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      Sangap Tua Ritonga, Nixon, Zulfia

Abstract: The purpose of this document is to examine whether the application of tax planning can simplify the taxation of corporate taxpayers. The writing method used is a descriptive method, meaning a method which collects, collects the data obtained then interpreted and analyzed to provide comprehensive information to easy-to-use problem solvers. The results of this writing should be in a position to provide information and feedback to PT Barapala so that the business can do tax planning to improve the efficiency of tax payments for maximum profit, But also within the context of tax regulations. The conclusion of this study is the implementation of tax planning by PT Barapala can rationalize the tax burden owing.

      Nuraina Abbas, Rajuddin Syamsuddin, Dody Dh. Trijuno

Abstract: This research was conducted to analyze the growth rate at different locations, namely residential areas, estuary area and ports. The research was conducted in the coastal waters of Bantaeng Regency. The research was conducted by growing K. alvarezii in different environments, namely the long line planting method.

      Akbar Nazarullah Syada, Syamsul Arifin, Izaak Zoelkarnain, Ari Yunanto, Lenie Marlinae

Abstract: Background: One of the health that must be considered is dental and oral health. Dental and oral health is part of body health that cannot be separated from one another because dental and oral health will affect the health of the body. In general, it is estimated that 90% of school-aged children worldwide have experienced caries. In the United States, the caries rate is 5 times higher because caries is categorized as a chronic disease. Caries is the primary pathological cause of tooth loss in children, between 29% and 59% of adults less than 50 years of age have caries. In Indonesia, 67.2% of children have experienced dental caries. Childrens own behavior is influenced by the behavior of parents, especially mothers, such as the behavior of children in brushing their teeth and maintaining dental health is influenced by the parents themselves. The behavior of these parents is influenced by their knowledge and level of education

      Fatimah Elyani, Edy Hartoyo, Erida Wydiamala, Eko Suhartono, Lenie Marlinae

Abstract: Background: Health And safety is a series of safeguards and guarantees of safety and health by improving the health status of workers by preventing accidents and occupational diseases with activities of preventive, promotive, curative, rehabilitation. Based on data from the International Labor Organization (ILO) states that 2.78 million workers worldwide die each year due to accidents at work and occupational diseases. About 86.3% of the causes of death for workers are occupational diseases. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), burnout is included in the 11th revision of the International Classification of Diseases (ICD-11) as an occupational phenomenon. Several studies explain that there is a relationship between self-efficacy, social support, work stress on the incidence of burnout in nurses in hospitals.

      Gladys L. Lagura, Juddy Ann Berendez, Angel Mar Bustillo, Jelyn Respecia

Abstract: This study aimed to determine the awareness of the pupils of Sinaka IPED on ethnomedicine. The study used descriptive research design and the research instrument used in data gathering was survey questionnaire that contained pupil’s profile in terms of name and sex, checklist of the herbal medicine according to illnesses and focus group discussion on the preparation of the herbal plants.

      Muthiana Rizka, Wisnu Isvara

Abstract: According to The Minister of Public Works Regulations (Permen-PU) No. 10/PRT/M/2014 all Foreign Construction Services Business Entity (FCSBE) in Indonesia are obliged to cooperate in joint operations with the National Construction Services Business Entity (NCSBE) in carrying out construction activities in Indonesia. Projects with joint operation schemes (JO) have more complex risks than projects in general because they involve two or more companies with different characteristics so that they are more vulnerable to delays. In this study, a case study will be conducted at PT. X which is one of the foreign private contractor company that has established its representative in Indonesia specializing in the construction of high-rise buildings in Jakarta.

      Jai Mishra, Raveesha Chadha

Abstract: The study examines the influence of marketing mix used by the app developers on the presence and position of apps in the Indian Market. The study was guided by 5 research questions and two research objectives. A survey was conducted where the sample size was 263 respondents. Moreover insights of app developers were also taken in the form of telephonic interview. The result of the study shows appropriate marketing mix for mobile app market in India.


Abstract: Studies have linked numerous international Non-governmental Organizations (NGOs) with a symbiotic collaboration with local communities and public institutions with the aim of initiating and sustaining inclusion of children education (Vaneste, 1997; Kisanji, 1993).

      Heena Tamboli, Sambhaji Sarode

Abstract: Email is a popular way for individuals on the Internet to communicate. The Number of emails received and sent has increased due to huge growth of internet users. Emails are used for many purposes like in business, colleges, marketing, for job searching, for chatting purpose, for internships and many more. It is used for personal or in business for sharing information. Spam emails are unwanted emails or junk emails.

      Aliyu Aminu Ahmed, Rukayya Aminu Muhammad

Abstract: The case study examined how farmers and herders coexist peacefully in a rural community. Participant observation method was used to study Anguwar Jaba Community. The community is largely a farming community with pockets of herders living in surrounding hamlets. Several theories explain how individuals coexist within an environment. Amongst these theories are the Behavior setting theory and Sense of community theory. The study used a phronetic iterative approach and abductive reasoning in its analysis with emphasis on field notes by the researcher. The narratives were presented in the following categories: study site, observers’ position, establishing rapport, field data collection, the villagers and their religion, occupation of the people, village buildings, community organizing, inter marriages, market days, how the farmers and herders benefit each other, and a typical day in the village.

      Akmaluddin, Wisnu Isvara

Abstract: Operation and maintenance (O & M) activities are carried out to guarantee that the Gas Pipeline Infrastructure can operate reliably and safely. Estimated O&M Costs, which are used to generate the O&M budget for Routine, Non-Routine, and O&M Supporters, are based on a deterministic methodology, in which the components of the job and their costs are known. However, there are realizations of expenditures that have never been allocated, such as unforeseen work and handling of emergency conditions, as well as taking scheduled budget allocations for O & M activities, according to Company data for 2016-2019. These costs can be viewed as O&M Contingency Costs, which are costs that cannot be forecast or anticipated ahead of time but must occur.

      Anna Zanathy

Abstract: 44% of the general population – or 62% of US adults – get news from social media1 as it has become the most important forum where we share, consume and discuss news. Social media platforms, however, use some kind of artificial intelligence or algorithm to show people the stories that are most relevant to them.

      Dr Madhu Shrama, Dr S Mohanty

Abstract: Despite of the debates regarding the procedure and side effects of ECT it is used as an effective and safe treatment of many severe mental disorders (Janicak et al.1997, Weiner 1994, APA 1990) Studies on the clinical efficacy of ECT reported that the clinical efficacy of ECT is affected by many factors such as stigma, Knowledge and attitude towards the efficacy and safety of ECT procedures. (Malcolm, 1989, Johnstone, 1999). There are very few researches on knowledge, attitudes and perceptions of ECT among the patients and their care givers in India. Aim The present study was an attempt to estimate and compare the knowledge, attitude towards ECT among psychiatric patients and their spouses.

      Rina Haryati, Mohammad Isa, Lenie Marlinae, Husaini, Eko Suhartono

Abstract: Background: Pulmonary tuberculosis is included in the top 10 diseases that cause death in the world. In 2018 pulmonary tuberculosis caused about 1.3 million peoples deaths. Estimates of the death rate from pulmonary tuberculosis per 100,000 population were found in 30 high-burden countries. There are many risk factors that can affect the incidence of pulmonary tuberculosis, one of which is the physical environment of the house. Lighting and ventilation are factors associated with the spread of tuberculosis. Based on preliminary studies in several journals, there are inconsistencies or differences in research results on ventilation and lighting variables with the incidence of pulmonary tuberculosis.

