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      Nicola Malizia

Abstract: Although in the last decades of the twentieth century modern and evolutionary technology has allowed the introduction of new forms of prisoner surveillance, both in intra-mural and extra-mural terms, the study conducted, starting from the brilliant intuition of Jeremy Benthams Panopticon and its functional prison engineering, The study, starting from the brilliant intuition of the Panopticon of Jeremy Bentham and its functional prison engineering, has investigated, in a comparative perspective, both the first methodologies of control of prisoners and the modern and technological processes of surveillance that appear, however, far from the general and disciplinary purposes of the past, fulfilling, today, only tasks of mere control of the person in a well-defined space.

      Aakrit Singhal

Abstract: Text style transfer aims to change the style of the input text in graphs to the target style while preserving the content to some extent. In previous work, researchers defined style of a sentence as one or some of its attributes, including but not limited to sentiment, formality, factuality, etc. Hence, the goal has been to change the specified attribute or attributes in the input sentence to the target attribute or attributes. For example, changing a positive sentence to a negative sentence while keeping its key information. However, due to the lack of parallel data and evaluation metric, there has been a slow growth in this field compared to others. To explore this, the paper includes several current experiments and pipelines that have been modified for the purpose. Datasets such as the Yelp Reviews have been used, along with other sentiment analysis dataset, and modified setup and code to get original results and get an understanding on the existing solutions.

      Kadas Shashanka, Dr Shruti Kardalkar, B.S. Navya, Dr Harikrishna B.N

Abstract: Background: Self-medication is a global phenomenon and potential contributor to human pathogen resistance to antibiotics and adding to the woes of public health. The World Health Organization (WHO) Expert Committee on National Drug policies in 1995 stated that Self-medications is widely practiced in both developed and developing countries. This study was undertaken to assess the self-medication practices and to relate factors influencing it.


Abstract: As a profit-oriented company, management will strive to get optimal profit by minimizing existing costs, and as corporate tax subjects must fulfill various obligations, one of which is the tax burden corporate income, therefore the company carries out tax management through tax planning (tax planning).

      Fency Sivadasan, Sharzede Binti Salleh

Abstract: This research attempts to understand the nature and intensity of Covid-19 impact towards the tourism business sector of Sarawak, the effectiveness of 3R strategy of Sarawak Tourism Board (STB) for recovery and rebuilding of tourism industry business in Sarawak and to identify the tourism industry players confidence level towards these programmes to build up the industry. Qualitative methodology was applied in this research and the data gathered from diverse set of tourism stakeholders in Sarawak through interviews.

      Williams Osei, Maud Kabukie Kubi

Abstract: Teachers’ algebra teaching knowledge affect pupils’ algebra knowledge, hence their general performance in mathematics. In view of this, the algebra teaching knowledge of basic school mathematics teachers should be monitored to positively affect pupils’ mathematics performance.

      Dr.Salma Banu

Abstract: The adequate liquidity position of a concern shows the ability to manage day-to-day operations in the business. The study attempts to evaluate the current assets, current liabilities, liquid assets and liquid liabilities etc. to assess the liquidity position as well as solvency position of select sample sugar factories in Karnataka state. The study is also interested in applying the various statistical tools to arrive at the conclusion.

      Andre Budi, Chrismis Novalinda Ginting, Linda Chiuman, Ermi Girsang

Abstract: The high prevalence of myopia in some countries in Asia include Indonesia. There are several risk factors for myopia. One of them is gadget usage. This study was aimed to explore the effect of gadget addiction among Medical students, especially in the Medicine Faculty of Prima Indonesia University.

      Yunimar, Susi Delmiati

Abstract: In Islamic law, it is preferable for a man to have only one wife, even if he can keep her to the end. Islam teaches that marriage must create an atmosphere of sakinah, mawaddah and mercy. The atmosphere is difficult to do if a man has more than one wife. Justice as a condition of creating harmony between wives is very difficult to happen. Therefore religion warns Norma to practice polygamy and choose one wife at the same time. The results of this study reveal that there are still many men who have an understanding and carry out this polygamous marriage without paying attention to the terms and conditions contained in Islamic law.

      Samia K. Hamdona, Hermine R.Z. Tadros, Doaa M. Mabrouk, Heba M. Refaat

Abstract: The capability of modifying synthetic resin (MSWPS) prepared from waste polystyrene plastics to remove hardness and some inorganic pollutants from synthetic hard water was investigated in this study. The waste polystyrene (WPS) was prepared from the foam of food packaging and white coffee cups, and then active adsorbent cationic resin was synthesized from them, forming sulfonated waste polystyrene (SWPS). The first preparation for hard water was made by dissolving MgCl2 or CaCl2 salts in deionized H2O (DW) and passing it through SWPS resin to study the performance evaluation of the flow rate (mL/min), resin dosage (g), temperature (oC) and pH on the removal percentage of calcium, magnesium, and total hardness from this hard water.

