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Network Forensics and Incident Response
      Ayan Chaudhuri
Abstract: In this article, two essential elements of contemporary cybersecurity—network forensics and incident response—are described in general terms. Although incident response is the process of locating, containing, and recovering from security problems, network forensics comprises the gathering, analysis, and preservation of digital evidence from network traffic. The article examines the value of incident response planning, incident response best practices, and the advantages of successful incident response. It also discusses the methods and tools employed in network forensics, such as intrusion detection, log analysis, and packet capture. Organizations may lessen the effects of security incidents and better defend themselves from upcoming threats by giving these two aspects of cybersecurity priority.

      Mwansa Mwansa, Chrine Hapompwe
Abstract: The motivation behind the review was to survey the impact of high worker turnover at Ecobank Zambia. The qualitative approach, which is the subjective method of investigating a phenomenon and takes place in the natural setting of the respondents and participants, was used in the constructivist study

      Carie Justine P. Estrellado, John Christian Miranda
Abstract: There is no turning back, as the utilization of Artificial Intelligence (AI) into the Philippine educational system has catapulted scholarly discourses on the line. This paper argues on academic concerns and challenges of AI in education (AIED), the initial footholds for data center hubs, potential offerings for enhanced learning experiences, data-driven decision-making, and foreseen opportunities.

      Majid Alkhanbashi, Fang Ping
Abstract: The increase of nature reserve areas in the country is Insufficient to conserve biodiversity. The study aims to evaluate the management effectiveness of seven nature reserves in the Sultanate of Oman. The study used the Rapid Assessment and Prioritization of Protected Area Management Methodology (RAPPAM) tool. The tool examines the management cycle elements of the nature reserve includes; context, planning, input, process, and outputs. Also, the tool is used to evaluate the pressures and threats that nature reserves suffer from.

      Mr. Suliman Abdelaty
Abstract: The purpose of this research paper is to investigate the effects of Computer-Assisted Language Learning (CALL) on the writing and speaking skills of Libyan students. The study evaluates the efficacy of CALL in enhancing Libyan students productive language abilities and explores how technology-based learning can contribute to overcoming the challenges faced by traditional methods in teaching English as a Foreign Language (EFL). The study employs a mixed-methods approach, involving quantitative and qualitative data collection and analysis. The findings reveal significant improvements in students writing and speaking skills and highlight the potential of CALL as an effective teaching approach in the Libyan EFL context.

      Scholar Cherop Loyer and Dr. Anthony Osoro
Abstract: The study pursued to scrutinize the effect of supplier evaluation on procurement performance in West Pokot County, Kenya, which fixated on the following specific objectives: supplier quality commitment, supplier financial stability, supplier competence and customer relationship on procurement performance in West Pokot county government. This study also accomplishes that supplier evaluation on procurement performance in West Pokot County, Kenya, and the study therefore recommends a further study to be conducted to other counties in Kenya.

      Sammy Kent Mangeli
Abstract: Leadership development and succession planning within the Church movements is critical to its survival in the long run. Not Christianity as a religion, but the institutions mandated to propagate it. Despite this importance, the pattern of leadership development and succession observed globally in most Evangelical churches has been characterized as dynastic succession. This study sought to evaluate the leadership development strategies, with an emphasis on Coaching and Mentoring, and their effect on succession in Evangelical churches. The study focused on a case of evangelical churches in Kenya.

      Dennis Wakhungu Simiyu, Dr. Joseph Gichure
Abstract: The main purpose of the study was to examine the effect of capital structure on financial performance of listed telecommunications sector firms at the Nairobi securities exchange, Kenya based on two specific objectives namely; to assess the effect of equity financing on financial performance of listed telecommunication sector firms at the Nairobi securities exchange, Kenya and to determine the effect of asset tangibility on financial performance at the Nairobi securities exchange, Kenya. The study was anchored on the pecking order theory and agency theory respectively.

