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      Dr. Scholastica Omondi

Abstract: Transitional Justice is the full range of Judicial and non-judicial processes and mechanisms that assist a society to address past human rights abuses, victims’concerns and accountability, justice and reconciliation, while strengthening the rule of law. This paper adopts the United Nations’ approach to transitional justice that looks at the full range of a society’s attempt to address past human rights violations. The UN approach to transitional justice ensures accountability on the part of the perpetrators, the search for the truth, justice and reparation for the victims. In addition, the approach advocates for the reconciliation of the entire society. Within this context, courts have an important role in ensuring transitional justice by upholding the rule of law, addressingvictims’ concerns and punishing offenders, while ensuring that the penal approaches aim at restoring the peace that existed before the conflict.

      Saulo A. Alinsunod

Abstract: This study featured how Violeta A. Gonzaga, with her consent to divulge her name,succeeded as Public Schools District Supervisor. It aimed to: establish a portrait of her leadership aspects on how she climbed up the academic ladder, describe her routine in managing the public schools of Consolacion Municipality, deduce her qualities on dealing with different challenges in supervising her subordinates and expose her plans that are intended to solve these problems, and introduce her pleasant vision of Educational Leadership. Through a biographical research design, with purposive sampling, Violeta A.


Abstract: Cloud computing uses different available technologies i.e grid computing, cluster etc to provide the user with the pooled resources, the main security issues to be addressed in cloud computing are confidentiality, integrity and availability (CIA). DDoS is the main threat facing by cloud computing, DDoS is used to target the availability of services by flooding and consuming network bandwidth to exhaust resources.

      Md. Abdus Salam and Md. Abu Taleb Pramanik

Abstract: Trees excluded from the forest and other wooded lands are defined as “Trees outside forests (TOF)”. TOF are mostly located on farmlands and built-up areas of rural and urban regions. Remote sensing with its unique capability of synoptic viewing, real time and repetitive nature offers a potential tool for monitoring and evaluation of Earth’s natural resources. Forestry is one of the most important disciplines in which remote sensing technology is being used over a considerably long time period from the early stage of its development. Remote sensing technology has been successfully employed in various studies like forest inventory, monitoring of forest cover changes, forest damage assessment. In the present research a study has been undertaken to develop an operational method for mapping and monitoring trees outside of forests by using the freely available moderate resolution satellite remote sensing data in the Barisal Division of Bangladesh excluding the Jhalokati District. Landsat 8 OLI (Operational Land Imager) data of 2016 and Landsat ETM+ (Extended Thematic Mapper) data of the year 2000 have been used for this purpose. A comparison of TOF has also been done in the five Upazillas of Barguna District between the year 2000 and 2016. Driving forces behind the changes of TOF has also been investigated through GPS (Global Positioning System) based ground verification and interview with the people living in the locality.

      P.G.M.S.K. Gamage, W.M.P.G.C. Weerakoon

Abstract: Despite the importance of entrepreneurial knowledge in encouraging strategic behavior of SMEs, there is a dearth of literature examining this link. A sample of 50 SMEs owner managers in Badulla Divisional Secretariat was investigated with the aim of identifying the relationship between entrepreneurial knowledge and strategic orientation. A structured questionnaire was used to collect data. Overall level of strategic orientation of the studied sample was at a medium level while the entrepreneurial education level was at a high level. The regression model (52.9% R-square) confirmed that entrepreneurial knowledge is a strong predictor (P<0.01) of strategic orientation. This study informs the provincial level policy makers the direction they should take in designing and delivering the training programmes for future entrepreneur development initiatives.

      IrmaDjanapaBulow, FientjeOentoe, SanusiGugule and JohannisSenduk

Abstract: Bachelor Teaching in Forefront, Outer and Underdeveloped Areas (SM-3T) is a program of graduate service to participate in the acceleration of educational development in forefront, outer and underdeveloped areas for one year under the slogan ‘go forward together to educate Indonesia’. This study aims at analyzing the learning planning program of SM-3T teachers and its implementation in East MelonguaneSubdistrict, especially in Inpres 4/82 State Elementary School of Tule. It employed case study, interview and qualitative analysis such learning plan and its implementation. Data were obtained from interviews with SM-3T teachers stationed in the forefront, outer and underdeveloped areas in Tule Village, East MelonguaneSubdistrict, Talaud Islands, North Sulawesi Province. It can be concluded that, in general, the learning plan of SM-3T teacher is good; as indicated that before the learning process they made syllabi and Learning Implementation Plan, teaching materials, slideshow materials in accordance with the standards of competence set by the government. It is not only materials that should be prepared in the learning plan, but patience also should be prepared in the process of teaching and learning. The characters of teachers in delivering materials using subtle language accompanied with great care on students may change the characters of students who were rough into soft. Culture can also make the achievement of class control and learning materials possible.

      Abdul Rahman Bin Mohamad Saleh, Mustakim Bin Melan, CheSobry Bin Abdullah

Abstract: The aim of this paper is to investigate the technology adoption factor towards the continuance broadband intention among the households in Malaysia. Information and communication technology (ICT) is the most efficient way to develop the literacy of knowledge and skills among its users, and broadband is the key factor to spread the ICT infrastructure. By understanding the factor of continuance of broadband intention (CBI), the researcher explores the factors that affect household broadband penetration (HBP) as well. Furthermore, this study will gauge the effectiveness of the Universal Service Provision (USP) projects especially 1Malaysia Internet Center1Malaysia (Pi1M) towards CBI.

      Pamuditha Harshani Samarasinghe

Abstract: Employer employee relationship is the one of the important topics which every organization has to consider. Hotel industry this relationship is very much important because associate level employees do an immense task for the organization. If those employees are unhappy with the employees of the organization their motivation level will decrease and it will directly impact towards the organization productivity. In these research, researchers main objective is to find out the most effective factors for the motivational enhancement of associate level employees. The researcher has used a conceptual framework in order to test the selected variables. The researcher’s sample size was hundred and the sample method was the random sample method. Descriptive statistical methods were used in analyzing the data which was gathered by the researcher. After the data analysis Researchers have found out that communication, Grievance handling as well as the counselling factors directly influencing on the associate level employees motivation. Recommendations were given in order to improve these factors in order to enhance the level of motivation.

      Maulana Yasnur, Augustina Kurniasih

Abstract: This study aims to examine and analyze the effect of Interest Rate, Economic Growth, Funding Growth, Capital Adequacy Ratio (CAR) and Non-Performing Loan (NPL) of Lending Growth Banks. Research data is annual data for 5 (five) years observation (December 2011 until December 2015). The sampling method used was purposive sampling. From a population of 40 Private Commercial Banks and Foreign National listed in Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX), 30 Banks met the criteria to be the sample. The result showed that Economic Growth, Funding Growth and NPL are having positiveand significant influence to Lending Growth Banks. BI Rate and CAR are having positive influence but not significant to Lending Growth Banks. Economic Growth is the most significant variable in influencing Lending Growth Banks.


Abstract: In Differential GPS (DGPS) processing technique the ultimate accuracy of the user location depends on the combined effect of site-dependent errors (i.e. multipath, receiver clock error and etc.), which occur at the points of observation and the reference. Out of which, multipath is recognized as the most dominant and intricate site-dependent error. Previous study by Dammalage et al. (2010) evaluated the possible accuracy improvement of pseudorange-based DGPS positioning by C/A code multipath mitigation at the GPS reference stations applying wavelets transform. In this paper, three factors, which degrade the obtainable accuracy of the proposed multipath mitigation method, are identified and results are presented.