      Agus Tyono Amas Noer, Arif Kurniawan

Abstract: Tax risk management accountability will be successful if the company management creates a framework and designs control over tax risk. Tax risk will strengthen awareness within the company about the need for control over tax risk within the company. Tests on the effectiveness of the control design consider whether the controls designed to mitigate risk have achieved the expected objectives. In addition, the accuracy or suitability of the roles and responsibilities in implementing tax risk control within the company needs to in its implementation.

      Nury Fitri Astuti, Siti Urbayatun

Abstract: Nowadays the gadget is favored by the community, especially among adolescents. The ease of accessing gadgets often makes teenagers lack control in using it. In addition to the use of gadgets with uncontrolled time, teens also often use gadgets in inappropriate situations. Some teachers complain that students often use gadgets during class so that it disrupts ongoing teaching and learning activities.

      Singha Sumeru

Abstract: Steroids have very important physiological impact on biological system. Β-sitosterol and stigmasterol glucosides isolated from natural sources enjoy immense importance in neat and substituted from. This paper reports for the first time the detection and successful isolation of these sterol members in good yield from the medicinally important plant basella rubra Linn.

      R. Kaur, M. Verghese, S. Willis, L.T. Walker

Abstract: Mushrooms are rich in vitamin D, antioxidants, and phenolic compounds. Different processing techniques may be used to increase shelf life and reduce spoilage of mushrooms. The objective of this study was to determine total phytochemical and total antioxidant activity of extracts of five varieties (Portabella, White Button, White Beech, Oyster & Seafood) of mushrooms (fresh, oven dried & sautéed).

      Zerhun Mengistu

Abstract: Many empirical literatures on quality of education have been developing. Different scholars and institutions have recommended using various parameters in measuring the extent of quality education and they also believe that quality education and students’ satisfaction is predetermined by the performance of academic staffs and supportive staffs, as well as through the institutional infrastructure facilities, program and accesses.

      Desy Farina, Tri Handoko Sitorus

Abstract: Tax is the provision of the people to the state treasury based on Law Number 19 of 1959 concerning the collection of state levies without including complementary services (contrapretations) that can be directly shown and used to pay general levies. Taxation plays a very important part in the profitable development of the country. National development is an effort that takes place continuously and in a balanced manner, which aims to improve the welfare of the people, both materially and spiritually. To be feasible to carry out these pretensions, it is necessary to pay attention to the problem of development backing, one of which is sweating to realize the independence of a nation or development backing, namely exploring financial sources. from within the country in the form of taxes, the tax itself is used to finance development that is beneficial to the common interest.

      Thi-Duong, Nguyen, Thuy-Hai, Doan Thi, Nhat-Quyet, Mai Thi

Abstract: "This stuy aims to explore the driven factors of employee engagement in the chain of English centre in Danang city, vietnam by applying PLS-SEM model. Eight variables were included in this study after the quanlitative research, in which employee engagement was the dependent variables, job satisfaction and organizational attention and support were hypothesied to have direct impact on employee engagement."

      Dacoster Kwaku Boakye, Francis Arthur

Abstract: The attitude of head teachers towards instructional supervision has a greater impact on the professional development of Senior High School Beginning Economics teachers’ professional development. This study examined the attitude of Head teachers towards the instructional supervision of beginning Senior High School Economics teachers in the Kumasi Metropolis. The study was a quantitative research which adopted the descriptive cross-sectional survey design. In all, 98 Head teachers were selected for the study. Data were collected through a 5-point Likert scale questionnaire from strongly agree to strongly disagree.

      Ibrahim Nasir Said, Abubakar Aliyu Badawi, Farouk Nasir Said

Abstract: Tremor as a result of unstable nature of human organ is one of the main problems in micro surgery due to its effects in generating undesirable surgical outcomes. The unwanted movement impedes microsurgery and lead to poor performance. Various techniques were proposed to improve the effect of tremor to achieve high level of precision. In this work, SSA algorithm is developed to suppress the physiological tremor present in the hands of surgeon. The technique decomposes the time domain signal into different singular spectrum (interpretable components) domain via the singular value decomposition (SVD), in which primary signal such as trends and oscillatory components can be recognized, isolated from the tremor and regrouped in a linear fashion, and finally time domain signals reconstructed. The developed algorithm promises potential for tremor suppression in real-time. By choosing a group of specific decomposed signals based on their eigenvalues and spectral range, both the primary and tremor motions can be reconstructed accurately. The algorithm shows the tremor signal can be estimated from the total motion with an accuracy greater than 89%.

