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The Effect of Profitability, Good Corporate Governance and Company Risk on Tax Avoidance
      Penny Anggriani Chandra, Yuniarwati
Abstract: This study aims to determine the effect of profitability (Return On Assets), corporate risk, and good corporate governance on tax avoidance studies on 33 mining companies listed on the IDX in 2019–2021. The sampling technique used is simple random sampling with a proportion of 5%, meaning that mining companies listed on the IDX by randomizing the largest companies from 2019–2021 OJK data found 33 samples.

      Aan Nurhadi, Heriyanto Andilolo, Muhammad Zulfadeli Rahman, M. Arief Munadi, Akhmad Fiteriyadi, Jatmiko Wicaksono, Andri Hamdani, Muhammad Azwar Ramadhani, Agung Wisnuwardana, Ajiddin Noor, Adinda Ain
Abstract: The "Mamanda Village (Independent & Empowered Community)" program is a form of community development carried out by PT Adaro Indonesias CSR, which began in 2018. The Company seeks to change the mindset and behavior of the community with the Mamanda Village program. The Mamanda Village Program develops local cultural arts, eco-tourism, business development, and biodiversity development. These activities can absorb labor, develop local institutional capacity and improve the environments quality. The Mamanda Village Program synergizes several significant potentials in Balida Village, such as active cooperation, the self-help pattern that is still growing, and the existence of local (endemic) plants. This average population is aware of education and high school graduates.

      Aan Nurhadi, Heriyanto Andilolo, Muhammad Zulfadeli Rahman, M. Arief Munadi, Akhmad Fiteriyadi, Jatmiko Wicaksono, Andri Hamdani, Muhammad Azwar Ramadhani, Agung Wisnuwardana, Fitri Mahyudi, Ajiddin N
Abstract: The Mamanda Balida Village Program is a social investment program from the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program by PT Adaro Indonesia. This integrated program aims to solve village problems around the operational area through increasing participation in sustainable community empowerment following village potential by prioritizing the role of BUMDes.The assessment method used is the Social Return on Investment (SROI) method referring to the principles and guidelines for the assessment of SROI Network UK & Social Value International.

      Dr. Reter Chiira Ruheni
Abstract: Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) constitutes 90% of businesses in developing countries like Kenya, they exhibit poor supply chain structures and weak logistics Management Systems (LMS). In Kenya, SMEs experience supply chain collaboration barriers in form of technological, logistical, and financial challenges. The purpose of this study was to investigate the effectiveness of logistic management systems for operational synergy among the Kenyan SMEs.

      Zulqadri Ginting, Franciscus Ginting, Tambar Kembaren
Abstract: Background: SARS-CoV-2 or severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 is the most recent strain of the coronavirus responsible for the late-2019 pneumonia epidemic. Initial clinical manifestation of COVID-19 disease is pneumonia. About 15 percent of patients with mild-to-moderate symptoms develop severe pneumonia, and 5 percent develop acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS), septic shock, and multiple organ failures.

      Juliana Pasaribu, Doaris Ingrid Marbun, Dessy D. Harianja
Abstract: Murder victim or domestic violence victim can be found in many forms, either blunt trauma, sharp object trauma, etc, either multiple wounds or single wound. Many dead victims were treated in the forensic department, the victims usually had a contusion, abrasion or lacerated wound, stab wound, or gunshot wound. This was a descriptive study using the cross-sectional retrospective design, in which the author only record the samples once using the secondary data based on the Visum et repertum record of the forensic department in Dr. Pirngadi General Hospital in Medan.

      Festus Efosa ERIAMIATOE
Abstract: This study investigates the role of health expenditure on health outcomes in West Africa countries. Using the Grossman theoretical framework, other variables that affect health outcomes were also examined. Sixteen countries of West Africa with yearly data spanning between the period of 19 years (2000-2019) was used in this study. The health outcomes examined include life expectancy and neonatal and under-5 mortality rates.

      Muyoboke A. Christopher
Abstract: The objective of this study was to evaluate the effect of trade liberalization on performance of private sector in Rwanda and in Nyagatare district in particular during 2015-2017. The collected data was analyzed through SPSS software from 44 respondents selected among 120 members of PSF Nyagatare. For data analysis, SPSS21 was used for descriptive statistic and correlation analysis. The findings for the first objective shows the overall of 3.03 and standard deviation of .547 indicating that trade liberalization plays an important role on the performance of private sector in Nyagatare district during the period of study. The findings for the second objective indicated the mean 4.15 and .481 standard deviation as high mean. That means that the effectiveness of private sector in Nyagatare district depends on trade liberalization policies implemented and followed by PSF members in their doing business of importing or exporting products with neighboring countries.

