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IJSRP, Volume 8, Issue 11, November 2018 Edition [ISSN 2250-3153]

All listed papers are published after full consent of respective author or co-author(s).
For any discussion on research subject or research matter, the reader should directly contact to undersigned authors.

November 2018 publication has started and publication will continue till 26th November 2018
Authors who paid publication fee after 2nd November, their paper will publish in November edition latest by 26th November or before.
Online print version will release latest by 30th November. Download cover page for this edition.

Indexing and Correction:
Indexing will start after 26th November and minor corrections are accepted till 26th November 2018.
If minor correction required, send email to and ask for formatted (.doc/docx) paper.

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      Olajide Tayo Emmanuel, Adetunji Oluseye Adetayo, Ope-Babadele Oluwatosin Oyindamola, Ojo Eunice Abimbola, Salawu Rasidi Akinade

Abstract: Pain management is an important aspect of nursing care. Despite the existence of several nursing interventions to manage surgical pain, post-operative pain management has been inadequate. The study aimed to evaluate nursing intervention on post-operative pain among surgical patients.

      Dr. Mohsin Majeed, Tanveer ul Hassan, Dr.Zainab Javed, Dr.Aqsa Ilyas, Dr. Nasir Muzaffar, Adan Nayyab, Danish Malik, Muhammad Adeel Baig

Abstract: Work related diseases are global. Dentists who work in standing position believe that they are at a higher risk for of neck pain due to bad postures. Neck pain is of major concern nowadays with many contributing factor.

      Zaw Min Min Htun, Maung Maung Latt, Chaw Myat Nwe, Su Su Yi Mon

Abstract: In this work, Kalman filter is designed with the help of C programming language and compared experimentally based on the actual Encoder values with Complementary estimation for Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) sensor fusion. As IMU sensor, ADXL345 accelerometer and L3G4200D gyroscope are utilized in this analysis. For the actual rotation, the Quadrature encoder is applied with Arduino UNO by interrupt reading. Complementary filter is intended for human arm movement and Kalman filter is emphasized derived from the experimental covariance such as Qangle for accelerometer trust level, Qbias for gyroscope and Rmeasure for the measurement. The sable solution to this system is obtained via a chart display and root mean square error checking method. For the various changing to Kalman coefficient, the experimental test is performed and optimal estimation could be founded out at 0.001, 0.1 and 0.0001 for Qangle, Qbias and Rmeasure for Kalman filter.

      Bernard W. Mbithi, Dr. Catherine Mwenda, Dr. Jane Karonjo

Abstract: Nursing process promotes communication between nurses in relation to various aspects of patient care. Through this nursing care strategy, the patient receives holistic care, hence satisfaction to both the nurse and the client. All this will be possible if the nurses are knowledgeable in regard to nursing process. However, utilization of nursing process has been poor in the country. This formed the basis of this study to determine the nurses’ knowledge on nursing process in selected health care facilities in Kenya. The study involved collecting data from 249 nurses using self-administered questionnaires. Descriptive statistics and score computations were performed. The results showed that more than two thirds of the nurses had poor knowledge on nursing process, hence the need to implement measures to promote the nurses’ knowledge on nursing process in the country.

      Diding Kusnady, Romindo, Yus Epi

Abstract: The creative industry sector contributes positively to the national economy and the economy of the people in the regions. One creative industry is a craft whose export value continues to increase. The value of handicraft exports in 2012 was close to 700 million dollars. In 2016 the handicraft sub-sector contributed Rp. 93 trillion or around 28.5% of Gross Domestic Product (GDP). In the surrounding Medan City there are many potential creative industries, in the form of Micro and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). Politeknik Community Partnership Program (PKM) of Ganesha Medan (Polgan) has a partnership with Syafri Handicraft and Kun Art which is engaged in handicrafts located in Maimun and Medan Perjuangan Districts, Medan City. Most of the raw materials use used materials, such as natural and household waste, namely organic, wood, oil palm, coconut fiber, etc.

