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IJSRP, Volume 7, Issue 5, May 2017 Edition [ISSN 2250-3153]

All listed papers are published after full consent of respective author or co-author(s).
For any discussion on research subject or research matter, the reader should directly contact to undersigned authors.

May 2017 publication has started and publication will continue till 24th May 2017
Authors who paid publication fee after 4th May, their paper will publish in May edition latest by 24th May or before.
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Abstract: The effect of this research will help marketers of shoes giant of Bangladesh such as BATA, APEX, BAY FOOTWEAR and LEATHEREX FOOTWEAR to identify varieties useful promotional tools that will greatly influence the purchasing behavior of customers and also demonstrate how marketing solutions are being performed by shoe giants like Adidas and Nike. This fact-finding paper will demonstrate correlation between promotional strategy and purchasing behavior of consumers which will help the companies to create vital business plan and value their advertisement to increase productivity and strengthen their operational platform to create competitive advantage in the market and eventually acquire more percentage in profits through maximization of sales. Subsequent information regarding the study has been accumulated from various shoe stores in Dhaka. The research pragmatism will also identify different problems with the marketing, manufacturing and retailing strategy of the shoe companies and show evidence of what their competitors are executing better than them in the market for the benefits of these probed companies so that they become more organized and come closer to their potential customers by understanding their attitudes towards buying a product.

      Saira Salim

Abstract: Dowry refers to “the property, money, ornaments or any other form of wealth which a man or his family receives from his wife or her family at the time of marriage. Dowry is both a practice and a problem with Indian marriage” (Haveripeth, 2013).The practice of giving dowry was meant to assist a newly-wed couple to start their life together with ease; however, now it has become a commercial transaction in which monetary considerations receive priority over the personal merits of the bride. Dowry system has given rise to many socio economic problems with very serious consequences. Numerous incidents of bride burning, harassment and physical torture of newlywed women and various kinds of pressure tactics being adopted by the husbands/in-laws’ pressurizing for more dowry have compelled the social reformers and the intelligentsia to give serious thoughts to various aspects associated with the institution of dowry (Sachdeva,1998).Government of India enacted “Dowry Prohibition Act” in 1961, which was further amended in 1985 to control this menace. In spite of this Act, the “give and take” phenomenon of dowry is practiced widely throughout India, irrespective of caste and class (Grantham, 2002).

      Amrutha N, Arul V H

Abstract: Electromyography (EMG) is the study about the function of muscles, and today it have many applications in biomedical and clinical purposes. The EMG signal contains two sources during the myoelectrical simulation which are the useful electrical response of the muscles and the noise in the signal. The noises can occur from either technical sources (power line noise) or from biological sources (ECG). The noises in the system must be carefully studied, as this will interrupt the analysis of the muscular activity. This paper discuss about various types of noises that affects EMG signal and also some of the basic noise removal techniques.

      Dr. Ali Y. Fattah, Sadeq S. Madlool

Abstract: The main challenge facing high bit rates optical communication systems is their tolerance to linear and nonlinear fiber impairments. In this paper an optical soliton is a way to mitigation the effect of dispersion in optical fiber, by balance between the Group-Velocity Dispersion (GVD) and Self-Phase Modulation (SPM).

      R. Sundara Bharathi, Dr. R. Mala

Abstract: Data warehouse (DW) is a group of combined databases planned to maintenance executive decision-making besides problem-solving purposes. The semantic multi attribute model focoused on similarity contained in the data warehouse, in DW iscritical for the certain group of user. The semantic access right in viewing the dimensional schema should be properly specified according to the level of privilege. A set of security controls has been established to protect this crucial asset. It holds both highly comprehensive thenreducedmodern data connecting to numerousgroups, topics, or areas. Semantic Similarity Actions is one of the latestknow-hows that giveentree to various and isolatedmaterialfoundationsattractive the decision-makingcompetences of the group. The Semantic Similarity Measures provides an efficient storing mechanism which can identify the information of interest to the organization. The data repository contains information from multiple sources and presents it in an integrated manner to the end user. In this Semantic Similarity used context the filtration of data is realized previously the data warehouse.

      Lemma Gulilat and Endalew Walelign

Abstract: The study was conducted for Nine Fogera cows with average age, parity, initial body weight and stage of lactation was 9.3 year, 4.4, 262.7kg and 53.1 days, respectively used for the feeding trial were randomly assigned to three treatments. The treatments were 67% wheat bran and 33% NSC from 2kg concentrate + untreated rice straw (T1), 67% wheat bran and 33% NSC from 2kg concentrate +urea treated rice straw (T2) and 67% wheat bran and 33% NSC from 2kg concentrate + rice straw treated by effective micro-organism (T3). Animals were blocked based on their initial body weight in randomized complete block design. Feeding of Fogera cows with EMO treated rice straw resulted in significantly (p<0.05) higher daily dry matter intake (8.52 kg/cow, higher daily weight gain (27.7 g/day), higher daily milk yield (2.82l/day) and highest net income and marginal return rate (MRR) (82.6 and 194%, respectively) when compared with those cows fed on untreated rice straw. Hence, according to the results of this study feeding of lactating Fogera cows with EMO treated rice straw is efficient for both biologically and economically compared to urea treated rice straw.

      S.A. Gaikwad, Y.D.Tembhurkar, C.M.Dudhe

Abstract: CdZnSe2xTe2(1-x) thin films for different composition parameters ‘x’ have been deposited on large substrate area by the spray pyrolysis method which is simple, inexpensive and economical at 300o substrate temperature. From the optical transmission and reflection spectra, absorption coefficients were calculated . Band gap energy were determined from absorbance measurements in visible range using Tauc theory. Band gap energy values are found to lie in the range 2.04-2.52 eV for the films with composition parameter, x= 0 to 1. It shows that the main transition at the fundamental absorption edge is a direct allowed transition. The optical constants such as optical band gap, extinction coefficient, refractive index and dielectric constant have been calculated for these films The values obtained by this method are suitable for many scientific studies and technical applications such as solar cells, heat mirrors , transparent electrodes, piezoelectric devices, sensors etc.

      A. A. Ayare and S. D. Anjarlekar, M. N. Tagare and S. S. Wamane

Abstract: The recovery of waste heat has been a topic of concern for large-scale industrial companies for several decades. This recovery not only makes an operation more environment friendly, but it also helps to cut costs. In addition to this, it can reduce the amount of resources needed to power a facility. Many industries have implemented different methods of waste heat recovery. One popular choice is using a heat exchanger. This paper presents the study of two types of heat exchangers: straight and helical coil tube. The helical coil heat exchanger has been experimented and analyzed on the basic of log-mean temperature difference (LMTD), heat transfer coefficient and Reynolds number. Based on the results, it is found that helical coil heat exchangers are efficient and its overall heat transfer coefficient increases with mass flow rate.

      Chathuni Jayasinghe

Abstract: This paper aims to develop a model of the recently introduced concept of employee well-being for front-line employees in the hotel industry. By introducing the concept of employee well-being for the hotel industry, this article proposes that employee well-being is more likely to be sustainable when employee burnout is low for front-line employees who are supposed to manage their emotions in front of customers. These employees are called as ‘emotional labour’. Also the mediating effect of burnout to the relationship between emotional labour and employee well-being is considered in this article. The stress theory and conservation of resources theory are used to justify the relationships between emotional labour and employee well-being, and emotional labour and burnout. Role identification and social sharing of emotions are proposed as moderators when developing this model.

      Nargiza Siddiqova, Shakhnoza Muksimova, Asqar Rakhmanov

Abstract: We consider the pursuit problem for the so-called game “boy and crocodile”. “Boy” is moving in according to the equation ỳ = v, “crocodile” moving according to the equation ẍ = u and “boy” can not leave the closed ball of radius R > 0. Control of the pursuer is subjected to integral constraint, and the evader’s control is subjected to geometric constraint. Sufficient conditions of completion of pursuit from all initial positions are obtained.

