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IJSRP, Volume 3, Issue 5, May 2013 Edition [ISSN 2250-3153]

All listed papers are published after full consent of respective author or co-author(s).
For any discussion on research subject or research matter, the reader should directly contact to undersigned authors.

All the papers will be listed in OARD latest by 30th May.
Online print version will be released latest by 30th May 2013.

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      Manu E., Preko K., Wemegah D.D.

Abstract: The growing interest in Ghana’s gold mining sector due to the recent upsurge in the price of gold has impacted greatly on the economy of the country with regard to its revenue generation capacity. There is therefore the need to develop this sector. Hence, any new method which is relatively low cost and has comparable efficiency compared to prevailing conventional methods in delineating new potential gold fields would be highly recommended. This study therefore aims at using the ground penetrating radar (GPR) a hitherto unknown geophysical method in the mining industry in Ghana, to detect possible zones of gold mineralization in Ghana. The GPR survey was conducted over the Subenso-north gold deposit, a property of Newmont Ghana Gold Limited to delineate geological structures that possibly host gold mineralization.

      Tanasorn Tunsaringkarn, Wanna Tungjaroenchai, Wattasit Siriwong

Abstract: Cross-sectional study of quail eggs was conducted to evaluate the nutritional compositions of carbohydrate, fat, protein, calories, vitamin, minerals and sex hormones. The results showed that average of each whole quail egg weight was 10.67 g. Their contents of ash, carbohydrate, fat, protein and moisture were 1.06, 4.01, 9.89, 12.7 and 72.25 g 100g-1, respectively. Total energy in calories obtained was 156.50 kcal 100g-1 whole egg. The most essential amino acid found in egg whites, was leucine and the most non-essential amino acid was aspartic acid.

      Otuo Serebour Agyemang, Emmanuel Aboagye, Aaron Yao Ofoe Ahali

Abstract: The relevance of corporate governance principles in the management of corporate organisations cannot be underestimated. The increasing influence of principles of corporate governance across the globe has been greatly linked to the recent corporate frauds and scandals. These frauds and scandals largely resulted from the failure of authorities of countries to effectively implement the legal and regulatory frameworks pertaining to corporate governance. Ghana is archetypal in regards to the failure of authorities to enforce the laws and regulations in relation to corporate governance.

      D.O.Onwuka, L. Anyaogu, T.U. Anyanwu, C. Chijioke

Abstract: In this article, a model of the compressive strength of river sand- termite soil concrete was formulated using Osadebe second degree polynomial equation. The formulated model can be used for determining the compressive strength obtainable from a given mix proportions of its constituents. Besides, it can be used for determining the mix proportions that can yield a given or desired compressive strength of a five-component concrete containing a percentage of termite soil.

      Abubaker Haroun Mohamed Adam , Elhag A.M.H , Salih, Abdelrahim . M

Abstract: This study was carried out in White Nile state to evaluate and tested the accuracy assessment (data quality) to monitor and assess the land cover land use mapping: The accuracy assessment model was used to measure of how many ground truth pixels are correctly classified. To achieve this objective sample points are located by Geographic Positioning System (GPS). Where, Landsat satellite imagery (ETM) year 2010 represented same results with the GPS and Geographic Information System (GIS). The result displayed an accuracy of 94.04 % with over all Kappa statistics (ka) of 91.26 %, however Remote sensing data, GPS data (ground truth), positional accuracy, logical consistency matching with the information on the map.

      D.O.Onwuka, L. Anyaogu, C. Chijioke , W.E. Igwegbe

Abstract: The high demand for concrete in the construction industry has led to a rapid decrease in natural soil deposit such as river sand and granite. The excessive usage of natural soil deposit has resulted into ecological imbalance and environmental problems. There is need to explore an alternate material that could be used as a replacement for the conventional aggregates. This had directed attention to by-product and wastes such as termite soil. The focus of this research is the development of a function for the optimization of the compressive strength of river sand – termite soil concrete based on simplex design.


Abstract: In this paper, a genetic algorithm (GA) and constriction factor based particle swarm optimization technique are proposed for solving the short term fixed head hydrothermal scheduling problem with transmission line losses. The performance efficiency of the proposed techniques is demonstrated on hydrothermal test system comprising of three thermal units and one hydro power plant. A wide range of thermal and hydraulic constraints such as real power balance constraint, minimum and maximum limits of thermal and hydro units, water availability limit and discharge rate limits are taken into account. The simulation results obtained from the constriction factor based particle swarm optimization technique are compared with the outcomes obtained from the genetic algorithm to reveal the validity and verify the feasibility of the proposed methods.

      Deborah Olufunmilayo Makinde

Abstract: Application of Salagean differential operator to certain Subclasses of harmonic univalent functions

      V.Rama Krishna Sharma, Dr.Chandrasekhar Paidimarri, Deepthi KVBL

Abstract: Most mobile communications services such as high multimedia are Asymmetric. There is a great difference in their downlink & uplink requirement both in transmitted amount and transmitted rate.This paper discuss asymmetry between uplink and downlink in view of EM radiation, termed as electro-magnetic Asymmetry.The influence of surrounding environment caused by EM radiation is always a serious problem.Also in view of the fact that the wireless resource is limited and to mainly minimise the asymmetry in TDD and to effectively mitigate cross-slot interference an efficient scheme called Demand based slot allocation (DBSA) with reference to TD-SCDMA is proposed. Finally,the simulation result shows that DBSA strategy markedly minimize the Asymmetry leading to human safety and also improves the system performance leading to higher resource utilization.

      MP Singh, Dr Jyotsna Sinha

Abstract: It was believed in the earlier part of the twentieth century that a person high on rational intelligence (IQ) will succeed in his life. Later, in mid 1990s, a theory was propounded that a person high on emotional intelligence (EQ), IQ being the same, has greater chances of faring well in life, for he is endowed with the capacity to manage his own and others’ emotions better. Towards the end of the century, it was highlighted that spiritual intelligence (SI), also SQ for short, is the ultimate intelligence, necessary for effective functioning of IQ and EQ. SQ allows human beings to be creative, to change the rules and to alter situations, giving us the ability to discriminate. Employing SQ one is enabled to differentiate between ‘right’ and ‘not right’ in the given framework of a society or a situation, listening to inner voice. Our brains are hard-wired for activation and utilization of SI, but most of the people let it remain dormant, missing out a richer quality of being.

      Panchalee Tamulee

Abstract: The bio-medical model of treatment of cancer provides the importance of varied process of chemotherapy, radiation or surgery dominantly. In current world where massive importance is given to the HPV clinical trials for the women breast cancer, this paper attempts to look into the different social systems for the women cancer patients. As part of bio-psychosocial model these systems are important and critical in treatment. The participants in this are individuals under follow-up or over treatment; survived for at least 5 years. A retrospective understanding and analysis was done of the social systems available for the women based on the positive experiences shared during the unstructured interviews. The social systems ranged from immediate family to doctors, every system having unique, distinct yet interplaying roles to contribute to the quality of life of the women cancer patients.

      Indrajit Ray, Amar K. Chandra

Abstract: To provide baseline anthropometric data on the problems of malnutrition among different sub-groups of Tripura’s children aged up to 18+ years, consulting internationally recognized SD system and to examine if there is any disagreement between the SD-and percentile-based cut-off points of malnutrition.

      S. Jayakumar, P. N. Sudha, R. Subashini, T. Gomathi, Srinivasan Latha

Abstract: The ternary blends consisting of Chitosan (CS), Nylon6 (Ny6) and Polyurethane foam (PUF) were prepared by solution blending method. The Structural, thermal and morphological studies were performed by Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR), Thermo gravimetric analysis (TGA), X-ray diffraction (XRD) and Scanning electron microscope (SEM). The FTIR results showed intermolecular hydrogen bonds took place between CS, Ny6 and PUF.

      E.S. Uma Maheswari, B. Jeyanthi

Abstract: Interactive White Boards are one of the electronic devices which is useful for teaching learning process, particularly for repetition of work, review work, storing the class teacher’s work in the board as well as the direct use of internet etc. It is a large touch-sensitive panel that connects to a digital projector and a computer, displaying the information on the computer screen. In this experimental study the objectives consists of (i) to know the utility of interactive whiteboard program for second language classrooms; (ii) to apply the interactive whiteboard program and to find out their utility level for the second language classrooms at Bachelor of Engineering level.

      Rahul Pawar

Abstract: Musca domestica found in every habitation causing nuisance, diseases which results in public health problems. Conventional methods used for fly control caused several problems such as pest resistance, effects on non-target organisms, pest resurgence etc. To overcome these difficulties, it is important to search for new ecofriendly alternatives. In present work an effort has been taken to solve these problems. For this a medicinal plant Curcuma longa (Turmeric) selected for screening its efficacy as biopesticide. It has medicinal properties such as anti-inflammatory, spasmolytic, antiparasitic, antibacterial, antiarthritic, carminative, Laxative, Tonic, Diuretic etc. Studied biochemical aspects reveal that enzyme activities were decreased to o.22umole/ml/min in case of Amylase while 0.30 umole/ml/min decreased was observed in case of Invertase. While it also decreased carbohydrate and protein content significantly i.e. 9.26 and 22.01 mg/gm body weight. These results conclude that this plant has to be further investigated for developing a ecofriendly insect control pesticides which can used in IPM.

      E.S. Uma Maheswari, B.Jeyanthi

Abstract: The present article discusses the process approach to reading and its incorporation in the teaching of literary texts. This is attempted because the main project of the thesis is related to the Teaching of English. The pivot of a prose lesson is reading and unless a text is read and understood properly, it will be very difficult to carry on group-work in the classroom. Hence, this article is highlighted the teachers of reading and their implication for teachers and students.

