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An Epidemiological Analysis of Ischemic Heart Disease Across Diverse Nationalities
      Mehdi Shahriyari Afshar, Sepideh Nadi, Zahra Shahriyari Afshar
Abstract: Ischemic heart disease (IHD) is one of the primary causes of morbidity and mortality worldwide. While the burden of IHD is known to vary among nations, there has been inadequate research that explores the epidemiological patterns of IHD across totally different ethnicities. This review study analyses existing research on the epidemiology of ischemic heart disease (IHD) among people of various ethnicities.

      Kavitha K, Nagabhushan C M and Uday J
Abstract: The present investigation is a pioneer study intended to assess hydrological parameters to evaluate the feasibility of the remote reservoir set amid forested hills, the Dandiganahalli dam for potential Agriculture, Fisheries and Domestic purpose. The Spatio-temporal hydrological parameters were studied for a period of 12 months from February 2022 to January 2023 and were compared with the standard values prescribed by World Health Organization (WHO). Over the years, the lake has not been subjected to human interference leading to deterioration of water quality. Correlation analysis was done between physico-chemical parameters. The pH, Conductance, Alkalinity and Hardness levels indicated moderate quality of water. The values of DO, BOD and COD levels indicated the absence of major organic pollutants. Incidence of alkaline pH and low electrical conductivity may provide suitable climate for the existence of specific indicators.

      Dr. Jaishinimol Bharghavan, Dr. Ebrahim Al Jamali, & Klaithem Ali Muhamed
Abstract: Sesuvium portulacastrum is a cosmopolitan perennial coastal halophyte commonly found in coastal areas of the United Arab Emirates. Sea purslane has many reported benefits and is an excellent source of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. An attempt has been made to study the potential benefits of this herbaceous plant that can be utilized in the United Arab Emirates. A pilot study has also been made to assess the salinity tolerance of this species and the growth of this plant in indoor and outdoor conditions.

      Mrs Faiza.M.Saleh, Ms Raja.A.M.Moftah, Dr Kenz A. Bozed
Abstract: COVID-19, an extremely contagious disease caused by the coronavirus, has led to a global pandemic. Among its prominent symptoms is a persistent cough. Previous studies have suggested that cough sounds carry specific signatures associated with COVID-19. This study highlights the potential of utilizing AI models, specifically deep learning techniques, by collecting a large amount of audio data and divided into training, transfer learning, and testing datasets. The data is pre-processed to ensure a consistent length and transformed into Mel-spectrograms.

      Pandey, Pinky
Abstract: In this paper we have constructed Association Schemes from Hadamard matrix of Paley type I. Paley type I Hadamard matrices are skew symmetric in nature. These Association Schemes so obtained are Amorphic. Association schemes.

      Jeremiah Mari Espiritu Diana, Dr. Kenneth L. Sanido
Abstract: This study determined the relationships of Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) Criteria of Corporate Social Responsibility, Employee Performance, and Demographics in food manufacturing companies in General Santos City and South Cotabato, including significant effects. A descriptive survey and a correlational design were used using a quantitative approach. Two hundred seventy-five individuals (275) completed a questionnaire that was used to collect the data. Frequency, percentage, weighted mean, pearson correlation, and chi-square test were undertaken to examine the data collected. The study findings revealed that Environmental, Social, Governance Criteria of Corporate Social Responsibility are highly extensive. Furthermore, both Contextual and Task Performance were highly extensive as well, while Normative Performance was revealed as very highly extensive.

      Ida Ayu Ketut Surya Adnyani, Rudi Handoko, Ayun Maduwinarti
Abstract: The waste problem in Gianyar Regency often occurs because the communitys ability to manage waste properly is still weak. In the end, the local government must be responsible. Gianyar district seeks to manage waste starting at the village level through the integrated Rural TPS3R policy.

