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Creating a Competitive Advantage in the Job Market with Soft Skills: Literature Review
      Suparmi, Sri Suprapti
Abstract: Soft skills significantly influence individual career development; effective communication, interpersonal skills, and good leadership have been proven essential to career success. The demand for soft skills by employers is also increasing, which emphasizes the importance of having these skills in todays world of work.

      Nicholas Muasa Musau, Caren Ouma, Barnabeﹸ Anzuruni Msabah
Abstract: The issues of manipulation, control, and ‘forced giving’ in the Church context have raised a lot of concern and especially at a time when the moral authority of the Church has been questioned. Indeed, in the wake of the evangelical explosion, con preachers and fake miracle workers have infiltrated and polluted the good news of the gospel. This study aimed at investigating whether spiritual control did exist in the Pentecostal Church setting, and if so, then the effect it has on the performance of Pentecostal churches in Nairobi County, Kenya. The research used a mixed methods design, embracing a concurrent triangulation strategy, and assuming a pragmatic philosophical approach. The target population was the 12891 congregants in the Pentecostal congregations in Embakasi East Sub-County, Nairobi County.

      Mr. Prashant Kumar Saxena, Mr. M.D Prince Joseph, Ms. Harshita Shobhani
Abstract: Foot abnormalities represent a prevalent and multifaceted health concern affecting individuals of all ages worldwide. This research paper delves into the intricate landscape of foot abnormalities, aiming to elucidate their diverse manifestations, impacts on physical health and quality of life, and the development of innovative solutions for prevention and management. The study commences with a thorough examination of the various types of foot abnormalities, encompassing congenital, acquired, and biomechanical abnormalities. Detailed descriptions and classifications are provided to enhance our understanding of the diverse range of foot conditions, including bunions, flat feet, hammertoes, and plantar fasciitis, among others.

      Lakshmikiran Nandula, Swathi Chitra Padmanabhan
Abstract: Architectural Patterns are used to solve common problems with a proven methodology. Serverless Implementation is nothing but leveraging cloud-based resources that are not managed by the teams developing the components. Rather the management of Servers is taken by the Cloud Provider. In this paper, we will explore some Microservices Architectural Patterns and how they can be implemented using Serverless Services within AWS. By no means, this is an exhaustive list of solutions or patterns, but should set a stepping stone for building Serverless Microservices on AWS.

      Nilesh Suresh Jain
Abstract: In cloud, replication enables automatic, asynchronous copying of objects across buckets. Replication serves two purposes, with the main one being to provide high availability in case nodes or shards fail. Enabling Object Storage replication is as simple as creating a replication policy on the source bucket that identifies the region and the destination bucket to replicate to. After the replication policy is created, the destination bucket is read-only and updated only by replication from the source bucket.

      Mrs. Shruti P Bulbule, Dr. Asha H Bhatakhande, Dr. Sunil M B
Abstract: Background of the study: Worldwide, cervical cancer is the fourth most frequent cancer in women. Cervical cancer kills one Indian woman every eight minutes, making the disease one of the country’s most lethal cancers.1Seventy percentages of cervical cancers are known to be caused by Human papilloma virus (HPV) infection. One strategy to reduce the spread of HPV and thus prevent cervical cancer is to increase the number of individuals who get HPV vaccination.

      Gyanwati Dwivedi, Priyawati Sahu, Sherendra Sahu
Abstract: The present study deals with the seasonal variation in hydrobiological parameters of the Beehar River to see if the water is good quality for fishes. Some of the things we are looking at are temperature, dissolved oxygen (DO), acidity (pH), turbidity, alkalinity, hardness, total dissolved solids (TDS), biological oxygen demand (BOD) and other constituents of Beehar River. This study provides information about how clean or dirty the water is in Beehar River in Rewa city. The river collects different kinds of waste from homes, farms, and factories as it flows through rural areas and urban areas. In simpler terms, we examine water to understand how clean it is and how human and cultural actions impact its physical, chemical, and biological characteristics. We discovered that the natural chemical makeup, including the amount of trace elements, of the water does not harm or limit the living creatures in the water.

      Nwoyiri C. S., CM Attado, Aloh Kelvin Uchechi
Abstract: Building collapses significantly impact infrastructure, economies, and human lives. This study explores the causes and consequences of these collapses, including subpar building techniques, inadequate maintenance, inferior materials, natural calamities, and regulatory shortcomings. The disastrous consequences include loss of life, property destruction, and interference with urban planning. Sustainable action is crucial to prevent future building disasters, involving tighter quality controls, better engineering methods, and the use of cutting-edge materials. Emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, structural health monitoring systems, and Building Information Modeling (BIM) can also help protect structural integrity.

