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Correlation, Genetic Advance and Heritability studies in EMS induced mutants of Blackgram (Vigna mungo L Hepper) for seed yield in M2 generation
      Bhattu Rajesh Nayak, K. Srinivas Naik, Raju Padiya, G. Kumara Joshi and G. Vijay Kumar
Abstract: In the current study, correlations, genetic advance and heritability were estimated in order to determine the level of EMS-induced genetic variability in the black gram accession IC-436524. For the purpose of estimating genetic parameters data were gathered based on the Phenotypical characteristics that differed between the control plant (untreated) and the T-9 blackgram variety. Mutants were categorised as high mutants if their investigated quantitative characters had a high mean value. Character variability was shown to be significantly different in M2 generations according to correlation, heritability studies, and genetic advance estimations.

      Jayasri Lingaiah, Siti Norashikin Binti Ishak
Abstract: This study investigated Diploma students attitudes and factors affecting their attitudes toward writing in English. The participants of the study were (n=120), Diploma in TESL students (n=60), and Diploma in Accountancy (n=60) from a private institution. The study used a descriptive quantitative design. The primary data collection instrument used in this study was a questionnaire survey divided into sections; Sections A and B, with close-ended and open-ended questions, and Section C, the Likert-scale questionnaire

      Abdullahi Abdi Yussuf and Dr. Kefa O. Nyandoro
Abstract: Despite the recognition of the importance of monitoring and evaluation in economic policy management and resource utilization, there is a lack of suitable integrated federal frameworks for monitoring and evaluation in Somalia. This has resulted in inadequate feedback mechanisms, scarce resources, and ineffective public services, which have compromised the ability of the government to make informed decisions and effectively implement economic policies. The study aimed to address this problem by examining the current monitoring and evaluation practices among infrastructure projects in Kismayu, Somalia.

      Msabaha Juma Mwendapole, Mahamudu Mashaka Mabuyu2 Wilfred Johnson Kileo, Mwesiga Leonce Leopord
Abstract: Service quality is a significant metric for gauging the achievement of seaports around the world. This study focused on evaluating and comparing the service quality of major seaports in Southern and Eastern Africa. 347 structured questionnaires were distributed to seaport customers who were the study respondents for data collection purpose. SERVQUAL model based on Responsiveness, Reliability, Tangibility, Assurance and Empathy measures were used to compute and compare the service quality of six selected seaports from Southern and Eastern Africa.

      Dr. Aruna, Dr Sony, Dr Rajinder Singh
Abstract: Emerging infectious diseases (EIDs) are continuously affecting a large population day by day, which is a serious issue for human health, well-being, economy, and sustainable development goals. In India, cholera, pneumonia, and dengue are the few examples of EIDs that affects every level of human setup. The current study aimed to evaluate current status and hospitalization due to EIDs in a Northern India. All infections showed different trend of occurrence throughout the study period and maximum EIDs were found in summer and rainy season while no Shigella was found in suspected subjects. This study finally concluded that the incidence of some EIDs are shown decreasing trend of occurrence after the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the trend of infection is remains same for most of the EIDs as per previous studies. This study indicates that there might be several loopholes in the sanitization and hygiene related activities in India. Hence, there is an urgent need of awareness and medical camps to eradicate existing EIDs.

      Yulianty, Sri Wahyuningsih, Bambang Irawan, Jensa Yuswantoro, Mizan Sahroni
Abstract: The use of organic fertilizers as an alternative to chemical fertilizers is one way to reduce the use of chemical fertilizers which have negative effects when used for a long time. This study aims to determine the effect of liquid organic fertilizer on the growth of pepper plants. This study used a completely randomized design (CRD), which consisted of 6 treatments with 4 replications, namely control P0 (0 ml), P1 (100 ml), P2 (200 ml), P3 (300 ml), P4 (400 ml), P5 (500 ml). The variables observed in this study were plant height, number of leaves, dry weight, and fresh weight. The results of the study showed that the application of liquid organic fertilizer from banana peels affected plant height, number of leaves, fresh weight and dry weight of pepper plant. P5 treatment (500 ml) is the best concentration for increasing the growth of pepper plants.

      Fajri Vidian, Wiranda Satria Atmaja, Taufik Arief, Heni Fitriani
Abstract: Coal is a favorite fuel for steam power plant systems and its conversion through the gasification process has several advantages over the direct combustion system. It is also important to note that simulation is an inexpensive method of predicting steam power plant performance and this is the reason it was applied to two configurations of the power plant in this study. The first configuration is a steam power plant system operating utilizing producer gas from coal gasification in the boiler as fuel while the second was directly integrated into the coal gasification system.