      Muhammad Fadlan Pulungan, Utama Abdi Tarigan, Frank Bietra Buchari, Putri Chairani Eyanoer, Kamal Basri Siregar, Heru Rahmadhany, Arya Tjipta
Abstract: Introduction: The high incidence of diabetic foot ulcers has prompted the development of various approaches for objective measurement of wound size that have been suggested. The focus in recent decades has been on two-dimensional methods of measuring wound area, which can be divided into contact and non-contact methods. The use of telemedicine has benefits because it is cost-effective, improves health outcomes, and encourages patient satisfaction who need care, especially patients with chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes mellitus.

      Klekovska Mimoza, Martinovska Bande Cveta
Abstract: The text presented hereinafter is describing the process of extraction of several characteristics required for recognition of Old Slavic Letters. The analysis is conducted over old Slavic scripts written with Cyrillic alphabet named “Constitutional Script”. It is a unique style of writing. The contour of the graphemes has been observed from several aspects: structural, graphic–aesthetical, geometrical and topological.

      Prof. Sandy R. Eleponio
Abstract: One of the vital roles of an educator is preparation of instructional materials and procedure to help facilitate an effective daily lesson in a classroom, so teachers do their best to make the daily lesson lively and effective. Sometimes, teachers seem confused as what guidelines to follow for the effectivity of the lesson. This study aimed to assess the implementation of daily lesson log in the teaching-learning process of Senior High School teachers in Quezon City Polytechnic University and to serve as a basis for enhancing teaching plan.

      Juma Hamisi Mwabori, Dr. Alex Kamwaria, Dr. Mohamed Alio
Abstract: The study was directed by the following objective: to investigate the factors contributing to truancy in Madrasa, to establish the effects of truancy in Madrasa on the religious development of children in Msambweni Sub-County. By using survey design the study was guided by Social Control Theory (SCT) which explains why individuals choose to obey conventional norms. For the purpose of this study, the researcher included160 respondents, representing 10% of the entire population. From the total of 50 madrasas 5 were selected using stratified sampling technique leading to 10% of the target population. Using simple random technique 10 madrasa teachers represented the 50 teachers. 20 children were selected using simple random sampling from each madrasa translating to a total of 100 children. 50 parents were selected using snow balling technique from a population of 500 parents.

      Florentina Kusmiyati, Endang Dwi Purbajanti, Syaiful Anwar, Muhamad Ghazi Agam Sas, Dian Safitri, Fajrin Pramana Putra
Abstract: This study examines the yield and quality of packcoy and lettuce with several nutritional formulations. The study was conducted with a 2 x 2 factorial arrangement based on a completely randomized design (CRD) with three replications. This study used Packcoy and Lettuce plants as the first factor, then four nutritional formulations: AB mix (control), Hoagland & Arnond, and Hewitt, Huetts Lettuce.

      Nguyen Thi Thu Thuy
Abstract: Metacognitive reading strategies, which are documented to be beneficial to the EFL readers, have been constantly applied to many educational settings but not many in the Vietnamese high school contexts. The researcher, accordingly, introduced and trained how to use these strategies to 11th graders at a Vietnamese public high school. To check how these students perceived the benefits and challenges of their use of metacognitive reading strategies, the researcher carried out a survey using the questionnaire copies on 124 11th graders from four English reading classes. Based on the findings, it is indicated that the participants displayed their positive perceptions of using metacognitive strategies in their reading process; besides, their limited declarative, procedural, and conditional knowledge hindered their willingness and effectiveness in utilisation of these target strategies. Regarding their self-reported actual practice, problem-solving strategies were more favored than other groups namely global strategies and supporting strategies. The paper was concluded with some practical implications in the field of reading comprehension instruction.

      Chukwudi A. Ugomma, Felix N Nwobi and Eleazar.C Nwogu
Abstract: In this paper we compare Weibull and Mixed-Lognormal-Weibull Option Pricing Models. The data for this study were obtained from Australian Clearing House of Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) which consists of 50 enlisted stocks in the clearing house as products of monthly market summary for long term options from 3rd January, 2017 to 31st December, 2019. The data were properly arranged according to 25, 27, 28, 29 and 30 maturity days.