      Oyawoye T.O.
Abstract: The genomes of a natural and a cultured population of Oreochromis niloticus from each of Northern and Southern Nigeria were comparatively assessed in this study to determine the levels of genetic variation and establish their suitability as sources of broodstocks for aquaculture. DNA was obtained from clipped caudal fins and analysed in a Multigene Gradient thermocycler using 8 microsatellite markers. The amplicons generated were subjected to fluorescent genotyping and the corresponding allele scored. The data obtained was used to determine genetic parameters. While the heterozygousities of the two populations from the wild deviated from Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium (HWE), the heterozygosities of the cultured populations were within HWE. Three populations were inbred while one population was outbred. The fish obtained from these fish farms are generally not managed based on modern population genetic principles although the wild population from New Bussa is a suitable source of Nile Tilapia broodstocks for aquaculture.

      TUYISHIME Moise , Dr. Osiemo KENGERE
Abstract: Target of this research were to examine the roles of Bank services on in Bank of Kigali, Muhanga branch, Rwanda. This study will be helpful to the researcher to gain more experience of conducting other research studies, to facilitate Rwandans to establish and adopt more approaches to develop SME’s within the country which are also the source of money from taxpayers, to develop SME’s and to increase the income of people running SME’s.In this study the research design was explanatory using quantitative and qualitative approach where data was obtained by the use of questionnaires, interview and observation in order to obtain the required information.

      D. D. Chauniyal, Savita Chauniyal and Surajit Dutta
Abstract: Rivers in the city zones are more vulnerable to all kinds of disasters- flood, pollution, erosion, and deposition. Human interferences are found maximum. Slums are one of the characteristics of the river and stream banks of urban centers. The purpose of this study is to identify the pollution in the channel bed by the slum dwellers in Dehra Dun city. The main objective of the present description is to find out the causes and consequences of pollution in the Rispna River of Dehra Dun. The methodology has been adopted based on the primary and secondary data, SOI maps, Carteret and Google images, field investigation, and observation.

      Mehdi Shahriyari Afshar, Sepideh Nadi, Zahra Shahriyari Afshar
Abstract: The triglyceride glucose (TyG) index is a simple and inexpensive technique for assessing the risk of ischemic heart disease (IHD). This review summarizes the existing evidence on the TyG index and its higher predictive value as a predictor of ischemic heart disease when compared to other markers. Recent research has found a link between higher TyG index values and an increased risk of IHD, independent of established cardiovascular risk factors. Although optimal cutoff values have yet to be determined, the TyG index is a promising tool for predicting IHD risk due to its ease of use and potential clinical applicability. More research is needed to prove its clinical utility and potential for use in clinical decision-making.

      Anisya Rahel Kristiana, Ervan Ismail, Vania Utamie Subiakto
Abstract: PT Jasa Medivest is a subsidiary company of BUMD PT Jasa Sarana that focus on B3-Medical waste management business sectors in Indonesia. On August, 2017, the Ministry of Environment and Forestry of the Republic of Indonesia (KLHK) had given the company an Administrative Sanction because the Environmental Supervisor found approximately 1,000 tons of medical and infectious waste were placed in open areas and only covered with tarpaulins. Because of the sanction, the company experienced decline income and decrease of trust in customers. This study investigated the role of Public Relations in restoring the companys reputation after the sanction was revoked with qualitative method and case study strategy. After collect primary and secondary data, the data were analyzed by using the Interactive Model which had been proposed by Miles & Huberman.

      Md Belal Uddin, Md Arif Hasan Khan, Md Shoriful Islam
Abstract: It was seen the Linear Programming ( LP hereafter) as a part of a distinct revolutionary advancement for the mankind to achieve the capability to state wide-ranging goals and to arrange a pathway of comprehensive decisions to grasp the order to “best” accomplish its goals when confronted with practical situations of wonderful complexity. Our apparatuses for doing this are conducts to formulate actual problems in comprehensive mathematical terms (models), approaches for resolving the models (algorithms), and mechanisms for executing the steps of algorithms (computers and software).

      Nurjannah Bando
Abstract: Marketing strategy has a vital role in achieving business success. Therefore, the marketing sector plays a significant role in realizing the business plan. The success of company wants to maintain and increase sales of the products. Therefore, it has to implement an accurate marketing strategy by using opportunities to increase sales and improve or maintain the companys position in the market.

      Tran Nhu Trang
Abstract: Numerous studies have been conducted to date to support the idea that body language, in particular, plays a significant impact in the communicators ability to communicate in a second language. The most obvious conclusion is that when it comes to communication, body language may express just as many meanings, if not more. A presumption is that communication processes will work best if communicators are aware of all body language employed in various communication contexts.