      Dr. Sk. Mahboob Rahaman, Dr. Soumik Kabasi, Dr. Soumi Ghanta
Abstract: Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is a platelet concentrate that has been used widely to accelerate soft tissue and hard-tissue healing. Platelet-rich fibrin (PRF) was first described by Choukroun et al. in France. It has been referred to as a second-generation platelet concentrate, which has been shown to have several advantages over traditionally prepared PRP. Two patients reported to the Department of Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics in North Bengal Dental College & Hospital with established pulpitis in molar. Teeth had carious pulp exposure, with a history of lingering pain. After isolation, caries removal and pulp exposure, pulpotomy with PRF was performed and a permanent restoration was placed immediately. At the first recall (+1 day), no postoperative pain was reported. At 3, 6 and 12 months recall, the tooth responded positively to pulp sensibility tests, and radiographic examination revealed a normal periodontal ligament space. Positive results of these cases imply the need for more studies with larger sample sizes and a longer recall period to justify the use of this novel material for the treatment of pulpitis in human permanent molar teeth.

      Eyhab Elbira
Abstract: Environmental hazard management is about identifying and solving problems. Problems can include product failures, software defects, material shortages, supplier issues, and more. Problem management includes identifying, monitoring, analyzing and working to solve and prevent future problems.

      Mae Ann S. Tongol, Chiremy T. Pillones, Nyle A. Pardillo
Abstract: A survey was conducted to determine the socio-demographic profile of Goat Raisers and the management practices of backyard goat raisers in Negros Occidental. A purposive sampling technique was employed having a representative of 25 respondents in every city and municipality based on the given population of goats in Negros (BAS, 2011). A total of 581 respondents was interviewed on the survey conducted from March - May of 2021. The structured questionnaires was based on Philippine Recommended for Goat Production (PCCARD, 2005).

      Barbalina Matulessy, SEM Nirahua, J. Tjiptabudy, H.Salmon
Abstract: One of the fundamental steps of bureaucratic reform, the Government has established a new policy in fostering Civil Servants (PNS) as part of Civil Servants, which in principle directs the political attitude of PNS from those who previously had to support certain political groups to be neutral or impartial, hereinafter commonly referred to as the policy of political neutrality of civil servants.

      Yussuf Gedi Doll, Dr. Adan Jarso Golole
Abstract: The first case of Covid-19 emerged in China between October and mid-November 2019 according to David Roberts in the journal PLOS Pathogens. However, its rapid spread around the world lead the way for the covid-19 pandemic to be officially declared as a global emergency/pandemic in early 2021. Several measures were immediately adopted by different nations with some announcing total bans on international travel, lockdown, and suspension of all public gatherings. These measures to contain the virus affected global trade and caused international trade to slow down and caused losses. Despite developed countries putting in place funds to caution impact of economic loss, developing nations could not afford the expensive Covid-19 caution funds and many small businesses were affected and closed down. Kenya was not spared from the impact of Covid-19 restrictions. It had to adopt measures including suspension of all international flights and in-country lockdown. These measures affected local markets such as Eastleigh market in Nairobi.

      Mavu Newton, Hillary Marufu
Abstract: The ADDIE model of instructional design was used in carrying out research. An Opinion Stage plugin was installed in a WordPress site and an automated online multiple choice test was developed for Lower Six Computer Science students for LearAdlib College, Zimbabwe. It was based on two introductory lessons which introduced Databases and Database Management. Two PowerPoint presentations were created for two lessons to introduce Databases and Database Management Systems to Lower Six students. The presentations were then converted into video lessons using PPTX to Video converter android application. The two lessons were then uploaded onto the college website via YouTube. Opinion Stage quiz plugin was then installed on the website at the end of the second lesson. After installing the plugin, an account was created and then the online test was designed. Three experienced Computer Science teachers evaluated the test before it was administered to a class of 30 students.

      Segun Nathaniel Ogunyebi, Akintunde Akinola Oyedele, Adesoji Abraham Obayomi
Abstract: This present paper examines the dynamic behaviour of a uniform simply supported beam resting on an elastic subgrade under a partially distributed load of harmonically moving magnitude at a uniform speed. The governing equation is a fourth-order partial differential equation with singular and variable coefficients.

