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      Shiwpursad Jasveer, Xue Jianbin

Abstract: 3D printing is a form of non-traditional machining. Also known as additive manufacturing, it is a method of creating an object by laying successive layers of material until the whole object is created. Unlike subtractive manufacturing processes which usually result in up to 80-90% of the material being wasted, there is seldom any wastage of material in 3D printing. The concept of 3D printing has been around for a long time and its technology has evolved over the years. Different 3D printers make use of different kind of technologies, printing methods and also different kinds of materials. This paper gives a general introduction to the concept of 3D printing, the different types of printing technologies with their advantages, limitation and compares each of them to different criteria such as surface finish, dimensional accuracy, material used, post processing requirements etc.

      Samuel Asamoah

Abstract: Literature on communal work is very limited in Ghana, although the practice is found among many diverse cultures across the ten (10) regions of Ghana. This study takes up the challenge of presenting a short overview of the concept of communal labor from pre-colonial to post independent Ghana. The study is set to reveal indigenous institutions of communal labor and address the factors that have influenced the practice in each phase of Ghana´s development. Overall, the study is designed to enhance knowledge and understanding of the practice of communal labor in Ghana.

      Oguike, P. C. and Onwuka, B. M

Abstract: Information about effects of different land use systems on soil moisture characteristics is crucial for efficient land management practices. This study was, therefore, conducted to evaluate the variations of soil moisture characteristics under different land use systems in Ubakala, Umuahia South Local Government Area, Abia State, Nigeria. The land use systems studied included cassava-cultivated land (CC), 4-year bush fallow land (4-BF) and forest land (FL). The research was superimposed on land use systems that were located nearby on soil with similar parent material. Undisturbed core and disturbed auger soil samples were randomly collected from three sampling points with three replications for each land use system at two varying depths (0-20 cm and 20-40 cm).

      Winy Indra, Rendika Vhalery, Marwan

Abstract: This study aims to determine and classify the barriers experienced by students to start entrepreneurship. This type of research is exploratory. The sampling technique used proportionate stratified random sampling with a total sample of 262 people. The Data analysis technique used is Factor Analysis. The collected data is processed statistically using SPSS version 24.0. The result of the research shows that there are seven new factors that can hamper the students to start the business, first the basic ability of entrepreneurship, the two factors of striving, the three factors of future uncertainty, the four factors of courage, the five resource factors, the six risk factors, the seven information factors.

      Njoroge L. W., Al-Hassan Abdul Wahab, Tracey S.A, Oting W. K. A.

Abstract: Climate change is a major concern worldwide. The combination of climate change, rapid urbanization, industrialization, population growth, and low environmental awareness poses a major threat to Kenya’s valuable water resources, which are important to the country’s ecosystem. There is an urgent need to monitor and assess these resources, as this information is indispensable for sustainable decision-making and water resources management. The paper seeks to highlight the impacts of climate change and urbanization in Kenya and the strategies being implemented by the Government to mitigate or reduce these impacts as well as provide suggests for future solutions.

      Dr.N.L.Balasudarsun and Melvin Paul Antony

Abstract: Demonetization is the act of stripping a currency unit of its status as legal tender. It occurs whenever there is a change of national currency. The current form of money is pulled from circulation and retired, often to be replaced with new notes or coins. Sometimes, a country completely replaces the old currency with new currency (Sundar, 2017). This paper deals with Impact of Demonetization and Goods and Service Tax (GST) on Life insurance sector. It outlines the effects of demonetization and GST on the Life of insurance agents, awareness among the customers and procuration of new business. For this purpose a sample of 130 was collected from the Life insurance employees of Cochin region based on random sampling method. Descriptive statistics and Anova test were used to analyse the data. The conclusion is that demonetization and GST have a positive impact in Life insurance sector.

      Dr. Annie Uwimana, Dr. BI Xiuchun, Professor ZHANG Shuguang

Abstract: Forecasting economic growth for developing countries is a problematic task, peculiarly because of particularities they face.

      Dr. Shilpi Sharma, Dr. Rakesh Sharma

Abstract: Ancient science and its basic fundaments are as useful as in modern time. In ancient time Acharya knows very well and aware about newborn baby nutrition is well explained in our classics text. When mother is unable to feed her child due to any reason, the concept of dhatri (wet nurse) is described by Acharya. In present contest, science and technology developed but they do not develop artificial milk as useful as mother milk, so they solve problem by collecting human milk in the milk bank. Dhatri (wet nurse) can store her milk in milk bank so later they provide milk to baby. During ancient time preservation of the milk was not available but today with the help of science and technology human milk can store and preserve and supply needy baby.

      Koech Charles Kipkirui, Dr. Assumptah Kagiri

Abstract: This study assessed the strategic factors affecting the sustainability of fiber to the home (FTTH), a case of Safaricom Limited, Kenya.

