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Prevalence and Sociodemographic Disparities in Exposure to Tobacco Advertising and Imagery Among Youths in the United States
      Precious Patrick Edet, Nwanne Onumah
Abstract: Background: In 2021, approximately 76% of middle and high school students were exposed to tobacco advertising through traditional media such as TV programs, and other tobacco exposure channels exist. Tobacco companies utilize strategies that diminish risk perception of tobacco products thereby increasing receptivity to tobacco advertising and imagery. We hypothesize that there are disparities in exposure to tobacco advertising and imagery among youths in the U.S. This study examines the prevalence and sociodemographic disparities in exposure to cigarettes or other tobacco product advertising and imagery among American youths.

      Della Ayu Febriana, Erma Setiawati
Abstract: The purpose of this study was to examine the effect of profitability, firm size, operating complexity and leverage on the timeliness of financial statement submission. This study uses a purposive sampling method, in manufacturing companies in the consumption industry sector listed on the various industrial Exchange in 2018-2021. This study uses multiple linear regression with the analytical techniques used are classical assumption test, model feasibility test and hypothesis testing (t test). The results of this study indicate that the profitability and firm size variable has a positive effect on the timeliness of financial statement submission, while the operating complexity and leverage variables have a negative effect on the timeliness of financial statement submission.

      Sah RP, Das S, Kumar V, Sah Pankaj, Singh AK, Sah RG
Abstract: Introduction: Abdominal wall defect is birth defect in which the abdominal wall does not close normally, which allows the abdominal viscera to protrude through an opening. Abdominal wall hernias are common where inguinoscrotal swellings are the most common in which inguinal hernia tops the list worldwide. Umbilical hernia occurs in 10 percent of infants. Omphalocele and gastroschisis are the rare abdominal wall defects.

      Saroj Sahu, Dr. Partha Sarathi Mallik, Dr. Brundaban Meher, Dipanjali Sahu
Abstract: Though good number of standardized tools are available to collect data on study habits, but these tools have certain limitations like inappropriate way of measurement, non-comprehensiveness and bulkiness of items. Considering these limitations, the present study aims at developing a study habits inventory for university students. This inventory encompasses eight aspects of study related habits of university students, assessed by 13 items. The inventory was developed following proper procedure of tool development which can be further used by researchers to assess study habits of both university and college students.

      Hardianty Askar
Abstract: The catch of tuna in Bulukumba regency that is big enough to encourage the emergence of a smoked tuna household industry processing. The processing industry can create added value. Assessing the added value of processed fishery products will be an inspiration to examine more deeply the aspects of the market and marketing. The purpose of this study is to determine the added value obtained by the smoked tuna household industry business.

      Chandra Widya Kurniawan, Y Yatini, Sigit Pramono
Abstract: The earthquake occurred on September 28, 2018 in Palu area of Central Sulawesi with a magnitude of 7,5 and made the surface of the soil saturated with water, shaken to become liquefaction. The purpose of this study is to acquire the microzonation parameters and identify locations that are considered the potential for liquefaction, use 54 measurement points in Palu City. The distribution of T0 values with high criteria (0.6 - 1.718) seconds is dominant in the northern, central, and southern parts of Palu City, indicated by the characteristics of soft soils. The distribution of soil vulnerability values obtained minimum of 0.047 and maximum of 29.188 with high criteria located in the northern and central parts of Palu City, illustrating areas that are more susceptible to earthquake shocks. The highest PGA value in Palu City is 2534 gal which shows that the damage to buildings in Palu City is very high. The result of GSS with a range of minimum is 0,7 x 10-4 and maximum of 3 x 10-4. The distribution of high (GSS > 100 x 10-4) indicate the area has a high shifting of the soil and tends not to be able to maintain its position, the soil is damaged and potentially liquefaction. The potential liquefaction area in Palu that needs to be watched out is Baru, Besusu, Bayaoge, Nunu, Siranindi, Kamonji, Silae, Lare, Talise, Kebonena Districts.

      Karolus Geleuk Sengadji, Sri Endah Wahyuningsih, Lazarus Tri Setiawan
Abstract: Indonesia is a maritime country with a wider ocean area, namely 2000 Km of land area of 1000 Km which consists of 17,544 islands so it really needs sea transportation as the backbone of the economy and as a unifier of the nation. Since March 1, 1938 (Dutch Colonial era) it has had an institution called the Shipping Court as a professional court whose job is to examine the causes of ship accidents and to impose sanctions on the captain or ship officer who is proven guilty of applying maritime professional standards. The position of the Shipping Court is currently under the Ministry of Transportation so that its authority is very limited and does not yet cover matters arising from ship accidents.