      Dr Naveenchandra B, Shannon Meryl Pinto, Dr Usha
Abstract: Malaria is a complex epidemic and one of the most serious vector-borne diseases world-wide. Malaria risk becomes higher in developing countries. A large number of malaria-causing factors including proximity to vector breeding site, inadequate use of control measures, and changes in land use play a big role. Recent trends indicate that there is a considerable increase in the frequency and severity of all epidemics namely Malaria, Chikungunya and Dengue outbreaks with a spread to both urban and rural areas of Karnataka State, India.

      Omar Hassan, Dr. Joseph Ndalila, and Manswab Mahsen Abdulrahman
Abstract: Somalia’s issues in politics, the economy and the military have painted a negative picture to the rest of the world as a failed state making it miss out a lot on international trade and political participation. However, Turkey has been a saving grace entering into a bilateral relationship with Somalia. The study was on the impact of Somalia-Turkey cooperation on advancement of Somali international political representation. It was important to examine the significance of Somalia-Turkey political cooperation on advancement of Somali international political representation, also the ramifications of the Somalia-Turkey bilateral trade cooperation on the advancement of Somali international political representation. Finally, the consequences of Somalia-Turkey military cooperation on advancement of Somali international political representation.

      Reyneth Renan P. Matta
Abstract: Teachers play a critical role in teaching science process skills in the classroom by organizing and coordinating learning experiences and instructing students about how to find scientific knowledge. Literature even cites the importance of teachers’ science process skills in shaping lessons that promotes scientific literacy. As such, even in times of pandemic, science teachers must look for effective and efficient strategies that will help in creating a learning environment critical for student’s in acquiring these science process skills, especially in the online setting.

      Sri Endah Wahyuningsih, Abdul Rahman, Anis Mashdurohatun
Abstract: Corporations play a central role in the economic system of a country. The corporation carries out the functions of the production and distribution of goods and services. Corporations also have an important role because they are directly involved in the process of allocating economic resources for society. This study aims to analyze and find the Criminal Liability Regulations for the Commissioners of Companies Who Commit Corruption Crimes that are not based on the Value of Justice, to analyze and find weaknesses in the Criminal Liability Regulations for the Commissioners of Companies Who Commit Corruption Crimes at this time, and to find reconstruction of the Criminal Liability Regulations for Commissioners Companies Committing Corruption Crimes Based on Justice Values.

      Madhavi Avhankar, Dr. Janardan Pawar
Abstract: Networks without any physical connections are known as wireless mobile ad hoc networks. Because the nodes in these networks move around, there is no set topology. In wireless networks, difficulties with path loss, multipath propagation, and interference also exist.

      Gebeyehu Jalu Negassa
Abstract: The goal of this study is to explore the influence of CRM on MP in the banking industry by utilising case studies from Wogagen Bank, Dashen Bank, and the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia. A theoretical framework was used as a guideline to examine the impact of CRM on MP. A quantitative research strategy was used. In addition, a descriptive research design and a cross-sectional survey were used for this study. A questionnaire based on previous research and the relevant literature was filled out by 120 employees of Mekelle selected commercial banks. Correlation analysis looked at the relationship between CRM and MP, while multiple regression analysis looked at CRM influence on MP. All the independent variables have a positive and meaningful relationship with MP in selected commercial banks, according to the findings. Furthermore, the study investigates whether CRM has a positive and significant impact on MP. Moreover, it was discovered that in Wogagen and the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia (CBE), the customer knowledge management underpinning has the greatest influence on MP, while in Dashen Bank, the key customer focus underpinning of CRM has the greatest influence on MP. As a result, to achieve MP, the selected banks must utilise CRM as a vital instrument for establishing a competitive edge and building long-term and lucrative connections with their customers in a timely and consistent manner.

      Muhammad Ali Garko, Yakubu Lawali
Abstract: Background: Medical-surgical nursing course is a critical component of the undergraduate nursing programme which provide foundations for clinical practice. Literature suggests that learning style can affect psychomotor performances of students in medical surgical nursing.

      Febrian Parlangga, Budi Irwan, Safruddin Nasution
Abstract: Pancreatic head carcinoma is the 4th leading cause of death from cancer. The diagnosis of this tumor is difficult to make using a standard diagnostic modality, especially in an early stage, and the treatment approach is usually based on the assumptive of clinicians. The International Association of Pancreatology (IAP) in 2016 recommends resectability criteria for pancreatic head tumors based on the results of a CT scan.

