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      Odubo Ebifuro, Eniye Mienye, Tonye Vivian Odubo

Abstract: A pre-requisite to an effective tax administration knows who the taxpayers are, where they are located and whether they are active or inactive. Knowledge on the spatial distribution of informal sector businesses and tax compliance status is integral in improving informal sector tax assessment and efficient collection of taxes. This study aims to create spatial and attribute database of informal sector business as a strategy for an efficient revenue collection from the informal sector. The study adopted the procedure of locational data acquisition by GPS and a procedure of the combination of GIS/Remote sensing for the capture, store, retrieve, update, query, analyze, display and output of informal business locations.

      Jairus Casian mlowe

Abstract: The female child’s right to education is a complex right, therefore it is important to discuss and evaluate female child’s right to education in reference to both regional and international legal instruments and its effect on the female child’s right to education. A vast right and a notion vastly recognized by most nations across the globe “the right to education” has been emphasized to a large extent by the United Nations (UN) organization in the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (ICESCR).Article 1 (2) of the Convention Against Discrimination in Education (CADE), United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) 1960, prepared by the UNESCO, defines education as being, “all types and levels of education, and includes access to education, the standard and equality of education, and the conditions under which it is given.” This article examines relevant international, regional, and domestic Tanzanian laws providing for female child’s right education. It seeks to prompt discussion by identifying ambiguities where female child’s is inadequately protected and is exposed to exclusion and expulsion from schools. This article suggests that Mainland Tanzanian laws must be in alignment with regional and international laws for protecting and advancing the female child’s right to education as a basic right.

      Mr. Sandeep Dokhale

Abstract: This paper deals with study of effect of varying yield strength of material for front longitudinal member of pick-up vehicle in frontal crash. The objective is to study maximum force carrying capacity, energy Absorption and deceleration of seat member. The model chosen for study is well correlated and open source model. The physical test to FE correlation is well achieved and this model is suitable for further study about the crash behavior of frontal structure. The aim is to run this model with different materials with different yield strength of the longitudinal member of chassis structure which is playing crucial role in frontal crash behavior.

      Dr. Lawrence Achimugu

Abstract: The study investigated the principals’ assessment of chemistry teachers’ effectiveness in teaching chemistry in Federal Capital Territory (FCT); Abuja. The sample consisted of sixty-six (66) principals of senior secondary schools purposely selected from six (6) Local Government area councils. A 21 – item on principals’ assessment of chemistry teachers’ effectiveness questionnaire (PACTEQ, r= 0.82) was developed for data collection. Frequencies, percentages, mean and standard deviation were used to analyse the research questions, while t – test was used to analyse the hypothesis at 0.05 alpha level. The results show that chemistry teachers do not use variety of teaching methods, relevant instructional materials and appropriate evaluation techniques in teaching chemistry. There were no improvisation of the needed instructional materials and majority of the teachers had negative attitudes toward their work. It was also found that there is significant difference in the mean scores of private and public principals on their assessment of the chemistry teachers’ effectiveness in teaching chemistry in favour of private secondary schools. Recommendations were made; to include that secondary school principals should on regular basis, organise in – house training programmes on the use of teaching methods, instructional materials, evaluation techniques, etc for their teachers.

      Dibyendu Dutta and Samir Banerjee

Abstract: The regression coefficient for Macrognathus aral juveniles and males were found to be lower than ‘3’ indicating negative allometric pattern of growth where as in females it was greater than ‘3’ suggesting positive allometric growth. Total body weight shows positive increase with total length in both male and female fishes. Different morphometric features like head length, snout length, dorsal fin length, pre dorsal length shows positive correlation with total length. Condition factor values in both male and female specimens gradually decreased before spawning season and start to increase again after the spawning season is over. Hepatosomatic index in female specimens attains peak value before spawning season and then shows a gradual decrease with the onset of spawning period.

      Ashwitha Jain, Dr.Venkatramana Bhat P

Abstract: With the growing technology and exploding data the need to manage data and process in the real-time is also increasing.

      Vhanice Kwamboka Moriasi, Dr Joyce Bett and Dr Luke Orawo

Abstract: Home maternal deliveries are deliveries conducted at home environment or any other place other than hospital. The MDG no. 5 targeted to increase women being attended by skilled health personnel to 90 %. In the year 2012-2013, 56 % of mothers in Kenya delivered at home and 488/100000 mothers died as a result of complications. Nakuru County recorded 58 % while Rongai had 73 % of the mothers who delivered at home. A case control study was conducted to find out the factors contributing to home maternal deliveries in Rongai. The objective of the study was to find out the factors influencing home maternal deliveries and data was collected using semi structured questionnaires where Stratified and purposive sampling methods were used to select subjects, 108 as cases and 42 as controls. Women between 19-49 years and brought their children for initial vaccination were included in the study. Filled questionnaires were analyzed using odds ratio and presented using frequency distribution tables and figures. The research findings indicated that knowledge, attitudes and practices during delivery were associated to home delivery. Lack of knowledge on safe delivery, negative attitude and bad practices influenced home delivery. The researcher recommends research on quality of hospital services.

      Maliselo, S. P and Mwaanga, P

Abstract: Ammonia emission from chicken excreta is due to high amino acid and protein diets given to the chickens to accelerate growth. The excess amino acids are deaminated and the derived nitrogen is excreted in the urine mainly as uric acid, which is readily converted to urea and finally to ammonia. The emission of high levels of ammonia in poultry houses is undesirable as ammonia is toxic and can adversely affect chicken growth. This study investigated the factors that influences the generation of high levels of ammonia in poultry houses. The factors investigated were pH, moisture content and the age of excreta.

      Liqaa Shallal Farhan, M.Sc. B.D.S

Abstract: The loss of tissue by disease or trauma and congenital malformation is the most dangerous complication worldwide. It may involve the craniofacial area and cause physical and psychological morbidity to the individual. Treatment of such defects to the optimal esthetic and function is necessary. This new trend need synthetic resorbable or natural matrix that favors tissue formation .In addition modern molecular technologies to restore tissue function.

      Alsamowal M.M,Hadad, M.A, Z. Sharif

Abstract: This study was carried out during the year 2010-2011 to investigate the effect of soil properties on mycorrhizal spore density, and to find out the ameliorative effects of Vesicular Arbuscular Mycorrhizae (VAM) addition on different growth traits of sesame (Sesamum indicum L.); an important cash crop in Sudan economy using two mycorrhizal fungi isolated from date palm trees rhizosphere (from two locations in Khartoum State).VAM inoculation was compared with phosphorus chemical fertilization under different moisture conditions. The study was divided into two parts; a laboratory and a green house experiment. In the laboratory experiment, mycorrhiza from West Omdurman gave a superior spore density (1363 spore/50g soil), while other tested soils gave no significant differences in root infection. This was followed by Soba-2 and Soba-1. All soils have an alkaline reaction. Electrical conductivity in West Omdurman soils is higher than Soba soils. All soils have low CEC ranging from 6-19 cmole/Kg reflecting their low ability to retain soil nutrients. Soba soils are calcareous, while West Omdurman had low CaCO3. As regarding soil texture, both Soba-1 and West Omdurman soils are sandy, while Soba-2 had a clay texture, which might reflect the noticed variability in spore counts between the two soils. Available phosphorus values ranged between 1-2.9 ppm. In the greenhouse experiment, four moisture levels (0%, 20%, 40% and 60%) were used. At 20% moisture level, the data obtained revealed high superiority in all growth traits measured irrespective of the location. The data obtained demonstrated that spore density was higher in West Omdurman, but root infection percent was higher in Soba. The data obtained with the growth parameters were variable but without noticed differences.

