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IJSRP, Volume 9, Issue 3, March 2019 Edition [ISSN 2250-3153]

All listed papers are published after full consent of respective author or co-author(s).
For any discussion on research subject or research matter, the reader should directly contact to undersigned authors.

March 2019 publication has started and publication will continue till 26th March 2019
Authors who paid publication fee after 2nd March, their paper will publish in March edition latest by 26th March or before.
Online print version will release latest by 30th March. Download cover page for this edition.

Indexing and Correction:
Indexing will start after 26th March and minor corrections are accepted till 26th March 2019.
If minor correction required, send email to and ask for formatted (.doc/docx) paper.

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      Bakhtawar Aslam, Dr. Muhammad Rizwan and Dr. Fahad Ahmad

Abstract: Wireless sensor networks are progressively arranged to contrast with complicated functions in networking process may desire the battery capacity of sensors to increase the efficient network lifetime especially in heterogeneous settings. Clustered techniques have been engaged to raise the energy efficiency in this energy constrained of wireless sensor networks. There are many issues that associated to WSNs. These problems related to energy efficiency performance, reliability, installation, cost and also on hardware cost. In this paper we use LEACH and SEP protocols for energy conservation and figure out all the problems occur in LEACH and SEP. We designed a LEACH SEP HETEROGENEITY MODEL for energy conservation.

      A. S. Saritha

Abstract: Breast cancer is a global health problem and is significantly rising all over India. It ranks first among all types of cancers pushing cervical cancer to number two. It leads to considerable rate of mortality, morbidity, over-burden to health system and added direct medical expenditure in India. Trend analysis shows that there has been a rise of 50 to 100% increase in the incidence of breast cancer in the last 20 years all over the world.

      Hail Suwayhi . H, Abu baker, Ismail Mustafa Mohd

Abstract: We collect some important concepts on BCK,BCI and BCL-algebras which are useful to develop the main results in subsequent topics. The left-right m-derivation of a BCI-algebra is introduced, and some related properties are investigated. Using the idea of regular m-derivation , we give characterizations of a p-semi-simple BCI-algebra .We introduce the useful properties of m-derivation in BCI-algebras and commutative and maximal ideals in BCK-algebras .

      Cosmas Chikwawawa

Abstract: In a unitary state devolution or decentralisation of power engenders the improvement of effectiveness and efficiency in governance as well as in the delivery of public services. Decentralisation entails the reduction of bureaucracy and the broadening of democratic space. It entails empowering stakeholders and communities to actively and effectively participate in decision-making on issues that affect them. As such it is widely courted as a means of enhancing good governance, which also fosters economic development general improvement in the living conditions and standards of communities’. In Zimbabwe, the debate on devolution has been intense and contentious, spanning the country’s nearly four decades of independence from British colonial rule.

      Dr. Manish Kumar Bhaskar, Prof. Vinod Kumar Dixit, Dr.Pallavi V. Latpate

Abstract: Backround: Nonvariceal UGIB remains a common emergency for Gastroenterologists with an annual incidence of 50 to150 per 100,000 of the population. Mortality from UGIB is around 10% and may reach 35% in patients with another medical condition. Comorbidity remains an independent risk factor for UGIB mortality, which is often attributable to increasing age and associated illness. The risk of death following admission to hospital for gastrointestinal bleeding has been quantified by Rockall et al. We studied here factors associated with outcome of patients.

      Dr. Manish Kumar Bhaskar, Prof. R.G Singh, Dr.Pallavi V.Latpate

Abstract: Background: We have ample of evidence that progression of renal failure can be slowed down but we still need more definite information whether established renal failure can be reversed. Retarding the progression of renal failure is one of the most important task for the nephrologists as it not only improves the quality of life of the patient but also delays the development of end stage renal disease, This also forestalls the considerable financial burden of dialysis, transplantation and immunosuppressive drugs. This pilot clinical study was planned to explore the therapeutic potential of salicinol in retardation of chronic kidney disease progression and anti-atherosclerotic property by looking for if reduction in CIMT is possible.

      Helal Mouneer Alalie, Yoshifumi Harada, Idris Md Noor

Abstract: The SWOT model is a successful strategic analytical model and many writers and specialists had agreed on it. The study aimed to measure the impact of Environmental analysis on the Sustainable Competitive Advantage of the Banking Industry operating in Iraq.

      Muhammad Yusri Karim, Hasni Yulianti Azis, Khairul Amri, Nurfadilah, Alimuddin, Muslimin, Anton

Abstract: Mangrove crab culture within mangrove areas may be simultaneously done with silvofishery system i.e. an integrated cultivation activity of multiple uses of mangrove without eliminating the natural function of the ecosystems. This study was aimed to determine the frequency of efficient and effective feeding in the fattening cultivation of mangrove crabs (Scylla olivacea) which maintained the pattern of silvofishery. The research was conducted in mangrove areas of Pangkep Regency, South Sulawesi.

