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      Meryem DRISSI OUDGHIRI, Saloua ELAMARI, Imane MOTAIB, Soukaina LAIDI, Asmaa CHADLI.

Abstract: Introduction: Telemedicine has found renewed interest during the lockdown period caused by the COVID 19 pandemic. The aim of this study is to compare variations in the metabolic parameters of diabetic patients followed in consultation and those followed in teleconsultation during the confinement period.

      Prof. Dr. Mahmudov Nizomiddin

Abstract: This article discusses the problems of textual linguistics as one of the most pressing issues in linguistics. It is emphasized that the movement of language in cognitive function and its activity as a product of this action is directly reflected in scientific texts. In addition, scientific texts have a special place in the typology of non-fiction texts. It is also noted that expressiveness in a scientific text differs from expressiveness in an artistic text by certain peculiarities. While expressiveness in a scientific text serves to concretize a concept, it has been proven to serve to create an image in fiction.

      Priyanka Khurana and Dr. Vaishali Sharma

Abstract: The aim of this paper to examine how the age of respondents effects the relationship psychological contract on employee involvement in education sector of India. This study is descriptive as well as diagnostic in nature which focuses on quantitative methods to understand the relationship of psychological contracts with employees’ involvement based upon the age of the selected respondents. The data for this study was collected using two sets of questionnaires filled by full time teaching staff as well as from their employers, respectively belonging from public and private sector higher education institutes of Delhi NCR region.

      Bharath Chandran C

Abstract: Kerala is not the first place to look when searching for food insecurity in India, but the dependency on other states for meeting its demand will paint a different picture. Along with declining production of major food crops, conversion of fallows and wetlands to non-agricultural purposes leads to fragmentation and pressure on already declining agricultural land area. The study is an extension of previous studies carried regarding the same topic, but there is a research gap after 2012. Hence the study is to include secondary data available to calculate agricultural growth in the state using Cuddy Della Valle instability index and CAGR (Compound Annual growth Rate). Crop diversification was also calculated to measure the extent of diversification within the state which shows a higher level of diversification at crop level.

      Anubha Das

Abstract: Antarctica’s first documented heat wave, Greenland’s ice summit receiving its first on record rainfall, Tennessee’s unprecedented downpour leading to flash floods, an increasing number of wild fires across the world, periodical cicadas making an appearance 4 years ahead of their scheduled emergence, a pizzly or grolar bear spotted in the wild - are just few of the vital signs ascertaining that climate change is for real and its becoming visible at an alarming pace, globally. The Cassandra syndrome related to this issue has turned a past now as the global audience has become more receptive and has started paying heed to climate scientists.

      Rasdi, Gunarto Latama, Haryati Tandipayuk

Abstract: The use of natural diet in rearing barramundi larvae is less effective, so it needs to be limited as early as possible by using artificial diet. To make it easier for larvae to digest artificial diet, exogenous enzymes were added to the artificial diet. This study aims to determine the dose of papain enzyme and the age of the white snapper larvae which resulted in the best degree of protein hydrolysis and protease enzyme activity.

      Prof Mrs Elizabeth Varkey, Prof (Dr) Roy K George

Abstract: Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD) has gained attention worldwide, but little or less awareness is elicited in Kerala regarding the same. The revised DCD Questionnare is one of the most commonly utilized screening tools for identification of DCD in children. The aim of this study was to translate the DCDQ’07 into the Malayalam language, the DCDQ Malayalam and test its basic psychometric properties.The DCDQ’07 was translated according to the guidelines for the transcultural adaptation of instruments. The DCD questionnaire was initially distributed to parents of 3322 children (5 - 15 years),of which only parents of 602 children completed the DCDQ Malayalam.

      Dr Dinesh Pilania, Dr Vikas Dev, Dr Chandrashekhar Chattopadhyay

Abstract: Purpose: Maxillofacial trauma is identified as a major public health problem worldwide. The incidence and epidemiological causes of maxillofacial (MF) trauma varies regionally. This study presents contemporary state of maxillofacial trauma and its management, along with emerging trends and trauma patterns with changing era from slow moving vehicles to present-day high-speed transport modalities in Western part of Rajasthan comprising of 6 major districts.

      M. O Kalu & S.N.O. Ibe

Abstract: Malnutrition is the commonest cause of death of children under 2 years of age. The study determined the knowledge, attitude and practice of infant and young child feeding among mothers with child 0-24 months in Umuahia South Local Government Area of Abia State. Descriptive survey research design was used for the study and the target population was 5325 nursing mothers attending post-natal clinics in the study area. The sample size was 327 and the respondents were drawn from the target population using simple random sampling technique. Instrument for data collection was a structured questionnaire and Statistical Package for Social Science (SPSS) was employed for data analysis.

      Djamila. Adjiri

Abstract: Being an original work, the writing and the elaboration of a thesis must resemble a research work, and must meet the fundamental requirement of an appropriate methodology given that it must constitute the culmination of in-depth and rigorous personal work. The precision of the description of the methods is fundamental and allows the possibility of reproduction of the work of the authors.