      Radamés Santiago, Dr. Toni DiDona

Abstract: This study had the objective of investigating what was the tie between the presence of a predominant heterosexual work environment and how it affects the organizational fit of employees who identify as lesbian, gay or bisexual. Previous studies have revealed how LGB individuals who experience discrimination and bullying has led them to have a negative view towards their job. Other researchers have pointed out how a predominant heterosexual work environment has correlated negatively with job satisfaction and correlated positively with intentions of LGB employees to resign. As a conceptual framework for this study the Theory of Work Adjustment (TWA) and the Social Cognitive Career Theory (SCCT) provided insight for incorporating the person environment fit, and helped in describing how a person’s environment impacted their self efficacy and relates exhaustion and stress that LGB employees might experience in their jobs, respectively. Utilizing these two theories, this study hypothesized that a repressing LGB environment proved to correlate negatively with job outcomes and person environment fit, relating to LGB employees. Data was collected through an online survey constructed combining Waldo’s Workplace Heterosexist Questionnaire and Oldenburg’s Burnout Inventory. The most important outcome from this study was how LGB employees informed being more exhausted at the end of their workday when compared to heterosexual employees.

      ShehabA. Thumil, Dr. ArkanN.Bahlol

Abstract: Objectives: To assess of Teachers' Knowledge towards cholera infection control at Secondary Schools in Baghdad City.

      Ali Aliyuda and Muhammed Kabir Ahmed

Abstract: In this Paper, a Multi-agent System platform that will allow agents to detect and report fault in Power Distribution System (PDS) with the minimum time delay is presented. Multi-agent System Engineering (MaSE) methodology was used to demonstrate how agents will be able to manage the complexity of PDS. The simulation of the framework in MatLab/Simulink indicates that Multi-Agent System technology can be applied to detect and report fault in Power Distribution System with the minimum time delay.

      Ahmed A. Mukhlif, Khatam M. Hattab

Abstract: Objectives:To assess nurses' knowledge and practices toward children with nephrotic syndrome (NS) they are working in nephrology units and to find out the relationships between nurses' knowledge and practices and their demographic data such as (nurses' age , nurses' gender , nurses' level of education , years of experiences in nursing field and other variables).

      Mulugeta Girma, Belay Adissu

Abstract: The purpose of study is to find Branding strategies to market Dire Dawa as an appealing tourist destination. Mixed approaches with 345 usable samples were used to collect data from respondents purposively and relevant data were gathered, presented and analyzed using descriptive and inferential statistical techniques. The finding reveals the city image and perceptions is developed through word of mouth communication rather than attributes themselves and personal experience .Also it find out that the most influential attributes in determining destination choices is over all assuredness of being safe from physical harm and the major challenges for marketing Dire Dawa includes ,lack of effort to rejuvenate tourists perception, failure to segment the market, shortage of recreational place and brand illusion with Harrar. So, the administration needs to work on safety and re-build ongoing brand by encompassing the strategy with flagship destination brand and slogan.

      Ayalew Beza

Abstract: This study explored how well perceived adequacy of coursework and practicum context factors (Job comfort, mentoring support, and workload) explained student teachers’ efficacy. Data was collected via a survey questionnaire administered face-to-face to all student teachers (N = 97, or 90%) who engaged in a practicum at secondary schools (grades 9 & 10) in south-west Ethiopia during 2013 academic year. The multiple linear regression analysis revealed a moderate fit model (R2 =0.335), in which 33.5% of the variance in teacher efficacy was attributed to the predictor variables considered in this study (F8, 66 =4.164, P<0.001). Perceived coursework adequacy (β=.420) followed by job comfort (β=.366) remained stronger and positive predictors of student teachers’ efficacy. On the other hand, student teachers’ efficacy was related to sex and placement site, where females and those placed at Gambella site were predicted to be less efficacious, indicating further area of concern to address the observed gap.

      Nabanita Mukherjee

Abstract: Human–Wildlife Conflict refers to conflict between wild animals and humans due to overlapping of human population and wildlife territory. The conflict leads to loss of life and injury of both humans and animals, loss of wealth, resources. Such interaction between human communities and wildlife is a matter of great concern due to its growing negative impact. Animals are bound to stray into human territory when forested areas, from where they acquire prey, are destroyed and corridors of their natural movement are encroached upon. Jalpaiguri and Alipurduar district of West Bengal are covered with dense forest and grassland and it is the shelter of many endangered species. But due to increasing human population and wildlife, depletion of green cover, decline in fodder of wild animals and developmental activities in protected areas; human wildlife conflict occurs in these districts. This paper is an attempt to find out the nature, causes, consequences of human wildlife conflict in Jalpaiguri, Alipurduar district and to suggest some solutions to control the problem for biodiversity conservation.


Abstract: Touch initiates rapid contact coiling in plant tendrils. Besides touch rapid contact coiling could also be initiated by immersing the tendril in liquid containing electrolytes. Liquids with poor electrolyte or non electrolytes did not initiate rapid contact coiling. This observation is strongly suggestive of involvement of electrical charge in the initiation of rapid contact coiling in plant tendrils. Disturbance of electrical charge by touch (like modern touch screen) is likely used to send a signal to the interior of the cell affecting its turgidity. It is proposed that tendril of bottle gourd uses neutralization of electric charge for signaling.

      Akanksha Dubey, Dr.Ajay kumar Bansal

Abstract: An Alternative to conventional converter is a multilevel inverter. The objective is to reduce the harmonics generated by the converter while not increasing the switching losses in the power semiconductor devices. The purpose of multilevel inverter is to generate stair case sinusoidal pulse using DC Source. The Multilevel inverter suitable for high voltage and high power applications. Multilevel inverters are used for industrial drive directly, the THD contents in output voltage of inverters is very significant index as the performance of drive depends very much on the quality of voltage applied to drive. This paper Presents comparison on cascade H-bridge multilevel inverter at different modulation index. THD analysis is carried out using MATLAB simulation.

      Shreyas Ramanagara Sridhara, Vishan Ravi Tejaas , Varun Kumar R, Nagarjun RK

Abstract: Miniaturized gas turbine generator made using automotive turbo charger, by using optimized combustion camber design. The fuel being used here to power the gas turbine is Bio-Diesel which is one of the eco friendly fuel available .The engine can run on any eco friendly fuels .Here the power is been extracted by using impulse turbine at the exhaust of the engine. The combustion camber is optimized in such a way that the efficiency is more than 90%.

      Rajmane S.D. And Korekar S.L.

Abstract: In the present investigation emphasis has been given on to study the changes in vitamin C content of mango and papaya pulp due to post harvest fungi. It was found that maximum decrease in vitamin C content was caused due to post harvest fungi in local ( Kesar, Beed, Jalna, Nanded and Aurangabad) varieties of mango. Vitamin C content in local ( A'bad, Jalna, Nanded, Hingoli ) Varieties of papaya was hampered due to post harvest fungi.

      Dr. Alice A. Anika

Abstract: The study investigated the impact of HIV/AIDS related stigma and discrimination among Pwani University Community. The research design used was a baseline survey. To ensure equal representation, simple random sampling was done of 196 participants from nursing students department and academic and non-academic technical staffs who were on session during the long vacation. The Tools used to collect data included questionnaires, Focus Group Discussions and interview schedules. Both qualitative and quantitative data analysis methods were employed. The study established that members living with HIV infection suffer isolation, rejection and forms of non-physical abuse. The Rights of students to educational activities were found to be infringed through isolation and peer formations during practical and various student activities. Quite a number of interviewees had at least experienced or observed cases of HIV/AIDS related stigma and discrimination in their interaction with others within the university community. Study recommended intervention strides at three levels; individual, community and organization but concluded that individual responsibility and positive perception was key in coping in a stigmatized environments to help build self esteem which may reduce discrimination mind set in individuals.