      Dr. Thriveni

Abstract: Princely State of Mysore in India was under the British colonial rule during 1881 to 1947.This research article aims to document the role of Princely Mysore State in campaigning against the outbreak of plague. The methodology adopted is the historical perspective. Modus operandi adopted by the Princely Mysore state to counter the deadly epidemic is also highlighted. Plague bacillus took away the lives of over 20 million people in India during 1896-1918, merciless in its ravages and sweeping off thousands in a day. The plague outbreak reigned for two decades and took toll of a crore people in the Princely State of Mysore. Lack of medical facilities had brought very high mortality.

      Kalaivani.M, Jegadeesan.M

Abstract: The alcoholic extract of leaves and flowers of Madhuca longifolia were screened for antimicrobial activities against Staphylococcus aureus, Bacillus subtilis, Escherichia coli, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Aspergillus oryzae and Aspergillus niger.In general, commercial antibiotic and antifungal drugs causes side effects. However, herbal remedies often do not produce any side effects. Therefore, alternative medicine become popular remedy to various types of ailments In conclusion, Madhuca longifolia extracts have revealed significant antimicrobial activities against test organisms used for the study.

      Deepak Teotia, S. P. Chakrabarti, S. S. Ajay

Abstract: The present study was carried out to evaluate the anti-diabetic activity of water extract of Calotropis gigantea leaves in alloxan n induced diabetic rats for 0, 20, 60, 120, 240, 360 minutes. The water extract at the dose (0.7 gm/kg) exhibited significant anti-hyperglycemic activity. Oral and intraperitoneally administration of the plant produced significant hypoglycemic effect in normal as well as hyperglycemic rats. The water extract of Calotripis gigantea leaves showed hypoglycemic effect in normoglycemic and hyperglycemic rats after both oral and intraperitoneal administration. The effect could be comparable to that of well-known hypoglycemic compound like metformin and glibenclamide used at 11.3 and 0.13 mg/kg, respectively.

      Mrs.Swati Chandurkar, Sneha Mugade, Sanjana Sinha, Megharani Misal, Pooja Borekar

Abstract: In the daily operation of a bus system, the movement of vehicles is affected by uncertain conditions as the day progresses, such as traffic congestion, unexpected delays, and randomness in passenger demand, irregular vehicle dispatching times, and incidents. In a real-time setting, researchers have devoted significant effort to developing flexible control strategies, depending on the specific features of public transport systems. This paper focuses on the implementation of a Real Time Passenger Information (RTPI) system, by installing GPS devices on city buses. The Real Time Bus Monitoring and Passenger Information system is a standalone system designed to display the real-time location(s) of the buses in city.

      Dr.Ravi Sunder Ragam, Dr.Neelima Pilli

Abstract: On routine medical checkups of 1st MBBS students during the admission into medical college,2 boy students were found to have persistent primary mandibular central incisors and 1 girl student was found to have only 2 maxillary incisors instead of 4 in the upper jaw where the lateral maxillary incisors were missing. In the first two cases, on inspection of dentition of both boys, the primary milk teeth were present in the mandible only. These were small when compared to other secondary dentition. Gums were normal. There was no eruption of permanent mandibular central incisors. The primary teeth were as strong as the other permanent teeth. There was no considerable difficulty in speech or mastication.

      Neelima Pilli, Ragam Ravi Sunder

Abstract: Persistence of frontal suture separating the two frontal bones in the adults is called metopism and the suture is called metopic suture. The fusion of metopic suture starts at around 18 months after birth and is completed by 8-9 years of age. The present study aims at the presence of persistent metopic suture in the adult skulls in various forms between glabella and bregma which may be misinterpreted as radiological fracture. 180 adult skulls ranging from 30-60 years of age group from the department of Anatomy RIMS, Ongole were studied for the presence of metopic suture and their shapes and measurements were tabulated.

      MP Singh, Dr Jyotsna Sinha

Abstract: The present study aims to examine the organizational role in causing stress to the government officers. The sample consists of 87 officers serving in the government departments. They have been assessed for their organizational role stress utilizing the Organizational Role Stress (ORS) scale. The result reveals that while inter role distance, role expectation conflict and role erosion are the main sources of stress felt by the officers, personal inadequacy, role ambiguity and resource inadequacy are the least felt stresses. On the basis of these findings, a comprehensive human resource development strategy can be evolved to deal with the impact of organizational role stress in the government departments.

      Dhirendra Pandey, Jai Prakash Pandey, Nisha Shukla

Abstract: The aim of this paper is to increase the knowledge of the diversity of digenean parasites from rana tigrina collected in sidhi district madhya Pradesh, India. About 200 parasites representing Tremiorchis ranarum were collected from the intestine of Rana tigrina from different places of Sidhi (M.P.). They were critically analyzed for their intra specific variations. Measurements of various organs of 50 parasites were recorded for study.

      Nilima Sandbhor, Snehal Shinde, Varsha Hulawale

Abstract: Our project is to provide a platform to share device oriented information between devices via local private cloud. The information like missed call history, massages, files, notes, to do’s etc. are shared between devices. For sharing such information we build the local private cloud. For first time we use windows OS and android as platform on which client application runs. This Application can set various kinds of triggers to push information into the cloud.

      S.Ananthi , K.Padmanabhan

Abstract: Testing using standard function generators for frequency response, pulse response is common. Oftentimes, certain nonlinear systems such as testing of saturable reactors, semiconductors of the p-n-p-n type as well as testing of avalanche conditions in power transistors need sharp rise and slow fall signals To this end, a PC based function generator where any kind of signal pattern such as the above, including wavelets could be realized with a very simple circuit, combined with a power OPAMP. Circuits of the above type could be tested using this set-up. The software is developed in Visual Basic.

      Dr Brijendra Singh, Dr Renu Gupta, Dr Rajneesh Garg

Abstract: The Internet provides an opportunity for anyone to interact with whole of the world without any boundaries and barriers. Just think of friends and family members, to search any topic one can imagine, and to explore the world while sitting in the comfort of their own home or moving around by either desktops, laptops, or by smart phones.

      Richa Chitranshi, Prakash Pancholi

Abstract: The effect of electromagnetic radiation on human health is the subject of recent interest and study. ICNIRP (International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection) study has concluded that the exposure levels due to cell phone base stations are generally around one-ten-thousandth of the guideline levels. Moreover, the WHO has classified mobile phone radiation on the IARC (International Agency for Research on Cancer) scale into Group 2B – possibly carcinogenic to humans. That means that there could be some risk. On the other hand, telecom service providers are worried about QoS (quality of service) of mobile services after implementation of stricter norms regarding cell tower radiations.

      R M Kamble

Abstract: Economic globalization impacts the environment and sustainable development in a wide variety of ways and through a multitude of channels. The aim of the paper is to interrogate a variety of arguments about human rights and environmental sustainability in order to assess their coherence and consistency, and to evaluate competing perspectives. The purpose of this paper is (a) to identify the key links between globalization and environment; environment and human rights An integrative section on the effects of globalization and environmental policy and performance leads to domestic and international priority policy issues and recommendations.

      Dr. S. Siddi Raju

Abstract: An endeavour is made in the present study to identify the groundwater potential zones in the Pulang River basin, Cuddapah district based on the Geological and Geo-electrical investigations. The Geomorphological features and lineament patterns are also studied in locating favourable sites for groundwater. The Geoelectrical soundings conducted at hundred locations in the basin area are interpreted by Schlumberger method. These studies helped to understand the subsurface Geology and in identifying the high groundwater potential zones and to locate in turn the favourable sites for good yielding bore wells.

      M.V. Jayaprakasan, K.Viswanathan, P. P. Pradyumnan

Abstract: In this work a simple pyrolysis route to synthesis nano-carbon powder from Sesame oil is followed. The precursor sesame oil used as the source of hydrocarbon by decomposition at high temperature, is a group I vegetable oil with long chain fatty acid containing 16 or 18 carbon atoms. Experiment was performed in an open air laboratory atmosphere and sophisticated laboratory conditions such as inert gas atmosphere, isolated chamber etc are avoided. The synthesized agglomerates are subjected to Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy to investigate its chemical contents.

      Dr.Deepak S.Howale, Dr.Zarna K.Patel

Abstract: A Sesamoid bones are embedded in tendons, and are essentially hardened calcifications of the tendon itself. The largest sesamoid bone in the human body is the patella, which lies suspended in the kneecap between the quadriceps tendon above and the patellar tendon below. They are found in locations where a tendon passes over a joint, such as the hand, knee, and foot. Functionally, they act to protect the tendon and to increase its mechanical effect, The presence of a bone serves to hold the tendon slightly further away from the centre of the joint this increases its movement, and stops the tendon from flattening into the joint. This differs from menisci, which are made of cartilage and rather act to disperse the weight of the body on joints and reduce friction during movement.

      G.Mathivathana, B. Usha, G.Sasikala, K.R.Rajesh, R.Indra Priyadharsini, K.S.Seetha

Abstract: Urinary Tract Infection is one of the most common infections observed in clinical practice among community & hospitalized patients. Since the pattern of sensitivity is constantly changing, monitoring the antimicrobial susceptibilities has become more important. It provides information of the pathogenic organisms isolated from patients as well as assists in choosing the appropriate antimicrobial therapy.

      Sania Thomas, Dr.E.R.Arun

Abstract: Exploiting full potential of mobile computing is difficult because of the problems such as resource scarcity, mobility, frequent disconnections. To conquer these issues Mobile cloud computing can be used. Because of the mobile nature of the devices fault-tolerance is a highly important aspect in a mobile cloud, even more than a conventional cloud. Disconnection can happen due to user mobility as devices enter and leave a network. Running out of battery power, network signal loss, or hardware failures are the other common issues .In this paper introduces a fault tolerant distributed meeting system. In this users join a meeting. Each person or group joins from different location and device. Similarly many groups and users join the meeting from different locations using different devices.

      Dr.P.Suguna, T.Tamil Selvi

Abstract: Human resource management is a process of bringing people and organizations together so that the goals of each other are met. Nowadays it is not possible to show a good financial operating report unless the personnel relations are in order. This calls for skill mapping through proper HRM initiatives. Competency mapping is a method through which individual assesses and determines one’s potency as an individual employee and in some cases, as element of an organization. The large organizations often employ some kind of competency mapping to understand how to most competently employ the competencies of workers.

