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      Men, Ly Thi Hoang, Nhung, Do Thi Trang
Abstract: This paper is an exploratory study about designing supplementary materials for reading and writing skills based on constructivism principles for the second-year English majors at School of Foreign Languages, Thai Nguyen University (SFL-TNU). 153 students participated in the study were second-year English majors at SFL-TNU. The research procedure was adapted from Tomlinson’s (1998) model of materials development.

      Celleen Rei Setiawan, I Gusti Lanang Ngurah Agung Artha Wiguna
Abstract: The current management of various cervical trauma is still being disputable between spine surgeon due to lack of cervical treatment consensus, remarkably related to surgery determination and surgical approach preference. Thus, each surgical approach is unalike and comprises some advantages also drawbacks.

      I Gst Ngr Wien Aryana, Celleen Rei Setiawan
Abstract: Patellofemoral pain syndrome is defined as a pain in the front of the knee. This syndrome commonly happens in young athletes with prevalence rate of 33% and 18% between men and women. PFPS can be caused by malalignment of extensor lower extremity, knee and hip muscle imbalance also overuse injury during exercise. PFPS can be divided into three categories including patellofemoral instability, patellofemoral pain with malalignment and patellofemoral pain without malalignment. Diagnosis in PFPS can be obtained from history taking and physical examination, especially physical examination of lower extremities extensor. The main treatment is usually physical therapy that strengthen the extensor mechanism, patellar tapping / brace, and the use of NSAIDs, while surgery is rarely done, except in Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome which is refractory.

      Lee Mahlangu, Taonaziso Chowa
Abstract: Non-performing loans are a burden on any country’s economy and exert downward pressure on its growth. The aim of the study was to investigate the causes and challenges of non-performing loans in the banking sector in Zambia using a quantitative method approach, with descriptive survey as the design. The research adopted a positivism, deductive approach, case strategy, mono method and cross section time horizon. The sampling technique used was the simple random sampling with a sample size of 78 respondents. Quantitative data analysis was used on primary data collected. The research findings indicated that economic down turn, high interest rates, loss of reliable income are some of the major causes and challenges of non-performing loans in the banking sector. The findings also showed that poor credit collection and monitoring contributes to the challenges of non-performing loans in the banking sector and thus contributing to higher levels of non-performing loans. NPLs are caused by moral hazard and imprudent lending practices by bank employees and owners.

      Ngô Thị Bích Ngọc, Trần Thị Nam Phương
Abstract: The research was conducted at Thai Nguyen University of Education with non-English majored students to investigate the effects of Quizizz games in facilitating students’ vocabulary retention and students’ attitudes toward the use of Quizizz games in vocabulary learning. The study followed the quasi-experimental research model, with 82 students participated in the control and experimental groups.

      Jared Bosire Momanyi and Dr. Anthony Osoro
Abstract: Purpose: This study explored the effect of procurement tendering management on performance of vendor in Nyamira County, Kenya. The study is anchored on different theories relevant to specific objectives in this study.

      Augustine Kena Adjei, Pascal Kingsley Kataboh, Faustina Asante, Jonathan Gebechukwu Areji
Abstract: This study focused on the impact of social media on university students academic achievement at the University of Alabama at Birminghams College of Art and Sciences. The demographic data and educational information were analyzed using descriptive statistics, and a dummy variable regression model was generated to assess the impact of social media on students academic performance. Many respondents had less study time as a result of their strong participation in social media activities, resulting in low academic performance, according to the survey. Gender is not a factor in predicting a students academic performance (GPA), according to the study. Furthermore, the investigation indicated that, in this current day, restricting the use of social media to students is inappropriate. As a result, students should be informed about how social media affects their academic performance.

      Hoang Thi Them, Vi Thi Phuong Thao
Abstract: This paper presents a study on the application of role-play activities to the first year students at Thai Nguyen University of Technology and deals with the question if role play enhances the students’ communicative competence. In the research, the experimental method was used. The pre-test and the post-test were assigned to both the control group and the experimental group to collect data. Then the data was analyzed through the descriptive statistical procedures of SPSS Version 20. The findings indicate that the students’ communicative competence was improved through role-play activities. The students used their grammar and vocabulary more correctly and appropriately. Additionally, the students’ pronunciation was improved substantially with intelligibility and they also communicated with each other better. Therefore, role play should be encouraged at Thai Nguyen University of Technology.

