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IJSRP, Volume 5, Issue 4, April 2015 Edition [ISSN 2250-3153]

E.G.S. Pillay Engineering College, Nagapattinam

Conference: Emerging Trends in Management & Applied Science

by Department of Management Studies held on 27th March 2015

All listed papers are published after full consent of conference authority and governing college.
For any discussion on research subject or research matter, the reader should directly contact to undersigned authors.

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      Dr.R.Karthi,Ms.S.Valarmathi & Ms.G.Karthiga

Abstract: India’s pride is rural and our culture. Reflections of India’s resources can be seen in Indian rural environment. Those who understood the potentials of rural market can get succeed in their business than from urban market. Overall Indian market has been growing for the past few decades which bring our nation to new heights. Income proliferation and generation from rural market is the major contribution for the growth of Indian market. Marketers expand their business strategy similar to urban in rural markets with additional efforts to gain profit. In this perspective the researcher has done a research about business expansion through understanding the rural market by Indian marketers.

      Ms.S.Valarmathi, Ms.K.Kiruthiga & Ms.P.Vinotha

Abstract: This paper deals with the concepts related to how the Emotions will be controlled in front of others. It is described as the ability to monitor and manage the emotions of one's self and others. Business owners, especially during the initial stages of development, are prone to immense emotional stress and pressure. Each day may bring along with it new and unforeseen problems. Under such situations, it is extremely important that one does not lose his cool.Equally important is the way one deals with such situations and finds solutions to them. They are not only responsible for their own actions but also for the actions of their employees. It is their duty to have a positive influence on co-workers and employees to ensure maximum productivity.

      Ms.R.Suriya, Ms.P.Vinotha, Ms.M.Ganga

Abstract: All successful companies build strong relationships with their Customers. In a competitive marketplace where business competes for customers, customer satisfaction is seen as a key differentiator and increasingly has become a key element of business strategy. Service quality is an essential aspect for any service provider, it is obviously necessary to pay attention to the level of service provided. Customers are free to choose alternatives, and so if they perceive that they will get better service at a competitor, they can transfer some of their custom. This study attempts to measure Customer Satisfaction towards Service Quality of Tata Indica in VST MOTORS. The study was conducted only with Tata Indica customers. For this study, the main theme is service quality dimensions. Based on the five dimensions like tangibles, reliability, responsiveness, assurance, empathy, the research will conducted with the type of descriptive method. The primary data was collected through questionnaire method. The questionnaire was framed with the help of literature support.

      Ms.B.Asha Daisy, Dr.R.Karthi, S.K.Kiruthiga

Abstract: The paper entitled “Capital Structure: A Contemporary Approach towards financing the overall operation of a firm” This paper helped in gaining the knowledge in the area of capital structure and how it helps the firm to rise the finance through the various sources for various operations. The capital structure is how a firm finances its overall operations and growth by using different sources of funds. It is the proportion of debt, equity and preference share in the firm’s balance sheet. The capital structure should be examined in the viewpoint of its impact on the value of the firm. A financing mix of the capital structure should be maximizing the shareholders wealth. The capital structure decision can influence the value of the firm through the shareholders earnings.

      Ms.P.Vinotha, Ms.R.Suriya & Ms. S.Valarmathi

Abstract: The researcher carried out this study with the primary objective of “A study on industrial health and safety measures” in H & R Johnson India ltd, Thennangudi. The need and importance of the study highlighted the health and safety measures which imply to improve the performance of the employees.The research was conducted with the sample of 150, on the basis of dis- proportionate stratified random sampling. The primary data was collected by means of a structured questionnaire which is filled by the respondents.The collected data were analyzed for interpretation by simple percentage analysis and Weighted Average Method.The study also focuses what are the safety equipment is necessary and how it protect the employees from the accident at the work spot.This study is very useful for the organization & future to make use of it for their development.

      Mrs.V. Carolin Juliya Pushpam, Dr.R. Karthi, Ms.B. Asha Daisy

Abstract: Corporate social responsibility is a topical and strategic practice in business. Many companies are adopting CSR: some underwrite social welfare problems such as HIV, giving training for teachers, education and manpower development, but increasingly some companies are turning to environmental sustainability issues possibly as a way of enhancing their image. The main purpose of the study is to analyze the corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities carried out by Indian banks. The study is based on the secondary data taken from the annual reports of the banks. The ultimate aim is to guide companies to be strategic in their CRS so that they benefit from the process.