      H. Esther Gangte, N.S. Thoudam, Ginzamang T. Zomi

Abstract: A survey of wild edible plants used by the Zou tribe was undertaken during 2011-2012 in Manipur. The Zou are one of the recognised tribes in Manipur settling along the Burma border. Zou being translated as Lofty hill ranges are the hill people, with a population of 20,567 (Census 2001). Oral traditions and culture reveals that most of their economies have been engaged in subsistence agriculture, hunting and gathering. This paper documents 84 species belonging to 36 families. All plants are arranged alphabetically in a tabular form, followed by families, vernacular name(s), plant part(s) and used methods.

      Rohit Iyer, Amrish Jhaveri, Krutika Parab

Abstract: A novel technique for very fast Sudoku solving using recognition of various patterns like Naked Singles, Hidden Singles, Locked Candidates, etc. is reviewed by conducting experiments and plotting the observations. Evaluation of the technique in solving random set of Sudoku puzzles collection show that the rate of solving can be greatly improved. However, only selected patterns are used for Sudoku solving in this review while even further improvement in solving rate may be possible if some more patterns could be detected and solved.

      C.Gnanavel, N.Kamalamoorthy, V. Prabhu

Abstract: Multilevel inverters have an attracted a great deal of attenuation in medium voltage and high power application. Due to their lower switching losses, EMI, high efficiency. Among the several multilevel inverters topology it is more attractive due to the simplicity of control. This paper proposes to CHMLI output voltage level is increase to reduced total harmonic Distortion. Hence the paper mainly focused on 14 level multilevel inverter using 12 switches (3H-bridge inverters). The result shows that the proposed method evaluate single and three phase cascaded multilevel inverter effectively minimizes a large number of specific harmonics and reduced switching loss , the output voltage in addition of very low total harmonic distortion. This paper proposed on HCMLI that uses only one power source for each phase. It can produce desired multilevel voltage wave from the multilevel inverter topology can overcome some of its limitations the conventional method. Echelon.

      D.O. Onwuka, L.Anyaogu , C.Chijioke , P.C. Okoye

Abstract: Frequent increase in the price of cement and other building materials across Nigeria has reawakened serious need to relate research to production, especially in the use of locally available materials as alternatives for construction of functional but low-cost dwellings in both rural and urban areas in the country. This article aimed at prediction and optimizing compressive strength of concrete when one of its conventional materials, cement is partially or wholly replaced by Sawdust ash. Sawdust ash (SDA) is a non-toxic construction waste material found in abundance in Nigeria. The effective utilization of this material as a component in concrete depends on the mix proportioning of the various component materials.

      Hariom Kumar, Rajkumar R

Abstract: Cloud computing refers to computing with a focus of virtualized computer networks or resources and application services by improving the utilization of data centre and data resources. In the existing system, it has been analyzed that the risks and availability of student academic records and information are very likely to be centralized, static in nature and one time use only. The proposed system is based on cloud environment; it communicates as well as synchronized with different academic clouds and provides a way of freedom to students regarding their academics and professional achievements.

      Jyothi.R.L., Anilkumar.A., Manoj Ray D.

Abstract: Cloud computing provides on-demand services with high performance in a flexible manner. Fast and easy deployment, scalability and service-oriented architecture are its main features. It promises substantial cost reduction together with flexibility than the traditional IT operations. Service provider’s offers substantial amount of services with different performance characteristics. A broker cloud service provider (BCSP) is implemented, which provide its own services and also act as a broker redirecting the request to other cloud service providers. The BCSP gets payment from clients and provides an efficient service to them. In turn BCSP would pay other cloud service providers for using their services. An algorithm is implemented in BCSP based on client requests analysis that provides faster and cost-efficient of allocation resources for clients request. This technique provides an effective request-resource allocation based on various criteria

      Mrs. Archana K

Abstract: Since from the beginning, the phenomenon of globalization has captured world attention in various ways. The tremendous change in the countries caused erosion of environmental quality to a large extent. Hence the concept of sustainable development has gained importance since Rio Declaration. The central purpose of it is to create an enabling environment in which all human beings lead secure and creative lives. This paper focuses on the adverse effect of globalization on environment, and the need for sustainable development of environment with the industrial growth.

      P.M.Dahikar, R.M Kedar

Abstract: Novel metal benzoinoxime complexes have been synthesized substituted from substituted benzoinoximes.They were characterized by element and spectral analysis. The synthesized complexes were screened for antimicrobial activity at a concentration of 1000µgm/ml which was serially diluted to determine their MIC value of Furionoxime -Cu(II).

      B.Srinivasa Rao, S.Nagendram, K.Rosaiah

Abstract: A combination of exponential and half logistic failure rate model for reliability studies is paid much attention. An attempt is made to present the distributional properties, estimation of parameters , testing of hypothesis and the power of likelihood ratio criterion about the proposed model .

      Arvind Kumar, Surat Singh

Abstract: Solid waste management is a major problem for most of the Indian cities due to growing urban population and per capita waste generation rate, poor public awareness, participation and calamitous financial and organizational capacities of the urban local bodies. This paper deals with the composition of the Domestic Solid Waste (DSW) generation in the semi-urban area of the Kathua District. The various components of the solid waste were categorized into biodegradable, non-biodegradable and inert waste. It is observed that the study area produces around 70.62% of biodegradable material and the rest is contributed by non-biodegradable and inert waste. Moreover, a comparative account of relationship between domestic solid waste generation and education level of the families was also carried out.

      Vinit Raskar

Abstract: Acquiring trustworthy information on crop type and production is very essential for developing countries like India as agriculture is considered as the backbone of its economy. Comprehensive, reliable and timely information on agricultural resources is very much necessary. Though there are numbers of methods for estimation of crop type and production, each method has its own strength and weaknesses. Apart from crop type, associated information is also equally important to understand the reasons behind farmers’ cropping decisions. Though accurate crop data is important for agricultural planning this methodology is may help us in agricultural as well as economic planning. Crop data generated by government agencies used to prepare a catalog of crop information such as Name of crop, area under crop, variety.

      P. Mohanaiah, P. Sathyanarayana, L. GuruKumar

Abstract: Feature Extraction is a method of capturing visual content of images for indexing & retrieval. Primitive or low level image features can be either general features, such as extraction of color, texture and shape or domain specific features. This paper presents an application of gray level co-occurrence matrix (GLCM) to extract second order statistical texture features for motion estimation of images. The Four features namely, Angular Second Moment, Correlation, Inverse Difference Moment, and Entropy are computed using Xilinx FPGA. The results show that these texture features have high discrimination accuracy, requires less computation time and hence efficiently used for real time Pattern recognition applications.

      V.Seerengasamy, Dr.K.Jeyaraman

Abstract: To minimize the computational effort needed in solving a Linear Fractional programming problem a new approach has been proposed. Here we use θ matrix for finding the solution of the integer linear fractional programming problems.

      Bhavana Prakash Shrivastava, Kavita Khare

Abstract: As network on chip (NoC) systems become more prevalent in today’s industry. Routers and interconnection networks are the main components of NoC. Therefore, there is a need to obtain low area and power models for these components so that we can better understand the area and power tradeoffs. In this paper a low- area and power efficient NoC architecture is proposed by eliminating the virtual channels. Buffers are replaced by elastic buffer. In order to get the advantage of both buffered and buffer less the cross bar is split in to two parts. Implementation is done in Micro wind 3.5 the proposed router area is reduced by 47.89% and power is reduced by 11.2% compared to base line router accordingly.

      Umaira Tabassum, Irene Rosita Pia Patric, Geetashree Mukherjee , Kumaravel Somasundaram

Abstract: Modulation of AP-2AP-2, CHI3L1 and PBEF1 has been implicated in the pathogenesis of many human neoplasms. In order to get an insight into the role of these genes in breast cancer pathogenesis, we have studied the extent of AP-2, AP-2, CHI3L1 and PBEF1 expression and evaluated their prognostic significance by calculating risk score among Indian sporadic breast cancer patients.

      Sirisha Badhika

Abstract: Optical character recognition strategies are concentrated towards improving recognition efficiencies by adapting post processing techniques. OCR errors of complex scripts are due to improper segmentation as well as inappropriate rendering. Topological features of a script as a global knowledge and geometrical features of isolated patterns as local knowledge are combined together while segmenting the basic unit,syllable. A multilevel segmentation was implemented to adopt the idea of human visual perception capability into the proposed model to use the distinct features exhibited by Devanagari script. The proposed method is based on implementing cognitive approach in segmentation phase by dealing with the syllable as a meaningful unit of information right from segmentation phase itself instead of isolated pattern on document images of Devanagari script.

      Nivedita Soni , Ayasha Siddiqua

Abstract: In this world of mobile and cameras, new methods differ from the traditional methods. Traditional methods used contact-based fingerprint matching while the new technique uses contact-less fingerprint matching. Fingerprint matching using sensors uses greyscale images which are very much defining comparative to the images which are taken by cameras and mobiles. And in case of mobile and cameras images can be blurred including noise and distortion. In this paper, we are defining techniques to overcome the issues of blurred images and have to find out better minutiae to match with the database set. To extract the features from blurred images, images which are taken by low cost sensors are filtered and then further processed for minutiae matching.

      Ved Patki

Abstract: Sickle cell disease (SCD) is a major genetic disorder among the tribal population. Hence the objective of the present study was to determine the prevalence and frequency of the sickle cell gene in some selected tribal population of the Ghatanji and Kelapur taluka of Yavatmal District (Central India). A total of 1078 tribal individuals were screened for SCD from 17 tribal villages constituting 3 tribal castes (Gond, Kolam, Pardhan). Using electrophoresis on cellulose acetate membrane 25 individuals were found heterozygous and 19 individuals were found to be homozygous for sickle cell gene. The sickle cell allele frequency was found to be 0.01414 in Gond, 0.03604 in Kolam and 0.00436 in Pardhans.

