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Comparative Analysis of Linearized Expressions for Pseudo-Second-Order Kinetics Modeling of Methylene Blue Adsorption on Sulfuric Acid-Treated Rice Husk: A Statistical Data Analysis Approach
      Yu-Ting Huang, Ming-Cheng Shih
Abstract: Artificial dyes have been employed for over a century in a wide variety of industries, including the textiles and pharmaceutical sectors. However, synthetic dyes are often poorly biodegradable and can be hazardous to human health and the environment. When wastewater containing synthetic dyes is discharged from these facilities without treatment, it can lead to water contamination. Adsorption is a cost-effective and widely adopted method for removing synthetic dyes from wastewater. To improve the efficiency of adsorption, researchers have investigated the adsorption mechanism using different kinetic equations.

      Jihad Basuni, Prof. Adnan Affandi
Abstract: A distributed broadband branch line coupler and a lumped-distributed ultra-broadband branch line coupler are designed and fabricated. Both couplers are designed in non-uniformity. Theoretical analyses, simulations, and practical measurements are conducted in this paper. Moreover, the ability of the proposed lumped-distributed coupler shows ultra-broadband operation. The theoretical simulation is not far of the practical measurement, and it is showing slight differences. This indicates that this coupler almost fully agreed with the theoretical result. The design and the simulation are done using the Advance Design System (ADS) software.

      V. R. Kothari, A.H. Jobanputra
Abstract: The objective of this work was to investigate the bacterial association to remediate diesel oil. We reported the biotic and abiotic contributions to difference in diesel oil degradation efficacy between two bacterial strain Pseudomonas auerigonsa (AHJ8) and Acinetobacter lwoffii (AHJ6) isolated from diesel oil contaminated soil and garden soil. We characterized the physical variations in bioremediation efficacy for diesel oil. Diesel oil and them constitutes as sole carbon sources, quantify the components which they degrade. Initially isolation was carried the detection of hydroxyl metabolite catechol during degradation of diesel oil.

      Mary Jane Coy
Abstract: The number of American prison inmates incarcerated in the criminal justice system impacts society both economically and socially. However, the criminal justice system has fallen far short of the rehabilitation goal to facilitate the effective reintegration of male inmates into society and promote acceptable social behaviors upon re-entry. A constructive look at the needs of the criminal justice system and those of the criminal justice population points towards the urgency for increased identification and implementation of best practices.

      Onuoha N.O.
Abstract: Dynamic stability and dynamic buckling loads of elastic structures have gained numerous interest in recent research. It is because of its wide area of application in many fields of engineering such as civil engineering, architectural engineering and nuclear power plant engineering. Dynamic buckling load of a geometrically imperfect column lying on a nonlinear elastic foundation trapped by a time dependent load is discussed here. Regular perturbation method and asymptotic expansions are applied to solve the differential equation. The effect of damping and geometric imperfections on the dynamic buckling load at different modes are x-rayed.

      Narasimha Rao Konangi
Abstract: Predicting stock prices remains an important subject of big data analytics. Although many prediction models are developed in the literature, the accurate prediction of Stock-Prices is uncertain due to the underlying problem of massive amounts of data with high response time. Hence, for accurate prediction, an ESSM-GRU-based framework is proposed in this paper. Initially, the Twitter dataset is processed to separate automated twits, pre-process the separated twits, and extract features using TF-IDF. Meantime, the attributes from the historical dataset were extracted and merged with the TF-IDF features using the CK-Means-based clustering phase.

      HITAMUNGU Jean Marie Vianney, Prof. Edwin Odhuno
Abstract: The purpose of the research was to determine the impact of risk management towards agriculture projects’ success in Rwanda. The study explored how to best analyze project risks, different strategies of risk mitigation such as risk control, risk retention, risk prevention, and risk transfer. The research also evaluated the impact of the risk mitigation strategies used towards project’s success in the agriculture sector, especially in the Farmer Field Schools project in Kamonyi District, Rwanda. The explanatory design for qualitative and quantitative data was considered and this research used 345 respondents including 30 Farmer Field School Project trainers, 255 project beneficiaries, and 60 local leaders of different sectors of Kamonyi district whose responsibilities are related to agricultural activities.