      Huyen Nguyen Thi Thuong
Abstract: With the huge advance of technology, teachers can utilize different online applications in teaching and Quizziz is considered as one of the applications commonly used to create online quizzes in teaching and learning activities. This study was conducted with an aim at investigating the effectiveness of using Quizziz on improving students’ medical vocabulary achievement after four weeks learning medical English. Accordingly, this study was conducted as action research followed some steps including planning, acting, observing and reflecting with forty students at Thainguyen University of Medicine and Pharmacy (TUMP) participating in the study.

      Ma Thị Thuy
Abstract: All facets of social life have been impacted by the Industrial Revolution 4.0, which has brought about a great advancement in human knowledge and technology. The teaching and learning process must be adjusted in accordance with the pattern of this development. In terms of updating instructional strategies and raising the caliber of lecturers, the teaching of Science courses in general and Political Theory courses in particular at universities face new probtimelems. As a result, the author will discuss opportunities and problems in this article along with outlining the position, role, and importance of several political theory topics. She will also offer some potential remedies. in order to improve the effectiveness of teaching political theory subjects at universities in the era of the industrial revolution 4.0.

      Tresna Kusumawati, Rudi Handoko, Ayun Maduwinarti
Abstract: The Naval Academy (Akademi Angkatan Laut or AAL) is one of the Indonesian military education institutions. Along with the progress of science and technology, the legislation is considered not to follow the national education reform. Reforming the military education system policy in Indonesia is a very interesting potential to be studied in order to improve the quality of human resources of cadets, and prospective TNI officers in the future. The implementation of the recruitment and placement policy of educators at AAL is not going well.

      Gebeyehu Jalu Negassa
Abstract: Businesses have to use relationship marketing to build, maintain, and improve their strong ties with customers in order to keep them as loyal customers. This is because of the high level of competition, the fragmentation of the market, the short life cycles of products, and the growing knowledge and complexity of customers. The goal of this study was to evaluate, using an empirical method, the impact that relationship marketing dimensions (particularly trust and commitment) have on the number of customers that are retained in the banking industry

      Prof. Aimee Bechaida, Prof. Marites F. Omadto and Prof. Rosemarie R. Ramos
Abstract: This study is driven by the researchers of Quezon City University to evaluate the students and faculty capability and adjustments to the implementation of hybrid learning during the post pandemic period. This study also assessed the provisions for initiative and capability of students, initiatives and capability of faculty, level of technology access, adequacy of physical facilities, and level of appreciation to the grading system for hybrid learning respectively. The study used a 5 point Likert Scale for analyzing the response of students to the survey questionnaire and also used the CDAI (Categorizing, Describing, Analyzing, and Interpreting techniques for qualitative data originally developed by Saldana (2019).

      Gayani Gunawardhana, Sanjeeva Godakandage, Manuj Weerasinghe
Abstract: Introduction: To achieve patient satisfaction, diverse unmet healthcare needs of sub-fertile couples should be identified and addressed at all levels. However, such an instrument to identify the healthcare needs of the sub-fertile couple is lacking.

      Ryan F. Arago , Fernando T. Omadto, Analita C. Bello
Abstract: This collaborative action research was conducted in response to the call of the university officials to develop corrective and progressive mechanics to address the issues relating to nonperforming engineering students with the goal of expanding and accelerating knowledge acquisition. The study was conducted on Quezon City Universitys main campus. Participants were engineering students and faculty members who collaborated during the intervention program with the strict supervision of university officials, including the college dean of engineering, the area chairpersons, and strict monitoring of the research management office. This research was participated by 68 respondents during the initial phase and 77 respondents during the intervention program. The subjects involved were science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. The study further employed binary coding techniques to comply with data privacy law and ethical research standards. Moreover, the study used categorizing, describing, analyzing, and interpreting techniques for qualitative data analysis.

