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The current research revealed that women empowerment has led to economic development. The main objective of this study was to assess women economic empowerment and rural household's livelihood in Rwanda, A case of Duterimbere ONG funded projects. The specific objectives were to assess the economic contribution of Duterimbere funded projects on rural households livelihood in Rulindo District, to find out the challenges faced by women to sustain Income Generating Activities created under Duterimbere funded projects in Rulindo District and to determine the relationship between women's economic empowerment projects and rural household's livelihood in Rulindo District. When conducting this study, researcher adopted case study research design with quantitative and qualitative approach. The target population were 217 from which samples of 68 were selected. Researcher used probability sampling technique to select the sample and data were collected using questionnaire and interview. In this study SPSS (Statistical Package for Social Science) version 20 was used to analyse the quantitative data. Research findings highlight some of the challenges including technology problem, infrastructures, poor managerial skills and environmental challenges. It is shown that by the coefficient of correlation of economic empowerment was 0.100 and p = 0.004. Project funding had an intercept of 0.043 but significant and Project market survey had it at 0.067 and also positive. Project adversary services had an intercept of 0.075 with p =0.046 As conclusion, Duterimbere funded project plays a great role for women economic empowerment throughout financial and non-financial support facilities for women in Rulindo is highly recommended to the government in assisting women empowerment in all angles of activities and, women beneficiaries themselves need to have commitment for better using financial resources which can assist them in income generating activities.

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