      Israel Chukwuka Okunwaye
Abstract: In presenting a critical view of my positionality as an educational practitioner and emerging researcher, I consider my role as a teacher in a UK context, and how that raises several interconnected issues- such as what critical pedagogy would mean, the need for learning that is effective, the extent to which State policy can shape educational development, and also why it’s important to contemplate as significant a substantial part of my story and how it impacts on my positionality. The paper involves elaborating on my experiences, and on how it relates to the relevant academic research.

      Oky Bon Amarullah, Herman Ruslim
Abstract: This study analyzes the influence of dividend policy and earnings per share on the stock prices of mining companies listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange from 2019 to 2021. To put it in different words, the study focuses on mining companies listed on the BEI (Indonesia Stock Exchange) and applies multiple regression analysis to examine data from financial reports and the official website of the exchange.

      Julius Pangaribuan, Rossy Armyn Machfudiyanto
Abstract: One of the most disturbing causes of project work is the risk of an accident that occurs on a construction project. Safety performance can be an indication of how well a construction project works in implementing the safety program in the field, as well as can be used to evaluate previously carried out work safety management. The study will further examine the factors affecting the safety performance of construction projects in the palm coconut plantation area in Gabon. The study used a meta-analysis model to investigate factors that influenced the safety performance of 25 previous researchers.

      Sheref Abdela Abibeker, Abdulhakim Abdella Mume, Mehari Mariye, Dilu G.Desalegn, Fekadu Ararsa, Workneh Furgasa
Abstract: The world’s most valuable natural resource is water, and one of the most pressing global environmental issues is the contamination of water resources. The UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development declares the importance of water by Sustainable Development Goal 6 (SDG 6) establishes a commitment to ‘Ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all’. SDG 6 target 6.3 state that ‘improve water quality by reducing pollution, eliminating dumping and minimizing release of hazardous chemicals and materials, having the proportion of untreated wastewater, and substantially increasing recycling and safe reuse globally’. Water pollution is any chemical, biological, or physical change in water quality that has harmful effects on living organisms or that makes water unsuitable for desired uses. The main Source of pollution is domestic wastewater and solid waste. In Ethiopia, like many developing countries, the management of river water quality is a major environmental challenge. This study focuses on the main causes of Chiro River water pollution.

      Arnav Oberoi, Om Sehgal, Chirag Malik
Abstract: Everyone wants to get into the best university they could think of for their master’s degree but considered the different requirements considered by the universiy’s admission committee, it becomes extremely difficult to predict whether they would get into the university or not. Our model will predict whether the student can get into the university and using this model we will be trying to tune the parameters and get the best Logistic Regression model for ideal results. Given various tuning techinques, we will try to find the best tuning method for our model.

      Tanmay Devare, Shardul Jeurkar
Abstract: In recent years, the term Precision agriculture has gained tremendous attention due to its ability to improve crop yield while reducing its cost. This can be achieved by applying modern Machine learning and Computer vision techniques. In this paper, we propose a comprehensive study of the following deep learning models VGG16 and InceptionV3. Our approach involves training these models individually on a data-set of apple-tree leaf images, which include healthy and diseased trees,and evaluating their performance on a validation set.

      Agimasie Demewoz Ali
Abstract: This study was conducted to examine socioeconomic factors that affect Muncipal Solid Waste (MSW) generation level in Addis Ababa city administration. In this paper, the researcher used both descriptive and econometric analysis. The study used a fixed effect regression model for econometric analysis. The studys empirical result indicates that population density has a positive and statistically significant effect on municipal solid waste generation. In contrast, secondary school enrollment and environmental protection clubs in school have a negative and statistically significant impact on municipal solid waste generation.

      Dilu G. Desalegn, Ping Fang; Mehari Mariye; Fekadu Ararsa; Workneh Furgasa, Sheref Abdela
Abstract: Rural communities in Ethiopia are susceptible to climate change. As communities utilized additional adaptation technologies, the ability to manage climate change is growing. Climate change is posing the greatest environmental, social, and economic challenges to all of human in the world and across borders in many countries. It is also the most pressing environmental concern today and will remain so in the future on a global level. Climate change/ variability affect agriculture, health, water resources, and natural resource. The residents of Dukem town are facing the same challenge and are suffering from climate disruptions which have become common natural catastrophes in the country. Thus, this study was carried out in four kebeles of Dukem Town in the Oromia Regional State of Ethiopia to demonstrate the ways in which the local community in Dukem Town has adapted to the effects of climate change.