      Samarasinghe GDRS, Bombuwala BDDM, Jayarathne EHRS, Jayaruwan EGAPB, Kuruppu CL, Karunarathna KNP

Abstract: From its inception, Sri Lanka commenced strong precautions to prevent the spreading of the virus, which helped to mitigate its impact. Even though the overall damage was initially minor, travel and tourism, the country’s third-largest income source, has plummeted due to the fear of traveling and the need to maintain social distance. Before conducting the study, the researchers distributed a questionnaire to detect any problem with passengers’ perceptions of destination health risks. The conceptualization framework of the study is designed to identify the relationship between independent and dependent variables, which describe the relationship between the destination health risk image and travelers’ behavior. This unexpected public health disaster has now turned into a devastating economic crisis for the entire world, including the tourism, hotel, and event industry. In tandem with the recovery of other sectors, the recovery must gradually counteract the outbreak and restore economic performance.

      Mr. Milind Chopra

Abstract: Arbitration is a form of alternative dispute resolution, in which the parties give their free consent to have their dispute put before a neutral third party, known as the arbitrator, who then decides on the issue and comes to a conclusion, however, these rewards can be challenged and the remedy for this lies under section 34 (2) which lays down grounds for challenging the arbitral award.

      Ayibapreye Kelvin Benjamin, Christopher Akemi, Aguiyi Watson

Abstract: This paper reports the design and simulation of a stand-alone solar powered photovoltaic direct current (DC) micro-grid for Lobia community in Southern Ijaw Local Government Area of Bayelsa State. This was done to bridge the gaps in shortage or lack of power supply in remote communities that have no access to the national grid. Rural communities that have no access to the national grid often face poor social, economic and technological growth.

      Saiful Sahri, MJ Saptenno, J.D Pasallbessy, AL Laturette

Abstract: The problem of the correctional system for prisoners after returning to society is something that must be addressed in the form of state policy in this case the government. A complicated problem that must receive the governments attention is the issue of the Prisoners Independence Principle . The problems in this study are related to (1) the nature of the regulation of the principle of independence in prisons in Indonesia. (2) Implementation of guidance based on the principle of independence of prisoners in Indonesia. (3)

      Amien Ruati, SEM Nirahua, J. Tjiptabudy, H. Salmon

Abstract: The Constitutional Court is a judicial institution established based on the orders of the 1945 Constitution which has the constitutional authority to conduct judicial review of the 1945 Constitution whose decisions are final and binding. However, in the implementation of the examination, many decisions of the Constitutional Court are not implemented by other state institutions which have the duty to follow up and implement the decisions of the Constitutional Court so that legally it can interfere with the existence and strength of the implementation of the Constitutional Courts decisions.

      Gunaratne Y.M.C

Abstract: This study endeavored to identify the nexus between the characteristics of director board and performance of corporations listed in Colombo Stock Exchange, Sri Lanka. The rationale for this study was firstly, the increasing concerns led towards the director board characteristics in corporate governance framework and secondly, the mix and controversial findings reported on the context of board characteristics of corporations and financial performance. Thus, the current study was conducted with the hypothesis of a significant relationship to be existed between board characteristics and financial performance of listed companies in Sri Lanka. Three characteristics; the board size, composition and CEO duality as the independent variables and two accounting measures, return on Assets, and Return on Equity and a market measure, Tobin’s Q as the dependent variables were considered in this study.

      Prashant S.Hiwale, P.K.Mukherjee

Abstract: Background: Plasmodium falciparum malaria is known to cause serious complication like acute kidney injury (AKI) but now a days Plasmodium vivax malaria is not rare to cause this complication. Many recent reports have shown that P. vivax malaria is also responsible for AKI. There is paucity of data from this region on the profile of AKI in patients of P. falciparum and P. vivax malaria.

      Dr. Thejomani .B.D

Abstract: Geography is one of the most important resource of tourism Industries. 75 percent of tourists are like to different types Geographical Environment. Hence, Tourism development is depending on Geographical features. This features will gave Healthy Environment, Peace of Mind, Healthy Body, and also various Bio-masses are attracted so many Tourists. These are called physical features. The feature will have being originated different Employment opportunities and development of local Economic and cultural Tourism Resources. This factors are helped to development of local economic and social conditions . Mysore district hadbeen well many natural and cultural resources of tourism. This paper hasbeing discussed tourism resources and impact on the developmentof Mysore district ecnomy.