      A.K. Yusuf, P.A.P. Mamza, A.S. Ahmed and U. Agunwa

Abstract: Chlorinated oils based on unmodified castor oil polyol were prepared by phosphorus pentachloride (PCl5) – chlorination. Six (6) number chlorinated oils were obtained using 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 and 60 wt% concentrations of the chlorinating agent respectively. The oils were characterized by physical and chemical methods, as well as by Fourier transform infra red (FTIR) and gas chromatography – mass spectrometry (GC - MS) techniques. These chloro-derivatives of castor oil (by substitution) were all non-drying oils.

      Rudi Hendro Putranto and Sefrina Werni

Abstract: Chikungunya is a viral disease through the bite of Aedes aegypti mosquito or Aedes albopictus acts as an intermediary or vector carrying chikungunya virus in its body. It is common in the tropics and often causes endemics, densely populated areas, high population mobility, and many water reservoirs, natural habitats (e.g. bamboo cuts, coconut shells and leaf busts). Chikungunya fever is often confused with dengue fever because the symptoms are almost the same, but the symptoms of joint pain are an important symptom of chikungunya fever.

      Daniel Eliote Mbanze, Li Wenwu, Zhang Xueying

Abstract: Due to the great advantage in regulating the peak level in wet season and compensating the storage deficit in dry season, the hybrid pumped storage reservoir gets more attention from researchers in the scientific world. In this paper, the mid-long term stochastic optimization model for hybrid pumped storage reservoir is established to obtain the maximum energy generation based on Reinforcement Learning Algorithm. The case study simulates the designed model and decide the operational policies to one hybrid pumped storage reservoir.

      Wycliffe Osabwa

Abstract: Education is a very crucial social institution. As it were, such an institution must constantly be monitored and evaluated to ensure that it serves the purpose for which it was formed. Should a negative appraisal report result from such an exercise, reforms are bound to happen – not necessarily in the education system itself or a part of it, but in any other sector that may be deemed deficient. Accordingly, this paper takes issue with Kenya’s educational reforms that initially sound genuine and promising, only to end up as a hype that bears no tangible fruits.

      Sandip Vishvanath Ballal

Abstract: Day by day, energy demand keeps rising so that, it is essential to generate massive amounts of energy. Meantime, there are many changes have been introduced to make buildings or complex more energy efficient. It is very important to understand the energy sources used in buildings. The generation of renewable energy sources can be helpful to reduce their energy demands. Along with this, it is also helpful to reduce carbon Dioxide (CO2) which is produced by the Buildings. Therefore, to achieve a sustainable energy building, it is essential to improve technologies in the buildings.

      Suhaib Salman Khalid, Mushtaq Ahmad, Layth Salman Khalid, Temple Chimuanya Odimegwu

Abstract: The research study aims to identify and evaluate factors that affected the performance of property developers in construction and real estate sector of Dubai, UAE with the intention to identify the root causes faced by property developers while completing construction projects. For this purpose a thorough primary and secondary research was carried out in Dubai. Quantity approached is adopted and survey among developers, consultants and contractors.

      Bishir Gambo Saulawa

Abstract: In order to establish one of the physical manifestation of desertification the study set out to quantify the vegetation cover change in Katsina State from 1984 to 2014. The remotely sensed technology combined with GIS used the Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) to analyze the vegetation cover change. Landsat data comprising monthly images for the wet season (May, June, July, August and September) were generated from the United State Geological Survey (USGS) dataset. The images were extracted from the Path/Row WRS 2 188/051, WRS 2 189/051 and WRS 2 189/052. The NDVI data was processed with the ENVI Software and cropped with the Global Mapper. The result showed a significant decline of vegetation cover on the Path/Row 188/051 and 189/052 which covers the Sudan Savannah and the Sahel Savannah of the study area.

      Shruti S Kamble, Dr. Arun Banik

Abstract: Aim: To assess and compare pragmatic language skills in male and female adults with Spastic Cerebral Palsy. Methods: A minimum sample of 20 adults with Spastic CP from the special schools and vocational training centers. Participants within the age range of 18 to 25 years with minimum language age of 3 years and above were considered in the study. Revised Pragmatic protocol tool developed by Carol A. Prutting and Diane M. Kirchner (1987) was used. The protocol consists of 30 pragmatic aspects of language. It assesses three aspects i.e. Verbal aspects, paralinguistic aspects, and non- verbal aspects. REELS was used to assess language.