Abstract: Rearing barramundi larvae using natural food is considered ineffective, so it needs to be limited as early as possible by using artificial feed injected with exogenous enzymes (papain enzymes). This study aims to determine the dose of papain enzyme and the period of predigest feeding which results in the best growth and survival of barramundi larvae. Factorial pattern with completely randomized design was used to determine the appropriate dose of papain enzyme and larval age on growth and survival. The first factor was the dose of papain enzyme (0, 1.5, 3 and 4.5%), the second factor was the age of the larvae (14, 17 and 20 days).

      H. K. P. P. Kariyawasam, W. L. N. Wasana, and M. R. C. P. Wickramasinghe
Abstract: The purpose of this review is to discuss the Sri Lankan perspective of protected agriculture and to review the necessity and possibility of adopting protected agriculture in Sri Lanka. Crop cultivation under protective covers is termed as protected agriculture and it is a subset of controlled environment agriculture and the micro-climate of a crop is fully or partially modified and or controlled depending on the extent of technology applied. Protected cultivation has gained significant attention at present due to frequently occurring adverse environmental conditions, rapidly declining arable lands and the necessity of increased productivity. Protected agriculture delivers the benefits of improved quality and productivity and year round production despite the additional investments incurred. Sri Lanka being located in the tropical belt with year round favorable weather and optimal soil conditions, had been rather stable in open field cultivation. Protected cultivation is practiced for high value export crops and seedling production. Even though attempts have been made to establish protected cultivation, it has not been sustained due to various reasons.

      Istyqamah Muslimin
Abstract: Wild tilapia is a pest in the ponds of milkfish and shrimp cultivators and has not been widely used by pond farmers so that small wild tilapia is just thrown away. Utilization of wild tilapia meat as a raw material for protein preparations such as protein concentrate is the right target so as to optimize the potential of wild tilapia. Protein concentrates can be extracted using organic solvents such as ethanol.

      Isaac Mungai Ndungú and Prof. Kennedy Mutundu
Abstract: Kenya has advanced significantly because of the M&E system that has been in place for some years. To determine whether an intervention or program is successful in achieving its goals, monitoring and evaluation entails gathering and analyzing relevant data over time. The gaps in service delivery were identified, their causes were investigated, and specific measures to close the gaps were developed using an empirical gap method. Thus, the study focused on answering the question; What is the influence of monitoring and evaluation of organizational structure on health service in the County government of Nyandarua? The study used a descriptive survey methodology.

      Aniket Mukherjee, Manjeet, Inderbir Kaur, Vandana Batra
Abstract: It has been around 90 years since the discovery of the first radio waves. It was instrumental in the discovery of the stars, galaxies, quasars, pulsars and the cosmic background radiation. The worldwide radio facilities are mostly working on centimeter and decimeter parts of the radio regions after the interferometric baseline introduction, adoption of low-noise receivers’ configuration and the usage of advanced electronics. These techniques improved angular resolution, are cost effective and able to provide results in real-time. A very few radio antennas are working in low frequency radio regions.

      Arwita Irawati
Abstract: The purpose of this study is to determine the level of utilization of crab management resources on Saugi Island, Pangkep Regency and analyze the Maximum Economic Yield (MEY) value of crab crabs on Saugi Island, Pangkep Regency. The method used is Descriptive Quantitative using questionnaire tools. The sampling method used is the Random Sampling method where the respondents or samples selected during the interview are fishermen whose entire working time is used to carry out crab fishing operations using fixed gill nets and bubu fishing gear with a set percentage of samples.

      Doung Dara; Sun Ny
Abstract: Transitivity has had big hit since the early twentieth century and been studied so far in many areas of research such as linguistics, translation, scientific writings, poets, sonnets , literature , newspapers and so on. This study intentionally aims to compare pieces of the newspaper with the same meaning titles but written by the different sources in order to explore the process types used in both of them and the ways they maximize the gist of the articles and writers’ attitudes. Those newspapers, selected from internet with their footnoting of website links, were underlined the verbs and placed them to the right categories of verb processes to search for the frequencies of their uses. The simple Ms. Office was operated for them as in forms of tables, bar and pie charts.