      Ugwoegbu, Edmund.Ugochukwu

Abstract: This study focused on Ignatius of Antioch and his witness to the crucified Christ through martyrdom, suffering and death. In Christianity, a martyr is a person considered to have died for his faith and stories of the early years of the church depict that martyrdom often occur via death by stoning, crucifixion or other forms of torture and capital punishment. Ignatius of Antioch is so captivated by the thought of becoming a martyr that he reflects witnessing to Christ through martyrdom in his seven letters and journey to Rome, where he pleaded with Romans not to impede his golden opportunity to be with God through martyrdom (Rom 6:3). He further posited the significance of suffering, persecution and death together with the practice of martyrdom as a prerequisite in the life of the church today and without which understanding the life of the cross becomes difficult. Finally, it was discovered via Ignatius letters that martyrdom is simply the imitation of Christ and also a means of attaining God because as Christians, we still celebrate Christ in the Eucharistic sacrifice which is a commemoration of the death and resurrection of Christ. The blood of the martyrs is in unity with the blood of Jesus Christ and their blood is the seed, therefore we celebrate martyrdom at the liturgy every day at the holy mass.

      Tri Wahju Astuti, Raden Dicky Wirawan Listiandoko, Garinda Almaduta, Fitri Indah Sari, Dini Rachma Erawati

Abstract: Background: Pulmonary hypoplasia generally occurs in the neonatal period or in childhood and still exist until adulthood. Pulmonary hypoplasia is characterized by a decrease in the number of bronchial segments and decreased/absent alveolar air spaces. Diagnosis is usually made from history, spirometry, bodyplethysmograph, bronchoscopy, chest x-ray, contrast chest ct scan, chest ct angiography.

      Mathias KARASIRA, Dr. Eugenia Nkechi Irechukwu

Abstract: The purpose of this study was to analyze the effect of project planning on the project implementation success in Rwanda using a case of Sebeya Water Resource Board in Rubavu District. The specific objectives of the study were to identify the effect of scope planning in project implementation, to analyze resource planning in project implementation and to assess the effect of duty planning in project implementation at Sebeya watershed management project by Rwanda water resource Board, Rubavu District. The study is helpful in acquiring skills on how watershed management project is planned and skills that beneficiaries have in executing this project which stimulates its effective implementation. Future studies related will use results from this study to obtain a useful literature review.


Abstract: This study determines the relationship between regular nutritional diet and cardio-renal indices of pregnant and non-pregnant women depending on farm produce, aquatic and animals in gas flaring polluted environment. The body mass index was significantly higher among non-pregnant women regularly engaging in carbohydrate diets (26.21kg/m²) compared with protein (25.27kg/m²).


Abstract: The neural network is part of artificial intelligence techniques which use has increase exponentially in various fields, due to their ability to manage complex systems specificities.

      Tran Thi Yen

Abstract: The aim of the present research is to investigate the effects of reading academic reading texts on improving the competence in using punctuations marks in English academic writing for third-year English majors at Thai Nguyen University of Education. To achieve the aim of the research, we chose 40 students, who volunteered to take part in the study; 20 of them were assigned to the experimental group and the other students assigned to the control group.

      Prasanta Biswas, Sourojit Das, Arindam Prasad Sinha, Biltu Mondal, Jayanta Kumar Karmakar & Nabamita Sen

Abstract: Street waterlogging has become a common issue for Indian roads. More of it, there is the occurrence of standing water in open lands (fields) during monsoon season. Total water so formed on water-logging on streets, open-lands, etc. are the Point of issue of this research study. Various Innovative measures have been discussed in the study to how to use the locked in water by waterlogging. From the study, suitable measures could be reached at with proper estimation in background so determined to make the water use purpose practical. Lot of research scopes are in the study, both physical & theoretical. It is ultimately to the mankind to be lived with less pollution problems as offered by waterlogging.

      Dev Khetan, Komal Rajput, Hritik Mittal

Abstract: Owing to the fact that grass cutter machines are getting increasingly common in today’s society. Pollution is human -made, which we can be seen in our daily life. Because the IC engine was employed in older models of lawn cutters, pollutant levels increased as a result of its environmental effect. A cutter powered by an IC engine is more expensive. The cost of maintaining a traditional machine is higher. To address these issues, we want to design a new type of grass cutter that works on solar energy and is more cost-effective than the previous model. Our project’s goal is to create a solar-powered lawn cutter, which will save electricity and reduce the labor workforce.

      Dickon Chaka Milambo, Ngoy Mwanabute

Abstract: The objective of this study was to investigate on the factors leading to the poor performance in grade 12 Mathematics of leaners at secondary schools in Mpongwe District and to find ways to improve the performance. The data were collected using questionnaires administered to random samples of 38 Mathematics teachers, and 124 grade 12 learners. The statistical techniques used to analyse the survey data include the chi-square tests of independence and homogeneity, Kendall’s W and Cochran’s Q tests. All statistical tests were evaluated at the 5% significance level. All analyses were done using SPSS version 20.