      S. K. Singh, S.K. Tripathi, S.P. Singh andR.K. Prajapati1

Abstract: This paper discusses the pilot study area between the Gomti and Sai Rivers 550000 ha. The entire study area is commanded by the Jaunpur Branch canal with 123-cumec design capacity under the SardaSahayak system. In the study geo-database has been prepared based on data collection and to capture information on climate, agriculture, surface and groundwater hydrology, irrigation and drainage network, water demands (Irrigation, domestic, industrial, hydropower, environment), socio-economic and demographic details, topography, water quality etc. The finding reveals that apart from canals, a significant amount of groundwater resources is also being utilized by private and government tubewells. Contribution of government tubewells is much less. Waterlogging appears to be localized in nature and exists predominantly in canal head and middle reaches where groundwater utilization is comparatively less and seepage from canals is higher. It is clear from these illustrations that rice being less sensitive to waterlogging, it exhibits higher productivity in head and middle reaches of canal where canal supply is adequate and reliable in the Kharif. Quite expectedly, it shows lower productivity in the canal tails and out of command areas as canal irrigation is either not available or unreliable. Wheat scenario suggests that the productivity is higher in middle and tail reaches where waterlogging is less and groundwater is used more. The cropping intensity during both Kharif and Rabi seasons is comparatively low along head reaches of canals. RS analyses clearly suggest that cropping intensity is lesser especially along branch and distributary canals in head and middle reaches.

      Kosonei, R.C, Abuom, P.O, Bosire, E and Huho, J. M

Abstract: Drought is a norm rather than exception in Marigat Sub-County, Baringo County in Kenya where it adversely affects vegetation and water resources which are key resource for pastoralism. However, the effects vary depending on the dynamic of each drought event. This study sought to establish the drought dynamics in in Marigat Sub-Countyand how the dynamics affect vegetation cover in the County. A sample size of 368 households from a total study population of 9,160 households was selected for the survey alongside meteorological datasheets, remotely-sensed images, hydrological datasheets and maps. Droughts were frequent in Baringo County occurring once in every two years. The intensity the droughts ranged from 0.1 to 57.8 percent below the long-term mean. Whereas some droughts were on off events, majority occurred in runs with the longest lasting for up to 5 years (2000-2004). Vegetation cover was severely affected when droughts were prolonged and intense and vice versa. Bare grounds devoid of vegetation cover were common during prolonged and intense droughts as it was experienced during the 2000 La Nina drought (NDVI value of-0.07).As the inhabitants strived to cope with the effects of droughts, they turned into their immediate environment exploiting the available resources. This led to destruction of vegetation cover through activities such as overgrazing on wetlands and forested areas, charcoal burning and clearing of vegetation to allow crop farming. Thus with the increasing drought frequency, duration and intensity, if the environmental degradation remains unchecked Marigat Sub-Countywill become a desert devoid of vegetation.


Abstract: Objective : To identify the presence of oxidative stress marker malondialdehyde (MDA) and redox enzyme gluthathion peroxidase (GPx) in primary open angle glaucoma (POAG) and relationship between oxidative stress marker malondialdehyde (MDA) and redox enzyme gluthathion peroxidase (GPx) with primary open angle glaucoma

      Shruthy Govindan, Akanksha Singh

Abstract: ANN have been used to access the predictability of the sea surface temperature in Indian ocean. Sea surface parameter is used to understand the exchange of momentum, heat,gases and moisture across air sea interface. Its knowledge is necessary to explain and predict important climate and weather processes including the summer monsoon. The objective of the study is to have time series prediction of the sea surface temperature in Indian ocean by superensembling ANN outputs . Forecasting of severe weather conditions are proposed to be carried out.

      Chelliah Arulmoly, Arulmoly Branavan

Abstract: The objective of the study was to investigate the relationship between student’s Academic Achievement (AA) and learning outcomes (LO) of mathematics as on impact of Academic Motivation (AM) among the junior secondary students in type II School in Paddiruppu Educational zone, Batticaloa district. The study was carried out on 300 junior secondary students randomly selected (grade 9 which are transformation group from junior secondary to senior secondary grade10) from 10 semi-urban and rural type 2 schools, and schools were stratified randomly selected from Paddiruppu Educational zone. The age ranged from between 13.5 and 14.5years (who were stayed in grade 9, the year of 2016). Other variables considered in the study are extent of AM at two levels that is highly motivated and less motivated students.

      Mansoor Ahmad Lone

Abstract: China has been taking more active interest in South Asia,particularly since last two decades. China's evolving South Asia policy hinges on multiple factors, which are strategically-driven, politically-oriented and economically manifested. The core issues of China include manifold interests and concerns like peripheral stability by curbing extremism, outdo India-US influence in the region, thwart India’s rising influence in South Asia, continuity of fast growing economy by securing safe access to Indian Ocean routes, rallying friendship and entering the littoral states through aid and investment process, are crucial considerations of China’s policy towards South Asia. Therefore, China has adopted an approach to handle the relationship with South Asian countries as a whole with utmost care to ensure strategic and security objectives. Against this backdrop, this paper would be an attempt to answer a question how China’s geopolitical and geostrategic manoeuvrings regarding ‘New Great Game’ outdo India in South Asia.

      McAnthony I. Attah, Dr Priya Jindal

Abstract: Financial statements are prepared with the view that they will be a representation of transactions entered into by a firm in a financial year. These financial statements are examined by public accountants to certify that they show a true and fair; but it has been observed that despite this measure, there exist some misstatements, fraudulently or otherwise in the statements. These misstatements occur in areas where the accountant is at freedom to use his opinion where alternatives existed. This is the concern of this research paper titled ‘Impacts of misstatements in financial statements on investment decision making. It is a descriptive study that is designed to examine misstatements in financial statements and how they are able to distort results of calculated ratios and their interpretations that most investment decisions are based upon. Three types of financial statements were considered and they are balance sheet, profit and loss account and cash flow, where most ratios are derived. Interviews and opinions of experts who have had practical experiences in industry as accountants and auditors guided the authors in their study. The study found out that there are several areas of a firm’s financial statements that are misstated, such as impairment of assets, inventories, receivables, accrued expenses, etc. Solvency is affected, liquidity is affected efficiency in assets utilization is affected, and also, profitability is affected. This is the reason investors should be aware that misstatements impacts on ratios negatively, therefore should be more diligent in ratios analysis and interpretations. Auditors are not likely to uncover all the misstatements, hence investors may resort to other sources of information about a firm’s performance to complement ratio analysis.


Abstract: This Study tries to shed some light on the usage of relative clause ( subject ,direct object and indirect object , object of preposition , possessive , and object of comparison , restrictive, non- restrictive and reduced ) as rich and complex syntactic in modern English Literature through the study of English play to know the most and least frequent types of relative clauses (RCs) used and to prove that modern English language attempts to use the easier type of relative clauses to combine sentence.

      LangoBenardOnyango, Professor Henry Bwisa, Dr. George Orwa

Abstract: Infrastructure projects plays a big role in societies in terms of meeting the development needs of the economy and more so in transforming the quality of life of citizens. The government is the single largest implementer of public infrastructure projects thus there is need to ensure that these projects are fully implemented and the factors that have the greatest influence identified to ensure their influence is taken into consideration during the project life cycle. It was therefore the purpose of this study to investigate the critical factors influencing the implementation of public infrastructure projects in Kenya, a case of thika-sub county in Kiambu Kenya.

      Rahman Abdullah, Andi Maddepungeng, and Rahmi Wahyuni

Abstract: Infrastructures are no doubt important to speed economic development in the province of Banten. Due to this reason the government of Banten gives a serious concern toward infrastructural development in this province. However, studies estimating the availability of cement to support the infrastructural development in Banten have been limited. This study, by using a dynamic system simulations, aims at estimating the availability of cement for the infrastructural construction in the future. The data were collected from the official statistics and other secondary sources. The study found that the demand for cements will exceed the supply of cement between the period 2018 and 2025. This study suggests the following actions that need to be given serious attention by the provincial government of Banten. First, there is a need to increase the number of cement industries in the province of Banten. Second, the provincial government should introduce conducive policies to attract investors to invest in cement industries to support the sustainability of cement production. Third, the development of cement industries should be environmentally friendly. Fourth, there is a need to develop a large capacity of cement production. Finally, the government needs to monitor the availability of cements to mitigate the gap between the supply and demand of cements in this region.