      Binu C T
Abstract: Agile Methodology is the current methodology to develop software in better way. There are different testing techniques like regression testing, smoke testing which are based on functionality. Use case testing is based on design and the proposed testing technique complete testing otherwise called work flow testing based on sequence diagram of design. The test scenarios is prepared in Analysis of Design phase and Test case is designed based on the test scenarios in testing phase in agile methodology.

      Pham Thi Kieu Oanh, Nguyen Thi Hong Nhung
Abstract: In recent years, constructivism is regarded as one of the great ideas in education. Its implications for the way teachers teach and learn how to teach are enormous. If our efforts to reform education for all are to be successful, then we must focus on the student. By far, the focus on student-centered learning may be constructivisms most important contribution. Therefore, within this article, constructivist learning theory is discussed as a paradigm of teaching and learning at high schools in Vietnam. Constructivism is a learning theory found in psychology that explains how people can acquire knowledge and learn, thereby directing application to education.

      Binu C T
Abstract: Security is the primary factor to select cloud as the platform. Security threat like man in the middle attack, SQL injection, IP Spoofing increases threats in the system. The existing systems focus on performance than the security of the system. The proposed system with multi cloud application increases the security of the application with Threat Prevent Routing mechanism. Security Check Cloud for security check and Secure App cloud for the secure application. There is Pass Code named Application id is generated in the SC Cloud based on the application run in the client environment to the SA cloud using incident App. The Pass code is the authentication to enter in to the SA cloud and run the Secure App.

      Julius Ngila Musyoka and Prof. Kennedy Mutundu
Abstract: There exists knowledge gap in analysis of the influence of the general ICT-based M&E systems in county governments with a focus on data analysis and timely presentation to stakeholder, there an empirical gap in physical health infrastructural, road infrastructural development, market infrastructural development and sports infrastructural development ICT-based M&E. This study tried to fill the gap in knowledge by answering a question on what the role of ICT-based monitoring and evaluation systems in infrastructural development in county governments?

      Kiki James, Vivian Chidera Ejike, Temitope Monyeh
Abstract: During the Coronavirus Pandemic, schools across the world were forced to close down spurring them to embrace innovative means of delivering lessons to students. This resulted in an increase in the already alarming number of out-of-school children in Nigeria. Although insurgency is largely reported as the primary reason for the number of out-of-school children in the Northern part of Nigeria, there are new suggestions that several other factors that are primary contributors to this educational problem.

      I Ketut Mastika, Dwi Haryanto, Fahrobby Adnan, Panca Oktawirani, Pandu Satriya Hutama. Pramesi Lokaprasdha
Abstract: The purpose of this study is to examine the tourism objects of the Tengger Semeru National Park (TNBTS) in the perspective of product bundling through rebranding. The research was conducted in the TNBTS area using qualitative research methods with narrative analysis. The subject of the study was the management of TNBTS, the local community, and tourist actors in the Bromo Tengger tourist area.

      Kareem kamil Mohammed, Kiumars Bayat, Safaa kamel
Abstract: In East Africa, where malaria is endemic, P. falciparum incidence has been steadily rising over the past ten years. Additionally, Africa has the greatest rate of malaria infections among tourists. As a result, severe malaria is an acute illness brought on by P. falciparum, but increasingly also by P. vivax. It is characterised by considerable organ failure and/or high parasitemia levels (>10%) in blood smears.

      Maulana Iman Pratama, Kusrini, Alva Hendi Muhammad
Abstract: Indonesia is an agricultural country known as a producer of various plantation commodities, including coffee. There are several types of coffee grown in Indonesia, the majority of which are arabica coffee and robusta coffee. Coffee that has good quality can be seen from several factors, or the quality of the coffee beans, the appropriate length and temperature when roasted or roasted.

      Wanjiku Eunice Ngari, Dr. Josphat Kyalo
Abstract: The subject of project completion is of global concern to parties that are involved in construction of projects. Poor performance of completion of construction projects is usually characterized by production of low-quality projects, time and cost overruns. Success of a construction projects directly affects how a contractor is perceived since it’s a contractor’s responsibility to ensure that a construction projects is completed as that is how their performance is measured. Thus, the study research was on contractor’s firm structure and its influence on completion of building construction projects.