      Rashid Chiposa, John Kamanula, Elijah Wanda, Mabvuto Banda
Abstract: For hundreds of years, medicinal plants have been a source of treatment of intestinal diseases which has remained as one of the major global health issues. The use of medicinal plants has significantly mitigated the impacts of the scarcity and shortages of drugs in public hospitals. This study was conducted to identify the medicinal plants used to manage intestinal diseases in Phoka area, an area with a diversity of plants in Rumphi district. A total of 20 traditional herbal practitioners were purposively sampled to collect information on the names of the medicinal plants for management of intestinal diseases, parts used and mode of administering the medicinal plants to the patient. This survey reveals that 20 woody species that are found in this area of Phoka are used to manage intestinal diseases. All the 20 species of the medicinal plants contain phytochemicals that are not known to the traditional herbal practitioners. Medicinal plants are a promising source of compounds that can be used for drug development of intestinal diseases.

      Limkile Mpofu, Adanma Cecilia Eberendu
Abstract: One of the most emerging technologies and demanding fields in contemporary engineering education nowadays is robotics. Zimbabwean Elearning Institute (ELI) has taken a bold step in developing and implementing a new robotics educational program that might be applied across Zimbabwean educational curriculum. This paper reviewed Zimbabwean robotics education and described the ELearning Institute (ELI)s current work toward establishing the program. It described the Reading, Animation, Coding, and Robotics (RACR) framework of the ELearning Institute (ELI), and then employed evaluability assessment and explained the steps involved in the application of the framework.

      Nguyen Thi Thanh Huyen, Tran Minh Hung
Abstract: The study focuses on the preservation of the mother tongue in education for ethnic minority students through experiential activities in primary schools, in line with the requirements of educational innovation in Vietnams general education. It addresses the current requirements of educational innovation in Vietnam and the advantages of experiential activities in preserving the mother tongue for ethnic minority students in primary schools. Based on the objectives of primary education, the objectives of experiential activities in primary schools, and the requirements for preserving the mother tongue, the study has identified the goals, content, methods, organizational forms, and evaluation methods for preserving the mother tongue through experiential activities for students in primary schools, meeting the requirements of educational innovation in Vietnams general education.

      Samson, Isobo D, Vincent, Tamaramiebi D, Apere, Tonubari
Abstract: The impact of cyberspace threats in the Isaac Jasper Boro College of education (IJBCOE), Sagbama, on electronic device users was investigated using both online and offline survey forms to obtain direct data from both staff and students. Analysis of the data with the percentage method revealed over 75% of the college population have experienced negative impact of cyberspace threat with fear, anxiety and embarrassment as the most prevalent impacts.

      Muhammad Iqbal Fauzan, Septrial Arafat
Abstract: One of Indonesias soil ordo, ultisols, covers roughly 45.794.000 ha, or about 25% of the countrys total geographical area. Low pH and insufficient nutrition availability are Ultisols problems. Ultisols might have turned into cropland if the limitations were observed. This study examined how adding green manure to NPK compound fertilizer affected soil pH, exchangeable K, Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC), and paddy yield on Ultisols Jatinangor. At Ciparanje Experimental Farm, Faculty of Agriculture, Universitas Padjadjaran, Jatinangor, which is located at a height of around 700 meters above sea level, this research was carried out from October 2016 to January 2017.

      Meilisa Tri Nugraha, FX Kurniawan Tjakrawala
Abstract: This study is an analysis of the implementation of internal control based on the COSO ERM perspective at PT JOY. This study aims to analyze how the management of PT JOY applies internal control whether it is in accordance with the COSO ERM perspective.

      Zin Nwe-Thann
Abstract: From April 2018 to December 2022, we collected the monthly meteorological parameters and hourly PM2.5 µg/m3 concentration monitoring data from Kaba-Aye station, Department of Meteorology and Hydrology (DMH), Yangon, Myanmar. Rainfall (RF) mm, wind speed (WS) mph-1, temperature (Temp) oC, and relative humidity (RH) % are the meteorological parameters. Our study investigated into the way variations in meteorological parameters affected the categories of the Air Quality Index (AQI) that include PM2.5 measurements.

