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Impact and development of e-commerce on consumer retention due to the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in context to developed countries
      Professor Baocheng He, Mohammad Al Masum
Abstract: The increase in COVID – 19 pandemic altered the retail industries towards electronic commerce (e-commerce). In e-commerce consumer retention is effective factor for decision making of business. The e-commerce industry is involved in collect, store and analyze of the vast range of data stated as e-commerce analytic s. With the drastic advancement in customer transaction data, retail stores leverage data analytic s for customer superior for offering mutual and unattainable benefits.

      Binu C T
Abstract: The high speed internet helps to increase the usage of video streaming. The existing system have lack of speed for video streaming which down the video streaming industry. The proposed system uses new encoding and decoding which increases the speed of video streaming. It also uses an equation to increases the speed of video streaming. The size of data is calculated based on latency time and response time. When we get the first data and then size is calculated. Based on the first data and size next data is calculated

      Mohamed Ali Elsherif
Abstract: As technology advances, interstate communication has become faster. The use of the telegraph made it possible to send messages over long distances in a shorter time, and another breakthrough occurred with the advent of the telephone in the 1870s by Alexander Graham Bell and also the advent of radio technology that revolutionized communication. Radio communication enabled states to engage not only their citizens on foreign policy issues, but also the foreign public. In the same way, the use of fax increased the speed of sending written information. On the other hand, the use of the telephone increased the indulgence of countries towards summit diplomacy, where directors participate in direct conversations with their colleagues and reduced the need to send envoys, but also speeded up communication by reducing diplomatic bureaucracy.

      Dr. Sumudu Ovitigama
Abstract: The distance education has been promoted in the world after Covid- 19 pandemic and Sri Lanka too was influenced by it. As a result, a popular app called “Zoom” was utilized in the field of English language teaching. Since online learning is a novelty to Sri Lankan students, it was significant to investigate the challenges experience by them in learning English via “Zoom”. Thus, the research questions of this study were related to what challenges Grade 10 students in Mawanella educational zone experience in learning English via “Zoom” and students’ perception regarding learning English via zoom. Moreover the benefits of using “Zoom” in learning English, the problems teachers observe related to students learning English via zoom platform and teachers’ suggestions and solutions for students’ problems related to learning English via “Zoom” too were investigated.

      Ashmita Barthakur
Abstract: The aim of the paper is to endeavour that Children are diagnosed world-wide as supremely belongings of the Nation. The forthcoming of the federation prevails in the arms of the Children who have been recognized as the supremely party of the predominant but because of the alienation of our society in all spheres, these future stake holders are no longer added up accurate which leads to child delinquency Child or juvenile delinquency is an alarmingly increasing trouble wreaking a source of situation in all over the world. Children ought to have been the issue of high centre of attention of development planning, research, and welfare in India however unfortunately, it has now not been no. Despite the Constitutional vision of a healthful and comfortable child protected against abuse and exploitation, and a National Policy for Children, the majority of adolescents in India continue to stay without cared, covered and significant childhood.

      Essam El-din Badran Abou Al-Einen, Faysal Mahmoud Abou El-Azm, Hadeer Abd Al Ellah Ibrahim
Abstract: The formation of the external envelopes and its impact on energy and environment is one of the most important factors that affect the quality of the work environment in the office buildings. Since, the industrial revolution and the era of high technology, buildings facades have witnessed a significant and noticeable development.

      Patrick Iradukunda & Dr Mercyline Kamande
Abstract: The study examined the contribution of internal control system on financial performance in banking sector taking a case of Guaranty Trust Bank Ltd. The specific objectives were to determine the effect of control environment, control activities, and risk assessment. Results would be useful in terms of not only knowing the impact of internal control system to.

      Alphonse Nkubana & Dr. Eugenia Nkechi Irechukwa
Abstract: This paper examined effect of East African Community integration process on Economic development of Rwanda. The specific objectives were to analyze the effect of East African free trade, customs union and common market. After assessing appropriate strategies, the government of Rwanda was aware the best practices needed in order to promote community integration and cross-border trade development. The study adopted a descriptive research design.