      Mrs. Priyanka Deorukhkar, Mr. Nilesh Mhaske, Ms. Tejal Surve
Abstract: The incidence of cervical cancer has declined in developed countries, cervical cancer remains a significant problem in people who are developing. Past studies suggest that Indian women, who account for a minimum of one-fourth of the worldwide disease burden, aren’t routinely screened. Thus the investigator intended to conduct the study with to a study to evaluate the effectiveness of self-instructional module on knowledge regarding prevention of cervical cancer among women visiting in selected hospital, at Maharashtra.

      Christina Samangun, S.E.M Nirahua, J. Tjiptabudy, H. Salmon
Abstract: This research is supposed to 1) To find out and find and analyze Fair Regional Regulations in the Implementation of Special Autonomy Orders in the Regions. This research used a normative legal research method. This research was conducted by examining the existing concepts, doctrines, theories and statutory provisions using the Philosophy Approach, the Statute Approach and the Conceptual Approach.

      Binu C T
Abstract: Adhoc Network for real time application require highly secure infrastructure. The real time application require data in its derivative forms. Security mechanism increases adhoc network in its actual form. The connection of smart devices such as mobile phones, iPad etc. to the internet result in the improvement of computation everywhere. The computational capability of devices are very important while using computation to solve problems. The existing systems have problems with scheduling of tasks while doing high speed adhoc network with security. The proposed system have unique registration number of which 6 digit given by the user and 4 digit by the system and scheduling is based on this unique number. There is a Registration layer in each devices. The last 4 digit in the registration number defines the capacity of the device to do computation. A new Sorted Encoding Encryption and Decryption is to provide information security to the devices

      Abin Varghese, Saritha Mary Thomas
Abstract: Purpose: Iron deficiency is mostly affecting nutritional deficiency in low and middle-income countries. Infants, young children, adolescent females, young females with heavy bleeding during menstrual periods, women of childbearing age, and old people are at a significant risk of iron deficiency. Doctors usually prescribe iron therapy in treating iron deficiency. Along with iron deficiency, iron overload is a serious complication when there is an excess of iron storage in the human body.

      Dr Safa Akmal, Dr. Saima Nisar Ali*, Habib Ahmed ,Muhammad Naseer, Syed Nawasizh Ali
Abstract: Our objective of study is to determine effect of hospital sectors on job satisfaction and mental health in tertiary care hospitals of Karachi. To achieve this we targeted two renowned hospitals of Karachi. This study is helpful in understanding that whether employees of government hospital are much satisfied and mentally healthy or private hospital employees are? This will also clarify that how these two factors affect the performance.

      Danny Erlangga Supriyadi and Wisnu Isvara
Abstract: In 2021, the Indonesia New Renewable Energy (NRE) mix achievement was 11,5% while the target for NRE mix targeted by Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM) in 2025, 2030, and 2050 was 23%, 25%, and 31%.

      Winda Siska, Deltri Apriyeni, Yuliardi Alqadri, Joni Fitra, Wan Saumadi
Abstract: This research will examine the issue of public (public) satisfaction with the services provided by the Kumun Debai Sub-District Office, Sungai Penuh City. Various factors that influence it will be explained in detail. The dependent variable that will be discussed is; job satisfaction while the independent variables that also influence are; quality of service, quality of work life, and motivation of public service.

      Dr.Salma Banu
Abstract: The capital expenditure is an important segment of capital investment with reference to fixed assets management and depreciation policy. The size of depreciation and method of depreciation adopted by factories influences its financial strength and adequacy to return on capital employed. The study tries to understand the size of depreciation with regard to gross block and depreciation to sales. it also tries to study the indices of gross block and depreciation in sample sugar factories and its impact on sales as well as return adequacy in sugar industry.

      Christopher L. Imboywa, Joseph M. Mutungi & Simon Muthomi
Abstract: The purpose of this study was to assess the implications of the border security management on Kenya’s national security. The study assessed selected socio-cultural dynamics that influence the interactions of the border communities and their impact on border security management at the Moyale One Stop Boarder Post. The study was anchored on the realism and Regional Security Complex theories and adopted a descriptive research design. A total of 493 respondents were targeted by the study, out of which a sample of 220 was obtained using the Yamane Formula.