      Justin Kolade Setondji FADINA, Kpatinde Talagbe Aime, Yulin Tang

Abstract: From 1990 to date, Africa has seen great progress in terms of the provision of safe and quality water to its populace. The inadequacy of this important (water) resource in the continent affects not only the health of populace but also the development of the area, especially in industrial, urban and agricultural sectors. The African continent is the under-developed in terms of the use of modern technologies for water treatment in all its forms. Protection and management of the effects of climate change is hindering the management of this water resource as well. Factors that affect the quality of water on the African continent should be addressed by all stakeholders. This in effect, would provide lasting solutions to the menace in order to enable the continent which is full of other natural resources to realize its full potentials in modern technology.

      Dr.N.L.Balasudarsun and Pranavaraj M

Abstract: In India, the most imperative issue ascends in conventional technique is the unevenness in the configuration of climatic conditions (occasional precipitation, soil disintegration and so on) because of which the efficiency is diminished to a noteworthy degree. Another real disservice is these gadgets are yet to reach in the Indian market. The mindfulness is inadequate in the Indian farmers. To decide the dirt ripeness and profiling he needs to movement to adjacent agriculture focuses, which might possibly be available. The data in regards to the dirt conditions are not adequately utilized by the Indian farmers. (Mortenson, M.J.,Doherty, N.F., Robinson, S. 2015). The main objective of the study is to analyse the level of awareness among farmers about Internet of Things process. For this purpose a sample of 75 was collected from the farmers of Coimbatore region based on random sampling method were Percentage Analysis, One Way Anova, Multiple Regression and Kruskal Wallis test were used as samples to analyse the data.

      TS. Nguyễn Thị Mai Hương

Abstract: Việt Nam Cát Bà island is area developed Carboniferous Visean stage reef on the world rare in neonatal animal of framework reef, the coral reef of main part by group rugose coral Donophyllum sp. and Thysanophyllum sp. etc. built, make up the framework corals similar but all by fasciculate and corniform two types developed forms. Reef continuous developed, did not form a distinct gap and period characteristics, reef distribution has certain evolution trend; and within the layers of coral but without the development of evolution characteristics, identify three consecutive biological stage, i.e. plexiform Donophyllum sp. developmental stages, the columnar Donophyllum sp. development stage and columnar Thysanophyllum sp. developmental stages, of reef rock profile micro phase characteristics of that divide out the mud bioclastic packstone and coral lattice frame barrier product rocks, bioclastic grainstone and can identify the three types of sedimentary facies. In the development process of the reef, the reef facies, reef and shoal facies are experienced by the open platform, reef platform, and shallow platform.

      Chirchir Jane, Dr. Joshua Manduku, Dr. Syallow C. Makero

Abstract: The study explored effects of school based factors on academic performance in public primary schools in Njiru Sub-County. Academic performance is a product of socio-economic status, psychological and environmental factors. Education in Kenya plays an important role in every part of life for instance political, economic and social development. Secondary school placement and admission depends entirely on the achievement in the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (K.C.P.E) in standard eight. Today even sponsorship that children from poor parents are supposed to benefit is offered according to the performance in the K.C.P.E results.

      Susi Kresnatita, Ariffin, Didik Hariyono, Sitawati

Abstract: This study aims to observe and examine the micro climate behaviour on intercropping pattern of cauliflower with sweet corn in Central Kalimantan, which performed in May to September 2016, in Kalampangan, Palangka Raya, Province of Central Kalimantan. This research applied split plot design, consisted of main plot, i.e. planting period of sweet corn consisted of 3 levels, W1 = 4 weeks prior to planting of cauliflower, W2 = 2 weeks prior to planting of cauliflower and W3 = at the same time planting with cauliflower ; as subplot was planting spacing in row of sweet corn consisted of 3 levels : J1 = 60 cm, J2 = 30 cm and J3 = 20 cm. Data analysis used diversity analysis, if there was significat effect between treatments, further continued to Least Significance Different (LSD) test 5% and regression analysis.

      Nazar Şahin Öğüşlü

Abstract: Let S be a solvable product of class n≥1 of free abelian Lie algebras of finite rank

      Yakubu Adjuik, Robert

Abstract: Chinese businesses in Ghana span both the formal and informal sectors of the economy. The Ghana Investment Promotion Centre (GIPC) estimates that there were about 800 Chinese companies operating in Ghana.

      Asma Massara, Abdul Hakim, Achmad Wicaksono, Lambang Basri Said

Abstract: Inadequate transportation systems create social exclusion problems that encourage ownership of motorcycles for people in the suburbs and inaccessible mass transportation modes. Motorcycles are one of the modes that become the mainstay of low-income family to meet the needs of the movement because it has a relatively affordable price with the ease of the credit system. As a result, there was an inflation of motorcycles among the people in Makassar City, Indonesia, mainly low income people in Banta-Bantaeng and Untia areas. This has become one of the causes of congestion because the number of vehicles is not proportional to the available road capacity.

