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      Novalia Rachmah, I Made Putrawan, Suryadi

Abstract: The objective of the research is to verify whether direct there is direct effect of teachers leadership and trust on teachers performance. The study was conducted at Sukabumi’s senior high school by using a survey method with path analysis applied in testing hypothesis and 125 samples selected by simple random sampling. The finding of the research are : (1) There is a direct positive effect of teacher leadership on teacher performance. (2). There is direct positive effect of trust in teacher performance. (3) There is direct positive effect of teacher leadership on trust. (4) There is indirect effect of teacher leadership on teacher performance through trust. Based on these findings, it could be concluded that any changing or variation occurred at teacher performance might have been directly significant effected by teacher leadership and trust, and also indirectly significant effected by teacher leadership. Therefore, when we want to minimize the variation which occurred in teacher leadership, these factors such as teacher leadership and trust are necessary to be taken into account.

      Lawrence Amer

Abstract: Demonstrating the ability to develop a new type of defense technique to your administration panel , sensitive folder using a simple user friendly interface to authenticate administration , client authorized permission depending on trusted IP address using a simple front end application which is running in external host ,responsible for managing , organizing sessions ip while on the other hand , a server side scripting file running on background to retrieve these sessions and store them for further authentication process

      Rendika Vhalery, Hasdi Aimon, and Yulhendri

Abstract: The purpose of this study is to clarify the factors that influence the management of students pocket money directly and indirectly in Air Tawar Padang City. A sample of 344 students consisting of 130 students and 214 high school students was obtained by completing the questionnaire. The results show that the family environment, peers, gender and self-control have positive and significant effect on the management of students in Padang City.

      Dar Nazir Ahmad, Sofi Mushtaq Ahmad, Nayak Bilal Gul, Khan NA, Lone MM, KS Raina

Abstract: Bio-statistics is the important branch of statistics and is related to medical field. Also it plays an important role in the field of research. The main role of statistics in research is to designing a research, analyzing data and draw meaningful conclusions. The meaningful conclusion can be drawn by using proper statistical tests. Statistics also helps to reduce large volume of raw data which must be suitably reduced so that the same can be read easily and can be used for further analysis. This article covers the brief outline of data, qualitative data, and quantitative data. Also give a brief outline of measures of central tendency (location), measures of variability (dispersion) , statistical inference(parametric and non-parametric tests) and give brief outline of sample size calculations.[4]

      Zainab Altaf Butt, Madiha Batool Abidi, Marriam Zaka Butt

Abstract: AIMS AND OBJECTIVE: The aim of study was to observe the current prescribing trends for the management of urinary tract infection in male and female patients in government and private hospitals.

      AzkaYousaf, ArshiyaNajam, Dr. BushraSherazi

Abstract: Objectives: The aim of the study was to evaluate the triggers which triggered the migraine attack, management of the migraine and patient compliance towards treatment.

      Ossama Fazal, Sonia Kanwal

Abstract: Nowadays, customer repurchase behaviour is an important matter for organizations. So customer satisfaction have been continually stressed by the researchers and scholars On the other hand, out of the most important stakeholders customer is top priority for marketers. Without customer organizations undoubtedly cannot be succeed. This study examined the relationship between service design and product design with customer satisfaction and customer’s repurchasing behaviour. The current study aimed to fill the research gap by taking data from customers of fast food restaurants. In this study further discussed the theoretical framework, hypothesis, and research design and data analysis to conduct the research work.

      Ruben A. Parazo, Dr. James A. Esquivel

Abstract: Utilizing previously executed queries contributes in speeding up the performance of database in responding to future queries as it can reduce the number of database queries to be processed and sent back to the user. This technique avoids the re-evaluation and validation of the query being sent to the database. On the testing of the developed algorithm, shows that a one-time access of a certain query to the database was able to reused, respond and served the requirements of seven (7) different requested queries. The number could be higher if the number of fields in a query will be increased. In a scenario where the same information are to be accessed by a substantial number of users, a single access can be possibly cater the needs of the entire users which substantially reduced the amount of request being sent to the database. The process shifted some of the workloads to the application program that is usually processed by the database was achieved in the study which gives partial autonomy to the application program in terms of responding to users’ requests in the form of queries. The designed algorithm was able to fetched and reuse previously executed query to respond to future queries executed by the user which applies the principle of prefetching operation. Hence, database transparency is improved.

      Bharat Shahapur, K Sriveni, D Meenakshi

Abstract: This paper presents the examination of Aerodynamics flying wing configuration using Computation fluid dynamics (CFD) techniques. The parameters of aerodynamic such as coefficient of drag, coefficient of lift, moment coefficient and pressure coefficient are calculated by CFD. The aerodynamic parameters are determined for different angles of attack and Mach number so that deviation of salient aerodynamic parameters can be observed and analyzed. In this work, Solution is obtained for all aerodynamic parameters by considering the effect of external flow over flying wing configuration. In this research work parameter are stall speed, stall angle of attack, drag divergence Mach number and critical Mach number. These parameters are obtained for every test case and the comparison is made between tested results and available experimental results.