      Trixie E. Cubillas, Francis May Q. delos Reyes
Abstract: The paper aims to identify the students’ level of appreciation of synchronous classes in the new normal. It is a descriptive-correlative type of study since it assessed the level of appreciation of students in synchronous class in English 10 and it quantified their level of academic performance in the same subject and it also tries to establish an association between the level of appreciation of the synchronous class design and delivery and the students’ academic performance. The participants of the study are the students of the synchronous online class in English 10 from the two (2) big schools in the division of Butuan City, Philippines. The study revealed that the students are very much satisfied with their synchronous class design and delivery. It is recommended that teachers may consider attending learning and development opportunities to enhance their technological know-how for better navigation of different online platforms.

      Trixie E. Cubillas, Ariel U. Cubillas, Kem Jane E. Bayrola, Angel Fel J. Burdeos, Glenn Gian D. Godinez
Abstract: The studys primary goal was to identify the students level of academic stress during the COVID-19 pandemic in relation to academic expectations, academic work and examinations, academic self- perceptions, and the extent of perceived social support from friends, family, and significant others. The study utilized a descriptive-correlational research design where the frequency and percentages, weighted mean, One-Way ANOVA, and Pearson Product Moment Correlation were used to analyze the collected data from 98 students. Online-generated survey questions were utilized for the data analysis.

      Muhammed Suhail TS
Abstract: Testing is a phase in software application development lifecycle. This process validates whether the application which is developed conforms to the requirements provided. This process could be accomplished using both manual as well as code based automated solutions. This paper mainly talks about the different types of test automation approaches which could be implemented to enhance the productivity and efficiency of the testing life cycle. The different automation strategies, generic framework architecture, the features and advantages and how returns are generated on the investment is discussed in detail.

      Dr. Sumudu Ovitigama
Abstract: In accommodating Dyslexic students MSLT approach and Inclusive education go hand in hand. According to statistics, 10% of the world population suffer from Dyslexia and related learning difficulties. Therefore, there might be such students in an English language classroom in Sri Lanka too. Since English language acts as an international language it is significant for the student to learn it. Therefore in this investigation it was focused on English teachers’ perception on applying MSLT approach in accommodating learning difficulties of Dyslexic students in order to promote Inclusive education.

      Saritha Mary Thomas, Abin Varghese
Abstract: Background: All coagulation tests critically depend on the quality of the plasma specimens obtained. Pre-analytical variability is a common source of errors in coagulation testing, as clotting assays are susceptible to poor standardization of the whole analytical process. Many misleading results in blood coagulation arise not from errors in testing but from carelessness in the pre-analytical phase. Pre-analytical factors influencing the reliability of laboratory testing are commonplace. Control is critical, since this has a direct influence on the quality of results and their clinical reliability. Internal Quality control should be maintained while performing the tests in the laboratory.

      Thomas Olushola, James O Abiola, Liafisu S Yekini
Abstract: Over the course of its history, the tax administration has been beset by a broad range of problematic difficulties and aspects. For instance, tax evasion and tax avoidance have been exceedingly common, as has the failure of tax authorities to preserve accurate records. The existence of these factors necessitates the use of IT. Tax administration is undergoing this change so that it may become more efficient and successful. This motivates the study under review, which investigates the strengthening of CIT protocols through the deployment of information and communication technology.

      Saritha Mary Thomas, Abin Varghese
Abstract: Purpose: Analysis of ferritin is very important in pregnancy for predicting risk factors such as GDM, IDA, preeclampsia, preterm delivery, childbirth weight, and other pregnancy-related complications. The only commonly used laboratory test for determining iron reserves is the determination of serum ferritin concentration. As a result, the complications associated with ferritin is caused by an increase or decrease in body iron stores.

      Youhan Pratama Febrianto, Rahayu S. Arifin (Dr)
Abstract: This paper aim to explain what parameters that create a PPM Maturity Model and determine the PPM Maturity Level for BUMN Construction Services companies. It begins with analyzing which PPM parameters affect the PPM Maturity Model, then create maps of the PPM maturity level and finally determines the most influential parameters in the PPM Maturity Level in BUMN Construction Service Companies in Indonesia.

      Jean Pierre Bavumiragira, Edwin Kipkrui, Yves Ndizeye, Pascaline Uyisaba, Alex Bazambanza
Abstract: According to the census report of household living conditions of March 2016, showed that 81.6% of the improved sanitation in Rwanda, uses pit latrines with solid slabs, as a result of the absence of a sewerage system/network in the country. Topography at high altitudes has caused significant surface and groundwater contamination in various areas, including Kigali, the capital city. Additionally, the high standard of living in the region and the lack of government funding to develop different projects for centralized sanitation have contributed to the complexity of wastewater management. A count of 1.3 million people in Kigali city has neither centralized sewage treatment nor central sewage networks. Due to untreated sewage being disposed inappropriately into the environment, they may have potential negative impacts on surface and groundwater resources.