      Prof. Mihajlo Rabrenovic, Ph.D, Student: Husein Elhadi Sherif and Ph.D, Student: Khalid Mohamed Reeh

Abstract: The emerging phenomenon of administrative and financial corruption is considered as one of the most serious and pressing issues facing a host of countries, including in particular developing countries. In fact, this has led to a recession in the process of economic development and growth, especially with the resulting destruction of the economy and the financial and administrative potential of the state and equally of institutions.

      W.M.H.N. Weerasinghe

Abstract: This paper model and forecast monthly exchange rates of US Dollar to Sri Lankan Rupee using Constant Elasticity of Variance (CEV) Model. In this study, five models are formulated considering five elasticity factors 0,1⁄2,1,3⁄2and 2. Monthly exchange rates from January, 1995 to December, 2016 were obtained from the official website of Central Bank of Sri Lanka. Among this data, 254 observations were used to estimate the parameters and other 10 observations were used to test the validity of the models. To estimate the parameters, maximum likelihood estimation method is used and the exchange rates are generated using Euler- Maruyama method. The Monte Carlo technique is used for simulation and the accuracy of the forecasts is compared with Root Mean Squared Error (RMSE) and Mean Absolute Percentage Error (MAPE). The model which has the minimum RMSE and MAPE is chosen as the best model to predict the monthly exchange rate of LKR/USD.

      Bishnu Das

Abstract: Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA), 2005, was notified on 7 September 2005. Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA) is the Government of India’s largest rural development programmes and is also a radical shift from the earlier programmes in terms of its demand-driven and rights-based architecture. Undoubtedly, the achievements of MGNREGA have been significant since its inception; however, the Act has the huge potential to eradicate poverty, an even greater role in ensuring productive assets and sustainable livelihoods. The mandate of the Act is to provide 100 days of guaranteed wage employment in a financial year (FY) to every rural household whose adult members volunteer to do unskilled manual work. The study is mostly focused on marginalized section of rural India and their performance comparison trend with successive government in power.

      Magfirah H. Umar, Dr. Adhi Prasetio, S.T., M.M, Endang Sofyan, Ir. MBT

Abstract: The industry of mobile phone always showed drastic and tremendous development in the telecommunication market. New models of smartphone are launched to the market from time to time. Smartphone users increased and sales of various brands of smartphones also increased. IPhone is the second largest market share worldwide. But in contrast to the world market share, in Indonesia iPhone is not included in 5 smartphone brands with the biggest sales in Indonesia. To dominate the gadget market, companies need to know what factors influence purchase intention. This study was conducted on an electronic company that is Apple. This research find out how significant the influence of product feature, brand name, product price, and social influence towards purchase intention of iPhone in Indonesia.

      Fransien Tompunu, J.F. Senduk, S. Simandjuntak, J.A.M. Rawis

Abstract: Public service quality is associated with the service standard in community health center. Communication and performance of health worker is the achievement benchmark of healthcare management. The quality of community health center is people manifestation to gain high-quality service in reaching healthy society in Manado, Indonesia. This research aimed to understand the factors which affect the patient satisfaction in Manado. This research was correlational survey study. Data were obtained from 15 community health centers in Manado which collected from 318 patients.

      Kumar Debasis Dutta, Mallika Saha, Dibakar Chandra Das

Abstract: Price-to-Earnings ratio, one of the most widely used tools for stock selection, a relative valuation technique which always remained as a center concern of investors and market analysts. Variations of P/E ratio have significant impact on investor’s perception and several factors are responsible for the variations of P/E ratio. This paper is an attempt to identify the major determinants for P/E ratio of manufacturing companies listed in Dhaka stock exchange. Descriptive statistics, correlation matrix and regression analysis are used to accomplish the objectives of this paper. Results reveal that dividend yield, leverage, size and net asset value per share are significant determinants of P/E ratio where dividend yield and size have negative influence but leverage and net asset value per share have positive influence on P/E ratio. This paper is an evidence for fundamental analysts or decision makers to evaluate determinants that explain variations in Price-to-Earnings ratio of manufacturing firms of Bangladesh.

      Ingale Hitesh, Electricwala Faraaz, Shaikh Abdul Sattar, Ansari Mohd Ahmad

Abstract: India is the World’s largest democracy, with 1.25 billion people governing the nation. Problems in organization influencing everyday existence of native will undoubtedly happen. With government help and altruism of other national, these can be comprehended. Thus, government declares lead-plans covering the advantages of individuals who requires little push to advance in life. Online Mashup system permits both the administration staff and citizens of India to impart, propositions arrangements and collaborate over the issues. No such solution exists starting at now, consequently proposed framework will make a powerful organization, cognizant nationals and fruitful government.

