International Journal of Scientific and Research Publications

IJSRP, Volume 6, Issue 11, November 2016 Edition [ISSN 2250-3153]

“Smart Learner” The Smart learning application
      Vithanage N.S, Ahamed M.I.I, K.D.K.C Jayathilake, K.H.H Thenuka, D.Dhammearatchi
Abstract: Learning is an act of acquiring new or modifying and reinforcing, values, skills, behaviors, existing knowledge or preferences and may involve synthesizing different types of information. Home is the place where early learning of the child starts, parents teach good habits, good manners, good behaviors and respect others. When starting the child to give the traditional education system the child get bored and he/she does not concentrate on the learning. There are certain applications and sites available in the internet but they cannot help the children of 3-5 years and also they cannot identify weak areas of the child, the children of this age have no experience in using a keyboard or a mouse. The research group has come with an idea to teach the children in a fun way so that the children can learn in high concentration. Using motion gestures in the leap motion controller the user/child will be able to interact with the system. The desktop application will be installed on the computer, child will be given series of exercise regarding numbers, letters, words, shapes and colors. Each category will have higher levels, the weak areas of the child can be identified by the parent or teacher and this helps the child to improve in weaker areas. Through this research we provide the children to learn with fun and high concentration towards the game, the evaluation helps the parent or the teacher to identify the weaker areas of the children.

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Vithanage N.S, Ahamed M.I.I, K.D.K.C Jayathilake, K.H.H Thenuka, D.Dhammearatchi (2018); “Smart Learner” The Smart learning application; Int J Sci Res Publ 6(11) (ISSN: 2250-3153).
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