      Manisha, Chanchal, Pawan Bhadana, Ritu Khurana

Abstract: Ad-hoc networks are an emerging area of mobile computing. There are various challenges that are faced in the Ad-hoc environment. In this paper we attempt to analyze the demands of Ad-hoc environment. We focus on three areas of Ad-hoc networks, key exchange and management, Ad-hoc routing, and intrusion detection. The key issues concerning these areas have been addressed here. We have tried to compile solutions to these problems that have been active areas of research.

      M.Maharaja, C.Kalaiselvan

Abstract: Autonomous communications systems often involve the use of separate solar cells and antennas, which necessitate a compromise in the utilization of the limited surface area available. These separate items may be combined,, provided that the antennas and solar cells are compatible. To show the compatibility of solar cells and antennas, the concept is used to create linearly polarized slot antenna, a circularly polarized shot antenna, a circularly polarized slot antenna and a slot array. The concept offers advantages in terms of surface coverage, volume, weight and electric performance. Slot antennas provide large metallic surfaces (the ground plane) on which solar cells can be directly grown. This yields high area coverage efficiency for the solar cells. In this, it is possible to nearly completely cover the ground plane with exception of a very small area close to the radiating edges of the slot antenna without degradation of the RF performance.

      G. Sreenivasulu , N. Jayaraju , M. Pramod Kumar , T. Lakshmi Prasad

Abstract: Remote Sensing as a direct adjunct to field, recently playing an important role in the study and assess the natural resource in any part of the world. Anthropogenic changes in land use and land cover and land use are often assumed to be identical, they are rather quite different. Land cover may be defined as the biophysical earth surface, while land use is often shaped by human, socio-economic and political influences on the land. Remote Sensing (RS), integrated with Geographic Information System (GIS), provides an effective tool for analysis of land use and land cover changes at a regional level. The geospatial technology of RS and GIS holds the potential for timely and cost – effective assessment of natural resources.

      Venkata Krishna Kota, Umamaheswaran S

Abstract: Spell Suggestion plays a vital role in search applications. Lucene is an open source java library for building search applications. Lucene offers many built in features to develop rapid search applications. It offers spell suggestions for single term queries. In this paper, an algorithm is proposed for multi term spell suggestions and it is implemented.

      Sweekruti Mishra, Shashank Mundra, Professor R Sudha

Abstract: Electroporation, a biophysical effect finds immense significance in the fields of medical applications. Used as a method of transfection, it can be employed to find cure for three dangerous and life threatening medical conditions like cancer, decrease in insulin production and autoimmune diseases. Electrical apparatus used for these treatments are generally based on dc voltage pulses, which due to their inefficiency in producing desired output, have paved ways for electrical apparatus that use ac pulses. Therefore, a high voltage linear amplifier design using vacuum tube valves has been referred to, for the production of the same.

      ShikhaSwaroop, PrashantKrishan, Ayashasiddiqua

Abstract: Wireless Multimedia Sensor Networks (WMSNs) is networks of wirelessly interconnected devices comprising multimedia sensor nodes that are able to process real time multimedia content such as video and audio streams, still images, and scalar sensor data from the environment. We present the features of the environment in which the sensor networks may deploy. Node deployment in wireless multimedia sensor network is application dependent. It can be in deterministic or random fashion. In both the condition coverage of interested area is concerned.

      Syed Ahsan Shabbir, Kannadasan R

Abstract: Detection of fraud in e-commerce payment system or An effective fraud detection system using mining technique is some more related to Mobile computing. Usage of credit card has increased. As we know credit card has become the most popular mode of payment. Customers can easily purchase goods through online. All amounts is credited or debited through credit card. Online banking is also provided for customers to enable them to easily debit, credit or transfer their amount. Whenever a new customer joins, the administrator check the details provided by the customer and send a mail to the customer giving permission for him/her to access the account.

      Chandrashekhar Kumar, Venugopala Reddy, Fasiulla

Abstract: A new series of 2-(ortho & para substituted phenoxy)-1-(3-(3-chloro-4-methoxyphenyl)-5-(substituted phenyl)-4,5-dihydropyrazol-1-yl)ethanone were synthesized. Ortho and para substituted phenol was refluxed with ethylchloroacetate in dry acetone in presence of anhydrous potassium carbonate to yield ethyl (ortho & para substituted phenoxy) acetate (1). The substituted ester on reaction with hydrazine hydrate yields 2-( ortho & para -substituted phenoxy) acetohydrazide (2). Chalcones (3a-3j) were prepared from the reaction between substituted aromatic aldehydes and 3-chloro-4-methoxy acetophenone in presence of a strong base. (2) On reaction with chalcones afforded the pyrazoline derivatives. The chemical structures of these compounds were confirmed by means of IR, 1H NMR, mass spectral data and elemental analysis. Newly synthesized compounds were screened in vitro for their antimicrobial activity against varieties of gram positive and gram negative bacterial strains and fungi strains Candida albicans & Aspergillus nigar at 100 μg/mL.

      Brij Mohan Kumar Singh, Chethan Manohar, Deepak Nayak M, Sushma V. Belurkar

Abstract: Mast cell leukemia is a rare variant of mastocytosis, accounting for less than 1% of all mast cell disease and pose one of the greater challenges in the management of these patients, with a grave prognosis. Diagnosis of this neoplasm rests on the detection of abnormal mast cells in marrow and subsequent spill over to the peripheral blood. We report a case of aleukemic variant of mast cell leukemia in a pediatric patient, presenting with fever and chest pain for 10 days. The peripheral smear showed a picture of pancytopenia with abnormal/ atypical lymphoid cells. Bone marrow aspirate showed dense aggregates of atypical, hypogranular and partially degranulated mast cells expressing toluidine blue and CD117 positivity.

      Dr. K. Radha, Mr.S. Arumugam

Abstract: In this paper, the direct sum of two fuzzy graphs G1 and G2 is defined. It is proved that when two fuzzy graphs are effective then their direct sum need not be effective. The degrees of the vertices in the direct sum of two fuzzy graphs G1 and G2 in terms of degrees of the vertices in the fuzzy graphs G1 and G2 are obtained. The lower and upper truncations of the direct sum of two fuzzy graphs are obtained. The regular property and connectedness of the direct sum of two fuzzy graphs are also studied.

      K Prasada Rao, Sukhdeo Sao, JBV Subrahmanyam

Abstract: A novel topology for cascaded multilevel inverters which is suitable for renewable energy source interfacing to grid is proposed in this paper. The proposed topology significantly reduces the usage of number of dc voltage sources, switches, and power diodes as the number of output voltage levels increase. The world electrical energy consumption is rising and there is a steady increase of the demand on the power capacity, efficient production, distribution and utilization of electrical energy. The traditional power systems are changing, number of renewable energy sources such as wind turbines, photovoltaic generators, fuel cells, small hydro, wave generators, are being integrated into power systems at distribution level. The multilevel converters plays an essential part in the integration of the renewable energy sources.

      Suzanne Maria D’cruz, Navin Rajaratnam

Abstract: Although it is known that there is a change in cognitive function with aging, different views exist on the extent, type of cognitive function involved, age of onset and the factors affecting it. We undertook this preliminary study with an aim of determining the effect of aging on cognitive function in a normal non-demented South Indian population. A simple bedside screening test, the Mini-Mental State Examination (MMSE) was administered to 50 controls aged 20-50 years (Group I), 50 normal non-demented subjects aged 60-75 years (Group II) and 50 subjects aged above 75 years (Group III) of both sexes.

      Gunendra Chandra Das, Dr. Ranjan Das

Abstract: In this study samples are collected from several stakeholders involved with the entire privately organized tutoring system as well as the schools. Data have been gathered through interview from teachers, parents and students of various categories. This investigation mainly focused and why the students go for private tuition and how the tutorial classes build up students’ knowledge and skills. The investigation revealed that not only the weaker students go for private tuition in mathematics but the students from all categories. Reasons of going mathematics tutorial classes ranged from getting pass marks to being forced by parents or pushed by class mates. However, common practice for most of the individual tutors is to complete the syllabus. Students expressed boldly that they could learn problem solving more easily in tutorial classes than in school.

      Nirajini A., Priya K. B.

Abstract: Capital structure is a financial tool that helps to determine how do firms choose their capital structure? a firms capital structure is then the composition or structure of its liabilities. In this study, an attempt has been made to analyze the Capital structure and financial performance during 2006 to 2010 (05 years) financial year of listed trading companies in Sri Lanka. For the purpose of this study, the data was extracted from the annual reports of sample companies. Correlation and multiple regression analysis are used for analysis. The results revealed there is positive relationship between capital structure and financial performance. And also capital structure is significantly impact on financial performance of the firm showed that debt asset ratio, debt equity ratio and long term debt correlated with gross profit margin(GPM), net profit margin(NPM), Return on Capital Employed(ROCE),Return on Asset (ROA) & Return on Equity(ROE )at significant level of 0.05 and 0.1.

      Virendra Singh Kushwah, Aradhana Saxena

Abstract: Cloud computing is a new paradigm that combines several computing concepts and technologies of the Internet creating a platform for more agile and cost-effective business applications and IT infrastructure. The adoption of Cloud computing has been increasing for some time and the maturity of the market is steadily growing. Security is the question most consistently raised as consumers look to move their data and applications to the cloud. I justify the importance and motivation of security in the migration of legacy systems and I carry out an approach related to security in migration processes to cloud with the aim of finding the needs, concerns, requirements, aspects, opportunities and benefits of security in the migration process of legacy systems.

      Shikha Priyambada, Dr D. K. Singh

Abstract: This paper investigates the core and cladding effective area and splicing loss behavior of a square lattice photonic crystal fiber. These behaviors of square lattice photonic crystal fiber are also compared with the hexagonal photonic crystal fiber. Effective index method is applied for the numerical calculation and the plot has been analyzed by using MATLAB. It has been observed that by choosing some sufficient dimensional parameter a square lattice photonic crystal fiber has sufficiently large effective area and nearly zero splice loss of 0.0006dB at 1.55µm.