      Abeh Aondoseer & Echukwu Jeraldine Ifeoma

Abstract: This study aimed at determining the entrepreneurial factors that influence cooperative development in Nigeria. In the period of recession and high rate of youth unemployment in Nigeria, the nation direly desires ground-breaking strategies to engender growth. Co-operatives practices are built on fair play,, democratic management, and equitable contribution and distribution of surpluses.

      Neetha Nandanie Punchihewa

Abstract: Over two years monthly monitoring, four mysid species were collected. Tenagomysis chiltoni and T. novaezealandiae were the most common species. Gastrosaccus australis and T. macropsis were rarely recorded. Tenagomysis novaezealandiae was the geographically widespread species, occurs in all sites, abundant in east coast. Tenagomysis chiltoni was most abundant in west coast. Seasonal patterns in abundance of T. novaezealandiae were less apparent and it differs among sites, it may be attributed to the site-specific factors.

      Bassey, I. U., Andy, I. E., Unimke, A. A and Akpanke, J.

Abstract: The quest to harness the vast species of microorganisms inherent in waste dumpsites in Calabar metropolis for bioremediation of hydrocarbon polluted sites formed the focus of this study. Three bacterial species isolated fromLemna dumpsite, Calabar were identified and characterized as Chromobacterium violaceum, Bacillus subtilis and Micrococcus luteus using standard microbiological procedures. The bacterial isolates were then investigated for their hydrocarbon degrading potentials by subjecting them to 5 days fermentation programme in a continuous agitation using three hydrocarbon substrates (Kerosene, diesel and petrol).

      Andy, I. E., Bassey, I. U., Lennox, J. A, and Obo, V. U.

Abstract: The quality of fish and its products are one of the major concerns of consumers given the unhygienic environment where they are harvested and sold. This research is aimed at isolating the bacteria flora that are associated with catfish as well as its safety when consumed. Ten (10) samples were collected from different locations of 8 miles market and were subjected to standard microbiological analysis.

      Oluwatoyin Samuel Alabi

Abstract: This study sought to establish the importance of Closed-Circuit Television Cameras (CCTV) in curtailing unlawful actions in the Kwara State College of Education Oro. Several offenders and vandalizers have gone unapprehended for a very long time since the establishment of this institution and has accumulated a depreciating value for the college. This study which entails the installation of CCTV cameras, surveillance and Observation recording has attempted to resolve this menace also, preferring solutions to other preexisting challenges.

      Rania Ahmed Hassan Onsa, Igbal Abd Elgadeir Abd Ellatif, Magdoleen Gamar Eldeen Osman, Thohira Lee Abdullah

Abstract: Ixora coccinea is one of many purpose shrubs, it used as ornamental shrub or as important medical plant, traditionally Ixora is propagated from stem cuttings from mature shrubs this method is not economical since the multiplicate rate is low to fulfilled market demand and the collection of stem cuttings leads to arrest the growth of the mother plant. This study concentrated on the effect of growth regulators on an in vitro micropropagation of Ixora coccinea. Shoot tip explants were cultured on Murashige and Skoog(1962) (MS) media supplemented with different concentrations (0.0, 0.5, 2.0 and 4.0 mg/l) of different type of cytokinins

      Myo Maung Maung, Maung Maung Latt, Chaw Myat Nwe

Abstract: This paper finds to get the precision of angular position control for DC geared motor using PID controller. The Arduino microcontroller board is mainly used to control the 12V brushed Namiki DC motor. L298N dual H-bridge motor driver is applied to execute the pulse width modulation (PWM) signal and to drive the direction control. The implementation code is considered to generate the PWM output using PID (proportional, integral and derivative) tuning algorithms. According to the PID tuning method, errors are not only solved but also taken to its minimal value with very low amount of error oscillations. In this work, step input, sine input and potentiometer input are tested to analyze the system performance. The results were clearly seen, the controller output response curve is very well-matched to approach the desired position.

      Theresia Sri Nuryani, S.Pd., Prof. Dr. Sri Samiati Tarjana, Dr. Hersulastuti, M.Hum.