      Oa Babatunde, Dr Hassan and MM Namadi

Abstract: Low explosive propellants were formulated by using Palm kernel shell and Malaina wood as plant biomass using the Ammonium nitrate, Biomass (Carbon), Sulphur, Starch and Gum Arabic as binders in ratio of 80:16:2:2 , 65:20:12:3 and 85:10:4:1 by mechanical means using mortar and pestle. The low explosives formulated were characterized using Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM), Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) and Differential Scanning colorimeter (DSC).The results of the FTIR confirmed interaction between the individual components by showing the presence of C-O stretch, N-O stretch, N-H Stretch, O-H Stretch, N=C=S Stretch, within spectral ranges of 3908.1 cm-1 – 674.6 cm-1.SEM images indicated formation of low explosives with dimensions ranging from 58.3 μm – 4.75 μm, with morphological characteristics of white spheroidal substances, scraggy and crack at the surface. The DSC shows burning ability of the explosives tested covered distance that ranged from 588m – 521m which confirmed the explosive ability of the propellants formulated.

      Thota Krishna Hema

Abstract: With the increase in Automation of cars, the complexity of Automotive products increased in terms of safety and security. Functional safety and Cybersecurity are not add-on features to attract business they are essential for development and default on-demand expectations from the End users. This paper is about the Integration of Quality standards and Product development standards called Automotive SPICE V3.1, ISO 26262:2018, ISO 21448: 2019, and ISO 21434:2021.

      Aulia Annisa Manurung, Ariyati Yosi, Imam Budi Putra, Imelda Rey

Abstract: Ultraviolet light is an electromagnetic wave emitted from sunlight which is divided into 3 wavelengths. UV wavelengths, divided into UVA rays, UVB rays and UVC rays. UVC rays will be trapped in the ozone layer and UVA radiation can reach (90-95%) while at UVB will be less (<10%). The body needs special protection from UV radiation, especially on organs that are exposed to direct sunlight, namely the skin. Sunscreen is a compound that functions as skin protection from excessive sun exposure, especially from exposure to ultraviolet (UV) rays. Sunscreen is divided into 2 types, namely physical sunscreen and chemical sunscreen.

      Suparno, Harsoyo, Adi Ekopriyono

Abstract: This study aims to analyze the implementation of collaboration between private universities and industry at the faculty level to improve the quality of graduates and test an effective collaborative learning model between faculty and industry. The research was conducted in six private universities in Central Java, with a qualitative approach through interviews. The informants consisted of the head of the academic field, the Institute for Research and Community Service (LPPM), and the head of the field of cooperation. The conclusion obtained is that collaboration will be mutually beneficial if it is managed properly and anticipates matters related to the low interaction between faculty and industry. There are still differences that hinder the collaboration process and the achievement of goals. Therefore, faculty and industry need to develop capabilities in research and find the best solutions.

      Derese Balcha, Mathewos Chafa

Abstract: The study was conducted in Boloso Sore, Damot Pulasa, Kindo Koyisha and Duguna Fango woredas of Wolaita zone to generate baseline data for the project “Building Resilience for rural communities in Wolaita through sustainable production, value addition and marketing of traditional crops” that could help monitoring of the project through the agreed indicators and to track progress against baseline situation.

      Mohammed Adam Idris Hamad, Dr.Rama Nargund

Abstract: The major risk factor of cardio vascular disease is related to disturbances in lipids profile result in hyperlipidemia1 . Our present study is to evaluate antihyperlipidemic effect of ethanol extract of balanites aegyptiaca fruit (EEBAF) in Triton x-100 induce hyperlipidemic rats in animal models. The Triton X-100 solution 100 mg/kg it is used to induced hyperlipidemia by elevating serum triglyceride in animals models2. Treatment with ethanol extract of balanites aegyptiaca 200 mg and 400 mg dose significantly decreased in Tc ,TG, & LDL-c serum levels and increased in HDL-c serum levels when compared to hyperlipidemic treated rats. The redaction in HDL-c is one major factors of pathogenesis of atherosclerosis. After administration of EEBAF result increased in HDL-c levels. We could conclude that the EEBAF having good cardio -protective agent this effect due Phenolics and Flavonoids present in EEBAF extract.

