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Soil Management Practices to Promote Soil Health
      Endang Dwi Purbajanti, Septrial Arafat, Muhamad Iqbal Fauzan
Abstract: The health of the soil is a vital, dynamic living system that supports both ecosystem health and agricultural productivity. Root development, biomass accumulation, and plant water availability are influenced by soil physical properties such as soil aggregation, bulk density, and available water capacity. Soil chemistry, physics, and biology play a significant role in crop productivity. Maintaining soil health is now almost important for enhancing crop productivity because of the occurrence of multi-nutritional deficiency in soil. Food plants require water, oxygen, nutrients, and root support from healthy soil in order to grow and thrive. The following guidelines can be used to improve soil health: (1) Minimize disturbance; (2) Increase Soil Cover; (3) Increase Biodiversity; and (4) Increase the Presence of Living Roots.

      Taufik Arief
Abstract: This study aims to examine the characteristics and volume of ex-coal mining pools that have been filled with water in the form of voids using River Surveyor M9 technology. The results of the void profile study become important data in planning a water management system which includes draining the pond with a pumping planning system and planning a sludge pond. From the results of a void study in Pit E, it was found that the area of pit E is 27.25 Ha, a depth of 57 m, a length of 820 m, a width of 205 m, and a volume of 6,479,241.5 m3.

      Mwiti Peter Kirimi, Dr. Dennis Gichobi Magu,Prof. Opondo Everisto, Dr Joseph Mutai, Prof David Gathara Ndegwa
Abstract: Perceptions of primary care givers influence adherence to scheduled medical appointments among HIV infected children on HIV Care and treatment, yet there is limited data on how HIV infected children are affected by perception of their primary caregiver on adherence to scheduled medical appointments. Qualitative study was done during the month of November, 2017 using two focused group discussion consisting of 8 participants per group among primary care givers of HIV infected children receiving HIV care and treatment at Comprehensive Care Centre, Kenyatta National Hospital, Kenya.

      Dr. Dian Wahyudin, S. Sos, M.Si, Laina, S.E., S.H., M.A
Abstract: Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are crucial to the Indonesian economy. According to the Ministry of Cooperative and SMEs, these businesses comprise 61.07% of the GDP and employ 97% of the workforce. Although they play a significant economic role, they encounter certain obstacles. SMEs tax contribution is relatively minor, and it is necessary to assess the potential tax revenue from Indonesian SMEs by comparing the countrys tax policies with Singapores. This evaluation can help formulate an appropriate tax policy to generate optimal tax revenue for the state.

      Newton Mavu, Hillary Marufu
Abstract: This research is an experimental research in which data was collected from a WordPress site for Rainbow Province Creatives Private Limited. The general aim of the research was to gather data on the performance of the site and make recommendations on whether the site can now be monetized or there are some issues that need to be addressed before monetization of the Magazine that the company produces. Rainbow Province Creatives Private Limited produces a magazine centered on the creative industry once every three months. The company was established in 2022 and has just managed to publish their fifth issue this month. They now want to understand the performance of their online magazine so that they can monetize it if necessary. Form the data collected both from Google Analytics and Monster Insights plugin, trends show that in the past month there were 58 new users and 35 regular users.

      Dr. Rina R. Palmiano, Prof. Marites F. Omadto
Abstract: This study is an assessment for the advocacy driven community organizing and development of highly urbanized areas in Baranggay Culiat, Commonwealth Quezon City that involved (1.) Strategies for Community Development program, (2.) Strategies for Community Organizing, (3.) Strategies for Public Service Delivery, and (4.) Strategies for Sustainable and Progressive Development, respectively. The study involved approximately 700 residents of Baranggay Culiat Quezon City during the first quarter of year 2023. The study used Descriptive-Qualitative and Quantitative in its intent of doing the phases of the study. Specifically, the study used descriptive qualitative in the Focus Group Discussion (FGD) to assess the community Organizing and Development, strategies for community organizing, strategies for sustainable and progressive community development program.

Abstract: Technological advancements in the financial sector have revolutionized the order of borrowing. Digital lending platforms have emerged, offering quick access to funds by many borrowers with no collaterals, no need for paperwork, complete and remote accessibility, and the use of digitized data to determine the creditworthiness of the borrowers. The purpose of this study was to investigate the relationship between digital borrowing and personal finance among students in selected Christian universities in Nairobi County, Kenya. The study used the financial intermediation theory, innovation diffusion theory, time preference theory, and the finance and inequality theory. A descriptive research design was utilized for primary and secondary data, and the primary data was collected using a questionnaire.