      Mellese Yimam, Osano Simpson Nyambane, Silvester Abuodha
Abstract: The production of cement is very costly and it is one of the major human activities responsible in the rise of Co2 –emissions. To minimize the cost of concrete production and reduce the negative environmental impact due to Co2 emissions, it is important to use innovative technology and method for the design of concrete structures and concrete mixes. In this paper, it is shown how particle packing technology i.e. continuous grading techniques and concrete admixture can be used to reduce the amount of cement required in the concrete mix, resulting more economical, stronger and environmentally friendly concrete mixes.

      Nurjannah Bando, Karma, Umar Syarifuddin
Abstract: The development of literature on the performance of small and medium enterprises and entrepreneurship is very important not only for researchers but also for managers and small and medium entrepreneurs. The purpose of this study is to determine the extent of the role of the outgoing environment and the use of social media marketing on the performance of small and medium enterprises in Pangkep Regency either directly or indirectly as a moderation effect of the entrepreneurial orientation variable.

      Mahmoud Satte, Mahmoud Sheikh Satte
Abstract: Background: The teeth are the hardest tissues in our bodies and after death; they maintain their original features for the long term. Teeth measurements were used in forensic medicine for sex determination and can support dental students and orthodontists to apply their practical sections. Aims: The current study aimed to measure the crown dimensions from the buccolingual (BL) and mesiodistal (MD) directions and their benefits for adult Sudanese maxillary molars teeth. Material and methods: This study was conducted on 120 adult Sudanese extracted sound maxillary molar teeth (60 male and 60 female), ages ranging between 26 to 48 years. The teeth were fixed in 10% formalin immediately after they were removed. The measurements in millimeters were applied by using Vernier caliper on the crown buccolingual and mesiodistal dimensions. The data values were analyzed by using the SPSS program.

      Dr. Shib Shankar Chowdhury
Abstract: This article presents an in-depth discussion on sustainability development agenda of The United Nations Sustainable Development Group (UNSDG) which is to be achieved within 2030. UNSDG includes 17 goals and 169 targets in totality, all of which are primarily focused on eradicating poverty, achieving financial stability, gaining access to health care programs, education, and community development. These initiatives are aimed to unlock environmental sustainability. Furthermore, UNSDG proclaims collaboration among different nations which exploits enhanced scope of freedom. In addition to this, “three pillars of sustainability” framework has been discussed in detail to shed light on sustainability indicators of UNSDG.

      Trida Cynthia, Oky Raines Gayatri, Ananda Avavidya, Anita Zulkaida
Abstract: This study aims to determine the description of smartphone addiction among college students. The participants of this study were 146 students who use smartphones. The measurement was using the Smartphone Addiction Scale (SAS) and Open Questions. The results of the study show that in general, smartphone addiction is in the moderate category. Based on the SAS dimension, that the three conditions most experienced by participants are positive anticipation, tolerance, and withdrawal.

      Dr Rhea Singh, Dr Deepali Ambike, Dr. Sandhya Haribhakta, Dr Rajesh Kulkarni, Dr Suryakant Mundlod, DrSeema Soni
Abstract: Hypernatremic dehydration manifests typically in neonates in the first 2 weeks of life. Early post-partum discharge with lack of knowledge about techniques and adequacy of breast feeding in mothers, primi-parity, anxious elderly mother with lactation problems and caesarean delivery are major risk factors. Most of these babies are seen during the summer months. The common presenting features include excessive weight loss, hyperthermia, jaundice, lethargy and poor feeding. We present herewith the clinical characteristics and the challenges we encountered in managing 6 babies with Hypernatremic dehydration with life‐threatening complications. An increased awareness among health professionals is required so that this potentially devastating condition can be prevented.

      Dr. Rawaa Mahmoud Hussain
Abstract: The philosopher Ibn Rushd was one of the well-known Muslim philosophers in the field of the history of Islamic philosophy and the context of the world history of philosophy. He had many books and studies in various areas of Islamic sciences from medicine, jurisprudence, principles of jurisprudence, and philosophy. His excerpts, explanations, and studies of Aristotelian philosophy are the primary sources for many philosophers after him. In this study, I present a new approach in which I try to identify Ibn Rushds approach to thinking in general on issues related to Ibn Rushds concept of wisdom, his keen interest in Aristotles philosophy, and his philosophical controversy.