      S.V.L. Padmakumari

Abstract: Forensic nursing is an emergent specialty area of practice that has undergone substantive role development in recent years3. Forensic nurses have not only begun to write about the challenging and distinctive nature of their practice and their unique practice arrangements, but have commenced a concerted call to action for greater recognition within the nursing profession and correction and criminal justice system5. An increasing demand for forensic nursing skills in a range of community and hospital based clinical settings. The problematic nature of caring for forensic clients in both correctional and less restrictive contexts of care remains a salient feature of forensic nurses’ accounts of their practice. The present study was carried out to determine the knowledge of staff nurses regarding the need of forensic nursing in emergency department7.

      Faye Joy F. Delos Reyes, Dennis G. Caballes

Abstract: In the midst of the global health crisis brought about by COVID-19, the implementation of distance learning both online and modular has become the response of the educational sector. Due to the sudden occurrence of the pandemic, a lot of sectors were not able to prepare for it.

      Prof. T.V.KRISHNA

Abstract: One of the major demographic characteristic features in India is tremendous increase in migrations from rural areas to urban areas, particularly to the metropolitan cities. As a result, the metropolitan cities are experiencing rapid urban population growth not only within the city but also its adjacent region. Due to rapid population growth , the problems created are, changes in the provision of basic amenities such as housing, water supply, sanitation, transportation facilities etc, within the city but also in its vicinity regions.

      Anubha Das

Abstract: An ever increasing human population exerts a tremendous pressure on agriculture to increase production, to meet the rising food demand. With increasingly deteriorating arable land quality, decreasing soil fertility, increasing soil erosion and dwindling resources, the challenge is further intensified by climate change. Its ironical only that agriculture, one of the major contributing sectors, towards global warming is also the most vulnerable to climate change.

      Naely Kamaliya Fitri, Dwi Anggani Linggar Bharati, Henrikus Joko Yulianto

Abstract: Higher-Order Thinking Skill (HOTS) is a crucial issue these days to prepare the students for the future. Indeed, English as an international language plays an important role. The purpose of this study was to find out the result of the application of NHT and Socrates strategies to Promote Higher Order Thinking skills for the students with high and low anxieties. This research is quantitative, where the findings are presented in the graphic or diagram with the calculation of results. The research indicators and scoring rubric are needed to conduct this research. The rubrics were to measure students critical thinking and speaking in every meeting. The questionnaire was also needed to measure the student anxiety. The result shows that the NHT and Socrates strategies affect the students with low anxiety to promote HOTS. Moreover, the NHT strategy is more effective to promote HOTS in speaking for students with high and low anxieties.

      Ghassan Khater Gzawi, Mohamed Fowzi Ababeneh

Abstract: Machine learning as well as Deep learning applications had qualified huge growth in different medical fields such as medical image analysis as well as other related data due to the fact of the convenience of several data sets to train the learning algorithms in multimodal modes. However, machine learning and deep learning can distinguish patterns in healthcare data to enhance diagnosis and prognosis. The most utilized machine learning and deep learning techniques for healthcare applications are autoencoder, restricted Boltzmann machine, deep belief network, recurrent neural network, convolutional neural network, generative adversarial network, neural networks, and support vector machine. This paper aimed to illustrate the different applications associated with these learning algorithms that focus on healthcare field. It also illustrates the high-tech methods utilized to employ the learning algorithms.

      Milcah Ndinda Musyoki, Dr. Kezia Njoroge, Dr. Job Mapesa

Abstract: Financing has been highlighted as an important component that underpins the process of sustaining mental health services. This qualitative systematic review aims to identify the financial issues faced by LMIC when offering integrated primary mental health care. Using the PRISMA guide, a systematic search was carried out from relevant studies from 4 online databases, which were filtered according to inclusion and exclusion criteria. A quality assessment of the selected articles was carried out using the Critical Assessment Skills Program of the Qualitative Checklist (CASP).

      Sugeng Aribowo, Sri Endah Wahyuningsih, Gunarto

Abstract: The amount of compensation for errors in the application of criminal law in Indonesia in Article 9 paragraph (1) of Government Regulation Number 92 of 2015 concerning the second amendment of Government Regulation Number 27 of 1983 concerning Compensation and Settlement of the Amount of Compensation has not been fair. The purpose of this study is to analyze the implementation of losses to victims of the application of criminal law in Indonesia which is not based on the value of justice. secondary. Primary data was obtained by conducting direct interviews with informants.

      Dody Kusmayadi

Abstract: The main problem in this study is whether the public service quality affects community satisfaction in the pasirmuncang village office of Panyingkiran District of Majalengka Regency. This research aims to determine the effect of public service quality on community satisfaction at Pasirmuncang Village Office of Panyingkiran District majalengka regency. The data collection methods used in this research are literature studies and field research.