      Nurfadilah, Ruqayyah Jamaluddin, Muhammad Yusri Karim
Abstract: The main problem in the hatchery of tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) is the low survival rate, especially in the larval to juvenile stages. One of the causes of the low survival rate is caused by the digestive organs of the larvae themselves which are still not perfect to digest the artificial feed given. This study aims to determine the optimum dose of the probiotic in rearing the best tilapia larvae. The study was carried out at the Aquatic UMK Fish Nursery Unit Widya, Tamalanrea, Makassar using a 30 L capacity green plastic basin filled with 25 L of media water. The test animals used were Tilapia larvae aged 7 days and kept for 30 days.

      U. A. Jayaweera
Abstract: The banking sector in Sri Lanka is experiencing rapid high-tech advancements, which are forcing banks and financial institutions to adopt self-service technologies like internet banking, SMS banking, mobile banking, automated teller machines, cash deposit machines, etc. to provide convenient services and increase customer satisfaction. The purpose of the study is to investigate the effectiveness of mobile banking on customer satisfaction, in the context of XYZ Bank with specific reference to branch Thalawathugoda. The study used a convenience sampling technique to select 50 mobile banking users from a population of 1027 and then used an online survey to collect quantitative data.

      Mohammed Ali Elsherif
Abstract: The main goals of official diplomacy today are to build diplomatic relations between states and maintain them. The conceptual assessment of public diplomacy would not be complete without reference to soft power or, at least, in a special way of exerting influence. The fundamental debate follows the notion of public opinion since its inception, ie the question of whether and to what extent the mass public should play a role in government affairs, where social media provides users with a comprehensive and rich experience for participation, interaction and cooperation.

      Owino Harriet Nyakecho; Mugalavai Violet Kadenyeka, Tsawe-Munga Chidongo; & Joshua Stephen Muoki
Abstract: This study was designed to highlight the food sovereignty practices of the respondents in the context of African spirituality of smallholder farmers in Matayos Sub-County of Busia County Kenya, and its impact on their food security status. Quantitave survey data was collected from 399 households’ using self-administered questionnaires, whereas qualitative data was derived from focus group discussions and case studies and reported verbertim. The results indicated that being custodians of the culture and traditions in African spirituality through the staple food crop value chain, the elders cared for the environment and passed the knowledge to younger generations in various food sovereignty practices through both learned modern and traditional farm practices including land preparation, planting, harvesting, post-harvest handling, processing and utilization of food for abetter food security of the farm households.

      Sanket Thorat
Abstract: Communication has been a crucial part of present and future upcoming. It is been pushing the todays world by the evolving and never halting momentum of wireless communication systems. Considering the underwater communication as of now there exists no such a reliable and an ideal technology for human interaction. Also, the congestion in the Radio Frequency Spectrum discourages the lookout for such an efficient technology. Also, it is practically next to impossible to create a place for such a set of customers and service providers with the interest in underwater domain.

      Mohamud Ali Shuria
Abstract: This study assessed the involvement of key stakeholders in supervision of quality service delivery in public primary schools in Mandera East Sub County of Mandera County, Kenya. public institutions for learning are faced with enormous challenges in trying to compete with private institutions in the offering of quality education. Hence there is need of involvement of key stakeholders in supervision of quality service delivery

      Bamidele Lateef, Osahon. O. David
Abstract: Measurement of patient dose is an essential tool in optimizing dose and protecting patient against the ionizing radiation during diagnostic radiology. Quantifying the patient dose safe guard both the patient undergoing examination and medical personnel from health hazard of ionizing radiation. In this study the entrance surface air kerma (ESAK) of 150 patients undergoing lumbar spine radiographic examinations in eight radiological departments in Southern part of Nigeria. Patient doses were evaluated based on IAEA code of practice using exposure factors. The calculated mean ESAK values ranged 1.68 mGy to 12.66 mGy for lumbar spine AP and ranged from1.91 mGy to 10.53 mGy for lumbar spine LAT. The results obtained in this study were compared with the values of doses reported in UK 2010 review and it was found to be higher in some health facilities. The higher doses observed in this survey can be attributed to the use of higher tube loading (mAs) during exposures, which shows lack of optimization of exposure settings.