      Denio, E. G, Munyao, S..M, Gathago, N
Abstract: The church today is facing numerous challenges globally, regionally, and nationally. There are cultural transformations, lack of faith, rejection of absolute truth, growth of unorthodoxies, and all kinds of unethical practices in contemporary churches. Ethical leadership is the remedy for this crisis of spiritual decline of church members. Five measurable elements of ethical leadership such as respecting others, serving others, justice, honesty, and building community can play a major role to bring spiritual formation of church members. The aim of this study is to review the effect of ethical leadership on the spiritual formation of church members at global, regional, and local levels and to contribute knowledge of understanding to readers. In addition, the review provides suggestions for further research.

      Aman Srivastava
Abstract: Scrum meetings are an essential component of agile project management, providing an opportunity for team members to discuss progress and obstacles. However, these meetings are not always productive and can lead to frustration among team members. In this paper, we propose a set of strategies aimed at improving the productivity of Scrum meetings. These strategies include the implementation of an announcement at the start of the meeting, the use of simple arithmetic progression to minimize unutilized time, and training team members to identify dependencies. By implementing these strategies, we aim to increase motivation among team members by making them feel that their contributions are valuable and that the meetings are more purposeful. The effectiveness of these strategies will be evaluated through further research.

      Geoffrey Kiplang’at Yegon, Isaac Kiprotich Naibei, Lydia Langat
Abstract: In bid to enhance tax compliance many states globally have now introduced online tax systems. Whereas these systems have been seen as an efficient way of tax administration, the complex nature of Small and Medium Size Enterprises (SMEs) in many developing countries may make pose challenge to these innovations. The purpose of this study is to establish whether tax compliance among small and medium enterprises in Kericho County, Kenya, is associated with online tax system, as the general objective. The population was 102 registered SMEs located in Kericho County, with a sample size of 102 SMEs.

      Esther Nyokabi Mburu and Prof. Kennedy K. Mutundu
Abstract: Project evaluation in NGOs is mainly conducted within implementation timeframes, which is attributed to availability of allocated resources for the exercise. While NGOs aim at fulfilling donor mandates, there are limited reports describing if the positive influences listed during project exit reports are still in existence. The study used the Caritas Nakuru as a case study to evaluate the influence of projects sponsored and managed by Caritas on the socio-economic wellbeing of project beneficiaries in Nakuru County, Kenya. The study utilized descriptive research design with a sample size of 238 respondents. Data collection entailed questionnaires and interview schedules. The study found that the Caritas education project had a great impact on the social economic wellbeing of street children.

      Angki Pramana Satya Adidharma
Abstract: This study aims to analyze the best strategy that can be implemented and recommend it to UD Agro Nusantara Prima. This type of research uses a quantitative research approach; the research methods use descriptive methods; the implementation uses case studies; and the type of data used is primary data obtained through interviews and questionnaires with UD managers. Agro Nusantara Prima and secondary data obtained from literature, data, and reports owned by UD. Agro Nusantara Prima, analysis of factors using the internal factor evaluation (IFE) and external factor evaluation (EFE) matrices, position analysis using the IE matrix, as a solution for the sweet corn seed business development strategy at UD.

      Nella Tiralongo
Abstract: Paraphilia refers to the set of sexual behaviors best known by the names of sexual perversions or deviations. Paraphilias are classified into: exhibitionistic disorder, fetishistic disorder, frotteuristic disorder, pedophilic disorder, sexual masochism disorder, sexual sadism disorder, transvestism disorder, and voyeuristic disorder (APA, 2013). In pedophilic disorder, the object of sexual arousal is the child.

      Dr.Aneesh Nanada, Dr. Jitendra kumar, Mrs. Sakshi Singh
Abstract: Percutaneous renal biopsy is commonly used for diagnosis, prognosis, and management of nephropathies. Complications may arise after renal biopsy, most frequently in the form of bleeding. The majority of bleeding events occur within 24 h after the procedure, and reports of delayed major complications are very limited. Here, we report a patient who developed serious post-procedure bleeding, diagnosed by computed tomography (CT) 7 days after renal biopsy and was successfully treated by angiographic embolization.

