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IJSRP, Volume 2, Issue 5, May 2012 Edition [ISSN 2250-3153]

All listed papers are published after full consent of respective author or co-author(s).
For any discussion on research subject or research matter, the reader should directly contact to undersigned authors.

All the papers have been listed in OARD.
Online print version will be released latest by 14th May 2012.

      Dr K N Prasanna Kumar, Prof B S Kiranagi, Prof C S Bagewadi

Abstract: A system of measurements dissipating explanation of quantum mechanical states and parallel system of quantum mechanical states that contribute to the dissipation of the velocity of measurements done of the quantum mechanical states is investigated. It is shown that the time independence of the contributions portrays another system by itself and constitutes the equilibrium solution of the original time independent system. With the methodology reinforced with the explanations, we write the governing equations with the nomenclature for the systems in the foregoing. Further papers extensively draw inferences upon such concatenation process, ipso facto, fait accompli desideratum. It is our thesis that accentuation and dissipation coefficients themselves are hidden variables that manifest the reality from perception.

      Prof. Madya Dr. Md Golam Mohiuddin

Abstract: Divine view is to production and industrialization a part of the process of economic development. The divine rules of governance become Ibadah (form of worship), hence industrialization within the divine ambit is also an Ibadah. Divine messages, therefore, stresses both the moral quality and skills in the production of goods. People are getting benefits from industry from different ways, sometimes their ritual prayers have been done comfortably through the well supports from industrial goods and services. As per common observation devotee dont find any relationship of industrialization with divine messages. In this paper an effort has been taken to present the divine messages with regard to production management and industrialization.

      S. Vijay Anand, Dr. M. Selvaraj, Ph.D

Abstract: For every organization, customer satisfaction plays vital roles that enhance loyalty and profit. Earlier all sectors focused on Market Orientation, but now they should focus on Customer Orientation for their growth in the competitive market. Due to rapid changes in technology and competition among the banking sectors, it is inevitable for the service organization to study the impact on customer satisfaction. The purpose of this paper is to evaluate the impact of demographic variables on customer satisfaction in public sector bank. Chi Square test, Descriptive analysis and Weighted score method was applied. The result revealed that there is no significant relationship between the demographic variables and customer satisfaction except the choice of the bank and the status of residential area.


Abstract: A system of ordinary nuclear matter, the resultant of classic 2-flavor color superconductivity is investigated. It is shown that the time independence of the contributions one system to another without the transitional phase portrays another system by itself and constitutes the equilibrium solution of the original time independent system. Methodology is accentuated with the explanations, we write the governing equations with the nomenclature for the systems in the foregoing. Further papers extensively draw inferences upon such concatenation process, ipsofacto.


Abstract: A modified impeller mixing coupled with chill casting technique was used for the preparation of immiscible alloys. In this paper Al-Fe binary alloys was chosen for this study. This binary system shows the miscibility gap at specified concentration and temperature. The electrolytic grade iron powder of 300mesh size was dispersed in the melt of commercially pure aluminum. The iron content in the composite varied from 1.67 to 11.2 wt%. Experimental quantitative expressions, which correlate UTS, yield tensile strength, elongation, wear volume and frictional coefficients to the presence of iron in the matrix, have been determined. The presence of iron in the composite improved the ultimate tensile strength, 0.2% proof stress and the hardness. The ductility showed the adverse effect with increase of the iron content in the matrix. The results from microstructure showed the presence of second phase particles at the grain boundaries of aluminum-rich phase as well as within the grain itself which was confirmed by EPMA line as well as XRD analysis. The experimental data refer to correlation with the directional transient solidification of hypereutectic Al-Fe alloys and the percentage of the iron in the matrix. These composite have also been subjected to wear and friction testing at different operating parameters. The XRD analysis was used to analyze the wear debris.

      Dr. Chandra Shekhar Ghanta

Abstract: Technology is playing a major role in disseminating the information. The ethical use of new technologies in journalistic work is imperative given the widespread use of such technology for the benefit of society. In general the usage of information technology can be found in the form of Internet-based technologies in information gathering and news writing. Attribution of online information, general use of online content, plagiarism of Web-based news, use of direct quotations found online. Unfortunately, it is found in recent past that such type of sources is being used without quoting proper sourcing and attribution. Even these unwanted practices have been encompassed to many areas including personal, proprietary, business or corporate information and what not?