      Dr A. M. S. Bandara/ Dr. H. K. M. M. B. Kavisekara / Dr N S Gamagedara

Abstract: The laboratory services play a key role in all aspects of patient management. However, Laboratory services are concentrated in secondary and tertiary care hospitals. The SLS was started in 2006 to optimize laboratory services in the Badulla district by providing certain blood investigations to peripheral hospitals.

      Dana RiksaBuana, Regina NaviraPratiwi

Abstract: Ethnic identity is a social dimension of identity and Psychological well-being is growing area in this research. However, the relationship between these variables are mainly examined in different context. This study investigated ethnic identity of The Hazaras as adolescent refugees in Indonesia, as well as how it relates to psychological well-being. Ten participants (5 males, 5 females) completed interview with ethnic identity and psychological well-being measures. Results indicated that ethnic identity of male participants tend to have more salient ethnic identity than female participants. Furthermore, ethnic identity and psychological well-being relationship male participants also more salient than female participants.

      Mohammad Akmal Saifi, Syed Sakhi Ahmad Sultani

Abstract: Communication and interaction with others are important aspects of our lives. While we are interacting with other people, sometimes it happens that we either praise them, or they praise us, which is called compliments. Giving and receiving compliments varies across cultures. Therefore, the present study was conducted to find whether there is any difference in compliment responses between Afghan and American performers on TV talent shows. To collect data was collected from ten hours of videos of both Afghan and American TV talent shows from which sixty samples of compliment responses (30 of Afghan and 30 of American performers) were randomly selected. The findings of the study revealed that Afghan and American performers responded to compliments in similar manners. In other words, both mostly produced acceptance compliment responses.

      Dr. A. Seetharaman, Nitin Patwa, A.S.Saravanan, Ashok Anand

Abstract: This study focuses on identifying the factors that influence the adoption of the internet of things that create value for stakeholders. The key factors identified as visibility, security, organization and data management. A survey of various industry participants in America, Asia Pacific/Australia, Europe and Middle East/Africa was performed to check the influence of the above factors in value creation and adoption of the internet of things. ADANCO 2.0 software (PLS-SEM) tool was used to analyse the surveyed data and to construct a structural equation model. The results of the study show that visibility, security, organization and data management create value for stakeholders in the form of business intelligence, integrity and trust, fair and equitable sharing of benefits among negotiating protocols and enhancement of productivity. Study influences the adoption of the internet of things from the point of value creation. This will enhance the competitive edge of businesses and will help in retaining existing customers and in the creation of new customers. As more enterprises adopt the internet of things, there is a scope for research on user experience of the internet of things.

      Isaac Mwaurah, Prof. Willy Muturi, Prof. Anthony Waititu

Abstract: In Kenya, the phenomenon of decline in stock returns due to increasing market based risk is triggering concerns on the stability banking sector in Kenya. The risk appetite at the Kenyan banking sector and the speculative nature of investors especially on banking stocks need to be supported with in-depth empirical evidence on the relationship that exist between risk and returns at Nairobi Securities Exchange (NSE). This study sought to investigate the influence of time-varying property of market based risk on bank stock returns at NSE using three model approach of GLS model, Fixed and Random long run and short run panel data estimation and GARCH model. The study used exchange rate and interest rate as exogeneous variables, stock return volatility as endogenous variable and bank stock returns as dependent variable.

      B. K. Kipkirui

Abstract: The Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm (ECDSA), de nes a technique for generating and validating digital signatures. We start by reviewing the mathematics behind the Digital Signature Algorithm (DSA) and its elliptic curve analogue (ECDSA). Secondly, we describe how the ECDSA is used in Bitcoin technology.

      Sohom Gupta

Abstract: A study of dimensions and hypercubes including ways to calculate faces of different dimensions in a hypercube, along with calculating the maximum numerical value of the respective dimensions present in the structure. To have a different way of viewing dimensions and to take dimensions themselves into algebraic calculations. These include three main topics:

      Thae Mon Zaw, Kay ThweTun

Abstract: This study describes optimization of damper system design for pounding between existing building and its extension. In this system, passive coupling method is known to be an effective method to reduce undesirable vibrations and structural pounding effects and passive viscous dampers are used by which the existing building is connected to its extension. In this study, pounding Effect between existing building and its extension is studied by non-linear dynamic analysis. Firstly, the required ground motion records are o¬btained from PEER ground motion database by using input parameters. Secondly, the adjacent two buildings are separately analyzed and the maximum displacements of two buildings at connecting corner points are resulted.

      Edwin Kimutai Maritim, Dr. Viviline Ngeno, Dr. Hellen Sang

Abstract: Teenage pregnancy involves females under the age of 18 and it is interplay of several factors social, biological, economic and psychological. Teenage pregnancy has been widely studied, but attention in relation to Africa has been largely limited to its prevalence. In particular, little work has been done on the effect of teenage pregnancy on academic progression, since the girls’ enrolment in Ainamoi sub-county is fluctuating.Walberg’s theory of educational productivity and Positive and the roots of motivation theory was the theoretical framework that underpinned the study.

      Barasa Alfred Mucha, Jason E. Nganyi, Pamela Buhere

Abstract: Ngoroga (2006) says that parents, grandparents, siblings, aunts, and uncles play a major role in the education of the children. Children learn the first essential social, economic and cultural skills including speech, toiletry and moral values from relatives. Through the siblings, girls learnt behaviours and activities of elder females while boys learnt and imitated older males. This was because old age was equated to wisdom and indeed traditional education was effective, utilitarian and relevant. The place and duration of education by the so called traditional teachers was well defined so to the curricular age of entry and completion, also the content and methodology used was well marked in these institutions.

      Abeh, Aondoseer, Umar Kadiri & Odekina A. Felicia

Abstract: The study investigated the impact of family factors on women entrepreneurship in Kogi State, North Central Nigeria. The family is a source of finance and human resources, social and cultural values, and role modelling. While studies have shown that family background is one of the numerous determinants of entrepreneurial intention, we know little about the influence of family factors on entrepreneurial intentions in Nigeria, particularly among women. Data for the study were collected through primary source.

      A. Krishnakumar, Revathy Das and Dhanya.T. Dharan

Abstract: Understanding the rate of land use changes in time and space and to find out the drivers behind this, is very useful in preparing the model for regional spatial pattern of the area and future prediction of implications of the changes for sustainable development, especially in a state like Kerala having low per capita land, high population density and limited resource availability. Owing to the population explosion and poor management of land use, the natural resources in the State are being degraded at alarming rate.

      Roshni Pandey

Abstract: It is hard to think development of a any nation without the development of its rural economy, neglecting of rural development means neglecting of overall development of nation. The real development of India lies in the economic betterment of people lives in rural India for which government needs to make strong economic policies and better implementing strategies. National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (NREGA) enacted by legislation of India on 25 August 2005 and it was renamed as the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA) on 2nd October 2009 on the birth anniversary of Mahatma Ghandi.