      Fera Septyana, Sri Sundari
Abstract: Cross-border areas are an inseparable part of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia (NKRI) which is essentially the foremost "veranda" of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia and is the face of Indonesia for countries with direct borders and has very important and strategic meaning, both from a defense-security perspective as well as economic, social, and cultural perspectives, where each region has different characteristics and characteristics from one another. The purpose of this study is to analyze the policies issued by the government in dealing with military threats through the development of cross-border areas to support the national defense economy. This research method uses descriptive qualitative with library/literature studies. The results of the research and discussion show that the governments policy in its implementation is to deal with military and non-military threats to support the defense economy.

      Iddrisu Mutawakil, Mohammed Abdul-Fatawu
Abstract: In pursuit of transport policies toward sustainable mobility, the promotion of cycling as a better alternative is very crucial. Conversely, the share of cycling is dwindling in some cities. By virtue of this, studies are been conducted to understand measures to promote cycling. However, in Ghana, many of these studies are mainly conducted in mega (primary) cities. Therefore the study investigated measures to promote cycling in secondary cities in Ghana using Wa Municipal as a case study. The study also ascertained the level of cycling experience and cycling frequency of the respondents as well as the challenges of cycling in the Municipality. This is to establish a policy direction within which cycling can be promoted in Wa Municipal.

      Izzaty Dalawi, Hadijah Yunos, Lee-Yeen Yoong, Nurul Husna Asmaa Yahaya, Noriah Hajib, Mohamad Rodi Isa
Abstract: Introduction: The maternal mortality in Malaysia in 2020 was 24.9 maternal deaths per 100.000 live births. In view of the alarming trend of the maternal mortality ratio in Malaysia in 2020 compared to 2019, it is crucial to explore the factors associated with maternal deaths to reduce the maternal death. Hence, this study is aimed to determine the sociodemographic characteristics and the associated factors of MMR in Cheras District Health Office (PKC), Kuala Lumpur.

      Dr Neera Pant
Abstract: Aim: The COVID-19 pandemic has severely affected the mental health of students in India. Since most educational institutions do not always have trained counsellors the use of peer-support groups is suggested as a stop-gap measure. The present research explores one such peer-support group through its development and functioning as a model for mental health interventions

      Sneha V. Mishra
Abstract: The conventional clinical trial system demands a change of evaluating new drugs, treatments, devices and health system intercession. Digital technologies have the ability to alter the whole clinical trial procedure through automatic mechanism, better data analysis and storage and better bond and relationship with patients. The year 2020 has schooled India as well as the world that an active functioning healthcare structure and healthy people are crucial to the economic and social welfare of a country.

      Kumaran Gnanasekaran, Nihal Muhammed, Krishna Shankar
Abstract: Congenital heart disease is the most common congenital abnormality, accounting for 4-10 cases per 1000 live births. It is approximately one third of all congenital defects. The incidence of congenital heart disease in children has remained constant over the last few decades. However because the therapeutic options have improved the number of adults with congenital heart disease has steadily increased. And these patients presenting for non cardiac surgery has increased over the years.1 Here we report the anaesthetic management of a 23year old male with atrio-ventricular (AV) discordance and single ventricle who had undergone palliative treatment for congenital heart problem has come for liposuction.

      Catherine Joseph Dashwep, Dr Lilian Joseph Macha
Abstract: The aim of promoting employee motivation is to enhance the level of commitment, increase the level of display of skills, and intelligence of the employees for competitive performances. Therefore motivation is an indispensable arsenal that can be used to unleash the best out of employees of an organization. Based on this, the study was carried out to critically analyze the effect of promoting motivation on the performance level of employees in the Nigerian public sector.