      Edward Nii Amar Amarteifio, Edward Marfo-Yiadom, Keren Naa Abeka Arthur, Comfort Akai Cofie-Obiri, Felicia Freda Idun-Acquah
Abstract: Equity financing is especially critical for businesses with a high risk-to-reward profile, such as startups and small businesses. The purpose of this study was to find out the effect of equity financing options, specifically internal and external equity, on small business growth in the Accra metropolis. This study used an explanatory research design.

      Edy Anugrah Putra, Dedy Hermansyah, Endi Taris Pasaribu, Putri Chairani Eyanoer, Adi Muradi Muhar, Husnul Fuad Albar
Abstract: Introduction: Triple-negative breast cancer is defined as the absence of estrogen, progesterone, and HER-2 receptors obtained by immunohistochemistry, with an incidence of 24% of newly diagnosed breast cancers. Several breast tumours have substantial lymphocytic infiltration, and tumour-infiltrating lymphocytes (TILs) are the potential surrogate markers of adaptive immune response and are positively associated with better survival in TNBC. This study examines the relationship between tumour infiltrating lymphocytes and clinicopathology in early-stage triple-negative breast cancer at HAM Hospital.

      Somara Sun
Abstract: This study investigates the correlations between academic performance and learner autonomy among Cambodian students studying English in higher education among 108 respondents. The quantitative method was employed in this study. The results revealed high positive correlations between learner autonomy and academic performance—which was statistically and respectively significant [ r= 0.74, N=108,p<0.01]. This finding implicated that learner autonomy strongly correlates positively with academic performance. The findings of this study suggest several pedagogical implications; learner autonomy plays a crucial role in promoting academic performance. The more substantial learner autonomy, the higher academic performance.

      Derese.B, Tesfatsion .M,Alemayehu D &.Hizkel. F
Abstract: Ethiopia has comparative benefits within the manufacturing of exportable vegetable and fruit due to current rich genetic resources, various agro-ecological situation and plentiful arable land and labour. However, despite their high ability and opportunities for export, vegetable and fruit are not absolutely utilized. Hence, this study is attempt to reinvestigate the dynamics of the relationship among exports of vegetable and fruit, exchange rate and consumer price index over the length 1993 to 2015. applying famous time series econometric strategies of co-integration and vector error correction estimation, the study provides the proof of stationary of time series variables, existence of lengthy-run equilibrium relation among them, and in the end, the rejection of export of vegetable and fruit led increase hypothesis for Ethiopia by using the Granger causality check based on vector error correction model estimation.

      Alina Rajan, Alfiya. R, Prof. Dr. Shaiju S Dharan, Dr Dhanya Dharman
Abstract: Prader-Willi syndrome is a complicated disorder (CVS, Respiratory illness), which has several symptoms related to hypothalamic insufficiency and affects many different systems such as respiratory, endocrine, neurologic and metabolic systems. Infantile hypotonia, developmental delays, mental impairment, behavioral problems, small stature, abnormality, distinctive facial features, obesity, hypogonadism, are significant results. The main causes of morbidity and mortality are behavioral issues and obesity. The absence of the typically active paternal genes in the proximal 15q imprinted region results in Prader-Willi syndrome, which is brought on by anomalies in this area. Such absence is brought about by maternal uniparental disomy, paternal interstitial deletion, mutations, or other abnormalities in the imprinting process.

      Saima Sultana, Md. Shoaib Al Ansary, Mst. Afrose Jahan, Alok Kumar Paul
Abstract: Potassium and molybdenum are essential plant nutrients that are required in almost all the processes necessary for plant growth and development. Therefore, the aim of the study was to investigate the influence of potassium and molybdenum on the growth, yield, and nutrient content of soybean. The experiment was conducted at the Sher-e-Bangla Agricultural University research field, Dhaka, Bangladesh, during the period of December 2013 to April 2014. The experiment comprised two factors: factor A: four levels of potassium (K0: 0 kg K¬2O ha–1, K1: 30 kg K¬2O ha–1, K2: 40 kg K¬2O ha–1, K3: 50 kg K¬2O ha–1), and factor B: three levels of molybdenum (Mo0: 0 kg Mo ha–1, Mo1: 1.0 kg Mo ha–1, Mo2: 1.5 kg Mo ha–1).