      Faiza Ashraf

Abstract: The present examination is planned to find the Impact of Texting (SMS) on understudies English Academic Performance. So the examination is required by the way that most understudies ongoing occasions have depended on the utilization of content informing in their classroom just as in their investigation time. When sending instant messages on their cell phone to companions, family, understudies regularly utilize a unique kind of register which is called Textese. Short message administration is a content informing administration segment of most phone, cell phones, internet and communication frameworks.

      Babita Agrawal

Abstract: To find out the influence of oral supplementation of vitamin A on minerals of sheep hair, six Barbari sheep selected randomly from the herd on the basis of various phenotypic traits and offered identical feed to meet out their daily nutritional requirements. The animals were given oral administration of vitamin A at the rate of 5000 IU per kg live weight in the morning daily. Hair were sampled from the neck shoulder, mid flank, ventral abdomen, croup and lateral thigh region on the days 00, 30, 60 and 90 of the experimental trial.

      "OGUNDELE, Ayodele Victor, BABALOLA, Obasanjo James "

Abstract: This study examined impact of customer relationship management (CRM) on freight forwarding services in Tin Can Island Container Terminal (TICT) Limited Apapa Lagos. The study used importers in the study area as population of study, they were selected using simple random sampling technique to select 50 importers. Data were collected from both primary and secondary source. Primary data was collected through use of modified questionnaire that incorporated questions such as such as satisfaction with level of services rendered, cost implication of freight forwarding operations in the port, promptness of cargo delivery to consignee and level of pilferage of cargoes were administered to respondents.. While secondary data was sourced from published articles.

      Saleen K J

Abstract: Maintaining a healthy relationship for a long period is the biggest challenge that people face in their life. There are so many factors that affect the status of the relationship of married couples. A good job affords the income which helps to survive and also offers some level of personal fulfillment among the married working couples. But unfortunately work can also negatively influence theirmarital lives. Working couples often complain about the relationship problems such as spending less time with each other, not collaborating in house hold cores, late night meetings and other problems which can ruin marital relationship. So this is one the worst side effects of being employed

      Dr. Jaykumar Dadhania, Dr. Harsha Panchal, Dr. Asha Anand, Dr. Apurva Patel, Dr. Sonia Parikh, Dr. Manan Vaghela, Dr. Rushit Shah

Abstract: Collision tumor is the presence of two primary cancers simultaneously in a single anatomical site. It is extremely rare situation. Synchronous presentation of Follicular lymphoma with ovarian cancer in postmenopausal female is very rare, not mentioned in literature. Ovarian cancer is the most common culprit of gynecological cancer related mortality and follicular lymphoma is second most common lymphoma. Individualized treatment of both of the malignancies according to stage, prognostic score and performance status of the patient is important to optimize the outcome.

      Champika S. Kariyawasam, Sujith S. Ratnayake

Abstract: The distribution of Ulex europaeus plants in South Australia has been modeled using presence-only location data as a function of six climate parameters. The predicted range of U. europaeus was mainly along the Mount Lofty Ranges in the Adelaide hills and on Kangaroo Island. Annual precipitation appeared to be the highest contributing variables to the final model formulation. The Jackknife procedure was employed to identify the contribution of different variables to U. europaeus model outputs and response curves were used to predict changes with changing environmental variables.

      Sugeng Triswahyono, Wahyu Sukartiningsih, Harmanto

Abstract: Efforts to improve the quality of education in Indonesia at this time are unceasingly continued by education experts. Based on learning outcomes data obtained by fourth grade Elementary School student of Sawunggaling VIII / 389 in Surabaya City through the application of Problem-based learning models in social studies learning has increased. Classical learning completeness of students has increased by 14.74%. In addition, the development of student learning outcomes on the affective and cognitive aspects also increased.

      Dr. Repudi chandrasekhara rao, Dr. anant j patel, Dr. Shaik k john mohammad Alisha, Dr. Anurupa popuri

Abstract: We report a case with Bardet-Biedl syndrome. The presenting features and Its diagnosis are discussed. The need for prompt diagnosis and also the need to report such rare cases was discussed

      S.N. Gimba, Anshu Nanda, M.A. Karage

Abstract: A comparative preliminary study on the extraction and phytochemical profile of methanolic extracts of the leave, stem and root of pennisetum pedicellatum Trin at three growth stages (i.e stage 1, stage 2, stage 3) was carried out. The extracts were analysed to determine the presence of phytochemicals in the plant. The study revealed the presence of alkaloids, flavonoids, saponins and steroids. Tanins were found only in the stems of the plants and steroids were found only in the leaves. The relevance of this difference in distribution is yet to be understood.

      Simone Inácio da Silva, Andréa Santos da Silva Pessanha, Aluízio Antonio de Santa Helena, José Tadeu Madeira de Oliveira, Jaqueline Santos Andrade Martins, Paulo Roberto Blanco Moreira Norberg, An

Abstract: Intestinal parasites infect a large parcel of the world population and are prevalent in poor communities. In indigenous communities, the environment is highly favourable to the spread of these parasitic agents due to poor sanitation, unhealthy eating habits, lack of personal hygiene among other factors. Objective: perform an investigation about the incidence of parasites in three communities of the Potiguar ethnic group located in the city of Baía da Traição, Province of Paraíba, Brazil. Methods: the raw material consisted by 109 feces samples from people of Coqueirinho, São Miguel and Forte communities.

