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      Dr. Shalini Patel, Prof. (Dr.) Sunil Kumar Joshi, Dr. Sanjay Gupta, Dr. Prashant Srivastav

Abstract: Vatashtheela is defined as “a Chala, Unnata, Ashtheelavata Granthi is developed in the region between the Guda and Basti due to vitiation of Apana Vayu, is called Vatashtheela. On the other hand, the term Mutrakrichchhra mainly deals with Krichchhrata (dysuria) and Shool (pain). The Pratyatma Lakshana of Mutrakrichchhra is “Dukhen Mutra Pravrittih” means discomfort during micturition. Vatashtheela may be correlated closely to BPH (Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia) both surgical anomaly and symptoms wise, whereas, Mutrakrichchhra correlate with UTI (sp. Lower Urinary Tract Infections i.e. urethritis & cystitis) only symptoms wise. For a healthy life, Good urination habit is important. BPH and Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) is a common distressing and occasionally life threating condition.

      Md Haris Uddin Sharif

Abstract: Cancer is today’s one of the most harmful and deadly diseases. Early detection of cancer is essential as it helps radiologists and doctors perform treatment planning and surgery. Detection of tumors in the early stages is a difficult task. Artificial intelligence-based approaches which use deep learning and machine learning techniques assist radiologists in the prediction. The main aim of this research is to develop a fully automated tool for Liver Tumor Segmentation.

      Dr. Tek Chand

Abstract: MGNREGS is one of the schemes, which has attained considerable recognition among rural masses. It plays an important role in the upliftment of rural people. In this paper, an attempt has been made to evaluate the Performance of MGNREGS in Himachal Pradesh from 2015-20 in the last five years in terms of employment demanded by rural households and employment offered by Panchayati Raj Institution representatives, and hundred days assured work completed by beneficiaries. In addition, financial performance i.e. growth of fund utilization in the programme is also taken into consideration in the study. For accomplishing the objectives of the study, secondary data was collected and analyzed with help of statistical tools Mean and CAGR. The outcome of the study is summarized that growth has been found at every phase of the programme and it is playing a significant role in the socio-economic development of rural masses.

      Gladys Chebet, Paul K. Mbugua and Rebecca N. Karanja

Abstract: The study investigated the uses of Prunus africana and community perception on the value and conservation status of the same tree across Western Mau forest. Four blocks were objectively selected for the survey. A socio-economic survey was conducted using structured questionnaires containing both closed and open-ended questions to determine community perceptions on the status of the tree under study. The data were mainly analyzed in form of proportions and variations between sites tested using chi-square statistics at p<0.05.

      Samuel, Goodnews Asuquo, Ntinya, Mbuotidem Usen and Akata, Nsidibe Inyang

Abstract: The kinetics of water gelatinization reaction in some edible tubers (Manihot esculenta, Colocasia esculenta, Dioscorea alata, Ipomoea batatas, Solanum tuberosum, Dioscorea dumetorum and Dioscorea rotundata) was investigated using a thermostated water bath at various temperatures. At 60 oC, Manihot esculenta (ME) gelatinized in 125 min; Solanum tuberosum (ST), Dioscorea dumetorum (DD) and Dioscorea alata (DA), gelatinized in 140, 165 and 180 mins respectively but there was no gelatinization for Colocasia esculenta (CE) Ipomoea batatas (IB) and Dioscorea rotundata (DR) at this temperature. At 90 oC however, ME gelatinized in 2.00 min while ST, DD, DA, DR, CE and IB showed gelatinization in 3.20, 5.00, 6.50, 7.30, 8.50 and 10.20 mins respectively. The rate of gelatinization of starch was found to be directly proportional to the gelatinization temperature and inversely proportional to the time of gelatinization’. A rapid gelatinization rate was observed for ME with the least gelatinization time (Gt), IB on the other hand showed a much higher Gt indicating its slow rate of gelatinization (Gr). The rate of gelatinization was observed to follow the order: ME > ST > DD > DA > DR >CE >IB.

      Jackson Oyaro Ongeta a and Eric J. Nasution

Abstract: Investment decisions are usually influenced by various behavioural factors. The assumption is that herding, prospecting and heuristics influence personal investment decisions among investors in the stock market. The main objective of this study was to analyze the behavioral factors influencing investment performance of individual investors in Nairobi Security Exchange. The specific objectives of the study were; assess whether the following factors-herding, prospect (loss aversion, regret aversion, and escalating the commitment), heuristic (availability bias and overconfidence) and investment decisions-are significantly correlated with each other in the NSE and establish whether the following behavioural factors-herding, prospect (loss aversion, regret aversion, and escalating the commitment) and heuristic (availability bias and overconfidence) combined together significantly influence the investment performance in the NSE


Abstract: In this paper, we have tried to show that the existence of measurable graph of multivalued function based on the concept of Souslin type as well as existence of measurable selector of multivalued function.

      Ariel U. Cubillas

Abstract: The primary intention of this paper is to assess the reading intervention program called Beginning Reading Para sa mga Tsikiting or BRPT. It also gauged the improvement of the reading performance of the beginning readers who participated in the BRPT and identify the challenges encountered by the reading intervention program implementers. This study utilized the descriptive design of research. It used the results of the Revised Phil- IRI Reading Profile as its baseline in determining the improvement of the reading skills of the learners in the primary grade. Complete enumeration was used in this study. There were 125 primary grade pupils who were included in the study.