      Aarzoo Ashraf, Muhammad Hamza Rasool, Mubashara Shahzadi, Zehra Irshad, Sana Saeed, Abdul Wahab Khokhar
Abstract: Yacon is a traditional herb originated from South America, well positioned as nutraceutical food product because of increase presence of dietary fiber (fructooligosaccharide) content in it. The objective of this research is to explore ameliorative benefit against elevated blood sugar level in elders. Obese, hypoglycemic elders were selected and divided evenly into two groups (G0 and G1), having 10 subjects. G1 were given 20g of yacon powder twice a day. Hba1c test was performed before initiation and after termination of trail. Result obtained (at p-value <0.05) showed that the given dose of yacon powder was statistically significant in reducing the serum glucose levels in elderly.

      Abdualbaset Asahi, Fathi Hajjaj, Abedalhakem Alkoash
Abstract: Most of us think that sunlight falling on panels or solar cells when they are stronger and hotter will increase the electrical energy that these panels generate. The temperature and solar radiation falling on the ground are among the most important factors that affect the amount of electrical energy we get from solar cells. Although temperature does not affect the amount of sunlight a photovoltaic cell receives, it does affect the amount of energy produced. Solar cells are made of semiconductor materials such as crystalline silicon, which are the most commonly used in the manufacture of these panels. The paper aims to study the availability of solar radiation in the city of Tajoura for three months, and the effect of temperature on solar cells and their efficiency.

      Abdualbaset Asahi, Fathi Hajjaj, Abedalhakem Alkoash
Abstract: Most of us think that sunlight falling on panels or solar cells when they are stronger and hotter will increase the electrical energy that these panels generate. The temperature and solar radiation falling on the ground are among the most important factors that affect the amount of electrical energy we get from solar cells. Although temperature does not affect the amount of sunlight a photovoltaic cell receives, it does affect the amount of energy produced. Solar cells are made of semiconductor materials such as crystalline silicon, which are the most commonly used in the manufacture of these panels. The paper aims to study the availability of solar radiation in the city of Tajoura for three months, and the effect of temperature on solar cells and their efficiency.

      Gayan Wickramarathna, Hashan Ratnayake
Abstract: The profitability of the stock market investment depends on the investors decisions and is based on a mix of dynamic environmental factors. Stock price trends are repeatedly forecasted to extract useful patterns and predict their movements. There are different approaches to stock price prediction and different forecasting methods are used by stock market analysts. As a replica of many scientific endeavors, several methods have been found to accurately predict stock prices. Most researchers have been used technical analysis to get more accurate results, while limited researchers used fundamental analysis. However, there is no evidence that compares these two analyzes.

      Erni Hastuti, Ajeng Rizka Fatonah, Teddy Oswari
Abstract: This research aimed to find out the subtitle strategies of imperative sentence in The Crown (2020) movie that had been translated from English subtitle into Indonesian subtitle. This research focused on subtitling strategies using Gottlieb’s theory which consists of 10 strategies, such as Expansion, Paraphrase, Transfer, Imitation, Dislocation, Condensation, transcription, decimation, deletion, and resignation. Research data is collected from trancripts English and Indonesian subtitles from the dialogue of Subscene which is analyzed using descriptive qualitative method. The results showed that there were only six strategies out of ten strategies in translating imperative sentence subtitles in The Crown (2020) Movie, they were: 31 data of paraphrase (22%), 45 data of transfer (31%), 11 data of imitation (8%), 3 data of expansion (2%), 41 data of condensation (29%), and 12 data of deletion (8%). The researcher concluded that transfer with 45 data (31%) was frequently used in The Crown movie.

      Hadita binti Sapari, Mohamad-Ikhsan bin Selamat, Rohaida Ismail, Wan-Rozita Wan-Mahiyuddin, Mohamad Rodi Isa
Abstract: Climate change is not only a future problem and an urgent identification of the population, assessing the health risk, and planning appropriate adaptation and mitigation policies is a must to protect human health. Malaysia experienced extreme hot temperatures with 40.1°C in Chuping Perlis in 1998, while the lowest temperature was 15.7°C in 2014. The Ministry of Health reported about 200 cases of heat-related illness with two cases of mortality in Johor and Kedah as a result of El-Nino in 2016. Furthermore, due to the high heat, the government temporarily closed more than 250 schools during that period. Besides that, the year 2019 also saw a lot of heat waves because of the El-Nino phenomenon. On March 5th to 8th, 2019, Chuping, Perlis had a heatwave with a high temperature of between 37.1°C and 37.7°C.