      Sasiphan Nitayaprapha
Abstract: Cryptos have emerged and played an important role in financial market. The researcher draws from the theory of the relationship between social media and crypto equity value. This research hypothesizes that social media affect crypto valuation. The research attempts to construct an appropriate Thai sentiment dictionary for cryptos to improve a textual sentiment analysis, and to understand the relationship between social media sentiment variables and crypto valuation. The designed system architecture composes of six modules: data acquisition, data preprocessing, sentiment dictionary construction, sentiment estimation, sentiment categorization, and time series analysis. The outcomes of the research would be an appropriate Thai crypto sentiment dictionary, a method useful to estimate sentiment of posts on social media, and the understanding of the predictive relationship between crypto valuation and social media.

      Rismita Borah
Abstract: Home has played a crucial role in mental health of adolescent’s life because mental health of a child mainly depends on the kind of home that they live in and the community in which they belong. The home is such a place where the early education of the child begins through various informal contacts with the family members. The quality of home affects the mental health of children and academic achievement of the child. Adolescence develops a good mental health if they treat properly in home. Here we can study about the causes affecting the mental health of adolescents and how it prevents mental illness among the adolescents. Parents should provide suitable home environment to their child. Parents should understand the problems and talk to their child if they found something wrong in attitude of students. There are many causes responsible for creating mental illness in adolescents. Parents should encouraged the child to participate actively in various co-curricular activities organized by school. Therefore parents should spend most of their times with child and provide valuable guidance to their child in any aspects of life.

      Madhur Yadav
Abstract: In recent times, there has been a significant increase in interest towards automatic text summarization in the field of natural language processing. The primary objective of text summarization is to provide a condensed version of a lengthy text that contains important information, enabling users to quickly understand the main content of the document without having to read through the entire text.

      Jamil Mikhail Yahaya, Abubakar Ibrahim, Nuhu Sani Abdullahi, Shuaibu Adamu, & Salisu Bashir Gwangwazo
Abstract: The study investigated the effect of Millennium Development Goals teacher professional development workshop on pupils‟ academic achievement in primary science in Nigeria. A sample of two 3008 pupils‟ scores drawn from rural, urban and semi urban schools were used and analysed using ANCOVA. Pupils taught by teachers who have attended the series of workshops were considered as experimental group (1504 pupils) otherwise control group (1504 pupils).

      Pham Thi Kieu Oanh, Nguyen Thi Hong Nhung
Abstract: This thesis aims at investigating the beliefs of seven English high-school teachers about constructivist teaching and their classroom practices at a high school in a Northern area of Vietnam. Its purpose is to illuminate the conditions affecting their ability and willingness to reform teaching practices at their schools. Three distinct groups of participants are identified: Traditional Conservers, Neutral Pragmatists, and Adaptive Originators. For the Traditional Conservers, beliefs about teaching were strongly teacher-centered, supportive of traditional education methods, and shaped by beliefs that students should be obedient and passive learners.

      Dr. Dian Wahyudin
Abstract: During the COVID-19 pandemic, the Indonesian government enforced several tax policies, including the implementation of tax treatments for E-Commerce activities (PMSE). This research aimed to evaluate and analyze the VAT collection for intangible goods and/or taxable services from outside the customs zone in the customs zone through electronic commerce, alignment of Indonesian PMSE and Minister of Finance Regulation No. 48/PMK.03/2020 with OECD policies, and barriers to VAT collection through an electronic system.

      Roswani Siregar, Dermawan Hutagaol, Andri Ramadhan
Abstract: This article presents the using of mixing approaches of translation teaching in University setting. This study overview the students problems in learning translation, as well as the result of applying the teaching methods by collaborating grammar translation method (GTM) and communicative approach. Based on observation in teaching translation in classroom, some of students difficulties were resulted from the lack of languages mastery.

      Anarah S. Emeka., Komolafe Joseph Oluwaseun*, Umeh Onyebuchi Jonathan, Ozor M. U.
Abstract: There has been an increase in the incidences and severity of farmer-herder conflict resulting in decrease in farmers’ productivity and food insecurity. Security outfits seems unable to combat this problem. Thus, the assessment of crop farmers’ production activities differential in and off farmer-herder conflicts period was examined. Multistage sampling procedure was used. Agricultural Development Project (ADP) frame was followed. ADP zones: Aguata and Anambra were purposively selected due to high occurrences of conflicts

      Vera El Sammah Siagian, Elmeida Effendy, Mustafa Mahmud Amin
Abstract: Breast cancer is one of the most frequently diagnosed cancers in women. Pain is a complaint that is often found in patients with malignancy. The incidence of pain complaints is high based on the literature and the impact is quite large, such as the impact of the level of depression that affects the quality of life in breast cancer patients. This research is a correlative analytic research with a cross-sectional study approach.