      Nguyen Van Tan, Do Thi Trang Nhung
Abstract: The purpose of this research was to investigate the use of games in teaching and learning vocabulary among Vietnamese students and to assess the effectiveness of word games in enhancing English vocabulary acquisition among university students at a university located in Northern Vietnam. The study involved the participation of sixty first-year students from two classes. Data was collected through pre-tests, post-tests, unstructured observations, and informal interviews. The findings of the study revealed a significant statistical difference between the pre-test and post-test scores of the experimental group. Furthermore, a significant statistical difference was observed between the experimental group, which employed innovative game-based methods for vocabulary learning, and the group that followed traditional language teaching methods.

      Ms. Mahadevi Katral, Dr Suchitra A Rati, Mr Gururaj Guggari, Ms.Najma M Hakim and Mr.Nachiket Nimbal
Abstract: Background- Approximately 1.71 billion people have MSDs worldwide and leading contributor to disability worldwide, with low back pain being the single leading cause of disability in 160 countries. In the world India stands at 2nd top largest sugar producing country after Brazil, where sugar factories are basically agro-based industries. Consequently factory workers are more exposed for RSI [Repetitive strain injury] and MSDs [Musculoskeletal disorders] specially neck, upper neck, lower neck etc due to constant movements3.

      Anak Agung Intan Aprilia Pertamayanti, Ni Putu Martini Dewi
Abstract: Welfare is the essence of development, which is a planned effort to realize change. A prosperous family is defined as being able to meet proper physical and mental needs and having a harmonious and balanced relationship with family members. This study aims to analyze the effect of family members, types of work, and education simultaneously and partially on the welfare of the female heads of households in the Pemecutan Kelod. The number of samples could be as many as 111 female household heads using the proportionate stratified random sampling method. Data collection is carried out by means of observation, interviews, and in-depth interviews.

      Mohamed Mohamud Hussein and Prof. Kennedy K. Mutundu
Abstract: Mandera as one of the towns in the NEP of Kenya was a strategic position between the two regions, however, terror activities have reduced the level of socio-economic development that the region would have benefited from in a peaceful era. However, the emergence and persistent attacks by Al-Shabaab creates an empirical gap concerning the influence of terrorist activities on the socio-economic development of the NEP region, specifically in road transport industry.

      Shazia Afroze, Md Asifuzzaman, Md. Istiak Hossain Paran
Abstract: The Electric Power System is divided into many different sections. One of which is the transmission system, where power is transmitted from generating stations and substations via transmission lines into consumers. Both methods could encounter various types of malfunctions is usually referred to as a “Fault”. Our project aims give an easy and smart way to detect faults in transmission system.

      Yongky Suganda, Pranajaya Dharma Kadar, Faith Dwi Winanto
Abstract: Introduction: Surgical wound infection is one of the most common nosocomial infections after surgery. The incidence rate of SSI in the surgical stage is relatively high, especially in orthopedic surgery; the incidence can be up to 71%. Surgical site infection after spine surgery usually occurs through direct inoculation during the surgical procedure. Using blood and wound culture as the gold standard also has several obstacles. Due to the above constraints, an alternative marker is needed to diagnose early SSI events. One marker that can be used is the neutrophil-lymphocyte ratio. The use of the neutrophil-lymphocyte balance is relevant and consistent with the pathogenesis of SSI.

      Ansah Jackson, Osei-Ababio Emmanuel, Osei Ansah Stephen
Abstract: The study evaluates the effect of holistic green marketing orientation, precisely strategic green marketing orientation (SGMO) on sustainable competitive advantage (SCA) by defining the role of an antecedent corporate social responsibility (CSR) and a moderator internal green marketing orientation (IGMO) which is also an element of green marketing orientation. The analysis is based on 401 samples gathered from managers, departmental heads, and junior staff in the consumer goods industry. A structural equation model statistical tool was employed using SmartPLS 3.0.

      Momen Yaseen M. Amin
Abstract: This paper delves into the multifaceted domain of Family Language Policy (FLP), an emergent area of research probing into the tactics and methodologies employed by families to cultivate and sustain one or multiple languages within the domestic environment. Commencing with a meticulous definition of FLP, the paper categorizes its principal variants, elucidating their distinguishing characteristics.

      Santi Yopie, Alvina, Angeliqa Ludya Haprekunarey, Sheren Zeng
Abstract: This article explores global development in corporate governance research, highlighting its importance for effective management and responsible decision-making. The three pillars of corporate governance implementation are government and regulatory agencies, the business community, and wider stakeholders. Effective corporate governance practices lead to increased profits and service protection.