      Moustapha Niasse, Ling Zhou, Mushref Mohammed
Abstract: In the current study, we have analyzed the influence of perceived brand globalness on brand attitude, while considering the mediating role of brand credibility between these variables. Furthermore, we also considered the moderating rules of country of origin and product type in between perceived brand globalness and brand credibility so that the accumulative impacts of these variables can be observed on brand attitude.

      Hou Lu, Dennis G. Caballes
Abstract: Learners need skills such as critical thinking, decision making, innovation, the ability to communicate new knowledge, and the ability to solve complex problems. This study explores the learners’ abilities and constraints to describe completely the learner’s challenges to the online learning environment. The study utilized a sequential explanatory mixed-methods approach utilizing survey and focus group discussion to address the research question. The population included 59 students enrolled in nursing education in the selected school.

      Eshre Rei N. Jucal, MD, Rodnie M. Tacay, MD
Abstract: The present descriptive-quantitative study decribed the Orhopedic trauma incidence in Western Visayas State Medical Center from 2015-2019. This study was conducted to determine the clinic-demographic profile of orthopedic trauma locally which would be a basis for the data for the community. There were 4299 orthopedic qualified patients for this study. Checklist for the demographic profile of the patients was used to gather the data. Descriptive statistics was used for data analysis that includes frequency count and percentage. As described in the results of Orthopedic trauma, fractures, dislocations and amputations were most often caused by vehicular accidents and fall. Other causes of trauma include machinery, gunshot, assault, and others. Results also revealed that most of the patients were male and unemployed.

      Bore, Mathew, K, Macharia, I
Abstract: Faith-based organizations have a long history of meeting important community needs. However, despite their important role in providing social services and meeting key community needs, these organizations have been prone to financial instability. Determination of strategic direction in an organization is an important strategic leadership practice since the leader of an organization is mostly charged with long and short-term decisions of the organization. This study sought to evaluate the effect of strategic direction on the financial sustainability of faith-based organizations.

      Dr. Akannam Perpetua Okwukwe , Prof. S.E Kakulu , Mary Dauda
Abstract: This study determined the Industrial impact on physico-chemical properties in soil samples of Nnewi-North, Anambra State, Nigeria. Soil samples were collected quarterly from four villages and used to conduct the physical and chemical properties. Analytical methods were employed for the determination of these physico-chemical properties. The pH value ranged from 6.64-7.11 and 6.00-6.46 during the raining and dry season respectively. The soil pH increased with increase in rainfall being more acidic in the dry season than in the rainy season. The mean pH value was higher during raining season than in dry season with Uruagu soils (7.11) having the highest value.

      Abdulrahman Bashir, Nasirudeen Mohammed Baba, Timothy M. Akpomie
Abstract: Today, fossil fuels are been used for both domestic and commercial energy needs in the World. Environmental effects, coupled with the depletion issue of these fossil fuels has led to the search for alternative energy sources. Bioenergy is one of these alternative energy resources. It represents the production of sustainable chemicals and fuels by utilizing biomass as starting raw material.

      Luke Teddy Chigwanda, Wiseman Mupindu
Abstract: Objective: To examine the Mutare City Council Clinics and Hospitals’ level of disaster preparedness. This was done by exploring: the availability of disaster plans, frequency of disaster preparedness workshops, trainings and drills, staff knowledge and experience on disaster preparedness and response and the adequacy of material resources needed for disaster response.

      Kishor Shanmugavel, Soumik Rakshit, Barathvaraj M , Sangeetha. D, Umamaheswari. S
Abstract: In the current scenario most popular cyber crime today is phishing, Phishing is a social engineering-based attack where the phisher targets to retrieve the user’s legitimate confidential details to exploit and it is commonly done through sending mail or any other electronic communication in an automated fashion. In this paper a Machine Learning based approach on URLs of a website is done to detect phishing websites aiming to reduce the number of features for the model and improve the accuracy. The data-set contains numerous tested URLs which are labeled as good and bad.