      SiewKian Chin, Chung Lim Law

Abstract: In this study, response surface methodology was applied to optimize the drying conditions of Ganodermalucidum slices during convective hot air drying, by referring to the retention of its active ingredients. The independent variables are drying temperature (40 to 80oC), velocity of air circulation (0.19 to 1.66 ms-1) and slice thickness (0.1 to 0.5 cm) whereas the response variables are ganoderic acid content (GA), water-soluble polysaccharides content (Poly), total drying time (DT) and equilibrium moisture content (EMC). Analysis of variance showed that all independent variables had significant effect on DT and the degradation of GA in the slices. Effect of drying temperature and air velocity were more significant on the retention of Poly than the effect of slice thickness whereas EMC of the slices was only affected by drying temperature.

      H.C.Mangang, G.K.N.chhetry

Abstract: Rhizoctonia solani is a major pathogen, causing root rot disease of French bean (Phaseolus vulgaris).The pathogen is worldwide in distribution and is observed in almost all bean growing countries.[1].This pathogen is also found to cause rot of french bean in the organically managed farms of Manipur. [2]. It is a major menace to the bean cultivators . Although chemical use could check the pathogen yet, it is use in the organic farming system is not permitted. Hence, the use of plants for their anti fungal properties which could be used against the pathogen in the organic farming system becomes an area of interest for the eco friendly mode of disease management. Also the local farmers are using these ecofriendly means like using cows urine , neem leaf extracts etc for controlling plant diseases. So ten commonly available medicinal plants were selected based on their wide application in the state and for their value in folk medicine. Cold water extracts of the ten plants were tested in vitro against R.solani and extracts of plants viz. Artemisia vulgaris, coix lacryma jobi, Lantana camera, Michelia champaka, Passiflora foetida, punica granatum, and Strobilanthes flaccidifolius showed 50% or more mycelial inhibition. . Among the plant extracts Coix lacryma jobi showed maximum percent mycelia inhibition with respect to control. The plant extracts were then tested in pot cultures and the plant extracts decrease rot incidence significantly as compared with control pots. In field trials Lantana camera showed maximum decrease in disease incidence. So these plants with anti rhizoctonia properties could be utilized against the pathogens, at least to lessen the impact of the pathogen .Similar eco friendly means of disease control has been appreciated by the present environment conscious generation.Thus exploring new plants for their anti fungal activity would bring about more resource base for use in eco friendly and sustainable mode of agriculture especially in organic farms.

      Indira Nair

Abstract: Any individual who buys goods and services for personal consumption and not for commercial purpose are called consumers. Consumers form the largest economic group in any country. They are the pivots of all economic activities. The advancement of technology and the advent of sophisticated gadgets in the markets and the aggressive marketing strategies in the era of Globalization have not only thrown open a wide choice for the consumers but also rendered the consumer vulnerable to a plethora of problems associated with such rapid changes. There is an urgent and increasing necessity to educate consumers so that they can be protected against the exploitation of the manufacturers and sellers. In spite of the various initiatives undertaken by the Government to educate and promote welfare to the consumers, the analysis of the primary data collected from 758 undergraduates students from six different colleges located in six different talukas of Thane District revealed that the level of consumer awareness is limited. This paper tries to suggest some measures that should be undertaken by the Government, business houses and consumer themselves to protect the interest of the consumers. An enlightened consumer is an empowered consumer. An aware consumer not only protects himself from exploitation but induces efficiency, transparency and accountability in the entire manufacturing and services sector.

      Prof. A.K Jaiswal, Er.Anil Kumar, Anand Prakash Singh

Abstract: In this paper we show the performance of MIMO-OFDM [1] (Multiple Input Multiple Output-Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing) system in Rayleigh Fading Channel [2].MIMO-OFDM system is very popular technique for mobile communication now a days .We compares Ergodic and Outage Capacity [3] with taking various numbers of Transmitting and Receiving antennas and various performance measures such as SNR, BER etc.

      P.P.Patil, Abhijit A.Patil, Mr. Hanmant N Renushe, Dr. B T Jadhav

Abstract: Information systems are playing the important role by sharing it about the information of natural resources maintained by the human beings. The security aspects about the important resources studied where due to lack of users to provide the security systems by their involvement. We mentioned here the problems with existing system and due to which what adverse effects are arising due to lack of information system for the resource sharing? We suggested a web based model for information sharing based on the public private partnership (PPP). We also mentioned how the available human resource can be involves in the security system as part of extending the services to the nation buildings other than the present government human resources. How does this aspect helps to inculcate the concept of extending national services in the education system is stated in the paper. Paper also encompasses with working, advantages, and limitations.