      Fekadu A. Bekele, Hailong Yin, Mehari Mariye, Dilu G. Desalegn, Workneh Furgasa, Sheref Abdela
Abstract: Flood is a major threating problem to the local community at worldwide particularly in developing countries. Urban floods have emerged as a pressing concern in Ethiopia, particularly in areas like Addis Ababa city. Kebena river, which is one of the major watershed catchment in Addis Ababa, is frequently affected by these floods which has been resulting in great socio-economic damage. In order to minimize and avoid the problem, there should be a research that can identify and understand the causes and consequences of flooding in the study area.

      Lakshmikiran Nandula, Swathi Chitra Padmanabhan
Abstract: Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) is a branch of Computer Science that is leveraged to explore and improve the interaction of humans with different types of Computer Interfaces like Applications on Personal Computer, WEB, Mobile Devices, Infotainment systems in cars, etc. In order to improve the user experience with these interfaces, designers perform different evaluations on the interface to figure out if there are any improvements that can be made to the Interface. This paper focuses on a specific area of Evaluation technique which is known as the Heuristic Evaluation Technique. The technique is used to measure the usability of the Computer Interface. Leveraging the Heuristic Evaluation Technique we are going to evaluate an existing interface of a website known as the craigslist.com.

      Amos Musili Kingola
Abstract: The purpose of this study was to determine what attributes passengers deem important when evaluating the services provided by the Rift Valley Railways Consortium (RVRC) and to assess the extent to which passengers are satisfied with the quality of services RVRC offers. Additionally, it sought to appraise RVRCs performance on various aspects of service quality. A questionnaire containing both open- and closed-ended questions was used to collect primary data for the purpose of achieving the desired results.

      Jawadullah Jahed, Ping Fang
Abstract: Clean air is a secret weapon for tackling the climate crisis, saving lives, fostering inclusive societies and improving childhood development.From contaminating our environment to damaging our health, poor air quality is a major global challenge. No one is immune to the negative air pollution effects, but many think this shared burden doesn’t affect their lives.

      Pragyan Borthakur
Abstract: This research paper examines the evolution of car purchasing behaviour among consumers in India from 2010 to the present. Through extensive literature review and questionnaire survey, it explores the reasons behind the changing preferences and decision-making processes of consumers in the Indian automobile market. The study draws upon various sources, including market research reports, industry publications, academic studies, and consumer surveys, to provide a comprehensive analysis of the factors influencing car purchasing behaviour in India over the last decade.

      Narasimha Rao Konangi
Abstract: Precise processing of financial big data, which could aid in predicting future Stock Market (SM), can provide insights into market trends. But, the prevailing prediction model lacks in providing secure forecasted outcomes. Hence, this article proposes a secure SM prediction scheme. Primarily, historical SM data along with real-time SM financial data and technical indicators are processed with time series windowing.

      Snehashi Janapati
Abstract: Introduction: The heart is a crucial bodily organ. The hearts primary job is to pump blood throughout the body. A broad category of conventional practices known as complementary therapy consists primarily of food supplements and herbal remedies.

      Opilo B.Nasamb, China. S. Soita, Nyandiko. N.Omoyo
Abstract: Flooding continues to be a common environmental hazard in both developed and developing countries. Crops, settlement and infrastructure are usually impaired wherever flooding occur. The severity of damage as a result of floods has been documented to have a relationship with the flood magnitude, flood frequency and settlement of population on flood prone areas. Whereas various intervention measures have been put in place to address this problem, the problem persists. Presently, floods are the most common hazards with the highest death toll economic misfortunes because of floods being higher than other hazards; Poor groups are more at risk because their livelihoods are vulnerable due to limited access to services and infrastructure. The need of studying peoples risk perception levels in order to adopt effective flood risk management and disaster reduction programs cannot be overstated since prevalence of flood disaster risks by farmers in western region Kenya has been the issue throughout the study area.

      Alvin Hadisaputra, Alfansuri Kadri, RA Dwi Pujiastuti
Abstract: Objective : To assess the association of Melatonin administration during an acute phase of ischemic stroke patients towards sleep quality. Design : This study used a randomized control trial design

      Henry Thomson Jamiler Hutasoit, Agustinus Sitepu, Rahmadsyah Pasaribu, Doaris Ingrid Marbun, Adriansyah Lubis
Abstract: Violence is the use of physical force and authority, threat, or an act to own’s self, individually, or group or community which resulted in or have a high chance to cause injury/trauma, death, psychological harm, development disorder or deprivation of rights. From 2017-2019, crime incidence in Indonesia is decreasing. Data from Indonesia’s Police Department showed that the total number of crime incidents in 2017 were 336.652 incidents, which decreases to 294.281 incidents in 2018 and furthermore 269.324 in 2019.