      Dr. Shashi Malik, Dr. Alpana Mohan
Abstract: The main objective of this study was to explore essential soft skills required not only for effective teaching as well as personality development and professionalism. To achieve the objective, secondary data has been utilized. This paper also depicts that Soft Skills are utmost important in coming new generation teachers to achieve success in their profession. It was found that a majority of the researchers felt that soft skills are considered desirable for moving forward in the career and vocational advancement. Few soft skills were identified mandatory for the teachers to acquire in digital world through secondary data, were: Communication skills, Initiative skills, Technological skills, Leadership skills, Productivity, Team working Skills.

      Chijioke, C, Okereke, U, Obah, B
Abstract: The most important objective of any oil production facility is the separation of water and other foreign materials from produced crude. Emulsions of oil and water are one of many problems directly associated with the petroleum industry, in both oil-field production and refinery environments. Several methods in use have suffered from drawbacks such as high costs of production and environmental concerns.

      Nwadike Ethelbert C., Chiemela Chijioke, Chukwudi Prince E., Onyewuchi Chibueze M.
Abstract: This work investigated on the strength poperties of sandcrete hollow blocks produced with sludge as partial replacement for river sand. The properties considered were the compressive strength and water absorption. A total of 16 sandcrete blocks were produced with a single mix ratio of 1:6 (cement:sand) using a standard mould of 450mm x 225mm x 225mm having two hollow size of 131mm x 154.5mm x 225mm.

      Luxon Mutsakani, Anesu Mironga, Christopher Namilonga
Abstract: Zimbabwe has been implementing devolution as espoused in the constitution of the country (Constitution of Zimbabwe, Amendment (20) Act 2013; Section 264(1)). This has been expressed in unequivocal terms and progress has been noted in local governance devolution. The same cannot be said of devolution of land administration. Yet the same has been touted as a solution to some of the main challenges in land administration in Zimbabwe. This had put the systems meant to support the devolution of land administration under the spotlight. The paper sought to examine the adequacy of the legal and institutional framework for a devolved land administration system in Zimbabwe.

      Gita Noviyanti, Hais Dama, Meriyana Franssisca Dungga
Abstract: The purpose of the present work is to determine the partial and simultaneous effect of debt to asset ratio (DAR), return on equity (ROE), and firm size on underpricing. It involved 52 non-financial companies that experienced underpricing during an IPO on the Indonesia Stock Exchange in the 2019-2020 period as the sample. Further, secondary data were used in this research. The collected data were analyzed by applying the multiple linear regression analysis.

      Okeyo Samuel Maumba , Dr Mathenge Wairungu , Dr Jessina Muthee
Abstract: There are many categories of emotional and behavioral disorders among pupils but this study focused on oppositional defiance disorder and how it is affecting academic performance in Kisii South Sub County in Kisii County Kenya. Target population was 89 primary schools which was purposively selected based on researcher’s judgement and familiarity. The researcher selected the samples using stratified random sampling. Data collection methods were interview, questionnaires, observation schedules and FGD. Quantitative data was analysed using frequency counts, percentages, and descriptive statistics in the form of tables using SPSS, and qualitative data was analysed thematically.

      Muneza Nicholas, Dr Safari Ernest
Abstract: The purpose of this study were to examine the capacity building interventions received by CCOAIB, to study the extent to which Capacity building interventions have contributed to CCOAIB’s performance and; to evaluate the most contributing capacity building interventions to organization’s performance. The researcher used is descriptive research design. The sample size was 169 respondents from a population of 300 employees of CCOAIB within City of Kigali. In selecting the sample size the researcher used purposive sampling technique. Research instruments used included Questionnaire, interview guides, for secondary data, organizational reports, employee capacity development manuals, journal, books and articles were used.. Descriptive statistics were used where distribution through STATA.

      Gaston NZASABIMFURA, Dr. Hesbon O. Andala
Abstract: The purpose of this paper was to find out how English language as a medium of instruction affects the learners’ academic performance in secondary day schools of Ruhango district. Specifically, the paper analyzed the use of English as medium of instruction in secondary day schools, the status of learners’ academic performance in English language in secondary day schools and the relationship between English as medium of instruction and learners’ academic performance in the classroom.