      A.K.Rajak, N.K.Mishra, Anupam Raj, B.P.Bhushan

Abstract: It is important regarding environmental consideration to reuse the waste generated in steel plants. LD slag is mainly composed of calcium, silicon, iron and phosphorus but also contains trace amounts of potential toxic elements, specifically Cr and V which can be released. Although if directly discharged LD slag has negative impact on environment but it can be utilized judiciously to impart benefit to the environment by different ways mentioned in the paper. Moreover LD slag can be used as the base material or by material for the civil purposes, fertilizers etc. reducing environmental impacts.

      Tayyaba Kanwal

Abstract: Purpose: Human resource management (HRM) is seen as crucial for innovation and organization’s performance in Pakistan. This study aims to carry out an empirical research to investigate the effects of main dimensions of HRM on technological innovation as well as firm’s performance.

      Saumya Mishra& Mr. Avinash Singh

Abstract: This paper describes the lossless data compression techniques LZWand also discuses about its enhancement. In lossless data compression there is no loss in original information, means that the Pre-compressed and decompressed information is same. The BHEPL is use to short processing time for image enhancement.Bi-Histogram Equalization with a Plateau Value(BHEPL) is similar to Brightness Preserving Bi-Histogram Equalization (BBHE). BHEPL enhancement method is the combination of two methods first one is BBHE and second one is clipped histogram. In BBHE we first calculate the average intensity of input image. And in BHEPL enhancement method we divide the input image into two parts or two sub images and then decide the plateau value of each sub part of the image. This paper discus about LZW, BHEPL, original enhancement image and compressed enhancement image.

      Essien, I. E., Essiett, A. A., Ani, O. B., Peter, I. G and Udofia, A. E

Abstract: The radiological hazard indices due to the radioactivity in soil samples in Ibiono Ibom Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria were estimated. Soil samples were randomly collected at the depth of 30 cm in different locations from each of the three studied sites. The radionuclide activity concentrations in the soil samples were measured using gamma spectroscopy method. The mean activity concentration of 40K are 238.10±22.47 Bq/Kg, 73.84±7.15 Bq/Kg and 106.58±8.63 Bq/Kg respectively for the three sites, then for 238U the mean values for the three sites are respectively 8.26±2.06 Bq/Kg, 6.11±1.58 Bq/Kg and 3.16±0.80 Bq/Kg and for 232Th the mean values are 9.13±1.03Bq/Kg, 8.13±0.91Bq/Kg and 5.91±0.66Bq/Kg respectively. The mean radium equivalent for the three areas is 27.222 Bq/kg. The mean absorbed dose rates for the areas were 19.805 nGyh-1, 10. 863nGyh-1 and 9.787 nGyh-1 The mean total annual effective dose equivalent obtained for the areas were 0.101mSvy-1 , 0.062mSvy-1 and 0.060mSvy-1 respectively The values for all the hazards indices obtained were found to be below the world limits Therefore the level of exposure at the study areas presently poses no significant health threat, hence, the soils can be used as building material.

      Mrityunjoy Kumar Ray

Abstract: A GSM1800 band antenna using inverted suspended circular patch is presented in this work. The proposed antenna is suitable for some specific used such as energy harvesting systems. The main objective of simulation is to increase the gain of patch antenna. A circular patch antenna of 32 mm radius has been optimized using Ansotf HFSS.v.15. The simulation results of antenna shows the return loss is -21 dB at 1.8 GHz for VSWR≤ 2. The maximum gain of antenna is obtained at 7.5 dB. The gain of antenna is increased by inverted suspended circular patch with same dimension of radiating patch from 7.5 dB to 8.5 dB. The gain of the antenna is increased with increasing the gap between top and bottom patch because of coupling between them. The gain of antenna is increased from 8.2 dB to 8.5 dB when gap is increased from 1 mm to 4 mm.

      Dangi Ashwini, Sheth Bhagyashri, Deo Medha

Abstract: Background : The use of diaphragmatic breathing and various proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF) techniques has become more prevalent in cardiorespiratory physiotherapy to improve pulmonary functions. However, limited evidence exists regarding evaluation of their effectiveness in stable COPD. Hence, the objective of the study was to evaluate and compare the effectiveness of intercostal stretch technique versus diaphragmatic breathing on dyspnoea, chest expansion and functional capacity in stable COPD. Methodology : Eighteen subjects were recruited based on inclusion and exclusion criteria. Dyspnoea score, chest expansion at three levels and 6 minute walking distance (6MWD) were obtained. Subjects were, then, randomly assigned to two groups. In group A, subjects underwent PNF technique using intercostal stretch for ten breaths in expiratory phase in supine lying position along with conventional chest physiotherapy, while in the group B, diaphragmatic breathing was given along with conventional chest physiotherapy.

      Enos Bernabas Anene Jomo, Margaret Oloko, George Orwa

Abstract: The objective of the study was to establish determinants for the profitability margins at Kenya Airlines in the aviation industry. The study objective of the study was to establish the extent of which management structure had on the airlines profit. The Kenya airlines over period of time from the year 2007 have experienced low profitability margins causing shareholders loss on their wealth, it further resulted to low pricing and devaluing of the Kenya Airlines wealth capital accumulation and the losses resulted to retrenchment of workers/employees and low GDP growth contribution.

      Enos Bernabas Anene Jomo, Margaret Oloko, George Orwa

Abstract: The objective of the study was to establish determinants for the profitability margins at Kenya Airlines in the aviation industry. The study objective of the study was to establish the extent of which innovation and knowledge had on profitability level. The Kenya airlines over period of time from the year 2007 have experienced low profitability margins causing shareholders loss on their wealth, it further resulted to low pricing and devaluing of the Kenya Airlines wealth capital accumulation and the losses resulted to retrenchment of workers/employees and low GDP growth contribution.

      Mohamed Omar Sharif

Abstract: Modern business environment is always affected by some sort of changes. These changes are unpredictable, volatile, and more complex every day. It is connected to various kinds of risks.

      Hesham Mohammed Ali Abdullah, Dr.A.V.Senthil Kumar

Abstract: Cognitive Radio becomes a new technology for increasing the spectrum efficiency by means of creating opportunistic transmission links. Maintaining the routing information to opportunistic links is designed for packet transmission in a CR Ad Hoc Network which consists of cooperative relay multi-radio systems. this paper proposes a new CR routing Protocol (CRP) for CRAHN with the purpose of distinctively addresses the end-to-end performance in terms of throughput and delay.

      H.A.N.P. Henakaarachchi, N. S. Gunawardena1, A.D.P Perera

Abstract: The purpose of this study was to identify the prevalence and pattern of injuries among football players of national squad in Sri Lanka. Methodology: The descriptive cross sectional study was conducted with 91 professional male football players, at the grounds when the players were practicing. The data collection was carried out using interviewer administered questionnaire. The ethical clearance was obtained from the Ethics Review Committee, Faculty of Medicine, University of Colombo.

      Oleka L.N, and Olisa J.D

Abstract: The hydrodynamic flow over a flat plate in the presence of magnetic field is investigated. The governing non linear partial differential equations of momentum and energy are transformed into non linear ordinary differential equations using the appropriate similarity transformation variables. The transformed non linear differential equations are solved using shooting method along side with finite difference method. The effect of magnetic field, Prandtl number and some other important parameters encountered were discussed. From the result it is observed that the parameters have significant influence on the flow.

      Dwaipayan Biswas

Abstract: "In this article, we discuss the challenges to offering their services to it).The optical fiber can be used for the many of industrial application and medical applications as well. The optical fiber consists of two media kept one inside the other. The center transparent medium of the optical fiber is called “core, ” and the outer is cladding. The refractive index of the core will always be higher than the refractive index of the cladding. Our work is inspired by a public fiber access network being built in Australia called the National Broadband Network (NBN) that will deploy fiber to 93 percent of premises, providing broadband access at potential data rates of 100 Mb/s and above.The Sagnac interferometer has expanded from the rotation measuring instrument into These cables had a loss figure of about 20db/km. When operating frequencies increased further the coaxial cables proved to be inadequate and loss, thereby giving rise to the need of another medium called waveguides very versatile sensing tool. Indeed, it is arguably the most successful of optical fibre sensing technologies.[1] In this paper, we review both the principles and applications of the fibre Sagnac interferometer. The background theory highlights the need to understand the conditions for reciprocity within the interferometer another through them. The electromagnetic energy traveled, along with the lengths of these cables and was confined in between the two metallic layers. These cables had a loss figure network. The applications range from the expected gyroscopes into the novel hydrophone arrays and intruder detection systems. Immediately its potential for gyroscopic measurements became apparent, and since the first demonstration, substantial research and development investment has evolved a diversity of rotation measuring instruments [2].