      Shivam Kumar Pandey
Abstract: The maritime sector, which serves as a crucial channel for worldwide commerce and economic operations, is confronted with growing non-conventional security challenges that surpass conventional naval disputes centered on nation-states. The threats encompass a range of issues, such as maritime crime, environmental concerns, technological and cyber-related risks, and socio-economic and political challenges. This study aims to clarify the need for a thorough categorization of non-conventional navigational hazards and the potential benefits of implementing such a classification framework in enhancing maritime security tactics and countermeasures.

      Priyanka, B. N., Gopal Sankhala and Deepak Chand Meena
Abstract: The study conducted in Bidar district of Karnataka on Deoni cattle rearing practices from 120 Deoni cattle owners showed that the majority of the respondents (85.83%) were practicing both grazing and stall feeding methods. The use of natural service for impregnating the animals was preferred by the maximum number of respondents (93.33%), and bulls reared by the farmers from the village are being preferred for breeding (82.14%). However, the study also highlights some areas where improvement is required. For instance, while the majority of the respondents consult government veterinarians for animal diseases (68.33%) and deworming practices (65.83%), there is a need to educate them about the benefits of regular veterinary check-ups and preventative measures for animal health and productivity.

      E Soon Kiat, Nor Akmar Nordin, Sakinah Ab. Rahim
Abstract: This paperwork discussed the influence of work engagement on organisational citizenship behaviour among Malaysian police officers. Work engagement is measured by three dimensions which are dedication, vigor and absorption; while organisational citizenship behaviour is measured by five dimensions which are altruism, conscientiousness, civic virtue, courtesy and sportsmanship. Findings showed that Malaysian police officers have high level of work engagement (M=5.69, SD=0.911) and organisational citizenship behaviour (M=5.58, SD=0.77). Meanwhile, their work engagement does influence the organisational citizenship behaviour (R²=0.425) in which the dimension of dedication is the most influential one (β = 0.368, p < 0.05). This finding is beneficial in assisting organisations recruitment process in the future.

      Binu C T, Dr.S.Mohan Kumar
Abstract: The Cloud computing is a platform where we can connect and work from anywhere due to the availability and scalability of resources. Security to cloud environment and the application is a challenging topic which we need to pursue. The security issues in cloud a review where we discuss about all the security breaches in cloud. The security issues include external hackers gain access to databases in such environments using hacking techniques like session hijacking and network channel eavesdropping.

      Nilani Kanesharatnam
Abstract: The mangrove spiders of Mandaitivu island had been assessed in preceding preliminary survey. This study aims to explore jumping spider fauna (Family Salticidae) in this island for the first time. Sample collection was done by sweep netting, hand picking, litter collection and beating of vegetation. Specimens were preserved in 70-80% ethanol. Spiders were identified up to species level based on morphology of epigyne and male palp structure, body shapes, colour patterns, abdominal markings.

      K Dinushika Madhushani Jayathissa
Abstract: English language plays a crucial role as a global language. In Sri Lanka, English has been taught as a second language in schools. Testing in English as a Second language (ESL) has become important in measuring learners’ knowledge. This study examines how do the teachers design test items to evaluate students in the ESL classroom and what are teachers’ perceptions on the current testing methods.

      Ghea Gardita Zoraya Viedra, Wisnu Isvara, Rossy Armyn Machfudiyanto
Abstract: The working relationship between contractor and subcontractor as their vendor is carried out with mutual benefit or is called a win-win solution (Winarta et al., 2022). Selection of the vendor shall always be considered by project manager because the vendor can have very positive or very harmful and negative impacts on the general performance of an organization. Identifying important criteria on the assessment system model using Contractor Quality Safety Management System (CQSMS) Evaluation, can minimize unsatisfactory quality and safety performance of the vendor. This study was conducted to identify assessment criteria and its rating on the assessment system model using Contractor Quality Safety Management System (CQSMS) Evaluation that affect quality and safety performance of the vendor.