      Alice USANASE, Dr. Eugenia Irechukwu Nkechi
Abstract: The purpose of this study was to examine the role of communication management on Performance of selected Non-Governmental Organization Projects in Kigali Rwanda using a case of Promotion for financial inclusion for smallholder farmer’s project. The specific objectives were to assess the effect of communication plan, communication implementation and communication control on project Performance.

      Kanade Ashwini S, Desai Maruti B , Dr. Puntambekar Namrata K, Dr. Pednekar Mangesh S
Abstract: Context: The Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) is spreading rapidly. The government efforts to break the chain have affected individual’s physical and mental well-being. The lockdown led to restricted access to fresh fruits, vegetables and other essential items in India. Physical activity was also restricted in major parts of the country

      Anjaka Ray Guchi, Syafrizal
Abstract: Food waste behavior is currently interesting topic for researcher and environmentalist. This study aims to investigate the effect of attitude, subjective norm, perceived behavioral control on intention to reduce food waste and food waste behavior. A questionnaire survey was applied to 200 household respondents in West Sumatra. The convenience sampling technique was used to collect data from respondent.

      Nnodi J.T, Asagba P.O, Ugwu C
Abstract: In this paper, a machine learning model was developed for classifying users’ quality of experience (QoE) on the web. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) were extracted from Quality of Web Service (QWS) dataset generated using Principal Component Analysis (PCA) algorithm. The quality of web service dataset was trained using random forest algorithm of different tree sizes. The model was used to develop an application capable of classifying the users’ quality of experience on the web in order to predict the user’s experience based on the website of interest and the system was implemented in python programming language. The performance of the model was also evaluated using other existing models such as classification and regression trees (CART) and support vector machines.

      Sudipti Saha, Dr. Swati Gajbhiye
Abstract: With the present-day fast lifestyle leading to stressful conditions, coupled with increase in dietary intake of fast foods, the incidence of acne vulgaris may evolve as a major medical problem in the near future. Acne vulgaris can have physiological manifestations such as eruptions which tend to impair the appearance of a person as also psychological manifestations such as feeling of ugliness, depression, low self-esteem etc. Acne vulgaris can be prevented by maintaining self-hygiene and application of topical products which prevent the development of conditions favourable for formation of acne vulgaris. Cosmetics can also help in treatment of acne vulgaris once they are formed. The prevention and treatment of acne vulgaris assume tremendous significance since untreated acne vulgaris can leave permanent scars which may be difficult to remove.

      Duong Cong Dat, Le Thi Huong Giang
Abstract: In the past, due to the lack of modern facilities and technology, teaching grammar made up a majority part of the lesson plans. However, thanks to the increasing demand for globalization, the teaching trend has been shifted to teaching all of the four skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

      Nitin S. Tomar, Neha Vashistha, Preeti Singh, Manjoo Rani
Abstract: Impact of covid19 found on the economy of countries, its effect on the social and education world is also clearly visible. Since pandemic changed the basic structure of higher education system, society is now forced to convert itself into a virtual social space, so the education system is also forced to run with the help of keyboards and screens. Although there are many problems like money, digital equipment, digital devices, internet speed and availability, but in the coming times, India has to stand in a strong position parallel to the higher educational institutions of the world. This study, attempted to know how much students are liking this method, usefulness of the meth as well as how much teachers consider the education being done by keyboard and screen method.

      Faozia A. Abdalrahman Ibrahim, Abdalrasol A. Soultan, Ateea Ali Bellail
Abstract: The effect of rosemary extract on the shelf stability and organoleptic quality of fish stored at 2°C was determined after 0, 3, 6, 9,12 and 15 days of refrigerated storage. Fish fillet (Seriola Dumeriri (treated with 1% (aqueous solution) of rosemary extract had significantly (P<0.05) lower thiobarbituric acid (TBA) and Total Volatile Nitrogen (TV-N) values until 12 day of refrigerated storage compared to control. The result revealed that samples treated with rosemary had lower total bacterial count and psychrophilic count than those of untreated samples. The organoleptic results showed that fish fillets treated with rosemary had a good acceptance throughout storage and rosemary treatment extended the stability of fish fillets to 12 days during refrigerated storage in comparison with the untreated samples.

