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      Macarthy Osuo-Genseleke, Ledisi Kabari G, Ojekudo Nathaniel

Abstract: Internet communication this day’s houses different types of data transmitted concurrently and as such requires a well-organized and unfailing transmission method which is crucial to achieve high performance in networking environment. Congestion happens when data to be transmitted by the network is more than the strength available for the network to accommodate. Limited capacity of the network results to a long time waiting for these data to be processed while in transient and transmitted to the receiver. Data are lost as a result of prolonged waiting and as such could not get to their respective destinations.

      Trini Suryowati, Moskwadina Gultom

Abstract: The study aimed to analyze the effect of Torbangun to reduction uric acid in woman with hypercholesterolemia. Design experiment used in this study was pre and post test controlled group design. The first step of this study was analyzed bioactive compound of torbangun aqueous extract. The next step was administired orally of Torbangun extract to control and woman with hypercholesterolemia for 30 days, with 30 subjects placed in two groups, viz, experimental (CC group) and placebo (PC group).

      Khairi Alhadi Omer Algamudi

Abstract: Libya became independent in 1951 on the basis of a decision of the United Nations General Assembly of 1949. A federal government and governments were formed in three provinces (Tripoli, Barga, Fezzan). Each province had its own independence and its basic constitutional law, which essentially did not differ from the laws that applied to other provinces. Subsequently, in order to achieve a comprehensive unity in Libya, constitutional amendments were made, and the most important amendments included the change of the federal system and the replacement of the single state system.

      Vences C. Valleser, Jean L. Valleser

Abstract: The increasing prices of commercial fertilizers lead to the utilization of natural products as source of plant nutrients. Relatively, several researches were conducted on the use of common salt (NaCl) as fertilizer and reported to have different effects on varying crop species. Hence, this study was conducted to 1) compare the growth of different cacao clones in response to varying NaCl rates, 2) assess the effects of NaCl on cacao growth and nutrient uptake and 3) determine the optimum NaCl rate that would hasten the growth of a certain cacao clone.

      Kalai Arasi Arumugam, Lim Qi Luan, Wan Norhamidah Binti Wan Ibrahim, Marina Binti Mohd. Toh @ Mohd. Tah, Christina D. Buesching and Geetha Annavi

Abstract: The population of Malayan tapirs (Tapirus indicus) in the wild is experiencing a radical decline mainly due to habitat destruction throughout their regions. Therefore, as an initiative measure to sustain the population, ex-situ conservation was established. However, the ability of captive management to maintain and breed endangered species has been proved challenging. In this study, we investigated how the behavior of Malayan tapirs in captivity is affected by enclosure conditions; type (semi-natural versus zoo enclosures/artificial) and weather (temperature and humidity), and visitors.

      Kamaljit Kaur

Abstract: This study deals with the spatial analysis of growth of urban population. Malwa region has been taken as a case study. During 1991-2001, the urban growth has been shown in Malwa region of Punjab. The large number of new towns has emerged in this region during 1991-2001 periods. Urban growth of Malwa region as well as distribution of urban centres is closely related to accessibility and modality factors. The large urban centres are located along major arteries. International border with an unfriendly neighbour hinders urban growth. It indicates that secondary activities have positive correlation with urban growth. More than 90% of urban population of Malwa region lives in large and medium towns of Punjab. More than 50% lives in large towns. Malwa region is agriculturally very prosperous area. So Mandi towns are well distributed throughout the region.

      Dhani Bhakta Shahi, Swagat Poudel, Rajan Lamsal, Gautam Thapa, Deepak chaudhary, Laxman Lamsal

Abstract: A field experiment for the management of late blight of potato by non- chemical method was conducted at Horticulture plot of Gokuleshor Agriculture and Animal Science College (GAASC) located in western hills of Baitadi district of Nepal during winter season of 2017. Field experiment was layed out in one factor RCBD which was replicated three times. Efficacy of 7 non chemical treatments was tested in Potato variety Desiree. The soil of experimental site was sandy loam with pH 5.93. The soil was medium in organic matter content and total nitrogen, high in available phosphorus and medium in available potassium.

      Win Min Than

Abstract: Temperature is one of the most important parameter to be controlled in almost all industrial plant, since it directly affects on product quality. The main objective of this paper is to study and construct 8051 based temperature control system. In this control system AT89S51 microcontroller is used. To sense the temperature, IC temperature sensor, LM 35DZ is used and its sensing range is up to 150°C. This paper aims to apply for heating process in traditional medicine production. The required temperature of heating process is under 110°C. When the temperature is greater than the required temperature, the product quality will be low and if the temperature is less than power and time consumption will be large. So this process requires temperature regulation. LM 35 is precision integrated-circuit temperature sensor, whose output voltage is linearly proportional to the Celsius temperature. Its accuracy, low cost and temperature range are desirable for this heating process.

      Irwan Fariza Sidik, Mohd Mahzan Awang, Abdul Razaq Ahmad

Abstract: This study aims to identify the environmental support and students involvement in improving the students soft skills based on the types of schools. Environmental support refers to teacher support, peer support and parental support. Students involvement is examined in terms of learning in the classroom, social interaction in the school environment and co–curricular activities. Environmental support and students involvement lead to soft skills that are higher order thinking skills, social and interpersonal skills, leadership skills and problem–solving skills.

      Susan W. Mbuthia, and CalvineKayi, Stephen K. Wambugu

Abstract: Constraints in agri-food value chains tend to heighten the vulnerability of small-scale farmers in Sub-Sahara Africa. This study evaluates the constraints limiting small-scale banana farmers in Meru County, Kenya, from profitably participation in the crops value chain, producers efforts in- and suggestions to- overcoming them. Results of this study reveal that banana farmers face several interdependent constraints such as inadequate know-how on banana management, high cost plantlets, and pests and diseases that amplify one another but efforts to overcome them have been partial. It is therefore, necessary to have several measures implemented concurrently to address the constraints. Thus, future interventions should have concerted efforts from governments and non-government organizations.