Abstract: To maximize language learning, questions are used to provoke talks which are meant to stimulate learning both the content and the language. Teachers as initiators and sustainers of classroom talk must understand how they manage classroom in such ways that students have chances to speak. The study was aimed at discovering the kinds of questions that are difficult to respond and the strategies that the teacher uses in classroom talk practice. Observations were video-taped and interviews were conducted. The writer also distributed questionnaire to 66 students and a teacher participant. The study was qualitative descriptive in nature, in the form of case study design.

      Bashiru Akande Lasisi

Abstract: An African child is in a state of perpetual crisis as he is faced with conflicting images of Africa and Africans. In this state of confusion, his attempt at finding out the authentic African image is usually faced with failure and frustration. The objective of this paper therefore is to examine the contribution of the motion picture to the distortion of African identity and the disorientation of an African child. The paper highlighted the position of scholars regarding African identity and conducted a sociological analysis of the contents of drama and films on local and satellite television stations that are indicative of what an African image is all about.

      James Kwame Mahama MPhil. Augustine Adjei MEd./Mphil, Solomon Sukpen MEd.

Abstract: This study examines the relationship that exists between parenting styles (authoritative, authoritarian and permissive) and student’s classroom motivation.Simple random sampling was used to select the subjects for the study.The sample consisted of 390 comprising of 130 students, 130 parents and 130 teachers from twenty public and private Junior High Schools in the Tamale Metropolis. The data were analyzed using partial correlation and logistic regression and analytical techniques with SPSS version 16.

      Lusi Mayangsari, Joko Nurkamto, Slamet Supriyadi

Abstract: Culture is the important thing that must be learned when ones want to learn language. It is believed that learning language will be successful when the culture is included. This means that both could not be separated. Due to these cases, the student needs a cross cultural understanding as be an intercultural competent. Then, one thing that can be done to learn both language and culture is that by inserting the cultural values in textbooks. This study aims to investigate how culture was employed in English textbooks, which is used for 8th grade students in Indonesia.

      Tran Thi Thanh Hien, Lu Tuan, Tran Le Cam Tu and Bui Minh Tam

Abstract: The study was conducted in order to find the protein requirement of bighead catfish (Clarias macrocephalus) fingerling. The initial weight of fish was 6.29 g/ind and raised them in 8 weeks. The experiment was set up with six dietary treatments including six protein levels such as 25%, 30%, 35%, 40%, 45% and 50% with an isoenergy of approximately 4.5 Kcal/g and an isolipidic diets of 8%. Results show that the protein level effected on the survival rate. The 25% protein diet had the lowest survival rate of 67.78% while those in the remaining treatments varied from 91.1% to 100%. The specific growth rates (SGR) of fish were maximal at 3.26% per day in the 45% protein diet and minimal at 1.92% per day in the 25% protein diet. The protein efficiency ratios (PER) decreased as the protein levels in diets increased. The protein content affected significantly by the dietary protein levels. Using the Broken-line method and based on the SGR, the dietary protein requirement for bighead catfish was 46.1%.

      Dr. Neelam Agrawal Srivstava

Abstract: Readymade garment industry is highly growth oriented industry. Exports in this are the largest foreign exchange earner for the country, accounting a good percentage of the total exports. Readymade garments has high demands as they are available in various prizes and ranges and India being having largest acreage under cotton cultivation and low labour cost is on an advantageous position.

      Arif Abrahim, Bahiru Wabela, Kifle Zerga and Endale Hailu

Abstract: Wheat is one of the important cereal crops of Ethiopia. It is the leading crop in land coverage and total production next to tef and maize and in productivity after maize and sorghum. Gurage highlands are also considered to be suitable areas for wheat production in the country. However, the production of wheat in this region is threatened by different wheat rusts; such as stem rust disease. So, this study was conducted with the following objectives: to determine distribution, incidence and severity of wheat stem rust in Gurage highlands. Field survey was carried out in four districts of Gurage zone. A total of 100 fields were surveyed. During survey stem rust disease was occurred in 88% of the fields surveyed in Gurage zone. The mean incidence of pathogen was 47.45%..

