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Assessing the Performance of the Anti-Microbial Stewardship (AMS) Program in a leading private Healthcare facility in Sri Lanka
      Dr. RMWS Ratnayake, Dr. HMTI Siriwardana
Abstract: Antimicrobial resistance (AMR), as defined by the WHO, refers to the ability of a microorganism to resist an antimicrobial agent (drug) that was previously effective in treating an infection caused by that microorganism. It represents a significant crisis within the healthcare system, leading to high morbidity, and mortality, as well as imposing a substantial economic burden. Hence, AMR is currently considered as a global health priority.

      Dr. RMWS Ratnayake, Dr. HMTI Siriwardana
Abstract: Background: Supply chain management is a process that creates a product or a service from raw materials to the final product that is consumed by the consumer. The pharmaceutical supply chain management in a healthcare facility is a vital procedure that ensures the availability of good-quality drugs for patient care management at all times. Maternity care centers are health facilities that offer a range of services including pre-natal, natal, and post-natal care, and gynecological care.

      Trinh Thi Huong, Do Thi Minh Tam
Abstract: This study investigates the efficacy of corrective and directive feedback strategies in enhancing writing proficiency among second-year English students. Drawing on a framework proposed by Bitchener and Ferris (2012), the research examines the impact of feedback on mechanical errors, structure errors, content errors, and rhetorical errors in writing tasks.

      Gladys L. Lagura and Lorly P. Caperida
Abstract: Quality education relies on effectively preparing pre-service teachers. A study conducted at North Eastern Mindanao State University (NEMSU) examined the preparation of pre-service teachers across five campuses in Surigao Del Sur, focusing on resource needs, competencies, and professional development opportunities. Involving 236 participants including faculty members, pre-service teachers, and Department of Education resource teachers, the study employed a descriptive-correlational design to identify specific needs, competencies, and relationships between resources, competencies, and professional development participation.

      Dr. Orech Charles, Dr. Nyakure Calvin, Prof. L. K. Lelei, Ayumba, Henry R. Mwangi
Abstract: Long bone fractures are prevalent globally, especially in Low and Middle-Income Countries

      Wilson Kemei MPH, Jackline Nyaberi, Simon Ruttoh
Abstract: Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) are increasingly becoming important agents of illness and death worldwide. With the rising burden of NCDs in LMICs, Universal health coverage (UHC) has emerged as a priority intervention central to improving access to quality essential health services without suffering financial hardships among households and communities. Kenya adopted the 2030 agenda for SDGs and committed to achieve SDG target 3.8 on UHC.

      Terer Erick, Ayumba Barry, Kisorio Joshua
Abstract: Humeral fracture account for 5-8% of all fractures in adults. Most of these fractures tend to heal; however, up to 33 % will develop non-union. Humeral fracture non-union causes major functional disability, chronic pain and reduced quality of life. Data on the functional outcomes of operational management of humeral fracture non-union at Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital (MTRH) Eldoret are scanty. This study intends to close the knowledge gap and advance the field.

      Grace T. Flores, Lourdes L. Bauya
Abstract: This study explores how universities and external stakeholders can optimize student internships for workforce development by identifying and implementing critical success factors and overcoming potential barriers at Northeastern Mindanao State University Bislig (NEMSU Bislig). Employing a descriptive-correlational design and analyzing data from 145 stakeholders at NEMSU through Mean and Spearman rho Correlation. Key elements include establishing well-defined policies, fostering collaborative ecosystems, and implementing robust monitoring mechanisms to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of internship programs.

      Md Tawfiqur Rahman
Abstract: Artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly transforming national security strategies worldwide. Bangladesh, a nation demonstrating a concrete commitment to technological advancement, is actively harnessing this potential to strengthen its national security posture. This paper explores Bangladeshs AI progress, its applications in crime prevention, counterterrorism, and counterintelligence, as well as the associated challenges and ethical considerations. Analyzing recent data and citing credible sources, the paper sheds light on Bangladeshs journey towards becoming a leader in AI-based security.

      Nirumala Rothinam
Abstract: Communicative Language Teaching (CLT) focuses on developing learners communication abilities in a second language, shifting the emphasis from grammar to practical communication skills. Widely accepted among English as a Second Language (ESL) and English as a Foreign Language (EFL) educators, CLTs principles are embraced globally.

