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Payment details to Publish Paper in IJSRP Journal

Payment ($55) includes:

1. Final formatting of selected paper as per IJSRP Format (IJSRP strictly follow IEEE online paper publishing format).
2. Submitted paper review and final review by IJSRP Editorial/Review board.
3. Indexing the published paper with our online indexing partners.

Payment details will be sent with acceptance email.

  1. You can make payment by NEFT (online bank transfer), Cash Deposit, Paypal, Western Union or Swift Tranfer. If you have not received payment details, send a email to: editor@ijsrp.org mentioning country name.
  2. Authors are advised to deposit processing fee within 10 days of acceptance email for timely publication. After payment, it may take 2-3 days to publish the paper.
  3. Accepted papers can publish in ongoing edition, if you make payment before last date of payment. If you are willing to publish in ongoing edition you should mention this in payment confirmation email.

Dates for paper submission/publication:
Slot Last Date of Paper Submission Publication Date
1 26th of Every Month i.e. For February Edition you can send paper by 26th January for 1st Slot 6th and 12th of Every Month i.e. February Edition 1st Slot publish on 6th February and 2nd Slot on 12th of February.
2 10th of current Month i.e. For February Edition you can send paper by 10th February for 2nd Slot 18th and 24th of Every Month i.e. February Edition 3rd Slot publish on 18th February and 4th Slot on 24th of February.
Final Publication: 28th of Every Month

Currency Converter:

Note: Please make the payment only after receiving paper acceptance/payment mail from IJSRP.
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