      Ngeeti, J.O. and Dr. Odhiambo, E.O.S

Abstract: The global development is a major target of the World Bank through consideration of the diverse opinions. The millennium development goals fully support the global development. In various continents such as Europe, considering the opinions from the citizen in governance and in policy formulation is important. In Africa, different bodies are campaigning for inclusion and considerations of the citizen opinions from different perspectives without any form of discriminations as far as governance processes are concerned.

      Shanti Yuniwardani, Iwan Dewanto

Abstract: This study aims to analyze the income of the dental clinic at RSU Rajawali Citra Bantul which has never been done before, with the aim of identifying the group of actions and what types of actions that contribute to the most income in the dental poly at RSU Rajawali Citra Bantul. This study uses a quantitative approach with descriptive observational methods equipped with interviews. Data were collected by documenting dental clinic financial statements and NHI claim reports from the hospital insurance division from 2018 to 2020.

      KAYITESI Claire, GITAHI Njenga

Abstract: Rwanda is one of the African countries which are putting more energy to raise the economic developments of the country which require the creation and innovation of various activities in different sectors in the whole country including projects creation and their implementation processes. Projects face many challenges during their implementation process towards their objective success including failures due to poor plan; less decision-making process, poor procurements process, corruption and poor tendering and all these issues negatively impact the projects’ success which as well impact the country economy.

      Mohamed Hassan Atwa Eldek, Faysal Abo-Elazm, Yara El-sayed Emara

Abstract: As the world evolves and changes, the requirements and needs of users in buildings change, and thus the needs of the population in Egypt are changing, so it has become necessary to resort to innovative solutions that keep pace with the times, and one of the most important features of kinetic architecture is that it keeps pace with development and is flexible in use, and therefore it is the best solution Architectural problems in this era.

      Firmansyah, Mardiana E. Fachry Andi Adri Arief

Abstract: During the existence of traditional gold mines in the bald mountain district of Teluk Kaiely, Buru Maluku province, there has been a lot of changes in the lives of the local people. The research methodology used is descriptive method with qualitative approach. data collection techniques used are interviews, observations, and literature studies. The informant in this study consisted of a fisherman, and one of the perna became a gold miner. presentation of data and verification / conclusion. the results of the study showed that the existence of gold mines on bald mountains has had an impact on the socioeconomic conditions of coastal communities. Gold mining has a negative impact on aspects of uncontrolled and alarming population displacement, the increasing incidence of conflict, and the transition of peoples livelihoods from fishermen, farmers to miners.

      Okafor Chinedu Vincent, Ohazulume Gilbert Chidi, Iyamu Osafanmen Victor

Abstract: The study simulated the airflow pattern, thermal comfort and occupational exposure to CO_2 under two ventilation modes using computational fluid dynamics (CFD). A wall supply diffuser was located at the floor level for the displacement ventilation case while the supply air diffuser was placed at the ceiling level for the mixing ventilation mode. The manikin served as a jet, exhaled air through the nostrils downward at an angle of 45 degrees below the horizontal line. The CO_2 species was modeled as a passive scalar transport convection-diffusion equation. From the result obtained, the mixing ventilation case showed a low level of CO_2 concentration than in the displacement ventilation case. Also, higher vertical temperature gradient was noticed in the displacement ventilation case as opposed to the mixing ventilation scenario. Lastly, the mixing ventilation case showed higher tendencies of local draft than displacement ventilation case.

      Garba Sahabi Adamu, Gerald Onwuka

Abstract: This study was carried out to assess the malaria prevalence and risk factors in children aged 6 – 59 months. The data used for the analysis was obtained from the 2018 Nigeria standard demographic and health survey (NDHS). The sample was obtained through a stratified two-stage cluster sampling. The sample consists of 10609 children aged 6 – 59 months. Members of the sample were tested for malaria parasite through rapid diagnostic test (RDT). Fourteen malaria risk factors were identified and subjected to screening Philips et al., (2009), Kanyangarara et al., (2016). The screening involves testing for multicollinearity and linearity in order to satisfy assumptions for binary logistic regression model. Three factors failed the test and eleven were included as independent covariates in the binary logistic regression analysis.

      Yeti Kuswati, Tati Hartati

Abstract: This study aims to improve the performance of the Majalengka Regency Tourism Office through the driving factors are leadership and individual characteristics. This study uses quantitative methods with descriptive and verification analysis techniques, with the target respondents being employees of the Majalengka Regency Tourism Office. The sampling technique used is cluster proportional random sampling.

      Samson Manjuru Mburu, Dr. Lucy Wanjiru Njogu

Abstract: The studys general objective was to establish the factors that influence access to credit for MSMEs in Ruiru Sub County. Specifically, the study set out to determine the influence of cost of credit, financial information asymmetry, type of lending institution, and credit reference bureau on access to credit for MSMEs in Ruiru Sub County in Kenya. The study adopted a descriptive research design. The target population was 590 MSMEs registered for operations in Ruiru Sub County for the year 2021.