      Hnin Thae Mon, Than Than Min

Abstract: The performance of a photovoltaic array implemented in the Block A Rooftop Solar Plant at National Institute of Solar Energy (NISE) which installed last 20 years ago is analyzed. This plant consists of 80 monocrystalline PV modules with a MPP power of 35 W under STC. This plant is divided into 4 parallel strings with each of 20 modules connected in series as string. The mismatch losses on different array configurations are analyzed firstly using measured IV characteristics for each module using a solar analyzer device, and secondly using MATLAB SIMULINK model. Infrared (IR) thermography testing is used for hot-spot [detection], cell line checking is used for interconnect integrity and electroluminescence (EL) testing is used for [detecting] degradation of some modules.

      Lwin Myo, Tin Min Soe

Abstract: It is intended to air-condition the internal space of the Assembly Hall at Mandalay Technological University (MTU). The main objective of air conditioning is for human comfort and the preservation of equipment. The unit thus consists of refrigeration system, the control system, electrical protection system, air circulation system and ventilation (fresh air damper) exhaust system. The most important function to install an air-conditioning system is to calculate the cooling load and duct design of the Assembly Hall at MTU. But this paper analyses duct design for required air distribution of designed space. After a series of calculation and designing the outcome was a possible solution for an optimum ducting system for our hall. The proposed design is compatible only for Assembly Hall at MTU, but the same design procedures are applicable to large ducting systems in skyscrapers and factories.

      Tin Min Soe, Lwin Myo

Abstract: Impeller design plays an important role in manufacturing centrifugal blowers because, without proper design, the blowers cannot function effectively. This paper presents design of the 12-blade backward-curved impeller to be used in the centrifugal blower for 40 kW wood chips gasifier. Design is mainly focused for the single-stage impeller. Required design parameters (such as impeller dimensions, blade shape, vane angle, number of blades for centrifugal blower) of the proposed impeller are calculated and the results are shown in this paper.

      Hatem Rhouma

Abstract: Nowadays there are different definitions of civil war, or there are attempts to separate it from some other phenomena such as terrorism or armed conflicts of low intensity. They are often linked to a particular ideology, as well as the political consequences that an armed conflict would have if it was characterized as a civil war. International law requires that the conditions under which certain phenomena can be called a civil war arise from the Geneva Convention. Such wars are one of the reasons why humanity today suffers, and especially the countries of the third world, primarily because of mutual knowledge of the warring parties and hatred.

      Laura Elena Tudoran

Abstract: In the era of rapid application development which emphasizes heavily the rapid prototyping and iterative delivery, it is imperative that software developers take the time to properly plan the software development phases. With the emergence of cloud computing and mobile cloud computing software developers are tempted to jump in and write code without planning. This practice can lead to resource waste, thus making the use of software development methodologies an imperative. This paper proposes five UML diagram models for a cloud accounting app.

      Than Than Min, Hnin Thae Mon

Abstract: This paper describes the design and construction of low power audio amplifier. In the construction of this amplifier, microphone preamplifier, tone preamplifier and output power amplifier. The output power amplifier is constructed by using class AB push pull amplifier. The input can come directly from the microphone or similar device and typical 4?/5W speakers are output. The signal output is clean with no distortion up to certain audio levels, but some distortion occurs at higher levels. The Multisim Software is used for the construction of audio amplifier.


Abstract: One of the approaches to attain better yield especially in newly developed fruit crop varieties is through planting density optimization. Hence, this study was conceptualized to 1) determine the effects of varying planting densities on the vegetative growth of ‘Sensuous pineapple, 2) evaluate the effects of planting density on the fruit mass and yield of ‘Sensuous pineapple and 3) compare the fruit chemical properties of ‘Sensuous pineapple at varying planting densities. Treatments include 45,000, 55,000, 65,000 and 75,000 planting density hectare-1, respectively. The experiment was laid-out in a randomized complete block design (RCBD) with four replications.

      Yuris Setyadin, Arifah Ramadhani Azzah, Haidar Azzammuddin, Amin Setyo Leksono

Abstract: Rice pest is being a probem that should be treated effectively and efficiently. Recently, pestiside takes a role in negative impact towards ecosystem, give a reason itself to find a pest controller innovation. Started before entering the era of agricultural intensification, local wisdom of Indonesian farmers have used refugia block as microhabitat which decrease population number of pest insect by increasing insect natural enemies roles in crop field.

      Samuel Kwatia, Victoria P. Dzogbefia

Abstract: The increase in demand for local enzymes for industrial activities has stimulated the exploration of the extracellular enzymatic activities of several microorganisms. Using validated values from a central composite designed experiment, amylase from a locally isolated strain of Aspergillus niger was produced in a larger quantity by solid-state fermentation for characterization and its subsequent application in the hydrolysis of raw native starches.

      Hari Ram Parajuli, Pragnyan Ghimire

Abstract: The strong ground motion simulation of Kathmandu done through stochastic method .Time History of Gorkha Earthquake 2015 was generated using time domain simulation and compared with recorded time history of Kantipath seismological station. The simulation work stopped once the target and generated spectra matched. The ground motion calculated with consideration of source, site, and path with amplification effect of soil. Then after time domain simulation carried out. The simulation work started from noise generation work with windowing, Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) and Spectra matching (Target and Generated) to obtain Simulated Time History. The simulation work carried out using MATLAB programming language. The Simulated and Measured Time History changed in form of response spectra in the program to compare the result. The parameter of stochastic method for Kathmandu defined after the comparison of simulated time history to the Kantipath station of Kathmandu.