      Iqra Aqeel, Miss Iram

Abstract: Background: breast cancer is the most common type in women. In Pakistan, one in nine women develops breast cancer at some stage of their life. Both the cause of breast cancer and the means for its cure are unknown. To date there is no recognized way to prevent breast cancer. The only proven risk factor for breast cancer is age with incidence rising sharply after age 40. Early detection and treatment are the best protection. Practicing health behaviors that promote early detection then becomes a priority for women age 50 years and over who, because of their age, are considered most at risk for developing breast cancer.

      Julie Pearl C. Ortiz, Alvic A. Arnado, PhD

Abstract: The primary goal of the study is to determine the professional growth and advancement of public elementary school teachers and their research-based teaching innovations, and the extent of their educational preparation, in-service education, and individual performance commitment review. The results revealed that most elementary school teachers are continuing their graduate studies in masters and even in a doctorate degree.

      Bryan M. Luzon, Trixie E. Cubillas

Abstract: The main goal of the study is to explore the possible influence of technological, pedagogical, and content knowledge of teachers on their work and learners’ performance. It involved intermediate-grade English language teachers in the public elementary schools. This study looked into the level of the technological, pedagogical, and content knowledge of the teachers, their level of work performance, and the level of learners’ academic performance in English. The study used a probability sampling; simple random in particular.

      Shiv Prakash Mishra

Abstract: Titrimetric based study of two salts such as benzoic acid in sodium chloride (NaCl) media against sodium hydroxide (NaOH) basic solution have been reported here. Where, the aqueous solubility and equilibrium dissociation constant (Kc) of benzoic acid salt is showing at 25˚C temperature in respect of thermodynamic dissociation constant (Ka).

      Sachintha Dilhani W.N, Sivayogan S, Jayamal De Silva, Suraj Perera

Abstract: Diagnosis of childhood cancer significantly changes the lives of those children and their family members. A family caregiver plays a significant role in providing most of the care to their ill patient, in addition to the care provided by the health staff. Identifying and addressing these psychosocial needs of primary caregivers (PCG) of children and adolescents with cancers (CAAWC) is emerging globally as a component that should be incorporated into quality cancer care.

      Ricksando Siregar, Akhyar H. Nasution, Tasrif Hamdi

Abstract: Background: Anxiety is defined as an unpleasant feeling induced by a fear of a threatening danger; the threat is often unknown, and it often covers a range of emotional and hemodynamic responses. Preoperative anxiety can cause pain in the patient, resulting in an increased need for analgesics

      Mohammed, N, Abubakar, M. I, Abdul’aziz, M. A, Kolo, M. K and Saje, A. B

Abstract: The study assessed the influence of socioeconomic factors on the adoption of cowpea production technologies among farmers in Damaturu Local Government Area, Yobe State, Nigeria. The specific objectives were to describe the socio-economic characteristics of farmers; assess the rate of adoption of cowpea production technologies by farmers; determine the socioeconomic factors that influenced the rate of adoption of improved cowpea production technologies. Data for the study were obtained from 100 sampled respondents through structured questionnaire. The sampled respondents were selected through multi-stage sampling procedures. Both descriptive and inferential statistics were used to analyze the objectives of the study.

      Pham Thi Kieu Oanh, Dang Thi Thanh Dung

Abstract: Vocabulary is considered as the heart of language comprehension, and learning English vocabulary is an important component for all students because nothing can be conveyed without vocabulary in English communication. On the other hand, a great deal of research has recently been conducted to deal with vocabulary learning. Based on pre-research, it is found out that high school students had problems in mastering vocabulary, especially vocabulary acquisition because it requires students’ capacity not only to perceive but also to use words to understand and communicate.

      Antonina A. Prisco, Ariel U. Cubillas

Abstract: The main goal of the study is to ascertain level of Ecological Solid Waste Management Program awareness, implementation and performance of the public elementary schools, discover their success stories and unveil the challenges and prospects in the implementation of ESWM. It involved the stakeholders who have maximum participation in the implementation of the program which include the school head, school coordinator, district coordinator, district supervisor, teacher, student leader, barangay official, PTA officer and partner.

      Eka Prasetia Afandi, Ridwan Andretya Cunis

Abstract: The draft Law on Harmonization of Tax Regulations was officially ratified on October 29, 2021, into Law Number 7 of 2021. This regulation impacts various business sectors, including the rice milling business, namely the rice sector. Rice, which was initially stipulated in the Job Creation Law as Non-Taxable Goods, has changed to Taxable Goods in this Tax Regulation Harmonization Act. For this reason, it is necessary to analyse whether the Law on the Harmonization of Tax Regulations impacts taxpayers who are engaged in the rice milling business. This research method focuses on a case study approach with a qualitative descriptive method.