      Musriyadi Nabiu, H. Yuyus Suryana, Yevis Marty Oesman, Umi Kaltum

Abstract: The purpose of this study is aimed at examining the effect of distinctive capability mediated by process innovation on MSEs’ business performance of Smoked Skipjack (cakalang) processing in North Sulawesi Province. This research is conducted by censusing and interviewing of 81 MSEs Smoked Skipjack producers. Data are analysed using Quantitative metdhod while SEM-PLS method is used to examine correlation and the infleunce of distinctive capability to business performance. The results show that the distinctive capabilities have a positive and significant effect on business performance when it is mediated partially by process innovation.

      Paidi ,Sucherly, Umi Kaltum , and Arief Helmi

Abstract: A life insurance company is a non-banking financial service company which customers must hold the life insurance policy. It is necessary for the company running the business in service such as life insurance company to take into account the corporate’s image, product quality, service, trust and loyalty factors. The problem encountered in Indonesian life insurance world is among others high lapse rate during the insurance contract term, the sale of the policy during the insurance contract term. The hypothesis in this research are (1) How the corporate’s image, service and loyalty of the life insurance policy holders in Indonesia are, (2) How the influence of corporate’s image and service is to loyalty both partially and simultaneously.

      Attahir Shehu Mainiyo, Muhammad Sani Abdullahi

Abstract: This paper examines the relevance of Qur’anic Aqidah narratives as effective tools in evolving prototypical contemporary Muslims in North-West Nigeria. Thus, the relevance, lessons and reflections in these narratives are ought to be imbibed or embraced by the Muslims in the study area. The facts that these Aqidah narratives are not provided for fun and pleasure then should be studied for guidance. The Glorious Qur’an exhorted Muslims of all ranks to learn the narratives of the past nations who are punished for their evils and those who are guided by Allah when they accepted His message. Perhaps, these narratives are geared towards appreciating virtues for emulation and identifying vices for avoidance; for they are centered on Islamic morals and spiritual uplift of Muslim societies.

      Philip Mogire, Silvester Abuodha, John Mwero, and Geoffrey Mang’uriu

Abstract: As the world economies shift to support the United Nations sustainable development goals, new cement manufactures have entered into the Kenyan market producing brands of ordinary Portland Cement meeting the minimum requirement of the Kenya Bureau of Standards.

      Osman Abdalla Adam Osman, Habeeb I.A.Ibrahim, Mohammed Nour A.Rabih

Abstract: We investigate some structure properties of certain valued functions spaces by using new basis definitions of Banach spaces. We show that the space l_∞ has a relative basis and so has an approximation property. Further the linear subspace P(B,X) of l_∞ (B,X) with a precompact rang has an X – Schauder basis. We prove that the Series of C – Schauder basis of l_∞is not unconditional.

      Lovely Joseph Pullokaran

Abstract: The purpose of the study is to know the sources of academic stress among college students in Kerala. According to Richard S.Lazarus “stress is a condition or feeling experienced when a person perceives that demand exceed the personal and social resources the individual is able to mobilize”. Actually the academic stress is mainly connected with two elements; constraints and demand. The constraints prevent student from doing what they desire and the demand is that the loss of something which they desired.

      Ogu Ogechukwu Amina, Agu, Emeka Raphael and Ogbu, Ugonna Chris

Abstract: This study examined intergovernmental fiscal relations and service delivery in Awka North Local Government Area of Anambra State. Descriptive survey design was used for the study. The 407 staff of Awka North Local Government Area constituted the population size and the statistical tool of Taro Yamani was used to obtain a sample of 201. A 24- item questionnaire was used for data collection; tables and simple percentage were used for data presentation and the Chi-square was used for data analysis.

      Chandrasekaran M, Sivakumaran N

Abstract: Monoclonal antibodies were discovered by Kohler and Milstein in early seventies this discovery leads to a huge revolution in immunology field. In addition to this Kohler and Milstein along with Niels Kaj Jerne were awarded noble prize in 1984. There are various production methods of monoclonal antibodies which includes hybridoma technique which is the most traditional method, phage display, transgenic mouse method also production of monoclonal antibodies from plants this procedure is under development. Hybridoma technique is considered to be the traditional or conventional technique which was used for the first MAb production in 1975.