      Navami.S, Jishamole. K, Gargi R Nair
Abstract: Background: Diabetes is a growing public health problem throughout the world. As a consequence of hyperglycemia in diabetes, every tissue and organ of the body undergoes biochemical and structural alterations which accounts for major diabetes complications. The prevalence of Type II Diabetes mellitus is rising more rapidly because of obesity and reduced physical activity levels as countries, become more industrialized.

      Anthony Obododike Ekwuno
Abstract: Construction is an integral part of the global economy and research has found that there is currently a labor shortage in this industry. This is causing difficulties in economic growth. In todays competitive environment, absenteeism is a problem. It can be difficult for organizations to keep their employees happy and productive, especially if theyre absent too often. The problem is that there are many reasons why its hard to be successful at your job, such as not being given enough support or not being given a good enough salary. If you want your workers to be available all the time, its essential to keep them on schedule.

      Dhaniah Fijriyani, Wisnu Isvara
Abstract: Several office building constructions within BPJS Ketenagakerjaan during the last 5 (five) years have experienced delays in project completion. The delay is because the process of controlling the construction of office buildings has yet to be developed based on risk. The method uses gap and qualitative risk analysis to determine the dominant risks during the construction life cycle and develop them with risk management based on PMBOK 6th edition.

      V. Pandichelvi and S. Saranya
Abstract: In this paper, the range of appearance of totality of two familiar sequences involving Icosagonal number and square pyramidal number so-called Icospyramidal result number and addition of the range of appearance of the above cited sequences separately are assessed. Furthermore, some results centered on range of appearance of those numbers are perceived and confirmed by separate python programs.

      Marites Q. Catabay, Joseph H. Cumagun, Ma.Victoria C. Gannaban, Anthony Ceasar F. Zambale
Abstract: This study ascertained the perspectives of the respondents on the dimensions affecting the quality of online learning amidst pandemic. The study further investigated the dimensions influencing the quality of online classes, such as administrative support, course content, course design, instructor characteristics, learner characteristics, social support, and technological support, which affects the quality of online classes for the 1st and 2nd Semester of A.Y. 2020-2021.

      Angham Mahdi Alhamdi
Abstract: The purpose of this research was to examine the diabetes education effects and nursing strategies used by the endocrinology department on the outcomes of care provided to patients with diabetes. A total of 90 newly diagnosed diabetes patients hospitalized to our hospital's Endocrinology Department between October 2018 -2019 were included in the research. All of the patients' medical records were retrospectively reviewed. 45 patients served as the control group and got standard medical care, while the same number of patients were given the experimental diabetic health education care model. Randomly dividing patients into two groups. We monitored routine care patients' blood sugar, meals, and medicines. The experimental group received diabetes education. The nursing influence, blood sugar level, degree of illness awareness, incidence of problems, and compliance were evaluated for the two patient groups. Patients in the experimental group in this research got diabetic health instruction. When comparing the overall data from the two patient groups, there was no statistically significant difference in gender, age, or length of illness (P > 0.05). When the nursing effects of the two patient groups were compared, it became clear that the experimental group's nursing effects were higher and that its overall rate of effectiveness was greater. A statistical study showed that the two groups were different (P 0.05). In the experimental group, 90.1% of treatment compliance assessments were effective, compared to 75.5% in the control group. Conclusion: Even though these patients were cared for utilizing standard nursing practices, they performed significantly better than the control group. As a result, implementing diabetic health education is extremely beneficial. The remission of the illness has good outcomes.

      Batsaikhan Uugantsetseg
Abstract: Social networks are becoming increasingly popular. According to researchers, more than half of the world population now uses social networks. Social media represents a revolution in terms of advertising opportunities for businesses. Thus, the mechanisms of social networks have changed not only the means, but also the communication. Social media is becoming an important marketing tool for destination management organizations and thus has a major impact on tourism markets. The advent of new technologies such as social media has changed the way consumers seek information related to their purchasing decisions. Through the advice or knowledge, they receive from the community, they create an image of the destination and are used by consumers to make decisions. The purpose of this paper is to highlight the use of social media and the impact of social media on consumer travel decision making.