      Augustine Brendan Inyang, Anietie Peter Akpan
Abstract: This study seeks to investigate the effect of retirement preparedness on retirement confidence of civil servants in South-South Nigeria. Retirement preparedness was proxied by emotional preparedness, attitudinal preparedness, and financial preparedness. Sample size for this study was 900 drawn from the six (6) states of the South-South Nigeria, however, 887 copies of questionnaire administered were completed and returned. The instrument for this study was a questionnaire adapted from earlier instruments developed and applied by other scholars.

      Nina Fe T. Emperado, Ryan F. Arago, Randel D. Estacio
Abstract: Ultraviolet (UV) radiation has been utilized as a germicidal or disinfectant for many years, particularly in the medical industry. With its potential to eliminate bacteria among fomites or any inanimate object that, when contaminated with or exposed to infectious agents, can transfer disease to a new host like parcels, the study on developing and designing a Microcontroller-based Automated Disinfection Device (MADD) using Arduino that can help eliminate bacteria found on parcels received by online shoppers was conducted during the first semester of the Academic Year 2020-2021 at Quezon City University (QCU). An evolutionary prototyping technique was adopted in developing and testing the MADD. The results show that MADD is durable, efficient, functional, and useful when it comes to disinfecting bacteria found on the surfaces of selected objects.

      Margaret Nyilile Kataka, Simon Kipkenei, Abuya Joshua Olango
Abstract: Secondary school heads are assumed to play an important role in influencing student performance within their academic institutions. In Kenya, the school principal is considered to be in charge of guiding both teachers and students toward a common goal. In most cases, principals devise a variety of strategies to assist them in leading their institutions to success, one of which is instructional supervision. However, it has not been determined whether or not instructional supervision influences the performance of girls in Bungoma County secondary schools, which serves as the foundation of this research.

      Oroni Nicholas Barasa, Echaune Manasi, Rispah Wepukhulu
Abstract: The purpose of the study was to examine TVET Trainers competence in the knowledge of the subject content in technical vocational education and training institutions in Bungoma county, Kenya. Understanding trainers’ competence in the knowledge of the subject content has implications for the quality of training because it influences trainers’ motivation, informs curriculum designs and helps to develop department trainer development programs. The study adopted a descriptive survey design.

      Johnson Bulowa, Sarah Likoko, Julius Maiyo
Abstract: The educational performance of a learning institution is crucial in the attaining educational goals. Thus, the provision of quality education and subsequent high academic performance in school is inevitable for the realization of millennium development goals and the vision 2030. The purpose of this study was to establish the influence of school culture on academic performance in public secondary schools in Trans Nzoia County in Kenya. The study was considered significant and timely because the government, parents and other stakeholders in education spent a lot of resources in education. The study targeted 257 public secondary schools. Using census, all the 257 Directors of Studies from 257 schools were sampled, and 5 Teachers Service Commission Sub-County Director were purposively sampled. A Questionnaire and interview schedule were used for data collection. Data was analysed using frequencies, percentages, weighted averages, simple regression and multi-regression analysis. The study established that school culture significantly influenced academic performances in public secondary schools in Trans Nzoia.

      Phaustine Barasa, Stanley Mutsotso, Simon Kipkenei
Abstract: In an effort to ensure that the populations in Kenya especially children from very poor households access education and better the quality of their lives, the Kenya government developed and operationalized the free day secondary education in enhancing learners’ retention. The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of provision of basic needs by parents on learner retention in secondary schools.

      Md. Shariful Islam, Prince Biswas, Md. Maksudul Haque, Elora parvin, Md. Musfikus salehin, Mursaleen Zebin Turin, Sonia Sarmin
Abstract: The research was explained the nutritive value of 3 different varieties of Dragon fruit (Hylocereus polyrhizus) namely BAU1, BAU2 & BARI1. The main purpose of the research was to determine the nutrient content and to compare nutritional quality among the all varieties & help to know the amount of actual nutrition content of all varieties.

      Ahyar Wahyudi, V Rudy Handoko, Achluddin Ibnu Rochim
Abstract: Implementation of the policy of the Indonesian Minister of Health Regulation Number 73 of 2016 concerning pharmaceutical service standards in pharmacies. This policy is an effort by the central and regional governments in carrying out their obligations to fulfil the legal needs of the community with the aim of improving the quality of pharmaceutical services, ensuring legal certainty for pharmaceutical personnel and protecting patients and the public from irrational use of drugs in the context of patient safety. Pharmaceutical services are an integral part of health services that provide direct and responsible services to patients, related to pharmaceutical preparations with the intention of achieving definite results to improve the quality of life of patients. The conceptual framework built in this study uses the policy implementation approach model formulated by Van Meter and Van Horn called A Model of the Policy Implementation (1975).

