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Monograph & Thesis Publication As A E-Book:

International Journal of Scientific and Research Publications help researchers to publish their dissertations, thesis, monographs, and case studies as a book (e-book) in the IJSRP Journal. IJSRP academic thesis/monographs present writing on a wide range of fields that incorporates new research and developments. These monographs have all been peer reviewed and are available for researchers, academics, and scholars in an accessible, easy-to-read print format online. The complete monograph will be accessible for open access.

We welcome research from all fields, and a thesis or monograph shouldn't be longer than 250 pages, including any figures and tables.

Authors can publish their dissertations, thesis, monographs as a e-book. For review and further publication thesis or monograph should be submitted to: editor@ijsrp.org.

Monograph/Thesis Format: It is required to submit all monographs published in the "International Journal of Scientific and Research Publications" in IJSRP monograph format for review. Download Monograph/Thesis Format

Publication Fee: Publication of thesis or monograph including formatting, e-book type setting, e-pub type setting costs USD 250 per copy. Ijsrp gives rebate of USD 125 to the authors and charges USD 125 or equivalent as publication fee, which inculde final formatting, e-publishing, online print publishing, distributing to other online book store.

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