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      Kasongo Mafinge Francis, Yin hai-long, Kabongo kongolo Bob
Abstract: Water is fundamental for life, and the effective use of water resources is a key cause of the issue. Water resources are being degraded and pollution is increasing because of anthropogenic operations, putting the basic human demand for water resources under strain. Urbanization has had a substantial impact on all sorts of ecosystems, resulting in increased pollution and other serious impacts on natural resources. Industrialization converts natural into residential and commercial zones; as a result, the areas increased impermeability and urban activities result in increased runoff and deterioration of water quality.

      Erdenebayar Bavuu, Davaa Gombo, Oyunbaatar Dambaravjaa
Abstract: There are 4296 lakes in Mongolia with an area of more than 0.003 km2 and a total surface area of 15,514.7 km2.According to size of water surface area, Mongolia lakes classified in to 10 classes such as Great lakes (above 1000 km2), Big lakes (500-1000 km2) large lakes (100-500 km2), medium lakes (20-50 and 50-100 km2), small (1.0-5.0 and 5-10 km2) little (1.0-5.0 km2) and very little (0.1-1.0 km2) etc [2].

      Sabbir Ahmed, Dr Arfatun Nahar Chowdhury, Amit Kumar Dey, M. Moniruzzaman, Abu Kowser
Abstract: The aim of this present study was isolation and identification of fungi from rhizosphere soil of papaya (Carica papaya L.) and eggplant (Solanum melongena L.) at BCSIR campus in Rajshahi during the months of 25 Jan-01 Nov2021.The rhizosphere soil were collected at 05 to 15 cm depth of the plants. Several fungi were isolated from the rhizosphere soil of two types of plant by using serial dilution method. Aspergillus flavus, Penicillium notatum, Fusarium oxysporum, Tricoderma harzianum,Penicillium chrysogenum were isolated from the rhizosphere soil of papaya (Carica papaya L.). Fusarium oxysporum,Aspergillus flavus,Aspergillus niger were isolated from the rhizosphere soil of eggplant (Solanum melongena L.).Petri dish containing Potato Dextrose Agar (PDA) medium was used for pure culture until pure fungal colony was found.So Fusarium oxysporum, Aspergillus flavus was the common fungi from the rhizosphere soil of papaya (Carica papaya L.) as well as eggplant (Solanum melongena L.) .Identification of all type of fungi were carried out by culturing on Potato Dextrose Agar (PDA) media and microscopic method.Microorganisms play an vital role in biodegradation of solid agricultural waste as well as help for increasing crop production.

      Dr. Dipti Kanta Padhi
Abstract: The concept of creativity has different meaning and interpretations for different people. The showing of the pendulum has in fact made the word creativity surprisingly popular. In one form or another, there is a worldwide trend which shows great concern about creativity. Creativity gives competitive edge that any field is striving to achieve. It allows viewing and solving problems more openly and with innovation. It opens the mind. A society that has lost touch with its creative side is an imprisoned society, in that generations of people may be closed minded. It broadens perspectives and can help overcome prejudices. The understanding of the nature of creativity and its development in schools and colleges should be relatively an important aspect of education.

      Abigael Demesi, Dr. Janerose Mutegi Kibaara, and Dr. Cavens Kithinji
Abstract: This study sought to investigate the influence of intellectual stimulation training on graduate’s performance focused on the Pan Africa Christian University (PAC) Transformational Church Leadership (TCL) diploma program graduates of 2016 and 2017, in selected churches in Kenya. The study sought to establish the extent to which TCL trained graduates/church leaders in intellectual stimulation influence the church leader’s performance. Survey and interviews were used to collect quantitative, and qualitative data. The study found leader’s intellectual stimulation to have a strong positive and significant correlation with church leader’s performance among graduates, with a Pearson correlation of 0.570, while in church members/congregation had a Pearson correlation of 0.69. The study revealed that church leader’s intellectual stimulation made them more creative and innovative in decision-making and conflict resolution which significantly influenced church growth. The study concluded that intellectual stimulation positively and significantly increased performance in church leaders in Kenya.