      Joy Makena Raiji, Dr. Jane Karonjo, Dr. Catherine Mwenda, Dr. Timona Obura

Abstract: Back ground: Early identification of life threatening signs of deterioration, timely escalation or reporting of the changes, coupled with timely review and management of the patient is fundamental in improving if not maximizing patient’s safety. Various studies have revealed that physiological anomalies exist before patients are rushed to intensive care unit or even succumb. Modified early obstetrics warning signs (MEOWS) chart is developed for the obstetric population for the purpose of enabling early signs of deterioration, timely escalation and review of patient.

      ASF Shanaziya, ULP Mangalika, WAD Nayananjalie

Abstract: This study was carried out to develop paneer with four different coagulants (Lime juice, Vinegar, Curd and Citric acid) using cow milk. Developed paneer were stored at 4 0C for 5 days and titratable acidity and pH were tested during the storage. Nutritional composition and microbial counts of paneer were analysed. Sensory evaluation was done for fresh paneer samples using five point hedonic scale. Titratable acidity and pH of paneer became significantly different (p<0.05) with storage time and they were in acceptable range, up to 4 days of storage at 40C. Moisture, total solids, fat and ash contents of paneer did not significantly differ (p>0.05) with different coagulants. However, yield of paneer was significantly affected (p<0.05) by the coagulant and paneer prepared with curd reported the highest yield. Developed paneer was negative for pathogenic micro-organisms. According to the sensory evaluation, coagulants significantly influenced (p<0.05) the sensory attributes and paneer produced from citric acid received a higher rank for overall acceptability. Results of this study indicated that, paneer produced from cow milk with citric acid can be recommended as the best product.

      Dr.K.Murali, S.Ashok, N.Giridharan, K. Kaniyan pandiarasan, P.Logesh

Abstract: Expansive soil or clayey soil which can change its volume when the water content is available i.e., swelling and shrinkage occurs. In urban areas, borrow earth is not easily available which has to be hauled from a long distance. Quite often, large areas are covered with highly plastic and expansive soil, which is not suitable for such purpose. It results on damage of building structures and road pavements due to its low strength and high expansion. The usage of admixtures can adversely improve the soil properties, thus stabilizing the clayey soil. A critical review on various admixtures used for stabilization of expansive soil is discussed in this paper.

      Dr.Gopalakrishnan Soundararajan, Dr.Preeti Srivastava, Dr.Gopalakrishnan Chinnasamy

Abstract: To survive in this rapidly changing competitive service industry, service companies nowadays face a serious challenge to lead and keep upbeat with this dynamic environment. As education industry is a part of this service industry with students as its customers thus to reach high quality standards in this education commerce, we need concrete plans to counter this rapid changes. Therefore the Total Quality Management (TQM) tool comes into picture which will provide required quality to ensure business success.

      Vishnu s Kumar, Reji Mathews

Abstract: Cooling tower is an integral part of every thermal power generation plant. Basically cooling tower are heat rejection devices used to transfer heat from hot water to the atmosphere air. Investigation involves experimental and two-dimensional computational fluid dynamics analysis of an actual industry operated cooling tower. Inlet water temperature and mass flow rate of water and air are having main influence on the performance of counter flow induced draft cooling tower. Effectiveness of the cooling tower can be increased up to 20% by optimizing the liquid to gas ratio (L/G) of the cooling tower. Likewise other parameters such as range, tower characteristic ratio can also be increased considerably.

      Peter Ontieri Manyara, John Mwero, Harrison Mutua

Abstract: This research work investigated the plastic and hardened mechanical properties of concrete made using crushed glass as part of fine aggregates and blue gum ash dosed in the concrete. The blue gum ash cement was prepared by dosing Ordinary Portland cement (Power plus 42.5N) with blue gum ash at 0%(control), 0.5%, 0.75%, 1.0%, 1.25% and 1.5% by weight of cement and crushed glass used to partially replace river sand at 10% by weight of the fine aggregates for vibrated concrete, design mix of class 25. In order to achieve good workability, the best blue gum ash content was maintained at 1.0% and crushed glass content of 10%. For good compressive strength results of blue gum ash glass concrete, up to 10% crushed glass replacement in fine aggregates with 1.0% blue gum ash proportion in concrete attained the highest strength than the control (glass concrete only) achieving strengths of 27.8N/mm2 and 30.1N/mm2 at 7 days and 28 days respectively.

      A.J.Reuben Thomas Raj, T.Manivannan

Abstract: Now days in our country the security is not up to the mark in the airports. The reason behind this that easily availability of the fake passports. To overcome that Aadhar based seeding Passport system should be implemented.i.e, Aadhar card number of the individual has to be linked with the Passport and retina, finger prints should be matched when the boarding pass is provided to the concern individual to enter for the boarding.