      O. Jitendiya Devi , G.K.N. Chhetry

Abstract: Antifungal activity of aqueous extracts of locally available plants which are known for their medicinal values were tested in vitro against Drechslera oryzae, the causal organism of brown leaf spot of rice. The plants extracts were tested against the mycelial growth of D. oryzae at different concentrations of 5%, 10%, 15% and 20% using poisoned food technique. Among the plants extracts, Acorus calamus extract at 20% concentration alone showed 80.0% inhibition of mycelial growth whereas the other tested plants showed less inhibitory effect. In field trial, aqueous extract of Acorus calamus showed maximum percentage of disease control and reduced the disease incidence by 45.29% as compared with control plot.

      Gouthamkumar Yarlagadda, Goutham Solasa, Raviteja Boyanapalli, Praveen Paladugu, Suresh Babu G

Abstract: Three-dimensional finite element (FE) model for armchair and zigzag type single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWCNTs) is proposed. The model development is based on the assumption that carbon nanotubes, when subjected to loading, behave like space-frame structures. The bonds between carbon atoms are considered as connecting load-carrying members, while the carbon atoms as joints of the members. To create the FE models, nodes are placed at the locations of carbon atoms and the bonds between them are modeled using three-dimensional shell element. The elastic moduli of shell element is determined by using a linkage between molecular and continuum mechanics. The investigation includes armchair and zigzag SWCNTs.

      Shashi Prakash Mishra, Ujwala S. Gujar , Prof Lalit Kumar Das, Leena Bansod, Sujata P. Bhalshankar

Abstract: In this paper experiment for development of terra sigillata for terracotta jewellery in different shades of brown, orange, white and grey is presented using clay found in and around Wardha. The terra sigillata thus developed has been used in terracotta jewellery. The technology was successfully implemented by the self help groups and has been effectively commercialised under brand of Wardhani and Kalpak.

      Tariq Khalil Bharwana, Dr. Mohsin Bashir, Muhammad Mohsin

Abstract: This paper is concentrated on quality of services offered by colleges so that those colleges can compete their rivals and seek satisfaction from students. In whole of the world especially Pakistan’s focus is concentrated on spreading education. For education enhancement, role of Private Colleges is extremely admitable. Competition of Colleges is also crucial point for each of college in term of number of students. It is accepted that colleges who are providing quality of services, their students are satisfied and in this way commitment with colleges is increased which results in reputation of college. Dimensions of quality of service include tangible, empathy, reliability, responsiveness and assurance. Youngsters were randomly selected for the purpose of studies that are from Inter level to Master level of education. Results of study show that service quality is found to be very important factor for satisfaction of customers.

      Mrudula Varade, Vimla Jethani

Abstract: A Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) is designed to store very large data sets reliably and to stream those data sets at high bandwidth to user applications. Metadata management is critical to distributed file system. In HDFS architecture, a single master server manages all metadata, while a number of data servers store file data. This architecture cannot meet the exponentially increased storage demand in cloud computing, as the single master server may become a performance bottleneck. Comparative study of a metadata management scheme is done. There is three of techniques sub-tree partitioning, hashing and consistent hashing of metadata management scheme. Out of these three schemes consistent hashing is the best techniques which employs multiple NameNodes, and divides the metadata into buckets which can be dynamically migrated among NameNodes according to system workloads. To maintain reliability, metadata is replicated in different NameNodes with log replication technology, and Paxos algorithm is adopted to keep replication consistency.

      Aklilu Asfaw, Mengistu Sime, Fisseha Itanna

Abstract: A field experiment was carried out during 2010/2011and 2011/2012 years to determine the extent of contamination of vegetables by tannery effluent in Ejersa area of East Shoa, Ethiopia. Five treatments comprised of tannery effluent of different concentrations levels, i.e., 0,25,50,75,100% applied to six vegetable plants like onion (Allium cepa L.), carrot (Daucus carota L.), beet root (Beta vulgaris L.), Swiss chard (Beta vulgaris L.), tomato (Lycopersicum esculentum L.) and cabbage (Brassica oleracea L.). The treatments were arranged in Randomized Complete Block Design (RCBD) with five effluent concentrations (treatments), each replicated three times. All vegetable plants grown with different effluent concentrations and the effects of different concentrations of effluents were compared to that of normal water (control). Parameters considered to study were heavy metals like (cadmium, chromium, copper, lead, iron, zinc).

      Rashmi Rani , Vinod Jain

Abstract: The problem of finding relevant documents has become much more difficult due to the return a large number of Web pages generally in the form of ranked list data on the WWW. This result increases the users searching time to find the desired information within the search results, while in general most users just want to result pages to find new/different results. Thus a work is done which reduced a search space and high priority pages are to move upwards in the result list. The Web mining tools are used to classify, cluster and order the documents so that users can easily navigate through the search result and find the desired Information content .

      Rashmi Rani , Vinod Jain

Abstract: The problem of finding relevant documents has become much more difficult due to the return a large number of Web pages generally in the form of ranked list data on the WWW. This result increases theusers searching time to find the desired information within the search results, while in general most users just want to result pages to find new/different results. Thus a work is done which reduced a search space and high priority pages are to move upwards in the result list. The Web mining tools are used to classify, cluster and order the documents so that users can easily navigate through the search result and find the desired Information content .

      Syed Sana, Dr. G.A.Bhat, Henah Mehraj Balkhi

Abstract: The aim of this study was to investigate the health risks associated with the man power working in the cement factories at Kashmir, India. In order to study the health hazards of cement factory on workers, three cement factories were considered for the studies which includes; JK Cements Ltd. Khrew, Saifco Cements Ltd. Khonmoh and Khyber cements Ltd. Khonmoh Kashmir, India. Total of 10% of employees in three cement factories were considered for the studies. The workers were administered with the standard format questionnaire which was followed by personal interviews. The results indicate a visible impact on health of workers and during summers the health related problems increases.

      Dr. Md. Asif Iqubal

Abstract: Livestock husbandry is one of the significant agricultural sub-sector that competing overall economic expansion as it contributes 1.5 percent to GDP globally. About 29 percent of the world land surface is used for livestock production, either by permanent pasture for grazing or croplands for animal fodder and feed. In a world where a growing number of consumers and producers have instant access of livestock products we have a moral mandate to guide the expanding and rapidly changing global livestock sector so as to minimize its negative environmental impacts and maximize the potential benefits both economically and environmentally.

      B.N.Karthik, D.M.Phanendra Kumar, B.Mayuri

Abstract: This paper deals with the pollution originating from one of the by product of the coal called ash in Indian thermal power stations. Ash is obtained by the combustion of coal. This ash is again divided into two types based on its characteristics namely- fly ash, bottom ash. Mainly this ash can be used but not 100%. So rest of the ash which is not used is mixed with water. This mixture is called as slurry which is pumped to the ash pond. Some pollution is created during this process and after. Pollution caused by this assessed by taking samples. samples consists of the ash taken as soon as combustion takes place, other set of samples from ash pond. Samples extracted with Deionized water, a solution of potassium chloride and a solution of hydrochloric acid, the differences were compared in order to predict potential pollution.

      Mr. Amit Kr. Sinha, Dr. Debmalya Bhattacharya

Abstract: It is well known that new nanoscale materials useful for laser, medicine, display, etc. Applications have been carefully studied last decade. In the current paper the search for the effective nanostructured materials has been revealed in two directions: to optimize the mechanical and laser features of the inorganic systems and to improve the surface properties of the organics polaroid films with nanoobjects. It has been testified that the surface mechanical properties of the inorganic materials via nanotubes treatment process can be drastically improved.

      E.A.P. Egbe, E. Mudiare, O.K. Abubakre, M.I. Ogunbajo

Abstract: The response of Baban Tsauni (Nigeria) lead-gold ore to gravity separation methods was investigated in this research work. Value addition to run-off mines is always necessary in order to reduce downstream metal extraction costs. Gravity separation methods (the focus of this work) are the cheapest beneficiation methods. This study applied three gravity separation methods: jigging, multi-gravity and shaking table and measured the grades/ recoveries of the valuable minerals. Beneficiation of this ore by jigging method yielded the highest lead recovery of 86.9% at a grade of 56% for a geometric mean particle size of 421.31microns. Shaking table separation produced high grades but very low recoveries while the multi-gravity method gave the best combination of grade and recovery. Beneficiation by jigging method gave good lead recovery (above 75%) when particle size was bellow 1000μm but above 250μm while in multi-gravity separation particle size was bellow 500μm but above 125μm.

      Ms. Sangita Rawal , Dr U S Pandey

Abstract: Today students have been raised in a world of instant access to knowledge and information, a word of automation, remote controls, and simulation capabilities to stimulate the mind. Although schools are embedded in this technological culture, the education system is largely unchanged. In other words, students are far more technologically savvy than the institutions that support them. Unless educational institutions catch up, students are likely to feel rigid, uninteresting, and possibly alienated.

      Vaibhav Bajaj, Nihit Prakash

Abstract: The paper involves thorough study of non-linear vibratory oscillators and numerical methodology to analyse and resolute the non-linear dynamical world. The study involves the analysis of non-linear oscillators like the Van der Pol Oscillator and Duffing Oscillator. Application of regular perturbation method in the oscillator is also demonstrated. The equilibrium and stability analysis of the oscillators with graphical representation is simulated through XPP-AUT and MATLAB.

      Anirban Paul, Sudipa Nag , Kaushik Sinha

Abstract: The genotoxic potential of blitox (fungicide) was investigated by using chromosome aberration in Allium cepa root tip cells. Allium cepa roots were treated with 2g/lt., 3g/lt. and 4g/lt. concentrations of blitox and distilled water as control at 4 hours, 8 hours and 12 hours duration. The results indicated that blitox significantly increased the genetical abnormalities at all concentrations and treatment periods when compared with their controls and this increase was dose-dependent for the 4, 8 and 12 hours treatments. On the other hand, blitox significantly decreased the mitotic index (MI) in all treatments when compared with their controls. This study indicates that blitox decreased the mitotic index and produced clastogenic and aneugenic types of abnormalities in Allium cepa root tip cells.