      Josiah Mwachi Waiti, Collins Oduor Ondiek, Elisha T. Opiyo Omulo

Abstract: This research was carried out to determine factors affecting utilisation of EMIS in curriculum implementation in public secondary schools. Thereafter the findings would be generalized to other public secondary schools in Kenya. The main argument is that ICT under its component EMIS is a prerequisite tool for globally competitive quality education. The study was conceived due to the factor that several parts of secondary school were attempting to provide ICTs, however, utilisation of EMIS in curriculum implementation, examinations, finances and students’ enrolment seemed to be challenging because of several factors. To achieve this, the study had five research objectives.

      Samuel, Ruth Iwanger

Abstract: This study investigated the effect of multimedia instructional approach on the interest and retention of mid basic II pupils in Basic Science. The sample for study comprised Eighty-five mid basic II Basic Science pupils from two intact classes purposively selected from two private co-education schools in Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, Nigeria. Two research questions guided the study and two null hypotheses were tested at 0.05 level of significance. Two instruments were used for data collection namely; Pupils’ Interest in Basic Science rating scale (PIBS) and Basic Science Retention Test (BSRET).

      Tafiq Ahmed, Mohammad Liton Hossain

Abstract: Oil is any nonpolar chemical substance that is a viscous liquid at ambient temperatures. Oil drilling is a complex process that involves the drilling and pumping of oil from underground wells. There are some technologies for bringing oil to the earth surface. Oil drilling reaches usually a depth of 2 to 3 km. The drill heads containing a sophisticated sensor electronic, which is collecting data permanently during the drilling process. Due to the high friction temperatures up to 300°C may occur, only selected electronic components may resist for a few days.

      Oimbo, L. M., Ngode, L., Auma, E.

Abstract: Plants release many secondary metabolites to the environment that can be harnessed for important uses. These secondary metabolites are known as allelochemicals. The current worldwide demand for cheaper, more environmentally-friendly weed management technologies has motivated a number of studies on the allelopathic interaction between crops and weeds. Niger plant has been observed to have allelopathic effects on certain weeds. In order to evaluate the influence of Niger plant on selected weeds, an experiment was laid out in Randomized Complete Block Design (RCBD) with three replicates.

      Zrakpa Melaine Ouoya

Abstract: Rural households in Côte dIvoire face a variety of shocks, the most common of them are those related to the health and death of an active member of the household. Based on data from the household living standard survey (ENV2015), we have identified the determinants of welfare of these rural households from a multiple linear regression. Our results showed that household size, farmland possession, and shock have a negative impact on household welfare while age, education, and industry activity of the head of households have a positive influence on welfare, provided that the household head operates in a sector other than agriculture and has at least primary education.

      Naning Dwi Sulystyaningsih, Aluh Nikmatullah , Dewi Nur’aeni Setyowati

Abstract: This research aims to determine the effect of seaweed type, seaweed seedweight, and its interaction to the growth and seaweed yield on the Bondre system culture and knows the seaweed type that can grow optimally on the cultivation through the Bondre system. This research also is desgined using Fully Randomized Design (RAL) Factorial with two factors: seaweed type and seaweed weight. Factor of seaweed type (J) consists of three borders: J1: type of seaweed Kappaphycus alvarezii, J2: type of seaweed Kappaphycus striatum, J3: type of seaweed Eucheuma spinosum. Seed weight factor (B) consists of borders: B1: seed weight 4 kg, B2: seed weight 6 kg, B3: seed weight 8 kg, B4: seed weight 10 kg. Each of the treatment border is so combined that it is gained 12 treatment interactions. Treatment is repeated such three times (3 long lines) that is obtained an experimental unit with 36 trial units.

      Asbah Razali

Abstract: Substance abuse is a main problem, an epidemic that strike various countries across the globe. Unsafe or risky utilization of psychoactive substances, including liquor and unlawful drugs contribute towards substance abuse. Psychoactive substance utilization can prompt reliance disorder - a group of social, subjective, and physiological wonders that create after rehashed substance use and that commonly incorporate a powerful urge to take the drugs, troubles in controlling its utilization, continuing in its utilization in spite of unsafe results, a physical withdrawal state and others (World Health Organization, 2018).