      Cosmus Mutuku Nzilani and Dr Serah Kimaru
Abstract: According to the 2019 Population Census, approximately 2.2% of Kenyans have disabilities, with Nairobi County accounting for 0.2% of the total population. Specifically, within Starehe constituency, 0.05% of residents are physically challenged individuals. These individuals experience significant disparities, including extreme poverty, limited access to education, housing, and employment opportunities.

      Hassan Issack Ibrahim and Dr. Stella Karimi Silas
Abstract: Education for girls is very vital in any country since girls are very delicate in nature and need to be given the necessary support they require. Since the onset of relative political stability in Somalia, the federal and state governments have initiated education projects targeting vulnerable communities to increase access to quality education for girls who have reached age going to school. The projects are also targeted at improving gender equality in access to education with the aim of raising the literacy levels in the country. Thus, the current study aimed at determining how planning for monitoring and evaluation influence performance of girls’ education project in public primary schools in Baidoa, Somalia.

      Turabiirwe Lovence
Abstract: The researcher investigated “effect of external audits on growth of small and medium enterprises using a case study of Nile energy limited, Kireka road, Kampala.” The study was guided by three research objectives which were; to determine the challenges facing external auditors at Nile energy limited, Kireka road, Kampala, to find out the solutions to the challenges facing external auditors at Nile energy limited, Kireka road, Kampala and to establish the relationship between external audits and growth of Nile energy limited, Kireka road, Kampala.

      Mr. Pranav Satyawali, Ms. Simran Singh, Ms Nisha Kumari
Abstract: E-commerce, is conducting business over the Internet. Usually it refers to buying and selling goods, and transferring money digitally. There are numerous advantages to e-commerce business, not which is reduced transaction costs. When offline stores calculate transaction costs, they have to calculate in unlimited business spendings along with the actual number of transactions. When there are fewer transactions, the cost of per transaction is higher. On the other hand, transactions arriving in high quantity can make your distributors happy. In e-commerce business, the transaction cost is same across the board, whether one order or thousands come in.

      Dr Vandana Babbar
Abstract: Long-term pregnancies are known to increase the risk of stillbirth. Women are commonly given the option of induction of labor after 41 weeks of pregnancy to prevent this unfavorable outcome. This advice is supported by data showing that the risk of stillbirth increases after 41 weeks. However, 1 in 3 stillbirths happen before 41 weeks of pregnancy.The magnitude and consistency of findings by gestational week in various research on the risk of stillbirth in what is considered to be a normal term gestation differ. Matching newborn mortality estimates are imprecise. We did a systematic analysis to determine the incremental weekly risks of stillbirth in term pregnancies that continue versus deliver at various gestational ages. We also examined the week-specific risks of newborn death by gestational age at birth.

      Dr Vandana Babbar
Abstract: Systemic Lupus Erythematous (SLE) is a chronic autoimmune disease that predominantly affects women of childbearing age. Its interaction with pregnancy presents both physiological and psychological challenges. This comprehensive review delves into the methodologies of studies on SLEs impact on pregnancy, the associated risks and complications, management strategies, recent advancements in medical understanding, and the psychological and emotional aspects faced by affected women.

      Dr Vandana Babbar
Abstract: Endometriosis is a complex and challenging gynecological condition that affects millions of women worldwide, causing severe pelvic pain and infertility. In this advanced-level article, we explore the current understanding of endometriosis, its impact on fertility, and the innovative approaches used in its management to address infertility in affected patients. We delve into the multidisciplinary approach, including medical, surgical, and assisted reproductive techniques, and the emerging therapeutic strategies that hold promise for improving fertility outcomes in these patients.