      Maryam un Nissa, Muhammad Tahir, Zainab Hafeez, Aimen Waqar, Faisal, Muhammad Nadeem Khan, Muhammad Ishaq, Faheem Abbas
Abstract: Ciprofloxacin is a fluoroquinolone antibiotic that is widely used in anti-infective therapy nowadays because of its broad spectrum of activity and potential therapeutic applications. One of the reasons for its widespread use is the presence of multiresistant pathogens that are solely vulnerable to ciprofloxacin. This drugs potential improved efficacy in the treatment of different community-acquired and nosocomial infections, including as respiratory tract, urinary tract, and skin infections, as well as sexually transmitted diseases, is supported by the existing clinical evidence.

      Febri Susanto, Ibnu Alferraly, Delyuzar
Abstract: Malignant melanoma is a potentially aggressive and lethal malignancy deriving from melanocytic cells. Although it comprises only 3% of all cutaneous malignancies diagnosed each year, malignant melanoma contributes to 75% of all skin cancer deaths. In the last decades, there have been advances in immune checkpoint inhibitor (ICPI) development in treating melanoma metastases. ICPI such as programmed cell death ligand-1 (PD-L1) is primary membrane-bound protein expressed in dendritic cells and monocytes. Programmed cell death protein- 1 (PD-1) inhibitors or PD-L1 inhibitors will clinically improve treatment response and overall survival rates in many types of tumors. Nowadays, PD-L1 is being intensively used in cancer patient management revolution, especially in melanoma and non small cell lung cancer. Therefore, the researchers were interested in assessing the relationship between PD-L1 immunohistochemical expression and clinicopathology of malignant melanoma patients in General Hospital Haji Adam Malik Medan. Objective: To analyse the relationship between PD-L1 immunohistochemical expression and clinicopathology characteristics of malignant melanoma in General Hospital Haji Adam Malik Medan.

      Daglous Ogwaya Gesora, Priscah Munyiva Mulinge
Abstract: There is no country or group of countries which can solve environmental problems by themselves, including the powerful developed nations of the North. This therefore calls for an international body dealing with environmental issues in providing leadership, negotiation, implementation of policies and accountability in solving environmental issues. This study aims to determine whether the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) plays a leadership role in environmental diplomacy in the East African region.

      Elanchezhiyan T, Dheerendra Singh Tomar
Abstract: Phase estimation algorithm is an ineluctable algorithm in the field of quantum computing as it has significant applications for itself, and it is frequently used as a subroutine in other quantum algorithms like Shors and Grover’s. Here, a quantum bit simulator is presented using which the well-known phase estimation algorithm is simulated and validated as an example. This quantum bit simulator helps us to achieve an understanding on quantum computers, explore existing quantum concepts like quantum cryptography, quantum chemistry etc. and to develop new quantum applications.

      Imasha Ruwanthi, Thilini Mudiyanse
Abstract: Organizations employ Management Accounting Practices (MAPs) to make critical decisions and compete in todays competitive global environment and the food and beverage sector is one of the main areas in the economy since it can possibly give an assortment of advantages to the economy such as providing a suitable source of employment, uplifting rural economies, foreign exchange earnings and so on. Food and beverage items must now be prepared in accordance with the technical norms, appropriate export markets standards, and under sanitary and environmental safety criteria.

      Paolo Antonio C. Noceda
Abstract: One of the toughest parts of being an administrator is to make the most suitable decisions in the circumstances faced in school. This study is guided by progressivism and has showed the significance of the problem-solving approach in education specifically in decision-making by using the forecast methodology termed as progressive anticipation. The researcher has identified some of the key problems faced in educational management and has proposed the use of a computer software that is capable of analyzing fragments to show the best options to solve the encountered school problems. The research output has also identified the software framework which will guide the programming of the aforementioned software.

      Prof. Hetal Nimit Shah, Prof. Jaideep Raulji
Abstract: Big Data is emerging technology era implicates to handle huge amount of data to store, retrieve, manage, analyzed and processing. Big Data handles data like structured , semi structured and unstructured data for different applications like E-commerce, Hospital, HealthCare, Social Media, Cloud Computing, IOT based and many more. for storage, management and processing different tools are required to handle such peta and tera bytes amount of data. Traditional tools was not unable to perform management and analysis of complex, semi-structured ,and unstructured data. Big Data has different tools to handle, managed, querying different categories of mainly unstructured and semi-structured data using like Cassandra, Spark, Hadoop, Map-Reduce, Couch DB, Mongo DB and many more tools helping out developers to perform different operations on it.