      Kalavanti Mokaria, Bharat Jethva

Abstract: Dragonflies and damselflies are one of the important aquatic insect groups belonged to Order Odonata. Dragonflies and damselflies immature stage (nymphs) are truly aquatic and adult stage are terrestrial. They sometimes also act as a flagship species group being a top predator and environmentally sensitive group. Nalsarovar is an important wetland in terms of its multiple categories designated such as a Birds Sanctuary, Important Bird and Biodiversity Area, a Ramsar Site of Gujarat State. Total area of Nalsarovar Bird Sanctuary (NBS) area is 120 sq km. A study was carried out from February 2015 to February 2017 at Nalsarovar Bird Sanctuary. A species inventory was carried out by Visual Encounter Survey (VES). Fourteen sites were fixed using GPS for the survey. Survey was carried out including all seasons and covering all major habitats. Adult dragonflies and damselflies encountered were recorded. During the entire survey total 30 species of dragonflies and damselflies were encountered that belonged to 5 different families namely Libellulidae, Gomphidae, Aeshnidae, Coenagrionidae and Lestidae. Total 37 odonate species including both dragonflies and damselflies were encountered depended especially Nalsarovar Bird Sanctuary area combining the past recorded species and species encountered in current research study. Among species encountered during study almost all species belong to Least Concern (LC) category whereas a dragonfly species Indothemis carnatica (Fabricius, 1798) is listed under Near Threatened (NT) category under IUCN category. During entire study 14 species of Odonates were encountered at all sites whereas variations in distribution of 16 Odonate species were encountered at specific sites.

      Khadija Shahid, Sana Arshad, Bushra Ali Sherazi

Abstract: Objectives: The basic aim and objectives of this study were to assess the non-surgical therapeutic interventions, evaluation of alternatives to hysterectomy for uterine fibroids and the role of pharmacist regarding management of uterine fibroids.

      Jocelyn B. Hipona, Herbert D. Vertucio

Abstract: This study was conducted in order to formulate learning strategies using Biggs (R-SPQ-2F) thru attitudinal studies of selected nursing students in Higher Education Institution in Metro Manila. The respondents of this study are three hundred fourteen randomly selected students from two Higher Education Institution in Metro Manila, Philippines. A survey was conducted using a standardized questionnaire for gathering of information about respondents profile and their attitudes towards learning. Frequency, Percentage, Ranking, Weighted Mean, Likert Scale, Standard t-test and ANOVA were applied to investigate the differences in the answers of the respondents to the formulation of learning strategies towards their attitudes to learning. The results revealed that there is significant differences concerning the attitudinal studies of the selected nursing students in terms of Surface Approach and deep approach. The motivation of the nursing students using Bigg’s (R-SPQ-2F) manifested that their extent of attitudinal studies are well-equipped through academic awareness. There are twelve motivational Approaches of the nursing students that are correlated to the Bigg’s (R-SPQ-2F) and eight, which are not correlated under deep approach and surface approach. Thru evident findings, the Learning Strategies that are formulated are based on the Extent of Motivational Approach of the nursing students through their attitudinal Studies using the Bigg’s (R-SPQ-2F).


Abstract: This study sought to assess the effect of budgetary control practices in management of micro and small enterprises at Kangemi town in Kenya. The theory of budgeting, accounting theory and budgetary control theory were reviewed under the theoretical framework. Determinants of budgetary control were examined after which an empirical review of the study variables was done both globally and locally. A descriptive survey design was adopted to capture categorical description of attitudes of the study population. The population of the study consisted of 160 respondents from the 160 registered micro and small enterprises in Kangemi, Kenya. The sample size constituted 75 respondents who were derived by Kothari's formula for cases when the target population is less than 10,000. The questionnaires consisted of both closed and open questions. Secondary data sources were used to supplement the data received from questionnaires. Validity and reliability were determined. Data was analysed to establish the measures of central tendency that include the mean, mode, and median highlighting the key findings. Inferential statistics was used to establish the relationship between the variables of the study and qualitatively by content analysis. Analysis of variance (ANOVA) was used to determine the significance relationship of the variables. The study established that the management of micro and small enterprises is positively related to the budgetary control practices. In establishing the time period covered by budgets, the study found that majority (65.15%) of micro and small enterprises review budget after 1 to 5 years. On the approximate annual budget revenue, the study found that all micro and small enterprises budget holders agreed that budgets have clear goals and objectives and when budgeting, outcomes, goals and objectives are linked to programs and school activities.

      AUB Pethiyagoda, K Pethiyagoda

Abstract: If the LUTS are not treated before the hernial repair, there is a high recurrence rate. Patients with IH are questioned about LUTS and Benign prostatic hyperplasia BOO which does not include evaluation with IPSS. The objective of the study was to assess the LUTS with IPSS and urine flow rate in male patients with IH with who does not complain of LUTS. The patients were assessed by IPSS and uroflowmetry. The most severe symptom of LUTS among Hernia patients was weak stream. Out of the sample 35% of them had mild LUTS, 50.83% of them had moderate LUTS and 14.16% of them had severe LUTS. Most of the patients did complain of a weak stream, but only very few complained of straining. Majority of patients had moderate LUTS. Assessing the LUTS with IPSS and urine flow rate help to identify patients with BOO in asymptomatic patients with IH.

      P.L.L.C.P. Alwis

Abstract: Performance appraisal systems (PAS) are required to be effective in order to improve and sustain the employee performance of an organization. Academic staff is considered as the most important stakeholders of a university. Their general objective is to generate knowledge and skills and disseminate them. They hold a very important place in modern society as they directly influence the personal development of the present and successive generations. Evaluation and improvement of PAS for academic staff is a must because success of a university depends on its academia. The main objective of this study is to identify the factors affecting the effectiveness of the existing performance appraisal system for academic staff of General Sir John Kotelawala Defence University (KDU).