      Fidele Mwizerwa, LI Zhuo, Micah Kipleting
Abstract: The vulnerability of urban wetlands is examined in this study. Data were collected using Driver-Pressure-State-Impact-Response Framework (DPSIR). Indicators were categorized into IPCC components of vulnerabilities namely exposure, sensitivity, and resilience. Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) was used to weight indicators, but particular attention was given to expert’s judgment. To produce maps of IPPC vulnerability components and the final map of wetland vulnerability, Weighted Linear Combination (WLC) was utilized. The results showed that the majority of the wetland area, more than half (54%) is exposed to medium, high, and very high levels of vulnerability.

      Bigabwa Patrick, Nyakio Olivier, Chentwali Serge, Bisimwa Patron, Mulinganya Guy, Mukanire Bercmans, Chasinga, Musafiri Justin, Mukanga Omar, Mukwege Denis
Abstract: Introduction: Breast benign and malignant tumour pathologies are a global public health problem. These tumours are a frequent reason for gynaecology consultation: Eight to nine per ten women leave with a benignity diagnosis. However, a cancer is always at this consultation. In Bukavu, their frequencies are not precise; so is it for the most common risk factors for breast cancer in women.

      Dr Thabo Msimango
Abstract: Regardless of the size of the container, the likelihood of finding a solution remains significant. The process of arriving at a sound decision is crucial and necessitates the application of dependable and credible knowledge and information. Do you exhibit a tendency to exhibit a bias towards a specific facet of a matter based on the provided particulars or the obtainable data?

      Meghana Das, Dr Sudha K L
Abstract: With the continuous miniaturization of CMOS technologies, the upcoming challenges of soft errors and reliability are expected to escalate. In order to address these challenges and bolster circuit reliability, this research paper presents a novel approach involving the design of two interleaved Double-Adjacent-Error-Corrections (DAECs) for Error Detection and Correction (EDAC). The DAECs employ a combination of the Hsiao Code, a modified version of Hamming codes widely utilized in modern systems, and the Cyclic Redundancy Code (CRC). The CRC, a non-secure hash function, is adept at identifying unintentional alterations in digital data within computer networks. It functions by leveraging a generator polynomial as the divisor in a polynomial long division over a finite field, treating the input data as the dividend, and yielding the remainder as the result. Due to its ease of hardware implementation, CRCs are extensively employed.

      Minocha Dr. Pramod Kumar, Kothwala Dr. Deveshkumar Mahendralal, Shaikh Amirhamzah Mahmadiqbal and Patel Chirag J
Abstract: The present study aimed to assess the dynamic calcification behavior of bioprosthetic heart valves. The researchers developed a fast, reliable, and reproducible method to evaluate the calcification potential of biomaterials. They applied biomechanical forces to influence calcification and tissue characteristics in the heart valves. It was found that primary tissue failure and valve leaflet calcification can significantly reduce the lifespan of bioprosthetic heart valves. To study heart valve replacement and calcification, the researchers utilized an advanced atomic absorption spectroscopy method (AAS). This technique allowed for accurate measurement of calcification levels.

      Luisito D.C. Soriano
Abstract: Today queuing system has been an integral part of many systems processes and not limited to banks, restaurants, and movie theaters. In this study, the researchers developed an online enrolment that uses Process Scheduling Algorithm that determines the prioritization in an enrolment process. It uses historical data as its parameter dataset to analyze which Process Scheduling Algorithm to be performed.

