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Evaluating M&E Stakeholder Engagement and Its Effect on Public School Infrastructure in Wajir County, Kenya
      Jimale Diis Ahmed and Prof. Kennedy Mutundu
Abstract: School infrastructure impacts the quality of education significantly. Integral components like classrooms, science labs, sports facilities, sanitation amenities, and libraries constitute a conducive learning environment. Despite this, students educational experiences can differ based on varying infrastructure standards across schools.

      Jeremiah Lokitoe Namuya
Abstract: Initiated in 2009, Kenyas Hunger Safety Net Program (HSNP) serves as a crucial source of unconditional income support for vulnerable households during severe droughts. Despite the disruptive impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the HSNP persevered unchanged, even as the pandemic wreaked havoc on Kenyas economy, disproportionately affecting vulnerable groups. The National Drought Management Authority (NDMA) reported a 90% surge in urgent assistance needs from August 2020 to February 2021, with Turkana County facing substantial challenges.

      Hamisi Amiri Abdallah and Prof. Kennedy Mutundu
Abstract: One would have expected that with the new constitution ushering in the Devolution governments, it would have given avenues for an effective implementation of inclusive and comprehensive approaches and policies to narrow the gap of gender inequality. Despite there being several ministries in the county government and an office of women representative in the national assembly, women are still underrepresented and some of the primary issues affecting them yet to be addressed.

      Dewi Vitri Rastikasari, F.X. Kurniawan Tjakrawala
Abstract: The internal control system on the SIMURP project at the Directorate General of Regional Development, Ministry of Home Affairs is implemented using the Governments Internal Control System. Financial management at the Directorate General of Regional Development uses the Agency Level Financial Application System in this paper we mention as SAKTI. The SIMURP project is carried out at the Directorate General of Regional Development which operates in the Water Resources sector and is part of the Sub Directorate of Public Works in the Directorate of SUPD II, Directorate General of Regional Development.

      Metrine Tendwa and Prof. Kennedy Mutundu
Abstract: Despite the abundant natural resources available in Kajiado County, including soda ash at Lake Magadi, marble stones at Loodokilani, limestone, and sand on seasonal riverbeds, and rich wildlife, water security remains a significant challenge, especially with the fast-growing population. The expanding population, drawn by land availability and burgeoning economic opportunities in the county, is placing a considerable strain on existing water resources, amplifying the urgency for sustainable water project initiatives.

      Fakhriyah, Siti Wasilah, Meitria Syahdatina Noor, Andini Octaviana Putri, Diva Dhiya Ulhaq, Thedolita Salsabila
Abstract: The percentage of couples of childbearing age (PUS) using long-acting reversible contraceptives (LARC) family planning in 2021 in Indonesia was 11.93%, down from 12.21% in 2020. In South Kalimantan Province, the figure is below the national achievement of 7.38%, in Banjar Regency it is still low, only 4.70% use long-acting reversible contraceptives (LARC). In West Martapura Health Center, long-acting reversible contraceptives (LARC) coverage rate is also still low where only 3.78%. The purpose of this study was to analyze the knowledge and support of husbands with self-efficacy in using long-acting reversible contraceptives (LARC).

      Shruthi K.
Abstract: A prospective observational study was conducted in 12 eyes of 9 patients between 01/05/2022 to 30/04/2023. All patients belonging to either sex irrespective of age who had macular edema due to various retinal disorders like PDR, CNVM were all included in the study. Patients with tractional retinal detachment, known cases of glaucoma, patients who had thromboembolic episodes like myocardial infarction, stroke in the last 6months were excluded from the study.