      Perera, HPN
Abstract: This study examined the relationship of self-talk team player achievement, with a particular focus on the context of sports. It comes at a time when economic challenges, compounded by the COVID-19 pandemic, have necessitated careful budgetary allocations in Sri Lanka and other nations. The study highlights the importance of strategic fund allocation in the sports sector, emphasizing the need for cost-effective techniques that offer substantial benefits to sports performance. The research underscores the pivotal role of psychological factors in enhancing achievements, with a special emphasis on self-talk. Additionally it was furthermore analyzed whether gender moderates the relationship of self-talk and perceived achievement. Drawing from an extensive literature review, the study establishes the positive correlation between self-talk and achievement across various domains. This positive relationship has been consistently demonstrated in research across sports, education, and professional settings. The impact of self-talk on self-efficacy and performance is grounded in Albert Bandura's self-efficacy theory. The study's methodology involved a cross-sectional approach, utilizing a questionnaire to collect data from individual team players in Sri Lanka. The results revealed a strong positive correlation between self-talk and perceived team achievement, confirming the critical role of self-talk in sports performance. The findings are consistent with prior research, demonstrating that self-talk contributes to improved self-confidence, stress management, enhanced communication, self-motivation, resilience, team cohesion, and accountability. These psychological factors are essential for team success, promoting positive mindset, and effective collaboration. The study emphasizes the importance of psychological interventions in enhancing player achievements and, by extension, team performance. In conclusion, this research highlights the significant influence of self-talk on tea

      SOE SANDAR LINN, Lingyu Zhu
Abstract: As the essential component of a power electric transformer (PET), the high-voltage, high-frequency transformer has significance for power transmission and electrical isolation. Although high-frequency transformer efficiency increases with frequency, the high-frequency electro-thermal interaction phenomenon causes major insulation issues. Bipolar high-frequency square waves of various frequencies were used to conduct breakdown tests on two distinct types of inter-turn insulation materials. The two-parameter Weibull distribution was used to calculate the insulation breakdown voltage at various frequencies. The inverse power function model was used to derive the voltage life characteristic.

      Abdulahi Awil Abdislam, Dr. NAOMI NDUTA NJOROGE
Abstract: The construction sector plays a pivotal role in national development and economic growth, with road infrastructure being a key driver of progress in many nations. In Somalia, poor infrastructure has posed a significant hindrance to economic development. This study focuses on the Somalia Regional Corridor Infrastructure Program in Puntland, aiming to explore the impact of Monitoring and Evaluation planning on its implementation.

      Dr. Anjuli Dixit
Abstract: Unintended pregnancies can have profound physical, emotional, and social impacts on individuals and society. The decision to terminate a pregnancy through abortion is complex and personal. Following an abortion, it is crucial for individuals to have access to comprehensive post-abortion care, including effective contraception. This article delves into the importance of post-abortion contraception, highlighting its significance in preventing unintended pregnancies, ensuring womens reproductive autonomy, and promoting overall well-being.

      Dr. Anjuli Dixit
Abstract: "Breast cancer remains a significant global health concern, affecting millions of women and their families. While medical advancements have made substantial strides in treating the disease, the importance of early detection cannot be overstated, especially in cases of familial breast cancer. Familial breast cancer is distinguished by a genetic predisposition, elevating the urgency of timely screenings and interventions. This comprehensive article delves deeper into the critical role of early detection in familial breast cancer cases, delving into the nuances of genetic risk, screening methods, challenges, and strategies to enhance awareness and proactive management. "

      Dr. Anjuli Dixit
Abstract: Dimorphic anaemia is a condition characterised by the presence of two distinct populations of red blood cells with different sizes, shapes, and staining characteristics in the peripheral blood. This article presents an in-depth exploration of dimorphic anaemia through a detailed case study. The case study involves a patient who presented with symptoms of anaemia, including fatigue and pallor, and underwent comprehensive diagnostic procedures to identify the underlying cause of dimorphic red blood cell population. The article delves into the aetiology, clinical presentation, diagnostic approach, and management strategies of dimorphic anaemia, while using the case study to exemplify the complexities associated with this condition.

      Happiness Charles Swai, Wilfred Johnson Kileo, MsabahaJuma Mwendapole
Abstract: Public railway transport must offer good service quality to meet and supply a wider range of diverse customer needs to retain and draw in more customers. It is critical to synthesize knowledge about what affects customers satisfaction and dissatisfaction in the public railway transport industry if we are to design a public transport system that is both appealing and marketable. The study aimed to examine correlation between service quality and customer satisfaction. The study adopted a cross-sectional research design with both qualitative and quantitative methods

      Mohd Harridon, Mohd Zaharull Hamdan, Muhd Siv Azhar Merican Abdullah
Abstract: Universiti Kuala Lumpur Football Club (UniKL FC) is a soccer team comprises of players from Universiti Kuala Lumpur. UniKL FC is currently participating in the tournament organized by the Ministry of Higher Education of Malaysia where teams competing in the tournament are from local universities in Malaysia. This paper delineated the match analysis of UniKL FC versus UPM FC which was also the quarterfinal match of the tournament.