      Kamaljit Grewal
Abstract: Greening of the urban areas in cities is considered as one of the major ecological measures to mitigate some environmental issues. Rapid increase in footprints of urban architecture has led to scarcity of land for landscaping. Challenging the urbanization, environmental preservation and sustainability is the need of the hour. Green facade (vertical greening) could be a major step towards achieving these goals.

      Gideon Kabutie Cheptarus
Abstract: Numerous incidents show the seriousness of human-wildlife conflict, which is quickly becoming a severe threat to the survival of many internationally and locally endangered species.States have invested heavily in implementation of strategies as a concerted efforts to curb Human Wildlife Conflict. Despite this effort, cases of Human Wildlife Conflicts are still being reported, indicating that the policies in place seem not offering solutions to the prevailing Human Wildlife Conflict. The study aspired to analyze the effectiveness of emergency response strategies in the management of human wildlife conflict in Baringo North Sub-County, Kenya.

      Mr. Fituma Tolera Debisa, Professor S.Nakkiran
Abstract: Modern cooperatives were established in 1960 in Ethiopia when Ethiopia transplanted many laws to modernize the country. Since the establishment of modern cooperatives in Ethiopia, government uses cooperatives as instrument of development agenda and assist cooperatives to flourish in the country. The objective of this study was to know that whether government intervenes in cooperative autonomy. Convergent parallel mixed methods study was used to enhance our understanding of how government intervenes in cooperative autonomy.

      Mohammad Liton Hossain, Md. Sarwar Hossain, Fatema Tuj Johora, Shahnaz Sarker
Abstract: As people across the globe are becoming more interested in watching their weight, eating healthier food and avoiding junk food, a system that can measure calories and nutrition in every day meals can be very useful for maintaining our health. Food calorie and nutrition measurement system is very beneficial for dietitians and patients to measure and manage the daily food intake. The proposed system is a responsive application which contains the knowledge and data regarding the fitness of a person. Referred data required to develop the software, form food calories list according to Bangladeshi food habit which makes the software a unique one.

      Mohammad Liton Hossain, Md. Shamim Hasan, Kazi Md. Abid, Safwan Ahmed
Abstract: Road accidents in Bangladesh and all over the world have been a major problem for a very long time. Thousands lost their lives and millions of people lose a livelihood annually because of road accidents. Fatigue, which causes drowsiness among other factors, is a key contributor to road accidents; this study aimed at making use of the available technologies to detect drowsiness among drivers at an early stage in order to prevent or reduce the impact associated with accident, this is achieved by warning the driver of his or her state when driving. Agile development is adopted in the development of the final product that targeted embedded devices. The final product registered good system performance with up to 85% drowsy cases detected by the system. This system can detect drowsiness and it can output audio feedbacks as warning. This is a prototype and which can be used in any kind of vehicle. High level programming and developed advanced technologies has been used to build this real time detection system.

      Ngo Thi Bich Ngoc, Pham Khanh Huyen
Abstract: Prior to the development of technology, conventional techniques like illustration and the use of real-world examples were some of the sole means of encouraging students to study. Nowadays, information technology is frequently utilized in classrooms as a teaching tool to encourage students enthusiasm in learning. Canva platform is one of the most recent forms of media.

      Msc Ndungu N. Patrick and Dr. Anthony Osoro
Abstract: This study was therefore sought to determine the influence of supply chain optimization on performance of international NGOs. The specific objectives were as follows; inventory optimization, transport and logistics optimization, procurement cost optimization and E-commerce optimization on performance of international NGOs in Kenya. This study was anchored on different theories relevant to this study.

Abstract: During the initial evolving days of programming languages, Programmers performed basic to complex mathematical computations using programming languages, but with the emergence of competitive programming languages data can be analysed, cleaned and visualized for better understanding. In this paper, we will use NASAs meteorite landings dataset(Open source data from NASA’s Meteoritical Society) and perform the data visualization to find the unique chondrites that have fallen on the earth surface. Long before the Earth and other planets existed, the solar system consisted of a protosun and an immense, dense cloud of gases and silicate/metal dust particles. This pre- planetary system is called the Proto Solar nebula (PSN). Over time the dust grains began to stick together (accreted) to form fluffy dust balls that accumulate (accrete). High-temperature events during the collapse of the PSN melted these dust balls into molten drops that quickly cooled (quenched) into a glass and tiny minerals. These millimetre-sized spherical objects resemble "fiery drops of rain" and are called chondrules. The meteorites that contain chondrules are called chondrites.