      K. David Solomon Raj, Goutham Tattikota

Abstract: It is a well-known fact about the degree of difficulty associated during the landing phase of an Aircraft. An efficient and a reliable auto-landing controller are therefore specially needed for auto landing purpose. A good number of parameters have to be controlled during the landing phase like the approach velocity, Heading, Heading offset, vertical velocity, flare, altitude, alignment of the aircraft etc., which makes the application of conventional controllers expensive for the purpose. This is precisely where fuzzy logic can be used. Using fuzzy sets and fuzzy set operation, it is possible to design a fuzzy reasoning system, which can act as a controller. Potentially, applications of such knowledge-based approach to controller design can result in efficiency, time and cost savings. The aircraft used in this project is a Personnel launching system (PLS) model given in the Aerosim adds in Matlab.

      R. Augastiny, S. Sarala, C. Janani

Abstract: Recently, a number of wireless communication technologies are migrating toward heterogeneous overlay networks. The integration of Mobile WiMAX and WLAN seems to be a promising approach due to their homogeneous nature and complementary characteristics. In this paper, we investigate several important issues for the interworking of Mobile WiMAX and WLAN networks. We address a tightly coupled interworking architecture. Further, a seamless and proactive vertical handoff scheme is designed based on the architecture with aims to provide always the best quality of service (QoS) for users. Both the performance of applications and network conditions are considered in the handoff process. Moreover, we derive evaluation algorithms to estimate the conditions of both WiMAX and WLAN networks in terms of available bandwidth and packet delay.

      Ashok Kumar Maurya, Anoop Kumar, P.E. Joseph

Abstract: Monitoring of DDT and HCH residues in the environment of Palia Kalan during 2009 to 2011 revealed low to moderate levels of these insecticides in cow, buffalo, goat & breast milk samples. The levels of the DDT and HCH residues in animal & human milk collected from rural areas having intensive sugarcane, wheat & paddy cultivation in Palia Kalan were analysed all samples contained detectable quantities of DDT, HCH and its metabolites. Total HCH residues were high than those of DDT in all the samples. The total concentration of DDT & HCH was found lower than the previous studies carried out in India. These results indicate that the overall organochlorine-residue levels in Palia Kalan are slightly degrading. The residues were quantitatively analyzed on Gas Chromatograph with ECD & confirmed by Gas Chromatograph-Mass Spectrometer-Quadrupole on electron ionization (EI) mode.The data from this study is added to the scientific data and knowledge on OCPs levels in milk which was not available for Palia Kalan Kheeri Region, India.

      Rupali S.Rakibe, Bharati D.Patil

Abstract: Recent research in computer vision has increasingly focused on building systems for observing humans and understanding their look, activities, and behavior providing advanced interfaces for interacting with humans, and creating sensible models of humans for various purposes. In order for any of these systems to function, they require methods for detecting people from a given input image or a video. Visual analysis of human motion is currently one of the most active research topics in computer vision. In which the moving human body detection is the most important part of the human body motion analysis, the purpose is to detect the moving human body from the background image in video sequences, and for the follow-up treatment such as the target classification, the human body tracking and behavior understanding, its effective detection plays a very important role.

      Shivam Saxena, Mahesh Chandra

Abstract: The big question is does Earth losing or gaining mass. This paper deals with the review of the research that Earth mass is decreasing due to the various reasons they are Hydrogen escape, Helium escape and loss due to nuclear radiation from Earth core. Mass loss due to space exploration missions cannot be neglected. Similar to the pollution, pollution happen in many ways due to natural and human activities but pollution due to human activities is found to be more hazardous likely the earth loses mass due to natural phenomenon but loss due to human activity may be hazardous in future. This paper gives the analysis of the space missions which lead to loss in Earth mass due to space missions. Earth lost its mass of about 3473 tons in the infant space age of 53 years; it is found that Earth loses its mass with the rate of 65.185 tons per year.

      Serene Bhaskaran, Ruchi Varma, Dr.Jayanta Ghosh

Abstract: In this age of wireless communication, micro strip antennas have drawn maximum attention of antenna community because of its compact size, light weight and low profile configuration. In this paper the problem of locating feed point of an inset fed microstrip patch antenna designed for wireless communication is dealt with. The optimization is done using three techniques: Genetic Optimization (GA), Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) and Accelerated Particle Swarm Optimization (APSO). Results obtained using all these techniques are in good agreement and are compared using convergence graphs. Return loss and radiation pattern for the optimized antenna was verified using IE3D software.

      Jasmeen Kaur , Bhawna Chauhan , Jatinder Kaur Korepal

Abstract: The field of query processing has recently been coupled with natural language processing (NLP) that has shown dramatic shift in both research direction and methodology in the past few years. In past, most of the work was done on computational linguistics which drew focus on purely symbolic methods. Recently, more prominence is given to hybrid methods that combine new empirical corpus-based methods, including the use of probabilistic and information theoretic techniques, with traditional symbolic methods. The main purpose of Natural Language Query Processing is to interpret an English sentence and hence a complementary action is taken.

      Ajay Singh Verma, Dr. Suman Kant, Dr. N.M. Suri

Abstract: In this paper predictive model for Metal Matrix Composite (MMCs) has been developed with the use of Artificial Neural Network. Stir casting process has been used to fabricate the fly ash based AL-6063 particulate MMC. The hardness of fly ash based AL-6063 MMC is taken as output variable, however fly ash(FA) percentage of reinforcement in MMC, stirring speed of stirrer and pouring temperature of liquid phase of particulate reinforced MMC are considered to be input variable. This work is divided into two phases, in first phase twelve set of experiments have been performed with above mentioned input-output variables. Using these results artificial neural network has been trained with the help of feed forward back propagation technique in second phase. Maximum hardness of value 44.24 at 9 % of FA percentage at 730° C pouring temperature with 350 rpm stirring speed of stirrer was predicted through this model.

      Snehal Mumbaikar, Puja Padiya

Abstract: Interest in Web services is rapidly increased from their start of use. To exchange information among the application in standard way is the main goal of web services. This communication between the applications is based on SOAP and REST principle. SOAP communications causes network traffic, higher latency and processing delays. To overcome this limitations the RESTful architecture is used. REST is a lightweight, easy and better alternative for the SOAP. In this paper comparison on performance of SOAP based and RESTful web services based on different metric for mobile environment and multimedia conference is taken into consideration.

      Meenal Maurya, Sneha Narvekar, Sachin Naik, Shubham Shet

Abstract: Dental features have been widely used for forensic identification purposes in cases of mass disasters like, fires, floods, plane crashes etc. when other methods of identification (fingerprints, physical etc.) are not available. However with the increase in the number of cases to be investigated a move towards computer aided system is required. This paper presents a computerized approach for processing and matching of dental radiographic images, with the goal of human identification. Given a dental record, usually as a postmortem (PM) radiograph, we need to search the database of ante mortem (AM) radiographs to determine the identity of the person associated with the PM image by extracting some features namely average pixel intensity, length to width ratio and root center angle to retrieve a closest match.

      Rachna Gajre, Dr. Leena Ragha

Abstract: In distributed systems one process or a node is required in such a way that it can act as leader node or a coordinator. Election algorithms are meant for electing process or node that acts as leader node also called as coordinator from among currently alive processes such that at any instance of time there will be single coordinator for all the processes in the system. So, election algorithms are momentous in any distributed system. Bully algorithm is one of the standard approaches for electing the coordinator in distributed systems. In this paper, we have presented a bully algorithm that minimizes the number of messages while electing the new coordinator and when a process recovers from a crashed state in distributed systems and thus reduces the network traffic caused.

      Ashima Gupta, Nisheeth Saxena, S.K Vasistha

Abstract: The use of digital photography has increased over the past few years, a trend which opens the door for new and creative ways to forge images. Now a day several software are available that are used to manipulate image so that the image is look like as original. Images are used as authenticated proof for any crime and if these image does not remain genuine than it will create a problem. Detecting these types of forgeries has become serious problem at present. To determine whether a digital image is original or doctored is a big challenge. To find the marks of tampering in a digital image is a challenging task. A copy-move image forgery is done either for hiding some image entity, or adding more minutiae resulting in forgery. In both the case, image reliability is lost. Although this technology brings many advantages but it can be used as a confusing tool for hiding facts and evidences. In this paper we detect region duplication forgery by applying Discrete Cosine Transform. We divide the image into overlapping blocks and then search for the duplicated blocks in the image.

      Lijohn P George, K Varughese Job, I M Chandran

Abstract: This seminar presents the experimental work/project done on studying the working of cylindrical grinding machine and effect of its process parameters at Govt. Engineering College, Thrissur. Cylindrical grinding is one of the important metal cutting processes used extensively in the finishing operations. Surface finish is the important output responses in the production with respect to quantity and quality respectively.

      Miss. Ghodake shubhangi , Miss. Raut Sarika , Miss. Ghuge Shital

Abstract: Network traffic classification is challenging task in high speed network. Network monitoring is required for quality of service and analysis, therefore it generate network traffic. Existing system has some drawback, to overcome that drawback we have develop our system i.e classification of network traffic using machine learning algorithm. According to generated traffic information by client we have constructed boosted classifier with high accuracy. This system is used to classify application like FTP, Skype, TCP ,etc. For constructing c5.0 classifier we have to provide unique dataset and training set to algorithm. This paper shows how we implement machine learning algorithm and how we use that algorithm for classification of network traffic.

      Pawandeep Kaur, Jaspreet Kaur Sahiwal

Abstract: Query Optimization is to use the best plan for the query that improves the performance of the query. Query Optimization is difficult in distributed databases as compared to centralized databases. Queries in distributed databases are effected by factors such as insertion methods of the data into the remote server and transmission time between servers. Response time of the query depends upon the transmission time, local processing speed.