      Thae Su Tin, Dr.Aung Ko Latt

Abstract: Damper is simply a shock absorber which is a spring or hydraulic device used in the vehicles suspension system. A car spring will extend and release the energy it absorbs from the bump at an uncontrolled rate if a damping structure is not present. The normal application of ER fluids is in fast acting hydraulic valves [10] and clutches. The other applications of ER are in brakes [6] and shock absorbers [5] which can be thought of as closed hydraulic systems where the shock is used to try to pump fluid through a valve. The vibration damper is also an essential part of the automobiles suspension system. Suspension system is the combination of various types of spring which include leaf springs, coil springs, shock absorbers, air springs and torsion bars. These are four sets of suspension springs in each vehicle. This paper is intended to express design considerations of ER damper for Land Cruiser. The purpose of the damper is to control spring and suspension movement. In this paper, the type of damper used is the twin-tube type applied with electrorheological fluid and nitrogen gas. The main purpose of this research paper is how to consider and design calculation of ER damper from the required known data such as piston diameter, rod diameter, ER liquid density, applied electric potential and moderate damper speed. This data had been applied in the design calculations. In this paper, it had been calculated the volumetric flow rate through the tube, the viscous pressure drop, shear damper force and damping force. From the calculated result, the shear damper force is 4 k Pa. The viscous pressure drop is 1.731 M Pa and damping force is 2270 N. In practical use, the damper force is in the range of 250-5000 N.

      Ekuwuluo M.O and Ebiana C.A

Abstract: Ground water is a major source of drinking water and very vital for domestic, industrial and agricultural purposes. Pollution of this important natural resources poses a great danger to life. Groundwater pollution affects useful land site as well as negatively impact the immediate environment. Pollution of ground water associated with health hazard through diet, drinking contaminated water. Although, many remediative techniques are available for the treatment of these organic contamination.

      C. A. Ebiana, M.O. Ekwuluo

Abstract: Domestic water in the D/line area of Port Harcourt was assessed for portability by analysing water samples from four selected bore holes chosen at random to see how safe they are drinking. Results obtained from this study compared well with permissible limits for safe drinking water as provided by NAFDAC, SON, and WHO. Results also showed pH values ranging from 3.5 – 5.7, for total alkalinity range within 16mg/l – 20mg/l. Total dissolves solids from 0.08mg/l – 1.20mg/l. Total hardness range between 9mg/l and 17mg/l while calcium hardness range between 6mg/l and 11mg/l. All the samples from B1 – B4 were slightly acidic. The study showed that water from these bore holes did not meet the standard parameters for safe drinking water. It is therefore recommended that in future studies boles in the area should be monitored and further treated to avoid break out of disease epidemic within the study area.

      Emmanuel Dwamena Sasu

Abstract: This study focused on understanding the impact of e-logistics capability involving the Ghana Statistical Service corporate website, and its electronic data interchange (corporate email, SharePoint among others) on the performance of the National Statistical System in e-data transactions. In relying on Wengmann (2008) knowledge management tool and Kaplan & Norton (1996) scorecard on corporate performance (employee learning and growth, and employee satisfaction) theoretical orientation, the study applied SPSS statistical software with principal component and multiple regression analysis to establish that Ghana Statistical Service corporate website and its other electronic data interchange contribute significantly to the performance of the National Statistical system in e-data transactions.

      P. Prakash, Nagaraju and Ramachandra, C.

Abstract: Field experiment was conducted during kharif 2005 and 2006 at Zonal Agricultural Research Station, Mandya to study the effect of organic nutrient sources on productivity and uptake of nutrients by Aerobic rice in Cauvery command area. Soil of the experimental site was red sandy loam in texture, low in organic carbon (0.43%) and available nitrogen (270.60 kg ha-1), medium in available P2O5 (32.25 kg ha-1) and K2O (149.80 kg ha-1). Treatments consisted of 12 treatment combinations, two main plot treatments of establishment methods and six nutrient sources in sub plot were laid out in split plot design with three replications.

      Ryski Dwi Pratowo, Endang Titi Sunarti, Purwanita Setijanti

Abstract: Legibility is part of designing an environmental image through a visual display consisting of path, edge, district, nodes, and landmarks. Path element is easily recognizable because it is a linear corridor that can be felt by humans while walking through the city. The corridors in Malang City Square must have a visual display that represents the image of the square area as the center of Malang City.

      Rayinta Putri Kurniasanti, Endang T.S Darjosanjoto, Muhammad Faqih

Abstract: Nowadays, cities in Indonesia have undergone many developments and rapid changes. Growth and development of a city is directly proportional to the socio-cultural, economic and political development. The development is also accompanied by population growth, either by natural or non-natural growth which leads to the formation of the morphological pattern of the city. This phenomenon causes changes in the physical characteristics of the area and may also impact on the behavior pattern that occurs. Accordingly, this research will explore the relationship between two main components of place – physical attributes and activities – and concentrates on the relationship between urban morphology related to people’s behavior patterns. This study uses typology-morphological analysis to appraise urban morphology and qualitative assessment to appraise peoples behavior pattern. The results of this study gained that some aspects of morphology of the area (ie land use, street pattern and building structure) have a direct relationship to the behavioral pattern. While the plot pattern has an indirect relationship to the behavioral pattern.

      Dhita Dwidinita, Endang Titi Sunarti, Purwanita Setijanti

Abstract: Crime has a diverse understanding and conception of various disciplines related to spatial and social aspects. In the architecture and and urban design itself, the concept of crime is concerned with the spatial aspects, in this case is urban morphology and functional attributes of a city. In Surabaya, the highest crime rate is located in South Krembangan. South Krembangan is a area with high historical value but has a criminal problem. Therefore, the purpose of this study is to identify and analyze the morphology of the area to see how it relates to the crime. Based on field observations and typological-morphological analysis results, it is known that there is a tendency for the relationship of each typology to be found with the number of crimes that occurred, that the more public and accessible the area, the higher crime occurs.