      M.H.J.Chamani, K.M.M.C.B.Kulathunga, T.G.A.H.C.Amarawansha

Abstract: Most of the women entrepreneurs are not willing to take financial aids from formal financial institutes due to lack of access and it has been a major barrier to the development of the sector. Hence, this study is focus to find the factors which affect on women entrepreneurs’ access to finance. Then, the study conducted through firms which have been registered under Colombo, Gampaha and kaluthara district’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry. A structured questionnaire was designed and administered to collect the data. The results from the study reveal that women entrepreneurs’ access to finance is highly affected by the firm characteristics, and policies and procedures.Therefore, formal finance institutes, should more close to women entrepreneurs’ firms, should reduce their processes and pre requirements when issuing credit and the repayment procedures should also be easy to women entrepreneurs’ firms.

      IM. Tri Hesti Mulyani, Etty Endang Listiati, B.Tyas Susanti, Djoko Suwarno

Abstract: The northern city of Semarang is experiencing severe flooding due to rising sea level. This is one effect of global warming as well as land subsidence because of groundwater exploitation. One of the areas affected by the flood is KelurahanKemijen Semarang wherethe house and the environment is always inundated.Efforts made by residents to overcome this problem is to elevate the neighborhood road. However, it poses a new problem for the poor because they cannot raise the floor of their houses so that the floor surface is below the road surface. The other problem is sanitation problem because in principle the area is designed for dry environment.

      Samson Guantai Raiji

Abstract: Mass media content in Kenya more so broadcast is largely free to air with regard to radio and television.It is this aspect of free media content access that continues to pose a challenge with regard to specific content exhibited and the possible resultant long term effects to audiences. The most affected of these audience categories are the children who are in their formative stages and apparently do not have the necessary mental capacity to discern and distinguish media content’s reality and fiction. With the possibility of exposure to unregulated media content that is age inappropriate, there is likelihood that this will cause harm to them.

      A.S.M Nibras, M.F.F Mohamed, I.S.M Arham, A.M.M Mafaris, M.P.A.W Gamage

Abstract: This paper presents a Question and Answer Generating System based on the approach of Natural Language Processing. As an examiner needs to ask suitable and good questions and prepare correct answers. The potential benefits this system may assist examiners meeting appropriate questions and answers. When a text input is given, this system deeply analyzes the text content and generates a set of questions and suitable answers.

      Nguyen Thi Ngoc Anh, Huynh Ly Huong, Tran Ngoc Hai, Ly Van Khanh

Abstract: An 60-day feeding experiment was conducted to investigate the effects of partial replacement of discarded filamentous green seaweed (Cladophora) with commercial feed on the growth performance and feed efficiency of spotted scat (Scatophagus argus). Triplicate groups of fish with initial body weight of 3.31 -3.39 g were reared in the 250 L plastic tanks at salinity of 5 g L-1. Results showed that growth rate of fish in the alternate feeding regime, 1 day commercial feed and 1 consecutive day dried or fresh green seaweed were not significantly different (p>0,05) from the control group received single commercial feed.

      Somiya Gutbi Salim Mohammed, Nagwa B. Elhag

Abstract: Coronary artery disease is the most common type of heart disease and the leading cause of death worldwide. Diets high in saturated fatty acids and cholesterol increase the risk of CHD by raising LDL cholesterol levels. In contrast, individuals consuming diets high in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and unsaturated fatty acids appear to have low risk of CHD due to the presence of antioxidants, folic acid, B-vitamins, omega-3 fatty acids, and others.

      Abhishek Gupta

Abstract: Safety plays a vital role in today’s life therefore it is important to implement a secure, reliable and speedy safety system which response rapidly to avoid any accident before it occurs. The purpose of this work is to design an economical and effective alarming system which detects the leakage of Liquefied Petroleum Gas in the vicinity where it is put into service. The proposed system is designed and implemented to meet the health and safety standards for the gas bank of Hotel Management Department of Dr.B.R.Ambedkar Institute of Technology, Port Blair, Andaman& Nicobar Islands. The proposed system is tested and the results are verified by producing an early warning signal under the less severe condition and activate a high pitched alarm during the leakage of LPG and provide a safeguard to the users.

      Yoosita Aulia, Arsono Laksamana, Basuki

Abstract: This article describes about the acceptance of dysfunctional behavior by the auditor in performing the audit process is reviewed by fisosofis Semar. Philosophical Semar is only in the world of mythology, but the story is a worthy example Semar for mankind, because in addition to the figure of Semar laden mystery, it is also a symbol of the perfection of life.

      K.MaryManjushaRani, Dr. Raj kumar

Abstract: Recombinant vectors are valuable tools in the biopharmaceutical industry with a number of novel vectors being emerged every day. The aim of this project is to design a novel double gene bacterial expression vector where the two genes can be controlled individually. The double gene expression vector contains two independent transcriptional units. (a) The first transcriptional unit comprises sequences for the osmotic regulated promoter, restriction site for insertion of polypeptide and a transcription termination and (b) The second transcriptional unit comprises sequences for the T7 promoter, MCS for the insertion of polypeptide and a transcriptional termination sequence. The double gene expression vector (pUB-S-X-T7) was constructed by ligating the ClaI and PvuII fragment (4000bp) form the pUB-S-X plasmid and ClaI and ScaI fragment (1000bp) from pUB-T7 plasmid. The presence of two independent transcriptional units was confirmed by colony PCR.

      Dr.Mohammad Ghouse Shaik, Dr.Anbazhagan G, Dr. V.S. Mohamed Al Ameen

Abstract: BACKGROUND: Coronary artery disease (CAD) is the leading cause of death in India and worldwide. CAD is most commonly due to atherosclerosis of the coronary arteries. Empirical evidence suggests that inflammation plays a critical role in all stages of atherosclerosis. Of the potential risk factors, high sensitivity C - reactive protein (Hs -CRP), is one of the downstream vascular inflammatory marker and most promising. It is considered to be the most robust tool with test characteristics desirable and subservient for clinical use.

      Benedicto B. Balilo Jr, Bobby D. Gerardo, Ruji P. Medina

Abstract: Grid authentication factor is about XY coordinate lookup system. The random cell in the grid carries the correct combination of numbers and letters in the cell. An example of grid authentication scheme is the bingo card. Bingo card is a less secure alternatives because of the scheme it used (the three digits) which is fewer than most random OTP schemes making it exposed to threats. However, grid authentication is one of the interesting authentication scheme that can be explored to maximize the random generation of codes with mathematical computation and algorithmic scheme. This study aims to compare the different grid authentication scheme to determine which of these schemes provides better performance, complexity, saves memory resources and gives quality key generation.

      Nigatu worku and Dr. Aschenaki Taddese

Abstract: The purpose of this study was to investigate the effect of 12 weeks hill training on the performance of middle and long distance athletes. The study used a longitudinal and controlled quasi experimental design. To test the hypotheses pre and post filed tests were conducted on VO2 max, Resting heart rate, SE, race performance improvement, consistency of the improved performance and status of injury.