      M. Peer Mohamed

Abstract: Laplace transform plays very important role in the field of science and engineering. It is particularly useful in solving initial value problems involving linear ordinary differential equation with constant coefficient. This paper will discuss the advantage of unit step function in solving initial value problems having discontinuous functions in the area of electric circuit theory, biological modeling and atomic control and servomechanism. Also it will discuss the application of delta function in the area of mechanics.

      Ryan T. Sarimong

Abstract: The need to optimize land use has never been greater than at present, when rapid population growth and urban expansion are making areas available for agriculture a relatively scarce commodity.Locating specific sugarcane areas in Negros Island and their specific constraints are paramount to properly manage the current and future use of these arable lands. Thus, this research was designed to determine sugarcane production related constraints of selected soils in Negros Island and to recommend management strategies to address these constraints.Suitability analysis was done following the FAO suitability analysis scheme. Results of suitability analysis served as basis in identifying constraints of a particular soil type when used for sugarcane production.

      Vidya.N,Dinesh.M.S, Ananda .S and Radha.D.Kale

Abstract: The molecules causing cytotoxicity to tumor cells having major research interest and their application to develop drug against tumor. The Coelomocytes constitute immune component of earthworm coelomic fluid have the potential to produce biomolecules which causes cytotoxicity to tumors. The present study comprises of culturing coleomocytes isolated from coelomic fluid of Eudrilus eugeniae in HBSS as a culture media and with suitable conditions and testing the activity of coelomic fluid ,culture supernatant sample by MTT assay on tumor cell lines lung cancer cells (A549)and colorectal tumor cell lines(HTC 116) which showed significant cell death compared to respective control cell. The percent cytotoxicity in coelomic fluid ,coelomocyte culture supernatant and dialyzed sample were in the order 85% ,95% and 62% respectively. The highest cyotoxicity showed by culture supernatant .Supernatant enhanced its utilization as the major source of cytotoxic agent against tumor. The results of MTT assay were validated by performing more sensitive assay against the selected cell line used in the present study. The coleomocyte culture supernatant was administered in the concentration range 1-2mg/ml to induce cytotoxicity.The results showed 90% cytotoxicity in A549 Cell lines with concentration of 2mg/ml.The colorectal tumor cell showed moderate compare to referred standard values of Indian pharmacopeia/FDA .The findings of the study provide scientific evidence to utilize coleomocyte culture supernatant as a source to develop anticancer drug for treatment of cancer.

      S. R. Gnanapragasam

Abstract: Dengue is a mosquito-borne viral disease and it spreads rapidly in many parts of the world including Sri Lanka. The commercial capital of Sri Lanka is Colombo and Colombo Municipal Council (CMC) is the largest and financial centre in Sri Lanka. Reports in health ministry of Sri Lanka say that, more dengue cases are reported in western part of the country, particularly, from areas of CMC. The study mainly focused on the dengue cased reported in the areas of CMC in Sri Lanka. The purpose of forecast is to the plan the future activities. Thus in this study, a statistical model is fitted to predict the future dengue cases in the area of CMC. Then relevant official can take necessary action to control the future dengue cases in CMC. All necessary tests are employed to build the model. Hence the predicted values are obtained. Accordingly, more than 1500 dengue cases are expected in last six months in the year 2016.

      Harshitha. M R, Sharmila. R S, Dr. G. C Shivasharanappa, Dr. R. Prakash

Abstract: The micro-grids are interconnection of renewable resources available at distribution side .Micro -grids can be operated in three different ways grid connected mode, autonomous mode and micro generation mode .The battery system is connected in DC link for supplying real power in the micro-grid .Quality of power supply has become an important issue with the increasing demand of DG system either connected to the conventional grid, smart grid or micro grid. Most of the pollution issues created in power systems are due to the non-linear characteristics and fast switching of power electronic devices which introduce harmonic in the line voltage and current .To eliminate the power quality issues from the distribution system it is essential to improve the reliability of the system. The Unified Power Quality Conditioner (UPQC) is used to to improve the real power by improving the quality of supply during the interconnected and islanded mode. Here UPQC is connected with micro-grid to improve the power quality and reduce the oscillations when the mode of the connection changes .The new control strategy is used for the integration and control of Unified Power Quality Conditioner in distribution generation based micro-grid system.

      Sah SK, Chaudhary D, Pandey N

Abstract: Backgrounds: The Brachial plexus is a somatic plexus formed by the anterior rami of C5 to C8, and most of the anterior ramus of T1. It originate in the neck and consists of root, trunk, divisions and cords. The cords are lateral, medial and posterior cords. One of the terminal branch of the Lateral cord of the brachial plexus is the Musculocutaneous nerve. The musculocutaneous nerve is derived from the anterior rami of 5th to 7th cervical spinal nerve. It pierces the corachobrachialis muscles and descends down between the biceps brachii and brachialis muscles laterally and its continuation in the forearm is called as the lateral cutaneous nerve of the forearm. The muscles of the anterior compartment of arm i.e., Corachobrachialis, Biceps brachii and Brachialis are supplied by the Musculocutaneous nerve. Sometimes the musculocutaneous nerve may arise from the Median Nerve, Lateral root of the Median Nerve or it may be absent unilaterally or bilaterally.

      Scholastica Khakayi Wamwayi, Dr. Iravo M. Amuhaya, Prof. ElegwaMukulu, Dr. Gichuhi A. Waititu

Abstract: The aim of this study was to establish the role of training duration in the performance of non-teaching employees in public universities in Kenya. The study was conducted in eight of the twenty-two public universities in Kenya with a sample size of 176 non-teaching employees. The study was both qualitative and quantitative. Qualitative due to descriptive statistics which were used in interpreting data and quantitative due to data obtained from questionnaires that was interpreted using statistical packages like SPSS V 20, and Stata V 12, and analysis was done by regression and correlation. The study used open and closed ended questionnaires and a Likert measurement scale of 1 to 5. The study results revealed that Training Duration (p value = 0.001) was statistically significant and therefore had a role to play in the performance of the non-academic staff at the public universities.

      Scholastica Khakayi Wamwayi, Dr. Iravo M. Amuhaya, Prof. ElegwaMukulu, Dr. Gichuhi A. Waititu

Abstract: The aim of this study was to establish the role of training needs assessment in the performance of non-teaching employees in public universities in Kenya. The study was conducted in eight of the twenty-two public universities in Kenya with a sample size of 176 non-teaching employees. The study was both qualitative and quantitative. Qualitative due to descriptive statistics which were used in interpreting data and quantitative due to data obtained from questionnaires that was interpreted using statistical packages like SPSS V 20, and Stata V 12, and analysis was done by regression and correlation. The study used open and closed ended questionnaires and a Likert measurement scale of 1 to 5. The study results revealed that training need assessment (p value = 0.001) was statistically significant and therefore had a role to play in the performance of the non-academic staff at the public universities.

      Dr. HetalMarfatia, Dr. NilamSathe, Dr. SheetalShelke

Abstract: Spontaneous sphenoid sinus CSF leak is relatively rare entity. Sternberg’s canal is a bony defect in lateral wall of sphenoid sinus which is a common site of spontaneous CSF leak. Here we present a case of spontaneous CSF rhinorrhea from lateral recess of sphenoid sinus. Site of leak was approached endoscopically with trans-septal approach as it gives excellent access to lateral recess sphenoid sinus defects. Closure of defect was done with bathplug technique with graft threaded on the same thread to ensure central placement of the graft over defect. Obliteration of sphenoid sinus is not mandatory if complete mucosa is exenterated and anterior wall is drilled adequately.