      Aditya Shah, Ritwik Deo
Abstract: The problem being considered is the abrupt loss of lift/downforce and the increase in drag caused by 3-dimensional flow separation over wings. The displacement thickness of a flow that separates grows dramatically, changing the external potential flow and pressure field. The alteration of the pressure field causes a rise in pressure drag, and if it is severe enough, it may also cause loss of lift and stall. In this study, flow over a wing with and without vortex generators is analyzed computationally.

      Hillary Marufu, Newton Mavu
Abstract: Data in this millennium is growing rapidly and exponentially each and every year. It is increasingly difficult to handle the complexity and humongous amounts of data being produced. Data generated is in various types from social media to company records. This is the basis of big data. Hadoop framework plays a pivotal role in processing and storing Big Data. It provides solutions that are speedy and cost-effective for Big Data and is used in various sectors like health care, education, telecommunication, insurance and social media. This is a very big advantage. Zimbabwe is a country in the southern part of African. It is not spared from the rapid growth in data and the need to process and store large amount of data. This paper focuses on the review of the need for Big Data in Zimbabwe over its Financial Institutions.

      MSC Rosalia Magombe Dzombo and Dr. Anthony Osoro
Abstract: This research confirmed that there was a robust relationship amongst supplier management practices and performance of private hospitals in Nairobi City County, Kenya. The focused areas were; supplier engagement, supplier segmentation, supplier risk management and supplier development respectively, where the researcher anchored the following concepts in this study; resource-based view theory, grey system theory, game theory, and fuzzy set theory. This research realistically used descriptive research design.

      Ashalekshmi Pa, Dr. Pavan Chand Kumar, Liliya Jacob
Abstract: I Look out and give an increasing attention has to be focused on understanding bacterial biofilms and this growth relation to human diseases. In this review we explore the biofilm formation, maturation and its detection methods in the context of gram- positive cocci, Staphylococcus aureus. In addition, we discuss diseases and host immune response and current therapies associated with Staph aureus biofilm infections and prevention strategies. Staphylococcus aureus is an important food borne pathogen able to form biofilms.

      Innocent Chiawa Igbokwe, PhD.
Abstract: Artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly transforming various industries, including education. AI is being used in educational management to enhance the learning process, improve student outcomes, and streamline administrative tasks. This research work aims to explore the application of AI in educational management, including its benefits and challenges. The research work employs a systematic review methodology, examining the literature on AI in educational management. The study finds that AI has several advantages, including improving student engagement, personalization of learning, and cost-effectiveness. However, AI also poses several challenges, such as ethical concerns, potential biases, and the need for re-skilling the workforce. The research concludes that AI has an enormous capacity to improve educational management, but it must be deployed with care and caution.

      Renamae D. Azul, Ken Drexel Q. Cadano, Ryan Joseph M. Guiao, Norishi Maranga, Carmencita H. Salonga, and Melody N. Usita
Abstract: This research study seeks to provide preliminary descriptive information on the profile of young professionals when it comes to engaging in impulse buying behaviors and their financial wellbeing as a protective factor. This study can assist mental health providers in determining if this demographic is at risk of acquiring mental health distress as a result of impulsive buying habits and mitigating it effectively through the application of practical interventions such as financial education. Among the 73 individuals who responded to the two scales that measure impulse buying and financial wellbeing, results reveal that the respondents have low to medium levels of impulse buying behavior while in terms of their financial wellbeing, most of the respondents scored medium-low to medium-high.

      Vaidhshiromani Dheeraj Sharma, Rajesh Kumar Mishra
Abstract: The space is completely odorless According to the universally Accepted and universally applicable Principles of Vedic scriptures. Or we can say that Space lacks smell. In our Vedas space is not described as odorless, but space is considered odorless. In our Vedic Scriptures, a detailed description of space is available and the means to travel in space are also described and the co-ordination arrangement of the planets is also described. Vedas describe the geographical location and geographical Expansion of all the planets, the geographical location and even the substances Present are also described in Vedas.

      Kaled Jawan, Ph.D
Abstract: Financial control is considered the basis on which institutions and companies rely on general, due to their significant role in safeguarding company’s assets and instructing property use in order to reach their objectives. Their major role in ensuring the protection of owners and investors money and property cannot be ignored.