      Abdifatah Ibrahim Ahmed, Dr. Joseph Ndalilah And Dr. Manswab Mahsen Abdulrahman

Abstract: Maritime boarder issues are a source of conflict to the enclosed citizens and a nation at large. This study explored maritime boarder conflict and their impact on Kenya-Somalia relations. It was guided by the specific objectives that are; to investigate the influence of colonial border demarcation on Kenya-Somalia relations; to examine the effects of continental shelf disputes on Kenya-Somalia relations; and to assess the impact of maritime territorial integrity on Kenya- Somalia relations. Theories that underpinned the topic were not limited to realism theory and relative deprivation theory. This research adopted descriptive survey research design.

      Mohamed Hassan Dakane, Dr. Karani Wycliffe Obadiah And Dr. Manswab Mahsen Abdulrahman

Abstract: Illegal immigrants have been blamed for a number of terrorist attacks, including those on the Westgate, Garissa University, and Lamu County. Considering that North Eastern Region is bordered by Somalia, which has been embroiled in civil war for many years, this study is all the more important. As a result, it focuses on the effects of illegal immigration on security in Kenyas north eastern region. The studys specific goals were to determine the economic effects of illegal immigration on security, to evaluate immigration policy laws on security, and to establish cross-border crimes in Kenyas north eastern region on security. Moral Panic Theory and Sociological Theory were both used in this study.

      Dev Sajnani

Abstract: Biodiversity, the variety and variability of plant and animal species, is the basis for the survival of entire communities, especially those dependent on ecological life support from specific plants, animals or entire ecosystems. However, as society progresses, the need for sustenance and management of biodiversity also increases.

      irebahose gedeon

Abstract: The Non-Governmental Organization sector has been active in delivering important services both economically and socially in Rwanda. This study aim to assessed the Financial sustainability of NGO Case of study Centro International for Tropical Agricultural (CIAT).The objective of this study is To establish the effect of fund-raising strategy on Financial Sustainability for NGOs like Centro International for Tropical Agricultura , To examine the effect of income diversification strategy on financial sustainability for NGOs like Centro International for Tropical Agricultura , To ascertain the effect of management capability on financial Sustainability for Centro International for Tropical Agricultura .

      Farida, Febrianty, Sularso Budilaksono, Ni Kadek Suryani, A.A.A. Ngr. Tini Rusmini Gorda

Abstract: Bali as a barometer of Indonesian tourism has been hit hard by Covid-19. The impact on micro, small and medium-sizes enterprises (MSMEs) is difficult to survive. This study aims to describe the challenges and opportunities faced by MSMEs. The object of research is women entrepreneurs in Bali. Data distribution through questionnaires and online Focus Group Discussion (FGD). The challenges for MSMEs is the importance of certification requirement for business actors even though the conditions are declining due to Covid-19, business licenses and legalities that are still not owned, businesses are reopening with small margins and lack of collaboration with other parties. Meanwhile, the opportunities that exist after Covid-19 are the need for innovative businesses and the availability of matching business digitization that brings together various MSME stakeholders to be able to collaborate such as franchises, consignments and partnerships.

      Jayawardhana.K.G.L.A.N.S. and Sriram. S

Abstract: Journalism and/or mass communication has been expanded as an academic discipline in many Sri Lankan state and private universities, and when carefully observed it is apparent that very less number of female graduates finds their career path in the print journalism field. In Sri Lanka, a majority of the prominent characters in the newspaper industry are men, whereas the role of women journalists is always a question. Hence, this study was conducted to find out the reasons for female media graduates to choose their profession as journalists in print media and to find out the reasons for female graduates to deny choosing their profession as print media journalists.

      Christella GIRIZINA RUGABIRA, Dr. Eugenia Nkechi Irechukwu

Abstract: This paper explored the implementation factors and community project performance in Rwanda: A case study of Water Aid Rwanda Project (WARP) in Gahanga sector, Kicukiro District. The specific objectives were to establish the effects of project plan implementation, managerial support and manager’s competence on community project performance of WARP in Gahanga sector in Kicukiro District.

      Ms. Victoria K. Avoga, Dr Isaac Mokono Abuga. Phd

Abstract: The immigration department is very critical in the social, economic and political development of any country. This study was conducted to analyze how various human resource practices and performance of immigration department has influenced National Security in Kenya.

      Ayibapreye K. Benjamin, Aguiyi Nduka Watson , Godday Biowei

Abstract: In this paper, a physical based model of foam-covered sea surface was modelled as layers of randomly distributed air-bubbles coated with thin layer of sea water which evaluates thermal emission was investigated. Here, the split-step Fourier technique as a range marching procedure is explored by converting the three-dimension (3D) foam structure into two-dimension (2D) layers and determine the vertical field profiles of the propagating E-field at successive range steps until the desired range is reached.