      Erick John E. Endres
Abstract: This paper, employing a rigorous research methodology, randomly used the data of 35 large-cap companies in the Philippine stock market. It constructed seven model portfolios whose performance in 2021, after the COVID-19 pandemic, was empirically tested using the metrics Portfolio Alpha, Beta, Sharpe, Treynor, and Information Ratio. The initial results revealed that the 5-stock model portfolio was among the worst performers and had the highest level of volatility during the observed period.

      Godfrey Emina
Abstract: This increasing number of displaced populations has become one of the major human rights and health problems worldwide. With more than 1.4 million refugees as of February 2020, Uganda is among the countries that house the most refugees worldwide. Few studies, nevertheless, have examined the quality, accessibility, and associated difficulties of healthcare for both host communities and refugees.

      Eddah Rabera Nyakango, Dr. Peter Philip Wambua
Abstract: The performance of government ministries in Kenya is rated poorly with unresponsive, delayed and poor quality of services. The increased staff turnover in the ministry also reduces capacity to deliver on the mandate and the adopted measures including performance contracting has not resolved the declining performance rating. Thus, this study sought to determine the effect of promotional schemes employee performance at the Ministry of Education.

      Mofid Khalifa Elbakbak
Abstract: If diplomats who write about diplomacy are to be believed, diplomacy is both distinct from and opposed to war. It is the ‚‚art of resolving negotiations peacefully.” Similarly, many scholars of diplomacy distinguish diplomacy from war and align diplomacy with peace. After a war breaks out, what factors influence warring parties’ decisions about whether to offer talks, and when may their position on war time diplomacy change? Decision makers and academics tend to believe that the transition from pure fighting to “talking while fighting” is pro gress, but both tend to overlook or misunderstand how we get from one to the other. Alongside war, there has always been diplomacy; alongside the warlord, the diplomat seeking a nonmilitary solution. Diplomatic efforts have shortened some of our worst wars and exacerbated others.

      EZE K.A, Ugwu B.N, Aka C.C
Abstract: Mimosa Pudica plant leaves was used to disinfect pathogens in hospital waste water. The physiochemical and biological characteristics of the waste water were determined. Three extracts of this leaves were prepared namely, fresh juice, aqueous and alcohol extracts. All the extracts showed a high potential to disinfect the pathogens in the waste water.

      Airhomwanbor, K.O, Omolumen, L.E, Usiobeigbe, O.S, Ugege, C, Dada, F.L, Oikerhe, E.G, Ajediti, S.F
Abstract: Diabetes mellitus is one of the most common non-communicable diseases known to have a multi-systemic effect. This study was carried out to determine the Calcium, Uric acid and inorganic phosphate levels of Diabetes mellitus subjects in Ekpoma and environs. A total of 90 samples were used in this study comprising forty-five (45) Diabetes mellitus subjects and forty-five (45) non-diabetes mellitus subjects as control.

      Zenon C. Sarona, Trixie E. Cubillas
Abstract: This study scrutinized the fidelity of DI implementation among junior high school teachers, exploring its correlation with students appreciation and academic performance. Specifically, it examined DI implementation concerning content, process, and output, alongside students appreciation and performance.

      Grace T. Flores, Grace M. Ceniza
Abstract: This study explored the challenges and opportunities in implementing sustainable leadership practices within School-Based Management (SBM) in public elementary schools. The research encompassed all 18 public elementary schools across three districts. Data were collected from 18 school heads and 160 teachers using a combination of sampling techniques. Stratified random sampling ensured a representative sample of teachers, while purposive sampling involved all school heads due to their specific roles.

      Glaidel L. Magatines, Grace T. Flores
Abstract: This study evaluated the implementation of the Alternative Learning System (ALS) in Magsaysay District 1, Misamis Oriental, with a focus on identifying challenges faced by program implementers. Utilizing descriptive approach, the research involved 118 participants in which there were 43 implementers and 75 learners. Stratified random sampling with an online randomizer ensured a representative sample. Data collection employed a researcher-developed questionnaire, and the data were analyzed using the weighted mean.

      Karen Mae M. Pardinas, Ariel U. Cubillas
Abstract: This study explored the technological and interpersonal skills of paternal leadership among school heads in public elementary schools in the Division of Cabadbaran, as perceived by teachers. Using a quantitative non-experimental approach, particularly a descriptive correlational design, the research aimed to investigate the extent of interpersonal skills, levels of technological capabilities, and the manifestation of paternal leadership traits among school heads.