Abstract: The present study aims to evaluate the current ESP materials used in a LPDR university from students’ perspectives as well as propose changes to the learning documents based on better considerations of students’ needs. As an exploratory study, it employed questionnaires as the primary research instrument to collect 100 students’ opinions of the in-use ESP materials in the mentioned university and their expectations for the future learning materials.

      Lenie Marlinae, Anugrah Nur Rahmat, Taufik
Abstract: The cause of Banjar Regency frequent flooding is because the low location of Banjar Regency from above sea level causes the flow of water on the ground surface to be hampered. As a result, some areas are always inundated (29.93%) while others (0.58%) are periodically inundated. Areas that are categorized as prone to periodic flooding are on a slope. This area consists of Sungai Pinang, Mataraman, Astambul, Gambut, Aranio, and Pengaron sub-districts. The area affected by the flood is estimated to be 104.53 hectares or a potential flood of 23.31. The Astambul area has a lot of waste and plants that can be used as absorbents to improve physical, chemical and bacteriological qualities by adsorption of gases and certain chemical compounds or their selective adsorption properties, depending on the size or volume of pores and surface area because the absorption of activated carbon is very large, which is 25-1000% by weight of activated carbon.

      Husaini, Anugrah Nur Rahmat, Muhammad Saidi Hidayat, M. Gilmani, Taufik
Abstract: Water is the main need in life so that every living thing can grow and develop properly on earth. Riskesdas 2018 data shows that the proportion of clean water usage < 20 l/person/day is 2.2%, meaning that in Indonesia there are still 2.2% where access to clean water is very lacking and minimal. Data for South Kalimantan with very poor access is about 3% and for Banjar Regency as much as 2.41% with details < 5 liters 0.43% meaning that access is very low, the health risk is very high, 5-19,9% as much as 1.98 l/ people/day means less access, high health risk.

      Lenie Marlinae, Agung Waskito, Rabiah Arliana, Nima Farida Fasya
Abstract: Water is a basic human need covering 50-70%. According to WHO, each person needs between 60-120 liters of water/day, Indonesian people use a lot of water with poor quality or not meeting health standards. Astambul sub-district in five villages as many as 8568 people with poor, vulnerable and disabled people of 2796 people is one of the areas in Banjar Regency that has a clean water crisis, both rainy and dry seasons and coupled with floods every year even every time it rains which causes water quality becomes cloudy and does not meet the physical, chemical and bacteriological quality.

      Mohd Harridon, Farhan Abdullah, Nurhayati Mohd Nur
Abstract: The role of a Think Tank is to advocate certain policies and areas where the Think Tank would actuate research and analysis upon those particular areas of interest. It is common at the end of the analysis, results that were gained would be published in a form of academic or working papers. In Malaysia there exist numerous Think Tanks and this paper explored their attributes.

      Abigael Chepkurui, Kigen Charles and Nunow Abdi
Abstract: River discharge is a function of land use land cover (LULC) among others within a given watershed. The watersheds in Kenya are rapidly changing due to the expansion and intensification of agriculture thus influencing river discharge. The study was conducted in Chepkaitit and Moiben Rivers watershed located along Trans Nzoia, Uasin Gishu and Elgeyo Marakwet counties in Kenya.

      Ali Asanousi Musbah
Abstract: Existence, preservation and sustainable use of genetic resources is crucial for the biodiversity of a given country. Genetic resources represent a key component of biological diversity. The very term genetic resources refers to any biological material that contains genes or metabolic material that can be derived from genes. The term genetic resources can be defined as the total diversity of DNA structure in species that are used directly or indirectly by humans. The term genetic resources refers to any biological material that contains genes and/or metabolic material that can be derived from genes. They fall within the scope of the Nagoya Protocol whenever they are used for research or product development.