      Zipporah Wothaya Maina and Prof. Kennedy K. Mutundu
Abstract: Cultural relations is the mutual exchange of culture between peoples to develop long-term relationships, trust, and understanding for the purpose of generating genuine goodwill and influence abroad. The study sought to establish the role of cultural diplomacy as a tool for advancing African foreign relations using Kenya as a case study. The broad objective of this study was to assess the performance of the cultural pillar in promoting Kenya’s foreign relations from 2015-2020. The study used the soft power theory and liberal theory

      Dr Jasleen Kaur Narula, Dr. Baldeep Singh
Abstract: Introduction: Lectures are the most common teaching methods used in medical and dental education. Didactic lectures are perceived by the students as the least effective method yet are regarded as the most effective teaching learning tool as the students can be actively engaged. Teaching methods that encourage self-directed learning can be effective in delivering core knowledge leading to increased learning. Problem based learning has been introduced as an active way of learning but it has some obstacles in developing countries where the intake is huge with minimum resources.

      Josiah Mwachi Waiti, Sara Zinyuk
Abstract: This research sought to investigate the role of Psychosocial Support on changed students amidst Covid-19 pandemic by assessing the challenges and prospects. The specific objectives were to: establish the challenges of protracted Covid-19 pandemic influencing psychosocial support on changed students’ behaviors; investigate the extent to which schools have achieved the benefits of psychosocial support on changed students’ behaviors; determine the extent to which psychosocial support programs can be improved in schools. The research adopted descriptive and purposive sampling research methods and questionnaires with both open and closed ended items were administered to 14 secondary school teachers. Data was presented through tables, analyzed using frequencies and discussed. The findings show that PSS programs plays a crucial role in curriculum implementation in schools despite the challenges experienced which can be mitigated.

      MSC Samuel Obwocha Bwobegi and Dr. Anthony Osoro
Abstract: This research project established the relationship between supplier relationship management and performance of Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) manufacturing firms in Nairobi City County, Kenya. How manufacturing sector also generates revenues for the government. This was from 95 manufacturing companies in Nairobi City County. Therefore, this was the total population. The firms to be targeted included the different manufacturing sectors of the economy textiles, foods, chemicals, wood and paper, building materials, water and drinks, breweries, metals and toiletries.

      Lukman Yahya, Harlindah Harniati Arfan, Ahmad Firman, Maryadi
Abstract: This study aims to find out and analyze whether (1) Competence influences employee motivation, (2) Leadership influences employee motivation, (3) Motivation influences employee performance, (4) Leadership influences performance, (5) Competence influences employee performance, (6) Competence influences employee performance through employee motivation, (7) Leadership influences employee performance at Van Laar Maritime in Jakarta. The population in this research total of 125 employees at Van Laar Maritime in Jakarta.

      Nguyen Le Yen Thuy
Abstract: Drama activities with the nature of creativity and imagination can bring the learning environment within four walls of classroom out into life-like contexts, thus enhancing language learners’ communicative competence. After drama activities had been applied to three speaking classes at one public high school in Vietnam with the convenience sample of 125 eleventh-grade students, the researcher carried out a survey to examine how these participants perceived the benefits and difficulties of learning speaking with drama-based lessons. Based on the questionnaire results, the study indicated that most of the students felt interested and enthusiastic in drama activities, especially role-play and improvisation; besides, they also realized the positive effects of these activities on their speaking ability, pronunciation, fluency, self-confidence, and creativity. Yet, shyness, immature language input, limited time, L1 use were main problems of doing drama activities in the speaking classrooms perceived by the students. The paper was concluded with some practical recommendations.

      Sejal Goyal
Abstract: Culture is thought to have a significant impact on how various psychological ailments and mental health issues manifest their psychopathology. Furthermore, some psychological illnesses are exclusive to specific cultural groups. The term "culture-bound" or "culture-specific syndrome" refers to several conditions. There has been an increased emphasis in investigating psychological disorders across cultures throughout the past several decades. A group of abnormalities, encompassing physical and mental symptoms, is referred to as a "culture-specific syndrome" and is believed to be a diagnosable illness that only exists within a certain community or culture. Dhat syndrome, Gilhari syndrome, Koro syndrome, and Possession syndrome are a few examples of culturally specific syndromes.

      Dr. Mark Attridge, David Pawlowski and Sean Fogarty
Abstract: This was an applied naturalistic study examining changes in work and clinical outcomes after using individual mental health coaching services from an employee assistance program in the United States. The data was from 872 employee users at CuraLinc Healthcare during the years 2020 to 2022. The coaching intervention included individual sessions that focused on helping the employee with personal goal setting, problem-solving and skill-building. Over two-thirds of clients engaged in coaching for support with mental health issues (anxiety 47%, depression 12% or other 9%) while others had issues of stress (19%), personal relationships (marital 8%, family 4%) or work (2%).