      Najia Nasir, HinnaHafeez, Tayyaba Khalil

Abstract: A budget of $ 1.65 billion has been allocated to the Orange Line Metro, Rs 2 billion has been allocated for the signal free jail roads, and overall trillions of Pakistani rupees are being spent on the construction projects and infrastructural development in Lahore. New roads, metro trains, new routes, and new bridges being made at such a high cost have prompted the question of necessity and usefulness of these projects. This study aims to carry out a cost and benefit analysis of these projects by carrying out a survey with the younger generation of Lahore regarding their daily commute on these routes.

      N.Vijayalaksmi, Dr. A.Senthilrajan

Abstract: In the course of the most recent couple of decades, Social networking and micro blogging websites such as twitter has allowed people to encounter in utilizing online assets. Twitter is rapidly gaining popularity as they allow the users to express and also share their opiniosns about certain related topics, which have been a mode for discussion with different communities, and messages are being posted across the world via this Social networking medium. A great deal of improvements has been observed in the field of sentimental analysis of twitter data. This project focuses mainly on sarcasm detection which is a major part of sentiment analysis of twitter data which is helpful to analyze the sarcasm in the tweets where views are miscellaneous and highly unstructured, or may be positive, negative, sarcastic, ironic or neutral in some cases. This research work borrows the ideas of utilizing different semi-supervised algorithms like Lexical Analysis with N-grams approach, Knowledge extraction, contrast approach, emoticon based approach and hyperbole approach to propose a new rule based Hybrid approach for sarcasm detection.

      P. Bavithra Matharasi, Dr. A.Senthilrajan

Abstract: Sentiment analysis has emerged as a widespread and effective technique for opinion mining of web data analysis. The development of the user-generated content has opened new prospects for research in the field of sentiment analysis. This paper analysis a model for sentiment analysis of twitter tweets using Unigram approach of Naïve Bayes. Firstly, tweets need to be downloaded using a free version tool called Node Xl. Once that is done Data pre-processing schemes are applied on the dataset. Secondly, the corpus needs to be trained. Thirdly, the behavior of Naive Bayes is studied in combination with different tweet topics to obtain the results for sentiment analysis.

      Maina, Charles Wambugu, Kweri, Joseph Kariuki and Waithaka, Stanley King’e

Abstract: Cervical cancers are some of the leading causes of deaths among women of reproductive age in the developing world and are commonly either diagnosed late or misdiagnosed. Abnormal cervical cytological results in HIV-positive women are much higher than what is found in the general population. Though Papanicolaou (Pap) smear is the gold standard in screening for cervical cancers, the method is not being used widely in the resource constrained countries. The methods that are currently being used are visual inspection with acetic acid (VIA) and visual inspection with Lugol’s iodine (VILI

      Ari Yuniastuti, WahyuErniaty

Abstract: Maternal health is important to note because it concerns the main quality of human resources that is pregnancy time, childbirth and child development. The behavior of pregnant women to choose health care is one of the factors that affect the health of pregnant women. The aim of this study is to find the overview the behavior of pregnant women in BaduiKanekes tribe in search of health services in the sub-district Leuwidamar, Lebak, Banten. The method is usingdeskripitif-analytic research. The population are all pregnant women with or do not have children <2 years in sub-district Leuwidamar. The Samples are 72 pregnant women. The Samples were taken based on the normal distribution or Gausse Distribution. The criteria of the sample were pregnant women who are willing to follow the research. The experiment was conducted during the month of August 2015 to November 2015. The results showed that the selection of health services has been recognized by pregnant women of BaduiKanekes tribes, thus providing a behavior that is supported by the knowledge and the family. The conclusion of this study is that pregnant women BaduiKanekestribes prefer to choose medicaster as a place of health services, so it is possible still visit medicasterto get massage.

      Moniga.V, G.M.Rajathi

Abstract: In the future Internet, where the trillion of devices will be connected through expanding mobile network capacity networks (heterogeneous mobile networks) that may vary in both networking and link technologies. Internet of Things (loT) and Machine to Machine(M2M) communication are expected to be the important model of communications. Either due to mobility or simply switching links, the loT/M2M devices need to remain connected regardless they change their points of attachment frequently to the network. To meet the needs of devices regarding secured connectivity and seamless mobility in heterogeneous networks, an ID-based communication network architecture is implemented. This ID based communication is mainly used to reduce the transmission delay and provides better connectivity. This paper introduce an design of ID based communication network architecture for monitoring the vehicle parameters in heterogeneous mobile network area without any transmission delay.By using the ID based communication the vehicle parameters are monitored using three different sensors, the measured values are uploaded into the local database and transmission delay is minimized and connectivity is improved.

      Jincy Joseph

Abstract: The journals which communicate primary information about research and development have an important role in bringing relevant information about particular subjects. Information explosion in various subject field also affect the number of journals. The increase in number of journals makes confusion among librarians to subscribe journals. Due to the financial problem it is not worthy to subscribe all journals. Bibliometric studies are very helpful for librarians in framing better collection development policies and information services.

      Devarassou @ Tinehe koumar. K, Prakash. D, Nivedha. R M, Pushpadarini. K, Ramazeame. L, Vasanth. S, Dhivya. G, Dinesh. V, Raghavi. R, Logesh. P, Nirmala. R, Thivagaran. B, Priyadharsini. R, Bhuvaneswa

Abstract: An experiment was conducted at Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru College of Agriculture and Research Institute (PAJANCOA&RI), Karaikal, Puducherry, Union Territory of Pondicherry, India; to investigate shoot and root growth of semi-hard wood cuttings in Mulberry (Morus indica L.) varieties ‘Victory 1’ and ‘S36’, influenced by water imbibitions using “wet cloth wrapping technique”. Semi-hard wood cuttings were subjected to different days of water treatments using wet cloth wrapping method. The experiment was laid out and data’s were analyzed using single factor ANOVA. The cuttings were subjected with different days of water treatments, which are then planted in the rooting media and kept under shade net condition. For preparing rooting media, soil, sand and farm yard manure (FYM) in ratio of 1:1:1 by v/v were mixed thoroughly, cleaned for stones and grasses, then the mixture was filled in polythene bags. Parameters namely number of sprouts, sprout length, number of leaves per sprouts, root length and number of roots per cuttings were taken at 60th day. The cuttings subjected with 20 days of water treatments of the variety ‘Victory 1’ performed best with regards to root length and number of roots per cutting. It was also observed that cuttings subjected with 25 days of water treatment have performed best over other treatments with regards to number of leaves per cuttings and number sprouts per cuttings of the varieties Victory 1 and S36.

      AYANDOKUN, Esther Oluwafunmilayo

Abstract: Growing is associated with being exposed to certain ideals that can make life meaningful, less disastrous and less painful. Sexual harassment is taken to mean the same as sexual assault in this work. This involves illegal sexual contact that involves force upon a person without the consent of that person or someone incapable of given consent based on age, physical or mental incapacity. It is often unwelcome and the one affected is not as strong as the other assaulting or harassing. The problem of sexual assault or harassment is not new as shown in Dinah’s experience in Genesis 34. Putting up with strange and unreliable persons and peers has spelt doom for many with the girl-child being severely affected and devastated. The wickedness of Shechem has continued in the world at large. However, this work intends to help the girl-child learn from the mistake of Dinah and the consequential effect on her, her family and Shechem’s family. Educating the girl-child on how to handle loneliness, who to associate with or visit, avoiding indecent dressing and lifestyles are some areas of focus. The thesis of this paper is that the girl-child with proper education and orientation can avoid repeating the mistake of Dinah but rather portray decent lifestyle and attitude.