      Fitrika, Gema Khusnul, Widayat, Kiono, Berkah Fajar Tamtomo
Abstract: B15, B20 and B30 have been used to fuel coal mining operations dump truck. With the same type of dump truck and mileage, the calculation results show that the specific fuel consumption of B15 is 1.42 liters/ton of coal, the specific energy consumption of B20 increases to 1.43 liters/ton of coal and the specific energy consumption of B30 decreases to 1.42 liter/ton of coal. This decrease occurred due to the implementation of an energy management program by implementing smart driving, which is turning off the dump truck engine when it is not running.

      Silaban, Roy Efendi
Abstract: Dengue fever is one of the most important viral diseases, especially in the tropics. According to WHO, nearly 50 million people are infected with dengue each year, and WHO estimates that almost half of the worlds population lives in countries where dengue is endemic. This study aims to determine the clinical and experimental characteristics of patients with dengue fever in order to better understand the disease.

      Ni Putu Yunita Puspitra Sari, Febtarini Rahmawati
Abstract: Introduction: The global impact of 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic will be a large global decline in TB in terms of the number of people newly diagnosed with TB. The gap is due to being underdiagnosed with TB because the person does not have access to health care or is not diagnosed correctly. The diagnosis of TB cases in Indonesia is still on microscopic examination of sputum which has a low accuracy value, while the culture of sputum takes a long time. One alternative option is the lipoarabinomannan (LAM) urine antigen test. The literature review was compiled to determine the effectiveness of the lipoarabinomannan (LAM) urine antigen test in establishing the diagnosis of pulmonary TB.

      Anju Jain and Anubha Das
Abstract: The North-East India region is the “gateway” for much of India’s flora and fauna as the ecosystem components exhibit great dynamism and has a relatively complex biogeography. It is considered as a genetic treasure house of plants, animals and microbial resources. The region fills in as a rich archive of plant and animal riches in different biological frameworks. Forests in this area vary from tropical, temperate to alpine meadows and cold deserts, having highest diversity of biomes.

      Mba, Renner Alpheaus, Dr. Kobani, Doreen
Abstract: The study was based on adult education programmes for awareness creation and the prevention of HIV/AIDs among youths in Portharcourt City Local Government Area. Three research question and two null hypotheses were formulated to guide the study. The descriptive survey design was adopted for the study. The population of the study comprised of 2,000 youths of community-based youth organizations in Portharcourt City Local Government Area. The sample size of the study was 600 youths (30% of the population) from eleven selected youth organizations using simple random sampling technique. The questionnaire on Adult Education programmes for Awareness Creation and the Prevention of HIV/AIDs Questionnaire was the instrument for data collection. The instrument was validated by three research experts. The reliability coefficient of 0.783 was obtained in a trial test using the Pearson Product Moment Correlation Coefficient. The mean and standard deviation were used to analyze the data obtained from the field to analyze the research questions, while z-test statistical tool was used to test the hypotheses at 0.05 level of significance.

      Nik Mohd Zarifie Hashim, Salizawati Mohd Yusoff , Anuar Jaafar, Muhammad Muhayudeen Musa, Sazly Azizuddin Sahaimi, Mohd Khairuddin Abd Karim and Nur Anis Izzati Mat Noor
Abstract: Milk is one of the primary food nutrition consumed by almost all countries globally. The milk is commonly packed with several containers such as carton, can, glass bottle, and pet bottle. The milk, however, has limited time for the buyer to consume it, as it has an expiring date. The expired date could be unclear and uncertain as the milk could be spoiled by itself according to how we kept it after the first container was opened.

      Aditi Chaturvedi, Manish Mishra
Abstract: Assessment of solar resources at a potential site is a primary step in investigating the feasibility of the site of a solar PV power plant. There are well-established empirical models in literature for determining global horizontal irradiation and direct normal irradiation of a site for pre-feasibility studies. These models, however, use data like maximum sunshine hours, extra-terrestrial radiation values etc. which are often unavailable due to lack of ground-monitored meteorological stations, especially at remote sites. This study develops models based on average temperature and relative humidity and compares them to well-established models using statistical tools for performance evaluation of solar data prediction for a case study location. The study concludes that two of the developed models are at par with the established ones and can be used alternatively for the case study location.

