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Employee Assistance Program Counseling Improves Clinical and Work Outcomes: Longitudinal Results from CuraLinc Healthcare 2017-2022 in United States
      Dr. Mark Attridge, David Pawlowski, and Sean Fogarty
Abstract: This paper presents empirical findings from a multi-year applied naturalistic study that focused on changes in clinical and work outcomes after using an employee assistance program in the United States. Self-report outcomes assessed with standardized measures were collected at the start of counseling from 33,683 employees during the normal course of business at CuraLinc Healthcare during 2017 to June 2022.

      Udodiugwu, Michael Ikenna
Abstract: The banking sector in Nigeria underwent a drastic restructuring exercise to standardize its operation, and to return trust to stakeholders of deposit money banks in Nigeria, as a result of failing banks that were no longer able to meet up the trends of strategic adjustment exercises by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN). However, this study was carried out to examine the effect of merger and acquisition on the non financial performance of banks in Aguata LGA, Anambra State, Nigeria. The study adopted a survey research design method, and it population consisted of only deposit money banks that were involved in merger and acquisition exercise between the periods of 2009-2019. The simple random sampling method was adopted for a sample size of 316. The one way anova and pearson correlation was used to analyze data gotten from the field of study, while the likert style questioaire was used to obtain relevant data from the respondents. The finding from the study revealed that there is a significant positive effect of M&A on the non financial performance of deposit money banks.

Abstract: Income tax is an important component of the company, where the tax information in the financial statements has its administration. This tax planning is used by almost every company in carrying out tax management to get the highest possible income and reduce the lowest possible costs. This study aims to formulate the form of corporate policy in planning PPh Article 21, whether it is following the applicable taxation tax provisions, and to see the effectiveness and optimization of PPh Article 21 planning at PT CAS to minimize corporate tax payments. The calculating PPh Article 21 uses the Net method, a method of withholding tax where the company bears Income Tax Article 21 for employees. The Gross-Up method is a method of withholding taxes.

      Nyang'or Benson Otieno, Mwamba Godfrey, Kibanga Jane
Abstract: The study sought to examine the effect of leadership styles on employee motivation-a case of Muhoroni Sugar Company Limited in Kisumu County, Kenya. Specifically, the study aimed to determine how directive leadership style affect employee motivation, assess how participative leadership style affect employee motivation, establish how transformational leadership style affect employee motivation, and examine how transactional leadership style affect employee motivation of Muhoroni Sugar Company. Situational Leadership theories and Full-Range Leadership models underpinned the investigation. Research adopted a descriptive research methodology to evaluate the study variables.

      Stanly Harimisa
Abstract: State revenues from the tax sector have changed from year to year, the need for development from the tax sector is still the main source of supporting state development, whether state revenues from the final income tax are able to make a significant contribution to state revenues or actually create a tax gap or stagnate state revenues in the tax sector.

Abstract: The spread of the Internet and the use of smartphones have changed the daily lifestyle of urban populations by introducing new habits of consumption, training, sales and mobility. Gozem, a private transport company in Togo, has integrated a digital platform that connects drivers and customers. The advent of Gozem allowed the population to get used to this new technology which involves digital in the urban mobility of people. The objective of this research is to analyze the working conditions of drivers by highlighting the dysfunctions linked to this production of services. The methodology is based on documentary research, observation and field investigation. Using a reasoned sampling technique, the survey involved 95 actors.

      G.Vijay Kumar, Raju Padiya, Bhattu Rajesh Nayak, G.Kumara Joshi, A. Yugandhar
Abstract: The present study an attempt was made to determine the effect of the mutagen (EMS) on seed germination in blackgram mutation breeding program. The blackgram accession IC436585 was collected from NBPGR regional centre, Hyderabad was used in the present study. The results showed that the percentage (%) of seed germination in black gram, subjected to treatment with different concentrations of EMS is less than that of their Control. It is clearly indicates that the mutagen (EMS) have clearly exerted an inhibitory effect on seed germination. Percent of seed germination has decreased with an increase in concentration or dose of the mutagens (EMS). The results also revealed that the black gram cultivar was more sensitive to the mutagens EMS. The results also showed that the shoot and root length were decreased with an increase in concentration or dose of the mutagens (EMS). It may concluded that the blackgram genotype IC 436585 may be germinated up to 0.3% EMS concentration to create variability in blackgram. Further variable lines are useful for crop improvement programe.