      Yasir Abeid Husain, M.A.Bashir

Abstract: In this paper we introduced the Adomian Decomposition method. We explained the analytical points and then used the operator form obtained to solve problem of Volterra Integral type. The method is also illustrated by partial differential equation. The examples given are integral differential equations as well as partial differential equations.

      Dr. Sakib Arfee, Dr. Mudasir Rashid, Dr. Imran Yousouf Bhat, Dr. Omeshwar Singh

Abstract: Introduction: Two-Wheelers have become one of the commonest modes of transport all over the world. Increased number of two-wheelers especially in urban areas is due to their low purchase cost, fuel efficiency, routine traffic jams and deficient parking places etc. There is one death every 4 minutes due to road traffic accidents in India that is why transport minister Nitin Gadkari has termed road traffic accidents as an EMERGENCY.

      Shahnaz Wani & Inayat Mustafa Khan

Abstract: The aim of the present study, on 165 rural women from district Shopian of J&K who had participated in the different off campus training programmes related to different aspects of post harvest management and value addition in fruits and vegetables, was to study the impact of the trainings on the knowledge level and gain in knowledge of the trainees regarding the different aspects of the training offered to them. Majority of the trainees had low knowledge level about the skills of post harvest management and value addition in fruits and vegetables which was increased in majority of the trainees after successful completion of the trainings.

      Mrs. Karen C. Quackenbush, Mr. Don A. Quackenbush

Abstract: The stylistics analysis of Psalm of Life by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, a famous American poet, endeavors to demonstrate the ways levels of stylistics is structured in relationship to the linguistic element to meaning and to provide an account of initial interpretation of poem objectively. Stylistics analysis is based on facts and much more objective and delved into detail thus, digging deep into the thoughts and feeling of the poet. The aim is to explain how the words of a poem evoke the feelings and responses that readers get when they read it.

      Muhammad Khilbran, Wahyu Indra Sakti

Abstract: The main causes of work accidents in construction projects are those related to unique construction project characteristics, different working locations, weather-exposed and weathered, limited implementation time, dynamic and demanding high physical security, and many uses unskilled labor. Coupled with a very weak safety management, consequently the workers work with high-risk construction implementation methods.

      Shahid Nawaz, Furqan Ahmad

Abstract: Correlation is the analysis to determine mutual linkage among various traits of plants. The present research was conducted in the experimental area of University of Agriculture, Faisalabad to estimate the correlation coefficient among the nine yield and fiber quality traits. The F2 population of two crosses 30m x Arizona queen and 30m x Lss along with parents were subjected to simple correlation analysis

      Muhammad Salman Siddique, Dr. Muhammad Faisal Bashir, Dr. Faiz Ahmed Faiz, Bilal Umar, Dr. Zainab Javed, Tanveer Ul Hassan, Danish Malik

Abstract: BACKGROUND: Several studies from different parts of the world have found that 13% to 33% of patients with chronic hepatitis have associated diabetes, mostly type II Diabetes Mellitus (DM). Therefore, it is important to identify the magnitude of the problem of diabetes in order to optimize the treatment of chronic hepatitis.

      El-Dakhly, A.T; Albehwar, A.M; Mona, A.Elmanzalawy; Hossam, M .Fahmy; El-Galad, S.B; Mohamed A Abdrabo

Abstract: To determine the influence of Platelets Derived growth factors (PDGFs.) on the growth and proliferation of cell lines (African green monkey kidney "Vero"; Baby hamster kidney "BHK" and Madin darby bovine kidney "MDBK"); (PDGFs) were used in different concentrations including 2.5 %, 5% and 10% as a supplement for cell culture media in comparison with the used new born calf serum (NBCS), either alone or in a mixture with (PDGFs).

      Wilbert Ruta, Michael Saulo, Nicodemus Abungu Odero, Shaibu Ali Juma

Abstract: This paper presents the application of a novel Moth flame optimization and Bat hybrid algorithm (MFO_BAT) in the area of combined economic and emissions dispatch with the consideration of valve point effect. Combined economic and emissions dispatch is a crucial area due to rise of environmental pollution caused by greenhouse gases from thermal power plants and other human activities.

      Gipson Raphael Ole Kinisa

Abstract: The study investigates the Effects of Customers Satisfaction on Sustainable Cash flow in Urban Water Supply and Sanitation Authorities particularly Arusha, Urban Water Supply and Sanitation Authority. The main objectives of the study are: to examine the effect of customers’ satisfaction on sustainable cash flows in Arusha Urban Water Supply and Sanitation Authority. The study was conducted within Arusha Urban Water Supply and Sanitation Authority The study involved 110 respondents and will adopt a generic design, and data will be collected through questionnaires; interviews and documentary review. AUWSA should team up with the village programs so that they cover a large area. The study found some wards like Muriet and Olasiti to have established their own water source and supply.