      George Kimathi Gikunda and Paul Kelvin Babu
Abstract: The practice of female genital mutilation, or FGM, is still firmly ingrained in society and has a significant impact on local economies. FGM is not just a cultural or traditional ritual in places where it is common, like some parts of Kenya; it also reflects underlying economic circumstances. FGM is frequently seen by low-income households as a means of improving their financial situation. This is due to the fact that FGM is frequently associated in these societies with females being more marriable and, consequently, with possible financial advantages like bride price. Because of this, families are more inclined to continue this practice in the hopes of stability or financial gain, particularly those in lower income categories. This economic aspect complicates matters further and shows that attempts to end FGM cannot be limited to modifying cultural attitudes. This research explores the influence of household economy on the prevalence of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) in Samburu County, Kenya, addressing a significant gap in understanding the economic underpinnings of this practice. While numerous studies have investigated the cultural, religious, and social aspects of FGM, few have delved into how economic factors, particularly household income, influence its prevalence. This study offers a unique perspective on the motivations behind FGM, highlighting the complex interplay between income and cultural practices. The findings reveal that poverty and perceived economic benefits of FGM significantly contribute to its prevalence in Samburu County. Most respondents indicated that poorer households are more likely to endorse FGM, suggesting that economic strains may drive communities to cling to or enhance traditional practices seen as economically advantageous. The study recommends implementing initiatives that integrate economic empowerment programs to alleviate poverty and create income opportunities, particularly for women. These should be complemented by culturally

      Dineshwori Chanu Paonam
Abstract: Morning sickness, also known as nausea and vomiting during pregnancy, is a common ailment. It affects roughly 70% of pregnancies and usually starts around 6 weeks of pregnancy and lasts for weeks or months. Symptoms usually improve during the second trimester. Gingers therapeutic benefits include relief from colds, flu, chills, fever, headaches, stomach upset, improved blood circulation, nausea relief, pain relief, chest congestion, improved liver function and digestion, and relief from morning sickness during pregnancy.

      Tete Kantany Nder Tutu, Alain Kabakele, Michel Tshibadi1, Christian Itoka, Djodjo Kabanda1, Eric Mwamba, Desire Mashinda Kulimba
Abstract: Cette étude porte sur l’analyse de la perception de la victimation et du stress perçus auprès de la population des quartiers de la commune de Matete dans la ville province de Kinshasa, en RD Congo. Elle décrit l’ampleur que prend le banditisme, à travers le phénomène communément appelé « Kuluna » dans la capitale. Elle concerne les ménages des quartiers de la commune susmentionnée ayant vécu ou ayant été victimes de ce phénomène pour une étude descriptive transversale menée de novembre à décembre 2022.

      R.Vijayalakshmi, L.Ramapriya and J.Santhanalakshmi
Abstract: Metal/metal oxide- reduced graphene oxide nanocomposites are widely and partially used as reaction catalysts, photo catalyst, electrode coats, sensors, adsorbents etc. It is possible to synthesize such nanocomposites adopting eco-friendlier green pathways. In the present work, Zinc Oxide nanoparticles are prepared using Aloe Vera plant extract as the stabilizing agent in mild hydrothermal conditions. Adopting similar conditions, 5 mol% dopant metal ion such as Mg(II), Cu(II), Mn(II), Ni(II) and Sb(II) are included and doped ZnO nps are prepared. powder XRD and HR-TEM measurements are carried out for size determinations. Using modified Hummers method and ultrasonication, graphite powder and doped and undoped ZnO nps are used in the nanocomposite preparations. In this process eco friendlier solvents and mild hydrothermal conditions have been adopted, HR TEM photos of the nanocomposites with undoped and doped ZnO nps are measured.

      Dr. Thabo Msimango
Abstract: One significant challenge in achieving successful execution frequently stems from a deficiency in clearly delineated accountability and responsibility. Some additional challenges that can be identified include suboptimal coordination, inadequate communication, fragmented information transmission, insufficient organisational structures, and a culture that does not effectively adapt to dynamic conditions. Another notable challenge is the presence of a culture that exhibits a restricted capacity to adjust to novel and unfamiliar situations.