      Thomas A. JOACHIM, Ifeoluwa AKANDE and Teminijesu OKE
Abstract: High production of meat and meat products for human consumption has led to high waste generation from abattoirs. Nigeria as a developing nation has been characterised by inadequate waste disposal, treatment, and management technologies leading to pollution. Therefore, the study aims at evaluating abattoir waste management strategies in the Ota abattoir. A structured questionnaire, personal observation, and one-on-one interviews were used to gather data for the study.

      Francesco Paolo Pinello
Abstract: I consider it useful to compare George H. Mead’s conception of social act, Talcott Parsons’ conception of social action and Florian Znaniecki’s biographical method, from the perspective not only of sociology but, more generally, of cognitive sciences and John Bowlby’s attachment theory. Parsons, who took up some of the theoretical ideas of Vilfredo Pareto, Émile Durkheim and Max Weber, is certainly one of the most important classical authors for the sociological study of the structure of social action.

      Salahedeen Azwali
Abstract: Corporations are clear forms of association of people in order to achieve certain roles, goals and tasks. The corporation encompasses different actions and different knowledge and skills, as well as combining them into one meaningful, targeted, purposeful process. Managing such a process requires such coherence both in time and space, and in the part related to quality and quantity. That is why it is necessary for the management of the corporation to put as much emphasis as possible on the control of corporate governance. The function of control is a modern business philosophy, which represents professional support to management, and which contributes to transparency, coordination and integration of business. In order for corporate governance to be implemented effectively, it is necessary that certain factors be met. First, these are factors that are conditioned by the environment in which the organization operates. Second, international business is characterized by market instability and increasing competition.

      Owino Harriet Nyakecho; Tsawe-Munga Chidongo; Mugalavai Violet Kadenyeka & Joshua Stephen Muoki
Abstract: There is vast literature on African spirituality under African traditional religion, but not much on African spirituality as a concept within the context of Kenya, whereas in the area of food sovereignty, most of the literature is on global food sovereignty and not much on food sovereignty in Kenya. On the other hand, there are studies done on food security in Kenya but with little mention of its relationship with food sovereignty.

      Ifeoma B. Asianuba and O. Oghenekaro
Abstract: Wireless communication network with much higher coverage capacity has triggered more research interest especially in beam forming techniques using smart antennas. The smart antenna adopts smart signal processing algorithms to track the location of mobile user device.

      Ambale C A, Mweni S, Kamita M, Gendo S, Nyamweya P, Mutava D, Muthuiru J
Abstract: The Covid-19 pandemic that begun in Wuhan china and rapidly spread to the whole world brought significant challenges to the healthcare systems. The symptoms and management of the disease varried across the globe as the we awaited the completion of clinical trials to determine the definitive treatment of the disease. The objective of this study was to describe the clinical characteristics, treatments and outcomes of patients with moderate to severe Covid-19 disease in a tertiary hospital in Kenya.

      Tran Van Ty
Abstract: Written corrective feedback (WCF) is significantly important for students at all levels as it can help them enhance their second language writing ability after making errors in writing. However, without urgent understandings of students’ preferences, the effectiveness of WCF definitely weakens. This study, thus, aimed at investigating students’ preferences for WCF. To achieve this aim, relevant literature on WCF in terms of value, timing, sources, strategies, amount, and focus of WCF and students’ preferences were reviewed. Based upon this conceptual framework, the survey study with a questionnaire was conducted at Binh Thuan Vocational College in Vietnam with the participation of 35 IT-majored students. The findings of this study showed that these students had positive perceptions and preferences of WCF in their writing learning. Based on the research findings, the paper concluded with pedagogical implications and a recommendation for further study in the line of research on WCF.

      Ahmad, Hariani, Petrus, Sugiarti
Abstract: Stunting is a nutritional problem that has not been handled until now. The prevalence of Stunting at the Mata health center in 2020 is 1.60%. The Mata Health Center ranks first in terms of low exclusive breastfeeding, which is 43.32%. The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of exclusive breastfeeding and complementary feeding on the incidence of Stunting in Children under five years (6-59 months) in the working area of the Mata Health Center of Kendari City.