      Karla Dayana Guerrero, Erika Lorena Medina, Néstor Giovanny Yomayuza, Jhon Jairo Olaya-Flórez, Jorge Hernando Bautista-Ruiz and Carlos Alberto Guerrero-Fajardo

Abstract: Stainless steels are widely used in engineering activities due to its chemical and mechanical features that offer high corrosion resistance as well as a good relationship of mechanical strength, resistance to high temperatures. Several methods known in surface engineering can be used to optimize the properties against corrosion of this kind material. The coating adhesion mechanism is a chemical anchor, which can provide the necessary protection for steel and used in various industrial and construction applications. This work displays the evaluation of performance against corrosion at high temperatures of a steel 316L with oxide coatings Ti-Zr-Si deposited by sol gel, which allows obtaining a ceramic system, deposited and analyzed with a mono, bi and tri-layer architecture presenting the results for each of them, carried out an analysis of loss of weight, chemical composition by energy dispersive X-ray (EDS) and scanning electron microscopy (SEM). The coating tri-layer 10/70/20 showed better corrosion protection at high temperatures, less cracking and roughness changes.

      Shoukat Z Fakir, Prof.Dr. Balshing R.R

Abstract: Ahmednagar is one of the biggest district of the Maharashtra state. As a climatic view, it is tropical district. Its Geographical location is 19 Degree Latitude North and 80 Degree Longitude East. In this district,there is Sahyadries ranges as the Kalsubai, Adulsa, Baleshwar and Harichadragad hills. As Geological view whole district is made by the volcanic lava flow in the Eocene age. This land is known as the Deccan traps. Mostly rock is Basaltic. Most of the soil of this district is a Black and red soil. As hydrological review, there are Godavari, Pravara, Adula, Mula,Dhora and SinaRiver. There are Fourteen Toluka. As an Agricultural attitude half part is irrigated and half part is semi- arid.Total population of the Ahmednagar District is 45, 43,159. This whole population has need of the lot of electricity for domestic, Agricultural and the Industrial purpose. This whole electricity is supply by the Mahavitaran electrical board of Maharashtra. In this district there are Suzlon, Enercon, Ganesa is generating the wind electricity. Maharashtra Energy Development Agency is taking this energy and supply for the Indian grid Network. Today wind Electricity in Maharashtra is 4500 MW in which Ahmednagar district is produce the 400 MW wind electricity. In this research paper we have study the wind energy of Ahmednagar district by Geographical attitude.

      Aparna B R ,DR G C Shivasharanappa,Prof. Anguraja R, DR R Prakash

Abstract: Due to vast implementation of power electronics based equipment power quality has turned into essential and important factor. The conventional devices or equipment is not sufficient for enhancing the power quality. The UPQC is the new design for improving the power quality and moreover it attends to both voltage deformity and current deformity simultaneously. In this paper new FACTs (flexible Alternating current Transmission) circuit called UPQC (unified power quality conditioner) is developed to compensate the voltage and current imperfections. The two different control strategies are used for it. The voltage sag and swells together with current harmonic compensation are shown.

      Ismael Hasan Jawad, Dr. Kahtan H. Hussein Al Jebory, Dr. Hassan . A. Baey

Abstract: A descriptive / Cross-sectional study is conducted throughout the period of October 1st 2015 to Jolly 20th 2016. The studyaims to assess nutritional status for children less than 5 years old in Hilla City in terms of (weight and height for age) through anthropometric measurements.

      Salim k. Hajwal, Salma K. J.PhD

Abstract: Study aims: To assess the self- care approach of patients' with type II diabetics mellitus at diabetic center in Babylon Governorate and to determine the relationship between self-care knowledge and demographic characteristics of age, gender, occupation, education and socioeconomic status.

      SaadM. Abdulhameed ,MSc.N, Dr. Khalida M. Khudur, PhD

Abstract: Diabetes is a serious public health problem with serious secondary complications, one of these problems are coronary artery disease. The global burden of diabetes is large and growing, affecting populations in every region of the world.

      DivyaV,Vimal K.C, Mohanan C.N

Abstract: This study deals with the nutrient status of soil profiles collected from different forest types of the southern Western Ghats falling within the north-eastern part of the Idukki district. Ten locations were selected for the present study; altitude of the region varies from 150 to 2000 m above mean sea level. The vegetation pattern of the area is composed of evergreen, semi evergreen, hill top evergreen, dry deciduous, moist deciduous, sandal wood, shola (tropical montane forest) and grasslands. Shola forests register higher nutrient (especially N and K) status while dry deciduous forest records lower values. The N, P, K status of the forest soils varies from 0 to 1.09%, 0.04 to 0.92% and 0.56 to 3.81% respectively. N and P shows decreasing trend with increasing soil depth and K shows more or less same values throughout the entire depth of the 1 m length profiles.

      Muhammad Faisal Sultan, Noor Ahmed Memmon, Shakil Amhed

Abstract: Initial research work conducted defined brand as “A trademark that conveys a promise”. (Phillips, 1988) while the other research define brand as “The sum of all marketing mix elements” (Keller, 2002) or we can simply we can define brand as any characteristic or attribute which make one seller distinguished with respect to another. A brand can also be used as the well build and long term tool which is ideal for the purpose of differentiating company’s offerings and also for building long lasting image in the customer’s mind. (Khan & Rohi, 2013) Moreover brand is also used for the development of specific association in the minds of the target market. (Chimbozand & Mutandwa, 2007) While brand choice is the term we use to point out the preference of any brand. That means this term is used to evaluate the level of demand of any specific brand in competition with the other brands of the same category available in the market. (Khan & Rohi, 2013)

      Seemal Malpani

Abstract: This paper is a study about the different aspects involved in successfully setting up a solar-based technology.It’s important to dwell on the industry dynamics regarding the key players, challenges and results. With a detailed secondary research, to really catch the right pulse of the sector I elected to conduct a study of few commissioned projects attempting to cover the gamut of Solar industry focusing on key sector characteristics: feasibility studies, technology, execution, and operational and financial aspects. My first study was a 5.75 Solar PV project located in Osiyan, Rajasthan. Having heard about Solar PV from team Osiyan, I wanted to understand the other technologies used in the solar industry. The Government in Phase-1 had given equal emphasis to Solar PV and Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) projects. My choice was, therefore, a CSP project awarded in Phase-1 – a 50MW Solar Thermal project in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan

      KB Saxena, AN Tikle, RV Kumar, AK Choudhary, and Bir Bahadur

Abstract: A record of out-crossing in pigeonpea (Cajanus cajan (L.) Millsp.) from 32 locations indicated a large variation within and across 12 countries of Asia, Africa, and Americas. Pigeonpea breeders have exploited the natural hybrids within landraces for developing high yielding inbred cultivars in different countries. Similarly, natural hybrids selected from wild relatives of pigeonpea have been used to breed male sterility systems. During the last 40 years the importance of natural out-crossing in genetic enhancement of yield in pigeonpea has been well recognized, particularly in developing commercial hybrid technology; and it has allowed thousands of Indian farmers to harvest 30-40% more grains. This review provides an update on various aspects of natural out-crossing such as pollinating agents, extent of out-crossing, factors influencing out-crossing; besides this, the successful role of out-crossing in the genetic enhancement of yield in pigeonpea has also been discussed.