      Adade Yeboah Alexander, Manpaya M., Owusu-Manu D.
Abstract: The transformative impact of advances in forensic science on the criminal justice system has been profound, significantly influencing the capacity to solve crimes accurately and render just verdicts. This study focuses on the multifaceted aspects of forensic assistance in criminal investigations, with a specific emphasis on its effects and implications in Ghanas Ashanti Region. Through a comprehensive case study, this research aims to provide an in-depth analysis of the challenges, advantages, and policy implications associated with employing sustainable forensic assistance to enhance investigative outcomes. Key stakeholders, including law enforcement officers, forensic specialists, legal practitioners, and government representatives, actively participate in this study, providing valuable insights.

      Basiru A. Olafuyi
Abstract: As the United States continues to rely on interconnected digital systems for critical infrastructure, commerce, and defense, the nation faces an escalating array of cyber threats that pose serious challenges to its national security. This research paper explores the evolving landscape of cyber threats to the United States, examining the nature of these threats, their potential consequences, and strategies to mitigate them. The paper also discusses the role of international actors, the implications of emerging technologies, and the policy considerations necessary for safeguarding national security in the digital age.

      Alexis Uwamahoro, Dr. Noor Ismail Shale and Dr. Elizabeth Wachiuri
Abstract: A Customer is considered as the source of life for manufacturing organizations whatever they provide either products or services. Customer integration encompasses the focal firm and its collaborative practices, including knowledge sharing with key customers, to better understand and quickly respond to customer demands. Consequentially, with repeated exchange of quality information between the focal firm and critical customers, both sides better comprehend each other’s’ needs and cooperate, meanwhile improving firm’s performance in Rwanda.

      Alexis Uwamahoro, Dr. Noor Ismail Shale and Dr. Elizabeth Wachiuri
Abstract: Without clarity, consistency and continuity in their communications, organizations have difficulties standing out as interesting and distinctive brands in a cluttered marketplace. And without consistency between messages, procedures and behaviors, words and deeds, organizations cannot expect to be recognized as legitimate players in the contemporary globalized world. Performance of manufacturing firms is measured through attributes or metrics that permit know if the strategic goals provide information and direct feedback of the processes involved in the Supply Chain paradigm.

      Mboloko Moningo Costa, Ansah Jackson, Tinotenda Maxwell Nyamuranga, Joseph Bosha, Fabrice Mvita
Abstract: Artificial Intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing how marketers conduct themselves digitally. There is a lack of empirical research into how AI affects digital marketing. Hence, this study aims to explore how the prevalence of AI in businesses has enhanced digital marketing. We proposed a model containing AI and five digital marketing forms: content marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, pay-per-click advertising, and search engine optimization. 252 responses were analyzed using the partial least square-structural equation modeling.

      Basiru A. Olafuyi
Abstract: The increasing sophistication and frequency of cyber threats pose unprecedented challenges to traditional cybersecurity measures, necessitating advanced technologies to enhance detection, prevention, and response capabilities. This research paper explores the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) into cybersecurity frameworks as a strategic approach to fortifying digital defenses. The study reviews the current landscape of cyber threats and identifies key vulnerabilities that AI can effectively address.

      Le Thi Hoai Thuong, M.A
Abstract: The study investigated the uses of specific critical thinking techniques in developing students’ academic writing. The study also examined the potential benefits of integrating critical thinking into writing pedagogy. The study employed a quantitative research design to answer the research questions. The findings revealed that there were significant differences in Socratic Questioning Technique (SQT) among the levels of writing proficiency.

      Mustafa Ramadan Albakoush
Abstract: The health system is one of the most important and probably the most complex systems of a society, which is why the role of management is extremely responsible and demanding. Health care is the main social, economic and political issue of countries all over the world. In many countries, there is an aspiration to reform the health care system because, for various reasons, there is dissatisfaction with the level or way care is provided. The COVID pandemic has highlighted and exposed all the problems of health systems and it is clear that there is a need for health reforms. In order to offer high-quality health care, effective human resource management is necessary.