      Philip kamei
Abstract: The ode to childhood, the children first school is at home, everybody smile and love at the innocent face that reflect tension free and cry out only during the child stomach is empty and had sickness or aggravation. Children are incorruptible and innocent and honestas his wheel of development. A good wife will mould up and make a child grow up and get respect for both husband and wife.Childhood say from class KG to Class five. These childhood stage in a play attitude and are of enthusiastic type and they give less attention to their studies nevertheless private tuition or mother has to spare sufficient time to household chorus along with eye on children, finding out time and energy, sitting together and solving mathematics and statistics together make a good mother.

      Kiki James, Temitope Monyeh, Hassana Shuaibu, Samuel Sunday
Abstract: Despite considerable efforts to improve school enrolment among children, school attendance and completion rates in Sub-Saharan Africa remain low. Several barriers have been identified to hinder access to quality education for children in the country, including poverty, religious and cultural factors. ACE Charity, a non-governmental organization, implemented an alternative form of education among out-of-school children in Northern Nigeria, and received significantly positive reception and high participation from beneficiaries.

      Widiastuti, Rosita Endang Kusmaryani
Abstract: The best achievement and success in the education field is the hope for most individuals. Likewise, the educational institution, namely the school, is also trying to realize its success and become a successful school. Realizing a successful school required strategies and roles from every aspect, one of which is the work innovative behavior of teachers. This innovative work behavior is important and becomes one of the factors and indicators of a successful school.

      Irgi Surya, Jaja Kustija
Abstract: Electrical problems that often occur, such as in industry, one of which is caused by the low working power factor so that the electric current becomes high and reactive power (VAR) must be paid and charged to consumers, this is certainly a problem and losses to PLN consumers have been widely discussed but in the reality is that the power factor is still low and not ideal. This research aims to design, create, control, and evaluate a trainer that can improve power factor on electrical loads and can monitor it in real time and can even be controlled remotely using the internet.

      Fatmata Helen Kabia
Abstract: This survey study attempts to investigate the factors affecting the choice of Home Economics course by male students in the Northern Province of Sierra Leone. The purpose of the study was to find out student, government, teaching, institutional and society factors influence male learners’ choice of the subject. The targeted population for this study was students of the Ernest Bai Koroma University of Science and Technology from teacher certificate, higher teacher certificate and first degree levels. The structured questionnaire was the main data collection instrument where 120 was administered only 100 received filled which form 83.33% response rate.

      Gorety Achieng’ Odhiambo , Jane Wanjira
Abstract: Unmet demands and expectations and poor service delivery in public entities, has pushed people to demand for reforms for improvement of service delivery by the Kenya police service. Thus, the study sought to assess the effect of professional conduct reforms on service delivery by the Kenya police service in Homa Bay County, Kenya. The study was anchored on core competence theory and adopted the cross-sectional research design. The target population was the 29 police stations in Homa Bay County and 77 police officers from different ranks. Both qualitative and quantitative data was collected and analyzed through descriptive, correlation, regression and content analysis. Findings from descriptive analysis showed high scores for professional conduct reforms (M=3.84) and service delivery (M=4.065) an indication that respondents agreed to the association between the two variables.

      Umer Hamid, Shazia Bashir and Farhat Jabeen
Abstract: Congenital anomalies (CAs) are a major cause of stillbirths and neonatal mortality in India. The extent and patterns vary over time and across different geographical locations. The objective of the study was diagnosis of CAs using ultrasound (USG), different demographic patterns, types of CA, mode of delivery, gestational age and associated maternal risk factors in both booked and unbooked urban and rural pregnant women at Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Lal Ded Hospital (tertiary health care setting), Government Medical College (GMC), Srinagar. Pregnancy outcome of both booked and unbooked pregnant women were followed till delivery for the ascertainment of CAs.

      Md. Harun-Or-Rashid
Abstract: Conflict is a disagreement between two individuals or groups in an environment where one partys goals and aspirations are incompatible with the other partys interests and aspirations to achieve their desired outcome. Conflicts permeate every sector of an institution or take place even in a learning environment regardless of class, position, age, race, caste, or gender. It is started by a person who is antagonistic to another person in an effort to achieve a goal that is in opposition to their core values and interests. Even though the premise of it suggests a negative outcome, it ultimately has either a positive or negative result. This paper evaluates each stage of an institutional conflict that began as an interpersonal conflict, turned into an external conflict, and was finally settled by exterior intervention followed by a constructive outcome. It also depicts the entire conflict cycle on a sketch map, using the observational approach to draw conclusions based on both primary and secondary data. This article provides some background information and stimulates some thought about the life sketch of a conflict occurred in an academic setting and its resolution mechanisms.