      Aaliyah McCullough, Jasmynn George & Mintesinot Jiru

Abstract: This paper focuses on the detection and quantitation of estrogen hormone in Baltimore’s watersheds. Baltimore is the largest city in the U.S. state of Maryland, and the 30th-most populous city in the United States. Baltimore’s drinking water primarily comes from three watersheds (Loch Raven, Prettyboy, and Liberty). Between 1999 and 2000, the U.S. Geological Survey sampled 139 surface waters throughout the U.S and they discovered that 80% of these waters contained endocrine disrupting chemicals (mostly estrogens). Fish, are changing sex due to exposure to excess estrogen.

      Rarasvitania Dinda Anditya Puteri, Ragil Haryanto

Abstract: Tlogosari Kulon is a residential space which also rapidly growing along with its commercial activities. This phenomenon promotes a shift in the utilization of residential space that originally built for private housing, now it slowly shifted into trade and service activities or even have mixed functions. The purpose of this research is to study the commercial activities effect of how it transformed residential space utilization in Tlogosari Kulon. Quantitative method will be applied with spatial analysis and quantitative descriptive technique that uses primary and secondary data. Subjects in this research are commercial actors around Tlogosari Kulon perimeter. Post analysis review has been made with no objections to the fact, also, some study findings have been found which are related to this residential to commercial shifts case in Tlogosari Kulon..

      Dr A.M.Sheela

Abstract: The rural economy more so the agricultural economy is vulnerable to a no of stressors prime among being the climatic changes leading to high temperature, sporadic rainfall , dry weather conditions among others. There are some crops who withstand the vagaries but some are not, the paper explores through the sustainability and resilience test the strength of lands and crops to with stand climatic shocks. An understanding of the vulnerability faced by rural economy becomes important not only to understand the effects of climatic changes but also effect and to provide remedial measures which needs in form of policy recommendations. An empirical study comprising an extensive primary data collection of two villages were done. The sustainability and resilience of Rampur is extremely low compared to Bableshwar.

      MD Jiabul Hoque, Sanaul Kabir, MD Kamal Hossain

Abstract: Electricity is the key factor for gradual development of any country let alone developing country like Bangladesh. The demand for electricity in both households and industries is increasing rapidly with the increase of the population in Bangladesh [11]. Currently, load shedding is common phenomenon, which is causing severe problem for the country and, is hindering the progress of economy [6]. There are some key reasons for this ongoing problem such as ever increasing demand for electricity, limited natural resources, lower capacity of electricity generation, and less investment (both private and public) in this sector etc. [1,4].

      Ahmad Hidayat Sutawidjaya, Lenny Ch Nawangsari

Abstract: This study aims to analyze the influence of Leadership, Coordination, Commitment supplier, competence and Green Supply Chain on Event Organizer Performance by using a quantitative approach and survey methods. The sample of research used counted 101 people. Data were collected using questionnaires with Likert scale 1-5. The data analysis technique used is GSCA. The results of this study prove that: 1) Leadership, Coordination, Commitment Supplier, Competence and Green Supply Chain directly influence on Event Organizer Performance. 2) Leadership, Coordination, Supplier Commitment, Competence directly influence on Green Supply Chain. 3) Green Supply Chain mediates the influence of Leadership, Coordination, Supplier Commitment and Competence on Event Organizer Performance.

      Ayu Na’imma S.P, Endang Titi Sunarti BD, Murni Rachmawati

Abstract: Nonongan commercial corridor in Surakarta (Indonesia) has an important role for the city related to its history, position and possesses architectural privileges. The architectural feature of the corridor is the presence of some old buildings that are urban artifacts and potentially become the focal point in the corridor. However, in its development, this corridor is poorly structured so that the image of corridors is less strongly reflected in the lack of visual interrelationships between old buildings and new buildings, the lack of visual quality of old buildings with potential focal points, lack of decoration on the surface of pedestrian ways, and less variation in vegetation. This study aims to strengthen the image of the corridor through the visual arrangement of buildings and road spaces of the Nonongan commercial corridor

      Gracia Etna Criestensia, Endang Titi Sunarti, Murni Rachmawati

Abstract: Nowdays, many cities, such as in Indonesia are experiencing rapid growth and development, which causes the change toward modernization. Although it has a positive impact, but it’s also encourages homogeneity of city space and buildings, so the more unrecognized the values and uniqueness. To maintain its existence, the city or place must be able to maintain its identity, which is the actualization of the users identity through the physical environment.

      Edelyn Elpetina Ibrahim, Vincentius Totok Noerwasito, Purwanita Setijanti

Abstract: Several previous researches state that industrial estate tends to negatively impact its surroundings, both to its natural environment and its social impact to people around the area. Previously, an eco-industrial park / estate (EIE) concept that could be a solution to the common problem of a conventional industrial estate has already exist. However, the concept is still rarely applied. Surabaya Industrial Estate Rungkut (SIER), an industrial estate that has been operating for more than 44 years, would be better to start applying EIE concept.

      N. Sanotharan and R.M.C. Deshapriya

Abstract: The present study was carried out to investigate the factors affecting keeping quality of raw milk in lactating cows in Ampara District of Sri Lanka. In this study, a total of 110 raw milk samples were randomly collected from 7 milk chilling centers and details on milking practices were collected from the farmers through structured questionnaire and interview. Milk samples were collected aseptically from milk cans and dispatched to laboratory for keeping quality test. Result showed that 42 % of the collected milk from farmers had poor keeping quality. The buffalo milk showed a significantly poor keeping quality (p< 0.05) compared to that of cow milk. Also the poor keeping quality was higher in milk collected from plastic milk containers (76.1%) compared to that of metallic containers (37.8%).Other factors that significantly contributed to poor keeping quality were presence of contaminants (73.5%),milk from cow in late lactation (63.1%), higher fat percentage in milk (66.6%), the time interval between milking to chilling (92.8%) and poor hygienic practices (76.4%).