      Ezekiel Yonnana, Alfred Dika Mshelia and Apolos Thandamine
Abstract: The assessment of temporal changes of the morphometric characteristics of lakes for the purposes of conservation, management and sustainable uses is paramount. In this study, recent (2013 to 2022) changes in the morphometric characteristics of Fluviatile Lakes in the Benue Valley Area of Adamawa State, Northeastern Nigeria were examined. An integrated approach of Bathymetric Survey, the Application of Geographic Information System (GIS) and Mathematical Computations was adopted for determination of the morphometric parameters.

      Erick Muamba Kabeya, Tete Kantany N’der Tutu, Alain Kabakele, Michel Tshibadi, Christian Itoka, Paulin Mutombo Beya
Abstract: La présente étude avait pour objectif l’évaluation de l’efficacité de la riposte contre la malnutrition aiguë chez les enfants de moins de 5 ans dans 4 zones de santé de la ville-province de Kinshasa afin de ressortir son efficacité, ses défis et relever les points à améliorer pour un meilleur rendement. Il s’est agi d’une étude qualitative menée dans les zones de santé de Kikimi, N’djili,

      Rani Vinita,Chanu Paonam Dineshwori
Abstract: Background :-The burn is often referred to as one of the hardest traumas in medicine, given that its effects are physical and psychological. Severe burns can cause death. Scars, contractors and keloids are also physically effects of fatal burns. The victims suffer due to disfigurement and disability, often leading to stigma and rejection by society. Among mental consequences of burns are, for example, low self-esteem, fear, depression, or anxiety

      Dr. Mark Attridge & David Pawlowski
Abstract: This applied study examined client characteristics and outcome data for users of brief counseling treatment delivered by licensed counselors in-person at clinic office settings. A sample of 33,228 clients was obtained from archival records of the normal course of business at CuraLinc Healthcare, which is a national employee assistance program (EAP) service provider in the United States. Based on a 7-year naturalistic study design, we profiled who the users are, how and why the counseling was used and what impact it had on their health and work.

      Saeid Azizi
Abstract: Cancer remains a significant global health concern, and the development of effective strategies for early detection is of utmost importance. Serological biomarkers have emerged as promising tools in cancer research due to their non-invasive nature and potential for early detection.

      Ali Abu Farjad
Abstract: The popularity of electric vehicles in the automotive industry is ever so rising and with it is the research for performing batteries. The most opted cell chemistry in the EV market is the Lithium-ion cell since it provides optimal values of energy and power density, the two main characteristic of a cell. However, there are other external parameters as well which effect the performance of a cell. These effects are highlighted in this paper for reference using the aid of simulation software such as ANSYS.

      K. Karthijekan
Abstract: Physical inactivity is a major risk factor for developing cardiovascular disorders (CVDs), leading cause of morbidity and mortality worldwide. University students are more vulnerable to be physically inactive due to various reasons, such as lack of time for physical activity, academic pressure, inadequate facilities, issues with academic calendar, lack of motivation, and lack of awareness of physical activity.

      Patrick Friday Obot
Abstract: This qualitative research focused on Seventh grade students’ misconceptions during algebraic problem solving. 15 open-ended algebraic tasks were developed, standardised and administered to 12 Seventh grade school students in Lagos State. Test items were developed with focus on the highlighted possible algebraic misconceptions as identified in the literature review. After the test administration, each item and student’s solutions were categorised by coding the misconceptions under the identified possible misconceptions in the literature review.

      Tot Janguan Khor
Abstract: Although the federal system of government has brough the structure close to the people of Akobo County, the system is not flexible enough to accommodate the needs of the community in terms of livelihoods especially in agriculture. Livelihoods serve as the backbone for communities, particularly in Akobo County, South Sudan, where a diverse populace relies on a range of economic activities for survival.