      Karim, F.R, Abu Bakar, B.H, KokKeong, Choong,Aziz, O.Q

Abstract: This investigation highlights the influence of double idealized shear flow zones on the torsional resistance for under-reinforced fibrous normal strength concrete beams subjected to pure torsion. The beam sections were double reinforced by transverse and longitudinal reinforcements, once was located in the idealized shear flow zone and the other one was located in the idealized tension zone. To study the influence of double idealized shear flow zones on the torsional resistance of under-reinforced fibrous normal strength concrete beams, four fibrous concrete beams were cast and tested under pure torsion. The under-reinforced beams designed based on ACI 318-14. The main transverse and longitudinal reinforcements in the shear low zone are kept constant in the beams while the transverse reinforcement in the idealized tension zone was covered different percentage of this zone. The test results were confirmed that the torsional resistance at peak loads was improved up to 23.7% while the area enclosed by stirrup in core zone has extended to 46.2%. In addition, the twisting angle at peak loads was enhanced up to 60.9%and the shear strain in concrete and the strain in longitudinal reinforcement were enhanced whereas the strain in transverse reinforcement was decreased. The spacing between spiral cracks and the inclination angle of crack at failure were increased with inclusion of reinforcement in core zone. The space truss model was modified to cover the influence of double shear flow zones. The proposed modification model was showed that it has a good agreement with test results.

      Satyajit Sarkar, Satarupa Datta, Pradipto Roy, Hemen Biswas and S. E. Kabir

Abstract: The population dynamics of red spider mites against synthetic pesticide, bio-pesticide and neem extract in Terai region were studied. In two experimental locations the decreasing percentage of alive red spider mites against three pesticide treatments, the result is more or less same for particular pesticide. In contrast between three pesticides, Hexythiazox 5.45% EC was found to be effective. Apart from that bio-pesticide and Neem oil based E.C. Containing Azadirachtin 0.03% respectively reduced the population of mites.

      Hanumanthe Gowda, P. Rajendra Prasad

Abstract: In the field of material science, a large number of research is going on composite materials in current industries. The Aluminium metal matrix composite material has a characteristic of low density, cast ability, low thermal coefficient and machinability properties. Due to these properties researchers are concentrating towards Aluminium metal matrix composite material. The stir casting process was used to fabricate A356 alloy based hybrid composites reinforced with various weight fractions of 1%, 2%, 3%, 4% & 5% RHA and Al2O3 particulates in equal proportions. Tensile strength and Hardness of the composites have been evaluated. Significant improvement in the properties was been observed with the addition of reinforcement. Further, properties of heat treated composites were enhanced when compared to as cast composites.

      Imad H. Mohammed,Dr. Mohammed F. Khalifa. PhD, Dr. Hassan A. Hussein

Abstract: Aim: To assess parents' needs of Mentally Retarded children throughout lifespan. The study tries to compare between parents' needs relative to the settings in which children have attended (public and private ones). The study also tries to find out the relationship between parents' needs and socio-demographic characteristics.

      Batluri Tilak Chandra, Sanjeevamurthy, H. S. Shiva Shankar

Abstract: In the present work, an attempt is made to study the mechanical properties of Al7075-Albite particulate composite fabricated by stir casting method by varying the weight percentage of Albite particulates from 0wt%, to 10wt% in steps of 2wt%. The Al7075 alloy and Al7075-albite particulate composites were heat treated at solutionizing temperature of 470° C for 2 hours then quenching in ice media and artificial ageing for 6 hours at 120° C. The specimens were prepared according to ASTM test standards. The microstructure analysis reveals that uniform distribution of Albite particulates in the Al7075 matrix alloy and there was significant improvement in ultimate tensile strength, compressive strength and hardness properties of the composite as compared with Al7075 alloy.

      Gossoon Juma Elywy, Dr. Wissam Jabbar Kassim

Abstract: Background: School health is major branch of community health based to modern concepts of school health services. school health services refer to the need for based comprehensive services rendered to pupils, teachers and other personnel in the school to promote and protect their health, prevent and control diseases and maintain their health .The study aims: to evaluate the schools administration's satisfaction about school health services and to find out the relationship between schools administration's satisfaction and some social demographic characteristics such as (age, Gender, years of experience, level of education, and School resident.

      Ambreen Grewal Virk- SPHR, Prof. (Dr.)Meenakshi Malhotra

Abstract: The study reported in this paper was conducted to examine the relationship between the Emotional intelligence and the Personal efficacy of Managers from selected Indian organizations. 113 managers were selected from different organizations in India. The participants were asked to complete the ‘SREIT’ and the ‘Personal Efficacy Scale’ questionnaire. Data analysis and statistical calculations revealed that there is a significant relationship between the Manager’s Emotional Intelligence and their Personal Efficacy. To investigate which components of Emotional Intelligence might have more predictive power in predicting a manager’s personal efficacy, a regression analysis was also run. The 4 subscales of emotional intelligence – ‘Emotional Regulation’, ‘Facilitate Emotion’, ‘Perceive & Appraise Emotion’ and ‘Understand Emotion’– were found to be good predictors of a manager’s self-efficacy. The conclusions and implications of the research were discussed with reference to the earlier findings.

      Aqeel Ghazi Mutar, ImadKhraibet Rashid AL-khuwaylidee

Abstract: In this work the total wind speed has been estimated by using a fast response anemometer , so we calculate the turbulence in the wind speed components (u,v,w) ,horizontal momentum flux, and turbulent kinetic energy. The effect of the above-mentioned variables on the total wind speed also studied and We had access to a number of empirical formulas describing these effects .

      Msaakpa, T.S

Abstract: Seed size is a component of seed quality which has impact on the performance of crop and variations exist in seed size among variations. Seed size is a key factor in crop improvement. However, scarce information is available on relationship between seed size, variety and seedling emergence characteristics of soybean. Therefore, the study was initiated to determine the effects of variety and seed size on seedling emergence involving four varieties of soybean viz: TGX 1955-4F, TGX 1945-1F, TGX 1448-2E, and TGX 1951-4F. Seeds of each variety were graded into large, medium, and small. 100-seed weight was taken and the same seed lot was grown on the field and evaluated for seedling emergence characteristics. The experiment was a 4 x 3 factorial laid out in a Randomized Complete Block Design (RCBD ) with three replications. Maintenance practices were kept at unform level to chech any form of bias. Data showing emergence characteristics described in the above experiment set-up were collected. The Data were then subjected to Analysis of Variance (ANOVA ) at 5 % level of probability (P < 0.05). Variety exerted significant effect on all the emergence parameters evaluated, but the effect of seed size was only significant on Emergence Rate Index. The results showed that increase in seed size resulted in decrease in emergence percentage. The degree of emergence of seeds may not necessarily be based on the superiority of size of seeds planted. The variety TGX 1945- 1F consistently displayed superiority in all the seedling emergence parameters evaluated ; it is, therefore, recommended for fast and uniform seedling emergence.

      Sailendra Mohan Das

Abstract: A total of 39 species of Odonates, inluding 28 species of dragonflies(sub-order: Anisoptera) belong to 3 families and 11 species of damselflies(sub-order: Zygoptera) belonging to 3 families were recorded in and arround the Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalaya (NEC) Baragolai, Margherita, Tinsukia district of Assam(India) between March, 2015 to June, 2016. From the sub-order Anisoptera, Libellulidae was the richest family with 25 species and from the sub-order Zygoptera, Coenagrionidae is the richest family with 9 species. A detail list of odonates recorded from the study area is presented.