      Rajesh Kr. Srivastava
Abstract: The present communication respectively deals with projective curvature collineation, projective conformal motion, H-curvature collineation and H –conformal motion .

      Rohit Khankhoje
Abstract: The widespread adoption of Machine Learning (ML) across industries has facilitated the use of data-driven decision-making and automation. However, concerns regarding the reliability and robustness of ML models persist. To ensure that ML models perform as intended, are unbiased, and generalize well to new data, comprehensive testing is essential. In this paper, Firstly, we elucidate and expound upon the obstacles that necessitate attention when assessing ML programs. Subsequently, we document the extant resolutions discovered in scholarly works pertaining to the assessment of ML programs. Lastly, we discern areas of deficiency within the literature concerning the evaluation of ML programs and proffer suggestions for prospective avenues of research within the scientific community.

      Ritu Sahu, Rajesh Singh
Abstract: Reactive oxygen species (ROS) play a pivotal role in the development of oxidative stress-related health disorders, driving the ongoing pursuit of natural antioxidants as potential remedies. Desmodium gangeticum (DG), a medicinal plant recognized for its antioxidant properties, The plants roots, shoots, leaves, and bark have all exhibited medicinal attributes, notably its capacity to counteract oxidative stress which is an intricate process often initiated by iron-induced Fenton reactions that generate harmful free radicals. Our study delves into the multifaceted role of DG, encompassing its effects on cell viability, ROS reduction, and its potential as an iron chelator Given DGs rich content of flavonoids and polyphenols, we hypothesized that these compounds could interact with iron, potentially preventing its participation in free radical generation.

Abstract: In Kenya the ministry of education has developed a number of strategies to improve performance of female students with special emphasis on the arid and semi-arid lands (ASALs). Despite these efforts, reports from the ministry of education indicate that school completion rate among girls in ASALs that are predominantly Muslim is still low. This study, therefore, sought to Examine the influence of Islamic religious practices on the academic performance of Muslim female students in secondary schools in Tana Delta Sub-County,

      Racheal M. Okegbola
Abstract: This research conducts a rigorous comparative analysis of "The History of Elections and Representations" in India and Nigeria. Spanning the period from 2014 to 2019, the study explores crucial themes that influence the democratic processes in these two diverse nations. Through meticulous examination of political party dynamics, electoral acts, gender diversity, and the impact of political finance and violence, this research offers valuable insights into the intricacies of democratic governance. The findings underscore the importance of context-specific reforms and continuous monitoring to strengthen the democratic systems in both India and Nigeria.

      Dr. Kamna Bakshi (D.G.O)
Abstract: Using 2018 updated Rotterdam criteria, prevent overdiagnosis of PCOS in teenagers and identify those most at risk of long-term weight gain.

      Dr. Kamna Bakshi
Abstract: This case report depicts a patient of abrupt onset quadriparesis at term pregnancy and highlights the problems of addressing not only the neurological issues but also pregnancy complications, fetal distress, operational delivery, and the associated danger of autonomic hyperreflexia.

      Dr Kamna Bakshi
Abstract: Epilepsy, a neurological disorder characterized by recurring seizures, affects a significant number of women in their reproductive years. While most pregnancies in women with epilepsy proceed without complications, there is a higher risk of maternal and perinatal complications compared to the general population. The management of epilepsy during pregnancy is challenging, particularly for those taking anti-epileptic drugs (AEDs). Although there is no permanent cure, proper preconception counseling and a multidisciplinary approach can greatly improve outcomes for both the mother and baby.

      Ekuerugbe, L.O, Oloyede, D. A, Omoregbe, O. A and Osemele Wilson
Abstract: This study deals with the integration of palynological, palynofacies and petrophysical analysis of shale sediments of the Agbada Formation to evaluate for their source rock potential. Palynological and palynofacies analysis were carried out using non-oxidizing preparation method on ditch cuttings from LEO-1 well with the aim of determining their thermal maturity and Kerogen types respectively while their total organic carbon (TOC) was estimated using the well corresponding petrophysical parameters. The thermal maturity was assessed using thermal alteration index (TAI). The miospore colour observed from light transmitting microscope ranges from yellow orange to dark brown. The TAI value results ranges from 2+ to 4-, with TAI value 3 dominant, which indicates that the studied sections of LEO-1 well is thermally matured to generate hydrocarbon.