      A Mohamed Wasim Akram, Dr.K Murali
Abstract: Building Pathology is a field of study on causes, diagnosis, treatment of defects and malfunctions in buildings where pathos means suffering Logos means discourse or study. The study of building pathology is developed in the ancient world in ancient Rome and Greece to diagnosis and repair but today it is a well-established field extend to various defect assessment and remedy action. The importance of this field is developing each and every due to various factors such as climatic change, invention of new materials, new method of construction etc. In this paper Building pathology is critically reviewed on basis of Structural Cracks, Non Structural Cracks, Non Destructive Techniques, Crack detection and calculation, Case studies on various buildings and Building Information Modelling.

      Salah Aldeen Dulayoum
Abstract: Changes in society, driven by the information revolution, redirect one-way communication to the terrain of dialogue. The new mode of communication ensures the connection of diplomats with citizens, which is the basis on which diplomacy is transformed and adapted to the needs of modern times.

      Dr Thabo Msimango
Abstract: South African businesses have underperformed after the end of apartheid due to a variety of causes, including a lack of global competitiveness and a global recession. As a result of poor performance, some organisations have laid off tens of thousands of employees and/or shut down.

      Dr. Mark Attridge and David Pawlowski
Abstract: This applied naturalistic study examined the background and service use characteristics and also the work and clinical outcomes of employees who were formally referred by their employer to use brief counseling services from an employee assistance program (EAP) at CuraLinc Healthcare. The data was from 41,986 employees who worked at over 1,750 different employers located in the United States.

      Ketoyo Christopher Amasava
Abstract: Natural resource-based conflicts are not new phenomena in the world and water is a leading natural resource causing conflict between communities living in water-stressed areas. West Pokot and Turkana counties are two neighboring regions known for perennial conflicts caused by competition over water, pasture and land disputes. The government of Kenya has been using various peace-building strategies to mitigate the conflict but their effectiveness is in doubt.

      Prof. Ma. Aimee A. Bechaida
Abstract: Any students goal when they start college is to see themselves complete the first step in their dream, which is graduation. However, reaching ones goal is not a straightforward mission. Almost all students are eager to continue their studies in order to obtain their degrees due to variety of motivating reasons that they have, but some struggled to follow through with their determination because of different factors that affects them. Thus, an increasing attrition rate and decreasing retention rate is a very alarming matter that needs to be discussed that is why this study dealt with the different factors that affect student retention as well as attrition. It will discuss the extent of every factor that affects students’ decision either to continue or just to stop their studies.

      Gurulingappa I Herakal , Dr. Praveenkumar.K, Dr Ellen Ghazi Safadi, Ms. Heba Abdollah Palzevan, Mr. Nithin M Raj, Ms. Prathima Prasad Rai, Ms. Ashli Shaji , Mr. Jibin Simon
Abstract: The pituitary tumors are one of the rare events in adolescence and childhood. They often present as invasive macro adenomas and these tumors in children are almost not malignant, it may result in significant morbidity. This case report describes the histological characteristics, laboratory data, pathology features, and hospital course followed by the pituitary surgery.

      Mr Ahmed S Shahoot, Mr Suliman Abdelaty
Abstract: This research paper explores the perspectives of English language teachers in Libyan public schools on English Language Teaching (ELT) and the challenges they face in the classroom. The study aims to identify the factors influencing the effectiveness of ELT, the role of pedagogical strategies, and the impact of socio-political context on the teaching process. The research uses a mixed-method approach, involving a combination of qualitative interviews and quantitative surveys, to gather data from teachers working in various regions in Libya. The findings suggest that teachers face numerous challenges, including lack of resources, inadequate training, and socio-political instability, which negatively impact ELT in Libyan public schools. The paper concludes with recommendations for policy and practice to improve the quality of ELT in Libya.

      Sana Ramzan
Abstract: According to auditing scholarship, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has the potential to reduce errors, mitigate risk, and identify fraud and anomalies in auditing processes. To assess such claims, this research paper uses a quantitative approach to examine survey results from 50 British Columbian accounting and finance practitioners. The results indicate a decline in audit quality and facilitate an inquiry into whether the incorporation of artificial intelligence into auditing procedures would have a positive impact on declining audit quality. Contrary to the research noted above, statistical methods adopted in this study illustrate that there is a strong positive association between audit quality decline and integration of artificial intelligence.