      Ayibapreye Kelvin Benjamin, Aguiyi Nduka Watson, Godday Biowei

Abstract: Computation of millimetre wave scattering by sea foam is a significant query which contributes immensely to measurement of sea surface emissivity and brightness temperature by passive microwave radiometers. For efficient evaluation of scattering by foam covered sea surface and measurement of brightness temperatures in milli-Kelvins, a discrete based physical model of sea foam is developed to provide accurate estimate of the complex effective dielectric constant of sea foam.

      Mindalisma, Yenni Asbur, Chairani Siregar, Ratna Mauli Lubis, Diapari Siregar, Yayuk Purwaningrum, Rahmi Dwi Handayani Rambe

Abstract: Spring maize is maize cobs that are harvested at a young stage as a vegetable ingredient. Therefore, the initiative and commercial cultivation of spring maize with an agribusiness pattern has bright prospects This study aims to determine the effect of compost sludge and NPK fertilizer on the growth and yield of spring maize. The research method used a factorial randomized design with three replications and two treatment factors, namely the dose of compost sludge and NPK fertilizer. The results showed that the application of sludge compost at a dose of 15 t/ha and NPK fertilizer at a dose of 450 kg/ha was able to increase the growth and yield of spring maize. While the interaction between the treatment of sludge compost and NPK fertilizer was only able to affect the height of spring maize with the best treatment interaction of 15 t/ha of sludge compost with 450 kg/ha of NPK fertilizer.

      Gayani K. P. De Silva, Devani S. Dissanayake

Abstract: Parental monitoring is a culturally sensitive concept which is shown to affect the wellbeing of adolescents. Adolescents of school going age need to be monitored to prevent them experiencing risk behaviors as they are spending much time outside houses, not in the presence of their parents and with friends or strangers. Since there was no tool to assess the perception of parental monitoring among school going adolescents (14 -16 years), the objective of the study was to adapt, translate and validate an instrument (PMS – Adolescent - Sinhala version) to assess parental monitoring as perceived by the school going adolescents (14-16 years) in Sri Lanka.

      Elanchezhiyan T, Dheerendra Singh Tomar

Abstract: After the advent of Quantum Physics, new opportunities were created for research and development in the world of science and technology. Quantum computation is one such emerging technology which allows for notable speed-ups compared to conventional computational methods. Here a quantum bit simulator is presented. This simulator is an engineering work, and no deep understanding of quantum mechanics is required from the user. The well-known phase estimation algorithm is presented using this simulator. The qubit simulator will be a useful tool for the study of quantum computer circuits, quantum computing, and the development of new quantum algorithms

      Aflintua H. Sormi, Amir Macmud.

Abstract: Tax avoidance is a transaction scheme aimed at minimizing the tax burden by taking advantage of the difficulty of interpreting a countrys tax regulations. This research focuses on the habits of everyone trying not to incur costs or minimize expenses, especially in paying taxes. Both central and local taxes, in other words, the government (ic Directorate General of Taxes) and the interests of taxpayers are sometimes contradictory.

      Nzeh Nwakaego Evangeline; Chikere Ifeanyi Ebirim; Anabiri Emmanuel Chijindu; Ori Ebere Chibuzor; Nzeh Ikechukwu Martin; Nzeh Amarachi Frances; Nzeh Chidiebube Paschal, Mbaegbu Nnamdi Okwudili; Udo-Iny

Abstract: Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) has been reported as a major cause of death and nephrological disability in adults and it imposes a heavy emotional and financial burden on the family of the affected patient and society. The aim of the study was to determine the incidence of chronic kidney disease among patients in Owerri Zone, Imo State from January 2014 to December 2017. The study design was a retrospective survey on CKD cases and the data were collected from medical record cards with information on incidence rate and risk factors of CKD. The sampling technique adopted for this study was purposive sampling technique because the variables of interest were defined. The collected data were sorted and entered into computer software called Statistical Package for Social Science version 21.0.

      Jenny Kanprilla, Ning Rahayu

Abstract: This paper aims to identify the legal, accounting, and tax issues faced by PT ABC in selecting one of the three partnership schemes for conducting the geothermal power plant project in Area X. The first scheme is PT ABC sign a Joint Operation Contract with AP-PLN to conduct the total project where PT ABC are responsible to develop the upstream side while AP-PLN are responsible to develop the downstream side.

      Tran Thi Ngoc Ha

Abstract: The article focuses on assessing the effects of COVID-19 pandemic on catering business and the generation of plastic waste from this activity in Tan Thinh ward, Thai Nguyen city, Vietnam. The study conducted a survey of all 129 restaurants in 3 groups with the largest number of stores in Tan Thinh ward. The results show that the COVID-19 pandemic had a great impact on the catering business of Tan Thinh ward. The generation of plastic waste depends on the type of food business.