      Andrew Kipsang Chepkwony, Dr Yusuf Wanjala Muchelule, Dr Samuel Muli Somba
Abstract: The purpose of the study was to assess the influence of project integration management and performance of National Housing Corporation projects in Kenya. The study was guided by the following objectives. Project scope management, project time project cost management and disclosure and reporting. The study was guided by theory of constrains, stakeholder’s theory, contingency theory, general system theory and community participation theory. The study adopted positivism research philosophy and explanatory research design was used.

      Abuakar Dadum Hamza, Hauwa Adullahi Musa, Adulmalik Bashir Mohammed, Mohammed Danladi, Kawuwa Abubakar Sarkile, Kyari Muhammad Habibullah
Abstract: This paper explores the use of criticism in the architectural design studio. Criticism is a very useful tool in the communication of ideas and the evaluation of designs, yet its application in design studios has not reached its full potential in architecture. The first-year design studio has an important role to play as the basis for architectural education. In crucial sessions, first-year architecture students are expected to focus on their work independently, with peers and, most importantly with design tutors, for the first time in their learning experience.

      Beatrice Wairimu Kariuki, Dr Kefa Nyandoro and Dr Kennedy Kibukho
Abstract: Monitoring, which is a significant management function, ensures that project or program objectives are fully achieved. Tusome Literacy Program was started in 2015. The main objective was to establish the effectiveness of result-based monitoring in relation to Tusome Program in Murang’a. The study was guided by the Empowerment Theory by Julian Rappaport and the Three Stage Model of Change by Kurt Lewin.

      James Wachieni, Dr. Kepha Nyandoro and Dr. Charles Mogote Nyamwaya
Abstract: CBOs have had an influence that has been experienced social and economic development, environmental, policy matters, infrastructure, health, and physical development among others. Despite these accomplishments, many rural areas still lack basic amenities like pipe borne water, good road networks, schools, health facilities, markets to mention a few making those areas to be grossly underdeveloped. Thus, the study sought to investigate the role of community-based organizations in rural development in Kenya: A Case of Tharaka Sub County, Tharaka Nithi County.

      Christopher Tarus Boit & Joseph M. Mutungi
Abstract: Shifting geo-political, environmental, and socio-economic factors on the global front continue to herald new realities to the national safety and security of individual countries. To address security challenges and the emergent threats, nations have had to adopt contemporary perspectives. One of the most common, and fruitful of these perspectives in the Kenyan national security setup is that of multi-agency cooperation (MAC).

      Ogaro Onkendi Tom Albert, Dr. Peter Simotwo and Dr William Sakataka
Abstract: The proposed study seeks to investigate a hidden problem within the criminal justice system where focus has been directed more towards the welfare of the offenders and accused persons and to some extent neglect has been demonstrated towards the victims of crime.

      Halkano Mohamed
Abstract: The Old Age Cash Transfer Programme (OCTP) was introduced by the Kenyan government in 2007 as a social protection initiative to improve the well-being of individuals aged 70 years and above. This study aimed to evaluate the effectiveness of OCTP in enhancing access to education, healthcare outcomes, and food security among the elderly population in Isiolo County, Kenya. The research adopted a cross-sectional and descriptive survey approach, with quantitative data analyzed using SPSS version 22. Out of the 356 questionnaires distributed, 296 were returned, resulting in an 83.15% response rate. The demographic analysis revealed a majority of female respondents, accounting for 62.5% of the total sample.

      Jackline Rono, Dr. Kennedy Okemwa
Abstract: Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) have made significant contributions to the provision of permanent and affordable housing in various parts of the world, with the aim of improving the living standards of people. The provision of affordable permanent housing has been found to have a positive correlation with the development of social activities, as demonstrated by various studies carried out by the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS) (2019). This study adopted descriptive design, with a target population comprising 39,000 local community members, 15 community leaders, 7 county government officials, and 10 non-governmental representatives in the Kalobeyei settlement scheme in Turkana County.

      Maureen A. Nyakako and Dr.Anthony Osoro
Abstract: The aim was to establish the relationship between Inventory automation and performance of distribution firms in Nairobi City County, Kenya. The specific objectives of this study were; E- sourcing, E-tendering, E-invoicing and E-payment respectively. The study was employ a descriptive research design. The study preferred this method because it allowed an in-depth study of the subject.