      Ayan Chaudhuri
Abstract: Clone phishing is a type of cyberattack in which perpetrators build a false website or email that closely mimics a real website or email from a reliable source in an effort to coerce consumers into disclosing important information. The tactics, examples, and effects of clone phishing assaults on people and organizations are all covered in this study. The article also examines defenses against clone phishing attempts, including user education, two-factor authentication, anti-phishing software, website verification, email authentication, and routine software upgrades.

      Omar Ashraf Nimr, Bella Safitri and Usman Olamide Hassan
Abstract: The progression of anthropogenic encroachments on nature reflects negatively on the commu-nity inhabitants. Unequivocally, rainfall and drought patterns have changed globally due to climatic change. As a result, the Mpazi basin has been experiencing more frequent and intense flash floods in recent decades, resulting in casualties and devastation of properties. The un-planned urbanization of the Mpazi catchment plays a significant role in altering the hydrologic components, particularly an increase in the excess rainfall due to the sealing of lands.

      Mukharradhi Nanza, Husnul Fuad Albar, OK Ilham Abdullah Irsyam
Abstract: The increasing number of trauma cases resulting in tendon tears or degenerative tendinopathy leading to complicated ruptures require the replacement of damaged tissue, especially in elderly patients and athletes. Anabolic steroids stimulate muscle growth, which increases muscle protein synthesis, induces type I and II fiber hypertrophy, stimulates and activates satellite cell replication, and ultimately increases muscle strength.

      James Wanjohi Kahiga, Dr. Nilufar Jivraj, Prof. Sherry Oluchina
Abstract: Patient participation reflects the concept of client involvement in physical aspects of self-care and decision-making. This plays a crucial role in empowering patients and advancing individual health outcomes. The study aimed to investigate the determinants of patient-related factors influencing their participation in self-care. A Quantitative cross-sectional research design was used and a sample of 105 respondents was selected using proportionate stratified random sampling. Data was collected utilizing a researcher-administered questionnaire and analyzed using SPSS version 25 software.

      Richard Kabera Mwangi and Prof. Levi Mbugua
Abstract: In Makueni County, health projects are a key focus of development, receiving the second-highest number of projects and fifth-highest budget allocation. However, there have been delays in project completion, with 23 projects still ongoing and 23 delayed out of a total of 334 health projects (County Project Management System, 2017). Despite the importance of monitoring and evaluation in ensuring the success of these projects, the monitoring and evaluation process in Makueni is inadequate, with limited research on the influence of monitoring and evaluation functions such as planning, training, and frameworks on health project performance. This lack of emphasis on monitoring and evaluation has led to a potential risk of misusing public or donor funds and an increase in delayed projects or projects not achieving their expected outcomes.

      Binu C T
Abstract: Real time Operating System are the time constrained systems and the synchronization should faster to improve the performance. The existing algorithm have the time complexity O(n).The proposed AB SYN algorithm uses a LOCK before and the event .AN SYN is inside the kernel so that we can faster the application. AB SYN algorithm have the time complexity of log(n).

Abstract: The effective implementation of Task-Based Language Teaching (TBLT) and Communicative Language Teaching (CLT) approaches in English Language Teaching (ELT) can be challenging, particularly in specific cultural or educational contexts. This study investigates the challenges and barriers faced by Libyan English language teachers in implementing TBLT and CLT approaches and explores strategies for effective integration in their classrooms.

      Lenie Marlinae, Naila Mutiara Nabilla, Naima Nabila, Ni Putu Dyan Paramitha, Nida Munirah, Rahmalia Deasy Safitri
Abstract: Hypertension is one of the non-communicable diseases that is the most common case of death and the number of sufferers is still increasing every year. Hypertension patients are found in various regions, including Wonorejo Village, Satui Subdistrict, Tanah Bumbu Regency. Based on the survey results, it was found that the number of hypertension sufferers in Wonorejo RT.011 was 23.4%. After getting this health problem, a program was formed to deal with people with hypertension. The programs are tension house and anti-hypertension gymnastics

      Juliah Sungu Atwoli, Lilian Wanjiku Machariah
Abstract: Since time immemorial, the conflict has been part and parcel of mankind’s existence. Consequently, mankind has delved into exploring a mosaic of mechanisms, tailored to resolve different kinds of conflicts that may emerge following a disagreement. In the recent decade, the litigation approach to conflict management has gained profound popularity since its utility has been intensified by contemporary societies across the world. Kenya as one of the developing countries has not been insulated from the wrath of different conflicts. It has experienced different types of conflicts that mainly stem from but are not limited to perpetual corruption and impunity; continued marginalization and disenfranchisement of different ethnicities; the emotive land issues among others.