      Sasiphan Nitayaprapha
Abstract: News consumption is critical to human’s mental health In addition, bad news has more impact than good news. In general, humans consume more bad news than good news. Bad news is usually distributed faster than good news. Consumption of bad news could have long-lasting negative effects on human’s well being, Bad news could lead to anxiety, stress, and depression. The research aims to provide a filtering guideline to differentiate good news and bad news. The research employs AI for Thai, an NLP tool, to do word segmentation and sentiment analysis. The filtering system distinguishes good and bad news from good and bad sentiment. The data are collected from covid-19 news posts of the three main Thai news Facebook pages; Thairath – 17 millions followers, เรื่องเล่าเช้านี้ – 16 millions followers, and ข่าวเวิร์คพอยท์ 23 – 2.3 millions followers during 2020-2022. Based on covid-19 topics, the results shown that one media Facebook channel tends to be more positive, while another two is more negative, and neutral

      BR Abha Ayushree, Monalisha Munda, Jyotirmayee Udgata, Anushriya Sahoo, Subhasmita Udabar
Abstract: Food faddism is one of the causes behind malnutrition. Food faddism refers to any dietary practice that either forgoes one or more of the fundamental food categories or urges excessive consumption of one food category for exceptional health benefits. It is extremely unethical, exploitative, and designed to get results quickly. Fad diets sometimes follow plans with dubious scientific justifications.

      Benedict Ayomanor, Alumuku Liambee, Jamiu Sheriff Atanda, John Jeremiah Jay, Ayoola Oluwasegun, Cookey Iyen
Abstract: Development of a home automation system is presented in this paper leveraging a GSM module interfaced with an Arduino microcontroller. The proliferation of smart technologies has propelled the demand for intelligent home management systems, fostering convenience, efficiency, and security. The proposed system integrates the versatile functionalities of an Arduino microcontroller with the ubiquitous connectivity of a GSM module to enable distant operation and monitoring of household appliances.

      Jackielyn A. Gonzales
Abstract: The main goal of the study is to explore the association of technological, pedagogical, and content knowledge of teachers on their teaching performance. This study looked into the level of the technological, pedagogical, and content knowledge of the teachers and their level of teaching performance. The study used probability sampling; simple random in particular. Fifty-three teachers from public elementary schools of San Francisco Cluster VI participated in the study.

      Julie C. Betonio, Ariel U. Cubillas
Abstract: This study aimed to determine the level of reading skills of grade 4 learners in terms of phonological awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension as perceived by parents and teachers. It also aimed to determine the practices and challenges encountered by parents and teachers in teaching reading. Using a quantitative non-experimental approach, particularly a descriptive design, the research aimed to investigate the different of reading skills as perceived between parents and teachers in terms of phonological awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension. A researcher-made survey questionnaire served as the primary data collection tool.

      Judy Anne G. Juson, Trixie E. Cubillas
Abstract: This study seeks to explore and shed light on the pedagogical skills, the encountered challenges, and the employed practices of kindergarten teachers during pre-reading instruction. The study employed a descriptive-correlational design, involving 65 kindergarten teachers as participants. Data were gathered using a questionnaire developed by the researcher. The analysis of the survey data revealed that teachers encounter moderate challenges in several areas.

      Mohd Harridon, Azhari Malim Jaafar
Abstract: There are several metrics to indicate the economic status of countries. There exists an index called the Well Being Index that stipulates in numerical form the health and state of the economic components of a country. This paper discerned the Well Being Indexes of Malaysia and made correlational analyses among these indexes.

      Patrick Nyamweya and Dr. Anthony Osoro
Abstract: The persistence of the study was to inaugurate the relationship among supply chain optimization and performance of agro-processing firms in Kiambu County, Kenya. The specific objective were: inventory optimization, demand forecasting, sustainability optimization and reduced cost optimization correspondingly. This scholarship was anchored to diverse theories relevant: The scholarship used descriptive research design, where equally qualitative and quantitative exploration was applied.

      Elizabeth Grace Waswa and Dr. Anthony Osoro
Abstract: Was to assess the effect of strategy implementation on organizational performance of private health facilities in Trans Nzoia County, Kenya. The Specific objectives of the study were: strategic people, strategic resources, strategic systems and strategic culture and performance of private health facilities in Trans Nzoia County in Kenya. The study recommends and on firms that the implementation of tendering practice and performance of private health facilities in Trans Nzoia County, Kenya was significant relationship. That in future different counties needs to strengthen performance of private health facilities Trans Nzoia County in Kenya and procurement process to all counties in Kenya, with the help of Strategic people, strategic resources Strategic systems and Strategic culture.
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