      Amanah Agustin, Yulita Pujiharti, Ali Badar, Loesita Sari

Abstract: The Indonesian government has taken a policy of closing schools to reduce contact in order to save human life as a result of the presence of Covid 19 as a new virus. Thus, the learning process is carried out at home through online learning/e-learning. IKIP Budi Utomo Malang helped to make the government program a success by providing affordable and quality education. This study aims to determine the application of e-learning and learning difficulties from the implementation of e-learning. This research includes qualitative research with phenomenological methods.

      Rahmat, Ratih Ayu Yuniarti

Abstract: Tax dispute is a dispute that arises in the field of taxation between a Taxpayer or Tax insurer and an authorized official as a result of the issuance of a decision that can be appealed or sued to the Tax Court based on tax laws and regulations, including a lawsuit on the implementation of collection based on the Tax Collection Law. with a Forced Letter, In 2020 PT. Perusahaan Gas Negara Tbk, Experiencing a VAT tax dispute.

      Ashwini P, Steffi Stephen

Abstract: The structural damage that happens during earthquakes explains the necessity for seismic evaluation, which is used to forecast the potential of structural damage. This paper compares the vulnerability of steel buildings with and without supplemental damping system. Fragility curves are used to describe the degree of vulnerability. Supplemental damping system is a new design and retrofit idea that deals with a well-designed damping system. It is an additional cable damping system that can considerably reduce the risk of damage.

      Dr Ikam Anthony Igbojekwe

Abstract: The aim of this search was not to put forward the unknown but to have an insight into the known for the advancement of life science. The hypothetical and theoretical approach of this paper is to keep alert the imminent danger virus as a spontaneous chemical assembly can pose to human which equally is chemically constituted. The approach is in relation to lipids both in virus and human. This is extremely necessary before the moving object crashes. There is need for scientist to have more focus to viral entry into living cells as it concerns interaction with lipids. Viral presence in living cells will definitely affect life functions, hence early aging and reduced life span.

      Robin, Ita Kristiana

Abstract: This study focuses on the tax administration strategies of PT.BPR Batam in terms of reducing income tax and saving other income taxes. This study used the qualitative description to explain the strategy by revealing the condition of financial gain and loss. Report of this fact supported by the company.

      Santi Yopie, Oka Budiman

Abstract: This study has collected several previous researches on the topic of tax avoidance and concluded that the audit committee has a positive impact on tax avoidance so that the larger the number of audit committees, the more likely it is to reduce tax avoidance in Indonesia. Furthermore, executive compensation, executive character, firm size, proportion of institutional ownership and board of directors commissioners and audit quality are not proven to affect the reduction of tax avoidance in Indonesia but have an effect in other countries.

      Theogene Ntirenganya & Dr. Mercyline Kamande

Abstract: The purpose of this study was to examine the contribution of financial innovations on financial performance of commercial banks in Rwanda using a case of Investments and Mortgages Bank. The specific objectives were to analyze the effects of internet banking, debit and credit cards, and mobile banking on financial performance of Investments and Mortgages Bank in Rwanda. Findings are helpful to illuminate the correlation between financial innovation products and the financial performance for banking institutions. Results from the present study gave useful information with suggestion of related research areas. The study applied both descriptive and correlational research designs.

      Amit Navani, Hardik Trivedi

Abstract: Objective: To determine the effectiveness of physiotherapy treatment in total hip replacement with cerebral palsy patient. Materials and Method: The study includes a patient of age 70 years with total hip replacement on right side, an exercise protocol was followed for physiotherapy treatment of total hip replacement and exercise was done on regular basis daily.

      Pamela Ananda, Prof. Enose M.W.Simatwa, Dr. Stella Juma

Abstract: Safety of students in schools is a matter of concern globally. In Kenya, students have lost their lives in the past four years due to arson, accidents, and food poisoning in spite of existence of Safety Standards Manual for schools of 2008. In Kakamega County Secondary Schools, there have been 65 deaths, 205 cases of food poisoning, 112 gang rape, 103 floods, 107 landslides, 50 fires, 102 lightening, 15 cyclones and 10 accidents in school buses from the year 2012 - 2016. Principals have a responsibility of ensuring safety of students in schools. The desire of this study therefore was to establish the contribution of principals to food safety in public secondary schools in Kakamega County.