      Dr. Pratima Goyal, Dr. Prashant Hiwale, Dr. Narinder kumar Girdhar
Abstract: Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) caused by SARS‐CoV‐2 is a highly infectious disease that primarily affects the respiratory system but is characterised my multisystem inolvement of other systems as well. The various reported extrapulmonary and unusual manifestations are neurological complications, hepatic and gastrointestinal complications, renal dysfunction, myocardial injury etc; some of which have been described in this article to shed light on the wide range of clinical spectrum displayed by COVID-19 disease. It has been found that both adaptive and innate immunity is activated in this disease that results in a cascade of inflammatory responses that plays a major role in the multisystem complications caused by the disease. The article also lists the possible mechanisms by which the virus damages various other organs for a deep understanding of the disease process for physician guidance.

      Tran Thi Yen, Pham Trung Kien
Abstract: It is widely approved that listening is one of the most important language abilities, thus needing the most attention from teachers, students, and researchers. However, in Dong Hy High School, Vietnam, a high school located in a rural area of Dong Hy province, Thai Nguyen city, Vietnam, teaching as well as mastering English listening skills is a bit of a challenge for both students and lectures.

      Rajakaruna, I.M.S.M., Krishanth, M.D.A., Bandara T.W.M.A.J., Karthikeyan, P., Arnold, S.M., Kumarapeli, V., De Alwis, A.K.S.
Abstract: Background: Health Promotion (HP) is the process of enabling people to increase control over and to improve their health: an efficient and cost-effective approach to foster a healthy population. Hospital HP targets the patients who are more receptive to attitudinal and behavioural changes. Health Education and Promotion Nursing Officer (HENO) functions as the generator and coordinator of all HP activities.

      Dr Vikash Gupta, Dr Rajeev Tandon, Dr Vijeta Niranjan, Dr Ankit Kumar
Abstract: Background & objectives: Pulmonary tuberculosis diagnosis rely on demonstration of the acid- fast bacilli (AFB) in sputum samples. Difficult issue arises when a patient who is suspected of tuberculosis does not produce adequate amount of sputum. About 40-60% of patients with suspected pulmonary tuberculosis may fail to produce sputum. We conducted a prospective study to compare the stand of induced sputum and bronchoscopy in sputum Smear negative Pulmonary tuberculosis with clinical features and radiologically suggestive of active Pulmonary tuberculosis.

      Njoga A O David, Liyala, Samuel, Abeka Silvance
Abstract: Background: The sustainable development goals (SDGs) were designed to serve as a useful guide for focused and coherent action on sustainable development at the global, regional, national and local levels, and also help to mainstream sustainable development into the United Nations system by 2030. Information, a leading factor of production cutting across all sectors lacks the due consideration as a significant enabler of progressive development of infrastructure and e-readiness for improved service delivery.

      Dr. Ayesha Shahid, Dr. Sana Danish, Dr. Amna Javed, Dr. Muhammad Ikram, Dr. Fatima Chaudhry, Rukiya Tariq
Abstract: Gestational hypertriglyceridemia although a rare disease, causes sequential derangement in lipid profile affecting pregnancy. This case report accounts for a young lady who developed gestational hypertriglyceridemia due to presumptive obesity and diabetes leading to acute pancreatitis during pregnancy , accidental finding of pink blood during surgery , and eventually successful fetomaternal outcome afterwards.

      S.Rifa Mahroof
Abstract: Psychological challenges have a great potential in influencing Target Language (TL) usage in the English as a second language classroom in the rural context. The objective of this study is to examine the psychological challenges encountered in maximizing target language use in the ESL classrooms of Sammanthurai. The study adopted a qualitative approach, drawing data from forty teachers and 50 junior secondary students using semi-structured interviews in the Sammanthurai Education Zone.

      Kwabena Offeh Gyimah, Gladys Perpetual Awudi, Emmanuel Akanvariba, Ebenezer B. Owusu
Abstract: The effects of quenching medium on the mechanical properties of scrap and new carbon steel welded joints were investigated. Using flux coated electrodes AWS/SFA 5.1 E-6013, the welding was carried out at 100 A at welding speed of 1.52 mm/s and a constant arc voltage of 21 V with root gap and root face kept at 3 mm each. Three quenching media were used namely water, air and engine oil. Tensile, impact and Vicker’s hardness tests were conducted on the welded joints to determine the effect of cooling rate on materials’ mechanical properties. With the Ultimate Tensile strength, it was observed that the new sample had higher tensile strength compared to the scrap sample.