      Mandillah K.L Lucy, Kakamega, Kenya

Abstract: Some universities in Africa are almost non-existent in the international ratings in terms of research. Why? This paper attempted to investigate some of the challenges encountered by scholars in some selected Kenyan Universities as a representative of other universities in Sub-Saharan Africa. The study used a descriptive survey design. Structured and unstructured questionnaires were used to collect data from university academic staff drawn from 3 public universities and 2 private universities. A combination of stratified and purposive sampling methods were used to select respondents. Respondents were categorized in terms of their academic ranks and sex. Random sampling was used to select the respondents proportionately from each category. The data collected was analyzed using descriptive statistics followed by discussions. It was found that financial constraints, poor university management and ethnicity are among the challenges that hinder research in Kenyan universities. The study gave various recommendations including the allocation of sufficient funds to research related activities.

      Japhet Ringo

Abstract: Many people lose their lives each year due to disasters in Tanzania, with a vast property damage. When compared to others, floods are the number one damaging economics and causing loss of lives. The Mkondoa River is one of the biggest rivers which causes floods in Kilosa District. This article, has explored the influence of governance and/or institutional structures on the management and control of floods, in the four villages adjacent to Mkondoa River in Kilosa District.

      Ali Ahmed Osman Zakaria

Abstract: This study attempts to investigate Sudanese EFL students’ discourse to appraise their nonverbal communication, expressive skills, topic maintenance, and their ability to abide by speech conventions during their social interaction. The subjects of the study comprise 40 fourth level students who are taking English as a major course at Kassala University. To collect the data for the present study, a questionnaire and a free discussion panel with the students were employed. Analysis showed that Sudanese EFL students did not experience any sort of problems with regard to nonverbal communication.

      Zulkili Muslim

Abstract: In designing urban landscape, there is a lack of consideration in integrating the cultural and environmental resources such as local plants to contribute to the material and design production. A clear understanding on the source of an idea, design process, development and design system is therefore needed. This paper examines the potential of systematic design process in producing designed elements based on the nature (local plants) and Islamic design principles, shapes and forms. The design experiment adopted the framework of design transformation process. Questionnaire surveys were conducted with 159 design students to identify the functions of the design transformation process and its effectiveness in the producing design variations. The results indicated the importance of systematic design processes in producing variation in the design. These findings will support a more creative system in designing Islamic urban landscape that displays a unique identity and suit the local environment and culture.

      Nurus Saadah, Cholichul Hadi

Abstract: Life expectancy age of people in the world is getting longer up so the number of elderly is more than the growth of birthrate. Therefore, many countries including Indonesia began focusing attention to the lives of the elderly. A variety of programs to improve the well being of the elderly has been pursued by the government, but the problems around elderly are still various, so many parties need to help the government to develop variety innovative efforts to improve the well-being of the elderly.

      Mohammad Shariq

Abstract: The purpose of this research is to test measurement invariance, of previously developed scales, to evaluate brand equity and marketing mix constructs in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) consumer market. A total of 10 constructs are considered for the study. Five of which are brand equity constructs of Brand Awareness, Brand Loyalty, Perceived Quality and Brand Associations with Overall Brand Equity (OBE) and five marketing mix elements – Price, Distribution Intensity, Advertising, Price Promotions and Non-price promotions.

      Aung Naing Tun, Nay Win Zaw, Hla Myo Tun

Abstract: The paper presents the bill deduction with cloud of Thingspeak webserver in Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) system for toll tax collection based on IoT and RFID technology. The existing toll collection systems in Myanmar have been applied to manual cash Management observed in past years. Manual toll collection systems are main blockage of high speed commutation scheme. The paper points out the office computerization system using internet of things technology.

      Ampili, M

Abstract: The haematological parameters such as Total Erythrocyte Count (TEC), Total Leucocyte Count and Differential leucocyte count (TLC and DLC), Haemoglobin Content (Hb), Packed Cell Volume (PCV), the Erythrocyte constants like Mean Corpuscular Volume (MCV), Mean Corpuscular Haemoglobin (MCH) and Mean Corpuscular Haemoglobin Concentration (MCHC) and Enzymes (AST/SGOT and ALT/SGPT) were estimated in the fish Oreochromis mossambicus exposed to sub-lethal concentration (10ppm) of FAME (Flubendiamide 480 SC) pesticide for four weeks. Studies in fish exposed to this chemical pesticide (amide derivative) indicated significant reduction in the blood parameters except WBC throughout the experiment. Total leucocytes showed significant increase throughout the experiment. The enzyme profile showed significant increase after 4weeks of exposure confirming the significant impact of the pesticide on the organism.