      KLM Kumari, Irosha Perera
Abstract: Untreated dental caries and its clinical consequences has become a public health problem notably polarized to socio-economically deprived children in many countries thus demonstrating social inequality. However, severity of untreated dental caries according to clinical consequences was rarely reported in literature in the past, until development of PUFA/pufa index by Mons et al., 2010. The dmft/DMFT indices of basic methods of World Health Organization (WHO) have become the choice for all national oral health surveys and epidemiological surveys conducted across the globe. Nevertheless, those indices of caries status provide limited information about the severity of advanced carious lesions.

      Po Sing Hiong
Abstract: Undergoing Tax Reform which was quite accurate when the Law on the Harmonization of Tax Regulations was passed or known as the HPP Law as of 29 October 2021 specifically in the General Provisions on Taxation (KUP) in article 2 paragraph 1 a which reads as follows: NPWP (Taxpayer Identification Number) for Individual Taxpayers who are Indonesian residents uses the Population Identification Number (NIK) listed on the KTP ( identity card), 1#. In light of the conditions stated in this HPP Law, the tax base is very wide open without any previous limitations, especially if it is supported by a demographic bonus, 2#.

      Mohd Harridon, Jalalludin Abu Jaafar, Mohamad Amirul Mustafa, Norhadi Ubaidillah, Shaikh Anuar Shaikh Abd Ghani
Abstract: Soccer teams usually employ individuals to actuate match analyses upon their teams and opponents in order to gauge the efficiency of their teams and also to measure the credibility of the opponents. This shows the importance of match analyses and this paper analyze the match between Sri Pahang and Sabah with the intention of dissecting the high and low points of the two teams.

      Marthe Aurellie Ngono Zintchem
Abstract: Since 2016, Cameroon has been trying to contain and manage a deep political and security crisis in its Northwest and Southwest Regions. This crisis is based on the claims of an autonomous identity carried by armed groups, scattered in the forests and claiming to be a state under the label of the Republic of Ambazonia, with Sissiku AYUK TABE as leader. The material consequences of this are often kidnappings, destruction of property and public buildings, attacks and assassinations of civilians and soldiers.

      Tengku Muhammad Ridho Anhar, Refli Hasan, Rahmad Isnanta
Abstract: Background: Acute coronary syndrome (ACS) is a combination of clinical symptoms that indicate acute myocardial ischemia, consisting of unstable angina pectoris (unstable angina pectoris = UAP), ST-Segment Elevation Myocardial Infarction (STEMI), and Non-ST-Segment Elevation Myocardial Infarction (NSTEMI). Various factors are considered to be related to the incidence of ACS, one of the predisposing factors which is still being debated about its effect on ACS, namely uric acid levels. A previous study showed that adding serum uric acid values to the GRACE score may be better at identifying patients in the low-risk group.

      Zulfia Retnanti Marissa, Mistar Ritonga, Reza Priatna
Abstract: Traumatology is the study of anything that is related to trauma to the tissue in living person. Mechanical trauma can be caused by sharp object trauma, blunt object trauma, and gun shot. The type of the weapon or tools used and how it is used will affect the type of wound formed. The type of wound caused by sharp object trauma can be categorized into incised wound, stab wound and chop wound. Most of the death victim were due to a blunt trauma in an accident, while in criminal cases sharp object was more often used in murdering the victims. In this case report, the victim was a 16-year-old male murdered by an unknown person. There was in incised wound in the neck, chest, and abdomen, lower right arm and right thigh and chop wound in the neck. Right carotid artery was severed along with broken trachea in the thyroid cartilage. The cause of death was chop wound that severed right carotid artery and trachea which was a sharp object trauma which causes massive bleeding. The estimated time of death was 12-24 hours. The motif of death was thought to be a murder. The culprit can be charged with Indonesia’ KUHP chapter 338 and 389 about murder.

      Zulfia Retnanti Marissa, Adriansyah Lubis, Reza Priatna
Abstract: There was around 736 millions of woman documented to have experience physical violence or sexual violence by their spouse or sexual violence from other people. This was an updated data collected from 2000 to 2018. In the recent data from WHO, it was stated that every 1 of 3 woman had experienced violence. sexual violence is any kind of act by a person to another person which resulted in sexual pleasure to the doer and offend the other person’s dignity. Investigation of sexual intercourse is the sign of penetration /violence and sign of ejaculation. In this case report, the victim is a 19-year-old woman which plead to have been raped by a man. The victim had experienced a threat and violence. During physical examination, a laceration in lips and bloody gum was found. There was a hymen tear and bruise in the labia minora. Microscopic examination of vaginal swab showed spermatozoa. From the result of the examination, it can be concluded that there was a sexual intercourse and violence to the victim. The culprit can be charged with Indonesia’ KUHP chapter 285 about rape under threat and violence.