      Kabir Sadeghi, Özbil Akbil, Mehmet Angın

Abstract: The planning and design of harbor is an important engineering phenomenon with both major commercial and social implications. The literature suggests that various approaches for harbors design of harbors such as fishing, commercial and refugee harbors. The aim of this paper is to present a general guidance for the planning and design of harbors. There are a number of general requirements which has to be fulfilled while designing the harbors but also there are some specific requirements for each of them. Furthermore, the different types of foundations such as shallow water foundations, deep water foundations and pile foundations, as well as breakwaters such as permanent breakwaters and temporary breakwaters, and finally caissons are submitted for the design of harbors. The equations, formulae and specifications for the design of the essential components of harbors are also given.

      Hikmah Fujiatul Jannah, I Made Putrawan, Matin

Abstract: This research is aimed at finding out the mediating role of distributive justice between personality and teachers affective organizational commitment (AOC). Were teachers AOC affected directly or indirectly by personality and distributive justice was the problem of this research. A causal survey method has been applied by involving 135 junior school teachers. There were three valid and reliable instruments have been developed for measuring those three variables. Correlation and path analysis have been used to analyze data. Research results showed that (1) There was a direct positive effect of personality on affective organizational commitment; (2) There was a direct positive effect of distributive justice on affective organizational commitment; (3) There was a direct positive effect of personality on distributive justice; (4) There was an indirect effect personality on affective organizational commitment through distributive justice. Therefore the role of distributive justice as a mediator could not be neglected.

      Sagar Burse

Abstract: The government of India took a bold decision of Demonetization on 08/11/2016. In this research I have utilized the opinions of general public and few economists and rational people. This study will help us to understand the thinking of the public about the Demonetization and to understand the positive and negative Impact of Demonetization in India it will also give some insight about some less discussed issues related to the impact of demonetization

      Kirti V. Dahigaonkar, Pradeep N. Chavan

Abstract: Microbial diversity of pristine habitats is studied owing to two main reasons: contributing to the taxonomic literature and exploration of microbes for their potential to produce novel industrially important biomolecules. These biomolecules generally have better potential to survive under harsher conditions like pH, temperature and salt concentration. Traditionally, diversity analysis was based on cultivation dependent methods and hence was biased towards the labweeds or culturable microbes. Chances of accounting for the complete biodiversity were comparatively lower. With the advances in cultivation independent methods, a vast majority of yet uncultured bacteria and archaea have been detected. Mud volcanoes are points of release of pressure from deep layers of earth. They generally coincide with the tectonic plate boundaries. Heat that is generated due to movement of tectonic plates is released by these vents. Microorganisms from various depths of earth might get mobilized along with the flowing mud. Being an unexplored habitat with no chances of human intervention, such habitats may offer a unique source of unexplored microbes.

      V.K.N. Sameera, E.P.N. Udayakumara and J.K. Dhammika

Abstract: Roads construction projects require large quantities of suitable soils as a filling material. However, in urban areas, when roads are constructed, suitable filling soils have to be hired with enormous costs. Thus main objective of this research was to stabilize weak subgrade soils mixing with fly ash and rice husk ash. Weak sub-grade soil was obtained from Mahokanda construction site in Matara, Sri Lanka. Fly ash and rice husk ash were obtained from Lakvijaya power plant in Puttalam and rice mills in study area, respectively. Forty-eight weak subgrade soil samples were mixed with stabilizers (fly ash and rice husk ash) in different ratio and then 16 specimens were cured for 7 days while other 32 (2X16) samples were cured for 14 and 28 days, respectively. In order to find out maximum strength of each soil sample, different soil tests viz Atterberg Limits, Proctor Compaction, Swell Index (SI) and California Bearing Ratio (CBR) were carried out. Results revealed that maximum CBR value (36.01%) was obtained, when 70% of soil blends with 20% of fly ash and 10% of rice husk ash at 28 days curing period. Reason for the increment of CBR may be due to formation of cementitious compound in the mixture is due to chemical reactions of SiO2 in stabilizers and CaOH present in soils. Based on results, policy implications are discussed in relation to need of stabilizers in road construction projects in order to improve stabilizing weak subgrades while decreasing project cost and utilizing waste materials.

      Antonius Ardiyanto, Rudianto Susilo, Valentinus Suroto, Hudi Prawoto

Abstract: The Old Town of Semarang is a conservation area with many colonial buildings. In the 1920s, the old city became a center of trade, and to secure its citizens and territories, a fortress was built. This area has an area of approximately 31 hectares. Seen from the geographical condition, this area is separated from the surrounding area, so it is formed like the city itself, and earned the nickname "Little Netherland". Some of the buildings in the colonial period, have now turned function into business premises, such as restaurants, cafes, retail and galleries.

      Nishchal Ratna Shakya, Sajan Manandhar

Abstract: Inability to extend the knee completely when the hip is flexed, accompanied by discomfort or pain along the posterior thigh and/or knee is hamstring muscle tightness. This study aims to find the prevalence of the hamstring muscle tightness among the undergraduate physiotherapy students and assess association between hamstring muscle tightness and Low back pain.