      Ngo Thi Bich Ngoc, Nguyen Duy Hung
Abstract: Thanks to globalization and integration, English has become an indispensable tool to connect the whole world. In every area, from business, research, etc. to daily life, English is used worldwide. That is the reason why English proficiency has become one of the most important criteria to consider when recruiting a candidate or promoting an employee.

      Idah Gatwiri Murithi, Dr. Dennis Nyongesa Wamalwa
Abstract: Study purpose was to assess regular monitoring effect on academic performance among secondary schools in Meru County; Kenya. The target population for this study was secondary schools Principals or Deputy and the teachers and students in all the 930 schools in the County. Stratified random sampling was used to obtain the required sample of 186. Stratification ensured that each department is represented in the sample. Before going to collect data, pilot study was carried out to ensure that the instruments test what they are meant to

      Wisam Ben Yousef
Abstract: The basic area of economic diplomacy is the promotion and promotion of trade volume, which means creating opportunities to increase exports to existing markets, as well as identifying new potential markets for domestic companies. An important aspect of economic diplomacy in the field of improving the volume of trade is the support of companies involved in negotiations with government bodies or companies from the country in which they intend to invest or are already present in that market.

      Mohammad Anas Mousa , Loai Naddaf , Ayman Harfoush
Abstract: This research aims to study muscular invasive urothelial carcinoma patients in the bladder in terms of their disease progression, after studying the management methods used and the treatments used after surgical intervention, and the consequent change in survival rate and quality of life.

      Santi Amalya Amini, F. X. Kurniawan Tjakrawala
Abstract: Nowadays, the rapid development of technology cannot be denied and abandoned. This has an impact on everyones behavior in responding to technological changes, including business people who must also implement digitalization of information systems in all aspects of the business, both in the supply chain function, distribution to the accounting record function.

      Rinadi Andara, Pranajaya Dharma Kadar, Husnul Fuad Albar
Abstract: Background: Polytrauma is a trauma that involves injury to 2 or more body regions, where at least one of them can cause death. Definitive follow-up of trauma patients can reduce mortality. Trauma scoring can make it easier for clinicians to assess the severity of a patients trauma and assist in deciding what management to choose.

      Eyad Al-Shehneh, Luay Naddaf, Khedr Raslan
Abstract: The importance of our study comes from that recurrent lower urinary tract infection in females is one of the most common cases that referred to the urology clinic, and it is considered a challenge to treatment in the case of reliance on clinical, radiological and laboratory diagnosis only, while cystoscopy may provide information that may be useful in managing the reviewed cases.

      Omeji, S, Adadu, M.O and .Ochai, A.C
Abstract: Parasitic helminth fauna of Clarias gariepinus and Parachanna Obscura from a reputable fish farm, Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria was evaluated using standard parasitological procedures. 4 different parasite species belonging to 2 parasitic classes; 3 species of Cestode (Bothriocephalus spp., Diphilobothrium latum and Ligula intestinalis) and a species of Nematode, (Camallanus spp.) were recovered from the studied fish species. A total of 113 parasites comprising of 52(46.02%) and 61(53.95%) parasites were recovered from 89 (59.30%), comprising of 41(54.70%) and 48(64.00%) infested C. gariepinus and P. obscura, respectively. Infestation was more in C. gariepinus compared to P. obscura.

      Neha Perween & Dr. Renu Dewan
Abstract: The present study aims to investigate the impact of religion and marital status on mental health and life satisfaction among management female students. The sample was consisted of 80 management students selected by stratified random sampling from different institutions located in Ranchi town. The stratification was based on two groups of religion (Hindu and Muslim) and marital status(married and unmarried).

      Sudhakar Kumar Singh, Khumukcham Anupama Devi
Abstract: Blood is a vital fluid. Its loss due to any injury or disease is life threatening. Though Science has made countless discoveries and inventions, we are not yet able to make this magic potion, which has no substitute. Requirement of safe blood is increasing and regular voluntary blood donations are vital for blood transfusion services.1To evaluate the effectiveness of planned teaching programme regarding voluntary blood donation on adolescents in a selected area of Gulbarga,Karnataka.