      ImalkaMadhushani, ChamilaWijethisa

Abstract: This particular study titled “Good Governance of Sport Organizations: With Special Reference to Ministry of Sports, Colombo, Sri Lanka”. Governance is a critical component of the effective management of any type organization in the world. The purpose of the study is to identify the perception and awareness about good governance of sport organizations in Sri Lanka. This study was thoroughly undertaken by the researchers by focusing on the problem, what are the attitudes of sports dispositions who are responsible for develop sports activities, to implementing good governance in the particular organization. The qualitative research approach has used in this study. The deliberate sampling method used to select sample area and sample has selected through the Multi Stage Sampling methods. Basically, semi structured interview method used to collect data from each personalities in selected organization. Five elements emerged in response to the question about what constitutes good governance such as voice & accountability, political stability & lack of violence, effectiveness, corruption and rule of law. The analysis has done by using Atlas.ti qualitative data analysis software and analyzed data was presented through the network analysis. The findings have mentioned that there is lack of awareness about good governance of particular sample and employer‘s attitudes are different about implementing good governance of sport organizations in Sri Lanka.

      AUB Pethiyagoda, K Pethiyagoda

Abstract: The International Prostate Symptom Score (IPSS) and uroflowmetry are routine investigations used by urologists in the assessment of LUTS. The aim of this study is to assess the prevalence of LUTS among general population of Central Sri Lanka. A descriptive cross sectional study consisted of patients who attended the Out Patient Department (OPD), Teaching hospital Peradeniya Sri Lanka, who did not complain of urinary symptoms. In our study population most common lower urinary tract symptoms were urgency and nocturia. Least common symptom was straining. The average value of total IPSS was 2.12. Hence, the general population of Sri Lanka is having mild LUTS.

      Reham M. ElMorally

Abstract: The following paper will be divided into three parts. The first part will define Peacekeeping operations; defining peacekeeping operations with regards to the UN resolutions and agreements, as well as discuss the evolution of peacekeeping missions and their personnel. The second part will tackle the scope of the problem regarding sexual exploitation by UN peacekeeping forces where both sides of the same coin will be represented; the victim and the perpetrator. The third part will present the UN-led solutions to put an end to sexual exploitation committed by UN peacekeeping forces. Lastly, a conclusion and recommendations to eradicate sexual exploitation by UN-peacekeeping forces will be presented.

      Raj Kumar Sah, Pratiksha Gautam, Saniul Ahsan

Abstract: Splitting up an image into multiple segments in order to change the representation of an image into something that is more meaningful and easier to analyze is known as image segmentation. For image segmentation many algorithms and techniques have been developed. This paper analyses different segmentation techniques to reduce the computational complexity of processor in the field of image segmentation, we are specially focusing on Mean Shift Algorithm. The composition of segmentation methodologies proposes for digital image processing is explained briefly. Various techniques are mentioned in this paper that are applied in very advance mission of identification of object or region image.

      Jamyang Tashi, Tashi Wangchuk

Abstract: This paper examines the current password practices and its awareness among the students in Jigme Namgyel Engineering College (JNEC), Royal University of Bhutan. Password is the most common methods or an approaches for users to validate themselves when login into any computing devices and social networking sites. The study was aimed at learning the student’s best password practices in real life scenario with the theoretical background and principles in one’s mind.

      H. M. I. G. A. M. K. Senarath and A. M. J. B. Adikari

Abstract: Milk easily undergoes microbial contamination and spoilage because it is a rich biological fluid which contains all necessary nutrients for animals. This study was carried out to evaluate the microbiological quality and safety of cow milk at different sampling points; selected chilling centers, milk transportation vessels and farmers in Anuradhapura district of Sri Lanka. A total of 11 chilling centers were selected for the study and classified them as low and high risk centers. Total 80 samples were tested for total bacterial count/standard plate count (SPC) and total coliform count (TCC) and analyzed by using Poisson Regression in GENMOD Procedure in SAS. Descriptive statistics of standard plate count and total coliform count data were obtained using Minitab 17.

      W.M.A.S. Wijesundara and A.M.J.B. Adikari

Abstract: The present study investigated the possibility of developing a novel drinking yoghurt incorporated with Aloe Vera juice and evaluated its sensory quality parameters. The experiment was conducted as Complete Randomized Design with four replicates. Juices of Aloe Vera was extracted using cold extraction method and drinking yoghurt prepared by incorporating pasteurized Aloe Vera juice with four levels (10%, 15%, 20% and 25%) and compared with the control (0%). Developed product was stored at 4 0C for 20 days.

      Ebenezer Malcalm, Stephen Tamatey

Abstract: This study examines leadership style on employee performance in the Public Sector of Ghana. The research used mixed method approach with descriptive linear regression method to determine the effect of leadership styles on employee performance. The full range leadership styles of transformational, transactional and laissez faire were considered with employee performance of In-Role Performance (IRP) and Organizational Citizenship Behavior (OCB).The population of the study is comprised of all the 921 staffs of the Ghana Atomic Energy Commission (GAEC). Simple random sampling as well as purposive and convenience sampling techniques were used in this research. Three questionnaires were used to collect data on leadership style and employee performance both quantitatively and qualitatively. SPSS software was used to calculate simple linear regressions to test the hypothesis. Themes were also developed from the interview transcriptions. The results from both analysis show that all the leadership styles do not have any effect on employee performance. However, the leaders were found to be exhibiting a mixture of transformational and transactional leadership attributes.

      Udeagbala, T. N.;Agbagwa, I. O.;Tanee, F. B. G.

Abstract: Air pollution is among the most challenging problem in today’s world. In this study, Air Pollution Tolerance Index (APTI) was calculated for four different plants (Panicum maximum,Eleusineindica,XanthosomamafafaandAmaranthusspinosus) found growing along four busy roads (Aba road, East/West road , Ikwerre road and NTA road) in Obio/Akpor local government area and control (IkwerreNgwo) in Etche local government area in Rivers State, Nigeria. The computed APTI results obtained from four biochemical parameters(relative water content, ascorbic acid, leaf extract pH and chlorophyll) showed that the APTI of the test plants recorded remarkable changes as the values obtained in the experimental sites were higher than the control site. The APTI values in the experimental sites (4 roads) were in the range of P. maximum (7.4 – 8.04); E. indica (7.3 – 8.2); X. mafafa (7.2 – 7.9); and A. spinosus (7.2 – 8.0) as against the control (< 6.2) showing that all the test plants studied were sensitive to pollution. Thus, these plants can be used as a better indicator of air pollution in an environment.

      Arif Harmano, Lukytawati Anggraeni, Imam Teguh Saptono

Abstract: The remuneration or the amount of compensation for the board of directors of the banking sector will affect the significance of the relevant banking management and decision-making systems. A sound banking sector management system will be directly proportional to the performance of the banking sector. The research is conducted to analyze the influence of bank performance towards the remuneration of the board of directors in The Indonesia’s Stock Exchange Financial Reports using descriptive analysisand to analyze the factors affecting the remuneration of the banking board in Indonesiausing static panel modeling analysis.