      Nishchal Ratna Shakya, Bidur Bhurtel

Abstract: Adhesive capsulitis affects shoulder joint with pain and mobility deficits. It has been termed as a self-limiting condition but recent evidences have shown patients facing long term disability for years due to this condition. Pain and stiffness are the factors defining disability with early pain or late stiffness in this condition. The level of disability is a component defining clinical state of adhesive capsulitis by which interventions can be planned out.

      Nitin Kumar, Pooja upadhyay, Gaurav saxena

Abstract: Pomegranate is a curative plant from ancient times which belongs to punicaceae and Lythraceae family. This plant is developed as small trees or shrubs in several countries like Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Russia and Mediterranean area. From the peel extract the tests were carried out to find the presence of the following chemical compounds such as carbohydrates, reducing sugars, glycosides proteins, amino acids, phenolic compounds, tannins, alkaloids, flavonoids, saponins, sterols,etc. This paper shows a comparative report of the screening test of pomegranate peel using crude, hydro alcoholic extract and In vitro antimicrobial activity.

      Prashant Kumar Sharma, Dr. Shilpa Pal, Dr. Jaya Maitra

Abstract: Natural sand is a standout among the most ordinarily utilized fine aggregate as a part of concrete. Owning to acute shortage of natural sand in many areas and keeping environmental and cost factors into consideration an alternative for the same is pondered. In view of above discussion, an attempt is made to replace the cement and coarse aggregate in concrete of M50 grade with fly ash and ceramic waste to study the workability and compressive strength at 7,14 and 28 days curing periods. According to the results of the experiment, it is concluded that with increase in replacement of fly ash, the maximum compressive strength was obtained in M2 mix at 28 days which was 6.93% more than M0.

      S. Salam & N. S. Jamir

Abstract: Ukhrul district which is one of the nine districts of Manipur, is a hilly region predominantly inhabited by the Tangkhul tribe. Wild edible fungi constitute an essential component in the diet and food security of the Tangkhul tribe living around the forest fringe or in its vicinity. Since time immemorial, Tangkhul tribe collects and consumed a wide variety of wild edible fungi for sustenance their livelihood. Moreover, many wild edible fungi are rich in nutrient content and formed as good sources of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals etc,. This article reports 14 wild edible fungi species documented during field survey in the local markets of Ukhrul district of Manipur, along with their vernacular names and mode of uses.

      Mastika IK, Yuswadi H, Budihardjo A, Poernomo D

Abstract: This article is aimed to understanding the brand construction of an ecological tourist village with local indigenous wisdom. A research was conducted in Banjar Kiadan, a member of Jaringan Ekowisata Desa Bali (Balinese Village Ecotourism Network). A successful brand construction of an ecological tourist village requires the robust and rich connectedness among local indigenous values, which will strengthen the ability of knowledge sharing to create linkage attitude between hosts and guests. Jaringan Ekowisata Desa has created their own brand of “BALI DWE” (Bali Ecological Village Tourism), which reflects the real form of Balinese local indigeous. The brand construction of ecological tourist villages follows the pattern of social construction of BALI DWE by Yayasan Wisnu, JED, and Balinese ecotourism activists. The aforementioned dialectics are at play within a social processes of three simultaneous moments; Externalization, Legitimation of Objectivity, and Internalization.

      LiLin, Wang Shiqian

Abstract: The purpose of the present study is to investigate the factors impact on employee job performance on private higher education sector of China. The study examined the effect leadership styles, organizational commitment and self-efficacy on employee job performance. The survey has done by 800 academicians in top ten 10 Chinese Private Universities via e-mail or walk-in. Hence, the sample will be selected by convenience sampling. The target respondents for this research are academicians in Chinese Private Universities mainly because the boosting of private higher education and a positive future prospect in China. Questionnaire was designed on 5-point scale (Buron, K. D., & Curtis, M., 2003). The research technique used Smart PLS 2.0 to assess the correlations between the variables. Findings revealed that leadership styles, organizational commitment and self-efficacy have positive and significant impact on job performance. Future research directions are also discussed in the study.

      Shirley Marang Kekana, Kelone Khudu – Petersen

Abstract: Cultural festivals play a vital role in promoting culture, ensuring culture preservation, showcasing the cultural arts and unearthing talent. This article examines the influence and the role played by cultural festivals in the CAPA classroom in Botswana. Eight experienced CAPA teachers who are currently teaching CAPA in primary schools in Botswana were interviewed. The study is structured in the multiple case approach involving eight primary school teachers in eight districts. An interview was made with these teachers and to reach those teachers residing at remote places, questionnaire and responses went through mobile phone text exchange.

      Thiar Hasbiya Ditanaya, Royyana M Ijtihadie, Bagus Jati Santoso

Abstract: The use of cloud computing becomes more mature for large-scale system. To optimally utilize cloud computing resource, task scheduling algorithm needed. Task scheduling algorithm approach try to minimize completion time and optimally utilize cloud computing resource. The biggest challenge of task scheduling algorithm not only how to distribute tasks to workers fairly, but also distribute task to the right worker at the right time. On the real world, the tasks may have different resource usage. There exists task with high computational usage and a task with high memory usage. The different type of task may affect performance of task scheduling algorithm. Grouping or classification of task may increase scheduling performance [1]. In this paper, task scheduling algorithm based on task profiling is introduced. The task profiling algorithm profiles the task based on its resource need, then classify it to HIGH_CPU for high computing task, HIGH_MEMORY for high memory task or LIGHT for task which not consume much resource. Using profiled tasks, proposed system is able to choose worker more precisely. Result shown, the proposed task profiling algorithm gives better completion time compared to traditional scheduling algorithm.