      Rizky Eka Putra, Adi Muradi Muhar, Edwin Saleh Siregar, Aznan Lelo

Abstract: Introduction The case of appendicitis is a surgical emergency that is very often encountered with the most common complications in the form of necrosis and perforation of appendicitis which is an abdominal emergency that requires immediate surgery. Difficulty in diagnosing results in increased morbidity, more complications, longer hospital stays and higher costs. There were 60 cases of acute appendicitis recorded at Haji Adam Malik Hospital Medan in 2009. There is no good scoring system as a predictor of necrotizing appendicitis cases, but based on several studies the use ofalvarado score and LRINEC (Laboratory risk indicator for necrotzing fasciitis) can be used to improve diagnostic procedures and determine the risk of developing necrotizing fasciitis. The researcher wanted to know the accuracy comparison between ALVARADO score and LRINEC score as a predictor of the incidence of necrotizing appendicitis at H. Adam Malik Hospital, Medan.

      Nurfadilah, Ruqayyah Jamaluddin, Muhammad Yusri Karim

Abstract: Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) is one of the important economic value fishery commodities and has been cultivated commercially. The main problem experienced is the low seed production through hatchery units due to the low survival rate, especially in the larval stage. This research was conducted at CV. Aquaculture Lestari, Makassar aims to evaluate the effect of vitamin B complex on the survival, growth, and stress resistance of nile tilapia (O. niloticus) larvae. The study used a container in the form of a black plastic basin with a capacity of 40 L which would be filled with 30 L of media water. The test animals used were 3-day old nile tilapia larvae which were kept for 30 days. The feed used is artificial feed in the form of powder and pellets. The study was designed using a completely randomized design consisting of 4 doses of vitamin B complex treatment with 3 replications each.

      Juliet Waruguru Mwai, Professor Hellen Mberia

Abstract: Purpose: The general objective of the study is to establish the effect of television betting advertisements on the gambling behaviour of undergraduate university students aged between 18 and 25 years in Kiambu county Kenya.

      Vytautas Petrauskas, Raimundas Jasinevicius, Egidijus Kazanavicius, Zygimantas Meskauskas

Abstract: This paper suggests to extend the earlier proposed XAI-based medical diagnostic decision support system with a new functionality for the treatment and care elderly patients. The proposed extension is considered as a partial case of the universalized fuzzy SWOT maps network. The main idea was realized in a module called as LEVERAGE and was successfully simulated. The reliable results presented in this paper have confirmed a vitality of the idea. This paper also advocates the breakthrough in believes that the theories about diseases are good ones only if they offer treatment as well. The paper concludes with a list of necessary future research.

      Aan Nurhadi, Heriyanto Andilolo, Jatmiko Wicaksono, Purnomo, Lenie Maelinae, Rudi Fakhriadi, Nita Pujianti, Noor Ahda Fadillah, Laily Khairiyati, Azmi Ma’ruf, Agung Waskito, Anugrah Nur Rahmat, Fakh

Abstract: The "Istana Kalulut" program is a form of community development carried out by PT Adaro Indonesias CSR which began in 2018. The company seeks to change the mindset and behavior of the community with the Kalulut cultivation pattern which has succeeded in increasing the number of Kalulut bee farmers, decreasing the number of trees cut in the area. In the reclamation of the company, the community utilizes kalulut bee cultivation as a livelihood, becomes an education center for kalulut cultivation, and seeks to encourage the community to carry out cultivation in the form of developing kalulut honey which has been implemented in post-mining areas, so the duplication results can benefit the community in the companys operational areas through good competency transfer process.

      Syamsul Arifin, Lenie Marlinae, Danang Biyatmoko, Chairul Irawan, Husaini, Abdi Fithria, Akmad Rizalli Saidy, M Gilmani, Fairuz Nur Fawaz, Noor Laila Afifah, Ammara Ulfa Azizah

Abstract: Data from the Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) of South Kalimantan Province (2018) total disaster events in the South Kalimantan Region. As of January 27, 2021, there were 227 disasters recorded. The dominant natural disaster is flood disaster. The flood disaster caused a death toll of 259 people (dead and missing) and 8 missing and 3,654 people injured. The purpose of this study is to analyze the relationship between flood prevention activities and community institutions that play a role in flood prevention and the relationship between flood prevention activities and the potential of natural resources in flood prevention in Banjar Regency. This research method consists of three stages, that are a preliminary survey, data collection, and data analysis. The results showed that there was a relationship between flood prevention activities and community institutions that play a role in flood prevention (p<0.05) and there was no relationship between flood prevention activities and the potential of natural resources in flood prevention (p≥0.05).

      Lenie Marlinae, Danang Biyatmoko, Husaini, Chairul Irawan, Laily khairiyati, Agung Waskito, Akhmad Rizalli Saidy, Abdi Fithria, Anugrah Nur Rahmat, Tien Zubaidah, Syamsul Arifin ,Winda Saukina Syarifa

Abstract: Based on data from the Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) of South Kalimantan Province (2018), the total disaster incidence in the South Kalimantan Region in 2017 was 381 disaster events. There were 54 flood disasters and in 2020 there were 6,670 houses affected and 11,269 people displaced and lack of clean water in Banjar Regency. Based on the 2018 Basic Health Research (Riskesdas) it was shown that in Banjar Regency the use of clean water per person per day was 2.41%. And the comparison of the use of clean water that is less due to the lack of clean water sources between urban 1.90% and rural 2.50% is approximately only 0.6% different.