      Delmart Hudson Sitompul, Wisnu Isvara
Abstract: During the procurement and installation of elevators, frequent problems occurred which delayed the completion of the elevator installation. The aim of the study is to analyze the dominant risk factors that influence the procurement and installation of elevators at PT. X which affects the time performance of elevator installation. Risk analysis was conducted based on PMBOK 2017, using the concept of probability and impact matrix. The risk factors identification process was performed using the literature study and archival analysis of PT X.

      Saeid Azizi
Abstract: Diffuse gliomas are brain tumors that develop from glial cells and are notable for being very invasive and difficult to eradicate. Getting the right diagnosis of diffuse gliomas is critical for proper therapy and prognosis. Significant progress has been made in histopathologic and molecular approaches for identifying diffuse gliomas in recent years. In this study, it provides an overview of the most recent histopathologic and molecular methods used to diagnose diffuse gliomas, including immunohistochemistry, next-generation sequencing, fluorescence in situ hybridization, and DNA methylation profiling. The advantages and limitations of each technique are to be discussed to provide recommendations for the optimal approach to diagnosis in different clinical scenarios.

      Saeid Azizi, Laleh Khajehkarimoddini, Kerametollah Hosseini, Yassen Alfoteih, Seyed Reza, Zarina R. Daos
Abstract: The paper examines a case study of a patient with an immunocompromised condition who contracted a respiratory infection caused by Lophomonas Blattarum. Lophomonas Blattarum is a flagellated protozoan commonly found in cockroaches and is known to cause respiratory infections in humans, although it is rare. The paper highlights the clinical manifestations and diagnosis of the infection and the management and treatment strategies used to treat the patient. The study emphasizes the importance of considering Lophomonas Blattarum as a possible cause of respiratory infections, especially in immunocompromised patients. The findings of this study could help healthcare providers improve the diagnosis and management of this rare but potentially fatal infection in immunocompromised patients.

      Eng. Dyna Gakii Kaaria, Prof. Siphila Mumenya, Prof. Sylvester Abuodha
Abstract: In this paper, the embodied carbon for a steel and concrete warehouse is studied. To achieve this, two structures are first designed optimally for gravity and lateral loads. Thereafter, the cost-benefit analysis and Carbon print analysis is carried out on the structures. In addition, the overall time taken for construction of the structures is taken into consideration. The comparison will be used to determine the most economical, environmentally friendly and most time efficient building material.

      Kenneth Leoncio Sanido
Abstract: This study determined the relationships of organizational citizenship, engagement, commitment, and performance in private hospitals in General Santos City, including their significant effects. A descriptive survey and a correlational design were used using a quantitative approach. Two hundred sixty-eight individuals (268 ) individuals completed a questionnaire that was used to collect the data.

      Shane P. Lupina, William Jr G. Ganzon, Romela T. Pangandoyon , Melanie O. Mandin
Abstract: This systematic review focuses on the various literature on strategy evaluation in teaching strategies. The Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses (PRISMA) framework was utilized in this systematic review. In the process of gathering the literature, Google Scholar was utilized as a search index. Qualified related pieces of literature published in 2020-2022 were exported to Endnote and duplicated studies were deleted. In addition, thematic analysis was employed in analyzing the data.

      Que Nguyen Thi, Yen Le Thi
Abstract: The study aimed at investigating the problems that secondary students often have when making a presentation and the effects of project-based learning in enhancing secondary school students’ presentation skills. The population samples consist of 33 eighth-grade students. Data collection instruments were questionnaires and observation. The results showed that students’ difficulties were mostly caused by their instructors and audience, followed by the lack of oral presentation skills and their personal traits. The research findings also proved the effectiveness of using project-based learning to enhance secondary school students’ presentation skills. Thanks to project-based learning, students developed positive attitudes towards presentation and improved their presentation skills.

      Aparna soni, Dr. Arpita Awashthi, Mukta singh
Abstract: An accumulation of organic and inorganic live and dead organisms, both on and off the surface, is known as a biofilm. However, little patches on pipe surfaces are more common in water systems. It might be a complete coating. Biofilms in drinking water distribution systems and pipe networks can cause a variety of operational and water quality problems. Red or black water issues caused by bacteria that break down iron or sulphate can be attributed to biofilms, along with an increase in bacterial populations, a decrease in dissolved oxygen, taste and odour alterations, and problems with taste and smell, microbially influenced corrosion, hydraulic irregularity, and decreased material life can all be attributed to biofilms.