      Gipson Raphael Ole Kinisa

Abstract: This research study sought to assess the factors affecting logistics distribution in manufacturing industries in Tanzania. The specific research objectives were: To identify the challenges affecting products distribution channels at Miku Investment Limited, to assess the staff competence on performance of the distribution channels and to find out technologies used to increase the performance of the distribution channels at Miku Investment

      Hadeer N. Migahed, Ibrahim M. Mahdi, Ibrahim Abdul Rashid

Abstract: Meeting the projects estimated cost is a main target in construction project especially in mega projects. The objective of this paper is assessing the impact of shop drawings in meeting project cost target. A comprehensive literature reviews as well as survey for industry experts opinions to identify that impact were carried out.

      Jyoti Sharma, Nisha Nihalwani

Abstract: Today construction cost is very high with using basic material like cement, fine aggregate, coarse aggregate. This study include use of waste material as a partial replacement of cement and aggregate. This paper represent the experimental investigation on the effect of sugar cane ash on the compressive strength of concrete. Alternate binder Sugarcane Ash is used as eco-friendly pozzolanic material due to increasing demand of consumption of concrete.

      Arnav Oberoi, Rahul Chauhan

Abstract: Visualization is the graphic representation of data through the use of pictorial design. The goal is to make a visual easy to comprehend and presentable. In general, visualization in data science can be divided into univariate and multivariate data visualizations. Univariate data visualization involves plotting a single variable to understand more about its distribution while multivariate plots express the relationship between two or more variables. The usual data visualization methods, such as scatter plots, bar charts, histograms, line charts, and pie charts, are widely used in management research. In a world of rapid evolution of data science, however, new techniques to visualize quantitative and qualitative data is what everyone is looking for.

      Agbara I. Gervase, Orsugh M. Blessing, Lawan K. Hadiza, Sani A. Rafat, Jarman A. Mariam, Alkali M. Yakaka

Abstract: The study investigated some physicochemical and cooking properties of rice cultivars grown in different agroecological zones of Nigeria. The popular cultivars were identified and sourced from the mills and from the open markets in the following State capitals. These were: Zabamari and Dikwa from Borno northeast(NEB), Supi and Sudi, Kano northwest(NWK), Okai and Ikwo southeast, Abia(SEA), Igbemo and Ofada, southwest, Ekiti and Ogun respectively(SWE, SWO), and Mars and Sipi, southsouth, Cross River(SSC).

      Willis Owino Ochieng, Christopher Oludhe, Simeon Dulo

Abstract: As climate change continues impacting on various economic sectors all over the world, a lot of efforts are being put on adaptation actions. Energy is one of those sectors contributing more towards GHG emissions while renewable energy technologies have the potential of mitigating GHG emissions. Among all the renewable energy technologies being utilised, hydropower stands out to be the most stable and proven technology over time compared to geothermal, wind, solar, biogas and ocean waves among others. Despite hydropower being capable of mitigating the impacts of climate change while supporting some appropriate adaptation strategies, less emphasis has been put on how to integrate climate change adaptation into the hydropower development activities.

      Nwe Nwe Khaing

Abstract: Two study sites in Pakhangyee envrions, Yesagyo Township was chosen as Thint The Village (Site I) and Myunk Pyin Village (Site II) to investigate the occurrence and distribution of birds. Throughout the study period from October, 2015 to October, 2016, a total of 46 species of birds under 35 genera belonging to 26 families and eight orders were recorded

      Indriani, Syamsuddin Hasan, Syamsuddin Nompo Ambo Ako, Muh. Rusdi, Budiman Nohong, Purnama Isti Khaerani

Abstract: The aim of this study is to identify the forage growth, production and quality of dwarf napier grass. The study is conducted for 4 months from August to November 2018. The object of the study is centro legume (Centrosema Pubescens) and dwarf napier grass (Pennisetum Purpureum cv.mott) with various percentages. The study is arranged by using Completely Randomized Design (CRD) consisted of 4 treatments and 3 replications. As for the treatments, P1: 100% centro and dwarf napier grass; P2: 75% centro and dwarf napier grass; P3: 50% centro and dwarf napier grass; P4: 25% centro and dwarf napier grass; P5: 0% centro and dwarf napier grass. The parameters of the study are plant height, leaf area, chlorophyll, number of tillers, dry matter of leaf and stem, Acid Detergent Fibre (ADF), Neutral Detergent Fibre (NDF), crude protein of leaf and stem. Based on the study, it is identified that the intercropping of centro legume and dwarf napier grass is able to affect on the production, quality of dwarf napier grass.

      Nurjaya, Budiman Nohong, Syamsuddin Nompo, Sema

Abstract: This study aims to determine the production and quality of corn straw (Zea mays L.) and Mung Bean (Vigna radiate L.) from the intercropping system. This study used a completely randomized design (CRD). P1 Single corn crop (8 corn: 0 mung beans), P2 Mix corn and mung beans (6 corn: 2 mung beans), P3 Mix corn and mung beans (4 corn: 4 mung beans), P4 Mix corn and mung beans (2 corn: 6 mung beans), P5 Single crop mung beans (0 corn: 8 mung beans). Parameters observed were the production of DM and OM, contents CP, CF, and DMDg and OMDg. The results of the variance analysis showed that the effect of treatment withintercropping planting system had a significant effect (P> 0.05) on the production of DM, OM, content of CF, CP and DMDg and OMDg.