      Amakiri, A. R. C, Risi, I.1, Amonieah, J., Okiongbo, K. S
Abstract: An attempt has been made in this study to estimate the grain sizes and statistical parameters of aquifer sediments, in parts of Bayelsa State, South-South Nigeria. Precise measurement of statistical parameters of sediments is a vital and significant factor for the comparative evaluation of sedimentary depositional environment. Particle size analysis is a vital tool for the determination of the cost, quality and performance of aggregates for several economic purposes, such as in the construction, hospitality, agricultural industrial and of course in ground water resource management.

      Everlyn Achieng Kaumba and Dr. Serah Kimaru - Muchai
Abstract: The integration of monitoring and evaluation (M&E) into capacity development initiatives is of utmost significance in ensuring the effectiveness and impact of these programs. Nevertheless, there is a limited body of academic work on this topic, leading to a dearth of understanding of the determinants of effective integration of monitoring and evaluation (M&E). Thus, the study answered the research question; What institutional factors are affecting the integration of M&E in capacity development programs and how do they impact the effectiveness of these programs?

Abstract: The aim of this research paper is to delve into the nuanced and intricate role that entrepreneurship plays in the arduous task of rebuilding economies ravaged by conflict and underdevelopment. The paper reviews existing literature, showcasing the multifaceted impact of entrepreneurship on fostering sustainable growth, innovation, and resilience. Microfinance initiatives, policy frameworks, and partnerships between governments, corporations, and nonprofit organizations are explored as critical components in nurturing entrepreneurship. The study also underscores the barriers and risks entrepreneurs face, emphasizing the need for tailored solutions. Ultimately, this research underscores the profound potential of entrepreneurship as a catalyst for economic recovery and development in fragile environments.

      Andrew Kipsang Chepkwony, Yusuf Wanjala Muchelule & Samuel Muli Somba
Abstract: The general Objective of the study was to asess the influence of project integration management and performance of National Housing Corporation project in kenya. The specific objectives of the research study were, to determine how project scope management affects Kenyan National Housing Corporation projects, to evaluate how project time management affects Kenyan National Housing Corporation projects,to determine how project cost management affects Kenyan National Housing Corporation projects and to assess how disclosure and reporting affect Kenyan National Housing Corporation projects. The research was guided by theory of constraint, stakeholder theory, contingency theory, general system theory.

      Perera, HPN
Abstract: The Madu River, located in the Galle district of Sri Lanka, is a region of remarkable natural beauty and ecological significance. This paper delves into the prospects of transforming the Madu River into a thriving sports tourism destination while concurrently addressing the challenges posed and reinforcing safety and security measures. The study employs a qualitative approach, including site visits and interviews with stakeholders, to gain insights into the regions potential as a sports tourism hub. The research highlights the significance of the Madu Rivers mangrove ecosystems, its unique biodiversity, and the importance of environmental conservation. Challenges associated with promoting water sports and recreational activities in the area are discussed, including financial constraints faced by entrepreneurs and environmental preservation concerns.

      Mr. Kiragu Clifford Mbugua, Dr. Peter Wamalwa Barasa
Abstract: Procurement is increasingly assuming a critical role in the strategic functions of organizations, potentially contributing significantly to operational success, leading to dependable service delivery and enhanced competitiveness. Effective organizational performance relies on the efficiency and efficacy of the procurement function, transitioning from a reactive to a proactive approach to attain predetermined performance objectives. Generally, an organization overall performance results from a combination of distinct operational performance metrics (Osoro & Shale, 2019) The aim of this research was to examine how the choice of suppliers affects the performance of an organization, as this decision can furnish valuable insights for potential efficiency enhancements and improved competitiveness. The research was guided by the structural contingency theory. Employing a descriptive research design, the study targeted 48 participants, employing a comprehensive approach. Data collection primarily relied on self-administered questionnaires distributed among staff members in the procurement and finance departments. Data analysis was conducted using the Statistical Package for Social Studies (SPSS). The findings and results were presented through tables, charts, and graphs to establish a hypothesis regarding the impact of supplier selection on organizational performance.