Abstract: An increasing prevalence of injury to the knee joint leading to ACL reconstruction surgery (ACL–R) a common procedure getting done. Irrespective of the ages, rehabilitation post ACL-R needs more focus for early functional return of the subjects. Aims and objective of this original research report was to analyse proprioceptive exercises among ACL-R, impact of exercises on obesity, and their combined effects on womac score in 1 year follow up

      Sabo Bala, Hassan Abba Musa

Abstract: This paper is the presentation of flexural strength of concrete beam using hospital waste ash as replacement of cement. The study covered the test of aggregates grading, specific gravity of materials, workability and water absorption as well as the flexural strength test of the composite concrete to determine the suitability of Hospital waste as replacement using constant mix design proportion of 1: 1.64: 2.47: 0.50 in accordance to standard DOE method, with different mixes added based on 0%, 10%, 20%, 30%, and 40% replacement. A total of 75 beams of sizes 450mm × 150mm × 150mm were tested for flexure after the curing period of 3, 7, 28, 60, and 90 days by complete immersion. It shown that the workability of the composite mix decreased with replacement higher than 10%, but density and water absorption increases with replacement level and curing age respectively, while 20% replacement appeared to be the optimum. The study also reveals that,replacement of Hospital Waste Ash under flexural test reduces the flexural strength value as minimum compared to conventional value of concrete. However, it maintains, or slightly reduces the mechanical and durability properties of cement- based materials with cementitious properties that are suitable to be bind together with cement as replacement.

      Pradeep B, Sushmitha Vishwanath Rao and Swati M Puranik, Akshay Hegde

Abstract: Customer churn prediction in logistics industry is one of the most prominent research topics in recent years. It consists of detecting customers who are likely to cancel a subscription to a service. Recently, logistics market has changed from a rapidly growing market into a state of saturation and fierce competition. The focus of the logistic companies has therefore shifted from building a large customer base into keeping customers in house. For that reason, it is valuable to know which customers are likely to switch to a competitor in the near future.

      L.A.D.N.L.Wijayathunge, U.P.K.Hettiaratchi

Abstract: Background: Hypertension is a major public health problem in developing countries including Sri Lanka. Prevalence of hypertension in Sri Lanka in 2014 was 21.2%. Studies indicate that work related risk factors are causative agents in the development of hypertension and school teachers are more vulnerable to develop hypertension due to the above mentioned risks.

      Aluthge I.M., Liyanage D.L.S.M.

Abstract: Risk is and in inherent part of adventure recreation and is often a main reason for participation in activities such as whitewater rafting. The particular study titled “The Kithulgala Adventure Base Camp, whitewater rafting: Standards and Risk Management” was carried out with special reference in Kithulgala Adventure Base Camp. This study was thoroughly undertaken by researcher by focusing on the problem that was identified from the preliminary observation and through experience.

      AfeworkAsfawAmele, WondaferahuMulugetaDemissie, EndegTekalegnWolde

Abstract: The aim of the study was to examine factors affect fairness of taxation on category “B” tax payer’s in case of Dawuro zone, TerchaCity, SNNP of Ethiopia. 238 numbers of sample respondents were selected from 526 number of total category “B” taxpayers in study area. The finding shows that, majority of the tax payers negatively perceived towards fairness of their tax system due to high tax rates, unfair distributions of tax burdens among tax payers compared with ability to pay, unequal treatments of individuals by authority, tax payers have little knowledge about tax system and complicated tax law and bulky procedures makes tax payers does not easily understand their tax system in the study area. In addition, the logistic regression analysis shows that except general fairness all 8 tax fairness aspects such as; exchange with gov.t, horizontal fairness, vertical fairness, time-related equity and fairness, self-interest, tax knowledge and tax complexity has significant effects on tax fairness perceptions at 0.05% of confidence intervals.

      Minahil Tahir, Rafia Mubashir, Dr. Fatima Amin

Abstract: Objectives: the aim of study was to observe clinical characteristics of headache, assessment of possible contributing factors, pharmacotherapy and trend of self-medication among students.

      B. K. Behera, R.K.Mishra, H. K. Sahu, A.K.Nayak

Abstract: Prey densities were estimated in Satkosia Tiger Reserve, Odisha, India from January 2015 to December 2015 by using line transect distance methods. Season wise availability of prey density was collected. The pre-monsoon and Post-monsoon seasons prey density data was analyzed separately. In total, five prey species were recorded on the transect lines studied both in the core and buffer area of the reserve having an area of 964 km2.


Abstract: Bottle gourd plant has evolved a special senso-motor organ in the form of tendril. The tendril provides sensory detection of foreign material and mobility to the plant. There are motor cells clustered at strategic locations on the tendril which are at the heart of rapid contact coiling of the tendril. In tendril the motor cell has additional sensory mechanism. Thus these motor cells may be called as SENSO-MOTOR CELLS. The role of electrostatic charge in the functioning of these SENSO-MOTOR cells and other factors involved in rapid contact coiling are discussed.

      Ar. Madhavendra Pratap Singh, Dr. Vandana Sehgal

Abstract: TheHindu mythology describes that the relevance of Parikrama of a sacred place, which is directly related to a mandatory ritual for prayer towards the almighty. In past few years, the increase in a number of pilgrims has been sensed by several of the researchers. Amongst several of the reasons, this paper seeks to find a relation between rise in the number of pilgrims and the effect of monsoon on the parikrama marg. It deals to find the actual causes which are affecting the rise in the population of pilgrims on parikrama marg. Paper is focusing on the cause which are affecting the sacred yatra as many of the parikrama marg are away from the river basins, where kunds, ponds, and lakes are the only source of water available to pilgrims and locals. The research tries to establish the fact that:

      Muhamad Rexy Aji Mahatidana, Irni Yunita

Abstract: This study aims to determine the factors influencing the level of underpricing of Financial and Manufacturing companies listed in Indonesia Stock Exchange within 2011-2016. Variables examined include underwriter reputation, auditor reputation, firm age, financial leverage, ROA, and ownership concentration. This research was carried out through the analysis of multiple linear regression with a 5% significance level, Data collection tool that used is observation and literature study with purposive sampling method. This research used 40 selected samples from 140 firms available in population. The research concluded that first underwriter reputation and auditor reputation succeed to show a negative significant effect on the level of underpricing. Second, firm age, financial leverage, ROA and ownership concentration failed to show a significant influence on the level of underpricing,

      BambangHadiSantoso, SitiSulasmiIrawan, DwiRatmawati, Sasi Agustin

Abstract: The long-term goal of this research is to make the Indonesian capital market equals/parallel to other capital markets in the Asia Pacific region. The research is conducted in securities companies which are Members of Indonesia Stock Exchange located in Surabaya City, East Java Province. The number of domestic investors in the capital market in Indonesia is still very limited, reaching only about 400 thousand people, or less than 0.1% of the number of Indonesias middle class who already have securities accounts as an active sign of becoming a financier in the stock exchange (Afifuddin, 2011). This situation is a problem that needs to get serious attention from the government to enliven the Indonesian capital market, so the dream of making the Indonesian capital market parallel to the capital markets in the Asia Pacific region can be realized. The number of domestic investors needs to be increased so that ownership of equity securities (shares) is not only dominated by foreign investors.

      Sasi Agustin, BambangHadiSantoso, AlfianDodyFirmansyah

Abstract: This study aims to determine whether there are differences in trading-volume activity and abnormal return before and after stock split event. The population in this study is 40 companies with a sample consisting of 23 companies listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange period 2010-2014. The data used in this study include the date of stock split announcement that is used as event date, daily closing stock price of the company that performs stock split in observation period, Daily Joint Stock Price Index (IHSG) daily, number of stocks traded daily and number of stocks outstanding or listed. The results showed that there was no significant difference in trading activity volume and abnormal return before and after the event. This indicates that investors in Indonesia have not anticipated rapidly the information it receives in the capital market and may even be an investor assumes that stock split events are not good news. In addition, investors and issuers need to pay attention to external factors such as economic factors, political instability, and market conditions because it will indirectly affect the activities of the capital market.