      Ayasha Siddiqua, Prashant Krishan, Shikha Swaroop

Abstract: Wireless sensor network is a collection of sensor, which senses the data and perform the action, according to data. Where as wireless sensor and actor networks (WSANs) contain a group of sensors and actors connected via wireless medium. The sensor node senses the data and then transfers it to the actor. The actor performs the action according to the data. Sensor nodes in wireless sensor and actor network, have some hardware and software restrictions. Due to which, fault may occur in sensor as well as in network. However, some research emphasises on the link fault without considering the fault in sensing the data. Because of this, the node may sense incorrect data and perform the incorrect action. To solve this issue, Five Number Summary method for fault tolerance (FNSMFT) may be used.

      Krishma Gupta, Anupriya sachar , Sheetu Raina

Abstract: Sublethal concentrations of copper (CuSO4.5H2O) administered to freshwater fish, Puntius sophore for a period of 30 days brought about significant haematological alterations. RBC/TEC count, Haemoglobin, Haematocrit and MCHC content progressively decreased while WBC/TLC count, MCV and MCH increased. LC50 of CuSO4 for P.sophore was estimated as 1.6 mg/l. Alterations in haematological parameters were dose and duration dependent. The highest concentration of copper (0-8 mg/l) proved lethal and resulted in mass mortality of the fish on 15th day of the experiment.

      N K Bhattarai, T N Deka, P. Chhetri, K N Harsha, U. Gupat

Abstract: Large cardamom (Amomum subulatum Roxb.) belongs to family Zingibereaceae and order Scitaminae is the most suitable cash crop for the hilly terrain of the state of Sikkim. Likewise a large section of farmers in North Sikkim and most parts of Sikkim are engaged in large cardamom cultivation. For years cardamom has been the single most crucial cash crop to these stakeholders. However recent times have shown a steep decline in the land holdings, as well as productivity under large cardamom. Although not evident apparently, it has drastically affected the livelihood of a large section of the rural population.

      Jyoti Kataria, Dr. Abhay Bansal

Abstract: With the expansion of mobile communication network, incredible changes are taking place in the field of mobile technologies, as requirements are increasing day by day for mobile data services along with them security concerns are also expanding. This paper focuses on the architecture of GSM and UMTS along with Authentication and Key Agreement protocol description, which shows the encryption process used in the authentication of the network and the client over the air interface. In addition, this paper also gives an introduction to some concepts of UMTS security architecture.

      Ijtaba Saleem Khan, Abhinandan Tripathi , Anwar Ahamed Shaikh

Abstract: In recent years online gaming where multiple players from different location participate through internet in same session. Multicasting is very suitable in such environment. Multicasting is a key concept for modern communication. A message is sent from a source host to a group of destination hosts. Communication link is used as a path to receivers. Multicasting uses several multicast routing protocols for forwarding messages from source host to destination hosts. In recent years packet radio has gained much popularity for host to host communication. Power constraints and scarce bandwidth are the major challenges for routing protocols. We performed the comparative study and analysis of the Reactive and Proactive routing strategies for wired ad hoc networks. In this paper we are showing the comparison between the Core Based Tree and Centralized routing strategies.

      Adani Lokho

Abstract: The family Orchidaceae is one of the largest groups among the angiosperms and distributed throughout the world. The genus Dendrobium is the second largest group among the orchid plant in India and exhibit diverse shapes, colour and morphological characters. They are widely distributed throughout the Northeastern states and recorded with 82 species from the region. The highest number of occurrence with 49 species has been recorded in Arunachal Pradesh and the least number with 5 species in Tripura state from the region. The present analysis reveals 71.95 per cent of the species require attention for conservation, 36.58 per cent of the total species are widely distributed throughout the region, while 26.89 per cent of the species are endemic confining to a particular state.


Abstract: Certificate revocation is an important security component in mobile ad hoc networks. Owing to their wireless and dynamic nature, MANETs are vulnerable to security attacks from malicious nodes. Certificate revocation mechanisms play an important role in securing a network. When the certificate of a malicious node is revoked, it is denied from all activities and isolated from the network. The main challenge for certificate revocation is to revoke the certificates of malicious nodes promptly and accurately. In this paper, proposed scheme is based upon a clustering-based certificate revocation scheme, which outperforms other techniques in terms of being able to quickly revoke attackers certificates and recover falsely accused certificates.

      C N Tripathi, K K Singh

Abstract: This study attempts to project the changes in monthly climatic variability at six locations situated in six different geographical regions of India. Changes in monthly variability in climatic parameters were calculated in terms of ratio of standard deviations from simulated daily data by Hadley Center Regional Climate Model Version 2.0 for present and 2050 climate. Increase in maximum temperature variability for both dry and wet days is most pronounced in the month of May in North, South and West India. In Central India maximum temperature variability for dry and wet days decreases in summer month (except for May) and increases in most of winter month.

      R. Magesh, K. Sivakumar, R. Dhanasekar

Abstract: Disposal of tannery effluent will result in heavy metal contamination of land and will lead to many important health and environmental hazards. Aim of the work is to determine the effects of untreated tannery effluent and treated tannery effluent on seed germination and to biodegrade the effluent using fungi. Chemical methods of remove the heavy metals in tannery effluent will have metal bearing solid waste. Hence degrading tannery effluent using Trichoderma harzianum cultured from tannery effluent is an economical and easy method. T.harzianum isolated from the effluent is used to degrade the tannery effluent. Effect of tannery effluent on germinating seeds and relative toxicity are measured at different concentrations of tannery effluent. The degradation level of chromium is also analysed in this present work.

      Hariprasad N. V., Dayananda H. S.

Abstract: This paper is a collation and compilation of the research papers pertaining to the heavy metal contents in irrigation water used for agricultural purpose. The uptake of heavy metal by plants through contaminated soil gets accumulated and is a potential threat to animal and human health. The heavy metals in water bodies damage the aquatic organisms and fishes. Excess use of fertilizers and pesticides in agricultural activities to enhance productivity due to rapid population increase and development of technology threaten the groundwater and surface water on a large scale. This shows there is an obvious risk for human in the future. The pesticides used in crop cultivation should be free from heavy metals. Hence this study concentrates on effects of heavy metals present in irrigation water.

      Manisha Mane, V. B. Dharmadhikari

Abstract: In a typical video application, such as video-on-demand, videos are continuously streamed from a video server to a set of receivers. The constant-quality video encoding technique and variable bit rate (VBR) encoding techniques used. Variable bit rate (VBR) video transmission leads to the burstiness of video traffic, hence high fluctuation in bandwidth requirement. Traffic smoothing algorithms are very efficient in reducing burstiness of the VBR video stream by transmitting data in a series of fixed rates. In this paper, we examine traffic smoothing algorithms and their performance analysis, using a MPEG encoded video and simulation results showed that our approach has small bandwidth requirement, high bandwidth utilization and low computation cost.

      Umogbai, V. I.

Abstract: An underground storage environment for yam tubers was designed and constructed at the college of Engineering, university of Agriculture, Makurdi. The structure which was tested between November 2011 and January 2012, consisted of walls made of burnt bricks, erected from the ground soil level of the underground pit. Thatch and bamboo sticks were used for roofing. Yams were stored in the underground pit structure and also in an open shed for comparison. Test results showed that temperature and humidity in the underground structure ranged from 28.77 oC to 32.70 oC and 70 % to 88 % respectively for 56 days, while that of the open shed fluctuated between 32.90 oC to 36.40 oC and 50 % to 78 % within the same period. The ambient temperature at the location of the storage structure was between 36.40 oC to 40 oC. The reduced temperature achieved in the underground pit together with the average relative humidity, made it possible to store yam tubers for 56 days. In the shed environment however, yams could stay for 35 days.

      Dr. Gowri Shankar Rao, Dr. D. Bhattacharya, Ajit Pandey, Aparna Tiwari

Abstract: This paper presents a Gesture Controlled robot which can be controlled by your hand gestures not by the usual method of keypad. Robots of the future should communicate with humans in a natural way. Hence we are especially interested in hand motion based gesture interfaces A novel algorithm for gesture identification is developed for identifying the various gesture signs made through hand movement.. This is implemented using mems sensor as well as using ultrasonic sensor for certain application. A program has been written and executed for the same purpose using microcontroller system. The observed experimentation proves that our gesture algorithm is more effective and its also improves the natural way of communication and built in a simple hardware circuit.

      A.H. Fatima, A. Mai Mamoun

Abstract: Acacia mellifera is a widespread species, very common in many area, adaptable to sand and clay soil .and tolerate extreme drought .It has many uses ,it uses as fodder, honey plan, fuel wood., living hedge or fence, edible gum producer and as a medicine for stomach pains and treat colds, eye inflammation, diarrhoea and bleeding. This study was carried to investigate the seed color polymorphism of Acacia mellifera in relation to germination percentage .The result showed that the percentage of the brown greenish seeds almost about half of the bulk, the brown and green almost share the same percentage. The viability of the three colors almost had the same percentage, which means that the color of the seeds was not associated with seed viability further studies were need for demonstrating if this polymorphism associated with seedling performance or with seed storability.

      B. Tabassum, Priya Bajaj

Abstract: Health hazards caused by heavy metals have become a great concern to the population. Excessive industrial effluents, pesticide application and biomedical activities load a large amount of metals and metalloids to the environment. Cadmium is one of these, with high rate of bioaccumulation and extreme toxicity at low concentration. Cadmium is exposed to air and water through a number of industrial sources including mining, pesticides, alloys, electroplating, food and cigarette-smoking etc. WHO permitted limit for cadmium in drinking water is 0.005 mg/L whereas in Indian standard it is 0.01 mg/L. In India there are some places where groundwater cadmium concentration is far beyond this limit. Pali, in Rajasthan is a place where this concentration is reported to be 0.224 mg/L. Present study has been designed with the aim of social welfare as well as an eco-healthy approach to find out impact of orally administered cadmium on the hepatic enzymatic system in model organism albino rat and its amelioration by Mentha piperata. Acute and sub-acute cadmium administration induces a significant hyponatremia, hypochloremia and hyperkalemia in albino rat, which were brought to normalcy after pretreatment with Mentha piperata, containing terpenoids as an antioxidant after acute and sub acute treatment. Experimental results therefore reveal protective effect of pretreatment with Mentha piperata under stress of cadmium in albino rat.