      Dessy Chrisnayanti Tandirapang, Haliah, Andi Kusumawati
Abstract: The purpose of this study is to determine and analyze the influence of objectivity, professional experience, and professionalism on the quality of auditors work results. The population and sample of this study were her 54 auditors working in the accounting firm of Makassar City. This type of research data uses primary data in the form of a questionnaire. Data analysis employed multiple linear regression analysis using Statistical Packages for Social Science (SPSS). The research results show that objectivity and work experience have a significant effect on the quality of the auditor work, while professionalism has an insignificant effect on the quality of the auditor work.

Abstract: This study looked at strategies of implementing church moral policies for improvement of morals among full gospel church members of Miharati zone, Nyandarua County. The strategies in place needed revision to be customized to changes of Christians needs in the Full Gospel Churches of Kenya in Nyndarua County. This called for need to identify the strategies of implementation of moral policy in place and look for ways in which they can be improved to sustain integrity in Full Gospel Churches of Kenya churches. The researcher specifically assessed the current status of moral policy in Full Gospel Churches of Kenya, assessed challenges experienced in implementation of moral policy and finally identified strategies for effective implementation of moral policy in (F.G.C.K). Divine command theory guided the study. The targeted population was 300 participants and sample size was 72. The researcher used questionnaires, observation guide and interview guide to collect data. The data collected was analyzed in simple descriptive statistics in form of frequencies and percentages using computer software package for social sciences (SPSS version 20) and research ethics was taken into consideration. The study revealed that moral policy contributes greatly to church integrity; however, no single strategy could enhance church integrity all by itself because strategies supplement each other. Moral policy implementation is a sum total of combined strategies with each complementing each other in their own unique ways. Conclusively, leaders in the churches should embrace moral policy so that they can be used as a source of guidance to all members. Teaching and training members on the importance of fellowship, bible studies, proper mode of dressing, effective way of using social media, evangelism, guidance and counseling members were strategies that were established to ensure effective utilization of church policies. These findings would help to addressing challenges such as high negative

      Catherine Waithira, Dr. Njenga, Mokua Gilbert Maroko
Abstract: Teenage pregnancies and parenting are still major global concerns. In developing regions, there were reportedly 21 million teenage girls aged between 15 and 19 years who conceived in 2016, with 12 million of those pregnancies ending in live births. This study investigated the influence of psychological constructs on postpartum depression among breastfeeding teenagers in Kiambu County, Kenya. The objectives were; to find out the effect of life satisfaction on postpartum depression, to find the influence of family support on postpartum and to find the effect of self-awareness on postpartum depression. The study was guided by the hormone and cognitive theories. The study design was quantitative in nature. The study employed a cross-sectional research design. The target population was 10,382 teenage mothers who are currently breastfeeding. Participants were selected using random sampling to get a sample size of 385 teenage mothers who are breastfeeding. To gather primary data for this project, questionnaires were used. The study concluded that Based on the findings, it shows that life satisfaction has a significant influence on postpartum depression among breastfeeding teenagers. Higher levels of life satisfaction, including satisfaction in marriage/relationship, family treatment, societal treatment, and overall quality of life, are associated with a lower risk of postpartum depression. The study findings indicate that a strong family support plays a crucial role in reducing the risk of postpartum depression among breastfeeding teenagers. Positive family support, including emotional, practical and paternal support, is associated with lower levels of postpartum depression. The study findings indicate that higher levels of self-awareness contribute to a reduced risk of postpartum depression among breastfeeding teenagers.

      Manasi S, Tushar R Bharadwaj, Nuthan PM, Naganischay M
Abstract: The field of education has been revolutionized by advancements in big data techniques, enabling educators to gain precise and timely insights into students behavioral patterns. This newfound capability is invaluable for identifying specific student groups that require targeted attention and transitioning from relying solely on qualitative empirical knowledge to incorporating scientific quantitative analysis in student affairs management. To fully harness the potential of this revolution, a meticulously developed system was implemented to apply data mining clustering method in analyzing the campus network behavior of 3,245 students in a particular grade at B University. Over a careful four-year period, a comprehensive dataset comprising 23.843 million Internet access records was collected. Through thorough analysis, it was discovered that the students could be categorized into four distinct groups based on their unique patterns of Internet access. Notably, the study successfully identified 350 students who exhibited remarkably high levels of network usage, allowing for a comprehensive examination of how their academic performance and other achievements were influenced. This research, driven by the power of data, provides a practical and tangible demonstration of effectively utilizing data science in student affairs management. It presents compelling evidence that supports the accurate and scientific development of student affairs management practices by providing robust data support and generating invaluable insights.
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