      Dr. Hari Kumar Shrestha, Prof. Dr. Rashmi Prasad Yadav, Sapana Shrestha

Abstract: Introduction: Clamping and cutting of the umbilical cord during birth is by far the oldest and most common interventions in human.The objective of the study was to compare the effect of early versus delayed cord clamping on neonatal outcome in term pregnancy.

      Abhishek Rokaya, PSB Roshan, Sudeep Shetty, Cyanna Joseph D’souza

Abstract: Background: Performance in athletic activities demands stability as well as accuracy in functional movements. Agility involves moving laterally and changing directions rapidly, which is most apparent in sports like soccer. Although studies have examined balance and agility performances of soccer players, research that evaluates the relationship between these components in university players is rather limited. Hence, the purpose of this study was to determine if dynamic balance in soccer players was related to the agility skill.

      Sufyan Anwar, Itza Mulyani

Abstract: In the field of public health, mental health problem is considered as the main problem in elderly. This study aims to assess the relationship between family support variables and the mental health of the elderly. The forms of family support include emotional, appreciation, informational, and instrumental support. Study design: This study refers to a cross sectional design. Data collection is carried out through a survey started from June to October 2019. There are 483 participants aged 60 years or over who are involved in the study.

      Naleli Matjelo, Nancy Payne, Charles Rigby, Ncamiso Khanyile

Abstract: This paper presents a proof-of-concept for manipulation of Ytterbium 171 trapped-ion qubits through the Rabi-flops experiment. This serves as a partial report on an ongoing project aimed at developing a fully operational ion trapping and quantum feedback control laboratory at Stellenbosch University. Despite the bad vacuum conditions during the Rabi-flops experiment, we were able to manipulate the trapped Ytterbium 171 ion qubits with microwave pulses to give out a clear indication of Rabi oscillations. A high rate of ion loss led to the Rabi oscillations profile showing a decay feature within it.

      Nwanne Onumah, Austine Onyia

Abstract: Physical activity contributes significantly to the healthy growth and maturation of adolescents. Lack of adequate physical activity among youths is a public health burden in Mississippi. Adolescents and children of 6 years and above require at least one hour of physical activity daily for optimal health benefits. This study examined the prevalence of physical inactivity among high school students in Mississippi by gender, race, and grade. This is a cross-sectional study using data obtained from the Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance System (YRBSS) for 2019.

      Mohammad Ahmad Dheif Allah Alkhsabah

Abstract: The study aimed to investigate the effect of using the cooperative learning strategy and problem solving on the achievement of fifth grade students in social and national studies directorate of education in Busira district schools. to conduct the study, The semi-experimental approach was used and it was applied to two sections in Al-Qadisiyah Basic School for boys in the Directorate of Education in the Busira District. The study sample, which was chosen by the purposive method, consisted of (38) students.

      H.M.S.B. Herath

Abstract: Sri Lanka became a colony in the second decade of the 19th century. Sri Lankans fought against it. The research aimed to study the utilisation of Sri Lankas geographical environment in the struggle for independence by Sri Lankan fighters during the British colonial era through the philosophical teachings of war. This research has been conducted following the methodology of historical studies.

      Ralph Lukas S. Sitorus, Delfitri Munir, Linda I. Adenin

Abstract: Background: Deep neck abscesses can be caused by tissue damage due to infection of the teeth, mouth, throat, nose, and other surrounding structures. Abscess formation is the result of the development of the normal flora in the body. Normal flora can grow and reach sterile areas of the body either by direct extension, or through lacerations or perforations. Most deep neck abscesses are caused by a mixture of various germs, both aerobic, anaerobic, and facultative anaerobes. The spread of deep neck abscesses can be done in several ways, namely hematogenous, lymphogenous and gaps between the deep neck spaces so that if there is no proper therapy it can cause various complications.

      Politeknik Elektronika Negeri Surabaya

Abstract: Due to the changing nature of learning and teaching in high education, there is a growing need for professional development for being great teachers. This article reports on a research project aimed at investigating the type of a favorite lecturer that is owned by an institution. If the institution can potrait all characters of the lecturer, the institution has much benefit. The mode of the favorite lecturer may increase the spirit of students to study the lesson taught. Using the Research and Development method, the researcher tries to collect data by making interviews with some students who have been taught by the favorite lecturer. The finding of this qualitative method is really surprising because the respondents do not see the favorite person from his education, lesson or gender backgrounds. Their jugdment is only based on his total approach in teaching. In conclusion effective teaching promotes effective learning in the students, and discipline-specific professional development will enhance outcomes for teachers, students, and institution.

      Yeni Wahyu Ulfarini, Husaini, Syamsul Arifin, Roselina Panghiyangani, Lenie Marlinae

Abstract: Background:One indication of the use of health services by the community is the activeness of the arrival of the community to the health service center, in this case specifically the utilization of posyandu services, namely the activity of parents bringing their children to the posyandu. Factors that influence the behavior of mothers under five in the use of posyandu are family knowledge and support. Based on preliminary studies in several journals, there are differences in the results of research on the variables of knowledge and family support with the behavior of mothers under five in the use of posyandu.

      Firda Amelia, Edi Hartoyo, Rosihan Adhani, Husaini, Meitria Syahadatina Noor

Abstract: Background:Indonesian society has a high level of dental and oral health problems. Based on health seeking behavior data, as many as 57.6% of the community complained of dental and oral problems, but only 12.3% received treatment and care from dental health workers, while 56.6% others did self-medication. The results of the 2018 Community Satisfaction Survey (SKM) stated that the level of community satisfaction in obtaining medical services was still low (Menti Yolanda, 2018). Around 87% of the people still stated that they were not satisfied. Overall affordability to get services from dental medical personnel (Effective Medical Demand/EMD) is only 8.4% and of 8.4% of patients who seek treatment, 87% of patients complain of being dissatisfied with the services provided (Kemenkes RI, 2018).

      Ogayo Luka Otieno, Dr. Richard Ayako, Dr. Daniel Rotich Kandagor

Abstract: The backdrop under which this study was undertaken was the persistence participation in community rituals pertaining to Luo ancestral spirits among Seventh-day Adventist Church members in the Kenya Lake Conference. This is evidenced during events such as the birth of a child, death of a family member, and in tragedies like sicknesses. Hence, some of the members who correspondingly had accepted the Gospel truth as taught by Seventh-day Adventist Church still continue to hold to aspects pertaining to Luo traditional worship. These possess a problem as to whether these members belong to the SDA Church or believe in Luo ancestral sprints. The present situation is a kind of dual allegiance demonstrated in worship among SDA Church members in Kenya Lake Conference.

      May Soe Aung, Myint Moh Soe, Yi Myint Swe, Hla Hla Win

Abstract: Most of the rural pregnant women practiced incomplete continuum of care in Myanmar. The support of family members is important for adherence of health care among pregnant women. This study intended to explore the perceptions, preferences and needs on continuum of maternal health care for development of health education package among family main caregivers of pregnant women in rural areas of Yangon Region. Three different focus group discussions were done with pregnant women, main care-givers and midwives respectively.