      Christene Abbey Lorin O. Nicolas, Jovelyn Micah C. Briones, Alyssa Gabrielle R. Esposo, Mhajie Yelen I. Goco, Kyzha D. Villalino, and Mary Ana Seline L. Angoluan
Abstract: Traditional and Cooperative Learning are different approaches used in education. Both had shown themselves to be effective, with Traditional Learning being the predominant method used for a long time. On the other hand, Cooperative Learning became an innovative approach capable of improving education results and cultivating essential skills in students. This research determines the significant effect of Cooperative Learning on the subject proficiency of Psychology students. The researchers conducted an assessment test on 60 participants of Psychology students to determine the effectiveness of Cooperative and Traditional learning. The results showed that Cooperative Learning has no significant effect on the students’ subject proficiency. This implies that Traditional Learning holds an advantage when it comes to teacher-student interaction as information is directly conveyed.

      Tot Ja’nguan Khor, Prof. K. Mutundu & Dr. Serah Kimaru
Abstract: The people of Akobo County, who mostly depend on pastoralism and the raising of cattle expected to see a considerable improvement in their standard of living with the introduction of the federal system of government, which was intended to bring governance closer to the people. These expectations were not met by the actuality, which was noticeably different. Their customs have been surprisingly curtailed by government rules, which have limited how much space their cattle can have and move. These limitations have been made worse by widespread livestock rustling and lack of proper veterinary infrastructure, which is necessary to preserve the wellbeing and production of their animals.

      Ngweme Ngakiama Georgette, Nkonde Nkiama Joel, Muyer Ayol Marie-Claire, Kiyombo Mbela Guillaume
Abstract: This study was carried out among 124 buyers/consumers and 126 sellers attending the 5 major markets of Kinshasa including the Grand Marché de Kinshasa, Marché de Matete, Marché de Liberté, Marché Gambela and Marché de Selembao chosen among many other markets. the city for a structured quantitative CAP-type survey of a sample of 250 respondents in order to find out if their households consume or combine fruits in their daily diet.

      Georgette N. Ngweme, Guillaume M. Kiyombo, Paola Muanamoki, Amandine, Emmanuel K. Atibu
Abstract: This study was carried out in 8 large market gardening sites in the city province of Kinshasa for taking sediment samples (upstream, in the middle and downstream) in rivers, ponds and swamps during the dry season in market gardening sites. des Tshuenge (TS), Kimpoko (KI), Rifflaert (RI), Cecomaf (CE), Lemba Imbu (LI), Monastère (MON), Mombele/Agricole (MO) and Saïo (SA) to be dosed with toxic metals ( cadmium, lead, arsenic, nickel, zinc and mercury).

      Minocha Dr. Pramodkumar, Kothwala Dr. Deveshkumar Mahendralal, Solanki Himanshu Rajesh and Divakar Shivam Ramprakash
Abstract: Inferior Vena Cava (IVC) filters are the medical device that serves a crucial role in preventing pulmonary embolism by capturing blood clots within the body. Inserted via catheters, these devices are essential for patients unable to utilize conventional anticoagulant therapies, often seen in conditions like Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) or Pulmonary Embolism (PE), especially post-surgery or during periods of immobility.

      Geoffrey Mienda Okeng'o
Abstract: The study sought to determine the influence of use of individualized educational program in teaching science subjects on academic performance in sciences of deaf students at Ngala school for the deaf in Nakuru County. The study used a descriptive case study design. The target population is 472 respondents at Ngala secondary school of the deaf. Quantitative data was presented using percentages, frequency tables and charts. The study found out that the teachers discussed their individualized educational program with their students after every continuous assessment test and during academic clinics. Interview with the Principal indicated teachers were using individualized educational program in monitoring learners performance though this was being done to a less extend. Observation in learning trend revealed that, though teachers maintained higher standards of academic learning which were not limited to Academic Clinic, marking of exercise books, follow up on students corrections and doing revision of continuous assessment tests, there was no documentary evidence to support existence of individualized educational program in school.The study concluded that there are no record to support existence of an individualized educational program in school as the Law requires. This had made many learners with special needs who required individualized educational program to lag behind hence creating a gap in performance in sciences in national examinations. The study recommended that there is need for intensive immersion of teachers on individualized educational program preparation which may include organizing in-service teachers training Courses on individualized educational program development.