      Minde Hailu, Manikandan Muthuswamy, Yohannes Petros

Abstract: Industrial effluents with heavy metals adversely affect the growth and development of crops when it is used for irrigation. So this study was carried out to assess the effect of tannery effluent on seed germination and growth performance of selected varieties (BHQPY545 and Malkesa-2) of Maize using different effluent treatments. The treatments were made by mixing measured amount of tannery effluent in distilled water i.e. 0, 25, 50, 75 and 100%.

      Ganeshprasad B N, Alexandar Mathew, Amar B Janakare, Prathima N

Abstract: Optimal proportion of the weight of the vehicle and payload is important in design of an aircraft. Wing creates the lift required for flight. Spars are the structural members which run through the wing root at the fuselage to the wing tip. Spars carry the major wing bending loads. During the take-off, the bottom layer of the wing is subjected to tensile force and top layer is to compression. This leads the spars to buckle. Hence the spars must be strong enough to sustain the buckling load. If the thickness of the spar is increased, the efficiency of the aircraft decreases. Several iterations are done by decreasing the thickness of the spar. Static stresses and buckling load factors are found out for these iterations and weight optimization of the spar is achieved.

      Fabiano Gibson Daud Thulu, Tedson Chimera

Abstract: East African Rift System (EARS) is one of the major tectonic structures of the earth where thermal energy of the interior of the earth escapes to the near surface. Estimated Geothermal energy resource potential in the EARS is more than 14,500 MW. Currently, other countries such as Malawi, Zambia, and Mozambique have not gone beyond the systematic inventory work of the resource potential exploration.

      Naser Sopjani

Abstract: Treatment of the criminal offense of attempted murder is very important. It is a fact that the actions of the perpetrator are such that he actually deprived one person of life, but that the circumstances created have saved the victim. To identify this criminal offense is not easy for those dealing with these cases, the police, the prosecution, the court and other procedural parties. The criminal offense of attempted murder is such that it is carried out only by direct intent.

      Zainab Yahya Mhoma, WangHongwu and Ahmad Saleh Haji

Abstract: The study intends to assess the performance of water supply and management in Zanzibar. This study is conducted in Zanzibar. The study used descriptive survey, based on cross-sectional design. The study uses a total of 95 samples. The information was collected using questionnaire, structured interview and documentation. The study results indicate that the performance of water supply and management in the study area is not conducive.

      Mangalathevi Yelumalai, Sangeetha Tharmathurai

Abstract: Introduction: Scleritis is a painful inflammatory process of the sclera. It may also involve the cornea and the underlying uvea. Ocular tuberculosis (TB) is rare though its incidence has varied over time. It may have various clinical presentation.

      Saw Nu Sanda Thein, YANG HuaLong

Abstract: In this paper, the recent situation of Yangon Port including its capacity, navigation condition, channel constricts etc. are illustrated first. And then the future development plans for both Yangon Inner Harbour and Thilawa Port Area are described. The development of special economic zone (SEZ) near Thilawa area is also briefly simplifies.

      Alexandar Mathew, Amar B janakare, Ganeshprasad B N, Prathima N

Abstract: Hydropower is a renewable source of energy, which is economical, nonpolluting and environmental friendly among all renewable sources of energy. Hence, hydropower has become one of the most suitable and efficient source of renewable energy. Flywheel turbine is a new type of low head impulse turbine that is specifically built to harness energy from water stored at very low heads i.e.1 to 3m.The conventional Pelton turbines are used for power generation from water stored at high heads.

      Eng. Dena Al-Dalabeh, Eng. Iman Khresha, MLT Yazan F. Jarrah

Abstract: Otitis media or Otitis externa is an infection or inflammation of the external auditory canal, the auricles, or both. It is mostly often caused by bacterial infection or occasionally fungal infection. The most characteristic symptom is discomfort that is limited to the external auditory canal, while the most characteristic signs are erythema and swelling of the canal with variable discharge. Discharge are collected by ear swab to screen various pathogenic responsible for infection.

      Alin Boncioaga

Abstract: Ayo is a POC tool that’s designed to make password cracking techniques easier. It should only be used if the following strategies have failed:

      Alin Boncioaga

Abstract: Ayo is a POC tool thats designed to make password cracking techniques easier. It should only be used if the following strategies have

      Pili Masoud Kaku , Zhu Haochen , Peter Njoroge Murigi

Abstract: The main cause of climate change in Zanzibar is rapid population growth, which has driven up the emissions of Carbon dioxide. Since 1980s, the demand of water for Agricultural, Industrial, urban use has been on an increase. This has resulted in the exploitation of underground water without consideration for recharge. Consequently, the water table has continually lowered. Zanzibar, being an island, is poorly endowed with surface water resources such as rivers and lakes. This means that the only other source of water is precipitation.