Abstract: The aim of this study is to find alternative sources of pectin from three plant wastes mixtures, namely mango (Mangifera indica) fody variety, yellow variety of passion fruit (Passiflora edulis) and creamy brown-striped variety of Bambara groundnut (Vigna subterranea). A Mixture Experiments with Process Variables (MPV) design was applied. It is a combination of Scheffé’s centroid mixture design and a full factorial design of the process variables (pH and Liquid/Solid ratio: LSR). The pH level was set at 1.5 and 2. The LSR level was fixed at 12.5ml/g and 15ml/g. Citric acid was used as acidifying agent. Pectin was extracted in a two-step sequential extraction at 80°C for 60 minutes.

      Mangerbang Simanullang, Michael Alexander Nata

Abstract: Todays world has experienced developments mainly due to technological advances. In industry 4.0, various technological advances will be increasingly felt, especially in terms of digital technology. The development of digital technology allows data and information to be processed more quickly and well-integrated into an extensive collection known as big data. Therefore, the concept of big data is becoming more and more developed, especially in industry 4.0.

      Jasmine Jayasekara

Abstract: This study investigated into the grammar errors made by seventy students chosen from both first and second year classes of Higher National Diploma in English (HNDE) at Advanced Technological Institute (ATI), Anuradhapura in Sri Lanka. An essay written by each participant on a personalized topic was taken into account in identifying their grammar errors. The errors were categorized under three processes: omission, addition and substitution. Later, their errors were analyzed and the sources of these errors were discussed with emphasis on intralingual and interlingual errors. The findings indicate that omission is the process that recorded the highest number of errors, and both groups (first year and second year) have made similar errors.

      Jasmine Jayasekara

Abstract: This study investigated into the grammar errors made by seventy students chosen from both first and second year classes of Higher National Diploma in English (HNDE) at Advanced Technological Institute (ATI), Anuradhapura in Sri Lanka. An essay written by each participant on a personalized topic was taken into account in identifying their grammar errors. The errors were categorized under three processes: omission, addition and substitution. Later, their errors were analyzed and the sources of these errors were discussed with emphasis on intralingual and interlingual errors. The findings indicate that omission is the process that recorded the highest number of errors, and both groups (first year and second year) have made similar errors.

      Dewi Shintawati Kusnadi, Denny Kurniawan

Abstract: The global economic growth and the rapid development of information through electronic systems at this time has made digital business growth very developed, where many companies and individual businesses can be more efficient and make business costs much cheaper, but this information technology system requires the readiness of entrepreneurs to be ready for technology and a good banking system to be able to achieve the desired benefits. The prospect of this electronic system (e-commerce) has a large transaction value such as retail sales activities or known as retail which is a trading business activity (sales of goods or services) that is directly distributed to end consumers.

      K.M. Bamunawita, M.P.A.W. Gamage

Abstract: Digitalization has resulted in a plethora of different innovations that exist all around and in turn has given us humans a vast area to improve and innovate. With the great variety of tools available to access information through any device anywhere anytime, higher education has also been a sector affected, leading way to the concept of online learning. The biggest challenge in the digital era is making use of this technology to provide anywhere anytime education to students. Online examinations are a popular form of assessment in online education of higher educational institutions.

      Melese Mesene, Tamirat Mengistu

Abstract: Noise pollution is an unwanted, unpleasant or disagreeable sound that causes discomfort to all living beings. Urban noise pollution is one of the problems of people who live in an urban area which causes different health complications and social problems. The major aim of this study was to explore the sources, extent and factors for proliferation of noise pollution in the study area.

      Mrunalini Sonne, Shreyas Gaikwad

Abstract: Moths were researched in the Lower Subansiri district of Arunachal Pradesh, India. A preliminary field opportunistic survey will be conducted in Old Ziro, Lower Subansiri district, Arunachal Pradesh, during September-October 2020 to document the common moth, in total 38 moth species were observed foraging in day-night. With the help of photo documentation listed with taxa and photographs. After the present study, the moth fauna of Ziro comprises a total of 40 species belonging to 12 families. Of these, species richness of family Geometridae was found to be, Noctuidae, Erebidae, Crambidae, Sphingidae, Arctiidae, Uraniidae, Drepanidae, Saturniidae, Bombycidae, Lasiocampidae, Cossidae.

      Hansen Gunawan, Eddy Suprayitno

Abstract: Ointments are semisolid preparations intended for topical application to the skin or mucous membranes. The ointment formulation requires the presence of an ointment base, the ointment base itself is an inactive carrier substance from topical preparations that can be in the form of liquid or solid which brings the active ingredient to contact with the skin. The ointment base used in an ointment formulation must be inert in other words not to damage or reduce the therapeutic effect of the drug it contains. T

      Rosine Mukamwiza, Dr. Khan Jean De Dieu Hakizimana

Abstract: The purpose of this study is to examine the contribution of monitoring and evaluation on project implementation in Rwanda using a case of GHH in Karongi District. The specific objectives are: to assess the effect of M&E plan on effect project implementation of Global Help to Heal’s Project in Karongi District, to identify the effect of Strategic Plan on effective Implementation of Global Help to Heal’s Project in Karongi District, to analyse the effect of Budget Plan on Effective Project Implementation in Karongi District, and to Ascertain the effect of Risk Assessment Plan on Effective Project Implementation in Karongi District. This research has significance to the researcher, to MKU and GHH.

      sandeep kumar

Abstract: "THE Social discrimination In the then BRITISH KUMAUON-GARHWAL and modern UTTARAKHAND, settled in the HIMALAYAS, was holding its gruesome from in that period or rather, for centures. In the second half of the 18th century, hariprasad tamtas name is formost among the people who will always be remembered as the forerunner of dalit consciousness and the pioner of the new revolution of dalit philosophy. but as a matter of regret that most of the intellectuals and scholars have tried to know “Hariprasad Tamta” in the limited scope of nationalist studies and have denied his social contribution outright. the main aim of the present study is to evaluate the personality of Hariprasad Tamta and his social work.There is an attempt to reinterpret Hariprasad Tamtas ideology by criticizing the prevailing belief of social scientists of rejecting it outright as class interest and british supported."

      Dr. H. K. G. S. Ranasinghe

Abstract: Purpose- This empirical research proposes to find out the impact of individual factors on the business performance of women entrepreneurs with special reference to Gampaha district, Sri Lanka.

      Benson, Rahayu S. Arifin

Abstract: Indonesia public construction state owned enterprise (SOE) is Construction Company that owned by the government of Indonesia by 51% or more. Currently there are 4 Indonesia state owned public construction company. These companies’ performance in 2018 are measured by adapting and modifying Malcolm Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence (MBCfPE) and putting 2 companies as industry leader, 1 as emerging industry leader, and another as good performance. One of the main reasons for low company performance is poor planning. Project portfolio management (PPM) can increase the planning quality and followed by increasing company performance. The purpose of this study is to analyze the critical success factors for PPM to increase company performance through workforce management with Indonesia public construction SOE as object. The result of this study can lead Indonesia public construction SOE to apply PPM in a better way and increasing the company performance to become industry leader.