      Namita Pegu

Abstract: "Mishing is an ethnic indigenous community mainly found in the north eastern part of India. They reside in the states of Arunachal Pradesh and Assam. They are of mongoloid origin, belong to the Tibeto-Burman family of Indo –Chinese group. This ethnic community have an indigenous communication system, to communicate their culture within the community and to the outsider. They applied religious belief, ritual symbols, dance, song, musical instruments and folklore as a communication agent. The indigenous communication system of the tribe is under threat due to acculturation. The paper will study the affect of acculturation on the IC of the Mishing. "

      "Faisal Muchtar, Rachmawati AM, Asvin Nurulita, Sri Julyani, Raehana Samad, Andi Adil, Irawaty Djaharuddin, Arief Santoso, Nurjannah Lihawa, Mudji Iswanty, Nasrum Massi, Syafri K Arif, Rezki Hardiyant

Abstract: Background : The use of convalescent plasma therapy (CPT) for COVID-19 patients based on the Plasma convalescent Therapy protocol recommended by the Plasma Convalescent Therapy Team of the Indonesian Ministry of Health

      Sagar Gaur

Abstract: Project controls in construction project is very much essential for a successful planning and project completion. Implementation of project controls in Indian construction industry is very much vital as Indian construction industry is lacking in implementation of project management process/tools and facing several issues/ delays. Implementation of project controls also need proper organization, and the front-end responsible persons need to be more focused in managing project controls department. This study provides an empirical review on the hurdles faced by the Indian construction industry while the implementation of project controls. In this study, a survey method is used for understanding the practical experiences faced by Indian construction industry in the implementation of project controls.

      Patricia Goretti Ndinda Nzomo, Dr. Lydia Gachengo

Abstract: Many of the water projects within Machakos County that were started, funded and supported by international agencies as well as Constituency Development Fund (CDF) still failed to deliver water over a prolonged time with six out of ten becoming dysfunctional within three years of operations. Sustenance of projects is important hence this study considered stakeholders’ participation. The main study objective was to investigate effect of stakeholder participation on water projects sustainability within Machakos County in Kenya.

      Gehan H. Allam, Basem E. Elnaghi, M. N. Abdelwahab, Reham H. Mohammed

Abstract: The main goal of this study is the forecasting of Photovoltaic (PV) power production in Ismailia, Egypt. For the aim of this, a Photovoltaic system was chosen to produce electric power as a clean power. The forecasting process depends on the weather data downloaded from the database of the European Commission s science and knowledge service for the region of Ismailia city, Egypt.

      Dr Venu Golluri, Apparao Maganti, Saritha D, Ramesh P

Abstract: The Planar Inverted-F Antenna (PIFA) can be considered as advanced from a quarter wavelength monopole antenna and is presently broadly utilized in mobile and versatile radio purposes because of its many eye-getting characteristics, for example, basic structure, lightweight, minimal effort, low-profile, conformal nature, built - in structure and reliable execution. In this paper various plans of PIFA have been introduced which are of low profile, over the top obtain and supports 4G frequencies.

      Adeola O Raji, Oluwafemi A Popoola

Abstract: Introduction: Intimate partner violence (IPV) has significant negative effects on women’s health. IPV can be associated with outcomes such as unintended pregnancy, abortion and non-use of contraception. Hence, this study seeks to investigate the association between intimate partner violence, women autonomy and modern contraceptive use in Nigeria.

      Jamila Nthenge, Dr. Nelson Mango

Abstract: Using commercial diplomacy, Kenya and Uganda are likely to influence others economic growth. The recent Kenyan development in foreign policy calls for adoption of new trade-centered diplomatic position that enabled the country to deploy foreign nationals to be leaders in various commercial departments relating to its missions globally. The study was carried out in Kampala the capital city with a case study design.

      Dr. Swati Singh

Abstract: FDI equity inflows data from Mauritius, Singapore, Netherlands, Japan, USA, UK, Germany, Cyprus, France, Cayman Islands, UAE, and Switzerland for financial year 2000-01 to 2019-20 were analysed for growth pattern. Gradual increase in FDI inflows of all countries were observed during the period of study. Mauritius came out to be main investor in India with a share of 30.13% followed by Singapore (20.78%).

      Sadanun Sukpanich, Wang Weiqiang

Abstract: This research aimed to study the relationship between the internal factors and the external factors that affect Thai white rice export volume in the international market. The secondary data used in this research based on trade statistical data and also the specific statistical data related to Thai white rice with both internal and external factors in 2015-2020 by monthly data. The statistical method applied in this research is Regression Analysis and Correlation.

      Rizki Fadhil Nasution, Asrul, Adi Muradi Muhar, Putri Chairani Eyanoer

Abstract: Introduction: The prevalence of gallstones varies between the population in each country and the ethnicity of the country. Incidence is reported in 11-36% of the world s population, 10% in the population of Western countries. In developing countries the prevalence varies from 15-25%. Research on the analysis of the bile acid composition of the microbiota shows the role of bacteria in the formation of pigment stones. From several patients after cholecystectomy, infection and sepsis occurred, the patient s bile culture - bacteria were found. Methods: To analyze the type of gallstones macroscopically with culture to see the presence or absence of infection with microorganisms in bile. patients with cholelithiasis or gallstones at HAM Hospital and Network Hospital.