      Prashanth Antony, Deepika Jayachandran, Anitha Selvaraj, Sri Ranjani, Aishwariya

Abstract: This study compared two electrode placements (Sternum versus Mastoid) for measuring cVEMP elicited by air conducted 500 Hz tone bursts in normal hearing individuals. Fifty normal hearing individual with the age range of (18 to 25 years) participated in the study of cVEMP.The Results showed thatthere is no significant difference for both Latency and amplitude were found for both the sternum and mastoid reference electrode placement. This study demonstrated that mastoid reference electrode resulted in large amplitude and slightly late latencies when compared to the sternum electrode placement. Our data substantiate the possible clinical benefits of this position, but further systematic patient verification is required.

      Mehjabin Z. Shaikh

Abstract: In this study Energy Audits have been done for a cluster of Textile Industries and its outcomes are discussed. The adopted approach & methodology for this study is based on the guidelines of BEE and also scientific approach related to technological, environmental and pollution related aspects. It has been found that energy audit is an important management tool provided Auditor & industry actively & positively participate in Audit exercise. It will not only improve energy performance of industry but also leads to cost as well as GHG reductions. In the study efficiencies of Boiler were evaluated and set of recommendations were suggested to improve the existing Boiler Efficiency. The implementations of suggestions would result in improvement of efficiency in the range of 10 to 17% with monetary benefits in the range of 15 to 42 Lakh per Annum with payback period of less than one year.

      M.R. Hazriansyah, M Syamsul Maarif, Sadikin Kuswanto

Abstract: In the business competition PT. WIKA Bitumen makes each employee a human capital. The human capital concept applies the quality of employees shall be improved through the competence training, knowledge, attributes, and abilities, which is manifested in the ability to work properly so as to generate economic value in development. The objective of this research is to find the influence of organizational culture and employee engagement, and to see the interrelationship of influence between these variables and strategies to improve the employee performance.

      Nyo Zin Hlaing, Weine Nway Nway Oo

Abstract: In the present study, the isolate fungus from infected insects of mini-farm was studied of cultural, microscopic morphology, antifungal susceptibility test and the growth condition concerned with biomass and spore counting. The isolate fungus was close to Metarhiziumspecies that confirmed based on cultural and microscopic morphology. The biomass of fungi was studied that the highest dry weight was 0.0667 at 5 days. And the logarithmic number of spore per milliliter was increased till 9.6 at 5 days. The two growth curves have short time stationary phases and they were gradually increased before around 5 days. Ketoconazole was the highest antifungal effect on the isolate strain of Metarhizium sp.

      Sehrish Arif

Abstract: Present study examined Psychological Health, Conflict Resolution and Marital Adjustment among Married Women. Mental Health Inventory (MHI) by (Veit and ware 1983), Conflict Resolution Questionnaire (CRQ) Retrieved from (University of Arizon 2015) and Marital Adjustment Questionaire (MAQ) by (Pramod Kumar and Kanchana Rohtatgi 1985) were used for data collection. The sample of the present study was 100 married women. Purposive sampling technique was used to draw the sample. Descriptive statistics and correlation used to analysis the data. Results indicate that Psychological health have negative relationship with Conflict resolution and marital adjustment.

      Chia Nan Wang, XuanTho Nguyen

Abstract: Maintaining sustainable development is an important issue for the hydropower industry of Vietnam. This research proposes a hybrid approach based on grey model (GM) and Malmquist productivity index (MPI), to predict future business and measure operational performance of Vietnamese hydropower companies over several time periods. From that, government and decision making units (DMUs) can improve business performance and build a sustainable development strategy. The study conducted on 19 hydropower companies, which have published their complete information on Vietstock site. The result showed twelve companies increased in productivity while the other seven didn’t. Technical change was more impact than efficient change in period 2013 – 2016. In general, both of them impact on Vietnam’s hydropower industry productivity. The results also reflect the fact that the performance change did not depend on company size. The study will be a useful reference for other industries as well.

      Mr. LogendranMayuran

Abstract: This research aimed at studying the entrepreneur intention among undergraduates in university of Jaffna. The study was built on psychological model based on Ajzen’s theory of plannedbehavior to identify the factors influencing the entrepreneurialintention of these students. The study analyzed the factorscontributing towards entrepreneurial intention among University of Jaffna students. Attitudinal, educational and behavioral factors have been taken as characteristic of entrepreneurs. Data were collected throughquestionnaires obtained from 534 students of four differentfaculties in University of Jaffna. The studyutilized correlation and regression statistics to analyze the data.The findings showed a significant positive relationship between attitudinalfactor(r=0.535), behavioral factor (r=0.624) and educationalsupport(r=0.52.4) towards entrepreneurial intention. From the linear regression analysis, can be concluded that entrepreneurial characteristics contributed 46.5% towards entrepreneurial intention among undergraduates at University of Jaffna.The result of the study hasvaluable implications for policy makers in Higher Education Division,university administrators, educators and Government.


Abstract: In today’s competitive global environment, employee work satisfaction is an essential element of a company’s success. Employee satisfaction can be significantly hindered by high levels of stress experienced in the work environment. In addition, poor indoor air quality contributes to deterioration of employee health and well-being, which further reduces productivity. This study examined employees’ level of work stress, job satisfaction and organizational commitment.

      Mukhwana Laura Nasimiyu, Wakhungu,J.W,Omuterema ,S

Abstract: Fire disasters have caused injuries, numerous deaths and extensive damages to homes and businesses. Despite various systems in place for household preparedness and survival, the effects of fire destruction stillaffect the economic and social fabric of the whole community.Preparednessand effective response reduces vulnerability from inevitable events of fire destruction. The purpose of this study was to investigate farmer’sfire hazard preparedness and response in Mumias Sugar belt zone in Western Kenya.

      Tasew Tafese

Abstract: The 2014 outbreak of Ebola Virus Disease is one of the zoonotic diseases that become health security threat for international community. It affected Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Nigeria, Senegal and Mali in West Africa and also USA and Spain outside of Africa. However, in Africa, Nigeria and Senegal securitized it successfully, but others not potentially contained it in time. This paper will be evaluated theory of securitization based on the Nigerian approach and highlighting the lessons that others affected countries could learn from the Nigerian approach and how to protect in the future. In light of this understanding, the paper will be discussed the military and nonmilitary issues of security studies, the Nigerian situation and history of Ebola as background; Ebola as health security threat, the Nigerian approach, the Copenhagen Schools theory of securitization, the Nigerian securitization framework and major lessons.


Abstract: Sentimental Analysis Algorithm refers to the usage of statistics, natural language processing, and text to identify and extract the text sentiment into categories that can be termed as positive, negative, or neutral. Sentimental analysis is, therefore, the computational treatment of emotions, subjectivity of text and opinion. The present paper provides a comprehensive review of the proposed enhancement of algorithms and some sentimental analysis applications. Some of the areas investigated and presented in the article include emotion detection, transfer learning, and resource building. Sentimental analysis provides an opportunity to arrive at a decision that is binary; you are either for or against the decision. An example of such a binary question can be used on Twitter or political polls, e.g., “Do you support the use of nuclear warheads?” with the option of either answering Yes or No.