      Thomas Triwiyono Yudo Husodo, Eddy Suprayitno

Abstract: Gel is a semisolid or viscous preparation, which is non-sticky, easy to apply on the skin and easy to wash off. The application of snakehead fish albumin as a traditional medicine is usually found in the form of extracts (liquid or powder). Many do not like these extract preparations because of their pungent aroma and easy to stale. Gel preparations are an alternative in utilizing albumin into products that are easy to apply, by means of smearing. Sunflower seed oil is added as a source of omega-6 which can speed up the wound closure process.

      Adebisi, A.A, Geply, O.A, Adiji, A.O and Oriire, L.T

Abstract: The study was carried at Teaching and Research farm of Forestry Research Institute of Nigeria Ibadan to investigate the effect of application of Jatropha curcas leaves, Glricidia sepium leaves and NPK fertilizer on maize growth.

      S.H.M.L Walakumbura

Abstract: Willingness towards adoption and non adoption of cloud computing can be highlighted as a controversial aspect even in the current scenario. Hence this study has been developed by the researcher to find out the cloud accounting awareness and adoption among accounting practitioners in Sri Lanka. The primary data has been collected from 149 accounting practitioners in the private sector in Sri Lanka.

      Ravikiran Naalla, Rajan Arora, Kripa Shanker Mishra

Abstract: Following surgical extirpation of the buccal carcinoma, there is an anatomical and functional deficit. Though the anatomical defect reconstruction is straight forward with multiple flap options, the functional deficits are addressed less frequently. Due to the resection of the facial muscles and the facial nerve branches the patients generally have facial paralysis. This facial paralysis leads to significant psychosocial consequences. We aim to present the technique of functioning free myocutaneous anterolateral thigh flap for simultaneous reconstruction & facial reanimation.

      Servious Mbiza

Abstract: The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the measures put in place by governments to contain its spread have shaken the traditional ways of offering education the world over. Developing countries were hit hard because most of them were still depending on wall and chalkboard classrooms to conduct classes. Lockdowns and social distancing measures left schools and colleges unable to conduct classes thus affecting thousands and thousands of learners. This situation has prompted both educators and technologists to seek best ways of delivering credible education remotely. Collaborative learning (CL) is an educational approach to teaching and learning that involves groups of learners working together to solve a problem, complete a task, or create a product [1]. It is important to investigate how this can be achieved through mobile technology. A group of 30 learners were broken into 3 smaller groups of 10 and were given tasks to work together. Each member in a group was given a small task to accomplish.

      Ramanayaka S.K.L.J, & Premaratna C. D. H. M.

Abstract: In English grammar, direct and indirect speech is needed because people can report or share their statements or thoughts to other people especially when they communicate between each other. The purpose of this research is to study the writing errors in changing direct simple past declarative sentences into indirect past perfect form and find solutions to overcome this problem. To collect the data questionnaire was given to find the reasons for the writing errors in changing the English direct simple past declarative sentences into indirect speech past perfect form. A pretest, an immediate test, a delay test was conducted. After the pretest lectures were conducted to teach how to use past perfect form in reported speech. T

      Zoakah, Dogonyaro Joy, Bulus Pikitda, Comfort Iliya

Abstract: This study targeted on rewards system and employees’ retention throughout COVID-19 pandemic in Nigeria. The study used Jos University Teaching Hospital (JUTH) as the study area. Descriptive survey study was used and target population of four hundred employees’ cutting across nine units were considered. A sample of one hundred participants was drawn using both purposive and simple random techniques. The questionnaire used was adapted from the study of Oyoo, Mwandihi and Musiega (2016). A total of eighty questionnaires were completed and returned. Simple percentages, mean, standard deviation and spearman rank correlation coefficient were used for data analysis. The study showed that most of the extrinsic rewards of the organization were not provided during the pandemic.

      Ayibapreye Kelvin Benjamin, Priye Kenneth Ainah, Animiosevbuse Tosan Enoma

Abstract: This paper describes an advanced design systems (ADS) approach of stepped impedance microstrip low pass filter design for maximally flat or Butterworth responses. The cut-off frequency is 4 GHz with source and load impedances of 50 Ω. The insertion loss at passband is 0.5 dB and stopband is 20 dB. In this filter design, an order N=7 was chosen for maximally flat (Butterworth) filter prototype. Substrate properties such as relative dielectric constant ∈_r = 4.2, loss tangent tanδ=0.02, height of dielectric material h=2.0 mm and conductor thickness of 0.01 mm were used in calculation of the length and width of the transmission line. Design of lumped circuit for microwave filter prototype scaled in frequency and impedances is discussed. Equivalent transmission line was obtained by converting lumped circuit into certain lengths and characteristic impedances. ADS simulation software was used to plot maximally flat filter characteristics. The plots show variation of incident wave S(1,1) and forward gain S(1,2) with frequency in GHz.

      Le Quoc Viet, Tran Ngoc Hai

Abstract: This study aimed to determine the appropriate salinity range for early juvenile of spotted scat fish (Scatophagus argus). The experiment included 7 treatments of salinity as 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, and 35‰. The experiment was randomly set up in 100L tanks in triplicate. The fish was stocked at 1 ind./L of stocking density with the initial weight, body length and body high were 0.022 ± 0.002 g, 7.83 ± 1.84 mm, and 4.26 ± 0.35 mm, respectively. After 20 days of rearing, no significant difference in fish growth performance (DWG and SGRW; DDG and SGRD; DLG and SGRL) was observed among treatments (p > 0.05). The fish survival ranged from 56.7 to 98.9%, and was statistically different among treatments (p<0.05). In which, the highest survival rates were recorded at 5 and 10‰ of salinity (98.9 and 90.6%, respectively) (p<0.05).

      Nguyen Thi Thanh Hai, PhD.

Abstract: The article focuses on understanding and examining the constitution forms of library and information terms in English and in Vietnamese. At the same time, the author would like to evaluate the similarities and differences in the method to constitute library and information terms in English as well as in Vietnamese. The results have shown that in both language, most terms are formed by word combination, which is a popular way of word formation and has the largest productive ability of all languages. However, because English is a metamorphic language, so it can be said that the forms of term constitution in English is more diverse.

      Ejimofor Chijioke, Eneh I.I, James Eke, Halilu Shaba Ahmad

Abstract: The power subsystem could possibly be the most under-appreciated and forgotten of all of the on-board electrical subsystems. There may be several reasons for this, but the most likely is that most people just don’t find the subject interesting enough. There are, of course, exceptions to this generalization, but it is safe to say that no one is currently planning a mission to demonstrate optimization of power system network. Grabbing the attention of spacecraft engineers are subjects like; more advanced communications systems, on-board data handling, and high speed data links, imaging systems, micro-propulsion, attitude control algorithms, sensors and actuators. It is natural that the best people in a small organization focus on the more exciting aspects of a mission; these subjects will typically be the differentiator of an organization’s space mission from that of the rest of the world. However, it is also clear that these systems need power, and power that is delivered reliably and efficiently.

      Dr. Ikam-Anthony Igbojekwe

Abstract: This search was not specifically started to find a solution to the treatment of Human immuno deficiency viral infections (AIDS). Notwithstanding, it may be a coincidence following several hypothesis and theories both nascent and retrospective so to say. Science is becoming more and more complex as living organisms continues to evolve and we enter the next millennium which is shaking.