      K.Kirubakaran, Dr.K.Murali

Abstract: A structure is essentially a modifier of microclimate; the space is isolated from humidity fluctuations and climate temperature sheltered from precipitation, prevailing winds and with an enhancement of natural light. We are ignoring the environment in today’s age of urbanization, it leads to an environmental imbalance and mainly the construction industry plays massive role in this. The resources are wasted and pollution is created, during and after the construction process due to faulty planning. The sustainable building design provides solutions to above mentioned problems. It makes the environment green and clean. The sustainable building will minimize the demand of usage on non-renewable resources and maximize the recycling, utilization of renewable resources and reuse. By understanding the factors, techniques and design that governs the sustainable building, we can construct the sustainable building which will consume the resources without compromising the future needs. The minimization of mechanical appliances for lighting and ventilation purpose, minimization of resources and prediction of the solar radiation for the existing or newly constructed buildings is explained in this article which will be helpful for the design and construction use.

      I Made Putrawan

Abstract: Education has a vital role in development of any country in the world. Part of it is teaching and learning process which involving two very basic actors, teachers and students. It has been admitted that the success or fail of human development determined by their personality. This is a trait which will influence human behavior. One of the important aspects of human personality, according to some of Organizational Behavior text books, is called locus of control (LOC) which its measurement initiated by Rotter (1978), but for Indonesian students still need to be validated. Theoretically, it determines knowledge, then indirectly affect on behavior (Blaikie, 1993). How to develop and validating LOC instrument and its relation to student’s knowledge about ecosystem based on students gender is the objective of this study. Therefore, a survey method has been conducted in three different big cities, Palembang, Jakarta, and Makassar which involving senior high school students with total n = 362. Some LOC indicators developed based on its conceptual definitions, with two-forced choice item (17 items) by 2-1 scores. Student’s knowledge about ecosystem instrument consists of 17 items as well with "true-false choices.” Research results reveal that there is no significant difference between male and female students LOC and knowledge about ecosystem. Only one item of LOC is not valid and all knowledge items are valid. Reliability of LOC instrument is .705, but low reliability found on knowledge, .402. These findings come up with conclusion that students LOC could be validated empirically and students LOC could be used to predict students’ knowledge about ecosystem, both for male and female students which supposed to, finally, determine students responsible behavior in facing environmental issues.

      Abdul Talib Bon and A. M. Shire

Abstract: The aim of this study was to examine the relationship between job resources, namely skill variety, task significance and task identity and work engagement. Data were gathered through questionnaire from a telecommunication organisation (N = 95). Results indicated that skill variety, task significance and task identity were a significant factor in influencing employees work engagement. These findings generally supported past findings, which suggested that employees are more likely to engage with their work if they are given useful job resources such as skill variety, task significance and task identity.

      Abdul Talib Bon, A. M. Shire

Abstract: High employee turnover intentions has always been a major issue for Telecommunication Sector. In particular, turnover intentions of employees in developing countries is very high. The aim of this paper was to examine the relationship between job demands and employees turnover intentions. Data were collected in four Telecommunication companies. A sample of 210 respondents (return rate: 87%) was available for statistical analyses. The findings generally supported past findings, which suggested that the turnover intentions of employees are high if the employees have high job demands.

      M. Oshiobugie, E. V. Atumah, A. Nnabuife, G.O. Ariavie, E.G. Sadjere

Abstract: Palm fruit is an edible oil crop which needs to be processed for oil extraction. However, the manual method of stripping and the existing palm stripper are found ineffective due to prolonged stripping time leading to low quality and quantity of oil produced. Modern methods of stripping have greatly improved production rates and reduced stripping time. The main objective of this Work was to come up with an improved design and fabricate a palm stripping machine with locally available material that is low-cost, higher through put, better efficient, easy to operate, easy to maintain and affordable to both small and medium scale palm oil processors.

      Isaac Mwaurah, Dr. Willy Muturi, Dr. Anthony Waititu

Abstract: The decline in stock returns and the increasing financial risks at the stock market in Kenya has solicited discussions at the academic and regulatory circles to find solutions on challenges facing investor’s capacity to reliably predict stock returns volatilities. This study sought to investigate the influence of financial risk on stock returns. Annual data for period 2006 to 2015 has been used. The stock return data of 9 banks listed from 2006 to 2015 was used as dependent variable while credit risk, market risk, liquidity risk and capital risk was used as independent variables. Bank size was used as a control and moderator variable.

      Onesmus Maina Muchemi, Alfred Wandeba Wanyonyi, Allan F. Ogendo, Kadondi Kasera, Gachari Wilson, Waqo Boru, Tura Galgalo

Abstract: Background: Methanol poisoning is the toxicity that results from ingestion, inhalation or absorption of methanol. Methanol toxicity remains a public health problem in many parts of the developing world, including Kenya. An outbreak was notified to the disease surveillance and response unit, Kenya in May 2014. FELTP, Kenya was requested to carry out the investigation.

      Abdualla Mohamed Hamza

Abstract: Gazprom is a global energy company. Its major business lines are geological exploration, trasportation,storage, processing , production and sales of gas, gas condensate and oil.

      Abdualla Mohamed Hamza

Abstract: Electronic Business or e-business is a term which can be used for any kind of business or commercial transaction that includes sharing information across the internet. Commerce constitutes the exchange of products and services between businesses, groups and individuals and can be seen as one of the essential activities of any business. Electronic commerce focuses on the use of information and communication technology to enable the external activities and relationships of the business with individuals, groups and other businesses or e business refers to business with help of internet. The goal of this paper is to introduce meaning of electronic business and deferent between electronic and commerce business

      Vashi Payal, M.Vijayakumar, Lakshmi pavani P, Ghare Shuaa

Abstract: Background: Traditional exercise protocol emphasis towards terminal range of motion. This typically consists of a large braking phase. This occurs because of the ‘sticking region’ of microsecond while exchange from eccentric load to concentric and vice-versa. Activities of daily living did not include abrupt full range of motion. There is smooth and continuous change in muscle length. This mechanism of direct exchange without breaking down was ignored during fitness trainings. Aim: To update traditional isotonic exercise pattern and improve performance of fitness training of lower extremity by discovering the effect of full range abrupt movement training and near to full range, sinusoidal training.

      Dada T.E

Abstract: Rhizoniasolani [Thanatephoruscucumeris] is a soil-borne pathogen occurs worldwide which causes economically important diseases to variety of vegetable and field crops, cereals especially wheat, ornamentals, and fruit and forest trees. The inflicted yield losses caused by this pathogen reaches up to 20% yearly worldwide on wheat crops.Environmental factors such as cool temperatures, wetter soils, and high humidity, planting date, winter temperatures, and disease levels in the previous wheat crop has been recorded to influence the occurrence on the field (Meyer, 2002). The objectives of this article is to present an overview of the epidemiology of Rhizonia on wheat.

      Abdul Rahman Ahmad Dahlan, Sakina Hassany, Sitifatimoh Etae, Suwabah Kalong

Abstract: This paper proposes a customer to customer or C2C service platform, named eHalalCosmetics4u. This trusted conceptual platform serves Muslims to sell and buy variety of quality and Halal cosmetic products at affordable price through online as well as through network of mosques. This platform has the ability to provide convenience, secured and friendly interfaces to advertise, sell and buy halal cosmetics products. Literature reviews, nine (9) blocks of Business Model Canvas (BMC) and Value Proposition Design Canvas (VPC) framework and interviews are used as methodology for this paper.

      Maithili M Karanjkar

Abstract: In recent days, Ayurveda has started to see the glorious future. Ayurveda is originally based upon the concept of human-nature relationship. Ayurveda has believed that there is an immense similarity between body and nature. So, pharmacopoeia of ayurverda mainly show the medications prepared by combinations of different herbs and minerals. The herbal preparations and the metallic preparations.

      Wahyu,Sangkala, Hasniati, andMuhammad Yunus

Abstract: Democratization in developing countries has been discussed whether it could enhance efficiency and effectiveness in public administration. In Indonesia, it has been implemented in the last decades but the ability of the local governance to enhance efficiency in public health services remain questioned. This study examines the association between democracy and efficiency in health service delivery.This study employed a mixed method design and was conducted in Southeast Sulawesi Province, Indonesia. The efficiency was measured by using ratio of the cost purchased (input) and the number of services (output) in community health centres (puskesmas). Democratic variables was measured using an index that consist of components of democracy such as public participation, responsiveness, transparency and equality. Spearman’s correlation model is used to examine the association of variables. Indepth interviewwas conducted to exploreaspects behind the association of the two objectives of administration.