      Smitha.T., Dr.V.Sundaram

Abstract: The major aspire of this paper is to make a study and to suggest remedial measures for disease management in certain area with the help of data mining technique-clustering. Using this method, the user can identify the disease incidence and reasons with specific parameters and can obtain different solutions for its control. This paper intends to discover the data mining algorithm in the prediction of contagious disease in an area.

      G.Ravindra, P.Ramesh, Dr.T.Devaraju

Abstract: This paper introduces the terminology and various issues related to power quality. The interest in power quality is explained in the context of a number of much wider developments in power engineering: deregulation of the electricity industry, increased customer-demands, and the integration of renewable energy sources. After an introduction of the different terminology two power quality disturbances are discussed in detail: voltage dips and harmonic distortion. For each of these two disturbances, a number of other issues are briefly discussed, which are characterization, origin, mitigation, and the need for future research. Shunt, hybrid and series active power filters are described showing their compensation characteristics and principles of operation. Different power circuits topologies and control scheme for each type of active power filter are analyzed.

      Piyush Charan, Rajeev Paulus, Mukesh Kumar, Arvind Kumar Jaiswal

Abstract: The performance of Wireless Mesh Networks is not optimal by using the conventional layered protocols (TCP-IP). Then the method of optimization at different layers of the protocol stack (TCP-IP) can help to achieve optimal network performance. This method usually results in a clean-slate protocol architecture that is different from the protocol architecture of WMNs. Such a difference actually demonstrates the need for a cross-layer design. Specific features pertaining to WMNs also show the need for cross-layer optimization across different protocol layers. In this paper, the need for cross layer design in WMNs is discussed first. Later in this paper we will discuss the different cross layer optimization schemes and algorithms between different protocol layers are discussed.

      S.M. Khairnar, R.M.Pise, J.N.Salunke

Abstract: The theory of integral transforms is presented a direct and systematic technique for the presentation of classical and distributional theory. In this paper ,the Laplace operators are used to define The Fractional Mellin integral transform which can be a technique for solving boundary and initial value problems This Transforms is suited in the fractional interval 0 to 1/a. This work which is put forward is to understand how Laplace operator would lead to properties , propositions, theorems and relations with Fractional Mellin integral transform The main view of our work is to give a procedure from Laplace Transform that turns out to be valid for Fractional Mellin integral transform. The results have been modified by applying suitable functions which leads to the results in Ftactional Mellin integral transform in the interval 0 to 1/a , where a is positive. To illustrate the advantages and use of this transformation, the result of Weyl fractional transform , summation of the series and some important differential equations have been solved at the end. The graphical concept is represented by assigning different values to the parameter by using tools of Matlab, which gives a brighter view of applications of Fractional Mellin integral transforms.

      N.T. Markad, Dr. R.D. Kanphade, Dr. D. G. Wakade

Abstract: Antenna is a means for radiating or receiving or transmitting energy an antenna is used in an advanced wireless system is usually required to optimize the radiation energy in same direction and suppress it in others. A microstrip patch antenna, also referred to as patch antenna is a narrowband, widebeam antenna fabricated by etching the antenna element patch in metal trace bonded to an insulating dielectric substance with a continuous metal layer bonded to opposite side of substrate which forms a ground plane. Probe fixed microstrip antenna is simulated in Finite Difference Time Domain software IE3D. Proposed novel probe feed microstrip patch antenna is presented. It has a return loss of -30dB at a frequency of 5.102 GHz. Antenna offers a bandwidth of 150.63MHz. In this research article proposed antenna bandwidth is improved by2.95%. Antenna offers a VSWR less than 1.1 at a frequency of 5.102 GHz. By observing two-dimensional and three-dimensional radiation pattern, it is seen that antenna offers unidirectional radiation pattern. Unidirectional radiation pattern plays an important role in next generation mobile communication and computing. Due to Unidirectional radiation pattern, the cost of power is saved. Antenna offers maximum antenna gain of 4.17 dBi. Antenna offers radiation efficiency of 72.6%. Also, proposed antenna offers antenna efficiency of 72.6%.