      Fadhili Ephraim Maseko, Ibrahim E. Sawe
Abstract: The motive of this paper was to establish the existing relationship between the perceived factors that impact tax compliance in Tanzania using SMES at Babati town council Manyara, as a case study, and develop the best ways to promote high tax compliance level in our economy. The study used a mixed approach and survey design, where 100 respondents were chosen to take part using random and purposeful sampling methods. The study revealed, that the provision of quality services and good governance had positive and significant influence on tax compliance in Tanzania, with an adjusted R2 =86.1%. The study recommended to Tanzania Revenue Authority to offer high quality services and good governance to the taxpayers, and the government should continue to invest in superior social services such as health services, education services, and infrastructure. Services should base on scientific and needs of society.

      Simon Mutinda Mutua, Linda Kimencu
Abstract: Kenyan state-owned corporations have recorded poor performance that is linked to bad management practices. These practices have created gaps that allow for corruption, nepotism and mismanagement and poor quality of services and products given to the public. The OAG has in the past also recorded poor performance and hence this study sought to assess the influence that leadership roles have on performance. The study was enriched by the institutional theory and employed descriptive research design. 238 respondents working across the 11 regional offices of OAG were included in the study and helped by filling the semi-structured questionnaire

      Kaoutar Moutaouakil, Mounir Rghioui, Abdessamad El Azhari,Fadwa Fliyou
Abstract: Minimally invasive spinal surgery is a recent concept which continues to evolve and be enhanced by new technologies. It brings together a set of surgical techniques, whose main objective is to reduce trauma associated to the conventional surgical approach while ensuring an identical result.

      Witno, Maria, Yumna, Dewi Marwati Nuryanti, Ice
Abstract: Palm sugar or brown sugar is a sweetener made from sap derived from the male flower bunches of the palm tree (Arenga pinnata). The community has felt the role of NTFPs as a source of income, but the processing system is still traditional, so the quality produced is still far from the expected standard, and the price is still low. This study aims to determine the amount of community income from palm sugar processing in Sangtandung Village, Luwu Regency.

      Helda Ana Firliana, Puji Astuti, Suwandi
Abstract: Formative assessment is a training for the students to develop their critical thinking and encourage their skills. This study is designed as a qualitative case study. This study used interviews, classroom observation, and document analysis to collect the data. Then, the objective of this study was to know how the formative assessment items for reading skills are compatible with Bloom’s revised taxonomy and the 2013 curriculum

      Nur Wahid, Endri Endri, Muhammad Hasbi Zaenal
Abstract: The potential for collecting zakat funds in Indonesia is very large, but its realization is still small. The low level of financial literacy, corporate support, and Islamic financial planning is the cause of this difference. This study aims to examine the effect of perceived corporate support, Islamic financial planning, and financial literacy on the payment of income zakat. The study was conducted on company employees in paying zakat income which was carried out in a survey of 106 respondents.

      Fazal Ahmad Afzali
Abstract: Consumer behavior is a hot topic in current market and behavior economic research. There are quite good firms in Afghanistan that have good quality product and services but lack of good customers and sales is a big problem for making profit and somehow survival. It is all due to consumer behavior that are easily changed toward new brands and products. Changing consumer behavior toward someone’s product and services is a difficult job but the results are very inspiring. This is a qualitative research work which the data is taken from published books, journals, and verified websites.

      Mousumi Kundu
Abstract: Environment is a very important thing today. Every one is concerned about environmental degradation. In-fact now every one very much concerned about water scarcity. Day by day the water level fall down with the continues increasing of urbanization, industrialization population growth.