      Abdul Rahman Ahmad Dahlan, Nazmus Sakib, Tahmeed Anjum Hossain

Abstract: The purpose of this paper is to propose a conceptual digital platform where it is possible to connect malfunctioned electronic device owners and the repairmen to get the repairing done. This is a Consumer-to-Consumer (C2C) business model where the malfunctioned electronic device owners will be able to find a repairman to repair their devices. On the other side, for the freelance repairmen this solution will enable them to find clients easily and effectively. As people feel hectic to go shopping in repairing their devices, the proposed digital platform shall become a convenient platform.

      Annisa Nur Ramadhani, Merisa Kurniasari, Rika Kisnarini, Happy Santosa, Dewi Septanti

Abstract: Tourism is one of the world’s fastest growing sectors and is a major source of income for many countries. While tourism development in a sphere of urban housing renewal is necessary through a sustainability concept approach because its becomes a way to minimize the existence of problems that can re-emerged the post of urban housing renewal. Traditional settlements in Indonesia that also be called as Kampungs are potential to be developed into one of many tourism destinations. One of them is Dolly Kampung, which once was a prostitution or red light area that was established since 1960’s and being the largest prostitution are in South East Asia. Because of prostitution business is contrary to the prevailing norms in Indonesia, prostitution activity in Dolly kampung is closed by the City Government in June 2014.

      Merisa Kurniasari, Annisa Nur Ramadhani, Rika Kisnarini, Dewi Septanti

Abstract: There are several land issues in Bhaskara Jaya Housing when it viewed from the sustainable housing development theory, such as environmental, social, cultural, and economic aspects. However this paper concerns fully on the land efficiency which focuses on the environmental aspects. From the environmental aspect, the problems that occur in Bhaskara Housing are flood, lack of green open space and the accessibility problems include access to housing provisions and traffic inside the housing area. Therefore, this study provides recommendations for handling floods in terms of land use, the addition of green open space, the arrangement of trade facilities inside the housing area, and the application of Green and Clean Program in this housing area. The research method is by direct field observation and in depth interview with the residents.

      I. Thangjam, Khero Maibam, W. Nimai and Banaraj Haobam.

Abstract: The present field investigation revealed that a total of 45 wild aromatic plants belonging to 19 families were recorded for different ailments viz. skin diseases, asthma, high blood pressure, diabetes, diahorrea, dysentery, rheumatism etc. Zingiberaceae (12) family falls higher no. of species followed by Asteraceae (8), Rutaceae (6), Lauraceae (2). Some important aromatic wild medicinal plants which are widely used by the local healers are Acorus calamus Linn., Aquilaria agallocha Roxb, Artocarpus lakoocha Wall. , Curcuma amada Rosc., Cinnamomum tamala Nees, Curcuma anguistifolia Roxb, Kaempferia rotunda(L), Citrus ganrhhini Lush, Curcuma amada Rosc, Magnolia champaca (L) Baill. However, Cinnamomum tamala Nees, Curcuma anguistifolia Roxb, Kaempferia rotunda(L) ,Curcuma amada Rosc. are included in Red data list due to deforestration, urbanization and other human activities etc .as a result of which the rich habitats are gradually depleting day by day. Therefore, the conservation of rich biodiversity of bio-resources needs to be conserved for future generation.

      Nicola Malizia

Abstract: During the recent years, few studies have investigated the association between university social context and cannabis use. This study of college students aimed to highlight the possible adoption of deviant behavior, related to cannabis smoking, by university students as a different form of entertainment from cultural and social reference standards. Secondly, we aimed to understand the relationship between CAST (Cannabis Abuse Screening Test) and social context; finally, we explored the possible association between social context and cannabis use. This paper explores the latent structure of cannabis users (especially its invariance towards gender and age) and the psychometric properties of the CAST by the assessment of a university student.

      S. Anand Kumar, M. S. Weerasooriyagedara

Abstract: Bivalve is one of the most nutritionally balanced seafood but is highly correlated with heavy metal toxicity and ultimately causing public health impacts. Several biological and geochemical factors are influencing the uptake and bioaccumulation of heavy metals in bivalves which leads to destroy aquatic ecosystem and becoming risk of food consumption. Cadmium, lead, copper, zinc and mercury are widely reported as trace metals bioaccumulation in bivalves due to industrial wastages and domestic discharges from urbanized areas. Though, a number of studies have performed to identify the presence of heavy metals in different bivalve species, limited researches have exclusively focused on relationship between nutritional composition and available heavy metals in different bivalve species with regards to safe human consumption.

      M.S.Weerasooriyagedra, S.Anand Kumar

Abstract: Bio-sorption is a promising technology for the removal of contaminants like nutrients, textile dyes, organic matter and heavy metals which have hazardous effects on the aquatic ecosystems. In recent years many low cost sorbents such as algae, fungi, bacteria and agricultural byproducts have been investigated for their bio-sorption capacity towards water contaminants. But less attention has obtained my Mollusca shell as a waste material for the utilization of bio- sorbent due to its composition and availability. The studies conducted with the focus of utilizing Mollusca shell has confirmed that the propensity of shells to remove contaminants in waste water as a single component and combinations with other materials.