      Aisy Azka Ramdhani Yusuf, Eddy Suprayitno

Abstract: Albumin powder is an alternative development of snakehead fish albumin extract which is useful for wound healing besides albumin powder also reduces fishy taste and is easy to use. One way is to process the powder into using a vacuum drying method with a temperature of 49º.

      Septina Indriani Saragih, Betty, Jessy Chrestella

Abstract: Invasive breast carcinoma no special type (NST) is the most common type of cancer, making up about 40-75% of invasive breast cancers. Conventional histopathology prognostic indicators including histology type, tumor size, lymph node involvement, grade, hormone receptor expression, etc. still play an important role in the estimated prognosis in breast carcinoma. Tumors bud are an important step in tumor invasion and metastasis and have attracted interest as a marker of prognosis. Research on the role of tumor budding in breast cancer is still limited.

      Tommy A. Rifaldy, HR Yusa Herwanto, Delfitri Munir

Abstract: Objective: This study aims to describe the results of OAE and BERA click examinations at Haji Adam Malik General Hospital Medan during 2017 – 2019 based on the age, gender, birth weight, gestational age, and type of delivery. Method: This study is a retrospective descriptive study with secondary data. The sample includes 84 people, assembled by non-probability sampling technique with consecutive sampling.

      Balaji Vijayam, Taarika Balaji, Madhuri S Balaji, Seshiah Veerasamy, Anitha Rani.A

Abstract: Globally, diabetes mellitus is a common health problem. People with diabetes are at a greater risk of developing cardiovascular disease due to dyslipidaemia. The aim of the present study was to determine the association of Hypertriglyceridemia and Glycated hemoglobin among T2DM individuals. The retrospective, observational study was conducted among T2DM patients with isolated Triglyceride from January 2020 to Oct 2021.

      Dan Macho Okumu

Abstract: The general goal of this investigation was to analyse the institutional components influence on take-up of VMMC in Busia County. Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision (VMMC) is the surgical removal of the foreskin by a trained health worker. This study utilized blended techniques configuration including both subjective and quantitative approaches. The study focused on male populace from 20 years and above. The population for this study was 276 respondents.

      Grace Ndinda Kimuyu, Isaac K Naibei, Hellen W. Sang

Abstract: This study sought to determine the relationship between accounting practices and management of funds in public institutions in Kisii County. Specifically, the study sought to; determine the relationship between budgeting practices and management of funds, explore the relationship between book keeping practices and management of funds, explore the relationship between internal control practices and management of funds and examine the relationship between automation accounting and management of funds in public institutions in Kisii County.

      Josphat Ngeno, Isaac K. Naibei, Penina Langat

Abstract: Corporate governance practices are aimed at ensuring organization’s management provides transparent and accountable leadership. However, many Savings and Credit Cooperative Societies in Kenya are experiencing poor performance. The purpose of this study was to establish the relationship between corporate governance and earnings management of selected deposit taking savings and credit cooperative societies in South Rift region, Kenya. The study was guided by Agency theory, Stakeholders theory and Stewardship theory.

      Dr. Isaac K. Naibei

Abstract: Hypothesis testing is probably one of the fundamental concepts in academic research especially where one wishes to proof a theory, logic or principle. Business and social research embeds several theories and established principles whose application in practice requires testing, and hypothesis testing comes in handy. Whereas the importance of hypothesis testing cannot be overemphasized, the procedure for hypothesis testing including setting up hypotheses by social scientists is not very clear. What is more, the conventional understanding of hypotheses testing may often lead to misleading interpretation. This purpose of this paper is to simplify the concepts is hypothesis testing. We use analysis of theoretical literature and simple illustrations to demonstrate use of hypothesis testing in business and social sciences studies.

      Abdulazeez Hakeem Omilola, Abdulfatai Salawu Oyebode, David Ayock Ishaya

Abstract: The land use act of 1978 is the linchpin for all land related issues in Nigeria, land also has a strong and positive correlation with economic activities in a country. Nigeria being the largest economy in Africa and the 26th largest economy in the world is still grappling issues of gender equality and empowerment. The aim of this research is to explore the nexus between land tenure distribution and the wellbeing of women in Nigeria. Using a cross sectional data of the living standards measurement study-integrated surveys on agriculture, general household survey panel for 2015-2016, the national representative survey of 5,000 households, representing the geopolitical zones consisting of 1907 women of which 558 are in the urban area and 1349 are in the rural area, which contained data on the marital status, years of education, land tenure distribution, health problems, labor activities and average household size.

      Dr. Pancham Kumar, Dr. Ambika, Dr. Rakesh Sharma, Dr. Kiran Azad, Dr. Deepak Sharma

Abstract: Background: The present study aimed to describe the Biochemical investigation among children admitted as a case Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in Children (MIS-C) in Indira Gandhi Medical college, Shimla.