      Destian Afiana, Endang Fauziati, Joko Nurkamto

Abstract: One of the most significant and enthralling aspects of human development is language development. This study presents learners attempts at constructing a linguistic system that progressively approach the target language system. This process is call as Interlanguage. The focus of this study is on one of interlanguage characters, it is permeability. Permeability reflects the students native language transfer and overgeneralization in their efforts to produce the intended meaning in target language. The objective of this study is to present observed proves of the permeability of the students’ interlanguage by describing the types of influence from the native and target language and presenting the what causes this influence. The data were collected from erroneous sentences taken from students composition.

      Philisilar Kwamboka Kefa, Prof.Mike Amuhaya Iravo

Abstract: The study focused on influence of strategic planning on performance. The objectives were; to examine the existence of strategic plans and how they influence the performance of Non-Governmental Organizations, to establish the influence of setting objectives on organization growth and to assess the influence of budgetary allocations on organization growth. The target population was 350 who involved senior, middle and supervisory level management. A sample size of 186 respondents was selected from the categories. Data was collected and analyzed using descriptive and inferential statistics with the aid of Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) version 23. The analyzed data was presented in form of frequency distribution tables. The findings indicated that decisions, direction and setting of objectives at One Acre Fund had a strong positive significance influence on strategic planning on performance of non-governmental organizations.

      Nellys Adhiambo Oneya, Dr. Kepha ombui, Dr. Ibrahim Tirimba Ondabu, Prof. Mike A. Iravo, Prof. Willy Muturi

Abstract: This study objectives were to determinine the effect of foreign debt on the economic growth of East Africa member countries; to investigate the effect of foreign direct investment on the economic growth of East Africa member countries; to find out the effect of foreign aid on the economic growth of East Africa member countries and to establish the effect of remittances on the economic growth of East Africa member countries.

      Phoebe Nyambura Macharia, Dr. Ibrahim Tirimba

Abstract: The research sought to investigate the effect of product innovation factors on financial performance of deposit taking saccos in Nairobi City County, Kenya. Despite the significance of product innovation, the effect of product innovation factors on financial performance is still misunderstood. Therefore the study sought to investigate the effect of product innovation factors on financial performance of deposit taking saccos in Nairobi City County, Kenya.

      Caroline Mbugua, Dr. Ibrahim Tirimba

Abstract: The purpose of this study was to find out the effect of differentiation strategies on the performance of listed mobile network operators in Kenya. Questionnaires were used as the primary data collection tool and the data collected was analyzed using Multiple regression analysis (standard), descriptive analysis (means and standard deviations) and inferential statistics. The population size was 950 management staff of Safaricom PLC’s. The sample size was 281 respondents. Multiple regression equation was used to analyze data and with aid of SPSS version 21.0. The study found out that Service Differentiation strategy was statistically significant in influencing performance of listed mobile network operators in Nairobi City County, Kenya. The study also found out that Quality Differentiation strategy was statistically significant in influencing performance of listed mobile network operators in Nairobi City County , Kenya.

      Cleon Oguya K’ombwayo, Prof. Mike A. Iravo

Abstract: This study sought to establish the influence of consumer sales promotions on buying behavior of Three-Wheeled vehicles in Nairobi County, Kenya. The population for this study was all 350 operators of Three-Wheeled vehicles registered with various Sacco’s operating within Nairobi County. According to the NTSA (2015), there are 350 registered three-wheeled vehicles operating in Nairobi. Stratified random sampling at rate of 30% was used to select a sample size of 105 members. Primary data was gathered using questionnaires whereby validity and reliability of the instruments were tested prior to actual collection of data on 10% (11) of the sample. Quantitative data was analyzed using descriptive statistics aided by a Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS) and Excel. Also advanced techniques of data analysis such as multiple regression analysis were conducted to determine the relationship between dependent and independent variables.

      Eng. Suhad Ali Jumean, Eng. Tareq I. Al-Shawaheen

Abstract: Always there is a potential for laboratory results to become wrong results. Therefore, performing quality control using quality samples on the medical devices existed in the laboratory will be with great benefits as well as ensuring the perfect performance of the equipment.