      Kavita Taneja and Geetanjali Dhawan

Abstract: To cope with extinction crisis, museums have a crucial role to play in preserving the life of every possible individual. Museum collections provide essential verifiable evidence of species occurrence over time and space and thus permit rigorous taxonomic, biological and ecological investigations. Two of the basic tasks required for census are gathering data on presence and abundance. By placing stickers on the wing of insect with identification information, migration patterns of insect including how far and where they fly is studied. Using mapping and visualization tools, endangered species and their vital habitats are protected. A new computer technology i.e. remote monitoring of wildlife sounds is used to listen multiple bird sounds. Thus, sound changes due to habitat loss or climate change is significant in the present study.

      Ihejirika, Cardinal I.C., EDODI, SampsoN Obok

Abstract: Nigeria is presently overheated with calls for secession and restructuring. This is consequent upon perceived socio-political and economic imbalance, which has bifurcated the polity into the classes of agitators against and beneficiaries of the operative unjust politico-economic system. While those at the receiving end of the imbalance and disequity clamour for re-organization or total renegotiation of the country’s unity, the beneficiaries of the present unjust arrangement utilize the mass media to spread their slogans, propaganda and rhetoric. This is done in order to hide the reality of imbalance. This study therefore argues for a demystification of three identified supportive rhetoric operational in Nigeria. It recommends the reawakening and/or raising of critical consciousness among the citizens as a first step towards a praxis of reflection and action, which is hoped to stall this oppressive and manipulative system. The researcher employs the expository and analytical methods of inquiry and further suggests that the unveiling of these rhetoric will encourage transparency and mutual trust, which are pre-requisites for national integration and cohesion

      Batas Pohan, Amin Setyo Leksono, Bagyo Yanuwiadi, Soemarno

Abstract: The objectives of this study are to describe implementation of sustainable forest management with certification program, to describe strategy of maintaining sustainable forest management and to reveal role of the patrons. Data collection was conducted through focus group discussions of farmer groups as well as forest owners, assessment of forest management documents, relevant secondary data collection from various related agencies, field observations and in-depth interviews with informants from both local formal and informal leaders. Forest Management Unit of Gerbang Lestari (FMUGL) in Bangkalan District passed the certification of Sustainable Community Sustainable Forest Management. Total of 30 indicators used in this assessment, 14 indicators were considered as Good, 13 indicators were considered as Fair and 3 indicators were considered as Bad. In order to overcome the weakness, the recommendation were suggested, those consisted of quickly establish a chain-of-custody system followed by training both at board and member level and cooperation with merchants; arrangement of logging permits and logging records starting at the village level, enhancing the joint purchase of timber with the company; involves organizational processes with multi-stakeholders; improved management information system; enable agencies or regulatory bodies. Community leaders, especially clerics, play an important role in transforming idea about environmental conservation. The clerics can play a role in conserving the environment and the forest by providing examples or role models to the students, the surrounding community and the environment in which they live.

      Andro Maruli Pandapotan Hutabarat, Arief Daryanto, Agus Maulana

Abstract: The price collapse of global oil price that started 2012 has hampered development of oil and gas industry and trigerred a massive change of business process and total reduction of capital expenditure. Lack of new development plan slashed demand of engineering services automatically. This condition also affected domestic oil and gas condition in Indonesia and it’s engineering service market. PT. XYZ as domestic market leader over the last five years suffered a significant reduction of its revenues. However global shifting of energy utilization to gas and recent recovery of oil price has shown a significat hope of price rebound that could restore to a better condition. A great deal of movement in development activity started in Papua New Guinea as well as Houston as the capital of world oil and gas industry. This open fresh opportunity for domestic company to internationalize it services to overseas market. This paper main objective are to formulate an internationalization strategy to enter Papua New Guinea and Houston market. Data is collected using questionaire and in-depth interview for both internal and external subject, and analyzed using SWOT and QSPM matrix. Assessment of influencing factors recommended exporting, strategic alliance and joint venture as entry mode strategy to multiple markets.

      "Indrianty Sudirman, Muhammad Aminawar, Andi Samsu Alam, Iin Karita Sakharina, Muhammad Darwis, Muhammad Erik Kurniawan, Bambang Irawan, Ramlan Majid "

Abstract: Security and public order is one of the demanding that must be fulfil. It is due the security and order is one of dynamic situation that government may able to conduct the daily activities. Norms and regulation that become signs in living society need to control by the law in order to protect the living society. Strategy and the policy for the security control is important and crutial to do in North Luwu, in order to control the security and order, divided into two which are pre-emptif act (Like socialization about law by Police officers to society whether formal and non-formal, also addressed the member of police officer in the place that vulnerable to conflict like traditional market, midnight maret, wedding reception, etc.) and preventif act

      Arunkumar Dharmapuri, MBA, PGDFT

Abstract: The increased focus of central banks on financial inclusion has prompted banks to explore innovative means of reaching out the financially excluded section. In that process, various banks propose to adopt several models to reach the unreached. One of the most successful model is partnership approach by collaborating with credible and efficient financial intermediaries (interchangeably referred to as BC/Partner) to deliver the much needed micro-credit services to the said segment. The current document on “Partnership model”, attempts to give an understanding of the partnership model, the products that can be offered, various risks associated and mitigation techniques, the technology and monitoring system adopted by various countries.