      A.Raju, Resarch scholor, Prof. T.V.Krishna

Abstract: Among vector born diseases, malaria is a wide spread disease and causing highest morbidity and mortality rates over all continents. According to WHO in 2016, about 216 million people were infected and 4,45,000 deaths were reported in the world. 90% of the malaria cases reported in Africa only. India’s physiographic, climatic and thick drainage system are favorable for the growth and distribution of malaria disease. Further India is having large population i.e human host with high density is also favorable condition for growth distribution of malaria disease. Malaria is endemic to Andhra Pradesh for over several decades. Further, there are no proper vector-control strategies that have led to a significant increase in the disease burden and are inadequate to prevent. In this context Andhra Pradesh is taken for the present study. Year wise data on Malaria Cases was collected for the 13 districts of Andhra Pradesh (2010- 2019) to investigate Malaria outbreaks. Further, the study will find out high risk malaria Districts in Andhra Pradesh.

      Mohd Harridon, Mohd Khir Harun, Abdul Aziz Ahmad, Zaiful Hasmi Mohd Hashim, Khairul Dahri Mohd Aris, Baha Rudin Abdul Latif, Muzaffar Wasi Zainal Ariffin, Azizihadi Yaakop, Mohd Jalal Amran, Mohamed I

Abstract: The Static Simulator of Boeing 737-800 that was acquired by Universiti Kuala Lumpur Malaysian Institute of Aviation Technology (UniKL MIAT) had gone through comprehensive testing to ensure its fidelity. The components to be tested were identified through a methodology which dissected the simulator into 2 mainstream fields which were physical and software. The primary gist was to identify components to be tested with the real Boeing 737-800 in mind. In this paper, we had laid out the components that were identified to be tested and at this time of the writing these components were currently being tested.

      Olasunkanmi Lekan Ikuyinminu

Abstract: Members of Persea are typically medium-size trees, 15-30 meters tall at maturity with leaves that are simple, lanceolate to broad and flowers arranged in short panicles, with six small greenish-yellow perianth segments 3-6mm long, nine stamens, and an ovary with a single embryo. The aim of this work is to identify the chemical compounds in dichloromethane and methanol (2:1) and screened for phytochemicals in Persea americana root extracts. Solvent extraction was used to extract crude extracts from the root and the crude extracts were subjected to Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectroscopy (GC-MS) analysis and phytochemical screening. The result showed that hundred chemical compounds were identified but eleven are the major which are correlated with NIST library in which the correlation percentage (%) was taken from 18-100%.

      Ida Ayu Sri Brahmayanti, Tri Ratnawati, Mulyanto Nugroho

Abstract: The purpose of this study was to examine and analyze the effect of macroeconomics, funding decisions, investment decisions on firm value with financial risk, earnings management, and free cash flow as intervening variables and GCG as moderating variable in manufacturing companies listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange. The source of research data is secondary data, with the data collection method used is documentation.

      Calvin Hadi, Carlos Barreto

Abstract: One of the goals of the Republic of Indonesia based on Pancasila and the 1945 Constitution is to promote the general welfare for the sake of social justice for all Indonesian people. In an effort to realize this goal, the Republic of Indonesia needs to manage state finances which are realized in the form of the State Revenue and Expenditure Budget (APBN) which is a reflection of state finances. One of the sources of state revenue included in the state budget is taxes. Taxes are a way for the community to synergize with the state in accelerating the development of various sectors, including security facilities needed by the community. Article 23A of the Constitution of the Republic of Indonesia stipulates that taxes and other levies of a coercive nature for the purposes of the state are regulated by law.

      Kengne Benjamin, Ndibi Mbozo’o Martin Paul, Samon Jean Bosco, Nzie Wolfgang, Tcheukam-Toko Dénis and Ali Ahmed

Abstract: Physical properties and impact breakage functions for a « Shaba » variety hybrid of maize kernel was estimated. About the investigation of impact breakage functions, a new modified manual version of a JK Tech drop-weight test device was used. The purpose of this research is to investigate the effect of specific comminution energy (Ecs) on impact breakage distributions. The main results in this study can be summarized as follows : for physical properties of maize kernels : length (L), width (l), and thickness (E) was 12.56, 9.67, and 4.83 mm respectively, the geometric mean diameter (Dg) 8.32 mm, arithmetic diameter (Da) 9.03 mm, equivalent diameter (Dp) 8.72 mm, the percentage of sphericity (Sp) is 66.76 % and the mass of 1000 maize grains is 359.43 gr. For impact breakage distributions, relationship between specific comminution energy and grindability index (t10) was establised. Ecs - t10 model given in the literature was successfully fitted to the single impact breakage test results, the value of constant was respectively A and b. And in the end of this research, t-family curve approach was established to estimate single particle breakage functions of the « Shaba » variety hybrid maize kernel.