      Mukhammad Alfan Khakim, Maria Veronica Roesminingsih, Agus Suprijono, Waspodo Tjipto Subroto

Abstract: This study aims to describe the students activities and learning outcomes to enhanced the cooperative learning models make a match on social science subjects in 5th grade of Jajartunggal III state elementary school, Surabaya. This research is an action research which carried out in three cycles. The subjects in this study were fifth grade students of Jajartunggal III state elementary school, Surabaya in Academic Year of 2018/2019, they are 36 students. The data collection technique used observation, learning outcomes tests and documentation. The students activities in cycle I was 69.86% and increased to 78.80% in cycle II, and 85.82% in cycle III.

      Hnin Pwint Myu Wai, Phyu Phyu Tar, Phyu Thwe

Abstract: With the increase of information, web page classification as one of the methods of text mining plays vital role in many management and organizing information. Web page classification is the process of assigning a web page to one or more predefined category labels. With the high availability of information from diverse sources, web page classification tasks have attained paramount importance.

      Dr. Chetna Rathour

Abstract: Elementary education is an important place in the educational system of a developing country. The entire growth and development of the child, mental as well as physical, depends upon Elementary education. Todays most of the parents complain about poor concentration of their children during study.

      Massoud Elghool

Abstract: Technology changes the world of business and transforms the labor market. This work focuses in particular on the impact of new technologies to provide employment to workers, as well as self-employment in Libya. There are clear possibilities and wider use of digital tools. The government, companies and individuals today can benefit greatly from new "digital jobs" and from the use of digital tools.

      Akanksha Dubey

Abstract: Traditionally, the Indian Armed Forces have been the sole realm of men. Due to the changing societal trends and increasing complexity of military roles, women have been inducted into the Indian Armed Forces since 1992 and Permanent Commission was granted to them in 2008. Since war is viewed to be fought by men, the essential “masculinity” of the Army has been maintained by assigning them support roles.

      Abdussalam Alhadi Addeeb, Ahmed Abdallah Aburas

Abstract: Digital image processing (DIP) has a much broader scope of tools, techniques and algorithms than the corresponding analog image processing. This valuable advantage can be invested in processing and restoring informative image out of distorted one, for instance noisy image. The main objective of this paper is to insure accurate quality metrics to measure spatial filtering techniques in estimating an actual image out of noisy data. The image is distorted with Salt & Pepper noise. The proposed restoration techniques include Mean filter, Median filter, Max filter, Min filter and Wiener filter. The filters are investigated versus the grayscale image. Different quality metrics are employed, including, Mean Square Error (MSE), Performance Index (PI), Peak Signal-to-Noise Ratio (PSNR), and Image Enhancement Factor (IEF). Moreover, blind metrics that include BRISQUE and NIQE are studied and their accuracies get assessed. Constantly, the investigated quality metrics show that Median filter demonstrates a greater outcome than all of its counterparts. Study shows also that the accuracies of quality measures are in agreement with each other as well as with the subjective assessment of the restored images.

      Mst. Khadija Akter, Md. Nurul Islam, Tousif Nayem

Abstract: This study comprises land type, soil quality and agricultural crop production of the study area. Accordingly, some areas are chosen to carry out investigation, of which one is more useful for the farmers. My study area is Debiganj Upazilla under Panchagarh district. There are two types of data are used such as Primary and Secondary data. A questionnaire survey was conducted involving 100 respondents almost equally taken from each of the area. The respondents are almost middle gather rich farmers usually farm the land using modern farming system and get high yield. Data analysis techniques are Bivariate, Exploratory statistic, Multivariate etc.

      Ilejimi D.O, Okai J.O and Raheem R.L

Abstract: In this paper, the concept of Successive Approximation method also called the Picard Iteration Method (PIM) for solving Fractional integro-differential equations is introduced. The fractional derivative is considered in the Caputo sense [6]. The proposed method reduces the equation into a standard integro integral equation of the second kind. Some test problems are considered to demonstrate the accuracy and the convergence of the presented method.

      Kyu Kyu Thin, Dr. Nay Win Zaw

Abstract: This paper presents Object Detection System of an Autonomous mobile Robot by using Artificial Neutral Network. In this system, the autonomous mobile robot is applied to operate in the Electronics Department ,West Yangon Technological University..A camera is installed at the top of the robot to control the vision based of the robot. Firstly, the position of the obstacles objects is snapped. And to avoid the obstacles along the robot path, the robot must recognize the objects with an artificial neutral network training process.

      Ho Thi Hanh Tien, Nguyen Thi Thanh Binh, Nguyen Huu Chuc

Abstract: This research paper analyzes the practices of entrepreneurship education (EE) in the 4th industrial revolution in Vietnam TVET with the focuses on the existing forms of EE being offered; the awareness of leaders, students, teachers about EE; the difficulties in infusing EE at vocational colleges; and possible supports from different stakeholders. This analysis was based on the empirical data collected from document analysis, students survey, and interviews with key stakeholders at five vocational colleges in Central Vietnam.

      Andurkar SP1, Pagdal PH, Mohite SD, Doibale MK

Abstract: Background: One of the achievements of National Health Mission is in improving the basic transport and ambulances for pregnant women which are operating under dial 108/102 emergency transport system (EMS) in the form of ambulances. Although, 108 is predominantly designed to attend patients of critical care, trauma and accident victims, state governments consider 108 services to be the mainstay of transport for pregnant women in both normal labour and emergency whereas 102 services exclusively cater the needs of pregnant women and sick newborn. Government of India has launched Janani Shishu Suraksha Karyakaram (JSSK) on 1st June, 2011, which entitles all pregnant women free of cost hospital services including transport, who delivers in public health institutions. Present research work aimed to study free transport component entitled under JSSK scheme.