      Micah Kipleting, Fidele MWIZERWA
Abstract: Safe drinking water access is a fundamental human right and is necessary for good health. The ineffective water delivery system in Kenya makes it difficult for water utilities to constantly provide quality water to consumers. Water maybe contaminated due to a variety of circumstances depending on the nature of operations occurring within the pipelines. This study focused on assessing the effect of distribution systems on drinking water quality in Kapsabet and Nandi Hills Towns. 348 water samples were collected at randomly selected taps for six months from November 2022 to April 2023 and analysis done in the laboratory for various water quality parameters.

      Wanyonyi Mungau Michael, zhuo Li, Mwangi Kinyanjui
Abstract: The conservation and sustainable management of forests are vital for climate change mitigation, biodiversity preservation and ensuring the socio-economic well-being of communities. This is specifically important to Kenya where the general projection shows that the demand for timber and its products is set to increase steadily by the year 2032 while the forest cover is decreasing. This thesis focuses on developing a yield estimation modelling tool for Cupressus Lusitanica and Pinus Patula in the Uasin-Gishu region of Kenya.This will enable forest managers and stakeholders to make informed decisions regarding sustainable forest management practices

      Mary I.N and Ugochukwu S.C
Abstract: This research aims to address the absence of a suitable multiple regression model for predicting skirting lengths in buildings, which leads to cost overruns, inaccuracies in estimates, and project cancellations. The study focuses on developing a regression-based model specifically tailored for predicting skirting lengths in Anambra State. The research objectives include identifying factors influencing skirting estimate accuracy, assessing the impact of skirting estimates on overall project estimates, and proposing a predictive model based on floor area and length of door openings.

      Greeshma N, Dr Jamuna S
Abstract: The non-volatile semiconductor memory chips such as flash memory, EEPROM, FRAM etc must be used for data storage. When operating in space, memory microcircuits are exposed to radiation, which can lead to data corruption and functional failures. When compared to other non-volatile memories MRAM is been considered as the good one used for space application to withstand against radiation effect. Therefore Magneto-resistive Random-Access Memories (MRAMs) are preferred for space and radiation-hardened electronics applications. The reason MRAM is selected is based on solid- state form factor, non-volatility, radiation hardness, modularity, reliability, scalability, fault tolerance, support for mission assurance, small size, low mass, and low power consumption. MRAMs provide higher bit storage densities. Radiation hardened MRAM design is a crucial aspect of space and defence applications where memory devices must withstand harsh radiation environments. Rad-Hard MRAM is designed and analysed for various parameters which shows the tolerance level for radiation effects.

      Waled Elkhamkhi
Abstract: An essential condition for the development of entrepreneurship is an innovative culture, climate and tradition. There is no doubt that these factors depend on the industrial culture, the mentality of the people, as well as on the climate created in the society. This climate depends on the global policy that is conducted in society, on the created material assumptions, but also on numerous other factors: sociological, psychological, ethical, normative, etc.

      Bolorunduro P.I; I. Akintayo, R. Ahouansou and G. Harris
Abstract: A study was conducted to understand the socio-economic characteristics of farmers and the gender norms, attitudes, practices, and power relations that constrain especially women and youth from participating in and benefiting from rice-fish value chain activities in 5 Counties of DeSIRA project intervention in Liberia. Primary data was collected between April and May 2022 using structured questionnaire and analysed using simple statistics on statistical packages for the social sciences (SPSS) with results display in tables and figures.

      Pham Thi Hao, Nguyen Thi Que
Abstract: The study aimed to investigate the effectiveness of short stories in enhancing English vocabulary for secondary school students. The population samples consist of 33 secondary school students who participated in an action research project in which short stories were used in the teaching of English vocabulary in class. Data collected from the questionnaires and tests showed that after using short stories to teach vocabulary, the students became more interested in learning vocabulary, and their vocabulary was greatly developed.