      Meiske Kristin Lumanauw, SitiSulasmi

Abstract: Era of globalization is influential especially in the business world.The problem that companies encounter nowadays in the human resources management is the level of employee’s intention. Job dissatisfaction has been frequently identified as one of the important reasons that cause individuals to leave their jobs behind, The phenomenon of employee’s intention to quit, especially among the staff- and the manager-level employees, has also been encountered by PT. Pamapersana Nusantara Banjarmasin every year.Based on the results of analysis and discussion regarding the job influence has significant influence with negative direction toward the intention to quit among the employees. The leadership has significant influence with negative direction toward the intention to quit among the employees,The leader-member exchange variable had significant influence with negative direction toward the intention to quit among the employees.

      Soerjo Rahardjo, M.Parulian Hutagaol, Anggraini Sukmawati

Abstract: Indonesian society tend to buy a living chicken or a fresh chicken meat in traditional market. Their awareness to consume a hygine processed-chicken product is still at a low level. Producer can not establish the selling price because they sell chicken in live bird that makes the price is determined by market mechanism. This research aims to analyze the growing of excellence competitiveness one of the broiler chicken producer in Indonesia. The primary data is taken from an indepth interview through purposive sampling and focused group discussion (FGD). Porter’s five forces model is used to analyze the competitiveness level by the whole of broiler chicken business. This research is using descriptive analysis methods with AHP multi-rater as a supporting tools. Some issues in certain company that are unmeasured is simplified into some parts, then managed into a certain hierarchy based on the concern levels through synthesis variables. The result of this research shows a factor that affecting the excellence competitiveness is the bargaining power from buyers. The aim of this research in increasing the excellence competitiveness is by decreasing the production cost, and also the alternative stategy choosen is improving the farmig technology

      Janet WangariKariuki, and Dr. Jane Mutinda

Abstract: Wood energy is a renewable form of energy if sustainably utilized. In Africa, Kenya included, the dependence on natural regeneration compounded with increased use due to population pressure and wood fuel depletion is a major concern in the region. This led to the introduction of the firewood conservation stove to reduce consumption of firewood which is the man insource of domestic energy in Kenya. Although the intervention is in place, sustainable wood energy has not yet been achieved. Therefore there is need to assess the contribution of the intervention measure in enhancing sustainable wood energy use The main objective of the study was to assess the contribution of the firewood conservation stove in sustainable use of wood fuel energy in Embu north Sub County, Embu County, Kenya. The specific objectives are; to assess the level of awareness on the stove in Embu North Sub County, Evaluate how the cost of the stove influenced its impact in sustainable use of woodfuel, finally to assess the level of utilization of the stove and the effect of this to sustainable wood fuel use in the study area. Criterion sampling was used for this study, where 105 house hold were sampled half of whom had the stove and the other did not.The study used survey design where questionnaires, interview schedule, focus group discussion and observation was used in data collection. The study was concluded that firewood stove had great potential in bring wood energy sustainability but was not being utilized due to the faults in design as well as level of awareness. The study recommended that emphasis be put to create awareness of wood fuel conservation stove and community participation designing of the stove to make it user friendly.

      Neeru Sharma, MeenakshiAnand and Harpreet Kour

Abstract: The present research was undertaken on Academic Achievement among youth of Jammu District. The sample for the study comprised of 120 youth, out of which 60 respondents (30 male and 30 female)in the age group of 18-22 years were from urban areas and 60 (30 male and 30 female),from the same age group, were from rural areas. They were selected from Government Colleges of Jammu.

      Dr. Niranjani.S, Dr. Jayanthi, Dr. Nishanthini

Abstract: INTRODUCTION : Millions of men and women suffer from infertility worldwide. Infertility is defined as the failure to conceive after 12 months of unprotected regular sexual intercourse . Experiencing infertility causes aggression, anger, labile economic status, reprimand, divorce, public isolation, losing social status, deprivation, disappointment and violence . Furthermore, violence is a global disaster. Usually, women and girls are the prime victims of domestic violence. Infertility may affect the public health in many countries. Domestic violence is the intentional use of physical force, power or threat against oneself, another person or another group or community which leads to injury, death, mental harm, lack of development or deprivation.

      R.Keerthiga, P.Mohanajanani, N.Sahinthini, Weragoda G.G.A.P and E.Nideshika

Abstract: The purpose of this research is to help users navigate within libraries using an android application. Nowadays people visiting libraries has gone down. The reason is the traditional way of manually searching and finding a book. It takes a long time to search and find a book in a library, time and energy waste if the book is borrowed by someone else, should wait for the one to return, though the book is needed immediately, lack of choice of choosing a good book and lack of ways to share opinions about a book. The application will help users to search and find books so quickly and navigate them to reach the book’s location using indoor navigational techniques such as Wi-Fi localization. It will also allow users to share their opinions among other readers through reviews and chats. The borrowers will be notified if the borrowed book is wanted by someone else too.

      Ndagijimana Samuel, Tegera Mpamya Frederic, Nzayirambaho Manasse

Abstract: Introduction: The aim of this present study was to determine the prevalence of early neonatal death at Gitwe hospital and identify associated factors. Objectives: The present study had the main purpose to determine the prevalence of early neonatal deaths at Gitwe Hospital and to describe early neonatal deaths and identify associated factors. Methods: The Retrospective present study was conducted using quantitative during a three years’ period whereby 92 cases includes only early neonatal mortality cases that occurred at Gitwe Hospital from 1st January 2008 to 31st December 2010 (3 years) were selected and interviewed.

      Win Cherry, Aye Mya Cho

Abstract: The paper first discusses some issues in regard to seismic performances and the last discussion lead to develop modified strengthening techniques of existing non-engineered brick-nogging buildings. Myanmar is extremely vulnerable to seismic activity. Also, most of local occupants construct their houses by using traditional building styles and methods. From the observation of past earthquake, such as Thabeikkyin earthquake, the existing brick-nogging buildings were reached the most vulnerable condition. Therefore, in this study, their seismic performances were targeted to evaluate. The arising question is how can define buildings adequacy and how they supply the sufficient structural performance. Non-linear static push-over method is the most widely preferred way of the assessment and performance evaluation issue. To evaluate their seismic performances, fragility assessments are used. Four damage stages (slight, moderate, extensive and complete) are used to classify damage conditions and the study of damage provides an important step in the evaluation of strengthening measures. In this study, strengthening methods were selected by considering various assessment issues such as their effectiveness, easy to use, cost-effectiveness and even include aesthetically.

      H.M.T.I.Herath, D.M.P.G.P.Dissanayake, R.M.B.P.Rathnayake, T.S.Liu, V.N.Vithana

Abstract: Tourism has become one of the main incomes in Sri Lanka where food is the highlight which makes the standards among the field of hospitality. At the same time the wastage of food in these hotels is a hidden bitter truth which cause a huge loss silently. In a time where people die starving, tons of food is being thrown away without hesitation in the same so called high class society. As this is a crisis with less attention around the world, it is now high-time to consider it with some given weight because food is an essential for all the living being.

      Jomel B. Manuel

Abstract: This paper aims to analyze Joyce Kilmer’s poem entitled “Trees” for the perspective of stylistic analysis. The analysis is made under the aspects of phonological, morphological, graphological, and lexico-syntactic levels. This research is helpful in understanding the basic concepts, literal and hidden meanings of the poem.