      Dr. Sadaf Mustafa, Faryal Ikram, Mahpara Naeem

Abstract: The main aim of this research is to determine the impact of corporate social responsibility (CSR) on customers satisfaction and brand loyalty in Telecom companies of Pakistan in formation of purchase intention of customers. Data from 150 respondents were collected through questionnaire from all over Karachi. Data analysis was performed through chi square. The findings of this study showed that CSR have significant relationship with customers satisfaction and brand loyalty. Moreover, it is concluded that there is also positive relation between brand loyalty and purchase intention. This study concludes that by improving ethical CSR customers satisfaction can also improve which can retain customer to be loyal to the brand. This study concluded that any industry which want make organization-consumer bond stronger should focus on CSR.

      Htet Htet Yi, Ei Phyu Soe

Abstract: The goal of the project is to build a low cost Doppler radar with coaxial microwave parts and to develop circular waveguide Cantenna construction. In this project 5.8GHz continuous wave (CW) signal is transmitted. The radar system is constructed by using hardware components such as Cantenna, voltage controlled oscillator, power amplifiers, splitter, mixer, and video amplifier. The entire system is powered using a 24V battery. The acquired data from the radar system is recorded by using audacity software and save as “.wav” file. This “.wav” file is processed in Matlab. The measurements are taken on the road inside the MAEU campus. The result of velocity can be viewed with personal computer (PC).

      Owojaiye Oluwasanjo Biodun, Olaitan Tunde Rafiu, Atibioke Oluwatoyin Adeola, Aina Olusegun Babatunde, Babatunde Olaolu and Akinola-soji Blessing.

Abstract: The study investigated the effects of rural-urban drift on agricultural labour supply in Yagba East Local Government area of Kogi State, Nigeria. 100 household heads were randomly sampled in the study area. The principal result of the study reveals that labour wage and household migration were the most important factors affecting the labour supply while lack of capital and inadequate labour supply ranked highest as constraints to agricultural production, the study reveals that 92.7% of the respondent in the study area have household migrants, 41.1% had between 4-6 migrants, 58.8% of the migrants were male, 68.0% were single and 76.3% of them were between the ages of 15-20 years.

      Binod Gupta

Abstract: Introduction: Hepatitis C virus (HCV) is a positive stranded RNA virus that causes acute and chronic hepatitis and hepatocellular carcinoma. Aims & Objectives: The study was conducted to establish the transfection of Huh 7.5 derived cell lines with In-vitro transcript of HCV pF6/JFH-1 for production of infectious virus particles in naïve Huh 7.5 cells, its detection by RT-PCR

      Shobhit Khandare, Pradeep Gurbani, Ranjeetkumar Yadav, Jatin Dhumal , Manasi Berde

Abstract: The proper maintenance of High-voltage transmission lines is of vital importance, since any problem may result in the interruption of electricity, with many negative impacts to health, transportation and safety and causes a huge loss of capital. Preventive maintenance is the best way to avoid problems with infrastructure, by detecting them in an early stage and responding accordingly with action plans for improvements or repairs. So idea about the Line Inspection bot meets this requirement. It will consist of camera modules; Image Processing techniques are used for detection of faults and cut in conductor, corrosion over conductor or guard ring.

      DrKoushik Baishya, Prof.Rakesh Sharma

Abstract: Cerebral palsy (CP) is the leading cause of childhood disability affecting function and development. It is defined as a non-progressive neuromotor disorder of cerebral origin. The motor disorders are often accompanied by disturbances of sensation, perception, cognition, communication, and behaviour as well as by epilepsy and secondary musculoskeletal problems.

      S.Spattnaik, M.R Mohapatra, J.Parija,S.K Giri, S.Samantray, B.Lnayak, S.N Senapathi,J.J Mohapatra, A.Kpadhi,Lucy Pattnaik

Abstract: A retrospective analysis was of a total 170cases of patients who underwent systematic pelvic and para- aortic lymphadenectomy between 2011 - 2017 , at AHRCC. chi=square was used for univariate analysis of variables influencing the lymph node involvement in endometrial cancer, those with p value<.05 were included in multivariate logistic regression. The effect of variables on lymphnode involvement are reported using odds ratio and 95%confidence.

      Imtiyaz Ahmed, Iqbal Aziz

Abstract: Aims: To study uroflowmetric changes before and after Suprapubic Transvesical Prostatectomy in the patients of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia.

      Khawar Jalil, Shahid Raza

Abstract: One of the reasons mining projects are facing sudden closure and premature termination is the financial uncertainties associated with these project. Mining projects differ from each other e.g. on the basis of utilized human and technological resources. This paper has two objectives, first is to estimate different cost components as percentage of the total cost and second is to propose an optimum cost model each for the bench drilling phase of granite mining through diamond wire sawing technique.