      Arief Hakim P. Lubis, Ning Rahayu

Abstract: Efforts to quell the challenges of taxing the digital economy have shown significant progress. The phase has narrowed down to agreeing on broader allocation of taxing rights to market jurisdictions. However, various groups still have differing views regarding the scheme of new taxing rights allocation (Amount A) contained in the proposal OECD/G20 Pillar One. The issue of fairness mounts mainly in the formula for reallocating profits to the eligible jurisdictions. This study aims to examine areas in the proposal related to the principle of inter-nation equity.

      Daniel Belianto, Ning Rahayu

Abstract: Indonesia has adopted BEPS Action Number 13 into Regulation of the Minister of Finance Number 213/PMK.03/2016 which has been in effect since December 30, 2016. This regulation regulates the types of documents and/or additional information that must be kept by Taxpayers conducting related party transactions, and the procedures for managing them. The application of the TP Doc obligation in Indonesia has advantages and disadvantages, especially for taxpayers who only have domestic related party transactions.

      Rintu Sara Rajan, Anusha Merin Wilson

Abstract: Freshwater ecosystems are a subset of the Earth’s aquatic ecosystems. They include lakes, ponds, rivers, streams, springs, bogs, and wetlands. Freshwater ecosystems provide a comfortable habitat for many organisms. The present study entitled ‘STUDY ON DISTRIBUTION OF EPIBIONTS IN LEAVES FROM FRESHWATER ECOSYSTEM FROM FEBRUARY 1–15, 2020’ was conducted to identify epibionts. We collected samples from a pond in Kodumon, which is a village in Adoor Taluk of Pathanamthitta district in the state of Kerala, India.

      Qadarisma, Muh Hatta, Supriadi Mashoreng

Abstract: The coastal area in Mamuju Regency, West Sulawesi Province has a very large mangrove ecosystem potential if it is utilized and managed properly to improve the welfare of the community. Therefore, in sustainable management efforts, it is necessary to know the condition of mangrove forests in the coastal area of Mamuju Regency. Based on this, a research was conducted to determine the condition of the mangrove ecosystem, namely the density of mangroves with the line transect method and the line transect plot in the form of a square with a size of 10 m x 10 m, and the mangrove canopy cover with the hemispherical photography method, then the photos were analyzed using a device. ImageJ software and Microsoft Excel.

      Rose Atoni, Ndondolo Shiracko Anthony, Jeniffer Munyua

Abstract: Low transition rate of seminarians from Minor Seminary schools to Major Seminary schools for priestly formation has translated to an inadequacy of priests for serving the church and the society. This poses a challenge to the Catholic Church that depends entirely on ordained priests from the Major Seminaries to carry out its evangelical functions. Studies in secular institutions have shown that family-related factors had major influence on learners’ transition rates. However, little research has been done to examine the influence of such family-related factors on transition of seminarians in seminary schools. This study thus sought to investigate the influence of family factors on transition rates of seminarians from Minor to Major Seminaries in Kisumu Ecclesiastical Province, Kenya. It targeted all the five rectors and 1075 former seminarians of the period 2014-2018 in all the five Minor Seminaries in the Ecclesiastical Province of Kisumu. The study was guided by Vygotsky’s socio-cultural theory of development.

      Zuhri Madriah, Delyuzar, Lidya Imelda Laksmi

Abstract: The exposure of ultraviolet and vitamin D serum levels have been linked to prostate cancer. At the cellular level, the main function of vitamin D is mediated by VDR in order to reduce proliferation and increase apoptosis in some malignancy. Objective: To assess the distribution of VDR immunohistochemical expression in prostate adenocarcinoma based on age, PSA value, and histopathological grading. Materials and Methods: This descriptive study with cross sectional approach used 34 samples from paraffin blocks from patients histopathologically diagnosed as prostate adenocarcinoma.

      Amber Baig, Mutee U Rahman, Sehrish Abrejo, Khalid H Mohamadani, Ahsanullah Baloch

Abstract: Twitter, a social media platform has experienced substantial growth over the last few years. Thus, huge number of tweets from various communities is available and used for various NLP applications such as Opinion mining, information extraction, sentiment analysis etc. One of the key pre-processing steps in such NLP applications is Part-of-Speech (POS) tagging. POS tagging of Twitter data (also called noisy text) is different than conventional POS tagging due to informal nature and presence of Twitter specific elements. Resources for POS tagging of tweet specific data are mostly available for English. Though, availability of tagset and language independent statistical taggers do provide opportunity for resource-poor languages such as Urdu to expand coverage of NLP tools to this new domain of POS tagging for which little effort has been reported.

      Andi Risda Fitrianti Abudarda, Mukti Zainuddin, Safruddin

Abstract: The purpose of this study is to detect chlorophyll-a front by using the Single Image Edge Detection (SIED) method and analyze the influence of the closest distance of chlorophyll-a front to the skipjack tuna catches. This study was conducted from June to August 2019. Data collecting was conducted by using survey method by following fishing operations in two research areas namely Barru Regency and Pinrang Regency, South Sulawesi, which is the representation of the fishing base area of skipjack tuna fishing in Makassar Strait. We collected skipjack tuna catches data and fishing ground positions (longitude and latitude).

      Biruktait Girma Giday, Million Nane Elcho

Abstract: The study is aimed to investigate the impact of customer relationship marketing on customer satisfaction of Dashen Bank at Wolaita Sodo Town and measured customer relationship market tactics and its impact on customer satisfaction. Survey method was used as the research method of the study. The sample for the study consists of 394 respondents selected based on convenience sampling procedure. The dimensions of the study were service quality, price perception, brand image and value offered. Study data were collected using self-administered questionnaire and the questionnaire consisted of 18 items categorized under four dimensions of the Likert scale model.

      Ranga Sabhapathige, D. A. R. K. Dilrukshi

Abstract: Responsiveness is defined as “how well the health system meets the legitimate expectations of people for non-health aspect of health care. Improving the training of health care workers in health system responsiveness, improve the processes at health setting and providing basic amenities are very important to achieve high level of responsiveness.

      Dr. Sudipa Biswas, Dr. Chandrasekhar Mahakalkar, Dr. Soumya Chakraborty

Abstract: Learning something in one language and application of the acquired knowledge in some other language often becomes very troublesome. All the books and instructions are in English in teaching Medical sciences, but the students have to deal with the patients’ problem in local languages. Communication skill depends largely on the knowledge of the language we use, and obviously the outcome would be better if both the patients and students(would be doctor) are communicating in the same language. Medical Council of India, has started with the incorporation of lots of different topics in Foundation course(1st month of Medical curriculum) along with local language with the idea for improvement of communication skill and attitude of students towards their patients. Our topic of discussion is effect of teaching local language during the Foundation course and to note whether the students use the local language during early clinical exposure or not.

      Desiana, Wardiyana

Abstract: The purpose of this study is to analyze the implementation of Advance Pricing Agreement (APA) Approach and Mutual Agreement Procedure (MAP) Approach to settle the tax dispute. This research is a library research. This study concludes that the APA or MAP do help the taxpayer to avoid or settle the tax dispute over transfer pricing.