      Eunice Malesi, Prof. Lewis Ngesu, Dr. Alice Masese

Abstract: The rate of teenage pregnancy among the school going girls in both primary and secondary schools in Kenya has been on the increase in the past few years. Each year the media highlights the high number of girls failing to sit their final primary (KCPE) or secondary school examinations (KCSE) or doing the exams when expectant. The present paper aimed to establish the influence of parents sources and level of income on teenage pregnancies in public primary schools in Nandi South-Sub County. The study was guided by The Social Learning Theory which was propounded by a Canadian psychologist in the 1960s. The study adopted a descriptive research design using both quantitative and qualitative approaches.

      Maskeen kaur and Amanjot kaur

Abstract: Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is an irreversible, revolutionary neurodegenerative disease that slowly destroys reminiscence and wondering skills and eventually, the capacity to perform the only tasks.In this paper, prediction of AD based on a deep neural network from magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is proposed.Recognizing signs early as much as possible is important as disorder enhancing drugs might be best if administered early with inside the route of disorder, earlier than the incidence of irreversible brain damages. Therefore, there may be a excessive significance of utilising computerized strategies for the cause of pre-detection of AD signs from such data.

      Ibnu Arizona Siregar, Agustinus Sitepu, Aulia Siregar

Abstract: Domestic violence is a universal incident that can occur regardless of age, profession, economic and education level of the victims. Domestic violence is an abuse to a person, mostly woman, by her husband, which resulted in misery, physical, sexual, physical pain, or neglection including threatening, forcing, or taking away independent will of the victim against the law in prior to household. Doctors are obliged to be able to clarify the type of wound, location of the wound in the victim’s body, and the wound degree qualification. This is an observational study with descriptive design using a retrospective approach. This study was conducted in R. M. Djoelham Binjai General Hospital, the samples were the result of Visum et Repertum examination from victims of domestic violence from 2019 to 2020. From the 1st of January 2019 to the 31st of December 2012, woman (97.5%) is the most reported victims in domestic violence, there were more than one types of wounds (68.3%) and more than one location of the wound (63.4%).

      Refnol Hidayat, Achsanuddin Hanafie, Asmin Lubis

Abstract: Background: The neutrophil-lymphocyte ratio is one indicator of a systemic inflammatory response that is widely used as a determinant of the prognosis of patients with viral pneumonia. An increased neutrophil-lymphocyte ratio may reflect an increased inflammatory process and may be associated with a poor prognosis. The increased neutrophil-lymphocyte ratio was significantly associated with the severity of the disease. Increased neutrophil-lymphocyte ratio can be considered independent biomarkers in indicating poor outcomes.

      Reza Priatna, Adriansyah Lubis, Rizki Arviandi

Abstract: Child abuse is an act which involved of persecution or mistreatment to children in the form of physical, emotional, and sexual abuse and neglecting childcare. Child abuse was often undetected because children has not been able to express their experience to doctor, regarding to an abuse that they had experienced. The rate of child abuse in North Sumatera, especially in Binjai city was increasing every year, however, there hasn’t been any study about the type of abuse, which part of the body abused, and the qualification of the degree of the wound. This is an observational study with descriptive design using a retrospective approach. This study was conducted in R. M. Djoelham Binjai General Hospital and the samples were the result of Visum et Repertum from the victims of child abuse under 18 years old in 2019 to 2020.

      Zulfia Retnanti Marissa, Alfred C Satyo, Agustinus Sitepu

Abstract: Background: The time of death can be determined by identifying the changes in the corpse such as by identifying the flies found in the corpse. In the corpse, fly is an animal that will perch on it, sometimes just a few minutes after death. Fly is one important species in forensic medicine. In corpse, large number of flies can be found which makes it possible to use flies to determine the time of death. The interval of which the flies lay eggs to the developmental phase of the flies can be used in determining the time of death.

      Abduh Halim Perdana A, Muhammad Ihsan, Yutu Solihat

Abstract: BACKGROUND: Shivering is an increased muscular activity that can caused by spinal anaesthesia. Dexamethasone is a steroid drug that can lower the incidence of post anaesthetic shivering by decreasing the dermal temperature and core temperature gradient. This study aimed to compare the effect of dexamethasone and pethidine in lowering the incidence of shivering in caesarean section patients under spinal anaesthesia.

      Mohammad Abedrabbu Alkhawaldeh, Mohamad Ahmad Saleem Khasawneh

Abstract: The aim of the current research is to explore the impact of adaptive media technology on the achievement among students with learning disabilities in English language. Therefore, learning content was designed and developed adaptively according to adaptive media technology via the Internet. From (38) learning disabilities students of the elementary level in Abha schools, the results showed a clear impact of adaptive media technology on the development of achievement or students’ performance.

      Bartoo Dorothy Chebichii, Professor Gregory Simiyu Namusonge, Dr Elizabeth Nambuswa Makokha

Abstract: The purpose of the study was to determine the influence of supplier integration on organizational performance in food and beverage manufacturing companies in Kenya. The study employed mixed methods research design. The study used Network theory. The target population was 534 respondents comprising of 217 procurement managers and 217 procurement officers from 217 food and beverage manufacturing companies in Kenya. A sample size of 230 respondents comprising of 115 managers and 115 procurement officers were selected from 115 food and beverage manufacturing companies in Kenya. Simple random sampling was used to get the sample for the study. Purposive sampling was used to get top procurement personnel from the food and beverage manufacturing companies in Kenya. Primary data was collected by the use of a questionnaire.