      O. C. Orororo., S. O. Asagba., N. J. Tonukari., O. J. Okandeji., J. J. Mbanugo

Abstract: Hibiscus sabdarrifa L. extracts contain powerful antioxidants that can ameliorate Cadmium (Cd)-induced reproductive toxicity, though the active molecules responsible have not been categorically stated. This study is therefore aimed at exploring changes induced by H. sabdariffa L anthocyanins (HSA) in reproductive hormones of cadmium-exposed rats. Twenty four adult male wistar rats (185±5.2g) were randomly divided into four groups and where treated for 15 days: A: control, B: Cd alone, 3mg/kg b wt, C: HSA alone, 3mg/kg b wt, Group 4: HSA Pre-CD: HSA (3g/ kg b wt for ten consecutive days) and Cd (3mg/ kg b wt) for five days

      Michael Jarito Froilan

Abstract: Sharing knowledge not just led to improved learning on the part of the receiver, rather, the knowledge giver could also benefit from it. This descriptive phenomenological study delved into knowledge sharing motivation of students under the Curricular Program for Science, Technology, and Engineering at Laoang National High School. Ten purposively sampled informants participated in focus group discussion with three follow-up semi-structured interview the data from which were analysed through Colaizzi (1978) method. Results indicated that communal relationship, selflessness, and no-one-gets-left-behind mantra emerged as the most predominant themes which also reflected certain noteworthy Filipino values. This direction could point to researches which unravel novel knowledge sharing activities that further polished the critical thinking skills of students.

      Renuka M. R

Abstract: Present study aimed at the analysis of sensitivity of E. Coli . to Zingiber officinale, Azadirachta indica, Ocimum sanctum and Allium sativum. The ethanolic extract of these four medicinal plants traditionally used in medicine, were studied for their antibacterial activity against the gram negative, E.coli. All the medicinal plant extracts showed inhibitory activity against E. coli. Among the four medicinal plants, Zingiber officinale showed maximum activity against the test microbe. Minimum activity was shown by and Azadirachta indica and Ocimum sativum the lowest inhibition was exerted by Allium sativum. The study comes to the conclusion that medicinal plants which are traditionally used in Ayurveda or in other herbal medical practices have scientific basics and can be modified to produce specific medicines against each bacterium.

      Ampili, M. and Vishnu.V.K

Abstract: Prevalence of enteroparasite in three indigenous fish species Anabas testudineus, Heteropneustes fossilis, and Mystus gulio from six different regions of Vembanad Lake was studied. About 15 species of parasites were identified from the alimentary canal of observed fish hosts. Of the 15 parasites identified, five of them comprised trematode worms; six of them comprised nematode worms, one acanthocephalon, one Ciliophora, one crustacean and one Myxozoa. Most of the parasites were observed in the intestine of host fish. Crustacean Noto diaptomus and nematode Huffmanella sp were present in both stomach and intestine.

      Dr. Hetal Marfatia, Dr. Ratna Priya, Dr. Nilam U. Sathe, Dr.Sheetal Shelke

Abstract: Bone anchored hearing aid is used for hearing rehabilitation in those patients with conductive or mixed hearing loss who cannot be benefitted with a traditional air conduction hearing aid. The success of the implant depends on its osseointegration with the scalp bone which in turns depend on quality and thickness of the bone,that has to be more than 2.5 mm. Here, we suggest an innovative technique to measure bone thickness both pre- operatively and intra-operatively. High resolution computerized tomography was performed with button cell in place. Scans were reviewed to measure the bone thickness behind temporoparietal suture line .

      Emanuel Costa Sales , Ailton Moreira Junior, Emanuele Gama Dutra Costa, Roberta Mendes von Randow, Antonio Neres Norberg

Abstract: Enteroparasites are helminths and protozoa that colonize the intestine of vertebrates and constitute one of the great problems of global public health. Parasitoses may interfere with the nutritional status and the growth of the infected ones, compromising the intellectual development of the children and reflecting on low rate of school achievement. Objective: perform a parasitological survey in children living at the DAREI orphanage.

      Moses O. Wanjira, Namanya Naboth, Trevor S.Siakamba, Mwanandi K. Mwakemwa, Betty M. Namakula, Racheal Ankunda

Abstract: Objective: To evaluate the availability, knowledge and utilization of obstetric ultrasound protocol among sonographers.

      Agnes Badaru, Dr. Samuel ObinoMokaya

Abstract: Sexual gender based violence is still a problem in Uganda. With the different interventions to curb and or reduce SGBV, the levels of prevalence are varied due to the different factors. The purpose of the study was to determine the factors influencing level of sexual gender-based violence on women in border towns in Uganda.


Abstract: It Is Noted That The Modern Mobile Learning Technology Has Become In The Present Time Occupies A Large Position Because Of Its Small Size And The Possibility Of Carrying Easily And All Areas Of Our Lives Have Been Able To Benefit From The Applications Of This Technology And The First Of These Areas Is The Educational Field.

      Dr. KarthikaJayakumar, Dr. Sundaramurthy, Dr.Srividhya, Mr.Sunilkumar.Jada

Abstract: In this era of Mobile world, the no of mobiles in a family outnumber the members living in the same household!!!!!It simply explains the importance of this hand set & its inevitable role in an individual’s routine.