      Chetna Pradhan; Dr. Surendra Singh Chauhan

Abstract: “Mansagar Lake”, popularly known as “Jalmahal” is located in the heart of Jaipur City and is a very renowned Ecologically important Wetland Site too. The Mansagar Lake is a manmade water body, created by damming Darbhawati river on the northern side of the Nahargarh Fort around 1610 A.D. by Raja Man Singh First, the then ruler of Amerfor irrigation and recreation. In 1962, the Sewage from the Walled City of Jaipur was diverted into the lake as it was no more used for recreation and the palace has been abandoned. Pollution problems presides in the Lake due to the Inflow of Waste Water by the increasing flow of partly treated wastewater and untreated wastewater with severe contamination. All this leads to the alteration of the various Physico Chemical Parameters of the water body as well as the accumulation of the heavy metals resulting in the various phenomenon like Eutrophication of the water body, Deposition of Silts and the pronounced deterioration of the Water Quality. Characteristics of water bodies influence the quality of water individually and in combination with various pollutants, thereby, affecting the living organisms present there (Srivastava et al., 2003; Smitha et al., 2007).. The Physico-Chemical study conducted about Water and Soil revealed variable ratios, which include diverse range of Ph, EC, TDS, Chloride, Hardness, Alkalinity, Acidity, D.O., BOD, Fluoride and, Nitrate of the WaterBody alongwith thePhysico-Chemical Characteristics of the Soil Bed of the Lake which includes the parameters like Ph, EC and, others include its Moisture Content and the presence of the percentage of Organic Matter and Organic Carbon in the soil.

      Peters, Edem E

Abstract: Harmattan workshop holds annually at Agbarha-Otor in Delta state of Nigeria. It is a realization of a vision of a great artist-Bruce Onobrakpeya who established Bruce Onobrakpeya Foundation (BOF). He focuses his contributions towards the realization of African identity through his artistic medium. Artists and associates from Africa and outside participate in this annual art practice, discussions and exhibition shows. The innovative works of art produced and exhibited there are applauded by many. Onobrakpeya generates inspiration from different issues among which include; traditional issues, design discovery, motif manipulation, plastograph experiments, tryptilinen, plastocast, zerograph, installation and others. It is worthwhile to have an experience of the harmattan workshop in order to have a taste of African identity through art.

      Shashi Kadapa

Abstract: The paper reviews Business Process Reengineering (BPR) techniques along with the Balanced Scorecard (BSC) to improve the reporting or project performance, project appraisal and approval process for not for profit organizations. For profit organizations or commercial organizations have clearly defined business objectives and these include increase in revenue, reduction in costs, and increased profits. However, in not for profit firms, the motivation for taking up projects and the organization objectives is not to make profits but to provide help the poor and needy. The paper examines workflows and the project appraisal process in such organization. BPR measures are suggested to make the project appraisal process transparent. Seven perspectives are identified for the BSC and indicators are suggested for each of these perspectives. The project appraisal process is designed to provide inputs for these indicators. The recommendation is to use benchmarked figures for these indicators from the best projects and other external sources and these indicators can to be used for the BSC. A draft BSC template is designed and further suggestions and recommendations to improve the research are made.

      Ma. Lorena B. Aloquina, Eliseo P. Marpa

Abstract: The study aims to determine mathematics teachers’ and students’ perceptions on the implementation of the Dynamic Learning Program. To determine the perceptions of mathematics teachers and students, the researcher utilized the descriptive method of research using the developed research instrument used to measure mathematics teachers and students’ perceptions on the implementation of the DLP to the 16 mathematics teachers and 783 high school students. Statistical tools such as the mean, standard deviations, and t-test for independent means were used to answer problems of the study. Results show that mathematics teachers and students were positive towards the implementation of DLP.


Abstract: The Internet of Things (IoT) supports from low-power 8-bit microcontrollers to processors designed for smartphones. There are huge number of IoT supporting platforms are readily available to interface with Hardware and easy to make End products. This paper explains the IoT connectivity between Hardware platform and Application development using open software source framework like KAA and RIOT. The ATMEL based AT91 Device has connected with radio interface and make 6LowPAN networks, border router configuration it exposes IP information to external world. The consumer IoT products will be remotely monitored, control, event-driven operations and user data route from network to web applications.

      Naufal Iza Aberdeen, Muhammad Syamsun, MukhamadNajib

Abstract: The change of marketing competition has happened where it is more likely related with consumer perception rather than the product perception. It can be built by understanding consumer’s point of view about a product. Nowadays, there are only a few researches about brand knowledge role towards consumer perceived quality and purchase intention. This research is intended to study the performance of brand awareness and image towards consumer perceived quality and purchase intention in Bogor. Two carbonated drink brands were investigated in this research. Coca cola and Big Cola were used because both brands represented the high marketing competition. This research collected and processed 100 respondents’ perception about related variable which supported by Smart PLS 3. The result for Coca Cola shows that brand awareness affects brand image, brand image affects perceived quality, and perceived quality significantly affects consumer purchase intention. However, there is a different result for Big Cola brand in which brand awareness directly affects perceived quality, and brand image directly affects consumer purchase intention.

      Faizal Kevin Febrian, Syamsul Maarif, Aida Vitayala Hubeis

Abstract: The success of a company depends on its employees; therefore, the company must keep the employee performance in order to remain at their best. Leadership, motivation and training can affect the performance of the employees; when employees are treated fairly and their needs are met, they will show their best for the company through improved performance. The purpose of this research is: (1) to analyse the role of leadership on employee performance; (2) to analyse the role of motivation on employee performance; (3) to analyse the role of training on employee performance; (4) to analyze the leadership role on employee motivation; (5) to analyse the role of training on employee motivation. This research employed quantitative research design and involved 142 employees as respondents. The analysis technique used in this study was Shem (Structural Modelling Equatuion) using LISREL (Linear Structural Relationship) software version 8.3. The results of this research show that the dimensions of leadership, motivation and training have a positive influence on employee performance. Furthermore, dimensions of leadership and training have a positive influence on employee motivation.

      R. Manohar, Dr. M. Sakthivel, Dr. D. Moorthy

Abstract: This present study analyses the ethnic characterizes of the migrated workers from various states to Tamil Nadu and also from various districts of Tamil Nadu to Coimbatore district for employment purpose. The relationship between ethnic characteristics and behavioural patterns of work ethos – self-conscious, honesty, self-esteem, assertiveness, relationship with peers / work groups / supervisors and sense of teamwork / player in the work place is also studied. The data is collected from 838 ethnic workers using census sampling method. The data analysis is done using different tools like SPSS-20, simple percentage analysis ANOVA, Means Score and Regression. Opportunities may be created to work in collaborative environment which is suitable for working different ethnic groups in the same organization.

      Bhaskarjyoti Bodo, Ranjit Singha

Abstract: ZnS quantum dots have been synthesized via chemical bath deposition (CBD) method. From the x-ray diffraction pattern we can observe the structure of ZnS QDs as the zinc-blende structure. TEM image shows the formation of spherical ZnS QDs. According to UV_visible spectra analyses, a large blue shift is observed which can be attributed to quantum confinement effect of the ZnS QDs. In its PL spectra measurement, the dominant emission band at peaks 438 and 521 nm are identified with optical transitions arising from vacancy and interstitial sites for both Zn and S atoms.

      Palmawati Tahir

Abstract: Indonesian Law consists of the Law of Islam, the West Law and Customary Law and other national legal developments. National Legal Policy which is often interpreted as a political law is legal policy that will be or have been implemented by the Government. This paper aims to discuss legal policy of Islamic law in the Indonesian law. The significant of this discussion as Indonesia is not a religious state. In this country there are several religions that were recognized in the national constitution. For this reason, the nation should treat the people neutral. The treatment should not be dominated by one denomination or group. In other words, the people should be treated equal before the law / equality before the law. Note that, the focus of this paper is on the Sharia economic law. The implementation of sharia economic laws certainly required the political support of government, state institutions either in the form of regulation as well as capital as ruled in the Law No. 21 of 2008 and its amendments, Law No. 23 of 1999 concerning Bank Indonesia, and Ministerial Rule (Permen) No. 2 Year 2008 concerning KHES, and the Fatwa of MUI. The study found that the law that regulates the implementation of Sharia economic activities has not be as expected by the Islamic community in particular and the nation in general.