      Ikhlas Hamzani, Yenni Asbur, Yayuk Purwaningrum, Nurhayati, Murni Sari Rahayu
Abstract: The problem that often occurs in Indonesia is the decline in productivity of agricultural land caused by planting monoculture crops. Therefore, efforts are needed to improve and maintain the organic matter and physical properties of the soil through the use of cover crops that are easily found in various fields, such as Arachis pintoi and Asystasia gangetica. The aim of the study was to determine the effect of tillage and cover crops in improving soil physical properties and upland rice yields. This research was conducted in the experimental garden of the Faculty of Agriculture, Islamic University of North Sumatra, Johor Building, Medan at an altitude of ± 25 m above sea level, and flat topography. The research method used a factorial randomized block design with three replications with tillage and cover crops as treatment. The results showed that Minimum and maximum tillage with cover crop A. gangetica was able to improve soil physical properties, namely bulk density, soil particles and soil porosity. However, it has not been able to increase the yield of upland rice.

      Wijaya, Berri Kusuma
Abstract: Osteoporosis is an abnormal condition characterized by low bone density with the risk of microfractures, especially hip fractures. Risk factors for osteoporosis include the Low Body Mass Index (BMI). This study aims to demonstrate the relationship between body mass index and bone mineral density (BMD) in 347 adult women who underwent ultrasonic bone mineral density measurement (QUS) in Palembang in 2021. The study was conducted using an observational analysis study design with a cross-sectional approach. The majority of the samples were in the normal BMI (37.2%) group, with osteoporotic BMD (48.7%). The results showed that the obese group had a higher BMD score for osteoporosis than the other groups, but there was no statistically significant relationship between BMI and BMD (p = 0.132).

      Rita .Morounkeji. Bolusemihi
Abstract: For decades, transportation has been taken into consideration as a hyperlink to all factors of lifestyles worldwide. In this case, the world’s herbal environment, social wellbeing and monetary improvement all typically rely on transportation systems. As towns round us remodel and end up extra related and digitalized, the expectancy for public transportation is to comply with in each respect. From reducing aspect generation to comfort, safety, reliability and sustainability, how close are we from accomplishing the proper Smart Rail system? A smart city takes under consideration all of the fundamental factors that represent the city fabric, a good way to keep away from conflict (social, financial, financial, environmental and cultural), with a purpose to enhancing its dwelling environment.

      Zinkal Varmora, Chavi Jain
Abstract: The purpose of this research paper is to discuss the utilization of Bioclimatic Architecture in high rise building. Bioclimatic is a sector of architecture that dominated by the principles of ecology and sustainability. Building design that take into account climate and environmental conditions to help achieve optimal thermal and natural comfort into a low carbon emission building is essentially bioclimatic architecture. It emphasis on urban areas and buildings that are designed in order to fully cover their energy requirements without induce environmental damage.

      Putri Meira Shyiang Sri, Asda Laining, Hilal Anshary, Gunarto Latama
Abstract: Fish disease caused by parasitic infection is an obstacle in aquaculture that often causes mass mortality of fish. This study aims to determine occurrence of parasitic infection and histopathological changes on gills of rabbit fish (Siganus guttatus). This study was conducted in April to June 2021. Fish samples were obtained from a Shrimp Hatchery Installation in South Sulawesi. Number of fish examined were 50 fish from the nursery tank and 10 fish from broodstock tank.

      Rizky Adhitya Nugroho, Syafrizal, Sari Lenggogeni
Abstract: This study aims to determine the effect of satisfaction, hedonism, social identification, on re-visit intention. To test the hypothesis, quantitative research was conducted using a non-probability sampling technique. Online questionnaires were distributed to 136 people who have attended Hammersonic International Metal Festival. The data analysis technique used is SEM (Structural Equation Modeling) based on Smart PLS software. Based on the results of data analysis and processing, all independent variables are able to positively and significantly influence re-visit intention. Both direct and indirect effect showed positive effect on re-visit intention as dependent variable.

      Dr. Ashwini J. Modi, Dr. Ajay M. Rajyaguru
Abstract: Introduction: Touch-imprint-cytology (TIC) of the trucut biopsy specimen is a novel technique which aids in the rapid diagnosis of breast lumps by cytological analysis. It does not require any additional procedure, and at the same time preserving the core tissue for histopathological-examination. This study was done to detect the breast lump pathology by TIC.

      Dr. Ashwini J. Modi, Dr. Ajay M. Rajyaguru
Abstract: Introduction: Touch-imprint-cytology (TIC) of the trucut biopsy specimen is a novel technique which aids in the rapid diagnosis of breast lumps by cytological analysis. It does not require any additional procedure, and at the same time preserving the core tissue for histopathological-examination. This study was done to detect the breast lump pathology by TIC.