      Juang Aprianto BP Pasaribu, Doaris Ingrid Marbun, Dessy D Harianja
Abstract: Family is the simplest social institution and has an autonomy trait, which resulted in it being a domestic area enclosed from the public authorities reach which makes domestic violence seen as an internal problem only. There is several types of domestic violence which are, physical violence, psychological violence, sexual violence, and economic abandonment. From 2004-2021, National Woman’s Commission recorded 544.452 cases, in 2021 there were 25.210 cases, in 2022 there were 27.589 cases reported. In Medan, there were 837 cases in 2021, 588 cases in 2022 and 111 cases in 2023 up to May. Indonesia has enforced the Constitution No. 23 Year 2024 about Elimination of Domestic Violence or in Indonesia was called UU Penghapusan KDRT (passed on 22nd September 2024).

      Dr Thabo Msimango
Abstract: One must possess a comprehensive comprehension of their organisations capabilities and undertakings, at the very minimum. In order to effectively engage with the subject matter at hand, it is imperative that one possess a comprehensive comprehension of its various functions and processes. One may posit that the identity of a company can be discerned through an analysis of the diverse business concepts and/or success formulas that it employs. The process of transformation is a perpetual one that lacks a definitive conclusion. The potential for novel prospects can be engendered by variables such as shifts in the economic landscape, discontent with prevailing political establishments, and progressions in technology.

      Dr Azmath Basha Shaik, Anjum Sultana
Abstract: This research focuses on improving diabetes care in primary care settings in the UK through a case study approach. Secondary data was collected from previous studies and peer-reviewed articles to suggest evidence-based strategies for improving diabetes care. Four studies were analysed to provide insights on the current state of diabetes care in the UK, the feasibility of telemedicine consultations, the benefits of patient-centred care models, and barriers to patient adherence to treatment. The findings suggest that regular monitoring of patients with diabetes mellitus is necessary to achieve optimal glycaemic control, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels. Telemedicine consultations are a viable alternative to face-to-face consultations and can improve access to specialist diabetes care, particularly for patients in remote or rural areas. Patient-centred care models can improve diabetes care by promoting patient engagement and self-management, and involvement of specialist nurses can improve diabetes care outcomes and reduce healthcare costs. This studys findings highlight the need for primary care settings to adopt evidence-based practises to improve diabetes treatment outcomes and reduce the financial burden of the disease on healthcare systems.

      Uttam Kumar Maharana, Rabi Narayana Sarangi, Amar Kumar Das
Abstract: In this investigation, we are using the various methos of desalination for removing salts or other minerals and contaminants from seawater to obtain fresh water for human consumption and for domestic/industrial utilization.

      Cyrus Theuri, George Serem, Kenneth Mwenda
Abstract: Background: Despite continued efforts to implement malaria preventive interventions, the infection continuous to be a major public health concern within the African region including in Kenya. Systematically identifying the determinants of utilization of malaria preventive interventions can help re-design implementation strategies and make the interventions more effective.

      Dr. Mark Attridge and David Pawlowski
Abstract: This project provided real-world conditions with a national sample that allowed us to empirically investigate the role of anxiety among employee assistance program (EAP) users. This study is based on 20,725 clients who used a national EAP service during parts of 2022 and 2023 for mental health counseling (96%) or coaching (4%). All clients had completed a standardized measure for anxiety risk (GAD-2), depression disorder (PHQ-2), the extent of hazardous alcohol use (AUDIT-C), and two aspects of employee work performance (WOS absenteeism and presenteeism). The primary finding was 42% of EAP clients had a clinical level of anxiety symptoms at the start of use. This is about four times higher than the typical working adult in the United States. In addition, 30% had a clinical level of depression, and there was substantial comorbidity between anxiety and depression (r = .54). Only 13% of clients had alcohol misuse as a clinical problem and it had little overlap with anxiety (r = .10). Thus, anxiety is one of the most common psychiatric disorders among users of counseling and coaching services. Only 14% of clients contacted the EAP specifically for assistance with an anxiety related issue.
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