      Joanie Ganga Timpac Haramain

Abstract: Global trends indicate that the future performance of Generation Z and Millennial students is the reflection of the teaching performance of the current educators who have been equipped with innovative skills to address the rapid changing needs and demands of the 21st Century learners. Basically, a teacher who is performing well has been considered an asset in the academe; hence what makes the teacher display such quality needs to be investigated. Thus, the research aimed to determine the extent of contribution of the different desirable factors contributing to the leading performance of Public Secondary School Teachers in the Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR) Luzon, Philippines as perceived by the teachers and school administrators.

      W.A.K. Amitha, A.M.J. Attanayake

Abstract: Organizational commitment is the key to increase organizational performance with the ultimate purpose of achieving its goals and objectives. The current study was aimed at investigating the impact of Psychological capital on organizational commitment of staff employees of a sugar manufacturing company in Sri Lanka. Since Staff employees were selected as the population and population size is 81. The sample size of the study was 66 and convenience sampling method was followed. Data were collected through standard questionnaires and a multiple regression was performed to investigate the impacts of the variables interested. Organizational commitment acted as the dependent variable where self-efficacy, optimism, hope and resilience were the predictors of the study. The current study brought evidence to a significant positive impact of optimism, hope and resilience on organizational commitment and no any impact of self-efficacy on organizational commitment.

      Nurujjaman Laskar, Dr. Shankar Thappa

Abstract: India was the largest tea producing country in the world till 2006. But due to steady growth of production of China at a rate of 8.8 percent per year since 2001, India’s position has been pushed to 2nd place in 2006 . The growth of production as well as export of tea has shown a disappointing trend with respect to other leading tea producing countries namely China in the recent years. India produces 945.97 million kgs in 2005 having contribution 27.36 percent of world production share in that year 2005 and was leading tea producing country in the World.

      Antusias Nurzukhrufa, Purwanita Setijanti, Asri Dinapradipta

Abstract: The high growth of rental offices in Surabaya had not been directly proportional to the level of occupancy. The developers role were very important in providing rental offices for business activities, but the developers only paid attention on the location factor while the tenant preference was ignored. According to the tenants location was not the only important factor. There are other factors considered in choosing a rental offices such as accessibility, environment, building exteriors, building interiors, facilities and services, as well as finance and lease. This research aimed to determine the main factors that influence the choosing of a rental office from the tenants point of view. The tenant of class A rental office multifunction in Surabaya was as the population because it had the best specification among other classes. The sampling technique used was simple random sampling. This research was a positivism study that uses quantitative research strategies and factor analysis techniques. Finding showed that there were three most important factors in the selection of rental office. They were, in a sequence, physical building, accessibility and facilities and services.

      Dewi Arimbi, Eko Budi Santoso, Adjie Pamungkas

Abstract: Kelurahan Jambangan is one of the urban villages located in Jambangan District, Surabaya City. Residents of Jambangan Urban Village are accustomed to managing waste through garbage bank, composting, recycling and implementing 3R (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle). But there is still waste that is often found in PDU (Recycling Center) Jambangan which until now has not been recycled optimally. If the processing and segregation of garbage at the household level is maximal, then this type will already be sorted in the garbage bank and taken to collectors, not through the recycling center. Seeing this, waste management in Kelurahan Jambangan such as garbage bank, recycling of garbage, and composting in Kelurahan Jambangan need to be studied deeper and optimized handling of garbage management for better future.

      "Lucky Kartanto, Prof Made Warka, SH., M.Hum, Dr Otto Yudianto, SH., M.Hum, Dr. Fajar Sugianto, "

Abstract: In the fourth paragraph of the preamble of the 1945 Constitution, the Government of Indonesia has the objective of protecting the entire Indonesian nation and the blood of Indonesia, promoting the common good, enlightening the life of the nation and participating in a world order based on freedom, eternal peace and social justice. To achieve this goal, the State of the Republic of Indonesia collect tax revenues, the state collects taxes from the public. Financial Capability of Taxpayers in performing tax payment obligations to assist the Government plays an important role. The financial capability possessed by the Taxpayer is not always good in terms of liquidity or solvency.

      Eng. Ibrahim M. ALhyari, Eng. Mahdi A. Alabadi, Eng. Ghassan J. Hijazin, Eng. Fadi T. Alasasfeh

Abstract: Saturation of Oxygen in the Blood (SPO2) is one of the most important vital signs. Moreover, determining its value is considered an imperative task for healthy and sick people.

      Myat Thu Htet

Abstract: Gasification is a thermo –chemical conversion process in which biomass reacts in oxygen/air deficient atmosphere to produce a gaseous fual mixture.The result of gasification is the producer gas, containing carbon monoxideand hydrogen as main combustible gases.Producer gas can be used by mixing with air in internal combustion engines and in furnances for thermal applications. Gasifier is a reactor in which the gasification process is carried out. The objective of this paper is to study design and operation analysis of down-draught, open core gasifier which uses rice husk as gasification fual. Its output is about 14 kW and the design consideration is intended for YSD2100 Diesel Engine. In this paper, the components of rice husk and their operations are studied. Moreover, reactor designs, gasifier efficiency and power output calculation are included.Besides, the maintenance and safety techniques, troubles and their solutions are also discussed.

      Shital H. Bhojani, Dr. Nirav Bhatt

Abstract: Objectives: The main objective of this research is to forecast the wheat crop yield for the different districts of Gujarat state.