      Carolyne Nabwoba Simiyu

Abstract: In January 2003 the Kenyan government implemented Free Primary Education (FPE). FPE was received with a lot of enthusiasm by stakeholders in education. The FPE policy envisaged that the government would provide teaching and learning materials to all public primary schools. This paper therefore discusses the attitudes of teachers and learners towards utilization of learning resources in Bungoma County in Kenya. A descriptive survey design was used in this study.


Abstract: This study focused on the assessment of the Special Education programs in the Division of Aurora, Philippines particularly those offerings of special education classes in the Districts of Dipaculao, Maria Aurora and Baler.

      J.Jasmine Cecilia, Dr.K.Prince Paul Antony

Abstract: Shopping has become more social event in India in recent years, especially among the nuclear families living in tier II and small cities. Frequent shopping creates opportunities for the young children or kids in the families to see, touch and buy various products, which in turn make them very sensible and matured consumers. Children try to influence the elders in the family and parent by drawing rational justification to their decisions.


Abstract: The research is based on enlightening the importance of employees as one of the major stakeholders of the company. It includes the methods of motivating employees for productivity and focus into the job described. Bonus and Merit increase policies motivate individuals for effective performance in order to achieve the desired goals.

      Yohanna, H.S, Bang, P.D, Zakka, P.W and Anigbogu, N.A

Abstract: Environmental concerns arising from the exploitation of conventional coarse aggregates (mainly crushed rocks) and the need to provide more sustainable alternatives; the need to manage and utilize agricultural wastes having suitable properties one of which is canarium schweinfurthii (atili) seed have led to many research efforts aimed at addressing such concerns and issues.

      Chernet Zerga Wejira

Abstract: Education significantly affects the development of a country in terms of the economic growth, employment opportunity and the stability and fairness in politics. It is powerful tool to change peoples lives for the better and it affects positively the economic development of a country on long term.

      Chernet Zerga Wejira

Abstract: Education significantly affects the development of a country in terms of the economic growth, employment opportunity and the stability and fairness in politics. It is powerful tool to change peoples lives for the better and it affects positively the economic development of a country on long term.

      Bakulikira M, Bayubasire C, Bagalwa M, Baluku B, Mulumeoderhwa K

Abstract: Schistosomiasis or bilharziasis is a parasitic disease caused by trematodes of the genus Schistosoma, five of which are pathogenic to humans in tropical regions and the Democratic Republic of Congo is not excluded. A survey was carried out on 346 people in the Katana Health Zone in the period June to September 2015 to assess the populations knowledge, attitudes and practices with regard to intestinal schistosomiasis Schistosoma mansoni.

      Dayok, S.T, Agber, P.I and Ugese, F.D

Abstract: A two year study on the assessment of the effects of supplementary irrigation (SI) and variety on the productivity of potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) was conducted during the 2017 and 2018 cropping seasons at the Research Farm of the National Root Crops Research Institute (NRCRI) Kuru, Jos in Plateau State, Nigeria. The treatments consisted of two varieties of potato (improved variety ( Daimat) and local variety and four levels of water application (W1 = No SI, W2 = SI of 200 mm, W3= SI of 400 mm, W4 = SI of 600 mm).

      Smita Jain, Purnima Swarup Khare

Abstract: Alteration in thermoelectric properties of any specific materials by doping is one of the effective and popular routes. We report the experimental results followed by the mathematical calculations aimed at developing effective thermoelectric materials for high temperature applications. Transition metal oxide materials are the promising candidates for renewable energy due to their chemical stability.

      M. A. Al-Shabi

Abstract: This paper discusses several important algorithms used for the encryption and decryption of data in all fields, to make a comparative study for most important algorithms in terms of speed (implementation) and security (special keys) determine whether an encryption algorithm is good. What is more, computational resources, such memory (RAM) size, are an integral consideration since they affect algorithm efficiency, hence the need to ensure optimal resource allocation, etc. Particularly, encryption is the process of transforming plain text into ciphered-text, which cannot be understood or altered easily by undesirable people.

      Dr. Muhammad Adam, Dr. Adamu Gagdi Jibrin, Danladi Ibrahim

Abstract: Determine relationship between moderate consumption of caffeine and high academic performance among undergraduate biology students was among the objectives of the study. Correlational design was adopted as the design for this study. The population of the study constitutes 481 biology education undergraduate students from the Faculty of Technology Education. A proportionate stratified sampling technique was employed in selecting 196 students as sample participants in this study using Research Advisor table for determining sample size.

      Bhanujyothi H C, Rajesh S M, Vidya J and Sahana D S

Abstract: Internet of Things (IoT) applications serves several areas, in which Real Time Applications has major siginificance and are widely used. In this paper, we discuss the implementation of IoT Services such as Room Temperature Monitoring and Fire Alarm System using Message Queue Telemetry Transportation (MQTT) broker. The MQTT Transportation broker has been utilized as a platform to provide the Internet of Things services. Open-source software component is used for connecting sensors and actuators to the platform by the IoT end device via Wi-Fi channel. We created smart Environment scenario and designed IoT messages satisfying the scenario requirement.



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