      Le Huy Hoang, Nguyen Vu Phong Van
Abstract: English is the most widely used language in the world, which has a great influence on students’ future job opportunities. That is the reason why this subject has been put into the curriculum of Vietnamese students at an early age with the purpose of helping them master this language. There are many factors that affect students’ ability and teaching method is one of the most important factors. Although warm-up activities are not the key things in the teaching and learning method, it has contributed to creating an effective learning environment and inspiring them to learn. In this way, students can feel more relaxed before learning. This research aims at investigating the perception and practice of warm-up activities by English teachers in Thai Nguyen. A sample of 6 teachers and 197 students from three different secondary schools in Thai Nguyen city participated in this study. There were several data collection instruments used, including teachers’ interviews, observation, and students’ questionnaires. The results of this research showed that all teachers have a positive opinion towards using warm-up activities in their classes. They also have some similarities and principles in implementation. Hopefully, this study will make a small contribution to clarify the perception as well as the practice of teachers in using warm-up activities in English classes.

      Abdullahi Maalim Ali, Prof. Kennedy Mutundu
Abstract: The global community has intensified its efforts in counter-terrorism, making use of various strategies, including international multi-lateral organizations and diplomacy. One of the most prominent hotspots for terrorist activities in Somalia, following the collapse of the national government three decades ago, and the intensification of Al Qaeda sponsored Al-Shabaab activities. Foreign missions and inter-governmental agencies have great potential in contributing to international efforts in combating terrorism.

      Joseph Wahome Warutere, Prof. Kennedy Mutundu
Abstract: There exists an immediate necessity for a well-organized monitoring and evaluation procedure across the country in the Kenyan county government structure and the increasing monetary decentralization concerning to growth policies, projects, and programmes (Phiri, 2015). In reference to Kumar, Kumar, and Vivekadhish (2016), data shows there are actual challenges in realizing the eventual aim of the various ventures in Kiambu County. The absurdity is that there are still occurrences of project disappointment in Kiambu, given an agreement within and between scholars that appropriate monitoring and evaluation influence the degree to which a project attains its main intended aims.

      Kaberere Alex Muthee, Francis Mulu
Abstract: This study sought to assess the role of civil military cooperation in security stabilization of Lamu County. It was grounded on Deutsch’s theory on cooperation and competition and employed a descriptive research design. The researcher targeted the community leaders, ward administrators, religious leaders and officials from the security agencies and humanitarian actors. Stratified, simple and purposive sampling was adopted such that the final sample size was 132 respondents who took part in the study. Primary data was sourced from interviews and open-ended questions while secondary data was sourced from books and journals. Content analysis was conducted on qualitative data while descriptive analysis was done on quantitative data. The results revealed that the factors that led to the adoption of CIMIC approach included continued instability in the county, collapse of lines of communication, economic sabotage, existence of locals who were sympathetic to the terrorists and the presence of youth gangs.

      Nguyen Thi Hong Minh, Nguyen Minh Giang
Abstract: Improving English pronunciation is a crucial issue for any learners of English, including Vietnamese students. However, developing students pronunciation, especially non-English majors in a non-native country like Vietnam, faces many difficulties, one of which is insufficient time devoted to in-class pronunciation activities due to the neglect of pronunciation aspects in English teaching and examination systems. The study aims to improve non-English majors’ pronunciation performance in a regional teacher education university in Vietnam through the use of homophone games as well as to assess the impact of homophone games on the pronunciation performance of non-English majors.

      Charles Idah Katile, Dr. Njeri Njuguna
Abstract: Purpose of the study: The study sought to assess the effect of healthcare work force on performance of sub-county hospitals in Makueni County, Kenya. Research Problem: The Kenyan public healthcare sector suffers from inefficient provision of healthcare services, characterized by long queues in facilities, inadequate referral system, few physicians to handle patients, high cost of services and medicines and long distances to facilities.

      Bandara, T.W.M.A.J, Rajapaksa Hewageegana, N.S, Sandamali, J.D
Abstract: Introduction: Among healthcare settings, antenatal clinics play a pre-dominant role, as it provides essential health care during pregnancy. This research project was an interventional study implemented in De Soysa Maternity Hospital (DMH) with the aim of improving process and practices of Antenatal Care (ANC) clinic during the COVID-19 pandemic.
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