      Mustikawati, Dr. Ing. Ir. Bambang Soemardiono, Dr. Ima Defiana, ST. MT

Abstract: Pontianak city has a river area that can be developed as a tourist area. The banks of the Kapuas river have a strong socio-cultural potential to be lifted as tourism. Many activities that can be done by the community on the banks of the Kapuas river, such as: boating, playing cano, fishing, boating tours, carbide cannon festival, Bakcang and Peh Cun festivals, and social activities of residents and other visitors.

      Khema Theint, Lwin Myo

Abstract: In hydropower plants, the water turbines are the heart of electricity generation. In this paper, the turbine used for hydropower plant is the Pelton turbine which is one of the impulse turbines. The design data are taken from Wattwon hydropower in Pyin Oo Lwin, Myanmar.

      Walid Ahmed Amaigil

Abstract: It is customary for each country to develop a plan of economic actions to improve the living standards and economic health of a particular area. Economic development can be called quantitative and qualitative changes in the economy. Such actions can include several areas including the development of human capital, critical infrastructure, regional competitiveness, environmental sustainability, social inclusion, health, security, literacy and other initiatives. Economic development can also be considered as a static theory that at certain times documents the state of the economy.

      Viola Malta R, Muhammad Faqih, Purwanita Setijanti

Abstract: As a future market of residential property, Generation Z are an unusual target of market segmentation in the dynamic of todays property business market. Generation Z are millennial generation born in 1996-2010. Generation Z have different characteristics of behavior and personality from previous generation. People with the same background may have different preferences and behavior patterns, whereas people with different background may have similar preferences and behavior patterns. This research was conducted to find out the façade house design preferences for Generation Z visually. The sorting method was used to conduct survey on respondents. The population in this research was Generation Z in Indonesia. Based on the survey results, it can be concluded that the sampling technique used in this research was Accidental/Incidental Sampling. The design of a suitable house facade was needed to be developed in the future, i.e. the façade design that looked like a house in general and many were found in everyday life.

      Muhammad Yakubu, Abdulhamid Sani and Muhammad Mujahid Sulaiman

Abstract: The researchers has study the student payment process (a case study of kampala International University). The purpose of this study is to develop an online system that provides an electronic means of payment of fees to make the system easy then the current manual system of payent.

      Kothalawala S.G, Sivakumaran K

Abstract: Advancements of the science has prominently affected the food sector and food consumption patterns in the last few decades. Nanotechnology is one of the major areas that contributed to this improvement as it is an essentially modern scientific field that is constantly evolving as a broad area of research, with respect food processing, preservation, packaging and development of functional foods. Food manufacturers, agricultural producers, and consumers could gain a more competitive position through nanotechnology. Furthermore, the delivery of bioactive compounds for nutritional as well as development of functional food are possible through this technology. It will also replace many fields with tremendous application potential in the area of dairy and food sectors.


Abstract: This study aims to analyze the influence of Balance Scorecard toward employees competency and work discipline. This study was conducted in Indonesia, with PT Muamalat Bank as the participant. It used confirmatory research (explanatory research). The data collection techniques used were through questionnaires, interviews and observations. The population in this research is all employees of Muamalat Indonesia Bank. The whole employees are about 420 people. Thus, the sampling technique used was Simple Random Sampling. The number of samples in this study set at 81 respondents refers to the opinion of Slovin and Umar (2005: 78). The results showed that there is a significant influence of Balance Scorecard in the perspective of learning and growth of competence and work discipline.

      HS Niroshani, HMMN Rathnayake, S Selvappiraba, PB Hewavithana

Abstract: Ionizing radiation is used in medical examinations. It causes microscopic damage to living tissue. Radiation protection in medical radiography provides vital information on radiation protection. The general objectives of this study were to describe the measures taken for radiation protection in the x-ray rooms at the departments of radiography of selected private hospitals in the municipal area of Kandy and the specific objectives were to find out the details of room designing with relevance to radiation protection and to compare above with the standard guidelines. This was a descriptive study.Three departments of x-ray of the private hospitals of the Kandy municipal area were selected as the sample of the study. Measurements were taken by using standard measuring tape.

      Aminu Jibril Arfasa, Fisseha Mikre Weldmeskel

Abstract: The purpose of this study was to examine the state of guidance and counseling at secondary schools of southwest Ethiopia. The study followed a qualitative design approach in which the respondents of the study selected by availability sampling technique. A total of 24 participants (8 school guidance and counseling officials, 8 school principals and 8 weredas education bureau experts) were interviewed on the current state of guidance and counseling services to students. In this study, data were analyzed using qualitative techniques. As the result of the study show, among the selected 18 secondary schools only 8 had counseling centers, and among the 8 secondary schools which have guidance and counseling centers, only 4 schools had professionally trained service providers.

      Gemechu Deresa Tebo, Aminu Jibril Arfasa

Abstract: The study is intended to wards investigate parental involvement, teachers support, and achievement motivation as predictors for students academic performance. This study employed quantitative research design. For the study 10th and 12th grades students selected because they were candidates of standardized national examination for 2013/14 academic year. Purposive sampling was used to select two schools, Sheiy Benchi and Mizan Teferi secondary and preparatory schools from Benchi Maji zone. We selected these two schools purposely because preparatory schools are found only at these schools. And then Stratified random sampling method was used in selecting study participants. Strata were made based on sex and field of studies (social science and natural science) particularly for grade 12th. Hence, based on the proportion the required number of sample was drawn from each stratum.

      Yuni Adinda Putri, Zakaria Wahab, Muchsin Saggaff Shihab

Abstract: This study aims analyze the effect of service quality and brand trust on loyalty and the intervening role of customer satisfaction in transportation services like Go-Ride of Go-Jek in Palembang city. Questionnaires were distributed to target respondents. Using a purposive sampling technique, a total of 100 respondents were obtained. Analysis was performed using Structural Equation Modeling (SEM). The result proved that service quality and brand trust had a significant effect on loyalty through customer satisfaction. It is suggested that the Go-Ride of Go-Jek management conduct a survey to determine the needs of the desired customer and provide promotions related to the desired needs. Further research on pricing policy and word of mouth may be necessary.