      Mr. Molla Gereme Taye

Abstract: The potato virus Y (PVY) is disseminated globally and is one of the most devastating viruses with respect to yield and quality deteriorations in the potato (Solanum tuberosum L.). PVY caused crop losses may reach even 80%. The use of extreme resistant cultivars is assumed to be the most effective and sustainable long term way of reducing crop losses associated with PVY virus. To cut down this impingement, there is an immense interest in obtaining genotypes carrying the Ryadg and Rysto genes that provide extreme resistance to this virus. These two genes derived from Solanum tuberosumssp S. andigena as well as S. stoloniferum, respectively, are reside on different chromosomes. Introgression of these genes could be facilitated using the Ryadg specific RYSC3 and the Rysto specific ST1 SCAR (Sequence Characterized Amplified Region) markers for marker - assisted selection (MAS). The objective of the present study was to evaluate different potato genotypes with these SCAR markers for the presence or absence of Ryadg and /or Rysto PVY extreme resistance genes. Of a total of 13 evaluated potato breeding lines three genotypes (Cmm16, 96.367 and FH97. 029. 02) revealed resistance to the virus (PVY), and it was found that they are carrying both the RYSC3 and ST1 markers; whereas the RYSC3 marker could be detected in all tested genotypes. Here, we declared this highly effective (100%) detection of the Ryadg gene confirmed that the marker is appropriate in MAS of potato genotypes with extreme PVY resistance. Our results indicate that marker assisted selection for these two genes could be effectively used in potato breeding for the production of PVY extreme resistance genotypes, even in hetero-multiplex condition.

      Sagnika Banerjee

Abstract: This project studies English as a second language in India. A language is a means of conventional vocal signs by means of which human beings communicate. English is such a language which is universally accepted as a way of interaction in all parts of the world. But this language is not a language which India already possessed. It is a language which was adapted due to the British rule in India. English is the mother tongue of the Britishers.

      Keerthi. A.T and V. Salom Gnana Thanga

Abstract: Insecticides are biologically active compounds and an unintended consequence of its application may lead to significant changes in microbial populations and activities influencing microbial and ecological balance affecting soil fertility. In the present work, three bacterial isolates capable of degrading fipronil were obtained by enrichment from soil samples collected from the cardamom plantations of Idukki district, Kerala. According to the observations we found that the isolates were capable of growing in the presence of fipronil in two different growth media. Most of the microbes were grown maximum in rhizosphere and had the capacity to grow in the presence of fipronil. This study suggested that the fipronil insecticide causes transient impact on microbial populations at a recommended field application rate.

      M Sathyapriya

Abstract: In the current fluctuating market, it is very essential to select an optimal portfolio for an investor to minimize the risk and rather reap maximum benefits, from the available set of assets. A comparison between the various available assets is prima facie. A most commonly used modus operandi is the expected return-to-risk trade off as measured by the Sharpe Index Model. This study illustrates an analysis of four years’ asset value, from 2008 to 2012, of companies picked from Infrastructure & Pharmaceutical sectors. In this regard, Sharpe Index Model is used, which is regularly employed to assess the performance of mutual funds and portfolio strategies. This study aims at evaluating the portfolio performance, thereby bringing out the optimal combination of assets to be invested in afore said two sectors. It is done basically by ranking the picked assets based on excess return to beta ratio and then finding out the cut off point (Ci), thereby the optimal combination of the assets.

      Muhammad Rizki Mulya, Nurhayati HS Arifin, Hadi Sulilo Arifin

Abstract: Banda Aceh has developed with historical heritage city. That heritage has through in the kingdom, colonial, and independence period. But that heritage is not managed properly. Research purposes areto inventory the historic heritage and to analyze the historical landscape character of Banda Aceh.The method of this research was preceded by tracing the historical aspect, then the result was used in conducting assessment to determine the historical landscape characteristics of the Banda Aceh.The results are the uniqueness component prioritize of the efforts to preserve Banda Aceh historical landscape. Alternative priority for the preservation of the Banda Aceh historical landscape is the colonial landscape.

      TekabeSintayheuSherferahu and GadiseGezu

Abstract: Electronic Banking has been widely used in developed countries and is rapidly expanding in developing countries. In fact in Ethiopia were started to use electronic payment system, however, cash is still the most dominant medium of exchange, and electronic payment systems are at an embryonic stage and face different challenges.The main objectives of the studies are identifying the challenges and prospects of e-banking payment in Ethiopia. Under these studies the researchers were used primary and secondary source of data.to collect the necessary data the researchers were used stratified sampling and simple random sampling techniques.

      Hasbi Shaji, Theresa Jose

Abstract: The region duplication image forgery detection is the one of the major problems in the field of digital image forensics In this paper describes a roboust forgery detection scheme using adaptive oversegmentation and feature point matching It include both block based and keypoint based forgery detection methods. In proposed method, an adaptive oversegmentation method is to segment the host image into non overlapping and irregular blocks called Image Blocks(IB),Then apply Scale Invariant Feature Transform(SIFT) in each block to extract the SIFT feature as block feature(BF) .Then ,the block features are matched with one another to determine labeled feature points(LFP).The indicate the suspected forgery region .Using this approach ,for each image we can determine appropriate block initial size to enhance the accuracy of forgery detection ,and also reduce computational expenses .The proposed forgery region extraction algorithm replace the feature points with small superpixels as feature block and the neighboring feature blocks with local color features that are similar to feature blocks are merged to generate the merged region .The morphological operation are applied to the merged regions to generate the detected forgery region .The proposed copy-move forgery detection scheme can achieve better results compared to existing copy-move forgery detection methods.

      Shiekha E. John, Maya K. and Padmalal D.

Abstract: Ever increasing human requirements and economic developments impose immense pressure on the natural resource base. Kerala state with an area of 38,863 Sq. km is one of the densely populated regions of the world having limited land and non-renewable resource availability. Indiscriminate resource extraction creates serious environmental problems which need to be tackled judiciously by striking a balance between the degree and need for development, and the extent of environmental degradation based on scientific studies. This is essential so as to utilize the natural resources to meet human needs and economic growth on one side and preserve environmental integrity, on the other. The present paper deals with the environmental impacts of soil quarrying from the hills of Central Kerala, especially around Kochi City, one of the fast developing urban-cum-industrial centres in southwest India. A set of recommendations are also given in order to ensure sustainable management of this nature’s gift.

      Msaakpa, T. S

Abstract: A field study was conducted at the Teaching and Research Farm, University of Agriculture, Makurdi in 2013 and 2014 cropping seasons. The objective was to determine the effects of variety and rate of poultry manure application on four varieties of cowpea viz: IT98K- 573 – 2 – 1, UAM 091056 – 2, UAM1046 – 6 – 2 and IT89KD – 391. The four varieties of cowpea and four rates of poultry manure: 0t/ha, 2t/ha, 4t/ha and 6t/ha constituted the treatments. Growth and yield parameters taken at 4, 6, and 8 weeks after planting and at harvest maturity included : plant height, number of leaves, pod length, number of pods per plant, number of seeds per plant, total dry matter yield, 100 seed weight and total seed yield. Results showed that varieties and rates of poultry manure exerted significant effects on the growth and yield of cowpea. Variety UAM 091046 -6 -2 produced the longest pod length, number of seeds per plant, 100 seed yield, number of pods per plant and total dry matter yield ; but IT98KD – 573-2-1 had the highest seed yield ( 837. 40 kg/ha ). The application of 2t/ha of poultry manure yielded the longest pod length , number of pods per plant , and number of seeds per plant ; while 4t/ha produced the highest total dry matter yield, 100 seed weight and seed yield. Results indicated that 4t/ha x IT98KD-573-2-1 interaction gave the highest seed yield ( 888.80kg/ha). Varieties UAM 091046-6-2 and IT98KD-573-2-1 showed greater potential for seed production than other varieties and should be adopted by farmers under Makurdi favourable weather conditions.