      Pether Sobian, Sopian, Paulus, Syekh Mochsin

Abstract: Due to the swift flow of foreign cultures, the culture of the local community must be protected to preserve their traditional practices. Cultural erosion can be caused by internal and external factors. One of the community cultures facing the threat of change is Dayak Desa community in Ensaid Panjang village, Sintang District, West Kalimantan, Indonesia. The Dayak Village people traditionally live in the longhouse. This study tries to describe or identify the weaknesses and constraints of the Dayak Desa community in preserve their culture by presenting examples of the Rumah Panjai (the longhouse) tradition which is increasingly abandoned. This study revealed that internal factors that cause the fading of the Dayak culture in Ensaid Panjang village start from the awareness of the Dayak Desa community that it is easier to live outside Rumah Panjai because it is free from collective rules that bind colony. Another aspect identified from the interview results was the villagers lack of understanding of regulations that favor the preservation of local culture. In addition, the explanation or socialization from the government has not fully understood by the community. Besides, komunitas Dayak Desa ini memiliki poor kemampuan untuk beradaptasi dengan teknologi serta menjalin kemitraan dengan para pihak.

      Auob Alsayd

Abstract: Modern business environment imposes on countries that if want to achieve growth and development in the economy, they must first establish relations with the rest of the world. In addition to trade relations with the environment, countries must take into account investment flows, through which they will provide funds, knowledge, resources and more, if they want to follow the dynamics of the world market. One of the ways to invest in international capital movements is foreign direct investment. In addition to enabling significant effects on the economic growth of the country in which the funds are placed, they also enable a positive impact on the quality of life and the environment, the social sphere of life and others.

      Emmanouel Xynadas, Evi Psarrou

Abstract: This study refers to the renewal of the music education of the Greeks during the Enlightenment shortly before the Revolution. It is very interesting to present this reform in the Eastern Orthodox ecclesiastical music, namely the Byzantine Music, of the Eastern Orthodox Church because its members had strongly opposed to the Enlightenment, as there had been many objections to the Greek Enlightenment on behalf of the members of the Orthodox Church. Nevertheless, as revealed in the present study, the Orthodox Church not only accepted the reform but adopted and supported it.

      Evi Psarrou

Abstract: The aim of this paper is to reveal the relations between the Ottoman Sultan and his non-Muslim subjects during the 18th century in the Eyalet of Rumeli. In this context the paper reveals the difficulties the non-Muslim inhabitants faced in their every-day life, their relations with the local Ottoman authorities, their petitions and the latter’s response to their grievances and requests, as well as the kind of concessions and importance of privileges granted to the inhabitants by the Sultan.

      Cveta Martinovska Bande, Natasha Stojkovic, Elena Kosturanova, Mimoza Klekovska

Abstract: This paper presents methodologies for creating profiles of typical customers for certain types of services and products in user-oriented businesses. Because of the specific characteristics of each of the domains where these methodologies would be applied creating one solution for all purposes does not solve the problem. The emphasis of this paper is on experimenting with real data from telecommunication sector and on the construction of clustering system for user profiling. The approach for solving this problem involves analysing the characteristics of the observed data and adjusting the process of intelligent data analysis according to its specifications.

      Cveta Martinovska Bande

Abstract: This paper investigates the aspects and interpretations of emotions, which might contribute to creating intelligent systems. Recent findings in different scientific disciplines suggest a new view of the relationship between cognitive processes and emotions. Emotions are no longer seen as mental qualities that limit rationality. It is now understood that emotions play a critical role in intelligent behavior and offer a great potential for designing artificial agents and more natural and expressive interactive technologies.

      Chusnul Rofiah

Abstract: The purpose of this article is to reveal the impact and sustainability of social enterprises even though geographically this research is located in a relatively underdeveloped and historically suburban area. This study involved seven deliberately selected target audiences of social enterprises, two coffee farmers and four informants who were interviewed with knowledge of social enterprises and their communities.

      Md. Shahjahan Ali and Md. Abdus Salam

Abstract: Land use and land cover changes is a dynamic phenomenon both in rural and urban areas of Bangladesh as the population growth is in positive trend. The changes are comparatively higher or faster in the periphery of urban area compare to rural area as the population pressure is higher in urban area than rural area. The urbanization has been occurred for settlement and for micro or macro level industrialization also.

      Charles Bett, Noah Wawire, Justus Kavoi, Susan Maingi and Winnie Agola

Abstract: Low agricultural productivity in Kenya has been associated with low levels of mechanization among other factors. Several efforts have been made by the government and non-governmental organizations to promote the use of agricultural machines in various parts of Kenya. Mechanization level and productivity in the mango value chain remains low. The goal of this study was to assess the level of agricultural mechanization in mango value chain in Kenya and make appropriate recommendations. Sampling procedure was adopted in selecting respondents. The first cluster of sampling was random selection of the sub-counties and the second was the sub-locations and lastly the farmers.