      Felix N. Nwobi, Chukwudi A. Ugomma and Emmanuel U Ohaegbulem

Abstract: This paper evaluates the lognormality assumption in Black-Scholes call options model. The data for this study were obtained from Australian Clearing House of Australian Securities Exchange (ASX). The data consists of fifty (50) enlisted stocks in the clearing house as products of monthly market summary for long term options which consists of the period of January 3rd, 2017 to December, 31st 2019 when there are no significant structural changes among the products arranged in 25, 27, 28, 29 and 30 maturity days.

      Reena Evency.A., Feby.G.

Abstract: Type II Diabetes mellitus is a chronic disease that affects all parts of the body and causes serious potentially life threatening complications. The mere presence of diabetes deteriorates a person’s quality of life. A study was conducted to assess the quality of life among 160 people with type II diabetes mellitus. Quantitative research approach with descriptive research design was adopted.

      Muhtar, Muhammad Yusri Karim, Mahatma Lanuru

Abstract: Silvofishery is a concept that was developed as a form of sustainable fisheries cultivation with low inputs. The basic principle of this cultivation is the plural or dual use of mangroves without losing their natural ecosystem function. Various marine biota can be cultivated using silvofishery patterns, one of which is the mangrove crab. This study examines the water quality for the development of silvofishery-style mud crab cultivation in Polewali Mandar Regency, West Sulawesi Province. The method used is a survey method to obtain water quality data. Sampling was carried out at four research stations, namely Campalagian, Wonomulyo, Mapilli, and Binuang, measuring directly in the field and analyzing water quality at the Fisheries Cultivation Laboratory Pangkep State Agricultural Polytechnic, South Sulawesi.

      Muhammad U. K. Niron, Ajis S. A. Djaha, Nursalam

Abstract: This study aims to describe and analyze the Effectiveness of the Implementation of Search and Rescue Operations in Handling Water Victims (Water Rescue), a Case Study in the A Class Kupang Search and Rescue Office 2017-2019.In identifying the objectives, this research uses a qualitative approach with the case study method. This method is considered in accordance with the purpose of research because it investigates and examines in a real-life phenomenon.

      Eriamiatoe Efosa Festus

Abstract: This study investigates the role of logistics and its six components on trade flows in selected Economic Community of West Africa States (ECOWAS) countries. The impact of other macro-economic variables on trade flows was also investigated. Ten countries were selected in twelve years period. We decomposed trade flows into import and export trade. The World Bank Logistics performance index was used as a measure of logistics performance. The LPI has six components, and the impact of these components on trade flows were also examined.

      Sabah Meryem, Khalfaoui Mohamed Amine, El oury Hiba, Jabrane Fatimzahra, Kassimi Mariam, Habi Jihane

Abstract: Renal infarction is a rare under-reported condition and is rarely diagnosed at presentation. As it can mimic other conditions, such as nephrolithiasis and pyelonephritis, the diagnosis is often delayed or missed. Unfortunately, this leads to late treatment initiation and therefore may result in irreversible kidney damage. The most common causes are thromboembolism and atheromatous disease.

      Charles C. Nwafor, Etolor F. Timiebi-ere, Solomon M. Uvoh, Asara A. Azibalua, Uduak A. Inwang

Abstract: The efficacy of hyro-ethanolic leaf extract of Fleurya aestuans on lead acetate-induced hepatotoxicity in 55 Wistar rats was investigated in this study. Animals weighing between 142.0 and 167.6 grams were split into two groups. A total of four groups make up Phase one. Groups 1 served as control group. Fleurya aestuans leaf extract was given at 50, 75, and 200 mg/kg to Groups 2, 3, and 4.


Abstract: The purpose of the study is to determine the online food delivery profile of the respondents and its relationship to the normative factors affecting their online food delivery (OFD) preference. The study also ascertained a significant difference among the normative factors affecting respondents online food delivery food preference when grouped according to their preferred online food delivery courier. The study will be guided by three (3) null hypotheses. Moreover, the descriptive correlational method is the descriptive correlational, which involves collecting and analyzing data using a questionnaire floated via google form to all the BSBA major in Marketing Management students of Cagayan State University, Andrews Campus. Purposive sampling was used.


Abstract: The purpose of the study is to determine the online food delivery profile of the respondents and its relationship to the normative factors affecting their online food delivery (OFD) preference. The study also ascertained a significant difference among the normative factors affecting respondents online food delivery food preference when grouped according to their preferred online food delivery courier. The study will be guided by three (3) null hypotheses. Moreover, the descriptive correlational method is the descriptive correlational, which involves collecting and analyzing data using a questionnaire floated via google form to all the BSBA major in Marketing Management students of Cagayan State University, Andrews Campus. Purposive sampling was used.

      Kapisha Rajput

Abstract: Information technology has made the world much smaller, faster and easier for people to access it through internet. Internet has revolutionised the way of business through networking, digital marketing and online selling. Moreover, pandemic has proven the importance of digital technology. India, being a developing country is ensuring inclusive and equitable quality education for both girls and boys. As per United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals, Goal 5.b is “There should be enhanced use of information and communication technology, to promote the empowerment of women”. In that case, IT, medical and education sector have not remained the only sectors providing equal opportunities in technology to both men and women.