      K.Lakshman Sai
Abstract: Contributing factors like climate change, diminishing availability of fuel and constant hike in its cost and the advancement of digital technology era paved the way for the emergence of smart grid from a conventional grid. Pre-existing innovation, micro grid can also be integrated with smart grid characteristics by considering various topologies, including cogeneration system where from a single source of fuel when fired, both electricity and thermal energy can be produced.

      Pham Thi Kieu Oanh
Abstract: Project-based learning (PBL) is not a new concept or instruction approach; however, PBL approach has still been the most concern among typicial researchers in the sector of education and especially been implemented widely in many schools and universities all over the world. PBL in the viewpoints of constructivism places partial and explicit responsibility on the students for their own learning. The present study aimed to explore a) the current situation of implementing PBL in teaching English towards constructivist teaching at high schools in Thai Nguyen province, Vietnam; b) the views of high-school teachers on advantages and challenges of PBL in their actual class; c) offer some methods of using PBL in an effective way.

      Eman Ali Slayman, Sahar Taher Hassan
Abstract: Background: Pre-pregnancy Body Mass Index is believed to be an important indicator of pregnancy outcomes. Being underweight or overweight before pregnancy may affect negatively on pregnancy in multiple complications, and first trimester miscarriage is one of these negative complication. Because of there is not any search that has been suddied this subject in Syria before, we planned to perform this study on a sample of women who experienced first trimester miscarriage.

      Mohamed ACHAMRAH
Abstract: This study has tried to discover how a group of Moroccan high school English teachers initially define culture vis-à-vis their English language teaching practices. It has also attempted to understand how these English teachers perceive intercultural competence to determine if they are aware of the notion and how noteworthy it is. This study has also revealed to what extent these teachers are concerned about students’ challenges in intercultural communications.

      Viany Ekasari, Zulfikar Zulfikar
Abstract: This research was conducted to eamine and analyze the effect of corporate social responsibility on firm performance by testing the moderating effect of earning management on Islamic commercial banks that have been listed on the BEI. The population in this research are indonesian Islamic commercial banking companies that have been listed on the IDX for five periods, namely 2016-2020. In this research, a purposive sampling method was used to select the sample, so that the number of observation sample was 55. The data analysis technique in this research used multiple regression analysis technique.

      Etta Madete
Abstract: In dense urban neighbourhoods the main source of daylight to the internal spaces is the atrium, however, these are not designed, or sized to consider daylight penetration along all its floors. Adequate daylight in residential spaces has proved to have physiological and psychological benefits, improves air quality, reduces damp rising, reduces energy consuming effects of using artificial lighting during the day, reduces operational costs and improves rental value.

      Lynn Wambui Wathigo, Dr. Florence Ondieki Mwaura
Abstract: Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV)/ Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) threatens the social fabric of the most affected countries. Sub Saharan Africa has more than two thirds of all people living with HIV/AIDS globally and is the hardest hit region in the world. Although responses to the epidemic have been successful, they have focused primarily on the prevention of new infections and the treatment of existing ones. This study however focused on the psychological impact of HIV/AIDS on the livelihood participation of households, specifically in Taita Taveta County.

      Aziza Akhter
Abstract: This study aims to determine the impact of accounting information systems on organizational performance. This study analyses the data collected from 30 banks listed under the Dhaka stock exchange (DSE). This paper employs regression analysis using SPSS 23 to investigate causal relationships between the variables. The empirical findings from a survey of 200 experienced employees from senior management of private commercial banks in Bangladesh confirmed a strong relationship between accounting information systems and organizational performance.

      Shubham Raghvani, Niheeta Harwande, Piyush Khose, Nikhil Ubale, Siddhartha Ray
Abstract: Construction is in high demand in India, however most construction is done in cast in situ because India is a developing country. To speed up the process, precast construction can be used. Construction operations in India are carried out using the traditional cast in situ technique of construction. In India, however, there is still a high demand for housing. So. The construction work must proceed at a considerably faster pace.