      Lilian Wambui Maina, Stephen Makau Muathe
Abstract: Technical and Vocation Education and Training Institutions in Kenya have persistently encountered a number of obstacles, including graduate employability, curriculum quality, low enrollment rates, and inefficient use of available resources. Despite the increase in the number of students pursuing higher education, the performance of these institutions has not improved. The modern business climate necessitates those businesses, especially TVET institutions, recognize and harness their strategic competencies in order to compete successfully and improve their performance. These institutions must capitalize on their talents and strategic initiatives to obtain a competitive edge.

      Majdi Salamah
Abstract: What is law? The concept of legal rights is one of the most commonly defined concepts. The term law itself has several meanings and it represents the subject of study in several scientific disciplines, from legal sciences to history, sociology, philosophy, etc. Defining the term law and determining its content is not an easy task. In support of this claim, The paraphrase of the Italian legal philosopher Giorgio Del Vecchio, who claimed that everyone knows what law is, but it is difficult to define it. In legal theory, three different approaches are distinguished when defining the concept of law, so that it can be viewed as an ethical phenomenon or value system (Jusnaturalism), as a set of norms in the sense of psychological or logical-linguistic concepts (Legalism and Normativism), and as a social-material category (Socialism). Law.cocept.legal.phenomenon.hjstory

      Mr. Yishak Indrias Funga, Dr. Joseph, K. Sambu
Abstract: Lack of servant leadership is one of the large problems that today’s churches are facing all over the world. Most leaders within the church have mislaid their integrity, spirituality, transparency, and even their faith in God. God has given human beings the ability to influence people toward their purpose through servant leadership. Servant leadership can bring a great solution for the failure of both leaders’ behavior and service to others, and it helps to achieve churches’ goals and enhance their effectiveness. Servanthood, stewardship, transparency, and behaving ethically are the key ingredients that can sustain servant leadership in Africa Churches.

      Gambo Isa Muhammad, Balarabe Ibrahim, Dalhatu Sani K, Abdulrahaman Salihu Kombo, Adamu Dalhatu, & Sanusi Saleh
Abstract: Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and defibrillation are the interventions performed by health care professionals in order to preserve the life of a patient suffering cardiac arrest. These tasks are important to the role of nurses because they are the most common first responders to in-hospital cardiac arrest scenarios. The early initiation of CPR and defibrillation is essential in increasing the likelihood of a patient surviving cardiac arrest. The aim of the study is to assess factors influencing nurses’ initiation of cardio-pulmonary resuscitation among in-hospital cardiac arrest patients in selected hospitals of Kano State Metropolis. A mixed method design was used for the study.

      Susi Kresnatita; Oesin Oemar; Lusia Widiastuti
Abstract: The aims of this study were: 1. To find out whether nutritions derived from liquid organic fertilizer (POC) of chicken manure can be an alternative to AB Mix nutritions in supporting the growth and yield of lettuce using the wick hydroponic system. 2. To find out the effect of administering various nutrition concentrations of chicken manure liquid organic fertilizer on the growth and yield of lettuce using wick hydroponic system. 3.

      Nanette B. Acedillo
Abstract: Reading comprehension is essential for future learning and understanding, and without it, pupils will struggle academically. The study aimed to evaluate the reading comprehension skill level of the Grade 5 pupils through contextualized learning materials. The study was conducted in the school year 2022-2023 at Guadalupe Central Elementary School in the school division of Agusan del Sur. The study employed a quantitative approach with an emphasis on an experimental design of research. In selecting the respondents, a complete enumeration was utilized, of which 121 pupils from the 4 sections of Grade 5 were part of the study.

      Dr Aarathi Vijayan, Dr Jayanth Jayarajan
Abstract: Dentistry is one of the many professions that witness new technologies develop at finger snapping speed. The latest and the fast evolving one is the development of robots in dentistry. Robots are developed for many purposes from assisting dental students to nurture their dentistry skills to helping disabled dentists to practice dentistry. However, conventional robotics research is usually related to supporting surgical procedure and to help doctor’s ask questions to patients during interviews. There are many researchers working in the development of an ideal robot that can assist dental students and dentists in their clinical skills. If this is established successfully then it can be considered as a great boon in the field of dentistry. This great achievement can help the patients a great deal as they need not be served as “guinea pigs” to the budding dentists in dental colleges. This technology can mark the beginning of the end of an era in Dentistry.
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