      BehzadBarekat, NesarNaghshbandi

Abstract: Dorothy Allison is an accomplished American writer whoseworks have fueled feminist discussions.Main themes of her works are class struggle, gender inequality, violence, and sexual orientation. Her grand scale novel, Cavedweller, is about women’s issues and problems and their attempt for survival. This novel which is the subject of the present studyportrays the excruciating struggle of Delia Byrd, the mother of three daughters, to remake her relationship with her daughters and also reunite the family in a male dominated society. R.W.Connell’snotion of hegemonic masculinitysurveys the operation of patriarchal ideologies through masculinities and femininities for the maintenance of the domination of men over women.It is the purpose of this study to show that how hegemonic masculinity through the masculine discourse of institutions tries to subjugate the women’s of Cavedweller.

      Pamela I. Cyril-Egware PhD, Adaobi Idibia

Abstract: The Nchaka festival, also called Egwu Ogba is usually celebrated in Ogbaland at the end of each year to mark the end of the farming season and to commemorate their victory at the war fought against the Aboh kingdom across the River Niger. Ogbaland in this research covers Omoku, the headquarters of Ogba/Egbema/Ndoni Local Government Area of Rivers State, in Nigeria. Omoku is located in the northern part of Rivers state, sharing boundary with Delta state and Imo state. The Nchaka festival is in two parts, the male and the female Nchaka, whereby elders of both sexes have different parts to play at different times.

      Mieso Keweti, Dagne Wegary, Habtamu Zelleke and Lealem Tilahun

Abstract: The current study was conducted using 105 hybrids resulted from diallel crosses of 15 early maturing maize inbred lines crossed in diallel mating system (Griffing’s Method IV, Model I) along with three standard checks evaluated using Alpha-Lattice Design with two replications during the 2011 main cropping season at Melkassa Agricultural Research Center. The objective of the study was to determine combining ability of elite early maturing maize inbred lines for grain yield and yield related traits. ANOVA showed that mean squares due to entries were highly significant for all studied traits except anthesis-silking interval, ears per plant and number of rows per ear, which indicates the existence of sufficient genetic variability and potential for selection and improvement of the traits.

      Inanda Karina Astari Fatma, Syamsurijal Abdul Kadir, Tatang Abdul Madjid Sariman, Saadah Yuliana

Abstract: The phenomenon of current prevailing wage is the phenomenon of high-wage high competitiveness. Wage theory developed by Rees (1973) and Katz (1980) suggested that wages should not look merely part of the production costs, but also wages are seen as part of efforts to improve the welfare and worker motivation. This theory is a theory of efficiency wages states that corporate profits could rise even though wages are paid above the equilibrium wage prevailing in the market. Yet here the two experts already take into account the quality of the workforce but have not yet come to empirical testing by developing a specific model.

      Mustari, Abd. Rahman Kadir, Muhammad Asdar, Indrianty Sudirman

Abstract: This study aimed to analyze and assess (1) the impact of marketing communications on consumer attitudes, (2) the impact of marketing communication to the consumer decision, (3) the impact of brand equity on consumer attitude, (4) the effect of brand equity to the consumer decision, (5) the effect of brand awareness on consumer attitude, (6) the effect of brand awareness on consumer decisions, (7) the impact of consumer attitudes towards consumer decision, (8) the impact of marketing communication, brand equity, brand awareness on consumer attitudes and consumer decisions.

      Dr. Mansour Hashemi, Parvin Hesabi

Abstract: James Joyce's Ulysses is one of the masterpieces of modernist literature in the realm of novel. This novel has become particularly famous for Joyce's stylistic innovations. In this work Joyce has extensively employed the technique of stream of consciousness and shifting styles. One of the most important outstanding elements of this novel is Joyce's use of multiplicity of focalization. Joyce in Ulysses plays with different focalizers, internal and external focalizer. The focalization shifts among major character focalizers such as Bloom, Molly, Stephen and a variety of other minor characters and other narrator focalizers. By using technique such as interior monologue and stream of consciousness Joyce's novel is mostly characterized in terms of internal focalization. This article aims to examine the concept of character focalizer and narrator focalizer by using Gennet's and Mieke Bal's theory on focalization. Besides; the shift and 'alterations' among different focalizers in the novel and the facets of focalization will be discussed in the article. Finally the researcher by tracing the concepts the narrator focalizer and character focalizer and the facets will affirm the concept of open text in the work.

      Abdi Suryawardana, Noer Azam Achsani,Hendro Sasongko

Abstract: The research was carried out onthe stock index in the agriculture sector in the Indonesia Stock Exchange. Macroeconomic variables used werethe exchange rate, interest rates, inflation, world oil prices, Industrial Production Index, and the amount of money supply. Methods of VAR/VECM wereused to see the effect of macroeconomic variables on stock returns. The aims of this research are:to analyze the macroeconomic variables that affect the movement of the stock return in agriculture sector;to analyze the response of the agriculture sector stock returns if there are shocks of economic variables, and; to analyze the macroeconomic variables that contribute to the agriculture sector which affects the stock returns.Based on the research that has been done and in accordance with the purpose of research, interest rates show positive and significant impact in the long term towards the return on agriculture stock. The money supply, inflation, exchange rate, and world oil prices significantly produce negative effects in the long term. The results ofIRFsimulationshow that agriculture stocks arefluctuatingagainst shocks to achieve stability. Return on agriculture stocks becomes most vulnerable when there is shock in theexchange ratevariable. Then, from the FEVDanalysis,all variables have an influence on agriculturestock.

      Adhiana and Asmawati

Abstract: This research was conducted in five districts in the province of Aceh, West Aceh district of Aceh Besar, Aceh Pidie, Bireuen, and North Aceh. The total sample for this study was 274 fishermen using stratified random sampling method. This research using primary and secondary data. The main objective of this research is to analyze the factors that determine the level of poverty of fishing communities in Aceh, Indonesia after the tsunami. The analysis model used is the logistic regression model using Maximum Likelihood (MLE).The results of this research, it is known that the level of poverty fishermen affected by six factors are education, income, number of dependents, type of fishing vessels, ship ownership and ancillary works. Meanwhile, three other factors as age, experience and type of fishing gear is not significant.

      RidhoIlahi, AmzulRifin, MukhamadNajib

Abstract: Based on data WINA (World Instant Noodle Association) Instant noodle industry in Indonesia continuesly to increase demand each year. However, one of the largest instant noodle company in Indonesia; PT. Indofood CBP Sukses Makmur Tbk. sales decreased by 0.004% and market share of 0.2% in 2013 to 2014. themain company's objectives can be achieved with increasing the maximum profitto increase the value chain.This study uses the exploratory method with elements of the company's value chain. Dimensions examined include inbound logistics, operations, outbound logistics, marketing & sales, service, firm infrastructure, human resources management, technology development, and procurement.Based on the nine factors the value chain through factor analysis with the CFA can be reduced to three factors that make up the value chain in the company that operation factors, factors outbound logistics, and service factors. And there is a priorities factor there are Inbound Logistics, Marketing & Sales, Firm Infrastructure, Human Resource Management, Technology Development, Procurement.

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