      Desiana, Wardiyana

Abstract: The purpose of this study is to analyze the implementation of Advance Pricing Agreement (APA) Approach and Mutual Agreement Procedure (MAP) Approach to settle the tax dispute. This research is a library research. This study concludes that the APA or MAP do help the taxpayer to avoid or settle the tax dispute over transfer pricing.

      Nur Abrianti Islamiah Baharuddin, Mukti Zainuddin, Najamuddin

Abstract: Sea surface temperatures can change at any time due to several things, namely seasons and climate change. Makassar Strait waters which are located on the equator get 4 seasonal influences. Sea surface temperature Is one of the main indicators that can affect photosynthesis, directly and indirectly, thus affecting the abundance of aquatic organisms. Sea surface temperature is one of the parameters that can predict fish resources, one of which is flyfish. Indian Scad Fish are stenohaline organisms, so a slight change in sea surface temperature can change the distribution of the fish.

      Rose Atoni, Mukara Joyce, Jeniffer Munyua

Abstract: Primary school teachers’ pursuit of higher academic qualifications of degrees and diplomas goes hand in hand with upgrading and updating of their skills and abilities, which should be of consequence to the quality of their work performance. The purpose of this study was to examine the influence of primary school teachers’ pursuit of academic advancement on work performance among public primary schools in Mumias West sub county, Kenya. The study was guided by correlational design. The population targeted by the study included 846 primary school teachers and 47 deputy head teachers of the 47 public primary schools in Mumias West sub-county of Kakamega county, Kenya. Respondents included 20 head teachers, 20 deputy head teachers and 240 teachers randomly sampled from selected schools. Data was obtained by use of questionnaire and document analysis guides. It was analyzed descriptively using frequencies and percentages. Hypothesis was tested using t-test.

      Santi Yopie, Oka Budiman

Abstract: This research objective is to examines the development of transfer pricing issue in Indonesia and to be a guide for further research in transfer pricing issue. This research is used qualitative method which reviewed 15 previous scientific research paper in the span of 2004-2020. In the era of globalization encourages entreprenuers to open up a business opportunities in various countries. The different of tax policies may give advantage to practice transfer pricing issue.

      Karunatilaka M. N, De Silva, C

Abstract: The objective of this research was to evaluate the back-office functions at the Family Health Bureau (FHB) for the purpose of efficient reallocation of duties to achieve better output through the approved carder and descriptive cross-sectional study design was used.

      Mayuresh Kulkarni

Abstract: Low Code and No Code (LCNC) are platforms that allow for the development of software application with little to no coding. These platforms are latest on the block and are surrounded by a large amount of buzz. This paper analyses the LCNC trends, overview of common platform features, and its suitability for Rapid Application Development (RAD).

      Eka Prasetia Afandi, Elis Rismawati

Abstract: This study aims to analyse the potential for taxation in the digital sector in Indonesia. As one of the countries with the most significant internet users, Indonesia makes many foreign companies interested in selling their digital content and services. The increasing number of foreign companies as developers and providers of digital content is in line with high technology in developed countries. Because of the enormous potential for taxation in this sector, the Government through Law No. 2 of 2020 in article 6 mentions tax treatment in trading activities through the electronic system, which is then regulated more clearly in the Regulation of the Minister of Finance Number 48/PMK.03/2020.

      Arif Kurniawan, Dandis

Abstract: The development of the digital economy continues to expand to all lines of business and government. The digital economy is currently spearheading economic growth in all countries. As a follow-up to the digital economy phenomenon, tax regulations that regulate digital transactions are needs. The current tax regulations are the first steps taken by the government. There are several challenges and obstacles in the imposition of digital taxes, but the government must carefully formulate regulations so that the potential for digital taxes can increase state revenue

      Laina, Burhan

Abstract: The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the development and economic and social order throughout the world; this pandemic disrupts human health and soul and disrupts the economy and stability of the countrys financial system. This Covid-19 effect has become a catalyst, where the existence of this covid pandemic puts tremendous pressure on the Indonesian economy and makes the Indonesian government take quick steps to save the recession. This expansionary fiscal policy is the primary option taken by the government in the form of significant spending and relaxation of collections to save the economy so that it can survive. This expansionary fiscal policy will affect fiscal consolidation.

      Sonny, SE., Muldjadi Djaja

Abstract: This study aims to determine: the effect of knowledge about taxes, the motivation to pay taxes on the compliance of individual taxpayers at the X Tax Office. Respondents in this study are individual taxpayers who actively come to submit SPT directly at the X Tax Office. using quantitative with a descriptive approach. This study uses three variables, namely the independent variable Knowledge of Taxes and Motivation to Pay Taxes and the dependent variable of Individual Obligatory Compliance.

      Sonny, SE., BKP

Abstract: The needs of local governments to the central government in terms of financing and the level of public compliance in paying taxes in accordance with what is owed are the focus that needs to be discussed. For this reason, this study aims to analyze the factors that encourage tax evasion according to individual taxpayers in City X. This type of research is descriptive qualitative, and the data used are primary data.

      Sonny, SE., BKP

Abstract: A material dispute or commonly referred to as a material dispute occurs when there is a difference in the amount of tax owed or a difference in the amount of excess tax according to the tax authorities listed in the tax assessment, with the amount according to the calculation of the taxpayer. These differences of opinion may involve differences of opinion regarding the legal basis that should be used, different perceptions regarding a tax regulation provision, and a dispute or a certain transaction or it could be due to other reasons.

      ASQR Team, Nesma Abd El-Mawla, Mohamed Ismaiel

Abstract: Nowadays, smartphones play a significant role in our daily life. It has made life of every person simple and easier with different social, commercial, problem solving, educational and marketing apps etc., and in view of the necessity of social distancing after Covid-19, we have designed a system that deals with problem of attendance of students and employees in different institutions.

      Snehal Waykole, Dr. K. Deepa Tilak Ma’am

Abstract: Gaming industry is arguably one of the most important and innovative sectors in tech today. Its importance to culture, social networking and entertainment cannot be understated. The term entertainment industry is no longer reserved for Hollywood ad the movie industry because gaming in now providing one of the most immersive and awe-inspiring forms of entertainment to more than two billion people around the globe. Most of the games practice the theme of war and other puzzle games are based on simple tasks but bringing the concept of optical illusion in games is still new.

      Robin, Vika Shaumi Nurjannah

Abstract: This study aims to analyze on transfer pricing as tax planning for multinational companies in Indonesia. As a result of transactions from transfer pricing, The implementation of transfer pricing tends to be done to avoid tax. However, if transfer pricing is categorized as tax evasion then the multinational company is considered to be a tax crime and will be subject to tax criminal sanctions in accordance with the provisions apply.

      Marlina Sinaga, Delyuzar, Lidya Imelda Laksmi

Abstract: Background: Squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) is the most common malignancy of the penis with mostly lymphogenous metastases to the inguinal lymph nodes. Inguinal lymph node metastasis is the most important factor for predicting the survival of penile SCC patients and determining treatment options. The biological phenomenon of tumor budding has been described in various tumors where it has independent predictive and prognostic relevance. The phenomenon of tumor budding in penile SCC is still unclear.