      Eng. Wafa Al-faraeh, Eng. Mohamed F. Ababeneh

Abstract: The problem of errors in clinical laboratory has recently received a great deal of attention. Which plays a key role to healthcare services and may generate a serious risk affecting patients life. The frequency of laboratory errors varies greatly, depending on the diagnosis procedures and steps of the total testing process. In this paper, technical specification and recommendations by International Organization for Standardization (ISO) have been collected and explored to achieve better understanding for corrective procedures to reduce errors in laboratory.

      Chaitanya Sureddi

Abstract: Day by day the competition is increasing with new innovations and ideas in automobile sectors. With these innovations, a new path is created in the product development. In this development there is a large scope in modifying the existing materials or replacing old products by new and advanced material products. Automotive organizations are paying their major interest in the weight reduction of components because the weight of the vehicle is the most important factor to be considered as it affects the fuel economy. This weight can be reduced by introducing new materials with better properties and manufacturing process with optimization of design.

      V. Ratna Inggawati1, Lusy, Y. Budi Hermanto

Abstract: This research is aimed to evaluate the influence of Loan to Deposit Ratio (LDR), Loan operational compared with income operational (BOPO), Non-Performing Loan (NPL) toward profitability of Bank Perkreditan Rakyat (BPR) in Sidoarjo regency. Moreover, this research used quantitative research. Furthermore, the population in this research is Bank Perkreditan Rakyat in Sidoarjo regency, there were about 56 banking companies. The technique of data collection used in this research is purposive sampling. The result of this research shows several points such as; 1) BOPO has a negative significant effect toward ROA; 2) LDR has a negative significant effect toward ROA; and 3) NPL has a negative significant effect toward ROA. Indeed, this research is expected to give a contribution to another researcher or policymaker to arrange the advantages strategy for society and stakeholder.

      Thwe, Si Si Mar Win

Abstract: This paper presents how to apply spherical law of cosine and GPS nature services in real life. And it shows one system which can easily locate, navigate and display detailed information of specific shops to users. The system also displays additional useful information such as route distance and travel time between current location and destination. To provide distance between current location and destination, Spherical Law of Cosines which calculates distances plus earth radius to provide precise distances has been used in the system.

      Patel Shivani, Kale Rutuja P., Jacob Kezia E.

Abstract: Determining gender using dental features is mainly achieved by comparing the tooth dimensions in males and females using traditional mesiodistal and buccolingual crown diameters of teeth. According to Hilson et al., most of the archaeological and fossil remains of human teeth exhibit heavy attrition of usual crown diameters but alternative diagonal measurements are not affected until later stages of wear.

      Dr. Janet L. Deskins

Abstract: Research suggests that 70% of North American employees are disengaged in the workplace. Some small retail managers lack strategies for engaging employees. Using the employee engagement framework, the purpose of this descriptive case study was to explore successful strategies that small retail managers use to engage employees. The target population was small retail leaders, purposefully selected because of their success with engaging employees at an Orlando, Florida, company.

      T. M. Nyang’au, S. K. Mwea & P.K. Matheri

Abstract: Pavement evaluation is fundamental in determining the functional and structural conditions of the pavement structure and its need for strengthening. Functional conditional pavement evaluation indicated that the pavement was not satisfactory owing to the high values of the pavement surface roughness measured in International Roughness Index (IRI) in some sections, which were in excess of the recommended minimum of IRI of 3.0 mm/m limit. Three traffic analysis scenarios were simulated and the RoSy analysis and design software was used in the analysis. The CUSUM method was used to plot the FWD pavement surface deflections.

      Ohia, Adanma Ngozi; Ukala, C. C.

Abstract: The study investigated management of 21st century digital classroom as predictor of lecturers job performance in the tertiary institutions in Rivers State, Nigeria. Six research questions were answered while corresponding null hypotheses were tested at 0.05 alpha level. The study adopted a correlation research design. The population of the study was 2330 lecturers from Uniport, RSU and IAUE. A sample size of 466 lecturers was used.



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