      Madhu Kumari, Dr. Abhijay Chakraborty
Abstract: White collar crimes like corporate crime are often referred to as administrative and economic crimes. The corporation is liable and responsible of the act when it was an entity distinct in law form an individual and committed the crime. Is a company employee responsible for the crime that was committed? According to the idea of vicariously liable in the preview of the question, the business was ruled liable, nor the employee. Companies have already assimilated into our society and with business growth; they will need to play a bigger role in our economy. However, this will put our society at risk of being exploited by these companies, thus it is also necessary to discourage them. Due to a number of factors, the first of which is the nature of the company form, the problem of corporate crime is unique and intricate. The occurrence of corporate criminal responsibility was triggered by the widening of negligence to individual actions. The current study discusses the history, nature, and types of corporate crime, liabilities, doctrine, and developments in the capital markets.

      Nguyen Hoang Phuc, Pham Thi Kieu Oanh
Abstract: Nowadays, the importance of vocabulary in learning English is undeniable. This study was conducted to examine the impact of the use of similar sound techniques on high school students’ English vocabulary competence in a high school in Vietnam. In particular, the objectives of the study were to find out a) the current situation of learning English vocabulary of high school students in a high school in Vietnam, b) difficulties faced by high school students when learning English vocabulary, c) the effect of similar sound techniques on high school students’ English vocabulary competence. Participants in this study were 20 students in grade 11

      Hanh Nguyen Thi Hong, Nhung Hoang Thi
Abstract: This study focused on the use of short English movies as teaching approarch in higher education in enhancing listening skills as perceived by university students. The participants of the study is a group of 92 non-English major students randomly selected from four different classes at a university in Vietnam during the first semester of the school year 2021 – 2022. The findings of the study showed a significant correlation between the the use of short English movies and students’ listening skills. It was recommended that through the implementation of short stories in English, students will develop their listening comprehension skills, increase character-to-sound connection, and participate in culturally authentic discourse more effectively.

      Abdul Sajid Mohammed
Abstract: A disease outbreak is challenging to predict. However, with the recent Covid-19 case, many governments are trying to develop a model and use data to predict its effects. As a result, AI is most widespread in the healthcare field, particularly with the spread of Coronavirus. Indeed, technology influences healthcare across many sectors by automating pro- cedures, improving operations, and altering traditional approaches. Arti- ficial intelligence in health care is essential in manufacturing drugs, offer- ing significant discoveries by analyzing big data and making clear deci- sions with fewer errors. This article will provide an overview of the sound impacts of using AI and big data to tackle several pandemic challenges and investigate how AI impacts the health sciences business. Since the Covid-19 virus spread throughout the country, many countries, including China and US, have deployed big data, AI, and other automated tools to monitor and contain the outbreak. The article provided an in-depth anal- ysis of the use of big data and AI to draw patterns of disease outbreaks.

      SalahAldeen Dulayoum, L.Nesseef
Abstract: Public diplomacy is often defined as the basic communication activity and relations with the public carried out by states, that is, as a set of different types of interactions between states and citizens through direct communication. Digital diplomacy implies the use of the Internet, digital media, most often social networks, but also computers and mobile devices, through which the connection is made. Given that modern society is networked and digitally connected on a global level, digital diplomacy has widespread communication with citizens.

      Ngo Thi Bich Ngoc, Mai Van Can, Vu Van Nghia
Abstract: The study aims at identifying the effectiveness of using language games on enhancing students’ motivation in speaking lessons as well as pointing out language games that were often used by teachers at Minh Ha high school. A study using the steps of an action research was conducted to evaluate the effectiveness of using language games on enhancing students’ motivation in speaking lessons and to explore the students’ attitudes toward the application of using language games in speaking lessons.

      Dr Thabo Msimango
Abstract: A well-coordinated strategy and superior operations are required to meet the industrys objectives. Both are critical, and they must exist in tandem. When they do, the financial sector will benefit from a significant premium. Without a doubt, leaders understand the importance of aligning strategy and operations, but few organisations have organised systems in place to do so. Instead, most people approach the critical link haphazardly.