      Muldjadi Djaja, SE.Ak, SH, CPA, CA, BKP

Abstract: Public policy has two main functions, namely budgeting and regulation. The same is the case with the Progressive Tax Policy for Two-Wheeled and Four-Wheeled Vehicles which is regulated in Provincial Regulation X Number 1 of 2011 which came into effect in 2012. This researcher uses descriptive qualitative research methods. Data collection procedures used by interview, observation, documentation. Data analysis was performed by reducing data, presenting data and summarizing conclusions.

      Muldjadi Djaja, SE.Ak, SH, CPA, CA, BKP

Abstract: Legal protection in the tax sector is a form of protection for the rights and obligations of taxpayers in tax disputes that can be protected by law in order to obtain legal certainty, so that they can be fought for. This study aims to determine the legal protection provided to taxpayers in tax disputes for filing PBB at KPP X. The results of this study indicate that the legal protection sought by KPP X and the ranks of tax officials above has not been maximized. As a recommendation, it is necessary to have a forum or forum formed by KPP X to coordinate in each kelurahan in the working area of KPP X, to accommodate complaints experienced by PBB taxpayers which can actually be used as socialization activities on tax regulations

      Joni, S.S.T, BKP, Handryno, SE, BKP

Abstract: The purpose of this study is to examine the effect of tax service quality on taxpayer compliance in paying Land and Building Tax in District X. This research is a causative type of research. The population used in this study is all people who are subject to Land and Building Taxpayers in district X. The technique used in sampling is the proportional sampling method, and uses the Slovin formula. The technique used in analyzing the data is multiple regression analysis. The results of the study indicate that the quality of tax services has a significant positive effect on taxpayer compliance. Then a good suggestion for this research is the need for higher quality tax services to improve taxpayer compliance in fulfilling their tax obligations. Future research is expected to use research variables outside those that have been studied in this study.

      Handryno, SE, BKP

Abstract: Value Added Tax (VAT) which has the greatest potential is found in City X, in addition to contributing the largest tax by type of tax, it also has a high tax risk. Tax planning is an instrument capable of mitigating VAT tax disputes. This study was conducted to explain and analyze the mechanism or process of mitigating VAT tax disputes through tax planning. This research was conducted using a qualitative approach and data collection techniques through in-depth interviews. PT X is the cost of wearing a uniform to take legal the action can be in the form of filing an objection to the Directorate General of Taxes, but the result is rejected and an appeal is submitted to the tax court. The results of this study indicate that optimal tax planning can reduce the risk of high VAT by reducing the number of VAT disputes, and uniform costs can reduce gross income.

      Joni, S.S.T, BKP

Abstract: The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of taxpayer awareness, understanding of taxpayers, service quality, and tax sanctions on taxpayer compliance in partially paying Motor Vehicle Tax in XYZ City. The method used in sample selection is simple random sampling method, data is collected by distributing a minimum of 100 questionnaires. Where in this study, the samples were people whom the researcher met randomly at the research location. The data analysis method used in this research is multiple linear regression analysis. The purpose of multiple linear regression analysis is to determine the magnitude of the influence of the independent variable (X) on the dependent variable (Y).

      Joni, S.S.T, BKP

Abstract: This study aims to uncover and explore new meanings about tax disputes from the perspective of the parties directly involved, namely the Tax Auditor. Phenomenology is also used as a research method to explore the meaning. The results of the study reveal that the essence of the meaning of tax disputes from the perspective of the Tax Auditor is included in "unfinished negotiations". These "negotiations" manifest themselves in various forms of efforts to obtain "agreements". It does not only appear in the form of differences of opinion that are "material" and "formal" in taxation, but also in the form of rational considerations of profit and loss and efforts to fight for the principle of "justice". The author uses the unified modeling language (UML) as a design tool.

      Agung Biworo, Lenie Marlinae, Syamsul Arifin, Laily Khairiyati, Agung Waskito, Anugrah Nur Rahmat, Herty Sasmieta, M Gilmani, Winda Saukina Syarifatul Jannah, Raudatul Jinan

Abstract: There are several problems faced related to the not yet optimal implementation of the Population, Family Planning, and Family Development (KKBPK) program in the field, including: a. The number of KKBPK extension workers in the field continues to decrease due to mutations, promotions and retirements. b. The low independence of family planning c. The role of the Bina Keluarga Sejahtera (BKS) group cadres has not been optimal in the success of KB for its members who are still in PUS, as well as the role of toga, toma, cadres and professional organizations. d. The role of the Village Head in the KKBPK program is not yet optimal, both in motivating the community and in providing budgetary support for the KB-KS program. The total number of articles obtained was 5,080. After the articles were excluded because they did not meet the inclusion criteria, 17 articles were found that were suitable for review.

      Husaini, Lenie Marlinae, Laily Khairiyati, Agung Waskito, Melan Sari, Anugrah Nur Rahmat, Winda Saukina Syarifatul Jannah, Taufik, Andre Yusufa Febriandy, Ammara Ulfa Azizah

Abstract: Disaster is a phenomenon resulting from changes in ecosystems that occur suddenly in a relatively short time in the relationship between humans and their environment that occur in such a way, such as earthquakes, floods, volcanoes that require immediate countermeasures. Disasters that often occur are volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, droughts, hurricanes and forest fires in Indonesia. Based on data collected by the National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB) that the disasters that occurred in Indonesia during 2016 reached 2,384 events which were dominated by disasters such as floods, landslides and tornadoes. Article searches are carried out using a search engine using Google Scholar with the keywords used are human resource input, funding input, infrastructure input, quantity output, quality output, timeliness and target output. Based on the results of the literature review, it was found 12 articles that discussed human resource input, funding input, infrastructure input, quantity output, quality output, timeliness output and targets on preparedness programs in disaster resilient village activities at the Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD).

      Phiraphol Yingjamsiri, Pichamol Imaroonrak, Sirilak Rattanaboonchot, Supapit Pongsawat, Arissara Phrongkhunthod

Abstract: Presently, the word “stress” is commonly referred to teens and young adults. Many think of stress as a distant thing, but in reality, it is not at all. Stress is relevant to every human being in every phase of life as it can occur from many factors such as the environment and society. Stress can keep people vigilant and increase their self-awareness; however, stress can be the cause of distress as well. From these observations made, a study of the impact of stress was conducted by using data from an online survey of 10 questions.

      Katugampola M, Munasinghe D.S.A, Nanayakkara K, Fernando D.C.V, Jayathilake K.K.P.M

Abstract: Sri Lanka had maritime trade relations even in the 6th century BC and we had famous naval ports used for maritime trade especially for maritime ‘Silk Road’ used by people who were in Greco-Roman, China, India, Persia for their foreign trade. Therefore, Sri Lanka was able to make new economic relationships. In this study, we mainly focused on Sri Lankan maritime trade relationship with Greco-Roman. Our research problem is, what was the trade relationship between Sri Lanka and Greco-Roman?. Our objective is to identify the importance of Sri Lanka along with the Greco-Roman trade. This study was conducted under the qualitative research method using a library survey. From these three sources Literary sources, especially foreign texts have many records about Sri Lanka and Greco-Roman trade. Some of those authors were Cosmos, Pliny, Ptolemy and Strabo. Some archaeological evidence was found from ports like Mahathittha, Godawaya and Kingdoms like Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa.