      Seadin Xhaferi, Jadranka Mrsik

Abstract: Many developed economies consider foreign direct investment as a vital source for their economic and social development. This paper explores the role and importance of multilateral corporations as well as the impact of FDI on the economic development and growth of the Republic of Macedonia during the period 2002-2011.

      Evi Abada, Ekpereka Nawfal, Chinyere Okeke, Othuke Abada, ; Uhunamure Uwagboe

Abstract: Malaria is a major cause of morbidity and mortality amongst infants and children less than 5 years of age, and current research suggest that cerebral malaria-a manifestation of severe malaria is associated with long-term neurodevelopmental sequelae in some survivors. The long term neurocognitive complications of cerebral malaria is currently under reported, with little or no established policy platforms to follow up survivors who suffer from its debilitating consequences. The resultant effect of this unmet public health need, is an increased odds of victims growing up with disabling neurocognitive manifestations, which may lead to future economic and societal burdens a region of the world already plunged by poverty and deprivation. In this paper, we present recommendations that could mitigate the long term neurocognitive decline reported in some CM survivors. We advocate the use of preventive strategies of disease- primordial, primary, secondary and tertiary preventions to address this unmet public health need.

      Melisa Indah Firdausi

Abstract: Culture is an inheritance of a nation that must be preserved. Culture introduction can be instilled early on through some kinds of methods. One of methods that can attract children’s attention is method of playing. Playing is children’s need and they can play traditional games or modern games. One of popular modern games in the world is Monopoly which its contents have been customized for young children. So that, they can get to know Indonesian culture more. Multicultural monopoly game with educative contents can be a tool to introduce culture to children.


Abstract: The values of local wisdom have begun to fade in the dimensions of peoples lives today. Local wisdom can be introduced as early as possible in early childhood education. The process value of local wisdom is very synergistic with characters since early childhood. Because the true value of local wisdom of Indonesian society is a good cultural character values that have always been ad and deeply rooted in society. The purpose of this study is to describe local wisdom learning process implementation carried out in Laa Tahzan Islamic School Cirebon. This research is a qualitative descriptive study. The main data sources of this research is the principal, teachers, and students in Play group and Kindergarten Laa Tahzan Islamic School Cirebon. Collecting data using the method of observation, interview, and documentation. Data analysis techniques with interactive analysis model. Validation data using triangulation of data or sources, which collects data similar or equal to several different data sources as those in front and triangulation methods: interview, observation, document analysis. Implementation this learning process are applying habituation-conditioning caring and cultured, special time to play traditional games called “traditional games day” for every weeks.

      Yosef Alamri and Sayed Saghaian

Abstract: The objective of this research is to estimate the residual demand elasticity that rice exporters face in Saudi Arabia. We conducted an empirical exercise to assess the intensity of competition in Saudi Arabian rice import market during the 1993-2014 period. A model using the inverse residual demand method was specified and estimated. Estimation results show that Australia, India and Pakistan, acting as exporters, exercise market power and maintain marketing margins throughout the study period.

      Kawuwa, A. S, Adamu, M. A, Shehu, A’isha. And Abubakar, I M

Abstract: The Construction industry is the most risky of all industries in terms of health and safety hazards. Construction workers on site should have the knowledge of health and safety and apply the knowledge while working on the site. The fact that a construction task or work environment is considered risky and hazardous does not mean that its susceptibility to accident and is not controllable; this largely depends on “Work station” which is humanly controllable. Safety records in most advanced countries have proven this to be true (Samuel, 2014). Death tolls, permanent disability, partial disability and some other severe environmental threats are on the increase due to collapse of buildings and major operational accidents.

      Mohd Salim, Saurabh Kumar, Pramod Kumar, M.K. Gupta

Abstract: The present study was conducted in Jhilmil Jheel wetland which is situated on the left bank of river Ganga between Latitude N29°32’ to 29° 50’ and Longitude E 78o10’ to 78°15’covering an area of 3783.50 hectares. The altitude of the area varies from 200 to 250 meters above msl. This wetland is known for conservation of Cervus duvauceli duvauceli (Barasingha). It is situated between Haridwar - Najibabad highway in the natural course of the Ganges. A two-year study was conducted between the year 2012-2014 to analyse the soil physicochemical properties between different plantation sites of this magnificent wetland i.e., eucalyptus plantation, teak plantation, acacia plantation and mixed plantation.

      P. Babylon, A. Atinga and T. Galaya

Abstract: Malaria is a parasitic disease caused by plasmodium parasite. This study was conducted to compare malaria vector density and malaria infection in Yola South Local government area of Adamawa State, Nigeria. The result of this study revealed that there was positive correlation between malaria vector density and malaria infection based on sites of location (R=0.007) and based on month (R=0.009). Malaria vector density was observed lowest in Upper Benue Quarters (9.52%) and in the same way the infection was observed lowest (6.72%) in the same site. Relationship based on month revealed that malaria vector density was observed highest in the month of August (40.48%) and in the same way malaria infection was observed highest (33.20%) in the same month. Also, malaria vector density was observed lowest in the month of September (20.83%) and in the same way the infection was observed lowest (19.70%) in the same month. The result of this study revealed that most of the malaria vectors sampled were either blood fed (28.57%); gravid (25.59%) or half gravid (27.38%).This implies high contact between the malaria vectors and human or other animal host. Control of malaria vectors is necessary to reduce the rate of infection.