      Rina Ramos Palmiano, DPA
Abstract: This paper presents a review of studies and works of literature for strategies in hybrid learning in the Asia-Pacific Region, Europe, USA, including the Philippines during the years 2012-2022. The objective of the study was to review, critique, and synthesize the issues and concerns for hybrid learning in different cultures, practices, and levels of technology access to hybrid learning in an integrated way such that new frameworks and perspectives on hybrid learning will be generated. The study was done on Quezon City University’s main campus while the face-to-face classes are fully implemented in the College of General Education, particularly in Social Sciences Department. The scope of the study is focused on students’ capabilities, and teachers’ capabilities, including the level of technology access in hybrid learning.

      Ms. Praniti Ram Patil
Abstract: This paper describes the personality classification experiment by applying k-means clustering machine learning algorithms. Several previous studies have been attempted to predict the personality types of human beings automatically by using different machine learning algorithms. However, only few of them have obtained good accuracy results to classify a person into personality types. With the onset of the epidemic, everything has gone online, and individuals have been compelled to work from home. There is a need to automate the hiring process in order to enhance the efficiency and decrease manual labour that may be done electronically. If resume categorization were done online, then it would significantly save paperwork and human error. The recruiting process has several steps, but the first is resume categorization and verification. Automating the first stage would greatly assist the interview process in terms of speedy applicant selection. Classification of resumes will be performed using Machine Learning Algorithms Random Forest.

      Amir Darmanto, Sri Endah Wahyuningsih, Umar Maruf
Abstract: The many new parties in Indonesia caused a lot of conflicts and divisions. New politicians color the political arena in Indonesia, who generally lack experience, resulting in conflicts between politicians and with other parties, especially in new parties that have recently been formed. Although conflicts also occur in parties that have existed for a long time. Therefore, the purpose of this research is to analyze and find the resolution of internal disputes of political parties in Indonesia by party courts as well as constraints on the authority of party courts in resolving internal disputes of political parties based on the value of justice.

      Omar Baissane
Abstract: Self-regulated learning has a positive effect on academic achievement. The purpose of this study was to determine whether there was any significant relationship between self-regulated learning strategies and academic achievement of English. The participants under study were 322 Vietnamese high school students. The data were collected through Motivation Strategies for Learning Questionnaire (MSLQ). Academic achievement data was collected by means of self-report final official score of English. The results showed that there was a positive correlation between self-regulated learning constructs and academic achievement. Moreover, the findings indicated that effort regulation was the dominant self-regulated learning strategy among high, medium and low achievers. Results were discussed in terms of their interpretation and recommendation.

      Nursiam, Mujiyati, Shinta Permata Sari, Mega Wahyu Widawati, Dewita Puspawati, Heppy Purbasari
Abstract: The expansion of Islamic General Banks (IGB) is evidenced by the increase in asset ownership. This study intends to assess the evolution of Islamic commercial bank assets in light of internal and external factors. Internal aspects include profit sharing, training, office count, NPF, FDR, Promotion, and ROA, whereas external factors include Office channeling, money supply, inflation, remittances, and BIrate. This report provides a quantitative analysis of BUS in Indonesia from 2009 to 2018. 60 samples were acquired from 10 IGB throughout 10 years for this study.

      Christopher Mumo Vuvu, Dr. Mary Ragui
Abstract: Survival and sustaining business operations for many years is a challenging task, as two in every five enterprises stay operational beyond one year and only 10% of enterprises stay afloat to reach the tenth year. For enterprises survival and stay operational, the entrepreneurs need to develop and implement strategies. The M-Pesa agents have had low survival rate and hence the need to consider implementation and adoption of positioning strategy. This study sought to establish effect between positioning strategy and sustainability of M-pesa agents in Nairobi City County. The study was grounded on Porter’s generic competitive strategic model and supported Ansoff’s product/market development model. Descriptive research design was used and 702 agents were targeted and through the Mugenda formula, 161 respondents formed part of the study’s sample size. Primary data was collected using structured questionnaires by self-administering to the respondents. The data was analyzed using SPSS using the descriptive, regression and correlation techniques and findings presented in tables and discussions.