      Henry M. Sopacua, SEM Nirahua

Abstract: This study aims to find out, analyze and find out the nature of state supervision on the implementation of the national education system. This study uses a normative legal research method. This research was conducted by examining the concepts, doctrines, theories and provisions of existing legislation using a philosophical approach ( Philosophy Approach ), a statutory approach ( Statute Approach) and a conceptual approach ( conceptual Approach ).

      Muhammad Amri Yusuf, Akbar Tahir

Abstract: Microplastics (<5mm) are a serious threat, both to aquatic organisms and to humans directly. This is due to microplastics in waters can absorb various toxic substances, so as consuming aquatic organisms that have been contaminated with microplastics can endanger human health. So far, research on microplastics has generally been carried out in marine waters, but in this research it was conducted in fresh waters,


Abstract: This research deeply discusses how Sinhala culture makes an impact on the culture of the Burghers. There are few studies in Sri Lanka based on Burghers but finding split identity of Burghers in Kurunegala region is a new research topic in the academic field of Sri Lanka, especially when it is focused with the cultural differences. There are number of researchers written about the influence of Sinhala language, the major language of Sri Lanka on English which is used by people as a second language. But no research has been done to examine the influence of Sinhala on Burghers whose L1 is basically English. So, this research might be a very effective and interesting product for the linguistic field, as it will open an area which is hardly spoken by the Sri Lankans. There are 4 major races in Sri Lanka, among four races, this particular race is one of documentary written major races. Sinhalese, Tamils, Muslims and even Veddas community struggle to gain their rights through various ways, but there is no any sound voice for this particular race so far in the state, therefore a certain prestigious identity should be build up in order to protect this race at least through these types of researches.

      Alhassan Ahmed, Ahmed Kamel

Abstract: Recently, Heavy metals pollution has increased lately because of the abundance of factories and excessive car exhausts which pollutes the agriculture lands. Consequently, finding innovative, low cost, ecofriendly solution for heavy metals has been essential lately. The research focuses on reclaiming the polluted fields and reuse the wastewater of irrigation, which represents a considerable amount (about 15% of the total water used in agriculture and 70% of the freshwater demand around the world), by modifying water parameters. Thus, the study was conducted to determine which type of the organic materials is the best to remove heavy metals under agricultural circumstances which are low TDS in the range of 200 to 500 mg/l and pH between 6.9 and 7.1. Moreover, the study aimed to reduce the percentages of heavy metals ions mainly and increase the microelements in the soil minorly.

      Ugochukwu C.P.,Meludu S.C.,Ugwu C.E., Ofor I.B., Onitsha E.N., Nezianya E U.

Abstract: Obesity increases the incidence of several metabolic disorders such as diabetes, hypertension, dyslipidemia, atherosclerosis, and cancer. Oxidative stress has been considered one of the mechanisms linking obesity to these pathologies. This study evaluated total antioxidant capacity, malondialdehyde in relation to lipid profile and Body Mass Index in obese Adults within Nnewi metropolis. A total of 198 apparently healthy subjects were recruited in this study, divided according to their BMI into three groups: group A (BMI <25, normal weight), group B (25 ≤ BMI <30, overweight) which had sixty-four participants respectively and group C (BMI ≥ 30, obesity) which had 70 participants. 6mL of blood was obtained from each subject between the hours of 08.00-10.00 after overnight fast and dispensed into plain bottles and allowed to clot, then serum was separated and aliquoted into dry plain plastic screw-capped containers and stored frozen at -20°C prior to analysis using spectrophotometer.


Abstract: The COVID-19 (Corona Virus) is an intensely rising virus that has intentioned countries to utilize technologies to identify Covid disease. Several countries are working incredibly to battle against COVID-19. Numerous countries have been utilizing a range of gadgets to contest the pandemic, looking for data about growth, perceiving as well as the emancipating the personal data of the inhabitants. In the present situation of COVID-19 (Corona Virus) legislative institutes all around the world make an effort to build a monitoring system that notifies about declared cases throughout the world. Several Researcher suggested IoT and Blockchain-based applications for this reason. The significant thought behind a IoT and Blockchain-based system for monitoring is quality services, information handling and prevent from Single Point of Failure. Even now , it raises various issues concerning to Security Issues, Legal Disputes, Privacy Requirements, Latency, Throughput, Scalability, Intense Traffic and Block Size. This article aims to discuss these IoT and Blockchain-based applications Challenges.

      Tarek Ibrahim H. Melad

Abstract: As opposed to microwave signal which coverage is restricted to LOS propagation, HF signal can propagate over-the-horizon (OTH).The Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) of a country spans 200 NM from its shore and it requires constant surveillance in order for that country to know the locations, identifications and activities of all the ships within it. Potential threats could be various, like illegal fishing, illegal immigration, smuggling, terrorism, theft of goods and oil from transport ships and tankers.

      Odenigbo J.O., Chime T.O., Egbuna S.O.

Abstract: The unmodified Iyi-Nsukka kaolinite clay catalyst (UMIKKCat) and thermally modified Iyi-Nsukka kaolinite clay catalyst (TMIKCCat800) were prepared and characterised using X-ray diffraction (XRD), Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR), Scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and Atomic abrasion spectrophotometry (AAS) to verify catalyst properties. Gmelina seed oil was extracted using Soxhlet extraction method utilising n-hexane as solvent. The percentage oil extracted from gmelina seed was 50%, proven its viability as feedstock for biodiesel production. The extracted lipid was characterised to determine the fatty acid profile using Gas chromatography/ mass spectroscopy (GC/MS) Shimadzu, Japan. The methyl ester produced by transesterification of gmelina seed oil with both catalysts were within acceptable limits of ASTM Standard. Central composite design (CCD) was applied and was found adequate in predicting and optimizing the biodiesel production.

      EMMANUEL BIRINGIRO, Dr. Safari Ernest

Abstract: The general objective of this study was to examine implementation process and performance of livelihood project in Bugesera district, Rwanda using a case Girinka project. The specific objectives are: to assess effects of beneficiaries’ participation process, training process, and beneficiaries’ income process on performance of livelihood project in Bugesera District-Rwanda. A descriptive research design was adopted with both quantitative and qualitative approaches. The target population comprises of 1274 beneficiaries of Girinka project in Bugesera District. A sample Size of 305 is determined. The questionnaire was employed as the key instrument for gathering information and interview guide was adopted to local authorities. Due to Covid 19 prevention measures, online data collection tool and phone interviews with the respondents were used where possible to reach administrative staff; numbers and a translated questionnaire were administered to youth community volunteers; proportions and statistics were used during data collection to make sure that the research problem is appropriately addressed. Quantitative data was analysed through the use of a computer based software known as Statistical Package for Social Sciences version 25.0. It was used for percentage, frequencies, and correlation which were used for testing the relationship between variables under study. Qualitative data was analysed using content analysis through themes and subthemes. The regression model indicates that the association between performance of livelihood project and selection of beneficiaries is positive with a coefficient of 0.165 and a constant of 1.594. The correlation between checking completeness and performance of livelihood project has been revealed to have correlation (p=0.000, t=0.503). Results indicate the correlation between cowshed management is seen to be significant (p value=0.010, t=2.691).

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