      A.Sabina Parveen, C.R.Suganya

Abstract: Data confidentiality is one of the pressing challenges in the ongoing research in Cloud computing. Hosting confidential business data at a Cloud Service Provider (CSP) requires the transfer of control over the data to a semi-trusted external service provider. Existing solutions to protect the data mainly rely on cryptographic techniques. However, these cryptographic techniques add computational overhead, in particular when the data is distributed among multiple CSP servers. This paper proposes a fragmentation technique which efficiently stores the data on CSP servers using the minimum possible amount of encryption. The fragmentation procedure is applied to a relational database where the tables are treated as independent fragments. This fragmentation and distribution approach reduces the trust expectancies towards the external service providers and thus improves privacy and confidentiality.

      Dr. Shashi Kala Singh

Abstract: The present study has been carried out with the objectives to find out the effect of parental education on the modernity of college students. The sample of the study constituted of 120 students. There were two groups of students. 60 students constituting the 1st group were the son of those parents who are highly educated. The other 60 students of the 2nd group are the son of those who are illiterates. The selection was made from final year graduation students of the colleges of Ranchi town. The age of the students ranged from 19 to 25 years. A dynamic model has been used in the present study. The model is based on the assumption that if two generation continues to share the same education and environmental exposure, the differences between them will remain static. The result showed that the level of modernity of both group of students were significantly different because of the differences of the parental education. The exposure of modernity is greater in first group because their parents and they both are well educated. Education is one of the most powerful factor influencing the modernity of college students.

      D.R.Kirubaharan & Dr.G.Nirmala

Abstract: In this paper, the application of matching, using min-weight bipartite graph to find out which disease is matched to that concern treatments states is presented.

      Abbas Saeedipour

Abstract: Understandably, one of the best ways to get a better grasp of the subject matter of the topic: 'Comparative Study of Indo-Iranian Mythologies' is to comprehend the grand, weighty, multidimensional, and acute points and sites of their similitude and co-relational originalities. In T.S.Eliot's terms, his 'objective correlative' is good for broader analysis of the Ariyans' feelings and thoughts that may be signaled through the texts and archaeological records and evidences, amongst other things.

      Ritesh Baranwal, Anil Kumar, Arvind Kumar Jaiswal

Abstract: OFDM signal is a multicarrier modulation technique, one of the attractive techniques for 4th Generation Wireless communication System. One of the major disadvantages of OFDM is that in time domain, its leads to high peak to average power ratio (PAPR).Selective Mapping Phase Rotation is used in this paper for reducing the PAPR in time domain of OFDM signal. In this paper 32 sinusoids subcarriers are taken and find the value of phase rotation at which there is least PAPR obtain.

      Mr.Vikrant Gupta, Ms Priya Chauhan, Dr. Sohan Garg

Abstract: In this project, an auto-summarization tool is developed using statistical techniques. The techniques involve finding the frequency of words, scoring the sentences, ranking the sentences etc. The summary is obtained by selecting a particular number of sentences (specified by the user) from the top of the list. It operates on a single document (but can be made to work on multiple documents by choosing proper algorithms for integration) and provides a summary of the document. The size of the summary can be specified by the user when invoking the tool. This paper presents a new statistical approach to automatic summarization based on the Kernel of the source text. The Kernel-based system, called KernelSum (KERNEL SUMMarizer), uses the Kernel as a guideline to identify and select text segments to include in the final extract. Automatically produced extracts have been evaluated under the light of Kernel preservation and textuality.

      Trisha Dowerah Baruah

Abstract: With the world in the midst of a social media revolution, it is more than obvious that social media like Facebook, twitter, orkut, MySpace, Skype etc., are used extensively for the purpose of communication. One of the most important advantages of the use of social media is the online sharing of knowledge and information among the different groups of people. This online sharing of information also promotes the increase in the communication skills among the people especially among the learners/students of educational institutions. Online tools and technology has not only mediated communication in countless ways, but that the very ways we communicate and even the ways we talk and think about communication are changing as a result. Social media have the potential to fundamentally change the character of our social lives, both on an interpersonal and a community level.

      Vikrant S Vairagade, Kavita S. Kene, Tejas R Patil

Abstract: This paper deals with Experimental investigation for M-20 grade of concrete to study the compressive strength, and tensile strength of steel fiber reinforced concrete (SFRC) containing fibers of 0% and 0.5% volume fraction of hook end Steel fibers of 50 and 53.85 aspect ratio were used. A result data obtained has been analyzed and compared with a control specimen (0% fiber). A relationship between Compressive strength vs. days, and tensile strength vs. days represented graphically. Result data clearly shows percentage increase in7 and 28 days Compressive strength and Tensile strength for M-20 Grade of Concrete.