      Zulfia Retnanti Marissa, Adriansyah Lubis, Panusunan Simatupang
Abstract: Violence in children is an act persecution or mistreatment to children in the forms of hurting physically, emotionally, sexually and neglecting parenting. Violence in children is not easily recognized because children is not able to tell their condition to the doctor, in prior to a violence they experienced. The rate of violence in children in North Sumatera, especially in Toba District is increasing every year, but there has not been any study about the type of violence, the location of the violence in the patient’s body, and the qualification of the wound degree. This is an observational study with descriptive design using a retrospective approach.

      U. J. Efi, Iliya Nuhu, Muhammad Kabiru, Umar Abdul
Abstract: The determination of minerals elements and proximate analysis of vernonia amygdalina samples was taken from Sabon-gari area, Koffai area and Mile 6 areas, all in Taraba North with the view to evaluate the mineral content of the samples using standard methods. The mineral content of the sample shows; ( Mn, K, Mg, Na, Ca, Cu, and Fe) Using atomic absorption spectroscopy (AAS). The results of the samples are: Mn (32.61±0,00), K (2.43±0.00), Mg ( 0.83±0.06), Na (21.38±0.06), Ca (35.43±0.01), Cu (1.39±0.01), and Fe (12.51±0.05) all measured in mg/100 g. The elements show that Ca, Mn and Na are the most abundant minerals, followed by Fe, K, Mg and Cu. The nutrient composition of the proximate concentrates revealed Moisture (8.16±0.26), Crude protein (18.58±0.14), fat (3.36±0.10) Crude fibre (12.45±0.11) Ash (6.80±0.15) Carbohydrate (37.83±0.0).

      B. Gayatri
Abstract: In the era of competitive, unstable and dynamic environment, the tasks of the employees of Indian banks has become demanding. This is also due to the fact with opening up of economy through globalization, liberalization and privatization and the natural drift towards information technology, challenges get multiplied when one has to work diversified working climate. Organizations need people who have both technical knowledge and emotional and social abilities which will facilitate them to delight the customers. The emotional intelligence interventions are partly a response to the problems that employees in corporate sector face today. Emotional intelligence competences can contribute in developing these abilities and skills that are linked with this desire or aspiration new line. The present study aims to compare the level of Emotional intelligence among managers and its impact on organizational commitment in the respective private and public sector banks.. The study also helped in finding out the relationship between emotional intelligence and organizational Climate.

      Kaigumba Paddy, Dr.Bakkabulindi Geofrey, Proff.Okidi Lating Peter
Abstract: Undervoltage is still a power quality problem globally with several interventions like reactive power compensation in generation stations, transmission, and distribution lines. This issue still prevails in Ugandas power system network that has experienced five blackouts within five months in 2020. Most utility companies have resorted to automatic under voltage load shedding schemes as a safety net to mitigate undervoltage. This study purposely sought to develop and implement an automatic undervoltage load shedding relay in Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) software for mitigation of undervoltage in the distribution network. The study specifically was to design part of Uganda power system distribution network in DIgSILENT, develop an automatic undervoltage load shedding relay and lastly validate the undervoltage load shedding relay solution. The modelled network showed a percentage voltage deviation that was within the acceptable error margin.

      Adebowale FOLORUNSO, Teminijesu Isreal OKE, and Ifeoluwa AKANDE
Abstract: More recently, the protection of the environment has received growing attention with the integration of different security measures considering the nature of the built environment, and a drive on the need to take responsibility for its design, construction, and operations. The aim of this study was to explore architectural design as a means to solve the safety and security challenges of the built environment towards surviving extreme antisocial behaviour in Nigeria. The study employed a qualitative research approach and combined, observations and content analysis.