      Dr.Philip Kamei
Abstract: No man can live on an Island, we can’t produce all our wants and desire which are limitless; human intention and desire are numerous one after another. The Intra - national trade taking place within the domestic territory for instance Assam trade with west Bengal, Punjab with Uttar Pradesh and Delhi the story goes by. When it comes to inter-national trade it can be classified such as Bilateral Trade, Multi-lateral trade viz. Absolute Theory of Adam Smith and Comparative theory of Ricardo, grooming up and gave us an insight of benefits and profits to both countries, but in case of Multi-Lateral Trade. Those countries getting involves are benefitted in greater dimension in the Short Run as well as in the Long Run’.

      Mrs. Meenakumari. C, Dr. Abdul Latif
Abstract: An interventional study was conducted to “Assess the Effectiveness of Slow Deep Breathing Exercise as an Adjuvant to Opioid for Pain during First Chest Tube Removal among Patients Undergoing Sternotomy in GKNM Hospital, Coimbatore”. The main objective of the study is to assess the level of pain during chest tube removal of patients in control group and experimental group.

      Dr Thabo Msimango
Abstract: The objective of this article is to shed light on the causes of business plan failures among South African financial institutions, particularly those licensed as Authorised Financial Service Providers. This articles author intends to shed light on the causes of business strategy failures in South African financial institutions (FSP). Financial service providers are, by definition, identical to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in every way. Despite the fact that the FSP is the primary focus of this work, the operational technique is very similar to that of previous studies on SMEs and FSPs. As a result, for the purposes of this article, the terms SMEs and FSPs will be used interchangeably. FSPs financial security is threatened by their employees lack of knowledge in financial reporting and limited financial experience.

      Patriot Buana Vidayu Putra, M. Hidayat Siregar, Aga Shahri Putera Ketaren
Abstract: Osteoarthritis (OA) is a non-inflammatory degenerative joint disease that most often occurs in elderly, which often causes pain. One study showed that radiography is associated with pain severity in hip OA. This study aims to assess the correlation between the degree of pain and radiographic findings in patients with hip OA. An observational analytic study conducted at H. Adam Malik General Hospital from April to July 2022.

      Fajrin Pramana Putra, Muhamad Ghazi Agam Sas
Abstract: Coastal sandy land is marginal land that has the potential for upland rice production but has low soil fertility. The insertion of soybean plants is considered to be able to increase the fertility of coastal sandy soil through the fixation of N2 by the root nodules of soybean plants which can be used for the growth of upland rice plants. This study seeks to investigate the growth, crop yields, and land equity ratios of upland rice and soybean intercropping on sandy coastal land. The research was carried out in Bantul, Yogyakartas Samas Coastal Sand.

      Mukta Singh Baghel, Arpita Awasthi, Sadhana Pandey
Abstract: In this paper, greywater treatment methods has been studied, which include physiochemical, biological, and advanced oxidation process (AOP) for greywater treatment technologies. These are the technologies that are utilized to eliminate organic pollutants and surfactants that are found in greywater. Comparison of several treatment methods for removing pollutants from greywater will be the primary focus of this research. Comparisons will be made between each technique in terms of its positives and negativesaspects , as well as its potential for use in the development of greywater treatment technologies.

      Dr Azmath Basha Shaik, Anjum Sultana
Abstract: The purpose of this study is to assess the value of physical therapy that emphasises exercise for the management of osteoarthritis of the knee. The analysis includes data from four trials with a total of 372 individuals. The trials included in this meta-analysis show that people with knee osteoarthritis may benefit greatly from exercise-based therapies in terms of pain reduction, increased function, and enhanced quality of life. The findings suggest that exercise-based physiotherapy offers a non-pharmacological, low-risk, and cost-effective treatment option for knee osteoarthritis. Exercise-based therapies should be considered as a primary therapy option for patients suffering from knee osteoarthritis by all healthcare practitioners. Future research should explore the potential benefits of combining exercise-based interventions with other treatment options and determine the optimal exercise program for different stages of knee osteoarthritis.

      Nguyen Thi Hong Minh, Nguyen Thi Mai Thuy
Abstract: The Theory of Multiple Intelligences, developed by Howard Gardner, posits that there are several distinct types of intelligence that individuals possess to varying degrees. Rather than measuring intelligence through a single, all-encompassing IQ score, Gardner argues that intelligence can be better understood and evaluated through the lenses of linguistic, logical-mathematical, musical, spatial, bodily-kinesthetic, interpersonal, intrapersonal, and naturalistic intelligences.
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