      R. R. Liyanage, D. Dhammearatchi

Abstract: Mobile fitness applications are commonly used by people to keep their body health and fitness in good levels. These days, thousands of fitness applications can be downloaded from app stores. But these applications do not have the accuracy to be specific to everyone who is using the application. The purpose of this paper is to find ways to make fitness applications to be more specific to all users, increase their accuracy and discuss how to make a fitness application which can provide unique features to anyone who is using the application.

      Desiana, Arinal Nurrisyad Hanum

Abstract: This study aims to analyze the role of compensation for losses in corporate tax management in Indonesia. The approach used in this research is a literature approach or literature study. Secondary research data were collected from books, journals, laws and regulations. This study found that compensation for losses is one of the efforts in tax management to streamline income tax costs for corporate taxpayers in the present and in the future.

      George, Nchelem Rosemary, Kumah, Maxwell Seyram

Abstract: The aim of this study was to investigate how the use of microsoft excel spreadsheet software package can enhance the performance of senior secondary school students in statistical charts in Port Harcourt local government area of Rivers state Nigeria. The study was guided by three research objectives, three research questions and three hypotheses which were tested at 0.05 level of significance. The quasi experimental research design was used. The design presented one experimental group and one control group.

      Akpobome, Enoh Jephthah, George, Nchelem Rosemary

Abstract: The study investigated the relationship between pre-service teachers’ classroom management style and senior secondary students’ performance in general mathematics in Rivers state Nigeria. A sample size of ninety four (94) final year pre-service mathematics teachers was used for the study. The census sampling technique was employed to draw the sample. Six research questions were answered and six hypotheses were tested at 0.05 level of significance. Two instruments were used to collect data namely the “Pre-service Mathematics Teachers’ Classroom Management Questionnaire” (PMTCMQ) and “Mathematics Performance Test Grade Inventory” (MPTGI).

      Aman Mann

Abstract: Climate change is posing a serious threat to humanity, as the world’s population grows the demand for food and water will also increase. The rise in global surface temperatures is a big challenge for Food security. The rise in temperature will cause water shortage. Haryana is primarily an Agriculture state and stands second at food production in India. Climate change in Haryana will lead to reduced crop yield henceforth a threat to Nations food basket. Rise in temperature will impact all the crops, for every degree rise in temperature there is a significant decline in the yield of Wheat. A reduced rainfall will impact both Kharif (Summer) and Rabi (Winter) crops. The rise in Global surface temperature is primarily due to the release of Green house gases to the atmosphere. Rapid Industrialization and increase in population is laying stress on our resources.

      Ali Alanazy, Mohammed Alatawi

Abstract: The cutting-edge studies on Automatic Speech Recognition approach have reported exceptional accuracy rates that are even comparable to human transcribers – posing a question if machine has reached human performance. Automatic Speech Recognition can be used as a biometric authentication technique, which is essential in ciphering many applications used. In light of the Arabic language, only few studies have proposed to assess the effectiveness of using Automatic Speech Recognition in Arabic language; therefore, this study aims to implement Arabic speaker recognition using three different algorithms, including (i) Dynamic Time Warping (DTW), (ii) Gaussian mixture model (GMM), and (iii) Support Vector Machine (SVM). To measure the effectiveness of these algorithm in recognizing the Arabic speech, two datasets are used to train and test them, which are: (i) speech agent archive, and (ii) Arabic speech corpus. The results reveled that the DTW outperforms the GMM and SVM in terms of accuracy, precision, recall and f-measure, as it achieves 95.7%, 96%, and 95%, and 96%, respectively.

      Brian Thompson, Jerry Massallay, Michael Lahai

Abstract: Background :Pharmacists have a responsibility to optimize outcomes of patients medication therapy Communication skill is the foundation to all patient-centered care and may pose serious problems if not taken with utmost concern. For effective communication to be established, we need to fully understand the processes and skills that make up human communication which includes questioning, listening, explaining and reflecting. Skills of effective communication and patient care do not necessarily improve with practice experience but are developed when there is a commitment to do so


Abstract: In Somalia, the severity and frequency of flooding has increased dramatically over the last few decades, posing a serious threat to the livelihoods of the local population. In the recent past, the Somali government and other humanitarian organizations have worked closely with communities that have been threatened by floods. The goal of this article is to look at the impact of collective community empowerment as a flood coping method on riverine community livelihood security in Somalias Jowhar District. The paper is an excerpt from an empirical study on the impact of flood coping measures on the riverine communitys long-term livelihood security in Somalias Jowhar district.

      Flomena Jeptanui, Jacob Bitok, Titus Rotich

Abstract: The groundwater remains a major source of water supply throughout the ages and groundwater quality is becoming water source problem. This problem is driven by contaminant transport equation involving advection and dispersion flux. Contaminant flow through a porous media meets tortuosity effects hence hydrodynamic dispersion must be considered.