      KKH Nethmini, NT Jayatilake , Thushara Weerawardane
Abstract: Because of the advancement of technology, attackers have shifted their focus away from personal computers and onto smartphones, making mobile security a big concern these days. Furthermore, as technology advances, people are becoming more interested in cell phones. Smishing is a cyber security attack that uses the short message service to steal mobile users personal information. Attackers have taken advantage of users trust in their smart gadgets to carry out various mobile security exploits such as smishing. If there is a system or approach to identify these kinds of malicious attacks, it is very useful. This paper includes a survey conducted to get a clear idea on awareness of smishing attacks of people in society and identify the need for a system to detect smishing attacks. According to the survey, although a person with good experience with smishing attacks can detect a smishing attack by looking at the features, people who do not have proper knowledge and experience about smishing attacks may not recognize Smishing attacks properly. Moreover, the paper includes a literature survey along with summarized existing systems to detect smishing attacks. These systems have used algorithms and approaches. Some of them are machine learning algorithms, Random Forest algorithm, Feature-based technique, Optical Character Recognition, Tag & APK check, Rule-based approach, Naïve Bayes classifier, Heuristic approach, Support Vector Machine, Rank correlation algorithms, Decision tree, and Ada boost classifier. If a system or approach can work with high accuracy and efficiency that approach or system can be identified as a successful one.

      Eva mayasari, Stiami
Abstract: Regulations that accommodate the imposition of taxes on crypto assets are in line with the rampant transactions of these instruments in recent years, there has been no government policy towards the imposition of crypto asset taxes because the existence of regulations governing the taxation of crypto assets presents, on the one hand, the transactions of crypto assets are very large and can increase state income, on the other hand, the application of crypto assets is considered burdensome for crypto asset players. According to the government, the application of taxes on crypto is intended to equalize the treatment (same level of the playing field) with investment instruments on crypto and stock taxes. Crypto is not a currency or securities, but goods that contain other rights and interests in digital form.

      Hnin Pwint Myu Wai, Nyo Nyo Yee, Nandar Win Min
Abstract: Web is the largest collection of electronically accessible documents which make the richest source of information in the world. Classification of Web page is essential to many tasks in Web information retrieval such as maintaining Web directories, topic-specific Web link analysis and focused crawling. Traditional Web page classification ignores semantic relationships between keywords and Web pages.

      Tri Ratnawati, Hendy Widiastoeti
Abstract: This study aims to understand the events that often occur in affiliated companies, the relationship between the parent company and its subsidiaries and the relationship between the subsidiary company and its subsidiaries related to affiliated debts and receivables. The phenomenon of payables and receivables of affiliated companies often occurs due to the special relationship between the parent company and its subsidiaries and the subsidiary company and its subsidiaries are often related.

      Hawa Francess Saidu & Philip Samuel Kongoley-MIH
Abstract: This paper attempts to investigate the impact of street trading on the Freetown Municipality. Street trading in Freetown is perceived as an economic activity for those with low educational level and highly dominated by women since it is considered as extension of their reproductive and domestic role. There are two categories of street traders in Freetown; sedentary who are found in fixed locations using pavements, verandas, stalls, tables, and sometimes the bare floor and footloose or mobile traders have no fixed locations and move throughout the city or in the city centre in search of customers. Their activities have positive impact such as generating revenue for Freetown City Council, making goods and services available.

      Shamsudeen Muhammad Sani, Falalu Abdulra’uf Musa, Usman A. Ismail
Abstract: The use of the internet has expanded dramatically in recent decades, and internet addiction has become a serious public health issue around the world. The goal of this study was to find out how common internet addiction is among some selected students (16–45 years old) in four chosen tertiary institutions in North-West Nigeria, as well as factors that contribute to it. This work investigated possible impact of excessive internet usage and its associated consequences such as, eye dryness, backbone pain, sadness, stress, and anxiety among sampled students, as well as the psychopathological effects of internet use on them.

      Dr. Tshering Sherpa, Dr. Pradeep Rajbhandari, Dr. Devendra Maharjan, Dr. Abhisesh Kumar Pradhan, Dr. Peru Pradhan, Dr. Gyabina Maharjan
Abstract: Background: Spinal anesthesia is most preferred method of anesthesia in both emergency and elective caesarean deliveries. It helps reduce complications related to general anesthesia but it has spectrum of complications, most common being hypotension due to sympathetic blockade. Perfusion index greater than 3.5 is associated with higher incidence of post spinal hypotension. Preloading and coloading of crystalloid have been studied and showed different results, this study compares preloading and coloading in patients with PI>3.5.