      Mrs. Anita Borude, Prof. Shobha Krishnan

Abstract: This paper examines optical CDMA (OCDMA) communication techniques with optical orthogonal codes. These optical orthogonal codes (OOC) set are constructed by using difference set methods. Simulations that show OOC reduce interference due to other users and channel noise. Probability of error can be reduce by selection of proper weight (w), length (n) & cardinality(C) of OOC.

      Prof. Rajesh Faldu

Abstract: With more and more people becoming fashion-conscious including men and with shopping now being looked upon as a leisure activity with Malls and mega-stores becoming a place for hang out rather than shopping, there was a need to profile retail customers based on this. Also with lots of stores coming up in organized sector, measuring customer satisfaction in such stores becomes important. This study focuses on profiling retail customers and measuring their level of satisfaction in the selected stores in the city of Ahmedabad. Primary data has been collected using structured questionnaire. It has been found that visiting retail outlets have become a group activity. Advertisements, friends and Colleagues influence majority of shoppers. Only 80 respondents out of 150 came for shopping inside store, rest came for hang out, enjoy crowd, meeting friends and getting refreshed. Lifestyle was found to have higher level of satisfaction followed by Pantaloons and Westside.

      Dr. Mukund Chandra Mehta

Abstract: Asmall group (15 to 20 members) voluntarily formed and related by affinity for specific purpose, it is a group whose members use savings, credit and social involvement as instruments of empowerment. The Anti poverty Programme are a to dominant feature of government initiatives in the rural areas. The programmes pertaining to these efforts have been reviewed and strengthened in successive years in order to sharpen their focus on reduction of rural poverty. Poverty is widespread in India, with the nation estimated to have a third of the worlds poor . According to 2005 World Bank estimate, 41.6% of the total Indian population falls below the International poverty line of US $ 1.25 a day (PPP, in nominal terms Rs. 21.6 a day in urban areas and Rs. 14.3 in rural areas.). According to 2010 data from the United Nations Development programme, an estimated 37.2 % of Indians live below the Countrys national poverty line. In percentage terms, rural poverty has reduced from 56.44 percentage of the country's population in 1973-74 to 32.27 percentage in 1993-94. However, the cause for concerns is that the estimated number of rural poor is still about 193 million, which has led to further review and restructuring of the anti poverty programmes.


Abstract: Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) have played major role and attention in recent years. The ambiguous applications of WSNs are immense. These networks used for collecting, storing and sharing sensed data among them selfs and to external node. WSNs have been used for various applications such as habitat monitoring, agriculture, nuclear reactor control, security, tactical surveillance and many more applications where human cannot monitor. The monitoring and GSM systems and developed in this project is for use in green house applications, where real time data of climate conditions and other environmental properties are sensed and control decisions are taken by monitoring system and they are modified by the automation system and sends SMS that what operation is performed by them to user . The architecture of a green house monitoring system comprises of a set of sensor nodes and a control unit that communicate with each sensor node and collects local information to make necessary decisions about the physical environment. The Temperature sensors LM 45 senses the temperature and send to SCU, it will amplify and send to Control Unit. The Humidity Sensor is used to find the humidity of the Greenhouse. The control units have the MCU to check the reading and make the fan ON or OFF. Then status of the Greenhouse will send to the user Mobile through GSM Module.

      Somvir, Sudha Kaushik

Abstract: The objective of this study is to examine those factors which are related in a high manner to job satisfaction among library workers. Data were collected from a sample of 100 library professionals from private engineering and management colleges in Haryana state. The data analyses indicated that job satisfaction among library professionals is not related to their sex, the type of library in which they worked, or their vocational needs, but it is related to the characteristics of their job environments. The supervisory climate and the essential characteristics of the job itself are the two most important determinants of job satisfaction. Interpretation of the data suggests that a supervisory climate which permits a librarian to exercise initiative and professional judgment in the performance of the job is conducive to job satisfaction. This study contributes to the LIS literature and practice in the following two ways: first, this study provides new knowledge concerning the job satisfaction factors of library professionals. Second, the new knowledge may help library and information managers to develop effective managerial approaches.



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