      Constance Rapando, Josephat Nyagero, Florence Wakhu

Abstract: Background; Obesity continues to pose major public health challenges globally. This study was conducted to determine the prevalence of overweight /obesity amongst secondary school students in private and public schools in Langata Nairobi and identify the feeding habits associated with it.

      Engkos Achmad Kuncoro, Ernie TisnawatiSule, HarjantoPrabowo, Yudi Aziz

Abstract: The objective of this research was to know the influence of Entrepreneurial Competencies and External Environmental Dynamism, to Organizational Ambidexterity and its implication on Sustainable Competitive Advantage and impact on Business Performance. The research method was quantitative through survey research approached by causal comparative. The sample technique was probability sample with sampling multistage methods in number of respondents was 180 of logistics service companies in Jakarta, Indonesia. The analysis technique used Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) by software Lisrel 9.1. The result of this research showed the relations and strong impact between the whole variables.

      Gairah Sinulingga, Ina Primiana, Ria Ratna Ariawati and Eri Febrian

Abstract: Collector’s performance, study of behavioral, work disciplineand work stress to performance. This study aimed at gaining empirical data about the influence of personality, discipline and stress working stress toward collector’s performance. This study employed survey method on February 2009 – March 2009, sampling method was used random sampling method. This study involved 50 respondents. Hypothesis test drew the conclusions as followed:

      Rizki Zulfikar, Dwi Kartini, Yuyus Suryana, Asep Mulyana

Abstract: The problems faced by the entrepreneurs incorporated at the center of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) of knitting industry in Bandung vary. The weak innovation capability causesa low value creation and implies in the reduction of marketing peformance.

      Mohammed J. M. AL-Hasani, Dr. Arafat. H AL-Dujaili

Abstract: The current descriptive cross-sectional study aimed to assess Occupational Burnout among Nurses Work at Critical Care Unites., as well as, to find any significant relation for Nurses socio-demographic characteristic with a state of physical fatigue and mental exhaustion result from the occupational Burnout Therefore, by using SPSS a simple Non-Probability (convenience Sample) of nurses who are working at the critical care units., and then (270) nurseswere selected randomly. The findings of the present study indicated that the overall assessment of Nurses’ occupational Burnout are moderate to high. In addition, the overall assessment of the sources of nurses’ occupational burnout are partially affected. In addition, there is indicated a non-significant association between the nurses’ occupational burnout and their demographic data, except with their gender, years of experience, and visits to psychiatrist, there is a significant association.


Abstract: In fact, with the big data spread and continuous increase analytical systems get more important role and necessity in organizations. Thus, Predictive analytics in general are used to detect the relationships and patterns in data in order to predict the future by analyzing the past and taking better preventive decisions.But, their purpose of use is varied from an industry to another. This paper, describes the purpose of predictive analytics use in many industries and how the predictive analytics have been used as a solution to solve many problems in different industries.

      Haymanmyintmaung, kyawlinnhtat

Abstract: In this study, the integral bridge with various span length of 40m, 50m, 60m and 70m non-skew and skews angles of 15, 30, 45 and 60 were designed, and modeled in SAP2000 software. The parameters investigated in this analytical study were skew angle, span length and stress reduction methods. The geometric dimensions of the Integral Bridge and the loading used were in compliance with AASHTO standard specifications. Static analysis and dynamic nonlinear time history analysis were performed to assess the seismic performance of integral bridge. The analysis results in terms of shears and bending stresses, axial force and deflection were checked by allowable stress method. Extreme stresses that exceed allowable limit were reduced by using six different stress reduction methods. The propose of this study was to analyze behavior of integral, skew angle, and to reduce extreme stress of integral bridge under dynamic loading. In skew angle bridge, cross frame member stress increase greatly as skew bridge tend to rotate during a seismic event, which can cause excessive transverse movement. MSE+HLAC method was the best stress reduction method for all non-skew and skew angle bridge. According to analysis result, integral bridge maximum skew angle can be extend up to 60 and span length up to 60 m can be extended using stress reduction method under extreme seismic loading.

      Isaac Mwaurah, Dr. Willy Muturi, Dr. Anthony Waititu

Abstract: Pro-cyclicality of credit risk due to global systemic factors has precipitated unmatched volatilities of stock returns in the banking sectors leading huge losses for investors in the stock market. In Kenya, the trend of bank collapse due insider lending and spiraling non-performing loans continue to signal negative stock returns. The objective of this study was therefore to empirically examine the influence of credit risk on stock returns in commercial banks listed at Nairobi securities exchange. The study also sought to establish the moderating effect of bank size on the influence of credit risk on stock returns. The ratio of non-performing loans to gross loans and the ratio of loan loss provision were taken as independent variable with bank stock returns as dependent variable and bank size as a moderator variable. Annual secondary data was obtained for the period 2006-2015 with a purposive sample of 9 listed banks. Descriptive correlational research design was used. Generalized least square regression model established that ratio of non-performing loans (NPG) was negatively significant to stock returns while the ratio of loan loss provisions (LLG) was positively significant to stock returns at 5% level of significance. Bank size was found to have a positive moderating effect on the influence of credit risk on stock returns. Overall, the study concluded credit risk influences stock returns at Nairobi Securities Exchange.

      Miss. Malkia Moraa Abuga, Dr. Jackim Nyamari, Dr. Joan Njagi

Abstract: Foodborne diseases comprise a broad range of diseases and are responsible for substantial morbidity and mortality worldwide. It is an increasing public health problem in developing as well as developed countries. Increased risks of illness at home may result from unsafe food handling behaviours. Additionally, failure to associate the home as a potential location to acquire foodborne diseases may be a serious barrier for implementation of safe food handling behaviours. The home has become a multifunctional setting comprising of many activities that influences the need for and practice of food safety. In Kenya, there are several studies that have been done in various settings but few documented studies have been done at the household level.

      Gaurav Sattiwale, Rushabh Tongase, Vaidehi Kamble, Rupesh Saut, Prof. Manish K.Shriwas

Abstract: In any organization or institution a Notice Board is a very important component as it is one of the best mediums to communicate with the individuals of that organization or institution. The System DIGITAL NOTICE BOARD using a GSM is an SMS-based digital display system which has been designed to display a notice in a very attractive manner. The system allows the user to display the message (text or image or video ) from anywhere just by sending the text via SMS with an associated password. The sent text is received at the GSM module and enables it to get displayed on LCD screen. The System is an experiment for displaying real time notices.


Abstract: For dental cast restorations like partial dentures ,frameworks etc usually base metal alloys were used.This was mainly because of the high price ofgold. Despite the desirable properties for frameworkfabrication some characteristics, such as corrosionresistance and casting procedures, needed to be improved.Titanium casting technology was thus developed andsubsequently got refined over many years.Removable partial dentures are usually affected by fatigue because of the cyclic mechanismof the masticatory system and frequent insertion and removal. Titanium and its alloys have now beenused in the manufacture of denture frameworks and also in implants. This article shows the characteristic features of titanium which enables it to be used in dentistry.

      Alemayehu Abera, Gashahun Tadesse,Mengie Belayneh

Abstract: This study was aimed to assess practices, roles and challenges of urban agriculture in Bedelle town. Through purposive and stratified random sampling methods a total of 60 respondents were selected from the two kebeles of the town. To achieve the objectives of the study both qualitative and quantitative methods of data analysis were used. Descriptive statistics such as percentage distribution, bar graphs, were used.

      "Ismahani Abdul Karim, Nurul Emilia Abdul Samad, AfiqahZawani Mohamed Noor, Abdul Rahman Ahmad Dahlan "

Abstract: This paper proposes a conceptual solution to enrich the mosque’s role as an ideal integrated center towards a holistic & comprehensive mosque by providing effective services and facilities through an e-commerce platform (Event2U).Event2U is a Consumer-to-Consumer (C2C) business model which aims to provide a platform for vendors, mosque and event planner to promote their services and facilities to the customers as well as a One-Stop Centre for the customers to find the best and highest quality services and facilities that suited their event requirement. This system provides a platform for advertising services and facilities only, whereas the process of transaction occurs outside this system. Nine blocks of Business Model Canvas (BMC) framework, Literature Review, strategy canvas, value proposition design (VPD) and environmental map have been used as the methodologies for this paper.