      Geoffrey Mienda Okeng'o
Abstract: Medium of instruction is expected to influence academic performance of deaf students in sciences. For many years the debate of which mode of instruction to be used has remained to be a controversy between oral versus manual methods of instruction. Therefore, the current study sought to find out whether the medium of instruction influences the academic performance in sciences of deaf students at Ngala School for the Deaf in Nakuru County, Kenya. The study adopted descriptive research design. The study target population was 472 respondents at Ngala secondary school of the deaf. The quantitative data was presented using percentages, frequency tables and charts. The study results revealed that although varieties of communication approaches were being used by teachers, which were not limited to Sign Language, SEE, Bilingual Communication, Code Switching and Oral Communication, more than half of teachers were not fluent in Sign Language, Code Switching and Bilingual Communication approaches. Many teachers exhibited insufficient expressive and receptive skills. The study concluded that many teachers have difficulties in using KSL, Code Switching and Bilingual Communication. This has made it difficult for teachers to have a smooth interaction with the students in class. The study recommended that teachers should be exposed on in-service programs to enable them have skills in Total Communication as a philosophy for teaching deaf learners.

      Yamin, M.J Saptenno, J.Tjiptabudy, J.J.Pieterz
Abstract: This research aims to know, study and analyze the essence, function and authority of the Regional Government for guidance, service and legal protection for the congregation in the implementation of the Hajj and Umrah pilgrimage in Maluku province, Indonesia. This research is normative legal research with statutory, case, historical, comparative and conceptual approaches. The sources of legal materials used are primary, secondary and tertiary legal materials. Collecting legal materials uses library research and interviews. Then it is described and analyzed qualitatively. The research results show that; The nature, function and authority of the Regional Government for service, guidance and protection of the congregation in carrying out the Hajj and Umrah pilgrimage is contained in Law Number 8 of 2019 concerning the Implementation of the Hajj and Umrah Pilgrimage, namely: a) providing guidance, service and protection for the congregation Hajj and Umrah so that they can carry out their worship in accordance with the provisions of the Sharia; and b) realizing independence and resilience in organizing the Hajj and Umrah pilgrimages. That; legal regulations related to the function and authority of the Regional Government for services, guidance and legal protection for pilgrims in the implementation of the Hajj and Umrah pilgrimages as regulated in Law no. 8 of 2019, PMA no. 8 of 2018, and PMA No. 13 of 2018 which is a guide that fully regulates the implementation of the Hajj and Umrah starting from the departure destination, departure, accommodation services, return, supervision, to sanctions for violations that occur in the procession of holding the Hajj and Umrah.

      Anthoni Hatane, SEM Nirahua, J. Tjiptabudy, H. Salmon
Abstract: Research aims 1). Examining, analyzing and finding a philosophical extension of substantive justice in disputes over the results of the election of Governors, Regents and Mayors at the Constitutional Court. This research uses normative legal research methods. This research was carried out by examining existing concepts, doctrines, theories and statutory provisions using a philosophical approach, a statutory approach and a conceptual approach. The research results show that: 1). The philosophy of extending substantive justice in disputes over the results of the election of Governors, Regents and Mayors in the Constitutional Court is a form of legal application that must be manifested in various Constitutional Court Decisions. This is because so far the Constitutional Court decisions have not reflected the values of justice, especially substantive justice. Therefore, the Constitutional Court decision does not fulfill the sense of justice, usefulness and legal certainty in achieving legal objectives. The Constitutional Court as a constitutional court must be enforced by prioritizing substantive justice in order to be able to prove that there are no structured, systematic and massive violations.
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