      Rev. Sgt. Rtd. Dr. Odhiambo, E .O. S. & Hassero, C.
Abstract: Quality Management has become essential in many organizations with aim of capitalizing on the sources for improvement through quality goal setting and measurement. Deficiency in exploring quality management systems in utility power transmission and distribution systems, are described along with their observed vulnerabilities to electrical fire disasters in Kisumu County. The perfect Quality Management System is not adhered to in energy sector, power lines design, electric equipment, and systems planning doesn’t meet specific prescribed quality standards. The paper therefore examines the nature and extent of energy sectors quality management systems with regard to electrical fire disaster in Kisumu County. The study adopted Cross-functional management model and Crosby Theory of Quality theories. A descriptive research design was used in the study.

      Hifa Salah Adeen Embirsh, Eng. Yousuf Almukhtar mathkour Ikshadah
Abstract: Libya is one of the worlds oil-producing countries and owns the worlds eighth oil reserves. This situation has led to rapid growth in the countrys electricity demand and municipal solid waste generation (MSW). The project proposes a brilliant plan for the use of renewable energy, including waste-to-energy facilities (WTE). This research assesses the potential contribution of WTE facilities to the peak energy demand in Libya until 2030, based on two scenarios: mass incineration and mass combustion with recycling of the whole nation and for six urban areas in the Libya. The analysis shows the possibility of producing about 197 MW (MW) based on the overall incineration scenario and about 57 MW on a mass burn basis with a recycling scenario.

      Le Thi Thanh Hue, Nguyen Thi Thanh Huyen
Abstract: Self-protection skills education for 5-6 years old preschool children according to the experiential approach at preschools in the Northern mountainous area has an important meaning in helping children have enough knowledge and life skills to reduce risks for children at home and when travelling to school in the condition that most children belong to ethnic minorities living in remote areas - areas with mountainous terrain and harsh climate.

      Sufyan Chiroma Salihu, Mohammed Salisu Musa, Shehu Turaki Aliyu, Hashimu Abdulmumini
Abstract: Some physicochemical parameters and heavy metals were investigated in water samples collected from selected boreholes in Wawa town for the purpose of ascertaining the water quality of the boreholes for drinking and other domestic purposes. Four selected boreholes were sampled three times each. The physicochemical parameters investigated are as follows; temperature, pH, electrical conductivity, alkalinity, turbidity, total dissolved solids and total hardness using standard methods. And from the results, the physicochemical parameters had mean values of 32.35±0.92 ºC, 7.06±0.18, 217.42±72.60 µS/cm, 140.25±23.00 mg/L, 0.94±0.23 NTU, 130.90±49.05 mg/L and 246.25±25.97 mg/L respectively. The results obtained were compared with the WHO [1] and NSDWQ [2] standards for drinking water and it was observed that majority of the physicochemical parameters had values which were within the maximum permissible limits.

      Mohammad Nwaf Saleem AlHusein
Abstract: The impact of various types of mixing water on the compressive strength of concrete was illustrated in this study. It illustrated how contaminants like sodium salts, manganese, tin, zinc, copper, and lead affected concretes compressive strength. The effects of the presence of some other impurities like silt and suspended particles on concrete strength were also addressed. Monitoring chemical features aids in determining whether the water complies with legal requirements and is secure for use by humans and the environment. Furthermore, different chemical properties can help in determining the impacts of unclean water on the structural elements. The first part of this paper discusses the physical features of water quality, chemical features of water, and expert water testing and analysis amenities. The second part of this paper addresses the effects of various sources of water on concrete strength.

      Philip Kamei
Abstract: The Prelude to Zeliangrong People, It is said by historian that these people lived in Makhel. The stone inscription lay down that gave about ramting (kabin a cave) where they live long enough numbering in average 6000 families on average. The Makhel fall under senapati district of the Manipur state, the reason for vacating makhel is unknown; it is likely natural disaster like famine, acuteness of Water or dispute among the community. The Rongmei people had been mentioned in the touring diary of Lord Cornwallis. In broader perspective belong to Zeliangrong. The Zeliangrong embrace of three groups of People. The Zemi were the eldest among the fraternity, second liangmei and the youngest among the group wereRongmei people.

      Sita Ram Sahni & Dr. Kamal Vagrecha
Abstract: The manufacturing cycle time as well as cycle cost reduction of detailed and critical components which induces the opportunities of productivity and leads for business growth in aerospace industries. It can emerge as economy growth for nations. Major portion of budget of any country goes for purchasing, research, development and modernization of aircraft, helicopter, rockets, missiles etc.