      Ma. Antonietta V. Edris, Alan Barnard, Dr. Marleonie Bauyot

Abstract: This study was about the experiences of 16 Filipino fathers who served as the primary care takers of their children while their wives were working outside the Philippines. They hailed from the city of General Santos and Koronadal and others were from the provinces of Sarangani, South Cotabato and Cotabato.

      Gloria Sangito Sumari, Fulgence Mishili, John Macharia

Abstract: Despite the huge employment and income benefits from vegetable farming, smallholder growers in developing countries lack the knowledge about high value markets and their requirements. Most of these growers are ignorant have limited knowledge about vegetable contract farming, product standardization and grading of their produce, quality of produce preferred by customers, on delivery times and food safety standards.

      Joseph Mugula, Fulgence Mishili

Abstract: This study determines smallholder farmer’s decision to adopt of sustainable agriculture practices (SAPs) based on the assessment of profitability margin among smallholders SAPS adopters and Non adopters in Kilosa district, Morogoro. A total of 550 respondents were chosen for the study after a random sampling of the baseline dataset as a follow-up to SIMLESA adoption pathway project. Gross margin was developed using plot-level data gathered from maize farmers in Kilosa Tanzania.

      Neji, P.A, Vincent, T.O, Anozie, R. C

Abstract: This study assessed the levels of four major mycotoxins (ochratoxin A, zearalenone, fumonisin B1+B2 and aflatoxin B1) in a total of twenty (20) samples consisting of five (5) samples each of Oryza sativa, Zea mays, Pennisetum glaucum and Triticum aestivum that were randomly purchased from different markets in Calabar, Cross River State. The four different food items were subjected to the same analytical procedures for extraction with 100ml solvent mixture containing water/ methanol (3:2) and 2g of sodium chloride.

      S.T.Ahamed, P.T. Mohamed Niyas, Rifky A.L.M

Abstract: Majority of the organizations follow performance appraisal process to evaluate employee performance, and results of performance appraisals are used for a number of purposes such as administrative uses, rewarding, and identifying training needs. Most of the IT professionals perceive performance appraisal as an extra burden, and many questions about the appraisal process and results. IT professionals sometimes believe that performance appraisals have a negative impact on their motivation and work improvement. Therefore, it is imperative to study and understand the true impact of performance appraisals on employee work improvement in software development organizations.

      Md. Jahirul Islam, Md. Mohiuddin Khan

Abstract: Micro insurance is a subset of insurance that acts as social security and social safety net to the poor. Its clients and operational methodology are different from formal insurance companies.Non Government Organizations(NGOs)/Microfinance Institutions(MFIs) are developing new financial products and services to meet increasing client demand and micro insurance is one of the products that are gaining wide concentration in the world of micro finance. The micro insurance concept in Bangladesh has been originated from the practice of microcredit programs of Grameen Bank and other NGOs/MFIs. In this paper we tried to see either micro-insurance services helpful or not. We found that micro0insurance is beneficial for its clients. Microinsurance is designed generally to address economic exclusion from resources, services, and/or social protection in the cases of death, ill-health, accident, and loss of property or other adversities of life. In fact, it is a kind of institutional risk mitigation service.

      Neji, P.A., Anozie, R. C and Vincent, T.O

Abstract: This study has its objectives of assessing the levels of polychlorinated biphenyls in five soil samples collected from the effluent channel of petroleum product tank farm in Calabar Jetty, Cross River State. The five soil samples were subjected to analytical procedure by extracting with n-hexane/acetone mixture volume (1:1). The extracts were distilled at 56oC to remove acetone and the residue from each extract was mixed with 20ml of distilled water and separated with a separatory funnel.

      Niaz Ahmed Memon, Nisar Ahmed, Tooba haq, Sarwat Ismail, Uzma Rashid, Razia Begum

Abstract: Treatment of Tannery effluent is challenging task as it is a biogenic matter of hides and a large variety of organic and inorganic chemicals. The objective of this present work is to study the application of aluminum anodizing mud as coagulant for the treatment of tannery wastewater.

      Sudha Sachdeva

Abstract: Teleserials in India constitute major share of the time devoted to entertainment programmes on the Hindi language channels of Indian television. In India, teleserials rose to popularity after Humlog, the first TV serial that became a major success on Doordarshan. Liberalization and globalization led to the private channels started telecasting mega serials about big business families. The year 2008 led to the birth of Colors TV as a new channel, and Balika Vadhu, as a women centric thematic soap. A new shift in the emphasis in the content of family based teleserials was observed. UN and CEDAW guidelines as well as Beijing 20 laid emphasis on portrayal on women in media and its linkages with gender empowerment. Content of teleserials became a question of primary concern.