      Sepideh Mollajafari

Abstract: Mobile devices have penetrated most aspects of our daily life activities ranging from the hedonic to utilitarian use. Businesses have invested in benefiting from the opportunities offered by the pervasive nature of mobile technologies to enhance their products and services and therefore improve their customers satisfaction. The banking sector, in common with other industries, has invested in such mobile solutions to facilitate banking transactions for both themselves and their customers.

      Jeannyla,Bambang Soemardiono, Haryo Sulistyarso

Abstract: Indonesia has the widest mangrove ecosystem in the world which is about 4.25 million Ha. However, 48% of mangrove forest area in Indonesia is moderate and 23% suffered severe damage. Mangrove ecosystems are scattered in several islands in Indonesia, one of them in Surabaya. Data from the Agriculture Department of Surabaya City shows the depreciation of mangrove forest area from 2010 to 2011 covering an area of 20.47 Ha, centered in Wonorejo Subdistrict, Surabaya. Surabaya City Government tactics to maintain the mangrove ecosystem by making it as ecotourism has not been met. Almost, the mangrove ecosystem in Wonorejo is proclaimed to be the Surabaya City Botanical Garden.

      Sadia Naureen

Abstract: The defense expenditures of the Pakistan economy remain high to sustain a credible deterrence, due to the significant geopolitical position, regional instability as well as a constant conflicting with India since the independence. This study will analyze the effect of defense expenditures on economic growth with some other political factors, such as corruption, defense spending and political-instability. The empirical results of the study observed that there exist positive defense expenditures positive relationship between defense expenditure and economic development which caused expansion of aggregate demand, production and employment generation in the economy which is also suggested by the Benoit (1973, 1978), and Faini et al. (1984).

      Kansagra Charmesh A, Patel Bhakti M, Patel Bhavya S, Patel Dhruvika D, Patel Drashti S, Varsha Hun

Abstract: Background of the study: Health is wealth as it has a strong and lasting impact on ones person as well as progress in life. People use tobacco and alcohol worldwide which creates dependency to tobacco and alcohol in people. Alcohol misuse not only harms the individual but damages relationships and society in general in terms of violence and crime & accidents. The knowledge of health effect of alcoholism & tobacco may be helpful to people of all ages.

      Zakaria Wahab, Muchsin S. Shihab, Agustina Hanafi, and Hera Febria M

Abstract: The purpose of this study is to analyze the direct and indirect influence of online shopping motivation (i.e hedonic and utilitarian motivation), and product browsing on impulsive buying, where product browsing as a mediation variable between online shopping motivation and impulsive buying. This study is quantitative in nature. Questionnaires were distributed to women who have purchased fashion product in social commerce i.e instagram as the target respondents. The type of research used for this study is causal research. Using a convenience sampling technique with non-probability sampling design, a total sample of 300 respondents were obtained.

      Shambirnaah, G . Maiganda, H.A. Rapheal, J and Yerima ,Z.H

Abstract: The main purpose of the study was to assess the achievement of ICT policy in technical colleges in Adamawa State. Two research questions were used to guide the study. The study adopted descriptive survey design. The population of the study comprised 2465 teachers and students. The sample of the study comprised 32 teachers and 113 students. The instrument used for data collection was a structured questionnaire of Likert-type scale.

      Robinson Sitorus, S.E.M Nirahua

Abstract: The number of environmental cases and their consequences in various parts of the world, including Indonesia, proves that corporations can engage directly or indirectly in pollution and environmental destruction. Unlawful acts which result in harm to the interests of the people and the state. Research Objectives To know and understand the philosophical foundations of corporations as legal subjects in environmental crime. this type of research is normative juridical research. Normative juridical research is a method of legal research conducted by examining library materials or secondary materials only.

      Khin San Myint, Chan Mya Mya Nyein

Abstract: Attendance system is required in many different places such as offices, companies, schools, organizations and institutions, etc. There are many attendance systems to take attendance. But, every place need to have a good system. This paper describes one of the attendance systems. The main objective of this paper is to study and construct the attendance system using fingerprint module. In this system, Arduino UNO controller and PLX DAQ tool are the main components to display the record on Excel.

      Aye Wint Mon, Min Zaw Oo, Dr. Mya Thandar Kyu

Abstract: In this research, the main theme is the system integration of Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) Based Mini Factory Design Using PID Control. The integrated system is composed of the master terminal unit (MTU) and the remote terminal units (RTUs). The main function of master terminal unit is acquired data from RTUs within the region, log and display this data on a local operator station, pass data back to the master station, and pass on control requests from the master station to the RTUs in its region.

      Naing Kyaw Soe

Abstract: A juice mixer machine is generally agreed to be a machine that mixes the various kind of juice selected by the user. There are many juice mixer machine in commercial market, but most were complex and expensive. So, this paper focuses on the design and implementation of five channel juice mixer machine that is more accessible and on the hobbyist maker. This proposed system design has 5 different juice tanks, 5 channels, which are connected to water gear pump motors which are controlled by relays. The user can select the desired juice channel and juice content from keypad.

      Mya Thandar Kyu, Aye Wint Mon

Abstract: Nowadays, microwave link has become an indispensable form of communication networks around the world. This research project describes design and installation of remote desktop connection from one computer to another computer by using 5GHz Cambium ePMP Force 180 TDD license exempt microwave link. The require components are two computers, two antennas, two POE (Power Over Ethernet) splitters, RJ 45 Ethernet cables and power supply cords. In this research, the two locations are 400 meters far away each other.