      Ezra Oyaro, J.B. Mukundi and Robert Mbeche
Abstract: High population in urban areas has led to decrease land for farming and thus posing serious challenge of food insecurity in most urban areas. Number of urban residents have tried to practice various innovations and utilization of the available spaces within urban areas to grow crops for survival. This paper tries to investigate the production technologies practiced in Nairobi, Kenya and determine the participation status of urban farmers in the select production technologies. A snowball method was used to select a purposive random sample of 385 urban farmers participating in select production technologies within the four the selected areas of Mathare, Kibera, Roysambu and Kasarani.

      Waled Elkhamkhi
Abstract: The basic area of economic diplomacy is the promotion of trade volume, which means creating opportunities to increase exports to existing markets, as well as identifying new potential markets for domestic companies.

      Mst. Rokshana Rabeya, Abdur Rahman, Mst. Shakila Afroj, Sadia Afrin Kuasa, Afsana Nourin Mou, Most. Hosne Ara Mukta, Amit Mohanta, Muhammad Kamrul Hasan, Md. Ahosan Reza Rifat, Ulfatun Jannat, Md. Habibur Rahman, Subrina Nazneen Supty, Taibatun Nahar Sakila, Mehedi Hasan
Abstract: Exclusive breastfeeding (EBF) is regarded as a fruitful way to provide balanced nutrition, better growth, and development of the infant, prevent stunting as well as protect from infectious and chronic diseases. Thus, aim of the study is to assess knowledge, attitude and factors associated on EBF practices among mother in garment factories of Bangladesh. The study was a cross sectional study and conducted from September 2022 to February 2023 in randomly selected several Garments factories situated in Dhaka division of Bangladesh. Data was collected face-to-face interview from garments factories by using simple random sampling process. Chi-square test and multiple logistic regression models were used to explore the association.

      Manuela Meçe
Abstract: Nowadays the digital economy is the base of increased competitiveness, as the digital transformation indicates migrating to new technological models, where digital marketing is taking advantage as strategy businesses use for market growth and loyalty. The internet and digital marketing have become important factors in campaigns aiming at not only attracting but retaining digital visitors. This study aims to bring the perception of usefulness of such visitors through the use of digital marketing. Digital technologies can monitor behaviors, can analyze the content of requests, problems, assessments, both on platforms of organizations and on social networks.

      Ayu Brenda Pattinasarany, M. Tjoanda, J.K.Matuankotta, A.I. Laturette
Abstract: Indigenous peoples are groups of people who have lived for generations in certain areas and have a strong relationship with their customary rights. However, for customary law community units, Law Number 41 of 1999 concerning Forestry, presents uncertainty over the rights to their customary forest areas. Regarding the conditions of the application of the Forestry Law, indigenous peoples filed a judicial review of the existence of the said Law, so that the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Indonesia issued a Constitutional Court Decision Number

      Nurdiansyah, Kiking Ritarwan, Raden Ajeng Dwi Pujiastuti
Abstract: Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is a disorder that is part of the complex sleep disorder breathing syndrome. According to the International Classification of Sleep Disorders-Third Edition (ICSD-3) states that OSA does not only include obstructive apnea and hypopnea but also relates to respiratory effort (Sateia, 2014). Actually OSA symptoms often occur, but difficult to detect. Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) is a condition of periodic upper airway obstruction during sleep characterized by repeated episodes of breathing processes (apneas) or partial upper airway obstruction (hypopneas). This event is often associated with a decrease in blood oxygen saturation (Throphy, 2012). Study subjects were taken from the hospital patient population.

      Ahmad Akbar Nasution
Abstract: Introduction :Trauma remains the leading cause of death in people aged 1-44 years in developed countries. In Indonesia, trauma is the main cause of death in the 15-24 year age group and number two in the 25-34 year age group. Multiple trauma patients have a 1.9 times greater chance of mortality than non-multipletrauma patients. Organized trauma centers and trauma systems, including prehospital triage criteria and transportation plans have been shown to significantly reduce trauma patient mortality. Previous studies have shown that increasing the distance from the location of the trauma to the trauma center can lead to increased mortality. Geographical variations in EMS services maycontribute to the effect of the association between distance and mortality in trauma patients.
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