      Pamela Ananda, Prof. Enose M.W.Simatwa, Dr. Stella Juma

Abstract: Safety of students in schools is a matter of concern globally. In Kenya, students have lost their lives in the past four years due to arson, accidents, and food poisoning in spite of existence of Safety Standards Manual for schools. In Kakamega County there have been 65 deaths, 205 cases of food poisoning, 112 gang rape, 103 floods, 107 landslides, 50 fires, 102 lightening, 15 cyclones and 10 accidents in school buses for the years 2012 - 2016. This study therefore was to establish the contribution of principals to school disaster management preparedness on school grounds in public secondary schools in Kakamega County. The objective of this study was to establish the contribution of principals to disaster management preparedness on school grounds in public secondary schools in Kakamega County.

      Bernard Okeyo Amollo, Dr. Joshua Agola , Prof. Antony Rodrigues

Abstract: Many organizations decide to implement information systems in order to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their organizations, however, lack of awareness of numerous and varied challenging issues surrounding the implementation process could be problematic for the whole process. In particular lack of key success issues seems to be a serious obstacle for the management information system implementation process.

      Nur Azizah Istikoma, Prihadi

Abstract: The objective of this research is to describe; (1) forms of illocutionary speech act, and (2) types of the illocutionary speech act in the PPKM press release on the YouTube channel FMB9ID_IKP. This research is qualitative descriptive research. The source of data in this study is the speech spoken by dr. Reisa Broto Asmoro and dr. Siti Nadia Tarmizi, M.Epid in a press release on the YouTube channel FMB9ID_IKP.

      Dr. Amol B. Deshmane, Vishal P. Jadhav, Dr. Vikram S. Ghole

Abstract: A ‘fixed film algal photobioreactor (FFAPBR)’ was tested forsugar mill effluent (SME) treatment. This reactor was developed in-house using Chlorellavulgaris, an alga, that allowedto grow on weathered rooftop sheet made of Fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP).Experiments carried out in open sun light, in which SME of 80 L, pumped slowly @12 L-1minuteatone end of thereactor, collected at another and re-circulated.To check the effectiveness of the treatment parameters pH, COD and BOD were studied.

      Shabina Shaikh

Abstract: The research paper focuses on assessing and measuring employee creativity of bankers from banking sector of Pakistan. Quantitative data is gathered from commercial banks of Pakistan, 200 bank managers are assessed on employee creativity measuring scale. All respondents are at the managerial level in commercial banks. To assess employee creativity, 13-item measuring scale is adopted, and quantitative data analysis method is applied. Results prove that employee creativity is relatively high at levels of creative performance in banking sector of Pakistan. Results also reveal that creative bankers have innovative skills such as they generate innovative ideas, suggest creative solutions and they plan to implement new ideas.

      Hendra Nasution, S.Sn., M.Sn, Ezu Oktavianus S.Sn., M.Sn, B Ajismon Feriarno

Abstract: This paper discussed about the ancient medical system of the Mentawai tribal community and find that the possibility of this system made the ritual a form of performance performed by Sikerei in the Postmodern era. In connection with this, the researcher formulates the research problem, namely how the form of the ritual, the factors that cause changes, and the impact caused by these changes. This study uses a qualitative method, which aims to understand and analyze the ancient healing rituals of the Mentawai tribe in the perspective of performing arts with a multidisciplinary approach.

      Anis Mohamed Adan, Prof Felix Mwambia and Simon Murithi

Abstract: In Kenya conventional banking, Islamic banking is not a novel concept. Many banks have chosen to provide Muslim and non-Muslim customers alternate banking options. Banks, on the other hand, confront a number of issues, including social, political, and legal issues. The goal of this research was to look at the strategic elements that influence Islamic banking growth using a case study of a few Kenyan commercial banks. From a population of 16 management officers and 80 consumers, 56 participants, 16 management officials, and 40 consumers were selected. Customers were sampled using probability sampling techniques, whereas management was sampled using census sampling. In this thesis, a questionnaire was used to collect data semi quantitatively using open and closed ended questions. Data collected was extracted into excel spread sheets, and later exported to SPSS for statistical analysis. Descriptive statistics and test of normality was calculated. Inferential analysis was also done for correlation and regression analysis to determine the effect of each factor on adoption of Islamic banking. Findings showed that the respondents knew the products very well as provided by the Islamic banking manuals. Consumer protection and legal concerns affected the establishment of Islamic banks in a positive and non-significant way. Risk perception, on the other side, had a minor and insignificant impact on the expansion of Islamic banks. It was concluded that others factor other than the three factors studied are better predictors of growth of Islamic banks are expressed by the regression model. This study therefore recommends that factors other than the three determinants be explored to establish the factors with greater impact as determinants of growth for Islamic banks in Kenya.

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