      Siti Rujiah, Rudi Hartono, Joko Sutopo
Abstract: A translator generally did the translation honestly and hopes that the readers liked the translation. The translator did the translation according to the contents of everything in the source language text. But it didn’t stop there, in fact there are many things that translators had to consider before translating. For example, what are the rules of the publisher, what is the original ideology of the original author, and also considering the ideology of the readers’ expectations. It will all be synchronized with the translator’s own ideology. So, for the study of ideological manipulation carried out by translators, this was common and often found.

      Rismita Borah
Abstract: School has played a significant role in mental health of adolescent’s life because school is the only institution where they spend most of their time daily in school. School is the place where we can get various knowledge of different subject and helps to develop skills and attitude needed to cope with different challenges in life. School is the greater place where child’s emotional and cognitive and intellectual take place.

      MBANG Jean Bosco, AKONG Marie Elvira, TUME Georges
Abstract: Crop damage in agriculture is caused by several threats, including pests or bio-aggressors, organisms that have been destroying cultivated or stored crops for about 10,000 years. This paper looked at the biodiversity of these organisms in a citrus orchard and a field of annual crops (maize, tomatoes and cassava) in the locality of Meyomessala (region of south Cameroon). After sampling in three batches of 100 m2 each of the two 2000m2 fields, captures, counts, and valuation of the severity of pest attacks on the aerial parts of the crops were carried out. Ecological indices were estimated using the Shannon Weaver method; as well as Pielous equitability.

      MBANG Jean Bosco, AKONG Marie Elvira, MENOH A Ngon Rene, TUME Georges, ZOLLO Nguele Caroline Viviane
Abstract: Wind and rain are climate hazards that threaten crops in agriculture. They contribute to crop yield losses in some areas of the world. They belong to the category of climate hazards classified as climate extremes. Our study aimed to investigate the influence of these two climatic threats on the cultivation of pawpaw (Carica papaya) in Meyomessala, South Cameroon. After three months of observation of 120 pawpaw plants sown in intercropping the first year and then in monoculture the second year; we used the Zephyr application and Daily Weather version 59 to measure wind and rainfall. The method for calculating vulnerability by weighting and Spearmans coefficient were used for statistical processing of the data.

      MBANG Jean Bosco, Zollo Nguele Caroline Viviane, TUME Georges, AKONG Marie Elvira
Abstract: Insects are among the pests that cause damage to crops. They attack the underground and above-ground parts of the plant, thus reducing its yield. The aim of our study was to investigate insect pests of Solo papaya flowers and fruits and diseases in an experimental plot in the locality of Meyomessala in Southern Cameroon. After three months of collecting pests and papaya fruits, the samples were identified by the symptom observation method on the fruits for diseases and by electron microscope observation for insects. The results reveal 17 insect species in our experimental plot.

      Kristofer Jorgenson
Abstract: Generalizations of the Golden Ratio   1 5 2 and its irrational conjugate   1 5 2 denoted by va and va, respectively, satisfy n-th degree polynomials that factor into polynomials with integer coefficients that are consecutive terms of sequences that are generalizations of the Fibonacci sequence.

      Abaribe, Chidinma E., Ogwumike Nkem, Dike Chinwenmeri, Komolafe Folasade, Eze-Adiele Chihurumnaya, and Opatunji Florence. O
Abstract: Background: Information and training build relationships especially with families living with autistic children. To keep and manage autistic children, autistic parents need to be equipped with certain training on how to deal with, cope, relate and contribute to the childrens social life by understanding and integrating their behaviour. Therefore, this study investigates autism knowledge, attitude, and coping strategies employed by the parents of autistic children at Federal Neuropsychiatric Hospital, Yaba, Lagos. Nigeria

      "Marwa Moses Siruri, Joyce Wambura Boke "
Abstract: Organizations operating in dynamic environments are increasingly becoming dependent on organization development interventions in a bid to remain competitive. These organization development interventions include technostructural interventions, strategic interventions, human resource management interventions and human process interventions. On the other hand, one of the variables that has been discussed variously in the literature as an intervening variable in organization studies is organizational communication. While most studies report statistically significant indirect effects of communication on organizational outcomes, several methodological weaknesses from some of the studies limit inference to the conclusion that communication can be a true mediator in the relationship between organization development interventions and organizational outcomes.
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