      ULO, EDAFE
Abstract: The study examined socio-economic status and peer influence as correlate of juvenile involvement in internet fraud in Delta state, Nigeria. The research design adopted for the study was the correlational survey design. This was applied through the use of the questionnaire and in-depth interview; the research instrument used for data collection. The questionnaire was administered to sample of 591 respondents and 24 respondents for in-depth interview through the use of multi-stage sampling method that was employed to randomly select respondents.

      Gunathilake K.A.M.P., Kumarapeli V., Kaluarachchi A., Hunukumbure R.M.C.B.
Abstract: Despite the emergence of novel treatment modalities, mortality rates due to ovarian cancer remain high, and its incidence has been rising over the past two decades. Although numerous studies have been conducted in developed countries to evaluate the risk factors associated with ovarian cancer, there is a dearth of such information in the South Asian region, which includes Sri Lanka. Therefore, this study aimed to assess the risk factors contributing to epithelial ovarian cancer among women over the age of 40 years in the district of Colombo, Sri Lanka.

      Oghenero G. Siloko, Mohammed A. Mojeed and Ridwan O. Alabi
Abstract: The hydrochemical properties and groundwater quality assessment of groundwater samples from Kurudu area of Abuja, north central Nigeria, was investigated with the aim to evaluating their suitability for drinking and irrigation purposes. Physicochemical parameters such as temperature, pH, total dissolved solids, total hardness, and electrical conductivity were analysed. The major cations and anions were also analysed. Hydrochemical facies of the water samples were analysed employing Piper diagram and Gibbs diagram while the suitability of the water for irrigation purposes was assessed using indices such as Kelly’s ratio, Sodium percentage ratio, Magnesium hazard, Permeability Index and Sodium Absorption Ratio (SAR). The physicochemical parameters of the water samples are within the acceptable limit recommended by WHO (2011). Physiochemical results showed that the dominant cation occur in the order of Ca2+> Na+> K+> Mg2+ with average values of 19.9mg/l, 16.15mg/l, 7.01mg/l and 4.38mg/l respectively, while the dominant anion ranged in the order of HCO3-> Cl-> SO42-> NO3-with average values of 56.93mg/l, 35.5 mg/l, 8.38mg/l and 3.85mg/l respectively. The dominant hydrochemical facies identified in the samples is the mixed Ca-Mg-Cl which is a result of linear mixing processes of water in the study area. Gibbs plot indicated that ions concentration in the water is primarily contributed by chemical weathering of the rock-forming minerals. Irrigation indices all suggested that the water samples are good for irrigation purposes. Results from the study indicate that, with a few exceptions, water in the study area is suitable for human consumption and irrigation purposes.

      Asenath Ndegwa, Dr. Jane Wanjira
Abstract: Small businesses including those in the renewable energy sector face many challenges putting their survival at risk. In Kenya, 3 out of 5 SMEs close within the first two years after starting operations, and to enhance their survival many small businesses have turned to incubation. Thus, the purpose of the study was to establish the effect of marketing support from incubation centers on the survival of SMEs in the renewable sector in Kenya. The study is anchored on the market orientation theory and employed descriptive research design. The 60 renewable energy SMEs from the database of the World Bank InfoDev initiative were targeted. A census study of the 60 SMEs in this database was carried out. Primary data was collected using semi-structured questionnaires that were self-administered to the SME owner and senior managers. The collected data was qualitative and quantitative in nature and it was analyzed through descriptive correlation, multiple regression and content analysis. The findings revealed that respondents agreed that marketing support influenced survival of the SMEs due to overall mean score of M = 3.88. The correlation analysis showed that marketing support and survival of SMEs in the renewable energy had positive and significant association (r = 0.569, p = 0.000 <0.05). The regression coefficient showed a positive and noteworthy association between marketing support and survival of SMEs in the renewable energy based on beta findings of (β =2.991, p < 0.05). Results also showed that 59.9% of changes in the survival of the SMEs in the renewable energy sector in Kenya could be traced to marketing support. Thus, the study concluded that survival of SMEs in the renewable energy in Kenya largely depends on accessing and participation in business incubation programs for marketing support. The study also concludes that marketing support contributes to business survival.
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