      Susi Kresnatita ; Ariffin; Didik Hariyono ; Sitawati ; Wahyu Widyawati
Abstract: Cultivating cauliflower in Central Kalimantans peatlands requires proper nutrient management. This is because cauliflower is very sensitive to soil and environmental variations, which can affect the growth and mass yield of flowers. Peat soil problems, both physical, chemical and biological, need specific handling, including high soil acidity, poor nutrients, high cation exchange capacity (CEC), with low base saturation, soil pH is generally below 4.5 while cauliflower is a plant that is sensitive to high acidity.

      Ashtalakshmi P A , Liliya Jacob, Sona
Abstract: I look out that Diabetes mellitus is considered a common coexisting (multiple chronic conditions) of covid-19;observational studies investigating blood glucose ,or glycated hemoglobinA1c (HbA1c) according to severity of covid-19 were considered. The severe acute respiratory syndrome(SARS-CoV) and recently emerged middle east respiratory syndrome(MERS-CoV) epidemics have proven the ability of coronaviruses to cross species barrier and emerge rapidly in humans.

      Dr. Preeti Senthiya, Dr. Mithlesh Meena
Abstract: In this modern scientific era, every human wants to move forward, he is trying in every way to live his life well and he is working day and night to fulfil his dreams and he is working hard. To fulfil his every desire, he is doing extra work to get everything, due to which work pressure is on him and his physical and mental condition is getting affected, due to which his practical, social, occupational and family relations are getting spoiled. And he is also likely to have mental illnesses in the future. One should practice Yoga Nidra to remain mentally and physically healthy. Yog Nidra has been of great importance since ancient times. Yoga Nidra is literally Yogic sleep or deep relaxation or meditative state.

      Swetapadma Nayak, Dr. Lipishree Das
Abstract: Education is the living process through a continuous reconstruction of experiences. It is the improvement of all those capacities in the individual which will enable one to control the environment and fulfil one’s possibilities. A well-furnished and futuristic education policy is an indispensable movement for development of the country’s economic and social progress, incorporated with cultural diversity, local and the global needs. In the present study, researcher has adopted descriptive research and analysed the National Educational Policy 2020 based on the available data such as research papers, journals, websites and mainly NEP 2020 through analytical method and conceptual discussion.

      Ichsan Iqbal, Erni Panca Kurniasih, Norika Handayani
Abstract: This research article aims to show the importance of fair price determination at the market for the public. Determining fair price serves as “intermediary” between sellers and buyers by making price regulations that are fair and mutually beneficial for sellers and buyers.

      Hasi Saha, Haider Iqbal Khan, Md. Masum Billah, G C Saha
Abstract: Technologies have greatly shaped the activities in farming. In this context, agricultural information technology has brought about significant change in agriculture development, especially the adoption of technological tools in agriculture farming, including the 3D visualization technique in agricultural crop monitoring applications. Hence, a farmer must make timely decisions to make most from scarce resources, and thus, timely and appropriate information to allocate use of scarce resources efficiently and economically for production is essentially important towards high productivity and maximum profitability.

      Hassan Abdiaziz Mohamed and Prof. Kennedy Mutundu
Abstract: Operating under the restrictions imposed by the Covid-19 was difficult for most firms. Challenges for SMEs were more severe than for other enterprises due to a considerable decline in demand for goods and services. Thus, the study examined the effect of the Covid 19 Pandemic on customer service by small and medium enterprises in Garissa Township Ward, Kenya. The study employed a descriptive research design with a sample size of 387 locals from Garissa County.

      Ardiwidjaja Roby, Muawanah Umi, Abdillah Dariusman, Maharnani, Chamdani Usman, Rusata Tatang
Abstract: Indonesia is the world largest archipelagic country, with the sea covering nearly three-fourths of its land and 17,508 islands scattered across it. Aside from an abundance of natural resources, the country is rich in cultural diversity, particularly in the traditions and daily life patterns of rural communities. History proved that in the past the Indonesian people have played a major role in the development of world maritime culture. On this basis, the government has launched a sea-based development program in the form of the world maritime axis and the sea highway. The goal is to make the potential wealth of the country marine resources the primary source of income for the country economy and its people. Generally, this article aims to provide a proposed solution through sustainable tourism development based on maritime culture, by lifting traditional people boats made of wood developed into traditional cruise ships, and preserving the tradition of traditional shipbuilding as an effort to strengthen the roots of Indonesian maritime culture. This study used a SWOT analysis based on data and information on community maritime culture, traditional shipbuilding traditions, and the development of traditional cruises in traditional shipbuilding areas, to generate various development strategies. The findings can be used as input for problem-solving and decision-making processes needed by the government in formulating policies related to sustainable tourism in Indonesia.
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