      Dr Mary Jacintha M, Vivek Arya, Manish Kumar
Abstract: Technology Incubation is an institutional mechanism to develop an atmosphere for innovation and entrepreneurship for the active interaction between academia and industry. It is increasingly recognized that entrepreneurial start-ups have an important contribution to technological innovation, economic growth employment generation and social equity. Young entrepreneurs have to be developed in the Institutions of higher learning by setting-up of Technology Incubation Centres at these institutes. Realizing that innovation is the engine for the growth of prosperity and national competitiveness, this paper discusses on the development of young entrepreneurs by supporting institutions of higher learning for the setting up of Technology Incubation Centres. This paper also discusses on the Best Practices for an Incubation to achieve their targets in terms of innovation, entrepreneurial growth, products development, employment generation.

      Philip Kamei
Abstract: In olden days, all the tribes in particular to tribal in India; in this small paper I would highlight only the role culture and religion ancient and modern Christianity in perspective of the Rongmei people. Actually the indepth knowledge of ZLR (we rongmei were also a warrior groupin our forefather days. ZLR people were also asking to do unpaid work and pothang force labour during touring from village to village. All ZLR people are responsible to protect their land and resources. They did’t like to pay house tax which is applied in valley but reluctant in the hills. We will not allow subjugating by outsider i.e. the white men (British). ZLR scatter in three states Assam, Manipur and Arunachal Pradesh. During those days of Head Hunting taking more head from neighbouring village is about daring and an act of bravery.

      Kamau Lydiah Wanjiku Dr. Nelly Otube, Dr. Stephen Nzoka
Abstract: Down syndrome ( D S) in Learners cause many challenges including health problems, hearing Impairments and learning disabilities, including those affecting communication. However, with use of proper resources, strategies, early intervention and enough time they may improve on their academic performance. This paper aimed at analyzing academic achievement of learners with Down syndrome in special primary schools in Kiambu county. The sample of the study consisted of 6 head teachers, 74 teachers and 147 parents from the six special primary schools for learners with intellectual disability in kiambu county.

      Erastus Kiswili Nyile, Dr Ismail Noor Shale, Dr Anthony Osoro
Abstract: The purpose of this study was to explore the influence of supply chain resilience on performance of humanitarian aid organizations in Kenya.

      Kospir Samwel Nanok, Dr. Anthony Osoro
Abstract: This research project was to explore the factors affecting supply chain best practices on performance of preference groups in Kenya. The specific objective for this study was outsourcing, green supply chain, collaborative strategic sourcing and Information and communication technology .This study was anchored on different theories relevant to the variables under this study. This study was a descriptive survey research design. Sample and sampling techniques for this study was Purposive random sampling, since the respondents have the same experience, culture, age and .Data was collected using questionnaires. This was both structured and semi structured questionnaires. Pilot testing of 10% was applied to the responsible respondents so as to reliability and validity of the research instruments and where possible correction was made to improve the research instrument.

      Samuel Owuor Ominde, Dr Anthony Osoro, Dr Damaris G Monari
Abstract: Agro processing industry establishes the biggest bit of 38% of Kenya manufacturing sector, but has untapped potential to contribute to employment and gross domestic product growth. The sector is inefficient in terms of value addition to the agricultural produce as Kenya exports raw agricultural produce instead of high-quality value-added products. The aim of this study was to determine the influence of contractual supply chain governance and relational supply chain governance on performance of agro processing firms in Kenya.

      R.Kumaravel, Dr.F.Judas Mary
Abstract: Muthuramalinga Thevar, also known as Thevar, is revered as a God among Tamil Nadus Mukkulathor community, many of whom are Dravidian parties, and his image can be found alongside those of Periyar, Anna, and Karunanidhi. The description of M.K. Karunanidhis relationship to Tamil literary heritage and his mobilization of it within political discourse, the translation of it into a usable cultural template, and the later institutionalization of it through state power are all significant markers of the history of the Tamil public sphere and the influence of the evocation of antiquity within it in the twentieth century. Meanwhile, despite their tremendous socio-economic influence, the Thevars had limited access to education and jobs. At the same time, they continued to call for their decriminalization, despite the fact that they were still listed as castes in the British Criminal Tribes Act. This study presented an overview of Pasumpon Muthuramalinga Thevar and his political journey with Dravidian parties.

      Richard Otchere
Abstract: The main objective of this study was to assess the consistent use of Treated Nets (ITNs) among pregnant women in Nkoranza South District.

