in men.

      Sri Ulina Ginting, Aryani Atyatul Amra, Rodiah Rahmawaty Lubis

Abstract: Background : The axial length of the eye is one of the factor that determine a persons refractive status beside the curvature and strength of the corneal dioptre. In myopia, the axis of the eye is longer than normal and so is the dioptre of corneal and it was said that the elongation of the axis is directly proportional to the degree of myopia.

      OTING William Kamis Avellino, Fridah Mwarania, AL-HASSAN Abdul Wahab, KPATINDE Talagbe Aime

Abstract: Solar energy is gaining attention worldwide as the most promising alternative and reliable source of energy. With increasing population and development, Solar energy in Uganda is receiving increased energy demand which can only be met through exploring other alternative sources of energy rather than heavily relying on traditional sources like charcoal, gasoline firewood and hydropower. The country lies along the equator and has a very high potential for solar energy production.

      Jyoti Purohit

Abstract: Since the Industrial revolution in the World, there has been tremendous increase in the vulnerable activities of humankind to the climate and environment of our Planet. In particular, during the last 100 years, the astronomically fuel consumption in various technological and household utilities have aggregated devastating impacts on the environment, like global warning, ozone layer depletion, volatile weather etc. This resulted adverse effects on our climate, resulting it more erratic and volatile in various forms of disasters across the World. This paper discusses the effects of climate change on the flood disasters in India and World level. It also discusses my case study on the devastating flood in Kawas (Barmer) in the Thar Desert, which struck during August month of 2006, from the perspective of execution of Disaster Management. Though the case study is not linked directly to climate change aspect, however, the extreme weather in Kawas region during flood may be due to climate change. Therefore the presented case study is just aimed to show the indirect adverse effects of climate change in the form of Flash Flood in the desert area, which has led to great challenge for the people and the administration which are normally do not accustomed to Flash Flood.

      Sandu Siyoto, Agustinus Sumarno

Abstract: Internal customer is one component of the hospital that must also be considered of the satisfaction. Many influential factors, one of which is management policy (payroll / reward system strategy, career development system and promotion system) to internal customer satisfaction level. The purpose of this research is to know the influence of management policy (payroll / reward system strategy, career development system and promotion system) to internal customer satisfaction level in RSUD Jombang.

      Japhet Ringo & Robert Kingu

Abstract: Mining is viewed as one of the lucrative economic activities which have the potential of contributing to the development of economies. At the same time, health and safety impacts of mining to the mineworkers have been a major concern to governments, the general public, stakeholder organizations and individuals. Whiles the contributions of mining activities to economic development of Tanzania is well acknowledged, others contend that, the gains from the mining sector to the economy is achieved at significant health and safety costs to the mineworkers in the country.

      Nicky Dian Nabilla Justiti, Dr. Adhi Prasetyo, S.T., M.M

Abstract: Smartphone is the telecommunications media that support the changing of technology development and the users growing very rapidly as the number of smartphone companies increasing. The differences on the list of company market leader in Indonesia and in the world shows the different criteria that required by smartphone users in Indonesia and in the world. Since customer’s needs and wants are different and always changing, the smartphone producers have to be sensitive to these changes and due to a very tight competition. The aim of this research is to test the factors inside modified UTAUT2 model; Performance Expectancy, Effort Expectancy, Social Influence, Facilitating Condition, Hedonic Motivation, Price Value, and Habit, that influence the Behavioral Intention and also whether age, gender and income are affecting the factors inside modified UTAUT2 model in the context of Smartphone in Indonesia.

      Taiwo O. A., Raji M. T and Adeniran, P. O

Abstract: This paper deals with the numerical solutions of solving higher order Boundary Value Problems by Standard Collocation and Perturbed Collocation Methods. We mention the two collocation points as equally- spaced points with boundary points inclusive and equally-spaced points with boundary points non-inclusive. Also, we observed that the accuracy obtained by Perturbed Collocation Method was reasonable when compared with the exact solution. Numerical examples were given to illustrate the performance of the work.

      Jovan Febriantoko, Febrianty

Abstract: This study discussed the quality of capital expenditure program of the Regional Working Unit (RWU) in Wonogiri District in 2010 until 2011.

      Owodolu.A.A., Christian Bolu, Abioye A.A.,Boyo H.O. and Onyiagha G.

Abstract: The application of vision detector using sensing device techniques is important in systematic counting of people both indoors and outdoors. This technique is broadly used in auditorium, lecture theatre and public market. In this paper, the technique uses a camera attached to an Android-based mobile phone which is then applied to capture images that are then transferred to a storage system via USB for image processing and counting. Also, a model for counting people indoors and outdoors is developed. Also, accurate human counting is observed.

      Amena Allouch, Sana Nassereddien, Randa Hareb

Abstract: This paper studies the effect of telling a story while teaching the lesson “Photosynthesis” for students in grade 4 at Safir High School. The study shows how stories increase cognitive development, and that the positive words give you what you expect. Two groups of grade 4 (sections A and B) were taught in two different ways and examined after being learned. The resulting cases ensure the effect of the story while explaining the lesson. The students who had the story strategy 59% took above average (4.5) while the other group 19 % took above average.

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