      K. Vithyasangaran, J. Sriranganesan and S. Sathaananthan

Abstract: In this paper, we introduce the new concepts gr-compactness in topological spaces and obtain some of their properties using gr-closed sets.

      Haneen DAOUD, Thawra NAISEH, Safa K. SALMAN

Abstract: Background: Anemia is a serious health problem associated with several types of maternal morbidity, and may negatively affect the pregnancy outcomes. There are multiple studies showing that maternal iron deficiency anemia during pregnancy can cause low birth weight, but there were conflicting results about the effect of anemia during the third trimester of pregnancy on the fetal weights.

      AGANZE Baraka, Sage KATALIKO, ASAKA Digne

Abstract: The central prison in Beni usually gets attacked, and most of the prisoners take the opportunity to escape. This situation enhances the level of criminality in Beni. This research paper presents an intelligent criminal detection system. We use a face recognition mechanism to detect criminals who escape from the prisons and other wanted people. The objective of the following research paper is to reduce the crime rate in the town of Beni and its surrounding by combatting the flight of criminals or wanted people. We advocate so that the system may be installed in airports, entry points and some public places.

      Dr. Salam Himika Devi

Abstract: Sadagura a special smokeless tobacco preparation is being very popular in southern part of Assam, North -East India. The study is the first report on the genotoxic effect associated with the sadagura (SG) with or without areca nut (AN) extract in vivo in albino mice. Analysis of chromosome aberration (CA), micronucleus (MN) were performed in the bone marrow cells and sperm head abnormality (SHA) assay, total sperm count (TSC) were done in germ cells compared with control.

      Evelyn Baru, Prof. Stanley Omuterema, Dr Janet Nabiswa

Abstract: When disaster strikes resulting in mass casualties, the number of victims rapidly exceeds locally available intervention resources thereby necessitating exceptional response arrangements. When these tragic and traumatizing large-scale events occur, the public expects the local disaster response entities to be on hand to provide much needed assistance. Whereas the ultimate goal of any emergency medical response is to obtain the best possible intervention for the greatest number of casualties, research indicates that the efficacy of the emergency medical services (EMS) organization’s response to past major incidents in Nairobi County, Kenya, has been inefficient.

      EvusaZablon, Dr. Joshua Matanda andDr Duncan Mugambi

Abstract: The main objective of this study was to analyze the effect of market and operational risks exposure on profitability of Licensed Life Insurance Companies in Kenya. The specific objectives of the study are; to establish the effect of foreign exchange rate risk exposure on profitability of licensed insurance companies in Kenya. In order to attain the set objectives, the study tested the following hypotheses; HO1: Foreign exchange rate risk exposure does not have significant effect on profitability of Licensed Life Insurance Companies in Kenya; HO2: interest rate risk exposure does not have significant effect on profitability of Licensed Life Insurance Companies in Kenya; HO3: Operation expense risk exposure does not have significant effect on profitability of Licensed Life Insurance Companies in Kenya.

      Harikrishnan K, Gowrimanohari K

Abstract: Cloudi iremovesi iassociationsi ifromi ibuildingi iupi iin-housei iinformationi istockpilingi iframeworks.i iNonetheless,i idistributedi istoragei ileadsi itoi isecurityi iconcerns.i iCloud-expliciti iandi itraditionali iinsideri idangersi iarei ilookedi ibyi iinformationi iifi itherei ishouldi iarisei iani ioccurrencei iofi igatheringi isharedi iinformation.i iThei isignificanti iissuei iisi ithei iSecurei idatai isharingi ibetweeni iai igatheringi ithati icountersi iinsideri idangersi iofi iauthentici iyeti iperniciousi iclients.i iIni ithisi ipaper,i iwei iproposei ithei iSecurei iDatai iSharingi iini iCloudsi iprocedurei ithati igives:i i1)i iinformationi iprivacyi iandi itrustworthiness;i

      Amit Kumar Sharma, Raju Narwade, Karthik Nagarajan, Saurabh Sirsikar

Abstract: Over the years there has been an increase in the energy consumption pattern which has given rise to various environmental issues. Around 20% of the energy is used for lighting purpose and conferring to a U.S. Energy Information Administration 2007 & International Energy Agencies 2006 report lighting amounts for 7% of the CO2 emissions globally and releases around 1900 metric tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) into the atmosphere. Due to this issue an environment friendly solution which utilizes renewable form of energy so that even actions like lighting the buildings could be sustainable.

      Jespher Nyaboke Onyango, Dr. Jackson Odhiambo Onyuka, Jared Misonge Onyancha, Patrick Ogembo Getonto.

Abstract: Puerperal sepsis is the major cause of (31%) maternal mortality. Appropriate care could prevent majority of these deaths. Exogenous and endogenous organisms are the causatives agents. Traditional medicine have been used in treating postpartum sepsis for example Acmella caulirhiza used to treat a child’s mouth sores and Spermacoce princeae used to accelerate healing of umbilical cord and to clean the system after birth.

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