      Dr. Aparna Goyal, Prof. (Dr.) Sanjeev Bansal

Abstract: Product “environment friendliness” is relative, however, which results in a spectrum of products, features, benefits and trade-offs that consumers must weigh before making purchase decisions. The Societal Marketing Concept is advocated as being more able to meet both business and social objectives for the long-term. The concern with environmental degradation favoured the sprouting of a new segment of consumers: the green consumers. This type of consumer has been described as one who avoids products that are likely to endanger health or cause significant damage to the environment. As organizations have recognized the strategic importance of marketing in finding responses to these consumers’ “environmental needs”, the green marketing has become a prominent field of study.

      KashmalaKousar, Dania Nisar and Fatima Amin

Abstract: Objective: The aim of the study was to observe the incidence and severity of ADRs and spontaneous adverse drug reporting and role of pharmacist in ADR reporting in different hospital settings of Lahore.

      Rezdki Ari Wardhana, Aida Vitayala Hubeis, Imam Teguh Saptono

Abstract: The purpose of this study is to analyze the impact of motivation and working satisfaction to frontliner performance in BNI Harmony Main Branch Office that is consists of Teller, Customer Service, and Security. A performance inconsistency that is experienced by Frontliner is known affected by the low rating of motivation and working satisfaction. The low salary, the lack of opportunity to get promoted and feedback is a substantial issue in analyzing the motivation and working satisfaction level. Methods that is used in this study is using SEM (Structural Equation Modeling) and Lisrel (Linear Structural Relationship) in processing the data.

      FRED KARANGWA, Dr. Mung’atu Joseph, Dr. Prof. Ndabaga Eugene

Abstract: Implementation has been viewed as a tool for better productivity, general workforce skill development and motivation. Rwanda’s mobile telecommunication sector has seen the need to invest in training and supervision projects of their business agents. This study was set to examine the effect of project implementation on the performance of Tigo Rwanda. The specific objective of this study were; to determine the effect of project scheduling on the performance of Tigo in Rwanda, to examine the project resource mobilization on the performance of Tigo in Rwanda, and to establish the effect of project financial management on the performance of Tigo in Rwanda, and to establish the effect of project supervision on the performance of Tigo in Rwanda. Descriptive survey design was employed in this study. Stratified random sampling was employed in this study with target population being 1000 and a sample size of 286 respondents determined by Yaro Yamane Formula (1967). Data was collected using structured questionnaires and focus group interview guides whose reliability and validity were tested at Cronbach’s Alpha coefficient index of 0.70. A 5-point Likert Scale for multiple items on the questionnaire was used. Validation of the questionnaire was done by University Supervisors while content validation was done by a pilot survey. Data was analyzed by both multiple regression and content analysis. The finding was that there was statistically significant positive correlation effect of project implementation practices on the performance of Tigo Rwanda. The study concluded that enhancing management of project scheduling contributes more, followed by improving management of project supervision, project financial innovations and lastly improving management of project mobilization respectively in increasing the project profitability and market share in Tigo Rwanda.

      Mesfin Zewdu , Tolosa Dadi , Hirko Taye, Gadise Gezu

Abstract: Online Social networks have gained a tremendous popularity among people all around the world, especially university students. As social media site is a vital part in today’s university students, it has also a negative impact. The objective of this study was to assess the impact of social media on the academic achievement of female students at Jimma University. To achieve this objective, the researchers employ descriptive research design that consider survey methods and partly exploratory research design. 493 female students were randomly selected based on their Grade point Average by categorizing (1.75-2:00, 2.00-3.00 and 3.00-4.00). A questionnaire was distributed among 493 female students at colleges and institutes of the university in order to explore the influence of social media on their academic performance. Grade point averages of these students were also reviewed from the registrar to identify the impact of social media on their academic performance. The Collected data was analyzed and presented in terms of frequency, percentage, and mean score of statements by using SPSS version 20.0 software. Correlation was also done to show the relationship between Social Media Network usage rate and the variables of Grade Point Average.

      Arash Zare Talab, Fahimeh Kianian, Hamidreza Shahabi Haqhiqhi

Abstract: Today among the various energies conspicuous, electric power is a significant source of industrial energy that is important for industries, agriculture and household use. Therefore, this article aims to study the trend of probable power generation in Iran, its state of consumption following Iran’s vision plan in the year 2025. Although, there are some studies on Iran’s electricity demands; the researchers studied on the relation between electricity consumption and GDP in a bi-variable assumption. Thus, this study focused on a multi-variable model to predict efficiently the electricity need for Iran 2025.

      Prof.N.Meenakumari , Dr.Patricia J. Morokoff

Abstract: Sexual assertiveness begins with acquiring the knowledge of what is appropriate and inappropriate sexual behavior. From early years, we were most likely taught “good touch” and “bad touch” to differentiate the handling of sexual from nonsexual parts of the body. Jenkins writes that sexual assertiveness empowers women and men alike to be active in what happens to their bodies where sexuality is concerned. OBJECTIVES (1) to estimate level of Sexual Assertiveness among female commercial sex workers 2)To associate the sexual assertiveness with their selected demographic variables. MATERIALS &METHODS: Mixed Method study was done among 30 FSW to explore the Sexual Assertiveness by using sexual assertiveness scale (Quantitative) in-depth interview (Qualitative). Level of sexual assertiveness was assessed by sexual assertiveness scale developed by Dr.Patricia J. Morokoff , following that indepth interview were done in 7sex workers. RESULTS: The computed result shows that majority of FSW (56.7%) has inadequate sexual assertiveness and there is a significant association (0.05 %) between their marital status and number of dependents but their age and education doesnot play any significant role in their assertiveness. CONCLUSIONS: The result shown that there is a less sexual assertiveness among Female Sex Workers, they were compromised themselves for not using condom during the sexual act. No woman could choose to be in sex work and making money but social and economic factors paved the way towards sex work. Provision of economic safety of female sex workers reduces the condom negotiation thus decrease the chance of HIV transmission. RECOMMENDATIONS (1) Promote Job opportunities for Female Sex Workers (FSW)(2) Rescue them and restore them in good income source (3) Encourage sex communication in married couples to share their own sexual need between them to avoid search of sexual act outside of marriage ties and indulge in unprotected sexual intercourse.

      Lango Benard Onyango, Professor Henry Bwisa, Dr. George Orwa

Abstract: Technology adoption in most sectors is usually pegged on how the top management supports the adoption process. In disaster management technology is steadily playing a key role in ensuring there is high standards of implementation of disaster management projects and that the top management continuously being blamed for the low levels of technology uptake as experienced and confirmed by various authors and reports from various fire stations. This study looks into the factors of top management support that are considered to greatly influence the levels of uptake of Project Management Information Systems (PMIS) in disaster management projects at the fire stations in Kenya.

      Nadil Amin, Abu Qauser Marowan, Bashudeb Chandra Ghosh

Abstract: In this era of energy crisis, the power system operators are very much driven to minimize the overall system loss and generation cost. Maximization of network load-ability without compromising the system stability has become a major concern for them. Introduction of FACTS technology can help a system to achieve these goals without building new transmission lines that is both expensive and time consuming. However, the new installation of FACTS in the system has to be optimal in terms of its type, location and size. This paper seeks to present a genetic algorithm based framework that can optimize a system having FACTS devices with an objective of improved economic dispatch. The IEEE 14 & 30 bus systems are taken as illustrative examples to validate the effectiveness of proposed method.

      Walid Said

Abstract: Man has, from ancient times, exercised tourism by means of quasi continuous movement in search for better living abodes whereas movement is considered one of the human characteristics. Since its early life, man got used to movement from one place to the other to seek after, in the first place, livelihood, and then try hard to realize the mental and intellectual delight. But regarding the reference to the word tourism, this term expresses a term used in the Latin languages. In the linguistic concept of the term tourism, we find that it means wandering and the term touring the land means he went and moved along the surface of the earth.