      "Jervis Canonio, Rachelle Nonato, Jomel B. Manuel "

Abstract: This study aimed to analyze the repair strategies used in spoken discourse in both ordinary and institutional conversations. The study used the descriptive - qualitative method. The data were derived from the 10 recorded institutional and 10 recorded ordinary discourses through audio-recording. A four part process analytic technique: Record-View-Transcribe-Analyze (R-V-I-A) method was used. Recorded conversations were transcribed and analyzed using the frequency count and percentage. The results of the study show that most interlocutors preferred self-initiated self-repair in both institutional and ordinary discourses to resolve communication problem during their turn. Further, disfluency in communication was the most committed trouble source. This confirms that the interlocutors are knowledgeable and have good grasp as regards content; however, they have difficulty in articulating their thoughts because of the poor facility of the English language.

      Modugula S Naga Swetha, Srinivasa S.V, Abhishek Kumar Verma, Prabhakar K

Abstract: Diabetes mellitus is a severe metabolic disease which can effect multiple organs in the body. It is a complex disorder and several factors related to it, either the disease itself or its treatment, long-term complications and comorbidities can affect the brain1. Type 2 diabetes has been consistently associated with increased risk of accelerated cognitive decline2 and an higher incidence of dementia,3,4 particularly in older individuals. Patients with Type 2 Diabetes mellitus are almost two times more likely to experience cognitive decline and dementia compared to those with normal glucose tolerance (NGT).4 Studies have suggested that T2DM effects cognitive domains like verbal memory (verbal fluency, immediate and delayed verbal recall), attention and processing speed, psychomotor ability, and executive functions.5,6. Diabetes has also been observed to be related with cognitive decrements such as worsening of abstract reasoning7, complex motor functioning and working memory7.

      Zuha Ayad Jabber

Abstract: To evaluation the effect of different surface treatment on shear bond strength between composite increments to determine the most effective procedure that increase bond strength between composite increments Methods: four groups used in this study and each group consist of 20 blocks of composite

      Niway Ayalew Adimasu, Wondwossen Jerene Daare

Abstract: The objective of this study was to examine tax awareness and perception of tax payer’s and their influence on voluntary tax compliance decision. The study used descriptive research design. Category A tax payers were the target population of this study. A sample of 377 individual Category A tax payers were randomly taken from selected cities. The study used primary and secondary data sources. Primary data were collected through questionnaire and secondary data were collected from reports and manuals of Ethiopian Revenue and Customs Authority (ERCA) branches. Descriptive statistics such as tables and percentages have been used for data analysis. The result of this study revealed that tax awareness was the major problem for voluntary tax compliance attitude and most tax payers viewed the current tax rate and penalty rate is high and they also believed that existing tax system is unfair. Besides, this study shows that tax payer’s positive perception towards the tax system and government spending also encourages voluntarily tax compliance.

      Sulaiman Garba Abubakar

Abstract: The involvement of the youth of Northern Nigeria in politics which dates back to 1958 in the first Republic with the Northern People Congress and Northern Elements Progressive Union as regions dominate parties, has been a mixed bag of blessing. In one breath, the youths have participated the social, economic and Political development of the region, in another breath however, particularly since the return to politics in 1999 youth participation in politics has been largely violent and destructive of lives and properties. This time around they have been turned in to criminals given to drug addiction and violent expression of their political support. In view of this, this paper examines the challenges posed by those immoral behaviors of some youth participating in politics, particularly the thugs towards nation building in Nigeria in the 21st century.

      Mallawarachchi Yashas, Maalik K.S., Ashfaq M.Z.M., De Silva K.P.S.H., Ragulan.S.

Abstract: "The Blind Guider" application is a real time application for detecting obstacles such as staircases, potholes, pedestrian crossings and moving vehicle detection and getting current location by GPS and giving directions to travel from place to place using the mobile phone camera with voice instructions. This Android application will warn of the obstacles in the road to the user. The system uses Haar-Cascade, BLOB and SURF algorithms for object detection. In order to identify key matching objects and for voice instructions the system uses a machine learning algorithm. Blind people use a white cane to navigate through roads and even indoors. The developed system is much more accurate than the white cane because the system will identify obstacles for the user within a certain distance. This application will provide assistance to the user when required. The mobile camera input is sufficient to commence the processing, the system will assist the user to navigate through obstacles in indoors and outdoors.

      Adebisi Olabisi O., Oyetayo Victor O., Ajayi Kehinde O.

Abstract: Several companies have emerged in the production of yogurts due to its high consumption and health benefits, but in most of these companies, the environmental conditions involved in the production, storage and distribution of many of yogurts are not strictly monitored hence affecting its microbial and sensory qualities. In view of these, commercially available brands of yogurt drinks in Akure metropolis, Ondo State, Nigeria, were purchased and analyzed for their microbiological, physiochemical and organoleptic properties using standard methods. It was observed that (16.7%), (8.3%) and (25%) of the yogurt samples analysed lack NAFDAC number, batch number, and attractive packaging respectively. All samples had high total viable bacteria counts but the fungal load observed falls within specification. Coliforms were found in 42% of the samples. The isolated microorganisms include; Bacillus sp, Streptococcus thermophillus, Lactobacillus bulgaricus, Listeria sp, Serratia sp, Klebsiella sp, Proteus sp, Escherichia coli, Aspergilus sp, Candida sp, Saccharomyces sp, and Mucor sp. Streptococcus thermophillus and Lactobacillus bulgaricus were the most prevailing bacteria encountered (23.6%), Aspergilus sp. was the most encountered fungi (44.5%). pH and Total Titratable Acidity (TTA) ranged from, 3.6 to 4.6 and 1.35 to 0.72 respectively. The sensory evaluation revealed that there were significant differences (p≤0.05) in the organoleptic properties of some of the yogurts. Conclusively, The study revealed that above fifty percent (50%) of the yogurt samples bought from Akure city were still below stipulated quality standard in terms of their microbial and organoleptic qualities.

      Hailay Aregawi Hagos, Yeshalem Abadi

Abstract: Recently in Ethiopia, thousands of graduates are producing from higher education institutions each year. As the current capacity of the national labor market of the country cannot provide adequate jobs, many are found unemployed. As a result, higher education institutions are required to produce an entrepreneurial graduates who can create his/her own job rather than waiting to be hired. In relation to this few studies have been conducted which were mainly focused on business and technology students and the impact of entrepreneurship course only. To fill this gap, this study was conducted on various fields of studies with the aim of investigating the factors affecting higher education institutions on promoting student’s entrepreneurship across discipline in the case of three selected Universities (Dire Dawa, Haramaya and Adama). For the sake of achieving this objective, primary sources of data were collected through structured questionnaire from a sample of 972 students which were selected using a stratified random sampling technique. Moreover, focus group discussions and interview were conducted. While descriptive narrations through concurrent triangulation strategy were applied to analyze the data collected from focus group discussion and interview, data collected using questionnaire were analyzed using descriptive statistics and econometric model (ordinal logistic regression). Hence, University commitment, curriculum, delivery method, assessment method, learning facility were found significant factors in determining the students’ entrepreneurship promotion. Therefore, in collaborating to different stakeholders, higher education institutions should provide wide and continuing programs that promote students entrepreneurship through opening a center which facilitate the program. Besides, universities should revise and evaluate their curriculum, delivery method, assessment method and learning facility in relation to its role on promoting students entrepreneurship.

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