      Martin B. Tetti and Kim A. Kayunze

Abstract: The government of the United Republic of Tanzania has issued the national code of ethics and conduct for public service to help public servants, among other things to use well public resources. Contrarily, some employees in Tanzanian Local Government Authorities are misusing public resources. This paper analyses views on position of financial ethical values in Tanzania local government authorities as well as determine correlation between adherence to the national code of ethics and conduct for public service and financial ethical values.

      Elizabeth Meiske Maythy Lasut, Benny B. Binilang, Orbanus Naharia, Daniel C. Kambey

Abstract: Head departments at private universities in Indonesia are faced with a major challenge regarding the high expectations of guaranteed satisfying services they have to provide which predicted can cultivate and develop the commitment of the students. Realizing the important of this issue, it is necessary to investigate the effect of head department’s servant leadership, as one of the essential factors, on students’ commitment. This quantitative study used descriptive and simple regression analysis research design, wherein 212 second semester university students were selected as the respondents of the study through convenience sampling method. A two-part questionnaire, based on the theories of Servant Leadership and Organizational Commitment, was used in gathering data. As an overall, the results revealed that the extent of servant leadership practiced by the head department was ‘high’ (M = 4.09), and the students’ commitment (Mean = 4.14) was ‘high’. This study proved that head department’s servant leadership (r=.831, p=.00 < 0.05) significantly affected students’ commitment. It means that students’ high commitment is caused by head department’s major effort in fulfilling students’ hope and expectation through his servant leadership. Therefore, it is recommended that head department should practice servant leadership in order to foster the sense of commitment of the students for the benefit of the students themselves, and the institution as well.

      Huynh Thanh Toi, Nguyen Thị Hong Van

Abstract: Using the 15N stable isotope technique, nitrogen (N) assimilation of Artemia was determined in feeding regimes where the two yeast strains wild-type (WT) and its mutant mnn9 were gradually replaced by HT3 or HT6, or where the bacterial strains were gradually replaced by each yeast strain. A trypsin assay was performed on Artemia fed the various replacement feeding regimes, in order to detect the effect of the presence of bacteria or of the yeasts on the protein digestive response in Artemia. HT6 fed Artemia showed a higher N assimilation than when using HT3, suggesting a better food value of HT6 for Artemia.

      UKPONG Aniediobong Jonah, EKHALIALU Ogie Macaulay, OSUNG Wilson Edet, OMOKO Ejiro Newton

Abstract: Foraminiferal biostratigraphic analysis was carried out on eighty (80) ditch cutting samples from two wells (well C: 13 samples, interval 2410 -2770m at 30m and well F: 67 samples, interval 2000-3320m at 20metres) located in the Northern Depobelt of the Tertiary Niger Delta. This was achieved based on the use of standard micropaleontological sample procedures and the analysis and interpretation of the foraminiferal biofacies assemblages.

      Jaffer Lola Dano

Abstract: Most of the African children with disabilities live in sub Saharan, Africa. Many of these countries including: Ethiopia, have ratified international conventions on the rights of children with disabilities and are making a transition towards inclusive education. However, the vast majority of Africans with disabilities are excluded from schools and opportunities to work. This study examines the challenges in making this transition in one East African country, Ethiopia. A multi-method qualitative research approach was adopted. Document analysis identified the Ethiopian governments’ vision for inclusive education.

      Sukanya Roy, Tridib Dawn, Subrata Deb

Abstract: OCR, commonly known as Optical Character Recognition also known as Optical Character Reader. It is used to collect information from handwritten documents or manuscripts, printed paper data records. It is a common method of digitizing handwritten manuscripts so that they can modified or used digitally in modern technology.

      Titik Mildawati, Dian Agustia, Noorlailie Soewarno

Abstract: The purpose of this study is to prove the influence of climate change strategy on the company’s performance with the disclosure of climate change as a mediator. Research using explanatory approach from secondary data of carbon emitter company that is companies in the manufacturing, mining, utility, plantation and transportation sectors which is listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange. Data is taken from annual reports, sustainability reports, and corporate website in 2010 up to 2016 of 259 firm years. The results analysis shows that the climate change strategy either proactive and reactive give positive influence to the company’s performance, the climate change strategy gives positive influence to the disclosure of climate change, the disclosure of climate change gives positive influence to the company’s performance, the disclosure of climate change has been able to mediated the positive influence of the climate change strategy to the company’s performance.

      Ismath Banu M.T, Joseph J, Weerawardhana P.C.M.C.S, Jeyanthini K

Abstract: Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) is becoming a major health challenge worldwide especially in developing countries. It was earlier due to diabetes and hypertension like emerging chronic diseases, but now rapidly transits to multifactorial causes with increasing incidence and causing major health burden. A hospital based Cross Sectional Descriptive study was conducted to assess the associated risk factors of chronic kidney disease among 250 patients who were attending the nephrology clinic, Teaching Hospital Batticaloa (THB) from March 2016 to January 2017.

      Pumma Mehak, Kaur Amrit Pal, Chatrath Veena

Abstract: Maternal mortality has always been an indicator of health status of a country. Though MMR has decreased in India , it has still not achieved target required by MDG 2015.1 Near miss is a serious adverse event that leads to morbidity in the mother, but from which she survives. This term has the advantage over maternal death of drawing attention to surviving women’s reproductive health and lives and is equally applicable in developing as well as developed countries.

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