      Mr.P.Kalaiselvan, Ms.M.Ganga, Mrs.V. Carolin Juliya Pushpam

Abstract: Mobile industry is a fast growing industry; in which changes have been taken on day-to-day bases. Telecom services covering mobile and fixed line telephony including broadband, national and international long distance services, data services and a wide range of value added services and applications aimed at enhancing productivity of enterprises and individuals.To analysis purchasing behaviour of mobile based on demography and Occupation. So the study influence factor in choosing service provider. These telecom industries have the huge media influences. Here the analysis has the satisifaction and comparision levels from the various customers of different network

      P.Balaishwarya, G.Karthiga, Ms.K.Kiruthiga

Abstract: Employee engagement is a set of practices to make the employees to engage in their work. Employee engagement is the level of commitment and involvement an employee has towards their organization and its values. As a result of this research, the engagement level is satisfied by using the measurements and the accuracy. The objective of the research is to study the level of Employee Engagement. Descriptive research design was used to formulate the hypothesis. The sampling technique is simple random sampling. The primary data are collected through questionnaire method. The tools used to analyze the data are Simple percentage analysis, Chi-square test. By using the results, findings and Suggestions have been derived.

      Ms.G.KARTHIGA, Dr.R.Karthi, Ms.P.Balaishwarya

Abstract: Recruitment is the process of searching for prospective employees and stimulating them to apply for jobs in the organization. Selection may be defined as the process by which the organization chooses from among the applicants, those people whom they feel would best meet the job requirement, considering current environmental condition. In today's rapidly changing business environment, organizations have to respond quickly to requirements for people. Hence, it is important to have a well-defined recruitment policy in place, which can be executed effectively to get the best fits for the vacant positions. Selecting the wrong candidate or rejecting the right candidate could turn out to be costly mistakes for the organization.

      Ms.M.Ganga..Mr.P.Kalaiselvan, Ms.R.Suriya

Abstract: The paper entitled as “ A STUDY ON EVALUATION OF FINANCIAL PERFORMANCE OF EQUITAS MICRO FINANCE PRIVATE LIMITED IN CHENNAI.” The objectives of the study are mainly focused on analyzing the performance of finance which is revealed through profitability position of the concern for the study period. All the components which are influencing the financial strength could be analyzed. The study covers only last five years statement which if 2008-2012. The data collected from the study were both primary and secondary data in nature the primary data was collected through personal contacts with the executive and official of the financial division of Equitas Micro Finance Private Limited In Chennai. The secondary data was collected from annual report, department manuals brochures mainly from balance sheet and mainly from website. From the analysis, findings and recommendations were drawn to improve the performance of Equitas Micro Finance Private Limited In Chennai.

      Ms.K.Kiruthiga, Dr.R.Karthi, Ms.B.Asha Daisy

Abstract: The paper deals with the concepts related with the marketing of agricultural produce. It covers the function performed in the marketing process of agro produce, the functionaries involved, problems in agricultural marketing in developing countries when compared to the developed countries and the reforms required to rectify the problems.

      Dr.R.Sophia Porchelvi, P.Jamuna Devi

Abstract: Fireworks industry is well known to be a hazardous industry. Starting from the initial stage of manufacturing, storage and transportation, risk to life and property is high. 90% of the Indian fireworks are situated in Virudhunagar district. Due to direct contact with hazardous substances lead poisoning, ulcers, damage to central nervous system are some major problems faced by these people. This paper reviews the hazards faced by the workers working in match box and fireworks industry. Regression model is used to analyze the data collected.

      R. Sophia Porchelvi and K. Sathya

Abstract: In this paper, we present a mathematical model for integrating renewable energy sources in order to meet an energetic demand in Nagapattinam district with a lowest cost. It would be beneficial to switch over to renewable energy sources like solar, wind, tide and biomass etc. This study focuses on making use renewable sources as an alternative source of energy. The study area is Nagapattinam district a south coastal region of Tamilnadu in India, and a generalized findings and suggestions have been given based on the secondary data obtained. The problem is formulated as an integer linear program where the objective function is to be minimizing the initial capital investment.

      Dr.R.Sophia Porchelvi, P.Jamuna Devi

Abstract: The present study primarily concentrates on the waste generated by the fisheries sector and its effect on the human health and environment. Fish wastages attract pathogens, create bad odor, general aesthetic degradation, contamination of water resources and other hazards. Therefore decision makers move for some alternative methods of disposing commercial fish wastages. Fuzzy mathematical modeling plays an important role in decision making techniques. In this paper we use fuzzy multi criteria group decision making method VIKOR to help the municipal authorities to choose the right alternative method for the safe disposal of commercial fish waste.

      R.Balaji, N.Arthi

Abstract: Business Record (BR) is an emerging centric model of information exchange, which is often outsourced to be stored at a third party, such as cloud providers. However, there have been wide privacy concerns as business information could be exposed to those third party servers and to unauthorized parties. To assure the business data control over access to their own BRs, it is a promising method to encrypt the BRs before outsourcing. Yet, issues such as risks of privacy exposure, scalability in key management, flexible access and efficient user revocation, have remained the most important challenges toward achieving fine-grained, cryptographically enforced data access control. To achieve fine-grained and scalable data access control for BRs, we leverage attribute based encryption (ABE) techniques to encrypt all business file. We focus on the multiple data owner scenario, and divide the users in the BR system into multiple security domains that greatly reduces the key management complexity for owners and users. A high degree of data privacy is guaranteed simultaneously by exploiting multi-authority ABE.

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