      Khadija Kaousar M A

Abstract: Nowadays as online transaction are becoming very common, a numerous number of attacks are been designed each day. Among them, phishing is the most popular attack. Phishing is a technique of hosting fake website in an attempt to get personal confidential information such as passwords, credit card information from unsuspecting victims for identity theft, financial gain and other fraudulent activities. As the phishing is becoming a serious threat for the online transaction. I present a preventive mechanism to overcome the phishing by the use of biometric along with the combination of visual cryptography. Image captcha along with the OTP helps us identify the fake website. This approach also authenticates the user. Biometric authentication systems are used to authenticate users. The use of steganography preserves the whole of integrity.

      Sri Ranjani Sivapalan

Abstract: Cyperus rotundus Linn belong to the family Cyperaceae. It is the world worst weed native to India. It grows in small clump up to 100cm high. The extensive distribution of the nut-grass is due to its ability to adapt to a wide range of soil types, altitudes, temperatures, soil pH and moisture levels. It therefore grows in a variety of different habitats and environments. It has wide range of medicinal and pharmacological applications. According to the Ayurveda, C.rotundus rhizomes are considered astringent, diaphoretic, diuretic, analgesic, antispasmodic, aromatic, carminative, antitussive, emmenagogue, litholytic, sedative, stimulant, stomachic, vermifuge, tonic and antibacterial. This paper provides review on medicinal uses and various pharmacological properties of C.rotundus rhizome.

      Prof. Suhas M. Patil, Mr. Niraj A. Papde, Mr. Ketan D. Kamble

Abstract: Cloud computing reduces costs associated with computing with increase of flexibility and scalability for computer processes because of this cloud computing is counted as one of today most exciting technologies. As we know that Turbo-c, Microsoft visual studio, Java is software package available in the windows operating system. But one important thing which we should note is there is operating system restriction with these software packages. We cant use some application in Linux operating system. Also another thing is we cant use this software over internet. So there are some OS restrictions and Hardware restrictions with existing system. The solution to this problem is to develop a soft-ware application which should avoid the OS restrictions and Hardware restrictions. It should be usable over the internet. Cloud benefits such as load balancing, better level of the security will help to increase the performance of this application. We are developing a technique thro-ugh cloud computing in which user will handle systems from far distances with the help of centralized server and can access applications as well insert them from client machines, and can store data on data storage area on proxy server.

      MunaIbrahiumAbdalla, Fatima Algunaid Hassan

Abstract: Minerals composition (Ca, Na, Pb and Sn) of Sudanese white soft cheese purchased from White Nile state had been investigate, the cheese samples were packed in to 5 different packaging techniques, metal tin (lined with polyethylene bags and non-lined), plastic container (lined with polyethylene and non-lined) and petroleum gallon as a control. The Calcium and Sodium content decreased significantly (P ≤ 0.05) throughout the storage period from 9.5 and 11.13 ppm at the beginning of the storage period to 7.0 and 2.47 ppm at the end of the storage (180 days) respectively, where there were no significant differences between samples kept in lined and non-lined metal tin packages. The significantly higher level of Lead (0.05 ppm) was observed in samples stored in metal gallons sealed by soldering at 60 days storage whereas the significantly (P ≤ 0.05), lowest value 0.026 ppm of Pb content was observed in samples stored in plastic container at 120 days storage. The Tin content in all samples was under the detected level.


Abstract: Electrocardiogram (ECG) data compression algorithm is needed to reduce the amount of data to be transmitted, stored and analyzed, without losing the clinical information content. This work investigates a set of ECG data compression schemes to compare their performances in compressing ECG signals. These schemes are based on transform methods such as discrete cosine transform (DCT), fast fourier transform (FFT), discrete sine transform (DST), and their improvements. An improvement of a discrete cosine transform (DCT)-based method for electrocardiogram (ECG) compression is also presented as DCT-II. A comparative study of performance of different transforms is made in terms of Compression Ratio (CR) and Percent root mean square difference (PRD).The appropriate use of a block based DCT associated to a uniform scalar dead zone quantiser and arithmetic coding show very good results, confirming that the proposed strategy exhibits competitive performances compared with the most popular compressors used for ECG compression. Each specific transform is applied to a pre-selected data segment from the CSE database, France and then compression is performed.

      Adnan Jameel, Mohamad Minhat , Md. Nizam

Abstract: The determination of optimal cutting parameters have significant importance for economic machining in minimizing of particular operating mistakes like tool fraction, wear , and chatter. The evolutionary algorithm GA is used to improve many solutions of optimization complex problems in many applications. This paper reviewed the ideal selection of cutting parameters in turning operation using GA and its variants. This study deals with GA algorithm in different machining aspects in turning operation like surface roughness, production rate , tool life, production cost, machining time and cutting temperature. The survey showed that there are many papers in the field of turning parameters optimization using GA, but there is a lack in studies in the field of cutting temperature optimization in turning operation which is very important problem in machining operation. In addition, there are rare papers that studied dry turning operations.

      Mr. M. Arutselvan, Mr. T. Chellatamilan , Mr. M. Vijaya Kumar

Abstract: This paper concerns about Question Answering system in which a statistical language modeling approach is used. The main objective is to build a simple system for question answering without the need for highly tuned linguistic modules which need more human work and is very difficult to find any bugs if any. A mathematical model for answer retrieval and answer extraction is derived, which does not use any linguistic information or annotated data. It makes use of word tokens and web data. We take a statistical, noisy-channel approach and treat QA as a whole as a classification problem. We present a fully data-driven mathematical model for estimating the probability of a candidate answer given a question. In doing so we largely remove the need for ad-hoc weights and parameters that were a feature of many TREC systems.

      K. Mahesh, A.R.M. Ravi Shankar

Abstract: The increasing transparency and accountability of all organisations , including public service and government, together with the modern complexity, penetration and importance of ITC (information and communications technology), for even very small organisations nowadays, has tended to heighten demand for process improvement everywhere. This means that Business Process Modelling is arguably more widely relevant than say Time and Motion Study or Total Quality Management (to name two earlier efficiency methodologies) were in times gone by. Put simply Business Process modelling aims to improve business performance by optimising the efficiency of connecting activities in the provision of a product or service. Business Process Modelling techniques are concerned with mapping and workflow to enable understanding, analysis and positive change. Diagrams - essentially flow diagrams - are a central feature of the methodology.

      Mr. S. Nandha Gopal, Mr. K. Diwakar, Mr. M. Vijayakumar

Abstract: In the first instance it aims to it provide an overview addressing the state-of-the-art in the area of activity recognition in Smart homes. Smart homes are augmented residential environments equipped with sensors, actuators and devices. In early method, they used data-driven approaches only for sensor data in this paper introduces a knowledge-driven approach to real-time, continuous activity recognition and describe the underlying ontology-based recognition process. We analyze the characteristics of smart homes and Activities of Daily Living (ADL) upon which we built both context and ADL ontologies.we will concern ourselves with one type of stochastic signal model is hidden markov model for recognition process.

      Komal Khurana, Mrs. Simple Sharma

Abstract: Association rule mining is the one of the most important technique of the data mining. Its aim is to extract interesting correlations, frequent patterns and association among set of items in the transaction database. This paper presents a comparison between different association mining algorithms. All these algorithms are compared according to various factors like type of data set, support counting, rule generation, candidate generation and some other factor .The compared algorithms are presented together with some examples that lead to the final conclusions. Association rules are widely used in various areas such as telecommunication, market and risk management, inventory control etc.

      Dr.T.Sobha Rani , Mr. S.Patha Sarathi

Abstract: Dividend is the portion of corporate profits paid out to stockholders. Dividend policy is influenced by various determinants of dividend. The payment of dividend is associated with profitability position of the firm and is influenced by internal and external factors. The Indian pharmaceutical industry currently tops the chart amongst India science-based industries with wide ranging capabilities in the complex field of drug manufacture technology. The current study focuses on the determinants of dividends and its performance of select pharmaceutical companies in India. This study evaluates the performance of various pharmaceutical companies and their annual compound growth rate.

      M.A. Pinskaya, S.G. Kosaretsky, I.D. Frumin A. Harris , M.S. Jones

Abstract: This article outlines the findings from a study that investigated the nature, composition and culture of schools operating in difficult contexts in three regions in Russia. This research study aimed to identify the external and internal causes of persistent underperformance in schools that operate in difficult social contexts. Its prime purpose was to identify the external and internal factors that contributed to lower achievement. The article outlines the main findings from the study and concludes by offering suggestions of the type of interventions that could assist schools in securing higher achievement even in the most challenging contexts.

      Tao Zhao , Channarong Intaraprasert

Abstract: This study investigated the relationship of attitude towards English speaking and English language, exposure to oral communication in English, and communication strategy use by tourism-oriented EFL learners studying at the universities in the Southwest China to improve their oral English communication. The communication strategy questionnaire (CSQ) and the attitude towards English speaking and English language questionnaire (AESEL) were used for data collection, and the quantitative method such as Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) and Chi-square tests were employed for data analysis.

      Mr.logendran Mayuran

Abstract: The study was designed to investigate the impact of the justice on employee commitment in Jaffna education division’s schools. The design of the study was descriptive survey design. By application of simple cluster sampling method, the total of 32 schools was drawn from Jaffna education division. Accordingly the population (teachers) was divided into cluster (schools) and some of these clusters were randomly selected. Finally, it was possible to the researcher to collect 143 responses from the population. In an attempt to focus the study, one reach question was posed and nine hypotheses were formulated and tested. The instrument for the study was a five point likert type questionnaire. Answers to these questions were analyzed using mean, coefficients and regression.



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