      Ronley C. Canatoy

Abstract: The study was conducted to assess the impacts brought by fertilizer towards the growth and yield performance of sweet corn under no tillage operation in Bukidnon, Philippines. The study took place at the research station of IPB-UPLB, Musuan, Bukidnon, Philippines. Soil samples were taken from the site for initial characterization. Six treatments were employed; T1- No fertilizer,T2- Recommended rate of inorganic fertilizer (RRIF) based on soil analysis of the experimental area, T3- 2 tons ha-1 Vermicompost, T4- ½ RRIF + 1 ton ha-1 Vermicompost, T5- ½ RRIF + 2 tons ha-1 Vermicompost and T6- RRIF + 1 ton Vermicompost. Fertilizer treatments were incorporated in the soil to facilitate appropriate chemical reactions.

      Cho Cho Khaing, Nyi Nyi

Abstract: This paper presents the design of impeller and casing of single-suction centrifugal pump for clean and cold water. Type of pump is single stage centrifugal pump with closed impeller and it can develop a head of 20 m and deliver 0.015 m3/s of water. The designed impeller has 99 mm inlet diameter, 250 mm outlet diameter, 20° inlet vane angle and 23° outlet vane angle. The number of vanes is 6 and input shaft power is 6 hp.

      Nur Latifah, Bambang Soemardiono, Muhammad Faqih

Abstract: Indonesian interest of the K.H. Zaini Abdul Ghanis religious tourism phenomena in Sekumpul, Martapura increasing in each year. That phenomena has the potential further to develope. Because religious tourism offers double satisfactions so the tourists not only get satisfaction in their journey but also the spiritual satisfaction that strengthen their faith. However, the potential are unbalanced with the condition of the corridor that is uncomfortable, unsafety, unaccessible and accommodate the activities that occur yet.

      Ukwayi, J. K., Agba, A. M. Ogaboh and Okpa, J. T.

Abstract: This study examines the effect of working tools, acceptance on the performance of security outfits in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria. Survey method which allows for the use of questionnaire was adapted to felicitate information from 1120 participants sampled from the region. Respondents were selected from private and public security organizations. Data gather were subjected to statistical analysis. To else interpretation, results were presented in percentage, charts and tables. Findings show that, the availability and the acceptance of working tools by security officials enhances their performance and the overall output of their organizations. Specifically, the study reveals that surveillance equipment and crime detective equipment enhance the operational effectiveness of public and private security organizations’ in areas of criminal investigations and crime detection. The study recommended among others policy option that importantly encouraged the urgent equipping of security outfits in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria public-private partnership.

      Moe Moe Htun

Abstract: This paper presents the voltage generating process of synchronous generator. The aim of this paper is to understand the excitation system of synchronous generator. A direct current(DC) is applied to the rotor winding of a synchronous generator to the produce the rotor magnetic field. A prime mover rotates the generator rotor to rotate the magnetic field in the machine. A three phase set of voltages is induced in the stator winding by the rotating magnetic field. Excitation is the important part of synchronous generator. Synchronous generator excitation system consists of exciter, automatic voltage regulator, rectifier, step down transformer. The basic function of an excitation system is to provide direct current to the synchronous generator field winding. Voltage generating process simulate the MATLAB software.

      Tanui Vivian Chelimo, Dr. Kepha Ombui

Abstract: This study established the effect of employee acquisition plan on the performance of Kenya Agricultural and Livestock Research Organization. This study adopted a descriptive research design. The unit of analysis which is the study population consisted of the employees of Kenya Agricultural and Livestock Research Organization. The unit of observation which is the target population consisted of the 145 employees of Kenya Agricultural and Livestock Research Organization from CRI, TRI, SRI and VRI and the sample size was 145 respondents. The study adopted the census method to select respondents from the human resources/administrative department, research scientists and technical staff in the selected agricultural research institutes. Structured questionnaire containing close-ended questions were used to collect primary data for this study.

      Nabil Y. M. Salih

Abstract: This paper focusses on the recent development in modelling, simulation and evaluation of a telecommunication system. Some of the changes in the modelling and analysing system are in the hierarchal, object oriented and intelligent modelling. A comparison on the various simulation programs being applied to day have been analysed with their mode of operation, benefits and drawbacks.

      Omar G. Abood, Shawkat K. Guirguis

Abstract: With the major advancements in the field of technology and electronics, one persistent obstacle has proven to be one of the major challenges, namely : Data Security. To get connected securely and quickly through the electronic data transfer through the web, the data should be encrypted. Encryption is the process of transforming plain text into ciphered-text, which cannot be understood or altered easily by undesirable people. It can also be defined as the science that uses mathematics in data encryption and decryption operations. In this paper, we discuss several important algorithms used for the encryption and decryption of data in all fields, to make a comparative study for most important algorithms in terms of data security effectiveness, key size, complexity and time, etc. This research focused on different types of cryptography algorithms that are existing, like AES, DES, TDES, DSA, RSA, ECC, EEE and CR4…etc.

      Senan Thabet, Thabit H. Thabit

Abstract: This paper describes the flow simulation focuses on the simulation around Ahmed body car with slant angle of 40°.


Abstract: Sociology as an academic discipline emerged from the crises of industrial revolution and French socialist revolution of European society in the 17th and 18th century. It was then founded from social problems associated with all forms of deviance and crimes

      Neha Noren Parshad, Alwin Philipose, Shakti Chitnis, Aparna Sharma, Kritika Pachouri

Abstract: Automated irrigation system focuses on optimizing the usage of water in agricultural land. In this project, we aim at establishing a very fast communication link with the farmer. This makes it easy for the farmers to monitor the soil and the crop conditions from very far locations. Because of its low cost, the system has the potential to be useful in water limited geographically isolated area. This system implement the automated irrigation and it sends the sensed value of soil temperature, moisture and humidity level to the concerned person through wifi. Wifi module can work across a range of around 150m & hence can provide remote controlling for large distances.

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