      Visali.C, Dr.J.Premalatha, Dr.S.Varadhaganapathy

Abstract: In Different physical environment, for examples sensor are placed in tunnels, bridges and forest areas there is an problem in energy draining .since there is an difficult to replace the battery at each time networks lifetime is dependent when battery power gets decreased ,the network lifetime will be increased. To improve a networks lifetime three constraints are too been considered with coverage, connectivity and cardinality constraints. The energy can be saved by introducing clustering techniques individual nodes requires an more energy consumption rather than clustering .The cluster head can be selected based on the energy level with the small coverage range and activating an clustering head based on energy level and using particle swarm optimization algorithm and using greedy based algorithm for compressive sensing which can reduce the energy level while communicating source to sink node. Performance metrics can be analyzed, energy is balanced 35% when compared to the existing work.

      Koderi, Suyadi, Abdullah Said, Abdul Wahib Muhaimin

Abstract: The educational tourism landfill management system was one way that could be applied by the landfill manager to support environment based waste management program and environmental conservation education. This study aimed to determine the status quo of Talangagung educational tourisme (edu-tourism) landfill, at Kepanjen, Malang as one landfill model of national pilot that had implemented controlled landfill management system in Indonesia. This research used qualitative approach by using SWOT and IFAS-EFAS analysis.. SWOT and IFAS-EFAS analysis used to evaluate internal (strengths, weaknesses) and external (opportunities and threats) factors regarding landfill management policy as an edu-tourism landfll.

      Charles Kennedy, Ogunjiofor Emmanuel Ifeanyi, Latam Leelee Prince

Abstract: Corrosion of reinforced concrete members generates tremendous tensile stress within the concrete surroundings, thereby cutting short expected design life span of structures. This experimental work investigated the influence of corrosion inhibitors of mangifera indica steel coated bar with resins / exudates on the bond behavior of reinforced concrete cube members. Cubes of 150 mm x150 mmx150 mm of uncoated and coated with mangifera indica resins/exudates extracts of thicknesses 150µm,(ABC), 250µm (DEF) and 350µm (GHI) were embedded into concrete and exposed to harsh marine saline / corrosive environment of Sodium Chloride (NaCl) for 60days to accelerate corrosion potential process.

      Philip Mogire, Silvester Abuodha, John Mwero and Geoffrey Mang’uriu

Abstract: In the past decade Kenya has experienced an increased demand of cement for construction of infrastructure projects including the Mega standard gauge railway and the Lamu Port South Sudan-Ethiopia Transport Corridor. The cement production and consumption increased from 154,781 tonnes per year in January 2005 to 564,000 tonnes per year in January 2017 an average of 22% increment per annum.

      Sushil Chandra Karna

Abstract: This paper deals with the analyses of the effect of earths oblateness and magnetic force on the motion of a system of two particles .The relative motion of the particles ,for case of circular motion of the center of mass of the system

      J.W.N.T.N Kumara, S.F.Fasana

Abstract: Apparel industry has been the Sri Lanka’s largest gross export earner and it is considered as one of the biggest industries in Sri Lanka. However, employees are facing many issues in balancing of their work life and family life in the apparel industry. Employees are assets to the organization and the organization always tries to avoid losing the key performers. Therefore, apparel companies are providing attractive benefits to the. Yet, employee turnover has become a critical problem for this industry.


Abstract: The overall purpose of this study was to examine the role of NGO’s in alleviating food insecurity in Urban Dire Dawa Compassion International Donate Child Development Project.

      Datuk Dr Mahamad Zubir bin Seeht Saad

Abstract: PICOMS has been implementing some intrinsic and extrinsic reward systems. This paper focuses on investigating the effectiveness of this reward system. A questionnaire survey has been carried out within the institution among 180 employees and students. Further, this paper will evaluate the worthiness of implementing such reward system, and also suggesting possible improvements to further enhance the effectiveness of its reward system.

      Audronicus Kivyiro and Samwel Obino Mokaya

Abstract: The devolution that was done in Tanzania in the 1990s brought several challenges, one of them being grand corruption in the local governments. The purpose of this research was to investigate the role of governance in combating corruption in local government authorities in Tanzania using Mbozi district council and focusing on accountability, transparency, and integrity and influence leadership. The sample of sixty one (61) respondents drawn from a target population of 72; comprising of the Council Management Team, Councilors and the Members of the Ward Development Committees from four wards was used. The data gathered were both quantitative and qualitative obtained by using questionnaires and interview guide respectively. The collected data was analyzed both quantitatively and qualitatively. Quantitative data was analyzed using descriptive (mean and percentages) and inferential statistics (Pearson Correlation Coefficient). Thematic analysis was used to analyze the qualitative data. The results revealed that there was a significant correlation between the roles of accountability (0.453) and combating of corruption. The study suggests more improvement in the accountability in Mbozi district council. To achieve this there should be programmes for empowering citizens to demand for more accountability from their local government.

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