      Dr. Anjana Ashokan, Dr. Keziah Ann Charly, Dr. Meenakshi Anand B, Dr. Sakkeer Hussain, Cijo George
Abstract: Objective: The aim of the study was to evaluate the utilization and prescription pattern of antibiotics in the department of general medicine for ensuring the rational drug therapy. Method: A retrospective observational cohort study was conducted over a period of six months in a tertiary care hospital enrolling 250 patients. Case records were retrospectively reviewed for the demographic data, clinical presentation, investigational management and outcomes.

      Abdi Ibrahim., daryanto Hesti Wibowo.
Abstract: Compliance in calculating and paying taxes owed, and compliance with payments that need to be socialized continuously to fulfill tax obligations in accordance with applicable rules and regulations . The moral obligation of the taxpayer means that the taxpayer is aware of his tax obligations and arises a feeling of responsibility and is voluntary to pay off his tax obligations. Good service quality from officers raises the intention of taxpayers to pay taxes and affects taxpayer compliance. Taxsanctions are a preventive tool so that taxpayers do not violate tax norms, so that taxpayers become more obedient to existing rules. The purpose of this study is to partially and simultaneously examine the effect of moral obligation, service quality, and tax sanctions on taxpayer compliance at the Pare- Pare Tax Service Office.

      Lok Nath Dulal
Abstract: This paper deals with the terracotta sculptures of Navadurga of National Museum. According to Hindu religious texts Shailaputri, Brahmacharini, Chandraghanta, Kusmanda, Skandamata, Katyayani, Kalaratri, Mahagauri and Siddhadatri are the nine manifested forms of goddess Durga or Gauri or Parvati, especially worshipped during the festival of Navaratri where each of the nine manifested forms is consecutively venerated throughout all the nine nights.

      D Akmal, Jacky, Febriyenti, Salman
Abstract: Telah dilakukan penelitian tentang penyalutan pupuk NPK konvensional dengan menggunakan polimer bioblend Polipropilen + Polikaprolakton dengan metode semprot dengan konsentrasi 0,1%, 0,2%, 0,4%, 0,6%, 0,8% dan 1%. Diperoleh persentase penyalutan dan efisiensi penyaluta masing – masing 10,65% dan 91,02%; 11,76% dan 91,30%; 13,89% dan 92,72%; 15,58% dan 93,51%, 17,96% dan 94,62%; 9,36 % dan 87,75 %.

      Dr. Salma Banu
Abstract: Every business is established to earn maximum return; therefore there is a need to evaluate profitability analysis of sample sugar factories in Karnataka. To know whether the profits earned by the sample factories is sufficient or not. Also to know whether sample sugar factories fulfil the requirements of shareholders and other stakeholders or not. Profitability analysis with reference to return on investment in sample sugar factories in Karnataka is undertaken. The study for this purpose evaluate the assets turnover ratio and also takes into account takes into account the profit margin of sugar factories.

      Bindu P, John B Dominic,Juby Ann
Abstract: Introduction: Gestational Diabetes Mellitus is defined as glucose intolerance that is first recognized during pregnancy. This is associated with increased risk for adverse perinatal outcomes as well as long term complications of obesity and type 2 diabetes mellitus in mother and their children. The aim of this study was to identify the risk factors for Gestational diabetes mellitus.

      Hou Lu, Dennis G. Caballes
Abstract: Scientific reflective thinking is what characterizes reflective teachers. Teachers who apply scientific principles in teaching are a product of scientific research. Thus, the knowledge of the instructors in scientific research has great implications for teaching. This study aims to assess the level of knowledge of the Science Instructors in conducting scientific research and determine its implications for their teaching methodology used. The respondents of the study will be the instructors of all science courses on the CEU Manila campus.

      Stephen Kagwima Njau, Dr. Linda Kimencu
Abstract: The Kenyan banking sector is characterized by rapid changes and demanding markets and customers leading to fluctuations in performance like high non-performance of loans, reduced profits and more customer accounts going dormant or customers closing their bank accounts. These changes call on the leaders to readjust and reconfigure plans. The study focused on determining the effect of digital innovation on organizational performance of Kenya Commercial Bank Branches in Nairobi City County, Kenya. The study was grounded on technology acceptance model. The study adopted descriptive design and targeted 24 KCB branches within Nairobi City County and sample size list had 96 respondents who helped fill the semi-structured questionnaires.