      Jephias Chimunhu, Selinah B. Chirisa
Abstract: The theme of school related gender-based violence (SRGBV) vis -a -vis student services at universities have been generally neglected in terms of implementation research-based evidence. However, the looming crisis against the higher learning institutions continual growth and a global wave of multiculturalism has heightened the need for urgent action to create safe learning havens at universities. This article traces the path of research recommendations over the years to argue redeveloping and re-focusing university student counselling services to meet these academic, social or cultural level and gendered demands.

      Robinson Amwayi Akosi, Godhard Muiruri Kariuki
Abstract: Water as a resource on the earth surface is very crucial to living organisms without which they cannot survive. Community borehole water projects in Mandera South Sub-County, Kenya plays an essential role as they provide water for domestic use, livestock drinking and for small-scale farming. The whole Sub-County is generally dry with lack of surface water and the few water pans that are available dry up a few months just after the rainy season as a result of high dependency and high rate of evaporation. Due to this condition, various stakeholders such as the government, donors and the local community-based organizations (CBOs) have pulled resources together in an effort to provide safe and clean water to the residents by drilling community borehole water projects.

      Malkia M. Abuga, Wanja Tenambergen & Kezia Njoroge
Abstract: Background: Despite a growing body of literature on social accountability in health systems, many questions remain unanswered about how community actors interact with health workers and demand accountability. Social accountability is viewed as an empowerment process and a social practice in which communities actively participate in changing the conditions that affect their health. Local factors, such as the role of community actors, influence the effectiveness of social accountability. The purpose of this research was to assess empirical evidence on the role of community actors in social accountability.

      Vjolca Hasani Limani
Abstract: Considering the importance of MSMEs to the economy, this paper makes a major contribution and offers recommendations for policy establishment and financial support of MSMEs in a developing country. The main contribution of this article is its approach to the problem in a perspective which analyses the utilization rate of credit as a result of the behaviour of different characteristics linked to the enterprise.

      Peterson Kabugi Thumi
Abstract: Although governments around the world have made greater efforts to promote gender equality by removing legal barriers to womens formal employment, promoting womens leadership, and protecting women from workplace violence, there are still a slew of issues that could stymie womens empowerment, particularly in developing countries. The purpose of this study was to look into the socio-economic challenges that Catholic women associations face when it comes to women empowerment programs in the Catholic Diocese of Nyahururu, Kenya. A descriptive research design was used in this study. The study used a sample size of 224 participants. To recruit study participants from the various groups of Catholic Women Association members in the Catholic Diocese of Nyahururu, stratified random sampling and simple random sampling approaches were utilized. The researcher coded, entered, and analyzed quantitative data using the Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) version 23. Statistics were produced for both descriptive and inferential purposes.

      Aliyu Mohammed Bisalla & Mamani A. Joseph
Abstract: Art is a discipline that plays a vibrant role in practical skills for educational development to enhance national economic empowerment and development. It is thus a panacea for sustaining technical and vocational education. This paper reviews some basic definitions in order to clarify some concepts. The history of art education and its possessions to sustain technical and vocational education in Nigeria was delved into. It also explains the diverse skill, in art for manpower development, and how art education can be given top primacy in formal and non-formal educational structure for sustainable development through technical and vocational education expansion

      Dr Sheeja J
Abstract: This paper tries to analyse the trends of external migration from Kerala before the covid-19 pandemic. The study uses only secondary data from various sources like Economic Review, journals, books, various study reports and CDS working papers. The study found that the number of emigrants increased significantly, though there is a rapid decline in the number from 2011, which can be attributed to global economic recession.

      Author Nnodi J.T, Asagba P.O, Ugwu C
Abstract: In this paper, a machine learning model was developed for classifying users’ quality of experience (QoE) on the web. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) were extracted from Quality of Web Service (QWS) dataset generated using Principal Component Analysis (PCA) algorithm. The quality of web service dataset was trained using random forest algorithm of different tree sizes. The model was used to develop an application capable of classifying the users’ quality of experience on the web in order to predict the user’s experience based on the website of interest and the system was implemented in python programming language. The performance of the model was also evaluated using other existing models such as classification and regression trees (CART) and support vector machines.

      Obasi E.C.M, Eke B, Egbono F
Abstract: Query Processing is one of the major issues in a distributed databases. The method used to query a database can influence the response time of the query. Again, the increasing growth of dataset especially related records call for a database that can handle complex relationship. The relational database is an organized method of storing records. But relational database does not perform optimally when it comes to managing multiple relationships. A graph database is also a data storage mechanism. The graph database produces optimal results when handling multiple relationships.
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