      Hoang Thi Them, Pham Ai Linh, La Thi Thom
Abstract: This paper looks at investigating non-English majored students’ perspectives on the use of role-play technique to improve speaking skills at Thai Nguyen University of Technology (TNUT). The study employed the quantitative method and the data collection instrument was a questionnaire with close-ended questions. The findings show that most of the students know the importance of role-playing activities because they feel interested when they participate in role-play activities. Moreover, they believe that role-playing helps them improve their speaking skills and communicate well. In addition, most of them agree that they can overcome fear and shyness through role-play activities. Besides, role-playing is also a good way to help them become more active and confident. In reference to the types of role play, a majority of the students like role-playing controlled through cued dialogues and role-playing controlled through cues and information. They find these two types easier to perform in speaking activities. Furthermore, the students are also interested in role-play activities done in pairs.

      Yosra Annabi
Abstract: In this article, the author begins by recalling the hyperbolic partial differential equations in order to introduce the wave equation. If in the article [2], a uni-dimensional solution has been detailed, then, in this article, the author is interested in the 3-dimensional solution. Finally, the article presents the pattern of the birth of emotions in the human brain from stimuli. The article [5] is concluded with a question: can we learn emotions differently? In this article, we put the question to a psychologist.

      Yosra Annabi
Abstract: With this bibliographic work, the author illustrates the evolution of the perception of emotions by medicine. In traditional Chinese and Indian medicines, emotions are part of the science of energy.

      Hai, Dao Thi Vu
Abstract: Vocabulary acquisition is central to developing proficiency and competency in any language learning skill. However, many students face challenges in learning and retaining lexical items due to a lack of effective learning strategies. Therefore, the purpose of this study was to investigate the potentially significant effects of mind mapping on the vocabulary development of EFL high school students. The research design employed a combination of quasi-experimental research design, involving the participation of 95 Grade 12 EFL students from a high school in Thai Binh Province, Viet Nam. These participants were divided into two groups: the control group and the experimental group.

      Muhammad Yusri Karim, Nurfadilah, Alimuddin
Abstract: The main problem in today mangrove crab hatchery is the low survival rate of larvae at the zoea and megalopa stages in entering the crablet stage caused by a less than optimum rearing environment. This study was aimed to determine the optimum salinity that produces the best survival rate and growth rate of mud crabs (S. olivacea) at the megalopa-crablet stage. Research The research was carried out at the Center for Brackish Water Aquaculture Development (CBAD), Bonddia Village, Galesong District, Takalar Regency, South Sulawesi, Indonesia. The test animals used were mangrove crabs at the megalopa stage which were stocked at a density of 5 individuals/L and reared until they entered megalopa. The research used a container in the form of a black plastic basin with a volume of 30 L filled with 12 pieces of 20 L of water.

      Nguyen Thi Que, Tran Thi Ngoc Anh
Abstract: The purpose of the study was to investigate the students and teachers perspectives on the new 10th-grade English textbook. In order to complete this study, the researcher employs both quantitative and qualitative methods. The investigation was conducted at a high school in Vietnam in which all 200 tenth-graders and five English instructors using the new textbook participated in the study in order to evaluate the textbook using total sampling techniques. Results of the study revealed positive feedbacks of the new texbook in teachers and students perspectives and proposed recommendations for the application of the textbook in this particular teaching context.

      Mr Suliman Abdelaty
Abstract: This research paper investigates the common English mistakes made by Turkish secondary school students, to understand the underlying causes and provide pedagogical suggestions to improve their English language proficiency. The study employs a qualitative approach, using error analysis to examine students written and spoken productions. The paper also discusses possible reasons behind these mistakes, including interference from the mother tongue, inadequate exposure to English, and ineffective teaching methods.

      Bich Ngoc Ngo Thi, Hoai Linh Phung
Abstract: This article explores the use of drama activities as a means to enhance the English speaking skills of 7th grade students in a lower secondary school. The study employs a mixed-methods approach, including both action research and analysis. The results indicate that the use of drama activities significantly improved the students' confidence, fluency, and accuracy in speaking English. The students also showed a positive attitude towards using drama activities to learn English. The findings suggest that drama activities can be an effective and enjoyable method to improve English speaking skills for lower secondary school students. The study provides insights and practical implications for teachers and curriculum designers on how to incorporate drama activities into English language teaching.
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