      Jatin kumar Chaurasia, Utkarsh Shukla, Urvi Verma , Ashish Kumar Pandey
Abstract: There is currently a lot of study being done on the functioning of Electronic Health Records (EHR) software, and doctors are facing a lot of difficulties as they switch from a paper-based record management system to an electronic one. Our goal is to help healthcare providers embrace EHR software and improve the clinical and practise management aspects of their operations. The health reports of the individuals, which also include diagnostic data and medical prescriptions, are delivered in the form of papers, the subsequent hospital visit by the individual is blind to the individuals prior medical conditions and medications. However, this issue is lessened by storing a persons entire health record as a soft copy in the cloud. If they havent already, healthcare providers are under increasing pressure to embrace an EHR.

      Dr.V.Sumathy, Dr. S.J.Rexline, Ms.T.D. Gowri
Abstract: Uterine fibroids are benign growth in the tissues of the uterus which gives discomforts in the form of symptoms like over bleeding, pain in lower abdomen, irregular periods, misconception, in conception etc., for which there are several possible treatment options. Patients and physicians generally approach the decision process based on a combination of the patient’s degree of discomfort, patient preferences, and physician practice patterns. While there have been many successes in applying data mining technology to the improvement of diagnostic accuracy. In

      Victor Pieter Pattinasarany, M.J. Saptenno, E.R.M. Toule, J.J. Pietersz
Abstract: The consequence of implementing decentralization and regional autonomy is that each local government administrator makes or sets policies and implements government policies quickly, responsively, effectively and efficiently. In general, the people in the regions want or want the government service system to be carried out in a professional, reliable manner with an implementation method that is able to work effectively, efficiently, and at the same time satisfy the needs of the community. However, the local government bureaucracy becomes convoluted and lacks responsiveness and responsiveness to the needs and interests of the community.

      Daniel W. Nirahua, M . J. Saptenno, R.J Akyuwen, M. Tjoanda
Abstract: Land tenure and utilization are always influenced by human needs, time and technology. Population growth is increasing, while the limited availability of land is a problem on the one hand where land is used not only on the earths surface, but on the surface of the space above the ground and underground space. Meanwhile, on the other hand, there are no laws and regulations that accommodate human needs and interests that regulate the use and use of above-ground and underground spaces. The type of research used in this paper is normative juridical research.

      Bilal Olalere Ashade, Tarek Najjar
Abstract: Humans have grown to love their computers, and this is without a doubt seeing the way computers and technology generally have impacted our lives and permeated every fabric of daily living. From building smart homes to getting the job done at the office, humans interact with computers every period of the day. This level of inter-action also calls for some rules and principles because the popularity of a product will be highly dependent on how usable such a product is. Previous studies have shown how human-computer interaction (HCI) can optimize user experience (UX). It has led to some specific studies by scholars who have assessed the HCI needed for phones, laptops, and even mobile applications.

      Nia Agustiningsih, Frastiqa Fahrany
Abstract: Introduction: Cyberbullying is a teenage phenomenon that needs attention because it causes serious short-term and long-term impacts in all aspects of health. The right coping strategies are needed by teenagers to be able to face cyberbullying so that teenagers have good resilience. The purpose of this literature review is to find out what are the important things that need to be considered in cyberbullying victims. Methods: The method of writing this article is a literature review of 25 articles with the year 2019-2021 published from the Scopus, Science direct, SAGE and Proquest databases. The method of searching and selecting articles used The Center for Review and Dissemination and the Joanna Briggs Institute Guideline and PRISMA Checklist with selection criteria using the PICOS approach.

      Rezky Rachmadany Rachman, Syamsir Dewang, Sri Dewi Astuty, and Eko Juarlin
Abstract: Covid-19 is a virus that has spread and become a global pandemic. This virus infected the vital human organ, which is the lungs. Therefore, this research identified Covid-19 and non-covid-19 diseases based on chest CT-Scan images using K-NN and Naïve Bayes classification methods. The system is constructed through pre-processing, segmentation, GLCM-based feature extraction, and dividing the testing and training data with K-fold cross-validation with the value of 5 and 10, then evaluated using Confusion Matrix.

      Akram Kharir Saleh Edkheil, Khaled Elgergeni, Abdurraouf Muktar Taboun
Abstract: With a beautiful smile, one can convey to be pleasant, attractive, likeable and confident. As believed that people who are attractive are more likely to get good jobs, life partners, experience a happy and fulfilling life Rodrigues
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