      S. O. Oyugi.; C.M. Garama.; Kweri J.K.; N. A. Malik.; S.K. Bett .; Biego S.C;

Abstract: Tuberculosis proves to be one of the most serious infections of the world with over 8.6m infections and 1.3m deaths recorded annually. Kenya is one of the 22 high TB burden countries and is ranked 13th according to the World Health Organization (WHO). The cost of treatment of tuberculosis is going up due to the emergent of drug resistant strains of mycobacterium tuberculosis. Multi drug resistant tuberculosis (MDR) and extensive drug resistant tuberculosis (XDR) are a complication of poor adherence to anti-tuberculosis medication. Despite several efforts to reduce worldwide prevalence of TB various factors hamper these efforts. One of the prominent factors affecting TB is adherence to anti-TB medication which is determined by several factors including drug availability, side effects, and cost associated to treatment and patient provider relationship. The aim of this study was to identify patient factors which influence adherence to anti-TB treatment among TB patients at Njoro Sub County Hospital.

      Nigar Afsana, Mohammad Mahbub Islam, Shahnaz Sarkar, Shahidul Islam, Khursheda Parvin, Nipa Monalesa, Sayeda Mosammad Salwa Khatun Mili

Abstract: This study was carried out to examine the effect of different planting dates on growth, flowering and fruit yield of tomato during November 2013 to April 2014. Three transplanting were done at an interval of 10 days. The different transplanting dates were; December 10, December 20 and December 30. The experimental results showed that different planting dates showed significant influence on growth and reproductive characters of tomato including fruit yield. The first transplanting date, December 10 resulted in improvement of all the attributes including increased plant height (70.22 cm at 60 DAT), leaf number (62.3), branch number (9.07), cluster number (17.43), number of flowers plant-1 (148.7), fruit number (86.38), number of fruit plant-1 (86.08), fruit diameter (5.51 cm), fruit length (6.29 cm) and yield per hectare (66.46 t) compared to 2nd transplanting date, December 20 and 3rd transplanting date, December 30. Therefore, it is suggesting that earlier transplanting produced higher fruit yield of tomato.

      Abdul Rahman Bin Ahmad Dahlan, Shahwali Akbari, Muhammad Ramez Ansari, Ezatullah Safi

Abstract: Products of the bakery became a regular food in most part of the world and are important commodities today. Businessmen could sell potential products of bakery products and they are able earn potential benefits from the products. In business, Small-Medium Enterprises are mostly engaged in the bakery business but they cannot compete with the branded bakery Industry. In Malaysia the Small-Medium Enterprises (SME) are face difficulties to attain growth in the business of bakery products. People deal with the present issues which are faced by Small-Medium Enterprises and providing some valid recommendations to solve the existing problems in the bakery business. The case was analyzed and the findings are revealed that the Small-Medium Enterprises have not structured marketing strategies and need some enhancements in the areas of packaging. To overcome customers’ satisfaction to buy the products the business model canvas (BMC is a business tool used to visualize all the building blocks of starting a business, including customers, route to market, value proposition and finance) and Value Proposition Design (VPD explains customers’ satisfactions, customers’ gains, and customers’ pains) will help to understand what is going on the bakery. A survey was conducted to understand customers’ needs, pains, and gains. The value should be added to the bakery products, focusing on the promotion and appropriate advertising strategies. Furthermore, the analysis is revealed that more coverage of selling points for bakery products. The increased number of distribution centers and proper motivations to the agents may definitely improve the marketing of bakery products.


Abstract: This study sought to determine whether leadership style, remuneration, promotion, training and work environment influence retention of health workers in the public sector. A cross sectional survey of the health workers was conducted in Kenyatta National Hospital. A total of 400 questionnaires were distributed to the respondents. Multistage sampling was adopted in which case stratified sampling was used in the first stage to ensure all categories of health workers are represented. Simple random sampling was used in the second stage. Participants from the Focus Group discussion groups were drawn from the five distinct categories of health workers as classified by World health organization.

      Rose Chemutai, Dr. Jane Omwenga

Abstract: Despite the vital role of SMEs in building a competitive private sector and contributing significantly to economic growth and job creation, SMEs are facing more challenges around the world in general and in developing countries in particular. The main objective of this study was to assess the strategic factors affecting growth of micro, small and medium enterprises in Bomet County. Data was collected using both open and closed ended questionnaires. In order to realize this purpose, this study adopted descriptive research employing the use of questionnaires, observation and interviews to collect data from a sample size of 52 SMEs in Bomet Central Business District which were selected using stratified random sampling. Data was subjected to coding for easier analysis. Data was then analyzed using descriptive statistics such as percentages, frequencies, figures and tables. The study found out that technology, access to finances, innovation and having a strategic plan all affect the growth of SME's.

      Michael Ngugi Karanja, Dr. Kepha Ombui

Abstract: This paper presents a well elaborate study on the impact of Equity bank services on individuals and organizations performance. It will seek to highlight the effects of the decision making by the top management and the effects of the strategic decision making by the leadership. An evaluation will also be carried out to ascertain the results obtained as a result of use of modern technological innovation within the banking sector and in Equity bank in particular. The target population included the 240 staff from the Equity bank of Kenya in the NCBD and its environment as well as he head office. A sample of 20% (48 respondents) was selected using stratified random sampling from within each group in proportion. Both qualitative and quantitative data was collected by aid of both primary and secondary data. Data was analyzed using SPSS software and presented through aid of frequency tables and charts. The study established that innovation is the reason behind the flourishing and top market leadership position of equity bank. Technology was highly rated to be influencing the success and high performance of Equity bank. On the relationship between consumer relations and success of Equity bank, most of the respondents argued that consumer relations affect the high performance of the management. Majority of the respondents attributed employee competence to high organizational performance in equity bank.

      AUB Pethiyagoda, K Pethiyagoda

Abstract: Subfertility is defined as a failure to conceive after one year of unprotected regular sexual intercourse. A prospective study was conducted to identity the role of ultrasonography in assessing the cause of male subfertility in a Sri Lankan population. The objective of the study was to identify the role of ultrasonography in assessing the cause of male subfertility in a Sri Lankan population.

      Catherine Nyambura Kalya, Dr. Kepha Ombui, Dr. Mike Iravo

Abstract: This research explores the effects of adopting branding strategies for recognition of the EU corporate brand Missions in Kenya. This study also outlines some gaps that exist in the research of corporate branding and formulates a series of related research questions. Corporate brand management is a dynamic process that involves keeping up with continuous adjustments of vision, culture and image. The target population of the study consisted of 200 employees of the European Union Missions in Kenya. A sample size of 133 respondents from eight operations within the EU Missions in Kenya was drawn. Multiple regression was used to establish the effect of branding strategies on recognition of corporate brand at European Union Missions in Kenya. The results showed that corporate social responsibility strategy had a positive effect on corporate brand recognition and improves it by 0.676 standardized coefficients. Brand communities strategy and internal branding strategy had a negative effect on corporate brand recognition reducing it by 0.250 standard deviations and 0.307 standard deviations respectively. Brand asset management strategy was observed to have a positive effect on corporate brand recognition improving it by 0.391 standard deviations.

      Nyaga Robert Kariuki, Dr. Jane Omwenga

Abstract: The study sought to establish the entrepreneurial factors influencing performance of horticultural exporting youth groups in Kirinyaga county Kenya. The results were intended to increase our understanding on these entrepreneurial factors and provide an opportunity for implementation of the recommendations for future policy frameworks, tertiary and higher educational policies as well as future research and studies. The study employed stratified random sampling to collect data from 205 small scale horticulture farmers using questionnaires. The key factors that were identified for this study included four independent variables – business management skills, availability of funds, market availability and accessibility and technology adoption. These independent variables were tested against the dependant variable (performance of horticultural exporting youth groups). The data collected was analyzed using descriptive and inferential statistics through the use of questionnaires. The study established that lack of relevant training and knowledge, getting the initial capital for business start up, access to the market and technology adoption all remained the major limiting factors to the performance and success of horticulture farmers in Kirinyaga County. The study recommended that the government should start offering basic business and financial management skills as this will enable entrepreneurs to make informed investment decisions as well as enhance their entrepreneurial skills that enable them to recognize and exploit the available business opportunities.



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