      Flomena Jeptanui, Jacob Bitok, Titus Rotich

Abstract: The groundwater remains a major source of water supply throughout the ages and groundwater quality is becoming water source problem. This problem is driven by contaminant transport equation involving advection and dispersion flux. Contaminant flow through a porous media meets tortuosity effects viscosity and drag coefficient must be considered.

      Mehmet Sönmez

Abstract: The Visible Light Communication (VLC) is a promising technology to assure the wireless data transmission for optical wireless communication system. Some modulation methods used in VLC systems require to apply a threshold value on the receiver side. In this paper, therefore, it has been investigated the classifier based demodulator architectures to solve the data detecting problem for threshold-based transmission methods such as On-Off Keying (OOK) scheme, under the condition of the unknown threshold level value.

      Mehmet Sönmez

Abstract: In this paper, a FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Arrays) based modulator is proposed for DAPPM (Differential Amplitude Pulse Position Modulation) technique. The proposed modulator is designed on FPGA complier Quartus program. Moreover, the simulation results are obtained on modelsim altera program. Addition to FPGA-based modulator, a demodulator is designed on FPGA complier to estimate the data bits at the receiver side.

      Kyauta Mallam Thomas, Patricia Manko Lar, Hashimu Zakari, Tabitha Vem Silas

Abstract: Objective: To investigate and compare the prevalent rate of hepatitis B virus infection in hepatitis B vaccinated and non-vaccinated in Bauchi Nigeria.

      Alonge Sylvester, Osimen, Goddy Uwa

Abstract: Boko Haram terrorist group has posed a significant security problem to the country. Apart from the fact that the terrorist group has displaced farmers, causing many of them to desert their farms, their activities have equally affected the countrys production and trade of goods and services. Boko Haram insurgency has similarly affected the movement of goods and services across the country, especially in the North-eastern states, the exportation of cash and food crops, tourism, and entrepreneurial development, all of which have dire consequences for the countrys economy.

      Mufatihatul Aziza Nisa, Gusti Firdha Amalia

Abstract: Most of the operational activities of loading and unloading in container terminal facility for domestic and international customers in the area of East Indonesia, utilize hoisting apparatus, such as container crane. While it works, the crane operator will look down and the back muscle will hold body weight partially. If the activity done repeatedly, there is a risk of Cumulative Trauma Disorders (CTDs), also known as Musculoskeletal Disorders, repetitive motion injury, repetitive stress injury, or occupational fatigue syndrome. The aim of this study to analyze body posture and assess the ergonomic risk of container crane operators. The study used descriptive observational design by assessing the posture using REBA Method, interview and discussion at container terminal facility for domestic and international customers in Indonesia by August of 2016 with 2 crane operators as samples for the study.

      Carie Justine Estrellado

Abstract: This literature review is focused on the rallying cry in the transition to post-pandemic education in the Philippines. The country experienced a series of lockdowns that catapulted prolonged closures of school premises for more than eighteen months and was considered the last country to reopen. As steps to conduct and resume limited in-person classes, selected schools have led the priming for the gradual transition, but the implications of readapting educational landscapes remain an emerging challenge to be dealt with.

      Naufal Fauzan Katiandago, Ning Rahayu

Abstract: Since 2017, Indonesian upstream oil and gas business is managed using the Gross Split PSC scheme to replace the old scheme, namely Cost Recovery PSC. The reason behind this is because the amount of cost recovery exceeds the total profit sharing from state oil and gas revenues.

      Muhammad Nadeem Khan 1, Muhammad Tahir2, Samdullah3 Imran Ahmad Khan2, Waheb Aoun Jafari4, Shehreen Fatima5, Muhammad Ishaq4, Muhammad Adnan5, Muhammad Aqib Mukhtar4

Abstract: Nanosciences and microbiology are the research of extremely small objects on a nm scale. Tribolium Castaneum and Trogoderma Granarium isolates of various ages have been reported from the Lahore commodity market. For each of the two insects, the population had been acclimated to the laboratory. To maintain a homogenous population, pupa of the same age were collected during insect development and placed in separate plastic jars until adult emergence (2 weeks).

      Ba Le Huy, Ha Lam Van, Hoan Nguyen Xuan, Thanh Le Minh

Abstract: By the research results, the authors determined that the correlations and mutual interactions of two or more factors appear in the Basalt soil environment under coffee cultivation. In which, the most important is the content of organic matter and soil pH. Because organic matter has been involved in improving a number of soil properties, the most prominent is the interaction of biological components and organic matter with some components and soil chemistry such as CEC, total N , total phosphorus and dissolved phosphorus, total and easily digested potassium, Ca2 +, Mg2 + and some trace elements. In addition, the organic matter composition also increases the density, number and biomass of earthworms, as well as the number and types of beneficial microorganisms in the soil (total microorganisms, nitrogen fixing bacteria. , phosphorus-degradable bacteria, for cellulose-degrading organisms).

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